A Living Priesthood In a Living Temple, 3-4-62


(Follows the Ark of the Covenant)

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-4-62

This afternoon we are continuing our study which relates somewhat to our subject--'The Ark of the Covenant'--which we talked to you about before this, about this Ark and of its reappearance. And today our subject is 'A Living Priesthood in a Living Temple.'

It is most important that we think in terms of that Tabernacle, and Temple which was built under divine instructions. When we talked to you last week about the First Ark of the covenant which was made --then we told you that this first Ark was not make by Moses, but was made by Enoch after he returned from that heavenly trip, after he had written his books, and had traveled with knowledge and wisdom out of ancient Jerusalem down unto the cite in ancient Egypt where they would build the city of On, with its beautiful Temple, and the Sphinx, and the Pyramid---all those things which accompanied the ministry in the life of Enoch and Job, there also you would find the Ark. You will remember that the mighty power of Egypt could not withstand the great company of scientists, savants, and Patriarchial Priests who had brought into the land of Egypt all this knowledge. And one of the things which is written into the records of ancient Egypt about this company who approached this land was that ----altho there were 20,000 war chariots of Pharaoh, and altho his army stood to repel the coming force of that 144,000 men who accompanied Enoch and Job, still they could not be stopped. And with this great company of men came this BOX of Gold, and out of that box shown the Glory and Light of God. And they spoke unto Pharaoh's army, and even Pharaoh drew near to see this wonder. Later Mentho the High Priest of the Temples of Karnac wrote in his writings that these people approached our land, and they conquered it without the use of the sword, but by the LIGHT of their GOD, and the spirit and the voice of their GOD which came from those who were their leaders.

Thus we see the entrance of the House of Enoch, and of Job as they went into Egypt for the building of the city of On, and the Great Tabernacle. Also we note in the instance of assembling there in the land of Egypt that one thing about their coming was this wonder of this Box overlaid with Gold, and the Egyptians were impressed, and wrote about it. And they said that this box contained within it bread and wine. But the unique thing about this bread is that when Enoch had returned from his heavenly trip and wrote about his experiences, he also noted that he brought back a substance of Dough, and this was referred to as the Bread of Heaven. It was kneaded into Bread and the loaves which they baked for the times ---when this bread was brake unto them, and served with the wine---this bread then was this so called BREAD OF HEAVEN. And was referred to as such, and it was kept within this box together with all the writings Enoch and Job had been given them (the Israel) of God. And this was also referred to as the Bread of Heaven by the Egyptians, and the ancient records which related to that mystery. It was stated that the very LIGHT OF GOD, THE VERY GLORY OF THIS LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION WAS PRESENT HERE. And they referred to the children of your race, this white race, as the children of Osiris the life and Resurrection, and the very soul of the God of Light. And that His Light abode where ever the BOX was, that the light of His Presence met them there. They also stated something significant, that when the great Pillar was built unto the MOST HIGH that they had placed a place within it---prepared for its size, for this particular BOX of God's Presence. They did not call it an Ark, but an Ark is a container, and that is exactly what this was. Strangely enough the exact measurements of the sarcophagus in the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid was exactly the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant which Moses was later instructed to build. The exact dimensions also of the Box that was carried as we know --by Enoch.

Now; all this has its particular significance because that Box was the Box into which they were to put the things which God had ordained, even in the days after God had visited Moses up on the mountain. And as we told you last week --God with ten thousand of his Saints (believing offspring) came over the mountain of Paran, and over Sinai, and shown down a great search light of Glory over these mountains. Without question these crafts carried the Saints by the thousands, for we are told in the 33 Chapter of Deuteronomy that ten thousands of the Saints were with HIM, and that the crafts finally settled down upon that mountain, where Moses was then given the instructions, and the law, and unveiled was his commission. You will remember when they unveiled unto Moses the story of the Tabernacle which he was to built that this Tabernacle was the tent house or the dwelling House of the MOST HIGH GOD. And that this Tabernacle was to be set up in the midst of Israel. He told them how it was to be built, and he instructed them as to what they were to place within the walls of this Tabernacle. We have also called to your attention before, that when they finally prepared the Ark, that into that Ark were to go all the instructions of God ---and the tablets of the law. And into the Ark was to go the Manna which God had fed them. Again BREAD OUT OF THE HEAVENS, symbolic again of the feeding of the Children of THE MOST HIGH GOD WITH A BREAD OF LIFE. But this Manna --this Heavenly Bread was also placed in this Ark, as was the special substance brought out of the Heavens by Enoch, in his time, and for his own ministry, thus a similar symbol. In fact in the writings of the "Secrets of Enoch" he tells us that he brought Bread from Heaven, and this Bread from Heaven with the wine of earth symbolized the joining of heaven and earth. The Life of God symbolized by all that was in this emblem was to pass down upon the children of men who were to serve, and to worship in the cause of God, under the leadership of God's Revelation, and under the plan of these two pillars. These are secrets which those who have gone to a Royal Arch meeting probably understand. Some of these mysteries concerning these two ancient pillars will also be understood, but the symbol of the Ark and the symbol of the things that are contained therein will also be understood.

We told you last Sunday that when Moses finally had consummated the building of the Tabernacle, that they brought forth the Ark of the covenant, and they placed it in the Tabernacle. And after having placed it in the Tabernacle Moses even had to withdraw, even he could not enter into the Tabernacle to preachy for the Glory of the MOST HIGH which came down upon the mercy seat and upon the Tabernacle, and between the Cherubims was intense. These are a fact of History which relates to your race, remember that.

