Message To The Nation, Church And Throne, 9-9-62


The Message To The Nation, Church, And Throne

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-9-62

The subject is the Message to the Nation, Church, and Throne. And we tell you that this is a very vital hour, in this crisis thru which we are passing. Sometimes, not understood by many because they are not aware of anything that is going on. Thus, they are asleep and sleeping men never know what is going on round about them. They are not aware, and are oblivious as far as their environment is concerned. There are a great number of our people thru out our nation, and thru out God’s Kingdom who are asleep this afternoon. This is why they do not know what is going on. They are not even aware that there is any problem. Thus, they are the walking, sleeping people and it is sort of a kind of a sleeping sickness which only the spirit can quicken and cause this to end. But when they wake up, you will find that these people will be a powerful force added to those already awakened children of the MOST HIGH GOD.

There is not doubt that there is a message which must be understood by the entirety of God’s Kingdom. A lot of people today have the idea that the church makes up the structure entirely of God’s Kingdom in the earth. There is no question of the fact that the people who make up the church are a powerful essence of God’s Kingdom. They are a definite part of the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. And I want you to realize that there are a number of people in the world today, who do not know that the Kingdom of God is tangible and real and made up of men and women who are a part of a Household of God who have been transplanted from heaven to earth. They are only aware that they have recognized the deity of Christ and they have accepted HIS Atonement and have joined themselves to the center of HIS Kingdom the Church and they have the idea that this is the fullness of the Kingdom. But the Kingdom is made up of a household and a race. It is made up of the nations that it contains. It is made up of the spiritual center, the church. And it possesses a throne that in the not too distant future, will be activated in the most complete sense, by the personal manifestation of God, Himself, upon that throne.

We are somewhat isolated from God’s Universe as we roll thru space on this little planet. Altho, it is a pretty big one if we have to travel all over it. Altho it is becoming shorter as we shorten it by the speed of transportation, by the media of communication and by the things which we have developed in our age. Sometimes, we need to catch a glimpse of outer space. Sometimes we need to catch a glimpse of the panorama which we have forgotten, but which can be brought back to our remembrance. Having been children with the Father before the world was framed, there are still a lot of things which we do not remember in the veil of flesh in which you now find yourself. But we have great truths in the Old and the New Testament. And this is the reason why assembling ourselves together and fortifying ourselves in the word of God is most important.

The Word of God is every word which came out of the mouth of God. The scriptures contain in the background that God revealed Himself time after time, to your forefathers. And we are told in the scriptures, that HE did reveal Himself to our forefathers. That HE made things known and that in times past, HE had spoken unto them. And in the hour of the Apostles, HE was speaking unto them in the body of the man Christ Jesus. And that HE has continued to reveal Himself to HIS Household and will do so thru out all ages. We remember the experiences of Enoch and stand sometimes amazed as HE unfolds the vastness of the Universe. And we see within this, again the internal evidence of vision and inspiration which bears testimony to great truth. For Enoch told of his experiences, great experiences for a man of earth, bound and tied to this great ball. But visited by Archangels, and heavenly messengers, behold in his ancient testimony, a great chariot of the heavens approached. He does not go long in description, but it was enveloped in shimmering Glory, like an effulgent cloud. And two men knocked at his door and said, ‘Enoch, the Father has sent us unto thee, and we are to take you into HIS presence for there are things which you are to see. You have been selected to be the man to bear record, to bear testimony, and establish again this knowledge for these the children of the Eternal.’

Enoch said, ‘Alright, but I want to shut my house up for it might rain or store. I want to tell my children good-by, so I will close the shutters and then I am ready to go.’ Enoch went in and he told his children that he was about to take a journey and he made his house fast and then he went out and approached the two men and they put him in the chariot enveloped with Glory and Enoch left the earth.

Now, when Enoch came back, he wrote a book. In fact, he wrote 265 books in one set called ‘The Pillars of Enoch.’ And in his book, he tells as to how they took off and they sailed up above the earth. And what it looks like to look down upon the mountains, and how they winged out over the oceans and how they turned up over the north. He tells how he went over the great frozen north where there is a land locked gate to the inner world. He tells of how he passed over the earth and out into the distance and how he saw the moon and the sun, and how he saw the wanderers which to you are planets. He tells how he went beyond this and how they carried him out into the vastness of space; and how he eventually was brought into the areas of the far distant planets and constellations, until he was face to face with the Eternal God, who discovered was his personal Father. And he said, ‘Don’t be afraid, Enoch, for you are My son.’ And Enoch sees thousands and thousands of people coming and going from all over the Universe. And the Father tells him as later, he would tell the Apostle Paul, in the mysteries of ‘The Apocalypse of Paul,’-these are thy kinsmen, just as those in earth who are in flesh and blood. They may also in time, dwell in flesh and blood.

One of the things which stands out is the majesty of it. In one of the text written by Enoch, he tells of how they traveled great distances and that he would not know how to measure it by how many times the sun had come and gone, had he been upon the earth. So the speed of the craft, he could not measure. And today, we are just beginning to find out a little about distance and speed. Today, we have a probe out to the planet Venus and we don’t think it will get out to that area much before Christmas time. But we think it is going fast for it has already traveled about a million miles by now. They estimate about four million miles at this time. But I think that is slow, beside the speed of the heavenly vehicles which have always moved on command of the MOST HIGH.

