Little Horn Of Daniel, 2-26-61



By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 2-26-61

In the hour in which we live, we stand face to face with the great perimeter of the powers of darkness, now gathered with all their energies and strength for the conquest of God's Kingdom. If that be possible.

We do not look out over this situation with any fear concerning our destiny. We do not fear concerning the final outcome of God's Kingdom, because we have a sure word of His own cognisance.

From the writings of the Apostle Paul, we know that we have inherited a Kingdom and its spiritual life exists in you. That is why Jesus, when addressing you, said:---'The Kingdom of Heaven is in you.' -- But also He has the purpose of translating that Spiritual Kingdom into a physical manifestation. This manifestation He did when He transferred His spiritual sons and daughters into earth thru the household of Adam. And from Adam's time until your time, this continuous stream of light came thru this great racial stream of this household, and produced HIS KINGDOM. And this Kingdom is still here, and thus it is a part of destiny and divine intent.

In the time in which we live--we are probably at the most troublesome period for the kingdom of God. Now that is not concerning whether it will survive, but we mean concerning those who make up the kingdom, and in the problems which they face, and in their responsibility as they occupy and establish the kingdom.

For many years, I have considered and studies the times and prophecies of Daniel, and have looked at them from many angles, and have read thru out the years ecclesiastical studies of leaders of institutions and their interpretation of Daniel. They had some things in Daniel interpreted for them and then other things they could not understand. So the interpretation of Daniel had suffered much violence. The difference between the Alexandrian text and the King James Version are many. The description of the things in Babylon, especially the beasts that rise up out of the sea, and the various things like that also found in Revelation, often times face various interpretations.

Not so long ago all the interpretations of Daniel focused around the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, and the interpretation of that dream, and the interpretation of the hand writing on the wall in Belshazzar's experience. All was to show the spiritual guidance on the man Daniel and his ability to interpret thru that guidance those things which had occurred.

There is little doubt that Nebuchadnezzar saw four empires rising, and that his was the first, but he only knew that he saw a great image, with the head of gold, the breast of silver, and the belly of brass, and the feet and toes of iron and clay. And he saw a great stone--as tho it was hurled from heaven itself, and he saw the great stone strike this image and break it into pieces and crumble it to the ground. --Then being troubled Nebuchadnezzar sent for his soothsayer, and astrologers, and wizards, and all those who worked for him, and they chirped and muttered and brought their superstitions into play and by those methods they had made many interpretations in the past, that were not necessarily so.

In fact the world has been taken in by that method, down thru the years as the soothsayers and false prophets have been able by using gullible people to have them follow their advise and thus bring to pass that which these false prophets had declared. There is only one true source of vision today and to find that vision you must be in contact with the source which knows the end from the beginning, and knows what is to come to pass. --All other procedures are going to fail, except some of those measures that God has given in the sky, and then granted unto his children the intelligence to interpret them.

In fact there is nothing that is going to happen upon the earth that is not know to God. He knows the exact ability of the enemy to create trouble and He knows the exact amount of Spiritual power, initiative, and vision to give the race he planted here, to wake them up and to cause them to respond.

You and I --children of God's spirit have been placed in a physical world. We have been placed in the Adamic household, and we have come into our place thru birth into the Adamic race. We have watched this kingdom grow from the days of Seth--thru the children of Noah, down to your time, the House of Abraham as God declared it came thru Isaac, then Jacob and thru his 12 sons, who produced the great kingdom of Israel, the great and mighty kingdom of god, of the Old testament, with its capital city of Jerusalem. Then by the foolishness of some of these kings of Israel who took advice of some who were not of that kingdom, and there came a great split in the kingdom of Israel.

You will remember that in the days of Rehoboam the 10 tribes of Israel took to their horses an tents and split from the kingdom of Israel and they went northward. Then as the time went by these 10 tribes were captured by the hoards of Assyria, and eventually went into captivity in Assyria. Then in the days of Shalmanezer came the emancipation to these people of Israel, because of their wisdom and their knowledge of the things pertaining to God, and things of earth, for in this people Shalmanezer saw---the great soul of liberty and freedom.

It is a matter of great interest so I point out to you that these people of the northern 10 tribes of Israel, as well as some even of Judah, Benjamin and Levi --traveled thru the Caucasian pass and headed on their migration. Even before this happened they had established thru Greece and the southern parts of Europe, their colonial strength and were to become parts of Empires. We are to note that these people stretching their migration to the Isles of the sea were to become the people who today make up the great white western world. There are few ethnic students who do not recognize that we may trace people thru heraldry and names, and by the pathways marked by artifacts and their dead in their burial grounds, for in the migration of these Israelites they marked their sacred spots. The students of today can well identify this migration of the white race, and their racial path, from the artifacts and from the burial places as this race migrated, for in their burial places are found the skulls of the white man with this head shape and his own characteristics. Tho his eyes may be brown or blue and he may be Germanic, or Anglo Saxon, Scandinavian or Spanish, the fact remains that these people came out of one racial stream and thru this racial migration and out of one race, one household, and that the household of the MOST HIGH. These are the people who make up the Israel of the Bible, and they also make up the western world today. They form the great stream and heart of the white race. In their migration they carried with them a spiritual seed, nurtured deep down inside them, a seed not visible to the natural eye, but the spiritual seed could be told by their appearance and how they would respond to the voice of YAHWEH, when he sought out his own sheep and called them by name. Remember that the shepherd has promised to search for all the sheep until he finds them.

The course of the northern 10 tribes in their captivity and the tribes of Benjamin and Judah and Levi, in their captivity by ancient Babylon is a matter of History. The tribes of Judah and Benjamin were two outstanding tribes. The house of Judah was that tribe in which David had his kingdom. Then the tribe of Benjamin was given to Judah and this was to have a great significance. Their loyalty to establish the sites of the kingdom, thru their rebuilding of Jerusalem which had fallen to ruin under the attack of Babylon was planned and prophesied many years in advance. The providence where they were to serve in their captivity was laid out, and it continued under Medo-Persia, and became a great historical chain of events. And the succession of these events which reach even into your day is quite clear.

