Measures From The Heavens, 1-5-69


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-5-69

Tonight as we turn to some of the measures of this year we discover of course that this is to be a very eventful year from its beginning. We said here last Sunday night that the signs in the heavens were meant to be read, or they never would have been placed there. In the days when Enoch was inspired with patterns of revelations, he was taken into the heavens, and he was there shown the 'Gospel of the Heavens' called the "Gospel of the sky", and he was shown the signs of the Zodiac and the houses of the sun and the moon, and the movement of the Planets, showing their various orbits and how they squared and opposed and the measures which were given to him; this knowledge given to him to know he wrote down as it was called:--"The Gospel of the heavens"--he thus interpreted the measures and the signs, and some of these are disclosed in the books he wrote:--"The mysteries of Enoch" and the "Secrets of Enoch" each contained some of this knowledge.

Seth, another of the original Magi was instructed with some of this knowledge, in fact given much instructions in this matter.

The Gospel message of the Stars not only covered much of the world, but every single type of concept. The scripture says in the 19th Psalm Vs.4---"Their line is gone out through the earth, and their words to the ends of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun" In the F.F. version it is still the story of the Zodiac:---"There is no speech or tongue, where their voice is not heard. To all lands they bring hope, the whole world hears their speech". There is thus no question about the fact that the wisdom and science of Astro-physics, and the patterns of the Universe were well understood. In fact every sign of the Zodiac is the same in every language, in every country except in a few places where Satanic Worship under Buddhism, and Hinduism has perverted the sign with some measure of their own. However the fact of the creation of the measures, and the checking of them are still accurate, this we discover, more than that the accuracy with which they can be read, and the areas in which they can be measured will come out in the areas of consultation--because every Adamic man is 153 measures short of Completion in his own birth quality.

Remember that each man is carried in the womb of his mother for 9 months. Leaving 3 months of the year lacking in his life, for the fullness of the balance of the whole vibration of the Cosmos, and all the energies of the planets, from all the suns, and moons, and all the cosmic patterns that move out of space---all are missing that much in each man. But Christ is the Completer, and Christ alone can set aside the 'Law of sin and death'.

Now: it was called the "Law of sin and Death" because the law--uncompleted left man totally unprotected from the force, the violence and the intrigue of the world.

Now; we want to point out to you that it tells you in the book of Romans that a man is set free from 'The law of sin and death', by The Christ, and thus Christ being the Completer was given the number of 153, and he identified himself with this number, as well as the placing of this number in the Pyramid, the capstone of the Pyramid, where as 153 is the displacement figure for that capstone. Of course the embodiment of God as the man Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of that Capstone, and this was known in all Mystery schools of your race. This was not only known by ancient Masonic tradition, and the masters of the Rose Cross back in the days of Enoch and Job when they set up the two pillars of wisdom in the city of On, in ancient Egypt; erected there also the Sphinx and the Pyramid and established for all times the records, the patterns which they were inspired to do. And of course form that time the Mystery School of your race have carried forward this measure of wisdom, and have continued to set them in line.

Remember how Christ told his disciples to cast their net down on the other side of the ship, and as they pulled in their net they counted 153 fish? You identify yourself also with that number of 153, and of course that 153 factor was known in the Blue Lodge of ancient masonry as the displacement factor that the MOST HIGH GOOD would fill in every man, and in the background of Astro Physics as taught by the patterns of ancient Masonry--Christ the Completer--this embodiment of God--His spirit as Completer would fill the void, would take man out of the natural reaction and give him the superiority that belongs to a full completed, endowed Son.

Therefore this was the ancient wisdom teaching of Israel as well, that is the true House of Israel from which today all the white race come,--under these patterns again we see that these were not just a few things that soothsayers or fraudulent workers of your day have drawn up, but measures and patterns that have been following a course. We can go back over the course of history and whether we look at wars or depressions, or beneficial moves, or any of these situations, these sayings will have met their conditions from the birth date of any individual who was involved---the actual date of battles, or troubles or victories, and you go back and you find it follows an exact conclusive coordination with the measures, and where they have moved, and the LORD GOD says he does nothing--In the book of Enoch he says he does not permit the course of men or of nations to more except he recorded and permitted it by the measures of the Stars. Thus again we see the whole course of Human conduct is restrained and restricted until measures are completed, then permitted to move ahead.

