Lord Is A Man Of War, 5-2-66


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-2-66

We turn to the Book of Exodus for our subject. “The Lord is a man of war”... back to the hour of deliverance of the Children of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh. We see where Pharaohs’s armies were completely decimated and we hear the Children of the Israel as they sang with Moses...”I will sing unto the Lord, for He hath triumphed gloriously. The horse and his rider, He has thrown into the sea. The Lord is my strength, and my song. He is my salvation and My God. I will prepare for Him a habitation, My father’s God, I will exalt Him, for Yahweh IS A MAN OF WAR, and YAHWEH IS HIS NAME.”

It is a rather fruitless attempt on the part of a great many who call themselves Christian when they seek to advocate an area of total passivism and to refer to war as a very sinister and dangerous operation. We are discovering that the N.C.C.’s repudiates all the procedures that relates to war. The American Synagogue Council calls for a complete area of Passivism as it relates to war. Tho I would say that while it talks about this area of passivisim, it does not hold any area of passivisim as it pertains to anything connected with Germany. It however does call for liquidation, extermination and all kinds of judgments on Germans. But never the less it does say it is against war, especially the type of war we are engaged in with the Communist. So it is calling for Militant Passivism on every turn.

Then we have the Catholic Social organization which is supposed to be interested in Social Welfare and those that are engaged within the Catholic Church who are fighting, they say, for Civil Right and Civil Rights activities, and we find these people also calling for total and complete passivism. Also the N.C.C.’s calls for Peace Sunday, and then many Pastors throughout the country started preaching that this is the only way a Christian could go. As a Christian at this hour...they say..he must turn his face and not resist. That he would turn his face if he is struck, the second time and the third time and then turn and turn again, but never resist. That even if he were destroyed, that would be better than to lift up his hand in war.

All this passivism, all this attempt to interpret into the Christian religion, this program of passivism is a by product of world communism. So lets take a look at the issues of this pattern. Turn again to the Book of Exodus and it says:..”God is a Man of war.” It says that He delivered the Egyptians into the hands of the Israelites and brought death and destruction upon their armies. Then in the Book of Revelations it tells us that when the triumphant hour comes and the children of God’s Kingdom, even those that have been put to death by Babylon and its evil forces, comes forth, they will sing the songs of Moses and about The Lamb, and how the horse and rider hath He cast into the sea.”

As to the effectiveness of this, we must remember that when God established His Kingdom in the earth that He put forth a very sound program and He advanced this program of His Kingdom, and with this advancement it was known that the enemies of this Kingdom would face war. Israel from the beginning was outnumbered, for you must remember the Assyrians and Egyptians were all over the face of the earth when the Adamites had their beginning in Eden, so they faced war from the start. Israel from the beginning was outnumbered, for you must remember the Assyrians and Egyptians were all over the face of the earth when the Adamites had their beginning in Eden, so they faced war from the start.

In the 31st., chapter of the Book of Ezekiel it tells us this and tells us of the vastness of the Assyrians and their Empire at the start of the race of the Adamites. Ezekiel tells us that the racial streams of the Assyrians were vast in number. The small trees and growing things were the size of, or the emblem of their Empire. So because there were so many waters covering the whole earth of the Tungest or Asiatic people we realize that there were Majestic and great Empires of these people. Also the Egyptians were great Empires at that time when Adam was placed upon the earth and they also covered all the earth as did the Assyrians but their Empire was not as great as the Assyrians, nevertheless, they were strong in the days of Eden. This is a matter of record, and when God spoke thru Ezekiel....He said this was the condition in the days of Eden. So by no stretch of the imagination did Adam in Eden father or give birth so quickly to all the population that covered the earth at that time. We know it took centuries and centuries and thousands of years for this to take place.

As far as the Adamic race is concerned then Adam was the Son of God. The race that came forth from the seed of Adam was the House of God, and God makes no mistake when He refers to it as His Household. So under this declaration we turn to the Book of Deuteronomy to the 7th., chapter and we find that here He is talking about a ‘Holy Seed’ above all the peoples of the earth. Alright, only that which is out of God is Holy. This statement or declaration belongs specifically to the people of Israel. He talks about the people of darkness, and the forces of evil, about the Hittites, the Canaanites, and the Amorites and others, and He talks to the Children of Israel as He delivered the land into their hands and He tells them that they are to enter into no Alliances with the children of Darkness...with their sons and daughters, and that they are to destroy them from off their land, as these Children of Israel moved in to occupy.

