Mount Up With Wings Like Eagles, 10-27-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-27-63

As we turn in our thinking this afternoon to a people whom God said, “I shall bear thee on Eagles wings,” we here in the United States have a special affinity to the household of God and to HIS kingdom with this great emblem of the Eagle. We were once ruled and guided by people selected by the people, who had infinitely more spiritual leadership than the leadership in the United State today. In the days of our early Presidents, they understood the ancient symbols related to our society. Surrounding George Washington was a group of very astute men who with spiritual vision understood the necessary symbolism and its connection to the destiny of this great nation. As one studies the background of the symbols of the United States and the great number of emblems and seals of our various states, one becomes aware how well known the physical oracles were kept alive inside of God's kingdom of our founding fathers as they related to our identity. One outstanding emblem which belongs to your race is the Eagle. And as you look upon the seal of this nation and upon our dollar bill, you can see the symbol of the American Eagle its wings outstretched while upon its breast the paillasse of the nation. And above you will see that this nation is one nation made out of the many tribes of the house of Israel---this kingdom of God.

For in the talons of this Eagle are the arrows of Joseph and the olive branches of Israel. For Israel is an Olive tree and all of the Olive branches are sealed by the spirit into the tree marking again, that all Israel would be gathered marking prophecy. And all Israel would be saved as it is written by the Grace and the glory of the MOST HIGH GOD. Above that symbol in your shield is that Shekinah Glory with the symbol of Israel as the stars, for you were numbered as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the sea shore. But the significant thing about this is that the Eagle and the Eagle kingdom is a battling kingdom. Along the background patterns of its existence is the realization that long ago in the Star Bible the Eagle was set to strike at the head of Hydra the Serpent. For the Eagle is a serpent killer. The Eagle fights the forces of darkness symbolically. The symbol of Lucifer, you are told in the book of Revelation, and all that relates to him, is the symbol of the serpent and the dragon. So the Archangel was known in his fallen state as the Serpent and the Dragon, or the devil. And he is also symbolized thus, and so is his household, his children of today, by the pattern of the Serpent. You will discover today that the enemies of Christianity well identify themselves by the patterns of the Serpent. You may go down the street and see on the Synagogues that a great number of their six pointed stars, which is of course, an altered star from the original


patterns of two pyramids welded together, and their six-pointed star is made out of the snake. In the great stained glass windows of the Synagogue is the six-pointed star with an interwoven snake. Thus, they are the children of the Serpent. Jesus, speaking to them, remember, said, “Ye are of your father and the lusts of your father ye will do.” Then HE said to these very same people, “You are the generation of the serpent and the viper.” Who warned you to flee from the wrath and the judgment which was to come? There is one basic enemy of the Serpent and that is always the Eagle. The cruising Eagle flying high will spot the snake upon the ground and with a piercing scream will fold his wings an dive, and then come up with the serpent in his beak and carry it high, and then to drop it upon the rocks. The snake killing Eagle is the symbol of the continuing pattern of that which is evil. We point out to you that even back in the days of the Aztec, they understood this. And the Aztec Eagle was pictured carrying the serpent aloft to be dropped upon the rocks. This is to be found in Mexican lore today, of the Eagle carrying high the serpent. We point out to you that this symbol was carefully selected for this great nation under the heraldry of Manasseh, that it might carry out its counterpart, as the lion and the Unicorn were the symbols of Britain, and later also they used the Bull for the house of Ephraim.

We point out to you that you are a part of an Eagle race. And as such, you are identified in your battle with the serpent. And God refers to Himself as the Great Eagle of the Universe, the Master of the air, and looks down upon all of those who constitute HIS race and HIS household, and upon these Eagles that HE has raised and has brought to the height of the air so that they might battle the serpent and might militantly be the symbol of a triumphant kingdom soaring out of the heavens to destroy darkness in the earth. These patterns were understood in the ancient Wisdom schools that were carried forward in your race from generation to generation. It was understood in the background of your ancient life in ancient masonry, and had its part in the symbol emblems of the Eagle.

