Mechanics Of The Kingdom, 11-26-61



BY DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 11-26-61

This afternoon, as we are discussing the ‘mechanics of the Kingdom,’ there are a great many people who do not understand God’s purpose in the earth, as it relates to them and to their race, and as to establishing of God’s Kingdom in earth as it is in heaven. Because of this, they do not understand the processes in the revelation of and the purposes of God in the earth. As we have said unto you in the past, that the will of God’s sovereignty and the revelation of it and that which God has determined do, He shall bring to pass. We have discussed this that as God predetermined, He did predestinate, and there were certain things that He was going to do and this is the prerogative of God, because He is God. And this also is important to you and to your understanding because you know in your declaration that the Eternal God is omniscience, and has all power and possesses all abilities. And the very essence of His Spirit holding all things together, is an Omnipresent factor which relates to God and His ever present Universe. And we predicate our thought upon the Eternal nature of our Father, and the very words themselves, as we associate them with these ideas. For when we say ‘Our Father’, we are not just loosely using a term, which comes thru some process of mental gymnastics, which can be arrived at by accepting any set of principals or ideas. No concept of thought that you may entertain, the process of thought that you may think upon, will determine the point of origin from whence you have come. For this has been determined by the ‘Will of the Father’ before the world was framed. By His own desire, and by His own Will, He begat you as His children. For you were the children of His Spirit form the purpose and the objective of His own Will, Love and Desire.

If you will turn to the writings of John, you will determine that you were born into the purposes of the Eternal Father by His Spirit. And even in the earth as He embodied you not of the will of man, not of the will of the flesh, but of the Will of God. Thus, God hath willed this and God hath ordained this. And you are the children of His planting. In fact, your coming out and your going in, has been known unto Him before the foundation of this creation. We have before us in this Book (the Bible), a collection of the writings, and the demonstrations of time and history of God’s relationship and man’s history in the earth, which relates to His Household. This Book is not a Chinese book, and it is not a Negro book, but it happens to be a book about your race.

Now, there are some people who object to this, but their objection does not change this fact that there are other races here and that you have been sent here. And that there are other relationships which relate to them and their destiny. And that God has ruled this in the very concept of this Book. It is well known today that a great many churches do not teach the things which God had ordained. But this will change and God will bring it to pass. While there is a great vast institution which God has which is His Church, you still have an identity with the concept of His instructions and recognize that God has a race, a household, and that this race has sown the seed of God’s Household in the earth. All the peoples of the nations which are the seed of the Household of the MOST HIGH make up the nations of His Kingdom, and the Church is the spiritual center in a rare and conscious fashion is reaching people who are reaching for the Will of the Father and its application in the earth.

There are a great many people who may not use these semantics an dare still interested in the Will of the Father, and recognize their relationship unto HIM. It is true that the relationship of the great congregation of people whom God has called forth and identified with His name, has given them new instructions since the advent of His own ministry, and the great spiritual outpouring since this---called the Church in your own language. It was the Ecclesia in the background from which the word church was translated. These are the people of His Household whom God intends to stimulate His Household with, until all come to the knowledge of the truth---and shall be the ‘will’ which God hath ordained. I do to want you at any time to think that God has lost any of His power or has had any infringement upon the sovereignty and the deity of the Eternal because there have been those who have lived all of their lives without having consummated your concept for the standards which God has established for the development of things which apparently they respect. Nor, do you want to carry in your thinking, that any of the children of God who have lived within the earth by Divine Destiny, and because they did to measure up to such standards as you would aspire to, that you would like to see them falter, or have gone beyond the destiny for which they have been begotten. Or because their consciousness has passed into the plain of spirit that they have passed into the area where God is duty bound to give them everlasting punishment throughout the existing days of Eternity ahead.

A child of God is still a child of the Father. And a child of the Father was sent into this world with the knowledge of the Father knowing the perimeter of his conduct, and having also known the potential powers of his spirit, and the promise of resurrection which is the promise to the children of the MOST HIGH. I have called your attention in the past and I would call your attention to this passage in the book of Isaiah, in which the Father said, ‘All Israel---All Israel shall be saved.’ And God has planned for them an Everlasting Salvation, and an adjustment which shall not permit them to be confounded or confused. And he talks about the children of God and the rulers with God and other places the rulers are Santes---or Saints or believing offspring. And over here in the writings of the Apostle Paul, where he discusses it in the New Testament, he also says, ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ There is no change in God’s plan. And there are no casualties in God’s plan when he views the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD. I think it is important for you to know that you are children carrying the potential of Eternal life, and that is something the Father gave you when you were begotten of His Spirit before the world was framed. Thus, we are teaching and preaching a positive Gospel, that has no possible loss of any one of the children of the MOST HIGH. For this would be throwing a question upon the Father, as to His ability to do what He said, and to attain by the nature of the Spirit which had begotten to sustain that which it has no capacity to otherwise lose, because you are born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. There is no way then to corrupt that incorruptible seed.

You say, ‘But we see mistakes and corruption in the physical world.’ But the physical world that you behold and the operation of the physical world is in the realms of that which you call mortal. And as you refer to that which is mortal, you are talking about the physical body and the physical body is thus mortal, but the spirit in that physical body is not mortal nor should it be included in anything which relates to that which is mortal. For if this mortal is to put on immortality, and it is out of the spirit by which the mortal puts on that immortality and when the plan for the Kingdom and for its ultimate attainment comes out of the ever indestructible presence of the power of God, out of the Spirit of God, out of the different factors of God----then if you want to understand your relationship in the earth today, then it must be that you understand the residency inside of this physical body---children of the Eternal Father, indestructible and Eternal. And with this in your mind and with this understanding, then you can understand the days of your existence. And this mortal body must triumph in the earth. And altho children of the spirit have passed into the spirit, they must be brought back and every element of this body and all the substance of it until the Resurrection pattern has clearly established that you are a child of the Eternal.

