Mountain Of God, 5-1-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-1-66

As we read the book of Micah we come unto the most unique passage in chapter four. "In the last days it shall come to pass, the mountain (nation) of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains and itshall be exalted above the hills; and the people shall flow into it." What are we talking about?---The mountain of the house of God shall be established in the highest of the mountains upon the face of the earth? We have come thru about 7400 years of the transplanting of God's household from heaven to earth. The household of God existed in the heavens thru out the ages of the past. Yet the vastness of the sideeal systems and the immensity of the creations has held us in awe as we recognize the limitless expanse of all that HE hath wrought, but we, as his children existed with HIM in the dimensions of Spirit. We walked with HIM, and we rejoiced when he produced a new creation. When the morning stars sang together, the Archangels were there and the sons and daughters of God shouted for joy as he brought forth new creations after new creations. In the course of development of such time, he brought forth the heavens and the earth. And in the development of the heavens and the earth, a whole panorama of vast history has taken place both in the heavens and in the earth. The rebellion of Lucifer occurred, and the throwing out of Lucifer and his hosts from the realm of the upper heavens occurred. The establishing of God's Kingdom in earth, and the bringing forth of this Kingdom out of one mans family occurred. Thus it is that HE produced Adam in his own image, and then separated Eve from Adam so that Adam might have a helpmate, and HE started HIS Kingdom from HIS household in the midst of the earth.

Thus we have watched a long panorama of events. We go thru the old Testament and we discover from the records of Adam down to our times, a continuing history of a developing people. Strangely enough, no other people are the people of This Book. No other people have the testimony we have concerning---Our GOD. When God is spoken of, then automatically our thinking turns to God as HE is.---The ETERNAL YAHWEH---The fulfilled YAHSHUA whom we call JESUS THE CHRIST.In all these things he has established His Law, His righteousness, and that he would have His Kingdom on the face of this earth. And out of the calling of one man's family he has brought down that Kingdom from heaven to earth. He has in testimony preserved and protected it, and when called upon for assistance by HIS people, HE gave that assistance. He followed thru from Seth--rather from Adam to Seth, and from Seth to Noah, and from Noah to Abraham, and from Abraham to Isaac, and Jacob. Then came the great fluctuation of the Kingdom, the multiplying and expanding on the face of the earth, and this was the way of God.---So we are told:---"Therefore the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains.(nations)."

Then we discover that this passage is exactly the same as the II chapter of Isaiah. So it is significant that the Holy Spirit which inspired Isaiah to write, also inspired Micah to write the exact same words.

"In the last days it shall come to pass that the mountains, of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills (small nations) and the people shall flow into it. And many people shall say:---come let us go unto the mountain of God."

It is rather significant that God has been bringing forth out of his people the fulfillment of these passages. HE is developing that Kingdom in the midst of conflict. And the Luciferian design has been to fill this mountain with a complex and unassimilatable people. To bring people who were the offspring of Lucifer and people who were turned by the Angelic hosts who did not keep their first estate, to fill this mountain. So we see them coming from Africa, and from Asia, but make no mistake about this:---the children of God are the with race,and the household of that Kingdom.

When HE talked of the mountain, he is talking about an administration--- ruling,---and he is talking about a Kingdom for that administration and that ruling. For instance: under this declaration we can turn to Daniel in the second chapter and we see that is says:---"The silver, the gold, and the brass and the clay, and the iron are broken to pieces, and together it became like chaff on the summer threshing floor, and the wind carried it away---and no place was found for them. And the stone that smote that Great image became a great mountain, and it filled the whole earth."

Here Daniel the prophet refers to the mountain or the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. And the 4 Kingdoms that were destroyed were Kingdoms that wage war, under the control of Satan's own household, or his own children. These Kingdoms were Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. Thus this shows that Gentile powers were put down by the power of His Kingdom.

In the book of Revelations in the seventeenth chapter it says: Here is the mind which hath wisdom:---"The seven heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits---there are 7 kings, 5 are fallen and one is, and one is not yet come, and shall continue for a short season." It is under this description that Christ gave John the revelation of powers which would be dominated,and manipulated,and controlled by the hands of Lucifer and his children. When he said 5 are fallen, he went back and started the counting with Egypt, Assyria, then Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece and under this instance one was still in existence which was Rome, as he was telling John this revelation. Then would come the 7th, which was Genghis Kahn and his hordes and the would be broken, and then would come the 8th, which would come out of the 7th,--- Genghis Khan and his hordes were gathered together by the same forces of Lucifer, by these same unassinilatable people who have always sought to bring down the Kingdom. Then with the death of Genghis Khan came the 8th.---out of Satan--the 8th,---World Communism.