We can turn to the writings of Daniel, who talks about the thousands times thousands times ten thousands, times ten thousands of the ships of the Eternal. How these cross and cris-cross the Universe, and how these ships are under command of beings, some of them Angels, and some of them sons and daughters of God. And the vastness of God’s Universe is staggering to the mind. We do not find any error that exists in the contemporary world of either Enoch or Job, among them that are not informed. We don’t find a flat earth, because he tells of sailing up over the north. And how before it disappeared, he looked back upon this globe. We don’t find men ignorant when they talk about this earth, as men such as Enoch tell us how many days it would take to just cover the distance between the rising and setting sun which the Hosts of God carried him to show him. He tells of something in those writings of Enoch which I think is significant. One of the revelations from Enoch is how as he traveled, he saw a great and mighty company and as these great chariots went thru space, they formed a great word written in their reflected light. He saw the symbol of the name of YAHWEH. And he saw this made up of hundreds and hundreds of great ships moving in formation moving across space going from one great sidereal system to another, there in the vastness of space. When he asked as to who are these? They replied these are the servants of YAHWEH, who perform HIS will in the four corners of the stars. What a spectacle that must have been. If you and I could have looked at the heavens as Enoch did, riding on a great chariot, so far ahead of the most experienced concept of modern technology. Talk about space travel. We are in the infancy of remembering at this moment. For as Enoch looked out upon this, he saw the great ‘Tetragram’ the symbol of the name of God. He saw this by thousands of ships in formation, just desiring to fly that way across space. And just their shimmering light of reflected power might carry the name of their Father as they moved thru formation. When I think of that, then I remember that Enoch said, ‘I beheld the name of the Eternal. And I was told that this is thy Father and thou art HIS son, and this show you HIS power, and it shows you HIS minions, for those of HIS household chose to fly in this formation---that they might form the name of their Father in Glory as they cross the Universe.

You think we fly in formation, or that we have a little idea about size and speed today, about strength and about greatness. Let me tell you. I think it is about time that the nations of God’s Kingdom remember their inheritance. I think it is tome that they remembered who they re and their part here in things of earth. I have listened to so many empty sermons talking about empty things and the smallness of the power of our Father, until it looks as tho we are just struggling along here, and we are about to be snuffed out in the next minute.

Let me tell you this. Anyone who tells you that you have to surrender to the devil, that you have to appease the Soviet Union, that you are about to bow down before the pagans of the earth because you are about to be wiped out, they better just go back and search the scriptures again. They better find out what is out there on our side. How big, how strong, how mighty. And you will discover, that this little globe which we are on, altho mighty,--in God’s plan, has plenty of reinforcements and they will be here on time.

There is no doubt that there is a message to the nation, to the Church and to the throne. There is no place wherein God talks about this wherein HE is limited in HIS ability. No revelation which God gives to HIS Household, no revelation that God gives to HIS branch or HIS messenger, in which HE cites, if we can accomplish that, we will do this or that. HE does not say that if we can accomplish that, or if we can make it, or that we have to see what we can do about this matter. We have too many preachers, too many people saying, ‘if we can just get this thing together, we will win, but we can’t, we are all thru.’ My friends, what you need is a bigger vision.

I cannot help but marvel at the things such men as Enoch, or Paul or John saw. And then I do not have to go back to the book of John in the book of Revelation. John might have been a fisherman when he started, but he was a well traveled person before he got thru all of his experiences which related to the earth. Sent into earth, born in to the home of a fisherman, we find this man, John also raised as a fisherman. But soon to become a Disciple of Christ. He went thru the most important theological course in which any man could be trained. For he talked with God, and he walked with God. And also to be a Disciple of God, to become so interested and so overwhelmed as he heard from the lips of God, that he never left the side of Christ if he could help it. He was there all of the time, listening, absorbing. Nothing was as important as the magnitude of God’s purposes and plans for the earth. And now, we hear that John became the beloved Apostle, a Disciple who loved truth, that he could hardly separate himself from it. There is little doubt, that this is the reason why, that so filled with truth, and so unafraid of all of the powers of darkness and all of Jewry that sought to destroy the Christ, that John hurled all the teachings of Jesus in the face of all the political powers of Jewry after Christ’s ascension. No wonder that Jewry waged war on the church and finally put Peter and John in jail. No wonder it was because of fear, that they exiled John out on the Isle of Patmos, saying that he was out there for the testimony which he bore. He was out there because of the things which he had said. As you read the book of John, you can understand why they put him out there. He told more truth in the Gospel of John than all of the preachers have repeated since.

It is a strange thing, but you are living in a very turbulent hour. You know in one seminary, with a Presbyterian background, right now, in this nation, they are in consort with the Jews to rewrite the whole New Testament--to take out the book of John because John was anti-Semantic. The other day, I was reading about this, and they were saying that they hope to get a lot of other churches to go along in this project and get the National Council of Churches to help them completely modify the entire New Testament. Well, it needs a little re-translation, but it does not need the Gospel of John taken out, I can assure you. The reason why they want to take out the Gospel of John, is because John learned his lesson well. But, my friends, he learned it from Jesus. They said that John was just biased against the Jews, of course. My friends, it had nothing to do with how they treated him or what they had done to Christ. But this was just a bias that John was supposed to have developed.

