The Message

(Note: This was found among Ella Rose Mast's collection of writings. There is no date indicated but it appears to be a tape transcription similar to the other Bible Study Question and Answer documents. We are including it here with the latest of the Q&A documents)


The Message

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift

QUESTION: from someone in audience ---not clear.

ANSWER:---This is an entirely different situation.----it was foreknown. This is the area of conduct and in no way effects the area of foreknowledge. This is in the area of foreknowledge, and in the area of conduct, one does not affect the area of foreknowledge. This is in the area of conduct and instructions. The words ---"Thou shalt not kill” is not translated properly anyway. It should be "Thou shalt do no murder.” There is a big difference in killing in self-defense and all of these patterns, and someone who murders and those patterns.

This is O.K. What I am worried about is the directions, the patterns of law. The statement of the law is not the fulfillment of the law. You are getting into something involved if you want to go into this. (Sounds as tho they asked another question.)

Predestination is absolute, sovereign, unbreakable, immutable, unchangeable. The Most High knows his sons and his daughters, and what he purposed to accomplish HE will bring to pass. There are areas where he gives them a permissive leach. In other words there are areas where he gives them a perfect center of will where they can be in the center of fulfillment. Where they can be given an area of fluctuation, but not beyond the area of the fulfillment of destiny. Because Destiny is not something in their hands to decide. So when you recognize this then that is the area where---'Children not yet born having done no evil according to the election of God and His purposes --that they might stand. These things are final patterns. You cannot have a Sovereign God without HIM being Sovereign. See? People just beat their head against the wall when they try to limit the sovereignty. But they concoct all of the Luciferian ideas so as to try to upset this theology, when they try to equate Law and Regulation, and reality that exists in the area of instructions and substance, with the areas of destiny and the patterns of Environment. Ultimately there is an advantage in every situation both by experience and by the elements that defeated the powers of darkness, and by the

machinations of Grace. There is much to be said on this and I do know if we want to get into this or not, depending on the subjects we take. We spent two and 1/2 years on just that subject alone--one time. We probably delved into more facets of it than had ever been touched, in documents, records, and purpose. So Predestination is destiny, sovereignty, and the Will of God capable of pouring all of the ingredients into the environment, to bring about the result which He wants. "Who hath resisted His Will, 'Man, oh man who art thou to have required against God.”


QUESTION:---Then the important thing is for us to become in harmony with.

ANSWER:--Well the important thing is in the seat of cognition. As far as the spirit is concerned, the spirit of everyone in this entire house is absolutely perfect. There is nothing wrong with the spirit of anyone in this house. That which was born of God in Celestial plains was born of Incorruptible seed, and it lives and abides forever. Incorruptible seed is absolutely incorruptible, there is no way to corrupt it. The only area where error has ever taken place, as far as our race is concerned is in our embodiment in the physical world. Having been embodied in a physical world, our soul consciousness resident in this is capable of the personality that dwells in this physical body. It is also attached to a Celestial body with a perfect Celestial consciousness. But in the areas of God's Grace there has been a veil of forgetfulness pulled down over our Celestial mind. In other words we do not remember all that we saw or that we experienced. But we were with the Father before the world was framed. Oh, I would not try to tell you tonight how long ago that was. I could jump back over cycles, and pursue it in anthropology and such patterns. We know that 100,000 years ago the Tungus man was migrating out of the High Steppes, over into various parts of the world. And that was the 6th day of the creation, in the book of Genesis. Whereas between the first and second verse of Genesis, great catastrophes had wiped out earlier civilizations and cultures. And the earth was covered with water with here and there some land masses emerging. There is 1-1/2 half years to the _______ (minio Ms) period. And the----------(Pre) period is about 2-1/2 years. And then the pre period can be about 1-1/2 billion years. But I prefer to accept the 14 Billion mark which is accepted as the closest point for the Pre-Cambrian sea. When you deal with time elements of this length, then you see that there is not a young person in this room. For your spirit was with the Father before this solar system was even framed. And Job was with God when HE laid the foundations of the earth. When He rolled out the measuring line upon it.

So when we think in these terms we forget these organic changes and this transition and this process of aging, which is a reaction of our dwelling in a different environment, under different conditions, and different forces were evolved. For the spirit of a Celestial being possesses a quality of endless life. We think that a person begotten, on down to the present time, has not changed a bit. So therefore this individual, who resides in the Celestial plain, possesses within that Celestial plain total Eternal life, total incorruptibility. But the Physical body is capable of error in the seat of reaction and reasoning. And because it is capable of this in certain areas, then the total consciousness if it becomes totally invested. In thinking thru the things of physical knowledge of the senses is never going to get a full and adequate picture. And there are various reasons for this. In the fall of our race, which took place in the physical dominion alone, the loss of spiritual perception that was involved in this, helped to cloud the remembrance of yesterday.

So our spiritual consciousness knew all the things of God, all of the patterns of Divine law, all of the areas of purpose. Knew all of the mystery of the consistency of the Universe, and all of the things of its environment. After our fall this we could not remember.

Now, therefore everything had to be taught again to us---line on line and precept upon precept, by bodily manifestation, by patriarchs, and by prophets and by inspiration. And you will note that the entire structure for the Adamic race--and of course I am talking about the Adamic Race fully ----the White race. They are the Household of God, they are the offspring of God. The word Adam is identifying the white man. This is identifying the offspring of God. And the offspring of God is God's issue. The seventh day creation---The seventh day creation was the resting from the recreation of the earth. And on this seventh day then God brings forth the issue of His own household to establish his own race. To overthrow the powers of darkness, to build his Kingdom. Thus, this is the seventh day issue. And thus in this issue we are the offspring of God, now in the spirit, but embodied in earth, in physical planes, and in physical bodies.

When Adam and Eve were first placed in earth, they were embodied in an aura of Glory, a radiance, which belongs to any daughter or son of the Most High. For we are the children of God in the Spirit and now we are the children of God--from Adam--after the flesh. Thus enveloped in light and energy which would synthesize perfect balance and perfect coordination.

Now the seduction of Eve, and the violation of divine law by Adam, which the attempt to mongrelize or integrate this race, in its physical existence in earth, to block the plan of God for the sons and daughters of God to multiply and increase and to build his kingdom, and occupy the earth. Thus contaminated they thought it would be absorbed by the Luciferian hosts. And they never would be able to triumph over them in the Kingdom.

