Measures Of Prophecy, 6-10-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-10-61

As we turn to our subject tonight, we have been warning you as to the lateness of the hour and as to our destiny and beyond this to the Divine purpose. We gave you at the beginning of the year, a preview of world events fixed upon the prophetic value of both the scripture and an hones evaluation of the trends based on the logistics and the supply patterns of the nations of our enemies as well as our friends. We are also aware that there is a measure across the sky which our Father has given us to measure---that the wise are to understand. And altho He has given us this at all times, yet He has also given us those who can measure and know what to look for to measure. There are certain things to look for in a measure as we told you, which will make this one of the most turbulent years in history. This is one of the climax years which may well find you in struggle as you pass into the October area of this year. And this may well start this struggle that starts Armageddon after the 13th of June. We told you as we gave you the alignment patterns that related to the year, certain circumstances to look for. But today the great turbulence spot is the great land of Judah.

Now, those that understand that the White race is the Kingdom of God and Household of His Kingdom in earth, you well know that the White race are Adamites and the word Adam means White man. This was not necessarily a personal name for Adam, but they called this begotten man of God--Adam and that goes for his race. But the ancient documents and even this knowledge which was yours, even tho you lost much in your physical bodies here. But the Enosh were the created races who were created and placed in their various planetary origins and the people who dwelt upon the continents in earth, which are now beneath the Atlantic and Pacific, and whose migrating people then moved into the areas of Asia, into the areas west of the Pacific, and to the east of the Atlantic. These were the ancient people brought to catastrophe brought on by Lucifer and his rebellious household. But your origin is a different origin. And your race is a different race. And if you are going to understand what your destiny is, and what the Bible does contain, you must know that the Adamic race---you and I are the children of God. They are the spiritually begotten, Celestial seed whose spirit beings were complete Light energy, dwelt in Celestial plains and looked upon and ruled over by the Father.

Your embodiment as you were placed, a White race in the earth, is not only a story of a Biblical history but it is the story of your origin. There is a reason why Jesus referred to you as a people who came down out of the heavens, belonging to the spirit in the heavens as the Father, and belonging to Himself in the earth. And for this reason Christ did not come to gather Africa or Asia, but came to gather your race to repeat for it the responsibility by bringing to their remembrance by His spirit, the things they had been instructed to do, and to finish the course laid out. Which description of it given to Adam in the very first of the Scriptures.

The history of your race has bene thru Adam and then thru Seth. No other seed was accepted. For this was a pure and uncontaminated seed. The seduction of Eve, then the violation of law upon the part of Adam, produced an unassimilable people in the earth called Cainanites. But there was also other unassimilable people in earth in Africa and Asia where the fallen Angelic host line as well as Lucifer who had planted an unassimilable seed, and these are responsible for all the wars and depressions and all the trouble and catastrophe in the earth. And Jesus identified them as pagans and we identify them as Jews. Someone said, ‘You must not talk that way, Dr. Swift, it will spoil the effect of what you are going to say.’ But you cannot spoil the effect of what the Bible says. Because this is what Jesus said. When they said, ‘we have one father even god,’---Jesus said, ‘No, you don’t, that is an old story. You have been trying to use that before. If God were your Father, you would receive me for I am out of God. And you are of your father, and that is the devil.’ You cannot predicate anything which is going on in the world tonight and divide it on that issue.

Now, you say, ‘you should not have any hate.’ But we do not hate anyone. But we are against Lucifer in his present condition, and we are against all these unassimilable people he has set in the earth and has caused so much trouble and tyranny throughout the earth. I am aware tonight, that the problem which came in these United States came from these unassimilable strangers. I want to predicate these remarks upon a passage which I read in Deuteronomy concerning your race and concerning its destiny, concerning its responsibility and its welfare. The MOST HIGH GOD told us that there was one thing which we were not to do and that is that we were not to set a ruler over us that God did not choose. For any who was to rule over us or be in any authority over us was to be from our own brethren. That no stranger to our race, our God, and our philosophy was ever to be put above us. ‘Therefore, do not place anyone over you except thy brethren.’ So what does that mean? It means racial self-respect. It means the explanation of this role for this spiritually born race, as well as the promise of the restoration of what he would restore to us in the days of restoration.

Now, we have watched the fallacy of the violation of divine law which took place in our race, but that was also known that it would happen, before the foundation of the world. And that is why your names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundations of the world. And God your Father promised to come into the world and pay a price for your errors and this was promised before the foundation of the world that He would come and pay the price so that you could finish the thing which you were to do. So what were we to do? He told us to rule over the earth, to put it in order and make all serve our Father which was in Heaven. Someone said, ‘that is a big order.’ Well, that is a racial order, that is an order not accepted even by a lot of Christians. That, my friends, is an order which will be obeyed by every Christian before this thing is over.