When the interpretation of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar took place ---Daniel was one of the young students selected from the houses of spiritual service, and would have gone into the ecclesiastical realm of Israel's instructions and training. He was one who was under oath to serve God completely and fully and in captivity he was still under this oath, tho he was considered a servant in captivity. But the fact remains that when Daniel was brought before Nebuchadnezzar to interpret his dream---Daniel said; ---"Thou art this head of Gold" Meaning of course the Babylonian Empire. He told Nebuchadnezzar that his Empire would be followed by another Empire, which would never have the power and glory of Babylon, but would nevertheless conquer and take over the Great Babylon Empire. Then this empire would be followed by the 3rd., and the 4th., coming Empires.

The Book of Daniel in the King James translation identifies the 3rd. Empire, even tho it was not yet in formation, as far as the people were concerned who would built the Empire. But the area where this Empire was to dwell did have a place in the ancient language known as Greecia. The 4th., Empire which was to be Rome was never identified as such in the King James Version or before, because there was no word used for Rome, in the vocabularies of that time. So Rome was not written into the book of Daniel, as the 4th., Empire, but it has just been accepted by all great Christendom that the 4 great Empires would come forth because the mighty Stone Kingdom was to come and upset all the preceding empires. So we have just been told that these kingdoms were Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.

But the significant thing is that the power that ruled Babylon and made it an evil thing was the insidious power of its priesthood. A strange group of international non- assimilated people who had dominated Babylon's life, this group was made up of the Hittites, the Cainanites and the Amalikites, and all of them had some of the seed line of Satanic origin. The were from unassimilated offspring of Angels who had not kept their first estate. These people had infiltrated their power into this secret organization and had used this secret world organization to capture the Babylonian Empire, and set up systems of religion. They had designed in their ancient Kahellia a way to operate and they would do three things. They would take over all the economical life of the people, and control the political life of the people, and then hold them under their power by the manipulation of their religious system. And this religious system was a false system and it created a hierarchy deity, apart from the throne of THE MOST HIGH GOD.

It is a strange thing to understand but --on the face of the earth today, the enemies of God's kingdom thoroughly that the strength of your intelligence, your wisdom and your guidance, your technological skills and your national greatness, with that of the other great nations of God's kingdom ---comes from a spiritual force --and nobody known more about this fact than your enemy. They know today that it is a spiritual force moving thru the white race that lifts that race head and shoulders above all other societies, to give them the know how , and create with them this pattern of great society.

Now; they recognized in the days when they moved against Judah and Benjamin that they must overthrow the spiritual force represented by the kingdom of God and his people. I hope you understand that when we are talking about the children of Israel that we are not talking about that little state of Israel, or the Jewish people, as being Israel and the kingdom of God. For the Jews have no part in Israel --but the Jews do have a part in the matter we are going to discuss, for strangely enough the people who controlled ancient Babylon, and dominated its Priesthood came from the Hittites, the Amalakites and the Cainanties who later on after the fall of Babylon sought to identify themselves as a part of the Children of Israel who were to go back to rebuild Jerusalem and their old homeland. So a mixed multitude left Babylon in the days of Medo-Persia and followed the tribes of Judah and Benjamin back to Palestine, and strangely enough here we found in this mixed multitude that same Priesthood of old Babylon seeking to extend its power and its hold on the world. For Babylon had behind its fall ---the false religious concept of Baal as deity. --Thus Baal --and the many, many names for Baal, and the sub gods of Babylonia can be found even today as a part and lot of all the gods of the Asiatics and of the Negroid gods of Voodooism, and all of these gods have certain names with meanings. The names of the Voodoo gods and the mythological gods, so to speak, were the gods that they tried to put across over the southern and eastern European area and these same gods we find scattered thru out China and India. All of these gods thru their names are inter related with these same false deities that they set up under Baal and Kali or Babylon.

The fact remains that Baal--the god of Babylon, in the Babylonian system was nothing more nor less than Baal's own personality set before the people, and Idol raised up, as a symbol of this Satanic origin, of this ancient Kahalli that controlled the mystery schools of ancient Babylon. In these mystery schools set up, were seen strange and occult policies being practiced, and this was their religious system. In this religious system, great symbolism was established and when studied today this symbolism fools people and they think this symbolism is of great divine beliefs, there comes a great danger. For when you move into these areas, as you study the mysteries of the enemies of your faith, you better not only be indoctrinate into the deep values of spiritual strength, but also you better know all the principals of spiritual law, and know how to claim every spiritual protection, and device to immunize your spiritual consciousness and your soul seat of thinking from the lies and the Satanic concept of darkness. The men who run these mystery Babylon schools were men of Great Hypnotic influence, they were men who had all the Satanic cunning of Lucifer who was thrown out of heaven, and was now seeking ways to rule the world, thru the instruments of his own children, and he had trained them in all cunning and sly ways.

If you were to go back to the book of Enoch or take extracts from here and there in scriptures, you would discover that the power of evil was trained by Lucifer and other fallen Angels. The books of Enoch and other sacred records tell us how the people who dwelt in earth were taught all the rituals and mysteries and all the devices with which the powers of evil sought to capture earth. It included the making of weapons and instruments that would be used against the people of God's Kingdom, all this a part of the Satanic design.

If we go back into that ancient time --then we know that every policy of evil and viciousness was engaged in. The great temples of Mystery Babylon at that time had a great many religious rituals, and these rituals were tied in with the promises of great power, and declarations of great mysteries and things that could be done with that power.

Strangely enough a great number of these rituals of power were performed with the same trickery as they use today to perform these magic feats to amuse men, but at that time they were used to confuse men. And there were even some miracles that were performed, as there is no doubt that there were miracles of evil, but they were never constructive. If you want to know how to tell a good miracle from a bad one ----look for this.---When the occult mystery schools that were tied in with old Babylon started to perform miracles ---none of these miracles did anyone any good. While the miracles performed by Christ healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, raised mens hearts, and raised some from the dead, and mens hearts are cheered by spiritual life and spiritual flame of Glory reached up into their countenances and into the background of their thinking and fear falls away from them and thus they are released to perform great things.