Under those circumstances, we could go back to the days of Enoch and Job for they lived in the days when the Great Pyramid was built. They went down into Egypt to build a great Pillar and an Altar unto their God. When the great host of Israelites came into Egypt at that time to build the Pyramid they came in peacefully, but they also came prepared, for what they expected to happen. When they entered into that strip of Gaza they brought with them 144,000 Sabean builders and Wisemen of their race. They came out of a land that would later become known as the land of the Canaanites. As these great men of the race of Adamites left their land which we know today as Palestine and the surrounding area, then into this area came the Pagans from the Steppes of Asia called the Canaanites, and they destroyed the people of the land from which Job and Enoch had come and the Canaanites established themselves there.

As these mighty hosts with Job and Enoch entered the land of Egypt the Egyptians came out to meet them with their armies. This is one of the first records we have of armies engaging with the Israelites in battle. As you go back in the records you find that God said to Seth..”Thou art MY ISRAEL”...and to Enoch..”Thou art MY ISRAEL.” Of course Job would come within the same scope for he went down with Enoch to build this great Pyramid.

Under this instance when they went down into Egypt to set up the exact spot and the exact measurements and the course of action...there was a Pharaoh in Egypt at that time who was guided by dark and evil forces, and those dark Priests of Set and Soth called for Pharaoh to go out with him armies and destroy the Household of the Most High God. Now; the House of Israel at that time carried a great disc and upon that disc was the All Seeing Eye of Yahweh, and this Eye was engraved upon this great disc and it was so polished that it was very bright and set at a perfect balance so it seemed curved. So as the armies of Pharaoh advanced toward this great column of Sabeans of the House of God who carried this disc, the soldiers of the House of God were told to elevate this great disc with the All Seeing Eye of Yahweh until it shown into the eyes of the Egyptian soldiers and it blinded them. Their eyes were burned out and the eyes of their horses as well and they ran over the edge of the cliff into the caverns below that were between the two armies.

The instances of this are clear, for God said: “This is His Israel, His people,” meaning ‘Issue or Princes ruling with Him in the earth.’ So we know from the writings of Enoch that at that hour there was war between the armies of Egypt and the armies of Israel.

In this was instance as in others, God had ridden with them as they answered His summons to move into Egypt to do the work He had set before them. In the building of God’s Kingdom or in the carrying out of the enterprises He has ordained in the earth. His mountain, His nation, His Kingdom shall rise as He had ordained.

We have in the earth, and have for ages, a great force and it has been at war for many, many ages. These forces have been at war among themselves even before the coming of the Adamites. In fact since the rebellious conditions that brought about the removal of Lucifer from Heaven, they have been at war among themselves. When Lucifer and his forces were thrown out of Heaven they didn’t agree among themselves at that time. They were in rebellion against themselves for Centuries. Lukie took over a great number of people who came in with Lucifer int hat hour as he came to earth, and these people then were in subjugation to Lukie. The Africans or Negroids came in with Lucifer at that hour of the Luciferian war with the great Archangel Michael, and then under Lukie these in Africa came under Voo Doos as he was their Priest and leader, then he taught them that they were to recognize that he, Voo Doos, was their God and that he was in power on earth with Lucifer.

In this instance then we learn from the Ancient records that Lucifer and Voo Doos fought a great war and Lucifer defeated Voo Does. Thus with Lucifer in control then the records said that ‘Voo Does would now be disembodied and consigned to an assistant to Beelzebub who was in charge of the Inner Earth. Now; from then on the Negroid of Africa were the ‘walking dead’, the children of the Darkness. The word for the Negroid was ‘Zombie’, and it meant the walking dead and they were referred to this under the religion of Voo Dooism. That is why the scripture says....”that the walking dead know not anything at all.”