So again as we turn to look at the measures of the heavens we can say today that some of our greatest computers---as they are loaded up with information--those doing this turn and consult Astral-Physicist for measures and positions. Today these computers are even used by people who are studying the Seismograph of the world who are trying to compute in their patterns of geology, the dangers of earthquakes and their patterns. Now they are taking into consideration---where is the location of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, and the heavier patterns of the solar system, where as---where is the sun today, and the moon at the time of the earthquakes. Those at the computers have been setting this up, and they have come back to agree that Astral-Physics is a vital factor.

People have become so materialistic, and site that these things don't count, but actually my friends the powers of the Universe, their vibrations, their cosmic influences upon the surface of the earth demonstrate that spiritual forces sometimes are forces that cannot be measured as materialistic but are permissible and have established very well the coordination of these events. They can tell you today---these geologists who want to set aside mistakes---will tell you by the measures of the heavens where earthquakes will come, when they will come, and if they will come, and very seldom do they come unless they hit on one of these points of alignment. When the balance of the Universe, and the retro magnetic waves pull and push, as the planets are lining up, on an angle or vertically over the fault lines where the earthquake occur, or over the patterns of the earth where they occur even tho the fault lines are not known. Thus we understand that these measures are a part of the measures that we have been using for some years.

Of course as we study the scriptures we see that we are at the end of the age, in the time when the Powers of Darkness will meet their 'Time of the end.' The MOST HIGH declares that the time of the End of the age, is not the end of the Kingdom, for this Kingdom of God lasts for every and for ever, and the Saints of the MOST HIGH ,---the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, will take possession of the Kingdom, and they shall rule that Kingdom for ever and forever.

There is no end of the Kingdom of God, no end to righteousness, no end to the world but there is an end to the powers of Darkness. There is an end to Lucifer and his household. There is an end to all the chicanery he has been up to, there is an end to his Pagan religions, to Hinduism, and Buddhism, and of every pagan religion on the face of the earth. It not only comes to a sudden end, but every knee shall bow and you can count on that. Every knee is going to bow, every voice is going to recognize that YAHWEH--GOD, or Jesus the Christ, now that you have the embodiment of God--to the ends of the earth, every knee is going to bow. The pattern is, whether they like it or not, people are going to have to recognize that the Household of God, is the White race, that they came out of the household of Adam, and that Adam was the first white man begotten and placed on the face of the earth, as the offspring of GOD.

The scripture tells you that Adam was a LIVING SOUL, and the second Adam was again--this embodiment of God--this man Christ Jesus, the fulfillment of God--was a life giving spirit. So you discover that the Sonship of your race is acknowledged in the scriptures, and its patterns are also marked very carefully in those scriptures, by prophecy as well as in the heavens by measure.

Of course in the sign of Virgo:--'A virgin shall conceive and bear a son"---and 'the seed of the woman shall become the nations'. From the Constellation of Cancer, to the Lion of the tribe of Judah who shall rise and shall reign, all 12 signs of the Zodiac mark out for you very clearly that from Virgo to Leo the rise of the Kingdom of God is shown. And those measures were placed there millions of years before the development, and the patterns of creation, and of the earth took place.

Again we are told in the words of the Apostle Paul---'before the foundations of the world'---HE told you these things, and HE wrote your name in the 'Lamb's Book of Life' before the foundation of the world. And Jesus, this embodiment of God speaks as a man saying:---'all of the children whom I have been giving my message to---I have kept All of them. none of them is lost;--'Thine (spirit) they were n the heavens' before the foundation of the world---'mine they are in earth' because I am now in earth as Lord and Master. Mine they are because I am the one they belonged to in the Beginning. Also I am the father of one (Audaum), and all, and I still hold these sheep, for I have not lost a single one of the sheep. I am the shepherd of the sheep and these are the patterns of this.

Now; I want to point out to you, since we are well within this course or age; --We are in the hour of tremendous upheaval. There is a revolt among the nations of the world. The pagan religions under agnostic philosophy are trying to stir u all the non-white nations, to overwhelm you, to absorb you. And altho today you are 1\6 of the worlds population, you have come from one man's family to this 1\6 of the worlds population, and they still want to enclose you in their midst, to absorb you. They want to integrate to mongrelize and to remove the children of God. If there is any commandment in the word of God that is final and complete, the only transgression from which there can be no forgiveness from the standpoint of the fact that you cannot readjust it again---of all the commandments, and all the laws, all the ordinances---then God says:---'I can forgive the violation of all of them, my mercy can follow you thru, but this one--my friends is integration, mongrelization, the mixing of the white race with these pagan races. God speaks out saying there is no adjustment, the sins of the father will descend to the third or fourth generation, or as the Hebrews say:--ah--infinite--as on and on it goes because the children have no spiritual capacity. They are not considered as a child of God because they are of a mongrel society, and this mongrel society lacks spiritual perception. God then says;--'My spirit I will not give to another'--'I will not give my Glory to another'--'nor will I carry forward the posterity of my children if they sow their seed into these pagan races.' Now; this is the most important of all transgressions.

