Lightning, Thundering And Voices, 4-2-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-2-64

We are speaking tonight on the subject of voices, thunderings, and great earthquakes. The declaration here in the scriptures as to the period in which we live has been quite clear. As we have mentioned to you, the hindering influences that have held back the full operation of the Luciferian kingdom is lifted now by God to bring things to truition. Thus the declaration of Paul, in II Thessalonians: “He who hindereth until taken out of the way”---this hindering influence so also we have arrived at the time of the trouble for our race. This is the time of Jacob's trouble. And the influences which God has utilized to hinder the operation of Satan on the earth, has now been turned loose.

Now understand, if God will now permit Lucifer and all of his forces of darkness to be turned loose, then the time has also arrived when God intends to empower HIS many sons and daughters for a great victory. For God knows what it takes and will not let anything transpire by the strategy of the enemy that will defeat the areas of HIS kingdom. Thus we have arrived at a great historic period and we find that all situations have come to their fullness. Thru out all of the periods of the Luciferian attack against the kingdom of God, there has been great upheaval and great distress. There has been during this period of time, martyrdom's and catastrophes. There has been great struggles and mighty prayers of the Saints, or believing offspring. And their prayers have ascended into the heavens, unto the MOST HIGH GOD. They have called for deliverance, and they have called for a climax, and they have called for divine power. And God has been adjusting those as they pray to the content of HIS word. And thru the years we have listened to the petitions . . . and as a report of the condition of the Household of God for the victory and for the defeat of the powers of darkness.

In this instance then we turn over to the book of Revelation. And in the 8th chapter we read that when HE opened the seal there was a silence in the heavens for about a half hour. But the impending events and what was ahead was to be tremendous, as this period of silence is recording. Of course with a day for a year of prophetic measurement, we can well understand that this was a greater period of time than just 1/2 hour, or that people realize. And according to this strategy, there stood the Angels before YAHWEH . . . this was the seven fold Angels round the throne. And they had the authority now to release the divine facets of divine power. And as such, are related to the great offensive against the kingdom of God by the powers of darkness. And there was an Angel who stood before the altar. And symbolically, what he held in the censor was the prayers and the petitions of the Saints. And they are ascending into the heavens to the MOST HIGH GOD, petitions of the household and the race and the people for the intervention of God and HIS action. And the smoke of the incense, it says is as tho this were the prayers of all of the believing offspring of the Most High God, thru out this cycle of the struggle with the powers of darkness, while they are in earth.

Then the signal is given. And the symbol of what is in the censer and what emerges is that this is the faith of the children of the Kingdom, those being the children of the MOST HIGH ascended into the heavens. And then the Angel takes and casts this censer filled with fire into the earth. The moment that the angel turns the censor upside down, it now means that every petition which has been sent up unto the Father, every experience which has been in conflict with the powers of darkness of an awakening and believing children, is now in the forefront. And this turning of the censer upside down then means that now the forces of heaven channels all of the judgment of divine power to bring upon the opponents of God's kingdom, the judgments they have rightly earned. So now proceeds the factors of climax that surrounds the great events that you are now in.

And in this situation, the first thing which you note is the immediate reaction as a great spiritual urge starts to stir the people. And the powers of darkness are released to do their thing as the great contention now for the earth comes to its fullness. And the earth trembles and vibrates under the impact of this event.

We see here by these words, that with the sudden lifting of the petitions and the turning upside down of the censer, that all of the judgments that God has reserved for those who fight HIS kingdom are now to start to take place. And we are told that the result of this is that as this hits the earth there are voices. And those voices are now of contention. And there are voices to cry out against the kingdom and all that it has sought to accomplish. Also the voices of deception and voices of deceit, the voices of advocacy of the World Order and of their programs. And these voices are of false prophets and neutralizing forces.

Then in the same conflict come the voices of the kingdom. In the same conflict come the voices of the reaction of the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. And it tells us that in the time of these voices there is also voices of conflict and the voices of contention seeking to capture as many of the consciousness of men as they can in this final moment. And we are told that with these voices comes the thundering and the lightening, and the reactions that set in. And the thundering and the lightening as it relates to prophecy, talks about the tremendous build-up, the preparations for the struggle, the thunderings of war. And then it talks of a great earthquake which is involved. Thus there is thundering and lightening and a great earthquake which symbolizes a great earth upheaval. This is tied to the position of the Saints, and is tied to the judgments of God upon the powers of darkness wherever they reside. This is not talking about some spiritual allegory. It is talking about some direct and tremendous catastrophe on a world-wide proportion. It is talking of a vibrating earth, vibrating from all of the stored up energy, of all of the accumulation of all of the forces of darkness in which men have catalyzed their design against the Kingdom of God, with this Luciferian influence.

I point out to you that if you think the powers of darkness, because of the tremendous number of them that are involved, can point to a great area of vibration, which in the conflict of this hour will turn into massive earthquakes, then let me tell you that the sons and daughters of God who are being empowered for this hour, have the catalyzed of all of the hosts of heaven behind them. And the power that is herein involved is tremendous and beyond what men have any idea of. And the earth shakes by it and vibrates to it. In fact the earth moves on patterns of alignment and show the great and mighty conflict. And in this conflict in the Star Bible it is the Saturn and Jupiter opposition moving in under the emblem of Mars, which means total war in the sky, or war in the heavens. And of course having passed the sign of 'the son of man in the heavens' which we passed two years ago in February, we well recognize that we are well into the measure of the climax of these events. And we have been hearing thru out the last two years more voices, more lightening, more thunder. And we are on the edge of great upheaval and great earthquakes.

