Mantle Of Divine Power, 7-30-61


The Mantle of Divine Power

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift -  7-30-61

We turn this afternoon to the subject of the power that belongs to the Kingdom, the ‘Mantle of Power’ which the Kingdom is now receiving. Probably there is nothing more significant in the things which we have preached for you that in your race and in your destiny, that is this race alone something is possessed which is not in any other race upon the face of the earth. And because of that there rests upon you a greater responsibility than upon anyone else. It is significant that we continue to divide in the semantics of our thinking, the difference between responsibility and accountability.

Accountability is the recognition and response which comes from acts committed and which can take place to a certain extent by anyone. But it is the content of their acts and its relationship with Divine Law. Responsibility is the response to conditions and to conditions in the personal makeup of the individual and to the overflowing energy to the life and power which moves forth from God. Therefore, you can respond if you have a capacity to respond. But you cannot respond if it is not there. It is significant that you may plant a seed and you may water the earth, and the sun may shine upon it and the plant will grow. But if there is not any seed there, the sun can shine and you can water the earth, but the plant will not grow. There cannot be responsibility where there is not something kindred to the response which can react to the conditions which have been placed. Thus it is that when we talk about responsibility as it relates to the plan and the purpose of God, it can only emerge from the race and the house and the people whom God hath called to this purpose.

We are well aware that in the background of races, and we have discussed this in part, and we have antiquity, greater antiquity in these past few years in anthropological research and certain ethnic history, in placing races and people, until there is no longer any doubt as to the antiquity of people dwelling in the earth. We have previously cited to you that they fall into two categories. They were created people and they dwelt in the earth in the antiquity of endless ages. There is no doubt that the world is about three and one half billion years old. And we not know that the findings out of the solid rock of whole skeletons embraced in solid rock which has formed around them, reaches back into antiquity now to one million seven hundred fifty thousand years ago, of men who walked upright on the earth,---men who had knowledge and languages, and men who built fires, men who dwelt as men, not as animals. Six hundred thousand years ago, we know that they worshiped and they were monotheists. And they dwelt upon the earth in Asia and Africa and in the continent of Europe. All of this however is not of your race. And if you go back into the scriptures as we have cited, and for a moment we will bring to your attention now, the book of Genesis. And you will discover that God created the earth. And He did it in His own time and in His own cycles. And He put it in its proper order. And those cycles are not unlike the cycles the geologists have ascertained reaching back into time of the older and oldest stratus. The pre-Cambrian uplifts of the pre-Cambrian seas down to the period of the Summerian age, and the witnessing periods and into the periods of your own time, you will discover that everything falls into its own category because we see plant life and see that seed having life in itself bringing forth and producing both the tree and the life in its order. And you have to have plants before you have the animals which were to dwell upon the earth and eat the plants. And they come in their proper order. Before the days of the amphibians and the mammals, every one of the generations out of the geological areas of the past, we find that they fall in their proper order according to creation. One of the things which came in the sixth day creation was the creation of man. And the word properly used here for man is ‘Enosh’ or beings or creatures made in the likeness of the shape of God. In otherwords, God has Spirit, soul and body. And when God talks in the scriptures, even in the symbolism and allegories of early Genesis, He is talking to people like unto Himself and He said, ‘Let us make man in our own image.’

Now very obviously, God was talking to someone. And He, YAHWEH, was talking to the Elohim. You say, ‘Who were they?’ Well that was you. And if you will turn to the Psalmist, the words of the 82nd Psalm, when it says, ‘Ye are Gods, and all of you are Gods’---it is actually saying that you are ‘Elohim’ and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.’ In the days of the recreation of the earth, the Almighty said, ‘We are going to make man in our own image.’ And if you say where were you? Then if you will permit us to make this in repetition, we will go back into the 90th Psalm, where it speaks of you. And you find that you were an ‘existent being’ with the Father, way back in the antiquity of yesterday. ‘Therefore, YAHWEH thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations, before the mountains were brought forth, before thou hast formed the earth, or the world from Everlasting to Everlasting; Oh, YAHWEH, thou were our dwelling place.’