Remember the marching signs given in the days of Ezekiel, when one whole quarter of Israel was the symbol of the Eagle, altho the Eagle symbol also represented all of Israel in the pattern of divine purpose? We turn to the 12th chapter of Revelation as it relates to your nation and we notice that it says to this woman who happens to be identified as Israel and who brings forth the sons of God in the living earth. This is not of course, referring to the Jews, for they have no part nor lot in this matter. And they are not the seed of the MOST HIGH GOD for Jesus had already identified them as the sons and daughters of the evil one. We point out therefore, as to this great woman of your race, or the race as itself. But the two wings of the great Eagle have been given to her. These are to assist her in time of persecution and in times of battles fought. For we are told that Lucifer had been defeated in the heavens by Michael the Archangel. And after that, he goes to make war against you who represent the household of God. You have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ according to the 12th chapter of Revelation. And it is against these people who have the testimony of Jesus Christ that the forces of evil wage this relentless war.

Now unto this woman is given the two wings of the great Eagle. Significantly thru the last years of war, and for 50 or 60 years, it has been symbolically manifested that the strongest nation among the nations of Israel, the White nations of the Western World, is these United States of America. And it is the outstretched wings of the Eagle that stand for the gathering point of all of the White nations of the Western world as they now stand against the hoards of the anti-Christ and the powers of darkness as they stand as the symbol of Communism and all of the tyranny involved. We make of course, an apology for the national leadership in Presidents, because he does not seem to have any part nor lot in the concept of our destiny. But this is not for long. For soon they will be forgotten in our history as the kings of the past, for their errors did not follow thru with the project of God. You may remember historically, the names of Rehoboam and Ahab, but their names never go down on the honor roll. And so will it be with some of those in our time. This is the time of ‘Jacob's trouble.’ And as such, this means that the great nations of the White Western world, this kingdom of God, are in trouble because of this power of darkness and this force of evil. And inside of your own nation we are watching this struggle developing here because of poor leadership which permitted the enemy of God's kingdom to move in.

Again we challenge you, that your destiny is to move against the snake and the serpent. The Eagle is the snake killer. Remember this as far as the emblems and significance that the two wings of the Great Eagle are two symbols of leadership. And leadership in America will be from these United States in leading the kingdom in its battle and success. You are still in the area of being the leader of the arms production in the world. The problem we have today is to see that the Serpent does not sell us on the idea of giving our arms away and standing defenseless before the Dragon kingdom. I think it is quite fitting that we see even the working of the serpent inside of these United States. Maybe you have noticed the pressure brought all over our nation, that following the vision of our fathers in the early days of our nation when we recognized at that time that we were a great nation under God. When the ‘all seeing eye of God’ made the pyramid house our scene of destiny with the outstretched wings of the Eagle and the glory of God above it as its measure. And in those days, we were not afraid or ashamed to recognize Jesus the Christ. Virtually every State recognized the embodiment of God as our Messianic destiny, and recognized that this was associated with a Christian pattern of Christian administration and sovereignty. In our national life, all prayers of significance and importance began with an appeal to HIM, and the prayer ended with the recognition of Jesus the Christ. We inaugurated our Presidents and opened all affairs of State and all sessions of Congress and the Senate with prayer. And we participated thus, with this appeal before the opening of the Supreme Court. And this was not something that happened just once in a while. It was something that happened every day in our national life. When there were deep and weighty problems concerning our Constitution and way of life, the entirety of the Congress dismissed with meditation and prayer to be guided by proper spiritual guidance. And we were not ashamed to acknowledge the MOST HIGH GOD. In those days the Serpent had not carved out a sufficient nest and they did not call themselves the B’nai B’rith. And they did not have an ADL moving across our nation like the spawn of the very viper itself.

