March Ahead Of Time, 1-2-67


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-2-67

In this our subject we should turn to the nineteenth Psalm and read the passage which gives indications's of God's purposes:..........

"For the Heavens declare the Glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handyworks. Day by day and night by night cometh forth speech and knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them He set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth to run a race. His going forth is from the ends of the heaven, and His circuit unto the ends of it; and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. The law of the LORD is perfect, the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise His Temple."

Then in Genesis 1:14 He also says:..."Let their lights therefore show forth in the firmaments of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and for years." Signs.....and He intended for them to be read. Seasons....He intended for them to be computed. For the measure of the days and of the years also He set the orbits of the heavens and the circuits of His handiworks.

Thus in the 19th., Psalm as He made the decree and talks about the orbit of the earth around the sun in relationship to its passage thru the heavens and their constellation, remember that He was to make this statement long before men recognized that the earth did not stand still and the Universe revolve around it. And in the hours when the Psalmist wrote of these things as the pattern of revelation's inspired him to write, then he wrote of the magnitude of God, of the sun in its position and its orbit, and of the traveling of the earth and the planets in their circuits, and said that there was no line where their voice was not heard.

As they passed thru the pictorial panorama of the sky then God unveiled the mysteries of this panorama to Enoch and to those who were the students of His Way. He unveiled that by the course of their passage as the planets came and went thru out the sky that it marked the areas of man under the displacement factor of incompletion. We know that 612 major Luminaries are apparent to the natural mans eye as the larger stars of the sky, altho you see many, many more stars. But 612 are those from the first to the seventh magnitude that you behold. In fact when the man Enoch was to build the Temple of Zendera, he would place in the sky (on the ceiling Dome) 612 major illuminaries, and all of the planets, including Pluto which was not discovered until 1932. Thus you can see again the wisdom with which God had anticipated the knowledge which would be so essential for the measuring of the sky. In fact when Enoch was called and was transported into the presence of Yahweh, He had explained to him the areas of the wisdom of the measure. He was given the Gospel message of the sky...seen from the pictorially he passed thru these areas. He was told of the houses of the sun, and the houses of the moon. In the book "The Secret's of Enoch", he explains to the Magi, the Wisemen, as to the houses of the sun, and the moon, and the measures and the calling of men.

Now; we do not site to you that the indications of the measures in the heavens caused men to do anything, but we site to you that the areas of restraint, or the areas of permission are only permitted by the indications of Signs. We do point out to you that man who has not been completed by his spiritual area of vision in recognizing that the Christ is the completer and King, is as tho He was one quarter out in the Universe. That one quarter out measured into the 612 major luminaries seen from earth's surface is 153....and the 153 is the area of displacement factor for Adam-man without The Christ of the scripture. Therefore all men have a pattern which measures their birth and the nine months pre-natal conditions from the hours of conception to the hours of birth (9 months) leaving out one quarter of the Universe or...153. The Christ is the completer and as completer He free's men from the law of "Sin and death." From the law of violence, and thus He can complete and can release those of His household from the law of Sin and Death. The law of blessings will pertain to them, the laws of curses, the laws of invectives which move in the areas of their direction will be those of restraint.

Thus it is that each man moves in his 9 month cycle, and hardly can you divide the heavens and not fall in the 153 cycle, whether your horizon is the spring equinox, or the autumnal equinox, it will still divide all the areas of the four corners with the 153 basic illuminaries.

Thus it was that Enoch was taught of the measures. He was told of the planets and their wanderings, and their indications. Today we refer to the names given to these planets by the Romans and the Greeks, altho in his writings Enoch did not thus refer to them as such, but their interchanging now with the Greek and Latin terms make them understandable for our day.

The Planet Jupiter was the sign of Yahweh (God) moving with the earth in its orbit around the sun. This was the sign of Yahweh moving thru the houses of the pictorial message, as the indicators were in the basic Zodiac. You were to start this story in the sign of Virgo, the Virgin, the conception of the Virgin who was to become head of nations, to Leo on the other end of the Zodiac, the Lion of Judah who was KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD'S.

It made no difference whether it was Hydra the Serpent who interposed himself to swallow up the child of the woman as soon as it was born as is indicated in the twelth chapter of Revelation, or whether these were indistinct measures to some, still they were well studied by the Savants and the Magi. To them the Gospel was written across the pages of the heavens and tho it had taken billions and billions of years to even place the postitions of constellations there still Yahweh had by the measure of His Omnipotence and Omniscience bestowed upon earth a pattern of the stars in the heavens as a background for the rising and falling of the suns, moons, or the planets in their indications.

