Mark Of The Beast, 2-13-66



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-13-66

As we turn to this subject of the Mark of the Beast, it is with the continuing realizations that this great Nation under God was designed and developed out of the blueprint of Divine purpose, known before the foundation of the earth.

That in the days of the migrations and the developing of our society, the Almighty God made His proclamation unto Patriarch’s, and unto Prophets. Proclaimed to those of His Household and His race, the great promises and destinies He had in mind for His people.

The foremost among them was of course the establishment of this great Nation, of His Kingdom, in this land He had established and prepared by His declaration as the Destiny of His Kingdom. Repeated by the Prophet’s Isaiah and Jeremiah and given in intent and purpose unto His Prophet David, as he stood by his coronation stone.

He promised a land which was Westward. Westward out of the lands of Africa and Western Europe, a land beyond the great waters, in which He would establish a great and final location for a great nation of His Kingdom. A place where they could move to and then never be moved again. A place where though there would be oppression, yet they would triumph.

A land where we have cited to you, by measure, would be the great and mighty Red Wood trees, where the people would be moved, where they would grow with the promises and the timelessness of God as His Creation, and as He planted them there. A land of Myrtle wood would grow even as it did in Palestine.

Numerous identifying factors, identifying His Kingdom. And no place on earth fulfills these happenings but in this area of America, in this land of these United States. For, in our Red wood belt we have the only mighty Red wood trees just as they grew as the Cedars of Lebanon. We have the only place in the world where Myrtle wood grows, and here it grows as a great tree, while in Old Palestine it grew as a brier.

This nation blessed with rivers and blessed with all that God promised to bless it with, in all the geological purposes of the past with which He has given it richness. For, here we discover all the minerals vital to our society. We discover at every turn, the preparations of God as He made good His promise to our forefathers. There can be no question about the fact that North America was to play a very vital part in the plan and purposes of god. We, as citizens of the most powerful nation in the Western world, should be happy in our inheritance and our heritage, for our nation is in the Bible Prophecies of the Scriptures. At the same time we are involved in the problems that face all our race, cause this great nation is basically a white race nation and a Christian nation.

I think it is rather pointed out by even the liberal’s, and the socialist minded and this includes even the defecting Clergy, and understand this tonight....this example, the new head of the Council of Churches... Dr. Carson Blake, called for an ending of our war with the Viet Cong, and he said... it would be a dangerous thing and would create great difficulties if we were to be victors in our war against the Viet Cong, because it would be creating an image of a white nation overcoming an Asian nation, and a Christian society forcing its will on an Asiatic society. He said America is basically a white nation and has no right to force its will on an Asian nation. Well.... I totally disagree with Mr. Carson Blake because this man has no right even to be associated with the Christian Church, in any way, because he does not believe in the deity of Yahshua the Christ and has no Faith in His Resurrection.

I point out to you that he did have one thing clear, even in his liberal mind, even there where he believes that there should be only one race, one world society, yet he made this admission, that this United States is basically a white nation and its religion is Christian.

In the struggle in which we are engaged in, we are fighting Communism. World Communism from one end of the earth to the other, and World Communism is the Political Policy of the Antichrist. We have been told for a long, long time in Biblical prophecy that eventually a visible struggle for this earth would take place. We are now engaged in facets of that ultimate struggle, and even in the midst of that struggle, with the policies of our Government supposedly aimed at defeating or continuing Communism, and stopping its spread. Yet, those policies are fostering the invasion of our society, with people whose policies and ideas are diabolically opposed to the best interests of our race and our nation. And they are being given more areas of influence and creating more areas of discord in our nation, and as we fight Communism far from home, then we permit it to spread inside of our nation. What America needs to do is wage an all out war on Communism at home as well as abroad. But the best place to defeat the at Home.

Many people cannot understand the strange things that have been taking place in our society. They wonder why the upsurge of revolt by the Negro in our society against the white man. They wonder why they move in Beatnik’s processions and in moral degenerating exhibitions like the Selma Montgomery march. They wonder why they riot and burn down cities, and shoot at Firemen and wage war against Police. The Government agencies of investigation seem to be falling all over themselves trying to make excuses for this low graded conduct.

They wonder how at the same time that these people are showing in every area a low emotional and mental responsibility. And why that leaders of our country are giving into their hands more influence, and seem to be concerned in going all out to see that they can all vote whether they can even read or write. They say......why is this happening???

It is because there are forces at work in our society that are seeking to stir up all peoples in our nation, into patterns of trouble. To make it easier to get the emergency power to take over all facets of American life. Now; I don’t believe for one moment that the President of these United States cares one thing about what the Negroes get or don’t get. And you can give hypocrisy of lip service that you want to...for all these policies...but I think that they are all done in order to gain areas of Political Power.

I believe the interest is in all the emergencies of power, that they can acquire with the use of all the uprisings, and thus use these emergency and executive orders under the status that exists now under the Executive Decree. It is a rather significant thing when we survey the problems of this nation that this nation has been able to produce more per capita then any other nation on the face of the earth. A nation that can produce so much food that they are suggesting, even now, that we can feed the whole world. A nation that has the greatest technological abilities for the masses of its people, and for its society than has ever been demonstrated. Surely this great nation in the Kingdom of God, this nation with the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, has stood at the Apex of achievement. But at this very moment we are threatened with some of the greatest catastrophes that have ever threatened a great nation in the past.

We have watched unassimilated people come in and try to change the Status Quo of our nation and our civilization. For many were permitted to come in as refugee’s and they were cunningly coming in to carry out the background of the agencies, and institutions which they serve. Great numbers of these institutions were used, with all the facets of world revolution, of socialism, and communism of the Antichrist. Now it is important that we view these situations from the foundations of reality.

We talk to you about the fact that we are battling for survival, and I want you to understand that all the white nations of the world are battling for survival, and they have behind them the Prophetic Destiny ordained by God, to spread their civilization and their culture to the Apex and to conquer the Darkness and overthrow evil and liberate the earth. And that can be done only by Victory over evil and by the standards of Divine Law.

