Man Of Sin, 5-20-63


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-20-63

There have been so many facets added over the past decade, that have added a great range of experiences to what has been known and what has been anticipated in this range of truth. As we talk about this title --’The man of sin,’ this title was given to him by none other than the Apostle Paul.

We always review the writings of the Apostle Paul as an authority, because few men had the experience that the Apostle Paul did to establish that he would be an authority. For he was one of the men whom we have the Biblical record of being transported into the spirit. He could not tell whether he was in the body or out of the body, but he knew that he had gone into the plains of spirit. He knew that he had stood in the presence of the Most High God and he had been in the dimensions of heaven, in the far off corners of space. And he had been sent back and had recorded these things in a book. 'The Apocalypse of Paul' became the foundation for the writings of his many Epistles. And it contained more mysteries than any book which has been hidden from the church. The Apostle Paul has left for us in the Epistles that have been preserved, and even tho the forces which invaded the church sought to contaminate and obscure areas of what the Apostle Paul was revealing. They have been unable to obscure this man’s vision or the message he delivered to the church.

The Apostle Paul was instructed about the continuing struggle for the earth. He had a very clear understanding, as did most of the savants of your race, as the experiences of Revelation and the things shown to him would also consummate. That the struggle for the earth was in the hands and under the command of a very powerful Satanic force. He was told that the Kingdom of God which was made up of the Adamic race, and which came down from the days of Adam to the Messiahship of Christ, and from that day to his own time as an Apostle, was a continuing race of celestial offspring, transferred to earth, and embodied in earth, and entering the earth by the process of birth. The Apostle Paul understood this. This was understood by almost all of the early apostles. For they were given to know that they were of the celestial household and belonged to the Father in the heavens. And they understood that this was the embodiment of the Father as Messiah in the earth. 'Thine they are in the heavens, and mine they are in earth', was the declaration of Christ. And in this instance, the words of Jesus talked about this accomplishment and of His Household, and the fact that HE had them in the hollow of HIS hand as the Eternal God would be expected to do. And when looking upon HIS progeny and HIS kinsmen, HE had at no time any defeat in mind, for HE had ordained the course and the power which would produce their victory.

And in this 17th chapter of John, one of the things which Jesus declares here as in HIS humanity, HE unveils a prayer which God never heard. But John had to have this transferred to him, for Jesus was praying in the Garden. In this instance, this prayer was very vital to theology and to its understanding. And as such, it was given unto John. Jesus said, ‘I have manifested the name unto men,’ those men who were thine in the heavens and thou gavest them to me, as the Messiah, in the earth. Then HE makes this declaration. ‘I do not pray for the world order, but for those given unto me in my Messiahship.’ HE makes this declaration and declares this. ‘Of all these given to me, I pray for, but I do not pray for the world, all of the spirit are mine, and thine, and I am glorified in them.’ Now I am not a part of the world order and these are not a part of the world I have come out of spirit, and now Agra Pneuma --Holy Father keep thru thy name all those thou hast given me that they may be one as we are. While I was in the world, I have kept them in the name. None of them is lost but the son of perdition, that the scriptures might be fulfilled.’

Now in all of the translations, the clarity of this prayer is somewhat obscured. In its original, the prayer was a declaration of facts concerning the nature of God and HIS Eternal Spirit and HIS embodiment as Messiah. And in HIS human Messiahship, HE declared HIS power as the shepherd, and that HE had not lost one single sheep. For HE said, ‘I call my sheep by name and I lead them out.’ --So HE had not lost one of HIS sheep except the son of perdition.

Now this son of perdition is identifies in terms in Greek and in Hebrew. And this son of perdition is the progeny of Lucifer, or the offspring of the evil one. And to this extent, then all of the offspring of the fallen Angel, Lucifer, were children of Perdition. There was a specific word which in your language was a 'race of devils.' Lucifer, in his fallen nature, was referred to as a devil. All of the offspring of this Angel who did not keep his first estate, were called devils. And they are still devils today even tho they call you anti-Semitic if you identify them. In this instance, remember that this is not a loose application, for Jesus talked to these Jews and HE said, ‘You are of your father the devil, he is your father and you are the progeny.’ The son of Perdition was the embodiment of evil and would be continually carrying out the objectives of Luciferian embodiment at any given time. Sons of Perdition were referred to in the theology of Israel. And it was carried on down thru the Old Testament into the New. And the embodiment of Satanic evil at a given place and was identified in Christian theology as the son of Perdition.

In this instance, then Jesus had 12 disciples, and HE selected them with full knowledge. HE declared in the 6th chapter of John, 'I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil.’ Out of the 12 disciples, HE had only one Jew among them. HE described Judas of Iscariot as being one of the twelve. And the first verse in the 7th chapter of John says, after this, Jesus had to walk in Galilee. HE could not walk among Jewry because the Jews sought to kill HIM. Thus, Galileans were not Jews. And in this case, Judas of Iscariot was the one agent of Jewry that carried a certain capacity within this embodiment of evil which permitted him to walk with God in HIS presence for the three years of HIS ministry and still sell HIM for 30 pieces of silver. Do you know that is about as extreme for an individual to develop into such an intensity of darkness in the presence of God who created all things? With the realization that the Apostle Paul, in the book of Colossians, in referring to Jesus, said that by HIM was everything made, and without HIM was not anything made that was made. Before HIM and by HIM, all things consist. And yet here is a creature in such an area of development who could sell HIM for 30 pieces of silver.

The explanation is also well developed, because from the fall of Lucifer, and from his unassimilatable progeny sowed among the people of earth, are people without spiritual capacities and with no spiritual discernment. Jesus said to them, ‘You cannot hear my speech because you cannot understand my words.’ And then HE says, ‘You are just like your father.’ And now HE is tracing HIS particular strain of them. This strain here in Jerusalem was traced directly back to Cain, as HE said, ‘Your father was a murderer from the beginning.’ Thus, their human origin in this branch, were the Canaanites and they descended from Cain. However, there father in this instance, had been Lucifer. And they were the product of deception. This is why John the Apostle, writing in the Epistles, says of Cain, that he was the progeny of the wicked one, the son of Perdition.

Now Perdition does not necessarily talk about the final destiny of an individual. For the word Perdition is also used for the dimension of great evil, or Luciferian evil, in disguise---fallen nature. You will remember that around Judas of Iscariot, there was a strange relationship at all times. He served the darkness. And this was the Jews who controlled the temple in those days. These individuals were the powers which dominated ancient Babylon, with all of its mysterious evil. They were a part of the Satanic lines which had penetrated into Egypt, into ancient Assyria, into ancient Babylon, and into Media-Persia Priesthood. And they were afflicted with their evil. And they dominated the political fields and sought to dominate and control. And then finally wrecked Rome, just as they had brought destruction upon Greece previously.

