Mark Of Israel, 7-18-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-18-66

Before we go into out subject we want to call to your attention the False Prophet which we talked to you about the other day. We were talking about where the False Prophet would have the most effect...would be in the Church. It wouldn’t do him much good to prophecy anywhere else.

A False Prophet which would arise in the Church of Jesus Christ would be a serious thing, for he would seek to turn many away. We have cited to you that most of the False Prophet’s are heard today inside of the National Council and the World Council of Church’s. We pointed out to you that they no longer believe in the Virgin Birth or the Deity of Christ or the Blood of Atonement. Then this week they came out with the limit of Apostasy. In Geneva the W.C.C. lavished praise on Communist China. Then the Ministers under Blake came out to say that Communist China was making more progressive gains than any nation on the face of the earth. They were relieving the problems of their people and they would fight to relieve the problems of the people of the world. They apologized to Red China for our fighting the Viet Cong. Then they said....all countries were going down the road to Communism and Socialism so the sooner the world revolution is established then the better off the world would be. Since they no longer believe that Christ was the Embodiment of God, then they can move into the camp of the Communists, because they said that Communism was like a great Religion, and in their sacrifice they were pouring themselves out to save the world.

(Now, this year Nikodim of Leningrad has been elected to a seven year term as President of the W.C.C. Nikodim is a long time K.G.B. operator and he moves between his two duties as President of the W.C.C. and his K.G.B. office where he also functions as co-chairman of the Soviet African Countries....Societies of Friendship. This society channels money to terrorist groups in Africa, including Angola and countries bordering on Rhodesia. Thus the Red hand in the collection plate is a valid fact.)

Now from the U.S. came also the voice of the False Prophet within the Church for the Ministers who came to the W.C.C. meeting said they would now hold a new position on violence. They said that violence will be held to be perfectly feasible as long as that violence is carried out by Civil Rights Organizations. They said that the only way that people can be awakened is by this type of violence.

Now you never hear the Church condemning the violence of the Communists who have killed millions of Christians. So, we can well see that this organization of the False Prophet’s is openly directed by the Communist revolution and has now turned to openly advocate violence against the White Christian Nations. Thus the voice of the W.C.C. and the N.C.C. is undoubtedly the voice of Anti-Christ in the world today.

Now here is another item of interest....You will remember how the Federal Reserve told us that when they took the Silver out of our coins that it would free Silver and there would be plenty of it. Well, the Silver coins have been gathered up and the Federal Reserve Bank has spent one million dollars on smelting equipment to separate the Silver out of the coins. When the last of the Silver is removed, then the price of Silver will go from $1.29 per ounce to $3.00 per ounce. That will more than double their ill gotten gains. So the orders have gone out to all their banks to send in all Silver. We have this story, and even the Phoenix Newspaper has brought it to your attention, but not many publications bothered with this story. This is a typical Jewish trick.

As we turn to the Scriptures we then remember that they were the Word of God ...unto a Household and unto a Race. There is only one Race on the face of the earth who revere and respect the Holy Word of God. Where as we discover that in the Bible there are 66 Books of Sacred Script, and these are not all of the Sacred Books that are available to us, for in the days of Adam and of his son Seth here on earth, they were writing down their experiences and they wrote down the Commandments of God and they wrote down the patterns of their history. Then Enoch wrote 365 Scrolls which were bound into a Book and these and others made up a multitude of Scriptures for us. At one time we had 163 Books of Scripture. Now in our Bible’s we have 66 of those Books and they contain a relatively strong account of God’s dealings with man. They account for the Word of God, and this Word is directed toward a specific people. They talk about the areas of Prophecy and it gives forth His Law and the areas of their development.

This Bible was written to a people called...Israel. One of the best ways to find Israel is to look for those who had the Book from the beginning. They not only have the Book, but everywhere on the face of the earth where the white man is then you will find the Bible. Now, of course you understand that the Bible didn’t start in Africa, because there wasn’t any Books there until the white man settled there and they took their Bible’s, and other Books. Always where ever Israel moved they took their Scrolls and then their Bibles. In the areas of Asia they had their religions long before the white man, the Adamic race, was put on the earth, but their religion is a religion of Demons and the gods of Lucifer.

