Men Or Beasts, 7-9-67


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-9-67

As we turn in our subject tonight --Men or Beasts---few know much about them. Many ministers do not know the difference between the creatures on the earth. And some of them erroneously as men, and think them as all people are one and the same. One of the greatest areas of Clergy in their lack of understanding is that they try to make you think that everyone on the face of earth descended from Adam. And to arrive at a conclusion that is more serious is to conceive that now everyone who exists on the earth came out of the house of Noah. And that all of the clashes we have today in the race question emerged out of Noah. Thus, the whole world is brought back to one man, and his family. However one is not a bible student if he is not aware of this. And the churches which are accepting this is bound to be out of step with the truth of the Bible. One of these days there will be a great awakening and they will discover the great catastrophe which is now descending upon the children of the kingdom. Probably there is no single transgression in the scriptures, conceivably opposed by the Most High God, by his teaching, than this intermingling, this mongrelization of races. And it is quite obviously that one of these great areas of catastrophe that is descending upon us is by Supreme Court decisions.

When they started this integration, they said they had to do this because our political life was built around the constitution. That said that all areas of our population were equal, and they wanted to force this upon those not willing to accept it. Thus they said the Supreme court was carrying out these areas of decisions, based upon the Constitution to give everyone equality in our land. Of course this is fictitious and a fraud, but the whole thing of course is build upon fiction and a fraud. The word of God is a much older document than the Constitution, altho the constitution would stand up, if it were not for the 14 or 17 amendments which were never ratified by the states, and are not legally amendments anyhow.

We want to point out to you that they said that this is all a preposterous concept anyhow, that these programs were going to lead to intermarrying, and intermingling. Or from when the protest came from the right-winger or the two bible students who said that this design would lead to intermarriage and was the design that the left-wingers had. And again they were laughed at and again they said: oh, no this is not a possibility.

But I want to point out to you that it is the possibility, and it is the possibility and it is the program. And to prove this then just two weeks ago the supreme court put out a decision that--the state of Virginia verses the man, who was interposing such a plan and the case was bases on whether they could intermarry, the races. And they said that the state of Virginia had a law that forbid the Negro and the White to marry. And they threw this law out on the basis of the 14th Amendment which has never been legally ratified in the history of the United States. Then they said they were throwing out the laws in 14 other states which forbade the Negro and the whites to marry. And they said that in 17 states there had been statutes on the books forbidding Negroes and whites to marry. But the Supreme Court said we will throw them out for the states have no authority to make such laws. Or to teach such laws in the courts, and to prosecute them when they intermarry. Even putting some of them in jail when they intermarry.

Now; we want to site that the present court must be impeached and overthrown because they are 1008-traitor to the nation and to the laws of God. We thus want to point out to you that the intermarriage was forbidden by these states and legally done. Remember that the constitution continues to spell out that any area that is not specifically delegated to the Supreme Court, or to the government of the United States or any of these branches. And area not spelled out in the constitution is reserved to the states. There is not one word about marriage in the Constitution of the United States. There is not one word about education in the Constitution of the United States. All of these areas of invasion have been victims of Communism, and left wingers in your time, who seek to destroy your race, and carry out the programs of Antichrist. No wonder then that when God speaks to Moses and he points out all of the laws given him, and the things that are written in the laws. And He said, ‘My mercy and my grace will follow you still.’ ‘but there is one thing, Moses, that you want you to make very, very clear to the people. They are not to intermingle, not to socialize, not to mix with these people of these other lands. If they do, his will descend as a transgression upon the children to the third and fourth generation and at times to the tenth generation. There is no way that I can forgive this transgression for the child, which is begotten, is not a complete child and nor can he ever be a child of the kingdom.’