Someone said, ‘We don’t want problems, we don’t want wars, we don’t want trouble.’ But you do not want evil to rule the world and you cannot defeat it until you war against it. You can never make peace with the devil, for you will never have anything but oppression and high taxes.

Now, we have a descendence in this race thru the house of Noah and thru the house of Shem. And we predicate these remarks just to fill in the corners of your thinking. For the house of Noah and the sons of Noah were all White men and Noah never had any other descendants than White men. If you don’t find that true, then you do not understand biological law, or scientific law, or even God’s law. And you might as well learn that before you go any further. KIND BEGATS KIND, SEED HAVING LIFE IN ITSELF.

Someone then says, ‘but where did all these people come from?’ The flood happened in one place. The word in the Hebrew was Arat. And the meaning being ‘that place’. And this was a judgement upon the people in ‘that place.’ And it did not effect the rest of the world. (Except where the water ran out of the basin). If you do not believe that, then go get your Strongs Concordance and a Lexicon and discover what the word Arat in Hebrew means. And you will discover that it was all ‘in that place.’ This is one thing that has been blown into a strange story and a lot of people came to believe that those people on the earth, yellow, black, brown or whatever, all came from the family of Noah. But God is not the Father of strangers. He is their creator, whom they were to serve. But you are His children, His offspring, the people He was delighted to bless. And in the measures of destiny, the sky was measured the course and the heavens have declared YOUR DESTINY.

The best thing which could happen to the Milky Way or any other part of this situation, would be for the Sons of God to bring in this Administration of God, and anything else will be a catastrophe of unprecedented size.

Now, we are faced with some facts. Your race migrated thru many experiences and was divided into various historic groups. The ancient Sethites who dwelt on the ancient site of Jerusalem, then left that ancient city of Orusalem to build the great Temples in Egypt, set up the city of On and established the ancient University under Enoch and Job, were of this racial stream of Adam. And then the high racial stream of Shem which came out of the High Tarim Basin after the flood of Noah’s time joined itself again with its other Sethite kinsmen. Abraham then came on the scene, the son of Terah who was the Prime Minister under Nimrod, who was a descendant of Ham who was as White as you are. Don’t come along with any of these Black Ham stories because Ham was not of that color anyhow. If you want to approach and blame Ham for his error, then you bring upon him the sociological error of what he did. But it was not anything, my friends, that turned him black. We have a lot of people who have turned their offspring black by the violation of Divine Law, but this was not something Ham did. But his descendants eventually were absorbed by Africa and by others. But one contamination of the blood stream---one continuation of that blood stream and God counts them out because there is no contamination of the leadership in the Kingdom of God.

Someone says, ‘But I do not like racism.’ Well, then, my friends, you can go down and join the rest of the churches and let them tell you the story which is not true. You can dwell in a lie and then never understand what is wrong. Because when you recognize the Household of God, and the seed which He planted which is His Life, this Holy Seed He put in the earth, until you understand this, you cannot know what is going on in the world anyhow. Why do you think that all the nations that are colored throughout the world, which are under the influence of World Communism which was especially prepared for the teaching of a philosophy which is the enemy of Christianity and the haters of Jesus, why do you suppose they want with all the instruments of world government, and their ideas of the replacement of people and the redivision of the land, and redistribution of the product,---why do they want to mix your blood stream? Why do they want to roll you all together into an unassimilable mass, and take away your natural boundaries, destroy the entity of your nation, and roll you into a ‘one world,’ and take away your faith and leave you with the philosophy of error? Why? Because they know that is the way to count you out.

Now, if you do not know anything about the Bible, you should still have racial self-respect and protect your society, unless you do not like your grandchildren, and don’t care what they look like.

Now, listen. When God called the White man Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees, God was not only a careful selector of people, but He selected someone whose spiritual background, and whose racial purity was without contest, absolutely pure. And He said I do not want you mongrelized. I do not want you mixed up like these dwellers in the land of the Chaldees. So you get out of here and go to the land where I tell you to go, and let there be no mixture, no mongrelization here. You know Abraham believed God and he got out and took his family with him and made no attempt to take others with him who were not of his household, even tho he was a son of a Prime Minister from a Cosmopolitan area where they were advocating the mixing of the race with the Asiatics and all other mixtures. Abraham believed God and the Kingdom and the administration, he believed would come forth thru his obedience and his racial purity which God called for. And he said that God had promised him a son. And when he received that son then he would get a bride for his son from his own people. And Abraham sent his servant out so as to see that Isaac took a bride from among his own people.

I might pause here to refute one of these causes called types and shadows, which are used today by a lot of blind preachers. They try to say THE MEASURES OF PROPHECY---that the Holy Spirit selected a bride for the Kingdom of God from all the people of the world. That is not true. Because when they use Abraham and Abimelech, as an example, then let me tell you that when Abraham sent Abimelech out, he said gather up a bride from among my own people, out of my own house. He told Abimelech, ‘don’t you go and get someone out of another race, get one out of our own people.’

