Mysteries And Symbols Of The Kingdom, 1-8-65


By  Dr. Wesley Swift- 1-8-65

As we turn in these turbulent hours in which we live to talk about Mysteries and Symbols of God's Kingdom, it must be understood that we are living in a period of time when every attempt will be made to obscure the background of Race by all the World Order, and all the powers of darkness know that they must defeat the Kingdom of God if they are to hold the earth. They recognize and know who you are, they know more about what you are here for than many of your own Clergy. And because of this they are seeking to stifle an area of remembrance of your origin, of the instructions of your God, and to get you to embrace the Universal god, a Multitude of gods, a World Order which would swallow up the Kingdom. We are however not disturbed as to the outcome of these events, we have no anticipation that the powers of Darkness which out number us in the World, will be triumphant. We have no fears tonight that this great nation is going to be swept from the face of the earth, or that a World Government or a 'Great Society' such as those already bemused and brainwashed would suggest is going to replace the great nations of God's Kingdom subordinating us to the masses of Africa or Asia, or to the forces of Anti-Christ whose blueprint has been understood. Their very thoughts and the thoughts of those behind the areas of this design have been known unto the MOST HIGH from the beginning. Thus the direction of the MOST HIGH GOD thru the lips of prophecy, thru the patterns of inspiration, thru those he caused to record have given us the blueprint and a pattern of things which are coming to pass today. There is nothing designed even in the camps of the Darkness which has not been known . . . foreknown by the MOST HIGH GOD, who knows how to compensate from these areas of error with spiritual charging power upon those who constitute His Household, to awaken them out of their sleep, to challenge them to accomplish the purposes He has ordained. I can assure you that HE can throw in the necessary ingredients to bring about the results that HE wants whether He has to send in the hornets to move people. He can send in the hornets as Biblical records have shown us or HE can create the situation where an individual is very, very glad to go. . .whether by a great storm or the Great Fish, whether it be natural disorders and catastrophes or whether it be the great spiritual awakening in the consciousness of man that so fills him with the desire to fulfill his responsibilities to His Father, to His Eternal God, and to those who are HIS Household that he carries forward his responsible orders. There are many things which are mysteries in the Scripture, the reason why they are mysteries is because God intended them to be mysteries. HE records Mysteries, HE even tells Mysteries, and those Mysteries can only be understood by those who have the key. Jesus said:...'I speak unto you in mysteries (Parables) so that they will not understand...but to you that understanding is given...For unto you is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to them it is not given.' With this declaration Jesus demonstrated that thru all areas of discrimination, a discrimination which moves into areas of religious and spiritual knowledge and understanding which must be the greatest discrimination of all. In this instance God makes it quite clear that HE does not intend to permit the swine to trample upon Truth, nor the areas of conspiracy, of darkness to understand the entity of Spiritual purpose that they will be able to seek to thwart by their actions the activities and developments which HE has ordained. God said He would not keep the enemy informed, He would not give to them the capacity to understand that which belonged to HIS Household..... Only to you The Children of Light would be given understanding of things which HE declares. Therefore, we discover this declaration:...'Unto you it is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them it is not given.'

Therefore unto you who are His Household, His children it is given unto you to understand the Mysteries of the Kingdom. To the Race which HE established in earth to build His Kingdom...He marked by symbols and measures, their existence in earth throughout the courses of time. And for this cause HE makes it quite clear that He has not opened up the minds of His enemies, those who are the progeny, or the mutations among men of the Luciferian line, and in their unassimilatable offspring. They lack the capacity in the seat of their consciousness to understand the Wisdom of God, or to receive even the Message that HE speaks. Tho they would hear His words, they hear them not as they are unveiled by the MOST HIGH, and they do not reach the consciousness of the Individuals. Jesus said to the Jews on Solomon's porch:...'Ye believe not because you cannot understand my words even tho you hear them.' It was not the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD to bring Revelation to the sons of Lucifer, and HE makes this quite clear. If you turn to the Book of Corinthians then Apostle Paul talks about the Mysteries and Oracles of God. And in this declaration he makes this also clear that there is a responsibility which belongs unto the true ministers of Christ, for these ministers are the Stewards of the Mysteries of God. If you do not think there are any Mysteries of God it is because this has not been brought to the attention of your ears. And if there are ministers today who say there are no Mysteries, it is because they do not have the discernment to know what these Mysteries are. This is one of the great problems of our time, for we are living in the church age of Laodicea in prophecy. We find an institution rich and increased with goods as it relates to an area of Cathedrals and churches, to authority, power and influence, but they lack the spiritual discernment which is vital and necessary. A church, or even a political institution which tries to go it in the middle of the road...being neither hot nor cold, then it is worth nothing in the House of God, for Jesus said He would spew such out of His mouth. There is no doubt but that in this hour the Laodicean church attempts to get along with everything, and everybody, to embrace everything for prestige, authority and for comfort. But I want you to know that the greatness of society and the magnitude of God's Kingdom is not built for those who seek comfort, but for those of you who have vision to expend yourselves in these areas of vision, until this vision so fills them in their being that they move forward in a constant vision and surge of energy and power until they pick up the movement of their vision in the challenge of their God.