Now we point out to you that this declaration is quite significant. When we were speaking this afternoon on the gift of the son, we were sitting this one great essentialness of this one area of the work of God's Holy Spirit, which synthesizes your built-in radar perception. Which is the perception for you which identifies the hosts of the enemy. And it makes you know their motive and what they are seeking to do as they speak. We have today, too many people who fill this category of those who do not know the difference between right and wrong. They stay in the middle and they accomplish nothing but the surrender of areas of kingdom strength, when they take this position in your race. We point out that one of the things that God said---and we read this passage again because of its significance in the book of Malachi. God said, “I am going to now be making up now, those who are my jewels, my cabinet, who shall shine with me in the hours of MY administration.” And HE said, “When I do this, I shall cause my people to return from their areas of misunderstanding in their darkness.” So how dark can it be? It says that they shall return and they shall discern between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who serve HIM not. You know right now all of this election fervor could be decided quickly if all of the children of God were suddenly to discern between the righteous and the unrighteous. (Malachi 3:16-18) And we could decide right now, for we are 149 million White people in this country. Predominately by background, we are not only the balance of power we are a Christian force. And if suddenly energized, to see and to know, and to understand, and come out of our sleep and get out from under the stupor of the boob tube and the propaganda communications that now affect our society---why, the overthrow of the powers of darkness and the election of conservative forces would be absolutely sure.

Now we read this passage because it ties in with the voices which are everywhere. The voice of the MOST HIGH talks to Jonah in the last verse of the book of Jonah, and HE says, “There are six-score thousands of persons in this city who cannot discern if from the left or from the right.” That is rather a significant statesmen. But from that time to this there has never been any change in this. And God points out that there are people who cannot discern between the righteous and the wicked. And this is always tied together, for we have a lot of people today who have been somewhat neutralized and they cannot discern between the left and the right. There are a lot of other people because of the semantics of hell and other voices which have sounded forth, who are afraid to identify themselves with the right where they think and feel. Because of semantics they have been made unpopular. And they are being classed by the world order as some unacceptable thing. This is what the Apostle Paul talks about when he talks about these areas of understanding, when he said he would be wise for God instead of being approved by the world order. The word should stand out that it is far better to be derided and attacked from the standpoint of the Kingdom of God by the world order, than to seek to secure the goodwill and a new classification by the world order, which means that you have been neutralized. So the Apostle Paul said that he would rather be called a fool by the world order, than to have the friendship of the world order which is already dedicated to catastrophe.

What we need in these United States, is a renascence thru out the nation where the great principals and the great vital rights become so important to man that he will take a stand on this, with a fearless audacity that does not try to evaluate that stand as to whether or not it will be popular with the world order. I am going to tell you that to be popular with the world order is to be in a catastrophe. For let’s face it tonight, for we have a very special destiny. For we are not only of the household of God but transplanted from heaven to earth and confirmed by Jesus Christ. We are the Adamic race and we are to build the great nations of HIS kingdom. We are the spiritual center of that kingdom and we of the Western world, we come out of that great family background of the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom---HIS Church. Thus it is the church, the race and the nations are the household of God. And they make up the composite kingdom HE is placing in earth to occupy.

Now the only---hear this tonight---the only important thing for you is to build that race, that kingdom, and to do the work of God and to become a vibrant and alive oracle. Nothing else is as important. It is not important that we acquiesce to Mr. Khrushev or try to appease him. My friends, if we had leadership who would come out and denounce the communist and denounce the whole Russian conspiracy and say that we are not going to acquiesce to you, we are not frightened of you, we would have victory in the camp instead of all of this lawlessness and appeasement. We have scattered thru out the mighty kingdom of God the mighty hosts of divine offspring the world has ever known. In the midst of these things which God has developed and ordained, we are coming now to a climax.

Now there are some things which are going to happen. And we know that they will happen. The Bible assures us that they are going to happen. And the spiritual revelation that assures us that it is going to come to pass. You see the people of United States and Great Britain as the Angle-Saxons with the Nordic and the Basque as a great people, along with all of the rest of the children of the kingdom. And they are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD . . . the Germanic house, the people of Austria, and the others that make up the Judah branch of HIS kingdom. And God says that HE is going to take these groups and make them into two great sticks. “They are the two great pillars of my kingdom.” And all Israel of their companions and HE is going to join them together into one great and striking force.

I am going to tell you that all of the patterns to destroy all of the softness, and all of the political trends have no opportunity of achieving victory over what God has ordained.

Now there are too many people who are trying to by worry, by polls, to evaluate what is going to happen. They think that the hope of the world hangs on this election. I am going to tell you that this election is a very valuable and historic part of the whole chain of events. And I am going to cite to you that what God is going to do. HE is going to bring to pass . . . and if men get in HIS way . . . HE will take them out of HIS way like snapping a match stick. By the way, every once in a while another tare goes away “Happy tare day.” If there is anything good for the kingdom, it is when another tare is taken out of the way. This gives more room for the wheat to grow. Some people don't like that. But the taking out of the tares is a part of the divine plan. But we don't care whether people like it or not. We just rejoice every time another 'tare' goes.

Now listen. In the great strategies of the kingdom we have that outline of the basic conspiracy, for God Almighty has not left us without HIS WORD. There is nothing like the word of God which is sharper than a two-edged sword. And it separates your thinking from areas of emotion and lets you be guided by your experiences in this situation. And the spirit is the consciousness of God. And your spirit and HIS spirit are guided by this revelation. There is no inspiration except which comes out of the thought pattern of God to the thought pattern of man, thru the spirit which is the consciousness of man. This is your part of spirituality. This is your identity. This is your defined heritage.