Now; some are not aware of this and they say that it does not matter which race they are a part of for they are all Adamites. They all emerged out of the creation of God, and therefore we are told that it does not make any difference. They just abide in the principles of civilization, and love everybody. And then they want you to believe that if you love everybody and accept Christ then this will make you a white man. Or make them the same as a white man, it would not make any difference. In fact, there are some of our blind clergy who are saying that the white man is a bleached out variety of some society, who has the energies and the capacities of the world round about. In fact if we listen to the World Council of Churches today, the salvation of the world will be the eventually production of one race. And the concept of theology and religion will embrace also the pattern of one God and this One god will be all of the characteristic of one god all rolled into one.

Of course this is fallacy and the program of Antichrist but I want to point out to you that there is something build deeply into a race, and especially a white man which tells him that this thing is wrong. The majority of the white men want no part of the outside races of the world. Of course there are in the areas of lust and perdition, which runs in this form, there are violations of this pattern of this law, but the majority of the people do not move in these areas of descent.

Now; let me point out to you that Christ when he said: "when I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." When he said this, then it has been almost two thousand years of time to watch and observe this factor. And we have discovered that wherever the white man exists wherever he existed on the continent of Europe, an important area of the world. When the disciples went out and brought the message of Messiah. That HE had come and redeemed them of their transgressions. They discovered that this took root, in Anglo-Saxondom and in Scandinavia in Germany. For wherever the white man went they accepted this with Gladness. Why? Because all of them in different enumeration belonged to the house of Israel. For the white race are his descendants ruling with HIM in the earth. This white race are all of the House of Israel. And wherever the house of Israel is then they have the capacity because of this spirit of God, to call and to quicken and come to this understanding of truth. When the knowledge of Christ reached these nations they accepted Christ, and today the white nations are the Christian nations of the world. If I was to ask you to name them today, you would start out and name all of the white nations as the Christian nations today. You might say that there was some Christianity in Unnang province, and it has been rooted out and is now on Formosa. And there may be a little Christianity even in Korea. But basically they are not all Christian nations even tho Christianity reached out to all of the world. For these are not nations of the white race.

Now; do you know why this is? In the first place the Gospel as you know it is written for Israel. I want you to realize that the books of the Old and New testament were written to the house of Israel. These were books written by holy men who were inspired to record and to write. They are the scrolls of Israel. They are the bound volumes of Israel and they belong to the white race. For they show their relationship with their God their Father, in their background origin. Of course there are a lot more book than this that belong to the race, this white race alone.

Oh, you say, but you can give the gospel to any nation on the face of the earth. But you cannot give it in the same category. This is something that the church has to learn. You cannot not take this Gospel of John and carry it over to the Negroes and say that this is yours. If you accept it then it will make you the same as a white man. And you can then be our brothers, and move into our society and intermarry with us, and we will accept you as tho you are one of us. This, my friends, is one of the basic lies today that theology is running amuck with. I want you to realize that the scriptures do not say, nor did they ever say that out of Adam came all men. Nor, my friends, does the scripture seek to teach this, nor do it seek to impose this on the church. The holy scripture points out the fact that there are men and there are beasts. And then there are lesser beasts, such as beasts of the field. The difference between the people referred to as men, and those referred to as beasts is the time of their creation, their origin and their capacity.

We would point out to you that the Apostle Paul when called of God. This man of the tribe of Benjamin, and in talking to the Greeks, who were of Israel stock he said: The God who made the world and all of the things therein, He is the Lord of heaven and earth and dwells in temples not made with hands. He giveth life to all things, and blessings to all things. And HE hath made of one blood all the nations of men, who dwell upon the face of the earth. And HE hath determined therefore the bounds of their habitation. Tho they seek the LORD and not find him. Still HE be not far from every one of us. But the Apostle Paul says that in HIM we move and have our being, and certain of our prophets have said that we are also his offspring. For as much as we are his offspring we ought not to think that the Godhead is silver or gold, or given to the art of man's devices. Because HE hath appointed this day of judgment.

Now; the Apostle Paul was speaking to the Greeks and he was a Benjamite in Israel, and he said:---"Therefore in HIM we live and have our being." And then it says:--"we are HIS offspring."--Hear this now.--We are the offspring of God.