Make this clear in your mind, that God’s program for this earth does not call for the integration of the races. It calls for the superiority of His Household, for the carrying forward of their high calling and for responsibility to rule the earth with righteousness, and with the Law’s of God.

Do not think that the Clergy of today who have demonstrated their repudiation of the fundamental’s of their church and denied the areas of responsibility of their theology, and who have made it a point that they are not interested in the deity of Christ or the Law’s of God. That they are in any way carrying out those laws. The are interested in some kind of a new society, in some kind of mongrelized race and religion, and these are not the voices of God or His Church. You cannot solve the problems of our country or the world today by making it more difficult and destroying the areas of vision, or by mongrelizing and integrating their society and losing their spiritual precept.

If God were to step into the world today then His re-entrance or reappearance would be the same as He was when He left in the areas of His ascension. In such an hour this YAHSHUA who is King of King’s, and Lord of Lord’s shall come in to put down evil. And the first thing He is going to do is DISCRIMINATE, and oh my, but He is going to discriminate. This is going to be one of the most important areas of segregation in human history. For he won’t bother to consult with Mr. Johnson, and He won’t call on the Attorney General, but He and His helpers will just start separating people and separating the nations even though they think they are caught in the United Nations. Though the United Nations will fall apart soon.

He is going to separate the Sheep nations from the Goat nations, the Christian nations, from the Pagan nations. He..the Eternal Yahweh..Our Father, will then say to you... ‘Ye sheep nations, take over this world that I have prepared for you, before the foundations of the world were laid, and you rule over these pagan nations, and rule with a rod of Iron, and with righteousness, and make them obey the Law. You set people free from all the patterns of misapplied Justice. Set them free from greed, graft, and corruption. You set them free from the patterns of revolution, rise and you rule.’ Some of you say....Oh, that is just an imaginary hope. Well, it is what Yahshua taught. And, I am going to tell you that if you follow what Yahshua taught then you will go further and your faith will go further, and you won’t surrender to the integration of your society.

Do not for one moment think hat it is bad to resist the masses of people in the world. Do not think it is bad for white Christian nations to oppose masses of pagans on the face of the earth. You were sent down here as a race to rise and rule, and not to make abject surrender or appeasement to the Darkness. For some time the Church thought that the purpose of the Kingdom could be accomplished by spreading to the world the identity of the true God. They thought that out of this evangelizing that the world would turn Christian and bow a knee before Christ.

Do not think that in a world where you are outnumbered, in a world with Witch doctors and all of Satan’s Kingdom, with all of it’s lies, and it’s evil philosophies, with it’s superstitions and it’s darkness that it is going to surrender to the truth of the Kingdom of God when instead they would like to challenge and destroy, and to break it’s power by mongrelizing your race and destroy your destiny.

We have been engaged for almost 2000 years in Missionary activities. We even disobeyed the instructions God gave the Apostle Paul and some of the other disciples when He forbid them to go into Asia and other areas in the gathering up of His Church, because he said.... ‘I call my sheep by name.’ And He sent them out to find the sheep, those who had the capacity to receive. And it had already been revealed in the 14th chapter of John that those who were His Celestial Household that came to earth by physical birth, those that had the Spirit of the Living God and could understand what He had to say. Thus the Spirit would work with them and unveil to them, and build again in them a great renewal of their consciousness and thus build their civilization and culture. After almost 2000 years of Evangelizing the Negroes’s in Africa, they are trying to eat us once more. The Pagans are driving the Church out of Asia and their purpose now is to rule with the Jew in the one hour with Antichrist. And they look upon the Western world as spoil.

Then how would I bring the Kingdom in? I would back up our Missionary with the Army and I would back up the standards of Law and Righteousness with the power we have to enforce it with. Too long we have left the freedom of decisions to destroy or create in the hands of the tyrant’s and the forces of Darkness.

The Eternal Yahweh, our Father, speaks out in the Psalms and says... “How long are the heathens to rage and imagine a vain thing?” They want to break off responsibility, they don’t want to be held back by the law to obey. They don’t want the progress that comes from righteousness, they hate Yahweh, they hate His Household, they hate our nation. Yahweh says I hold them in contempt for they are not going to overthrow My House, My revealed embodiment or My children.

We have taken technology to the ends of the earth. We have taught superstition and darkness, illiteracy, filth and disease. We have brought progress and advancement, and have always fought the Darkness, trying to destroy it. Even today we hear requests for more and more dollars for wheat for India, and India’s policy now is supporting more and more the policies of the Viet Cong.

You may say....well those people are entitled to eat. But over the years when we offered them the know how to produce more food for themselves, and we showed them how to get the most out of the waters of the Ganges River and it’s fertile low lands, then when we brought them plows and showed them how to do it...what happened? They rose up and under their Devil Priest’s, and under their Satanic Doctrine they threw the plows and machinery in the river and refused to follow instructions, and sat down in the Temple square and threw cow manure over their heads and that was their Holiness. And in all this time they are trying to sell us on the progress of all religions. They try to sell us on all the advantages that men have out of worshiping God...irrespective of who the god is, or how it is done.

More and more, day by day, we must get across to our race that God who is our Father has ordained standards, and one of them is that we shall recognize no other god...only Yahweh, who is our Father. We shall not join ourselves to pagans, until we have set them free by smashing their pagan temples and their false religions.

I am not concerned tonight about feeding people under Hinduism. I’d be willing to feed people who had rejected Hinduism and it’s pagan philosophy, it’s multitude of Demon gods, and all the filth that goes with it, and all that is even articulated in the images of their gods, and in the frieze of their temple and the Panorama of it.

Today the trend of the Beast is to sell this wicked quise, either in color or art, and make you accept that which is evil, and join it with what you have been taught to believe, and so this is the tremendous knowledge that you must absorb. So we are building temples of all religions, the example is the one in Washington D.C., with its evil 6 pointed star of Jewery. Every type of religion is there with Jesus, not God, but a man....a prophet. Mrs. Roosevelt was all for this and I have a list of the most powerful names behind this....and the most powerful influence behind it was Jewery. Well, this my friends is the creation of the religious system of the Beast.