Thus it is that wars were fought on the earth between the fallen long before our race arrived. There were Atomic or Nuclear wars fought because these fallen Angel’s had built up this knowledge and they set it in motion and with these great forces they fought. In fact the Egyptians came off the land which sank under, which is now the Atlantic Ocean and after that great catastrophe to their land some of them made their way across the northern tip of Africa and settled in the area of the Nile River. They had one true Priest and His name was Horus, and their ancestral leaders were called “Ku Phu’s”, (Coo Poos?). It is a word recognized in the Ancient Egyptian records. This was the people that came into the Nile Valley and from them came the people who faced the Israelites as they came into Egypt, but by now they were becoming corrupted with false Priests that they came in contact with.

When Lucifer was seeking to mix the Negroid’s and his own fallen Angel followers, with the people of the earth then he began to set up great Temple’s within which this practice of mongrelizing their seed was carried out.

In that same time there was a great Temple in Egypt which was out in the area which is now covered with waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This was a great Temple to Yahweh-God, it was an instruction Temple. In this great Temple the Sons and Daughters of God walked in this place and taught the people of the earth the worship of Yahweh. These Sons and Daughters of God could not be touched or handled but they could be seen at times and head.

Then God removed His people from the face of the earth, and in Egypt in the writings of Horus, found in the Temple of Karnac, they were told that the day would come when the Sons and Daughters of God would be embodied in the earth and they would then teach them the way and they would show that ‘Osiris, the Lord of Light and Resurrection’ was the way of hope for the world. So they were taught, by God, that someday white men strong and mighty would come and they would stand for truth.

Out in the area which is now the Pacific Ocean was a great land mass, and great cities and civilizations lived there, also great wars were fought there so there has been wars fought thru the ages.

Then came the time in the plan of The Almighty when Adam was placed in earth. He was placed there to bring in God’s Kingdom. The time came when Adam looked out on this world where he had been placed and he realized there was no help-mate for him, no one whom he could marry, no one like himself. So God removed the ‘Female’ portion from Adam and made Eve so that they might be one flesh, one race. Then came the establishment of the procedure regarding the fall and the seduction of Eve. We are told in scripture that Eve was deceived and the product of this seduction was the ‘Wicked One.’ So this line of Cain was rejected by God for the building of His Kingdom. So also the contaminated line of Abel even tho he was a product of Adam. Now we aren’t interested in what some people believe in connection with this....but we know that Cain was of the Evil one for that is also stated in II John in the New Testament as well.

We are interested in the fact that God did come down into the Garden and He did talk to His Adamic race and He promised He would redeem them and save them, then He covered them with skin and gave promise also to a greater sacrifice.

When Seth was born, then God continued with Seth His policy of leading this man of earth, and according to Adam’s own words...’Now I have begotten a man in my own image, and after my own likeness, thus we discover that Seth was begotten by the proper procedure and was of the Household of Adam.

From Seth down thru the ages then moves the Household of the Most High God. Now by the time of Enoch and Job as they moved into Egypt to build the Pillar, the Great Pyramid, the Altar to the Most High God, it was approximately in the time range of 4800 to 5000 B.C. At that time the fact remains that there were soldiers there drawn up in battle and also God was a Man of War and He called for soldiers for Israel.

Again later when Pharaoh knew not Joseph in the land of Egypt and took hold of the children of Israel, God warned Pharaoh and said: “If you do harm to My people I will make an example of you and your nation, Egypt--for your handling of My people.” So God raised the conditions to bring this about and then He raised up Moses to lead His people out of those conditions.

At the same time....remember that the Canaanites had come down from the high hill, and they had mixed with the Akkads earlier, and these people came down into the land known as Palestine and they liquidated the cities around Ancient Jerusalem, at the time when Job and Enoch led their people down into Egypt, and they were still in the land and they mixed with some of the descendants of Noah as they came into the land, and descendants of these were still in the land when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egyptian captivity.

Again let me point out that as the Israelites came out of Egypt that we find that God was with them, He hovered over them by day and by night. He was telling His people that they must fight and take this land from the Canaanites.

So with these facts in front of us we do not care for the position of these strange Clergy who are at the top of the Major Denominations who are advocating passivism, with their teaching, and call the Old Testament stories and records folklore and superstitions that were the interpretation of Moses, but not the statements of God because no God was so cruel and inhuman. The fact remains that the cruel and inhuman activities came down from the leadership and the controlling power of Luciferian generals.