But in your time, the spawn of this very serpent has sought inside of the Eagles lair, to destroy the eggs of the Eagle. At this very moment he is seeking to destroy the very foundations of your society. This is the serpent challenging you inside of your own nation. The decisions that were made by the Supreme Court were actually made first by suits before that court, and were handled by the ADL and the Jewish American Congress that spawned their Jewish hatred of Christ and things which stood for Christianity. They tried to take prayer out of schools. Not that they do not position their own Luciferian father. But the fact remains that they wanted to see all prayer crushed out, all spiritual dynamics swept from this nation, so that an empowered Eagle would not finish his task and find that there were serpents close to his own nest. I think that it is time you realized that the time has come when they are getting ready to move into every area of spiritual recognition to take away all national recognition of God and all citizens recognition of God from any State level. “Woe unto the nation that is ashamed to recognize God upon its State level.” I point out to you that we have had some evidence of this very week. The ADL and the B’nai B’rith and the other Jewish organizations here in this county, have brought pressure upon the Boards of Education to outlaw any recognition of Christ or Christmas for this year. No Christmas trees, no recognition of Christ, no carols, no lights in the City Hall. Nothing that comes with the recognition of Christmas is to take place. The Jews have put on their pressure. And actually, this is going on all over this state. I noticed that the newspapers in the north of the state, say that there will be no Christmas trees this year. There shall be no celebration or the recognition of the birth of Christ in this county or state this year. Even the fire houses will not have their beautiful pageantry and the displays that they usually set out in front of the fire houses. The Jews have decided that we shall not do this to honor Christ because it is not constitutional.

Let me tell you something, my friends. We have just appointed for our Christian Defense League, a Christian for the director of this county. And they will be taking over this responsibility. And this very week the assault will start. We are going to move in on Boards of Education, and we will demand that there be no dropping of the recognition of Christmas. That the majority of people in this state are Christians and we want this recognition of Christ to continue. And we will not allow the serpent to wipe out this recognition of the birth of Christ.

Now there has been much objection of school boards already. But they are starting to succumb to pressure. Oh, you say we can't get away with it? Then we will watch the City of Los Angeles struggle in the greatest area of race relations they have ever had in this matter. For if they are going to permit the crushing of Christ and the observance of the people for a Christmas celebration of happiness and joy, whether they like it or not, then there will be no Hannaka candle in any school and there will be no trading of trading of Christians with Jewish merchants. The Christian Defense League will take upon itself this recognition of the Christ everywhere. And it will be recognized in this county and passed on to every county and eventually across all state lines . . . that if the Jews do not want the recognition of Jesus Christ and they are going to cry about it not being constitutional for our state to identify ourselves with our God, then let’s not spend one cent with them anywhere at any time. And they will make no profit out of this celebration either. Let them pay the judgment of their own meddling. Then, my friends, let them receive the ill-will of their own people for their design to destroy our Faith. Yes, you are an Eagle people and we better start destroying the serpent.

I point out to you that the Eagle better scream again. Let the serpent destroy the nest and the eggs, then there would be no Eagles to fly tomorrow. I point out to you the symbolism with which the MOST HIGH GOD refers to you and your race. And in these instances in the 19th book of Exodus, in the 4th verse:-- “Behold, you saw what I did unto the Egyptians. You saw how I bare you on Eagles wings and brought you unto myself.” If you are acquainted with a little natural history which relates to the Eagle, you may be well aware of how Eagles look after their young. They feed the young birds in the nest constantly with live food, the food which is just freshly killed as food for the young Eagles. In this instance, they nurture the young Eagles with only the best and carefully provide for them. They watch very carefully the development of their wing feathers. And when the young Eaglets have the wing feathers developed unto where the parent Eagles believe that they are now ready to fly, they will crawl out upon the rocky ledge and they will gather the young Eaglets to themselves. And the young Eaglet will climb upon the back of the older Eagles and there they set their little talons deep into the wing feathers and rest upon the back of the Eagle. And the Great Eagle will soar out with the little Eagle upon its back; soar out from the great crags and mount, higher and higher upon the wind with this little Eagle upon its back. This is generally accomplished with both Eagles present. Not just one. And when the Eagle has reached great height with the little Eagle, they suddenly tumble them off their back and drop back. Some of the little Eagles fly and immediately adapt themselves to the wind. They will circle and try to climb back on the back of the great Eagle to turn and fly toward the crags and the nest. But if the little Eagle fails to fly and tumbles down, the great Eagle will swoop down and catch them again upon their wings, after taking them so high that they have ample room to pick them up lest they be dashed on the rocks. Never do you find the death of an Eagle because the parent Eagle did not provide for them. The sovereignty of the Great Eagle, watching them and teaching them to fly, is demonstrated. His care over his young is demonstrated. He bares them on Eagles wings and protects them, transfers them, and moves them. Thus, ------"I bare you on Eagles wings and brought you unto myself.” The God who bore you looks down upon HIS children and said, “You are mine for I bare you on Eagles wings. You saw the judgment that I performed upon the Egyptians, and I bore you unto myself.” Yes, even the serpent lost in the panorama of history of the Egyptian, was subject to the Eagle.