Therefore the superiority of the white race, the superiority of the covenants of God, the writings of the Book, the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, the Saints, the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, the Children of Israel as God's issue ruling with him, are the story. There is not one Jew on the face of the earth who qualifies as Israel. Nor is the name Israeli in the picture. Jesus said:--they are the Abominations of the Desolator, upon them HE is going to bring on judgment that will fall upon this abomination of the Desolator, as his feet touch the mount of Olives. He said;---'I will destroy all the abominations out of my land.

Thus a Great Earthquake will split the Mount of Olives, and the whole land of Palestine will be altered, by a geological transition. We understand that the Dead Sea will become fresh water Sea, and will be raised. It will no longer be at the level where it now it, and the water will change its position. Great areas of land will be leveled, this is what is to happen as the earthquake comes. Tel Aviv will fall into the Sea, and all that illegitimate gold carried there by the Jews out of France, a few months ago, and out of all the ends of the earth the last 20 years, suddenly they will discover that they no longer have it.

That is just one pattern of it, but now that we are in the climax of the age, catastrophe is being raised up, we move into this year with some concept of hope and change because the people have been meditating upon what has been going wrong in this Country. We have absorbed into this country an unassimilable mass. These people coming in are out of a communist backed society. Organized Jewry made Communism what it is. Out of Karl Marx, a son of a Rabbi, and out of Kuhn Loeb and co. and the patterns of Reichburgs and these other Jewish bankers in Germany, as well as in the U.S., they financed the Red Revolution. They became and are today in the Red Revolution the Commissars, the masters. They are the Masters of the Soviet Union, and every state they have gained control over. At the same time they move in and out of countries, they slip into nations, like this one, and they say that they are refugees, and as they come across the line, we admit them, very foolishly we let them become a part of our society. Then they start to teach in our High Schools, and our Colleges, and they teach the very opposite of every thing which is American. The first thing you know Communism is being sown in by these agents and now you realize that you have been slickered.

It has taken America a pretty long time to realize that in W.W.I that they were slick, and in W.W.II they were really slick for we even fought a battle for them and sought to destroy the one nation in Europe which had discovered the depth of Iniquity that organized Jewry had acquired. They (Germany) recognized that the design to destroy them was of destruction of that society.

Now; while this was going on, let me tell you this--the patterns of confusion that were sown into the world were once again in the hands of organized Jewry. General Patton, after conquering portions of Germany opened up one of the prisons, and turned these people out, and right away these people began robbing, killing and pillaging. General Patton saw in the next seven months that these people were the ones moving into the rackets and all those things and he said;--'the right people were in prison, and I wish everyone of them was back in there. I wish I had never touched this situation,' and they killed General Patton because he spoke the truth.

I want you to know that organized Jewry and their six million put to death in the gas chambers, walk the streets of north and South America and the capitals of the world, controlling finances, and directing this program of Communism thru out the earth.

Now; America is waking up, learning things, and she knows who stole our atom bomb secrets even tho they have reached the point where they now put out as fact that there were no atom bomb secrets stole, because it was but a simple thing for any nation to obtain this knowledge. That is what I heard just the other day over CBS, from one of the commentators, no one stole the atom bomb secrets, this is all a misnomer.

Well my friends, I think they are a little late in discovering that the Rosenbergs, and the Greenglass' and all of the rest of the Jews stole the atom bomb secrets, and that the FBI couldn't catch them. They said we are just going to grab them when we see who they lead us to, and they led right into the hands of the Russians, and they got away. We sort of wonder about the FBI in this situation. It seems that they were more intent in stopping the Anti-Communists from getting strong in America than they were from stopping the Communist from making their move. I think it is about time that we understood some of these situations. For instance, even today--I hold in my hands a rather amazing article;--this happens to be from Lockheed, and they happen to have a Management Club. All those from the management department go to this club, and what are they presenting for a program?--They have Dr. Joyce Velakoskie a Soviet Cultural delegate who is going to talk to them on American Democracy and the Communist Future. This fellow has been before other foundations like Carnegie, and he talks about how Communism is so much like Americanism, that all we have to do is throw aside our objections to communism of course; for communism and Socialism are coming down the same line, and there is no way to stop it, this is going to be a great Socialist world, a Communist world, and we are all going to join it. What then did Lockheed put on their decal--they put the hammer and sickle on it--how much propaganda do you want.??