Now that does not mean that all people were affected by their powers or came under control of what Christ referred to as a race of devils. All of them were evil, and they became part of the empires which were raised up. And they gained control over them. They were marked by the emblems of the Beast and the Beast system (World Order), because the Beast system was the sum total of those forces which lacked spirit and moved against the program of God. They’re purpose to block the program of the Kingdom of God in earth.

Now we point out that Judas of Iscariot, after he had betrayed Christ, after he had accomplished the work which Lucifer had tried to accomplish, ---for you read in the book of Corinthians as the Apostle Paul is talking, ---that these devils were not as cunning as they thought they were. For if they had understood, they would not have crucified the Christ. They would not have entered into this conspiracy, because it ended the power of their kingdom over the souls of your race. They would not have permitted the Atonement to have been made, if they had understood what the Atonement involved. They thought that they could destroy the embodiment of God, and thus control the earth forever. Thus, this was a part of their strategy. And they lost this ground because God had permitted the bringing forth of the Lamb for Atonement.

What about Judas of Iscariot? After he had betrayed Christ, he went out and hung himself. Do you know what the scripture said he did it for? ----To get back to his own place. Turn over into the book of Acts as they were talking about selecting a disciple to take the place of Judas of Iscariot, and they tell you that Judas of Iscariot went out and hanged himself, so as to get back to his own place. I wish they would all go back to their own place. No one should find any fault with that, should they? For they were just going back where they belonged. That is a part of the trouble we have in America today. People are getting out of place. There is no question about this Satanic pattern, for Christ identifies it and makes it very clear. You may disagree with any area of theology that you wish, but what Christ deals with is authority. HE referred to the Jews as children of Lucifer. And HE referred to them also as the children of their father who was a devil. And HE identified each one of them as they moved into the areas of operation, and identifies them as to what they are. And Judas of Iscariot was the one agent who was placed close to Christ. He was especially endowed for this betrayal. Jesus said that he was the embodiment of the son of perdition. Jesus makes this very plain as HE says, ‘I haven't lost anyone. I do not lose anyone once I awaken their consciousness. I have not lost a single person.’ Altho there were hundreds and hundreds of people who followed HIM. In fact they packed the roads and they leaned on HIS every word. The people did not turn against the Christ. The mobs were not made up of the people of Galilee or of Judea, who were true Israelites. None of them are lost. They have been taken out of darkness and now are on the road to redemption, all but this son of Perdition so that the scriptures might be fulfilled.

The Apostle Paul was probably better able to understand this mesognathion than anyone, for they had reached out to try to dominate all of the monethesiastic life thru out the world. They had reached over to Spain, and one of the cities of Tarshish where the Apostle Paul was raised when this was a city of the Roman Empire. And their domination of the Ecclesiastical world and their ability to pull the curtain down over the story of the Messiah and of Christ was so great, that altho the Apostle Paul was a brilliant student in language and in philosophy of his time, very familiar with the philosophies of the people of Greece, and the ancient background and traditions of his race, but he suffered a complete obscurity concerning Christ. And was even given a commission by these powers to wage warfare against the church altho this was the very essence of heresy. It was because of this and God's selection of this man, knowing his origin and his beginning, thus, God stopped the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus where he marched with this commission against the church. When he beholds Christ and has this experience on the road to Damascus, then the Apostle is amazed and he says, ‘Who art thou LORD.’ And this revelation given unto the Apostle Paul, instantly stopped his course and he no longer wanted to pursue this course. Then when he came out of this experience, he became aware of the nature of Jewry. In his words in the book of Thessalonians, he says the Jews are against God and contrary to all men.---Hear this now. This is the Apostle Paul telling the church that the Jews are against God and contrary to all men. In the instance of this matter, Paul, as well as Peter and others, were to learn the intense animosity and the continual warfare directed against Christianity, against Messiahship, and against the church. The Apostle Paul would tell one Jewish sorcerer that he had neither part nor lot in anything which had to do with the Kingdom. And thus, bound him out of the situation.

Now the Apostle Paul writes in Thessalonians, which is a part of his apocalyptic vision, for in his return and in his vision, he writes in his Apocalypse concerning the end of the age. One of the things which the Apostle Paul was told was that the church was going to be one of dynamics and would carry the story of the arrival of the Messiahship to all of the Adamic race now scattered to the west, to the Israel of the scriptures who were now scattered abroad and were to be found where the spirit guided them. The Apostle Paul said that, ‘The Spirit forbade me to go into Asia.’ The Apostle Paul’s ministry first tried to reach those with whom he had been associated with, those of his own household. Therefore, he went into Southern Europe and into the Isles. Well known is the path of the Apostle Paul as he went unto the people of your race.

Now we point out that he had been given and he wrote it in the Apocalypse, as to the growing strength of the powers of darkness as they were seeking to catalyze their power. He had an understanding of the Revelation which was given unto John because the Apocalypse of Paul somewhat duplicates what God told John and which HE unveils in the book of Revelation, in which HE tells him about the mighty Beast power and the seven hills upon which Evil sits. And these evil false religious systems of the world dominated by none other than world Jewry or Satan’s children was a false Priestcraft. And he was told that these seven hills were seven kingdoms or Empires. Don't let someone come along and try to subordinate this. For the book of Revelation is quite clear concerning this domination and this conspiracy by which these people by control, economically and politically, would seek to rule and would rule on these seven hills. Thus, this a seven headed Priesthood. The seven heads, or seven mountains, or seven kingdoms, seven hills symbolic of Empires. And the book of Revelation tells you exactly what these seven hills are. They are seven Empires upon which the Beast system rides. The first one was when this bondage started. And thus, the first one was in Egypt. The second was in Assyria. The third one was in Babylon and the fourth was in Media-Persia. And the fifth one was in Greece and the sixth was in Rome. Five had already fallen, Jesus said. Thus, the sixth one, Rome, in the time of Christ---now is.

Now there will come a seventh. And this one will receive a wound neigh unto death. And the eight will come out of the seventh and then go into perdition as the last obstruction of the Satanic world in their drive to control the world. This one will be the last obstruction to this victory for God's Kingdom.

Now five had already fallen, and this sixth one was the intrigue over the Roman Empire as they sought to carry out their own objectives. This was the power which helped destroy eventually this power which had been built in Rome. And this was by the influence of Jewry---Jesus said that is now in existence. But there is one coming that will wage warfare against Christian Civilization. This would be the gathering of the hoards of Asia of Genghis Khan's army. This was the seventh and it was gathered from Venice where Jewry built a world wide plan for it. And the Chinese Jew helped carry this objective out. They supplied money, and finance and gold, and weapons, like the shields of Damascus and the wrought cross bows which were used in Turkey. They expanded all over and unified the hoards of Genghis Khan. They then followed this arrangement and drew these hoards to the westward. They betrayed and opened up the various areas of conquest. It was Jewish merchants who opened up the entrance to China for Genghis Khan . . . opening the door in the wall of China on the 11th of October, in the Year of the Pig. China then fell because Chinese Jews opened the doors while Chinese people slept. The Jews wore yellow arm bands and shared in the spoils and grew bold to the task. Then came Sammerkand and Baghdad as they swept into the west, and the spoils were shared between the conquerors and organized Jewry.