Now; this is confirming the pattern we have in the 82nd Psalm. And here we have this mysterious Psalm of David. And he speaks out in this Psalm and he says: YAHWEH standeth in the congregation of the Mighty and HE judgeth among the Elohim. How long shall ye accept the persons of the wicked, saith the LORD. Then HE says: "Ye are Gods, or Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.”

Now; as he speaks then David was empowered to tell you that you are the offspring of God. And in the heavens you were the offspring of God, thus this makes you Elohim. Therefore I want to point out one of the basic facts that men must understand. The Adamic race are thus embodied Elohim. Thus, the children of the Most High God.

Now; we should well recognize that YAHWEH is the God of the heavens. That in his spirit is the spiritual origin of the Adamic race. Thus, the children of the Most High were begotten in the plains of spirit. And they dwelt in the plains of Spirit. You were over dignitaries in the universe, and over planets, as you ruled and reigned, and served with your God.

Then Lucifer rebelled, he did not like that idea, and he came before YAHWEH and demanded to know if the Elohim were more powerful than he? Would they be greater than the Angels? And when YAHWEH said: 'Yes, even as I'. Then Lucifer said: I will not reflect that. And as Shatan or Satan, then he turned away. Thus we have the word today of Satan which means ‘to turn away.’

And the word devil is also with us today meaning the same thing. Thus, Lucifer refused to reflect the light. Thus, came the rebellion of Lucifer. And the ancient wars that were fought in the ancient past, in the antiquity, were because that YAHWEH in the ancient past had begotten himself a race, and they are the Elohim, or family of God. And the Elohim are what you are--the Elect, and in this present world you are Elohim, embodied in the flesh. How then did you arrive here? You arrived as the Adamic race and as this race spread out over the earth, and as they begat children then a spiritual entity came in and was dwelling in the bodies of the Adamic race, were then the children of Elohim, or the family of God.

Thus the fact is that the Adamic, this white race is an ordained race have come directly from heaven to earth, and thus are embodied in the world. I want to point out to you that there are different words in the scripture and one of them is Enosh, and is translated in many places as man. But this word Enosh is not man, and in some places it is translated as Beast. And the whole beast system is an Enosh system. And the Antichrist has a Beast system and it is an Enosh system. The people, who make up the policies of the Antichrist or the beast system, are of this make up and a great many of them are socialists, and Communist and so forth. And this great Beast system has evolved into a great program to conquer the world. It was to be financed by devils and led by devils, and devils are another species. Thus as the Adamites are the children of the Most High God so also the devils are the children of Lucifer. And these children of Lucifer are not found as directly unless they are marked as devils or demons. Sometimes they are involved in the Beast system (the world order).

But the best way to tell them today is just to remember that YAHWEH clarified the fact that Lucifer intermingled with the human race. And he did this in the days before the flood. Monsters were begotten from them and strange developments took place. And then these of this system intermingled with the races of mankind, and up in the Tarim Basin this was largely with the white race. And God said: that even so that they are now flesh, I will give them 120 years and then I will destroy them from the face of the earth. And so it was that God did destroy the people who lived in the upper Tarim Basin and had moved around the house of Noah, and those white race people in that area. This was not all of the white race by any means, but this was just those descendants of Adam and Eve that lived in the upper Tarim Basin, those before the birth of Seth who was the first of the Race accepted to carry on His work. Thus, those before the 7th gestation.