But this Bible was the results of the binding together of Scriptures after the Canonization of the Holy Word in the Christian age. But we discover that these Scrolls were held by Church’s long before the binding together of part of the Scriptures. In fact that when Mark was down in Egypt they had the largest collection of Scrolls at the Christian Church in Alexandria, Egypt that ever were held in one place.

So we have the Word of God and the people who have the Word of God which is.... the House of Israel. God has made many prophecies concerning the House of Israel, and the things which would come to pass. He has not only spoken to His people, but in the writings of Moses he has bestowed upon them the Law’s of God, and the patterns of their origin and the necessary instructions concerning the things He said that He would do. And He said ‘I have chosen you above all the people on the face of the earth. You are My Holy Household, You are the Children of the Living God, you are a Holy Nation.’

In the hour’s of God’s prophecies concerning His Household...Israel, then He very distinctly refers to His Race. Even back in the days of Seth then we find that Seth wrote that God said to him:..’You are My Israel’..meaning PRINCES RULING WITH ME, and He bestowed upon Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God, the pattern of the name ISRAEL.

With Enoch He said: ‘You are My Israel.’ Then with Abraham He said: ‘I will make of thee a great nation, and a company of nations shall come from thy loins.’ And Abraham believed God and he believed in the prophecies of God that his belief was as righteousness to Abraham. And the course of the Destiny of his descendants thru Isaac, and Jacob followed this course.

But in the 48th., chapter of Genesis, we find that as Jacob is getting old and he is passing on his blessings to his sons and their posterity, that Joseph brought his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh to his father Jacob. Then in verse 16., we find Jacob saying this:....“The Angel which redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads, and let my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”

Thus it was that Jacob had blessed Ephraim and Manasseh and said...let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth. And there are 3 times in this chapter where it refers to Israel as a great multitude in the midst of the earth. For God was planning to increase His Household, His Family, and they would become a great multitude of people and they would stand forever. In the Pentateuch He placed His Law’s upon His people...Israel. And the Law was given only to them, then the Law was to go out from them and out of His Zion. For, wherever God rules or reigns then that is the Zion of God, this is the dwelling place of God... His resting place. (On the 7th day He rested.) Now; Zion doesn’t have to remain in one place, for wherever the Children of Israel go, then that is where God’s Zion is. Now you could call the City of David the Zion at one time, for that is where the Law went out from, altho in the migrations of Israel then God has moved Zion very clearly with them. Though we have a lot of people looking to Palestine today and trying to see the House of Israel there, then remember that God doesn’t put Wine in old bottles. As far as Palestine is concerned then God isn’t building His Great Kingdom with a multitude of people in the midst of the earth in that little area of Old Palestine. He is building them in the great lands which are big enough to receive them.

When David was crowned King in II Samuel 17:8., God made great promises to him:...“Now therefore, so shalt thou say unto my servant David, thus saith the Lord of Hosts, I took thee from the sheep-cote, from following after the be a ruler over my people Israel: and I was with thee whithersoever thou wentest, and have cut off all thine enemies out of thy sight, and have made thee a great name and like unto you, the name of the men in the earth, they shall be as nothing compared to the Name of David...because I have called thee forth.” Then God said to David:...”I want to tell you something as you stand here in Jerusalem by your coronation throne. ...I will appoint a place for my people..Israel..and I will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more: neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them as they did before time.”

Then He says:..”I have driven thine enemies before thee..but I am going to give my people a place to dwell.” So we see that by these areas of assurance that all thru the structure of the writing of Israel that we can find these assurances and that we can find the History of Israel. We look for it in the Books of Joshua, Judges, Kings, and Chronicles, and we have much written concerning the History of Israel. And about the divisions of Israel, and about how the Ten Tribes went one way and the Two Tribes went another, and how God left Benjamin for a Light unto Judah. We learn what caused the troubles of Israel and how the unassimilatable forces moved in and surrounded Solomon and his son Rehoboam and how the Cainanites (Jew’s) of that day came to Rehoboam and advised him to deal harshly with Israel by increasing their taxes and by giving them no representation in their government. So the Ten Tribes split off and became the House of Israel.