Now; I want to make it very clear that when we talk about the Mark of the Beast...this may also relate to the countenance of some people, and also to their racial origin and background, and to the accent of the work of the Beast and the putting into one hand to accomplish it.

The Scriptures divides the people of the earth into 2 classifications and they sometimes divide into three, and even possibly even four, but as to where they stand...they fall into only 2 brackets.

1. The Kingdom of God is made up of the Adamites, the white race, with a Spiritual order in the Heavens and a physical embodiment through birth in the earth. They carry the Holy Seed. They are the offspring of Yahweh and He has identified Himself with them, and in His Messiahship. He was not ashamed to call them His relatives and His Kinsmen. The Prophet Isaiah said...He was the everlasting Yahweh. The everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

2. We point out to you that in the origin of the Scriptures there was a word called in Hebrew ‘Enosh’, it means NON-ISRAELITE, created people, and they lack the Spirit of the Living God, and some of them when created went retrograde under the Luciferian revolt. Some, like the Negroes, came in during the battles of the Luciferian resistance and their seed was sowed all over the earth. In Africa, under VOODOOS the fallen Angel, they increased in their numbers and in the Isles of the Sea the process of this evil religion spread. In the Islands like Jamaica wherever you find the Negroes then you will find Voodooism.

You may well say that in this country a lot of them have become Christian. It has been a great advantage for them to be taken out of the Jungle’s and brought over here. Make no mistake about it that under any condition you recognize that their spiritual capacity is limited to their soulishness. As the Witch-doctor comes along then he takes them back. Then Moslemism comes along and with a Satanic Philosophy and takes them back. Modern Moslemism is a combination of false Mohammedism and of black Devil worship and Satanism. (This is the religion that Mohammed Ali embraced so as not to fight for this country, and under that he is again champion of the boxing world, and still milking money out of gullible fight fans.)

Now; you talk about the progress they have made in this country....well, their progress is made under your guidance and your control, and if they were to rise to control we would go retrograde, and the whole country would go down. We have the appliance of that theory for evidence.

When we talk about the Adamites then we are talking about the white-man, they are the people of the Book. They are the Israel of the Bible and the white nations of the world today. Is this racist?? Well this is as racist as it can get. Is it bad for the earth?? Well, I don’t agree. The racism of the Bible is the salvation of the earth. He sent a race from Heaven to Earth to build a Kingdom and they want to bring it down to the status of the Beast System. So it will lose it’s power.

So...don’t tell me that Yahweh doesn’t select and does not discriminate, and does not recognize a people above other people. Don’t tell me that He believes in total equality, that He believes that everybody is alike. Well...Yahweh does not do that...He calls for His own Household, He calls by His Law’s for their separation, their segregation. He repudiates the policies of integration. He tells them to preserve their Holy Seed. He says...I set you above all the people on the face of the earth. I give continents for you. This is what I think of you, you are My Household, My race, My seed. So says the Almighty Yahweh, our Father. Then He also discriminates by name. When Yahweh as Yahshua walked the earth He said...I call My sheep by name, and He led them out. He said to the can’t understand what I say. I am going to tell you something. Yahweh didn’t spend any time gathering Jew’s. Did you know that? Why? The Jew’s took the leadership in all the curse of Darkness that fell on the earth. Yahshua said...I am from Yahweh, and Ye are of the devil, this is why you can’t lead, this is why you do your dirty work all the time.

I tel you that the Beast System is the control, Politically by Luciferian plan of all the non-spirit people of the world. And this Beast System calls for the gathering of all Pagan religions, and Pagan races into a Political institution led by Luciferian offspring. With false religions and their philosophies, and Christianity, and the white Christian people and nations are their target. Now; don’t think for a moment that there is no difference in them and in you, because the spiritual capacities of your race gives unto you the highest intelligence level of the world, and because the spirit of Yahweh gives you more know-how than any race on the face of the earth. You are the ‘have’ nations of the earth...they of the Beast System are the ‘have nots.’ Why? Because, God’s blessing and adaptation to any environment is dependent upon vision, and initiative, which God says I give to My sons and daughters, not the darkness.

Do not forget that Lucifer built up the sums of his wisdom and cunning in the days of his revolt. Remember also that a strange and peculiar affinity which he has is to try to control men by what he considers to be the standards of riches. Gold, Silver, Jewel’s, and money.

The Scriptures warn us that in this climatic struggle at the end of this age, the battle of attempted manipulation of the economy would be the way to crush a people, who you cannot get to accept their pagan religion and philosophies, or who you cannot get to approve the policies by which a revolution against the standards of righteousness are complete. So you gain control of their economies, and they you withdraw from them the right to purchase food, housing, clothing, and to pass this over to a dictatorship which is completely captive to the forces of Antichrist. Am I a pacifist? Am I against war? No, my friends, I am not, I am just against DEFEAT. Do I think that we should make Peace quickly with the Viet Cong? No, I do not. I think we should make demands on the Viet Cong, and if they don’t meet those demands then destroy them utterly.

Even tonight we are told that 63 of our flyers were shot down by Russian missals and shrapnel, and are captives of the Viet Cong. That these stupid gooks’s that we are fighting don’t know that we are in a war because we haven’t declared it, as these men are war criminals and they committed a crime following the orders of our Military which are under civilian control. So they are going to try our American pilot’s as criminals and execute them. Remember, when we let the Jew’s pull this same silly stunt before. When we let them try German soldiers for serving their nation and I said at that time....someday this is going to boomerang, for this is a program of the Devil, for soldiers are not to be tried for serving their country and that is especially true when most of the solicitor general’s and others who prepared those war crimes programs lied and perjured and bought and paid for perjured testimony.

Like the Katyn Forest Massacre, where some of the German power and some of it’s officers were sentenced under the lying preparation of Jew solicitors in your Military Service. The Russian Jew’s were the ones who had shot down these Pole’s in their own graves after they had surrendered. And the Secret Service of this country discovered that the Russians were the ones who ordered this Massacre, because they knew that the Pole’s would resist the Russians just like they had the German’s. But here we had the Russian’s liquidating their resistance as they figured on moving into this country. But we let them execute German Officers for this crime which they did not do. And President Eisenhower was in command when the Secret Service came to him and said.... ‘these men are not guilty.’