Now, faced with this realization that you were with the Father before the world was framed, the Apostle Paul then makes this declaration concerning the fact that you have been blessed with all spiritual blessings with Him before the world was framed. It tells us this in the first chapter of Ephesians. Therefore, when the Father turned to you who were a part of His Celestial family and He said, ‘we are going to make this man in this particular creation in our own image.’ And this they did. There dwelt man upon the earth in the antiquities of time and in ages, but they were Enosh. God looked down upon them and we have records that they lived throughout millenniums of time. They hunted and they plucked the fruit as they passed by. And they even built cities. But they depended upon the meat of the hunt and the things which then could gather. This was true even in the ancient Sharapot dynasties for which we have some 240,000 years of history. They were largely dependent upon the hunt, upon the grazing and upon the spoils. And the cities were not as large. And they had no agriculture background.

So what has this to do with us? Just the fact that when you come over to the seventh day, in which God was resting. And God looked out on all the things which He had created in this earth and in this creation, and He said it was good. And He talked about the herbs of the field and He talked about the beast of the field and all the creatures. And then He said, ‘Look, there is no man to till the earth.’ And the word is Adamite. There is no Adamite to till the earth.

I think this is rather significant because up to this time, then Agriculture had virtually no part in the development of nations because they were not participating in it. And the ancient races had already been swept into catastrophe under Lucifer’s rebellious order after he came to earth. The fact remains that in this period where God talks about a re-creation, and a special purpose as it relates to your race, the ancient symbols of the Zohar and the records of antiquity point out that the early fathers of your race, in the days of Adam and Seth and in the days of Enoch and Job, and in the days when Moses wrote the Pentateuch, he was instructed, he was informed, he was trained from the beginning as his mother instructed him of the mysteries which pertained to God. He had gone down to the Temple of On and been raised and instructed with the knowledge which had been there since the days of Enoch and Job. Altho he was raised as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, he still was raised as a son of his own people.

Then we discover that when he wrote the Pentateuch with its mystery and its allegory, it is said that it is a mystery but it is given to them to know as Christ said in His parables, ‘To you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, unto them it is not given.’ In the understanding of this, they well recognized the difference between the Enosh and the Adamites. There is nothing more important for you to understand today than the differences between the sons of God who have been spiritually begotten in the heavens and are now dwelling in the earth and the Enosh, the people of the earth who were created here. And the MOST HIGH spoke and He said, ‘There is no man to till the soil.’

Now, the LORD had planted a garden. He planted this garden Eastward in Eden. Then He put Adam in it to take care of the garden. Do you know there is something about your race which is significant. When you arrived out of the heavens above in the transplanting of a race begotten of God for its physical occupation of the earth, that when God placed you here, you had a different background than any other people. You did not have to start in by trial and error to develop your Faith. You did not have to develop a language and then learn to write. You did not start in, my friends, by trial and error to discover how to do a great number of things. You arrived here in earth with a language, with writing, and you had a theology that did not evolve, for it was given to you. It was the status of things as they are. Adam wrote, as did Seth. And the writings of Adam and Seth are quoted by the Patriarchs. I think it is significant that you understand that in all of this background, you did not have to learn how to make a fire, for you had burnt offerings in the first generation. You were not only cultivating the fields, but the raising of vegetables. And the facts that these were not things offered to God as a sin sacrifice, cause a great catastrophe in the Adamic family. You see, you are a people in your very beginning of existence in the earth have been cultivating fields, have been building civilizations, and have had a great hand in agriculture development.

I mention this because you are the people. When God said that there is no man here to till the soil, He was referring to the Adamite. After Adam came, the soil has been well tilled. I can cite this significant thing which you can understand now. You look out at the nations of your enemies and remember that when you arrived in a significant period of history wherein the forces which had served Lucifer, whole areas of the earth were under his administrative direction, and whose leadership is actually in the hands of un-assimilatable offspring of Lucifer from the violation of Divine Law, and they were gathered against you. And they are now gathering against you all over the world. Ask the people, all over the world in Africa and Asia, all over,---they have gathered against the great nations of God’s Kingdom---the White race.