I want you to know that in this hour there are a great number of people who are already somewhat stirred by the things of God. They are beginning to realize that God's Kingdom is tangible and it is real. They are also aware of the situations which relate to earth. They would like to see the Kingdom advance, they would like to see Righteousness and Justice return. They would like to see the forces of darkness eliminated, and they would like to see the end of error and evil in high places of Government. They would like to see the lifting of the burden of taxation, they would like to see a society which measures up to the standards of God's Kingdom, but they would also like to be very careful in doing those things lest it hurt them personally or financially, lest in taking their stand they find themselves criticized by people in authority. I want you to know that the Kingdom of God calls for individuals to be totally willing to expend all things. God has given them Stewardship and they must be willing to throw in all their energies, their vitality, and all that relates to their abilities to accomplish the objectives of God. That does not mean that He wants to take anything from you, for He wants you to be blessed with all good things. He said:...'I will fill thy mouth with good things. I will pour out such a blessing upon you that your barns will not be able to contain it.' For you are the Household of God, a Marching Kingdom...Pilgrims and strangers in the earth as far as the World Order is concerned, but you are here to occupy. Therefore there are times when God challenges His people to lay their lives on the line, but also to expend their energies and be perfectly willing to pour everything in their hands into the occupation of the Kingdom knowing that with the success of the Kingdom there is a Restoration unto them of all the things God hath promised them. That anything they have lost will be restored many times forward. For it is the Campaign, it is the purpose, it is the accomplishment that is the most important thing. What is this accomplishment? ....but that the Kingdom of God shall take over this World, that the Kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ. That every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that HE is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God). And as to that hour we watch as HE proclaims that 'I shall acknowledge these my sons and my daughters. I shall cause the world to know that I have loved thee. I shall raise thee to the standards of responsibility and you shall sit with me in the seats of authority, you shall reign over the earth from one end to the other.

Of course once in a while I hear someone say:...but we don't want to see anything which will push aside the rights of other races and other people. better wake up for you did not come down here to preserve the rights and privileges of the Luciferian camp, of superstition and darkness and of Witchdoctors. The MOST HIGH sent you into the world to establish a kingdom, He brought you into the world to accomplish one thing, to liberate the people of earth from bondage, to overthrow all the works of the Devil.

We use this word Devil....because this is the word which we find in the Scriptures referring to when it talks about a fallen Archangel. It talks about the hosts this individual gathered to wage war against God. It tells us about the orders of the heavens and the tremendous impact of the events which transpired in the ages of yesterday. It talks about a Celestial family, about the family of God, the Household of God, and these are some of the Mysteries that are found throughout the Scriptures. We are told as we move into this New Testament era that identifies the Eternal YAHSHUA or Jesus as the Eternal YAHWEH of the ages, that in HIS NAME, and thru the identification with HIS Spirit that all the family of heaven and earth is so named. The most important thing which you can know tonight is that you are the family of God. That you are His offspring, that you have come out of the heavens into earth. It is mighty important for you to know that the conflict in which you are engaged tonight as the Christian world faces the communist world, as the fifth column of the Satanic force seeks to come into the Christian nations, that the struggle is internal as well as external. It might be important for you to know that this did not start here in the earth, that it started far out in the vastness of space, and that the commander of the Mighty Fleets and the host of God was an Archangel by the name of Michael. And that according to the Book of Daniel he fought for you when you were in Celestial plains and now in earth in the midst of the problems that face you, the mighty challenge, and the inevitable, which will come to its peak between the white nations of the Western world and the pagan forces under Anti-Christ....that Michael again fights for you. This battle is as inevitable as tomorrows sunrise, it is already upon you but your leadership is not wise enough to discern its full scope. I tell you again...Daniel the Prophet tells us that Michael the Great Archangel shall fight for you again, shall join with you and the hosts of heaven and earth will be together as in the days of yore when he defended in the family of God. I want you to know also that along with these patterns of Divine purpose there is given unto the children of the Kingdom to understand that the Eternal God who was embodied in earth, the fullness of which dwelt bodily as the Apostle Paul reveals to us in the Book of Colossians...this Eternal Christ --YAHSHUA--who not only ascended into the heavens by the way of a great craft which was hidden in the clouds, and moving back into the far distant reservoirs of power and strength in the heavens said that this same YAHSHUA...Christ shall return. Not only shall He return but He will be coming back in like manner...embodied in earth... and clothed with Glory. And you are told in the Book of Revelations that the hosts of heaven will follow him, and Angels and Archangels shall be in command. Great and mighty fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD which have gathered the children of God from the four corners of the heavens will be evolved.

In the Gospel by Matthew then Jesus tells us the same thing, and in the Book of Luke we are told the same story and again in the Book of Revelation. This is done so that you might know that among the Mysteries of God's Kingdom one of the most important things that you can understand is that you are a special seed unto THE MOST HIGH GOD. That you are a race of reality in the earth, that you are the Princes of heaven ruling with God. The word is ISRAEL...Princes...issue ruling with God. You have been identified in earth as the Adamic race, you are the white race, in the image of the MOST HIGH. And tho you have lost some of your Glory because of violation of Divine Law which even at first was mongrelization, integration, by the seduction of Lucifer with his fallen status, since he did not keep his first estate. This violation lost for you your vitality which God has promised to restore. But never was the mind and plan of God changed, He foreknew from the beginning, and He has marked symbols and emblems that are very important to you because they help identify you...His Household.

