Miracle Of Resurrection, 2-10-70


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-10-70

This message is built around the subject of the Resurrection. Here at Christmas time we thought of the birth of Christ, the other important day of all the years in time and history, for the birth of Christ and the resurrection of Christ are the two most important events in all human history, for your race and unto your time.

The Resurrection of course was the great and tremendous transition for the Disciples, but before that time they had suffered mightily from the terrible conditions which had taken place. After all they had walked before this for three years with the body of God, they had walked with Messiah, they had witnessed as He raised the dead, as He opened the eyes of the blind, as He opened stopped up ears, as He fed the five thousand, stilled the wind and the waves. These were the evidence and the power of the Eternal God. Without question they had been walking with the Messiah.

The Essene company was looking for the ONE who would head the kingdom, who would sit upon the throne of his father David. Had they not heard the words spoken by the Angel unto the Virgin Mary when he had said:..This one would come in the name of YAHSHUA and would take the throne of His father David? This was the situation they were anticipating, which they thought would occur, and the Disciples also followed HIM eagerly and gladly for they had witnessed the Majesty and power off His ministry. They had just finished a week of tremendous importance when the people had wanted to crown HIM King. They h ad shouted:.."Hosannah in the Highest, to he who comes in the name of YAHSHUA, WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER...Hosannah in the highest to he who takes the throne of His father David."

Yes, they had anticipated that Christ would take that throne, but HE did not do this, instead that day he had taken the Chalice. They were still mystified by this, they did not understand all these events but they knew that surely a miracle must transpire. They remembered that Christ had gathered them together into the upper room for the last supper. There they had gathered for the Passover supper, they had eaten the Passover lamb, then Jesus took the bread and He brake it, and said:..take eat, this is my body. He took the inner from the Chalice and they said, can we drink of this cup and He said:..Surely you shall. Then He passes unto them the cup saying:..this is the new covenant..in my blood. Still they did not understand what it all meant.

Later Christ took them into the garden, with the inner cup of the Chalice, and then He went aside to pray. He filled the cup with water and therefore fulfilled all the legality of all the transgressions by taking all the sins of the human race upon His Sinless body. The intensity of this was without question one of the most important moments in all the background of the crucifixion. For we are told by one of the disciples in the garden at that time that Jesus then sweat great drops of blood..saying:.."not the will of the flesh, but the will of the spirit be done," and He drank that cup of clear water, every last drop, and assumed upon Himself the transgressions of the entire Human race. And every type of Adamic transgression was also in that cup.

The disciples then awoke to watch the betrayal by Judas of Iscariot, of the Master, into the hands of the soldiers of the High Priest. They saw HIM led off to the Court of Annas and Caiaphas the High Priest. Peter and John traveled ever closer to this event than the other disciples, one stood out in the courtyard, while John managed to slip into an alcove of the meeting place to listen to Annas a High Priest as he interrogated Jesus, and calls for the seating of the Sanhedrin. Some said..How can this be? The Sanhedrin cannot meet at night. The Disciples were perplexed and were amazed, surely a miracle will come about, surely legions of Angels will come. This ONE who had demonstrated by all those miracles that He was the Eternal God, surely there will come forth now a pattern of great deliverance, so they watched and waited only to see a again the hand off Jewry which brought forth false witnesses, in their concept of Jurisprudence which has not changed even to our time, designed with all the patterns and capacity to destroy.

They were as Jesus said the sons of Lucifer, the Canaanites, the Amalakites, the Hittites who had gained control of the Temple with their Sadducee doctrines, with belief in reincarnation and were opposed by the true Pharisee and the House of the Essenes who were in the caves outside of Jerusalem. How these in control now detested the work of Jesus, how they had plotted to put him to death, how they designed to beat Him. All thru the background of the four gospels we see how they plotted to kill HIM, but the soldiers came back to report:..'Never a man spake as this man speaks'. Caiaphas said to those around him:..'Ye know nothing at all, if we do not kill this man we will lose control of this nation. He is going to gather together the children of God that are scattered abroad.