Thus then the flood came and the earth broke up and dropped into the sea beneath it and all of the devils and all that they had wrought in that basin were destroyed. And this was the flood in Noah's time. And the word Eratz in the Hebrew means --all of that place. And when you hit that word in the scripture, it does not mean all over the earth, but only "That place." Thus it was that the flood filled 'all that place' and as the earthquake came then it split the land and the flood ran down the Whangho river in China, and to the west it ran down into the land of Mesopotamia. And one of the things that we see here is that God finally brought an end to all of the evil in the Tarim Basin, and the flood in the west came down even to Ur of the Chaldeas. This mystery of the flood covering the whole earth at that time is one of the fallacies of theology, and it is due to interpretation and translation which is wrong translation of a word. Instead of the flood coming to all of the earth at that time, then we correct this as a fallacy. The flood all over the earth is explained in Genesis 1:1-2. But people who were the direct descendants of Lucifer were not all in the Tarim Basin. For they go back into ancient, ancient times. But in the days of the Tarim Basin then Cain was of the Evil one, so Cain was not an Adamite. Oh, you say but it says in my bible that Adam begat Cain and Abel. But she did not begat Cain from Adam for Adam said where did you get this one you call Cain. And she said, oh, I got this man from Bailee. It is translated as the LORD, but the word is Bailee.

Now; we see the pattern for there is a vast difference between Cain and Abel. And Adam also was consorting with Lilith, of the darkness, while Eve produced Cain. Lilith was the fallen consort of Lucifer and Adam was begetting children by her. and those children became some of the children of India and of the Nile.

Now we want to point out something in this situation. That when God walked In the Garden, he called for Adam who was hiding. And he said that he was hiding for he was naked. God wanted to know how he had accomplished this. And the fact remains that in this cohabitation with the darkness he had also lost the light covering that had covered his body, as had Eve. And thus this Adamic race which had possessed immortality had now lost this covering of light and their immortality, and death had now descended upon them because of this violation of law. In other words they had joined with these trees of Good and Knowledge which were racial trees. And this phrase 'knowledge of good and evil' meant that they had experienced this knowledge 'of evil' as well as the good.

But when these things transpired then Cain was the son of Lucifer. And you can turn over to the Epistles of John and you will note that here you are told that Cain is the progeny of Lucifer the wicked one. And the story was out. You can go back into the study of ancient Hebrew and all of the way down the line you will see that they accused Eve of consorting with Lucifer, and that Cain was her offspring.

Now; this makes Cain the first White Jew on the face of the earth. So when you are talking about Devils then you are talking about Jews, and you are not calling them names this is what they are. They are devils because the devil was their father. Lucifer who turned away became Shatan or the devil. And they are devils because the only spiritual capacity that they have was begotten by their father. And they came out of Cain who moved over in Eden (meaning the beginning) as he came out of the garden. In the land which Cain went into, he took unto himself a wife and again we want to call your attention to this strange word used. It talks about how he had covenanted himself with this society, but he had married into a Negroid society. However we should point out that Cain also joined himself to the Asiatic society. But Cain was basically with the White contrast and had joined himself with the Negroid or colored people of Lilith's progeny. Thus, he fathered two races himself. And both are bastard races. For God said they were coming led with the darkness. But of course Cain, himself, being of the darkness, this is to be understood.

Now; as we come to the difference between men and beasts then we want to point out to you that when Lucifer rebelled against God, and the fact of this rebellion you can confirm with the 12th book of Revelation. This tells us how he had fought his war in the heavens and how he fought with the hosts of Michael who had taken over all of the forces of God, and Michael then defeated Lucifer. And he swept Lucifer out of the Milky Way and into this solar system. And thus as a defeated foe, he was swept into this solar system and then finally trapped Lucifer in the earth. And in the catastrophes and the enveloping war then Lucifer had involved one third of the hosts of Heaven. So one third of the people of the Milky Way got taken over. So you see, he was a sharp salesman. He told these people to follow him, for now he was god, and he had as much power as God. And they believed him and followed him. And he was able to influence one third of the beings and Angels of the heavens. Now we would question if he was able to get to much of the celestial hosts but he did get a lot of created beings.

Today the Negro is at a much lower status than he was at that hour. For he has fallen much lower, and degenerated, for he has joined himself to Apes and beasts. But at one time he dwelt in one of the planets in the Milky Way. And Lucifer had taken the great flagships under his control and he gathered up his forces and it tells us in the book of Enoch that the ax-men and swordsmen of Lucifer, were the dark and curly headed ones who had been in the Milky Way. And in the book of Job he also speaks of those who came in with Lucifer and he says that these people were the dark and curly headed ones.