Thus we discover that Jupiter is a sign of Yahweh. It is a sign of the exercising of His power as it moves thru the Universe. And the sign of Satanic force or Lucifer is symbolized by Saturn, for Saturn is Satan's star, and the sign of demonic influence. When it comes and joins the pattern of Jupiter, or stands in opposition, it is the sign of possible battles or of war's, especially when the planet of war "Mar's" comes into the picture. Mar's has long been known as the planet of war, and when it rides on either side of the equation then war and trouble follows, especially when in opposition or in conjunction....then it starts throwing its weight around.

We also find the pattern of Uranus which is not well known by many, but Enoch spoke of Uranus and understood that it was there. Uranus perculliarly effects the areas of economy, effects it very definitely. Thus in the patterns of depressions or in the conspiracy of world Jewry manipulating the money of the world then you discover that Uranus rides in and out of this pattern. When it does then you find great conditions of stress and problems and trouble facing the nations of the world in the economic field. Then...Neptune follows the patterns of crisis, of storms, of whirlwinds and hurricanes, and tremendous patterns of the winter.

You will also note that Pluto, a very dense planet, was not even known until 1932 and yet those who were in the measures talked about Pluto and knew it was there. Others laughed and even scientists said it was not there, but they were still talking about Pluto's coming and going, its rising and falling and yet others said it did not exist. Then in 1932 our Observatories found Pluto and found it exactly where those who had been studying the Gospel Message of the Sky had indicated just where it would be. Pluto is a very dense planet and it is one of the heaviest planets in the solar system, altho one of the smallest. But Pluto moves into the pattern of Neptune and its heavy and serious weather pattern, and it co-joins it for malicious influence. It can throw its weight on economic influences and it can join its weight to patterns of war, or move out by the areas of its ascendence and descendency in the horizons of orbit.

Therefore we are to discover these many things, and we are to discover that there is also peculiar to the nations and the great political moves of earth, and to the hours of the birth of nations, or their revolutions, or the coronation of their first king....that measures were carried in the heavens....planets moved in Mid-heaven at noon of that day that determined these events.

America's rising sun is thus..."Mercury." How it has played its part in the influence of the history of our nation has been well established. The symbols were jointly two for the Soviet Union at the time of the Red Revolution. At the rise of the Revolution the capture of the Russian Czar and overthrowing of the Russian government with the moving in of the Russian forces. There were three divisions of this condition and Saturn was the rising moon or sun of the Soviet Union, and with Saturn rising it was cojoined with Mars. Some say that Mars is the actual birth star or planet of the Soviet Union, but it is Saturn, with Mars coming in and cojoining.

We have been seeing a terrific pattern in the heavens at our time, because the events which mark the beginning of this year were set up in the periods of conditions of last October 21., and from there on. Then came the measure which was to guide the patterns of the beginning of this year. We could well site to you that this could be a terrific measure because Jupiter was coming in....early in October, and started to parallel and cross, and transit the heavens with America's Mercury. This meant that the power of Yahweh and the forces of Yahweh were going to be on the Right side with the national destiny of your nation. That Mercury of your nation is definitely tied to the people who love your nation, who serve your nation, who founded your nation, and to the sons of the Most High God. (Nation means Race...descent or lineage) More than that the entrance of Pluto into the picture by the time you reached the early portions of November and the hours of the election were also to give indicators that also Saturn was in opposition, that we were going to see the tremendous strength of Pluto as a power added to Mercury the rising sun of your nation, and the power of Jupiter was also to be made manifest. Thus we could announce to you that this was going to be a year of "Right Wing" victory. We told you last year that the "Right Wing" was going to suddenly emerge, to come out, to take a stand and we told you there would be an 800,000 plurality in a "Right Wing" vote even in your own state with Reagan coming out in victory. Even tho others said it would not be, we told you this would come, for it was indicated in the heavens and it was measured not only for California but for the entirety of the nation. Of course when that day came the "Right Wing" came out of hiding because they knew the time was right and the enemy had not had the time to measure their course. The program of Yahweh, the enlightening of the "Right Wing" the gathering of His household, the awakening of His witnesses out of their sleep was commencing. And as goes California, so goes America, so goes the Christian world. For America has risen to the capacity of leadership in the nations of God's Kingdom in the Western World. Of course this means the Nordic, Basque, Lombardic, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic and kindred people. We have risen to this leadership and we maintain this in spite of the Presidents of the United States, and not because of them.