This is not because you have not been a blessing to the earth. In fact, the only blessing they have had is from your race in the last almost eight hundred years. That is why the student of antiquity knows that all of the great developments both in Agriculture as well as the technology of civilization has emerged in the last 7500 years to be exact. Your enemies may look upon you, they may seed to plan your destruction. And they do this thru certain permissive elements. They think they are setting the time when they are going to come against you. They think they are going to entice you and entrap you by a lot of vain promises and then they plan to move against you and wipe you from the face of the earth.

If you study the history of this book, the Bible, it is the history of your race. Its relationship with God and its conflict with evil has put its switch down to stay and it has been a tremendous period of experience form the days of Adam down to your time, for you are only one-sixth of the worlds population. And they have more of an intent to destroy you now than they ever had. But they are just as far from accomplishing it as they were in the days of Adam. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘They were not too far from that.’ Well, they were just as far as the permissive will of God. When you understand this, then you will know that there is nothing anyone can do in earth, even the devil, unless God permitted it. And He will not permit anything which He has covenanted and promised by His own words that it will not happen. He will never permit it to happen in the earth. Besides God says, ‘Since I am God, I will do everything for My own pleasure. I am going to have My own way. I am going to run this thing right.

Actually, there is no other way to run it except run it right. And there is no other way to establish something that is right outside of deity. This is the reason why so many people are confused today. They say, ‘But everybody is built in the same familiar shape. They all walk around, they must be all people regardless of what color they are, or how thick their skull is, or how much brain capacity they have, or where they live and how they live. They are all people, so they must be brothers.’ But they are not necessarily brothers. But children of Asiatic parents and an Asiatic culture may be brothers. And children of a Negro culture may be brethren. But they are not all to be fused together and be called brothers. And that does not mean that since they are not your brothers, that there is a particular animosity inside of you that says they have to be destroyed. This is not true at all.

The reason why God sent His household into the earth, was to establish His Kingdom and to show His Grace to all of His creation which in the day of its creation He said was good. Anything which has happened in the earth has been because of the contamination of Lucifer in rebellion. And in the purposes of God even that was known to Him. He knew what the mind of Lucifer would engage in and ultimately it will develop good in the Universe. Because of the Grace of God is going to overthrow the processes of evil, and the children of God---empowered, are going to live like Gods in every part of God’s creation and they are going to rule as God would have powerful sons to rule. For you are the children of the MOST HIGH, and a part of a Royal household, and a Royal Priesthood, and a Royal King line. This is why you are referred to as a nation of Kings and Priests in the earth. One of the very first things you are told in the very first chapter of John, that one of the first things that Christ came to do was to ‘Empower the sons of God’ so they will live and act as sons of God should. This requires the rolling back from them of the guilt complexes and fears of the taking away of their lost powers. And the taking away from them, of everything that belongs to them as sons of God occupying in the earth.

This is one of the deep values in the Christian Faith. It is the renewing of the consciousness of the mind to all the things Celestially which it possesses, but which physically it has not as yet obtained. It is a restoration of every power which belonged to you when you were first commissioned to establish the Kingdom in the earth. And it is a regeneration of life energy in the children of God’s Kingdom even as active as their spiritual existence was with the Father before the world was framed. Thus it is that all the great enveloping, empowering force which the Christian Church has as an expectation, which your race has as a promise of God’s promise, it is something which you have possessed in some part in the past in the plains above, in the heavens while you viewed the creation of the earth, or has belonged to you in the purposes to which God has blessed you in heavenly places before the world was framed. I would point out that your enemies gather against you and they plan and they prepare, but they pay no attention to the Bible because they do not have this Book. It is not their Book. The one book that Moscow has is Das Kapital by Carl Marx and you can read that all day long and never see anything in it about the Kingdom.