So we point out that there are voices. And these voices are reaching out for you---voices that come from the world and from politicians. And voices that come from candidates, or organizations that say they speak for the church, they speak for the areas of society. But all of these voices must be brought into submission in the seat of your intellect to the seat of the Father. You must decide on the basis of HIS will and HIS purpose and to HIS program as to the areas of HIS decision.

Now we point out to you that men do not live by bread alone. They must not make their decisions motivated by the voices as it relates to their security. The voices today, I would sum up as, if it were not for the guidance of God's spirit, even in the election, one would be forced to think that the world depended on the election of President Johnson. One would think when listening to these voices, that they would not be able to survive and poverty would overwhelm us if we did not put this man in the President’s chair. The entire poverty program is thus assured by his re-election. One would think that the world was about to be blown up by a nuclear holocaust and we would be in a great catastrophe unless we put in a man willing to talk to the enemy and make some kind of a deal with them. One would think that if we do not turn to the acquiesces unless we are ready to surrender our identity and let them fold us into a great world program under those who want us to surrender our nation or we will all be doomed . . . this is the only way?

You see, there is a group of elite and brilliant people and they have all of the answers. But I get even more suspicious when they try to turn holy on us . . . for a short time ago, they wanted to fuse all kinds of gods and all kinds of religions, and produce pagan temples for us to recognize. And not even let us recognize the area in which we disagree in religion. I am going to tell you that if you cannot hold up the standard of Christ and then attack every pagan religion on the face of the earth, then you are in bondage.

Now under this situation we have watched this thing come to the apex. The other day, I listened to this hypocritical representative of the anti-Christ in America, begging for your support. And he said, “After this is all over we will bind up the wounds, and each night I say ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Well, let’s just warn him, for we know exactly what we are doing. I am going to tell you that some of these people fall in the category wherein Jesus said when they stand before a victorious kingdom and the 'right wing' stands up solidly in the way, and every last one of the cabinet is one who stands up for Jesus Christ in America, and thru out the world, or citizens of HIS kingdom who stood up against the enemies of HIS kingdom and who fought in these turbulent times and in this hour, they look at that solid, unmoveable force which does not look as tho about to give out anything but righteousness and truth, and they will cry out --OH! YAHWEH -JESUS we did this in thy name and we did that in thy name---And even back in 1964 we even said, “Father, forgive them when they spoke against us.” And Jesus is going to look at this Johnson gang and others and say,-- “listen ye gang of iniquity. You said ‘Lord, Lord,’ but I do not even know you.” Someone said, “But you can't talk that way.” Well, who said we can't? They try to tell us that they have made laws and limitations on what we can say and where you can start and stop in preaching, but they just do not know the kingdom. And they do not know the Church of Jesus Christ. And they do not know this Book. Because just as long as we are representative of the kingdom in earth and this is our inheritance and our Father’s area, we are going to say, "Thus saith the LORD," and we are going to occupy until we get it all.

I listened the other day and I heard them say, “we are going to work out an agreement, and if elected, we are going to have Peace. And there will be no nuclear trouble. But if not elected, then there will be trouble and there will be war between America and the Communist world.”

I want you to know that these rascals don't know, but there is going to be war anyhow. The only thing is that war will not be at our terms under this area of appeasement because it will be at the terms of the enemy. Thus we know tonight that this is no secret. But there are no terms that will stave off a war of this size for the politicians and their plans. People worry about Britain and wonder if the Socialists will move into power, or whether the Conservatives move into power. But the future of Britain will not be determined by whether the Socialists go in or whether the Conservatives go in. But the future of Britain will be determined by the determination of God who has ordained that this kingdom shall not be destroyed. And it was already ordained that the people of Britain, like the people of America, shall survive.

I am going to tell you that 'Woe unto them that thought in this hour to betray us' even as they fought to do this, while they also thought that their elevation to power was going to be the results of their activity. Let me point out to you that in the purposes that God has identified and all that HE has said to you before, that all that we know today as Mystery Babylon and the things which are symbolized by Babylon is the political and economic and social conspiracy of the Luciferian plague. We, in the terms of biblical semantics, call the world Socialist and Communist conspiracy, the Babylonian conspiracy. It goes farther than this and moves into areas of world domination.

Now when we talk about opposition to this, we talk about the kingdom of God. And the Kingdom of God is highly organized and more completely organized as far as purpose is concerned. For the kingdom of God is made up of a race which God sent from heaven to earth and which has multiplied and increased and expanded, here in earth. Then God establishes the areas instructions and gives them a righteous law which must be brought into effect. Then HE energizes them with their patriots and their prophets and forbearers, illuminates them with the spirit, and then establishes a new Ecclesia, a great spiritual order, as HIS living Oracle, as the people of responsibility and calls it the Church. The church is the nucleus for conveying ideas for God. The church as such an institution, possesses spiritual empowering and God catalyzes them to carry out activities, to work within God's kingdom to bring the keys to God's household to its full. And this is 'Thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." You may turn to all kinds of facets of thinking in which people will move over here and talk about a few verses. Generally, they pick out a few verses which do not require them to do anything. And they talk about how nice these verses are. And when they go home from church, they have not been charged to do a single thing. This is because we have a lot of sleepy people inside of a lot of organizations who are still a part of the church. And your job and mine is to set that church on fire. Someone said, “What do you mean, an arson fire?” But let me tell you something. A little divine arson would be the best things that could happen to that church. That setting a church on fire is the rekindling of God's purpose. And it is the responsibility of that church to get immediately busy in the participation in the program of God. The church has to out-propagandize with truth, the propaganda of the Communist party in the enemies camp. This means, my friends, that you have to work at it with a devotion, with an expended energy and time of devotion, which does not require anything but promises movement.