It isn't just a matter of pulling some tricks so as to deceive men, all kinds of small tricks are performed today, by the masters of the mystery schools of India and Asia, but all of these things boil down to whether a tree can grow in just a few minutes or whether a man can disappear from in your midst. At one time this was a temple ritual in the temples of Kali. In fact many of these rituals were devised to fool men. There is one ritual of dividing a person with a sword, and then reassembling them again. This was one of the miracles that was performed by Priests who served the devil gods under the Satanic sign, and in the Steppes of Asia and in China you find the images of these devil gods, carved, and for sale in the teak shops. These are the images of gods served in their religious practices, and the names are the same as the deities of old Babylon, starting with Baal, and Kali and on down to the lesser gods. Actually Baal has the authority and assumes the position of being none other than Lucifer himself, incarnate among men, and as such this is his embodied image of power,

Now; there are many manifestations of this theology and many of them are scattered thru out the mythology that sweeps across the patterns of our western culture, as we have picked up certain portions of this, and it is referred to in the Eleusinian theologies and many other areas also.

Now listen. --Mystery Babylon had much greater designs--in the creation of its religious system. Now the offspring of this Satanic origin may have believed in some of these degrees implicitly, but they utilized constantly the processes of hypnotism and another process also--this process was that while men sleep the intoning voice of the Priesthood would plant certain thoughts in your subconscious mind. Those who were sent out as chanters were called Shakers, or Shamans in lower Persia and in the Steppes. These were men who continued to chant while men slept, putting deep into the subconscious sleeping men their thoughts and ideas. Now this system is not far removed from the Cantor you find among the Jews today. These Cantors, took over mens minds as they told them that they were being given great power and wisdom. They took the minds of Kings as they put them to sleep, sometimes by the use of drugs, and sometimes by the use of swaying, glittering objects that swayed to the rhythmic music being played as they fell asleep. Then into the ear of those asleep the Chanters implanted thoughts while the sleeper was unable to protect his thoughts. This work of the Shamans is still carried on in the Steppes of Tibet today and the results of this type of procedure is that the person as they awaken, retain the repetition of the error that has been implanted in his subconscious mind, and the person when awake is now captive of the whole ideas implanted, and this is a leader of the people, but captive to Satan and the Satanic process, in his leadership.

I am convinced today that we have in Washington and other areas of the Western world, some of this same process used on the leaders of our western society. For these leaders act like they have been sold a bill of goods, and been hypnotized beyond all normal explanation. I don't know how anyone would explain the cabinet appointed by Kennedy, for some one had to talk him into that selection or my friends he never could have gotten as far as he has, even with all of his fathers money. There are some strange forces at work in the world today and don't underestimate them.

Just to show how far reaching this goes, it has been known that with the processes that are involved, the total factors that are involved, this is one of the things that Israel was warned about. They were warned that they must not let the stranger come and speak to them while they slept. They were warned not to let the sleep talker come and speak while they slept. This is the same thing being repeated for our time, did you ever hear about the method being pushed in education today, where they tell a student that is having a learning problem, then he is to get records and tapes containing this information and he can plug in ear phones and play these records while he sleeps and then when he awakens he will have this knowledge stored in his subconscious mind and any time he thinks of this matter then the answer will be there, for they are stored in the subconscious. I know that in some of these tapes, there is sowed into them whole formations of brain washing concerning the world situations, and international releases. In fact one of these tapes is filled with propaganda, toward a world government, and racial mixtures. The one on the lessons in Sociology and in Social Science on the tape program today would submit every ones mind to the ancient Babylon design for the mongrelization of our race, and for the integration of our society an the destruction of our racial self respect and a concept of your spiritual destiny.

One of these so called educational studies on tape today is called 'the study of the Humanities' and is distributed across the world, and this study would upset the whole policy of your National life, but the most evil things about it is that it puts into your mind the idea that Christianity is only one religion among many. And that The Christ is just a great teacher among many, and that in the course of these teachings in theology and philosophy the person has fixed in his mind, a position that he will have to fight with all his might to remove and to reawaken the identity of The Christ, and His purpose and His kingdom.

So you see the philosophy of Mystery Babylon in ancient Babylon and the Mysteries of the Priestcraft were to put onto everyone a social guilt complex--which made them feel that unless they took orders from their Priests, who supposedly knew everything --then they were in error and would have to be punished, either by the Priests themselves, or by the order which they were violating. So all the errors were made right and all things that were right were made wrong.

I think that today this very practice is being used in a lot of colleges and in the schools thru out our nation, in which they are trying to give anyone who tries to love and obey God, or loves his nation, or doesn't accept all the false philosophies and sociological revolution of the times--a guilt complex. They say he is anti social, he is holding back progress, and so forth. This all goes back to a system known a long time ago, just don't buy any of that kind of education, don't have anything to do with it, because the devil's stamp is on that thing.

There is a great movement on right now to mass brainwash your nation by television and radio, by constant repetition, but they also plan a great push on this educational massing of technological knowledge of all these things by this tape sleep program. In fact we have right here in our educational system some who are pushing this so called educational process.--I only mention this because this was a great secret of Mystery Babylon. In fact if you go back into ancient Summerian dynasties, you will discover that way back there --before Adam--this method was one of the powers which was held over these earlier people. If you come up until the Ur of the Chaldeas and then on down to the days of Nebuchadnezzar while he slept --------No wonder that God gave him a vision.

The vision was of the rise of empires, and as far as the western world is concerned, these four empires started with Babylon, and then it was captured by Medo-Persia, and then Medo-Persia fell to Greece under Alexander the Great, then Greece retreated before the power of Rome. These 4 empires may be properly interpreted ---but the Beast system does not just embrace these 4 Empires, but it embraces the Powers that controlled them, for I have two things that will shake this idea to the foundations--For Greece and Rome were not --in the make up of their people Beast Nations. Both Greece and Rome in the heart of their civilizations were predominately in southern Europe, and were made up of the great white strain, the House of Israel, and by no stretch of the imagination was either Greece or Rome, kingdoms of the Anti-Christ. But the power that gained control over them was only a succession of these mystery schools of Babylon, that as each empire rose to its height --these forces moved in to take them over and to try to destroy them. In fact you don't doubt that Greece was a great Israel Kingdom when you remember how the Apostle Paul stood on Mars Hill and remember what he said as he stood there---He told them and also us--that he was a son of God and he was a Roman. In the book he wrote--

The Apocalypse of Paul --he told us of the great mysteries of the spiritual realm into which he was taken by God. He told them and us that all of us are children of God--then in the book of Romans that he wrote to the people of Rome he said;---to the people of Rome of the same race--"His spirit bears witness to our spirit that we are the children of God." Now you don't think that this great Apostle would have written to the Romans thus --if they had belonged to the Beast system, an told them that they were the children of God.--Also Paul would not have stood on Mars Hill and said;--'All our fathers passed thru the waters, all our fathers ate of the same spiritual manna, they all drank water out of the same Rock"--if he had thought he was speaking to a nation of the beast system.