Lucifer was planning a master stroke. After all he had already rebelled in the heavens, and had influenced 1/3 of the Angels of the heavens. One third of the individuals of the heavens, or 1/3 of the occupants of the Universe had rebelled. And of course when it was suggested by the Father that we participate in the overthrow of Lucifer ---when he refused to recognize the children of God---this started the rebellion. This is what started the rebellion. Lucifer and the Archangels were not recognizing anything higher than themselves. Thus, Lucifer refused to show the sons and daughters of God.

Shaton---to turn away --or devil--deviate --to turn away---he refused thus to acknowledge the light. But in his course to take over the universe he was not going to win for he was already outnumbered two to one. And in his defeat then of course this affected this solar system. And here of course was where he finally made his point of refuge.

And in the years to come then God unveiled his plan as to here was the place he was going to place his sons and daughters. Here they would have to overthrow the darkness, and here they would have to conquer the evil. And here of course would be our great testing time. For in order for us to do this we would eventually be embodied in physical bodies. And of course we would be subject to the areas of temptation. And our Father said that we also would fall from our Celestial glory here in this physical world. And HE would have to restore this, and HE would have to perform an atonement in which HE would be the consummate sacrifice, identified with HIS race---THE LAMB OF GOD, SLAIN BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. And that our names would be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from before the foundation of the world. We said, “Oh, don't worry about us, Father, we will take care of it, just send us down and we will throw the devil down. We will teach him his lesson. All that you have given us to do, we will do.” Thus, we volunteered to come. There is not any excuse for some of you in the fact that you are here, for you volunteered to come. And after you got here then things happened just as the Father said it would. And altho you were sure it wouldn't ---but it did.

In this instance we lost the aura that surrounds the physical body, to the extent that it catalyzed enough spiritual energy to keep every atom in the body in perfect balance, and in perfect metabolism. And in this instance there was no disintegration and no death. But the loss of this balancing Celestial light force, cause a full area of disintegration. And altho the Adamites lived for 800 to 1000 years, the fact remains that from the day that they lost this aura of light death was upon them.

Now this is one of those things that the Patriarchs knew. The Zohar knew and recorded it. It was in the ancient records and known to Enoch. And it was brought back to Paul in the heavens and he records it in the apocalypse, that we are the household of God. We are the offspring of God. We are the Elohim and HE is the Father. And that he is going to restore the light and the glory to HIS children. He is going to restore all of the things which they ever possessed. He is going to renew their minds.

This means that we had to possess the knowledge before it could ever be renewed. He had to regenerate them, so they had to be generated spiritually before they could ever be regenerated. So in this instance this was what was intended. And we brought this out Sunday when we talked about the fact that when Nicodemus who was well aware that he was an Israelite, issue ruling with God He was well aware of the fact that he was of the Kingdom of God but he wanted to participate in it. He realized that the Kingdom was not just in the heavens, but also in the areas of government and in administration. This was the ultimate dream, the hope of the Prophets, the revelation to the Patriarchs, that the kingdom of God was going to rise in the earth and rule. And that God himself would rule with them. That all righteousness would prevail, and the powers of darkness would be defeated. This was a developing growing system that had been assured thru the prophets. But the question ---was how?

So Nicodemus, a master in Israel, a teacher, came to Jesus in the night. He came to talk with HIM. He wants to be sure before he identifies himself, with this man, this teacher. Altho he knew this had to be a voice out of the heavens, a man come from God, because of the things which HE did, and the things that HE said.

Thus Nicodemus said, “Master, I perceive that you are a man who came from God. No man could say the things which you say lest he be out of God. Now, how does a man participate or enter into this Kingdom of Heaven?”

Jesus replied, “Art thou a master in Israel and you do not understand this? A man has to be twice born.” And this has been mistranslated into this in the New Testament. A man must be twice born. In fact more theologian fetish has been built around these words than many people realize.

But Jesus did NOT say, 'ye must be born again,’ altho it was not too far removed from this. HE said, "Ye must be born of the spirit and of the breaking of the water (natural birth).”

Ecclesiastical orders transposed this -- ‘that ye must be born of the water and you must be born of the spirit.’ And then they said,-- ‘that which is of the flesh is first, and that which is of the spirit is second.’ But this not what was said. For Jesus said,--"Ye must be twice born."---And this proves it, for He said, -- “Ye must first be born of the spirit, and then ye must be born of the water.” Jesus said, and you can take a lexicon and check me out--for Jesus said, “Ye must be born from above, and then born on earth.”

Thus when you were born first from above and born of incorruptible seed, that lives and abides forever. When you were born into a physical world, for this spirit to inhabit, you therefore were born into a physical world, and sustained by light, this mortality possessed by the body, became lost by the abiding spirit, or this preserving aura of light.

Then under this structure then of both the Old and New Testament it was built around certain things which God had promised us, that before ever happened, HE would take care of it. Probably the most important thing we can understand is this: that HE hath predestinated us before the foundation of the world. That we are going to conform again to the perfect image of God, Himself, which was Christ in a physical world, or God embodied in the flesh. And this word ‘embodiment’ is translated as ‘son’ in our relationship. But this was the fullness of God embodied. This was the fullness of God dwelling embodied, you are told in the book of Colossians. And He predestinated every one of his sons.

But when did HE predestinate His sons? You were the elect in HIS plans before the foundation of the world.

Therefore every one of His household, and HE did not say just how many of us that there were . . . but HE said that you would be like the sands of the seashore, and the stars of the Heavens. And of the increase of HIS Kingdom there would be no end. Therefore there is not going to be any end before us for we have been predestined by the Father's plan. We will have everything restored to us that we ever possessed. This is why everything that the church has to offer is the giving back, to you, everything you ever had, before you ever saw the Church. In other words, then to have regeneration you have had to be generated by spirit to begin with. To have restoration, then it means that you had to have it to begin with to ever get it back. And to have a renewing of the mind means that you had to have had it before it could be renewed. Therefore when the Holy spirit comes, this is the spirit that the World cannot receive. This is what Jesus said.

And then HE said it is essential that I go away--agro pneumas ---into the fullness of the Spirit which is the Father of all substance. For if I do not go away, then the concentration of this energy---be in one body.

This was what was said. And it was not until later that in interpretation they tried to make this in conformity. And in the text in the book of Mark it shows this:-- “If I stay here, then the fullness of this revelation of my embodiment will not be understood. But if I go away, then because you are spirit of my spirit, and light of my light, then I will send the Paraclete.” This is a Greek word, and is what He said in Aramaic language. Thus he said in the Aramaic language---"I will send the intense consciousness of MY spirit to unveil in your consciousness all of the things which I can bring to your remembrance from the beginning, which shall lead you to the knowledge of all truth.”