Well, this would had thrown a question on all the war crimes because the same liars had prepared the whole thing. So, President Eisenhower said... ‘it is better that these men die than to disturb the good relations between this country and Russia, anyway they must have done something bad.’

Now, Mr. Eisenhower knew that all war was hell, for we also bombed civilians just like they did, for remember the cities of Europe under the bombing attacks. It is most unfortunate when men of a similar background and of the same race and faith fight one another for the amassanation of the Beast.

But when our nation is in war there is only on thing to it. But when it comes to seeing men executed for something they didn’t do then that is something else again. And all who were a part of that are guilty of murder tonight. So when we murdered patriot’s after they were captured, and after the war was over, I said at that time that this will boom-a-rang and this seed sowed will someday be coming home to roost. And it has, for, tonight violence under the command of our military doing what we told them to do is causing our men to be tried as war criminals and sentenced to death.

It is time we told the Beast that we have had enough. We should give them 24 hours to deliver every last one of these pilots back across our line or else we will destroy Hanoi tomorrow morning.

Now; I am going to hear an idiot say....well that would not be Christian. Well, you don’t know Christ. You just remember that He came in His great pattern of mercy to hang on a Tree, to pay for an atonement, and to take a guilt complex off of you and to give you Life.

The next time you see Him...King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s, in His glistening armor, saying the King is a man of war, to make war on the Darkness and the enemies of His civilization, and there will be no mercy at the point of that Sword, and blood will flow to the horses bits. The world has had it’s chance to bow a knee, next time it will bow it’s knee to a Sword. And I tell you that is the Will of Yahweh.

I can show you in the Book of Luke and how Yahshua said concerning how He would handle the opposition of these evil Priests, as it was in the days of the Prophet Elijah. He said, ‘you just bring my enemies that say I shall not reign over them and slay them before me.’ That’s in the Gospel of Luke.

Let me tell you that we are being badgered by the powers of Anti-Christ, and we have watched in the last century the infiltration coming to a climax in the last 45 years, and of the design of the anti-Christ to gain a stranglehold on our economy. The Beast System is made up of all non-spirit people. And when I say this I mean that you Aryan’s are Adamites and of the Spirit of the Living Yahweh. Today the leaders of the Luciferian strategy are the members of his family that Yahshua identified. And as such they boast of their peculiar affinity to all areas of things financial. You know who manipulates the wars and seeks to pit the white nations against the white nations. Or would hurl you against the political power it created and financed, in order to keep you in battle against it. You know the organized world Jewry is controlling the world’s banking systems of the earth. Do I believe in banks? Yes my friends, I believe in little independent banks, ran by private citizens and not International combines. Little private enterprise banks working for and with the people. I believe in U.S. Banks that are responsible to Congress and operating on an interest free basis which is Constitutional, and I think there should be $1.00 in circulation for every $1.00 worth of goods there is to buy. I think a nation that can create so much should be a nation of plenty and not a nation of scarcity, but not by taxes or by gold or by confiscation of your property of redistribution of the shock troops of the revolution.

The Beast System tonight is made up of the world, socialist, communist, planned offensive, aimed at a World Government and a World Society governed by an elite core that will rule the world under this policy of anti-Christ. It will be eventually and completely Jewish dominated, and in the study of these so called intellectuals whose minds they have captured, they will be placed in positions of authority and will only be as puppets and tools as I consider the President and many of his Cabinet tonight.

We are not against the President of the U.S. because of his war against the Communist. We back him all the way in this. If there is any area that we oppose him in it is when he forbids the use of power for the final strike. Or when he embraces a world government, built on the socialist plan with its mechanical, satanical steel and stone cities, land and crops, and to be a resident you will be appointed to the place you will live and work in this dictatorial world, and its pattern of cities under the control of the anti-Christ.

And whether he knows it or not, or those around him, this program of Urban Renewal Planning and the whole home city planning program is nothing but the massive plan of the anti-Christ controlling with Federal police and world police and all kinds of socialist policies. The lives of all the people each assigned to these areas, inside these communities. This takes away your independence and it takes away your freedom, and it takes away your property.

They say yes...but....then there is too many in this society and we have to do this to make sure we get enough to eat. Well, they are trying to scare us now into surrendering, by telling us that because of modern technology and the pattern of the machine that we as individuals must be harnessed to this plan, and we must find a way to distribute all things created by the machine, and it all has to be done by government, and no individual must be able to own anything...for everybody owns the machine. Well this adds up to Communism and Socialism and you the slave. This program of the anti-Christ is quite clear, the Beast System is made up of non-white people under Jewish leadership and Communist policies, of politics, and a false religion.

I read these words:......

“I saw people who worshiped the dragon and gave power to the beast, and they said, who is like the beast, who can make war with him and with his world government and world institutions, its the most expansive world government and with power. Who can resist it?”

Now the power of the False Prophet of the Luciferian household, this false religion raised up the last of the prophetic false Kingdoms that Yahweh, as Yahshua, talked about. And this was when he raised up the hoards out of Asia under the leadership of Genghis Khan. And from Venice, the inner citadel of World Jewry, then used Yoh Sol Yoan, the Chinese Jewish advisor, and his messenger back and forth to direct and supply the needs of Genghis Kahn for his conquest in an effort to take over the world...and especially Christian civilization. That was the pattern of these men of World Jewry with their millions, and this conqueror, Genghis Khan, was their tool.

