Mission Of God, 6-31-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-31-63

We turn in our thinking this afternoon as to the mission of God. For there have been specific experiences in the existence of God in periods of history where HE carried out some specific missions. One of the most important missions of God is in relationship to HIS coming into earth. This is identified as a very personal experience of the Father. You say, ‘How do we know about these things?’ This is by a very mysterious process; a process of spiritual understanding of connections. And is tied to a word called ‘FAITH.’ If you will turn to the book of Hebrews, you will read these words:--- ‘Faith is the substance of substantiation of things that you hope for and also is the evidence of things which many times, you do not see by the eye. And you understand how the Universe was framed by the energy, the essence of divine command and the power that emanates from God, so that the things which are seen are not made of things which do appear. Thus the Apostle Paul, as he wrote these words in the book of Hebrews to your race, is stating that relating to the things which God has performed in the ages past, the energies which HE set in motion, the era which HIS mind had supremely ordained . . . that we can only understand these things thru this mysterious process which we call FAITH which is the essence of God's knowledge and wisdom being passed on unto you. Faith therefore is an internal knowledge, a knowledge that you feel and perceive that functions deep inside of your consciousness or your intellect. This is the evidence that no one can come along and talk you out of. No one can come along and cause you to question, because Faith is not questioning. Faith is received as a special gift of the Father by the capacity to receive these thoughts; a knowledge of purpose of yesterday and tomorrow that is never taken away . . . one of the problems that besets our enemies when they talk about the children of God that knoweth.

Now there are a lot of children of God who do not know it. There are a lot of God's Household who do not understand the purpose or the plan. They are temporarily in apathy. And it is as tho they are asleep. This is why the scripture talks about this being the time for them to awaken out of their sleep for their salvation is closer than they believe. A great number of people believe, but they only believe a few things which they have been taught by the church which they attend. But they do not know the great and tremendous amount of knowledge which at one time, they knew. And they do not know of the great inheritance or the blessings which have been bestowed upon them. So in this instance, this cognition of spiritual truth called Faith . . . and you say, how does it come? Well, Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. Some say, ‘Well then, does that just mean that I must read the Bible?’ Well, the Bible is a great conveyer of it because the Bible is the word of God. Yet all of the Bible is not the word of God as you now possess it. But everything which came out of the mouth of God is the word of God. Every plan and purpose would be unveiled to HIS people. Therefore ‘FAITH’ is the cognition in the seat of your consciousness and is of divine purpose. You are assured of this, because this has been revealed unto you out of the world of God. And as you believe God, it is imputed unto you for righteousness. For this purpose, we discover that Abraham believed God. He journeyed out of the great city of Ur of the Chaldees where his father was already the Prime Minister, and where the strength and power of his families destiny seemed secure. But the word of God had ordained that a greater purpose than the intermixing of people to build a great city was required. The preservation of HIS racial responsibility and the spiritual consciousness of HIS destiny had been ordained. And God had promised certain things. Therefore HE was not only sure in HIS being that this was true, but this was the spiritual revelation that we call Faith. This is the very essence of the life of God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. No man can please God unless he believes that God is capable of doing what HE has declared that HE will do. You cannot please your Father who has all of the majestic power of the Universe if you doubted HIM. And if you doubt HIM, then what would you put Faith in? Surely not JFK? A lot of people are disturbed today because of where they have placed their faith and confidence. But you can move today in these kinds of conditions and these patterns of crisis, if you have placed your faith in these kinds of revealed evidence which is so vital to your well being and for your understanding. So therefore, we understand the things which relate to God by the things which HE reveals unto us of Himself.

Now some will learn more than others. For some are just running around and never stopping to listen. And because of this, they never find out anything. Therefore you will find out that you have to stop and listen. One person said that they never get anything out of prayer. I said, ‘How do you pray?’ Well, he said, ‘I pray, then hang up the phone and turn away. I do not want to bother him.’ I said, ‘Well, it sounds to me like you just called HIM on the phone and said I want you to do this for me, and then you hung up.’ That is the way a lot of people are, and they do not have too much time for even that. I am going to tell you that some things come by revelations and men have to take time for it. In fact, you have to take time to learn in any phase of life. And if you don't take time to learn, then don't complain about your economic status if it never moves. Today our problems in society are all built on areas of acceptance or rejections of areas of patterns of Divine law. The most important thing you can learn today is this pattern of Divine law and the instructions of Divine law. This is because the architect of the heavens knows how HE put it together and no secret thing has been withheld from thee. Because all of the knowledge has been bestowed upon the sons, and if they do not participate in this relationship, then they will not understand the plan in any dimension and under any environment. It is important that you continue to adjust and keep an awareness in our consciousness of these patterns of Divine law, of its relationship to purpose. There is no problem that besets you individually as a race, that does not come out of the patterns of a Divine law. When we ignore these patterns of how the universe is put together, we suffer from the impact of such ignorance. Knowledge for you to learn, and the knowledge of God is the important knowledge. It is the secret of power and the secret of accomplishment. And all things which have not as yet taken place and which are in the divine purpose are in a blueprint which are as inflexible as the light and the right, and requires a knowledge of understanding to be in synchronization with it. What God has done, is forever. And what HE is doing, no one is going to stay or hinder. But people out of adjustment with it get hurt as the plan goes forward because they are out of adjustment with all divine force which is moving ahead.

