Manifestation Of The Sons Of God, 9-15-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-15-68

We mentioned last Sunday about the fact that the Baptist Convention was far to the left, and then the Liberal theologians were way off to the left. For they are talking about the total integration of all people. They are not going to pay any attention to any of the old stuff, for everyone is a Christian now days.

So today everyone is to worship together, and they are going to marry together, and live together. Everyone is the same for they all came from Adam and then all came from Noah. So they are making these statements.

Now we mentioned this last Sunday. They say the first one to be baptized was of course the Ethiopian. And we told you last Sunday that this Ethiopian was a white Israelite, and not a Negro. But the reason why they thought he was a black man was that he came from North Africa. But in scriptures they referred to this man as an Ethiopian just as you would to one from Europe as a European.

The fact of the matter was that he was reading Hebrew, and was heading for Jerusalem and the Temple. And at that time they would not have allowed a Negro in the Temple in Jerusalem. And besides, the Negroes did not read Hebrew in those days. In fact this was a man at the head of the Treasury of Queen Caddice the Ethiopian queen and Israelite from the colony of long ago started by Queen Sheba and the son of Solomon. This man was the chief of the treasury and a man of great brilliance. And he was baptized by Philip while he was on the way to the temple.

But this is not all that they had to say. They came out to say that in the 12th chapter of the book of Numbers was where they were basing their claim. So we will turn to the 12th chapter of the book of Numbers. For it says that Moses married an Ethiopian woman. So they say, ‘see? Moses married an Ethiopian woman and God saved Moses. So if God was satisfied with Moses marrying a Negro, then we can surely marry a Negro and it will be all right with God.’

I have been amazed at some of the Liberals anyhow as they have been saying that everyone came from Adam. How everybody can now go back into the same household once again, for they all came out of it. And they all then came from Noah. But did you know that one of these famous theologians was just fifteen years ago one of the leading evolutionists? In a Baptist University, he was teaching evolution. That men came from monkeys and that different kinds of monkeys produced different kinds of men. This was not going over so well. So now the propaganda line is that all came from Adam and from Noah.

Someone said, ‘but do you not believe the bible, Dr. Swift?’ I believe that the white race came from Adam and no one else. And Adam did not come from monkeys either. This idea just comes from someone monkeying around with truth. But the strange pattern is that they are now bringing this out. And the reason why I mention this is because on the radio this week a commentator comes on and he is setting the Baptist Convention. And he said then if the Baptist Convention has discovered that Moses married an Ethiopian woman, then there is nothing wrong with the white race marrying the Negro.

Well, I contend that they do not know anything about it. And I will tell you what did happen. Moses, at only 18 years old, was building the treasure cities in Egypt. Moses had been raised as a son of Pharaoh's daughter. Had been raised as a prince of Egypt. From the age of a young man he was in a military academy and was learning to hand troops and men. In fact, when Moses was 24 years old, he led the army against the attackers of Egypt. And at that time, they sang the praises of Moses the son of Pharaoh. Moses was about 27 or 28 years of age when he saw the Egyptian beating the Israelite he held in bondage. And then Moses killed this Egyptian, and then he left Egypt in fear. Do you know what happened to Moses? Turn then to the book of Jasher. For that is where we learn what happened to Moses.

Now Moses went out into the land of Cush. And when he went over into the land of Cush, then the children of Cush went out to fight the children of Aram. When the king of Cush, Kikianus, went out, he left Balaam the magician and his two sons to guard his city. Well, he whipped the children of the east and Aram their leader. And then he took many of them captive. Then as he returned, the Magician had rose up against the king and would not let him back into the city. At this time then Moses fled from Egypt and he joined the men fighting with the king of Cush. And Moses was greatly beloved by the men. And after Moses had been nine years with these people then King Kikianus the king of Cush died. And the people outside this rebellious city then made Moses their king. It is true that the Magician and the lower people of Cush were Canaanites. And now they held the capital city. So Moses, the new king, had this to contend with. But Moses drove the Canaanites out of the land of Cush. And after they made Moses their king, then they picked the wife of Kikianus to be the wife of Moses and still the Queen of the land.

Now listen. This lady’s name was Adoniah. But listen to what Moses did. Moses ruled over the land of Cush for 40 years. And we are told that you should remember that Abraham, when a boy, was raised in the land of Nimrod who was a son of Cush. Now those Canaanites of that house were not the Canaanites who had descended from Cain, the son of Eve and Lucifer. This was the Canaan who was the son of Ham. And these Canaanites were of this lineage who lived in Cush. For remember that the LORD gave Ham, the son of Noah, and all of his children and all his seed, as slaves to the children of Shem and to the children of Japheth for slaves. So Moses, fearing the LORD, turned not his eyes to the Queen of Cush.