Well the hand of Yahweh stepped in at the gates of Vienna and the hoardes of Asia stopped. They had swarmed over Bagdad and other cities and forced the gates of the Caucasans and around the area of the Sythians, and then as they had come out of the east they had swept over the Turko-men and added them to their hoards, and thus Turko-Mongols rode over the Steppes and were attacking the Christian cities of Europe. The Christian churches saw in this pattern the Anti-Christ, and from southern Rome, in the earliest part of the attack, Rome also cried out that the Anti-Christ and his hoards have come out of the east to attack Christendom. All the way up to the days of Martin Luther and then on up to a few centuries we heard the voices still pointing out the words... THIS IS THE ANTICHRIST. Martin Luther had said... “These hoards of Anti-Christ and the false prophet of Jewry are the enemies of Christians, and the false prophet of Jewry led these hoards to point out the places of the loot and the treasure, and these leaders point out the places the pagans storm, and they are identified by the yellow arm bands that they wear so people would know who they were.



This beast received his wound unto death. Genghis Khan died and his body was taken back to the High Steppes to the beir setup in the great city of Lasska.

Then in the coming months the leaders and descendents fought for power, but none of them had the capacity for leadership. They had taken over Russia, and areas of the Caucausans and had made their great invasions clear up the the days of Martin Luther’s time. At that time the Knight’s of Germany and the Knight’s of Britain as well as others from one end of Europe to another, and even a lessening of the war between Rome and Luther led to the coming of Knight’s from Italy and Spain, so that all Christendom might lick the Anti-Christ at that time. Then the death of Genghis Kahn resulted and the Knighthood of Christendom, with the help of Yahweh, broke the Beast at that time.

World Jewry, losing itself in identity, set about to gain total control of the economic life of the nations. Thus Satan’s children, the first Beast gave power to the second, and went to work again. They moved into the areas of financial aptitude, they waged war on Christendom by joining itself to the church and thus to change it’s doctrines.

Now; I recommend that every Christian go the Library and get the book “Marranos” by “Rawahs”, published by the American Jewish publication society. This is the JEWS own story of how they penetrated christianity to destroy it, to gain control of it’s finance and to get into it’s treasuries and to get themselves accepted so that they could enslave your race. The Negroes? They were brought over here and sold as slaves. The Jew’s were at the head of that trade and they boast about it in their book... “Morranos.” These people are not emancipators, they mearly use people for their own evil purposes.

I think that this would be a fair settlement of the Negro question. I think every Negro should be subsidized and relocated back in Nigeria or somewhere in Africa. I believe that if they have attained any area of statis that guarantees them equality, then the greatest contribution that these people could make should be to their own people. That ability should be used to build and create a civilization and a culture that could be identified with them under the progress of their instruction, and if they have obtained the statis of equality, then it should be demonstrated in a new thriving society in Africa which they can claim as their own. Some wouldn’t go??? Well thats possible because the Jew’s have trouble with that idea also. They talked and talked about a national homeland in Palestine, then after the mistake of Mr. Truman and the creation of Israeli by the U.N., we find that most of the Jew’s don’t want to go there afterall, more Jew’s are in the U.S. than in all the rest of the world put together.

By the way.... did you know that the Jew’s were fighting the Assyrian’s for 3 hours today? Did you know that when we gave you the measures of the Jew War, and the Mid-east situation, that we told you that there would be a big holocaust moving in and to watch in June and October? The Jew’s are about to invade a part of Jordan, and that is their plan. I pray that we have leadership that will not send one American boy over there to protect the Jew’s. If the Arab’s devour them (the Jews’) they have asked for it, and they have earned it. (I point out here that they did jump in and on June 10, 1967., the Israeli’s took all the land of Jordan west of the Jordan River, that includes the part of Jerusalem with the Moslem Shrine... the Dome. Em)

I’ll point out to you then the way world Jewry designed to gain and to control all your ways of life. When Karl Marx, the son of a Jewish Rabbi, wrote his books, advocating the annulment of private ownership in capital and land, a company was formed and the Rothschilds and the Warburgs and all the powerful banking enterprise systems was in the United States and all of them put up the money which would make the overthrow of the Czar of Russia possible in the Red Revolution. Of course you know that the Czar of Russia was a white man related to the Throne of England, and the Warburg banks and the Jew banks of the financial institutions of Germany helped finance the building of the Bolshevic power. The Warburgs were also responsible for financial influence that created the Civil War.

So in the days after the take-over of Russia by the Jewish led Communist control that we saw grow, and as it spawned the fulfillment of the Prophecy...of the first Beast gave power to the second Beast to rise and move. Thus World Communism gave back to the racial hoards of Asia the power of the Beast, and world Jewry financed this rise and gave the financial power for this short reign of the Beast. (Is this not also Rev.16., and the gathering of the U.N. and the second coming of Gog and Magog, Genghis Kahn the first??? Em.)

The Kingdom of Lucifer has no spirit of God and is now embodied in earth as its lowest symbolism, it’s spirit is the spirit of Darkness, it’s soul is the consciousness of the forces of evil, it’s humanism is at the level of it’s number...666...sick, sick, sick. Spirit, soul and body. We are told in this latter day that the spread of this political system of the Beast shall try to take over the whole earth. (Before it had only tried to take over certain parts of the world, but this time the U.S. is here to be tried. So now the Beast has the Anti-Christ forces of Jewry which used all the power of the first beast, and now it tried to get people to start worshiping a social order, and it gives all strength to that Beast social order, only this time it leads it. So we are told that all power is given to the image of the Beast in our day. The image of the Beast is to speak and cause many that would not worship the beast, to be killed.

Some of you may not see this image of the Beast. When I was a little boy there were lots of evangelist’s that thought that Rome was going to be the headquarters of the Anti-Christ. They thought a big statute was going to be raised up some where down there in Rome and everyone was going to have to bow down to it. I tell you that the irresponsibility that occurs in various parts of the earth among those in christendom, and I disagree with areas of the doctrine of Rome, still one recognized that Yahshua is The Christ and bears testimony to His Virgin birth and to His Deity, so Rome is not the Anti-Christ Beast system. The invasion of that church and also of those in Protestintism by Jewry to condemn it’s doctrine is admitted by their documents, and in the area where false doctrine does exist, Jewry brought it in by using Baalism as it’s foundation. The Beast today not only makes war against the Kingdom but he is trying to sell you by mass control on ideas of the program of the Beast.

