Modern Witchdoctor, 10-14-62


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-14-62

As we turn tonight to talk about this subject of ‘the modern WITCH DOCTOR,’ it becomes a most timely subject in this hour. Because from all times, and thru out all time, thru the Biblical history and lore and under the guidance of knowledge and law, and under the guidance of God’s spirit, one must be diametrically opposed to, in all of the impact of his living in what is referred to as the witch doctor. When we talk about the witch doctor, we are not talking exclusively about those masters of cunning which control and dominate the Negro race. We are talking about modern witch doctors who are moving thru out all nations and all countries, who might resent the fact that you are calling them witch doctors. But they are the same Satanic patterns of evil and the same type as those who have dominated and existed thru out the ages past.

We might pause here to tell you that the origin of the doctrine of the witch doctor in the earth started with the Luciferian rebellion against the MOST HIGH GOD. Out of the most ancient documents which relate to the background of our race, out of the earliest writings in the book of Seth and out of the ancient Zohar, we discover, that in the Luciferian rebellion, one of the Angelic forces, a fallen Angel, a fallen power, one of the fallen Angels who fell with Lucifer was an Angel by the name of VooDoos. And his assignment was over the areas of earth which today we know as Africa. And a large part of the revolutionaries of those ancient times gathered in those areas of trouble and they were people who were dark of face and curly of hair. And their final dwelling places in transition, were in the islands of the sea and in the continents now beneath the waters. And many of them in what is known as Africa. And we are told that these fallen Angels even rivaled one another for power. And Voodoos declared himself the god over Africa and started to build a group of priests to follow him. And their Satanic beliefs and superstitious policies became known as Voodooism. Thus being named after one of the rebellious Angels. Out of this group came these witch doctors who strangely enough were the unassimilatable offspring from the violation of Divine Law, when these Angelic hosts did not keep their first estate. This is recorded in the book of Jude.

Thus, with an unusual cunning and the design to subordinate all people to their complete administrative control, they started out with all pagan witch doctorism. And it is not all to be looked upon as superstition because many of the things which they use and devise come from the Satanic program which taught them how to gain control over the minds of men. I point out to you that these unassimilatable people of evil, the offspring of such an evil beginning, are not alone among the Negroes. Far be it from that, because they have been scattered among all races and all people. And this unassimilatable offspring are the violation of this Divine law. Thus you may find them in Africa and Asia, but you may also find them among the White race. Over here we refer to them as Jews, whether they are white, black or red. Because every Jew on the face of the earth has descended from the Satanic seduction of Eve, and from this violation of Divine law. And virtually all of the headquarters of witch doctor processes of earth stem from the machination design for world control which springs out of World Jewry.

You say that the witch doctors of Africa do not fall in to this category? But most witch doctors of Africa are black Jew whether you realize it or not. Because most of them have descended from a genealogy of unassimilatable forces even among these people themselves. When we talk to you about the status of the witch doctor, I think it is important for you to know that the witch doctor gains and holds his control whether he operates in Paris or in Los Angeles, or the jungles of Kenya colony. He operates and holds control by gaining that control over the minds of men. He holds this control over the minds of men and rules them either thru fear of subjection. He uses the powers of hypnosis and repetition. He uses as his power, both ridicule and praise. And he creates a pseudo-status of what we might refer to in our society as intellectually which does not exist in the areas in which they move. So in this process, we have today a rather unique strategy. Of course, when we talk to you about the master plan and the master strategy, we still find ourselves indebted to the peculiar boastful strategy of an enemy that wrote all of these plans and laid them out and then gathered them from meeting to meeting until finally they were put together into a single book. He resented the fact that there fell into the possession of the White race, the content of this book and its master plan back in the very beginning of the twentieth century. In fact, this master plan was a plan upon the part of international Jewry, the children of Lucifer, to take over the world and establish their power forever. But if you want to be classified today as a paranoid by the enemy just let him know that you are acquainted with his plot in the ‘Blue Book.’

This master plan is involved in a great number of demonstrations, but we tell you today that ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,’ was the foundation for the program of taking over the entire White world, the crushing of Christian civilization and the creating of a world Government and a world under the domination of Jewry to rule you forever.

Now, it is not such a simple thing to set up a revolution and now must say it is now in effect, and take over all countries instantly and quickly. It takes time to accomplish this. It takes a base of operations. It takes the subordination of a number of people...the gathering of masses of manpower. And to do this, the original design of course, was for these world forces of darkness to take over civilizations and find the key to take over the manpower of Asia, and the manpower of Africa.....and then thru both of them into the subjection of the White race by conquest, by power, by sheer force of numbers, and by every political subtly that they might use.

Now, we point out to you that you have had a very striking evidence of how this has been developed in your own time in the last few weeks. They managed this fact that they were going to use their educators, as the key to the understanding of all social and racial problems. And they were going to establish what was socially proper and was intellectually acceptable as the status of thought. The design of this world witch doctor and modern witch doctor is to control the thoughts of men, so that all the fundamental actions of men must be preceded by thought in the seat of his consciousness which he must direct from the brain as the instrument, and the inner soul as the director, the functions of his activities, his travels and his position. Thus, if they can control the thinking of man, they can control the actions of man. And if by any process of subtly, they can take over his process of thinking, and subject him to this intellectual slavery which they plan, then they will have accomplished their objective. Remember to accomplish this, they organized a whole pattern of special craft of their own. And I tell you tonight, that the psychology of their craft is to use the psychiatrists in the areas of their mental institutions, and their strategy which they employed from the beginning of the Red Revolution unto now, has become almost a master science of evil and is the secret of the conspiratorial witch doctor operation in our time.