Now we point out to you, that the mission of God is a two-fold mission, and is always related to the Household and to HIS children. Let us then catch a pattern of God as HE exists before these worlds were framed. We spoke to you this afternoon about your existence and relationship before the world was framed. I realize that there are people who because of their theological background, and who speak mostly from orthodoxy, that their speech is limited. They do not know that they ever existed before they were physically born. As we have cited to you in the past, they overlook so many areas of scripture just because they never considered them. Most people who are ignorant of the things in the area of God, do not know what is in the word of God. They may have gone to Bible schools and had just a little bit of doctrine, and they did well in the identification of the Christ and in the areas of atonement, but they did not know anything else because they never considered it. This is the time when men should consider all things which are true; all things which emanate from God. And in this, you develop a mastery that makes you the master of everything in your environment and in every situation. The Kingdom of God is not a program of defeatism. Nor are we to be defeated in the process of our living. For it is the knowledge of God that makes us masters in these plains of dimension from which we came. So we have a slight inkling of some of this greatness shown unto us by the Apostle Paul. We find all thru the Epistles that there were some who do not like the Apostle Paul. And I know that someone like Mr. Baldwin did not like the Apostle Paul. He says he is a terrible bigot and that the things in the Bible which he wrote, were not for him or his race. Very obvious from their approach, it is not for them. But the Apostle Paul, concerning God, makes this revelation. As far as God, the average individual has to have his consciousness adjusted. And these are the words of the Apostle Paul concerning one area of this in the Book of Colossians, and he is talking about Jesus the Christ. And I think it is important that we understand why he is making this statement. He says that Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature. This means that Jesus Christ is the Messiah . . . YAHSHUA is the name of God in HIS embodied form, as HE worked to save and carry out HIS objectives.

In the 43 chapter of Isaiah, we read:--- ‘Thus saith YAHWEH who hath brought thee forth, oh, Jacob, and HE that formed thee, oh, Israel ---and HE has declared that HE formed thee from the womb. And HE says ‘Fear not, I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name. Thou art mine.’ Thus HE identifies Himself with Israel. HE said, ‘I am YAHWEH, thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy YAHSHUA.’ These are the accurate words. We are using the ancient Hebrew words which some day will again be put in thy mouth.