We point out to you that in this hour the awakening was well measured, for instantly the pattern was to sweep out everything the people were in opposition to. It was not just the matter of a Democrat or Republican victory by party, because in this state it took a million Democrats and better to throw out the Democrats own policy of disaster, and replace governor Brown, and the Democrats joined with the "Right Wing" to accomplish this. Across America we saw the same thing taking place as conservatives gathered strength to determine that America shall go conservative.

Again we go back for a moment to the climax of this past year. It was very apparent that the Right Wing had never had a chance to express itself. It had never had a chance altho their organization had risen in strength to over half of the nations population. In fact by the end of 1965 it was estimated that the "Right Wing" strength stood at 55%. By the time of the election it was estimated as 61% of the voting strength of the nation leaning toward the conservative side. They never had a chance to show this strength for the Press, the Radio, the T.V., reechoed the voice of those who controlled them thru their control over advertising. The News Papers of this city were controlled by the May Company and by all those Jewish enterprises, and would never permit the truth to make its appearance. So we were to carry the concept that we were still a minority, and were still to be defeated. But there existed an awakening, a spiritual awakening, and even tho men did not realize this...a spiritual awakening had gone out to awaken the people. In this area of spiritual awakening as it moved then each man might have thought that he voted for himself, or voted alone, asa he thought to himself....when I get in that ballot box I am going to cast my protest vote....because I am thinking "Right" irrespective of the rest of the country. But as it turned out there were so many thinking "Right" that it proved the point.

This was a significant thing because as we moved into the closing pattern of the past year and into the beginning of this year then we see a malicious influence, for Mars is in direct opposition and joined with Saturn as Jupiter and Mercury transcend in the picture as we move into the beginning of this year. This means warfare, that will extend itself. Pluto comes in on the 30th., of this month to join in the Mid-sky over Red China, and the areas of that battle for throwing extra areas of violence into that picture, and establishing new patterns of that war which exists between the United States and the Red Chinese pattern of the war.

On December 30th., Red China broke the first hydrogen bomb, not an atom bomb, but a dirty hydrogen bomb. Uranium 238 was used in it and the neutrons used were fast neutrons and it was admitted at once. Thus the scientists are now admitting that they misevaluated Red China and that she had a large stock pile of atom bombs before she broke this Hydrogen bomb. We told you that she had been working for 90 days to fix her nuclear missles to atom heads for tacticle use in the war. Red China wants you to move in more strongly in the war. She wants you in Siagon and into the jungle and then she will help wrech havoc of a great mortality upon you and your armies. We want to point out to you that this is not only a pattern of conquest, but as we see the sign of Jupiter and Mercury transiting the beginning of this year it brings the indication of one thing,...that this year and the birth of this year and the cycles of this year show the Most High God standing with His people. Standing in adversity and in conflict, but there will be victory after victory and the pattern for the United States is going to be "Right Wing" victory, it is going to be leadership victory as it rises and it moves forward. Even in the Congress of the United States some you considered liberal are now flopping over to the other side and my how they want to be conservative and to end the war, and even bomb Hanoi. I tell you that you are very, very are carrying a peculiar pattern of condemnation that the enemy has built up, if you do not bomb Hanoi, and Haipong, because you are battling a war of civilization against the infamy of that whole pattern of idolatry and paganism. There is NO REASON why you should have bombed the cities of Germany in World War II, and now not bomb the cities of your enemy. You should give them two weeks to evacuate their cities and then level them as yu have never leveled cities before. But the areas of this policy are not followed, and thus the President loses with his course of action. In fact as he seeks to find some areas of Peace with the communist governments, he will find that you can never deal with the communist world, you will not deal now, or this year or ever until you have totally crushed communism, and set the world free from its grasp.