When we talk of the beast system, we are talking about political power and governments in earth, not ruled over by the children of Israel, and the descendants out of the Adamic race with the holy seed.

Now; this may upset one or two of you if you think every one came from Adam --but actually the Asiatic and other raced did not come from Adam and we can prove that to you from the scriptures. They were here long before Adam, I think if you will go home and read the 32nd., chapter of Ezekiel it will prove to you that Adam could not have fathered an Empire all over the earth with all the people of every race dwelling in that Empire. When Adam arrived here on earth, they were already there. That is what is described in the 32 chapter of Ezekiel it talks of this empire here in the days of Eden. That Empire was already here and the earth was then governed by Lucifer's unassimilated half breed offspring, referred to by a new name. And Christ identifies them by the same name. And the word today for a fallen Angel and the people of earth when they did not keep their first estate is --devil--and devils come from the Devil of course, and he was Lucifer. And the unasimilatable offspring of Lucifer are called Devils by the Christ, and He was not just speaking in a generalizing fashion, but he is speaking of a species, and He identified some of them as such for he said:--"Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. "He said--you will be like him, and in fact in the earth factors that effected the white race, the first offspring was Cain, and that is why in his writings John says---Cain was the offspring of the evil one. So Cain was not Adam's son. If you go back and study the ancient records which were known to your forefathers, you will find that Cain was of the evil one, and Able was a son of Adam and Eve. And they knew when Eve said;---this man came from the lord that Cain was not from your race. Over in the book of John Cain is identified as the father of a people who had moved in among the Akkad, who produced a mass of white Jewry that comes on down and exists in the world today.

Now I may say some things that are shocking but I want you to know that the people called Jews that lived in Jerusalem in the time of Christ were not of Israel, not of Judah and Benjamin. They the Israelites were controlled by the Priesthood which was of these strangers, but the Israelites were not Jews. And this Priesthood under the control of the Jews was the Synagogue of Satan referred to in Revelations. They were those whom Jesus said --were of their father the devil. Now; there were many of these Israelites of Judah and Benjamin who were under the power of these Priests --for they had seized the religion of the Israelites and established in place of the Tabernacles and Temples ---synagogues which by its very word and semantics identifies itself with evils. This religion became known as Jewry, but those people of Israel trapped with in this system were not Jews. And you have this proof in the 6th., and 7th., chapter of John when it says that they went from Galilee to the feast at Jerusalem but none of them dared to speak openly for fear of the Jews. When Christ was in Galilee where so many of Benjaminites lived, he moved about freely, but in the first verse of the seventh chapter of John it says that Christ had to walk in Galilee because he could not walk in Jewry for the Jews sought to kill HIM.

The moment we get the Jew complex out of our minds, we will be free from the idea that we owe them anything, except eliminate them from our society, and until we do that we will be in bondage. Today every Christian nation should retain every phase of its life--political, social and economical in its own hand, and never let the enemy of God's kingdom come in and teach the children in your schools, and take over your economy and advise your president to upset the balance in your society.

Some one said: --You haven't any right to say that --but when we are behind this desk with this book open---it says ---'THUS SAITH THE LORD'--and we will prove to you that you are not to let any Cainanite rule over you and you are not to marry and of the Cainanites or the Hittites whether black, or yellow, but to marry a Jew is the worst ever.

Now you say---but can you prove it? Yes I can --for if you marry a Jew you have violated a divine law in a very serious way. And now you are asking what has this to do with the 'Little Horn'? Well! listen --for years you have been told that the Roman Empire was the feet and toes of the Great Image, and its feet and toes did stand on Asia and Africa as it reached out, but the power controlling the Roman Empire was something else. Oh, the egotistical Emperors to a degree controlled and ruled, but it was the power behind the scenes which controlled, and that power was from the Isle of Pergamos. Here was located the Mystery schools that came from old Babylon, The Priesthood of Babylon, they had great economic powers and they ruled the earth---thus 'Babylon thou art the head of gold'. --Here were the money changers, and gold buyers, the invisible masters of the earth. They also had the control of all false religious systems, and that is why Jesus in the book of Revelation says that the place of Pergamos is --the seat of Satan.

Why did he say that?----At the time that Jesus spoke, Pergamos was the seat of the International system of Jewry. And from that had come the Herodians, and Herod the king of the Jews who had killed the children of Bethlehem as he sought to kill the child--the baby Christ--Here was the power that controlled and influenced Rome.

Now; the Beast system is made up of the 10 toes of the Image of Daniel, and you may be able to divide and stretch a few provinces to make this apply to the Roman Empire but there is much more than this---so when someone tries to tell you that the 10 toes are 10 provinces of Rome and that is all there is to it, then keep this in mind. The ancient world Kahilee of Babylon, and the same occult schools which are of the Mystery and occult schools of old Babylon, and the Asiatic philosophy --sought to divine the world up into 10 provinces upon which their hold is based and extended --and that is the Beast system. And it divides up Asia and Africa and the Western world, and South America and Australia. Thus the Pagan world leaders have the whole world divided up into 10 provinces.

Now; we have been told thru out time that Justin's rise to power when he was one of the emperors of Rome was the rise of the little horn, for he overthrew the Visgoth and others, but don't believe it, for he was not --the little 'Horn' of Daniel. Now; theologians will say--we can prove that he was because Justin immediately went into league with the Bishop of Rome and the first man to follow that Bishop became the first Papal Pontiff, unified with the state, and the whole set up is a symbol of this mysterious Blasphemous power, with all the evil that it represents, and is headquartered down there in Rome, and upon the ecclesiastical organization of Rome --still I upset some peoples apple cart when it come to this factor. For now the Church of Rome embraces error, and tho there have been many brazen things said by its Popes, and tho I cannot embrace some of their theology, still I want you to know that the 'Little horn' is not a church of Jesus Christ, altho it is being carried far away in its theology, and in their teaching, but this carried away church is not the 'Little horn' and it is not the challenge to overthrow God's kingdom, that we face today. Even tho I despise any doctrine that gives a Priest the authority to hold any individual in any mortal danger of his spiritual and moral soul, and I am sure that there is no power given to any minister of God or any Priest of any church today to send men into perdition, for there is no perdition to send anyone to, yet even this is not the meaning of the 'little horn'.