Today these same people, gather the same hordes of Asia and Africa to hurl them against the Christian civilization. Make no mistake about this, for today communism marches. In the red square are signs of Lenin, and Marx, and Mao, and they are calling for the revolutions, and thousands are marching in their demonstrations of power, as they show the power overhead of their rockets and missiles,and all that mighty strength has been shown for conquering the world. Inside Peking and Moscow on May day comes the big parades of the weapons and the missiles, they have prepared to use against you. Peking and Moscow call for the conquering of the western world, and especially the United States.

This is the hour of the reds, this is the hour when they talk about what they are going to do, and we are in the last days, but when we talk about the last days we are talking about a scriptural identification of a period of time and of things that will come to pass. The scriptures talk about the day of the Lord, and we are in the day of the Lord, as we see the dropping of the atom bombs, and other signs of the times. But we have come down thru 7400+ years and here this afternoon, only the white nations of the western world serve and worship the MOST HIGH GOD. With the instance of a few exceptions where the scattered seed has been dropped, the religions of the world are still pagan. In fact since World Was I there were about 2 billion people in the world, then today we have 3.3 billion people, so that is a population explosion and preeminently the explosion is all over the world, but technically the great explosion has been in Asia and Africa. So under this instance we find that as we come into this time period of the end of the age, it is a time of intense detail, and God has declared that it shall be.---Thus in the last days it says that the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains. We have to then look for the most powerful nation in the nations of God's house.---This then is not hard to find for the United States is the most powerful nation in the house of Joseph. In fact the house of Joseph has been very active among the nations, for it has moved out in a great and tremendous development. It was the house of Joseph made up of the United States and the British Empire which is Ephraim and Manasseh of prophecy in time and history. They pushed out in great and tremendous developments, and spent 100 years colonizing in Africa and India and the ends of the earth, and they left their mark. At this time we are in what is called the time of Jacob's trouble, and there has been a great stirring which has upset the course of History. In fact Great Britain has withdrawn form Africa, India and Kenya, but these are temporary things which mark the end of the age. For God says: MY Kingdom shall be established in the highest mountain, and today the United States is the highest mountain on the face of the earth. This is going to be made manifest, and demonstrated in the days yet to come. The strategy of the enemy is constant and he works to destroy this house of God, but God has his dominion and His Sanctuary, and he declared that it shall come forth.

When God talks about His house then he is talking about His race, He is talking about these people who depend on HIM, who call upon HIM because HE is their God, and they are HIS people. This is an instance of HIS declaration: In the book of Micah it talks about how in such an hour that the Kingdom shall have a daughter on the throne, a daughter shall be a queen and be in one part of Israel. Thus it is that here---that in the first dominion the Kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem. Thus it is that the Queen of England is on the throne there today, and many nations are gathered about that would defile and destroy the house of God's Kingdom. They know not the thoughts of Yahweh, neither understand they HIS council, for he gathers them as King unto the fall. They are are pagans and they have no concept of YAHWEH---as YAHSHUA---the Eternal God. In fact they have no God but they think they have gods and they serve fallen angels which are no gods. They serve the orders of extremism in their own way. Thus under this declaration then Yahweh says:---Arise and thresh ye daughter of Zion, I will make thy horn iron, and thy hoofs brass, and thou shall beat in pieces many people, and I shall consecrate their gains unto the Lord, and their substance unto Yahweh---ruler of the whole earth. (Micah 4:13) Also see verse 10 of this same chapter for the promise---"Thou shalt go to Babylon, there shalt thou be delivered." (Micah 5:5)---And it shall come to pass in that day---that as these ancient assyrians rise up against thee that a declaration is therefore given, and it says:---that HE will rise up 7 of his ministers, and they shall proclaim thus saith the Lord: and it shall go out from one end of the nation to the other. And it shall go over those of HIS nations and those who are of HIS house shall be quickened, and awakened out of their sleep. And then shall he also galvanize into action principal men who shall serve as generals and marshals, and command the fleet and the armies, and the air forces,and they shall move against these who come against God's Kingdom. VS.10---and then it says that it shall come to pass in that day saith the Lord:---I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots: and I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strongholds of these who are thy enemies.