Let me tell you this. God Almighty was not taking some woman out of another race, another household and when I say that I am referring to the mother of His sons or the race which is His household. Then out of Isaac and again with Jacob, each marrying in their own race, came forth the twelve sons of Jacob whom God with guidance brought forth as the Patriarchal head of this prophecy of great nations and a company of great nations. And out of this people has moved those who make up all of the great Western Christian nations. All the people who we call Aryans, and all the people out of the White Veda, whom they called Manu---they being, and may be called Homo-sapiens, because they have the physical shape which you do, but when the Almighty god uses the word Hu-man, He means Spirit-man. And the Hu-man race means children of the Spirit in physical bodies. And there is a difference between the children of the flesh and the children of the spirit. For there is a difference between the children of the spirit or those created or begotten. That is why there are two words---’Bara and Yatsar’---which are different. For in the Hebrew, the ‘Yatsar’ is to make or to place, and the other ‘Bara’ is to begat as issue or offspring. And you, my friends, are the issue, the offspring, the life of His Life, the breath of His Breath. You are the children of a Holy Seed with an incorruptible beginning.

Now, listen. Out of these twelve sons of Jacob, emerged as God said they would, these great nations. And out of these nations, as the Kingdom was divided of these twelve tribes of Israel. There was a division of ten tribes, and the division of the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin from the ten tribes. And even tho they were known as the Kingdom of Judah, still they were a part of the Kingdom of Israel. But they were still of the Tribes of the House of Israel. And when you talk about the tribes of Israel today, don’t talk about just ten tribes, for there are twelve tribes of Israel. Actually thirteen, if you count the house of Joseph. And I think it is most important for us to understand some of the prophecies involved in this.

As you know, the people of Judah and Benjamin, had returned and rebuilt the city of Jerusalem in the days of Nehemiah. And they had a mixed multitude with them which gave them trouble. And this group of Herodians, and Kassites, and Hittites, and Kikes, had moved in and taken control of their Temple, and Jesus denounced them because He knew that these people had nothing to do with His Kingdom.

Strange as it might seem, the ten tribes of Israel captured under Senacharib and released under Shalmaneser, migrating in their time, out thru the Caucasus Pass, settled in Greece and in Troy, and in Western Europe to find that already some of the tribe of Dan had settled in Denmark and in the Isle of Ireland. And his mark was all over the map of Europe. The children of Scandinavia and the children of Anglo-Saxondom, the sons of Isaac, these children of laughter, and their Sethite forbearers, had already migrated out of that ancient land and set up the ancient God of spirit in worship, all over the map. And they waited for YAH-ZEUS that ancient deity to come. This is a part of the history of your race. Judah and Benjamin who were in Jerusalem when Jesus was there, but He had visited the land of Britain on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, and here was a land of White people. And they were the Household of God and they knew Him. And He built the first church of Christendom on the Isle of Britain. The history, the pattern the perimeters of Israel was known to Paul. This was known by the Apostles and it was to this land of Britain that the Apostles went after the Resurrection of Christ. And it was there that the mother of Jesus, Mary, was taken on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea.

But down in Jerusalem there was still some of Israel from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who were under persecution. One movement of the tribe of Judah had already occurred and they had come on thru the passes to settle as the Goths of Germany, in the heart of Europe. And then would finally come the last of the tribe of Judah, as the VisGoth. Then came the Benjaminites, or the Normans. And as these two tribes of the last of the Kingdom of Israel came west, it was in the time when the leader of Rome gave them permission to migrate out of the old land of Palestine. This was the coming of the true Galileans, migrating out of that land because the old land was now in the hands of the enemies even of Rome and the Christian church. And at this time Rome gave permission of those left in the land of Judah and Benjamin to leave and come West to join the Normans and the Goth already settled in Western and Central Europe.

If you are a student of the Bible, you have learned that the house of Judah of the scripture is the nation of Germany and Israel his companions. And the house of Joseph is Anglo-Saxondom and all of his companions. And before you get a self-righteous frown on your face concerning what I say, then remember this, that King George of Britain and Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Czar Nicholas of Russia, were all cousins. And this was the House of David ruling over Israel. About the time that you want to keep one set of White men in the world are only one sixth of the worlds population and you better stand off a bit and look at the enemy, then realize that you better come together. Germany is the house of Judah, and the scriptures tell us that in this day when Magog is identified from the scriptures, that this is Russia, and that as they move out of Asia, having been brought into power by the Beast system, and as world Communism now spreading over the dark races of the world, that the one nation which is in the nutcracker and is the first one of the Western world to stand against the impact of Communism is Germany. And you have been fed every type of Jewish propaganda lie in the world to try to get you to hate Germany. And everywhere in the world, they are also telling every lie against you. If you go over the world and hear what the Jews are saying about America today, then you would understand why you are having trouble in Latin America and why you are hated all over the world. One of these days you are going to learn that Jesus told the truth when He said, ‘their father was a liar’, and they never told the truth anywhere, or in any circumstance.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you better not be pro-German, this may not be settled yet.’ Well, I am pro-White man and I am against these powerful forces which are against our Kingdom. It tells me over here in the book of Zachariah that when the hoards start to roll and the planes start to fly, and the attack comes, over the north and extending from the east to the west, we are told in the scriptures, that when that hour comes and these things mature, that Judah will get the first shock of that impact and that is Germany. You can look at the map and you can understand why. Even now, the capital of Germany, --Berlin--is over the line and is held by East Germany. And no longer belongs to Germany, anymore than the other areas where the White people live is now in the European camp. Now they belong to Russia.