Some of your enemies operate on bases of religion, largely based on multiple gods. And you will learn nothing there about the victory of the Kingdom. You say, ‘But this is our Book and in this Book we read about certain things.’ We have the things which God’s mind unveiled to the prophets and the prophets tell the things which they saw and they describe the events of history thru which you have passed. They talk about the gathering of your enemies. They do not leave you in doubt. They mention the areas of Russia and of Asia. They talk about the powers that are gathering. So what do they tell about the end of the story for the mind of God unveils to them and brings to their consciousness things which He told you about before you ever came to earth. Things which He planned for victory before the foundation of the world. He lets the powers and the forces of the enemy hurl themselves against you and out of the purpose of His plan, He will pour out enough energy and direct it with the direct energy of His spirit until He quickens the consciousness of His people and they achieve victory over the powers of darkness. There is not one battle which you are going to engage in, there is not one engagement over the hill, there is to one plan of the enemy that my Father has not only known of but He has reviewed it in the minds of the prophets and the victories He has determined, and the powers of darkness are defeated.

I always think of Khrushchev saying that he is going to bury us. And I can see that he did not read the book of Ezekiel. Because instead of him burying us, we are going to bury him. And it will take us months to do that---to bury Russia and all of those remnants that come out of Russia and out of the North. But they will be buried in the mountains of Israel. In fact, the people of Israel and the people of earth, will spend months burying the dead. So you see, you have this blueprint already. You cannot open up Das Kapitol and read this for it says they are going to take over the world and rule it. But it does not matter what it says in that book, for here is what it says in this Book.

There is one thing about this. We operate out of a pattern of pre-information and the MOST HIGH makes certain things very clear. And that is that He intends that the children of His Kingdom are going to very triumphantly take over all of the earth from one end to the other. Under Divine inspiration you are going to rule as nations and as people. And you are going to break the powers of darkness and loose the light. And you today need more Divine power applied than you have ever had in all of your history, because the most subtle conspiracy is on now and you would be the victims. The whole world government plan of the United Nations and all that is involved in it, is Satan’s great Satanic conspiracy built up out of the world order planning to swallow up and engulf the people of God’s Kingdom and so meld them in, that they are outnumbered and out controlled, and get them to surrender their authority and give the power to the beast.

Yes, let me tell you this. You have been quite a successful people in the last few weeks, in that the pressures upon the Congress from the letters and so forth that those in Washington D.C. turned down every one of these so called Education Bills that would have taken education out of the hands of the city and the county and the state, and put virtually this whole program under the Federal Government, and did it with subsidies. You might say, ‘But as Christians, why should that be a factor to us?’ I will tell you why. Because at the present time, we have a lot of appointees around positions of high office in the Federal Government, and they are non-Christian and have nothing to do with our kinship, our culture or our background. And they will gradually throw you more and more into the power of World Government if they could. They would control you and brainwash your children from the cradle and rule over them to the grave.

Now, this refusal on the part of your legislatures in Washington, D.C. in Congress, did not permit this to happen. This was a repudiation at high levels of all this program to take over the control of your educational system.

Let me tell you something far worse than that. The State Department has been in agreement and working treaties in UNESCO which have been already signed and ratified and now must be ratified by the U.S. Senate which would pass all of the processes of education over to the U.N. and to UNESCO, of all the member nations of the United Nations and take them completely out of the hands of your Federal Government, your State Government, or your County Government. And would permit the Federal Government as a sub-agent to control all education, determine all curriculums, and everything which was taught the child in any educational process. It would bar and close every Parochial School and every Christian School. And even have the authority to reach out into Colleges and Academic Standards, and wipe out the Church with one set of actions by the anti-Christian forces inside of the U.N. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘We will not go that far.’ Well, already you have signed the treaty. It just requires the Senate to ratify it.