So the wars of Judah and Israel are recorded in the Scriptures and this was the area of their downfall. But let me point out to you that under the structure of all these areas of operation that God had made many promises concerning the House of Israel. He had said concerning the House of Israel that He would continue to bless them, and He would continue to supply their needs. But, He warned them very carefully about these strange people that came into their land and were surrounding their rulers and to whom the people paid so much attention. For instance, under this area He said that as the wickedness of Judah and Benjamin became more intense that He would bring a great judgment upon the land and upon that place.

So we discover over in the Book of Jeremiah, chapter 18 & 19., The Lord God said to go out and get a vessel, and this vessel is the House of Israel, and then break this vessel. Then He says:..Behold, I will bring evil upon this place, for they have forsaken me, they have burned incense unto me, even tho they or their fathers never knew me. Nor the Kings of Judah neither. And they have filled this place with innocent blood. They have built their high places to Baal, to burn their sons with fire as offerings to Baal. Thus saith the Lord, I am going to make this city a desolate city and a hissing by every one that passeth, and they will be astonished as they see what happens to this city. I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend in the siege that shall come upon them.”

Then He said:...I shall break this people and this city, as one who breaks a potters vessel, that cannot be made whole. And I shall buty them in Tophet till there is no place to bury them, and I shall do this until this place and the inhabitants thereof are destroyed because they have burned incense unto all the hosts of Heaven, and have poured out drink offerings unto other gods.”

Now; this is what God said concerning the land of Palestine and the City of Jerusalem. No More was this the fruitful land that Israel went into when God delivered them into the land of Canaan. Now most people don’t realize it but when the Israelites went into Canaan land that it was a most fruitful and lush land. There were tremendous forests of the great giant Red Woods...2000 at that time, and the areas of fruit were tremendous. The grapes grew so high that it took 2 men to carry a bunch of grapes. The soil was so rich that things almost grew wild, and agriculture was grand. But today the same land has the soil almost gone, and gone also are the great giant Red Woods. The land has been exploited and destroyed after the people of Israel were almost gone from that land. The forests of the Red Woods were cut and the logs shipped to Rome and elsewhere, and not a tree was planted in replacement.

You couldn’t rebuild Palestine today, anymore than the Jew’s have done, for the mostpeople that the land can support today is about 3000 people. Now this is if all the land that could be watered by the Jordan River was put into cultivation. Because the Jordan River will not water any more land than will produce for about 3000 people.

Now the strange pattern that is involved is the patterns of the destruction which God brought on this land. When they turned from Him, He turned off the rain and the land turned to powder and dust, so He brought that judgment on that land. So one would say....He doesn’t put new wine into old bottles. So the sons of Luciferdrove the Israelites away and there will be a New Jerusalem and not an old one.

Now of course we know there will be a memorial down there some day...for God tells us how He is going to come and level that land of Palestine and make a fresh water Ocean out of the Dead Sea. All this will be changed at His coming. But this is not the land of Israel, for now Israel is a great multitude in the midst of the earth. And they are a great and mighty people.

In fact when all this took place in Palestine we were seeing the start of the 7 Times Judgment...God said that ‘Seven times was the Judgment He would bring on His people Israel’ and of course the time was 360 days, because that was the original year before we were speeded up by the entrance into our Solar System of the Comet tail’s. So 7 times 360 was the 2520 years of Judgment. Now; always God talks about the 7 times Judgment that would come upon His people Israel, for disobedience and for not listening to Him. Now all the people of Israel did not turn away from Him but their leaders did often, because of the same people who are coming into our land today and those who say.....Christ was just a good man, so we will keep all religions.

Today thru the N.C.C. and the W.C.C., and different organizations then they are attempting to do the same thing as was done in Ancient times as they led Israel astray. So the patterns of Judgment were to fall. And we can follow that pattern of Judgment, for when the Tribes were battling in those Ancient days...Manasseh was one of the first to fall. In fact, it was in 745 B.C., when Manasseh fell and it was 2520 years later in July 4, 1776 when Manasseh came out of his captivity. For this was a Mark of Israel and this was the birth of this great nation as well. And of course many of the other great nations were formed after this. The British Empire was formed into her Commonwealth of Nations in 1782. So we are one of the first to be reborn as such.