I tell you today that this great nation under the outstretched wings of the Eagle is one of the nations of God's Kingdom with a Great Destiny, and the emblems and symbols which mark your nation were a part of the Divine Plan. There is nothing which is in the purposes of God that is not unveiled to His children, but these Mysteries are not to be passed on to the World Order, where they would not be understood.

There are some symbols which belong to you, and have belonged to you thru the ages, some of these the enemy camp has tried to steal because they knew that they were of great significance. And whenever they were able to penetrate to some degree your Ancient Mystery Schools there they learned the significance of those Ancient symbols and emblems, and they have tried to use them falsely even to this hour. But my friends, do not be confused for these emblems were significant, and of Ancient and vast significance. You may not know all that relates to the past of some of these vast Mysteries, but we assure you that there were great numbers of these secrets, of these symbols which followed your race thru its destiny.

Go back to the Psalmist where he talks about the patterns and the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD....'God looketh from the heavens and beholds the sons of men.' And in this declaration he says that those who are His Household...HIS generations are to remember that the Word of YAHWEH from the heavens was made, and the hosts of them that he hath ordained. He gathereth the sea together, and layeth up the depth in storehouses. Let the earth tremble and fear YAHWEH, let the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of YAHWEH; for He spake, and it was done; He commanded and it stood fast. YAHWEH bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought; he maketh the devices of the people to none effect. The council of YAHWEH standeth forever, the thoughts of His heart to all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is YAHWEH, and the people whom He hath chosen for his own inheritance. He looketh from heaven and beholds HIS sons. Psalm 33.

We read also that the Eye of YAHWEH is always upon them that love HIM, and upon them that hope in His Mercy. The eye of YAHWEH is upon them, and then back in the periods of antiquity one of the great emblems and symbols and measures of your Race was the fact that these of your race, back in the days of the Patriarchs were known as the children of YAH...and wherever they went upon the face of the earth they were thus marked. The Aryans were called the children of YAH, whether it be in ancient India or in the far off Steppes above India, or down to the Persian sea, for in your migrations then monothesiam was your religion, and as the children of YAHWEH you were known. Back in the days of the Patriarchs, in the story of their migration into the land of Egypt to build the great Temple of ON, to erect this great city of Light which was to be the beginning of great and tremendous works in Egypt, the Egyptians referred to you as the children of YAH...the children of Light and Resurrection...the children of Osiris the LORD of Light and Resurrection. Thus your Race in those days brought the Ancient symbols of the power of their God and among them was a great emblem which is in your Scriptures, but it also marked your race. It was on the Temple of ON, it was on the great marching emblem carried by the Savants of your race when they were divided into their groups of 12,000 as their segments developed this great city of ON in Ancient Egypt. Let me point this out to you in the Scriptures:...In Malachi, 'The son of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings'...This was one of the signs which belonged to the white race with its impact as the offspring of the Almighty God, the God of Light and Resurrection, and this symbol was a 'Winged Orb', and that winged orb is found all over the world wherever your race has gone in their migrations. The Scriptures refer to this emblem as belonging to your race. It is your Faith in a triumphant and Majestic God who conquers death....the LORD of Light and Resurrection that marks you as the Children of the Most High. More than this you were to understand that you had a great responsibility to accomplish something as you occupy in earth.

There were 144,000 Savants with Job and Enoch as they went into Egypt but you are not to confuse those 144,000 with the number found in Revelation, because some of these numbers are actually numberless, they are symbols of numbers squared and carried out by the thousands, times thousands, times ten thousands, times thousands of thousands. Now; let us go back to the original texts, old records and the things which were known from the days of Seth, and recorded in the Book of Seth, then on down to the time of the Book of Daniel and the Zohar, and they tell you that the hosts of God are one thousand times thousands, times thousands and thousands, thus there is no limitations. So when we tell you that in the Book of Jude it tells us that the hosts of heaven...when HE comes, will be thousands...then my friends this is an understatement of all times. When God talks about the cycles of the months, of the year, as indications of the organization of His Household in earth, and He refers to His Apostles, and He refers to the Patriarchs of Israel, then the number which they had was 12. In fact that number is the multiple of the great catalyst, of the Apostles, the Patriarchs, and 12 times 12 is 144,000 and carried out to thousands and thousands and thousands in the purpose of God. When people talk about 144,000 as being all of the real elect...all that are coming in the climax recorded in the Book of Revelation, this is not talking about just 144,000 individuals.

Here in Revelation I want you to understand that these people who are spirits are pure before the MOST HIGH GOD, whose Celestial nature could not be corrupted because being begotten of incorruptible seed they live and abide forever. And in the Mysteries which were understood in the Apocalypse of Paul...he talks about the fact that the spiritual being of the household of God cannot be destroyed. Therefore transgression may have occurred in their minds, they may have violated the laws, in the flesh, but this can be recompensed, this can be atoned for, and this has been done...has been consummated.