Now using the hoards of Asia to accomplish their objective, this coming to the west continued until the death of Genghis Khan. They carried his body back to Lhasa and people thought this would be the last of this. But Shoggy Khan and others decided to keep up the raids on the West. And Shoggy Khan was to be the conqueror of the Russians . . . the first Czar Khan of the north. But he was unable to hold together this great Empire that Genghis Khan had built. And smaller branches of it kept breaking away and moving on their own. Finally, the Turko-Mongol rose and others. And they would also seek the conquest of all Europe, but would be unsuccessful in their mission. But in their heyday they were storming the gates from Budapest to Vienna. The last of these scourges worked from as far north as Finland, then coming down. They came thru the Caucasus and other mountain passes. And they were battling in Germany in the time of Martin Luther. And Martin Luther would come out to say that we are living in the days of the scourge of the anti-Christ. Surely somewhere in these hoards coming out of Asia, was the Anti-Christ and the hoards were still out of the seventh. In fact, so dangerous was the scourge even reaching to the Pyrenees, that Rome quailed before the possibility of a conquest to overthrow even Rome and every citadel of Christianity. An emissary was sent to Martin Luther and the only agreement made with Martin Luther and Rome was that Martin Luther said it was time for Christians to close ranks and stand together. We are being invaded by the anti-Christ. No dispute must come between us. And both Luther and the Pope signed this agreement. There was to be no hostility between those churches for the mobilization of Christendom’s army to stop this Asiatic hoard. I have the record of this matter of both Luther and Rome. And the time had come for Christendom to close ranks. And the Princes of Germany, under the instructions of Martin Luther, did their best to gather great armies from Scandinavia to the Knighthood of Britain, to merge with those gathered out of Spain, and with those Rome could raise up as an army, sought to turn these very hoards, now who were at the very gates of Vienna. What was the design? I have something in the writings of Martin Luther that is most informative which I think should be known by every Christian. Martin Luther discerned that in Eastern Hungary and in Germany that many of those cities were still walled cities. And they noticed that after the hoards came in, they knew just what houses to go to, where to confiscate the wealth and where to gather up the spoils. Then they noticed that the homes of the Jews had always escaped. No one ever touched the home of a Jew. It was noticed that the Jews wore a yellow arm band and this identified them at all times. And tho they brought destruction upon the Christian and divided the spoils, they were never touched. Then Martin Luther wrote a powerful declaration, as the policy of the church. This declaration is a part of the works of Martin Luther, and we can show it to you in the works of Martin Luther. And in this declaration he makes this statement. --’Do not at any time permit a Jew to join the church or to partake of holy Christendom. He said to bring one into the church was to bring in a child of hell, and to sow destruction inside of the church, for they are the children of Perdition. He said it has taken time and the unveiling of prophecy to bring this unto me even tho it is in Revelation. For at one time I did believe that they were of the same race as we from which our LORD has come.’ And then Martin Luther said, ‘I now realize that these Jews in our midst, are a Satanic force in our midst.’

Now I am going to quote Martin Luther so don’t go out and say that I advocated this. I am just quoting Martin Luther. He said, so dangerous is this scourge to Christianity, so much death with the bringing in of the hordes from Asia, to destroy us, that in every Christian community their houses should be burned, and their Synagogues should be destroyed and covered over with dirt so that there be no monuments to this evil. They should be stripped pennyless and driven from the country. And if they refuse, then destroy them. Then Martin Luther said, ‘If this is not sufficient to rid Christianity of this scourge of the anti-Christ, then ye Princes of Germany, look ye to it, with spirit.

The other day I picked up a book which strangely enough is published by the Jews. It is about what these silly Preachers have said about them all of the time. And these silly Jews tell you right in the middle of the book just what Martin Luther said.

Now it so happens, that I have the full works of Martin Luther. But there are few ministers today who have these works. Many things that he said have still not been taken out of the German. Mostly it has been just what the modern church wants their people to know. And whole areas of the Lutheran denomination are just as brainwashed as are the Presbyterians who want to join Martin Luther King next week. So in this instance, we get a little picture of it as Martin Luther identifies it. But what I wanted to point out to you was that Knighthood, Christendom and the intervention of God, prevailed. And the West hurled back the invaders. And never again, did they successfully ever approach anything like a conquest of Europe. A few sorties out of the hills, a few battles going on inside of the Russias, the attack against Finland and a penetration thru the passes of the Balkans, and then the Princes of Germany got together and they conquered that area of Russia. And they set up one of their own princes as Czar of Russia, and they eliminated the word Khan. And this is where the word Czar started. And from that time on then the control of Russia was under White leadership, largely Germanic and largely Nordic. You will notice at the time when Czar Nicholas was overthrown by a Jewish controlled Revolution, that Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm and King George were cousins. So the Royalty that ruled over these areas were, all of them, out of your race. And all of them of the same genealogy. And the line goes right back down to David, from whence came also Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Now I point out that the overthrow of the Czardom was part of the program to eliminate the White leadership of Christianity and to replace it of course, with their Devils revolution. There are a lot of people who say we over-simplify it by saying it is composed of the politics of hell. But I would not expect Mr. Mott to understand it any better than his relatives could understand Jesus. I point out to you therefore, that in this instance, that from the days of the last of the Tartar-Mongol invasion, Christianity had no threat except the sons of devils who walked in their midst.

At this time, from then until now, there was no trouble from without. But the troubles stirred up between Christian nations came from International money changers now carrying on this conspiracy of Lucifer by trying to get control of the economy and subordinate the rising standards of culture that liberty and vision had restored.

Now the words of Jesus talked about this climactic time, that the 8th should come out of the seventh and would go into perdition, or defeat that would bottle up the powers of evil, and it would climax by this 8th power that threatened God's Kingdom. It would have to come out of the same area as the seventh and be involved in the same process. For the Beast would receive his wound neigh unto death. And this political power, this crushing power, would now be restored by the same false prophet that raised him up. That false prophet is the profidity of evil Jewry. And the Soviet Revolution spreading out over the steppes of Asia and of Mongolia, gathering up the same hoards in our day, to once more hurl them against Christianity is a fulfillment of that prophecy. For the eighth was out of the seventh. And he had the same subtlety and the same false prophet to raise him. And as organized Jewry gathered and scattered those hoards, so organized Jewry has gathered the Red Revolution as the militant power for the conquest of Christianity.