This my friends is just one step forward as they think they are getting somewhere. At the same time you have come thru almost a decade of intelligence observation. You have gone thru Nationalism, and the John Birch society, and step by step you have moved further to the Right, and from observation and study, pretty soon there is no room for them in the John Birch society, because he has led his people further to the right, and when they find out who stole the Atom Bomb secrets, and you find that it is the sons of Lucifer who are behind the chaos and catastrophe of the time, then you become therefore opposed to Organized Jewry, and then they cry:---'Anti-Semitism, and they then seek to bar him (John Birch) from participation in his national life.

Don't make any mistake about it, almost 65% of America has come alive, have become awake to the menace of Socialism and Communism, and of that 65% then 1\2 of them are very much aware that Communism is Jew financed, Jew operated, Jew directed: That is why Israeli today which is a Jewish state, is a collectivist state, a socialist state, and s operating with it Commissary, and collective farming practices, and this also in the areas of its manufacturers.

Now; let me point this out, as we come up to this year of 1969 we had an election in 1968, and the people finally repudiated the Johnson Administration, the Left Wing Liberalism which had been creeping into the Democrat Administration, they repudiated Mr. Humphrey, and they demonstrated that they wanted a total change. The Democrat administration received less than 25% of the vote of the whole U.S. This again--people said --we are going to have a change:--everything will be fine.--'this is a matter for the President elect who takes office on the 29th. of this month to see to this change. It does not matter how he has selected a cabinet, it is an excellent cabinet compared to those we have had in the past. They came right out on T.V. as he chose his cabinet, and said:--'Do you know what he did?--He chose white Christian Americans. My this was terrible, there were no Jews, or Negroes in this Cabinet. So the Negroes say we will not go along with this, and the Jews are very angry over this situation.

One of the most dangerous things they say--and they came right out on T.V. to say that he chose only White Christian Americans for his cabinet, and since there were no Jews or Negroes in the cabinet they are angry. But me--I am kind of glad to see those Jews and Negroes left out, its the first time n a long time that we have a cabinet with any legitimacy. One of these days we will drive the Jews and Negroes out of the U.S.--did you know that?--This year may be a marked year for that purpose.

Someone said:--how dare you speak like this? Well, we speak like this because we dare not be still. I am going to tell you something:--When you tell the truth, when you lay it all out on the line--the enemy is bound by the fact that he does not know how much more you do know.

Let me point this out to you, as we move into this year, we move into a time when we have a change in administration. Remember there were a lot of important factors in last year. I want to cover a few of these before we move into this year. Remember we started out when President of the U.S. was seeding a Peace Treaty, and wanted you to sign a proliferation treaty with the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union would talk, but never came up to the point of putting down a signature. In consequence we found every type of appeasement of the Soviet Union being suggested. Every way to pacify them, every attempt to hide the truth from the American People was conducted by the Administration of President Johnson.

Then as a consequence the Race war started in April (1968) and they (Negroes) were burning down cities, and shooting firemen, and the Negroes were being stirred up by the Jews, and the Jewish communists were spreading that race war in America, to destroy you, to force the absorption of the white race, and to put over on these people who make up this white race, the propaganda line that they are selfish, and that they (the white race) denied these people (the Negroes) their rights, held them in slavery, and that now they should give them equality, and allow them to participate in all the jobs in America whether qualified or not. That you should give to them the money that you earn, even tho they do nothing to earn it. You give them your jobs, you give them everything then you mongrelize with them, so now they are advocating mongrelization. In fact "Look Magazine" a popular magazine now says: if you want to survive in America you are going to have to be absorbed. You are going to have to let them marry with your race, let them move into your churches, and if you don't you are not going to make it any more in America. This is all propaganda they have designed for you.