We turn again to the pattern of the Eagle. For everywhere in the scripture it is referred to, it is referred for the symbolism that it contains.

Now the Eagle mounts up on high and makes her nest on high, according to the 39th chapter of Job, the 27th verse:-- "Doeth the Eagle mount up on high and make her nest at the command of the Most High, and make her nest on high on the rock; upon the crag of the rock, upon the strong place.” This is the symbolism of the construction of the thinking upon -- the construction of God's kingdom. Thus, upon the rock, upon the strong place, as the eagle makes her nest. There is no stronger portion than upon the symbol of the Rock. Thus, God identifies Himself as the ‘Rock of Ages,’ the ‘Eternal Stone’ of this ‘Stone kingdom’ which shall never be destroyed or left to other people . . . the ‘stone’ that grinds to powder all of those who offend it . . . the ‘stone’ that the storms beat against survives. Thus, the symbol of the Eagle who builds her nest upon the high crag of the rock. And her young ones are raised upon fresh blood, and the height of the wind is where she triumphs.

I point out again, that at command, the eagle mounts up upon the rock and upon the crag of the rock. There is no other foundation that can be laid but that upon the ‘Man, Christ Jesus,’ as the Apostle Paul says “The Rock of Ages,” is the symbol of the strength and height of a kingdom with such a foundation. We turn to the 103rd Psalm, and again we see the significance. “For God said that HE redeemeth thee from destruction and crowneth you with loving kindness and tender mercies. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things so that thy youth is renewed like the Eagle.” How old is the Eagle? They reach the age of 80 or 90, and some times 100 years of age. In fact, just how long an Eagle shall live is not actually known, because of its ability to renew its youth. For the Eagle eats only that which is clean and freshly alive. It does not live upon the carrion. That is the difference between the Eagle and the vulture. Therefore, we point out to you that God said, “I have fed you upon good things so that thy youth is renewed like the Eagle.”

As the Eagle starts to get 25 to 30 years of age, it starts to build up calluses. His old feathers stay stuck in the calluses and this slows down the ability of the Eagle to move . . . slows down his speed. Then it seems that the Eagle realizes this and he returns to his nest. There he stands. And then one morning he arises and claws at the old feathers even tho he is bleeding. But when he gets thru with all that is holding him back and keeping him from being an Eagle, stands bleeding somewhat, but having cast aside all that was hindering him. Other Eagles will bring him fresh food since he is not ready to soar. Then in a few days, his new feathers will appear and the strength of the eagle has been reborn. And now the 30 or 35 year eagle soars forth again. He does this every 20 or 30 years, shortening the span between bouts as he gets older. This is the path of the Eagle, for he throws aside all of the dress that is holding him back. All of the old feathers that would not molt are gone and a renewed Eagle is the result. And as the other Eagles fed him at this time, thus, the Eagles depend on each other. God said, “Behold, I filled thy mouth with good things so that you could renew thy youth like the Eagle.”

An Eagle people. God is constantly renewing HIS Eagle people with spiritual vision, marking them with the patterns of knowledge, and holding back the patterns of error. Throwing off the patterns of ambition and error that might stand in the way of Divine ambition and success of the kingdom. Thus, it is, that the constant challenge of spirit is a good thing. And God says that HE fills thy mouth with good things . . . spiritual food, spiritual wisdom, and spiritual knowledge . . . so that you might renew your youth as the Eagle renews his youth. I renew thy mind, I renew thy health, I renew thy power, saith the MOST HIGH GOD. Yes, this is an Eagle people, this race of which you are a part.

We turn over in the book of Isaiah to the strength and greatness of the Eagle. “They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall renew their wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.” One thing that a man shall accomplish as he makes his life the achievement of the kingdom, he will discover that no normal standards will seem to have an impact upon him. For you discover that altho you find great weariness in the service of God, that continued added strength tends to lift the weariness. And before you have gone far in what seems the most extensive area of service, there comes a re-empowering, a renewing strength. The more you seek to expend of your vision, your life, and your talent for God, the more HE restores and enlarges your power of restraining resistance and the stronger a man becomes. "They who wait upon the LORD, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up as Eagles.” No struggle or reverse of the enemy, no storm or troubled walk can crush the strength of the Eagle people of God's household.