The Disciples had witnessed the animosity of Jewry, most of them were Galileans and they recognized that these Jews who had gained control of their nation were strangers, just as the Essene company had declared. They were not of the Levitical household, with the background for truth, but surely still a miracle would happen. Surely this manifestation of Messiah, whose life was so wonderful, who had lived in their midst would not pass away. The words he spake were so full of life and vitality, surely something would transpire. They saw Annas turn Jesus over to Caiaphas and bring him before the present High Priest, and heard them ask him many questions. They heard the false witnesses testify that He had said:..He would tear the temple down then rebuild it in three days. They did not of course recognize that HE was talking about His body which was the temple of the Holy Spirit. But during the course of all their attacks they demanded to know if He was the Messiah, if He was the embodiment of god. Jesus replied:.."Thou sayest it". The Disciples then saw him smitten, and they were amazed, they were astonished that so much power could be brought against The Christ. After all, they had watched The Christ run the money changers off the steps of the Temple, and seen the High Priests draw back in fear. They had watched and heard him denounce them from one end of Palestine to the other. This was then an amazing situation, here they were holding the Christ, falsely charging HIM and demanding his death. The disciples had watched him gathering Barnabas and Nicodemus to the company of followers.

Nicodemus was a Pharisee who normally taught his own students, and he rushed down to this gathering in the night, not knowing what might take place, after he had heard they had taken Jesus into the Sanhedrin. He sent word to Gamaliel who was another great teacher and also a true Pharisee. These two were the only true Pharisees in this group that night. Altho the Sanhedrin had only called this night..only for the Sadducees, only this Asiatic, reincarnationists, so that they could carry out their design to destroy The Christ. How they hated HIM, how they worked and designed to kill Jesus saying:..If we can kill this body of God then we can control the kingdom forever.

We do not have to worry about whether it is economic, political, or social, we do not have to worry about our religion, whether Baalism or whatever... just now let us kill this body of God. So they sought ways as to how to destroy HIM.

The Disciples were amazed, and then they saw Nicodemus enter the gathering and he said:..'The Sanhedrin cannot meet at night'. Annas said to the Scribes:..'How do you read it?' And they replied:.'we concur with the teacher Nicodemus.' So they said:.'this hearing will then meet and we will decide on the crimes committed by this man.' As they smote Jesus, Gamaliel and Nicodemus both cried out saying:..'It is unlawful to strike a man when he has not been heard properly, He has only been accused this day, His defense comes upon the next day, that is our laws, then we must weigh all these things upon the 3rd., day.' Yet all this is being done at night, it is not legal. But the leaders of the meeting told Nicodemus and Gamaliel to be still, and these two then left this meeting and went out to try to gather the true Pharisee's and bring them in from the four corners of Palestine so as to denounce forever the program of the Sadducees. Then the Sadducees said:..'we must handle this quickly, take him before Pontius Pilate, before he brings back the true Pharisees, for this time if the people were to once more offer him the crown then he might take the crown, and we would lose control of this nation.

We think of these things which were utmost in the minds off his disciples. How could this be, a miracle will surely occur, something must transpire that will demonstrate the power of Messiah, and his victory over the powers of darkness.

They reported that Pontius Pilate took the Judgment Seat grumbling because of this start so early in the morning, they say the Legionaries were standing on either side of the Hall before the Judgment Seat, their shinning Eagles and Circular's of brass fastened upon these hickory sticks of the Legions of Rome, lining up in their columns on either side of the Magistrate. Then the disciples saw as Jesus was brought in..those hickory sticks bend almost double in the hands of the Legionaries. They heard the watching Jews cry out, and Pontius Pilot was also amazed and he said:..'Take this man out, and then he put two strong men upon each Standard, and when they brought Jesus back in then the same Standards of Rome bowed before Jesus the Christ. Then the Jews cried out for His blood. Pontius Pilate then said to the Jews:.'put your men upon those Standards and if then these same Standards bow I will demand your blood.' The Jews of course were not willing to take this chance so they said:..'This man is born of fornication, he is guilty of sedition, he is against God's program for He is seeking to overthrow obedience to Rome. If you are a friend of Caesar's you will crucify Him.'

Pontius Pilate said:..'I have heard of this matter, I have sought out those who represent my Court, and I find that the people listen to what this man said, they watched the miracles He has performed and they have reported back to me that He has done nothing wrong. He has not spoken out against Rome, He has been a tremendous healer so why then do you want His death?" The replied:..'if this man were not guilty in violation of our laws we would not bring him here.'