Now; you say: but that upsets my theology --well go back to Rome an pay all the penitence that you want to---but I want you to know that a whole lot of Protestants came out of Rome and they brought Hell with them, and they brought perdition with them. Now they did not bring purgatory with them because it cost to much.

Now; I want you to know that today, no Priest on the face of the earth can have any impact on destroying or giving unto you any special dispensation, as it relates to your eternal spirit. And so to this doctrine I will always be in opposition, nor will I accent to a cheap Bishop, who will have the authority to consign me to any place outside the kingdom of YAHWEH, be it to his blessings and mercy, because I did or did not, obey this Bishop's edicts, I am just as opposed to Protestant Popes as I am Catholic ones. For we have had our popes in the Protestant faith also. They may not have gone as far, but they tried to go that path, and almost accomplished it in the way that they ruled.

The Kingdom of YAHWEH is a Kingdom of Light, and Liberty, and the Kingdom of YAHWEH HAS ONLY ONE HIGH PRIEST AND HE IS YAHWEH-YAHSHUA HIMSELF. He is the patriarch High Priest, and in his embodiment among man he served in the capacity of High Priest, He has already entered into every Holy of Holies. He has consummated every necessary sacrifice for you and me, and there isn't anything you have to do to satisfy any man--concerning Eternal life. For no man can take Eternal life away from you and no man can give Eternal life to you but YAHWEH himself, and you as the children of YAHWEH are the possessors of Eternal life. This is a great historical blessing which YAHWEH bestowed upon you. And all you need is the realization of what YAHWEH has given you to enjoy it. But you've got it, and I want you to know this, that at the same time --the Anti-Christ does not recognize Jesus the Christ, and does not honor his name or his birth. You may be annoyed at some things in theology, and at the repetition and conduct of Christianity as it bows to the heathen, and you have even heard the cry --"Hail Mary---Hail Mary" but when you get down to what they should say if they said it all, you would find that they would be saying--"Hail Mary, full of Grace, blessed art thou above all women."

Why would they say that? --Matthew tells you that this was the blessing of Heaven upon this woman who was to become the mother of YAHWEH in his physical embodiment, and so every time this repetition is made --whether we like it or not --it is still pointing out the constant truth of the Virgin Birth of Christ, and YAHWEH'S moving among men, --and out of our Faith.

Now; I may disagree with all the processes, but if you are looking for the 'Little horn' of the book of Daniel, which is the Little Horn of the Beast system that is to rise up and speak great Blaspheme against the Most High, and you expect to find that 'Little Horn' in this misguided Christian faith, then you are looking in the wrong place. And if you are still trying to tie this to Rome by naming an Emperor of Rome who lived 600 years after Christ, then you are going to have to tell me where that emperor is today---because that 'Little Horn'--is going to be speaking Blasphemy, and the powers of darkness are going to be waging war on the Christians, when Christ comes and when we defeat the Anti-Christ on the field of battle. So I'm not worrying about Justinian, for his body has been molding in the grave since long before they started singing about John Brown's body. I'm not worrying about any Roman Emperor that has been dead so long. I am not worrying about the rise of any individual church to overthrow any of the rest of Christendom. Today if any part of Christendom loses or gains in its popularity with people, then it is because it is working harder than the other parts.

Now; I know that we are in an unusual time. Ever so often I hear a voice over T.V. or radio that warns me that we must look out for at any moment we will see Satan or the Anti-Christ, or the false prophet come out of Rome --well they aren't coming out of Rome, but they have been in Rome for a long, long time. When the Anti-Christ and the false prophet could not defeat Christ, by all his evil power, then he came to Rome and joined the church and got himself elected to power and set out to destroy that church by putting false doctrines in that church that were not found according to scriptures, and many of those false doctrines are still there today. But with all the error put into that church they could not remove the testimony of YAHSHUA THE CHRIST.

So they found out that they could not destroy the kingdom of God by capturing and putting down just one part of it. --Torquemada who headed the Inquisition for Rome was a Jew and he persecuted both sides--Jew and Christian with equal viciousness. If you want to know about Torquemada, then "The Marranos" by Cecil Roth, and published by the American Jewish Publication society, and then you will see how proud they are of their traitorous Jews who move into Christian institutions and try to destroy them from the inside.

So there is a little horn and the areas of the earth that he overthrew was 3 of the 10 divisions of the earth, and these divisions reach from the Mongolian mountains and the Steppes --this area which was divided as one of the toes, of the Celestial Deity number as the gods of the deep blue sky, to the areas of the gods of the mountains and of the earth. And this area reaches along the Slavic countries and the Danube river on the west . China was divided into an area of 2 toes, but the power now under the control of the head control of all the 10 divisions involves all of China except parts of it in the south east area of Asia not yet consumed. (well with the fall of Viet Nam in 1975 then all of South East Asia is now under that control)

In the great channels of what was once known as the divisions of the earth before the great temples of the old Mystery Schools of Great Babylon were known, we find that they had marked off--all of Asia, and Africa and all of Europe and then we find that they knew about North and South America and marked it as area 5. They marked off Continents as tho they knew about them long before Columbus sailed west looking for a new land. So the Mystery schools a way back there knew of this western land. And they had crude maps of the land Masses of the earth. (knowing that the Anti-Christ people are parasites --then they probably stole the maps of the earth from the Israelite Mystery schools. So that makes you realize that Enoch looked at this land and he probably told his descendants that their descendants would some day come to this western land. )

Now; if you think this is strange, then remember Job wrote long before Moses wrote the Pentateuch, and Job lived in the days of Enoch and he told how the earth was round, and all about the things that he saw. And I guess it would be hard to fool Enoch for they took Enoch in a Celestial Chariot which was one of these great technological achievements, ahead of the creation of this earth, and Enoch traveled from where he was picked up at the site of ancient On, and then he went up to the north pole area and from there he looked down on that part of the earth, and then accompanied by Angelic hosts he traveled out into space and he described his trip and his journey and then came back to earth to write about it. So Enoch knew that the world was round, and he talked about the circle of the earth, and he said he had first flown further west where the sun disappeared into the ocean and as he went further west he saw oceans beyond until he finally saw land where the sun disappeared. So we learn that Enoch knew of the circle of the earth also. In fact the dark ages fell upon earth, and we came out from under that, but we discover that our forefathers knew more about the earth than we do. They didn't believe some of the silly things, like the world was flat, and Columbus would fall off the edge. In fact way back in the book of Isaiah before the birth of Christ --we find Isaiah talking of the circle of the earth.