When John quotes Jesus, saying that their origin was from the devil, the lust of their father they would do, and that they were the devil’s progeny, that they could not understand Jesus because they lacked the spiritual capacity, they said that was something which John made up so they want to take all of that out of the New Testament. They may be able to do this with some. But I am going to tell you something. The most valuable book in the world, and the most expensive one, will be the Bible when they try to sensor that. Talk about bootlegging. There will be Bibles sold like you never seen Bibles sold before---when they try to knock out the real truth. If they ever pass a law that says that you can no longer bring a New Testament as it is today, because of what is says about the enemies of God, then let me tell you this, the Bible will be the most valuable book you have in your possession. Oh, you say, ‘That will never happen. That will never come.’ Don’t be too sure about that. There are a lot of forces in the world today that want to silence this message. They want to silence the truth and now we are finding that as people redirected to read the Bible with their eyes open, that this is the whole problem that faces God’s Kingdom in the world today. And when they understand this, then they start to correct it. One of these days, people are going to read the Bible just like it was written. And they are going to understand it just like John declared his Gospel. And there will be the biggest deportation out of America of the forces of evil that the world has even seen.

They are already worried about the fact that you train your children to love and respect our Father which art in Heaven. And even in the limited knowledge theology has been applying in these last years, even with this falling away of the original truth, they are still afraid of the acknowledgment of God by little children in the classroom. They are even frightened today by these little children praying, ‘Our Father which art in Heaven.’----thinking that maybe they are asking a blessing on their teachers and asking their parents to guide them in their thinking. This seems to be too strong for this Jewish Communist conspiracy to slow down. So dangerous is this, that they used unprecedented influence. They gather together their attorneys and they file suits, and they go to the Supreme Court which has degenerated just about as far as a Court can degenerate, and there they seek the kind of decisions that they want. I thought that they had reached their peak this week, because they said that you can no longer pray BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT. It was bad enough when they knocked out a great historic tradition. But I propose that before we are thru, that we will knock out that and put something back in its place. Do you know what they said this week? These leaders of this wise old Christian foundation decided this week that this school board would have the children since they could not pray, have them repeat the message of the Star Spangles Banner. So if they could not pray surely, they could repeat that message. But the Court said, ‘No, they cannot repeat the message of the Star Spangled Banner.’ Do you know why? Because the last part of that anthem says, ‘In God is our trust.’ And this week if you have been television, listening to the radio, or reading the papers, you cannot repeat the Star Spangled Banner in the schools of New York, and they will next make a decision as to whether they can sing it or not.

Now, in the day when the enemy who hates your God, can come into your country and then comes against your National Anthem, until you cannot repeat it in your schools, then, my friends, it is time you woke up and found your background and found your destiny, and carried thru with it. Yes, John was on the Isle of Patmos for the name of Jesus Christ. He was on the Isle of Patmos because he brought a powerful message about incarnate Deity, who was not only Father of his race, but now had joined Himself for an Atonement to fulfill time and measure and was going to consummate it by the establishment of HIS Kingdom. That this was a real Kingdom, was a part of the message of John. And we have pointed out that he was not alone in this. For when Jesus talked about a Kingdom, HE meant a Kingdom made up of people and of nations. John knew because he had been taught of God. Matthew knew, because he was also taught of God. This powerful and political figure which was a tax collector in Palestine, and became a Disciple of Christ---HE KNEW. And he records what he heard and what he saw. He heard Jesus talk about the magnitude of the heavenly hosts. He heard Jesus talk about the things Enoch saw. He heard Jesus say, ‘I will move across the sky like lightening flashing at the noon day. I will move with speed, and My coming will be as speedy as that.’ HE said, ‘I will separate the nations when I come, for we are not going to have a one world or a United Nations. We are going to have the nations of the Kingdom--high and supreme--administering their destiny. And I will separate the nations just like you separate the sheep from the goats.’

And I am going to tell you something about this shepherd of Israel. This King, the MOST HIGH,--this all belongs to HIM. This is HIS Universe, HIS world. Even the devil, remember, is HIS devil. Remember that. He was an Archangel once and then became a devil because of what he did not want to do. But you are going to discover that someday those that say they won’t do this or that, they will do it anyhow. And that includes the devil when he bows the knee. That is going to be a great day in history. When he gets down and bows the knee and admits that God is still God. Then I will tell you this. That you do not have a defeated Gospel. You do not have to worry about tomorrow. You just have to occupy in order to bring the greatest blessing that you are capable of receiving, while you go thru these crisis and conditions. But I know that John caught the pattern and the vision as well as the other Disciples. But there were some things that they knew historically. They knew of their race and from whence they came. They knew the covenants that god made with Abraham when HE said, ‘I will make thy name great and make of you a nation and a company of nations.’

We have too many preachers today who want to remove the nations. But if it were not for the nations, there would probably be very little opportunity for them to preach. But in this instance, the Covenant of God was made and it was made with nations. They knew about the patterns of history. They knew about the conditions thru which they passed. There background was lit with the coming and going of God, coming out of the heavens. With the great Master of the Universe, the constant specter of beings coming and going, of vast ships, of the mystery of the clouds of Glory which hovered over as they come and go. Oh, you say, ‘these are but traditions, they were superstitions.’ No, they were not superstitions. I could go over and pick up the records of the ancient Summarians, who fought against your race. And I can also pick up the records of your race, and then go back to the recorded records of the Philistines and the Midianites as later recorded by certain men. And you will find that these other races said that there was one strange thing as they fought against the White man, whose God was YAHWEH,---one strange thing was that these people could enter into a battle then suddenly, the light of their God would come into the battle with the light of a glowing cloud. They said that for many periods of many years, while the earth was filled with smoke and darkness, when they had not seen a clear sun for forty years. There was however, a light over your encampment of this race. And anyone who moved around them was under the presence of your God and they knew this, for there was smoke out of the heavens.