In February that race factor appeared, and then violence broke out. I want to point this out to you--it is from the "Wall Street Journal" just this afternoon. This was the Dec.31,1968 edition, and the first column in the "Wall Street Journal":--Do you know what they are now talking about?---'a strange animosity has occurred between the Jews and the Negroes. They are not allies anymore, a confrontation occurred the other day in Boston, and they cited that in New York, and everywhere the Negro--especially the Black Power People, are turning on the Jews and the Jews are amazed because they say--when they burned down their cities in the riots, they burned down Jew stores and took Jew merchandise. The Jews say:--Look we finance this riot, we told them how to do this, that would wake up the white people, to burn down their stores and your own stores, but leave the Jews alone because we put up the finances. Then it says here that now the Jews are very angry, but the Jewish organizers are saying to their people--be patient because the end result is getting what we want--which is the absorption and acceptance of the Negro, and the fear of violence on the part of the average white Christian is making this situation pay off. But the Jew Merchant's don't want to lose all that merchandise, and face all this catastrophe, so he is angry now because the Negro is to much of a savage to know the difference, and he wants to raid the Jews as well as the other people, and he wants to absorb them also. The Black Power groups talk about the Jews and say we are going to have to exterminate the Jews because they have exposed us, we have always been subject to their oppression.

So right here in the Wall Street Journal is the whole story and it says:--'The Black Power Militants now say that the Jews are their basic oppressor, even more their financial oppressors than anyone else. They say they must destroy all white people, but they must destroy the Jew first. So now the Jews and Negroes are starting this year with animosity. But the Jewish organizations are telling their people, don't pay any attention to it because it is accomplishing our purposes. We financed this revolution, we constructed it, we supplied the attorneys, so hold fast.--Right here they admit what they have done--right on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, that they were behind the Negro revolution. This total catastrophe, shooting your firemen, and burning down the shops, the whole thing of the Negro activity, had been Jew inspired, and those caught are represented by Jewish attorneys.

Well, I think that is a great marked pattern of Revelation, because when a newspaper has enough courage to come out and admit that the Jews are behind this then talks about it on their front page, tells of the coming conflict, then all I can say is that if the Jews and Negroes are going to fight each other, then--"Praise God, and pass the ammunition, and we will sit down and watch, because it will be stray chickens coming home to roost.

By this same pattern I want to point out to you that this trouble started out very heavily last year in February, by March they were burning down your cities, the program moved on into April and May and then came this conspiracy again. For Communist leadership, not the Right Wing, and I think you will find that Mr. Ray did not suddenly shoot Martin Luther King. He was shot under a very strange pattern and conjunction, the measures involving Jupiter, Saturn with Mars squaring with his own sun.

I want to point out to you that this is the same measure under which President Kennedy was shot astronomically, and exactly the same measure under which Bobby Kennedy was killed out here on the West Coast.

Now; at the same time I want to point out that John Kennedy was killed by Communists in a deep conspiracy. So deep a conspiracy that they tried to cover it up. The Warren Commission hasn't told you the truth, but the same kind of conspiracy is involved in the liquidation of this top brass. You say why would they shoot a top Red?--Why would they shoot President Kennedy if he was giving them everything they wanted. Well they compute a man's usefulness, and they think they can gain more operational activity by his death than they can by his life. Of course Martin Luther King was a red as any Red we ever had here in the U.S. Even the FBI has been covering up for him. They talk about a great man, about how he loved everybody, but this man was spreading Hate among the Negroes, to stir the Negroes up into active Revolution. We want to point out to you--Martin Luther King was shot, but strangely enough when the total picture unfolds you will find out that he was shot by a Communist. By the same token they wanted to expand the confiscation of firearms, take the guns from the American citizen, altho Article 2 of your Constitution says it is your right to have, and to bear arms, and this RIGHT shall not be infringed on, Period. Congress has no right to limit arms, the Treasury department is totally out of order, in writing its 102 page book of laws, not even suggested by the Congress of the U.S. But they even wanted to confiscate them, and Mr. Cohen of the Treasury department talked about how only the removal of all guns would bring safety. He talked over the air as to how the white race was getting Anti-Negro, and one way to protect them (the Negroes) was to take the guns away from the whites so they cannot shoot the Negro. But what do they want to shoot the Negro for?---We don't want to shoot Negroes unless he is attacking our homes, shooting at our police and the firemen, coming at us with violence.