Now it is necessary for you to know that around these mysteries --the little 'horn' that rose up and created the juggernaut of the fourth beast was more terrible than all the other beasts, and Daniel tells us this Beast is more strong than all the others and has iron teeth--meaning teeth of destruction---and this beast breaks in two and stamps the residue with his feet. He is different from all the political systems that have gone before, and he now embraces all the 10 horns--or all the old divisions of Asiatic power scattered thru out the world under old Mystery Babylon.

Now; Daniel was grieved in his soul when he saw this and he considered those 10 horns and then he saw one Little Horn come up from these areas, and before it was thru it had plucked up by the roots and taken over with control and this Horn has eyes like the eyes of a man, and is speaking great things. And Daniel beheld --until the thrones were cast down and Empires were falling, until the ancient of David--the King of Kings and the LORD of Lords is doing things. ----Now; who is Daniel talking about ?--But the LORD, Himself of course. The man Christ Jesus who dwelt fully in earth--the fullness of YAHWEH dwelt in him bodily, and Daniel sees him, and before him goes all the hosts of heaven, a thousand times 10 thousand, times 10 thousands--and these chariots are streaming fire and glory as they go out before HIM.

Here Daniel is describing all the technology of the mass space ships of heaven under the command of YAHWEH, himself, and this climatic scene ends with this Little Horn in battle with the Hosts of Heaven as they come in and we are told that in this hour there comes one who directs these hosts, out of the clouds of heaven and He comes with all the glory and this is the Incarnate Son of Heaven and at this time is given to him, a kingdom, a glory and a dominion and people and nations shall serve HIM and this dominion shall not pass away, and His kingdom shall never be destroyed.

We read these passages than follow it up by the fact that these 4 beasts rose up out of the earth an come to the battle with all their hosts--but the Saints of the Most High God are going to take over the Kingdom, and retain it forever---this involves all the Mystery schools of Babylon, all the Ancient forces of evil and all world communism they spawned.

Now; this 'Little Horn" is the rising again of the powers of dictatorship of Jewry, and this is in our time---How do I know? Remember when it tells you the abomination of all false religious systems riding upon the beast with its 7 heads and 10 horns, and the 7 heads are 7 Empires or 7 Kingdoms, then you will note --5 are fallen, 1 is, and one is yet to come and the 8th., shall be out of the 7th. So this takes us back to the days of-------

1. Egypt, 2. Assyria, 3. Medo-Persia, 4. Babylon 5 Greece, and 6 Rome. The 6th., had power when Jesus walked the earth--the 7th., was world Communism which was an Asian power under the hoards of Genghis Khan, then that power was wounded neigh unto death, by the death of the great Genghis Khan, and the 7th., thus lay dormant until the climax of this age, when the 8th., was still world Communism was to gather again to come against the Kingdom. This mysterious power would be Mystery Babylon the Great--the guiding political, and economical and religious forces which are involved.

Now; its says:--'I beheld the Horn --that made war with the Saints', and in the text it says that it prevailed over some of them. And I think that you realize today --1961 that 1/2 of Europe is under Communist control. (by 1975 more than that) But our living, breathing, Christians, --Saints of the MOST HIGH are ruled by Communism and they are in bondage to a Christ hating ruler. Well 1/3 of the Great white nations of the earth, are under control of this evil beast which murders their children, kills and rapes their women and seeks to destroy and mongrelize their societies with their mongrel troops.

We have already experienced the bloody hand of world communism over Hungary, and we have watched the liquidation of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, (Czechoslovakia, and Romania, and Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and Albania) --we have watched the mongrelization of their people, and we have watched war wages against these people, and that is the reason why one of the Miracles that YAHWEH says he will do --fits --especially for these people, who have been forced under this kind of a union and under this bondage. And that Miracle;----YAHWEH say:--"I am going to cleanse again the blood of My people Israel --because they were not responsible for this kind of bondage. (they were not strong enough to stop it).

Let me tell you this ---it tells us that these 10 horns are 10 kingdoms and their kings shall rise, and one shall rise above them, and with more power than all of them put together--and this is the world Communist system. And this one shall subdue 3 areas of their power--these three areas being --political, economic, and religious. And He this 'little horn of Daniel' shall seek to wear out the Saints of the MOST HIGH and also speak great words against the MOST HIGH. He shall seek to do everything to control and change the earth, until ----the day comes when the kingdom which is greatest under the whole heavens is given to the Saints of the earth. And this kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall obey and serve that king----AND THAT KING IS THE ALMIGHTY YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. So some will still say but the 'Little Horn ' will come out of the Papacy of Rome but I think they have the wrong little horn in the wrong place. Some will turn this tape off for they do not want to upset their ideas, but if you go back into Mystery Babylon and its control, you read in Daniel that one of the beasts had in its mouth 3 great tusks. In some bibles it says that these are ribs, but it should be tusks---thus Economic, political, and religious power to grind and destroy people.

Now; we are not against religion for the word is not bad by itself but we are against the beast system of religion which seeks to destroy or make slaves of people. We are against the Beast systems political power which wages war against humanities, and we are against Beast systems that take the beasts from the earth whose lust for power is so great, and then use them against people.

So the first beasts to a rise were political, economic and religious powers and they were not the same as the Great Image that Nebuchadnezzar beheld. These Beasts came up out of the seas, now blown by the diverse winds, and the seas are seething masses of people, and the great stirring diversities that move among them and the great flowing winds that disturbs them. The seething comes from their being disturbed by all these forces brought against them.