And beyond that, as it relates to the Kingdom, I want you to understand that every problem whether political of economic, or all that effects our life, and our existence in the earth, this operates in every field which relates to the children of the Kingdom. And this is also why we find such value out of this text book of the scriptures, from which we have so many patterns of revelation and so much which has come right out of the mouth of God. We would not dare say that every word which is in this Book has come out of the mouth of God, for that is not true. But we have opinions in here as to what men say is the very words out of the mouth of God. But that is to them, and sometimes their opinions are not correct. And sometimes some of them expose themselves. Some of them are recording the panoramas of history and understand this course, and they are inspired by it. As we said, there are only a couple of books here which are not essential to the patterns of truth and those are the book of Esther and The Songs of Solomon, which are not inspired at all or created for the purpose of God, but its inclusion has certain values too, when you rise to understand the struggles of God’s Kingdom.

Now, since we are a people here in the world, then the ‘mechanics of the Kingdom must go back to the Omnipotence of the Father who has authored this Kingdom. You must understand that the existence of the spirit is not something cold and distant, altho something not visible to the natural eye. There are some things that go back into the antiquity and to the purposes of God so great and so far, that the vastness of these purposes for the world, that you can never disassociate the reaching backward into the realities of the past, for the facts of the plain which you now live in. When we look at the trillions and trillions of sidereal systems rolled up into the astronomical vastness of God’s creation, and we understand that they have been existing upon millions and millions of years, the amount of years that you and I can calculate in numbers is only going as far as to compare with that which we understand. Out of this, we want you to know that the Eternal God of Spirit wants you to understand so that you can say with a great appreciation as to who you are and that HE is our FATHER. This Eternal Father has come out of that spirit which has created, in ancient times, whole solar systems. And when you are first conscious of existence in Celestial plains, then you are setting in view the creative patterns of the Celestial Father, in that vast plain of activity.

Thus in this instance, you may say that God is spirit and His law is utterly unchangeable---the law of creation, the law of operation, the law which holds all things together. Even the laws of return, today have almost reached the point of Eternal, because they reach so far back into the antiquities of creative purpose. For the atoms of today are the same today as they were in the hours of a multiple of a trillion years ago when solar systems were being formed on the edge of the Universe which you can now behold.

So out of this again, we look at a timeless past. And we are the children of existence in the concept of some in the age where we dwell. But we are the children of Eternity form whence we have come. And we are a part of a great creative purpose. And therefore, the importance of now, to take on the perimeter of ideas by which was yesterday, and that which God plans for tomorrow.

It is clear that many of the races which are round about you were not created in the days when you were begotten. In the days when you were begotten, this solar system you now live in, had not come into being. In fact, you watched the Father rolling forth this solar system. You were with HIM in the hour when the earth was created and the morning stars sang together---and this means, that the Archangels sang together. And then all of the children of God sang together. The spiritual entity of God’s children were there to behold the majesty and this spectacle of the creative Father who was putting on these purposes of the endless tomorrows.

Now, with such a program and plan, the MOST HIGH let you be the witness of a spectacle of all that transpired historically as it relates to the problems of earth. A rebellious Archangel by permission and even possibly by thought creation, was permitted to take his course. And as we have related to you before, this was to create quite a disturbance in this part of the Universe confined to the Milky Way. And he was actually now going to challenge some of the other planets and cause them to change in their way of thinking. He planned to establish himself as the sovereign of the Universe and change the thinking of the people and establish new standards, by violations of Divine Law. And by this process, he would gather around himself those he had promised to reward by this process of error.

And you beheld that. And the sovereignty of my Father is still, my friends, is still not limited. He not only knew about this, but there is a strange statement in the book of Jeremiah and there are strange statements in other places in the Bible, saying, ‘I created both good and evil.’ In this instance, He not only knew the course, but He knew that the hour would come when even the comparison of these values would be known in the Universe. And even tho in this program which HE developed, He would not lose even one single Archangel He determined in the purpose of His plan to do something for him. For this Archangel is to again stand before the Father as an Archangel, without one transgression, without one thought in opposition to the Law as God created it. And he is again going to acknowledge it and he is going to bow the knee. If you want to know the God who is all in All, then you want to know that He has proclaimed, ‘I am going to bring all things unto Myself.’ He said, ‘I am going to put everything back in order and the Universe is going to be better for having experienced this. They will have a deeper appreciation for righteousness and truth. This will come by comparison. For now they will know the distinction between the violation of law and that which is righteousness. In the vastness of this purpose, there are many things which seem beyond the perimeter of the natural law round about you, which you are only beginning to understand. For instance, as we look out upon the world today, we find ourselves in a world of chaos, disturbance and trouble. And we looked out upon this world not understanding what we beheld until we dwelt within it. And then not knowing what the feelings and the experience would be like when dwelling in the earth like the people dwelling round about, because the Father had made prophecies unto us concerning our own behavior and what HE would have to do before He could rectify that in Majesty and Glory of Celestial children on al aged standpoint.

So in this instance, we came into this world about 7400 years ago, into a world that was about a million years old. We came into a world where the races were in conflict and the violation of law forced them to live by violence and not one single individual in the whole earth now worshiped the MOST HIGH GOD. That is the kind of a world that existed when one man’s family came into the world. And this was in the purposes and planning of the Almighty Father. And you say, ‘How could such an outnumbered pair of people and since the forces of darkness so outnumbered them,---how could the world be changed by such a process?’ But this was an energy and vision which the Father had planted in the earth with all of the power of Divine sovereignty to make this thing come to pass, ordained from the beginning.