Pontius Pilate then said to Jesus:..'Come into my inner chambers'> Pontius Pilate was a very unique character, he was not only himself a Basque born in Spain, but he had been educated in the Druid Masonic background. So it was that he had married Caesar's daughter, and had then been given this job of governor of Jerusalem because of this. Now faced with Jesus, Pilate was amazed to discover that he also was troubled since his wife had told him of her dream of this ONE. Pontius Pilate then turned to Jesus and asked Him:."What is truth?" And Jesus answered with the highest Masonic answer which could be given to him. Pontius Pilate realized he was in the presence of a Grand Master, he was in the presence of ONE higher than he was, and immediately he rushed outside to declare:..'I find no fault with this man'..but the Jews only cried out the louder, and more and more demanded his crucifixion.

It was known that Herod was back in the city so Pontius Pilate turned Jesus over to Herod. And Herod..this one had inherited the throne from his uncle who had tried to kill Christ at his birth as he killed the babes in Bethlehem when he was king of the Jews, and sought to destroy Messiah, this Herod who had witnessed all that was going on in the land decided that Jesus must be the same person who was said to perform miracles, and he hoped that Jesus would perform some miracle before him so that he could denounce it, but Jesus never opened his mouth, he never said a word. Then Herod had Jesus scourged and delivered back to Pilate. The Jews then cried out again for his blood saying:.."His blood be upon us and upon our children". Pontius Pilate then took Jesus once more into his inner chamber and he said:.'What is the matter with these Jews, they call for your blood, but I see no wrong in thee, I find no fault in your conduct.' Jesus replied:.."You will have to do as it is written". Pontius Pilate then asked:..'How is it written?" Then Jesus answered:..'I am to be crucified'. Pontius Pilate said:..'Oh, no I think I can save you'. Then Pontius Pilate went back once more to the Jews and he said:..'I have taken the man who has been raiding your caravans, who robbed the treasures you were selling on the temple steps..this man..Barabbas..I have this man...now who would you have me release unto you..Barabbas or Christ?' Pilate thought that because of their love of gold and silver that they would say:..give us Barabbas. Now, this Barabbas was the secret leader of the Blue Tunic Warriors who had been gathered by Joseph of Arimathea, but it did not work like Pilate thought and Barabbas the leader of this Army for the KING was now released instead of Jesus.

Pontius Pilate in great amazement turned to Jesus and asked:..'Now what shall I do?' And again Jesus replied:..'Do as it is written.' Then Pontius Pilate called for water and as it arrived he dipped his hands in water, this being considered a legal standard in Rome. One could wash his hands of innocent blood by dipping his hands in water and saying he had nothing to do with this Judgment. Nothing to do with the punishment of this just man. So Pontius Pilate washed his hands in the water concerning Jesus and then said to the Jews:..'now you look to it.'

Now; the Jews said:..'Oh! no we can't destroy this man, the Passover is now upon us, therefore we ask that the Roman soldiers be committed for His crucifixion. Thus the Roman Soldiers were assigned as to His crucifixion and Pontius Pilate was greatly disturbed and turned Jesus over to the crowd.

These were the things pressing upon the heart of Peter, James, and John and the other disciples in this hour. Surely a miracle would occur, surely something would transpire. They saw the heavy cross laid upon the shoulder of The Christ as they started up the hill to Golgotha, and they followed afar off. They watched as they laid Jesus outstretched on that Cross. They saw the Centurions as they raised mighty sledgehammer and drove the spikes into his hands and still Jesus opened not his mouth or said a word. They then saw Jesus spiked to that cross and that cross lifted up and with a tremendous thud dropped into the hole in the rock there on the hill of Gethsemane. As the agony and torture of it showed on the body of The Christ, so also did the disciples reel in this situation. Truly now a miracle must occur, truly something must now happen.

The Jews were now in great Glee..they cried out saying:..'If you be the Christ then come down from that cross, thus they taunted Jesus. Mary the earthly mother of Jesus stood by, and into her mind once more came the words of the Angel Gabriel..the assurance that her son was the Messiah, the assurance that she was with child by the Holy Spirit. The Mystery of Atonement was not yet clear to them, nor did they understand the circumstances of that Holy Grail that Jesus had drank to the last drop.

Now the disciples stood by the cross as did the Roman Soldiers who had nailed him to the cross, and they were even rolling dice for his garments. As they did this Jesus looked down and said:."father (spirit) forgive them for they know not what they do". This of course was not the Jews he was talking about, because the Jews did know what they did as they called for his blood, and said:..'His blood be upon us and upon our children'. The disciples noticed again as Jesus called to John saying, speaking of Mary,..'John behold thy mother' and to Mary he said:..'Behold thy son'. Therefore he had transferred the care of his earthly mother into the hands of John. And then he said:.."LORD, (spirit) why hath thou forsaken me", as he was releasing the spirit from the conditions of his physical body so that he might fulfill the areas of Atonement. He hung there for a short time then bowed his head saying:.."It is finished". And with these words the Spirit justifies the process. The disciples looked on in utter amazement saying:..'Surely he is not dead'. Then one standing around thrust a spear into his side and out came blood and water..thus he was dead, the body of God was dead.