If you are going outside and looking for a great statute of the Beast then you are looking for the wrong thing. Go back in the house and see that a great big eye is looking at you, turn it on and here is the image of the world, the image of the Beast. And the image comes in and tries to sell you the ideas of the world. Then when the image of the Beast comes in and you don’t buy what he has to sell because of your Christian faith, and your knowledge of prophecy points out it’s areas of errors, but as you listen to the news and also read your papers, and can point out it’s errors, then you are in revolt against his system. That makes you a ‘right winger’ and the more you know the faster you become a right winger.

Understand this tonight. America has a right wing and a left wing. We used to have a Republican and a Democratic Party, but tonight these two parties are captives, and we just have a right wing and a left wing. You might think that there is a middle of the road group but they don’t count. God spit them out and so do we. Middle of the roaders don’t do anything. The reason they never do anything is because they haven’t the courage of their convictions, or else they don’t have any convictions, for they have already been defused by liquor, or have sold out to lust, or fear, and these have kept them silent. I have more respect tonight for my enemy than I do for these people who are neutralized in the middle of the road. At least I know where my enemy stands, and I know what he will do. If you think that you can get out there and change them then your last chance is now. They better renew the first works of their ancestors, and they better find their responsibilities in the Kingdom of the Household of God. Soon....testing time like the crucible will come. Like gold tried in the fire, like steel as a brilliant ray will survive.

Therefore Power was given to the image of the Beast to make it talk, and the miracle of the talking Beast is in our home, and all over the world they listen to it talk. I am not saying you cannot turn on your T.V., I am just saying you shouldn’t bow down to it and worship it’s propaganda’s that feeds back from all over the world. I am going to tell you what you are going to see on there one of these days that they won’t be able to stop. There is going to come one big flash in every picture tube in the whole world, and no amount of turning the dial is going to turn it off because the master electrician of all is going to lock in a picture of the returning King of Kings that will blot out all other pictures, and it will send the Beast System scurring for the rocks.


Waves and waves of the majestic ships coming thru the sky. The battle wagons of Michael, wave on wave of them shimmering with radiancy upon their metal hull’s. Great blazing emblems of Yahweh, King of Kings, coming in on the Flagships from outer space. It will be seen on every Television set and for every eye to see it no matter what part of the earth you are in. Every eye shall see. That wasn’t even possible until this generation, and the Television came along with space sattelites for relay.

Yes; throughout the world if you get out of step with this voice and program of the Anti-Christ, they will find a way to liquidate you or send you to the salt mines or destroy you. And this greatest nation of God’s Kingdom is challenged to resist and break this power. So therefore, He caused all both small and great, rich and poor to receive the mark in their right hand and in their forehead. So men could not buy or sell except they had the mark of the name or the number of the name in their hand or forehead. Or except they had been brainwashed to accept it and used their hand to carry out it’s suggestions.

This greatest Nation of God’s Kingdom is challenged to resist and break this power. Therefore He caused all both small and great, rich and poor to receive the Mark in their right hand and in their forehead. So He extended His program so that men could not buy or sell except they had the Mark of the name or the number of the name in their hand or forehead, or except they had been brain-washed to accept it and used their hand to carry out its suggestions.

You may think that we are still free here in the U.S., but then what about President Johnson getting up in front of Congress in his State of the Union Address and say..... ‘I am going to get the Congress to pass a law that abolishes all the right to work laws over the U.S., so we can have a uniform law all over this country.’ And yet there are 27 states that still have their right to work laws which say that you don’t have to join a union to work. But he said, ‘I want an overthrow of all the right to work laws.’ Now; what does that sound like to you? In the union there are many guys that look just like you and they are the shennagians of the enemy. Behind them is the master control of the Anti-Christ. Look at what Labor has accomplished, a lot of things, and we don’t mean to be-little the necessity of labor to manufacture goods, but Labor without management and technology and instructions would go nowwhere. American institutions do not need union-ism, they need the Law of The Christ. Am I anti-union? No, i’m not anti-union, but I am tired of the Sidney Hillmans we had to clear within the past. I am tired of the influence of Organized World Jewry. I am tired of the Communist’s Walter Reuther and Harry Bridges. I am tired of those who threaten to tie up our transportation or choke off our war industries in a time of emergencies. I also know that counting out their social objectives of their propaganda line that they support, they would also destroy your liberties, and even eventually your right to own property. For this is their socialist program.

We outlined last week the policies of Karl Marx and his revolution philosophies.


The Income Tax....the taking over of communications, the confiscation of private property, the taking over our sources of natural resources. We named this route, and you are going this route. This a great Nation of God’s Kingdom...are not...however, going all the way because we are to cut off the head of the Beast, in America.


Each President comes along and has a little more Hypnotic influence. Roosevelt had a golden voice. He said.. ‘My Friends’... and then people swooned before him, and he was far to the left, but he was far to the right as compared to where we have gone today. I don’t know what sold them on socialism under Harry Truman, as I never could see anything he had. Unless...some people had such a superiority complex because they had so little in the White House. But behind the machine that ran him was something else. The Harry Truman Administration was one of control. When we were at war with Anti-Christ, and when turning decisions over to the Military General’s would have won a great victory in Korea, and smashed Red China, when we could have used the forces of South Korea and Chiang Kai Sheck together with American Army forces and smashed Communism in China....what did we do? Defeatism reigned in the High Offices, and he fired General Douglas McArthur. Now I don’t care whether you liked Douglas McArthur or not, but you could sure like the results he produced. He will go down in history with the other great military geniuses of our day like General’s Patton, Rommel, Robert E. Lee, and others.

So I have pointed out to you that in this strategy and design they not only have been working to gain control of the economy, butr also of your... right to work. If they can deny you the right to work, unless you pay tribute, and come completely under their program, then, my friends, they can discard, or remove, or lay-off anyone who does not agree with the administration...or the Anti-Christ, or anyone who does not put his mind to proclaim their work, or contribute to its policies, or set his hand to accomplish their purpose.