We have stood for a principle that says that East and West Germany should be united. Remember that altho you are under the symbol of Manasseh, and are a part of the house of Joseph, still 25% of the White blood flowing thru America is Germanic. Here all the White tribes of Israel have been fused together into one people. And when you talk to the people of this country, they can be English, German, Anglo-Saxon father and a German mother, there is nothing confusing here. This is all Israel being BROUGHT TOGETHER. And no Jew is identified here, even married to a Christian. For no Jew is an Israelite at any time.

Now, the scripture says that in this hour, God was going to do one thing. He was going to unite the real brothers. He is going to take the Stick which is the scepter and the stick which is the military power which is in the hand of Germany, and Israel his companions, that is those of the house of Judah, and He was going to take the Stick of Joseph, which is in the hands of Anglo-Saxondom, meaning the U.S. and Great Britain, and all the rest of the Western Christian nations which are our allies, and they will be one Stick. Both of these two great factions are going to stand together as one great military power. And that is one of the climaxes of the age.

Now we do not have the time to go into all the panorama of all things involved in certain circumstances. Mr. Khrushchev has a lot of plans and thinking that lead to the background of his planning, being anti-Christian, being pagan in his heart. Being a mixed Mongol, he does not identify with your society and does not have the wavelength of your thinking. In this cunning, pig-eyed Asiatic, anger turns his face to a ‘red’ hue and while his eyes like an angry pig flame out in their fury. Then he says, ‘I will bury you, we will conquer you, we will bomb you from the skies, we will enslave you, we will take you over and your economy will explode.’ He said, ‘we already have an army in there.’ And we know that. But we also have a telephone pole for everyone of them to hang from.

The scripture says that we have to save the tents of Judah first for that is where the battle is going to break out. Last week a very disillusioned president who had already passed his first 100 days, and has not been able to form any Roosevelt miracles, but then Roosevelt did not perform any miracles, he just sent you into debt with money he did not have, and now you are so far in, that you cannot spend what you have because no body wants it. The whole world then learned that our president had died, but he did not put any fear in Mr. Khrushchev after he said that we would smash it in Cuba and Laos. And then we lost it in Cuba and the ‘reds’ also took over Laos. And Mr. Khrushchev had a political victory when he met with Mr. Kennedy when he came to the city of Vienna.

Now, there are some important things,---measures are in the heavens. And the heavens do not make you perform, but they measure the performance. And when you deal with Omniscience which knows a thing before it comes to pass, and know also the forces of strength which can hold back the powers of darkness, from doing the think they want to do until the proper time, you will understand that you can study the measures of God and know where you are.

Mr. Khrushchev talked to Mr. Kennedy for three hours one day. And they came out of the meeting and no one smiled. But they had heard Mr. Khrushchev yell thru the doors. If this Irishman had some of the stamina of some of the Irishmen I know, he would have flattened Mr. Khrushchev behind those close doors. It might not have been diplomatic, but it would have been the first victory you have won for thirty years.

Alright, what Mr. Kennedy did not know is that there are some strange measures for this world this year. We went into this year with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in conjunction, with a major Mars conjunction and a major Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. These unheralded measures had never reached such density except once since the fall of man and this was at the birth of Christ. The other patterns of the alignment as it related to the planetary suns which were in their zenith at the time of the birth of nations, were indicative of a turbulent year, with the major factors contending this time for the rule of the earth. One of the strange patterns of Mars moving retrograde crossing the path of all the major solar systems of this year. Mars with its strange moving, means that we are under the influence of the system of war. It is a great and turbulent flame at any time. We gave measures for you to look out for June of this year as we talked to you at the first of the year.

One of the most interesting things is that Mr. Khrushchev had to deal with Mr. Kennedy and try to bluff him--down--ready to back it up with 178 military divisions. And it is now his next military move. And some of you will remember as we told you some months ago, when this was flaring up in Asia, and the Castro situation became much more dangerous, that Mr. Khrushchev plans his move for with the first provocation all the way to the Atlantic coast. Many people will migrate Westward thinking he will do this. And the most valuable and sacred relics of Christendom will be prepared so as to be moved if this happens to this great stronghold in the Western Hemisphere.