Oh, you say, ‘This is not God.’ In fact, there is so much of this God factor which is already developing in awareness in you that no longer can any intelligent Christian be satisfied with a God who is your Father and who can do all these things and then doing them, because this pattern comes into existence when the children of God had greater concepts of deity, and greater concepts of power and greater concepts of Grace, and a greater concept of the development of the Universe than the Father. This, my friends, would be a spiritual and intellectual impossibility. For you will never out-think the Grace of God and you will never out-think the purposes of or the anticipated desire to be coordinated with it.

Thus, it is in this hour we are discovering a part which we ought to play which centers around the purposes of God, which is not yours to question, but which is your to understand. Any time men question the construction of the Universe or the purpose of the creator, they are crazy. It is a mental delusion. There is nothing to question.

Now, men may want to know why? They may want to know the answers to these questions. But questioning the wisdom of the One who did these things is most foolish, I can assure you. But this knowledge and vision that you and I have developed in earth by His guidance and His inspiration, teaches us an adaptation to our surroundings and an understanding because He gave us an understanding of the Law. And because the Law is a nuclear substance, the Law put things together. The Law is a plain of electronics. The Law is astronomy. The Law is a balance of mathematics. And the Law is the Universe, of everything that you have learned. There are the laws of Agriculture and the laws of social science and there is economic law, which God bestowed upon your race when He gave you the Law. And this all relates to the shinning vision of ideas from the mind of God to yours. All relates to the world of reality. And when transformed again into reality, it transforms again a fallen earth into heaven on earth. And this is what you pray for when you say, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in Earth as it is in heaven.’

If you do not aspire to bring this in or understand that this is your responsibility, then why say that you are the instrument that God has called to bring this to consummation? The fact is that in these operations of spirit, that all the great technical achievements of your time and all of the areas of what you call the sum total of modern knowledge rolled up and you fail to lay eyes on its sources, and upon its experiences which gradually open the avenues of knowledge which God gave unto you, and the vision necessary, and out of the Celestial realm and out of the soul consciousness of men where they think and where they reason, and have an understanding of ‘how.’ And I look out over the reasoning of the scientist of the world and the technicians of the world and these discoveries of these prophecies of old, and I understand, as you must say---these are men of the White race. They are men of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Basque, Lombard, and Germanic people. I do not find in this great avenue of their science, in the last great millennium of science emerging out of china or our of Africa, or out of the islands of the sea. Tho there were certain principles used in the days of their existence, under the teaching of an Archangel before he feel, which they may remember. We see that these have been used for a very, very long time. Their application of a fulcrum has been known in civilizations of great antiquity and these are things that they retained from before the areas of their fall. But the knowledge of the processes of the Universe, from these they did to fall because they did not know and they did not understand, until the sons of the Eternal Father once more touching the wavelength of vision, introduced these things into reality today.

But I tell you today, that this knowledge is not to make you haughty or make you haughty before God, but it is to keep you from humbling yourself before powers of darkness and evil, or joining yourself to those who are not by creative purposes and not of Divine begatting designed to be your equal.

It must be recognized that God created a Universe in many classes and types of beings. And it was good. Everything was good when it was created. From the lower animals to the higher animals, all was good when created. To the very rocks and to the hills, all in God’s purpose, even to the changing of the surface of the earth for His very purposes, God’s hand was there and God said that it was good. There had been ancient violations of law which had mutated this. And there are areas of reflections of understanding concerning this and all of the catastrophes which preceded your coming. And then God bestowed upon your race---the Law---for its guidance. This why we told you that when HE gave the Law to you at Mount Sinai, HE told you not to plant within your vineyards and orchards diverse kinds of seeds. Because you want to keep that and you do not want any cross-pollination that will destroy and produce the abominations of a field and bring down the standard of the crop. Thus God gave you laws to preserve that because the Luciferian force was unable to create. Remember that evil is not able to create. Instead, it mutates. And by its mutation, it destroys and it upsets the patterns of laws and why things are. And one of the ancient patterns of violation of law was this mutation of seeds and even in plants and in people, and in beings and between Angels and men, and in the order of establishments that upset and started this abomination throughout the Universe---until God said He would change all this, for it had to stop.

And your race has been called by the Eternal power, to remain in separation in order that they might discharge this power as a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. You have to keep the Priests separate and the Nation a Holy Nation and the Divine Family separate, in their different categories. Not separated from the administration of the Kingdom, but separated as that Household and that Family. In fact, there has been a time when upon our race, this obedience to these laws was a diligent factor and carefully observed. In fact, today we are more concerned in keeping the pedigrees of our dogs and the animals in the stockyards than we are in preserving our racial respect of our children. This is because of this warfare here in the earth. And this warfare is being directed against the Kingdom of God. And they are trying to upset the mechanics by which the Kingdom operates, for Lucifer possesses this cunning. And in trying to upset the mechanics of God’s Kingdom, he knows that God is transferring His children from heaven to earth and putting them into physical bodies, where HE leaves them with the conscious relationship of HIS own Spirit.

I am not now dealing with the consensus of the fall or the conditions following the fall. For we have passed the period of the fall, and we are now in the period when God has restored to us the righteousness of sons. And they can no longer limit a Kingdom upon a catastrophe which occurred to our race 7400 years ago. At this individual moment and from the time of Christ’s Resurrection, everyone of your race has been absolutely justified (paid for). And God has added the necessary element, even the wavelength of the outpouring of energy out of His own Spirit to us, to finish the task and to do the things and to perform in the earth as sons and daughters of God. He came to empower you with the power that belongs to the sons of God. And this He did of His own Will.