Now it says here that Moses remembered the instructions of Abraham who sent his servant to get a wife for his son Isaac. Therefore it says that Moses treated the Queen of Cush like a sister. She turned to the people and said, ‘Moses is not one of us. Make my son king.’ So the people brought presents to Moses and then Moses left their land. And then he went over to the land of the Midians, the descendants of Shem. And this was not the Midianites who fought Israel. And you will remember that as Moses was drawing himself a drink, this beautiful princess came down to water her father’s sheep. The Midianites attempted to drive them away and Moses helped the Princess and the girls with her. They went home and told their father, Reuel. So Reuel sent for Moses. And when he heard that Moses was an Egyptian, that he had killed an Egyptian and could not return to Egypt then, but he had reigned for 40 years over the people of Cush, then Reuel decided to put Moses in the prison house. But Zipporah, this wilderness princess, supported Moses all of that time by bringing him bread and water.

And Moses married Zipporah who was a Sethite, just like Asneth who married Joseph while he was in Egypt. And the children of Asneth and Joseph were both Sethites. And their father the son of Jacob was an Israelite. And thus were these two sons. With Moses, who had married a Sethite, thus would be his children. So Zipporah was also from the race from Adam. And two people of the white race were thus brought together. Thus she being of this particular branch of the Midianites, was a Sethite and her father was high priest of that area.

Now we have some silly people and they came out to say that the Canaanites were Negroes. So thinking this, then Ham was a Negro. So that Moses must have married a Negro. And then Japheth went to the east and turned yellow and started the race of the Chinese. And Shem was the only one who stayed white.

Now I want to tell you this. In the first place, when Noah had three children, they were Ham, Shem and Japheth. And they were all white men.

The curse placed upon Ham was for violating a moral law. And we well remember the scripture which describes this as Ham’s seeing his father's nakedness. But Ham laid with his mother, and a child was born. Its name was Canaan. This is what that was. And we well understand this breaking of the moral law. So this was the curse upon Ham. His seed would serve Shem or Japheth. But the seed of Ham would never rise to great power.

Nimrod did become the king of that land. And Terah the father of Abraham, was his Prime Minister. And these were all white men. But the seed of Ham would diminish in the lands. And after that, never gain great power in the development of the kingdom.

Now I want to point this out. Ham, Shem and Japheth were white men. And Japheth's seed was absorbed in Asia. And Ham’s were under the curse. But let me say this. That if this were not true, then you would run a great danger in raising a family. For you might have one white child and one Negro child and one yellow child from the same man and woman. "Kind begets like kind, seed having life in itself." This is scientific law . . . this seed begetting like kind is a scientific law.

This is all hodge-podge. Moses did not marry a Negro. And these left wing Clergy who were teaching evolution a few years ago are now backing down, and now they are telling you that this new story is true. Besides that when in Genesis it says that the flood covered the earth, then in Noah’s time this was not all over the world. And the word ‘erat’ was used, meaning all that area. So that flood did not cover all of the earth. That flood was a judgment that God brought against the seed of Lucifer who became out of hand in that area.

Now as we turn today in the scriptures to the words of Paul, in the book of Romans, it says: 'The suffering of this time is not to be compared to the Glory which is to be revealed in us.'

All right then who is? We are the children of God. For the spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. Thus, we are the progeny of God. And the scriptures clearly point this out. We are Tetons. We are as one born a child. This is out of the 8th chapter of Romans, and the 16th verse. Thus, the Apostle Paul then said: "The suffering of this present time, cannot be compared to the Glory that shall be revealed in us." For the earnest expectation of every creature in creation waiteth for the MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SONS OF GOD.

Now what is the manifestations of the sons of God? What are the sons here for and what is the capacity of Lucifer? Then what is the capacity of the Sons of God? Turn now to the book of I John, and we discover in the third chapter, that the son of God was made manifest so that he might destroy all of the works of the devil. (Verse 8)

Then we are told that one born of God does not commit sin, for his seed remaineth in him. And being born of God, he cannot sin. This is talking of the spirit in you, which is a child of God.

Now one of the important things here is that the Children of God shall be made Manifest. We are told that the children of the Devil are made manifest because they do the work of unrighteousness. Whereas the children of God give assent to righteousness, and the Children of God produce righteousness. I do not think you have to go far to look out over the world today and see the pagan people of the world and the Christian west and their differences. Their patterns of idolatry and inhumanity stand out. And our patterns of Christian civilizations stands head and shoulders over and above all of the world. The people of India and the people of Asia and of Africa. They starve to death. They move out of a pattern of brutality and evil. And this comes out of the patterns of their religion. And in all of this, they lack the intelligence to produce enough food. And they do not understand the processes of life and liberty. And here they are by the thousands, but they are the children of the evil one.