Now don't misunderstand me, and think that all Jews accept the Communist philosophy. Jews as a whole, do not believe in the work ability of the Communist philosophy. But they support the fact that Communism is the most deadly political philosophy with which to conquer the Western world. So today, they subscribe and support all areas of communism. And always, they are trying to ‘fifth column’ your society working for the total control of your economy. And they say, ‘Oh, we are not Communists. But they support and help to create it the juggernaut which they hope will destroy you. I know of no Jew on the face of the earth who I would give a clean slate to in this situation. Don't you go out and hunt up a bunch of Rabbis and pick one of them and say he does not support Communism, because I saw that Rabbi at the conference dinner, and he was talking to Rabbi Silvers. And they were pretty good friends. I point out to you that tonight, we have a strange and conspiratory entity at work. The powers and forces of evil have been spreading the doctrine of evil that destroys Christianity. They have used strange psychiatrists to move in and reinterpret Christianity. And nominal Christians under religious hierarchy, have been slowly going to sleep. The design of course, is a world master and a world ruler. And this world master or world ruler would be used to subordinate all the creative nations of Christianity and technological work slaves. His hatred against Christians would be to subordinate the pagans all over the earth and then use them to grind down as the shock troops of strength, the Western world which he hopes to dominate.

The conspiracy for world domination is Jewish. The power which seeks to exert is simply Communism and Socialism as such, called by name. Tho having failed in this political economy, it is not true Communism used against you by the Soviet Union, but a strange kind of Imperialism with a twisted Capitalism which they use to dominate. The only time you can talk about Socialism is when you can dominate and hold down the revolution in order to enhance the power of the rulers at the top. There is not anything about it that stays with the keeping of the radical philosophy which they support. We point out to you today that here in these United States, do not think that we have escaped the area of their conspiracy. Altho, this great Republic has been dedicated to the freedom of the individual to exercise his initiative and ability whether to build up his posterity or fortune, and to be assured of no confiscation by the State, which is the American way. These evil forces have so twisted the processes of law that today, you do not find any security in passing on that inheritance. For the policies of tax confiscation and conspiracy have reached the point where their subtle domination is in the areas of our economy, until we stand on the brink of economic slavery, that the anti-Christ would impose on the world.

We point out to you that by this very process we have watched them elect Presidents and control Presidents, while with the power of their purse and their ability to manipulate the economy, they have all the leaders of political parties bending their knee before them. I tell you that from the election of F.D.R., which was a by-product of the conspiracy of international Jewry to the present President of these United States who is as captive a man as has ever been in the White House. We have watched the manipulation of Jewry when sometimes these men were not even aware of how much they were a part of this destruction that they were.

Now I do not believe that the American flag is coming down. But I do believe that all of the Jews are going to leave America. I do not think that this is because Billy Graham is going to convert them in a Revival, or that he is going to frighten them by his preaching. I think that they are going to retreat before the great White light of Divine Glory which is descending upon your race, as you move with anger to cleanse the land. I point out to you this. That in this strange hour in which we live, strangely and subtly, they have gathered their power in secret meetings all over this nation. And in New York, their Princelings of their world Hehilla drive and direct men to accomplish their objective. One of the crown princes of their drive to control the United States, thru too many Presidents has been Barnard Beruch. And this strange genius works at what I consider the evil against our society, when he heads in his area of influence this program of disarmament and down in the energy field a program which he first introduced for the utter surrender of all of our secrets and the absolute absolution of the power to retain this security around these weapons, while he supported a complete disarmament and a complete ceasesation of all authority to the communist dominated United Nations. Today the United Nations program is a byproduct of their domination. And today, the majority of posts in it are held by their instruments. Around the President of the United States is the most unprecedented list of anti-Christian influence that has gained for themselves the pseudo-intellectual standard by being identified with one of our oldest Colleges, until they have made the name of Harvard University almost synonymous with the Red Revolution.

From the Rusks to the Salangers, they are planning the disarmament of our nation for a powerful all Socialist world force, and for the ability for you to defend yourself from any military of your enemy. As we have Jewry finance out of the proceeds of the confiscated funds of your race, the Red Revolution, they have led and have guided and influenced. I have volume after volume written by Jews in defense of the Revolution which cites that in this situation, they have unprecedented power and influence. I can show you how every branch of the Soviet Revolution is still under their control. And this is from their own writings. I point out that they have been the sponsors of it in our nation, until the B'nai B’rith record that we filed in the days of Congressman Rankin. And they admitted that they considered all anti-Communism in the State of California as anti-Semitism, since the majority of teachers and Civil Service employees who were Communists were Jews, that any anti-communist legislation would be an anti-Semitic law. We must work upon the record which they have created and made for themselves. It is impossible to think of massinations so wide that they dominate and influence the communists elevated to the Patriots power inside of France . . . for DeGaul is a communist. He has already pledged two years ago and has already reiterated last week, that communism is inevitable, and he wants to spare France what Russia went thru to arrive at this great trend. And that he is going to give them a Communist France. And given two years from the settlement of the Algerian situation, which he now declares is consummated, he would make a Communist state out of France . . . and he would be the leader. That he intended to unite France and the Soviet Union into one great Socialist block across the world. He hoped that he would be a balance in power using his influence in power in Europe and that he could get along with Khrushev or anyone else to help accomplish this idea. But then Pompadou who happens to be from the House of Rothchild, who happens to be a financial advisor and chief of staff, has been the direct associate and dominate power controlling Mr. DeGaul's rise to power . . . it was an awareness of this friendship and that no Frenchman likes to be conquered that Marshall Retain . . . said, ‘I would rather work with the Germans than to see France go Communist.’ And for this, they tried to classify him as a traitor. The grand old man Retain is pushed to the background while the Communists become the head of France.

Let me assure you, that the strategies for involvement here laid out are rather unique. For just a few days ago, Mr. DeGaul let this out and now it becomes public news . . . ‘If we can produce a Soviet Europe, I am sure this will be satisfactory to Mr. Kennedy.’ Well, I am not so sure that anything which satisfied Mr. Khrushev would not satisfy Mr. Kennedy, because he would probably say, . . . 'I will approach this with vigor.' Strange forces rule the world.

There have been other days of Satanic evil. They have those who speak in the name of ‘Illumination and Light.’ And they lead astray many people, Satanically controlled organizations in the nations back in the days of the beginning of our race. The schools of Mystery were bringing the applications of science and law. And these were cast down from the leadership of our race. Then those false schools of mystery were doing the same thing. And they were doing this in order to gain a foothold in the knowledge of the day so as to influence the people of our race. This preaching of ‘brotherhood’ was one of the things which was used to gain headway in their cause. Later one of these would be demonstrated by Anshel Meyer, who was one of the creators of the house of Rothchild . . . the ‘Red Shield’ which was a symbol of his whole organization. And he advised that a most important step would be to create a new Illuminati. And following the principals involved in this would be to create a master plan to penetrate every area of Christian society and work in the field to plan an economic entrapment by selling principals and ideals to the Christian world that they release to them control over their economies . . . to embrace the destroyer and Serpent to their breast in the disguise of brotherhood.