Go back to the days of Enoch and then see that there was still continuous evidence of spiritual power in the days of Moses---this was the abiding presence of the MOST HIGH. But the significant thing today, as we study this Tabernacle ----and we won't go any further with that discussion because we have already showed you how it was carried, and where it was taken and where it reposes, but the great significance was the things taught in the ancient Zohar, and taught in the spiritual Priesthood were things which belong only to your race. In the Mystery schools of Israel, and from the days of the Tabernacle to the Temple, and in the days of the Temple down to the Essene company in the days of Jesus, the real wisdom was carried by the LIGHT CARRIERS OF THE Masons or Masonos who were a part of ancient Druidry, and were in the heart of ancient Britain. What did they understand about the significance of the Tabernacle? What was the truth carried by your race concerning this Tabernacle?---The Tabernacle was made by hands, and the Temple was also to be a great work of the people of Israel under the leadership, of Solomon, and it was for the Majesty and the Glory of God, for the worship of God, and the Presence of God to dwell in---in the midst of His people.

We are told however in this generation in which we live, that Jeremiah instructed us to the fact that the people of Judah, and the People of Israel would abide in this time without a visitation unto the Ark of the Covenant, and it is true that the Ark of the Covenant has not been seen in our midst, still it will not be long before it will be seen once again along with all the other identity which belongs to this people, in the hour of God's visitation with Mighty Power to his people. But the significant thing about the Ark of the covenant, and what they taught about it was that this was the place where God met his people, this was the place where he abode. And the real mystery we discover concerning the Tabernacle--is that you are the Tabernacle today---the real you lives in this Tabernacle.

From the ministry of that Mystery, from the things which were expressed by Christ and taught by the Apostle Paul we were to learn much concerning our relationship to the MOST HIGH. We have expressed from time to time the identity of this race unto which you belong to the people who carry the holy seed, as the people who are the offspring of the MOST HIGH. A people begotten by his spirit in the Heavens, and then placed in the Adamic race which is the process of coming into this world. In fact it is thru the door of birth into the Adamic Race by which the children of Heaven are transferred from Heaven to earth. And of the increase of this Kingdom there is to be no end. That is why the covenants of God which start with Adam, and continue down thru Adam's son---Seth, and down to our time --must continue. It is because of these things that we recognize that God's purpose is to preserve a Holy seed and that Holy seed is the important channel thru which the Glory of God is to be revealed in earth. I would point out to you this afternoon, the significance of what these teachings imply. You as a people, and as the Holy seed of the MOST HIGH GOD are dwelling in a physical body. This physical body is your Tabernacle. And in the fifth chapter of II Corinthians the Apostle Paul tells us also that this body is a Tabernacle. He said;---'if this Tabernacle be dissolved we have another house not made with hands, and it is Eternal---or in the plain of spirit,'

Peter then tells us also that we are living in a Tabernacle, that this body is our Tabernacle. The word Tabernacle was thus referred to as a dwelling place, almost like a

Tent House, but there is something specific and precious about the use of the word ----

Tabernacle---when it deals with your race. If you have a recognition of what God had proclaimed, then you know that here in the scriptures concerning you, then Peter brings this forth with great Majesty. (I Peter 2:5) --'Ye are not only lively stones built up into a spiritual house, but ye are also a Holy Priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God thru Jesus the Christ. He also declares that you are a chosen progeny, or generation---a Royal Priesthood. And we have these words quoted in several places, that you are Priests in a Tabernacle (this physical body) --a living Tabernacle which has been prepared by the MOST HIGH GOD.

Today we find that a lot of the Mysteries of God are not discussed very often among the churches which carry his name. I think sometimes that today in this generation that they are afraid to say that God does not dwell in a Tabernacle made with hands, for fear that would empty their congregations, and people would no longer assemble themselves to gather. But you may declare the whole council of God today without the fear that you will disassemble the people because God has told you not to leave off the assembling of ourselves together. For a great spiritual catalyst of divine power descends upon the children of God as they meditate together on the things of his purpose. Do you know what is the purpose of the MOST HIGH ?---That you are to do a tremendous work here in earth? You are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD and you are the LIGHT of the world.

Now; --the story of the Tabernacle is the story of the dwelling of the individual --you---dwelling in a physical body, but who are you? You are a spiritual son of the MOST HIGH GOD. You are a child of the Eternal, a part of the Holy seed --a spiritual Priest in this Temple in which you serve. I wish to point out to you these words of the Apostle Paul which we discover are concerning your relationship to this fact. In the sixth chapter of the first book of Corinthians he said; --"Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the HOLY GHOST which is within you, and ye are of God, ye are not your own?" This is not the only place the apostle Paul makes this statement. He clearly tells you again of this in the third chapter of I Corinthians as he says;----'Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you?'

Then to continue these instructions we read in II Corinthians;---"therefore be ye not yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness, and what communion with light with darkness?" ----"What concord hath Christ with Belial, or what part hat he that believeth with an infidel?" ----"what agreement hath the Temple of God (Your physical body) with idols, for ye are the Temple of the Living God, and Goth hath said; I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and shall be their God, and they shall be my people."

Yes; You are Priests unto the MOST HIGH GOD, a part of the purpose of the MOST HIGH was to transfer from Heaven to Earth, his Celestial children, and they would serve in a multiple Temple house, each a living stone simply framed together growing into a holy Temple unto the LORD thy GOD. We have discovered and discussed many courses of development in the earth--this struggle against the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil, who would engulf the earth. But I want you to know this afternoon that you are only 1/6 of the worlds population, but from this one mans family to 1/6 of the worlds population, then His kingdom is on the increase. I want you to recognize that when it talks about the King and His kingdom in its prophetic message concerning Christ it says;---"Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders; His name shall be called wonderful, Councilor, Mighty God, the Everlasting father, and the Prince of Peace. " ---I want you to realize that concerning the increase of his kingdom and his government there shall be no end.

