A More Sure Word Of Prophecy, 05-08-66


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 05-08-66

Let us turn to II Peter 1:19....We have also a more sure word of Prophecy, where unto Ye do well to take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in our hearts.

We have a more sure word of Prophecy, there is no question about the fantastic and tremendous development of the Holy Scriptures as far as the value is concerned. But we have a sure word of Prophecy here as referred to us by Peter. He refers to it as it stands out... a sure word..and that we would do well to take heed to it.

Now we know that there is Scriptures given to us that were descriptive and we know that there were Scriptures given to us in the patterns of our History, but the Scriptures given to us in Prophecy we would then do well to take heed.

So for a moment let us look into the patterns of Prophecy, because Prophecy is found in all the areas of Scripture. It is found in practically every branch in both the Old and the New Testaments. It is found in the writings of the Prophets as well as, though not necessarily, considered Prophets.

Prophecy is the thing which has not happened being declared before it has happened. It is telling of what is to happen say...30 days or a year, or 1000 years, or even 2520 years from now. Some may even extend 5000 years and you may wonder about it, but it is true. Prophecy is the things that Yahweh made known unto His people that He was going to bring to pass.

Thus it is that in the Holy Scriptures that the Prophecies of God show that He speaks to His people. He speaks thru the Bible and He addresses them, and He speaks to some men as Prophets. For instance take Jeremiah, for He said to Jeremiah: I formed thee from the womb and I have made you a Prophet and ye shall be a Prophet to my people. Then there are many who He did not refer to as Prophets, but He speaks to them and He prophesied to them for He was declaring the courses of the ages for His people.

When we go into the Old Testament, we go into the Book of Genesis and we find that Moses incorporated a little prophecy in his writings. We know that Prophecy was there, and we know that Prophecy is there when God speaks to Noah. We know that was not the beginning of Prophecy because God had given the gift of Prophecy to Enoch and Job and they had existed before the time of Noah. In fact Enoch wrote 360 Scrolls that were bound into one Book called, “The Secrets of Enoch”, “The Towers of Enoch”, then he wrote 5 other volumes and these volumes were filled with understanding and Prophecy. In fact it was because of the prophecies of Enoch and the thing which God had showed him that brought forth many of the great measures that were found in early times as brought forth from our race. We know that Job also wrote in Prophecy and there is a Book of Job, but there were others that in Apocrypha world we find traces of. In otherwords, there are some remaining traces of the Book of Job that were prophecies. He knew that his Redeemer would live and would stand at the Latter Day upon this earth. So he prophesied concerning this, and prophesied the development of our race.

In fact when Enoch and Job left the land of Palestine to go down into Egypt, as they did about 5000 years before Christ, they left a land that they of their race had built into a great civilization. They went into Egypt to build a Pillar and an Altar in the land of Egypt and they were guided in this by Prophecy, and they showed this in the structures that they built. In fact when they went into Egypt to build the City of On and the great Pyramid, they took into Egypt with 144,000 Sabean’s, 12,000 from each segment of the land, and later Israel would be called forth as 12 Tribe’s to match the month’s of the year. So they brought forth Prophecy unto the Most High God.

Then when Noah was called forth to build a boat for his needs, it didn’t look like he would need a boat, for he was in the Upper Tarim Basin and upon that high Mountain plateau, and there was not much water there. But God told Noah that he was going to destroy these Luciferian forces that were destroying the people in their patterns of evil. So Noah was able to read Prophecy and he had been guided by the Scrolls and writings of Enoch’s time.

Now we realize that the flood didn’t cover the whole earth, but it covered the area of that land, so Noah built a boat on the specification’s given him which would take care of his family and the animals of that area. Noah built his ship and he preached to the people of that area for 120 years, and at the end of that time Noah and his family went into the Ark and God shut the door, and Prophecy was fulfilled.

There is one thing about Prophecy that may be marked differently than any other pattern of Scripture. The areas that we refer to as Scriptures and we have 66 of these volumes bound together in the Bible, and this is the Book of our race and we are the people who have it. The fact remains that the prophecies must be fulfilled in their time. So we have a more sure word of Prophecy. It is not because the Word of God is more important in one area than another, but it is able to be established.