You say, ‘what were the Assyrians talking about this---what do you mean that for forty years, the sun did not shine clear?’ Well, if you went back in the book of Genesis, you would discover that it was neither light nor dark, for that period of time. For forty years the atmosphere above had in smoke and debris, because we had passed thru the tail of a comet. And as we went thru it, then it had an astronomical impact and the debris which filled the air was like a great dust cloud. The Mayans recorded this. The Chinese recorded this. For forty years, there were meteorites and all kinds of cloudy conditions, and vast masses of vapor formed out of the water raised high into the stratosphere. And high above it the mist and the clouds made it indistinct, so that you could not see clearly the sun, moon or the stars. And that could happen anytime, if the earths waters became vaporous masses reportedly condensed which came down. This is a historic matter and yet when they referred to it, they said, ‘when the rest of the world had partial darkness there was a light over your race.

Oh, you say, do I believe that? Yes, I believe that. For it says here that HE was with them thru all of this period, all of this time. The Asiatics tell the story of how it was neither light nor dark. They tell of how it was hard to march an army up against any of the cities of your race because you could not move in the darkness when there was all of that light around the camp of the Israelites at that time. No jealously, no conspiracy could move against you. Thus no wonder, then that we read these words:-- ‘I will be like a wall of fire round about you as a defense.’ No wonder our forefathers understood these things back in those days, back in the days of the Apostles and the Patriarchs. They knew that the God they served was a God of power. HE was no philosophic god drawn up here by some lecturer somewhere. HE was not just a principal which they would say, ‘I accept and follow.’

I have noticed in our time, that some will say, ‘Oh, God is just a great light off in the distant somewhere and HIS spirit of light is a great guiding influence.’ Others will tell us that HE is just a great force like someone who formed the atom of nature, just the essence of some great power. God is a summation of that power. And that is just what HE is. Someone the other day said, ‘I know what God is. HE is a mind.’ There is no doubt that HE has a mind, for HIS mind surpasses all minds out of the essence which your minds draws its inspirations. But is it not a mind floating around in space as some people conjure up as just an eye. There is nothing wrong with that ‘all seeing eye.’ But let us keep it in its proper perspective. Let’s remember, my friends, that God is Light, and God is Spirit. And God is energy. But also, HE has shape and HE has form. And as we mentioned before, the hand of God, the back of God, the Eye of God, all of these things, were visible to the children of God. Remember that Moses beheld God on Mount Sinai, altho he was only allowed to look at HIS back because of the Glory of HIS face. I want you to know that we are dealing with a God who has form and has power. A God who had no problems whatsoever as HE came to deliver the Law to HIS people as a guardian, a designer, a schoolmaster, as an instructor as how to live. And when HE approached that day upon Mount Sinai, as HE came with thousands times ten thousands of HIS Saints, HIS Hosts according to the book of Deuteronomy, HE was a God of power who was capable of doing that.

Now, significantly, all of these things were in the background of John, in the background of these Apostles. But in that hour, when John on that Isle of Patmos was meditating, he knew the background concerning the race. He knew that they were real people. And he knew also that there was a dilemma. The forces of darkness were battling the Kingdom continually and he was well aware that there were far more of them than there were the children of the Kingdom by numbers. He had his experiences from the book of Revelation concerning them. But the other day, someone said, ‘Well, there is one thing they will have to overlook. For they do not understand the book of Revelation. We will just discard the book of Revelation so we won’t have to pay any attention to that.’ But if everything you did not understand was just discarded then there would never be any more problems. Just remember that if you do not understand the book of Revelation, this just means that you are not very familiar with it. And you are not as familiar with the guidance of your Father as you should be. For HE would make it known to you. For there is no question, about the experiences that John had. John traveled into the dimension of spirit as God opened a door for him. And he left this physical dominion with his physical consciousness, his Celestial consciousness, and soul consciousness---he walked right thru a door in space. And God took him forward and backward in time, and unveiled to him a panorama of events in the vastness of that timeless area of Eternity. And as John walked with God, he also recorded a thing or two that he saw, and which you will be able to remember.

John saw great majestic thrones set out in the Universe. He sees people and ships coming and going from the presence of the MOST HIGH. He hears the children of the MOST HIGH GOD singing praises around that throne. He sees the great Patriarchs of God’s Household surrounding that throne. He sees Archangels coming and going. Then John sees the earth and all of the conspiracy on it. He sees these Satanic children of evil seeking to destroy. He sees their conspiracy and their power, their Mystery Babylon, as it is called. He sees the design to enslave all men and he knows how right HIS Gospel was. As God shows him all of these things, then every once in awhile as he sees all these thing, then he reports them. He sees the great and mighty hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD. He sees them coming and going thru out the Universe and he knows that this is tangible and real. And he hears the proclamation ahead of time ‘The kingdoms of this world are to become the Kingdoms of our LORD who is one LORD, and HIS CHRIST.’---which is the embodiment of HIS children of Spirit and that includes you. You are the Christ of god in the world today.