I tell you that they became more and more active in our country as we received more and more of these unassimilatable refugees that poured into our country during World War II. It was bad enough in the early days of Roosevelt. But in W.W. II, an unprecedented number of top trained and cunning psychiatrists as well as military saboteurs came into these United States supposedly fleeing from Nazism. They came in to America supposedly seeking freedom and liberty. This was a trained planned ‘5th Column.’ It was no doubt that they were fleeing the Nazis because those people were well aware that no greater danger faced Europe than these evil saboteurs who planned to destroy the brain of the White race. We today, have no approbation for Nazism, or any other foreign system. But I think it is time we understood this.....That the reason there is this continuous attack upon the people of Germany or Spain, is because these two countries were successfully combating this great conspiratorial design to reduce Europe and all the nations of the White Christian people to slavery.

Oh, you say, that this is just what they tell us in their design. Yes...we know what they have prescribed. I have quite a few volumes which have lately been produced on the subject of psychiatry and they are being used in some of our Universities and Colleges of today. And they say that one of the first things which we must recognize and understand, is that one of the first signs of mental disease, and mental derangement are easy to recognize. They tell us that one of the first signs of this mental derangement is that there are people in the world who believe that there is a world plan of conspiracy and that their race is a victim. And that all people in this category must be immediately recognized as mentally unbalanced, for there does not exist anywhere, in the world, a master plot of world conspiracy and there is no design to subject anyone to slavery....that all people are just fighting for freedom. This is just one of the openings on psychiatry as it is being taught today, basically in some of our colleges. And their first approach to it is to learn to recognize as mentally unbalanced this fact that we have a great many unbalanced people around us. They tell us that probably 30% of the Western nations are mentally ill. Therefore there must be something done to alleviate this mental illness, or to so treat these people so that they will no longer be dangerous to this great progressive program of advancing mankind.

I want to tell you that this is all a sugar coating try to prepare every student who goes into even the area of psychology, and also psychoanalysis, into deeper psychiatry from a medical stand point, to condition this student to the fact that any in the world that recognizes what they are trying to cover up is sick. In otherwords, if you can sell the world on the fact that the statesmen, that the student, that the spiritually guided individual who recognizes, and in his research, recognizes what is going on, and can read the story and tell people about it....therefore, these people must be cataloged and the world must be sold on the fact that these people are crazy so their influence will not wake up the country. Yes, that is what the whole strategy consists of. In fact, today, the average psychiatrist is far more crazy than the patient who approaches him. Of course, it is also a fact that most psychiatrists are Jews. They are the predominant ones. And they were trained for this task. And you were to be their victims.

Now, we note that there are some things which are most significant. That the Communist revolution financed from the days of Karl Marx down thru the Red Revolution, was financed by the powerful Jewish Banking Cabal. And further today, the socialization of great nations like ours by control of these cabals over political organizations, while they are in a quasi-official form....they carry out their terrific influence like this CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Their design is not only to carry forward their revolution and hypnotically by constantly providing important articles in important magazines, which they control thru their advertising to sell the public on what is socially right, and what is the socially right position in thinking......what is to be accepted, what is to be approved, what the world is to think. ‘And we shall write and determine what is the standard and the curriculum of human thought. We shall determine in our writings and thru out writings, what is to be accepted as socially correct and what is to be denied.’ So in this instance, they boast as to how they will accomplish this. The secret of the revolution was to be that by secret influence and financial power, ‘we shall add to the power of statesmen in all countries. We shall gain a position of advisors for the affluence that we shall provide. And we shall advise them while quoting articles which we have created and written, which will set up the backdrop position for making them believe that if they follow our advise they are becoming leaders of a higher and better which world, we are building for ourselves.’

Now it is a rather significant thing and I do not have to tell you that it has been going on.....for it is self-evident if you have watched the history from the Roosevelts down to our time, we have not had a President since President Roosevelt who has done his own thinking. And if they did their own thinking, then we should try them all for treason. Their strategy is also to take each individual patriot and smear every area that is aware of their conspiracy. And when patriots arise, then smear them and tar them with the same brush as everyone which they dislike. If someone discovers the conspiracy of world Communism and the design to brainwash our children, or to destroy our moral standards, then the individual must be a Nazi or a Fascist. They have called so many good people of America, like Senators Rankin and McCarthy, and men like General Walker, Nazi and Fascist, that I think we better review the Nazi and Fascist position. If these men are Nazi and Fascist, and all on the ‘Right’ side and they believe in Christ, and stand for things which are right, then, my friends, we fought the wrong war. The one thing feared more today by our enemies are voices they cannot silence and channels of thought that start to liberate the American mind and the mind of Christians everywhere...and start to create a new Christian solidarity to oppose this conspiracy which they are creating. They are worried about the great spiritual flow, the initiative and intelligence which lies in your race. Unless they bring about an acceptance of the process of mongrelization, unless they can bring about an acceptance of the surrender of your independence, of such a group of people who form nations, they do not know how they can successfully conquer the world. For even tho they have the masses and they have the numbers, the superiority of your society can still grant you victory. So the design is to continue to carry out this constant pattern of warfare against the people who constitute God’s Kingdom.