You cannot say that the Apostle Paul just put this in as an idea of his if it is a Prophecy then it must come to pass. So as with Peter, if he prophesied then it must come to pass, either in foretime or it is come to pass. The old Prophets filled their volumes with what we can look on as History, but they had to be fulfilled or if they not fulfilled then we would have known it was not a Prophecy of God. So we have a sure word of Prophecy and we can depend on the prophecies and their fulfillment, for they are of God.

In Isaiah 42:8...God said: I am Yahweh, that is my name. My glory I will not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. (Vs9) Behold, the former things are come to pass, new things I do declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. I tell you, my Israel, what is coming to pass, and by their coming to pass will they establish that I have spoken to you, and you will know that this is my word.

So God provided prophets and He provided men who would have knowledge of His truths. So we turn to Isaiah 43:3 and He says...I am Yahweh thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Savior; I would give Egypt for you and Africa if Necessary. Thou art precious in my sight, thou hast been honorable and I loved thee, therefore I give nations for thee and people for thee. Now let all nations come together and let them see if they can tell what is going to happen.

Now; the fact remains that on the face of the earth and among the religions of the earth there is not any of the volumes of the world religions that contains any Prophecy. This is a strange thing but they have no volumes of Prophecy. Now in the volumes of Buddhism they spent their time in empty philosophy of the Lotus Flower, but they do not tell you of what is to come to pass. They devote their time to the patterns of existence but there is no Prophecy of tomorrow. In India there is no Prophecy except what was brought in by the Aryan’s. Krishna in that period in India was the same as the Greek word Christ. The word in Greek was Christo, and in India it was Krishna, also the story was of one who would come to earth and save his people, and redeem the world, and reestablish by his reentry accompanied by his triumphant army and mighty hosts....the Kingdom of Krishna. This doctrine was brought in by the Aryan’s when they came into that land. Later it was enveloped into the philosophy of the land.

So we discover that no religion of the world contains Prophecy. So Asia never produced Prophecy. It was brought in by the Aryan race. Africa produced no Prophecy, for Africa never had any religion except Voodooism. Now VooDoo was a fallen Angel who rebelled with Lucifer and he sought to take a great number of these black troops whom Lucifer had used in his battle with the Archangel Michael, and VooDoo used these blacks for his own purpose. Eventually VooDoo was made subordinate to Beelzebub the Prince of the Netherworld, for he rebelled against Lucifer also. But the Negro were the ...Zombie...also called ‘the walking dead.’ They produced no religion. They have no spiritual capacity, so they produced no Prophecy in Voodooism. Now there are some Negroes converted to Christianity and they envelope the Prophecy of Christianity, but they have none of their own.

So there emerges out of one race, and out of one people, alone and out of One God, the areas of Prophecy and the ability to tell what is going to happen thousands of years before it comes to pass. Thus we have the prophecies of the Scriptures.

So we turn to the Scriptures and we hear God say in Isaiah 43:9...Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled; who among them can declare this, and shew us former things? Let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified, or let them hear and say, it is truth. Because thou art my witnesses, and my servants, whom I have chosen; that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he; before me there was nothing formed, and neither shall there be after me. (Vs11) I am Yahweh, and beside me there is no Savior.

Then we turn to Chapter 44:5...One shall say, I am Yahweh’s and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob, and another shall subscribe with his hand unto Yahweh, and surname himself by the name of Israel. But thus saith Yahweh, the King of Israel, I am the Lord of Hosts, the redeemer of Israel, I am the first and the last and beside me there is no God. (Vs 7) Who, as I, shall call and declare it, and set it in order for me, since I have appointed the ancient people, and I have declared the things that shall happen and the things that shall come to pass, let me shew them unto you. There is no God beside me, and I shall appoint my ancient people and I shall shew them the things that are coming to pass.

Isaiah 45:21...Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together; who hath declared this from ancient times? Who hath told it from the beginning? Have not I Yahweh told you there is no God besides me, or other Savior only me? I alone have done this. Look unto me, and be ye saved all ends of the earth. (Vs25) then in Yahweh shall all the seed of Israel be justified and shall Glory.