Back in those days when there were 12,000 Savants...for each month of the year for the building of the city of ON, they knew who they were and that they were going to Egypt to build a great and mighty Temple unto their God, and they knew the exact spot where they were to do this mighty building. They were going to build a great city of Light and Understanding, and as they came into Egypt they were called the Children of Light, the sons of Osiris the Ka of Ra, The God of Light, knowledge and understanding. In Egypt at this time there was a Pharaoh who had been advised by the evil Priests of Set and Soth...this Darkness surrounded him, and as they saw this great company marching toward Egypt then his advisors said we must bring forth out war chariots and turn back this power which comes into our land. Behold! They have sent Ambassadors before us proclaiming that they are the Ambassadors of YAH, and they say that they are the sons of the God of Light, the sons of the Universe, we cannot have them here. Why? Because these Temple gods of Set and Soth worshiped Lucifer and the Darkness, and they did not want this company from YAH coming into Egypt.

But there was one thing this company of the Sons of YAH carried which the enemy would soon meet. As they brought their chariots and hosts out to meet this great company crossing the plains, then the Sons of YAH brought out their great Discs...a symbol of their race. This was a great and hollow disc with lenses of highly polished brass or gold which would shine out with great radiance when turned into the sun. And in the center of the Triangle was the Eye of YAHWEH...this Eye which will always be above the righteous, whose Eye is upon the enemy of His Kingdom, whose Eye is to watch over His people...This is the 'All Seeing Eye of YAHWEH'.

Now; I know today there are a lot of people who so hate the revolution of socialism and communism, they understand that behind this Mystery Babylon the Great, is the Jewish world Conspiracy, and they also know that in the areas of the war against Christian civilization that an evil institution headed by the Conspirator World Jewish Power, called the 'Illuminati' was formed. They know that this Illuminati decided to take one of the great Mystery emblems which belongs to our race, to the Great Wisdom Schools, and they decided to use this as their symbol. So they took this symbol of 'The All Seeing Eye' and people who should know better, people who should have a better background today fight the Great Emblem of the 'All Seeing Eye' because they know that today it has a Jewish connection thru the Illuminati, and was tied thus to the Red Revolution....But I do see this 'All Seeing Eye' in the Russia's, or in the areas of this battle against us...except as I see this penetration of those evil forces who seek to hide themselves behind this Ancient emblem of your race.

One of the oldest symbols of your Race was this peculiar triangle with the 'All Seeing Eye of YAHWEH' in it, with the radiant Light which shown out from it, this was upon the shield in the days when Enoch and Job started to move into Egypt with all the hosts who followed them. And the war chariots of Pharaoh came and a great chasm stood between them, and as Pharaoh's hoards came they would have to move around the chasm to attack when suddenly those who stood with Enoch and Job lifted up this great concave like lens which caught the reflection of the sun and turned it into the eyes of the Calvary...these horsemen of Egypt. And the records of Egypt say to this day...behold the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, have come and they did turn the eye of YAH upon us. Our horses were blinded and they fell into the ditch. And they say that in the confusion of that hour that the Egyptians fell upon one another and many received not their sight again because they had looked at the 'Eye of YAHWEH' which was carried by the children of Osiris. Actually it was the reflection of the great condensed burning light power of this lens of reflected Glory that was carried by the people with Enoch and Job. Their great Disc was engraved with this.... 'Eye of YAHWEH', and this was to make its mark upon Egypt throughout the time of the existence of our people in that land. It was a symbol referred to throughout the vast background of the Wisdom Schools of the Patriarchs. And after all, Job was the founder of one of the oldest Eternal lodges of fellowship inside the nation, or the people of the kingdom of YAHWEH. He was the founder of the Master Builders...the Masonos of time. This had nothing to do with the Jews, there was not a Jew involved in that day. This was a Wisdom School of the application of Divine Law, the laws of Life and of Statesmanship.

Another symbol or emblem which they carried back before anyone talked about Chaos or all the symbols of the darkness which was seeking to make any of the pagan emblems from Ancient China or any part of the earth their master...this was the symbol of ...THE CROSS...which was to be lifted up. Enoch referred to this, and in the Mysteries of this Enoch talked about the fact that he was to identify the Great Spiritual School of Wisdom with the Cross that should be lifted up. You will note that the words were clearly understood by the Apostle Paul as a Wise Master Builder, and he thus referred to himself. 'God forbid that I should Glory save in the Cross'. He then identified this as the Cross of Christ but also carries out a significant realization of his responsibility to the Wisdom and knowledge of this school of Wisdom which followed your race down thru history.