Now in the Book of Esdras in the areas of this situation it shows us some interesting things, under this area it describes the development that was to take place. And under Sennacherib and Shalmaneser these things took place. “Behold, the day shall come, and here it is establishing this most clearly:.....“These are the ten tribes which were carried away prisoner from their own land in the time of Hosea the King, whom Shalmaneser the King of Assyria led away captive and carried them over the waters and they came into another land. And they took council among themselves that they would leave the multitude of the heathen and go forth into another country, where never had mankind dwelt before. So that they might keep their statutes which they had not kept in their own land. And so Shalamaneser said, these people should not be held captive by us, for they are a great and wondrous people. So as they entered the narrow passages of the Euphrates River the Most High showed them signs, and He held back the flood stage of the River that spring until they had passed over into the land of Europe.” Now; the Book of Esdras tells you this, so we find where the Ten Tribes moves out of captivity in their journey to the West. And this was only one area of their dispersement from the land of Palestine.

Now; they were not to go back to Palestine, altho some of Judah and Benjamin were to go back after their captivity in Babylon. But when Judah and Benjamin went back to try to rebuilt Jerusalem then they found the forces of evil were there and finally by the time of Christ, true Judah and Benjamin were very oppressed, and then finally they had to get out of Judea. They only tarried to fulfill the Prophecy of that Era.

Then in 66-70 A.D., the Prophecy of the eating of their own children in the siege was fulfilled. But Benjamin and True Judah had received permission from Rome to migrate from Palestine and they went to Eastern Europe and into their appointed places.

So we have the areas of History as Mark’s the House of Israel. We find that God made a great and mighty promise to His people Israel as He spoke of what He was going to do. For He said that He was going to plant them in a new land. He was talking about this great nation in the Western Hemisphere, and about what we have here in this great Hemisphere. In fact, God had planned to plant Israel here from the beginning because this land is “the land divided by rivers.” So much of this land is divided by rivers that many boundaries of the States are by rivers, and He spake out and He said:...He was going to do these things. In fact He had been preparing these things for a long time...for Israel is the Holy Seed. Israel is the offspring of the Most High. In fact, when in the days of Peleg He divided the earth according to the patterns He had for Israel. Then in the days of Noah and his sons, when they moved out, they were dividing the earth according to the numbers of the children of Israel. So we discover that God was planning His great and mighty purpose. Now in the declarations of the Most High we then discover that He says:...I will open up the mighty rivers in the high ground and in the valleys will be the fountains, and the springs, as well as the artesian wells. I will make the wilderness to contain pools of spring water. And I will plant in the wilderness the Cedar Tree, the Myrtle Tree, and the Oil Tree; and I will set in the desert the Fir Tree, the Pine Tree, and the Box Tree. I will give them mighty forests in this land and they are to dwell in this land.

Did you ever stop to realize that in these United States, when our forefathers came over here, that this land contained tremendous amounts of forests? And they as the settlers pushed Westward they came to the great middle plains, and then over the mountains with more forests and on the West Coast is that area where God had planted the great forests, 100 miles wide from California up through Oregon and Washington into Canada. This is a great pattern of mighty forests planted for His...Israel.

I want to point out something to you, as He prepared this land for you. He said: I’m going to plant the Cedar tree and the Oil tree, the Myrtle wood tree, the Fir tree, and the Pine tree, and the Box tree, then we remember that the Myrtle tree grew in Palestine when the children of Israel first entered into that lush land. At that time it was sort of like the Wild Olive Tree (a brier) but here in this new land....God said; I shall plant the Myrtle wood Tree in this great forest belt and I shall plant the tremendous Manifestation...the Myrtle wood Tree...and it shall be for the Glory of the Lord.

Now in the Book of Isaiah, we can turn to the proclamations of the Most High in chapter 55:12-13. “For ye shall come and go with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and the trees of the field shall clap their hands because I have given My people a place to dwell. I have given them a land and a continent, and instead of a thorn shall come up the fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree. And it shall be, this myrtle wood tree to the Lord for a name, for an everlasting sign that Israel is not cut off.