Now let me tell you something. Don't you for one moment overlook the perseverance of the devil. This is a quality he never loses as he listens to his own head. There is one quality about the powers of darkness. They never rest. They work while you sleep. They are working to destroy your morality and your ethics and to crush your youth, and to destroy your society, to bring it down to depravity, and to crush your race. And to destroy it by mongrelization and integration. They are out to take over your nation and to swallow it up in a world order. And they are working night and day to do this. They work 24 hours around the clock thru out the world. And the majority of the world's population is working to subordinate you and to take you over. Then along comes some thin-spined substitute for mankind, who is under the control of darkness, and he is in high places. And he says, “My, these people on the 'right'--they run around with a fear complex. They talk about some conspiracy.” I listened to some silly clergyman, and he came on the air the other day and he said, “The church must have faith in the goodness that exists in all kinds of people. Mankind must beware and stop talking about a conspiracy because this is not Christian.”

I want to tell you something. Do you think that you can read this Book and not find out that we are fighting some kind of master conspiracy? Do you know that this Book is 85% historical conflict between right and wrong? Between the Luciferian forces and your race, between the true church and the false church, between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the Anti-Christ? If you are not big enough to read this Book, then the best thing for you to do is to get out of the way. Get on the sidelines and get out of the way of the people who can.

Now I point out to you that in this declaration that God speaks out and HE said that the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously, especially with the people of God's kingdom. But God Almighty said, “I will tell you something about Babylon. They do not know it, but Babylon has fallen.” And the Almighty declares in this, “Oh, my threshing and the corner of my threshing floor, for YAHWEH of hosts, the God of Israel has declared this unto you.” It is a rather significant thing in this concerning what God has to say. For HE said this burden, this order of Babylon, is a mystery system. And it comes out of the prophecy of Isaiah. And he is told to lift up the banner of the kingdom of God upon the highest nation in God's kingdom and the banner says war to the end against Babylon.

I listened to a very meek little voice. And he said that he wished that all Christians would pray that their hearts would be filled with love and peace, toward everything in the world, and there would not be any animosity left. And therefore the world would have to get along because there would no longer be any resistance. He said the one problem we have in the world is that we have so much resistance in religion that the enemy created resistance has to fight against it or else he would be losing his own identity. And he said if we would stop resisting all of these things that we disagree with, then there wouldn't be any problems, and there could not be a war because it takes two to make it. So if one side will not fight, then there cannot be one.

But what this rascal did not understand, was that because he was serving the work of the darkness, is that you have divine instruction, and you have a built-in shield. And it says that if you resist the evil, it will flee from you. If you resist the powers of darkness, it is going to go. And if we resist it soon enough, we will save our young people and save our children from mass degeneracy, from mass violence and juvenile delinquency. We are going to save them from the kind of beatnik operation. And we will save them from the faculties and the powers behind them in our institutions. And if we start resisting evil, we will drive every devil out of these United States. But if you do not resist evil, I will tell you what will happen. They will destroy and make rotten and an offense to the Most HIGH GOD, these people of HIS land.

Now God says, “I am not going to let this happen.” So someone says, “Therefore we have a choice, to resist or not to resist?” But God says, “No. I am going to put the spurs to you and I am going to make you so angry that you will explode and resist.” Someone said, “it is not going to happen.” Then let me tell you something. God Almighty said, “I am going to stir you up until you are angry. I am going to stir you up until you do my work.” Do you think God can do that? Do you think the God who can hold the whole Universe together, who organized all of these sidereal systems, who organized the smallest solar system and the littlest atom, and HE did this by the sheer potential of HIS will, and who knows that inside of your spiritual nature is an activated area that HE can move and can be quickened . . . that in a moment, HE can transform your thinking and make you think as HE thinks, and this is what HE is starting to do? But first HE lifts up voices. And HE lifts up correcting voices. Surely the man is right . . . if there is no resistance there will only be slavery. There will just be debauchery. And Lucifer can stand back and say, “My, my, I like that hymn singing in church, which never does anything.” The devil is perfectly willing. And he has joined more churches than you have any idea, until they start to do something, then he gets out and starts to blaspheme you. You know, if you wanted to find out where the kingdom was at work, you would probably get a master file of the ADL or their new book, and then you would find out what preachers were against, and what churches they don't like, and now you have the opinion of the Anti-Christ. And what they don't like, then I like. Everything they don't like, I am for. And everything they are against, I want to bring to pass.

Now God said that “I am going to so stir you that, that as wrath rises in your countenances, then you are going to discharge these obligations.” Let me point out to you that in this declaration, God said, “Lift up the banner, Isaiah.” Remember this. “Lift up the banner, Isaiah, for I have commanded my sanctified ones and set them apart, my mighty one, and mine anger is going to be kindled, and they are going to rejoice in MY Greatness and in MY power.” I hear a noise the prophet says, and the noise is like a great multitude in the mountain. It is then like the multitude noise of the kingdom nations gathered together.

So do you know what it is? For it sounds like the rushing of great and mighty waters. And the rushing is a good word for it. For the hosts are being gathered tonight in Asia and in Africa, thru out all of the China areas to come and to war against you. We have read to you about the powers of darkness traveling the roads of earth, they come to do battle against the kingdom of God.

Now we point out something to you that I like the sound of.---“YAHWEH of hosts shall muster a host for battle.” Now, listen. See where they come from? They come from a far country, from the ends of the heavens. Listen to this. Remember the words of the Apostle Paul, what he said concerning you. He talks about your patriarchs from Adam down thru Seth, down thru men like Enoch and Job, and men like Noah and Shem. And then right on down thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Moses. And he said these were strangers and pilgrims in the earth of which the earth was not worthy. He said that these were descending leaders of a race which came from the Father. And if they knew how to get back to where they came from, they would not have stayed here. But that forgetfulness was placed over them on purpose so that they would not leave, but would stay and finish the task.