Now; one of the first things that Lucifer did when he came in was to seek to get all of the people of earth to accept him as the one and true God. What do you mean --the people of earth? They were the races on the face of the earth at that time, and they were existent under the word Enosh. And when there is any time that the scripture deals with them then it refers to them as the Enosh. And this word is also translated as men. But these were men who lacked the spirit of Holy Father, but still called men.

Now; we can well understand that as Lucifer swept out over the Pacific and Atlantic into those areas of continents that were there the translators called them Lemuria and Atlantis, as being the land that went beneath the waters. There are actually words that would connect with the ancient language. But we will refer also to this continent that went down in the Pacific as Lemuria. And now this land in the Atlantic ocean was well names for the ocean was named after the continent of Atlantis. And the word came from the ancient Greek and the writings of Plato who described it. He talked about something between Africa and South America, and Europe and the United States. And he talked about this. And when he as down in Egypt studying then he picked up the lore that the Egyptians had come from this land of Atlantis.

Now; we can establish that this is true for Horus who was the high Priest of the Egyptians was also the one referred to as the leader of these people whom the Egyptians were the descendants of, and they referred to them as men, and their Priest was called Horus, and they had a king over them and he was called Khufu. One thing for men to understand is that Khufu was called Pharaoh at a later time. But Khufu was the name of the ruler of the people who came off the sinking Atlantis and crossed the continent of Africa and they settle in the fertile crescent of the Nile where the Egyptians were supposed to have settled. And Horus was the name of their High Priest. And from their ancient writings we find that Horus was very revered by these people. And then Khufu was their ruler and he ruled over them.

Now; we have an ancient record of this and as we go back into the ancient dynasties of Egypt. And then come down to the first dynasties in Egypt. And they are calling this ruler Pharaoh. But the word Khufu and Pharaoh are one and the same. In fact if anyone tries to tell you that the great pyramid was built by Khufu, and then Called Cheops by the Greeks. Therefore, they refer to the Great Pyramid as the pyramid of Cheops. Then as the Greek came in and found Khufu on the throne this then is as fantastic and as much dribble that you could ever read in a book. For I want you to realize that all Pharaohs were Khufus and there were Khufus way back before there were Adamites on the face of the earth. Thus they cannot arrive at the correct date of the building of the pyramid for it was built between 4500 and 5000 B.C. by Enoch and Job. And their Savants were leaders of the white race. And the pyramid was not built by the Egyptians at all. But the Egyptians stood back and marveled at this first great pyramid and later came over to worship the God of the white man. And in this way they learned the story of Osiris the Ka of Ra or the very embodiment of the God of the Heavens. Who was the one great creator and was referred to as Ra. Thus, the spirit of the Ka of Ra and the life of the LORD of Light and Resurrection they learned from the white men. Just as they learned embalming from the white man. And the great arts which were a part of the white man in that ancient period of the white race.

Now; we can well establish that these were people and as called people then called men also, long before Adam and they became a part of the Beast system (the world order) and the Beast culture. And they followed the guidance of the world order, but under the word Enosh we have this word for them as such. And then we also have the beast of the field which meant the lowest stratus for people found on the face of the earth. So as Lucifer brought in the Negroids he started intermingling them with the people of the pacific islands. In fact the people of India have also had a lot of infusion, and the situation thus is that Lucifer brought Lilith to Adam and he had participated in the same transgression as Eve and thus God called Adam to account for God said that the woman was deceived. But Adam knew better. For God had literally told Adam to have nothing to do with the trees of good and evil. When you come to the seventh day in the book of Genesis, then God says that there was no Adamite to till the soil. Then he is saying that there were no people with a green thumb, that understood Agriculture, how to make the earth produce and grow and supply the people. Then he said that thus there was no Adamite on the face of the earth. And when you come to this then there is no passage here of scripture than this one, that God Begat --Bara-- Adam and out of Adam came Eve. But he had formed the body of Adam out of all of the elements of earth so that all of the chemicals and minerals of earth were in the body of Adam. This idea that God molded the body out of dust and then breathed into it and he became a living soul, is the story. But this is part of the mystery out of which the King James and the Douay version were translated. But in the original text and in the book of Enoch as well, then Adam was begotten of God, and he was formed in his body of the very elements of earth, but this was all of God's creation. But you can go to the farthermost reaches of creation, and the light that comes thru it in the spectrograph will analyses as to what that planet is made of and the light that comes thru it will reflect as to what it is made of in all of these conditions. And when you get thru with this, you will discover that the whole universe is made out of the same thing you are made out of. And everything physical is also made out of the same elements that the earth is made of. And that is all that verse wants to content. The word Yatsar is when the LORD created things and is long before HE created the Adamic race. For the Adam race are Elohim, God begat them, they are HIS children, his household. And then it is no wonder that the Apostle Paul said: 'We are HIS offspring.'