Now we are speaking English today. And in some instances, the semantics and sometimes the identity, the names and the concept of our God have gone thru semantic translation. The word of YAHSHUA--of Messiah---the name of God. And this is God in the body and God as the Messiah. HE was to do HIS Messianic work, and this is the mission HE came for. And this same word, when the Apostle Paul wrote to the people of Corinth and Greece, he referred to this with this word.-- He said YaZeus or Christos. For this word Christos means Divine embodiment. And from this we have gone in English to Jesus the Christ. And we took the word from the Greek, for Zeus was the great Savior God and YaZeus meant Yah or God, Yahweh-YAHSHUA, the Yahweh-God of the Zeus or Savior God. So YaZeus is God the Savior and Christ is HIS embodiment. We use the words Jesus Christ, but this was not, of course, the original tongue and not of pure language, but it is the one that we use. But everyone knows who this is. And in some extreme thinking, they think that they have to use the words Jesus Christ or they will not get any blessings, or prayers will not be answered. Actually, there is more power in the original names of God and vibratory power than in the two words which have come down to us today thru this descent. However, God honors the faith of HIS people and it is important to have the concept clear in the seat of your consciousness concerning all things. Sometimes in Biblical thought, we have to crisscross areas that we have studied before. You find yourself dealing with some truths that you find repetitious. But there is no overdone repetition in the knowledge of God until you have become so conversant with this knowledge, that you can tell everybody everything that you believe and why you believe it. And when you are so conversant with the truth that you will never find your self stumped in the areas of answers, then you will have shown yourself approved of the Father and have HIS blessings resting upon you. I point out to you then that what he is referring to here in the Greek, then is the Messiah, who is not only the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature, or the first born of all substance . . . in other words, in physical dimension, in the energy form. For the Apostle Paul tells us in Hebrews, that HE, by energy power, made and put together the Universe and made it out of things which cannot be seen. In other words, he said, ‘I can see it, but it is put together by electronic particles that you cannot see.’ Thus things are not made from things which they do appear to be, but they are made from invisible energy grouped together. Thus the energy or light plain is in God's Universe and the Celestial plain is made of light elements and light particles. And the spirit is the essence of light and it is internally a light substance which has fathered all other areas of matter which are held together by matter and forces in the light plain even greater than in the electronic plain. We point out to you therefore, that the scripture makes this declaration that concerning this embodied revelation, this individual that you call YAHSHUA--Christ, or God, is Spirit, Soul and Body. HE is capable of being resident and embodied in every dimension or condition that exists in HIS Universe. Spirit is the light plain and light dimension. And it is vital as the substance of all things that are possible for the foundational material to be. In fact, the essence of God's Celestial being thru out the ages of destiny was a light being. And in the light being is the whole conscious pattern of existence and the intellect of God's spirit in a Celestial dimension. This cognition or his soul consciousness can become resident in a Celestial field or in a physical energy one. And thus we have referred to the physical energy of the atom body. And you are in a material world. And we talk about this being a material world in a physical universe because it is made up of the things we call material from this view point. All of the organization of electricity by the will of God has put together this furthermost sidereal system in this dimension. But it is no less a Celestial plain that is surrounding the energy which is beyond the remembrance of many existing there. This soul consciousness is something which you are aware of because this is something you are now thinking of, and it is resident in this body, and using the audio frequency, using the ear. But is erecting a brain picture in the seat of the consciousness which is also the evidence that you can take the concept of thought and thru audio frequency you can erect in the seat of the consciousness this word picture.

Now this requires a relationship with the area of this thing being described whether of yesterday or tomorrow. And if there is no capacity to this relationship, then nothing happens. There are some things we can talk to and pass to Africa and Asia. And if we were as explicit as we are in talking to you, then they would not get anything out of it, for they would not understand. Of course this is always a good point for some preacher to raise up, because if someone does not understand him, he will never admit it. In this instance, I point out to you this. That by HIM were all things created in the heavens and in the earth, visible and invisible. This is from the video plain whether they be thrones, dominions, principalities, all things . . . were created by HIM and for HIM. HE is before all things, and by HIM all things consist. Also in this earth, HE is the head of the body, the church, and HE is from the first thing formed. The body of God is by all existent efforts the first formed of all creatures.

Now I point out to you that when we talk about YAHSHUA or Messiah, or Jesus Christ, we are talking about the embodiment of God, and especially on one Messianic mission. And this one was when HE was born of the Virgin Mary, your race. He was to accomplish a very specific result related to Eternal Existent God in this plain or dimension. And HE who was born of the Virgin Mary, was existent before this world that you now see was framed and had materialized out of HIS physical dimension in any place in HIS Universe. However, HIS inner being in HIS physical dimensions, in the spiritual light consciousness of God, had even existed before the physical creations that you now behold.

Now you as a people, are pilgrims and strangers in the earth. I brought this to your attention last week in talking about your existence. I point out again to you these words in the 11th chapter of Hebrews, that these Patriarchal people of our race were strangers and pilgrims in the earth. I bring to you to the writings of Peter, in the second chapter, eleventh verse, where Peter is talking to you and warning you as a people to avoid the fleshly lot and catastrophe of this world order because you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. And he says don't fall for the errors of earth. He says that since you are strangers and pilgrims, then you are the ones which it says of them that the earth is not worthy. Then in the writings of Peter in the 23 verse, he tells of your original existence and that you were born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. And you were a twice born people having been born into a physical world. Then the Apostle Paul tells us all things were made by HIM, being spirit and soul and body, even as you are. Lasting emanations of Glory beyond your physical capacity to appreciate until you see such a revelation, and not having had the experience the Disciples had on the Mount of Transfiguration, you have no way to gage the vastness of light emanation which came from Christ when HE allowed them in a moment, to behold HIM in HIS Glory.