Remember that Lucifer is always trying to penetrate your race, to get on the inside and find out what is going on, but is never able to capture the Spiritual rapture of Truth which causes men to serve THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Let me point out this again...One of the oldest emblems your race ever possessed was that Emblem of the 'All Seeing Eye' which was in the Triangle. Why the Triangle? Because God had ordained that in this society of this cosmic order the day would come when his sons in earth would carry back the symbol of the areas of worship which had happened in a world swept away in the ages before you arrived. The promise had been made to the Ancient Priest by the name of Horus, the Khufu whose people settled in Egypt that the day would come when God would again build Temples like they had in lands which plunged beneath the waters. The Scriptures tells us that Tidal, King of the nations, in the days of Nimrod was the king of these people whose lands had plunged beneath the waters. So in that day, in the writings of Horus we are told how great Temples were built like Majestic Pyramids in which the worship of the true God of the heavens had taken place, and then of course had been swallowed up by catastrophe which not only dropped whole continents into the oceans as they violated Divine Law, because they had gone over to a very evil practice. They worshiped gods which were no gods, and sought to devastate the earth, thus God sank their continents and turned them over to fury. Shaking the earth, thus split wide their cataracts and mountains were on fire. And steam blew their tops off as waters of the oceans rushed in. The fires of the exposed volcanoes helped to sink not only areas of the Pacific but also of the Atlantic. Nuclear wars occurred also in the antiquity of the Ancient world until some of the these areas were dropped beneath the ocean. The isotopes of their radio activity can still be found today in the islands of the Pacific.

Let me point this out to you...that declaration that there would come a day when the children of YAHWEH embodied in earth would build again the same Temples in which the head or ceiling of such a Temple would be YAHWEH. But this time these sons and daughters of God would be assistant-existing in earth in physical bodies. Not merely as a spiritual force but embodied, walking, living, building and establishing. be sure...Pilgrims and strangers in earth but the builders of an Eternal Kingdom. So the Egyptians in the day of your triumph...having now been defeated, according to the Ancient writers of history such as Herodotus, and Menthos, would record that these strange people coming into Egypt were the sons of God...Sons of Light called an ignoble people by the Priests of darkness, but they were able to conquer their land and they did this by the power of their God.... and by the word of HIS MOUTH.

As you turn to the Book of Peter, then you will note that Peter the Apostle was introduced, we will say, into the Mysteries of Symbols. And he writes to you that...'The graciousness of YAHWEH embodied in earth as the man Christ Jesus...was your kinsman.' This the Apostle Paul also declared. He said that YAHWEH embodied in earth took a body of flesh just like yours that he might be just like His Kinsmen or other words HE identified Himself with our Race. Let me point this out to you...'To whom did He come???' He did not go to Africa or to Asia, but HE came as unto LIVING STONES. Go back into the Book of Deuteronomy and you discover that God is referred to as a ROCK...the Kingdom of God is referred to as a Kingdom of Stone. And each one of you is referred to as a Living Stone, and each one of you is framed up as the order of Gods Kingdom. As such therefore we read these words:...that the Messiah Himself, the very embodiment of God...'To whom coming as unto a Living Stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God and precious.' A Living Stone which is HIS Kingdom...His Elect before the foundation of the world. And the Scripture unfolds thru the writings of the Apostle Paul in Romans, and throughout his Epistles that the Elect of God are HIS Israel, that he foreknew them before the foundation of the world. He wasn't talking about Jews because the Apostle Paul said...'Jews are contrary to all men' (Thessalonians). And he said they persecuted him all over the land. But we read:...Christ is coming unto Living Stones...I Peter 2:5...'Ye also are lively stones built up into a spiritual house, an Holy Priesthood to offer up Spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God....THROUGH JESUS THE CHRIST'. Wherefore it is contained in the Scriptures:...'I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, Elect and Precious'. This my friends is the 'Stone which the builders disallowed, which is to become the head of the corner'.

So what kind of a building has a Chief Corner Stone? It can't be just a square or a rectangle. But the one building which has a chief cornerstone is that Great Symbol and Altar, the Temple to the MOST HIGH which is symbolized as a Pyramid in which the Apex stone has all of the dimensions as far as angles are concerned as all the rest of the building. It seals all the rest of the building in, and thus it is the 'Capstone'. It is the Chief corner stone, it is the stone which the builders rejected...for they could not form such a stone now embodied in earth. Back in those days when our forefathers built the Pyramid in Egypt, they left the Capstone off. They started to cut a Capstone, but it was not permitted for them to place one on. They however left an Eternal measure in Symbolism, in that Ancient building to the fact that the Chief cornerstone was not yet placed upon it. The Symbol of the Cornerstone is the Symbol of the Kingdom, as you are living stones fitly framed together, a Holy Temple unto YAHWEH, the Chief Cornerstone, is perfection and is none other than YAHWEH-YAHSHUA the embodiment of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, thus the Chief Cornerstone is the father of the race, the sealer and completer of our order. Thus that Chief corner stone is identified as a marked emblem of THE MOST HIGH GOD. And when placed upon the symbolism of history the 'ALL SEEING EYE OF YAHWEH' is placed in that Cornerstone. This is one of the reasons why as you look at a $1.00 bill that you see the Seal of the United States both on the obverse side and the front of the seal...for on that Seal of the United States then you will count the stones of a Pyramid. You know that the number of stones in that Pyramid on our Seal is the number of times the Abrahamic covenant is confirmed concerning the building of a Kingdom out of your race. Do you know that the Capstone above it is the Symbol of YAHSHUA (Christ) the Chief Cornerstone that is to be laid in this Kingdom, and it is this Chief Cornerstone that holds the whole building together...seals it? And you as Living Stones frame up into this great house, this race, this people of God, and HE the Chief Corner Stone Seals it all in.