Let me point out to you then that the scripture says that they have come from a far country, from the ends of the heavens. I point out to you that this is where you came from. You are now down here in bodies of flesh. But you are kin to the Father. You are relatives of God. And as HE came down here, HE proved that by being one of your race, flesh of HIS flesh and blood of HIS blood. You can turn to II Hebrews again and read that, and know what HE said: “Therefore these great hosts that God is mustering for battle, they come from a far country, even from the ends of the heavens, and even YAHWEH, with the weapons of HIS indignation shall destroy all of the power in the land of the enemy.”

Listen to this. Someone steps up and says, “if we do not surrender now, the world will blow up with atomic warfare, and we will see all kinds of mutated monstrosities, and everything that exists in the world will be destroyed. Therefore, we better surrender now.” They do not put it in that many words, but they try to make you think that they can bob and duck. And when they get thru, then we will have a world that will all be poured together. Even tho we may have to give a little and take a little and surrender our sovereignty while they surrender theirs, for a great peaceful world. But when you surrender any sovereignty, and there is six times as many people on the other side, then you have lost everything.

Now listen to this. God said, “I am going to muster my hosts from afar. I am going to bring them from a far country even from the ends of the heavens.” And the traditions tells us as does the scripture that we are members of HIS family. And all of us are those of the household of God and those who constitute HIS church. We are members of the family of God in the heavens and in the earth. When Jesus talked about this hour as we move into this great and final day, they will have turned loose all of the powers of darkness. And they are doing their utmost now. But Jesus said HE would bring in the hosts from the four-corners of the heavens and HE would take the earth. And then HE would start dividing up the earth like a shepherd divides the sheep from the goats, and give the kingdom to the sheep. And HE will rule over the earth with a rod of iron, or total justice from one end to the other.

Someone said, “That is just something which Jesus imagined.” Let me tell you something, my friends. You better wake up and realize that every concept that Jesus is a part of HIS plan that is now coming to pass.

Now we point out the fact that HE brings in these hosts. And of all things, instead of just having a prayer meeting somewhere, they are going to have weapons when they come. Someone said, “oh, my, we have to forget all about weapons and we do not want to hear anything about violence. We do not want to hear any talk that upsets us. We don't want to hear any of this. For we just want to love everybody.” Let me tell you something. You follow the love match of the world and you will enter into the greatest area of moral degeneracy in history. Someone said, “But is not Peace good?” Peace with evil is not good. But Peace with righteousness is good. There are people all over the world who do not know what is good for them, just like people in this country who walk in the middle of the road, don't know what is good for them. I point out to you that the enemy does not like the things we are saying to you tonight. Every once in a while someone comes out and attacks Mr. Goldwater for something which I believe. And they bob and duck and say, “but he didn't say it.” No, but we said it. They say that if it is left up to the right wing forces, we would have a war, and they would take the world. And that is right. For there is no other destiny than--'Tomorrow the world.' I want you to know that as we lift up the standards and overthrow the darkness that we build a kingdom which is the kingdom of God. This is the kingdom of righteousness, the kingdom of power, and a kingdom that shall rule from one end of the earth to the other. If war, so let it be.

Listen. Therefore YAHWEH shall come and HE shall bring the weapons of HIS indignation. And HE is going to destroy all of the pagan powers, wipe out their cities. Now weep ye pagans, for the day of YAHWEH is at hand. And what this destruction is, it is from the Almighty. Does anyone want to stand up against the destruction of the Almighty? Anyone want to choose sides and say we are against what God is doing and we are going over to the Socialist camp? Let me tell you something. You have been praying for 2000 years, ‘God do something.’ And all of that time, God let you pray so it would do something to you. And you have been calling on God to do this or do that, wherein God has been empowering you, and multiplying you, and increasing your vision and your initiative and your create ability. And today you are a great nation. And still you cry -- “do something.” And God says, “when are you going to start?” And then you hear God say, “Ask me concerning my sons. They are going to set my captives free.” Someone said, “But they could explode nuclear bombs and wipe us out in a few minutes.” Let me tell you something. There are enough ships flying around out there to catch them in mid-air and dump them right back on Moscow, before they blow up. You say, you don't believe that? But I do. I would not miss what is going to happen for anything.

Listen now. I turn, and God talks about this order. And HE says, “shall all hands faint and every man's heart melt; Shall sorrow and fear take over people like a people amazed, or in travail? Shall their faces be illuminated like the flames and behold the day of the Almighty comes?” It seems cruel to the darkness, but HE shall destroy the sinners of the darkness and take them out of HIS kingdom and out of the earth. Someone said, “Oh, my, doomed to eternal catastrophe?” No. There is more Grace in God than you understand. But I am going to tell you something. It is not Grace to let these devils keep on ruling the earth, and it is not Grace to let them stay out of their first estate. We told you before, that the powers of darkness comes from Angels who did not keep their first estate. They polluted and created monstrosities, an unassailable society. And they produced a specie which God is against and whom HE exposed as in HIS Messiahship. HE walked the earth. HE could heal the sick. HE could raise the dead. HE could be moved with compassion. HE could stop a funeral procession and restore a dead son to a mother. HE could weep over HIS household, HIS family and their troubles. But, my friends, there is still only one solution. This is to get devils back out of their devilish situation and get them out of the earth, their physically occupying of it, and put them in dimensions they belong in. God is going to do that, and don't you forget it.

Someone said, “Oh, my, destroy the sinners?” But, my friends, this is the simplest way to stop sin. That is just a violation of Divine law leveled against you as a violation and as a people. And those who carry the great catastrophe are those who do not belong here and are not in their proper dimension.