When we talk to you about the majesty and Glory of God, we are talking to you about the majesty that you were once wrapped in during those ancient days of yesterday. And as we told you, as it tells us in the first chapter of Ephesians, that we were the people who have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. So again I just point out that in this connection so that you see and understand the message in this purpose, that in the book of the Psalms in the 39th Psalms, and in the 12th verse:----"Hear my prayer, oh, YAHWEH, and give ear to my cry; hold not thy Peace at my tears, for I am a stranger, with thee, and a sojourner as all of my fathers were." Thus, I am a sojourner here in the earth, and I am down here because we had a mission. And I am thy sojourner and stranger in the earth, so give me some help. Over in the 119th Psalm, we find this again. And I call this to your attention. For once again we read:--"I am a stranger in the earth; hide not thy commandments from me."--"My soul is broken up for the longing for the wisdom of olden times." So you see the soul has inherited a pattern of consciousness out of the Celestial mind when you were with the Father and knew HIS light and HIS glory, and appeals now saying:-- “LORD, I am your sojourner and your pilgrim here, and I need to know all of thy laws. I need to remember now all of the wisdom of creation. I need the wisdom of thy mind.”

Now I refer you over here, once again. And this may be repetitious, but I want you to get this fixed in your mind. And again we lay this foundation for in the 47th chapter of Genesis, Jacob is talking unto Pharaoh and he says:--- “The days of my pilgrimage . . . (meaning the days since he has been in the earth,) and the days of my pilgrimage are 130 years, and some of them have been days of trouble and I have not as yet attained the days of the pilgrimage of my fathers.” This is true of course, for some of them lived almost a thousand years in their pilgrimage. I call this to your attention again to make you realize that you have arrived here from somewhere else. That you are the Household of God, the family of God. And that the Eternal One, the Father, is more interested in you than you have considered. More than this, HE is identified with you as HIS Household and HIS race. As such, your responsibilities in the earth shall be carried out because HE has purposed it. And HE is going to carry out HIS work as the sovereign God for every one of HIS children. And HE will bring it all to completion which is beyond the understanding of many ecclesiastical groups. We point out then that when the Father speaks to HIS Household, HE made promises and covenants. The covenant is the fact that HE told them when they sojourned in earth on their mission, that they would subordinate themselves by accepting this same fellowship strategy which effects the consciousness of Lucifer's persuasion. This fellow’s strategy is going on today. There is no change in the strategy by which Lucifer hopes to subordinate the Kingdom. We understand today why all of the World Order out of Africa and Asia, and all pagan forces in opposition and all of the children of Lucifer, are fighting us. Because Lucifer himself, knows that his time is short. If he does not stop the awakening of God's sons and hold them in captivity, they will finish the work they were sent here to do in praise and honor of their Father. He knows this. And he struggles with truth, hoping he can complete the destruction of the Kingdom of God, and even eliminate the race by its massacre or mongrelization and absorption.

People wonder why we are in trouble. But a great number of people are in trouble over the last century because of the things which they have become ignorant of. For they have become ignorant in the areas of Divine law, the Will of God, and the way HE put things together. For they have not taken time, being so busy with their own affairs, to find out the Divine knowledge which they could possess. Nor have they realized that the greatest areas of prosperity come from adjustment with Divine law. And they think as they have turned to areas of technology and become masters, that they have the whole story. But in the spiritual side of the story, it is the spiritual mastery that has made us masters in any area of technology that we have ever achieved. But in reversing this thought and looking only upon the physical side of this achievement, then being guided and influenced by the powers of darkness, they want to put the secret of our power into degeneration until we sink into catastrophe.

We are in trouble this afternoon. We are in the midst of a race war in unprecedented conditions. Do you suppose an inferior race would dare to rise and challenge a superior race, would dare to demand their integration, and dare to demand their equality into a society that is as much above them as the heavens are above the earth, if that race had not fallen asleep and was calling upon their resources of spiritual power and understanding? If you were alert and aware, they would not attempt this because they themselves know they cannot accomplish it. Or do they in their inner being, believe that they have an equality such as they are demanding. But if they believed that they were your equals, they would not be concerned about being your equals. Not at all. The whole strategy of this demand is based upon an understanding of inferiority. And they believe that they can move in upon you in your blinded moments. And believing the enemy, they think they will accomplish this in such an overwhelming victory that you will never rise again.

But I want you to know that the secrets are in your hands to disperse this knowledge of truth. That truth sets men free. That truth sweeps across the race and brings the understanding of the remembrance of the Father. And as truth comes into play, it always brings a resurrection in the areas in which it moves. And your race is about to move into the greatest spiritual remembrance that it has ever experienced since it has existed in the earth. You are not on the way out, but you are on the way up. And there will be a lack of politicians who have hitched their wagon to the wrong horse. They think they can please the minorities in your country today since they are in the majority on the outside, and they are placing their expectations on their idea that the World Order is going to be the Order of tomorrow above the National Order of God's Nation. And when they evaluate this in this way, then they are tying their plans to the minority, for you are the majority in your nation. If you measure the course of all of the people in the earth, then you are the minority.