Now Anshel Meyer, as you well know, was never seen. His picture was never allowed to be taken. Altho there are engravings of Anshel Meyer. There never was a person whose face symbolized cunning and evil rolled up in one, as was Anshel Meyer. Altho many times in history, Satan has walked the earth in a body and ruled the patterns of his strategy until we find the records here in the scriptures of Isaiah and Ezekiel . . . Satan embodied as the king of Tyre, Lucifer, son of the morning ---until his empire collapsed under the judgment of God, and this body he dwelt in was drowned in the sea. Lucifer embodied was the power of ancient Sumeria at one time when it made war for the conquest of the earth and sought the suppression of the Adamic line. There are patterns of evil which are carried out . . . Lilith the Serpent woman and Lucifer identified as the Satanic power. And the scripture calls Satan the devil. In the 12th chapter of Revelation, it is made very clear that Lucifer is the Serpent . . . is the Dragon, is the devil. This is the one thing of this personality. The individual who was embodied in human form was cunningly able to seduce Eve and seek the destruction of your race at its inception.

The embodiment of the Devil is not new. Having not kept his first estate, then in embodied form, he scattered a posterity of darkness without spiritual capacity. He has walked and moved in earth from generation to generation. And Jesus, in discussion of this issue, said, ‘I saw Satan fall like a star out of the heavens.’ But HE makes it quite clear as to this hour, that he walks the earth. His conspiracy is to plan and to see whom he might devour. I can tell you that it was cited in several instances by leaders of the church who were devout men, that the embodiment of Lucifer was Anshel Meyers, for his time, with that evil house of Rothchild when it lifted its shield. But after the passing of Anshel Meyer, there was no breaking of this evil dynasty. And out of it in continuing process, comes names and conspiracies involving war against Christianity . . . the program for the exaltation of that society and the subjection of the earth later. Probably the Warburgs represent the most Satanic influence in Economy. And with the descending power of Rothchilds, probably the Warburgs claimed the mantle of power over world finance. The relatives and the scattering of this house of economic power, saw the Warburgs helping to finance the Red Revolution. The Warburgs sent forces of their own house to America to take control of the American economy. They have worked on both sides of the question. And I have documents out of the records in Washington, D.C. And I have records and I have films, and roll after roll of them right out of the records, showing that officials and investigators have in the records. And if they would review the facts, this would make a dent in this apathy which we have been brainwashed to accept. They would see that this world conspiracy for economic management is well documented in this throwing of the White Christian nations into war after war listed there. I charge tonight that Jewry created World War I and World War II. And by the hoards of Communism is seeking to involve you in World War III.

Even now, they are setting some of these events in place for this participation. We see it in Palestine as this is redeveloping under this false Israeli and these patterns of design which effect all of the Middle East. I can show you something rather interesting, for I have a telegram, a photostat of this telegram to Herb Grimm of the Jewish Heritage. It was sent last week by Senator Kekel. We will call him from here on out as Senator Kikil. I do not think this is a matter of birth. I think it is a matter of adoption. Anyhow, Senator Kikil assures Herb Grimm that I co-sponsored with Senator Javits, a bill in the Senate to establish an agreement with an absolute agreement that we would defend Israeli, and any other nation in the Middle East from assault. And we assured Israeli that in case of war with anyone, we would immediately go to her defense. I told you a week ago and I interact this as a position as a Christian American, loving our nation, and loving its destiny, that we will fight for the defense of this country against any invader, recognizing that the program of the anti-Christ and hell is Communism. We will fight communism anytime and anywhere. And we will not wait to be attacked. We believe that the Kingdom of God should take the initiative and attack the anti-Christ. We well know that 40% of the nations attacked by the nuclear blows will be in a critical and serious situation. So why should that be us? For we know it is coming. For it is just a matter of what month.

Now we want this clear. We are not passivists. We find no passivism in God's program. We only find Peace thru victory, not thru appeasement. But when it comes to fighting a war for the jews, then I am a conscious objector, and I advise every Christian young man that he be a conscious objector, refusing to fight for the enemies of our LORD and the enemies of our Christian society. I would not even defend them from the Mau Mau that they stirred up. I happen to have the B’nai B’rith Messenger and the ‘Jewish Voice’ for this week. And the Jewish Voice tells about how the Rabbis of the Synagogue who were in conference in New York from all over, helped to stir up the Birmingham, Alabama business, and how they were summoned by Martin Luther King last week, to come down and make their position positive. And when this agreement was made between the Whites and the black, it was made between the Jews and the blacks. And the whole thing was cut and dried. Their merchants became a part of it, but it was not an agreement between the White citizens of these United States and the Negroes. Besides, this agreement would never be acceptable to any intelligent man who in casting away his own right under the Constitution, would agree to the fact that he would permit it to be at the whims of these savages, the integration of his home, or the integration of the areas of his home, or the areas where he would raise and educate his children. There is no law, as far as that, if a man wants to go down across the tracks and live with them. There is no law against a man bringing them into his home and letting them grow up with his children. But let me tell you this. Just because a man wants to go into an area of degeneration, that is his right. But I want you to know that the great majority of us have some rights also. And this is the right to live under this White Christian society which we have created.

Now the programs of anti-Christ work continually the same. They want to destroy your race, your culture and your philosophy. They want to bring you down to a point of mediocracy. They want the mediocre to be your standards. You can see this when you see Government housing or anything like it. For it just takes away initiative and anything else. It tears down the beautiful homes which have been built in generations past and replaces them with what they call progress. I have looked at some of these caves right here in Los Angeles. And you would need a bright light to know which house you were getting into . . . Mediocre . . . They want to destroy initiative and control a corner on everything with administration control.

Now this is all tied into the anti-Christ. But I want you to know tonight that behind this program is the invasion of your education, the seeking to suppress the standards and the ethics and morality of your society by suppressing the scriptures, and by also suppressing the great philosophers of your race and substituting in its place a devaluation of that which is good. If you want a little understanding of this . . . if you have ever looked at the British Britannicas which is called the great book, they have a sort of synopsis which goes along with it. And under this great program of this book, they take all of the great literature of the Western World . . . and a lot of things are involved in this, such as Karl Marx's literature. The only thing which they do not have in there is the Bible. They do go so far as to put Thomas Equinnas in to give that area of philosophy. But in all of these books, including Plato, and all of the other philosophers . . . but in these books, they have also a reading schedule. And as you come down thru this reading schedule, you will notice how they select a few words from this philosopher and then they reinterpret it. And it is that this idea is to change this great Republic to a mass ruled democracy, subordinated by their kind of bureaucracy. They want to redistribute wealth and power. And they want to create a strategy of what today the Socialist program and the United Nations program constitutes.