When the children of Israel were ready to go into the land of Canaan they were afraid to go and they died in the wilderness. Joshua was to be their leader on the journey into that land. As he stood there on the border of this land he received instructions of God that they should march around the city of Jericho 7 times. As Joshua was looking around that city in early in the morning and considering this situation as leader of God’s people then suddenly God stood before Joshua and He was clothed in radiant Armor...As Joshua beheld God he said: “Are you for us, or against us?” God told Joshua that He, Joshua, was the Captain of the Hosts of God, then Joshua fell before God and acknowledged that He was His God.

We are pointing out to you that thru the Old Testament...God was forever the avenging, leading God. He protected Israel against those who opposed them. This is not only true as it related to the Canaanites and the forces of darkness, but also in the days of Sennacherib we find that Sennacherib feared to move in the darkness because of the Shekinah Glory that hovered over Israel and made anyone who moved in that Light a very visible target. Sennacherib wrote this in his records and left it for history. The Amalakites said they had almost been exterminated because of the way their minds had been muddled by the Magic of the God of Israel. It was Yahweh who confused their minds. Also in the days of Gideon we find that God sent destruction upon the heads of those who opposed Israel.

Again we find that God raised up David to go forth and challenge the Philistines, and again God said He was at war with the Philistines. It was with Amalek however who had come in as a 5th., column and who represented a cross mongrelized Canaanite line whom God said He would have war with in every generation. That goes on unto this day. Now, make no mistake about this, whether you realize it or not, every time there comes an uprising against organized Jewery of today, Jewery of which many of them today are of the Canaanite and the Amalakite strain, this uprising is an order form the Most High God, for God said: “I will have a war with Amalek for every generation.” Why? Because He said:....because of their utter evil and the things that they will do. Because they are the Serpent and the generations of the Serpents and of the viper.

We have the words of David, in Second Samuel, after David fought and won the great battles for God. David said:”For who is Yahweh, save the Lord who is the rock, our God, who is my strength and my power, who maketh my way perfect, He setteth me upon High Places and He teaches my hand to war.”

We discover in the declarations of the Most High God as He looks upon His people Israel, that He says: “The portions of Jacob is not like unto other people.” Not like the pagans and their ways of darkness. The portion of Israel is the former of all things, and Israel shall walk in the name of Yahweh of Hosts, FOR YAHWEH OF HOSTS IS HIS NAME.

He also said concerning Israel, ‘thou art my battle ax and my weapons of war.’ He said...’with thee shall I break in pieces the nations and with thee will I destroy Kingdoms.’

Why would God do this? Because they work against God. They move with a godless mass that works and lives for the day when they can turn loose their armies to conquer the world. Under this instance, Babylon was a mighty and powerful Empire that became dedicated to the task of ruling the world, and bringing its destruction. So God said...”Ye are my battle ax and my weapons of war, and with thee shall I break in pieces the nations and destroy Kingdoms. And with thee shall I break in pieces the horse and his rider, and with thee shall I break in pieces the chariot and its rider. So again we discover that God is the leader of Israel in its military affairs when it moves under the guidance of God.

We have many today who try to tell us who try to tell us that Christ had a different position. They say...after all, He was a Prince of Peace. I think you had better take into consideration what Isaiah said:..”He shall be called Wonderful, the Everlasting Father, the Almighty God, the Prince of Peace. But.....Unto us this son is born, unto us this child was given. Not to the end of the earth.” He was not peace to the ends of the earth. He was not peace to the world order, and He was not peace to the Pagans of the world. He was Peace unto the House of Israel, and He was to the House of Israel, an Abiding peace. He is the defendant of Israel.

Under this instance, once again, ..”I am Yahweh the Holy One of Israel, I AM THY YAHSHUA, I WOULD GIVE AFRICA FOR THEE, I would give Asia for thee, I would give the ends of the world for thee, Or I would sacrifice the world for your salvation.

In the instance of this it again marks the strength of the standards of Christ. For instance again, when we speak of King of Kings and Prince of Peace, I want you to reconstruct the record out of the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I want you to discover that Christ was not soft in any way toward His enemies. He gave no excuse for them. The Gospel of John tells you that Christ pointed out His enemies. He called them devil’s, He called them evil, and He told them that where He was going they could not come, for He was from above and they were from below. He meant by that they were from earth and the Netherworld.