One of the things which we must recognize and it is time we made this clear to our children, and we pass it on to our friends and our relatives, is that as a great White Western Christian civilization, as a society whose foundations have been based upon the instructions of God, and whose guidance and development and wisdom has been the result of HIS guidance and inspiration... it is not important or essential in the conduct of your living that you please anyone but God who is able to provide these things. It must also become self-evident that it become important that as a great White culture and civilization, that we preserve and pass down the symbol and form of this culture to future generations as a light unto the world, else the world will have lost its ‘have’ nations completely. And that the process by which that spiritual development is retained, is by preserving the status and the process.

The mongrelization of your society mutates the spiritual vision, and limits the capacity to carry out these objectives. The enemy understands this. And this is the reason I want you to know that it is not Biblical for you to get along with any pagan or any witch doctor, or any Jew on the face of the earth.

I turn to the 12th chapter of the book of Romans in which the Apostle Paul wants you to know that the complete scriptural there has been vast pressures upon your race in times past. And there has occurred violations of law which brought certain guilt complexes. But one of the most important things which the ministry of Christ was to do was to take off of your mind the burden of any guilt complex, to set you as unaccountable, to set you free from that responsibility, and HE said, ‘I give ye Eternal Life, and you shall never perish.’ No one can take these away. No one can separate you from these factors. So the first thing that God did was to battle this strange pattern of evil psychiatry, by saying, ‘I take the complete guilt complex off of you and you can stand and look ME in the face, and if anyone lays any charge against you, just say, ‘God had stepped in between.’

What we need in America is more straight forward preaching which sets men free, than all of the work of the psychiatrist in the world. If a Christian goes to a psychiatrist, he is throwing his money away, and is putting himself in bondage. All a Christian needs to do is turn from this Pastor and ask God to set him free. To remove the superstitions from his mind and to free him from this guilt complex, because he should not become fundamentally aware that there is no charge laying against his whole personality. We tell you today, that the best way to defeat the psychiatrist is to defeat him with Faith, and that there is no answer for your race outside of Christianity. We also want to point out this. That the Apostle Paul often talks about this that the World Order...and when I talk about the World Order, I am not talking about your market places, or your places of business....I am not talking about your homes or your golf courses, your theaters and your amusement, or the areas of your culture. When I talk about the World Order, I am talking about the sum total of all of the forces which operate in areas of non-Christian, non-White areas of people, who not only surround you, but work in and out among you. This is the World Order. And this World Order is as different from the Kingdom of God as the White race is from the Asiatics, the Jews, the Negroes, and other mongrelized people.

Now, this is a clear classification. One is referred to as the World Order, the other is referred to as the Kingdom of God. Every White Christian nation today is a part of God’s Kingdom. And it is not important that you as an entity within that Kingdom agree with anyone who is not of your race, or culture, and outside of the spiritual guidance of God’s Kingdom. For this cause, the Apostle Paul tells us this:... ‘Do not be conformed to this world.’ In fact, if you could agree with all of the Negroes, and all of the Chinamen, and the Jews, and the United Nations, then, my friends, you would be a mental casualty. In fact, if you could agree with all of these people, you would be diametrically opposed to the standards of God and you would be most mentally sick. You would then need the Holy Spiritual healing which only the Spirit of God could give you. And if God healed your mind, then you would disagree with the Jews and the pagans.

Thus, when you understand this, then you realize that the most important thing which we can do is to rekindle America until she is aware of her mental responsibility. Thus, we turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul in the 12th chapter of Romans, in the 2nd verse:... ‘Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind......That ye may prove that which is good, that which is acceptable in the perfect will of God.’ You do not have to conform to the thinking of the world. You do not have to listen to what the psychiatrists say. You do not have to agree with the Kennedys when they want to violate our constitution, and Supreme Court as they follow some pagan sociologists thinker who attempts to tell you what you must do. You only have to agree with God. And therefore, this is the renewing of your mind. Because your spiritual mind was with the Father before the world was framed, and thus, was perfect at that time. If you are being absorbed here, you are a casualty to this evil conspiracy and the only thing you need to be liberated is to begin thinking along the lines of the Laws of God and the patterns of HIS Kingdom. Therefore, do not be conformed with the world at all, because if you could agree with the Saturday Evening Post and Mrs. Roosevelt, then you are indeed SICK. Someone says, ‘Is she a part of the World Order?’ Yes...I believe that she is. Therefore be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. There is only one thing which will renew your mind and that is to think in the process of your culture and your race. This renews your mind, and it pleases God. You say, ‘How do we prove that this is right?’ You prove it when you build a nation like this one. And you disprove it when you let others come in to destroy it and you do not lift a hand to stop them. The greatness of America comes from this spiritual vision from mother to the child, from her knee, about the grounding of a background of culture and inheritance which has passed down from generation to generation, from wave upon wave of Adamic people as they walked upon the earth.