Now a lot of these books of philosophies, we had on these shelves and we were interested in how they had them arranged. And we looked at this very carefully. We have on the other hand, the structure and all of the material that they supply. You just ask for any of this information which you are entitled to and they will put it together for you. And when they put it together from Chicago's University, from under the Jews who dominate this . . . and all has been put under the hands of Mr. Addler the expert. And everything which comes back, reads as tho it was from the hands of Mr. Khrushchev. The thing which I want to point out is that there has been an infection applied to the background of what is supposed to be the literature of your race. The selection of it is not what would be the selection of real literature, but constitutes the area of what they can twist most effectively. Within this is the process to set aside moral standards and ethics. Within this standard, there is an invasion of the areas of education. And I charge tonight, that all of the areas of crime and vice and gangsterism is run by this evil power and dominated directly by International Jewry who are behind all of the dope traffic and behind all of the processes of evil from the brothels and the gambling halls and any other area of our time. They have been the masters of any areas of crime while assuming an area of respectability in your communities.

I tell you that the respectability with which they operate in Germany under the development of the areas of W.W.I and W.W.II, produced such an anger against their control of their economy, and their evil in their midst, that what transpired which created Nazi Germany, was the oppression of a people by Jewry. I tell you tonight, that in this Christian America, if they are to continue on this course of present oppression, and time were to go on and they were not calling for a speeding up of their plan, . . . that the reaction in America would be greater than that in Germany. And they won't get out of here to go somewhere else. I do not believe that they have been persecuted at any time. I believe that they have received judgment for their own acts. I don't believe people get persecuted everywhere they go. I believe, my friends, that if people get turned on everywhere they go, it is because of what they do.

Now I point this out. The Apostle Paul would have had to look hard to find a people who were contrary to God and against all men. But he did and he identified them as Jewry. So I turn tonight to these words of the Apostle Paul. In the book of Thessalonians, in the 2nd chapter and the 3rd verse, I read: ... ‘This is a great day and a mighty hour for your race. And we beseech you brethren by this great event which is coming to pass.’ ---What is it?----Well it happens that the Great God of the Universe . . . we are HIS descendants. We are HIS progeny, HIS offspring. And the spirit of God bears witness with our spirit that we are HIS offspring. Thus, we are the children of God. We are in the earth to triumph over the darkness. And HE did not exclude HIS right as a member of the family, as a man among men, who lived in the earth and conquered evil, to stand with you to help you accomplish the victory. So by the spiritual guidance and force the re-stimulation of Christianity, the reawakening of HIS children and the bringing them out of their sleep in this vital hour, is a part of God's purpose. And I tell you that one of the greatest events in all human history is going to be the reentry into a physical world, as clear and visible as being touched and handled as HE was in the hour of HIS Resurrection, and before HIS ascent. Oh, you say, ‘This is not believed anymore.’ Well a lot of things are not believed anymore. But that is because in its place is Socialism, Jewry and taxes.

Listen. I read, ‘Therefore, we beseech thee by these facts and by this historic event which is coming, of the leadership of our LORD Jesus the Christ, coming back into earth embodied by your joining yourself unto HIM, HE says, I tell you that you need not be shaken in mind or troubled in spirit by the word of any passing preacher, or by any letter from us, or from anyone else, that this hour of Christ is eminent and is going to happen right away.

Now this was written remember, some 1900 years ago. The Apostle Paul said, ‘Now I do not want you to be disturbed, it is not close but it is going to happen.’ And then he said, ‘This is what I have been shown. And his Apocalypse is far more legible the full narrative of this. He said, ‘Now this day when Christ shall come in to bring the victory to join with you shall not happen until among these people who constitute HIS Household and HIS Church. There is a falling away from the principles of power which makes them strong and great. So there is a falling away first. And in the full recognition of the vision the Apostle Paul said, ‘This is the leaving of the principal by which we grow in strength and become great. He says this falling away comes from these high principals and great historic traditions. And there shall be revealed ‘The man of Sin.’ When he is revealed, he will be the son of perdition, the embodiment of Satan in the flesh. You say, ‘Can you believe that?’... Yes. God came down in the flesh and lived in the flesh. And lucifer can be embodied in the flesh. And he has been, many times. How did he get here? He was born by Satanic infiltration.

Now listen. The Apostle Paul says that things will become so intense in this day, in this climatic struggle, that God, Himself, will enter into it. But there will be revealed in that day that before HE enters, that the devil is ruling and directing all the forces of his children, all of the subjects of his Beast system and all of the Anti-Christs, with all of their ingenuity of perdition. So it will be revealed that the devil is in the earth ruling over great powers. And he will be directing the fight against the nations of God's Kingdom, of which your nation is one, irrespective of the Kennedys. He will be opposing all that is recognized as God or worshiped as such. Remember this. He said, ‘This iniquity is now working . . . This conspiracy of old is now working and it will keep on working until God says we have had enough. And in that hour, that wicked one shall be revealed. And the very YAHWEH, Himself, shall consume with the very spirit of HIS mouth, and destroy with the brightness of HIS coming . . . shall destroy him whose coming was after the works of Satan, coming into the earth with all power and signs and lying wonders . . . all signs of deceivingness and unrighteousness. And the people who believe not the truth fall for this and become a part of it.

Now we are not putting an interpretation on this. We are just telling you what Paul said. He is saying that Lucifer, himself, this Satanic one, is going to rise to head this force which is coming against you. But God, Himself, is going to crush it. I point out that in the writings of the Apostles, he says, ‘Little children I write this unto you. Anti-Christ is already in the world.’

John is saying, ‘I write this to you, for I do not want you to be ignorant of the fact that anti-Christ is already in the world. I want you to understand this, and the fact that there are also many anti-Christs, not just one. For those who deny THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SAME ARE ANTI-CHRIST.’ The Apostle Paul then directed that no Christian nation should let any Anti-Christ come into their nations, into their schools and into their homes, or to gain any ascendency over them. Never permit them to come into your house, or your civilization. Any letting them come in and wishing them God speed will be the partakers of their evil deeds. And John says that this will end up with you discovering that even being party to this evil, you will end up with them robbing you of everything you have accomplished. That you will be paying the price for letting evil grow up in your midst.

Now the Bible does not teach that you are to be a part of evil or that you are to grow up with this evil. But you are to irradiate it and not admit it into your lands. God Almighty ordained thru John for immigration laws for your lands. And you were never to permit them to enter your land. Someone said, ‘But that is un-American.’ Oh, it is American all right. It is just not a part of the 'New Frontier.'

Now I want to point out something rather significant. There exists a tremendous Satanic power in America. This is not of your race, but it controls some men of it. There is a power that uses Russia and gathers the hoards that are the eighth and which came out of the seventh. And I happen to know that in the military strategies of the Soviet Union, that the rest of the world knows that before the final conquest that the program says that the White race will not last beyond 1965.

Now listen. I am holding in my hands a copy of the Intelligence Digest. This is a review of world affairs by Kenneth DeCoursey. And he is regarded as a conveyer of the truth. A lot of it never reaches people. But out of Britain, comes a lot of it, and has produced this Intelligence digest which is a review of world affairs.