Now you read in the King James Version, which is not, and it is still not, obscured so much. For it says, ‘I will send the spirit.’ and the word here is ‘Paraclete.’ “Even the spirit that the world cannot receive."

Now let’s get this clear tonight. There is not one person here tonight that is of the World. We are not of the world. For this is what Jesus said in the 7th chapter of John. And HE was speaking thus,--"All that thou hath given ME, thou they are in the heavens, and all that are in the earth art Mine. None of them is lost but this son of perdition.” And then HE said, "They are not of the world, even as I am not of this world."

Why was not Jesus of the World? Because this was the LORD from Heaven. This was the embodiment of God. Here He was the embodiment of God, now dwelling in a physical body here in the earth. Here was the Life of God--the fullness of it---dwelling in a physical body. How then did HE get here? HE got here by birth. And HE said, “these art my children,” so how did they get here? They also came by birth, having started this with the progeny of Adam, the offspring of Adam. This is why the Apostle Paul said that we are the children of God after the spirit, and the children of Adam after the flesh.

Now to be children of the spirit, then we are ‘tekon’--offspring--of the spirit of God. And to be children of Adam means that we are the children of God after the flesh; since the geology of Christ back down to Adam--then Seth down to Adam who is the son of God.

Now remember that the word ‘Barah’ is to bring forth issue. And this is used in the relationship to Adam. Therefore, Adam was a divine offspring. And of course the first white man. And under this instance, thus the Adamic race is the white race and HIS Household. This being true then each one of the household of God, coming into the world, thru birth, came into the world thru the structure of the Adamic race. The spirit and the soul then which dwells in this body, and the Celestial carrier which is still with it, was with the Father before the world was framed. And you can have a body which is from one year old to a hundred, but the spiritual being, which is still with you in the soul consciousness or is resident in it, is not just the life span that we know. This spirit that is with you can be maybe a million years old, or maybe more than this. This can be back and forth, for there is no aging of the spirit. This soul consciousness was resident in the spirit, and is now resident in the flesh.

I am going to tell you that you do not know how wise that you were. If you could have brought back to your remembrance all of the things that you have known, all of the things which you have witnessed, all of the things that you have experienced, or heard . . . if you could remember all of the things of the spiritual wisdom that you once possessed, then you would not be in this room one minute from now. For you would not stay here. You would go right back where you came from.

You say, ‘but how do you know?’ Well, this is what the Apostle Paul so clearly tells us. He says that we are Strangers and pilgrims in the earth and if we could remember how, and from whence we came, then we would go back.

This is then why God brought the veil of forgetfulness down over the new born child. And altho there is a lot of wisdom in that babes eyes, if you only knew the wisdom that it carried; if you knew what it once remembered. It might be helpless in the body which it has inherited, but that spirit is not old in knowledge. But as the area of forgetfulness is drawn over this, for it is still living in the plane from which it came, as far as its consciousness is concerned. And as it grows up, it has to orient itself to words, to semantics, to families and to orientation. And as it learns to talk in this language, it forgets that one. But the subconscious mind is still carrying all of the memory of the race from which he came. And the Celestial spirit with him remembers all of the things that it ever heard from the Father, and everything that it ever saw. And this is why God said to Job,---"You stand up now, Job, and you answer Me. Where were you when I created the foundation for the earth? Where were you when I laid the measuring line of earth?” And Job said, “Don't ask me questions like that, for I was not even born yet.” And God said, "Job, you were there and you were full of years."---See? In other words, not physical years, in a physical body but in a Celestial body.

Someone said, ‘that is kind of like a ghostly things. But, no, it is not any less real in that dimension, then this is. For the strange thing is that this body is the carrier in the physical plain.

You say, ‘why is this?’ Because the spiritual plane is as solid in its dimension as this one is in this dimension. And this body composed of electron particles, riding around a nucleus, has bodily solidity in this dimension. And in another, it is but a wavelength of vibrations. Where as that dimension of life, in this one is a dimension of light form.

Physicists understand this. In fact, I do not want to get into that tonight. For the fact that science is involved in this is a tremendous thing for one of the areas is the Light expansion, of creation in the Universe. But this is known today to the Physicists. But they do not know how to find the semantics to express what they have, to diagram. So this is where they get mixed up. And even if frame the semantics to describe what they have diagrammed and what we perceive and know still this diagram may not as yet form in the vocabulary as yet. For they know not that you have to learn, 'line on line and precept on precept', to get this across.

But the fullness is as Christ said,--"They are not of the world, as I am not of the world.” For as He was the Christ from the heavens, then we also are the children from Heaven. For in the 17th chapter of John, HE says,--"Thine they were in the heavens, and mine they are in the earth." So why is this? Because 'Thine they were’--is the physical consciousness referring to the spirit. But when HE says ‘mine they are’, HE was talking about His physical embodiment.

This is again the reason why the Apostle Paul goes as far as he does as he writes to our race in the book of Hebrews. For every white man is descended from Heber. And every white man is a son of God. And no Jew is a Hebrew. And when writing to the Hebrews then he specifies that -- since the children of God were now down here in bodies of flesh, he took upon himself a body like his kinsmen. HE might be like His Kinsmen. And in all of that in all of these things He was not ashamed. And this is the great story in the 2nd chapter of the book of Hebrews. God was down here in a body of flesh because His children were here.

And because His children were captives of Lucifer, they were in fear and bondage but they were still HIS children in bodies of flesh. So HE came down and took on a body of flesh, so that He could be just like his kinsmen.

Now, to be a kinsman of God, who is a God of spirit, the Elohim of YAHWEH, you had to be begotten of the spirit before you arrived here in earth. Jesus thus talked about lots of things, such as Destiny, and origin, and movements thru out the universe. And here we have a lot of preachers running around and worrying about getting a lot of people into heaven. But you don't have to worry about that, this is just as you think. This getting into heaven is not as hard as staying here sometimes.

Now, Jesus said, “No man can descend into heaven except he that came down out of it.” The word he is not literal. The word is that no man can ascend into heaven but they who came down out of it. The word is plural, but the theologians did not want us to see this. They just wanted them, after they said the words, and paid their tithe, and hit the sawdust trail, to go to heaven. See?---All of these thing are thus very important words. The more we can create a formula and this formula creates a prophet, the ecclesiastics want to keep the formula as the part of the arrival. But the fact remains that are they worthy of their hire. The program of God's kingdom is not a con game, it is an illumination. In fact we never got this interpretation until we got down here and got mixed up in all of this. Thus remember that no man can ascend into heaven but they that came down out of it.