Now; these forces are in the hands of evil--I'm not talking about divine economy, political or religious forces --for at no time is the kingdom of God a Beast kingdom. That is why the MARK OF THE BEAST IS THE MARK OF THE WORLD ORDER. --And you don't have the mark of the World Order on you, for you are the children of God, that is your mark. You say---yes but we are in the world, for you are to stay here, and you are to establish the Kingdom of God from one end of the earth to the other, but don't for one moment consider that this is your origin---for you started in the heavens, for you are the children of spirit, and you were placed here by your fathers decision.

In the day in which you and I live--we are going to watch the powers of darkness begin to be broken. There is no doubt that we are watching the hoards of Communism rise. We have heard the Blasphemy statements, and we have heard the denunciation of God, and we have watched the massacre of Christians, and we see how the powers of the false prophets, and the powers of the Babylonian Priesthood is always seeking to capture the professorship an the instructors position in schools, and always seeking ways to brain wash the people, whether by the sleep induced instructions, they used at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, or by the Psychiatrist they are trying to turn loose on you now. They are to tell you how you are to think and how you are to act. When people start to talk about this great nation and its juvenile delinquency and all our problems, and even tho I grant you we have problems, but have you ever stopped to think of the number of devil that you have turned loose in your colleges, and how many witch doctors you have--using every type of brain washing, hypnotic philosophies on you and your society.

This material they call music, this strange jargon they have turned loose on every TV and radio and jukebox that vibrates with all the vibrations of the Witch Doctors of the jungle , which was carefully designed to stir up all the lowest and bases vibrations inside the human soul. It was intended to cause a Spiritual relaxation in the realms of spiritual vision. It is used as a weapon, and it is being used on your young people, until today the children in your homes, and those that you know, and the kid down the block, is bombarded with the repetition, the capacity built in this vibrant factor, and even tho you know these children's hearts and nature, they are still being turned against their nature, by the vibrations of perdition brought against them and your race. One of these days we are going to get as smart as they did in Germany and other places and ban this Witch Doctor syncopation from the jukeboxes, and radios and T.V.'s of our nation.

I have people telling me that they do not believe in burning books, and in attacking this harmless syncopation---but let me tell you that when ever it produces this wave of results as it attacks the very nerve centers and dull them in perspective and in responsibility and in morality, then it is as deadly as a virus that you would isolate.

This is a part of the warfare being waged against you. we are told that the 'little horn' is going to be here waging war against God's kingdom when the hosts of Christ's kingdom come ---well you are engaged right now in an economic warfare and this warfare is a part of the battle of Babylon's economy which already has reached its tentacles and has gained great holds on you. For fifty years or more, we here in these United States, have let Mystery Babylon with its system of usury, control our economy. Although thru our scientists and our technicians, we have been able to produce more than any other people, but we haven't learned how to keep it, because we let the rascals take it away thru the use of a percentage of a dollar. And when that wasn't enough to bring you down, then they captured your government and started giving it away.

Did you ever hear of anything so fantastic as asking for the power to keep the dollar from going out so as to save your monetary system and then ask for money to tax you so you could dump dollars into Africa?

If you are trying to save your monetary system, don't dump dollars anywhere. Then some will say:--'What shall we do?--They are hungry.' Well, give them the extra wheat. We have lots of it going to waste. Why give them dollars so they can go into business and compete against you? Why give those money changers' anything they can change into Gold?

The moment you learn to cut off Babylon's source of money, you are going to fold up one of the most insidious claws reaching into God's Kingdom. And one of the first great bulwarks of God's Kingdom should be to smash this beast system in its control over the money systems of the earth.

So Babylon must go. In Revelation it tells us that when this system finally falls, you will see the power of its false prophecy and its evil religious system. And that system will be destroyed by the very people now under it. The very system itself revolts and tears and destroys until it is wiped out with a great overwhelming catastrophe.

Do you know that this great nation of God's Kingdom is going to win three kinds of warfare? The first warfare you are going to win is the economic warfare, and we are going to win that, for you are going to take America out from under the hands of the money system. And you are going to create the proper equity under God's Kingdom. For this is your destiny.

Now you say:--'but I don't like the moves made in Washington.' Well, some of these days these very moves made in Washington, are going to boomerang on these strange advisors. Do you think the people of America are going to take a great depression and have them tell us we are short of dollars? Someone will say 'where is all the dollars we had a few years ago?' You will say:--'Oh, that's just printing press money.' Well one of these days someone will stand and say 'better start up those presses again.'

That press was not backed by talk. That press was backed by America's ability to produce. So if you can produce for the money changers, then you can produce for yourselves.

Now turn to the book of James and see what James has to say about this matter.

James says:--'Go ye rich man and weep and howl, for your miseries have come upon you.'

You say--'what does that mean? Does it mean that the scriptures are against success and wealth?' No. This is talking of a certain kind of man. And if you go to the original translations, you would discover that there are also more chapters to the book of James. But this passage reads in the original:--'Go ye now ye rich man who (by fraud has developed riches.) Ye leap and howl now because the people are crying against you, your riches are corrupted, your garments are moth eaten.'

Now that meant they had no Spiritual covering and no spiritual value. So all they had was the shoddy accumulation of wealth.

Then it says:--'Your gold and silver are cankered and the time has suddenly come when God's Kingdom is not ruled by gold and silver.'

Let me tell you. If we did not have one bit of gold and silver, we could still have a sound economy without the money changers. You never ate any gold or silver, did you? Oh, you may own some for decorations on your fingers or on your wrist, but its main use is for decorative purposes. Altho it is a fair conductor of electricity. But copper is better for that. So the time is come when gold and silver will not be the basis on which they are going to do business.

The scripture says:--'your gold and silver shall canker, and the rust of them--(nor here--gold and silver do not rust. Silver will tarnish, but not rust. So it means their gold and silver will disintegrate in its value, and no longer have any power. It also says:--It witnesses against you. It will eat your flesh as with fire.' These are the treasures you have heaped together in these last days.

Did you ever stop to think that Mystery Babylon which has raised the hoards of communism against you has also moved into your society to try by the same methods of Old Mystery Babylon, to capture you, in the same methods of 'brain washing' and by their multitude of forces? And as they do this, they have actually been controlling your economy ever since the Federal Reserve System came into being. Now that happened back in the days of Wilson (1913) when Col. House, who was serving a Jewish family, manipulated this. And you have not had control of your own money from that day to this.