What I want to make known this afternoon is that there is no capacity for the kingdom of evil to triumph over the Kingdom of God. Because God has a plan and has the knowledge of how far the forces of evil are permitted to go. I tell you therefore this afternoon that God's mission is quite clear and distinct. The race lost certain areas of power. They had violated various principals of law. Every once in a while you are taken over by some propaganda ideals and you speak out against God's Oracle. You oppose God's prophets and God's ministry. This makes you become stubborn and stiff necked. This happened in the days of Samuel, and Samuel was guiding God's people under a perfect and complete theocracy. And they were moving under Divine guidance and God was supplying their needs. They were being blessed and developed, and they had almost a working Republic with Supreme Court judges over them who had to answer to God and to the people. And then they saw the pomp and splendor of well-dressed potentates going by, and they said, ‘Oh, we would have a king like these other people.’ And as they were watching the chariots go by, they said, ‘Oh, we want a king like all of these other people.’ So they went to Samuel and said, ‘We want a king like other people. Why should we have all of this prosperity and no king?’ Samuel was heartbroken, for he knew how other countries were doing, and how God did not do this to HIS people. And Samuel was very disturbed. But God said, ‘No, Samuel, don't feel so bad. They have not rejected you. It is me that they have rejected. They have not taken the time to find out what this is all about. They have not applied themselves in this matter, so now they want a king like other nations. So we will give them one. At the same time, the king would come along and take their sons into his army, and he would take their substance, their crops. And when he would get thru, they would wish they did not have a king. So since this is what they want then this is a part of the experience that they are going to get.’

Some day they will find out why they do not have to die like men of earth, and do not have to fall like kings and his men, except the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS. So in the magnitude of God's purpose, our race had to learn a few lessons. I tell you, the problems you have this afternoon, are not because you have denied who your God is, but you have laid aside HIS laws and HIS standards because of the enemies deception. Because of this, then instead of teaching all of our children from one end of this nation to the other as to who they are and where they came from, thus, instead of letting them know the whole oracle of God, letting them know as to where they came from and their relationship to the embodiment of God, the man Christ Jesus, we are today trying to in the areas of our educational field set in a little bit of all gods and all races mixed together, and tell them this is all right, and that this is the modern approach. Here in these United States, everyone is equal; everyone has freedom. This is our way of life.

But I deny that this is our way of life, for our way of life is what our forbearers put together in our Constitution and nothing else. Our way of life was around this building of this great Christian society which God had unveiled upon a race of HIS calling so that we might do this task that this nation was to do and which HE is still going to do even in spite of Mr. Kennedy. We must recognize that these people are just captives of an insidious force and that there has been a certain area of captivity by repetition which has been placed over the children of God, and it has touched every one of us. But you have to break the line and get back to truth and understand just what this was. But they have been so sealed up with it and surrounded by it until you feel sorry for them, because they are sick people. I tell you today that the process of what we call sin, is the violation of Divine law. And there are a lot of sick minds because they are thinking today in the pattern of divine law. There is no greater capacity that can descend upon a society and a race than to have themselves absorbed and mongrelized and their mentality lowered, . . . and their spiritual capacity so abrogated by such a condition, that they find it impossible to think with the clarity in which their race is bestowed in spiritual capacity. We point out that this is our situation. In the first place, we have been taken in by the violation of principal and law. It is strange, but as people came in they were hired by us. And in the past, we have been sold a bad bill of goods. We are still reaping some of the processes of this situation. And the strangers coming into your land, whether from Africa or Asia, or from next door to you, they were not to be next door to you so that your sons married their daughters and your daughters married their sons.

This is by Divine law and given to Moses. It says for you to come out from among them and be ye separate and do not touch the unclean things. HE says of your race, that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and not the temple of idols and witch doctors. But God does not want you to do those things. HE wants you to preserve your racial purity and the purity of your society. HE said . . . you come out from among them and be separate so that I can be a Father unto you and to your children in the generations after you. I am not the Father of the mongrel or the bastard.’ And we are being explicit in repeating just what the scripture says. We tell you today that the degeneracy advocated by the White House and a great number of the churches in the land, make you think of the areas of Mystery Babylon the Great . . . the areas of false concept. But the power which is going to triumph over Mystery Babylon the Great is the True Church rising and stimulating the people of God who establish themselves for the Law of God and the maintenance of the Kingdom and the Oracle of God. And they will say ‘come out of Babylon, come out and be separate and segregated.’ If you do not come out of Babylon you are chastised. You are in trouble.