Now someone says, ‘but what about the Chinaman?’ Well no Chinaman ever came down out of the heavens. They were created right here, as the Tungus man. The earth was thus their habitation, and they were here when they succumbed to Lucifer. And it was here that their celestial beings or their created spirits were moved into bondage. And they were only able to move in these cycles of bondage. This is why the theory of Reincarnation is an Asian theology, and it has nothing to do without race.

Now, as we have said, there were no Negroes in earth until Lucifer came in. And the Negroes did not come out of the Celestial planes. They were never in the Pleaides, and they never moved in the planes of spirit. But they were created creatures inside of other planets. And when they rebelled with Lucifer and came in, then they went into all areas of our transgression, and were violators of Divine law. And the areas of Divine law are according to areas of planes and dimensions. Physical violations of divine law are generally violations of the moral code, or the biological code. This was the crossing of creatures, it was the mutation of man and beast. It is bestiality. It is the intermixture of races; it is all of the areas of consensual and moral depravity. Especially does this exist between savage beings and the areas of the darkness, and of the kingdom. In other words this whole structure of everything that Lucifer ever did with the mongrelizing of the things that God has made.

Any time that you violate the law; whether it is the law of physics, or of chemistry, whether a mathematic law, or a race law, or a biological law, or a species law, this is a violation of law, thus a transgression. So this is what happened to the Negroes also. For the Negro does not have a spirit, in the sense that the Asiatic has a spirit. They have a soul consciousness and an emotion to the sense pattern. And if they die, they are dead until a special resurrection takes place. This is why the old word Zombie relates to them--they are the walking dead. This is what Ecclesiastes says:---'That when the dead die, they know nothing at all. But the living, when they die, their spirit returns to God who gave.’

Thus the living who are they? The only actual living are the Celestial, the Eternal incorruptible seed of the Most High God. This is why when talking about His Sonship, HE said, “I give them Eternal Life and they never perish. I call my Sheep by name, I give them Eternal life and they never perish.” HE said, "All that the spirit giveth Me--Agra pnuma --translated father,--- shall come and he who comes I shall not cast out.” And then HE says, none others can come. No one on the face of the earth, who is of the world order can come unto Me except the spirit draweth them.

Thus He says, all that the spirit shall give me shall come, and then I will not in any way cast them out. But no one can come except the spirit draweth.

And then HE turns to the Jews and says, “ye believe not because you are not My Sheep.” And He said, "I call my sheep by name, and I lead them out." And then He talks about the Enoch. He tells parables about the difference between sheep and goats. HE then tells parables about the goat people. Thus HE separates the Sheep and the Goats, and He separates the people of the world, into sheep and goats. And He separates His sheep from the goats. This is again His identification of His own Household, His own race.

Do recognizing this therefore there is in our Celestial remembrance in the Celestial brain, all of the retention of the facts that our physical brain has, which is the stored remembrance, in the Chromatin. In fact all of the wisdom and knowledge of our forefathers is stored there all from Adam to our time.

In this instance if we had the intelligence to turn the electrons on, even moving at the base level, and could bring that history down, the we could start with anyone here, and start with the very beginning and come right on down with the whole history of our Race.

If we could take it back by race, we could start a retrogression here. We could take back the history from the nason nascent electrons that are around the elements of the nerve tissue.

We could take this thru, down thru the entirety of your race, all of the way back to Adam, and up to the point of gestation, and have a perfect pattern of all of the patterns of History. All that has happened with your race. So therefore this is important for you to understand. But it cannot be understood without the foundation we have just laid. That the Adamic race therefore has the only capacity to remember Celestial values, because no one else has dwelt in these planes.

This is why this 14th chapter of John contains this mystery. And because of this the secret, Ecclesiastic orders sought to cover up this mystery. The reason why they sought to cover these things up is because it does not jibe with their contemporary theology. And they would lose their control over people. And they do not want people to get to Grace by desire. They want them to operate by fear, so that they have a hold over them.

So this is the thing . . . we need to be set free.

And to be free is free indeed. There is no design on the part of God to control people with an Ecclesiastic bondage. For as you know God operates with freedom. HE operates with knowledge and reactions. And because of this, HE says that when the word comes ---and the word is Paraclete--- it means the consciousness of My mind. And this will apply to any need an individual has a need for. And He says, “I can bring you to the knowledge of all truth. I can bring all things to your remembrance. Whatsoever I even told you from the beginning.”

Now, remember this.

There is not one single individual who can have all of the things brought back to him that happened even in Celestial planes---unless he has been there. If you had not been there, if your Celestial being had not existed thru the thousands and thousands of years before with the Father, before you became embodied thru the Adamic race, it would be totally impossible for these things to be brought to your remembrance.

Now, this is another approbation upon the part of Christ that the spirit and the Celestial spirit is a part of the offspring of His celestially. That you are spiritual incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.

And now when HE says that HE can bring you to the knowledge of all truth. That HE can unveil all things. ‘There is not one area of knowledge that I cannot bring to your consciousness, if you seek to apply it with this area of the Paraclete.’ And then HE says that this is the spirit of truth that you can receive, but which the world cannot receive.

Let’s get this clear.---Asiatics, Africans, all non-white people, form the world order. While we are of a Celestial order, out of the Pleades, WE are the children of the Most High God, and this is our Father’s race.

This is our Father’s planet. And HE has given us this for our inheritance. HE said, “You ask me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance.

And I will give you the uttermost parts of the earth for your possessions.” Our Father said, “I am going to put all things back in order. And I am going to defeat Lucifer here. This is the final battle ground. We are going to liberate the earth, and My sons and daughters are going to rule. They fall from some violations, but I shall restore them. This aura, this Celestial consciousness, can bridge this spiritual gap between the spiritual, between the physical consciousness, and the physical body. This is the spirit and this being.

So this then is our destiny. This is why it says that we who HE did foreknow, HE did predestinate that we would conform to the image of the Son.

Now there is a certain area of latitude, not beyond the area of foreknowledge, but beyond the area of permissive persuasion. For instance, HE gives us a perfect will to function in coordination with this area. And maybe largely in the area of conscious adjustment, keeps a person in perfect adjustment and in total harmony with the program of God. This mental area confused or thinking the wavelength of the world order and permitting it to subordinate the spiritual laws, of the background of things as they are, will cause this individual to walk not in the cause of the true purpose. But sometimes in the perimeter of disability, but never is it possible for a man of your race to get outside of the perimeter beyond the possibility that he is lost or destroyed, in some capacity. This whole idea of flaming perdition, total destructions, with you winding up lost is but a bedtime story. Brought out today by the pagan religions, or Jewry which gained control over all pagan religions, as they sought to condemn our areas of theology.