Now; in this violation of divine law we discover that Lucifer who was defeated, and was with him took this race that was in his great flagships, and he decided to sell them to the world. Thus, there was Negroid blood sold into the world. There was Negroid blood sowed into earth in the earlier creation. And in the book of Genesis the difference between the first and second verse demonstrates the fallacy of evil. Because it says that God created the heavens and the earth, and then in the second verse it says that the earth became without form and was void. It had become void after judgment by divine hand. So between the first and 2nd verse of Genesis 12, there was a great voidance. And this was before the creation of any of the world of the Adamic people. So you had beings that could have been upon the earth for some time. But Lucifer intermingled the Negroids with these people. And he also intermingled them with the people in Africa. But you are Elohim, and then you are from the heavens to earth. This is something the white race must remember. Thus there are Enosh and there are Adamites, and all men are not beasts and all men are not Elohim.

Then later Lucifer came before God and he said I see that you protect your man Job. If you did not protect him, I would curse him and he would die. And God says oh, not my servant Job. And the devil says take your protection off of Job and you will see. And the Almighty said: I will take my protection off of Job but I will not let you take his life. So then we see how Lucifer with his evil forces took all of Jobs possessions and eventually his children with storms and such catastrophes. And when the first reports came in of the loss by the storms then job said; what did these beastly creatures do that are not fit to lay down with my dogs? I will not let one of these people back in my house again or lay down with my dogs. He said: they have turned on me when disaster came. They have sought to defile my lands. They moved upon me and my people and attacked people. He said: I am thru with them. They are the Beasts of the field, lower than the Enosh society. They are the lowest of all beasts. He said: these people are lower than my dogs, for I can pet them and trust them.

Oh, you say, they evolved to a high plain. Well, that had not happened in the days of Jesus

Let me point something out to you. Over in the book of Matthew, we discover that as Jesus was talking to his disciples, that he said: Give not that which is holy unto the dogs. Do not give any great spiritual truth unto the dogs. ‘Don’t give that which is holy unto the dogs'. And do not give it to the swine. But he was not talking about animal dogs, or swine. He was talking about people in the category of dogs and swine.

Now; we discover that one of these mysteries was that as Jesus was walking along one day with his disciples, a woman kept crying out to Him. She said: "Oh, LORD, thou son of David, my daughter is vexed, she is possessed as tho she has a demon." And Jesus looked at her and she was not an Israelite. And the word in the commentary is that this woman was a Negress.