Right now, is why I tell you that you need the power to bring the fire and blast these forces of evil and roll back these tides of the program of the anti-Christ. And you are going to do it. But you do not rest. You work one of the amazing things which surrounds a pattern like this is just the design upon the part of the enemy for super-controls and super-power, and thus to eventually erase the Kingdom. Prophetically, it has been described and you are told that they will attempt this. And you have been told that as the children of God, you are to come out from among them and be ye separate and not to touch the unclean things. And for this specific situation God says that you are to come out of Babylon. If you do not come out of Babylon, then you will be partakers of the judgements which are going to fall upon her.

But you are going to come out of Babylon. You can be heartened by the fact that you have a certain capacity being the children of God, which works in you. There is a certain quality which exists in you which effects everything that you touch. Thus we refer to the fact that God said He put Adam here to till the ground. Adam was the offspring of the MOST HIGH. He was the very life giving seed. He was that which God had established in the earth as His own issue. He was spiritually conceived and produced by the MOST HIGH GOD. You say, ‘How do I know that?’ Well, when God visited the earth, wasn’t He the Second Adam?

When God visited the earth to fulfill His Messianic destiny, which ordained and which is related to you,---and often as we turn to this passage because it is part of the key to this---’The children of God were now in bodies of flesh, so He took upon Himself a body as the same, and He came out of the same race, so that He might be like them, like His kinsmen, His brethren in the earth, so that He might conquer death in the earth for His brethren.’ So He took not upon Himself not the seed of the pagans, but He took upon Himself the Seed, the flesh, and the righteousness of the house of Abraham, the children of Adam. He identified Himself with the Adamic race and calls Himself thru the lips of Paul thru inspiration---the Second Adam. And He was to all of the Adamic race, the life giving spirit. And when by the violations of Adam, then death came upon the Adamic offspring. Then as in Adam all Adamites die, but in Christ all Adamites get back Light.

There is more and more an identification of this Adam man. And constantly, this Kingdom is demonstrating that God’s blessings are working upon you because you are His children and of His household. We may also say as we have discussed these facts, that the sun shines on the just and the unjust. That is scriptural and it is also true because we have watched it happen here and all over the world. But don’t tell me that it does not make any difference whether you are of the just or the unjust. Whether you are of the Kingdom or not. Because it makes a lot of difference. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘Maybe the other garden did not get watered and that is why it is to be burned up.?’ I can prove to you the difference between the Enosh and the Adamites. It is still there. You look out on the world and you listen to the head of the pagan world, Mr. Khrushchev, and you remember when in the error of modern politics, that the President of the United States invited Mr. Khrushchev to come to the U.S. And this bloody representative of the children of anti-Christ came to America. And when he looked at your agricultural fields and studied them carefully, when he looked at the height of the corn in the Mid-West and he looked it over carefully, and looked at the tassel and the grain and then prided himself that he is a farmer. When he came out to the West Coast, he looked out over all of your agricultural areas and got all the secrets he could get. And he looked at the taller wheat and the finer cattle, but he said, ‘Just you wait, it will only be a few years and we will have more than you have. We are going to do it better.’ So he sold it to India and they plowed up miles and miles of the Steppes and planted the same kind of wheat and used the same kind of water. And they planted the wheat and they planted the corn, and they planted it from the Ukraine all the way to Russia. The Red Chinese have been over there and they have been living off the ground for ages. But they haven’t been doing very good. They stepped up the largest agriculture program in history. And they brag that they are going to come in and conquer the Kingdom of God’s sons and daughters. They planted more grains of rice than ever before and the cycles roll around and the wheat still grows across the great central plains of the United States, until we almost don’t know what to do with it. The corn grows so tall that it drops the price per bushel. And we are worried about the fact that there will be a grain shortage.

We have watched this and saw how God has blessed His sons with the things they produce by their system of tilling the soil. But what about the enemy? They have no crops. The wind blew it all out of the earth, or in didn’t come up or they had a drought where they planted the grain. Right now, the nations of God’s Kingdom are blessed with good crops and the enemies of God’s Kingdom are starving to death.