The program of God relative to His own household, is to continue to readjust and put His people back on track, for HE came to save that which was lost. And they are lost because they do not know where they are. They are lost because they do not know who they are. They are lost because they do not know the perfect will of God. And when HE finds them they go in and out of fine pastures.

Now, for this cause we have the words of Christ's ministry.

For HE came to save that which is lost. He did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that thru HIM the world could have light.

Now, HE did not come into the world to frighten men to death or to send them to Hell. For this is just another one of those patterns of frustrated theology, so as to gain a fear complex over people. He said, “I came to save men from their sins and to take them out of this Hell.”

So someone said, ‘well, who wants to go to Hell when they die, and who wants to stay in Hell when they live?’

You say, ‘what do you mean?’ I mean that ‘Sheol,’ the grave is the final end of all of the areas of violated divine law. For death is the penalty of the violation of divine law. It is not the end of the spirit, or the end of the consciousness. But it is the end of all of the catastrophes, the wars, the depressions, the cycles of pressure and vengeance. This is the Hell created, or the living graves of chastisement, from which men can only be saved, by the knowledge of divine law, or by a function of it by the GRACE OF GOD.

Now, He sent His kingdom down here and multiplied them thru the Adamic race.

And Adam then was the offspring of God. But Adam as far as history is concerned, was not 1000 years after the Tungus man. He was long, long after the man who was wiped out after the 4th chapter of Jeremiah, as Jeremiah records that remembrance. This was when the earth became without form and was void. This was when mountains sank and whole areas of earth were in turmoil. The wilderness broken down, and armies disappeared.

Then Moses records that the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. (Genesis 1:1-2)

Thus beyond the 2nd verse of Genesis you have all of the re-creation, and that man we know, was here for 6000 years as a minimum. And this 7th day creation of the Adamic man has only been here 7400 years to date, plus or minus a few years.

Now, we are dealing with the only race, that has come down out of the heavens. And the only race which can go back into the heavens, in this present condition, because---'The Father said that no one can ascend into the heavens but ye who came down out of it.’

Now, we are in a struggle, and in warfare.

And because of this our race has gone into bondage. And there was a seduction of the race, thru Adam and Eve, error, which we already know about. Even tho we said we would not do it when we volunteered to come. But back in this pattern then ---God told us before we ever left that this would happen. So we lost that pattern as we came a new born babe into earth, and did not remember that.

But remember that the scripture says that we brought nothing into the world? So if you did not come in, then there would not be any of flesh that knew that. And you take nothing out as far as material substance is concerned. If you go out by the route of the prophecy of death, this is the back door out.

Now, in the fullness of time you do not go in and out thru death, but you travel where you want within it. For instance, the fleets of the Most High God come in thru out the Old Testament. They come in and out, and I can show you place after place where great fleets of God come into human affairs. They did not come in by birth or death, they came right in out of the heavens, right down to us, the families who had arrived by birth . . . But from the days of Adam right on our race has been arriving by Birth. We have a lot of our Race who have passed right back into the Celestial real by the route of death. But they have not lost their Celestial form in that dimension. And they make up vast companies in that Celestial dimension. But did you ever realize that there is also whole millions and billions of Heavenly hosts that have never known death, not at all? And they can move thru these Celestial crafts in and out of our physical plain. Enoch experienced this and Job knew something of this. And in the Book of Ezekiel, these great fleets landed and delivered responsible messages and so forth.

When Moses received the law, these great fleets came in and they sailed out over the various mountains, and then settled down on Mount Sinai. Many people do not realize what the scripture even says about this. When we realize this, then we have to get a global vision of who we are.

And when we do, then it alters and changes everything we think about the earth and everything there in. As long as people can be kept in ignorance of these

things, they do not perform according to their heritage. The scripture talks about the fact that the Most High came in and sailed over Mount Paran and over Mount Sinai. And HE brought with HIM tens of thousands of His administering Spirits or His Saints. This was when He came to give Moses the law. So therefore there is this 33rd chapter in the book of Deuteronomy. And this is the blessing that Moses, this man of God, left with the Children of Israel before, his death, or rather departure. Do you know what the 'Man of God means?'----It means an enlightened progeny. Thus the Hebrew word for---"The man of God” ---means an enlightened progeny. So as the special instance of God's Grace to our race, every once in a while, HE endowed someone, an enlightened progeny, and they became a Patriarch or a prophet. And whenever he becomes a prophet and brings this message to the race, he is called "A man of God."

Now, this term is used rather loosely today for all of the Clergy. But I can assure you that they are not. For God raises men, and HE has Levites scattered thru out the race.

But the Clergy are not all enlightened progeny. Many of them are progeny, all right, but some do not have any light.

Now, YAHWEH came to Sinai and HE rose up from Mount Seir and shinned forth with His great beaming light on Paran and HE came with ten thousand of His Saints. And from His right hand went forth the fiery law for His people.

Now, the thing most interesting about this is the limitation of translation and the consciousness of the Zohar concerning things that were seen before modern technology.

But this is it. So He came with then thousands. ---Go back into the mathematics of the Old Testament.---When it is ever thousands, times ten thousands, and thousands and thousands, it is ten thousands. Over here in the book of Daniel, where it talks about the hosts and the fleets of the most High, these are called fiery streams. And the word there is Chariots, or the wheeled vehicles or the circular vehicles, like the space fleets, the saucers --the wheels of Ezekiel. And it says that these streams of the fiery wheels that go forth from His presence--by thousands times thousands, and ten thousands from His throne capital. This is in the book of Daniel. Therefore the vastness of the transportation system of the Universe, which we have now and have mentioned so many times.

We used to say that there was 126 trillion suns. But of course, that is just a figure, for you cannot think in terms of trillions unless you saw them all out in a row. And then you could not think of trillions unless you had seen something in trillions at one time. You can think in terms of thousands for you might see 100,000 people at one time in a great Coliseum. But you cannot think in terms of millions except you see it in figures. But to think of trillions and then 126 trillion

suns, which have been photographed by the sidereal calculators, in Harvard University, using conventional scopes. In other words those calculators were able to calculate the concept of light, on these sensitive films were 126 trillion.

Now, when we got an electronic telescope, we stopped functioning with lenses and the electronic emphases that emphases the film, formed by the calculators, there was a multiple of over ten times this amount. So now instead of this 126 trillion suns, we have one thousand two hundred and sixty suns. And you and I can no longer think at this level for there is nothing to compare it with.