There is no question about the fact of the infinite patterns of Prophecy. About the fact that the majorities of the areas of the Bible were filled with Prophecy and when they were fulfilled we look on them as History. When we talk about the Prophet Daniel then there is no question but that he was very specific, and he talked about vast areas of Prophecy. His prophecy was for thousands of years of History, and then things to develop after that. In fact, Daniel was very explicit as he interpreted the dreams of Kings, and brought out the development in his Book of Prophecy of things that would come to pass.

When Babylon fell, that had been told in the writings of Daniel and also of the coming to the front of Medo-Persia, and then Greece, and then Rome. So, long after the time of Daniel then the things were coming to pass as he had predicted. God sent Angel messengers to Daniel with Prophecy.

So God also sent forth Moses, and he spoke of things to come, and when Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt then God was there and He was literally using powers and forces to fulfill His Prophecy. He sometimes uses His family by stimulation, to act as He wishes them to, and other times He uses forces of the Luciferian’s to fulfill His Prophecy. God does know, and He does limit, and He does hold back in the areas of fulfillment of His Prophecy.

Now; we note that there were types of Prophecy that were given to men and they wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. So then, under this instance, a supernatural force was applied to the writings of these men. This was especially true in the Old Testament times. Moses was writing and he wrote Prophecy and then he blessed the Children of Israel before he passed into the plane of Spirit.

In the writings of Prophecy Moses said of Joseph.....Blessed of the Lord be his land. For the precious things of Heaven, for his land, for the dew and for the deep which croucheth underneath. For the precious fruits, brought forth by the sun and for the precious things put forth by the moon. And for the chief things of the ancient mountains and for the precious things of the lasting hills.

Then he said:...Let the blessings of the earth and the good will of him that dwelt in the bush, let all these blessings come upon the head of Joseph, him who was separated from his brothers. His Glory is like the firstling of his bullock and his horns like the horns of the Unicorn and with them he shall push his people to the ends of the earth. And they will become the 10 thousands of Ephraim, and the thousands of Manasseh.

Here we have Moses writing of what God would do with the House of Joseph, the Anglo-Saxon peoples. He spoke of the Lion and the Unicorn, and he spoke of their symbols and of their greatness, and he spoke of their land....somewhere out there, that they were to go to. Again as he talks of Joseph, he spoke of Oil and of Fruit Trees, and all blessings as the Birthright of Joseph.

When in the periods of History we come to the Coronation of David, and we see him standing by the Coronation Stone, and God spoke to David as he stood in Jerusalem and He said...I am going to plant you in another land and I will plant you in a land which you will never be moved out of. David recorded this and we see the fulfillment of this as we moved ever Westward, until we moved into our land and we will never move out of this land.

So we arrived at the land of the Giant Redwood Trees, and the land of the Myrtle Trees, and no where else on the face of the earth did the Myrtle grow and the Redwoods grow but in the edge of Palestine, and now here as great trees in these United States. But Yahweh has said in Prophecy; I give you another land where I have planted these trees. He is our God, and He speaks and we believe.

There are many false Angel’s, and many false gods, but at the ultimate climax of this then Yahweh will be King of King’s, and Lord of Lord’s. The only Eternal Potentate, the Almighty Yahweh in the vastness of His Universe. Today we are in the process of seeing the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, and we cannot look back over the panorama of History concerning our race without seeing it is in Prophecy.

Under the Prophets God spoke of His Household, this race. He has always told this race what was going to happen to them. He told thru His prophets of the transplanting of the Throne of David. He told of the captivity of His Israel, and He always told Israel before it came to pass. Today you can walk into Buckingham Palace in England and see a beautiful chart tracing backward from the Present Queen, all the way back to King David, who according to the Prophecy of Yahweh then this Throne would never lack someone to sit on it. How long? As long as the sun, moon, and stars were in the sky, there would always be someone on this Throne.

Then we also see in Prophecy the bringing forth of this great land of America, the land of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. We are the nation which grew powerful and strong from the beginning, and we came out of a tall and clean shaven people. So we have the evidence that God proclaims prophecy and then He fulfills it.

For instance, Ezekiel says the rising of the Kingdom, the rising of the British Empire was to come, and we know this for he says...who is thy mother, a lioness. And today almost every Royal House that has ruled over Europe came out of the House of Israel. For instance the Kaiser of Germany, and the Czar of Russia, and King George of England were all cousins.