Make no mistake about the fact that He challenged the Jews. But to the people of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin, who lived in Judea and Galilee, he was constantly pointing out that they were the Sheep of Israel. But to the Jews he said:..”Ye believe not for you are not the sheep of My Pasture.”

In Revelations in the course of His action, when they offered Him the Chalice or the Crown, He said...My Kingdom is not of this era, or of this time. In the Garden He said the same thing to His disciples and again to Pilate at another time. He also said to Pilate ...If my Kingdom were of this time then my servants would fight and the Kingdom would not be given to the Jews.

He also made a cat-o-nine tails and scourged the Jews in the Temple and said...Ye have made my Fathers House a den of thieves, of liars, of murderers. So under this instance you again don’t find Christ carrying the torch for Peace, even tho He held back and removed Himself from out of the midst of those who opposed Him. He did this because He wanted to finish His ministry and accomplish the purpose of that ministry. He had set aside the immunity that protected Himself from death. Had He placed this immunity or this Aura of His Glory on Himself they could never have killed Him. So He had left off the Aura and He disappeared out of the midst of His enemies to finish His work.

The Christ was quite forceful when He spoke to His enemies and He did walk in Galilee for fear of the Jews, but it was not fear as it related to Him, it was just that He had His ministry to finish first.

He also went further when He talked to His disciples and He said to them...If you don’t have a Sword then you better get one...you better sell your coat if necessary but don’t go out without a Sword, for I am sending you forth like the Lambs among wolves, and these Jews around you will slay you, and they will raise up men to do you violence.

By the same token, Jesus was talking about the things to come and about the procedure by the powers upon the Temple Hill, and about the cursed Fig Tree. Then Jesus said...”These mine enemies that say that I should not reign over them...hear this...

Jesus was not talking about the time of His return and here He said...”These mine enemies that say that I should not reign over them...bring them hither and slay them before ME.”

After hearing this then the Jews called out against the God of the Old Testament and even today some preachers say that the God of the Old Testament wasn’t a civilized God, or a Christian God, and He hadn’t taken on the attributes of Christ. Or some of them go the other way and say the Old Testament is Folk-lore and thus no truth there, but they can take the words of Jesus for He is Love.

Alright; let’s take the words of Jesus and see what He has to say, for Jesus wasn’t dealing very smooth or in an even matter with the enemies of His Faith or His people, or His race. Why would He talk to these people this way? Because He knew they were devil’s, He knew they did not belong in this dimension and He knew that when He put them back into the plane from which they came that they would be better off.

Under this instance then He makes it very clear that He is going to accomplish great and mighty things. He tells us that when The Son of Man comes in His Glory with His Holy Angel’s with Him, that He shall sit upon the throne of His Glory. He tells us also in this aspect that as the lightening cometh out of the East and shineth over the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. He also tells us that He shall send His Angel’s and they shall sound His Trumpet and He shall gather His Elect from the four corners of Heaven and He shall bring these mighty Hosts into earth. He tells us that He shall conquer the world. He tells us that He shall, as the true Shepherd, divide the nations into the Sheep nations and the Goat nations. Then he says to the Sheep nations, ‘receive the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’

As we turn to the Book of Revelations we note that here it talks about the activities of The Christ, and in this direction it says....”I saw the Heavens opened and behold a white horse, and He who sat upon it was faithful and true, and in righteousness He shall judge the world, and He comes to make war.”

HE COMES TO MAKE WAR. War against whom? Against the enemies of your race, against the enemies of your Faith, and against the enemies of your nation. Now understand.....Under the instance of this He is coming to judge and to make war and He is clothed in a Vesture dipped in Blood, and His name is...THE WORD OF GOD, and the armies of Heaven follow after HIM.

We have been told in the Book of Psalms that there are thousands times 10 thousands times 10 thousand times 10 thousands of these armies. So when you get all of the tens of thousands plus our millions then you have a tremendous display in the power of our God.