When I was but a young boy, I was out with my father on the Palisades on the west side of the Hudson river. Often, I walked along these woods and I looked down upon the Hudson River some 8 or 900 feet below. And these massive crags had some very interesting things in them. All kinds of wild life. But in the crags were eagles nests. And the Eagles seemed to dwell alone. And another thing interesting about you as an Eagle people, is that the Eagles dwell alone. They are not mongrelizers. They are not integrationist, for they dwell by themselves. And I think that if you acted a little more like Eagles, you would have less trouble with mongrelization also. But in this instance, the Eagles dwell alone. And I walked out there this day with my father looking down at the Eagles, there came one of those conditions that happens often in the summer time in the New England states. Suddenly the darkening sky gives indication of a coming thunderstorm. The wind is blowing out of the west, and the sky gets darker and darker until it is almost like the twilight at the close of the day. The sudden flashes of lightening makes you know that you are going to see lots of outpouring of water and one of those sudden demonstrations of nature. So it was this day as we were seated on the crags looking down at the eagles nests.

My father taught me a lesson that day that I have never forgotten. He said watch those Eagles as that storm approaches. Then off they went soaring, stretching, never moving a wing . . . just soaring on the wind. As the winds of the storm approached, they kept gliding and circling, higher and higher out over the Hudson River. They circled higher and higher until just tiny specks in the darkening sky. Then the storm hit the earth. The lightening was flashing and the thunder rolling. Water came in torrents as we took refuge in the rocks. And then after the passage of the storm which lasted for 45 minutes to an hour, and the sky was clearing, my father said, ‘take the binoculars and look way up there in the sun.’ And way up there high above the storm, were the Eagles soaring. They had mounted on the storm. They had mounted upon the very strength with which the storm swept the earth. High above the storm were the Eagles. I thought of this as this verse was brought to my attention. For as my father said, “They shall wait upon the LORD and shall mount up with wings as Eagles.”...the storms or all of the pressures that will be brought against you and upon the earth. But you, an Eagle people, will mount up as Eagles above the storm. And the very strength of the storm and the fury of the storm only gives unto them the ability of greater height. Thus, it is, that in the midst of fury, in the midst of struggle, in the midst of the powers of darkness, each one of you is drawn to the realization that you live above the storm. Even in the midst of the battle, you live above it. For you are continually in God's sunlight above the storm. Thus, the Eagle people also live above the storm which is not for them. And there they came down circling as they returned to the crags after the storm had passed. But this is only for Eagle people. This is why this emblem was selected for you, that as you talk about the ‘wings of the Eagle, the battle Eagle of God's kingdom’ is the symbol of the ultimate defeat of the powers of the darkness and the forces of the Dragon and the Serpent. We cite to you that in these hours the hand of Divine destiny rests upon your race. It is guided wisely even in events which apparently brought your captivity. Even when you passed thru the changing pressures of historical force, it was always guiding your people to a greater destiny.

In this instance, we look out over the development of the Western nations. We have watched the background from the earliest days of the Sethites, from their moving into the Persian Gulf, and from the branch that came from that house and then out thru the Caucasus Mountains. Their guiding influence from the days of this testimony and where they have gone, all of this, is known unto the Father before they happened. HE says that HE knew this from the beginning. But HE says that HE gave you the protection necessary to enable you to arrive at this destiny. In these United States where we are watching the gathering of our race, where as we are the house of Manasseh, and it is here where we are watching Angle-Saxon drawn together with others to make up a great nation, having a common denominator in Jesus Christ, and having a great background in a White origin to produce the great initiative of our society. So we have watched in these latter days, this planting in this great nation of leadership which took our nation as far westward as it could go. We have watched the soaring Eagle in leadership to great heights, and then we moved into the time of ‘Jacob's troubles.’ We have moved into the days of the challenge of the Eagle. And we have moved into the days and the hour when it is important that we consider what it is that is transpiring. Every force of anti-Christ is waging war against Christian nations. They are functioning in every phase in which Satanic kind has given them understanding. They are seeking to destroy the fundamentals of your faith and remove from you this most vital element of your heritage. They are seeking therefore, to make you a Christ less society. And they are seeking now also to make you a nameless society. They are seeking to remove from you all of your background and all of history that relates to you. Anything that relates to the history of your race, patriotism, and nationalism, is being assued today as something that is not good. I have listened to speakers over these past few years, who talk about outmoded and dangerous nationalism. But there will never be a day in God's kingdom when nationalism is old fashioned. There never will be a day when nationalism is out of fashion. For it is the life blood of the responsibility of a people carrying out the destiny God has ordained. So this is what they will see.