There is no question of the fact that we have been on a steady increase according to Divine plan, from the day when the Adamic race was placed in earth. We know the difference between the children of earth and the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. We understand today that Hu-man is spirit man, and we understand that there is a difference between the spirit man and the races which were created, not begotten of the MOST HIGH GOD. The created races rebelled under false leadership---Luciferian influence which created the problems we find today. But there is no defeat in this book (the Bible) and there is no defeat in God's Plan.

We call your attention;--even under the anointing of the holy Spirit --the words of the Apostle Peter;---'even concerning Christ, He shall again walk in the very presence of men in the earth. But Heaven had to receive HIM until the time of the Restitution of all things spoken by all the Holy Prophets since the world began.'

Alright;--God has a program for the Restitution, and restoration, and reconciliation of the entire earth. The Apostle Paul talks of this restoration, and tells us that it requires great spiritual power, it requires great spiritual administration, and that spiritual power, and administration is going to come from the nations, the household, and the Race which God has established in the earth. It is going to come out of the service of the multitude, of the walking, living Temple of God, who shall reflect the very Glory of the MOST HIGH GOD.

I think that one should understand the patterns of God's Revelations. We often hear about gods in triplicate form but GOD is ONE--"Hear oh, Israel the LORD THY GOD IS ONE LORD." Mark 12;29) God exists ---in spirit, soul and body. The man Christ Jesus was the body of the Eternal God, but God was always spirit, soul and body, and could manifest Himself in any dimension of His creation. Because---Jesus the Christ was the same --yesterday, today and forever.

Let me point this out to you, something which is most significant in this instance;----that you are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. And as revealed when David was given the vision of how to declare this then he said; ---'ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH ( GOD).' --(Ps; 82:6)

Now; that was not addressed to the pagans, that was not addressed to the dark races of the earth, no it was addressed to the El---El-ohim, the children of the MOST HIGH. Significantly you have been begotten of the Spirit, before the world was framed. You have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in all heavenly places. Your names have been written in the Father's ---or Lamb's book of Life, before the foundation of the world. You are a part of the church of the first born, the first fruits of the spirit, as we are told by the Apostle Paul. Even before the world was framed your name, and your purpose was alive.

Now; you are dwelling in the earth in these physical bodies, and this is your earth Tabernacle, this body you dwell in is your earth house. And we well understand that the real individual is not that which we behold, but is the dweller on the inside.

Now; We point out this fact,--that Tabernacle of the MOST HIGH GOD built by Moses was as you remember divided into parts, and it had a Holy of Holies, and this Holy of Holies was the 'Ark of the Covenant.' This was where the Seraphims sat, and where the Mercy seat was placed above the Ark--and here God visited his people. If you were to go back into the records of the book of Exodus, into the things which were to transpire, and into the records of Kings concerning the opening of the Temple at that later date, you find that the Temple is a more magnificent constructed Tabernacle, for the Presence of God. You remember when they put the 'Ark of the Covenant' into the Tabernacle, that the Glory of God filled that spot. The Glory of God remained over that Tabernacle until there were times when they could not even enter into the Presence altho the High Priest had made himself ready for the Glory of the Presence of the MOST HIGH GOD. Again when they put that 'Ark' into the Temple, altho there had been preparations for days here in the time of Solomon, when all the people worshiped and rejoiced--still the Glory of God's Presence, the emanation of Glory, Light and Power was so Great that they could not even enter into the Holy Place until god had removed certain amounts of the Radiant illumination, and Glow of His Presence. Until he immunized them by the proximity of their Presence, and by the worship of their spirit, that they might enter into this close position. The Tabernacle had been designed to hold in this Holy of Holy place what we know as --"The Ark of the Covenant" and again in the Ark was the symbol of the Living bread, or the manna. And within it was the symbol of the Oracles of God, and of course the symbol of life.--the budding rod of Aaron.

You will now remember that it was taught by the Wisemen of your race, and should be taught today in every church, and every assembly of Christians all over the world, that this body is a Tabernacle, that you have with int his body--the being of which you as the image of God, are like unto HIM--spirit, soul and body--three compartments to your existence and living in the earth. You have your Holy of Holies which is the Celestial consciousness located in you, and you have a Celestial body, and then there is a terrestrial body as well. But the spirit essence which is in you, and out of which the very aura of Divine light can move, and can even emanate and fill your whole being, and radiate off the very physical body itself--that center --that Holy of Holies is where the spirit of the Most HIGH GOD DWELLS. Because that spirit in you has been begotten of the Father (spirit), begotten of incorruptible seed, and that spirit cannot violate divine law. That spirit lives and abides forever because you cannot corrupt the incorruptible.

Someone said:--'But Dr. Swift, we see errors. We see things done by people who are not perfect.' But you never saw the spirit perform these things. You must recognize that the spirit in all of its consciousness is 'ONE' with the Father. It is not a 'spark' of Divinity. It is the 'Essence' of Divine quality of your Sonship. And you, my friends, are the children of the Eternal.

A lot of people think that this spiritual consummation took place when they made a profession in a Church, or at an Altar. But I want you to know that this spirit was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. That spirit came into this world, and that is the spirit which can go out of this world. You are told that you brought nothing into the world and you can take nothing out. But this is the spirit of an abiding child of the MOST HIGH GOD now residing here in a physical body. Because this is true, then Jesus said:--'No one ascends into heaven, but they who came down out of heaven.' So remember that this is the spirit of the Eternal.

Now, inside of you dwells therefore, your own identifying Celestial spirit being. And this is an offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. Therefore, you are a child of God after the spirit and a child of Adam after the flesh.