Oh, they may be able too through the instrumentality of the forces of Anti-Christ and Darkness to take the name of Christ out of your schools as well as prayer, and they may be able to block the Scriptures because we have a decadent Supreme Court that should be impeached, so that your Race could instruct their children in the knowledge of the right and only God, but I want to tell you this...they will have to tear up the Seal of the United States to get rid of the impact of the Eternal God with the 'All Seeing Eye' of YAHWEH...because we have been told:..'I AM YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA', The Christ of the emblem of that Seal. This is the stone which those who reject it will find that it will grind to powder and dust with the inevitable pattern of destiny.

Now; I point out that the Apostle Paul was also aware of this, but note as we talk about this declaration...this Mystery...that you are a Divine Race, and are referred to as the Kingdom of God...the Household of God in earth...a Holy People, a Holy Temple unto God. No wonder then that the Apostle Paul was inspired to write that you bodies are also the Temple of God because these Living Stones make up this Temple, as the Spirit in you is the Spirit of God. Round about are pagan temples because the bodies of those that serve the Darkness and superstitions, the Witchdoctors and the false religions are different than you. And you have been told to come out from among them and be ye separate, segregate yourselves, touch not these unclean things for you are the Temple of the Living God, they are the temples of idols.

YAHWEH says:...'I want to be a Father unto you, and to your children after you through all your generations. Let me then point out that this is not only applicable to you as a race but it is a part of the knowledge that belongs to those who helped to create and found your nation. These men in the days of George Washington had more discernment, understanding, more knowledge of Symbolism than the sad, sorry representatives we have today.

Now; listen:...the Scripture says you are a chosen progeny, you are a Holy People, a chosen Race, a peculiar people who shall show forth the praises of HIM who calls you unto His marvelous Light. Note this! 'Dearly beloved I beseech you because you are strangers and pilgrims here'...what does he mean? The Apostle Paul in the Book of Hebrews talks about the great work of Faith, about people energized by the Word, and the Will of God, that overthrew the enemies of Darkness, and triumphed over evil, that put to flight the armies of the aliens. This would be a good thing for us to do with a great spiritual revision, and our knowledge. And in this declaration then the Apostle Paul said that you are strangers and Pilgrims in the earth, and if you could remember how you came here you would have gone back where you came from. But God wanted you to stay to finish this great program of building His Kingdom.

Now; we point out that when we talk about this area of building with God ...that your Race is a Building Race, a master Race of Divine construction. It is the only Race of people who possess the spiritual construction, the Seed of the MOST HIGH GOD being a part of them, for they are Spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life. The 'All Seeing Eye' of the capstone always seals the building. The 'All Seeing Eye of YAHWEH' shall always go before, and be above His Righteous declaration of the Psalms of Scripture. Psalm 34 Now; we point out to you that the Apostle Paul said:...We are laborers together with God, we are HIS husbandry, we are also HIS building. Understand this now for it relates unto you as the Living Stones. Then the Apostle Paul said:...'According to the Grace of YAHWEH given unto me as a Wise Master builder, and Mason, I have laid the foundation...another may build thereon but every man take heed as to how he builds for there is no other foundation than that which is laid in the authority of the Word of God, in the identity of HIS Jesus The Christ who is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.' And as Peter said...'He seals the whole building together making it complete.'

Thus it is that I point out to you that as our forefathers selected our Seal they placed upon it, and you can find it upon even this rather worthless $1.00 bill, but this Federal Reserve note still has the Seal upon it, and when I look at it then it says:...'HE prospered our beginnings', but most of all...Novus Ordo Seclorum...'The New Order of the Ages'. This new order of the ages is to replace all the kingdoms of Darkness, all the powers of Evil. It shall triumphant because it is a building made up of a people who are building a mighty and triumphant kingdom, in which the 'All Seeing Eye' watches over them to preserve them. But also crowns their work and seals them up in completion. Yes, crowns their brotherhood, not my friends intermixing us with the pagans...but sealing this building in completely. When we see this, we remember that our founding fathers knew that the 'New Order of the Ages' was sealed up in a Kingdom which God had cap...and that this Capstone was identified by Christ. This is an old emblem in our Race so don't let someone come along and say this 'All Seeing Eye, in the Triangle' is the symbol of the Illuminati, and thus a symbol of Evil. Yes, the Jews came along to steal everything, and they even came out to steal your heritage and claim they are the 'Israel' of God, the chosen people, but let me point out to you that these emblems in your measure are emblems which have followed your race. The outstretched wings of the Eagle...also identify...never has a people been more identified than your Race. We go back to some of the earliest measuring, marching cadence of your society and way back in the days of the Patriarch's we are told that they carried standards with the Eagle upon them. Long before the Roman standards carried the Eagle, this same people carried the Eagle. And whether they realized it or not, most of the white people of Rome were from the tribe of Gad, and they carried the Eagle because they knew they were an Eagle people.