We point out for you that the President made his mistake a few days ago. But it is fortunate for us that he did when he said that he hopes there will be no racial problems and he hopes that this will finally be settled. But he said you are going to have to mix, socially, racially, ethnically and geographically. But I want you to know that we are not going to mix ethnically, for God has ordained that this shall not happen. For there will be a cleansing in our blood if there is anything in our blood that hurts this line of HIS kingdom. We are not going to mix racially ir-respectfully of all of these men not of the Eagle, who are ruling over us, with their serpent concept. We shall not mix racially under order or under bayonet either. For this, my friends, is where the defense of God will come to the defense of HIS people. And there shall be no destruction of our race. We will not be mixing socially because we have been given instructions to come out from among them and to be segregated. We are not going to touch the unclean things. We are not going to absorb them into our households or absorb them into our property. And we will not absorb them into our government because God will give us strength to resist this. We are not about to be absorbed geographically. But we are about to absorb all geography. And there is a difference here.

Whether you know it or not, my friends, the Eagle is going to be at the last battle. You can turn to the book of Revelation, and you will determine that this is true. And you can turn to the words of Christ speaking of these climactic days. He said, “Where the body is, there the Eagles are going to be gathered.” What Body?----the body of the great household of God's kingdom. The great and eternal structure of God's kingdom. Why the Eagles? --Because they make up the Eagle household. And I turn to the 19th chapter of Revelation. And it is talking about the Great and Terrible day of the LORD. And this is the Day of the LORD, and the faster it comes the better I will like it. For it is the New Order of the Age when Darkness shall be defeated. When the kings of the earth have ruled their day with the anti-Christ. All of the Socialists and all of the world conspiracy will be at this time challenging the authority of God. For God has declared that HE is going to establish HIS kingdom, HIS nations thru out the earth. They say HE shall not. HE says that HE will bring in the hosts of heaven. They say that they shall make war with the hosts of heaven. Then the MOST HIGH GOD GIVES HIS CALL TO ALL OF THE EAGLES OF THE HEAVENS AND ALL OF THE BIRDS OF THE HEAVENS, FOR NOW WE ARE GOING TO MAKE WAR ON ALL OF THE KINGS OF EARTH, ON THE RULERS AND ON THE POWERS OF DARKNESS. And again living flesh will be food for the Eagle, to devour the darkness and to defeat the enemy. This book of Revelation again carries the symbol of a successful rule of the nations. We are not going to be integrated into a world order. When this thing is all over, then God's kingdom is going to rule the earth from one end to the other.

No voice shall be raised and no power shall be heard that will appeal to any other god. For every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that the Eternal Christ is God. And I point out to you that in that day the Eagles will scream and the enemy will waver and will be searching for the rocks in the mountains, and will try to hide in the caves and in the places of the rock. But their rock is not as our Rock. Just remember that. But they shall be trying to hide from that Majesty and Glory that this day will be revealed. And in that day over these United States, that Glory will be in its fullness and that Glory which is the symbol of that Eagle and above its head--- “for THY KINGDOM WILL COME, AND THY WILL BE DONE,” shall have something significant to divulge.