A study has been made by men most of whom are Christian and they have decided that you as a people, have a force and a vitality which moves out of you and effects everything that you touch and everything around you. They concluded that you can direct spiritual force and energy to anything which you set your mind to do. To prove this, they took some flower pots and planted things. And then took some and put them in places where they would be in association with men who talked to them. And you know what? Those that were in the association of these White men put out twice as much as those plants left by themselves. I will tell you something else. Where they were checking plants trying to find what grew best in different parts of the world to help the food supply, even these plants grew better under the care of the White man than it does in pagan nations with them taking care of it.

There is a little secret here. Life belongs to the Kingdom. There is a synthesis between you and the Father, between you and the creator. And you were with Him when He put these things together. You were a co-worker. You were planting with Him and the essence of His Spirit, the constant contact with the seat of your consciousness in the spirit. Frankly, today, a lot of people are sound asleep and do not have the spiritual awareness that they should. The most important thing they have working for them is the spirit which prays for them while they sleep. That is also true in the waking situation, for you will discover that the spirit is never asleep. Even when the body gets tired and the brain goes to sleep, the spirit never sleeps.

Now, there is something which exists in the area where the children of God live, and that is that they are the receiving areas of God. And God pours His blessings out on the whole world. But as far as receiving---it is always catalyzed by His children who can receive it.

Jesus talks about pouring it out on the world but His sons can receive it. He talks about spiritual power. And at the day of Pentecost it came. There was an out pouring of Divine energy. This was the essence of God’s conscious thinking and it descended down upon the land of Palestine and the only people who received it were the sons and daughters of God. The Jews did not receive it. They heard the thunder and saw the lightening and heard the crackle of static energy which played around that building as the unction of God’s Spirit moved upon it. They saw men reeling under the power of God, and they thought they were drunk. But they did not get it. Again we mention, the man named Saul, not yet called Paul, rode down the road to Damascus, reaching out to slaughter Christians. He has been taken in. He was a brainwashed student. He was intelligent in background and in history, but the Jews had him fooled and he had never met Christ. He thought that these Jews were the masters of theology, and the fruit of the Kingdom. He rode along in blindness. But suddenly God stopped him, as you well know, with that vision out of the heavens. Saul looks up and beholds Christ and he talks with Him. And God asks him, ‘Why doest thou war against Me?’ When Saul heard, he answered and he listened, but those riding with Saul---they were not the children of the Kingdom. They never heard any of it. They said, ‘It’s thunder.’

Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom. Unto them it is not given. You may have a television set that has every channel, but you are only going to get the channel which it is locked in on. The fact remains, that today in the sets of human consciousness, that no one can lock in on the Divine picture directly except that the circuit inside of their consciousness be one with the intelligent circuit of God’s own spirit. You say that is making the Divine spirit mechanistic. But it is not a matter of mechanization, other than to tell you that the whole Universe is synthesized out of light, electricity and energy, because that is the way my Father made it. And He is the Father of all light, all vibrations, and all energy. And He is the Father who begat us by His own Will, so James tells us. Therefore, He put is all together. And there were things that He called good, and there were children begotten of the spirit in the ages of yesterday that have witnessed whole areas of God’s creation. And you are among them.

Now, the establishment of this Kingdom in the earth was God’s plan and His purpose. And He intended that you have power over the enemy, power over darkness. And I can tell you that you are constantly receiving spiritual outpouring from the Father. Divine energy moves out over the earth and God is Omnipresence. Some people can never understand how God can be everywhere. Omnipresence is related to the fact that the very consciousness of God’s mind, and the wavelength of energy moves out all over the Universe and is received wherever there is a child of God to receive it. You say, ‘I know lots of people who aren’t receiving.’ But the spirit is receiving it even tho the brain is not. The soul consciousness is so surrounded by the cares of this world, so filled up where it is thinking and making its evaluation, that it is not drawing on the reservoir of spiritual power. But it happens that down in that spiritual seed, and in that spiritual power, is the great secret of an explosive action which will take place one of these days. For when God turns loose the energy which is descending in part now, in the beginning of the ‘Latter Rain,’ there is going to be---in one moment---in the twinkling of an eye, they are going to think like HE thinks and know as HE knows.