This man is a Jew, and he wants to protect the Jew, by taking away the right of the white man to protect themselves it attacked. This was one thing they thought they were going to accomplish, but they never even rippled the waves. This never accomplished its purpose, and when they shot Mr. Kennedy then within days they were again calling for total disarmament, total registration of all weapons, registration of all fire arms, no shipping them thru the mail and so forth. All the women's clubs were weeping and sobbing for Bobby Kennedy, it did not matter that he was the most Communist senator ever sent out to this state. He talked communism to South America, and to the Jews, and he said:--'when communism rises, I want to be your leader. He said this even as he antagonized the Arabs as he said what he would do for Israel. So when he stirred things up--this young man shot him, but he was serving the purpose of the men behind the scene.

Thus my friends, they started the ball rolling on disarming the American citizens, and that thing--is really breaking. Yesterday we saw the reaction after that ruling for the purchase of a gun. There was always gun shows where people traded their guns, where dealers came in, placed their merchandise openly on tables and sold openly, their guns. Well the first gun show on the Forth of December, last, after they rolled that law into effect, was out beyond Knots Berry Farm, and the tables were all set up, and people were lined up to view and buy, and about 8:30 Mr. O’Neil came--representing the Treasury department, and he grabbed the microphone and he told the displayer's that if they rented a table to display their guns, then they became dealers, and then they needed a dealers license. If a private citizen rented a table he became a dealer and would need a dealers license to show. They threw so much fear into these people that they took their guns and went home. By eleven O'clock when we arrived, the place was full of hats, daggers, and a few old antique weapons. Practically all the guns were taken out of there, and taken home, by an angry population, who suddenly found out how they had been slickered. People we saw there from various parts of the nations were talking about bringing petitions and declaring this whole thing had to be wiped out. But the enemy was willing to liquidate their own people to accomplish the results.

Now: I want you to know that you moved in to( this year) under the sign of Libra which of course is weighed in the balance and found wanting. Jupiter was well inside the pan of the down weight, proving that the judgment of the World Order now comes thru out the beginning of this month, and we are beginning to see the measures of Judgment as the world is weighed in the balance and found wanting. (in other places Dr. Swift has said that the last measurements would be by 25 years periods.--figure that out).

As we moved into the sign of Libra in January 1969, we came in with Jupiter an Uranus two degrees apart and 2 degrees into Libra. Not only that but Mars came into the picture and Neptune was trying to come into, thus this is a most agitated month of extreme activity. This month started out that way, then Israeli is attacking Beirut. Like a bandit she came in destroying hundreds of million dollars worth of aircraft, opened up firing on Jordan, and she has a battle going between herself and Jordan, and also altho Lebanon has never fought a battle with Israeli still Israeli is mobilizing for battle, and now Lebanon says she will fight Israeli--to the end, and Israeli says they will now have to fight Egypt because they don't quite know where the Arabs came from, so they want to take back all the land that was once Babylon, all the land of Egypt, all the land of Algeria, and all the shores of the Mediterranean, all this must be added to Israel. So with a Communist society, communist patterns of aggression they move out.

Now; they can say all they want to about the Arabs, but there is a deadly was going on. The two Arabs who blew up that ship were Arabs who had been driven out of their homes, out into the Negev (desert) without water, without food, and they were rescued by the Egyptians, their parents had been killed. These two men took on a vendetta along with Arab commandos to fight the Jews forever, because this was what happened to them when Israeli took over.

Now; lets go over this pattern, with this measure we want to point out to you, that you are in a very definite situation of Crisis. So the New Congress comes in and the first thing which transpired is not good. I just want to say this:--they elected Ted Kennedy as speaker, or I should say, whip of the Senate, and when they did this the most liberal unit of the Senate placed one of the most oppressive forces to face Mr. Nixon as President, but of course Mr. Kennedy wants Mr. Nixon to fail. He wants to push this nonproliferation treaty, which means no nuclear weapons to face the Soviet Union, knowing that the Soviet Union blew up the Scorpion, last May 28th. We knew this all the time but it has just come out in the last few weeks, since they wanted to keep the U.S. in a good frame of mind, so our Senators would vote for this nonproliferation treaty.

I want to point out to you that we move under a pattern of race war as we move into this month. But America's Mercury stands guard. And you will discover that as we move in this month in under this sign that we move from January right up to the first declining measures. I will give you the exactness of these measures, In the first place the moon moves 5 degrees out of orbit. This year as it orbits the earth it changes its adjustment 5 degrees. This is where you are under the five degree change. On March 20, for one of the most destructive dates. Every 713 miles across the face of the earth this alignment will have its impact and could well mark a pattern of earthquakes. These patterns can come on March 20th along with major patterns of upheavals and upsets in the affairs of Mankind. This will also create, with any areas of restraint, an area of violence and revolution among the immature minds, and among the Negroid as well.