Now; within this area we are going to definitely see some signs. As we move into this year (1967) we have the pattern of Jupiter high over America with Mercury riding just a little off of direct alignment with Jupiter. And in this very same measure we find that Uranus is in this very direct course and will collide with Jupiter and will be in a thorough and direct opposition, and thus this part of Uranus will effect economics, and will make itself manifest after you pass January 21., then you will find yourself in economic conditions which are unpresidented. Because as you move into February then Pluto joins Uranus for the amassing of strength, in the square against the areas of Jupiter. Thus we understand that this is a crisis condition. This is one of those conditions which can bring high mortality rates in the war, and with adversity which comes with the cost of the expansion of the war, and this fantastic program of give away which many of our people oppose. But you will discover that you are in perilous times, there will be no money for things like housing or industry, and the power of Jewry will begin to squeeze down to get us to meet their demands that we cut off the Arab nations, and do no further business with them. But the areas the Jews do not control and the Congressmen who the Jews do not control are becoming very irked by this pressure so there may be some resistance.

Of course one of their chief spokesmen to drive this irking on is Dorey Sherri, the head of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith. One of the top Hollywood heads, one of the reds who is head of the A.D.L. is putting the pressure on our agents in the United Nations as well as our State Department to totally defend the pattern of Israeli and to attack the Arab States. In this he has touched the finance of your nation, which is again in the January beginning pattern of ascendency and moves into February with greater intensity.

We may by March see a beginning of the tapering of this condition until finally we will start the pattern of complete freedom of the American people from every area of International and Jewish manipulation. We see bad economy in the month of June for this year as well, but apparently there is only one measure from Great Babylon's economic control, and that is to hearken to the congressmen and the heads of finance committies when they talk about the essentialness of a U.S. Bank, a United States Bank that will print money and back it by the production, and by the wealth of our nation. Money that is backed by houses, and backed by goods, and backed by the creation of a society and not hinging it necessarily on gold and silver, but freeing of gold and silver as hard money. And with the permission of the American citizen to keep anything he can learn and wishes to keep without the perloaning of this by a Jewish Administrator who wants to pack it all over to Palestine, or into areas of his control.

But we will see these patterns of violence, and we also see another pattern, and this is a Mars pattern which moves in with Saturn. Saturn comes in real strong this February so you will have labor trouble or Race trouble and probably it will be race trouble. They have designed this in Washington D.C. The measure for this started back in December and we are noting that America's Mercury is running in full opposition to areas of the movement of Uranus. This will be trouble in areas of your economy as well as in labor. If you have been studying this situation you see the plan cut off every gas station by the route of cutting off delivery of all gas thru out the U.S. This would then bring on a great economic catastrophe for the people of this nation. They have postponed this strike for two weeks on this situation, as there was so much opposition. But as we see this measure coming in we can see that this would require Federal intervention and even food rationing because of the areas of delivery. I would say that the new Congress will not go along with this, and unless they back off you will see some of the most anti-labor legislation in all time and history. It will come out of this at the most to strangle a people on the altar of greed and money. So we are in the time of "Jacob's Trouble" but we also have measures where there will be some restraint, so we will move thru this time of trouble.

Now; the areas of importance of course start with the great basis of the eclipses. Almost every one of the eclipses in the United States signal's a malicious influence. It demonstrates that this year and next are to be years of tremendous activities..(Israeli war of 1967)

On April 24th., we have a Lunar eclipse, and Mercury is squaring Mars in opposition. More than this it comes in our 12th., house, and in our 6th., house as well. This opposition of America's Mercury to Mars comes when the transiting Jupiter is tangling with Saturn. But the pattern indicates a high mortality rate and a lot of people will be killed in the war, and you will see a great pattern of violence added to this pattern of history. Under this condition we note that Neptune and Pluto are moving into conjunction bringing the promise of bad weather as well. You will see this weather pattern from east of the Colorado Mountain's to the east coast..... quite severe. In Eurpoe this will be thru in the areas of the Carpathian Mountain's, and then you will see the twisting hurricanes rise up out of the Carribean and march up the east coast like marching soldiers of doom. The Mediterranean Sea will also be influenced in this storm pattern. More than this the area to watch will be the use of Nuclear weapons used by Red China in the Viet Nam war.

Then we march thru to April and the economic problem will be upon us to be solved. May 9th., will see the sun in eclipse and at this time Japan, Indonesia, and Australia will be under that alinement and the influence of this eclipse. Also Red China and Viet Nam will be effected showing high casualties in that area.

As you move out of the influence of that eclipse you find Mars cojoining that pattern which exists in Viet Nam. You will discover also that Mercury opposes Neptune and high conditions of storm and bad weather thus move in. Also this will be a measure of alignment because you will have four planets within 6 degrees which will follow right after the eclipse in May. Also while in these factors that are effecting the east in this eclipse also it will be (sun eclipse) in Mid-heavens over Brazil so they will be in the picture with Castro sowing trouble as well as the other factors.