What we are waiting for, and what the whole world is waiting for, is the Manifestation of the sons of God, the mighty majesty of God’s Kingdom to roll back the powers of darkness. And even the forces of opposition do not know who they wait for this day. We have referred to the facts in ‘The Mechanics of the Kingdom,’ that children of His Spirit are the essence of His own Spirit. And when you are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD, as Paul proclaims, that the spirit bears witness, that moves the essence of the Spirit of the Father and your spirit to the same wavelength, then this receives the same emphasis and the Omnipresence of God as it moves out to the chain of his spiritual origin, which holds every atom together, is also keeping every spirit constantly adjusted to everything he knows and to spiritual purposes.

I want you to know that the spirit inside of you knows all things, stretched out to all things, and knows all the deep things of God. You say, ‘But that is the spirit of God.’ Well, what do you think you would be if you were not His issue, but just in a physical world? You are His issue, you are a child of the Eternal and you are in physical bodies. We have this treasure in earthen vessels. With this understanding then we know that it is the wisdom of the spirit which moves thru to the soul consciousness and lets you become aware of the presence of the Eternal eye. That resident in a physical body, you can harness the concepts of the thinking process of the brain to animate those thought processes of even the hand and the foot to carry out the objectives that the inner man desires. Thus it is that this is the ‘Mechanics of the Kingdom.’ There is only one race in the earth today which has the capacity to respond and to think the thoughts of God by inner vision. By a still small voice which speaks in this inner Holy of Holies where the consciousness can meet the great Celestial consciousness which is a part of your Celestial being. This is to the Eternal glory of the Father. This is to the majesty of His great Grace that He sent you into this earth to redeem this earth, to bring it back into the proper relationship with order.

Now, I want you to understand that there were firm laws and these were laws which He gave concerning the construction of His Kingdom. And they operate within the patterns of His Grace because Grace is a favor which God extends to an area which does not deserve by any action of its own. You know there are a lot of people who think they earn all that they get, but Grace is the kind of favor which God bestows which men do not earn, such as other creatures do not earn. This is a gift from God. And god did not think that by its conduct that earth earned what He bestowed upon it. But out of his Grace, He decided to transfer His Kingdom from heaven to earth and His own family to carry out His objective.

From the panorama of history and the struggles we have been in from the earliest times, has erased from our physical memory, from our soul conscious memory, the background of our yesterdays and did not renew this to the spirit when the remembrance of mutation comes. And before you have climaxed the era in which you are now living in, because you are watching these things come to a head, there is going to be a great spiritual crystallization across God’s people of the Kingdom and will bring them the remembrance of the Eternity of the association and knowledge in the realization that they are going to think like the Father thinks, and know as the Father knows. They are, in the twinkling of an eye, going to know and to understand. And they are going to know even as you know. And the Celestial spirit already knows as you are known.

There is one thing I want to tell you this afternoon. It is for your understanding as the children of the Kingdom. I cannot tell this to Africa or tell it to China, because they would not understand it. But in you is a spiritual live which dwells, and which was with the Father, and it is back of the consciousness of your being and it knows what you have, which is the meditating communion called the ‘thoughts of the Father’ while you sleep. These are things which are not even in the bodily conscious pattern of understanding. That is the assurance you have which the Apostle Paul and others who were told this wisdom and mysteries by revelation and by also bringing them into the Celestial plains, where they were given these instructions before sending them back to tell their brethren here in a physical body what had transpired. That is a big Universe and at no time had God not been in complete control of every part of it. He has been in complete control and is this afternoon. And I do not want you to be in despair because of any situation you see round about, which mighty cause you to think that the Kingdom is degenerating or that the power of God is moving backward. In the whole course of time, He told us about circumstances which would effect our time and our society. He was to tell us that in the last days in which we are living, there would even come a falling away from the great principles and the mighty ethics of our society which existed. He told us that it would effect the order of our society at political and economic levels. That the powers which would infiltrate our nation would be known as the Beast System, for they would come from the levels of creation now unloosed by Lucifer’s leadership which lacked the spirit. And anything which does to possess the spirit---in the World Order---is known as the Beast System.

Now, the Beast is not a word used in the category of a curse. It is an identification of the beings and the people of a different status. Everything was good as long as it stayed in adjustment with God. But it is a Beast when it is out of adjustment with God, and when the Satanic forces seek to destroy the spiritual level of the sons. The Kingdom of the sons, the children of Light,--is the Kingdom which belongs to the Father, from the days of Adam until your time. You are the inheritors of a Kingdom which cannot be destroyed. And it is not going to be left to other people. In the path of this purpose, you are going to consummate what purpose God has ordained. And even tho I can look out upon the world as you have, where people say terrible things have happened, our nation, when it was founded, it was founded with great vision. And the men who helped and designed this great expansive developing nation living under Liberty,----they had racial self-respect. And they set out firm laws and they warned the nation against the mixing of the races. They had a great concept for this nation of America and they drew up a Constitution for White men. You may not like this, but the Constitution was drawn up for White men and by White men UNDER GOD. And in the concept which they had their standards and their principles, were under patterns of inspiration taken right out of the Holy Scriptures in which they had great Faith and belief.

But here in our time, we find that we are being effected with all kinds of ideas coming out of the World Order. And they are opposing our leaders of today in their use of these ideas which made the nation great. Instead of teaching racial self-respect or the desire to be a segregated gentleman or lady, we are told today that we must be a mongrelized, integrated person or we are anti-social.