You say, ‘But that is not all of them.’ That, my friends, is going to be what is going to transpire. Every one---every last one of the seed of Abraham---all Israel shall be saved as it is written. Someone says, ‘But that is talking about their ultimate destiny.’ But no. Salvation is talking about the condition they are in. As we have said before and want to incorporate into your thinking, God saves men from their sins, from their errors, from their transgressions, from the mistakes in the way they live. He is not saving them from Himself, or from some imaginary torture changer that He never created. When you understand Salvation, then you will see that when ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written,’ then it means that all of them are going to ‘Think right.’ The most important synchronization of your being can be the synchronization of your spirit, soul and body. The ‘Eye’ of the spirit, the ‘Eye’ of the soul, and the ‘Eye’ of the body, speak together.---’If thy eye be single, thy body will be full of life.’ That means the synchronization of your thinking. There is no question but that there is greater power in the children of the Kingdom, than in all the world, and this is why there radiates out from you, power which is composite with the thing which you put your hand out to do.

This is the reason why every time you put your hand to growing food in the earth, it is blessed of God. And that is why, my friends, that the carrying out of that activity directs the synchronization of your relationship with God, and the growing things and life within demonstrates itself. I want you to know that all of the progress which we have witnessed in the earth, to turn them from Cannibalism, or to take them out of ignorance, and try to develop for them the benefits which are yours, have got to move out of you and have so far. And you have tried to move the world toward light. But today, the powers of darkness are trying to upset what you have done. This is why as you take a look at what is going on in the Congo today, or what is going on in India, or any other part of the world, what is happening is that the world order under Lucifer, is trying to reverse the things which the Kingdom was obviously doing in the earth. So all of this manipulation is to try to get you to stop and back up from doing what you have been trying to do.

They have even learned your language and they talk about Liberty and Democracy for everybody. But there are people in this earth that are no more ready for liberty, or what they call democracy, than the lions in the zoo. Therefore, when you turn them loose, you have trouble. When you keep them where they were, then you have no trouble.

But all during the time when the White man was occupying the earth, he was teaching, developing, producing. I think of Angola where we have watched the United Nations stir up trouble for the Portuguese. Where we have watched the interference of men like Mr. Stevenson, who touched off the great massacres down there when he placed the United States on the voting side of the black Congolese Mau Mau. Here was a jungle where they did not have much to eat except what they could capture out of the jungle, that was now farmland of productive food feeding Congolese, feeding people of Angola as well as the White plantation owners who came and changed the jungle to fields of food.

Now there was one thing that was quite significant. When they made their food survey, they found that no one was dying for lack of food in Angola. And that is an unheard of thing for Africa. But the enemy and the powers of darkness, they cannot stand this Kingdom leadership. They could not stand these people who had broken the power of the witch doctor and taken the people out from under the control of superstition. So the moved to upset this. And they brought in their witch doctors and their Mau Mau, and they used the United Nations to back up the demand of Cannibals, to burn the farms and destroy the fields, to attack the White race and rape the women and cause warfare in the jungle.

I tell you that we the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, in this nation, have been given every assurance of victory upon whom God has poured out His blessings, is about ready to pour out the greatest wave of spirit that the nation has ever seen.

We must not only start using spiritual power, but we must start binding these evil powers within our own nation and remove from off the back of this nation, the yoke which would tie us down. This thing which is designed for destruction. This power belongs to you and to your race. It descended with tremendous impact at Pentecost. For just as Elijah left the mantle of his power for Elisha, in the hour when he went away in the great heavenly ship of space. Also at the hour when Christ left the earth to go into the dimension of spirit He sent back the great ‘mantle’ of His power in the energy of His mind thru His Holy Spirit upon your race, upon the spiritual center of it, the Church, to do the work of the nations and the Kingdom which would emerge. And that mantle was descended upon you as a people.