Do you wonder why you have marching liberals, why the enemy is threatening your life and liberty, and why all of these things transpired? It is because you are not very firm on the Laws of God. If America and the White race would come out and acknowledge God and recognize their heritage, lay it on the line . . . if you would do this, you would not have a race war tomorrow. You would have the biggest retreat in history. I watched the news last night on T.V., and they were showing this big bunch of Negroes and a bunch of mentally disturbed Whites down in Corinth. And they were demanding that a man start integrating his churches and integrating his business. And they were going to go down there and pull him out of his office. And I saw a group of Whites there, and they were carrying signs that said they did not have to absorb anyone they did not want to. So the police arrested the 14 White people because they did not break up.

But I am going to tell you that in the city of Los Angeles, today 500,000 White people should speak so loudly and firmly that even the police department should realize that they should stand up for their own kind. If you can permit the forces of evil and the powers of darkness to parade, but not permit your own race, and you make your own race the minority in your own country, then, my friends, you have to adjust your thinking in your own country as to the Laws of God. I am not interested in the Supreme Courts opinion of law. I am not interested in the concept of law as Mr. Kennedy sees it. I am only interested in the Laws of God in adjustment with the way that HE made things. If the Law of God is not the Law in this Christian society, then let’s reform our society around HIS purpose. Thus it is that we watch these conditions. The strangers are not dwelling on this. They were not to come into our land only for just a little while . . . and while here, he was to dwell separately, alone. And when he left, he was to be sent out. He was never to rise over you and never to teach your children in their schools. And he was not even to teach his own because he was not smart enough to teach, for he would cause too many problems. Then there is this, my friends. If they do not want to stay in this society, they don't like it then let’s help them get over to where there is more of their own kind.

The other day, someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, this would not be acceptable, for this would not be American. It would be denying these people their rights.’ But you are a group of Americans sitting around and saying, ‘oh, we can't do that. It is denying them their rights.’ Well, I am not interested in the rights of the Negroes. I am interested in the Kingdom of God which will do more for them than anything else on the face of the earth. Someone says, ‘What rights do they have?’ Well, one thing, they did sacrifice a long time ago, and that they will never get back until God restores it to them, was the right to live in balance in God's Universe. They sacrificed this right when they joined Lucifer and fought a war against your God and your family in space, ages ago. When they joined Lucifer, they lost rights. And HE restores this when they bow the knee. I tell you again, that if all of our youth had been taught as much about the background of our race and our history, if they had been taught as much about this as they have been taught as to the doctrines of this in Luciferian countries if they were taught as much today about where they came from and what it takes to make them intelligent gentlemen, then you would have a different society. The reason you are in a hodgepodge of juvenile delinquency and parental delinquency, the reason why you have catastrophes upon you in every area, and you see crime and violence and crime in government, and a rapid non-responsibility, is because you have been taken into a world of no laws. We have virtually left the pattern of the laws that govern our society. And this must be restored. One individual then said so contradictory, ‘I am not under law, I am under grace.’ Well, he sure looks like it. The Grace of God restores these conditions, but it does not restore you outside of the law. He makes you a living, working part of it under the acceptance of these principals. And in your being it is written upon the tables of your heart.

Now I find something remarkable. Everywhere I go, people seem to be waiting for someone to articulate these things and show them certain things. I was in Idaho the other day, and when having the car filled with gas and the windshield cleaned, two young men said, ‘Oh, from California? Did you come up here to join the volunteers?’ I said, ‘What volunteers?’ And they said, ‘Those volunteers we are going to set across Nevada to keep the Negroes from coming in.’ They then went ahead to inform me that we had already lost down here and they thought we might be moving up there to help hold the line. I said, what makes you think that we have lost? They said, ‘Well, we wouldn't let them demonstrate like that here.’

Let me tell you something. You turn on to the average news commentator or the average newspaper journalist, and you would think that if you had one Christian thought, that you were a renegade. In God's country, in God's land, they have not rejected you, but they have rejected God's law. But you . . . you better awaken the people fast and set them back on track. For as you awaken to the facts of the Kingdom, you set them free.