The Almighty says:--'In these last days, these forces of evil moved out among the people of God's Kingdom, and they heaped up their treasures and wantonly raised that treasure while you were fighting wars instigated by them. And your boys were fighting in foreign wars while here behind the scene they were running all the defense industries they could find to run. They even used government money to build the factories and then used government money to hire all the specialists to put it into operation and then they took government contracts on the top of that at a guarantee of cost plus 10%.

International Jewry has reaped a fortune at that practice. And I can call off the names of non-Christian refugees who came into this country and under this policy could get what no honest Christian American could get. For they didn't have the high sign.

Well, what does the Scriptures say about this? "Behold the hire of the laborer who reaped down your fields and you kept it back by fraud--for his cry has reached into the ears of the Lord of the Sabbath."

Now the world is the field and God has already marked the fact of what is related to this. "You lived in pleasure on earth and you were wanton in that you nourished your hearts desire in the days of slaughter and war."

Now do you see what I'm talking about? These were not just men who became rich in Industry and not men who rose up in Christian Nations by the use of their skills. These were men who by juggling your money gained control of your riches and then by that method were able to get richer and richer, while they were killing your sons to get it, in the days of slaughter.

Someone asked me if I am a pacifist. Well, I'm not a pacifist until the last 'Hammer and Sickle' comes down. I am not a pacifist until we have taken away the Satanic power over our economy, and the power of 'brain washing' and rule by the enemies of God's Kingdom. I only believe in peace when the nations of this world learn peace under the Kingdom of Christ. Then I'm for peace. I'm not going to put up my sword until Christ sheaths His.

Oh, you think He doesn't have a sword? Well, He told His disciples that if they didn't have a sword, they better sell their cloak and buy a sword. Because you don't trust everyone you meet. You can't do business with the Russians. Although we have little Adlai Stevenson who trusts the Russians and he wants us to get along with them just anyway we can. Even if we have to surrender to them. Then they will like us and they won't want to fight us. What would come of that??? They would put little 'iron bands' on your wrists and maybe chains, and you will learn to word, and you won't have a country. It will be theirs.

Well, that's not the way it's going to be. For the people, themselves, are going to cry out against the evil. And the Almighty says:--'These are the people who condemned and killed the just.' But just be patient therefore, brother, and look for the coming of the Lord.'

Now do you know who the scriptures are talking about as the people who condemned and killed the just?

Jesus talked to them in the book of Matthew. And there Jesus said:--'You are guilty of the blood of all the righteous killed on the face of the earth.' He said they were guilty or rather responsible for all who had been slain and would be slain on the face of the earth. And Jesus identified them as He said:--'Ye are of your father the devil.'

The Jews spoke up and said:--'If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have killed the prophets.'

So Jesus said:--'Yes, I know you just said you wouldn't have killed the prophets, but you just admitted that you are the descendants of those who did kill the prophets.'

The book of Revelation does not spare the identity of this Mystery Babylon, as the greatest evil that Christ says exists on the face of the earth. And just because it doesn't wear armor or have a group of assassins in front of you, don't fail to identify it. Most people think the Devil in a silk hat is not as dangerous as one with war tanks. I think he may kill more of your sons than you realize by his manipulations.

Turn in Revelation to Mystery Babylon. Who is it? Jesus told you and everyone whose name isn't written in the 'Book of Life' since before the foundation of the world, might wonder at it. But Mystery Babylon the Great is the same group of people who killed all the prophets and are guilty of all the righteous slain on the face of the earth.

So Jesus told you. And He told the Jews in Jerusalem that they were the mystery seed of the Serpent. And then in Revelation it tells you again who they are:--'They are thy merchants and in her is found the blood and all the blood of the prophets and of the saints and all that are slain upon the earth.'

Yes. It is true that in the theology found in Rome, there is Babylonianism. But I can take you to Methodist and Baptist churches and there is some there also, whether they know it or not.

The Insidious power of world Jewry that raised up and overthrew three of the divisions of the earth listed in the Ancient Mystery Schools and is now waging war to capture the earth and has made war in the last days against the saints of the earth, and now has some of them behind and underneath this 'Iron Curtain', --the power is world communism backed by world Jewry. And it is the identifying factor with this succession of power from that day to this. The Great Kingdom that will destroy the powers of evil is here in the earth.

The great nations of Christendom, of God's Kingdom, are here. In weaponry, we are ahead of the Russians, but there is an area where they are ahead of us. And that is in the area of man power. For they hold Asia and Africa. And man to man, they can come in man power against you that is overwhelming. But in such an hour, the scriptures tell me that the Ancient of Days comes. I can't turn anywhere in prophecy, even in the book of Daniel and get a bad ending. I can't even find anyplace in Revelation that makes me down hearted. I don't understand why people have a fear complex today.??

I have assurance from the Word of God that He will give you the knowledge, the wisdom and the sharp dressing instrument and that you are going to defeat the forces of darkness.

The most important contribution that a Christian can give to another Christian today, whether they agree on their theology or not, is to make them realize that as Children of God's Kingdom, they have one great co-responsibility. And that responsibility is to stand against the Anti-Christ. Instead of trying to run away or looking for someone to carry us away in a Chariot, realize that He sent us down here to defeat the enemy. So let's stay here and do our job.

Let's pray:--"Thy Kingdom come". And then let's help bring it in. Because that is your destiny. You are going to fight the 'Battle of Armageddon.' And you are going to be here when Jesus comes. And that is just as historic an event as was the inauguration of the last president. It's just as definite a day in God's calendar of time as any event that has ever happened in History. And as the prophets looked forward to His coming, then this next coming is just as definite and historic and it is just ahead of you.

The great force that will defeat the powers of darkness, is now dwelling in you, the light of God and the Spirit of God, and the love of God. While it can destroy evil and light the darkness, still it has a design for the restoration for every conscious Spirit and soul in this Universe.

So you must operate in the dimension that you are in. For you are children who dwell in two planes. And I hope you will strive to understand this.

I am speaking later on this subject of dwelling in two planes. And I will expand on that subject with more that I have been given enlightenment on since I wrote a sermon on that subject some time ago. So be watching for that announcement.

(end of this message)