Now; March 20, plus or minus 4 or 5 days can well be pattern of earthquakes which effect not only the eastern portions of the U.S. but can effect Europe and the lands around Turkey, Iran, and might even run down into Palestine. As we point out this March 20th, date we also want to point out to you that March 18th, is also an important date, because this is the first solar eclipse, of this year. Remember as a solar eclipse, it comes this year, aborted again by opposition from Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. At the same time we find Mercury, America's rising sun, is under the constellation of the Urn, and more than that Mars is under Antar, and this my friends is also a very active pattern for this measure, It not only shows violence, trouble, and war but it shows America's Mercury, and it definitely involves a whole strip of different countries from Belgrade to Yugoslavia, and runs right down thru the Baltic, down thru the Mediterranean areas, touching the areas of Palestine, and moves into Africa and then right down the coast of Africa. So here will be a band of Quakes, starting with Belgrade into Yugoslavia, on across the Map and hit areas of Africa as well. Not only will this eclipse hit Africa but it will reach over to the Viet Cong, and on over into Red China.

Now; China is a Pluto country, and where Pluto stands at this time, it will mark practically every piece of Man power that Red China controls. Mao will be going absolutely crazy with his design of germ warfare, and its design is of course for the destruction of the white race. As he moves forward in age, and in an irresponsible attitude, remember that the Red Chinese are of course deadly, they serve of course the Luciferian design both in religion and agnosticism. So we find that they will add themselves to the battle, and Saigon, and South Viet Nam will now come under the pressure of this measure. Total mobilization will effect whole areas of Asia, and with this we will see added the pattern of this eclipse, and March 20th, will see a few days later the moon climbing into alignment with these other planets, and this represents Earthquake cycles.

The next earthquake pattern will take place with Saturn and Neptune in place, and the moon on the incline again, coming on June 16th,. These measures can effect your west coast, could also effect every thing down into the Andes mountains, and all the way up into Alaska. It could be an earthquake cycle as well as a race cycle. it will also effect the east coast, all the way from Boston down to New York, and Philadelphia, and on down to Washington D.C., and along the coast of the U.S.

On Sept. 13th, is the next time the moon incline combined with Venus and Saturn, heavy planets in the planning, are almost a 3 degree alignment, thus Sept. 13th becomes the next earthquake date, plus or minus a few days on either side of this build up. You could have this every 812 miles apart across the face of the earth, where ever it hits an alignment. When it comes out here to the coast it will be about 125 of the major fault line, but will set a high pressure pattern and lard astronomical bodies, in such a wide astronomical flow of force could mean earthquakes.

The next measure is December 8th, which not only involves Saturn, Neptune, with America's Mercury but involves a west coast pattern. It makes a pattern heavily for Earthquakes, and I can site to you , that we have a unique situation here, for we will have the second eclipse of this year, and the last for this year, and if falls on September 11, but as that occurs it fails over Brisbane, Australia and Melba, and the edge of that eclipse also hits us under a Mercury alignment, and a Mars alignment hitting the west coast of the U.S. and that means war type of troubles, or race war. It may mean that this part of the U.S. especially around Oakland and San Francisco will be put to the torch by the Negro Revolution.

By the same token, I want to point out to you that the measures in January which indicate race problems, and are squared again by where Mars stands in the picture with America's Mercury--I want to point out to you this: Negro organizations have been plotting to move into Washington D.C.

on the hour of the inauguration. On the 20th. of this month they intend to establish tremendous demonstrations, and get this thing started in Washington D.C. Negro agitators say--we don't owe Nixon anything, we didn't give him any votes. He hasn't given us anything, no Negro is here. And they promise him trouble. This may be the end of any favoritism or attempted favoritism for Negroes in the U.S. by government activities. This is one situation where it will be hard to move forward.

Now; I want to point out to you one of the most important periods of all measures--this is the 14th. of April, and this date is the head of the earthquake alignment of this year, not only effecting you here but various other spots in the country, and will also effect areas in Europe and the other side of the Carpathian Mountains. I want to point out to you that you had a measure similar to this, but it was not measured by a 4 power alignment. This time Jupiter, Saturn, Venue, and Neptune will be a 4 power alignment under 3 1\2 degrees, and this my friends takes place on April 14th. This will be a very heavy earthquake alignment. You had a similar pattern, but not as strong as this, on January 1 of this year(1969) On that date you had a quake in the Ozark Mountains, did you know that? This Quake there is int Ozarks was only alight one, but the four power points with a more powerful jolt will hit on the 14th. of April.