You do not have many LORDS. You just have ONE LORD. And all of the children of God today, fitly framed together, grow in to the Christ of God in the world today. You then are HIS many Christed children. Why is that? Because children of HIS Spirit embodied in the flesh, is what Messianic Revelation is. This is the embodiment of the sons and daughters of God. HE was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. And you are the offspring of God, also embodied. No wonder the scripture tells you that we are fitly framed together growing into a Temple unto the MOST HIGH GOD. And we are told that you are the Temple of the HOLY SPIRIT. No wonder then, that God identifies you as HIS Household, HIS race, and HIS nation. The Covenant of God is made with the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD. It is made with Israel. It is made with the people that HE calls by HIS name.

Now, don’t start splitting it up in divisions. Yes, there are nations, and there is church as an institution. And there are thrones. But of the same people. This is not a divided situation. And John once more beholds all this in its Majesty. And the point we are trying to make for you tonight, is exactly like that of Enoch as he sees the Heavenly Hosts coming, all the armies of heaven. And he sees such great strength and power as he sees tremendous fleets moving toward earth. He sees great columns of the fleets of space. And John describes this fleet and he says, ‘I see before it the great blazing emblem going before it of ‘KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.’

When he looked there in the heavens at this great emblem of ‘KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS,’ I wonder if it was just on the flag ship or whether it was on the whole formation which was spelling it out like in the days of Enoch when he looked up there and saw the Tetragram---the name of God emblazon on the vessels by the thousands which were traveling thru space and they just formed this to glorify the Father. He saw this great army coming, this great host, and John heard the cry, the trumpet sound announcing before it that the armies of God from all the Universe were going to come down here and visit this little speck known as earth. What makes the earth worthy of so much attention? Because in the minute atom of this whole plan of God which holds together the smallest atom until even the earth is not going to be allowed to go wild. Even the earth is not going to be allowed to go on forever in rebellion against God. Even the earth is not going to miss the readjustment of God’s purpose and Grace. And so in this remote spot, the great training center of God’s Kingdom has been selected. Here HIS sons and daughters have been sent from heaven to earth. And then into this dominion, you have come. Into this area also, you have been sent for experience and attainment. One of the things you are to do is to help bring in by your occupation, the Kingdom of God in the midst of the earth.

Oh, there has been a lot of travel and a lot of time, for a lot has happened in the last 7400 years. But what is 7400 years when you start to measure the panorama of the background of your experience. And so John reveals in the book of Revelation, the host of heaven, the mighty intervention, and the coming again into the areas of earth of the next appearance of the Eternal god, and of HIS family, all of these things are a part of the Covenant of God.

The other day a minister talking over the radio and supposed to be one who is informed, said, ‘You know--God started a Kingdom, and HE decided to make it out of the sons of Abraham. HE promised Abraham that he would have a son, and he had this son and he named him Isaac. And then a grandson named Jacob who had 12 boys. And they started out to form a Kingdom, but there was too much pressure. These boys of the Kingdom started to grow and they were under instructions to obey certain laws, but they did not keep them. And all of the conditions of earth were too much for them. So eventually, they were dispersed, and they are no more. They were scattered all over. And you can’t find them anywhere. They were absorbed by people---so, Israel is GONE.’

‘Now, God had promised a throne, but as the people were broken up and vanished, then the throne was also gone. Thus there is only one thing that God has left. Poor God. He had to come down here to save HIS people and there weren’t any. HE came down here to save HIS own people and all that was left of them hated HIM and they would not acknowledge HIM. And they spit on HIM.’ He was talking about the Jews, and he did not know that God never had a single Jew for a relative. But that is fortunate for God. ‘But God in this instance, since HIS people would not acknowledge HIM, decided to go out to the world to build HIS Kingdom and HE is just going to build it out of anyone who will believe this.’ This preacher then said, ‘You better prepare to go to heaven, for the devil is going to get the world and he is acquiring it pretty fast.’

Now, the only truth here is that the devil is trying to gobble up the world, and he is working fast. But what this man did not know is that Israel is not gone, and the nations of Israel are not gone. And the throne also, is not gone. Let’s for one moment go back to the days when Israel was still in encampments. This is what it said, ‘The LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron and said, ‘Let every man of the Children of Israel pitch his own tent by his own standard with the ensign of his father’s house. And they pitched thus. On the east side, were the armies and the company of the House of Judah, and of Issachar and of Zebulun. I only mention this just as a matter of record. For today, on the east side of the Kingdom of nations it is still Judah, Issachar and Zebulun. The House of Judah consists of all of the Germanic people today. They not only fulfill their responsibility, but they also carry out the destiny that God unveiled and which was given in the days when their father Jacob gave they their blessings.

We do not have the time to cover that subject now, but I tell you again that the House of Judah today is the Germanic people. The House of Issachar is Finland, still carrying the emblem of Issachar. The House of Zebulun is found in Romania and some of the Slavic nations, like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. These are the people of Zebulun today.

We turn to the words of Moses in that time and read on, ‘For on the south was the House of Reuben and Simeon and Gad. There has been a slight movement in the House of Reuben. And today Reuben is found in Holland and Belgium. They are not only identified by name and by custom. The people of Gad are to be found in Italy today. And the great Lombards, the White Italians are the people of the tribe of Gad. The people of Simeon sometimes considered as cruel, as they marched out in their conquest, but Simeon today is Spain. The great white Basque and the people of Spain are the Simeon of the Bible.