I realize that many are disturbed after reading of the scriptures, and then thinking that there is a process which must be followed of a certain ritual, because Jesus talked to Nicodemus telling him that he had to be a twice-born man. But if you go back and read that text, and you take any number of lexicons,--and I can give you a dozen at least,-- and all will tell you the same thing. If you go over the background of this story, you find that Jesus said:--'Ye must be born from above and you must be born on earth.' When it talks about this, it says you must be born from above---Ye must be twice born--born from above and born on earth. I tell you that every white man in this room this afternoon, was born of the spirit of God from above, or he wouldn't be here. Everyone of you has been born into earth. And what we talk about now is the awakening of spiritual consciousness in a great regeneration experience for everything that comes to you in your background, and thru your Race is God giving back to you in the earth, something which you possessed before you came to live in earth. It is regeneration, restoration, renewing of the mind. And to accomplish this, you must have at some time possessed a spiritual quality that God regenerates, restores, or renews. You therefore, are children of the Eternal Household, sons of God, the family of God in the earth, the Holy Seed, the Race of His calling, Nations of His Kingdom, and of a Kingdom of which there shall be no end.

Let me point out to you then, that in the spirit, you have the Celestial Holy of Holies. This is a room of your existence inside of your Tabernacle (body). This is one of the most vital rooms of your being. This is the secret of your eventual immortality. This is the secret illumination and spiritual power. This is in every son of the Eternal God. And you dwell here in this Tabernacle of life and living as a Priest in the earth. This is the Holy of Holies. And you reach 'IN' to find this existence. And this is where you will receive spiritual power, life and illumination. This is where the God of Life meets you, and this is where the essence of His Spirit dwells.

He lights every man who cometh into the world. And when we say man, we are talking about Hu-man--White man. For He said:--'If I be lifted up, I draw all men unto Me.' And the white race came. All Africa didn't come, nor do they have the capacity to receive the wave lengths of the spirit, as we can show you in the 14th chapter of John. For again, Jesus talks about the relationship and the sending of the energy of the Spirit---energy of His own consciousness---the abiding Presence of His own Understanding. And HE said:--'Even the spirit which the world cannot receive, but you can receive it.'---Why? Because you are a part of it. You are out of it. He not only has identified Himself with you, but He said:--'I came for the Lost Sheep of Israel---Thine they were in the heavens, Mine (embodied) in earth. Don't take them out of the world, just keep them in the world.' Thus you have been identified with the Father as 'Sheep' of His pasture, thru out the ages of time.

I point out to you therefore, that as Priests in this Tabernacle--Temple, it is in that Holy of Holies that the light of God moves out from---which is the Life of Man.

Now, you have another Chamber and that Chamber is the central court, as in the Laver of the Tabernacle, so also the great Molten Sea which was in the Temple prepared by Solomon. And you remember that Molten Sea was a tremendous thing. We will talk a little about it because the laver was made somewhat like a cup, but the 'molten sea' was one gigantic cup like a chalice. In fact we are told in second Kings of its great size. ---12 great brass oxen, three facing east, 3 facing west, 3 facing the north, and 3 facing the south held this tremendous receptacle of brass lined with gold, and when it was filled with water it was a beautiful thing to behold. The water reflected the little lines in the brass below, and it shimmered as tho it were a cup of gold. there is much to be said about this 'Molten Sea', but when the High Priests entered into the Holy of Holies--the Zohar, and the ancient system of the Mystery schools of our race tell us that --then the other Priests would come from the outer court and stand in the inner court. And they would look upon the rippling of the water. And we are told that when their minds were all in synchronization with God, then the water was still, and when the High Priests went into the Holy of Holies to receive the instructions of God, when they would receive it then the water was still. And when the Urim and Thummim gave unto the High Priests the Revelations, and God met this High Priest in the Holy Place, then that place was filled with majesty and Glory, and a synchronization of the vision was in the water, as they stood round about. And they divined by this process, and when the High Priest came out and said:---'Thus saith the LORD', then the other Priests possessed that same vision.

It was taught in the wisdom schools of your race, and it was understood in the early church, that deep down within the tabernacle of your being, that you had the Holy place wherein God dwelt. But you also had within you this inner court which is the consciousness of your soul, and here in your soul is the essence of your being. Here also in this soul you can reach into this Holy of Holies for the guidance which comes to you from the spirit for the light which illuminates and empowers. And in this Holy of Holies, you will get the witness in the seat of your consciousness. You draw from the outer court thru the senses of the physical body all the things you see and hear and touch and all the things of the world order have impact upon you. But that soul consciousness can reason within, drawing out of the Holy Spirit and drawing out of the pattern of the senses, and here--it adjusts itself to the purpose of God, the work of God, the plan of God. The waters of this pool (the molten sea) within the very heart of the soul becomes still with that Peace which can pass all understanding. There is a turbulence in the soul of men today. There has been a turbulence in the souls of men thru out history. And this turbulence comes because they are over-balanced, or over influenced by the things they pick up in the outer court (the world) thru the senses. Nor are they at times, evaluating rightly, nor are they adjusting the seat of their consciousness unto the very wave length of spirit and the conscious perception of God. When they do that it is not turbulent waters. It is not trouble waters. For this is like the waters not only of baptism, but it is significant for even in the Old Testament there was room for 2000 baths--for 2000 people to go in and out of this water before it was renewed in this vast receptacle. And when people went down and came back up out of that water, this was a part of the ceremony in the Temple of Solomon. They went down in service and came up renewed and symbolized as dedicated to the service of God. This is symbolized by the significance of Baptism. But the fount was not only used for that. But is was used for evidence of Revelation, and a stillness of the soul which comes with serenity of the spirit--which comes with God.