If we would go out and pick up the sand on the seashore and let it fall thru our hands, and then say that there is one orb in space for every speck of sand, we would be coming to a proper equation because we are told ---"As the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens."

Now, let’s take a look at this. Even Milikin had to admit back in Pasadena, about Il years at the Science Convention, that there was about as many Celestial Illuminated orbs which existed as there were grains of sand. He took the mean weight of earth and divided it up into particles. And then he said, ‘This is so astounding that people cannot receive this but it is true.’ But roughly again--if we have just one offspring of God for every solar system, then it would be fulfilled here, when God said to Abraham that his seed would be as the sands of the Seashore and the stars of the heavens. So what do we get, but a tremendous vision, of the ruling family of God's Universe. This is a household of destiny.

Then just stop and think, of the vision seen in all of this, and over the course of time--we stuck our neck out. And we said we will take on Lucifer's forces. We will just follow him down there to earth where Michael has blocked him off, and we will do this. Don't worry Father, we can take care of it. See?

Thus we came against the curse of one third of the Universe which was evil. But we have little idea of all of the things that went on, all of the dimensions and forces. But do you realize that their were Angelic hosts that did not keep their first estate? That there were mutations and struggles, where it doomed continental area and where beings were concerned they were not permitted to get in a surface body again.

And we call these the Raphaim -- dwellers of the Deep. These are beings that live in the depth of the sea and are part of the household.

And out of this came what were called the Elementals. And out of these Elementals there is not any dimension or substance, where there is not a fallen spirit capable of residing in. Salamanders could reside in the fire.

Oh, you say, ‘that is just a Satanic symbol for a Luciferian host, who could dwell even in the dimensions of total fire.’ They could dwell in the sun, as far as that is concerned and it would not consume them. HE said, “I make my Seraphims--my flaming ministers---Seraphims as flames of fire.” We have Celestial beings that dwell in Celestial planes. And we have the household in the Spirit. And we have people who can dwell even within the heart of the earth. This is in the areas of the solidness of substance. And there were dwarfs and gnomes, nymphs and so forth.

And altho this is a strange thing it is also a part of ancient lore. So there are Nymphs and Sylphs. There are dwellers in the water, and there are there are Sylphs against the Raphaim . All of these move in the areas of the Elementals. I do not want to get into dimensions, as for other beings; just enough to answer this question tonight concerning the entity of our race. For having existed in these planes and coming from these far off areas, we just want you to know that the numbers of transportation systems are beyond anything that you have ever thought of.

We know that when Enoch was carried into the dimensions, to the Most High, that he went out there on a dreadnaught craft. They took him out into space. He describes how the solar system fell away from him. He describes seeing the vastness of the heavens. And as he came to these great stations in space he describes them as tho they were great and mighty fields, with mighty palaces. And he talked about these great chariots coming and going. He said that they came and went like Doves to the dove coop. In other words he said they were coming from all over the Universe.

And he said, ‘who are these seven?’ And he was told--these are thy brethren, and all that serve them. They are from all over the Universe and they come and go from My presence.

When Enoch arrived at the Pleaides the seven planets, the center of the known universe, he saw all kinds of forces coming and going from all over the Universe. When he arrived here, then he saw here a Crystal Palace. It was hard like diamonds and was shimmering with all of the colors of the sun. and he said that it was as high as the mountains.

He says that when he stepped into the halls, its resident and splendid floors were covered with beings coming and going. He said that he had never seen so much hustle and bustle. And he then looked around and high up was an elevator and it was so high up that there were even clouds of radiant glory between shimmering with all of the colors of the rainbow. And he said that as he beheld all of this, then he saw a great radiant light that broke into shimmering rays of green and then beneath it, as it were, all of the colors of the rainbow.

And he also saw crafts that came and then were lifted up and they disappeared into these clouds of glory. And as Michael the Archangel came to stand by his side, as did Gabriel, who came, and said that he, Enoch, would see the Most High, that he would behold HIM. And Michael said, “Oh, ye are to meet the Father.”

Enoch said that he was then wafted up thru the radiant cloud, shimmering with radiance and color. And then he stepped forth onto a plane of light. And Enoch said, ‘behold, it would hold me for all things were sitting upon it.’ So he beheld that at this level then Light was witness. Thus, Enoch had entered from a physical dimension and he had stepped into a celestial field in this dimension, to get into this heavenly place. And as he approached the throne then YAHSHUA said, “Ye art my son Enoch. I have brought you here in a body so that you could go back to earth to tell My many sons the things that they must know.” Then here he received these great wisdom saying of Enoch ‘The Secrets of Enoch.’ And he was told to remember these things and to tell about them in the earth. Then he was taken into the chambers of Creation, other dimensions where in flowing forces were still spinning out forces of energy, trying to regroup with the great forces or dimension of Divine will, of the star nebulous, the falling constellations, the creation of island universes, which had been going on thru out the ages.

And so Enoch watched the synthesis of the sidereal systems. And he learned something which I think is rather interesting, because people never caught it. I have talked with physicists about it and even some astronomers.

Enoch said, “I beheld that God created in a great oval.” And when one finds themselves going to one side to the edge of space, they find themselves circular, and turning back in an oval. And he said that he found that there were moving waves of expanding concessions which was the heartbeat of the universe. So he could never get anywhere for to find the end was to find the beginning.

So under this instance the mind cannot conceive of a limited expanse which does find for itself an edge. But you cannot have and edge of space for it would be an end or edge of nothing. So there are no straight lines for they all continue to curve. Thus in space there are limitless areas, for we are incapable of explaining what we might refer to as from which the circular orbits of the Universe are framed. Nor as eye seen or ear heard the expansion beyond this into the waves of tomorrow. Because our Eternal Father never had a beginning nor an end, and neither do we. And since we do not have an end, but have a beginning of existence in the Eternal Spirit, then there no end to the mighty creations and the mighty works of tomorrow.

Even HIS Universe can get small at times, after we finished off the dinosaurs on this our Father's planet. You know we have to sometimes do things for it. But the thing is that the pattern of this and the purpose of it was to give to Enoch the sayings of this message. So that when He came back to the sons and daughters who had forgotten by this veil flesh which came because of the fall, this message that they would be exalted above these earthlings, who at times grovel like worms in the dirt. That they would be elevated to the great divine laws of their spiritual destiny. And that we had volunteered to become earth bound that we might lift this earth and restore it to our Father. Then being embroiled in this struggle, having lost our supremacy, and the mastership of our physical bodies, having become embodied to transgression by violation of divine law, having committed such as to effect our race by cohabiting with lesser races, and lost the Divine aura, the Eternal aura that gave us Eternal life within this physical body. This has to be restored. And God has promised to do this for HE knew from the beginning that we would fall. And this is why HE destined that every one of us would be put back into our Eternal order.