This struck terror into the hearts of Peter and John, and the disciples were utterly amazed, how could this happen? The miracle worker, the body of God was dead. Then started the manifestation of all nature as the earth rocked and rolled, and a tremendous earthquake occurred. Even far off in Rome the sculptures fell from their pedestals as judgment descended upon even ancient Rome. Julius Caesar was quoted as saying:..'Surely the God's are angry with us at this time.'

So it was that the Jews in great fear ran to their own Temple, and hid down in the treasury, the cave beneath the Temple floor, all because of the violence of nature, the darkness, the strange dark hue that swept over this land round about Jerusalem, strange colors in Majesty, the winds started to scream as a hurricane like force with great violence swept the land. And then something else very strange and frightening occurred.

The dead started to come out of their graves and walked the streets of Jerusalem in Resurrected bodies. All this was startling and amazing to the Jews, and very fearful. Then a bolt of lightening suddenly hit the Temple hitting the area of the veil which covered the Holy of Holies, and it burned that veil to a crisp, opening that area called the Holy of Holies to open gaze and it was found empty. No longer did that Temple ever have such a place called the Holy of Holies. As the Jews looked on at the scene of this amazing situation no wonder that they trembled.

Joseph of Arimathea with the permission of Pontius Pilate had taken down this body for God and laid it away in a tomb which he had prepared for his own family. So it was that the Jews then came to Pilot and said:..'we are afraid the disciples will steal this body of Jesus so we ask that you guard and protect it well.' So it was that the Centurion of Rome was placed with 100 soldiers to make sure no one stole this body of God out of the tomb, and a great stone was rolled in front of the door to that tomb so as to make sure no one man could roll it away or take out the body of God. Still the Jews complained to Pontius Pilate until he said:..'you have your own guards so why don't you put them there if you are so worried?'

Strangely as the dead walked the streets of Jerusalem there had been two sons of two Levites who had recently passed away, but here they were also walking the streets of Jerusalem. These two were taken into the temple and were asked questions by the Priests of the Temple and they answered not a word, but they reached each one for a stylist and each was given a stylist and paper, then each was put into a separate room and they wrote their story as to what had transpired from the day they had died until the day of this peculiar resurrection. They wrote of what had transpired and their accounts differed not one word. In the writings of Nicodemus, we are told of this. They said they had several situations which had amazed them. One had been there when Lazarus had been called forth from the Netherworld, that he had left them in a great and tremendous show of power, and they did not know what had transpired. Then they said that the Hour had just previous to their walking the streets of Jerusalem when a great cry went up saying:..'Open up ye Everlasting gates, open up ye gates of iron and brass, for the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory..none other then the LORD Mighty and Strong, the LORD mighty in battle, He is this KING OF GLORY.' Then it said that Beelzebub cried out saying:..'O Lucifer what have thy children, those ancient Jews done? They have delivered a man to us who called out Lazarus from the Grave. They have delivered a man unto us who had no transgression of the world. I am afraid we will lose this power of what is termed Hell, we will lose control over all the souls of men. Give us great strength O Lucifer, come and help us, was the soul cry of Beelzebub.

David then remembered when he was writing the Psalms and how he w as inspired to write:.."Open up ye everlasting gates, the King of Glory shall come in". It was now for this hour that David had been writing altho he did not understand at that time just what it meant. But now in the Netherworld David realized that Messiah was at the gate. There was then a tremendous burst of Light for those who had sat in darkness waiting for this day. But now they saw a great Light and the Majesty of the Glory of God filled the Netherworld and Jesus then started preaching to those Adamic children held there, from the days of Adam down to this time, every descendent of this Adamic race, every soul of the House of Israel came under the ministry of Jesus the Christ there in the Netherworld as well, and then Jesus led that mighty company of the white race out of that portion of the Netherworld and into the area of Paradise within the heart of the earth, and as they came into that area there was one waiting for them, and it was the thief from the cross. For of the two thieves who had been crucified with the Christ, one had reviled Christ, but the other one said to that thief beside him, we are being punished justly but this one had down no wrong. Then he turned to Jesus and said:..'LORD, remember me when thou cometh into thy kingdom', and Jesus replied:..'This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise'. And so it was within the encompassing three days that they entered into Paradise where the 'TREE OF LIFE' and the Mysteries of God had once been there in the heart of the earth.