Now God didn’t say that we are to go down to that little country of Israeli to dwell, when the land is washed away. But in this land which God has prepared for His people then there He planted the Myrtle wood tree, and the only place in the world it grows is in that forest belt on our coast and in Southwest Oregon. The great and mighty Redwood grows in these Western forests as well. These are also a sign, the glories of the Cedar’s of Lebanon. So we have the great Cedars, and in Washington state the Cedars in the Pennissula alone out number the size by twice of the place that the Ancient Cedars of Lebanon grew.

So we in this country find that God has blessed this land with all blessings as He says: “For My Glory I will give you an everlasting sign. Not only will I plant the giant Redwoods, but I will plant the Myrtle wood trees for a sign that Israel is not cut off.”

Isaiah 60:13...”The Glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box tree together to make the place of My Feet Glorious.”

Now; have you noticed how the Jew’s of Lebanon want to put on quite a show? They want to plant a great forest in Palestine. In fact they say they are going to plant the giant forest again in Lebanon. They did plant 5000 tree’s in honor of President Kennedy, then Earl Warrenwent over there to dedicate this Kennedy forest, but as of now they are just a lot of little scrub trees and they have to get a lot of water to them or they aren’t going to make it. But this is not the plan of God, this is men playing around. Our giant trees had to be planted 4 or 5 thousand years ago to be the size they are now. So He planted them long ago in the place..WHERE HIS FEET SHALL TROD, AND THEY SHALL BE GLORIOUS.

There is no question of the pattern of God’s Marks of Israel. For He says...’I put my Spirit in them and in the hour that I come manifested as Messiah, the Prince, I shall redeem My people. I shall make an atonement that shall restore them back unto me. And my people shall also know after this atonement that I am going to put My Spirit back in their hearts. I am going to give them a heart of flesh, not a heart of stone. They are going to seek me. They are going to be guided by Me, then My Spirit is going to come back to stimulate their minds and regenerate their hearts.”

So Peter, after the Ascension, got up and he said: “Ye men of Israel, this is what is spoken of by the prophet Joel. Which was also talked about the outpouring of God’s Spirit in the former rain and the latter rain.”

Then when Paul wrote his Epistles to all the scattered of the children of Israel through out the lands of Europe and so forth...remember, he wrote the Book of Hebrews to all Israel. When he wrote then he said:..This is the thing spoken of by the Prophet Joel, this is the outpouring, the new covenant. The outpouringof His Spirit on His sons and daughters. In the 31st., chapter of Jeremiah it is reiterated again here in the Book of Hebrews, as he tells how they have accepted Christ, and how this is the fulfillment of the prophecies to Israel. So Israel is to be a Christian Nations, and throughout the Western world there are the Christian nations. Now they are trying to tell us that this belief in our Christ is outmoded, but don’t believe it.

In Phoenix, Arizona this year the Jew’s didn’t want the name of Jesus used at the graduation exercises. They said they were insulted by prayers with the name of Jesus in them. So the Supt. Of schools said:...well, we will just not have any prayers because we don’t want to insult the Jew’s. Well the girl who was to give the Benediction said:...If I can’t give the Benediction in the name of My Lord, then I won’t give the Benediction. Then the parents began to back the girl and they said to this School Supt:...if we have no prayers then we just won’t have any graduation. So some powerful people on Israel’s side stood up and the Superintendent backed down.

This just goes to show that Israel may be asleep and she is easily influenced, but don’t tell her she can’t do something like pray in the name of Jesus the Christ, and you have them stirred up. This woke up Arizona and they found out who didn’t like the name of Jesus, and if they would wake up a little more then they would know these people were also Anti-Christ. If the Jew’s don’t like to hear the name of Jesus then let them put their fingers in their ears. So everything went on as scheduled and when they dismissed the crowd they dismissed them in the name of Jesus the Christ .... our Lord.