One of the great and significant things was that this Tabernacle was to continue as a symbol of service and a point of meeting with the Most High God, until certain things God alone could do were accomplished. Thus it was that with the coming of God--dwelling in the body--that He came into the world just like you did except for the Immaculate Conception. For the children of God were dwelling in bodies of flesh--as we are told by Paul in the book of Hebrews 2:14.

Now He the Most High came by the same process, came in a body of flesh, since now the children of God were embodied in flesh.' He was not ashamed to call you His kinsmen and stand 'ONE' with you. He came for that purpose which He had purposed in Himself before the foundation of the world. He had purposed that He would put aside for all time and judgement or any standard of legality that might be held by fallen archangels or the world order he (Lucifer) represented---against the children of the MOST HIGH GOD for any error they might have committed. Thus it was HE made His own plan.--What we call an 'Atonement'. An atonement which would set at 'ONE' with God. For He was making the spirits of His children, in their soul consciousness at 'ONE' with HIM. He was putting down all condemnation. He was justifying them by His own work. And you would expect this of God. Would you not? I would not be able to measure my Father if He was not big enough to put everything in order. And if He did not possess the great love of His soul which He reflects in that Temple where we meet Him in which He has promised to make every one of His own children to conform to His own Majesty and His own Glory. This is God's reward ---this is His pleasure.

You will read in the book of Revelation these words:--'I bring my reward with me.'--I bring a reward for every man according:--'As his work shall be.' (Revelation 22:12). How much better that will be than the way men have been talking about--to give every man as their work has been. The errors in people are to be perfected and the purposes of God are to project the developing growth of a great Race of Sons and Daughters now empowered with His Glory---Nations unequaled in the earth that shall conform to the image of the Father.

It was in part, fallen into theology in all branches of the Christian Church to say:--'There will come an hour when men will be changed. When men shall be like God. But the purpose of the MOST HIGH is that you are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. And that is not a matter of chance or particular selection. It is that which God has willed to do with your race. That is one of the reasons it says in the Old and the New Testament, that 'All Israel shall be justified (saved) in this process. They are not going to be ashamed. Not going to be confounded. And all Israel is going to be saved as the Apostle Paul writes in the book of Romans 11:26---'All Israel shall be saved' as it is written. Why?--Because God is just that big. He can find any sheep. He can finish the purpose He has for His sheep.

Sometimes we look out upon our nation, and we listen to the voices which in our society have been lifted up. And we look at the causes which they have espoused in our nation. And we discover they are trying to socialize--to communize it. And we have leaders who are misadvised. And we find thousands of the enemy at work in our nation. We find around the President of the United States a great many of those who hate the name of Christ. And when we see these things, then people say:--'Well, it is too late.' And thus, too many people will access to the darkness. But you overlook sometimes, the great refining fire out of the Holy of Holies which starts to move thru those Priests who start to serve in the Temple (physical body) which God put them in. And then in the seat of their consciousness comes the will of God, and their hears and minds become one with HIM. And even tho there is a struggle and a battle, there is also a Peace that can pass all understanding because they are adjusted with God to do a work in His Kingdom. And they start to speak out. And we see the rise of what is called the 'Right Wing.' We see these people then classified by the name--'Right Wing' --and be on God's side. It is just an expression, that in an hour when everything looked dark and hopeless, then God started a spiritual move which reflected itself in the outer court of service and of life. And today the great force in America is not the enemy who is trying to hold you captive, or hold your nation. The most powerful force in America today is a great spiritual awakening of Divine power which is calling to Him, by synchronizing the thoughts of their minds with the guidance of His Spirit, so that this nation and the nations of the Kingdom of God --shall be free.

We are in one of the most important periods of existence. And I want you to know that if there is anything which is important for you to do it is to recognize that you are a Priest in a Holy Temple. Your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Ghost. God said that He recognizes this. And that people who defile this Temple have upon them the processes of destruction of Divine Law. Why? Because of the very strength of the law itself by which you were built. A great many men tear themselves up. Their troubles seethe inside their soul with constant turbulence because the power of the spirit which comes from the Prince of Peace, never reaches their soul. And they don't possess in their outer court of thinking, the evaluation of the tremendous victory of God's Covenant. But ye who have met YAHWEH (God) in the Holy of Holies win that victory. In this outer court of service, where the world not only beholds you, but where you have now fulfilled what the Apostle calls for when you understand this. Then He said therefore that He wanted you to recognize that you are the children of the MOST HIGH. And he then asks you to present yourself a 'Living sacrifice' which is a reasonable service. He said not to conform to this world, but 'be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind'.

Now, we have the mind of the body. We have that located as it relates to the soul consciousness, the contact with this physical body in the instrument we call the brain. From that wave length of impulse that brain directs us in what we do. The use of our hands and our feet, the work that we create, and the things we produce, are but a reflection of the knowledge and guidance of the soul, using the processes of the brain for reasoning and thinking for the direction of the body. Thus the Apostle Paul asks you who are the sons of God, for the renewing of your consciousness to your background and your heritage with the challenge of the spirit which comes out of the sons of God--to present yourselves a 'Living sacrifice'. He doesn't ask you to die. He asks you to live. This challenge is for you to live in this great structure of service which you have as a Priest of the MOST HIGH GOD as a service in this outer court before the world. Your sacrifice does not have to be put upon the altar of the outer court as it did in the days before Christ as a service before the world. Your sacrifice does not have to be put upon the altar as a symbol of atonement. You do not have to bring a lamb for sacrifice in that outer court. You do not have to bring before that court, or make any attempt to make a propitiation (atonement) or any error which you may have committed. ONCE AND FOR ALL that offering--wherein you put anything upon it other than that service of Life was consummated when Christ Himself, took that place upon that Altar. I want you to know that now we have closed up the Tabernacle. And we have closed up the Temple as the act of God consummated that sacrifice. And that sacrifice rent the veil in that Old Temple from top to bottom.--Opened everything up to the gaze.--For now the Great Living Temple of God was to move into a Great New Development. A Great New Spiritual Power.