We can find every one of these people. But some say that they are all gone. So God can’t do what HE was going to do. But who told you so? For far up to the North, we discover that things have not changed for we have the House of Dan, and we have the House of Asher and Naphtali. And they are not gone. There is Dan’s land--Denmark, on the map and you can clearly see it. There is Norway and Sweden, so Naphtali and Asher are not gone.

Someone then says, ‘but the most powerful house was to become the House of Joseph, but they are gone.’ Who told you that they are gone? The Lion and the Unicorn still stand for the British Empire and outstretched wings of the Eagle still stand for the House of Manasseh. You still have the Eagle at the head of your flag. And this was the place where the gathering of the people was to be. And Benjamin from Iceland to Greenland, is not gone. But Benjamin has been scattered among most of God’s people as messengers and Light carriers. No one is gone. For every called minister is a Levite. And thus, all of the Western World has a part of its history in the tribe of Levi, for Levites were to be scattered in all of the tribes to be HIS ministers for ever. GONE? My friends, the only thing which is gone, is the intelligence in some of the pulpits of our nation.

Jesus is the Shepherd of Israel, and knows how to gather HIS flock. HE said that in that hour when I come in with all the speed and all of the power from outer space, I am going to come in and then I will take the Sheep nations-----remember, HE said, ‘I came only for the House of Israel.’ But HE said, ‘I am going to take the Sheep nations and I am going to say to them ‘RULE THE WORLD.’

You know what the United Nations says, don’t you? Sent all of the Sheep nations home and let the pagans rule the world. So you take your choice. Do you want a world run by men such as Krishna Mennen, or (Nkumma)? Or do you want it run great statesmen such as God has raised up in your race thru the years, like George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln? Someone said, ‘But it can’t be done. The Kingdom is gone.’ No, the Kingdom is not gone. It is a great nation and a company of nations in the world today.

Is the throne gone? No. It is true that in the history of that throne of David must be existent somewhere in the world today, and it is. And the enemy know this. I turn to the 7th chapter of II Samuel, when God made this promise unto David, as HE said this is what I am going to do. ‘When thy days are filled and you sleep with thy fathers, I am going to set thy seed after thee and from seed that proceeded out of thee, and I shall set the Kingdom in place. And thy seed shalt build a house for ME and I shall establish this throne forever and forever.’ Thus, Solomon built the house, this Temple unto YAHWEH, and the continuing seed was to be on the throne.


Now, don’t talk about Jew seed for there is no Jew seed involved in this picture. The Jews are of Lucifer’s seed. They are not of the Household of God. How do I know? When talking about the seed of David, this is the House of David, and this is the throne that belongs to God. And the promise is that one of these days, the Messiah, Himself, is going to take the throne of David. Remember what was told to Mary? That this child born of Mary would be God, the Savior. And HE would someday take the throne of HIS Father David. Then as Messiah came, HE said, ‘why did David call this eventual offspring who was to come out of his household that was to be the seed upon the throne? Why did he call HIM LORD?’ ‘Before Abraham, I AM.’ So surely, before David, HE was the Eternal One.

I point out to you therefore, that this was to be an Eternal Throne. HE said, ‘My mercy shall not depart from him (David).’ Now, even then these are men and they make mistakes in this physical world. So what does HE say? ‘If thou commit iniquity, I will chasten thee, I will chasten thee with men and with the armies of the children of men. But My mercy is not going to depart from thee. And I am not going to take the Kingdom away from them for this House (of David), and the throne shall be established forever.’ So God says that even if you make mistakes that will still not end the Kingdom. But here we had a minister the other day trying to tell us that the throne is broken, the Kingdom is gone. Neither exists anymore.

Let me tell you something. You go over to Buckingham Palace some day, and you look up on that wall, and you read what is written there. Oh, you say, ‘But that is not my thing.’ Well, maybe not, but that history there and that Queen over there, has this chart which shows her history right back to David. And it is still there where anybody can see it. Someone of my congregation said, ‘Don’t pay any attention to that, for the Jews married into this line of that family. But they are not in that chart.’ So what about that? Well, my friends, this is the line of Judah, this is a David House.

Now, God says, ‘I will cleanse again, the blood of My people. So if there is any discrepancy in that family, then God is going to cleanse it. But what is important, is that this is the line and God says that it will always be there. While you are worrying about a few Jews around there, how about worrying about a few around Washington? The happiest day I can see in the future is when every Jew is exported out of these United States. I don’t know whether some people blush for joy or they just blush. But I proves that you are an Anglo-Saxon if you can blush. You never saw a blushing Negro. Some of us would not change things. We are happy that God planned it this way.