This is why Isaiah could say:--"All flesh shall be saved --- all Israel, all issue ruling with God shall be saved." This was not talking about Jews, for they are a mutation. They are Luciferian seed mixed within other races. That is why they come in black, and yellow and all other colors. In fact there were other colors, but they ate them up in the past. See? It was the chlorophyll they were after, and the green race is gone. I thought the purple was gone until I saw a Cadillac go by with one shining kind of purple, the other day. I don't know whether they use shinola over the chocolate but they sure were purple. That may be where the 'purple people eaters’ come from.  But the black ones are still here.

Now, within the significance of this the challenge that God gave to our race is only suppressed when we let little walls of men's minds build the bondage of Ecclesiastical limitations. And when we try to close with this little finite wall the vastness of such a Universe, the vastness of such a panorama, Then we have suppressed ourselves and our spirit. And when in the instance of this, when we see ourselves in the vastness of this Eternity, then we are not only challenged with the vastness of this. We realize that we cannot stop it, they cannot destroy it. If you break down a physical body then you survive this. Our Father says that we will still raise that body, and we will still run them out. And when we have broken the last of the powers of darkness . . . when they have bowed the knee---for everyone shall bow the knee and admit that this man Christ Jesus was the fullness of God dwelling bodily . . . He says that HE is going to make them aware of the fact that you are my sons and my daughters-- you are My Children.

Now, the fact is that we discover more things all of the time. As long as we permit God to unveil with limitless expanse this glorious panorama, as he keeps bringing out whole nuggets of it, from here and everywhere, but we can run all around it and never see it.

Now, people say that they keep you neutralized.

But these things do not. Because the more we know of this vast purpose, the more we are about this the less we will let the mundane worldlings stop the work of our Father. Whether we have to move the spear, or the rifle, or if this is the way we fight, if they battle against us in the physical dominion, then in this physical dominion we defeat them. If they bring to many forces against us then we are catalyzing spiritual forces to use. We have the right to call in so many reinforcements. And the Most High, knowing that so many of the children are asleep, is already sending in many more reinforcements than you realize, and they materialize in an unprecedented way. There is not question of the validity or the solidity of their craft There is no question, as in Ezekiel’s case, but that they can transport physical bodies into space, and to bring him back again.

The thing I like about it is so tangible. Who were the men who came down for Enoch? They were administering spirits, but they were men like Enoch. But they were ruddy men from space. They came in and said, ‘We have been sent to bring you to the Father. YAHWEH wants to tell you some things. He has selected you to carry this message.’ So Enoch said, ‘well, I want to go in and close the shutters on my house. This is just as human as it can be. He wanted to go into his house and close its shutters and lock it up after telling his children goodby. This is what Enoch said:--- ‘Let me go into my house and shut the windows against a storm, and then I will tell my children goodby and then we will go.’ I like that. But I am not so sure I would be willing to take off with some who would come in now days. I wouldn't be sure they came from the right place. But anyhow, there was some curiosity here and Enoch went. And Enoch should have been a reporter. And he was sort of in his days because he told us about the whole trip. He told of going up out over the ends of the earth and the ice and snow. He told of the entrance into the inner earth. He told about the passing of the moon and the sun. And he talked about passing the wanderers.

There is one thing I want to point out to you, as he gave the number of the wanderers he was short one planet. This is an accurate affirmation that Venus did not come into our solar system until 1480. It confirms the accuracy of the Mayan calender, the Chinese, AND THE CATASTROPHE THAT hit Egypt at the time of the Exodus. It also confirmed the fact that Venus had several times came into a collision course with the earth several times as far as its tail was concerned. It was responsible for the ice ages, and responsible for predatory pull in a tracking pattern, and for massing material in space, and the things we mentioned before. And this was probably the source of the biblical scourge when seeking for a sign in the sky, called “The sword of the LORD.” For its sweeping tail swept thru as it came into earth as we swept thru this tail as it came in its astronomical pattern.

So we say again---remember this.

There is no one on the face of the earth, outside of the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian people and others of the white race, that have a relationship to this heaven of heaven, to this vast control of the Universe, to this terrific technological background and spirit which is yours by nature. This is why God can bring all things to your remembrance. This is why he can lead you to the knowledge of all things. Because you are spirit of His spirit and light of His light, and breath of HIS breath. This is why the restoration of God's people is the importance of His plan, for the salvation of the earth.

Now, in this instance, therefore there is no area here that is beyond the plan. For instance in this period of obscurity the world order has launched every possible concept of error, by every communication to try to find men's mind. The Television, the newspapers try to sell the side of the world order.

Now, while we are in physical bodies and operating in sense patterns, we accept this order.

And we therefore will also subordinate the areas of our vision and our destiny, and we become enslaved. When we function in divine law, we discover that every thing in earth moves in our direction. And as we synchronize it with the laws of God, and rise to administration in mastery, then everything is blessed, including the world we are in.

Now, the world order, the sum total of it are the people who are not of your race, and they wage this war. and the defeat system is the Luciferian system not controlled by spirit, whose children fight the children of God who are a spiritual order. Because you cannot fight in any plane and dimension does not mean that you have lost spirituality. For Christ Himself said that the blood shall flow to the horses bit and He, Himself will take the sword and lead the forces against the columns of darkness. So as to rid the earth which is under this constant and permanent cycle of transgression under Lucifer.

Someone said that is terrible.   We will be killing the enemy. But that is the best thing that could happen to them, for it puts them back in the dimension where they belong, where they will not be confirming this catastrophe. Because for all of this---then YAHWEH says--"I shall lose nothing. For in the fullness of time I shall reconcile all thing unto Myself.”

You say why? Because if you go out far enough, you get back to where you started from.

So you see, it is a pretty long mantavera of this evil --that ancient word for races. When Lucifer started out, he is going to go back to bowing the knee to the Most High God. And HE says the day will come when Lucifer shall worship at thy feet. So in this instance again there is no defeatism in this area of thinking. We are under terrific pressure from thing that are important to us, from horizon to horizon. But the secret of mastery over this is that we are a Celestial order and we must live above this earth horizon, in the hours of its greatest pressures. While we must occupy this earth for the kingdom, we must live by the law above it. And I declare therefore that we will never be defeated in our minds, for we can declare enough mental force by the Spirit to destroy anything which exists in earth. There is nothing that can resist the catalyzing force of the sons and daughters of God. Greater things shall ye do if you understand how what so ever ye ask in My Name, under heaven ye shall do.