The Church,--the congregation of the Old Testament was now to fade into the Great New Church of Israel in the New Testament which was to be spiritually empowered---many numbered Priests of God, with a great many numbered Christs of God--at work. Remember, that you are the Christ of God. Wait until we hear the talk about how the 'Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ.'---You are the Christ of God. Sometimes some people back up from that statement because they haven't thought out what it means. But let me tell you this.---'Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is ONE LORD.' He that beheld the magnificent majesty of the person of the Christ saw the fullness of God dwelling bodily. But he also said that this is the mystery that has been hidden from the nations of the world. It has been hidden, we are told, since before the very foundation of the world. ---What was hidden?---That 'The Christ in you, is the hope of Glory' (Colossians 1:27). And it is this Glory which is going to shine forth out of the House of God. And then the nations of His Kingdom are going to roll back the powers of darkness and built a Kingdom of Light which the world has never witnessed before this.

Because you have found the vastness of truth, and can accept the great truths of God--because you are tempered with mercy and Grace. Because it reflects the Divine nature of your Father, does not mean that we become passivists and cease to resist the darkness. Because the service of God's Kingdom required that as the sons of God, you are to carry out the provision--that you create and establish the power of the MOST HIGH GOD in the earth. That you must slow down the darkness and you must lift up the light. You must destroy the evil work of the tyrant. You must break the power of evil. And this you shall do because all the hoards of anti-Christ make war against God's Kingdom. They are more afraid this afternoon of the awakening sons and daughters of God in this nation, which they like to call the 'right wing', than they are of all the churches and all the religious institutions in America. They are more afraid of the Gospel of God's Kingdom being unveiled, and unfolded than they are of all the churches and all the professions in the United States.

I want you to know today that this is one of the great historic hours for you to live in. And God has called you to recognize the great mystery secrets which were taught in our race as every Master Mason knows,--as everyone who has ever attended the great mystery centers of what was once taught in the 'Royal Ark' meetings,--that this is God's Temple today. And this is why---'In my Father's house are many mansions.'--(John 14:2)

Remember also that in accordance with the revelation which was given to Solomon, that the Tabernacle which Moses had built was also God's House.---This temple that Solomon built was also God's house. And the people who filled the earth as His sons and daughters are also God's house.--because His spirit dwelt in them.

Now, within this hour, He is not residing within the tabernacle made with hands. But in the days when Isaiah the Prophet went into the Temple of God, he said that suddenly God was HIGH and lifted up. His glory filled the whole house. And so effulgent was that radiation, so majestic was that effulgent LIGHT that illuminated --- of God's own Majesty--that it was almost overwhelming to Isaiah. And he fell upon his face. He said he was anointed with the very coals from the Altar because of God's very presence.

You say:--'Oh, if we only had a Temple like that where we could go to behold the Glory of God.'--I want you to know this afternoon, that you do have a Temple like that where you can find the Glory of God. And that Temple is with you always.

When the nations of God's Kingdom awaken to their full significance and the great truths of God's Kingdom are taught, then my friends, the Priests in their Holy Temple are doing to discover what the Apostle Paul talks about when he tells us again, inside the book of Corinthians, about the relationship of God's purpose, and how it is working for you as a child of the Kingdom. We are told that even now we are being changed from Glory unto Glory.

Never has it been so significant that we know the meaning of these words. He tells--it is as tho we were looking into a looking glass.---We are told the Lord is that spirit, the veil which used to be in the Temple which Moses tells us about, has been taken away. Now, the LORD is that spirit. And where the spirit of the LORD is--there is Liberty. And now he said:--'We all, with an open face, behold HIM as tho in a glass, as we look upon the great chalice of the molten sea of our soul. As we look at the image of the Majesty of God--as our soul consciousness picks up the image of His words--sees the pattern of His beauty, as in our Celestial spirit consciousness, the thoughts of His mind are recorded for our knowledge. We read therefore these words:--'As we therefore behold as in a glass, in the mirror of your soul--you are going to see the Glory of the LORD. And you are going to be changed into that same image. ---We are told---changed from Glory to Glory by the spirit of God. And there shall move great and new power and firmness and light into the faces of the people of our Race.

Now; many people I see today are cast down, how many great Americans as Patriots see what has happened in our own nation, and among great Christian nations, and feel that we have retrogressed as surely by letting the wrong leadership in positions of power. we have witnessed the signs of this retrogression, and when one talked with them and said; ---now just remember this;--if you want to feel and move int he spirit of this hour then don't you cast down your soul by what you now see, but lets fill this mirror of the soul with what God has said he is going to do. These things which are happening now round about are a part of the history of this hour, in which you the sons and daughters of God are illuminated, seeing the vision of God will synchronize the purpose of your lives, and the purposes of your living with the Ultimate program of God. This will happen until you

are dedicated to live for God, to release the powers of the tyrant, to drive out of America the forces which are not Christian, and establish this nation into the position of a great

leader in the Nations of God's Kingdom. You will not see this vision until men start to think about this, and see that God has promised absolute victory, that He told us that the parasites would be removed in this very generation, out of our land. Then the prophecies of Joel are delivered. The prophecies of God are for this great hour, and suddenly as the waters were troubled--they would become very, very still, and the light of God would begin to shine out of that great and mighty chalice of the soul, and then you would know what that cup is that you can now drink out of, for all the fear is out of it. And now in the stillness of your soul you will know what Jesus said when he spoke to you:---"Peace'---

(meaning understanding).