Now what does God say? HE says that day shall come and the very stars of the heavens, the constellations thereof, the sun and the moon and the heavenly orders, the strangeness, the lack of light reflections the symbols of smoke in the sky, the umbrellas of smoke, the pillars of fire, and the great mushrooms like that of the atom bomb talked about in the book of Joel, all of them are signs. And HE tell us that 1/3 of the constellation and the stars are going to be effected. Why? Because 1/3 of them were under Lucifer and they are the ones that revolted. What it is talking about is that 1/3 of the constellations are concentrated in the earth. Oh, the stars are still there. We know that they could not get down here. In fact, any one of them is a great illuminary to this little tiny speck which is our earth. But here the scripture is telling us that the problems on them is all concentrated down here. If you did not have any assurance of God, if you did not have any pattern of faith, if you did not know what was on your side, and you did not have the capacity to realize that, then your heart would faint like the scripture says. 1/3 of the hosts of heaven in this Luciferian group, or all of the evil of the universe was concentrated in those 1/3 of the sidereal systems; have had their leadership concentrated right down here in earth. And these people have been on the surface of the earth. They have been in the Netherworld. And they have been in that prison chamber where God locked up the most evil of the fallen angels, those Titans.

Now I am going to tell you something about 1964. They are all out. There is not anything bottled up now that is not in open conflict, this time. And you talk about outnumbered? I am going to tell you that you are 1/6 of the earth’s population. And beyond that 1/6th, there is a multiple that runs into the trillions of the adversaries of spiritual forces. Embodied forces are in the earth and they come against you.

Now are you afraid? No. I am not. Not at all. Because I know that 2/3 of the hosts of heaven are on the way, and I know that they are prepared. And I know that God has made a declaration here. It says: “Behold, I will punish the world order for their evil and I will cause their arrogance to fall to the ground, and their haughtiness to cease for their iniquities.” God says, “This is what I am going to do. I am going to destroy Babylon.” HE said in another one of these declarations here in Jeremiah: --like the wind blowing the tumbling tumbleweed across the top of the mountain, they will become like chaff. So also my great hosts like the whirling great ships of time shall come and shall drive the forces of darkness over the mountains and off of the nations like the wind blowing the tumbleweed.’ That is God's word concerning how this situation shall take place. You know, every time we listen to those who tell us to give our substance to the enemy . . . one of the great plots of the voices today is to rob you of your substances, to try to belittle your ability to defend yourselves, and to take away areas of your armaments, and to get you to support the enemy.

Now get this tonight. All Communists are bad. There is not a good bunch and a bad bunch. All are bad. And I will point out something else to you. All communist countries form a very evil situation and enumeration takes place. And one of the great fallacies at this time is to advocate that all communist countries form a monolithic block to carry out the purposes of Communism and eventually to conquer the world. We say this is wrong because they are not a monolithic block. There are divisions. And they do not think the same. This is a fantastic error. Mr. Tito for instance . . . America has given billions of dollars to Mr. Tito. We have given him air power, we have given him jets. But let me tell you something. One of these days altho these Jets are becoming obsolete, but one of these days, these Jets will be flying with Red fleets against you. You supplied him wheat and he bartered the region for power. You were told that there was a struggle between him and Khrushev; that they were just competitors. But never did they break ranks in the master strategy.

Now we discover that all of the time Mr. Tito was carrying out a major design. He was the Trojan horse of Africa. While you were trying to assist him and pull him away from Moscow, as the left wingers and all of the communist forces in the State Department said that we were doing, Mr. Tito then went down in the first of his designs to Ethiopia and made some agreements. And then he became with his visits to Egypt and to Africa, he was the Communist spearhead in Africa. And I am reading from a report that says he pulled the wool successfully over the eyes of the West. And any resistance that was in Africa, and all of his organization and this delivering Africa into the hands of the Communists was operated by the world Communist master conspiracy with Tito doing the work. And they made you think that there was trouble between Tito and the Soviet Union. They did this at your expense. Tito went in 1955, and he started with Haille Sallasie. And he gathered the leadership of Ncumo of Ghana and Kenyatta of Kenya colonies and the leaders of the Congo and Sudan and of Tanganyika. More than this, he filled the organization with Reds. And he brought the whole upheaval for the driving out of the White man out of Africa, and set in place all of these areas of revolution.

Now let me point out that he not only built a full Marxist program and helped to establish the African trade federation, the communist federation of trade unions, but he helped to subsidize the spread of Communism everywhere. He has sown the idea over there that only thru Communism will the problems of Africa be solved. He has instituted the program of ‘African shock troops’ coming as students into the White nations, so that African cannibals in the world revolution will be here to break out against you.

Now listen. That is why there are so many of these Negroes coming in. And they cannot talk English. And there are more of them all of the time. You wonder where they are going? You go down south and there does not seem to be any of them missing. And there are more of them coming in on every boat.

Now there are more Jews coming in on every boat too. While some are going out, some are coming in. You know this is rather a funny thing. And we were just looking at the obituary list the other day. Now hear this. We are looking at the obituary list of the other day, and you look at the Jewish side and unprecedented number of Jews on it every day. Then look at the names of the mortician--the Cohens and others with the Jew star, telling you where they have put this one. Then you turn over to the other side and you look at the list and the same Jews are burying them, in the same places. I am going to tell you that 4/5 of this obituary list is made up of 'tares' getting out.

Now I will tell you something else. Either an unprecedented number of people living here are Jews, altho this is not apparent for they are coming in from all over, or else, my friends, they are just dying like flies.