Now; this woman kept crying out and following along and the disciples were vexed. And so Jesus said we will listen to what she says. And Jesus said unto her:--'I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’ --If my Gospel is an effective Gospel then it is to the house of Israel. And this is because they are my household, my seed, they are the children of the Father (spirit) in the heavens, and they are mine in earth. And I have come to redeem by seed. I may redeem the world but it is to find this precious treasure hid in the world. And then he turned to this woman and she worshiped him saying:--Oh LORD help me. But HE said: 'It is not meat to take the children’s bread and give it to the dogs.' This woman did not contradict this, for she knew she was wrong. But she said: ‘Yes, LORD, but we dogs want the crumbs that fall from our masters table.’ This was a proper proposition and she did know that they were responsible to their masters who were the white race and the house of Israel. But since she answered this way then Jesus healed her daughter. For he was honoring her faith, but to the disciples he had come to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

As the children went out of the land of Egypt there were a few Egyptians that came with them. But there was also quite a company of people that came with Israelites, and they were referred to as the speckle birds. There was then Negroids and then some people who had no part nor lot in this matter, and some were devils, and were Jews. So a company with Israel were not of Israel, were not men as such. So we find that God warned Moses, saying that he should tell the people to stay back from the mountain because it would be so charged with the spirit, that even Israel would not be able to touch the mountain and live. Thus you are told that neither man nor beast was to put his hand on the mountain. And this word translated beast is Enosh or the beast of the field.

Another passage showing the division of people, is when God sent Jonah to Ninevah, a people who had moved out of the Adamic race. They did still have the mercy and compassion of God on them but they had moved into idolatry. So God said to Jonah that he should go over to Ninevah and tell those people:--'let man and beast be covered with sack cloth, and turn ever unto the LORD. And if they turn from their evil and wicked way, and from the violence of their hands, then God said that he would spare Ninevah. This word Beasts then is Beasts of field (the world). Here they left the passage as beasts, while other places they translated it as men. Thus, there is confusion in the understanding of it. But all thru the bible we find this distinction between men and beasts.

In the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, this is the hour when the Almighty speaks unto the king of Egypt and he tells Ezekiel to tell him:--Whom art thou like in thy greatness. Well behold the Assyrian was the great Cedar, with fair branches and overshadowing clouds. His top was higher than all of the Empires round about. And the waters, which were his racial streams, were tremendous. And so many waters made his Empire big because of the water being so great. Therefore his political powers were great because his racial streams were large. And one of the thing about him was that he rose to such great heights because his roots were in such great waters. And the Cedars in the Garden of God could not hide him, for the trees were not like his boughs, nor were they all over the earth. Thus, YAHWEH said: because thou has lifted up thyself in height, then remember that all of the trees in the garden looked at him and envied him, because he had existed before Eden was planted, he had then covered the earth.

Now; God said unto pharaoh, also you, who are like this cedar of Lebanon, you are also a great Empire. And strangers have cut down the Assyrian because I have placed my judgment upon him. And I will make nations to shake at the sound of his fall. And when I cast him down into hell and all these, who descend into the pit, even the trees of the Garden and all that drank water with him shall be comforted in the nether part of the earth.

Now; you also are great and like unto the Assyrian but not quite as powerful, but I can bring you down also Pharaoh, and you remember that. For Eden was the garden that God had planted, when he put Adam in there. And at that time there were races covering the earth and every fowl dwelt under the big Cedar which was Assyria, and Egypt which had come out of Atlantis was also big. And the word Enosh was used for those not of the white man, for that word was Adam in the beginning when it was to refer to the white man. Thus the Bible taught of men and of Beasts. And one thing his people were not to do was to commingle with the children of darkness and of evil. For if the children of God were to commingle with these other races, then they would not be able to propagate and continue their line. They would be mutated.

For this cause, then let me point out this.--You are spirit, soul and body in the image of God. But when the spirit, soul and body person commingles with people of other races, there is no affinity of the spirit, and the spirit then produced is that of the other race, and you only have a soulish person, oh, with a capacity somewhat like that of the white race, in a physical body, but one that has been blended. But you can never rejoin this one to the spirit, because the Spirit of God will not cohabit with the powers of darkness. Thus in other places then they describe this as--the confusion of face. Why? Because the Holy Seed has mingled itself and all of the seed are outcasts. And in the time of Ezra they cried out to God, and they sent away these strange women and children for they could never have an affinity with God when they were coming led. Thus we want to point out that this was a proper cleansing of Israel.

End of message.