George Washington understood this in his vision coming down to these latter times. It was understood by a great number of our leaders in this symbolism of the past. It was the ancient cry of the Victorious Eagle---the kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Yes, there will be forces at work. They do not understand that America has, deep down in the consciousness of the individual and invisible but dynamic, that resists all of the powers of Anti-Christ. This is what Mr. Stevenson, who has been so gullible, from the association with the darkness could not see. An Ambassador of the anti-Christ (U.N.), he did not know what was going like a great surge thru the hearts of the people, to say ‘NO.’ When he speaks out today, then we need to impeach the power of the United Nations, its power to enforce, its power to advocate and to enforce with a military police force--its will. And he says that we must force all nations to obey the law of the United Nations. Not the law of God but the law of the United Nations. And the citizens here must be ready to accept the surrender of their sovereignty. Must be ready to set aside to become a part of this great United Nations law. Thus, Mr. Stevenson talks about it. But the power of the United Nations must be implemented until it makes us obey. And if there are people here who will not go along, the authority of the United Nations must make them obey. And the people in Texas exploded. The Texas governor then had to apologize, for he had forgotten that they were a sovereign nation and they did not have to accept this directive.

Someone said, ‘that is a terrible thing for we adhere all kinds of violence.’ Well, we adhere all kinds of peaceful surrender of our sovereignty. The pickets did a good job of picketing. And if someone gets clobbered by one of the pickets, that is just too bad. I saw the other day, that Mr. Stevenson was one of the directors of one of Mrs. Roosevelt’s Memorial fund and that the Post Office of the U.S. has put out a Memorial stamp. This was bad enough when we had to see that picture for so many years. But now we have to look at it on our mail. And the Post Office has put a new cancellation out, and it says, ‘give to the Eleanor Roosevelt foundation fund.’ Thus, the U.S. Government is canceling in the Post Offices in eleven cities, the Roosevelt stamps and all others, by telling you to give unto this Jew controlled Roosevelt Foundation. And this is a violation of Federal law. The U.S. Government cannot be a party to collecting money for a private cooperation and institution which is trying to surrender you into a one world government which is dedicated to the end of your national sovereignty.

Yes, this is like the idea that we are not going to spend so much money on big bombers, for we have gone to missiles. Yet we are spending a lot of money building six horsepower turbo jet motors in the Garrate Aviation plant in Arizona. But these turbo jet motors are to be used by things like bombers and attack planes to be used in counters urgency warfare. This a warfare against the citizens of the United States. I think Mr. Kennedy’s hand is showing and McNamara's hand is showing. The serpent moving in and out among the pentagon is showing. For the air craft that we are now frantically building is for the citizens of America because the Serpent thinks he is going to ride high. I predict that the Eagle will pluck out the serpent before he gets these things into use. As you hear these things and watch these developments, it is time again for the Eagle to scream. For God gave you this destiny and this symbol for this responsibility. For you are to strike the serpent and lift up the standard.

Warfare is being conducted against our children in their schools as the serpent seeks to change the whole pattern of education. The other day, I purchased a history book being used in our schools, and I thought this was a rather interesting one. For it starts from the Civil War and comes down to the end of the last war. The whole book was filled with lies, but beautiful pictures stamped with the U. S. And inside of it was one untruth after another as the story was twisted and warped. When it got thru, it had done away with your greatness and made you so dependent on Asia and Africa, that it is a wonder that the White man ever built a civilization. As I looked over these area of the text and saw that the whole program was being developed to sell us on our utter dependence upon the pagan forces of the world that we were sent here to conquer and rule, I read a rather significant thing. They said that it had now become essential that we now recognize our utter dependence, and recognize that for any individual to extend his vision, his way of life over others, is to interfere with their world privileges and life.

The other day someone called me and said, “Dr. Swift, they are starting ‘I Wonder’ tests in the schools. And they are asking the students personal questions and things, which are none of their business, to pry into, as it relates to the students. They are asking them about things which relate to their home life. They are asking them questions which relate to their parents, and about sex, and about their religion. They are asking them what they think about Negroes and about the various races, and whether they would want to be associated with them, and whether they would want marry with them. And those students that answer them as they should answer, are immediately looked upon as downgraded and suspect.”

Now this, my friends, is ‘snake medicine.’ And it is time again that we hear the Eagle scream. I saw the other day that in some of the L.A. schools in this Los Angeles area that immorality and depravity have reached the point where all types of depravity are going on inside of the schools in the corridors of the schools. I see that all kinds of relations are going on between Negroes and Whites. As the pressure exploded and people demanded that the Board of Education do something about it, they said this is out of their jurisdiction, and the only control they have is whether the students get their lessons, and the areas they provide for them for scholarship.