Now; a lot has been said about a tremendous earthquake, many ministers have seen a vision of this one in which great sections of the West Coast sink, the coastal plains---along the West Coast dropped down with almost 1\2 to 1 mile of water covering the land, because of the depth of the ocean under this continental shelf, and running so far back inland.

Now; this pattern remains, and some people had thought that this might occur at this time--but let me point this out to you. In the first place there happens to be a 3 volcano pattern--Vesuvius is shaking, and trembling, and Mount Etna has been acting up lately but, mount Etna or Vesuvius, one of the two will have to blow its top prior to this situation. When that happens then the one indicator is Mt. Pele in Martinique. Before when Mt. Pele blew its top it made the greatest noise, and the gasses came out and there was a great uprising, and we happen to know that in 90 days from the explosion of Mt. Pele in Martinique, that a great earthquake will transpire which will be dropping whole areas of the West Coast into the Pacific Ocean. You can be sure that Mt. Pele will have to explode before this major earthquake. You may have some bad ones, and drop some of it but if Mt. Pele goes off,---if it volcanically erupts you can count on holding your services on the other side of the fault line. Because from that time on, within 90 days will come the great catastrophe of these sinking areas.

Now; God has warned these Canaanites to get out of this land. He told you in the scriptures that he will destroy them. He said in the passage we read to you in Ezekiel, about the catastrophe upon the abomination of the desolation of the desolator. Do you know that this Fairfax district comes right up to Sunset Boulevard and then moves all the way over to Malibu, then drops all the way over to the coast, and almost all this out in Englewood is setting over about 1 mile of water which could cover this land with a depth of 1\2 to 3\4 of a mile. Did you know there is nothing supporting this piece of land?, that if the Englewood fault moves in conjunction with the San Andres fault, and this major fault moves across this land, if we get a massive shake, then there is a fault line that runs right under or almost parallel with Sunset Boulevard, and that big piece of land, like a chunk of pie will drop right down into the ocean, and all those 2 1\2 million Jews who live on it will go down, that is a fact, and you may not believe it, but its true. If you have a piece of land there it would be a good thing to sell it, that is one place I would want to get out of.

These are some of the measures you will face this year. The constant pattern of Neptune moving in with Uranus, the Earthquake cycles, and heavy hurricanes in March, April and May, and well up into July, these will hit the south, hit Texas all the way across to Louisiana and into Florida. There will be Hurricanes and tremendous storms moving all the way up to New York. The whole eastern portion of the U.S. will have intense Hurricanes. Tornadoes will start in March or by the end of Mary, but June and July will be heavy tornado months. The patterns of this heavy winter are going to continue and the cold of this winter with the snow and cold will continue up into the middle of May, and continue on the East Coast, and the month of May will be as cold normally as the month of January. This is just some of that Pattern.

There are lots of things we do not have time to talk about tonight, but in all these measures, this battle which is going to take place in your nation, in your congress, the evil which will move over your money system is going to be severe because the Jews are going to try to take the gold out of the vaults, out of the world Trade center, and take it to Tela Viv and this will meet with refusal of the U.S. government, then gold will go up in price and it will not be supported by the Jews so it will then be a free asset where in Americans can again buy and sell it. But you will see your monetary system going thru some strange Bolstering, transitions and changes. It will take a very vital step by your government to keep your currency from falling like the rest of Europe which will also be under this 'all out' attack by organized Jewry.

In order to bring everybody into a One World Government, socialistic program and system. You are going to find that this is coming, and Neptune which ties in with this measure and Uranus are very much involved.

Now; there will be one more message on economic turmoil and it will come next Sunday night. But we want you to realize that you are apart of a great and tremendous program, that your race is the Household of God, the Kingdom of God, and your triumph is assured. That the Spiritual power of the MOST HIGH will be poured out on your sons and your daughters, and upon your race, to give it the spiritual vitality it needs for this battle of Armageddon, and for its armament for survival.

Next Sunday afternoon we will speak on the Destruction of the Beast, this is a revelation. Then Next Sunday evening we will talk about the economic and political measures of this year.--until then----


(E.M.--now does it make sense that Judgment on this land started in 1969?--Time will tell, but lots has happened since then as you will remember. And from all the signs this year then things are coming to a climax---HIS WILL be done.---)