Now this was God's mission. It was to awaken us to the fact that once before we had been seduced by error; that this was the attempt to mongrelize our society . . . and this is the error that Eve had succumbed to. And under that seduction, she introduced this system to Adam. And in that day, they lost energy and power. The light and glory that was shown on the Mount of Transfiguration is what you lost in that deduction. It was discussed in the writings of Seth and in the Books of Adam and Eve. And the ancient ‘Book of the Bee,' talks about the radiance of Adam and Eve before the seduction of Eve, and the violation of law by Adam. We are discovering that God was not defeated, for HE has said that HE had declared that every one of HIS children would conform to HIS own image. HE says, ‘I told them this before they left the heavens, and I wrote their names down in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world. I, YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA. I am Alpha and Omega. I am the beginning and the end, and I have already decided this.’

Now we have a lot of preachers who do not think that God has decided this. They think that God and the devil are playing checkers for the souls of men. They think that it is God's turn to lose some and then the devil’s turn to lose some. And no one knows who is going to win. My friends, that is not the way my Bible is written. And it is not the purpose of my Father. That is not the purpose of God. That is just the battle of the monsters. Some people have a monster for God, and they will never be able to develop a higher perception than their concept of deity. A lot of people today are in trouble because of their lack of knowledge. They say they are seeking after every word that comes out of the mouth of God so that their faith might be filled up. But if you know the plan of God and oppose the forces of darkness, you are the most free of all people. They may be wondering what is going on, but they are working on the victory that is as inevitable as tomorrows sunrise.

Again I turn to the book of Hebrews, and I want you to catch this cognition of purpose. Because we are talking about the Eternal One. I want you to know that the Eternal YAHWEH . . . and in various times past and in various manners before, has spoken to us by HIS prophets. But in these last days, has by Himself, or HIS embodiment, spoken unto to us by Himself. And this was the man . . . Christ Jesus. And this being the brightness of HIS glory, this body HE came to earth in, and was born in, is the very brightness of HIS own glory and is the expression of HIS purpose. Therefore the body of the man Christ Jesus, was the image of the Celestial Spirit of the invisible God. And HE says HE upholds all things by the word of HIS power . . . the very essence of HIS spiritually existent form. And has by Himself, purged our violations of law and assumed the scepter hand in HIS physical body of majesty and power from on high.

One of the missions of God was that now since the children of God who had moved on HIS mission to build HIS Kingdom in earth were in bodies of flesh, and had succumbed in fleshly bodies to Lucifer’s temptations, had lost their light and glory and were even the partakers of death for their physical bodies now died, the Mission of God was to be embodied in earth exactly like HIS relatives. And that this body would be the substance of, the essence of that which HE had out of the Universe, but would be born now, out of the race. And this took place thru the body of the Virgin Mary. We are told that was HIS purpose and that HE moved in this purpose so that HE might do certain things. For it was becoming unto God it was the purpose of our Father to do, that in all things, that HE would bring HIS many sons back into Glory and take them out of captivity. Rend the power of the Netherworld and rescue them from all kinds of forces, so that HIS sons might still accomplish all that HE had purposed them to do. Even the error was worthy so that you might appreciate Light, Glory and Truth.

Now for this, then YAHSHUA-YAHWEH was made just a little lower than the Angels. In other words, HE put on a mortal body without immortality, for the suffering of death. So the Mission of God was to come down into a body and to die in this body. But live in that body until perfected and conquer the powers of death by HIS Spirit so that when death was the advocate, the powers of death could not keep the body from being entered into. The Mission of God then, was to conquer death and to restore glory and power to you. Do you suppose that God, who put the Universe together, would come out of the highest heavens, put on a physical body like HIS children were in, and then move up against the adversary until the adversary brought about HIS crucifixion, and having permitted all of the pain and anguish of that death, having assumed all of that human error, if HE did not intend to finish that task,...and when HE shattered the inner gates of the Netherworld and brought captivity captive, and then entered HIS own body and raised it from the dead...HE set you free from any Satanic force that could be the master over you forever. You say, ‘But we are in a bad spot now.’ Do you know why? This is because the people of the Kingdom have never taken their inheritance. So what are we waiting for this afternoon?-----For as much as the children of Almighty God are partakers of flesh and blood, HE, the mighty God, Himself, took on a body of flesh just like you had that thru death, HE would destroy the power of death which Lucifer had over you.