But they had no right to move into areas of their emotions or their love life or any of these patterns. So immorality and depravity can go on in our schools because this is out of the areas of responsibility of our educators. So let’s get rid of these educators and get some Godfearing Eagles.

In this past week, we have had an opportunity to see how mongrelization has affected the schools in this area. Warfare and with witch doctor steps moving against the Whites until they had a great clash in the streets as Whites moved to defend themselves against the Negroes in Moren county. They had to get the police department out and surround the campus. --Why? Because they have moved Negroes into the schools and onto the campus and they bring trouble.

Now don't talk to me about being able to follow ‘snake medicine’ instead of the lore and direction of the MOST HIGH GOD. We never had to bring the police to the schools when they were predominately all White schools. We never had trouble like this in these schools before. We did not have students being cut up with razors inside of the schools; some of them dying and all of this just hushed up. We didn't have violence with half of Oakland streets having to be sealed off half of the night. The newspaper tells you to stay off the streets and don't go any where at night, unless you have to, for the police cannot control this situation. My friends, whenever we follow the advice of the serpent instead of screaming like the Eagle, we move into an hour of judgment in our own area. I understand that they are sending hundreds of officers into the west to deal with the race question.

The other day one of the leading agitators, a Negro speaking in the South said, “You know--this place is going to catch on fire and burn from here to San Francisco and to Chicago.” He said, “It is going to burn hotter here than it is in the South, for here they are not willing to integrate as much as the South. Because they have never had these conditions of integration.” He said, “They think we are fooling, but we are not. We will burn it to the ground.”

We do not hold the position that the archbishop of San Francisco took the other day when a woman 60 years old was stripped naked when she was at the altar of a Catholic church, and by her side was her four-year granddaughter, and they were assaulted by Negroes. These Negroes had been going to church. But they were robbing the church and they assaulted the woman and her granddaughter at the altar. The Pastor reported this to the police department. And they said, “We are not going to put up with this any more.” And what happened? The Archbishop and the Chief of the Police were denounced, and the church said that they would reprimand the Pastor, for he should never have reported this. For the Christian church is to suffer in silence and never do anything to disturb the race relations.

Let me tell you this. The Christian church is not to suffer in silence. The Christian church is to rise and challenge and ride to victory. They said, "This is fine.” But it was violent. It was sordid. It was a crime. It was Satanic. And the way to take care of this, my friends, is not to gather together to have a prayer meeting, but you move in and clean up this kind of a situation. If it takes a thousand ships to move all of these depraved people out of here and if they have such a civilization, let them start it in Africa.

I point out to you, that HE said, “I will renew thy youth.” Do you know that HE is going to start to challenge a lot of people in this generation? There are a lot of people that have moved into their sixties and seventies that are going to be a lot more active than the youth. You say, “Why is this?” Because this is the generation that has witnessed a lot of things. But this generation still remembers freedom. And this generation still remembers liberty and this generation has lived before the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And this generation shall not pass away before all of these things be fulfilled. Then we cannot afford to have them pass away, for they are the 'only ones’ who will stand up to those who have been trained and educated by this generation. For those who have grown up in these households--- ‘train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.’ The greatest number of patriotic youth that I know have come out of homes that remembered the faith and stand firm for Christian Americanism.

Someone said, “We should do everything we can to produce domestic tranquility.” But we should tell it, tell it. And we should not bow to the devil. We should do everything we can until the cross burns high and clear and bright over all of the nation. I think that the time has come when by the light of the ‘Fiery Cross’ we might clean America up some night. Yes, this hour and in this day, the cry will go out to gather all of the Eagles in the air. And the hosts of heaven now join you for the battle of the kings. And when it is over, the kingdoms of this world will have become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST. Because righteousness will triumph over evil and the Kingdom of God shall be victorious.

The Eagle is the symbol of militant rightness of God's kingdom drawing its strength from that strange and intuitive guidance that the MOST HIGH bestowed as a symbol upon HIS kingdom. Remember that it is better to become a ‘snake killer’ than a serpent of the Serpent kingdom.

End of message.