Now, these attacks come from the enemies of our society. And they use the medium of television, radio and newspapers and magazines to try to reach a new standard or a new principle. But the Kingdom is not made up of the World Order. It is made up of God’s people who have ben given the authority to arise and put the earth in order. In fact, I can cite to you from whence comes this strange spiritual vision which exists in your society. You find yourself manifested as in the days of your fathers, to the inner feeling which rises up in your race, the moment they hit upon a hidden truth. And that is the determination of Divine instruction not to let your race line be mongrelized. Because the children of the Kingdom must keep this spiritual wavelength of spiritual consciousness in tune. In otherwords, this physical body with its patterns and with its receptive centers, and the vibration of its nervous system, and the soul consciousness which abides within it, connected by the life thread of spiritual life called ‘Silver cord,’ and tied with the soul consciousness inseparable pattern with a Celestial mind and Celestial spirit, must remain un-mutated, carry forward, change the wavelength of remembrance and understanding and power necessary to produce the Kingdom. The pattern of the Kingdom is at oneness with the Father not changing the species of the kind. To change and mutate it is to subject the entire society to Lucifer and the forces of darkness.

Now, God is not going to let this come to pass. And we told you that in the last days there would come a time that there would be a falling away first. And that ‘falling away’ would be considered by some to be a great decline. And within this, would come a destruction of the churches which carry the Oracle of God today as they did before in the Congregations of the Old Testament and in the Tabernacle and the Temple. But instead of saying, ‘Thus saith the LORD, and come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean things,’ and carry out these instructions so that the Father can be a Father unto you, instead the church today turns and says, ‘We must make all of these things one.’ And instead of being way over on the right, saying the things which are right, where as the law of God is always right, they are trying to be in the middle which is half between that which is wrong and half way between that which is right,---and say that they are just going to take the high road because we are here.

Now, that is not to depress you beyond the abilities of restoration because God said this is a special word---Laodicea---a powerful institution of the church without the power and the Oracle of the MOST HIGH, to accomplish the purposes of HIS Kingdom, He said it is neither hot nor cold---’and I shall spew it out of My mouth.’ Then He looked out over the processes of understanding and He said, ‘but I have a church called Philadelphia.’ And that is the church of this era.

‘Oh, you say, ‘Who are they?’ Well they are many, many times those of Elijah’s day. And that church is growing today as destiny decrees that it shall. They are those who have not bowed the knee to Baal. They are those who say, ‘I am on the ‘right’ and I don’t care if the whole world knows it for we are going to live thru this one.’ They are on the right because they live and think and breathe this way for God put the law in their hearts. And as they become aware, and then more aware of the covering of Divine spirit, that not just by might nor just physical power, but by My Spirit saith the LORD. And as this great truth descends upon that great church will perform a great task which is now transpiring in your race. I can look back to the remembrance of the scripture, into the time of His seed thru Isaac, and Jacob, when millions of people were under the control of one of the kings of their own race. But he was married to a Jezebel. And this produced those who came from the outside to the inside and tried to dominate and control the life of all the people of Israel. They had brought in all the kinds of people which Mrs. Roosevelt tried to bring in during her time. In fact, the records became so many and the powers of darkness became so great, and the forces effecting their minds had a field day. But in that day a whole avenue of people turned back to god. And there had been strangers living among them and they owned apartment houses. They were making laws to force Israel with their apartment houses to accept this kind of integration. And then people said this must be good. And yes, the Baal priests said yes. Yes, this is wonderful. Everyone get together and live this way. But the scriptures had different instructions. For they were not to have these strangers dwelling in their houses. And they were not to have any influence over their people. They were not to have these pagan aliens come in to the Ecclesiastical leaders and seek to be teachers in their institutions.

What happened? Just what God said would happen. They would teach you to follow other gods and change your philosophy and your ideas, and destroy your greatness. So something started to transpire in that hour when Elijah started to prophesy, for there was among those there, 7000 people who still held their racial self-respect and were still on the ‘right’ side. And they still loved the LORD their God. And they would not let anyone put any pressure on them to change this. And they had not bowed the knee to Baal. Don’t you be too depressed because you are still in a lot better position today than Elijah was. Today there are millions who have not bowed the knee to Baal. And today, the same thing which an Elijah ministry did then is happening in America. It is pointing out to people great Divine truths and Divine principles. The leaders of the World Order are in its attempt to put you in slavery and in its attempt to integrate planning to wipe out your nation. And because of these revelations, today thousands of Americans are waking up. Even the leaders of your nation captivated by the World Order, call them the ‘Extreme Right’ and talk about having to do something about this.

God is going to do something about it. He is going to make so many in your nation to take positions on the Extreme Right that it is going to be unpopular to be an advisor to one of these fellows who does not want to be on the ‘right’ side. But the ‘Mechanics of the Kingdom’ is spirit. It is slow, it is affinity of a conscious awakening. For God says, ‘I can call My sheep by name and I can lead them out.’ And He intends to do that. I would call your attention to an area in which there is great confusion,---where the World Order moved in and where out of the church came this great message of how God had done His great work of atonement, wherein He consummated and justified all His children from Adam’s time down to the endless tomorrows, in which they would live in the earth. He atoned for them and He as God did an act of God. An act of His own planning in which He consummated our atonement and set men free. That was the marvelous story of Calvary. The story of God dwelling in earth as a man interested in all things, just as you are, because He took upon Himself a body with no exceptions, and with the capacity to abolish fear. And altho you sometimes look at spirit with its formation and the beholding of the Universe as cold, let me tell you that the spirit of the Eternal God is light and warmth.