We tell you therefore, that if you are not complying with the way the World Order thinks, or the propaganda that the World Order is supplying today. This is all of the propaganda that makes up the thinking of the Red Revolution, the whole Communist International Revolution. The word Communist is a rather loose word today, because there is a whole hard core Socialist organization in this Communist revolution and they may never have been identified with the Communist in their lifetime. We have a President and his brother, right now, who are an instrument of the witch doctor, and openly, they would profess that they were not Communist, but they are probably openly serving the Communist Party than any communist in the United States. You say why? Because a captive mind in a position of authority is far more dangerous in your society, than a listed Communist official from the Soviet Union.

Listen. I want to turn for one moment over here to a verse in the book of Ephesians. This is not a slip in interpretation. It says:... ‘Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.’ All America needs is a great renewing of their minds. And when that spirit of renewing transpires in your society, they are not going to accept this ‘one worldism,’ or this great ‘brotherhood’ society. And they will come forth with the greatest patriotism of Nationalism that America has ever seen. I have a rather interesting report here which I think is important as we discuss this pattern of the WITCH DOCTOR. Because as we have said, that in the last few weeks we have had a chance to see how they function. The Witchdoctors bypass all procedures of law, setting it aside as they think this is old fashioned. They disclaim all cultural standards of the areas that they want to destroy. It is quite obvious that they have accomplished this for when President Kennedy spoke to a group of students on the White House lawn, many of them medical students and students of special services, he told them then and there that the Constitution might have been good in its day, but today it is an old outworn document and we must set it aside and have the courage to reshape and remold America and let our Constitution go, because it does not work anymore. It is quite obvious that if he over-rides it, with the tyrannical use of armed forces, now subject to a military dictatorship, because its officers have not resisted a decree, then you have bypassed the Constitution, and it will be outmoded until you put it back in service. I can assure you that it will not be the Kennedys who will put it back in service. It will be the anti-Kennedys who will put it back in service.

I am going to make a startling statement. I don’t think that you can be for the Kennedys and God, here in the United States, at the same time, unless you are ignorant. Two weeks ago, the Federal Government participated in another design to overthrow all law and order and ordered the integration of the schools in Mississippi without a proper order from the court. And when they did this, they cited that this was final. The governor of that state, realizing that this was a violation of the Constitution, interposed his state as it had been originally designed by the discussion upon this subject by Thomas Jefferson, in the days when the Constitution became a valid document. He interposed his state between a compact of a state. He interposed his state between the Federal Government and the White Christian people of his state of Mississippi. But he did not have his day in court. I want you to remember tonight, that the decision of the Supreme Court on an individual case is only the law of that case, unless the Congress of the United States passes a legislation to supplement that decision, and that becomes a law upon the statute books of our nation. Therefore, every individual case, unless such a law supporting that decision is made, each individual case has to be treated separately. Our Congress was not in that session to support the Supreme Court. There were a lot of brainwashed people who would have supported anything their rulers demanded. But they did not do this from any individual desire. And there were enough Southern Representatives to know that if you support error, you never go back again. So the fact is that there has been no laws passed from Arkansas to Meredith, Mississippi. It is a fact that we now know that the ADL and the NAACP, these conspiratorial agencies, had been planning on breaking the laws of Mississippi, to force a student into a school where he was not wanted and where the law said he could not go. They were now trying to use this great psychological build up that they had been building and using in this country for some years, saying the Negro was persecuted. The NAACP was saying that the Negro had been subject to slavery and never given his proper share of what he had earned during that time. That now it was essential that now we give-in to them in the area of their demands in order to justify the facts that they were entitled to something more than they had been given.

A guilt complex has been placed on America for the Negro that the JEWS SOLD INTO AMERICA. This is a part of the witch doctor design. They wanted to give you a guilt complex because of the Negro who was brought to America by Jewish slave traders and sold into America for this later purpose. I will have to admit, however, and so will you, that the American Negro was better off when under slavery than in any areas where they captured him and brought him in. And most of the Negroes were sold into slavery by Negro chiefs to begin with.

Now, this is not an approbation of slavery. I would deport every one of these rascals back to the country from whence they came and cleanse America. And if it were possible to get it done in twenty-four hours, I would say ‘let’s get it done.’ But I point out to you that here in America, they were trying to get the Americans to accept a guilt complex on the basis of the laws they were trying to give them. Remember also, that in this, they were never going to permit this to be tried in court. When the Governor of Mississippi stood on the Tenth Amendment, the first court to hear his request that he would not enroll Meredith, altho a suit was being brought, this court acted in favor of the State. Then they went to a Court of Appeals and they acted in favor of the Government. But did you ever hear of a case of ‘Meredith verses the State of Mississippi’ before the U.S. Government? My friends, the whole Supreme Court was out when this case was pending and it was Supreme Court Justice Warren said, ‘The Court is in recess but I believe that I have the power to order this man’s entrance into this school, and I believe those on the court would agree with me.’ BUT THERE WAS NO COURT. This was like one officer of the Armed Forces saying, ‘I think I have the power to invade this country, because I think all of the other officers of the forces would agree with me if they were here.’ Anyhow, that order by Justice Black was no more an order based upon the Supreme Court hearing of the case. But Mississippi never had a decision by the Supreme Court. No testimony, no witnesses, no hearing.