Now; let me point out to you that the Eagle has been used by a great number of nations of the Kingdom of God. Turn back to the Book of Deuteronomy and we learn that God refers to you as His people...'The LORD'S portion is HIS people, and Jacob is the lot of His inheritance.' They are His heirs, His family, the purest strain of His family of the Adamic Race that came down thru Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And He looks upon you as a people...'As an Eagle stirreth up her nest and fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad upon her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings. So YAHWEH alone did lead Israel and there was no strange god among you.' HE raised you as young Eaglets as He the great protective Eagle guided you, and He bore you on Eagles Wings. Then again the word comes forth out of inspiration...'They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. They shall mount up as Eagles, they shall be weary, and shall walk, and shall not faint.' So an Eagle people whose emblems are to be found and this nation especially carries them, because one of the great prophecies that related to God's purposes would be the eventual gathering of the household of His people. And this Great House of Joseph, which made up the background of Anglo-Saxon people, would be found in both Ephraim and Manasseh, one a company of nations, and one a great nation, but out of the emblems of the past when the standards were raised. And in the early tribal days Israel did just that...marched according to its sections, under its own emblems, the individual emblem carried by the tribe of Manasseh was the OUTSTRETCHED Wings of an Eagle!

Let us turn to the 18th chapter of Isaiah which says:...'Hoe to this land of the Outstretched wings of an Eagle, to this nation powerful from its beginning, with the tall and clean shaven men.' Remember that all prophecies God has made concerning this nation is thus marked concerning its rise, its greatness, its responsibilities before the MOST HIGH GOD. And He said:....yes, you are an Eagle people and this Eagle as a symbol belongs to your race, but there are also other emblems. You can go back into the declarations of the Prophets and you will discover that when Jacob gave his blessings unto his sons, that he gave to the House of Judah the symbol of the Lion, and refers to this son with this symbol of the Lion. Talks about the various tribes or the various sons of his which would not only make tribal units in your race, but refers to their various symbols. It is a very interesting thing that Dan was to be a 'serpent' because of the way he wanders. Because of the identity of his path, because he stands to bite at the heels of the riders that shall fall backwards. In this marking you also have Issachar symbolized as the 'Patient Ass' in measure standing between the two staves of civilization. You have the House of Joseph who not only is as a fruitful bow in the Kingdom of God, but his branches run over the wall.' 'The archers have shot at him, but his bow shall abide in strength. His arms shall be made strong the Mighty God of Jacob from whence shall come the great protection for the stone of Israel....or this Kingdom in earth.

I would point out to you that today the House of Joseph which makes us these measures looks back upon its identity. Over here in the Book of Deuteronomy I read these words in which YAHWEH speaks concerning His blessings. Moses records this blessing unto the children of Israel, and of Joseph he said:...'Blessed be his land, for the precious things of heaven, for the Dew, and for the deep that croucheth beneath, for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, and for the precious things of the lasting hills.' For the blessings of mineral wealth, and all the blessings which agriculture brings forth to bless a society. And thus let the blessings come upon the head of Joseph who will not only occupy parts of the earth, but 'even those who will dwell in the bush', which I think has been quite fulfilled both in this country and in far off Australia as well. He said: ...Therefore he (Joseph) shall have this blessing upon him, and 'His Glory shall be like that of the bullock, and his horns of the Unicorn, with them he shall push various people unto the ends of the earth. They are the ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh.' I note also that early translations say:...they shall subdue the pagans, and shall rule over the heathens to the ends of the earth.

Now; the House of Joseph today is the Anglo-Saxon people. They have carried their heraldry well. America has carried her symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, and the Unicorn and the Bullock have long been the symbols of Ephraim (Britain). In the Isles of Britain and in the far out Colonial wings of the Empire the bullock which has always been the symbol of Johnny Bull is known, and the bull is with the Unicorn a mysterious and significant spiritual symbol. The Unicorn is symbolic of the heavenly creature whose horn is the authority of the Kingdom. Thus it is that the horn of the Unicorn is symbolized as the horn of authority, and this is a heavenly creature not an earthly one. We then point out that the Eagle is over our land, the Lion, the Bullock and Unicorn over Britain.

But who is my mother? Ezekiel 19...'Who is my mother? A Lioness'... why is this? Because my friends the emblem of the House of Judah was to be symbolized as a Lion, the Throne was in Judah, the Lion of God's Kingdom came on down thru the years of history, and the scepter was in the hand of Judah. Thus it is the white ruling King Lines, the great aristocracy, all of them descended, thus the House of Judah. We call attention to the transplanting in Jeremiah's time, of the remaining seed of Zedekiah being carried away to Babylon. But Tea Tephi was transplanted to Ireland, married to Herramon of Ireland from whom we have the king lines going back again to Israel's Seed...unlimited...united. This Throne line was a Judah Throne line, and we find today that not only were the Kings over Britain, but Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Czar Nicholas of Russia in this lineage for they were cousins. We have practically every ruling House of the Western Christian nations coming down out of this House of David. This is but symbolic now of the Eternal Throne which shall endure until YAHWEH-YAHSHUA shall administer the affairs of the world, and sit upon the Throne of His Destiny in the earth.