I turn to these words of Jesus therefore and he said; --"Peace I give unto you---my Peace I give unto you; not as the world gives peace do I give unto you, but ---Let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid---in this great house of God there are many mansions"---dwelling places of the sons and daughters of the Eternal. And there are dimensions in which the spirit may dwell, for there is no defeat to the spirit, no sickness, no death to the spirit, and the great living soul consciousness which has recorded out of the spirit these things which it knows, is in you.

You thus are the children of an undefeatable Eternal God, you are a part of the kingdom which can never be destroyed, and will never be left to other people. We have watched chastening influences, we see the impact of violations of the law, but let me tell you that now God does not condemn--but you are condemned out of the consciousness of rightness of the very soul which bares its testimony. There is only one way you still the troubled waters of the soul, and that is to synchronize again in that inner sanctuary of your thinking, the guidance of God's spirit with the purposes of your heart.

You man promise the people, and those you associate with that this is what you want to do, this is what you want to accomplish. And I hear people today who tell me---this is my plan, or that is their plan, and this sounds very good but still deep down in your soul there is a turbulence. You know you have given lip service to that which is good, but you haven't been willing yet to synchronize your living until you put on that altar of accomplishment, anything you possess to get these objectives fulfilled.

So you may voice in the outer court the work of a son, but until you are dedicated to carry this out with the serenity of spirit which comes with that dedication, there is troubled waters in the soul.

Now; God does not want to take anything away from you that He has blessed you with. He has promised these things which are the result of His blessings, but He does not want you to evaluate either what the world may bestow as greater than these blessings which come out of this Holy of Holies into the seat of your consciousness. The world bestows its gifts, but they have to give it to you on the outside. Everything they have to give comes thru the World Order, and the honor they put upon the body which is before them. Everything that God gives comes from within. It comes out of the spirit in guidance. I look at this great nation and its accomplishments, and I look at all the great nations of the Nordic, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, and Basque, Lombard, and Germanic origin, and I recognize that the spirit of God has given us our wisdom, and guidance for our thinking. It has filtered into our soul consciousness, and everything which we put our hands on to accomplish God has given us the image of how to do it. You don't find this coming from Africa, and it doesn't come out of Asia. It does not move where no spiritual Priesthood dwells in the earth. It moves where you are ---the great creations, the tremendous technology, this mighty and beautiful feat just accomplished with the synchronization of technology and devotion, and heroism with which Col. Glenn just circled the earth, and is now moving out into space and moving without fear. It moves with courage, and with Christian technology out of Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian and kindred people. Moves out of the German rocket scientists, Scandinavian metallurgy, American technology, and synchronization in what was a superb evidence of coordination and blessing. This my friends has the guidance of the spirit which has erected the image. Oh! you say the enemy does this also.---No the enemy steals the secrets. You have the vision, and they steal the vision---without a vision the people perish.

I want you to know that God's blessings rest on you in every way. You have created and distributed more to your people than any nation on the face of the earth has been able to do for its people. There has been a great shrine of liberty which has been built up in the soul of every one of your race. Do you know what that is?----BECAUSE WHERE GOD IS--there is LIBERTY---not bondage --not fear. If there exists in our theology those corners that cause us to fear God, it is because we as children do not know the definite end of his purposes for us. For when we understand the Mighty Grace of God we realize that it is his purpose to empower His children.

Let me point out the significance of those things the Egyptians mentioned about Enoch. Remember that Bread which came down from heaven. That Bread which Enoch brought back from his trip out and beyond the corners of earth----far out in space where he received the instructions which filled up the great volumes that he wrote? These were the volumes possessed by your race in its earliest period. And when they (Enoch and company) gathered together the Egyptians even wrote about it. They said--that Enoch and Job increased the bread and the wine, and added to the fruit of it, but they always kept part of this inside 'THE BOX'. And they poured into it so as to have wine for all people but always they took some back and put it in the Box. And they would break the loaves and pour the wine, and the Egyptians said----'this was a covenant with their God, that signified that this people were "one" with HIM, that they were his offspring. This was Divine food to feed the spirit, soul, and body. Let me add this for you-----the Passover, and the recognition of God feeding his children from Manna from heaven was a part of the Old Testament revelation.

Remember when Abraham went out of Ur of the Chaldeas and after the battle on the plains of Shinar in which the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the kings with Tidal, those fallen Angels and their ancient kingdom had fought and struggled in battles, remember that on that day after the battle there met Abraham, this king of Sodom and he said; ---I will give you all the money if you will let me take prisoners all these people. --Then you will remember that Abram said; --no, I will not make any deal with you lest the king of Sodom say; ---'I made Abram rich'. This is something for you to remember, for God blesses men who do not make deals with the enemy for financial prophets. But there was something else which happened that day-----there came this Majestic stranger, and we have the long story in the ancient Zohar and even in the Essene company records telling us about HIM as he joined the company of the Sons of Light. Tells us this Stranger came, and He was known as the King of Salem, and He had with HIM camels, and followers who stood in obedience before HIM, and he went to the "Box: which was carried on a Camel, and took our a cloth, and laid it out before Abram. And upon that cloth he laid the bread and the wine. As Abram saw HIM he prostrated himself before HIM and worshiped HIM, because this was the MELCHIZEDEK-- THE KING OF SALEM which means KING of PEACE. And this is the Priesthood without beginning which abides continually a Priest Kingship before the MOST HIGH GOD. This again is most significant-----"Before Abraham I AM"---The Eternal voice of Jesus said that. But in this hour Abraham prostrated himself before this Priest King, and you will remember that the Apostle Paul evaluated this as he said; --"The lesser always serves the Greater", and inside loins of Abraham were all of his descendants including all of the Levites and all those who would serve in the Temple, and THIS ONE WAS GREATER THAN ALL THAT. This was the embodied messenger of the theandrics of God's own presence, and in the ancient wisdom of our race it was said ;--"And God brake unto Abraham the bread of heaven, and the wine of life. "