Embodied in a physical world, God experienced and sensed every pattern of emotion you are capable of feeling. And if you today have no feelings and no emotion whatsoever, then you are a sad person. Because even with all the knowledge of the Universe in His plan, there was enough emotion in the embodied God that as He looked down upon Jerusalem, for He knew that this belonged to the Household He sent into the earth, as a part of the headquarters of His Kingdom, He knew that this was the land of His inheritance by right. But He knew that the strangers inside would not accept HIM. He knew also that there were many people also in Jerusalem who were under the influence of the strangers and were not catching the vision of light. Thus He looked down upon this, His creation and even the forces now in it, and said, ‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I would have gathered you as a hen would a chick, but you would not.’ And with such a feeling of emotion, as He saw the path of fear and death, and how even His friend Lazarus had been threatened with being put in the tomb a second time.

Someone said, ‘I don’t like any sorrow or crying in my religion.’ Let me tell you something. Jesus looked upon the sorrow of men and He looked upon the pattern with Lazarus, and Jesus wept. God wept because He could be touched with emotion. I want you to know that there are great emotions that men need to be touched with today. Even tho they tell you in our colleges, that to be moved with emotion is not within the standard of facts and untouched truth. They say that anything which touches you with emotion must be devaluated.

Let me tell you something. The great emotion of the love of God and as to who HE is, and what He is to you and the love of family and respect for parents, is vital to our society. And a brotherhood which recognizes racial responsibility to that family, is an entity. And all race is an entity. And respect for a nation and the flag for which it stands and emotion which moves with patriotism, all of these are ordained patterns of spiritual consciousness and expresses itself by the nerve cells in the physical body. And those today who would destroy everything which is spiritual and holy, would also like to deny you every type of emotion for anything which is right. You show me a man who has no emotion in his face, and I will show you a man who does not understand the process of how things work. When we see in that face the dynamic energy the thoughts of God which He has given unto His children, when a man can measure his Faith according to His purpose, and then He activates this into action by the hearing of the Word, they have picked up the vision of God’s plan. And when they start putting it into practice then emotion shows on their face. Faith comes by hearing, and driven by the word of God, whether by inspiration of direct vision, or preaching form the pulpit or by vision of God standing before you to give you instruction, by Archangel or by letter, Faith comes by hearing. The cognition of the intellect must be complete. The attention of it must be gained and the instruction must be understood. I tell you that when men understand until they fear the thing which is truth when followed is enriching, it is better for their societies and it is better for themselves. It is better for their securities and it is better for their growing capacities of life. It will enrich them for things of society and when men understand truth, they follow it. If they do not follow, they are very foolish. But they are not understanding that it is for their betterment.

But this is not true of the kingdom of darkness round about. Nor can you find the medium which says go along with half of the truth and half that which contains half truth, and half not true. You cannot make a deal with the Soviet Union when all of its policies are based upon error and fallacy, and the foundation of error starts with the idea that there is no God to begin with. This is the most fallacious concept which men could introduce. And upon that error nothing can come forth which is in the process of agreement. Thus they have no morality, they have no Divine instructions. Because there is nothing to violate. Every evolutionary pattern of their thinking is just to acquire for themselves or find a way for everything to be distributed to them.

Thus it is that you and I are in the midst of a great conflict here in the midst of the earth. The church is saying we must go out to the ends of the world and preach to them and if they accept these words then we accept them as brothers. And then we integrate them into our family. But that is a violation of Divine Law. For 1700 years or more the church has been preaching about the mighty works and the atoning power of the Christ. And at the same time they have been abridging the truth by saying that the whole reason for this was to keep you from some terrible destruction when you die, rather than saying this sets you free from fear of the darkness and superstition and condemnation, so that you can build the Kingdom and stop the error while you live. God moved into the world and suffered to save men from their sins, not to save them from some imaginary torture by some witch doctor.

Do you think that it is in their capacity, this kingdom of darkness, to build the Kingdom, for it is not. If it had been, God would have used them and left you in the plain of spirit. You may point out all the instructions and all the teachings that you may pour out. But it will still not change any brilliant among them. After all this assistance and instructions, down in Kenya, there was a son of a witch doctor and the witch doctor himself. He was brought in contact with some of the things which you would call truth. This son was taken over and educated and He went thru Oxford---his name was Kenyatta. He not only wrote volumes on witchcraft--which ended up being classics in literature for a Negro---but in the background of Kenyatta’s thinking, was the service and worship of the devil, the denying of your God and the placing Lucifer as his supreme master. And then by sitting the worship of Lucifer and going thru abominable evil and filthy rites,---certain miracles would be performed. Certain rites performed and Lucifer would go to them. So witchcraft is the work of the devil, seducing wealth and power and using physical force. But at no time does it perform the work of the Kingdom. But it is still an open and clever move against the Kingdom.

When the Mau Mau swept thru Africa, the very counter part of the opposition of all the things of the Kingdom which were for good, would have liberated men and ruled over these races under God’s Kingdom until the time when the spiritual power would finish its work---the powers of darkness moved to destroy the light. And would hold many in bondage for a new Empire in darkness. The Mau Mau movement which was waging warfare against the sons of God in the earth, came out of leadership with full education and a chance for top leadership positions among the Negro. Thru the last years, 1100 White women have known death because of the powers of such evil. The whole upsetting of Kenya, and the pressure upon Britain to put him in jail, or execute him was hindered by the pressure put upon Britain because of the threat to execute a devil. Then they let him out the other day and then had to pay him three thousand pounds a day for every day they had him in jail. And then build him a house and give him an opportunity for taking over once again the ruling power of Kenya. It is Kenyatta the witch doctor, the devil, the enemy of White men and the White man’s God who now takes over Africa. He called upon them and it brought this pressure upon us because the White man was unequally yoked together with evil.