The enemy robbed you of your gold. It took you off the standard of your money at the gold level, that was fixed way back in the days of your first constitutional convention when the Right of Congress to establish the coinage and then issue, later, currency that you could redeem in this coinage anytime you want to, and it gave you money to use in these United States. But the Anti-Christ must control the money and take it away from you so that you are dependent upon him or he cannot starve you to death.

So...they took our gold and then hauled it to Switzerland, and then on to Tel Aviv, and in the last few months of 1965., they took away your silver and are giving you coppler slugs and even dimes in 1966., that have no silver in them at all. No silver except for that little silver coating on the face of the 1/2 dollar, and that is not the standard that Congress fixed by weight. So you have been defrauded by the Beast.

American Silver Certificate’s are gone, Gold Certificate’s are gone, you have nothing in your hands but Federal Note’s...... Federal Reserve Note’s. The Honorable R. Pattman had a few things to say about the Federal Reserve and he is the most brilliant mind on banking that we have in Washington. He said:... ‘The free use of the Government Credit by Banks should only be used in the public interests. It can only be justified to this point.’

The Government can use only part of its credit to finance schools, roads, and highways. The Federal Reserve operates this program through the control of finance, and it operates without audits, without congressional supervision. The practice of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York operates 9 director’s, six of them selected and elected by the New York Bank and have acquired 40 billion’s in Bonds for 12 Federal Reserve Bank’s in that area.

Now; what do we discover here:

They have the power to extend or reject this money. We print the money and then they loan it to us at interest. So the Government prints a million dollars for public works, and you pay it in your taxes, and by the time you have paid the million... says Pattman... the Federal Reserve gets one million in interest. So, you have paid twice for every dollar you spend. You are paying to parasites who have contributed nothing, ...but, have used your money and your creative ability and printed the paper. This is what your Government should do. This is what you, the people, should do through your Government, ...issue the money you are going to use. But the Anti-Christ says:.... ‘no man will be able to buy or sell,’ and they have finally, tonight, reached the point where every bill in your pocket is a Federal Reserve Note, and you have no silver left, no gold left, and your money is gone. They said that one of these days you will not buy or sell, one of these days....unless you do business with us.

Let me point out another thing to you. In the U.S. World News headlines it reads... ‘Pushbutton Banking’, a checkless, cashless society, is coming and it is just around the corner in these United States.’ It calls for the day when you will have no money, but the Bank will run a statement of what you have earned. The Bank will run a system and you will buy with a card, and you will, when the card is put on a machine in any store, know automatically whether you have any money with which to make a purchase and every bill will be presented to the Bank for payment.... your milk bill, your electric bill, your rent and etc. It will be a highly indexed I.B.M. cared, and it will have a picture, and if you have a phone system then you can have it put in your house and you can put your card on the phone and buy or sell on it and get a statement of what you have left. So everything you buy or sell, everything you do becomes a record on a card for the Bank and for the Governemnt, and you say that ......this is just a skillful way of doing business.

Well the design of the Anti-Christ is to skillfully take away all your business ability and all of your privacy, and they have the ‘stop button’ to do it, and as certain people punch their card then a light will come on at the directory of the institution, and then if this person, for punitive reason, could be denied the right to buy or sell would be cut off because he has no money..... so therefore he must conform. You may think that this might control crime, but the thing it is really controlling is you. You want to know where crime really is? It is in the men who planned this. Crime is the whole world socialist system. Crime is in the programs of the Anti-Christ. Crime in in the mouths of many preachers and politicians who have sold us out.

Let me tell you something that you may not know. The Beast System controlls the banks. It has it’s hand in the good banks also. Do you remember when over a year ago they had you turn your Social Security card number into the bank? This, they said, was so that they could check on all the earnings you get out of interest. But I am going to tell you that before the next six months is up that your bank check number is going to be your Social Security number that you turned in. Already the calculation of numbers on the bottom of your checks is fitting an I.B.M. card in the bank.

When your Constitution was framed and when your Constitutional Congress was conviened, they ordained that there would be no taxation in these United States, and that would end with the confistication of the property of an individual, or the pricing of his freedom in jeopardy, by incarcerating him because of a tax. That transaction tax in tariff had to be collected at the point where these taxes were accured. And it wasn’t until after World War II that Income Taxes became a part of your living. Here President Johnson is already spending more money than any man before him and he is the first President to spend trillions of dollars. (Nixon then spent more, and Ford cannot hold the line either, for Congress controll’s the money spent. E.M.)

So I point out to you, therefore, the records and the harassment, and power is being created for an all powerful state, and one of the most evil designs of the communist revolution is the Income Tax. And today in this manipulated area then it is for the confistication of your property. I realize that you think that we have to pay taxes, but it’s sales tax that is legal. But the legality of the Income Tax has never been tested before the Supreme Court in any major cases as the Supreme Court never wanted to have to decide on the constitutionality of it, so they postponed all the cases when they reach them.

Mystery Babylon is not going to make an Athiest out of this Nation even though they feed everything they can to your children to make this so. But they do intimidate people when they deal with their property and threaten their wealth.

It is estimated that America will be doing it’s business pretty soon so as to avoid all this pressure and all of this involvement in cash. But the Beast system says no, we will draw all the cash and we are going to run this Federal Reserve System, their money system, through every bank and everyone doing business will have to do it their way or no business at all.

Well; we are going to rise up and defend and cleanse America. When the Cainanites leave the House of Yahweh then they will take their banks with them. One of these days you will see a bank with the Stars and Stripes flying over it. When you take the interest out of it you will be surprised at how these rascals will cut and run. For now, just watch what they put their hand to do. See what political policies they work for and how much they have bought of the promises of the Anti-Christ, and how they are depending on it for their security for tomorrow.

What is the matter with your energy, your thinking, and your thrift? What is the matter, my friends, with the structure of the family as an economic unit? What is the matter with your responsibility to your parents as they have sacrificed for you? What is the matter with the American way which has produced and created more than any other nation in the world for it’s people?

Don’t let them tell us about the Russian way, for with all of the absolute control over the people of Russia, they have never been able to put enough things together to give the people the things they need and want. The highest payed Russian worker gets $105.00 per month. I would like to think that all these people who want Soviet type unionism should be asked this ..... ‘how would you like to live on Soviet pay?’