Now; Yahweh has made it quite clear concerning His coming. For instance the areas of the Bible that deal with the Atonement and with the essentialness of Yahweh being embodied among men, was to be fulfilled by Prophecy. A Virgin was to conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Meaning “God with us.” And thus it was to us....a child is given, Unto us a son was born and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, and the Prince of Peace.

By this same token it was Isaiah who saw...That by His stripes we are healed. So then from the mysteries of Prophecy we have had the Atonement and the other factors connected with it.

Now; let us go back 5000 years before the birth of Christ. Here Yahweh was speaking to Enoch of the times and the measures. He gave unto Enoch the Majesty of the course of events when He would reenter Human Affairs. He would not step in and out of human affairs as He did with Joshua or when He moved with Israel, but He would come as a man embodied, born in a physical body, and He would complete the cycle of His own Messianic Destiny. He told Enoch of these signs and He told him of the two wanderer’s of the Heavens which were Saturn and Jupiter and how they would eclipse 3 times, or come together in conjunction 3 times in the Pregnancy of the Virgin Mary. He told Enoch that out of Aquila the Head of the Eagle would come a Star and it would move thru the Heavens and into the Head of Virgo and whey they saw that sign then they would know it was the right time. Then they could look for the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the period of that time. Enoch tells of this 5000 years before Christ. The Sabean’s or the Wisemen of our race were watching for these signs all that time. The Pyramid was built between 4000 and 5000 years before the birth of Christ and that Pyramid had the exact timing of the birth of Christ in the Passage Way. So we have the pattern of History.

Now we know this flood at the time of Noah did not come down into Egypt and we know it went out thru the Great River of China and also a wall of water came down thru Chaldea and at the city of Ur. In parts of it the water was 68 feet deep, but there was some of the city that was on high ground and it was not destroyed, and also there was no flood in Egypt. The word for “that land” caused this confusion.

We came down to the birth of that Child to Mary and we find that He was born exactly on the Pyramid ‘date-line’, and on the exact conjunction in the sky. For Yahweh had spoken it and it came to pass. He had declared this 5000 years before, but He had set things in motion in the Universe long, long, before that to bring all these planets into their proper position at the exact time.

There has never been a beginning to the Universe, but there has always been a transforming and a reforming of material and substance. God who is the Almighty Yahweh says:...You are my sons and daughters, you are the first born of the heavens in the earth, so by this pattern the Almighty of the heavens expanded His program. There is no doubt about the vastness of Prophecy. And we in our time have seen Prophecy fulfilled.

We have Peter speaking out concerning Prophecy of this hour, as well as the Apostle Paul, and when Paul wrote his Epistles to Timothy and others we then see that Yahweh had in a very special way utilized and taught the Apostle Paul by taking him into the Heavens and telling him to write in a Book the things that he had seen. He did this and all the story was int he Book...”The Apocrypha of Paul.” But of course the rouges saw that this Book was put away, but still people had copies of it, and more copies were made and so they tried to make a revised version to it, but that didn’t do any good, because still the story of Yahweh’s Grace and the work that He had outlined for the Apostle Paul came forth.

The Apostle Paul spoke and told us what.....’in these latter days’ would come to pass. He told us that in these latter days that many would depart from the Faith. He said that we would see a great trend develop where we would see many Ministers depart from the Faith. They would be speaking out against the great truth’s, while they were speaking of many things they could embrace such as.....Jesus was a Philosopher and a great Teacher and a mighty way shower. But they would not acknowledge the Virgin birth. At the same time they would hold offices in the Church and be responsible in the Church, and the Church Age of Laodecia would come in. The Apostle Paul talks to us about this Apostasy. He talked about this strange rebellion we find among our youth, in which they would have no respect for parents, authority or God. So under this instance the Apostle Paul told us this time would come and we would have this terrible experience.