Why? Because.....”My name is not going to disappear out of thy mouth or out of the mouth of thy seeds seed, for a thousand generations.” Because God has bestowed upon the earth a people, who are His sons and daughters from on high, and called them His Princes ruling in the earth. He called them “My Israel”. And strangely enough we don’t have to look very far to find these people. For God said He would make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Now I do not see any covenant made with a people such as the Jew’s who do not recognize Yahweh thy Yahshua.

Ben Gourion was a Zend-Buddist, and they are now saying that there are more Buddhist’s in Palestine the followers of Judaism, so we are discovering that these are a people of many gods as well as of many colors.

The thought that Israel is a people of many colors is a fantasy. “For out of Isaac shall thy seed be called”...these were the words of the Most High. And God not only reiterated His covenant with Isaac and Jacob, but these people will be one people and in the image of the Most High God. And the Most High God most definitely was identified with the white race because He, as their father, brought forth this race in His own image. There is no question of the fact that the Elohim which He spoke of as He brought forth the Adamic race, is the white race of today.

Now a lot of peculiar concepts have been interdispersed that says that we were a white race until we got down to Noah, then Noah had three sons and one of the became an Asiatic and one became a Negro, and one stayed white. Well, that is a biological impossibility, because ‘Kind begats kind.’

There was some absorption of the Jacob seed in the areas of Asia and Africa. Those some did remain white and some in that area came into the areas where the House of Israel is to be found. But some of Jacob were absorbed. The House of Ham became absorbed to a great extent. Nimrod was a white man, but many of his offspring were not. However, the House of Shem never became absorbed, but they are trying to absorb it today.

So the white race has moved forth. It is clearly established, altho the Anthropologist’s tell us today that there is no pure race. There has been going back generation after generation in our race, people who would totally reject the idea of marrying out of their race, and be against any of their race doing that. The best sign that God still rules and moves to preserve the identity of His people is the concept that is born inside a true white man that he doesn’t want his seed mixed with other races. So God made His covenants with His people...Israel. He has put His Spirit in their hearts, He has redeemed them and He had declared that He is their Yahweh.

So we have the elements of the Mark’s of Israel when this race moved out in their migrations. As they set their colonies in the earth, and we see that they were still white men. And you do not mix the races or you have troubles. God makes it quite clear that the Mark of Israel will be nature and by response.

He also makes it clear that here in our country under the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, is a gathering of some of all Israel. No wonder we say as we pledge allegiance:..”One nation under God.” No wonder as we sing we then come to the words..”Great God our King.” by that we are acknowledging the absolute Potentate, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which is Jesus the Christ. So by no stretch of the imagination can the Jew’s be the House of Israel. One of these days God will take the tares out and there won’t be anything to bother us.

So we are in the hour for God to call and for His people to come out of their sleep. One of these days the people even in the denominations are going to quit listening to the voice of the False Prophets coming out of the W.C.C. and out of the N.C.C. and then they will hear the voice saying....”come out”...and you will see the greatest coming out of this false theology that you ever dreamed of seeing.

So this area of the time of Jacob’s Trouble is again, because we allowed the unassimilatable people to come into our country, and to change our thinking. But God has told us that we will awaken and rise up and destroy the forces of Darkness and these forces of Evil. (These forces of darkness and of evil are two distinct things from the same force.)

So we are still in this great and vast land that Yahweh has prepared for us, and we are in a land overflowing with blessings. Even tho we may face a food famine in the areas where we have bestowed our blessings on our enemy. Still we are in a land blessed above all other people and we can say:...”Blessed is the nation who’s God is our Yahweh.”

In fact in Psalm 33., we discover the proclamation of the Nation whose God is the Lord.


Verse 12: Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.

Now back up to verse 9:...For He spake and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

Verse 10:..The Lord bringeth the counsel of the heathen to naught: He maketh the devise of the people of no effect.”

Verse 11:..But the council of Yahweh standeth for ever, and the thoughts of His heart, to generation after generation.

Verse 12:..Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.

Verse 13:..The Lord looketh from Heaven, and He beholdeth all of His sons, and the sons of men.

So we can well say...Blessed is the Nation whose God is Yahweh, Thy Yahshua. (End of this message)