Now listen. When we tell you that this is a fact, I have here another intelligence report of great significance. One of the great minds in areas of battling the kingdom, because he is an intelligence officer and he spends full time fighting the enemy, this is a man by the name of Mr. Kelso Haun. And he is the head of the intelligence branch of the whole Korean underground. He has been one of the best informed men on everything that relates to communism in Asia, because he has had agents thru out all of the Asiatic world. In fact, he notified America on a great number of things. And every one of them came to pass. This document I have here, Senators like Margaret Chase Smith, a member of the Air Force committee, following his report on the Cuban crisis missile road, said that time had proved how accurate he was. She had tried to get us to do something about all of these missiles and how they were housed, and how they were coming in. For he also said that none of them were taken out of Cuba either.

Now I want to point out to you that this man has supplied our State Department the words, the report of the entire communist underground. And they never let the American people know. And he also let the lid off of something else. For instance, nuclear powered Air Craft last year in February of 1963, of huge size flew over New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco, and Hawaii, and they experimented with equipment which is 23% effective to totally make their identification by radar impossible of detection. But the fact is that they were known, and news supports it. And they were flying recognizance over the east and west coast. And they were carrying nuclear warheads all of the time. They could have blown up any part of the nation if they had so desired.

Now the facts came out and there was a three power alliance. For instance, there were this three-power alliances for us back at the beginning of World War II. And this was with Japan and Korea. And it was know by our State Department that if we violated this then an attack would come. And so Cordell Hull worked with Roosevelt who wanted this attack so as to get us into the war. And they even specified the time when this attack would come. And I had to get you mad enough to react, so they struck Pearl Harbor.

Now listen. He points out something here that is quite significant. He not only told us of the build-up, but he also told us that the Soviet Union was working with Red China. And now this underground report tells you the same as we have been telling you that there is no break between the Soviet Union. It is all a part of a master strategy and it is time to touch off the total bombing and destroying the resistance of America, some time between now and next year. And they are playing Mr. Johnson and all of these State Department men for suckers, altho they think they are building an idealistic Socialistic world along with them.

Let me point out this to you. They have been pushing all of the areas that they could at the expenditure of American expense money, in moon projects and space projects to keep us from building the missiles and air craft for our defense. And the Soviet Union has put a few satellites in space and makes a big noise about moon shots and space shots and all. But they are using their vast slave force for the biggest air armada, missile armada strength in history while you waste yours in the billions on the spectaculars which they have you out on the limb producing. One chief in this at the present time is McNamara, himself, at the present time.

Now not only are the facts here, but I have two leafs of this report which they are trying to suppress. And it not only tells us about the design as to how far this goes, but the head of this secret service says do not be misled the Kremlin has designed, and the delegation of authority the various areas of military activities between Peking and Communists in Africa, and the local Communist headquarters in these United States. They already have come out to support the election of Mr. Johnson. Moscow for Mr. Johnson is not only true, but I can prove it to you from these secret service papers from Asia. There is one thing which China and Russia want is the re-election of Mr. Johnson. And if there is anything I don't want, it is to see that man in the White House.

Now if they do not think they will be successful they may precipitate this before election. But it is definitely all out by trying to destroy the candidates, the conservatives from taking over America. But if they are successful, it means the immediate taking over with their full scale plan if they get a return of the present administration. Someone says, “well, that doesn't look very good. It looks as tho we are in between no matter what happens.” I am going to tell you something. WAKE UP. The kingdom of God has to win. Yes, my friends. For if you don't win, the anti-Christ in America is going to try to crush you. And when you do win, you will have to crush the enemy before he wins his objective. You just wait and you will have the same problems, for you have to defeat the enemy.

Someone said, “My, I was told that we were going to have a great revival with lots of sermons and lots of music and hymn singing, and they were going to take us and lift us right out of the world. I was told that was what would happen and then we would not have to fight at all. Only the poor people who were not smart enough to go with us would have to fight.”

If you took the people who love Christ out of the world, there would not be any people to fight. I have watched these silly people and too many people who should know better are trying to find a way to get out of their responsibility. What makes you think that if you took the kingdom out, there would be anyone with responsibility left?

Yes, there are voices and there is thundering and there is light. We are told that they will seek to make war against the Saints. And yes, this is what they come for, to make war upon the Saints of the MOST HIGH. There are a lot of people who say that the 'right wingers' are alarmists. Well, God said, “sound the alarm in all of my country, and I will put watchmen on the walls. And the cry in the night is where are my watchmen on the wall if they do not sound the alarm?” Do you know that the alarm was sounded and the government had to pull in its horns? You can look in Life Magazine for last week, and see what a terrible thing these extremists did last week. They came out and they put out a great myth about Water Moccasin Number Three. And they talk about United Nations and foreign troops and great areas of disarmament, all of the areas which affect the President and how all of this is affecting America because the extremists stirred up so much trouble that they blew up the Water Moccasin program for the government could not put it over. They say one key line of the extremists upset the Water Moccasin program. We are called extremists if we upset the strategy of a program which is basically un-American. For we upset this program of introducing the Pagan Priesthood system into America. We are happy that we were that successful. Because I am going to say this. One of the unprecedented forces that are named besides this secret report out of the underground and your State Department is working on this too. Do you know that one of the men who is working on your disarmament program is one of the darlings of the Communist world? And that man is Mr. Rustov. No wonder they want Johnson back in for if he goes out so goes Rustov. He is their key pin of this total disarmament of the United States. The strange thing about this is that all of these things are documented truths. And I have copies of these reports that the State Department have. And they know this. They sit back and expend their efforts on trying to cut off from the enemy and try to talk him out of it.