Now; this doesn’t embrace the majority of Ministers, but we have in the National Council of Churches and in the World Council of Churches Ministers who are fulfilling this Prophecy and some in the denominations. However, these are not the Church of Jesus Christ. But the Prophecy that came from the Apostle Paul declared that there would be a great change, even in the Church, as well as in the false Church, because as the false Church builds and emerges now as one Church, so also there is going to be One Faith, One Lord, and One Baptism, and you are going to discover that the Gospel of the Kingdom is going to spread to the ends of the earth. There is no doubt that the gathering of the people, by the Gospel of the Kingdom will become more and more apparent as the days move on.

Now the average Minister of today does not go along with the peculiar leadership which has been selected for the Hierarchy, but Prophecy says that this is to happen and that it would be a sing of the time of the end. In the writings of Peter He tells that there are scoffers saying where are the signs of His coming? And since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they have from the beginning. What they don’t understand is that we have had one world order that passed away in the Upper Tarim Basin by water and now Peter is starting to Prophecy and he says....God has showed me that this world order that is fighting the Kingdom at the end of the age, is going to dissolve in fervent heat. That this will be a strange and unusual development of elements dissolving in fervent heat and the world order passing away.

(What happened in 70 A.D., was the end of the Kingdom under the world order of that time, but the same world order would be still in existence at the end of the age. That was a dispersement of the Jewish-Cainanite world order all over the world, the dispersement of the Christian followers into their right place in History.)

The Book of Esdras says there will be horrible stars burning over the cities of Asia, that rule their hour with the Beast, and they shall turn to ashes and dust, and then that Prophecy is yet to be fulfilled. Make no mistake about this, the prophecies concerning the time of the end go back into the Old Testament as well as come out of the New.

He tells us distinctly about the gathering of the hoards of Asia and Africa. He tells us how He will bring Russia and her hoards forth and she shall come with suddenness against the U.S.A., and the nations of unwalled villages. He talks about this and He says...I am going to be known as the Holy One of Israel, for I am Yahweh thy Yahshua. And then He says... I am going to bring them forth, and they shall be smashed by My people Israel. Then He talks about how His people, Israel, are His battle ax, and His weapons of war, and with them He is going to smash these forces of evil.

So we may look into this present period of History of time and we see that Prophecy is still rolling on. We are interested in Prophecy and we want to know what is going to come to pass next. What is going to happen next. And we look forward to the return of Jesus Christ.

But it was not without the panorama of the Old Testament Prophecy as well that we look forward, for their writings in the Old Testament also referred to this as ‘the Day that Yahweh would arrive’, and the day that Michael the Prince would step back into the picture and fight for the Children of Yahweh’s Kingdom as he fought for them in the days when he threw Lucifer out of the Heavens. And then in this instance it says that the Ancient of Days, the Eternal One, Yahshua the Christ would come and the Saints of the Most High would take the Kingdom and then possess the Kingdom for ever and ever. My, how many times we are told in Daniel that the Saints were going to take the Kingdom and then possess this Kingdom for ever and ever? While Jesus was in His Ministery, and thus embodied in the earth, how many times did He speak concerning things which would come to pass?

When the Disciples as Him concerning the signs of His coming....and the end of the age, He talked about the wars and rumors of wars, and He talked about the fact that if it wasn’t for the Elect’s sake there wouldn’t be any flesh left on the earth. Then He talks to them also about the untimely budding of the Fig Tree, and the false Israeli, and the rising up of Ancient Palestine, and all these factors that we see coming to pass. He said...why ye see this then you know that the time is at hand.

Also when He spoke of this He point out that the Temple of Jerusalem was in the hands of a Pagan power, and that the Priest’s were evil and the people of Jerusalem were evil because they were not Israel. They were Cainanites, Amalakites, Hittites, and other ‘ites’, and they were of the seed of the Dragon, and of Lucifer’s Kingdom.

And then Yahshua the Christ said...in the hour that I return we are going to take care of this situation. We are going to say....bring hither these, mine enemies, who would not that I should reign over them and slay them before me. But He declared this as Prophecy, more than this He prophetically determined that as the lightening shown out of the East to the West, so would the coming of the Son of Man be. With the Hosts of Heaven and with the Mighty Armies of the Most High God would He sweep in with a triumphant overthrowing of the powers of darkness. He would break their swords and He would empower the House of Israel for a great and a mighty triumph. Thus in the Book of Revelations we have an entire volume dealing with Prophecy and with the events that He is bringing to pass.