We have in our nation today those who would destroy the house of God.. It is rather significant that as we look out over the situation today, and the trend of this movement, and we hear people say--Oh Lord how long can this go on, as they see beatniks and all types of rebellion in our schools, and even in our government, and in all walks of life---that at least people are seeing this. However just remember this:---that this is not a majority of the people of God's Kingdom, rather it is only a minority, a vocal minority, an obnoxious and odious minority, and a noisesome minority led by Luciferian fallen sons of darkness, but only a minority.

In L,A. Times this morning is a typical story and it said:--These are good signs for it shows that mankind is throwing off his shackles of religion, for religion makes man neurotic. If others don"t accept their concept of God they want to destroy and fight their fellowman. Now with modern thinking and technology- we will move away from religion, and create a better world.---This is only one of those boobs who comes out and tries to make things look good as he advocates that there is no God. Then this Jew goes on to say:---If man could come back to earth a few centuries from now he would find that there was no religion anywhere on this earth, for religion was only superstition anyway, and it finally passed out of the picture.---This is the kind of a fellow that leads young folks to become beatniks, but he doesn't speak for the nation.---It is a strange thing that in the midst of all this upheaval and confusion that there are more people attending church today than at any time in America's history, they are searching in the old avenues as something puts them into their built-in belief, in YAHSHUA ------JESUS THE CHRIST. Now I recall another writing in the Herald Express, and this man says: "I never was interested very much in beards, but in Sunday School I learned about an unappealing Fascist type of Jehovah, he was a god of vengeance, and could never have been taken seriously for he could never have been a Christian. He wore a beard, and was as violent as Hitler, but of course we don't have a God like that anymore."

This again shows the lack of mentality. For if the God of the old Testament who was---YAHWEH THE ALMIGHTY---wore a beard, and had the mentality of Hitler--- then lets look at his plan and what did happen,and what will happen.

YAHWEH was building a Kingdom. He placed his Kingdom in the earth for it to benefit the whole earth as it developed the earth, and for the education of the whole earth. And those who warred against this Kingdom have been warned that they will be destroyed utterly. This has happened in history, and will happen again. This is not a condition in which God doesn't answer prayer---this is a condition---when the people of this Kingdom call on HIM to save that Kingdom, and HE answers quickly.

After all this world has been sitting here for millions of years and we---the Adamic race have only been here for a little over 7400 years, and in all that time YAHWEH has demonstrated that he is above all. So thus it is that they may not like Hitler, or other rulers of the past but---YAHWEH---our YAHSHUA THE CHRIST is not like man, for HE never failed. Everything that HE has declared has been or it will be accomplished.

For instance: these declarations in our papers today shows there is a trend to move people into areas of error about God, so they move in to try to destroy and crush the Kingdom. They are getting no where today, for the vast majority of the people in the Western World of today are in contact with God. They go about taking care of their homes, and their families, and they enjoy the patterns of life. A majority of these people have God in their minds and their hearts, for HE is a part of them, and when they have danger or trouble they call on him because they are HIS people, HIS house, and because they are HIS house, they naturally turn to HIM. However today, we have a small minority of our race who have been effected by this teaching and this invasion of the darkness. In fact so much so that in the rising of these 7 mountains--these 7 Kingdoms of the past, we have had a residue that have come out of them into our land, and they have brought their visions of darkness with them, and they seek to mix us and peoples of other races, and to stir up, under the guise of civil rights the process of our destruction.

In the book of Ezra in the 9th chapter---Ezra says there is trouble in our society for the people of Israel and the Levi and their priests, did not separate themselves as they were told to do. Therefore they committed abominations with the Canaanites, and the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Alsmakites and all the ites, as they took daughter from these ites for their sons and thus the Holy seed has mingles with the people of other races. The Holy seed---Holy is that which comes forth from God.---therefore we are told here that our race began to absorb under the propaganda and design of the enemy, the people of other races, and we had been told not to mingle with them. This mixing brought forth a confusion of faith, and Ezra was the prophet that God called forth in those days, because God was determined that HIS Kingdom should be pure. So under this instance when he called forth Ezra, he called all the children of Israel there at that time, and he told them to put out of their midst all the women and the children of those unions, and send them back to their own people, and thus by this method the children of Israel would cleanse their race, and their land. Ezra made this clear to them, and the tremendous rain which descended on their land after they had obeyed, made this very clear.