I think again of those days when the Temple in Jerusalem was soon to go down because it was in the hands of those who were not of the MOST HIGH. This was Herod's Temple overlaid with gold, a show place of power, but it was not carrying out the service of the MOST HIGH GOD. Jesus in those closing days with his disciples broke unto them also---"the bread and the wine". He told them again of its great significance consecrated by His own blessing, and by his spirit. The bread became synonymous with His BEING. The wine became synonymous with the Very Life of HIS BEING, THAT WAS IN HIS BLOOD. And we remember in those hours after that as Christ was in the garden, and a cup was brought before him, and this cup was referred to often as the Holy Grail, and was the symbol of the utter serenity of soul which comes with complete synchronization of the embodied son (issue), with the will of the abiding spirit. This was a hard cup and in his humanity he said;---'Let this cup pass from me if it be thy will that it go. But no it is not the will of the spirit. It was not the contest that you might have heard because we know that the Aramaic text said; --'I would as a man push aside this cup, but knowing my destiny, and from whence this comes---I drink this cup to fulfill thy will Oh, God (spirit).

I like that Aramaic declaration for it is much better than the weak translation that has been give to us. And in that hour again we see that it was the power of his vitality and his Resurrection --thru the spirit. Remember that His disciples from the time on after Pentecost were a part of a new Living, powerful force. Starting with Pentecost from then on, they were re-enlivened by the spirit of His own wisdom. The Paraclete, the Wisdom of the MOST HIGH, THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIS OWN SOUL, HIS ABIDING PRESENCE WAS WITH THEM.

Then came the experience of the Apostle Paul ---ascending into the heavens, and there shown the things he was to see. He said; ---whether I was in the spirit or the body I do not know. I couldn't tell. This is one of the great spiritual truths of the scriptures-----for here portrayed-----is Life in the Spiritual plains, and in the great creations of God ---in the beyond is so alive, and so realistically a part of things that only you understand, and then only in perfection, that this man Paul could not tell whether he was in the body or out of the body. So therefore it is not to strange that men have nothing to fear beyond that veil. for that veil is not gone, and the Apostle Paul came back to write, and to tell of the things he was told to do. He said;----This is what I instruct you to do;---You are now Priests in this Living Temple in which you live. You also partake of that same Eternal communion like it was in the days of Enoch, and in the days of Abraham. As it was when God Himself served it unto you. Now you have the bread of heaven, and you have the wine of Life, and you are adjusted to this fact that you are here in body, but flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone, and spirit of His spirit, and yes --LIFE OF HIS LIFE.

Could the world have anything greater than that God would transfer his own family from heaven to earth to build what you all pray for----"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven"? Remember that the great power of that kingdom comes from the spiritual transition of the renewing of your mind, the regeneration, and the transformation of all the sons of the MOST HIGH GOD IN THE EARTH. They shall build a kingdom, and we are building a kingdom, because once more we shall throw off the shackles of darkness, and the Light shall shine as it has never shown out of the lives and hearts of the sons and daughters of God in the past, or thru out all history. Because from glory to Glory --you are living Priests are going to do the things Christ came to do. And John tells us that He came to empower his many sons. Empower his many sons not born by the will of man, or by the will of the flesh but OF THE WILL OF YAHWEH.

You my friends, are that people--sheep of His pasture--children of the Eternal---members of the church of the first born---the first fruits of His spirit --whose names were

written down in the heavens, but now established in the earth. With this realization then remember this---that this physical body is God's Temple, and you are a Priest in that Temple. Keep that thought always before you, and in your inner devotions then move into your inner meditations, and reach out for the LIGHT OF HIS PRESENCE---the Presence of God. Let it fill the waters of your soul, and let it give you the determination that you shall serve in this physical, outer court. That you bear witness to the God you serve in courage and determination. DO NOT LET THE VALUE OF THINGS THE WORLD MAY CREATE, OR THAT WHICH YOU HAVE PRODUCED WITHIN THE WORLD, BECOME MASTER OF YOUR SOUL. Never let the things that you make remain the master of you, never permit it to stand in the way as an obstacle, or become a curse to you.

Now; with the accomplishments of this vision, the God will heap upon you many blessings, until your barns cannot contain all the blessings. Until your nation is so blessed, and righteousness so fills the earth with its glory that there will be a transformation. When this LIGHT shines, as god intends that it soon shall, there will not be a Cainanite who will stay in the house of God. They will not be able to abide in the presence of God's children, and they will turn and go out of the assembly. That will be a great day in the history of these United States.

I talked to a young Clergyman the other day and he said; --do you think we should engage in the political conditions, do you think we should discuss those things? Do you think we should challenge our young people-- do you think we should be ready to defend America? Do you think we should pick up any instruments or arms which comes along? I said:--- I want you to know that as you serve in this spiritual house that you are to bring the LIGHT and the GLORY of God and his teachings into REALITY, with Peace, and with determination. And that means the Anti-Christ must be put down, and the powers of darkness must be ruled with a rod of iron. That means that you temper your power with mercy, but that you look for the restoration of all things. That you serve with reality, but My friends the rule of your nation is your business. The education of your children is your business. The whole structure of permeating America with the Light and the Glory of God, thru men and women who understand, is the business of every Christian, and every Priest in God's Holy Temple, in these United States, and in all Christian nations.


End of this message.