They say this is sanity. But why do you suppose that the greatest intellect which is out of God, filled with greater magnitude and greater love and greater compassion than any place on the face of the earth, why do you suppose that God's design for the ultimate climax is not only the defeat of the enemy and the extermination of their power bringing in of HIS kingdom with righteousness and law? Why, that God with this greatest of compassion, doesn't cozy up to this existing appeasement plan? Does Mr. Rustov know more than God? Is Mr. Johnson a master hand, more wise than God? NO. It is because these people have not had the power of discernment around them and they are listening to the voices of the darkness. And this is not good for America. And what they are advocating would be total catastrophe. The MOST HIGH GOD knows that you must not only conquer the darkness but must make an issue that shall go down thru out all of the courses of eternity with the impossibility of transgression violating Divine law, becoming victorious over the kingdom. But we are told here that even Lucifer, powerless and broken, is going to get down and worship at your feet. It tells me here that every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that Jesus Christ is God. And when that happens, there won't be a Jewish Synagogue, or a Muhammadan Temple. And there will not be a Buddhist temple or one symbol of Kali left on the face of the earth.

Now of course we know that true Islam out of true Ishmael says:--“Allah Allah Ackabar, YAHWEH, the LORD GOD is ONE.” And all the same. But the false pattern which fights today with the world's false pattern of religion will accept a world unity. And this is the enemy of the kingdom. We point out that righteousness to the summit and the kingdom comes in with a rod of iron. Voices, Voices, Voices.---And you say, “I would just rather have a simple Bible study in which we are told of some of the nice things and some of the nice promisee, and we could avoid all of this? I just want to hear these little scriptural sayings on things of interest without any violence, without any battle, and without any achievement?” Well, if that is the message, then the ministry would be derelict, indeed. We must declare the things for this hour which you are related to, and for which God has been preparing you.

But I am going to cite this. There is no greater pattern of Divine grace than the long set of marks that can trace our destiny from the day God placed our race upon this planet unto this hour. The records of our migrations and where we have gone has increased. The background of our race with its technological impact upon the earth, all of these things are interesting. But remember. All thru this period there has been a conspiracy to destroy you. And now it comes to it full. Someone says, “the world has not had much peace since W.W.I.” NO. Because the devil was trying to destroy the kingdom by getting those of the kingdom to fight one another. And he has attempted to take over the world with his political upheaval of Socialism and Communism with which he thought he would build on the pieces of a destroyed western civilization. One thing he could never count on was that spiritual resistance that God built inside of you, which was waiting for HIM to come back.

And I am going to tell you tonight that there is one thing which the devil does not have. He does not have the wisdom and guidance God gives to HIS people, which makes them a grateful, and powerful resisting force. This gives them mastery and wisdom and technology. And makes them the 'have' nations of the earth. And makes every element of their environment adaptable by them, to their needs. Do you know that there is no part of the earth they could put you in, even tho they gave this wonderful continent to someone else, wherein you would not in a very short period of time make it also a blessing with the knowledge and technology that you have?

Now I am not saying that you have to go somewhere else. For we were told that we would never have to move out of here. We have no advocacy for moving out of America. But I have a great advocacy for moving a lot of things ‘out’ of America which don't belong here. And this shall be accomplished. You are going to cleanse your land and lift up the Divine standards for victory.

God says that HE will stir you until you accomplish this. For remember that this great nation and this continent is what God calls HIS country. It is here HE says that HE is going to take HIS rest. Here HE is going to lift up the nations, and here they will repair the damage done to them. And then HE is going to raise up principal men and HE is going to move a body of people, and HE is going to lift up a standard. And you are in the middle of it. Do you know that you are in the middle of one of the most historical years of time and history? Because of this, God puts the responsibility upon you who are HIS sons and HIS daughters. Spiritual power and the guidance of the holy spirit, these things are all good. But when they descend upon you, they coordinate your thinking with the thoughts of God. And they give you vision and knowledge and understanding. They do not neutralize you and take you off on some other route where you do not want to think or participate in the things of God. So God said we will try the spirits. And HE said you try the spirits and see if they be of God. One way to tell, is to think like the program of God and do they prophecy and give this guidance and directions which God has in HIS blueprint? If they don't, they are not of God, and are just one of these spirits of disillusions and of haughtiness and pride in an area of religion that tries to make people think that they have cornered all spiritual wisdom and all spiritual grace, and that they are a little more holy than all of the rest. And I am going to tell you this kind of holiness is like filthy rags before the plan of God. The thing that God calls righteousness is that which HE imputes to you and you then work for HIS kingdom.

So I tell you this tonight. There is great power and God is adjusting you for what you are going to do as you meditate upon HIS purpose. HE is now turning back upon the earth the appeal of HIS offspring, the forces are starting to move. You have heard of the great shaking winds of the Temple force. And each alignment now brings about some transition into the earths surface. Let me tell you that the earth is going to fight for the children of God. There has never been a period quite like this one. But I can assure you that your race will be saved out of it. I want you to go out tonight thinking upon this thing. And as you go out tonight, I want you to realize that because you now know the Bible. HE does not challenge you to do nothing. HE makes you more determined to do something and gives you such a yearning for victory that you will have no fear while you do it. You know, what I call neutralization in religion it is these people who get out of their imagination just what the gifts of God are for and they do not want to do anything about anything in the world. They are waiting for you to win it for them. That is neutralization. And it does not belong in the kingdom, and it does not belong in the knowledge of identify. It does not belong with the household of God occupying with understanding. Yes, there are lots of voices. The world is full of them. The radio has them and television has them. The image of the Beast possesses them. But HE says: -- “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE, I KNOW THEM. I CALL THEM BY NAME. I LEAD THEM OUT AND I GIVE THEM ETERNAL LIFE. AND THEY SHALL NEVER PERISH.


End of message