One of the things to watch at this time of the year will be all the planets which are involved, and all the patterns of Divine measures which have been keys to the past. And by comparing those records and what transpired, you get some inclining of what you are in for. Because this measure has brought in an intense year of measure.

Now, I want you to know that all of this year has been most significant. It involves Russia with a military program for the whole year. Remember that in Khrushchev’s Virgo this year, is Mars. Remember that in the spring Solstice, and in the fall one, as well, Mars is all thru the Russias and its key points with its rising of Jupiter and Neptune on the first of May, which is the historical day for the Soviet system.

In America, as our new moon rises in this June, and we have Mars on our Western horizon, and we have a Mars-Neptune rising, and there is one good thing in your sign and that is there is an awakening in this sign and has been going on in May and then into June. And will burst in July to a deeper awakening as Jupiter rises with your new moon. Jupiter is the sign of our Father with a big ‘Stick.’

I want you to know that Mr. Khrushchev said to Mr. Kennedy, ‘I want West Berlin, and if it is not turned over to me, then the 13th will be one of the deadlines.’ And this is just three days away. ‘We are going to sign a separate ‘Peace Treaty’ with West Germany. We are going to take over West Berlin and seal it off. And you will have to have us stamp your passport. And if you make trouble, we will wipe everything out to the coast.’ (This was told to Mr. Kennedy by Mr. Khrushchev.) ‘If there is any trouble, we will sent the missiles flying.’ We are just that close to the possibility. Well, we have Mars on our rising and with this full moon under conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, and America’s Mercury as in conjunction with Mars----What does it mean?---It means that every attempt to buy up the world, and every attempt to get us to conform as the ‘New Deal’, Socialists would have us conform, is absolutely doomed to failure. Thus everything you try to do is going to turn to War. Knowing that, the thing to do is to get ready for war and then win it.

Listen. Thinking of Germany, that new moon chart shows something rather distinct. The sun of Germany is in Cancer. Mars is in Leo and there is almost a conjunction with the star Regulus. And this happened in June of 1914 when W.W.I started. This was the exact position when W.W.I started. W.W.I started with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. But actually, it was being precipitated by a group of Internationalists who also started W.W.II with their pressures and conditions.

Alright, just remember this. America stands in a prophetic hour of great significance.---Signs in the heavens and what will be the climax of this age, the fact that we have Jupiter rising now in the full moon of this month. That sign is the only good sign of awakening. But this Mars pattern and its relationship with this Mars, Neptune flare, is a possibility, or rather a good indication of war. When you have such a pattern of Mars-Virgo (Khrushchev) then this June and this July, hold a great significance for the Western world. On the 21st of June which is our ‘Summer Solstice’, and we have been measuring it as seven degrees apart, with the three planetary positions which means that the earthquake cycles are from that hour on, not only in the Andes, but up the Alaskan waters, and also the next judgement cycle of His meridian reaches into Japan, and also into the areas around Burma and Tibet. The alignments will touch Nepal, and the alinement for earthquakes will effect the whole Mongolian mountain range and even out into the wastelands of Russia. One hardly knows whether you are going east or west when you get that far around. The measures are there. And these things will come to pass. So you watch what transpires. It means that Mr. Khrushchev will make a play. It will be over Berlin and it is coming under this measure. And one of the most challenging days will be from the second to the ninth of July for us. Altho we may have military disturbance and we may be rushing men to the scene before that.

I think it is rather interesting that here in the U.S. these Communist front folks and their allies are planning more crisis for you. They finance small minds like the criminal Muhammad X, a felon out of prison, a dribbled up Negro backed by the power of Socialism and Communism. And he gathers up the Negroes with shallow minds. And tonight, one-third of the Negroes in the U.S. follow this Negro Muhammad X who is not a servant or student of Allah, but is a part of the following of the witch doctors of the Negro race. With six hundred some ought thousand of them in Los Angeles, half of them with their families, are already over in the Muhammad X Communist directed movement. I was told the other day that it was not one thousand of them that battled the other day in Griffith Park, for then they got thru evaluating the pictures taken, this showed about 2,900 Negroes were involved in that. Don’t talk about Alabama, just take a look at what is going on in Griffith Park. ‘Oh’, you say, ‘that is not important.’ But it will be important if they rise up about 50,000 of them in a reign of violence to over-throw the White man.

Suppose I show you the significance of this measure. In 1776, our planet sign of birth was Mercury, on the 4th of July, 1776. And when you see where Mercury is today on the 4th of July, you know you are in a cycle of problems. Did you know that the communist party has a slogan and the Negroes all over America are talking about it? I have heard it in the east. I have heard it in the west and I have gotten tips out of it from law enforcement agencies and other places and the phrase is ‘Liberty on the 4th of July.’ And that, my friends, is the sign of revolution this year. They intend racial crisis, not just ‘freedom riders’ and freedom marches, but trouble on the 4th of July this year. That is a good time to stay out of public parks and areas where these masses are gathered together. It is a great time to keep your ammunition dry and prepared to defend your own house and your own front door.