Nation, Church and Throne. Yes, people went thru captivity and lost some of the pattern of their theology. But kept part of it. And followed their ethnic destiny, known to God and fulfilling that prophecy and we know where they are today. There were lots of theological divisions back even in the days of the New Testament church. Judah and Benjamin, the tribes which remained in Jerusalem, were not going to have anything to do with the tribes of Israel who were in migrations. They were not going to have anything to do with Samaria which was also a part of Israel, because it did not follow the ecclesiastics of a bunch of Jews who had taken things over. But when Christendom started out with a great evangelical and God called HIS Disciples, and even when they went out to work, they still had a little prejudice in them against the rest of the tribes. But they knew that someday something would happen to bring them together again. This is one of the reasons why Cornelius who was of the House of Gad, and thus, he was no outsider, even tho the word translated here is Gentile---this word Gentile comes from the Greek and it means Nations. And it was to the nations of Israel that the message went for just like Paul who was forbidden to go to Asia. And I point out to you that when the spirit descended with great spiritual revelation on the house of Cornelius, it was not coming on a pagan people as we know them as outlander people, or people outside the Kingdom. It was coming upon the estranged or dry tree of Israel.

Now, let me point out something to you. Even the church is tied to the identity of HIS people. Come over here in the book of Acts, and Paul is speaking because some of them were trying to exclude the people such as the Romans and Greeks because they hadn’t stayed true in the background of their history and they could not be identified at that moment with the temple and service in Jerusalem, where they tried to cut the throats of Christians anyhow. Remember how the Apostle Paul said all of our fathers came thru the Red Sea? All of our fathers drank of the same spiritual drink which came out of the ROCK. And all of our fathers ate of the same manna. Well, if all of our fathers who were Greek as well as those who came out of the tribe of Benjamin, from which Paul, himself had come, if they had the same experience, then they were all Israel.

Let me point out something to you from the 15th chapter of Acts as James answered and said, ‘Men and brethren, harken unto me as Simeon hath declared how God at first hath visited the nations to take out a people for HIS name.’

Now, translated from your King James Version is thus. ‘How God did visit the Gentiles to take out a people for HIS name.’ If that is what they are talking about, then, my friends, when HE came to Palestine, and HE was among the Galileans, then they must have been Gentiles. When HE went over on the ships of Arimathea to Britain, where HE first ministered as a young man, then they were Gentiles. But let me tell you that they were nations of God’s Kingdom. And it says that HE went over there to take out a people for HIS name. It tells me in the book of Isaiah, that ‘I am YAHWEH, thy God.’ And it says that ‘I put My glory on Israel and I will not give it to another.’ It tells me over here in the book of Ephesians, in the 15th verse ‘of whom in heaven and earth the whole family is named.’ So if HE takes a people out for HIS name, it must be HIS Family.

I am going to show you something here in this message quoting Simeon the High Priest, that he received Christ’s blessing in the Temple that---He would visit the nations of the prophet. And after this, HE says, ‘I will return and I will again build the tabernacle of David which has fallen down. I will build again the foundation of it and I will set it up.’ HE would do this and it was not a bunch of pagans which HE was building for David’s Tabernacle.

Listen. Now the residue of men may seek after YAHWEH. And all of the nations translated Gentiles, ‘upon whom My Name is called--Is-ra-el.’ Here, only the people who have HIS name are Israel. El was the abstract name of God. YAHWEH was the person of God.

Now you say, ‘Why do not other preachers know this?’ I will show you something. If Scofield had continued to live, he would be one of the greatest Israel preachers in the world today. Let me show you something. Here in the basis---and I am only calling your attention---altho, I do not approve of all of his notes-----for he is lost and wandering in some of them. But listen. He says that where it talks about the residue of men, this appears to be talking about Israelites---all that remains of Israel. So therefore, when HE went out to gather a people for HIS name, HE didn’t go out to gather pagans, HE went to all that remained of Israel. Do you know what a remnant is? We have an idea that it is just a little piece which has fallen off a piece of cloth. And some preacher will wave just a little corner of it and say that is all that was left of Israel. But that just depends on how much is left. Because in the original Greek, the word remnant is ‘all that is left.’ So all that is left of Israel is a great nation and a company of nations and a throne and lots of people in those nation, carrying the covenant of God the Great and Mighty House of Israel. This is all that is left of the House of God now in the earth. This is using the Greek word ‘all of the magnitude of God’s Kingdom that is left here in earth.’

Listen. Therefore, know this. That all of these that are left, these are the nations upon whom MY Name is called saith YAHWEH. I like these verses:-- ‘Know unto God, all of HIS works from the beginning of the world.’ Yes we have gone thru a lot of changes, a lot of transitions. But we are still nations, still the White race. We are still Christian people and they--the world--knows that you are here. The World Order knows that you are Christian. The World Order wants to mongrelize your race, mix your blood, thru out your nation, destroy your Constitution. They even know how to throw a circle around Presidents. They know how to select men who are not wise enough to select their own kind of people for their advisors, until at the White House, there are Cainanites.

Someone got up and walked out last week because they thought that I was working on the background of Kennedy’s genealogy. That is not what I was talking about. It is those in the White House with Kennedy. It is Schlessinger and Salinger in the White House. It is all of the Jews that he has packed around about him who are trying to take us down the road to Socialistic destruction.

Now, listen. Every once in awhile, some people talk about change. But they overlook some things. Here is a piece which came out of the Los Angeles Times and maybe you saw it last week. ‘Washington, D.C., Yesterday, Mr. Kennedy claims that the Constitution is an extraordinary document.’ (Now I do not think much for this kind of praise, but listen.) He said the Constitution is an extraordinary document but it is written for another period in history. It is written for a period of isolationism when men wanted to limit the central power of government.’ Let me tell you something. I always want to limit the central power of government as long as it is in the hands of men. The President discussed this document with 5000 college age Americans whom he was trying to brainwash with White House law. He told them that the Constitution was written under different conditions. But it has to be made to work today in an entirely different world than in the day when it was written, both at home and abroad. So we have to rewrite it and reinterpret it. For it was written in a time when 13 colonies were joined together and they decided to limit the power of the central government. He said, ‘This is an entirely different world and now the American Constitution gives an entirely different light to the future, as we move on our way. All we have to do is follow the clear concept that it lays out.