I want to point out that for this reason the children of the devil are made manifest so as to point out these things. Do you know what the works of the devil are? It says that the body of God was made manifest to overthrow the works of the devil. This is why He was made manifest. And the most important thing is that "He that committeth sin is of the devil, for the devil sinneth from the beginning.” For this purpose, the son of God was made manifest so that he could destroy the work of the devil.

Whosoever then, who is born of God cannot commit sin, for his seed remaineth in him. And he cannot sin because he is born of God.

"In this the children of God are manifest.” --And the children of the devil . . . whosoever who does not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

Now the most important thing that the children of the devil have done for the Children of God is to bring upon them--death. This was the thing that Lucifer worked for. This was the thing that he tried to do. He knew that they were a spiritually begotten household, physically embodied. And he knew that their radiance was upon them. And he also knew that they would conquer his kingdom. And he could not stand against the light. This is why he deceived Eve.

In the beginning when God had begotten Adam in his own image, he took him abroad and he showed him all of the animals that were living round about, and Adam gave them names. And he did this even for the beasts of the field. And this was the enosh. And this means the people not having the spirit of the living God. So Adam looked upon the Negro race and the Asiatic, and all of the mixtures that were coming and going. And we are told in the scriptures, in Genesis, that as Adam looked on all of these people around him, that there was no helpmate for him. No one that he could take for a wife.

So God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam. And the Hebrew says that he separated out of Adam the female portion, and made Eve so that they might be one flesh, and then could raise offspring. Yes, I know it says they took a rib out of Adam. But I think the translators thought that would make it much easier to read, as they translated the King James Version, rather than saying that Adam and Eve were the creating work of the Most High God.

Now Lucifer then saw that this couple had light and they had power. And he had people who served him, and they complained to him, saying, they could not stand the light from this couple. So Lucifer said, ‘don't worry, for I will take it away.’

Now the ‘Seduction of Eve.’ --God had warned Adam about not mixing with the tree of 'Good and evil.’ It is written in allegory in the book of Genesis. For this tree of 'good and evil' therefore had to have knowledge and intellect. Therefore, it was a racial tree. But God warned Adam that of all of the trees for fruit he could eat, but of this tree of 'good and evil' he could not partake. Adam knew this. And God did not tell this to Eve directly, and Eve was deceived by Lucifer, but Adam was not.

Now the scripture reads that the day that you eat of this forbidden tree, you will die. For the spirit will not cohabit with another race. And God has declared that he will not give his glory to another race. And HE tells you that in the book of Isaiah.

Now Lucifer came to Eve, and he says that you must come over with us, and see how we live. Then you will have all of this knowledge that God doesn't want you to have. You shall not die --you shall not die.

The most important thing for Lucifer was to put Death upon this Adamic household. And Even went with Lucifer to his court. Then Adam violated the law as had his wife. And he did this with Lilith the Serpent woman. And from this union came the seed for the Ganges still to be found in India.

Now there was some good seed that went over to India. And that was from Abraham and Keturah. But they would come in later, after this seed of Adam and the Serpent woman had developed. The children of Abraham were the High Caste people of India, because they knew they had the mark of YAHWEH. They had nothing to do with all of the gods of India which came along, such as Vishnu, Siva and Kali.

But the pattern is that death came on Adam and Eve because of their violation of law. And from that day, they were a dying people, because no longer was the light on the outside of the body to protect it. They had been given immortality, but the pattern of immortality left them at that time.

Now this was the work of the devil, this bringing death upon the household of the Most High God. And Death came upon that household and has remained upon that household right on down to your time. Since then, we have had the acts of prophets that raised the dead. And we saw this happen with the man Christ Jesus, who was the embodiment of God himself. And the most important one to be overthrowing the works of the devil. Oh, it was no problem for Christ to overthrow the works of the devil. But the most important instance of this was found in Jesus the Christ. This is why He could stop a funeral and give a son back to his mother. So the devil says let’s move in on him. And if they cannot raise him up, then we can hold the world in darkness, forever. That is why one of the designs of the children of darkness . . . this is why they tried to hire false witnesses. And when people were not around, they tried to stone Christ. Then they tried to crucify him. And they tried to get Rome to do it, saying, ‘let His blood be on us and on our children.’

If you are reading the book of Nicodemus, then you will see that it says that Lucifer's ancient people killed the Christ. And they then tried to keep his disciples away from the tomb so that if he did arise, then they could say that his disciples simply stole his body. Thus, as they crucified Christ, they thought they were achieving a great victory. Little did they know that Jesus was the Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world. But His Embodiment in the world was to make manifest to the world that in the sons of God’s lives, spirit and immortality.