So under the instance of this we see that Jesus is dealing with His return, and He told them when He left and ascended into the Heavens that this was one place the Jew’s could not come, and when He returned He would put them in the place where they needed to go. The fact was...that under the instance of this we have the triumph of Yahweh and we have the sure word of Prophecy. We have not come to the end of Propheyc, but we are living in prophetic times. We are a part of His Kingdom, and His Kingdom shall endure forever.

He continues to point out the areas of Prophecy and its fulfillment, and He talks of the world order, and its fight to destroy the Kingdom and that the Kingdom shall triumph and then comes the New Age. So the New Testament is filled with Prophecy as well as the Old Testament. Then Peter comes forth to tell us that we have a more sure word of Prophecy and we would do well to take heed.

Alright then. We have had the entire course of Christian History. We have had the periods of exertation in Evangelism of the Sending of the Apostles. Then the ever increasing stream of the activities of the Church. And they have Ordained Ministers, and Ordained Ministers and they have spread them throughout the areas of Christianity. Then today we have Christian Nations and they are predominately all white nations with the exception of Formosa....but there its the white man’s influence that made it Chrisitan. We have the areas of the development of the Church. Now the Church was good for telling the people how to behave and how to live, but there was a limit to this. Because the areas were Prophetic and they were bringing forth the areas of our time. So we have arrived now at an important area of time. We are no longer in the area of time of our grandfathers. We have arrived at the time when we know how to behave and if we don’t behave its our own fault. We know what to do and what God wants us to do.

What God is now calling attention to is to speak out against the forces of Darkness. We are being called to gather the children of His Kingdom and clearing the decks for action. We must be preparing for the final climax, and we must be lifting our head, for from whence comes our strength. We are looking for the appearing of the Christ.

I tell you again to go back to Enoch and find out what would transpire in the Day of the Lord. Enoch sited that there would be again the signs of the Son of Man in the Heavens, and they came, those signs, right on time in February 1962. They appeared in the sky in the Constellation of Aquarius, in the Heavens and the heathen mourned and wailed but Jesus said that they would do that. (So Jupiter (Christ) beat Saturn (Lucifer) in Aquarius and knowledge began to be poured out.)

Then came the time of the 42 months, this is the time of the tares and the tares would continue until suddenly that time of the tares would end in a complete and final end for Yahweh said:....I will remove the tares first.

Under this instance we have a given period, we have a measure of time, and Enoch said these will be the signs.....and the Lord will come with 10 thousands times 10 thousands of His Saint’s, and will call His Elect from the far corners of the earth. Enoch told us this and we have a record in the Scriptures, for we have a sure word of Prophecy.

So it would be well to say that we are a Prophetic people. We not only depend on the Most High God for His Prophecy and its interpretation, but it is not a private interpretation for it is written in such a way that it can be understood, and it can be realized that this is the Word of the Most High.

In the instances of His command He says:...I speak to you, I call to you, I sound forth My word to you. God has not stopped the gift of Prophecy. In fact in the New Testament one of the 9 gifts of the Spirit was the gift of Prophecy. He gives according as to those He wills, to have the gift of Prophecy, and He has given to His ministers whom He has raised up for His purpose, the insight to understand the things which shall come to pass and this too is the gift of Prophecy. Now we are not taking the words of the Ministers of today and putting them in separate scrolls and books or there would be no end to the Bible. But the fact is that they are prophecying and they are proclaiming the words of Prophecy today and siting that we are in the climactic period of the Latter Days, and we shall depend on a more sure word of Prophecy. It will be rather hard then for the agnostic or the Clergy of the Heirarchies of today to gainsay the Prophecy of God.

They cannot tell us that they did not come to pass, and they may call all these happening coincidences, or say it was a lucky guess, but it is important to get dates and times and conditions with the accurcy of this Bible. We who depend upon it and we who depend upon the voice of God for guidance and for leadership shall embrace its truths. We shall look for our Yahweh and we shall depend on the voice of Prophecy which moves out of His Word, and to our time in this hour.

As we move into the events that are ahead we shall behold our Yahweh....and the Majesty of our Yahweh, and we will be joined to HIM.

(End of this message)