I point out to you the violation of the law, the use of Armed Forces which was a felony under the Posse Contata (?) Law. And this law was signed by then President, Eisenhower made that an armed invasion of the State. But this overriding of the desires of a state, this throwing aside of the wishes of a great multitude of White Christians, and the status of creating these Civil Rights for one Negro overruled all the rights of the law and all of the rights of the citizens and it was totally unbalanced. When General Walker heard that they were going to implement this, and use military troops to do this thing, he challenged America to send Patriots down who would stand with the Governor of Mississippi who would uphold the Constitution of the United States, and the laws of the State of Mississippi. He was not crazy, he was just smart enough to know that this was the end. Smart enough to know that we better stop this thing now, that we better turn this thing to victory not, while we are still a majority, and before we are subordinated by the United Nations into letting some other power like for instance, Red China into making our decisions tomorrow. When General Walker left the army of the United States government, he was not crazy. He had been following the instructions of the government and had been indoctrinating his troops upon the evils of Communism, so they would not end up like some troops over in Korea some day, not knowing what it was all about. He did not tell them how to vote. But if you educated any man on Communism, and then compare this with the thoughts of a lot of people running for government, you learn how to vote. When they relieved the General of his command and brought him home, they found that the impelling answer to his conscious kept him form being silent as to the likes of his enemy. I happen to know that the General has discovered who is behind it. He knows that the whole anti-Christ conspiracy. And into his remarks and into his educational program, he began to use the word anti-Christ. You heard him say that the whole trouble was coming from the anti-Christ control over the Supreme Court.

Alright, the enemy said, ‘we have to get him and the number one route is to tag him as being mentally insane, because he is against our program. He must be paranoid for he looks at the great Communist conspiracy and thinks something must be done about it quickly.’ This program is made to order to gather him up. The Jew involved in this shutting up of General Walker was the one in the Attorney General’s Office. And he was selected to handle this affair. Of course, the Attorney General’s office was against General Walker because he was on the ‘Right.’ You know if you are on the Right, then you must be wrong according to the devil. He was so far ‘Right’ of the John Birch Society, that Jesus would not be permitted to make a speech in the John Birch Society today.

Now, this is not an attack on the John Birch Society, because it is so far right of most organizations today. But when Jesus got up to talk about this, HE said to the Jews, ‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.’ No sense in working with you, or talking to you, for you cannot understand me. You cannot hear my words. So you see, they would not let HIM talk to the John Birch Society today, would they? One of these days however, they will. One of these days they are going to find out just where all of the trouble comes from. But the fact remains that very, very clearly that the design was to smear and destroy General Walker. The modern witch doctor had come in and laid out his field. He had already taken over the brains of the Kennedys...if they had any. He already made them believe that the State of Mississippi was far more dangerous to the United States than was Cuba.

You say, ‘how do you know?’ Why? The State of Mississippi must have been more dangerous to the Kennedys than Berlin, than Laos, or Vietnam and Cuba. We only have 5,000 men in West Berlin, and we sent 21,000 down to Mississippi just to put one Negro into a school where he did not belong. The strategy was to make all men who were opposed to this strategy of the psychiatrist to fear. So who did they move less a personality than a ‘Right Winger’ such as General Walker, for he was personified as a resister to their Machiavellian scheme which they say does not exist except in the minds of such people. General Walker stood on that campus during that armed invasion, and he tried to stop the students from attacking a group of very heavily armed marshals who he knew to be irresponsible and led by one man who had a criminal record. I have here in my Bible, a record that says that this man had ordered point blank firing on individuals with gas and weapons. He wanted to start a riot to give sufficient strength to the Kennedy equation that troops were necessary. I want you to know that the General realized that there would be a lot of people killed, a lot of people hurt, against this inevitable force which they were not prepared to cope with. So he told the students not to resist for he did not want to see them hurt. And I have a transcript of that broadcast from last Sunday when extra news came out with this story, that there standing by a Confederate officer, was the General persuading the students to calm down. Don’t riot now. The next day, they charged General Walker with ‘leading a riot and an assault against the Federal Marshals. Do you know that those marshals forcibly entered the girls dormitory firing tear gas and forcibly driving them out of their beds, some of them half clothes, and they were not permitted to dress. And they were crowded into school rooms and held like prisoners? And tear gas was shot into these rooms where students were locked in. And the marshals wore gas masks, but the students had to suffer thru this. One of the United States Senators tells this story. I tell you that every act of aggression....every instance of this....was reason enough to rise up and crush this aggression like a bad spider. If any student had shot and killed one of these marshals who were tormenting them in their dormitories, would have been justified.

Let me tell the course of what transpired, there was no violence. But when General Walker had come to that area with a group of Patriotic women in his car, he was stopped, and they pulled the General out of the car. And this man....General Walker...was no longer in the Army. He had resigned from his post and canceled his pension. He had never had a day in court. He was just a citizen of the U.S. and they had no authority over him. But here, they stopped his car and pulled him out of the car. And after seizing him illegally, they took him out of the State without getting permission from the Governor. And they charged him with leading an insurrection and participation in a conspiracy. But no Grand Jury had issued such a charge, thus is a complete collapse of our laws, unless we the people, who are the law....remember this....when the Government breaks down, we are the law. And when we have finished, we will again state, ‘We the people of these United States, in order to form a more perfect Union,’......and it will be a White Christian one, I can assure you.....when we rededicate ourselves to a stronger iron-clad Constitution. I want you to recognize that in the midst of this design they had seized General Walker with just the handling of power. And this in the book of history is tyranny. This in the book of history is dictatorship. And those who would decry Hitler, would follow this tactic. And I say, knowing who the enemy was, that Hitler was more righteous than they.