Just two weeks ago, on television, Suskine, on his T.V. show, (incidently, he is a Jew,) on his program Sunday evening, as he was interviewing a group of prominent Jews and Jackie Robinson and a bunch of other Negroes--and in this broadcast he said, ‘We are going to break the yoke of the White man. We are going to rule America, and when we start shooting, we will eliminate all White opposition.’

No, we do not hate these people, we don’t hate lions, or tigers, or bears. And we don’t hate people. But when they come with malice in their hearts, we don’t hate them, but we are going to survive.

Now, we want to see America free. We want to see her live as a nation of blessing and peace. But we are not about to surrender her to a Communist party revolution. We know who is behind it and who is stirring up the Negroes. And I have the newspapers from East Los Angeles telling who was behind the incident in Griffith Park.

Now, I want you to know that the MOST HIGH GOD has declared that He does not want you to put these strangers over you. No, you are not to hate the stranger, when he comes into your land, you are to be kind to the strangers. But you are not to let the stranger marry your daughter or your son. The stranger is not to become a political influence in your land. He is not to rule over you. Not to teach you, or to preach to you. He is not to become your administrator or to control you economy.

Now, you say, ‘Well where is this black stranger to rule then, down in Africa?’ According to God’s word, this black stranger is not ready in this Millennium or the next to rule anywhere on the face of the earth, according to God’s word. The rule over this specie is to be regulated and move out of the great White Christian nations and all of the progress they will make will be under White leadership. All the progress in Africa, from every part of it, was made under the leadership of the White man with his benevolence, his missionary activity, with his development and vision, with his resources, with his giving people a way to live without being savages.

Tonight, we are aware that we are in an important hour of our destiny. The papers say that the President has said to take the buses in the south and get Negro drivers. But the companies do not want to do this for it raises their insurance. They knew that in the buses and in the cars that followed them were trained agitators, thugs, and never mind some of these simple minded students who have been brainwashed out of some Methodist church. They were fed Socialism in college and they are out in front, but the Communist are behind the lines. They say we are not here to cause trouble, we will fall on our knees and pray and this is to effect every silly Christian who believes their propaganda. They never thought of saying, ‘Lord, Lord,’ before it became a factor to try to fool the Christians. How many Communist have you seen in church? I do not trust Communists, new or used.

One of these things we are faced with at this time, is that the Attorney General has said, ‘We will put you in there, and when trouble comes, I will have the excuse to use Federal force.’ The Attorney General of the United States is now inciting riots and should be impeached. If JFK is smart, he will find some way to promote his brother to some spot where it will not make any difference. If he keeps him there it will destroy him. However, it did one thing. It elected a Republican Senator in Texas. This was a good Democrat who he ran against. A fine man, but still he won. This is just a repudiation of what is going on. When you put 69 of them on the first team, that is too much. It is worse than the Roosevelt revolution or the packing of the court. It is too much.

My Book tells me something about this being too much. We tried to get over to you this afternoon that the scripture calls for a wavelength of Divine energy, the stimulation of the intelligence and the intellect of your race, and it will bring your people out of their sleep. And they will begin to see this thing more clearly. This wall pick up with a great speed. And your nation will not see these people weeping because of their transgressions. But it will have them moving, sweeping and cleaning their house for their Father--God.

God said that He had yet to do some of these things for you, but He is also going to empower you. I am going to tell you that this manifestation of power which will descend on you in this manifestation of the Children of God is going to ---in this hour, be one of the most powerful determinations that ever moved on your race. If you think the ‘Spirit of 1776' made a great nation, then the ‘torch’ we lift in this hour is going to be like the mighty flaming judgements of Elijah. If you think the enemies of our nation who have moved in here claiming they are refugees have ever fled from judgement, when they leave the United States, they will think everything else in the world has been a party. My Bible tells me that when the wrath rises up in the face of the children of God, that this will be the greatest sign of wrath and judgement that has ever come out of human eyes in the earth.

Listen. You stand on the perimeter of what could be Armageddon. The Watchman has given the sign. Asiatic troops are going to move down the peninsula. They will try to outflank Australia and New Zealand. And they will offer deals to Japan and try to close their ring of control. But I don’t think the Japanese trust the Russians at anytime. But if they are outflanked, and very small, then you would expect that land to go as one of the loses of not listening to leaders such as General Douglas McArthur when you had a chance at easy victory. There is a book coming out now that says that Mr. Truman and General Douglas McArthur must now share for the mistakes made in North Korea and now the threats from that part of the world.