Immortality is the powerful manifestation of the Household of the Most High God. And when Jesus hung his head as the spirit left the body, the children of Lucifer laughed with glee and clapped their hands. Then they fled to the Temple for protection as the ground shook and the sky darkened from the tension that this destruction of Jesus had caused. But they thought that they had had a great victory. But soon the children of Darkness knew that they had not received a great victory. For down in the netherworld came the cry,--"open up ye gates, the King of glory shall come in.” And there in the Netherworld, Beelzebub was trying to hold the spirits of the Adamic people, which he had held until this time. Holding them in darkness, altho not being allowed to torture them, as he would have wished. But he could not hold them from this Christ, who had come to lift them out of this prison hold and return them to the Father. For absent from this body is to be with the LORD.

Remember that Christ then liberated all of the Adamic race spirits that Lucifer was holding under his lieutenant of the Netherworld. So when Christ hung his head and said--"It is finished," they thought that they had everything taken care of. But just to be sure, they rolled a stone in front of his tomb. But in the morning when that stone was rolled away by the power of the spirit, this was the spirit of God dwelling bodily in the ‘Man Christ Jesus.’ Oh, they said to themselves, ‘no man can raise that body.’ But then He came forth out of that grave and he appeared to many. And the word then came to the Temple, that HE had been seen, and they grew afraid. But this was the manifestation of the Son of God.

And I would like for you to know that then the Apostle Paul then said that all creation is waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. So what does that mean? They are waiting for the immortality to return to the household of the Most High. What then does this mean? It means that they are waiting for immortality to return to the sons of the Most High. They are waiting for them to demonstrate that they now have power over death. They are waiting for the timetable of the work of the devil to be set aside.

And this most important work of the devil was to impose Death upon the Adamic race. They are waiting then for this death to be set aside.

Remember, way back in time to when Horus was leading his people off of sinking Atlantis, leading them over into the land of Egypt? Remember how he said that YAHWEH had given him a declaration, that a time would come when children of his spirit would dwell in bodies of flesh, and they would teach men that God himself would come down and dwell among them? That HE would come down and cross the river of death, called the River Styx, and that HE would lead his people out of there, across that River Styx, and lead his many sons unto Glory? And they called him there in the book of Horus,---Osiris, the Lord of Life and Resurrection. And he wrote of how this would transpire. How the Lord of Life and Resurrection would conquer evil and these people who would come in the flesh would liberate the world. For they would pray before YAHWEH. This you will find partly in the Book of the Dead. For it is out of the ancient Egyptian prophecies. And in the book of Horus, they recorded the prophecies four thousand years before Adam, that this Adamic race would come, and they would be the children of the Most High. And they recorded how the power of the Son of God would be manifested as he went into the Netherworld, then crossed the River Styx and came back out of there and manifested, thus, the power of the Son of God. And he would thus, overthrow all of the works of the devil. And then his many sons would be manifested, and the power of Resurrection would then rest on the entire white race.

And here today they want to mongrelize and destroy your race. This is why they want to cut off from your offspring, the capacity of God's spirit. For no mongrel of today possesses this spirit of the living God. For God's spirit will not cohabit with a mongrel or another race.

Now the whole picture is that the Manifestation of the Sons of God is the manifestation of the power of life and Resurrection. And the spirit of God will purge out all of the blood all that should not be there, out of your society. For God says, “I am going to cleanse the blood of my people, and that will cleanse their society.” And He will drive out of their land all of these pagans. And the laws will once more be established like they were in the Holy Scriptures.

And I want to point out to you that the sons of God will be made manifest because they do not mongrelize. From one man's family, this race has grown and grown. And it is the most intelligent race on the face of the earth. And altho the Asiatics out number you by the thousands, and the Negroes outnumber you, still they have not been able to swallow you up. They may get a few, but mostly this is some that have not stayed pure. But in the main run, they have as of now, not affected your race.

The ultimate manifestation of the Sons of God is going to be the day when the Light comes back upon you. And we are told in the book of Romans that not only they, but ourselves, also, that are the first fruits of His spirit, begotten in the heavens before the foundation of the world . . . we are, thus, waiting for the redemption of our body and this putting on of immortality. If the spirit of HIM who raised up Jesus--if this spirit of the Living God--if you are a child of God, then you were begotten of the spirit before the foundation of the world. And this spirit in you is also the same spirit that was in Christ. Thus, you are one with Christ. And if this spirit which raised Christ from the dead dwell in you, then that same spirit shall raise you up by this same spirit dwelling in you. And one of these days the world is going to see one of the greatest displays of power they have ever seen. This will be Resurrection Day, which is not too far off. And not only will it be Resurrection Day, but this is the day that you will put on your light and the Glory of God shall shine on you.

We want you to recognize that this spirit in you is what gives you the knowledge and the technology that you possess and makes you what you are today. And what makes you a child of God which is to be made manifest.

End of message.