Now let me point this out. I have here a very significant report from an eminent Los Angeles judge, the Honorable Joseph L. Cole of the Superior Court, and he is completely disturbed over this affair and this mental conspiracy and the Alaska Mental Health Act when Alaska was still a territory. For in 1956, they had set aside 1000 acres up there in Alaska for the creation of a mental hospital. Then as Alaska became a State, it is not possible for you to extradite a person from one State into another State. But they could seize him and take him to a territory. I am reading from this report from the Judge when he is reading from Section 104, part D, of this Mental Health Bill. This Bill gives totalitarian government power.....but is now virtually dissolved. In this section, any health official or police officer who has reason to believe that a person is mentally ill, and therefore likely to injure himself or others, if not immediately restrained, can after the certification of a licensed physician after examination, may take this individual into physical custody and then transport him to a mental asylum. This practically nullifies every Constitutional safeguard to be found in our Constitution for the protection of the individual. This is a Police State at its best, says Judge Joseph L. Cole. (Unquote)

Now I want to read to you these points. For in this section of the mental health bill, it says that such seizures can be made with no examination, no statement of probable cause that needs to be filed under oath, to support the issuing of a warrant of arrest or apprehension. No judge or magistrate needed for such an arrest. No examination is permitted by the patients own physician. No examination provided for by any physician. No trial is permitted by a judge. No trial is permitted by a jury. This is the record. And I can give you the exact wording of this mental health program which was called the Alaskan Mental Health Act. Who were they subject to? Those in charge of the carrying out of the Mental Health Act, or any of their officers, or any who are working for them, can seize any individual whom they think should be placed there. And you do not have any Constitutional right to protect you. If you had a court that was worth anything, this Act would have been unconstitutional to begin with.

Now one of the strongest individuals for our understanding of this conspiracy was a brilliant doctor in our own city. In fact, this was Dr. Allison. And his own background was one worthy of consideration. He was president of the California Medical Association, and former superintendent of the Los Angeles County Hospital. And this man admits that there is a secret conspiracy to utterly destroy the independence of every individual in these United States. The purpose is to declare that we are in a state when the mental health of the nation is very bad, and to hold out the promise that they miraculously advocate will solve these problems. To present a more fundamental reason for all of this sad state of mental health, and to inject the weight of guilt and fear engendered from their own original fears and promises derived by their own promises. Therefore, the insertion of the concept of right and wrong which is in the basis of every child’s training, and is essential, just be destroyed. This is in the thinking of Dr. Chisholm and Dr. Allison. So listen to what he says. Dr. Chisholm is among these psychiatrists, one of the leaders of the designers says the reinterpretation of this basis as to whether ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ must be used. ‘We must start on the children in school and knock out this basis of right or wrong, teaching them that there is no such a thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ There must be no morality, no ethics and no wrong.’ He said this is the first thing we have to do if we are going to restore intelligent thinking and take away all of the processes which create paranoid or mental health. So now, this Jew directed mind, this Jew conspiracy says that they must remove the consciousness from your children, removing this idea of right or wrong or they will grown up unsound. So every person who believes in morality or ethics, or believes in ‘right’ is crazy. Or everyone who wants to live like the Hollywood dive, and ‘rat pack’ are sane.

This is how they get this philosophy in the Jewish Talmud that the devil is god and God is the devil. That the most evil thing you can be is to be ‘right.’ This is why today, they find more time to throw charges at the John Birch Society than they do at the highest authorities in our nation.

We turn here and realize that to accomplish this, they must erase the concept of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ from the base of a child’s mind, and his thinking, and remove the concept of Faith and certainty from the minds of all people. We must replace in the areas of faith, the religions ideas of a NEW psychotherapy, that would create a new object of appreciation in their mental evaluation. Do you know what all of that double talk means? It is that you must take God and Christ out of their lives and replace it with atheist thinking of people without hope, and they we will have rational old people. But when you take out God and hope, they turn to Communism. In fact, some people thru to when they get old because they have listened to all of the give-away plans, and their minds have been taken over anyhow, because of the propaganda working in our country. We say take their Faith away and there is no telling what you will end up with.

Now it is a rather significant thing, and we point out how far it has gone. The Governor of Ohio was rather clear in explaining this thing as he found out about it. And you can get your Readers Digest for February of this year and see what his thoughts are. You will find that the Governor of Ohio got very concerned about this mental health thing so he checked the hospital in his own State, and this is what he found. This Governor found that there were 4500 people in his own State that were in the Asylum who were not insane at all. He succeeded in getting 1500 of them immediately dismissed and is working on getting the other 3000 of them dismissed as soon as possible, because they were victims of political conspiracy or political ‘rightness.’

I think that is rather significant. I could tell you of many cases of doctors who have been removed from their positions of responsibility in hospitals and the demands so as to get reinstated, they would submit themselves to psychiatrist and brainwash their minds to the approbation of this Jew conspiracy. What was their crime? They found out what was going wrong in America and exercised their right of discussing this with their friends.