Wherever there are two or three of ye gathered---under the correct words, all this shall be accomplished. This is a non-defeatist attitude, with a victorious pattern.

Now, there are various world orders that ye shall not change, but you can emancipate yourself from its impact. And you can defeat it. So we have not been told to live with error, but to conquer it. And this is very important to us today where we stand. So while we have had casualties, and there are many casualties. We evaluates casualties by echelons of conduct, of our ideas. We classify people by conduct. Of course the first place to classify them is by race and appearance. But the most important classification, after you have identified their race means protection. And you realize that you are drawn closer to people who believe things that you understand. And the further you go into history of spiritual things, the more you acquire these kind of associates, in whom you have confidence. Because the arm of flesh will fail. And the more that is based upon incomplete spiritual knowledge, the less you can place dependence upon it. Therefore the enemies major design is to try to capture some person, to whom they can appeal to their ego consciousness, and at the same time block off areas of inspiration. And then to use them to devise ways to destroy the kingdom. This was true in the days of David, for the devil figured this out.

After all, Jesus had 12 disciples, and He knew all about it, and He knew all about Judas, Satan's own son. And He just said, I know all about it, but I will just show the Devil that I am aware of this. So He said, I want to teach you all a lesson. "I have chosen you all, but one of you is a devil." And He spoke of Judas of Iscariot as being one of the 12. Now a devil is a progeny of Lucifer.

This is a descent offspring he was a Jew, the only one among Christ's disciples. And after this, Jesus walked in Galilee, for HE could not walk in Jewry, after HE identified Judas, for the Jews sought to kill Him. Jesus said to them, ‘they are devils.’

Remember again in this book of John, in the 10th and 8th chapters, for you find this pattern. And when Jesus turned unto them HE said, “I am of my Father and ye are your father --the devil.” So if you are a devil then what are you?

You say, ‘but you can get converted and not be a devil.’ No you cannot. You cannot convert a devil. You cannot do anything with a devil until he has been put out of this dimension, and forced into his proper orbit. When he ceases to be a devil, he has to become an obedient Angel again. But when he is a physical offspring then there is no celestial consciousness that can take it to the spiritual.

Now I point this out.

When Satanic forces intermingle with physical forces, there is no physical spirit of our race that can cohabit with a fallen angel. The flesh can because they did not keep their first estate.

But the spirit cannot cohabit with a fallen angel. So you have an offspring of Lucifer with a soul consciousness but a fallen angel’s spirit--a devil.

Someone than says, ‘but what about the human side that would put them back in their dimension.’ Well--there is no human side to the spirit of a fallen angel. This is the reason why that when a white man mingles with a Negro, then there is absolutely no Celestial spirit that can go into the heavens. Because the only spirit that would be involved would be the spirit of the White man, which cannot cohabit with the devil. So all that you could produce is the physical entity, without the affinity of either race, and without any electronic memory, to compile the pattern of his forefathers--which seed would be destructive.

Now, as you take the Adamic order and mix it with the Asiatic order, then you take it to the wavelength that anyone can perceive, then you have now again produce an abortive cycle, that is so far from the white man, that it can only go thru the bondage of the parents, until the final resurrection, and the liberation of the Asiatic kingdom in ages to come.

Therefore, racial suicide is to breed outside of our race. For there was no one outside of our race with which we could cohabit.

In otherwise a Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Germanic person, because they are of one household, of one spirit, of the Adamic race are one people with one common denominator, one ethnic background. This is why every Biblical law calls for Racial Purity. Racial perception of this. And in order to accomplish the will of God this is important. This is the transgression that descends upon the children of the third and the fourth generation if they violate this law. For this is the adulteration of the Seed line.

Thus with this again, we tell you that as we see people, then we evaluate them. As you are sitting around here tonight, you are thinking of things of God and of things of earth. And down there in the Cafe there are a bunch of people sitting on a bar stool.

Now, they may be very kind people.  They might give you the shirt off their backs.  They might do anything for you. But not even a tenth of their thoughts get above their jobs, and they are just wasting their time, one beer after the next one. And whether temperate or intemperate, still their minds have never reached these creative levels. Other than making a technological level of their inheritance. And then there are other people who may be setting around who do not want to be bothered. They do not want to use their minds. They want to just watch the Boob-tube, without even having to ever think this thing thru. They just come home and eat their dinner, and go to bed. They want to be amused, and they do not care if the world burns just as long as it does not burn around them. They somehow have the idea that if they do not pay any attention to it, then it will not affect them.

At the present time, the world order will utilize their apathy, and harness their security, to protect themselves, until they have gained as much sovereignty over them as it wants. Then it will reduce their creative energies, and earning capacities, and reduce them to slavery. And take all of this spiritual energy and guidance for themselves, They confiscate all that you have for Lucifer has always done this, in all courses and in all ages.

So again we have these people --and they are of our race, they have a spark of light, so you crystallize them, you challenge them and you break thru, and from this time on they never get back again into this rut. If you can ever break thru to these people once, then the other side never gets them back.

Now, you say, ‘but some of these people go to church on Sundays.’ Sure, they go there, and they hear some little demoralizing story, about this man who took off with another man's wife, or they steal the other man's money. Or maybe they go off on some other idea like this, and spend 20 minutes on this subject then close it up. And they sing hymns, and say that the choir sang nice, and it was a pretty day, and we went to church. And all of this does not have much impact upon them for they never heard anything. They do not know who they are, they do not know where they came from, and they do not know what they possess. And they have never taken their first step, for they have never heard of anything else. And they do not know of green pastures, for it has all been dry husks anyhow.

This is why then that as God starts to move in a period like this, that HE challenges people with truth, and HE charges them to tell it, and HE moves like a great shield. And as people start to learn and to move with thinking, they are  hanged, their minds are renewed.  And their actions react this way.

Now, again what we are watching happening today is the great activation of the Kingdom. The calling of the people out of their sleep. The rolling aside of the apathy. And the enemy discerns this and they move to hold them down, and to declare anyone who stirs them up, anyone who awakens them up is antisocial. Well of course ---I am not trying to get along with the world order. I am interested in the New Order




Ordo ---The NEW Order of the Ages. We are of a new day, a new order. We are a divine race. We invaded the earth at our Father’s command. HE put us here after we volunteered, and we have a job to do. And HE is going to finish it.


End of message.