But the point I would bring out is that colleges and universities and the association and occupation of all the things that normally would have come with the Christian faith, and with the expression of its views and the status of its position, had no effect upon this savage. And there was nothing to speak to and nothing to stir. All we did was take him out of his loin cloth and put him in a cut-away and striped trousers, and turn a devil now more dangerous, loose upon his own people.

You know that the program of God’s Kingdom is this great desire for the flow of spirit which moves thru your race to make the world a better place, to put it in order and to balance it and recreate it. Not at the expense of the children of God’s Kingdom, but out of the sheer wisdom and knowledge of how to manage and direct the world into a better order than men can produce for themselves. But under the pressure of things which you have watched, far from basic principles, there has come a ‘falling away’ in your time and with it has come this joining together of yourself and this evil. And with this comes retreat. And we see now this retreat out of Africa and out of the rest of the earth. The Kingdom was sent to rule and reign, not to satisfy evil, but to rule and reign. For you cannot satisfy the devil with Light and righteousness. You cannot satisfy the devil until the day when he will bow the knee when he finds out that he cannot whip righteousness.

But don’t be cast down thinking that the end has come. For this is that area of prophecy which warns you, there was to be a ‘falling away’ from the Faith just before the restoration of power. With the great rise and lifting of the true Church of God’s Kingdom shall come this bearing of testimony never to be put down. Yes, we have watched these transgressions and conditions and changes in our own time, but do not think for a moment that God does not have a purpose.

Someone said, ‘But we should not go out and try to force righteousness on the world whether they want it or not.’ Who told you that? God not only said He was going to put a Kingdom down here but His children were going to take the Kingdom and possess it forever and forever. Yes, this Kingdom will stretch out over the ends of the earth and they will obey. Even if we have to use a rod of iron, they will still obey. And one of these days they will rejoice to think that God has that much strength and power.

I would call your attention to the fact that the Eternal who planted you here, placed this race here. And He knew of the animosity of the enemy. He knew how the forces of darkness would come against you time and again. And He knew that whole areas of your land would be devastated by the Cainanites who came against you. But when God called Moses to take the children of Israel out of Egypt, He took them right over to Canaan land where in the ages of millennium or two before, where there had been a mass execution and liquidation of people of your race. Just because the were evil and your race was good. Your race had wisdom and vision, and astronomical science. But these Cainanites hated you because you were the sons of God---and they called you the sons of Light. This is the reason why some people cannot understand or recognize that the great history or the periods involved in the Old Testament were based on knowledge wider than their own experience. And they had such a little knowledge of the Bible that they were not able to criticize it seriously. Do you know that most people criticize what the Bible says, but they know very little about what the Bible really says or what God is doing? There is nothing to criticize in that which is perfect.

I just called this to your attention, for this is a panorama today which is not being recognized as it might be. For instance, over here in the 20th chapter of the book of Deuteronomy, YAHWEH says:--’When thou goes out to battle against thine enemies, and thou seeist horses and chariots and a people more than thou, be not afraid for YAHWEH thy God is with thee which brought you up out of the land of Egypt. And I shall be when ye come nigh into battle; that the priests shall approach and speak to the people, and shall say unto them, ‘Hear O Israel, ye approach this day into battle against your enemies; let not your heart faint, fear not, do not tremble, neither be ye terrified because of them; for YAHWEH thy God, is He that goeth with you to fight for you against your enemies and to save you.’ Then He makes a selection as to who is to go. And when the officers have finished speaking to the people, then the captains of their army are selected and they are told what to do. That as they came to a city, they should proclaim ‘peace’ to that city and if this people would accept the Kingdom and let this nation be ruled by righteousness, then that city would be saved and it would thereafter serve the Kingdom. And it would then blossom and benefit by it. But if the city refuse, then YAHWEH thy God will deliver that city into thy hands and the judgement will then fall and you will eliminate those who go against you---to the last man. Some of these cities which are afar off are treated somewhat differently, but of those cities which YAHWEH thy God gives you for an inheritance, then eliminate everything that breathes. Destroy every living thing. Don’t spare any in the cities that you are going to dwell in that are given to you by YAHWEH thy God because if you do, those cities will seek to mongrelize with you and mix your seed. And if you do not destroy them, they will teach you abominations, intermingling, violation of law. And you will begin serving other gods. Thus this is your instructions. You are not to mix with any of the Jews and of course, you are not to mix with the Negroes, or any Asiatic whatsoever.

Someone said, ‘Well, how did we get such a vast pattern in this race of God from the Universe and then when He wants us to stay in the land----yes the land which they destroyed your race in before---that we are to make them accept our ‘peace’ or we put them down?’ More than that, He tells you this. Even when you are in a far land to establish the Kingdom, then when they march in, if they submit, then you are to cut down every idol and temple and every high place where they worship these pagan gods. Because you are never going to rule the world as long as you let these people establish their error there where they can go back under their influence of devil gods and such. God tells you that you must pull this up from the very roots. You did not come down here to have a picnic with the devil. You came down here to set these people free. You say, ‘But what about this catastrophe?’ Let me tell you something. There are a lot of these forces who would be better off if released into their spiritual conscious plain and then let God deal with that. But don’t worry about that because God said you were not to worry about the heathen. I know one man who can not sleep at night, for he worries about the fact that he thinks that a terrible catastrophe is going to overtake the heathen when they die. He says doesn’t that worry you? But God knows more about that than you do and He did not tell you to go out there and tell them that they would be tortured when they die. God knows more about that than you do so let Him take care of it. In fact, God has more love and more understanding than most of His children under their theories of superstitions which they labor under. There is not a consciousness in this world that is not going to know the Eternal and His Glory and the Glory He is going to reveal on you are they see His work, His Grace, and His blessing. And they will just fall down and worship the Father out of sheer appreciation of His goodness.