Now do not think that there is just a few of us who are in danger because we are outspoken. Every one of you is in equal danger unless we win. If you can lock up a General of the United States and call him crazy, hold him in solitary, then force him to submit to a psychiatrist when this man is brighter than all of his enemies, then you could do it to a preacher or anyone else you can catch.

Now we are not smarter than the General, but we have been fighting those devils long enough to know how they act, and that illegal kidnaping would have been fought by enough of my friends, that they would have had to pick up those doing the seizing instead of the seized. Any time some one tries to waylay you on the highway, you better cut them down. My forefathers marched thru the New England wilderness to go to church and they went prepared to do away with the savages. And now we have come to the end of the age when the LORD tells me that they would like to deliver you up to the synagogues and the magistrates. So we are going to church again prepared to deal with savages. If you have to go to church prepared to deal with savages, then don’t go to a war in Mississippi without being prepared. Someone said, ‘But that was not a war.’ But when the Government declared war on a sovereign State...that WAS a WAR. When they invaded that WAS A WAR. The most dangerous weapon he had with him was four women who were talking in the car. Don’t be too sure that this is not a weapon, for when those four women started taking, telling all of their friends in the U.S. and writing the letters that will be written, and then show up in the court, someone may be sorry that they were there.

Alright, the significant thing is that in this Bill which we pointed out to you, the design was to give an excuse for the seizure and the capture of any individual without any due process of law. But they can no longer operate under this Alaskan Bill because, my friends, it is not valid any longer. And besides, there would never be any acceptance of such jurisdiction of such authority by this group of psychiatrists. The other day I looked at some literature which was being used by some trained psychiatrists in the Educational system of Los Angeles County, and some other counties around about in which these Jew psychiatrists were trying to discuss some of the most personal things of life and living of these young girls and in their home relationships as well. And then they were trying to create an area wherein any of them had an inhibition or concept of what was or was not ‘open property.’ And if they would not discuss this, then they were considered crazy. I have a statement here by this one psychiatrist which states that one of the most important things that we must do it liberate all of our children from any influences which they have received from parents, Sunday school teachers, and politicians and Priests, newspapers or other interests which are controlling us.....remove from them all of these fears.... ‘for thou shall become as gods’....remember that?....Thus this good and evil thinking to keep children under control must be destroyed. We must break the power imposed by family and national loyalty, and take away from the children this ideas that they have been taught...that they have a glorious and intellectual heritage. Misguided by a glorified dogma and bound by Faith and stunted by loyalties to religion, bedeviled by all of these supposedly correct ideas, confused by the uncertainty of our times all of these children become mentally, defective, and retarded. In otherwords, the principle involved here is that unless you can brainwash these people as children, they will grow up to be mentally retarded.

Now, what is the strategy for this? The fact is that the idea of the Jew is to tell us that we are all crazy, then lift up these standards so everyone will accept them such as mongrelization, and integration, socialism, one world, end of nation, end of boundary lines and end of sexuality. Do you know that we have a lot of people who have accepted this and then think that they are intellectual? So you do not have to tell the truth any more not if you have a better objective. So you can write in the history books that the United Nations won the war. You can put down in the record that various things which have transpired in history has been largely the responsibility of colonial nations, and that America was also an abusive colonial national and an imperialist. I saw that in a text book being used here that America was an imperialist colonial nation, and now by a great new process of thinking, we are now advancing, but we have been holding the world back for centuries. In one of these documents when referring to the doctor...that is the psychiatrist...that it has long been known, one of the most important things is the repetition of an idea. For with this repetition of the idea it soon becomes known in the subconscious mind that eventually this will be acceptable even tho it may not seem reasonable to that mind or not. Therefore, they must see that a constant repetition is before the minds of people....saying this is truth...and this repetition must be constant and important. One of the oldest strategies in the world which was used by the ancients when these Satanic psychiatrists operated the dark temples of Set and Soth in Egypt, had followed down from Persia. Back in Persia, when the Persian Emperors discovered what was going on, they passed a law saying if anyone did this, they would be put to death. This was called the ‘suggestion’ while men slept. Thus while men were asleep, there would come these specially trained experts and they would whisper in their ear while they slept. All of this in a monotone, this being the principle, and everything being repeated over and over in their sleep is recorded by the subconscious mind even tho the individual is not aware of it. If this is followed for a period of a few weeks, the individual will soon be thinking those thoughts and believing that they came out of his own reasoning, and that they are the belief of his own mind. Therefore, this is a very subtle way in which a great number of first drugged and thus hypnotically induced in subconscious reasoning have captured the minds of many political figures.

A strategy was developed not long ago, which was to assist students in areas of political science, and of history and other subjects, that would be they learn,...of inducing while they slept, instructions on records. People bought these tapes thinking this was an easy way to acquire knowledge in the areas of education. And I will tell you that if you were to sleep on those records for three or four times, everything in the record becomes a part of your remembrance. And therefore, some of these records contain some of the more subtle surrenders to one world government, to racial revolution, to sociological evil, that has ever been presented to our students. In fact, in a number of Universities it was acceptable for them to use the ‘sleep technique’ for the finishing of their studies. And these records contain more than the text books in this great brainwashing strategy of a great number of our college students.