Then came this Great day of the first of the week. As it began to dawn toward the first of the week what was billed as heavy darkness, there came a tremendous earthquake and great brilliance shown around the tomb. Then with the incandescence of brilliant Light and Divine aura there came one forth out of that tomb whose Light is described as brighter than Jupiter's. And the Centurion in his description of this even to Pontius Pilate said:..'This is what transpired O Pontius Pilate, suddenly there was a great earthquake, and the stone was rolled away and tremendous Light came around the tomb, and one came forth without question more brilliant than Jupiter. Heavenly hosts were there, and in song and shouting rejoiced, and we fell to the ground as tho dead men, we were as tho paralyzed before this Mighty Resurrected Christ. The Jewish soldiers fled in fear to other areas of the garden..."So it was O Pontius Pilate, so it was".

Pilate was very mystified at all of this and we understand that he wrote to Caesar, and later it was recorded in the Archko Volumes as to how Pilate's wife had accepted Jesus as Messiah and became one of his followers. Pontius Pilate said that he too recognized this as the greatest manifestations of deity, that he had known in all the history of Rome, and he said:..'I also have become one of his disciples' ..and later we learn that Pilate drank the poisoned cup of hemlock rather than give up his faith in Christ which developed because of this Power of His Resurrection.

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went down to the tomb bringing spices to anoint the body of Christ, they had hoped to find help to remove the stone, but as they arrived the stone was rolled away and two men sat upon the Sepulcher. They said:..'why do you look for him, he is not here, He is risen'. Mary Magdalene only saw that the Master was gone, it did not dawn on her what had been said. She was weeping and thinking she saw a gardener she then said:..'Oh, they have taken away My LORD, and I know not where they laid him.' The Gardener looked at her and said:..'Mary, and she knew his voice and she replied..Raboni, Master..My Savior, and she fell at his feet.' She reached out to touch him but Jesus said:..'Do not touch me for the power of the Spirit has not as yet ascended off of me, since my resurrection, and you could not stand it, but go tell the Disciples'..and Mary hurried away on this mission. Peter hearing this came into the Garden and ran to the Sepulcher, and stared in amazement as he saw the empty grave clothes lying in the empty Sepulcher and he turned to tell the others of this miracle.

Two of the disciples who earlier had said this is the end of all things, there is nothing left for us to do, thus we will go back to Emmaus and attempt to put our lives back together again. Peter did not know what he would do, he might just go fishing. Matthew could not return to his office as tax collector for now the politicians would not want him. Luke would have to find another position as a physician, their lives were all torn up and then the two of them started for their homes in Emmaus. As they walked toward Emmaus with heavy hearts, they were talking about the terrible conditions in their nation and how now even the body of God was dead, the miracle of the Ages, this body of God had been condemned to death, and then laid in the tomb, now no hope, no hope, the land had been shaken, but the powers of darkness had prevailed and the body of God was dead. As they discussed these things they met a third man and he asked why do you seem so depressed? They said..surely you are a stranger not knowing that we are the disciples of Jesus and now he has been crucified. The one we thought was Messiah, who would restore the throne to Israel is now laid away in a tomb, there is nothing for us to do but return home, and lose ourselves in the Stream of Life.

The third man then opened up the Book of Scripture, and reviewing this story from the Book of Genesis down to, and thru all the prophets and then he asked:..'Ought not God to have done this?' Ought not God to have fulfilled this pattern of atonement? Ought not God to have assumed upon himself all transgression, then paid the price for that transgression? Ought not God to have done this so that he would resurrect as he had promised and triumphed over the powers of Darkness, and all the forces of evil? As he talked to them and explained the prophecies of the scriptures their hearts literally burned within them. Coming to a small Inn they suggested entering to eat a bite, and as they sat at this table, this third man broke the bread and as he did this they saw the prints on the nails in his hands, they saw the marks of the crown of thorns on his head, they saw the effulgent Glory and radiance around him and they cried:.."Our LORD (savior) and our God".