The American Constitution is an extraordinary document and certainly the most extraordinary Constitution in the history of men. But now it is being required by some men to do some work that it cannot do. Do you know I would like to try it, wouldn’t you? The only thing that would be obsolete would be the ‘New Frontier’ and the ‘New Deal’, and a whole lot of these pagan programs that have moved in on us to fulfill prophecy. The Constitution was inspired and I do not think these other programs were.

The devil has had his chance and he has been making good use of it to destroy. And he has been making good use of it. But listen. The President said that the political leaders of today may not be as blinded as those of the past. And at the present time, the problems which modern man has to assess, are far more pressing than they were in the past, in those years some years ago. He tries to tell us that great Statesmen like Claton, Calhoun, and Douglass only had to deal with three problems, States Rights, Slavery, and Currency. And then he said, ‘today there are so many problems the Constitution will not cover them.

My friends, do you know why the Constitution will not cover Mr. Kennedy’s problems? Because the Constitution does not cover Socialism, or anything which leads down to tyranny. It covers freedom and liberty. I only point this out because he said that now we must embrace the fact that the problems of the world must operate on a higher level, and we must join a new Federal World and produce a new constitution to guarantee the right of all men to be represented and to determine the world’s destiny. This means that if all of the people of the world were represented in such a world government, they would out vote and out number the whole number of God’s Kingdom and all those nations, six to one. And you would never win again. For the Kingdom would be in bondage. This is why in the message to God’s Kingdom people, we stress that there is a throne that someday God is going to occupy. And there are nations out there and you are to know that they are a part of a spiritual destiny. And one of the important facts for the continuity of that destiny is to keep themselves from being mongrelized or integrated.

We do not had the time to discuss all of the facets of this. But last Thursday, the ADL of the B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Council, and the NAACP which is that Commie Negro front, which has been stirring up all of the crisis from the background of these ‘left wing’ Jewish influences, and the Civil Liberties Union, which is about as pink a group of attorneys that you could get together, and the atheist---they had their pressure on the Board of Education and they appeared there in numbers to demand that they load up busses with all the Mexicans and Negroes and other minority groups and haul them out to White settlements where none of these people lived in those White communities, to cram them into the schools to force integration.

Out here we had never had the integration problem for we had never had the situation operating as such from the standpoint of the separation of our school as such since White people lived in White communities and the Negroes lived in Watts. We did not have to worry in Mont Rose, or Locanyatta about integration. Because none of the schools there were made up of Negroes. But the Negroes under this program said that we will make it in integration problem for we are going to move in there and first we will haul them in there on busses.

You now see the principle---God said let them dwell in their part of the land and you in yours. Don’t let them integrate. Don’t let them have any social contact. Don’t let this mongrelization proceed. But the very philosophers whom the Jews love to quote say that the solution is on the marriage bed. That is the philosophy of the Chief Justice of the United States and that is why I tell you that you better start believing in God and in Enoch and John, because we are going to need all of the assistance we can get as we move forth with a clear vision as to what God wants. The next time they are going to move, will be on the 3rd of October. And I think that there should be a hundred thousand White people down there to protect this group of devils who want to destroy our civilization. In fact, I think that we should work on it and make sure that there is a crowd down there on the 3rd of October. And then we will go on from there. This, my friends, is a challenging hour in which to live. This is a falling away first, but I want you to know the majesty of God’s promise foresaw also this conspiracy of the enemy. And HE has promised a tremendous victory. And Nation, Church, and Throne, is going to survive as God has ordained.

No wonder then if you go back into the book of Galatians, then it says, ‘If ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed.’ And seed which is according to the promise. The seed was to come out of Isaac, not, my friends, out of a multitude, but out of Isaac is the seed to come. And the promises which God made are not conditional. And the law which came 400 and some odd years afterwards, could not change them. Therefore, we are told here very, very clearly, that we are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. That the law was like a schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ that we might be justified by Faith. And ye are the children of God and as many as are baptized into Christ have also put HIM on. Thus, Paul said, ‘ if ye be Abraham’s seed, then ye be heirs according to the Covenant.’ This is one of the reasons that you are told that you are heirs. You are children. That you went under the instruction of tutors as you grew up to a certain age, and now the spirit bears witness with you that you are the sons and daughters of God. And the law which brought you up has now moved into the great revelations of Christ’s Atonement and HIS justification.

Now, listen. You are God’s Household. You are HIS people. You are the Israel of the Book. And no schoolmaster ever brought up--unless you were an Israelite, because he did not give the law to anyone else. So I tell you this. When you pray ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth,’ you are asking for the great majestic purpose of God to be unveiled. And whether they know it or not, every preacher who preaches ‘Thy will be done,’ is believing in White supremacy. He is believing in White supremacy as it moves out of God’s Kingdom and is believing in the court of civilization. And we say thus, ‘So let it be.’

(End of sermon)