Venus then comes into the picture signifying....THAT SECRET THINGS SHALL BE MADE KNOWN.

This should be a trying time for the administration as things covered up will become known. We discover that the vocal pattern of Venus coming into this period means secret things shall be made known for Venus is the illuminator, tho she falls also in the line of a Judge as she aligns heavily with other countries. So we will discover that all kinds of things which they thought were covered up...will be revealed. And revelations will hit the press, the left wingers will have a hard time keeping facts from massive areas of exposure in the face of the call for "Right Wing" sollidarity in the treating of affair's of this nation, and the lining up of the people for the final onslought which will come out of the areas of the Soviet Union.

So we are watching these patterns as they measure their full scope and march. As we go into the month of June we see some economic subsidance, possibly in some areas such as vacation. The people of the United States have been propagandized into a socialized position. But they have placed so many people now in the areas of supporting themselves, and those who expect that their stipend comes from the government whether it be called Employment Insurance, or no matter how it comes, still the government never invested your money as it came in....they only spent it. The money they pay back thru Social Security or any other method is actually to come from only one place....the people who are still working and paying taxes. And we will be coming closer to the breaking pint when the working people can no longer support the non-workers.

Now; we can not blame the people who have gone into these areas where they had no choice in the matter except that they did not vote too clearly against those measures of boon-dogle which promise so much to the people. But this is going to cause a very sharp area of higher taxes which the people cannot carry. Then if they cut back on money coming to the people from the government then they will have some areas of revolution especially from the Negro's. In July of this year you are going to see a great hue and cry from the Negro's who are going to get as much as they can....and are not getting what they thought they would, and they have been promised by this great Socialist revolution.

Now; October 18th., brings a Lunar eclipse and it operates for your nation between the 3 and 4th cusp. It is going to be accompanied by a sinister operation. We discover this will be a period of great violence and great catastrophe.....explosions and fire and violence. You would think of something like an Atomic attack. (the Israeli and Arab war started in June but it kept going in other areas, then Soviet influence moved into S. Yemen at this time.) It may be very possible that Red China with her nuclear power will be a threat to all Asia. They tell us that by 1970 she may be a threat even to the United States. (and then China's instillation's blew up and was destroyed to a great extent. the hand of Yahweh?) But I am going to tell you that by this Lunar eclipse she is a threat as even now to the United States especially to Alaska which is also under this measure.

In this whole pattern Russia plays her part of mischief under this whole measure, for there is some sort of an agreement between Red China and the Soviet Union. (In the end they will stand together.)

But in the Lunar eclipse we have Mars crossing the Soviet Union with Saturn altho as it refers to the birth signs of nation there is then the conflict with Jupiter here in the United States. We want to point out that as Russia moves in this picture we will see action in the Baltic Sea and then also down into the areas of North Africa. She will precipitate a crisis which will effect the foreign policies of the western nations. There will be battles this year in the area that surrounds the Red Sea, and moves in against Palestine which we have not bothered to read to you at this point. But we want you to realize the uniqueness of how Mars and Saturn have been tied to the rise and fall of Israeli, which is an abortive state, and in which the sons and daughters of Lucifer have their habitation. We need to note here that Jordan is in this same pattern because Jordan has a part of Jerusalem.

Jordan was born....begotten as a nation when the British Empire withdrew out of Palestine, after establishing her area of ascendency over Palestine. Then the Jew's took over by the area of revolution. Jordan's rising sun would be normally Uranus, but at this time....the measure does not have an economic part to play as it joins the symbols of Palestine. Israeli is in a malicious influence with Mars early in this year against Jordan, and by October you have conditions for all out war. This might start in July and you may have sporatic battles between the Arabs and Israeli while Russia jockey's into position, and Russia will be extending trouble into the Baltic and into Africa and even into the area of Rhodeshia. (The Israeli-Arab war started in Jund, and then after that the pressure was on Jordan, for the Israeli's took East Jerusalem and then began to talk of tearing down the old Mosque of Omar and errecting a Temple.) Rhodeshia also has Mercury as her Rising Sun, and even tho on the other side of the world it still has almost the same figures of transiting the great strength of the sign of Jupiter and the rising Sun of Mercury.