So the Anti-Christ is gathering his hoards and he believes he is going to cause you to fall politically from within, and he plans to assualt you militarily from without. And all the socialism and communism of the New Deal, the New Frontier, and the Great Society, brought in by collectivism, and by it’s Christ-lessness, seeks to put you under a world government that even your justices on your court benches would defect. Let us pray to Yahweh to give us the courage to save ourselves.

Yes... I trust in the power of Yahweh to give us support in our battle against the hoards of the Anti-Christ. And if our silly leaders throw out our heavy weapons and we have to fight them with small arms then we are going to need the Hosts of Heaven.

Yes I warn you that the giant mergers are closing little banks and making larger banks more powerful. The Federal control over them is demonstrating a power coming into being so much greater than your freedom. The manipulators are the merchants of Babylon. Shakespear said: “the merchant of Venice who wanted his poind of flesh, don’t forget who he was.” I don’t find too many lawyers as smart as Porchia. I point out that we are in the latter days and in strange conditions, and nobody knows whether we will have peace or war tomorrow, but if it is peace then you will know it is a betrayal and that you will be in a greater war the next day. But we do know that we are living in the climax of the day.

There are many things that I could call to your attention. The areas of a dictatorship uses the political ambitions of men as puppets. They provide for them advisors who are skilled in misrepresentation. The Federal Registar of our government are filled with executive proclamations that carry the force of a law, but they are not constitutional. It requires only the making of an emergency to put them into effect.

The Los Angeles Times said on the 4th of July that the man who would be the boss of the home-front mobilization in case the Viet Nam war should esculate like the Korean war, assures us that the standby machinery is all ready...with the economy brake. So in this area you would be loosing your freedom while you would be talking about fighting for it. Wilfred Wellington who is boss of this office said that the mobilization would begin with a proclamation that now that we are moving into a higher war that the emergency is on. The President will now issue the already prepared order to freeze all prices, rent, and etc., for at least a minimum of 60 days. The State will print and issue ration cards and using the coupon plates supplied by Washington which are already in use. Food ration level will be fixed in advance to 2500 calories per day, no more and no less. When they can tell you how much food you can eat in these United States then you have lost your freedom.

Now; if such a freeze were to go on then It could only be lifted from over the State when due powers and orders were given. You could have price and rent ceiling regulations, and regulations on credit and any travel forbidden without permission and then monitoring of all communications would immediately take place. A plan for 100 billion dollars came out of the White House and Congress for a Federal plan for a housing project to meet the emergency housing for the Negroes. And there is no discrimination???

A revision of school tests to give a better image to the Negroes was another plan. Federal protection for civil rights workers and immediate arrest for any who oppose or speak out about their activities. No free speech for you...just the howling idiots. And there was more .... a repeal of the Right to Work Law of the Taft, Hartly, Right to Work Act.

Well my friends, the Congress came hom and found out that the people were beginning to boil. They went back there and didn’t bow down and at this time the repeal of the Right to Work Law of the Taft, Hartly, Act is temporarily dead. You can cry out against the conservatives and their institutions and their organizations, but it is this great rising spiritual voice of the people that has caused these political hacks and politicians to turn around a little bit.

Now the plan called for the emergency operation of the administration, if necessary, called for racial agitators and planning on the expanding of their programs for the summer. They don’t want to create such riots together with strikes of organized labor that they can call a national emergency in a war crisis. And this will boot your liberties right out the door. Remember this, that if they rise to overthrow you with violence then the judgment must be swift and stern. I point out that there are some things that are going to happen that is going to fool the planners.

You know Mr. Alsop may be a Jew but he wrote what he heard down in Watt’s. He wrote in the Saturday Evening Post after he heard these communist controlled agitators and Negreos who before have always hid behind their Jewish attorneys, say that when we strike the next time we are going to burn the White House and we are going to hang Johnson. This is what he heard them say. This, my friends, from the Negroes is not the Right Wing threatning Mr. Johnson, so he better wake up because that is the Beast System talking.

Now I do not go along with much the President does, but if Carson Blake goes on talking then I am going to write Mr. Johnson and say fight this war and we are behind you, as you fight communism.

We are not taken in with all of this. In Los Angeles last Sunday the head Bishop of the Episcopalian Church, Bishop Pike said that he didn’t believe any long in the deity of Christ or in His resurrection. Well he is a Christless Priest in a great church in the Kingdom of God. Now this was the man who could go along with bringing moral degeneration into the church, but had no stand for righteousness.

I’ll read this to you:.... “The Puritan God of your forefathers and mine is dead, said the Episcopal Bishop of the Episcopal Convention in Los Angeles this week. Belief in the God, like an old man with a beard, upon a throne in the sky is now gone.”

Then the Right Reverened Robert C. Rosh, the Bishop of the Dioscese declared this wednesday that... “I agree with Robert M. Brown of Stanford that if there is to be any kind of a recovery in the belief in God then it must be in helping the strikers in the grape pickers fight with the grape owners.” Well then.... get your grape picking hands off the church!

When the Episcopal Church with 1000 Delegates sets up a budget of 1.9 million dollars to finance the social disorder, and their revolution through the backing of the beatnic’s, the Negroes, and the civil righters, as they are called, then my friends, you know that the Beast has even gotten into the pulpit. So what do you think? I think every Episcopalian should come out and join this church or one that will take a stand for God. At least when we serve the communion here we recognize the redemption brought by THE CHRIST.

Yes, the Mark of the Beast reached out for you. We have given some warning of how it reaches out for you. Even now it is getting ready to use it’s power against those who resist. We don’t fear this power, there is one greater, and the tare’s are going to go fast in the hour of judgment. Woe unto to them who lift up their hand against my anointed ones.

So we tell you that these are some of the signs of the coming to the end of an age. The coming deliverance is ours so resist this Beast and speak out against it. Don’t bow to the Beast and don’t put your hand out to do it’s work.

God says:.... I will put a wall of fire about you and this Kingdom, and this nation, under God is destined to survive.