Now as the developing forces become more obvious, every once in a while, he has hinted at this tremendous force. I happen to be holding in my hands, this months copy. And he starts out by talking about ‘Force X.’ He said that Senator McCarthy tried to prove that most of the policy mistakes originated by Communist agents in official circles. He tried to point out that these polices were detrimental to America. And up to a certain point, the John Birch Society took the same line. Then he said these Jews who had tried to overthrow America, went to work. They are trying to destroy McCarthy and they are trying to destroy the John Birch Society. And he describes them as Force X. He says that this Force X is not only supporting the Communist machine, it actually financed Lenin and Trotsky, altho Communism was not something they personally embraced. But it was used for the conquest of the Western World. He talked that counter measures are being sought for the battle against communism, but are always suppressed. He says that heads of government are actually afraid of Force X. So who is Force X, but World Jewry.

Now listen. We come over here in this report to the head of Force X. We are not dealing with some little paper put together in some corner of town, by someone who does not have his thumb on world affairs. We are talking about one of the best informed news man in the world. His digest, along with summaries, we have been digesting and comparing. And we know where his blind spots are from long observation. We are discovering that he is waking up on these.

Now it would be unwise for me to tell too much in this particular copy. However, the head of this organization has the appearance of being and remaining 40 years of age. He is the head of all of this Satanic organization. He is the embodiment of the whole communist conspiracy, the controller of vice and crime in every part of the world. He speaks any number of languages. He is musical, and appears at times quite handsome. His intellectual attainments are of the highest order. He tells us that no one can remember his father or his mother. But his charm is very, very great. And he changes his name and his appearance at will. He has recently been to Moscow and Peking. He has been visiting Rome. His influence is on the output of the printed world, more than any other single person in the world, thru his massanations. He has a peculiar liking for corpses. This is unusual, but not unknown. This is a vice in the pre-revolutionary period in Russia, but very rare. It belonged to Rasphutin and some of the occult people in devil worship, and found in France as well as other parts of Europe. Oddly enough, driven by ambitions of world rulership, and altho pessimistic in nature, he is convinced that he may ultimately fail. His wealth is emense and his art is grotesque. I think we can see that when we see hidden influence in art at Laguna Beach or any one of these Communist painting shows which we have around here sponsored by the Jewish merchants.

Now he is not just building up something composite. But he is telling about something that he knows about. And it has a strange relationship to this hour. He said during his lifetime, Stalin consulted him constantly. More than that Burea, who was one of the secret police, was one of his associates. He has been detected in the company of several leaders of India. One of his closest associates is at work on one of the highest officials of the United Nations. He controls him. And he dominates the United Nations thru these who take his orders and make up his force. His motives and the numerical size of his organization is very large. On the whole, those employed, control and manipulate almost all of the money and have had control and manipulated almost every financial policy of failure in every Christian nation.

Now this person is an expert on Africa, and an Oriental in the bargain. And his agents make huge sums out of the drug trade which he encourages. The great mass of his agents are Jewish.

Now we find out that he is a master of insinuation and suggestion. He is head of the conspiracy to destroy the Western World, and he dominates and controls the areas of immorality and the viciousness of all of the crimes which move into the sex angle. Whereas, he, himself personally, and his kind, do not find themselves admirers of women, they use women for their purposes, but they seek to create a perverted society. During a recent visit to Moscow, he urged Mr. Khrushev to continue to lead the Western nations down the co-existence line as far as we would go into his hands, or his equipment, before their fatal day.

Now as we look into this, his line has been supported by Kristna Mennon and others. Page after page of the record of this man, who DeCoursey says is embodied in the flesh and moving around the world to carry out these objectives. Probably, the next copy of this "Intelligence Digest" will go a little further. For in the last one, he hanged the names of those charismatic Jews who were seeking to disarm America and control the policies of Mr. Kennedy in what would be bringing about the destruction of our race. Who is this man? Someone says, ‘Identify this man?’ There are so many Jews in high positions who could qualify, except for being handsome, that one would not like to undertake it. One of the Satanic patterns of infiltration into a family inside of old Persia or Baghdad, raised up a false religion inside the Muhammadan people known as the ‘Bah Bah’ movement. Abdulla Araba Baha was not a true prince of an uncontaminated family, but was from a part Jewish family by a vital connection which was brought together for financial and influence purposes. Satanically inspired with strange Satanic phenomena, he would put on a show to fool people. But there was a certain amount of Satanic influence involved. Around him were a great number of world philosophers and theosophists who were subordinated to his design, to build up a beautiful flow of poetry and rhetoric to take over the people who think they have a certain capacity to note the things which are most beautiful. And the Baha movement was trying to capture the world into a world religion for the abolition of the Christian faith. People thought that he would never die. Then one day he died. His nephew, who was called the Bab, took over. I have shelves of this particular religion. I know a lot of people who get captured every once in a while by a little orientalism. And this is very carefully designed for their seduction. But the areas of discussion, when talking to the people of India, or to the other dark races of the world, had none of this poetry in it. Instead, it was of the conquest of the White man and the Western nations of his society, to the all powerful rise of the Color. It was not too long ago when a great conference was held under this movement among Hindus, among the temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali, and of the people of the Buddhist ranks as well. And it was held in India. It was announced that a miracle was going to take place and that they would be addressed by one of the most powerful beings in the world. People came, and a great assembly formed to see this sight. And then in the midst of this formed platform almost like a ‘fight ring,’ suddenly, in the darkness of the night, there came a pulse of light. And suddenly in the midst of the light, there was an illuminated figure which they looked upon. And the people round about said, ---‘Abdulla Araba Baha has returned.’ Papers in India and others thru out the world of this philosophy told about how they thought that this great one was dead, but now he is the consummation of all deities. And that now he had come, their time had come. And they were going to challenge Christianity and take over the world. I have seen copies of the translation of this address. And I think it would be wise to compare it with some of the flowers and perfume put out to capture a lot of wealthy, retired widows, which this ‘fifth column’ had put out to try to capture these United States. Abdulla Araba Baha’s policy became so forceful in uniting all of the pagan religions. And he also was a continual consultant of Stalin. Leaders of his faith were involved in this consultation practice.

Now the word has gone out that a leader has been raised up to lead all of Asia into one consolidation. That this one is the embodiment of Asia's god. That the council of the gods will stand with him. This is being taught today, until the Priests in the temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali, and among the Red Lamaseries, that all of the gods will come to the conference of the revealing of the gods and for the forming of the next World Order. There are all kinds of throw-away literature being passed among the people of Asia. And it is permitted in Communist countries where religion has never been popular. All of these things are Satanism. There are many avenues. And at this moment, there is little doubt in my mind, but that there is a director.