There was to be a greater outpouring of this at the end of the age. And that is what is beginning to stir, and has in the last quarter century. And it will climax itself with a great spiritual outpouring of awakening of self-respect for the Law of God, to fulfill Kingdom objectives that before this is over, will not care if it pleases the world or not. It is going to do the things that please God and pleases you, and is good for the earth. The spiritual revival we are waiting for, is not just an affirmation of what everyone believes. It is a revival of power which God has ordained. That is going to descend upon you just as sure and just as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise.

I think you are seeing a great stirring of spiritual revelation across the nation. Some of you may know that the Moscow party line got together a few weeks ago when all the heads of the government got together and they decided they would employ a psychological warfare in every country they were about to devour. And they would use the Communist Party to turn against all the anti-Communists, and they would get real pious and they would say that the anti-Communists were stirring up hate against Russia. And they are making trouble with the State Department and the military and the people of the nation. And eventually, they will bring on war. So all the Communist leadership was to cry ‘Neo-Nazi’, fascist, hate monger.’ Then they would attack all the policies for the people and all the labor movements, and call for everyone to join with them and stop the anti-Communists. That is the exact policy which you would expect them to use. It was only a week later that Pope Paul spoke in the city of Los Angeles and he used our park and our public buildings. And he said that Moscow wants peace. The world wants peace. But it is the ‘hate mongers,’ the Christian Nationalists and the anti-Communists who are stirring up trouble. They are making the people all excited and they have to find a way to stop this. And they are calling on Labor, and the pacifists and all others to stop this situation, and see what we can do to block this stirring of anti-Communism and let us all dwell together. Please---come and listen and join with the Communist.’ That was Pope Paul, just two and one-half weeks ago.

Now, we tell you that the only way for the children of the Kingdom of God to control and retain the Majesty of God’s Kingdom is to be in absolute and permanent control of their destiny. Not only should they proclaim their way of life, but their destiny. And never have anyone who hates your nation to have anything to say about your security, your destiny or how you live. That is why, my friends, that the Kingdom of God is not built on a weak complex but on a Power complex. You have the power. Now use it. You have the power to bind the darkness. In a nation like this, 180 million people, there are 140 million of us who are White Christians. Irrespective of what the others might be, 140 million of us can control the destiny of this nation under God. And God has determined that you are going to. For there will be greater power than you have ever witnessed before.

I can tell you of miracles which are happening all the time. I can tell you of miracles of power which you can direct. I received a very disturbing call from some friends up in the Northern part of the State. The wife said that x-rays showed that her husband had cancer of the throat. She did not think there would be much time left. And they were getting their affairs in order and she wanted us to pray. She believed that God could do it. We talked over the phone the other night before they went in for the last bunch of x-rays and for the surgery. There was nothing wrong. The first x-rays showed the condition very well, and the biopsy confirmed. But not, nothing there.

That, my friends, is not fanfare, no big meetings, no long lines. Just power. Direct it and watch it go. I mentioned this to my congregation this morning and one in that congregation who has been raised in that truth---he has been living with it and he operates a large chicken ranch. And just a matter of a few weeks ago, he had a large kidney stone. So big they would have to remove it. He told me this morning that this was all gone. They took pictures and they said it is all gone. They just couldn’t see how this could happen. Then didn’t know how a stone that big could dissolve. But he said he had expected that it was going to go. He said even when he was going thru the roof with pain, he still expected it to go. Someone said, ‘Do you believe that?’ Well, how can you not believe the facts. Whatsoever thing that ye bind shall be bound and whatsoever you shall loose shall be loosed.

We thank God for every person in every branch of the healing art, for doctors, for nurses, for pharmacists, for chemists. But you are the children of God and God has given you more wisdom in this and the whole world needs your knowledge. But I want you to know that you are moving back into an age when you are going to need all of this knowledge. But there is more of you also. You are going to bind every power which wages war against you and even death is going to be conquered in your generation. Because you have reached the end of an age.

And I tell you at this time, that God is moving upon His people. And He is real. And the Light and the Power belongs to the children of the Kingdom. And it is going to be demonstrated in a greater way than the world has ever witnessed. But it is going to be applied to every problem, military, personal, to every situation.

(End of message)