So do not think for one moment that God is not going to make war, for out of His mouth goeth a two edged Sword, and with this Sword He shall smite the nations and He shall rule them with a rod of iron. He treadeth the wine press with the fierceness of His wrath, as Almighty God. And under this destruction it says that He has a name written on His Vesture and on His thigh and the name is....KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD’S. Then Revelations says:..”I saw the beast and the Kings of earth gathered with their armies to make war against Him that sat on the horse and against His armies. And the beast and the false prophet and all those there were defeated and crushed before the armies of the Most High God.”

This is Jesus The Christ, YAHSHUA THE CHRIST, the all wise Potentate, as Peter tells us. So under this direction we again see that He does come to make war.

Now in the war in which we are engaged with the Viet Cong at this time, it may not be carried out as it should be, but the war is righteous and make no mistake about that.

In this instance as it pertains to the carrying out of the objective of this war we find obstacles in the way. For instance, as the N.C.C. moved in on December 3, 1965., the general council called for a policy change. These pronouncements were drafted by Dr. Eugene Carson Blake. This man was also elected to the W.C.C. in Geneva this summer and in this instance then under their direction the W.C.C.’s called for the admittance of the people of Red China to the U.N. and that it be done at once. Then again on February 16, 1966., we again find the central committee of the W.C.C. in Geneva Switzerland saying that the 900,000 million people of Red China should be brought into the U.N. at once. Dr. Carson Blake, Bishop Gerald Ensley, Dr. Franklin Clark, Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Miller, Bishop Mueller, and Dr. Edward Keller as the official representatives of all of the various branches of the W.C.C., and the N.C.C. signed the bill and instructed the President that the churches of America will not fight and we want Red China admitted to the U.N.

Now I say that these men do not speak for the Christians of America and they do not speak for any of us as such.

February 22, 1966., the general board of the N.C.C. called on the United States Government to immediately establish diplomatic relations with Red China. Then the National Inter-religious Council on Peace calls for U.N. seat for Red China and our diplomatic relations established with her. In their bulletin they are standing so they say for passivism and peace. They are calling for a religious conference world wide with representatives of all faith’s, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish. They say they want no war, only passivism.

Now they don’t want to end war when it comes to the Civil Rights war on the South. These same preachers will put their collars on backward and go down south and march with the Negroes in all kinds of ritual and sex affairs. One of those well known marches in Alabama was led by a well known convicted sex pervert. They like this I guess. The fact remains that in this instance there will be violence and war against the white man and the white race, but oh how they cry in their protection of the Communist and the Communist followers. The conference for all Faith’s then calls for the recognition of Red China and calls for a 1967 World Integration Conference on Peace. They also requested an umbrella of all organizations of all these three major faith’s to join with them at this time, if they cannot get sufficient action from the Government.

It is a rather interesting thing....there has been so many instances of the design to bring this about. We have Dr. John Bennett, a Socialist and a left winger, and he wrote in a number of books and papers of the procedure that should guide and effect the Christian Church in this matter.

In fact the Union Theological Seminar has as its leader and its head, one who is totally void of understanding and truth. This is a Presbyterian school but in about every major denomination in America those that get elected to the forefront of their organizations moved in this strange area of propaganda while they talk Peace and call for Peace.

Dr. Bennett says that the basic fallacy of the U.S. is that we think we must crush or destroy all nations that are Communist. We think that Communism is the worst thing that can happen to a nation or a people...but Dr. Bennett says that this is not so. He says that the Tyranny of a white ruled government is far greater than Communism. He says that the facts of the social wrongs done the Negro in the U.S. are far more terrible than Communism, because when Communism came into a country like it did in Eastern Europe, or in China, that you see bloodshed disappear and Humanism come in.

This is the words of a Betrayer. This is the word being put forth by the Clergy of the Left Wing. In February of this year there was a conference in the Soviet Union and it was not reported for your listening...but the document got into Switzerland and then to America and this is what it said:;...’There were many functioning operators in American Education and in the Churches of America. These operators were the editors of the periodicals of the Christian Faith and they had been very successful in selling the program of Socialism and Communism thru the Church and the Educational System.’ Thus they were causing a great difference of opinion in America and many people didn’t know which way to turn under the influence of this propaganda barrage, but in this uncertain period of the forces of Communism were getting ready to move in for the kill. So under this instance I think these Clergy are fulfilling their task for the Communist.