Now; I want to point out a nation you are not going to do the bidding of the President, and Mr. Goldberg who has made promises and is now trying to back out of them. You are not going to war against Rhodesia. (At that time there was talk of sending troops to fight against them.) The great hue and cry of a nations people will speak out against this, and it may be the final boiling pot crisis in this administration denunciation. But we assure you that this is a great country (Rhodesia) and is literally fulfilling the measures of God. It is ruling its people well and firmly.

Again by October 18th., will bring a crisis for high mortality rates bring cries to end the war... with victory.

Now; 2 is the solar eclipse, and it is dead center over Chicago, and also as it moves in the cusp of when Saturn joins Mars in the Sun of Moscow....then Russia will make a move of major importance. Here in Chicago it will be a time of great protests by the areas of the Negro's with world Jewry behind them. But then it will wane by December and the awakening of the Right Wing again influences this. The areas of the cusp continues and the area and influence of this eclipse is a total eclipse and dead center over Chicago and continues until the end of February 1968. Now; I am going to point something out....remember the Democrats will be in Chicago for the convention of nominating a President, it may be or may not be Mr. Johnston, but the malific influence of this eclipse extending to its end will definitely influence and mark the tearing down... the destruction...never to be replaced of this Left Wingism which we have had so long out of administrations guided by the Internationalists. (Remember the Democrat convention in Chicago and the trials that dragged on after that?)

We want to point out to you that the strange factor now moves into the pattern of reverse. Even as Saturn is in contest at the hour of this eclipse with the sign of Jupiter in its position, we have Pluto moving in on the side of Jupiter and Uranus moving out. We note that as this alignment moves that we approach even February....that Saturn moves in on the 9th., cusp (9 is judgment) and throws its area of Judgment and terror upon the coming Democratic convention.

We want to point out that this will bring out many revelations later in the summer. The Democrats have been bugging and harrassing the Right Wing, but this situation is going to explode. This book "The death of a President" may have a lot to do with it, as well as other books, and other revelations which the "Warren Commission" did not bring out and it may deal with the conspiracy and liquidation of one President to the United States. The attitude of the family of that President and even the belief that some of them had, that this administration had switched masters, and were responsible for this assassination may help stir in this situation.

Now; we have given you the measures for this year and as we move into this year it will be a year of trouble. As we told you before Japan also will be in crisis by November because her pattern and her sun is in direct conflict. Since we have agreed to defend Japan we could be drawn into this situation as well. This even extends to Korea and trouble between North and South Korea by October.

These patterns of the eclipses are a sign of some of the mamouth turning points of the history of a nation. But I want you to realize that Jupiter and Mercury are now riding together. America's rising sun... a great nation of God's Kingdom with the strength of the hand of Divine power upon her side, is coming to the front. The opposition comes out of Satanic order, and out of the conspiracy and even in the areas of secrecy where they have been able to teach men that the communist way is the things you can embrace. That itegration is the policy and the way to bring about Peace is to unite all men....I tell you that this will fail.

Thus this year will be a year of conflict but...Satan's children will also fail. For God has told you that you are to come out from among them and be ye separate and segrated and touch not the unclean thing. The rise of leadership in the Christian nations will be made manifest.....and we will be able to say that we know the blessings of God, and the Faith that what He leads us to believe that whatever He has prophecied in His Word will come to pass. He will establish His power among His sons and daughters and they will become more and more awake and they will stand against their natural enemies and against those who curse their God.

It is going to be a bad year for the National Council of Churches and for the World Council of Churches, and the people are going to begin their stand against these organization, or come out from the denominations which do not denounce these areas of error.

This is the year of revolution when everything...every secret thing...will start to be made known. This is the year of opposition, and of war and trouble, but out of it will come victory. We do not tell you that THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS will come this year, but we will tell you that you will see more and more of His fleets which will come in for that event which is not far off. We believe that as of now the measures carry over until 1968., and we have not run all of the measures as yet, but we have given you these measures.....and all are malicious because of the world situation.

But we tell you that you are the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD and you are here to conquer the earth for your Father. You will conquer it peacefully or with defeat of the forces of evil...but conquer it you will until every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that He is the very God of the Heavens, and of the Earth, and of the Universe.

"Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Yahshua (Christ) is Yahweh (LORD)."


( I have shortened this sermon in places so that mainly I wanted you to have a rundown of Planets and their meanings as we study the Sky magazine's. I thought we could look for similar line-ups and conjunctions, and with this written copy it would make it more meaningful.)