Let me tell you something. General Douglas McArthur does not have to share any of the blame for the naivety of Mr. Truman or anyone else who was a part of the United Nations, because I know that General McArthur pleaded with those in authority to let him bomb that mass of Red Chinese across the Yalla River line. But the United Nations promised them immunity and would not let him. I know that if the United Nations would have left General McArthur alone, there would not have been a Peking either. And General Chang Kai Shek would have been back on the mainland. If you wanted to write a book about the logistical errors of Mr. Truman, you could write a library and he would not understand a page of it. The battle fought around Harry Truman was fought around little Margaret. The Jews said we will ruin little Margaret’s career if you don’t go along with us and recognize little Israeli, and play our game. He sold America for that little mess of pottage. No, he was not a Jew. But go in business with one and they will clean you out. But he decided to pay it off---and that was Harry Truman. When they wanted to use his influence, they made him head of the Masonic Lodge down in Jerusalem. But that order does not belong to the Masonic anyhow, because you could not have a Masonic of Jews and fulfill the destiny of that order. When the Blue Lodge lets them in, someone needs to be taken out behind the woodshed.

One of these days we are going to wake up and realize that these are not our masters, and all that phoney money we have been doing business with---we will tear it up and print some new of our own. We can back it with our production which is the real production of the world. And we can send them all running for Israeli just in time to catch God’s earthquake when He splits the Mount of Olives.

Now, I am going to say something that some will not think is kind. But then I am not always kind. Do you know the place that the Pentecostal people have had a conference? Imagine going down to the house of the devil to hold a conference of a great Christian movement of the United States and the world. Oh, yes. The Jews paid the bill and treated them nice, and then they said, ‘this is the greatest propaganda stunt we have ever pulled. Now all these ministers will go back home and work for the Jews of Israeli.’

Do you know what will happen? America will wake up and they will point out the enemies of Jesus Christ. They are who is to blame and who is doing all these things to destroy the Kingdom of God. A great Evangelist that I know who was a part of the great awakening of this age went down and visited Ben Gurion, the Israeli premier. And Ben Gurion declared that every Jew in the world is a citizen of Israeli whether absent or present. And they had an argument about that all over the world and I have the original papers on this situation. Mr. Ben Gurion said to this great group of Evangelists, ‘What are you here for? Are you here to preach a different religion than the Jews have?’ The Evangelist replied, ‘Oh, no, I would not do that, I do not want to disturb you.’ Mr. Gurion said, ‘then you will let us be Jews and you will be Christians? You are not going to attack or move against us?’ The Evangelist said, ‘No, if God wanted you to be Christians, He would have made you Christians. So you be Jews and we will be Christians and will just love you.’ And now this Israeli said, ‘Alright then, we hear that you want to build a tabernacle up there in Oklahoma and we will see that you get your money, you have gotten what you wanted, you can have your tabernacle.’ Do you know what they named it?---The ‘Ben Gurion Tabernacle.’ I took this report of this conversation with Satan out his own magazine, so I know it is true.

When the Christians build churches and tabernacles and fill them with Christians, then let’s make them the Temples and Tabernacles of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. And let’s not insult our Father by hanging the names of the enemy on them. The ‘abomination of the desolator’ is down there in the Holy Place. Someone said, ‘but this is Judah moving back.’ No, my friends, Judah is over in Germany getting ready to help you fight the enemy. Someone said, ‘I have some who are good friends.’ But you just have acquaintances. I even had one who tried to be a friend to me. And he was really counting on survival. But I was watching him all the time.

Listen, there is not anything I could tell you tonight, that is a greater story than this sign on the New Moon in this mons on the 21st than this rise of Jupiter, this ascending sign, accompanying the sign and the emblem of Mercury, as it moves into Aquarius in alignment. You are going to see spiritual outpouring and awakening out of the MOST HIGH. The Waterman of the heavens is getting ready to pour out, and you are to watch this month and next month for a great upsurge in America pointing out everything which is Christian. And you will understand why they are trying to take the name of Jesus Christ out of everything in America.

Do you know that there 140 million of you here in these United States? And that is ample for us to say that we are going to do as we please and put the Cross on everything in these United States, and those who cannot wear it can leave it.

I talked to a minister the other day, and he said, ‘Dr. Swift, don’t you think we should have a great revival and all of these people ought to get saved?’ I said, ‘Just how do you want to go about this, where are you going to same them from? How are you going to do it?’ He said, ‘Well, we should have a great prayer meeting and get all the Christians to pray for us. We could hold great revivals and have them all come down in front and say ‘we accept Jesus Christ.’ I said, ‘But all the Jews in America could come down there and it would not matter anyhow. All they would come down there for would be to get by. When you save someone, you take them out of their error and you save them from their sins. Too many people are trying to save people from a hell way out there in some distant tomorrow.’ Jesus said, ‘I did not come to save you from some hell, I came to save you from your sins.’ The only way the world can be saved is to obey God’s law and the world cannot receive this for Jesus said so. And the world will not obey God’s law until the sons of God put teeth in the law and force them to obey.