Over here in Colossians, where the Apostle Paul declares unto us who is the image of the invisible God---talking about YAHSHUA---the Christ---he tells us that this revelation is being bestowed back upon us again. He says we, being sons of the Father, are being made to be partakers of the sons in light. The translation thus is that the Father has bestowed once more unto us our inheritance so that we may perceive again as the Saints do in their light bodies. And remember that Saints means believing offspring. Therefore, we are giving thanks today that altho we are dwelling in flesh, under Adam's fall, but the Father by HIS work, has restored unto us the capacity to think and to understand the unrestricted Saints who in their bodies of light, have been emancipated from the fall. In the Celestial plains, the children of God move with perfect vision. They move with perfect understanding, whereas down here, we move with the veil of flesh and by the areas of error. We move in this era to accomplish by faith the understanding of Faith which our Father has unveiled unto us. This is the work of God. It is to unlock the mystery, to free you from the guilt complex, and free you from the powers of darkness; to conquer the force which set the seat of control in your consciousness. Therefore this is why the Apostle Paul talks about how we have had one thing restored unto us. This is the one thing we have had bestowed upon us. We have been delivered from this power of darkness to hold our minds, and we have gained and been translated into the Kingdom of God by this activity, to make us able to meet the treasures of our inheritance as Saints (believing offspring) in Light.

Thus you find that in the book of Ephesians, that the Apostle Paul tells us that the whole body of sons and daughters is named in the name of the Father. The family in heavens is in the dimensions of light, and they see with perfection, and they move with a great body of force and divine energy . . . a tremendous force. But here in earth, you have gone thru this temptation, which resulted in Adam's fall and the conditions that followed. Thus the mission of God was to restore to you what you lost so that you would finish the task that you were ordained to do and this you will accomplish. You cannot share this passage with people who do not have this origin or this capacity, and they cannot accomplish this objective. But you as sons and daughters of God, as a nation of God's Kingdom, as a race which God has called, and HIS mission was to again set you in the path with the capacities which you have inherited to once more make you capable of accomplishing this mission.

Now we tell you that this is an understandable problem. People who do not know this . . . some people who do not even know that the Negro did not originate out of the Adamic race, after they have been given a little bedtime story in church that all people came from Adam, and that they all came out of Noah and his three children . . . even tho the Bible never taught this . . . they still believe it, for the translators tried to make it look as tho it did. But Negroes existed before Adam, and Asiatics existed before Adam. And we can prove this today by anthropological evidence and radio carbon and other replacements. We can tell that there have been Negroes in the earth 73,000 years ago before Adam buried in the caves of Kilimanjaro. The thirty-first chapter of Ezekiel, then takes on new life as God tells Ezekiel to tell Pharaoh how those nations were all over the earth in the days of Eden. And this of course with a multitude of other passages will unveil the truth. I tell you that it is truth that shall set you free. As the nation moves along in ignorance, it puts a vision upon them and they think they are better educated than they are. And they are, in everything but the laws of God. The laws of God have made it straight. And the lack of understanding it has made us weaker today.

So what do we do? We turn again to our Father and say teach us thy commandments and thy laws for you have set us free. There is one thing that we are waiting for. There is one thing which is yet to be accomplished and to be put in full operation. We will have more to say about that again, but in the book of Romans, we find the story told---we are waiting for one thing . . . to wit . . . the redemption of our bodies. You do not have to worry about the spirit for it was always perfect. And the word of God is for the renewing of your mind. But we are waiting for the redemption of our bodies. Later we will talk about the redemption of the bodies of the White race. There is no question about the fact that God's mission was finished. When on Calvary's Cross, HE said, 'It is finished.' HE had paid the whole price of liberation and redemption of HIS people. And when HE resurrected from the dead, HE had conquered all death. And in this great chapter of Hebrews, it tells us about this great mission of God. And we are told that one of the purposes of this great mission was to set HIS sons and daughters free. And we will read these words again in the book of Hebrews as they relate to us:...HE not only came to overcome the powers of darkness in a physical body, but to bring HIS many sons unto Glory. To be the Captain of their salvation and the Perfecter of this power in the flesh by HIS own suffering. And this, HE did.

Now turn over to the book of Ephesians:... ‘For there is given you great measure to understand this great measure of God, which gives you this faith, so that you might understand that HE, the Eternal God, descended from on High. HE not only descended, but HE went down into the Netherworld to bring captivity captive and to set them free by bringing HIS many sons unto glory.’ The book of Ephesians tells us this in the fourth chapter that HE also descended and then ascended into the heavens, that HE might restore all things, all of your race, every issue to the level of HIS Glory and to the Greatness of HIS offspring. So do you know anything any better than that? Do you know any theology that is more complete? Do you know of any promise or hope which could be built on a higher promise than that to which HIS Spirit bears witness unto us this afternoon? That we are the sons and daughters of God and when HE shall appear then we will be like HIM.

End of message.