We will not be able to go much further into the detail tonight in this message, but the leaders of the economic, political and social intrigue have been caught saying some rather strange things. And we have noticed as several intelligence agencies also have noticed. For instance, when a man like Mr. Baruch talks about taking orders from ---we do not know who,---when we find that the heads of the national finance association of France says they must clear something with ‘HIM’--- who are they talking about? Someone said, ‘Do you know who it is?’ We do not know which one of these half-caste Satanic Jews is identified with this last upper-echelon of leadership. But we are not very far from this point. But I know one thing.---He is Satan's embodiment---that he is the same spirit that was in Judas of Iscariot. And the Apostle Paul tells us that when this man is revealed, it will be the same spirit revealed by Jesus Christ as the ‘son of perdition.’ That the Bible will affirm that there is also this race of devils. You have reached the point wherein this race of devils is stirring up the hoards out of Africa and out of Asia for this task of finally wiping out the Christian West. Their ‘fifth column,’ they hope, will surrender your defenses. And I think, in your country tonight, they are lowering the defenses of your country like they lowered the walls of China and opened the gates of Sammerkand. And I agree with Martin Luther that I think we should make them all wear yellow arm bands, so that we never forget who they are, wherever they go. You say, ‘But this is Un-American?’ --But the very presence of these conspirators is un-American.

Now just stop and think. The man is soon going to lift the lid off and tell you who it is. A great conservative news reporter tells you that the man is here. He is walking the earth. And we do not have the time to go page after page as to how this man is directing and controlling. But I tell you that when the newspapers tells you that the devil is embodied walking the earth right now, directing these manipulations for this last strike, then you are in the last days and the man of Sin is about to be revealed. And the many anti-Christs who join him are revealed by their positions and their standards, and their race.

I tell you that it is our responsibility as sons and daughters of God to get a clear picture of our responsibilities, to lift up our hands in allegiance to Christ and swear we will carry to victory the purging of our society. And political leaders associated with one of America’s great parties said, ‘Dr. Swift, how do you think we will be able to awaken sufficient strength to capture this major party and restore it back to its field of representing Americanism between now and the next election?’ I said, ‘how much time do you have?’ He said, ‘That is what we do not know. We don't know if we have that much time.’

I am going to tell you that only a great spreading of truth, a great shaking of the land, a great crying of spiritual wind thru the trees, will awaken America. And it has been ordained. And as this wrath mounts up, the enemy feeling this, will start the greatest exodus out of your land in all human history. And sometimes as he is about to sink the ship, he also runs. This will be the greatest exodus of Jewry out of here to Mexico City and Brazil. For they have been moving their families out of the United States, while they have continued to carry on their business here, this inductive of the fact that they are about to deliver you into the hands of the destroyer. They care not how many of their own people among their smaller ranks are destroyed as long as they accomplish their major objective. So I tell you tonight that the Apostle Paul confirms as God confirmed to him, that there would be an embodied one of the Satanic--Luciferian household leading a battle against your civilization, ‘fifth columning’ it within, and making one of the indications a departure within your churches and among your ministers, from these patterns of divine law which make the Kingdom strong.

I tell you that we have arrived. And when I mentioned the Presbyterian Church, I only pointed out that this very week, just two days ago, they have announced that they are willing to march with the demagogues, by sending representatives down to march with Martin Luther King. They are doing this--serving the communist measures--so that the President can, with Executive authority, in the areas of application, can declare Marshall Law and take away your great Republic and make it a dictatorship, as Governor Wallace said the other day. Or to call in the United Nations troops to assist in their Genocide Convention. I just want to add this to your thinking tonight. The masterminds got together a few days ago and then announced that they are going to hold a great mass meeting inside of the Hollywood auditorium,---a Communist directed, world symposium,---and another one the next day, I believe, will be in Rigley field. This to be a mass meeting of Negroes and Reds in Rigley field. And their major objective is to distribute thousands of petitions, start them going, to be backed by all of the silly churches which do not know what they are doing to accomplish the abolishment of the 'Un-American Activities Committee' and the operation of the FBI as an anti-communist unit, and to call for a ratification of the Genocide convention, which would make it impossible for you to criticize a Communist any place in the world. So you could not criticize any individual on the basis of his race, color or creed or political opinion, anyone within the scope of the United Nations. And of course, the Communist are a major political party in the Soviet Union and thru out a large number of the United Nations.

What could they do to an American citizen if they were able to get thru this ratification of the Genocide treaty and he preached a sermon like this? They think they could take him to a foreign country and try him and imprison him for preaching the Gospel. They cannot do this. But they think they could. But I want you to know that they are now trying to implement the laws of anti-Christ. And if the communist can use the Hollywood High School, on the 24th, then the John Birch Society, and the KKK, and the Christian Nationalists, should be able to have it on the 25th. If the enemies of Christ can use our public auditoriums, then those who support the Kingdom should have equal rights to proclaim and strengthen their approbation of their love of America.

Now Rigley Field is not just a ball park. It belongs to the city. It is yours. And if you are going to let the Communists romp around in Rigley Field, then I think it is time we had a great big 'Right Wing' rally in Rigley Field. And if the Communist can organize a march down the heart of your city, then you should be able to march down the center of your city saying, 'look out, here we come.’ Someone said, ‘Do you think we should do these things?’ --I think it is time we started marching and playing the band, and stirred up Christians saying--- ‘This is our nation.’

Let me tell you. If something does not start to move in your heart when the band starts to play and your flag goes by, then you have lost something most valuable out of your heritage which was there when you were a child. There are two great emblems of our civilization which we must be proud to carry,-----one being the Cross of Christ and the other being the Flag of these United States. And those that don't love them should be made to leave.

I picked up an article from one magazine which considers itself in the very height of political savvy and evaluation. And it said ‘that we must abandon the areas in which we thought guaranteed rights were to be made. The right to criticize government, and to sight these things not constructive---for carrying this out should be forbidden. It said that we must arrive at a way to suppress this 'Right Wing' and the irresponsibility of the John Birchers and others. We must suppress them. We must pass laws to protect society that leads them wrongly.’ And then they said, ‘we must alter things found in the Constitution to meet the needs of a great new world society.’ So if they are ready to alter, I think it is time we made an alteration. I think it is time we placed Christ firmly inside of the Constitution and than ordained that we were going to deport from these United States, anyone with a dual allegiance, and anyone who supports a program to overthrow these United States of America, using any power on the outside.

I want to tell you before you are thru, that you will start re-locating Negroes in Africa, before they locate in your back yard. They like to quote Abraham Lincoln and I like at times to quote Douglas. But while you are quoting Abraham Lincoln, remember that he said that the eventual settlement of this must be by our finding a way to transplant these Negroes into a country where they can grow by themselves. It is incompatible for them in these societies to grow side by side. Nor do I believe that they represent equal capacities or represent equal cultures. I am tired of seeing people today try to spell culture with a K. The ‘man of sin’ is about to be revealed. But when he is, he will be the anti-Christ. He has captured men's minds. I believe that tonight, the President of these United States and his little brother are the captives of the agents of anti-Christ. I hope someone rescues them to help save America, or I hope we can impeach him and put a Christian that cannot be moved in his place.

End of message.