What do you think is going to happen when Jesus Christ returns to earth? Do you think that all the pagans, all the Africans, and the Jews are going to come and accept Christ? No, they are not. You think they are going to have a great big Peace conference and everyone is going to get together and surrender? No, that is not the prophecy. It is that ‘the blood is going to flow to the horses bit.’ Now my horse, for I do not have any, but there are lots of horses down in Asia.

Now, I will let you in on a little secret. The nations of God are the high mountains and the power of God’s Kingdom is going to be in the nations of God’s Kingdom. And the MOST HIGH said that the law is going to go out of My Kingdom, from Mount Zion, the Kingdom of God on earth. And this means from the United States and Great Britain and all the great nations of the Western World. He said that we are going to enforce the law with a rod of iron. You say, ‘I do not like that rod of iron.’ Did you ever see a police car go down the street? That is a rod of iron. That Sheriffs car going out into the foothills is a rod of iron. That Navy out here on the sea and that Coast Guard is a rod of iron. Those air force planes leaving Mark Field and Edward Air Force Base, are a rod of iron. Some of you say, ‘I don’t mind this rod of iron,’---no, because you are a child of God and you give ascent to the law. You do not have a tendency to violate law. You have been set free under a New Covenant. You love the law of God. You are not saved by the law, you are saved by the desire of God’s light and life in you but you keep the law. The world also is going to keep the law and they are going to be saved from their evil bias.

I want to tell you this. Don’t leave here tonight and waste any time praying for the world. For Jesus never wasted even one day praying for them. I got a frown that time---alright, Jesus said, ‘I pray not for the world, I pray for those thou (spirit) hath given Me. Thine they were in the heavens and Mine they are in the earth, but I do not pray for the world.’ Don’t tell me that you are going to do more than Jesus Christ did, for you are going to pray for the world,---Well, look, you haven’t been doing much good with this, you have been trying to buy them. You have been throwing away your wealth trying to get them to say--’we will go along with you.’ But everyone you have been trying to buy, has been trying to blackmail you for more. You cannot buy the world. But you are going to have to do what God ordained you to do and that is ‘Rise and Shine.’

It seems that in every sermon that I have to swing to the Psalms and I read:--’Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing.’ Why do the kings to the north, out of the Russias take counsel against God’s anointed? Let us break the bands and the cords, for your bands and your cords are your civilization, your culture, law, obedience, morality, and no Cannibals. Then you have some silly person taken over by Satan saying, ‘give them their freedom, they are equal with you.’ And if you do, the first thing they do is burn down the factories and tear up the schools, rape their benefactors and start eating one another.

Do you know why you are called Saxons? Do you know what Saxon means? It means sons of Isaac, sons of laughter. There is one thing you have as a race. You have a sense of humor. Thank God that He has a sense of humor also, for He has the power to put this thing in order and then see that it will work.

Tonight if your enemy could see what God has surrounding you in heavenly plains, they would know that this is no time to move against God’s Kingdom. You are the ‘incarnate body of God’ in the world today. You are His sons and daughters. Remember that. The scripture says that you are His body in the world today. We are these Christed bodies in these vessels. It is the Christ in you which is the Hope of Glory and it is the Light the world is about to see. This is the manifestation of the sons of God. Look---Father give us the world back and we will take it all. Yes, He has said that He is going to give it to you for an inheritance. And they are going to obey the law. And suddenly there is going to be a great and mighty sound and all those on earth are going to drop to their knees. When this trumpet sounds, they will know what they have to do.

We have great measures in the heavens and shaking in earth. Then what kind of a person should you be when the earth trembles? When the power of evil has been broken, and the people of this world have bowed the knee, I am going to tell you that when this happens, the flags of the United States, and Britain and every other Christian nation, are going to be flying around HIS Cross.

Some of you may think that you have a secret ticket out of here. And if we could arrange it for you we would, because we don’t think you will be much help in the fight which is coming. But I am going to tell you this. While you are up there floating around, Christ is going to be down here helping us win. And you will be ashamed of yourself when you come back and haven’t done anything. Some of you think you have a ticket out of here, but God Almighty said when He takes something out, it is the ‘Tares’ that are going. And when the tares are taken, then there will be no reason to go, for it will then be the time of ‘Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done as it is in heaven. As long as this turns into Heaven, and Christ is here, who go anywhere else? In fact I am almost used to it here. And I have forgotten what that was like. In fact if this becomes like that, then there will be no point in moving.

I want you to know that this is not a guess. It is a fact. This is your destiny. This claim to this land is real. This is also God’s Holy Temple. And it is your responsibility to save every Christian nation from on the face of the earth. It is the time for Christians to stand together, to pray together, and to have a victory. There is to come a time when you will see the manifestation of the Sons of God.

(End of message)