Then we have Dr. Clayton Morrison, the editor of The Christian Century, which is a Liberal Magazine and he a Liberal says that Dr. Bennett’s statements were filled with Communism and it was so plain that even he must speak out about it. Again Dr. Bennett speaks and he says...Communism must be understood. Communism inherits from the Biblical faith its passion for social justice. Communism didn’t inherit anything from the Biblical faith. It put to death 17 million Christians in the first year of that revolution and it is still putting Christians to death behind the Iron Curtain...yet today.

Now Dr. Bennett goes on to cite that Communism has more in common with Christianity then Capitalism, because Christianity is against Capitalism. Under this instance then if Capitalism is making a just profit out of the areas of the globe where they manufacture and sell goods then Christianity is not against Capitalism, for Christianity recognizes the right of personal property and we find that personal property and liberty run together, so when they confiscate your property and take away your Liberty then you have a Communist State.

We will not go on with this subject of Communism but will finish our subject...God is a Man of War.

God Himself tells us how this is all going to end. He tells us that He is going to awaken His people and lead the people of this Nation and all the people of His Kingdom...against the hoards of World Communism. Make no mistake about it. The Luciferian design is to envelope the nations of the world in total war.

In the Book of Ezekiel it tells how this is to come to pass. He says, “I will send a fire on the Russians and those who dwell carelessly in the Isles. I am against thee O Gog and O chief priest of Meshech and Tubal. I am going to make known My Holy Name and My people Israel shall pollute My Holy Name no more. The heathen shall know that I am the Holy One of Israel.”

Then He tells us how He shall bring great judgments and fire upon those who war against Him. So out of the areas of Asia and Africa comes the forces against white men everywhere.

Todd declares that when He has set fire to them that it will take 7 months to bury the dead. It shall come to pass that they who dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth and burn the weapons of the enemy and it shall take many months of work with great earth movers to bury their dead and many years to burn and bury their weapons sent against Israel.

There is no doubt that we will see a great period of unrest and upheaval. This is the results of letting the Communist forces gain all over the world. But at this hour we are not fighting the war against the Viet Cong the right way and we will probably reap the consequences.

When they talk about Peace in the N.C.C. then they are talking about the fact that the pagans are not believers in God and thus our enemies. They are not talking about the fact that the Communists are crash materialists and they move out to conquer the world.

Now these Clergy don’t talk about the violence and the evil that moves out of the Communist nations...they can only say that no violence should move out of the nations of God’s Kingdom to meet the Communist threat.

God talks of the day when your bright and horrible star shall burn over the cities of the enemy and in that hour their cities shall turn into powder and dust.

In the Book of Esdras it tells us that with these flying stars and swords of our times we shall answer the Communist and answer them quickly. When he talks about the Mighty Hosts of Michael and the Hosts of Heaven he talks about the mighty crafts from outer space flying around. We are seeing them flying around now. We are witnessing around the earth the talk of the U.F.O.’s. You can well identify them as they do move sometimes at tremendous speeds. They are much like those that were visualized by Ezekiel in his time as he watched the visitation of God’s Chariot and the Hosts of the Most High God. Here in the Book of Ezekiel also it tells of the destruction of the Hosts of World Communism and all that are involved in it. Now it doesn’t mean He is going to kill all the Asiatics or all of the Negroes, but it does mean that their soldiers in the forefront of their battles and those of their cities in their factories are going to be destroyed.

You can say what you want to about passivism, but remember, it will be you...or them. God says that Israel is the Apple of His Eye and the He will see that you are Victorious. Then after that He tells us that the nations at that time shall learn war no more. They shall beat their swords into plow shears and their spears into pruning hooks, and they shall learn war no more. But God shall triumph and His Kingdom shall come forth and He shall be crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.

There is no place in the Scriptures where you can get a message of passivism except where Christian nations or people are concerned. They are not to war with each other. They are told to turn the other cheek for they shall not war with each other. When it comes to the powers of darkness, then God is a Man of War.

This will be the triumphant song...that God is a Man of War. He is a Man of War against devils, and against the pagans and against evil and all who have ridden under the standard of evil.

These Clergy who are speaking out for the forces of darkness are not true Clergy. The Church of Jesus Christ will have no part of the N.C.C. or the W.C.C., and we denounce them as evil.

(End of this message)