Jesus then sent them back to the other disciples and he then disappeared out of their sight. These two then returned to the other disciples saying we have seen the LORD, he has been with us, he walked with us, he broke bread with us, he ate with us, he has risen, he has resurrected, you can be assured of this for we saw him, and talked to HIM. Even as they were discussing this Christ then came into the Upper Room telling his disciples that see..I am flesh and blood, real and tangible, I am not just spirit, come therefore, recognize by touching me that I am real.

Peter, James and John came out of their despair, this darkness, and catastrophe which had moved over their lives was suddenly swept aside by the Majesty and Radiance and Glory. This tremendous Power of Resurrection we cannot understand, this tremendous glory which descended upon the disciples, and upon those who saw HIM, up to 500 people at another time we are told. A great and mighty company then saw Jesus. As he taught and was his disciples until the day of his ascension.

During all the majesty of it all Thomas who came later into the upper room, was told that the Master was here while you were away. Thomas said:..I just cannot believe this unless I can put my fingers in the nail prints in his hand. Unless I can thrust my hand into the hole in his side. Suddenly Jesus came thru the wall saying:..'Thomas come here, this is not just spirit this is flesh and bone, come put your fingers in the nail prints in my hands, thrust your hand into the hole in my side and know that I am alive.' But Thomas only said:..'My LORD and My God.' Jesus then said:..'Blessed are those who come down through the age, who believe without having seen the nail prints.' This includes all of you of the House of Israel from that day on. For the mighty power of Christ's Resurrection had been the Arch and Keystone and the Christian Faith.

So it is that we see the magnitude of these events, we have witnessed the tremendous background of death and destruction, and all contained therein, but now we have also found the Majesty, Glory, and Power of the Resurrection. As he walked a man among men Jesus desired only one thing which was that he might have the Glory he had when he was in the spirit before the world was framed. He had to leave off that Glory because if he had retained that Glory, that unction, his crucifixion would have been impossible. Having now been raised from the dead, the Glory and Radiance now shown out from Christ, as it did upon the mount off transfiguration. So it was that the symbol of Divine Glory has now descended upon His church. Many Christians throughout these next few years went to their death gladly, many marched to their death in Rome, they were sentenced to die if they did not give up their Faith. But they could not give up their Faith in a Resurrected LORD so they marched willingly to their death, for they had seen HIM.

The Apostle Paul who was called forth as one of His Apostles said he was born as tho 'out of season'. As he walked and talked to the people of the early church he told them of these tremendous mysteries. He said if we can have the fellowship of His suffering we can know the power of His Resurrection. He then explained to them the miracle of Communion, and the power which was invested therein. How God had set a table and had thus joined with the bread and the wine with the unction of his own spirit, consecrating them until those who joined in the element of Communion would receive the elements and power of God's Spirit. They were assimilating within their bodies the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus it was they knew the agony of his suffering by being joined to his body and his blood, and the events which surrounded it. Thinking of the Majesty of the power of God, we point out that our Eternal Father says:..'I give them Eternal Life and they shall never perish.' Without question God with tremendous magnitude brought about this Resurrection which was one of the most magnificent situations to ever develop upon this human plane.

We stand now in this year of 1970., and we see many kinds of situations developing in this Kingdom of God. We see the powers of Darkness and evil moving across our land. We see this power of catastrophe as they seek to integrate our society, to mongrelize and destroy our youth. We see the coming in of drugs and all types of destruction as they are bringing upon us the control of Anti-Christ and an Anti-Christ Kingdom. We see our people today stand back as did the disciples when they said:..'Bring forth the Diadem and crown him LORD OF LORD'S.' Then we see that at that time He will take the throne and we can all sing:..'All Hallowed by thy name, ye ransomed from the fall, bring forth the Royal Diadem and crown Him LORD of all'. With all Magnitude we thus recognize Christ is soon to come. This is much closer than at any time in all human history. The areas of fulfillment will be soon upon us. As we see the powers of Darkness which swept into Old Palestine, as we see the forces of evil which battle against the Assyrians, against the Egyptians, and against Jordan, as we see the powers of Communism and Socialism sweeping the world we then recognize again the Household of God's Kingdom and we remember there shall be no end of His Kingdom, there shall come a victory and out of it shall come the power of the Most High. We will not face those conditions with sadness as did the disciples in that black experience because now we recognize that the power of God will be made manifest, and we are looking for this appearance, hopefully soon. We will lift up our eyes to see that mighty fleet come out of the heavens and on that tremendous flagship will be the "KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS," with this majesty comes a Resurrection with Mighty power and the recognition that we are the children of this Mighty power and we say:.."Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name."