Now: he does not have to cleanse your blood or mine, or you wouldn't be here listening to this. He doesn't have to cleanse the blood of the vast majority of the people in America today, but there is in America today an area of mongrelizing. The wives brought home from the wars for instance, and the results of intregation. And this practice will be pushed more and more as it was brought out by the Attorney General as he says: We will continue to integrate people in housing, and in the schools, and we shall see that the movement is stepped up in that instance. For in 12 years we have gotten no where with this policy of integration so we will move forward with other methods, and ways. Well the Attorney General will have to discover that God says:---HIS Kingdom shall be planted in the high nations, and it is to be a pure household, that he plants and protects, and it is going to fulfill his will as he cleanses that Kingdom--again. Even tho he has to use the sword, he will cleanse again the household of HIS people---this is HIS declaration.

Now: It is a rather significant thing as they talk about how we have abused people. The Kingdom of God was to be a blessing to all people, and to bring forth knowledge. Well they showed the people of India how to plow the fields and to plant so as to feed themselves, but we find that they didn't want to plow the fields, and after the white farmers left they threw the plows into the river at the instigation of their pagan priests and they refused to raise the food to still their hunger, yet they sid and cry to the world to be fed. The same thing happened in Africa, and there the witch doctors fought against us. Here in the U.S. they talk about how we have abused the negro, but take a look at the true picture, and compare these people here with those in africa, and all those in India or in the Soviet Union. The cries of the propaganda people of the agnostics, and atheists, and the communist will not hold water, because in there United States, the American Negro has more literacy than all the people of Africa or the Soviet Union. So we have blessed the earth, but we are not going to surrender to the earth either. The powers of government have been moved by those who have manipulated our economy, and people say: Oh Lord how long---it will not be long before God establishes HIS Kingdom, and it will extend to the endless tomorrows.

We point out then in the book of Zechariah---when God speaks about His Kingdom that he is speaking about the size of the nation, and the power of his prophecy and he says:---Therefore O Prophet, thou shall proclaim---The two olive trees (chapter 4) have b________one on the right side and one on the left side.---Who art thou---Oh great mountain, thou shall become a plain and He shall bring forth the headstone there of---shouting Grace to it. And He beheld the headstone and it had the 7 fold eyes of God on the headstone, and it is the emblem that you see on the seal of your country. It is the stone of the nation which is the greatest of all nations, and to which the gathering of all Israel--is its purpose.---God in his planning and protecting of this land has prepared and developed this nation, for the great and mighty mountain of His Kingdom. For he has gone out over the earth and gathered the people who had moved according to his plan, and he planted in their land the Myrtle, and the redwood trees so they would have grown to a far greater dimension than they had in old Palestine, the country we left so long ago. So we have reached the final advantage point, westward---westward---in the United States. Here we have a land blessed with rivers and irrigation, and blessed with all things as God prepared this land for his purpose. He also established this land as a great and mighty land and set the headstone upon it. Then the Holy spirit which is here symbolized as the oil in the lamp is a constant flowing communication between God and his people, and he tells Zachariah how the oil will light the lamps, and that the lamps are the illumination of a city set on a hill. A people who are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. And the oil is the oil of the spirit and it comes forth from these two great servants of His, and from this great land which he hath chosen, and the 7 eyes of the Lord shall run forth thru out the whole earth.

The Zechariah said: What be these two olive branches which thru their golden pipes bring forth the oil (the holy spirit) that shall illuminate? And HE said: "Knoweth thee not what these be?" Then he said: "These are the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth."---So once again he hath proclaimed the mountain in the top of the mountains as the height of God's Kingdom, and the mountain of God., the house of God--shall stand. And he said: "Therefore I looked and behold a candlestick all gold, and I saw 7 lamps thereof filled with the power of God. and all this was bestowed especially--upon these two--branches.---Now: the olive tree is the tree of Israel, and the two branches are America and the British Empire. These two stood out before God, in time and history, but in these last days we have had an infiltration In these latter days we have had these strangers come in and they have swamped the top of our governments, and our society. Thus around the Prime Minister of Great Britain and around the President of these United States and around his staff have come those that would make this a hard period of time. Thus it is that this is a time of Jacobs trouble such as there has never been upon the face of the earth, from the time of the beginning up unto now. When you talk about giving our money away to abolish poverty, there isn't anyone who wants to claim it because the average American doesn't feel that he is in poverty even tho he doesn't have a lot of money, he is still doing what he wants to do and those that are well off don't want it either but the money is voted, there are grasping hands at the top and as this money moves into these projects we find that they are all projects for the world, and they are being sponsored by psychiatrists, and by doctors of the household of Lucifer.