This is what He is going to do in the fullness of time when He has reconciled ALL THINGS unto Himself. And He has not released you from carrying out one single objective in this millennium you are living in, to release His Kingdom and to put down darkness. He never inspired Mr. Kennedy to try to walk down the middle. In fact, Kennedy would be in the world today if he had opposed the Soviet Union and said this nation is the Kingdom of God in the world and we will not bow to any oppressor nation. For you were to give them ‘peace’ and if they did to accept, then by the authority of God, they would be destroyed. That is judgement. And then someone said, ‘Is that Grace?’ Yes, that is Grace. It is better to let the whole Soviet nation go down than to let the world move into a period of degeneration which is moving upon society. I am going to tell you that they are trying to vegetate the minds of God’s Kingdom right now by this propaganda program they are putting out.

Now, you see God’s Kingdom in mere occupation, because the resident in these bodies are God’s children. Then someone says, ‘That is alright for the Old Testament, but God changed things.’ But God never changes anything. These are laws which last forever and they are for earth. Some of them have tremendous punishment even for the children of the Kingdom when they disobeyed. But under the mighty Grace of your God and after the outpouring of His Spirit, He put the Law in your hearts and then He took every condemnation law which was against you and He canceled it out. You are told that He took all of the handwriting of the law which was against you and He blotted it out. And today you live under the greatest period of spirit in which you do not have to accept judgements that come upon the earth.

Now, let me tell you this. Everyone in the New Testament wrote to you. The Apostle Paul wrote to you and the disciples wrote to your race. If you will turn back to the 147th Psalm, in the Old Testament, you will discover that God did not give His Law unto anyone but Israel. And when the Apostle Paul then wrote to the Galatians, and says that blotting out all of the handwriting which is against us---no wonder that the nations set for restoration were Israelites. When he wrote that, he is talking about blotting out all of the transgressions which are against His race and making us one again, wherein we had been part-time aliens, or Gentiles, or nations, or Judah. But we have been brought back together and made one once again. That God was again uniting His Kingdom. They again would all have had to be Israelites and not had no ordinances against them.

In the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul says, ‘Yes, we are the children from before the foundation of the world, and having pre-destined us to the position of sons to come into this world at a given time, and having poured out enough spirit, enough God-like power, this necessary ingredient to finish the course.

Let me tell you this, this afternoon. Faced with all the vastness of this Grace and power, you are to occupy in the hour you are in. For the Christ, Himself, will lead the army which comes against this force which wants to fight in a physical world.

Now, don’t try to associate that with a spiritual world for I said a physical world. For trillions upon trillions of years, God has been making physical things. And the great area wherein the spirit has demonstrated its emotion, its light and its love has been in a physical world. Thus this is a part of your heritage. The Kingdom of God is an Eternal Kingdom and it will never be destroyed. But you have a right to be in the world. You would rather not conquer the world. You would rather win it. But there are powers of darkness that you must conquer before you can liberate those not like you and do not have this capacity. But this is the message of the Book from Genesis to Revelation that you can receive all the Glory and the light of God, moving to recall the Celestial consciousness to its responsibility that in this temple of flesh, you stand before the MOST HIGH GOD as a priest and a ruler. And you are going to be beheld as great militant empowered sons in this area in which you live.

The day will come and judgements will roll. And people will run to the rocks and mountains. And God will spare His people, even in the midst of such catastrophes. And your nation shall survive and the powers of darkness shall be driven off. And I am going to tell you that in this hour the Glory of God is going to come upon His children and you are going to live. Don’t let anyone influence you, telling you that you are not right. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to lose something. Remember that there is nothing which God cannot give back to you. More than this, we have had martyrs coming in and going out. And they are known to God right down to the present age. And there have been martyrs in Europe and other places. And they war against the communist forces of the anti-Christ today. More than that, in this hour, you are going to triumph over this evil. But don’t evaluate as you do the thing that is right on how much it is going to cost you, or whether it might in danger your life. For He says, ‘They who seek to save their life, shall lose it; but they who seek My face shall find it.’ Thus I am going to tell you that it is better to pass into the plain of spirit carrying out a principle of right better than something on the left, than lose the might impact that you have as sons. That is your Eternal destiny, for God has spoken.

Thus I tell you today. God give us General Walkers. God give us men who will speak out like Senator Thurmon. God give us men of leadership, for we need all of these voices speaking to America. We need men like those who have led America in righteousness, like Senator McCarthy did. Because these were men who were trying to save the Kingdom in a very practical way, as they stood for truth. The voices which you hear today which are attacked by the enemy, are voices which tell the truth. But today you can be as proud of your opposition as you are of your friends. But, my friends, keep these channels clear. Get on the channel of god, since you proclaimed the truth, regardless of any price. And there will be a feeling which will fill your life which will cause you to know that this is greater than anything which you have been given. That you have been right, with an unchanging standard, when in this period of ‘falling away’ it is not popular.

And now in this period of restoration, the leadership of your nation is going to follow the people who have stood right with God. For God is going to lead this nation to a high victory. For it is a high nation among the mountains of His people.

(End of sermon)