In fact, we know that in one University in Europe, where a great number of Rhodes Scholars and other had been given special assignments, and scholarships to these Universities were being sent to professors who were using this design for quick absorption of the fundamental principles of these courses to make it easier for them to understand when they studied the book. I point this out because these are all strategies of modern witch doctors.

The modern witch doctor will tell your child that there are many things that you will discuss at school which you do not need to tell your parents at home because they are old fashioned and do not understand it and you have developed in this new age with this superior opportunity to learn to know, and your intellectual capacity has already surpassed your parents capacity to understand. So do not discuss this at home. And do not be disturbed by their opinions on these matters because we know that you are smart enough to understand it. So at the same time, they appeal to the society and to the superiority they try to create in the students, sowing rebellion against the opinions of their parents, and the status of the home pattern of thought. They are trying to break down the ‘family first’ pattern. I know specifically that this was done in biological classes right here in this country, doing this to try to disrupt the concept of the children learning in the home concerning God and Divine Law, and creation and other factors. This is but a part of the process of the modern witch doctor.

Thus, one of our great Generals is not still subject to the psychiatrists. I am going to tell you that there are a lot of Americans that will see that he has his day in court. There are a lot of Americans who will see just why he was arrested and is in court. As of yet, there is no accurate or concrete evaluation. The fact remains, that this is just one of these strategies which we point out to you. If ever it was important for you to realize that you are under no responsibility, if you want to get a guilt complex..get one from thinking like they do. Just remember that these are the fundamentals of modern brainwashing, to bring you to the point when you will no longer believe in your nation, to remove any allegiance to your God, for they will laugh at you if you believe in HIM. They would like to have you accept a lot of certain traditions so as to make you feel most tolerant toward all other gods, while no longer believing in yours. For it is a strange thing, but in the same area of sociology, in which in one University they are seeking to debunk God saying in the same text before going much further, that they are considering everybody else ideas.

I point out to you tonight, that not only is the design to destroy by repetition responsibility, when all that you hear is One World Government, the United Nations, a greater world, the New Frontier. This anti-Communism being in control of the brainwashed is not very sound or secure. All the talk you have heard about fighting Russia, or stopping them in Berlin, or anywhere else, on the determined position of the President, doesn’t seem so true when yesterday he was flying into oratorical rage because members of the Republican Party or other areas of the Statesmen in Washington wanted him to do something about Cuba. He raged saying what kind of a person would want to send someone else sons into war? I can tell you what kind of a person would like to do that. FDR was one of those kind of persons. Harry Truman was one of those kind of persons. They never worried about whose sons they sent into war. It just depends on whose side you are rooting for.

I don’t think it is important for America to please all of the governments round about us asking for support, then let a great danger grow up which threatens our culture and our race. If all of these predictions are wrong, then George Washington was wrong and the framers of our Constitution were wrong, the builders of our way of life were wrong. But we know that they were not wrong for we know what they built. We have not found anything the Kennedys built, but we have found a lot of things that they have torn down. I tell you that today there are 89 witch doctors in positions of authority. I tell that today there are thousands of dupes who are the agents of these witch doctors, who are now running to and fro trying to accomplish a political victory.

There must be a lot of good Democrats in America, because the President, if running around and saying that the reason why he has suffered so many defeats as he has is because he does not have enough Democrats in Congress and he already has 2/3 majority in the Congress and the Senate. He wants 3/4 of them because he thinks he will have enough to win a victory. He won one of the most evil of victories in the last week with the passage of the Expansion Act which means economic dictatorship. It puts power in the hands of the President and the Congress abdicated their authority for your protection. It is clearly their authority to surrender this power. This means that the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a threat to America, by a man who is an instrument of the voice of the anti-Christ. And I point this out. It is time that we looked over this voting record and we refuse to send any man back to the Congress or the Senate of the United States, if we can possibly stop him who voted for this evil bill.

I just want to add this one little story as to how these things went thru. You know, I am told...that they voted last night over seven billion dollars. Why? Because so many people had already gotten tired and went home. I am told that at one time there were only seven men there. And yes...they had a quorum because when they went in to session, they had a big enough count. And then they went home and left this....and this Act which cost you seven billion dollars, was left in the hands of seven men. This is not the way to run a government.

I point this out to you. This 87th Congress can hang its head in shame, for tho they may have blocked some bills that were bad, they let one of the most dangerous bills of prophecy go thru. They have brought the Beast System of economy closer to America, than it has ever been before. And you may have to save America with great resistance which you have never done since the days of your origin. This is what is happening in your time. We are not worrying about the end of the story, for we know it is victory. But I want you to keep this constantly in your mind. This propaganda line, this repetition of it, continually washes your mind from the responsibility of it, the greatness of your nation, the program of God’s Kingdom..... ‘But be ye not transformed with the thinking of this world, but be ye transformed with the continual, spiritually renewing of your mind, to the laws of God, the call of God to your race, and your national greatness. THIS IS YOUR SALVATION, THIS IS YOUR SECURITY.

Someone said, ‘but we are saved by the finished work of Christ.’ Yes..but you have spiritual salvation which should lift from you the guilt complex. And now you are to translate this into the Faith that sets men free as your forefathers built an altar upon this foundation.....that you will resist the tyrant, no matter what form he takes. We urge you to watch and pray, for these are the hours of Christ.

(End of sermon)