Now: God said: I'm not going to be disturbed about this because in one moment shall this thing be set down. In one moment shall this thing be upset. and Babylon shall fall and great shall be the fall of thereof. "With violence shall Babylon be cast down." This is a development not yet made apparent, so they have brought into our midst the negro, brought here and sold to us by the Luciferian sons, and now in this instance they are talking of establishing the freedom of the Negro, and by their standards. Actually they are not acting in their own light, but here the Negro is being used by the sons of Lucifer. So it is that they talk about the strategy of darkness, and the plan of the great riots, and the mighty upheaval. But the nation is getting stronger and it is getting tighter,and tighter by the minute, because as the tension tightens a nation, they are expecting and getting ready for the upheaval of the Anti-Christ. Oh yes they can march in Moscow and in Peking and they can stir up the Negro here in this country, but this is a part of their hour of 1966-67, this is the design that they have in motion. Then God looks out on the earth and he sees HIS household and he sees it all over, and in the height of the great Nation he has built HIS Kingdom.

In the instance of the fulfillment of these events, HE does not leave you without an understanding of how he will do this. He doesn't change the picture. He talks about how He will suddenly sound HIS trumpet and He shall call his elect from the corners of heaven,and with the administering Spirits and the hosts of heaven, then YAHWEH will intervene to establish forever HIS household in its position of righteousness, and HE says: "I will again cleanse the blood of MY people." So under these provisions and under this declaration we know that YAHWEH who is true, and the YAHWEH who is faithful, and the YAHWEH who will bring to pass the deliverance of His Household---is in charge of all things. He will cut off all the witchcraft out of the land, and there shall be no more the soothsayers, and the graven images will be cut off,and the standing images shall all be removed out of their hands, and they shall no more worship the work of their hands. He shall pluck up their groves from the midst of thee, and destroy the cities of the hoards of darkness on the outside, and he shall execute vengeance and anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.

And then he says:---I will exalt MY Kingdom, and MY house in the top of the nations in the greatest of nations, so therefore we are forced to say again--there is no God by YAHWEH.

Yes they may work the contact, and in fact they do as their psychiatrists of today work on us, to try to get us to repudiate the deity of YAHWEH--our--YAHSHUA, and the standards of YAHWEH and the righteousness of YAHWEH and the segregation he has ordained in the preservation of HIS society. Among the pagans of the earth, the Buddhist and the Hindu of earth, this is not their way, for they talk of their gods, and they have their cast systems, and they pray to their gods and with all this they anticipate that they will move out to destroy the people which are the minority in the earth, The true minority is the 1\6th, of the worlds population which at this fluctuates between 1\5th, and 1\6th, and these are the children of God's Kingdom who shall emerge triumphant before our God.

We see these words, and we listen to the words of Jesus, and we remember that HE came in all the Majesty that was essential to HE who came--KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. But He also came by the route of the Virgin--the woman clothed by the sun and the moon under her feet, and he emerged out of HIS race, so that he might identify himself with HIS race. HE--YAHWEH--and they the Adamic race--HIS race to whom he is married, thus are identified forever.---Yes Lucifer went forth to make war with the woman, and all that remained of her seed, but in this triumphant program of YAHWEH, he promises Lucifers defeat. Then in the book of Micah he talks of how he shall judge among the people, and rebuke the strong nations a far off, and when he is thru with their defeat, they shall beat their swords into plow shears, and their spears into pruning hooks, and the nations shall not lift up their swords against nations and neither shall they learn war no more. Then shall every man sit under his vine,and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid, for the mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spoken. And every people will walk in the name of His God and we shall walk in the name of our YAHWEH--forever. Under this instance--again there will not be equality, there will be the assumption that the children of the Kingdom, because of their righteousness and because of their standards are far beyond the people of the world.

Then comes the time when the people of the world will say:---"Come let us go up to the house of Jacob and let us learn his ways--for here is TRUTH."

(End of sermon)