Thus I point out to you that you cannot cast aside the symbol of the Lion. This symbol is found on every one of these White King Lines traceable to David. And around about these King Lines is always the stars, which always indicate their provinces and their areas. You will note that they are to be found on emblems of heraldry throughout all of Britain. They are to be found in these United States, and we started out with our flag carrying one star for each of our colonies until today with 50 states, we have 50 stars. And today on the background of the Emblem of Empire you will note that the stars number each one of the provinces on the great symbol of Empire which today is Buckingham Palace.

We then turn back to the record of what YAHWEH said to Abraham in Genesis in the 15th chapter as He said:...'Look now toward the heavens and tell stars, if thou be able to number shall thy seed be.' Then He made His declaration clear to Abraham, it is confirmed unto Isaac and then carried forward to Jacob. It reaches out to the Tomorrows...'Thy Seed shall be numbered as the stars of the heavens.' Thus we have continually identified the size and the scope, and the provinces of the kingdoms of the white the symbol of Stars. Oh, you say...that is just coincidence. Not my friends when they understood it, for YAHWEH said unto you...'My Glory... My Shekinah Glory shall rest above the Temples, it shall go forth with you when you march. When I took you out of the land of Egypt, behold I went before you, I covered you with this great Shekinah Glory.' So always in the symbol of the heavens above the household of God's Kingdom is the symbol of Shekinah Glory. It is over and surrounds almost every shield of every white nation in the world. It is also upon your shield above the Eagle of these United States. And in that Shekinah Glory you see the 13 stars that marked your beginnings. These may seem as empty things to some but they were important things to George Washington, to Benjamin Franklin and to John Adams, for these men knew what these symbols meant. These symbols were to mark your race throughout all of its time and history and we find it thus.

Next we go back to another area of Symbols when the Household of God was referred to as a Tree, as a Green Tree, an Olive Tree, a food Tree, as depicted against the symbol of the fig Tree. This fig tree is a symbol of the Luciferian tree and is cursed of God where as the Olive Tree is the sign of the Household of God whose oil is the symbol like that of the Spirit.

Now; we point out to you as we talk about this measure that all of your Race is identified by the disobedience of the instructions of God that you are not to partake of the tree with the knowledge of good and evil, for this is a RACE Tree. You will also note that the Scriptures say that 'the trees of the field' came together to chose a king. Ezekiel 31 talks about trees, and we discover that these trees are the Ancient Empires of the earth. These are the trees of the Ancient Assyrian Empire, and the tree of the Ancient Egyptian Empire. But the tree of God's Kingdom is a 'LIVING' Tree...a Tree of Life. Thus it is that the emblem of the trees has continued to be a marked Emblem in your society.

If you look on the Seal of your nation, you will notice it carries the Olive Branch. If you look on the Seal of Britain, you see the Olive leaves which are also found in almost every one of the Christian nations, every branch of the Commonwealth, and every Great nation of the white race. You are an Olive Tree, and your Olive branch caries on it...13 leaves, and of course 13 Olives. This of course may be one for each colony, but it also marks the number of actual tribal houses in the Kingdom of God because the House of Joseph became one...thus 13 was that total measure. And in this measure you also see the arrows, and we read to you out of what God declared thru the lips of Jacob that the arrows of Joseph, the bow of Joseph, the strength of Joseph as it relates to making war against his enemies remains strong. The Arrows of Joseph are clutched in the talons of the Eagle. The Arrows of Joseph are also found upon the war shields of the early armies of Britain. The armies of Germany also carried the war arrows, and the symbol of the crouching Lion, although the emblems of power were not all known to all of them. The Mystery School that knew that this was the House of Judah, and truly it is Judah of History and of time was also carried on in Germany. These are very vital emblems, they are symbols of time and plan. And woven behind these symbols is the assurance of God to preserve His race, and that these symbols were to identify the Race and things related to it. Just as the early Church carried the symbol of the Crossed Fish...throughout all times, the fish has marked 'the church' in secret...the church under attack, this church that the Jews waged war against. The Jews to this day do not like the golden fish symbol which is showing up today on peoples lapels. It is a sign that the church is still there, still fighting, and if driven underground will still fight on. It has the same enemies but it will also triumph over the powers of darkness.

We point out to you that in areas of God's declaration thru the Book of Zechariah he talks about the program of God's Kingdom, talks about the Olive branches which stand by the LORD of the whole earth. These are the keepers of the Kingdom, these are the Great House of Joseph which stands forth especially as these two sticks in the House of God...The House of Joseph and the House of Judah which those two sticks. In the Book of Ezekiel it says HE will bring them together before the climax of the latter days, and they shall be one-stick, one power, for the crossed sticks became synonymous as ONE. So therefore the House of Judah, the Germanic people and the House of Israel which is the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic people shall be brought together in one great war making power in these latter days as they stand against the powers of darkness. And just before the hoards of Asia and the assault comes from the people of the Steppes, this same pattern as the medieval pattern of evil which started when the hoards of Genghis Kahn sought to conquer the earth under Jewish guidance and leadership...thus they bring revolution to you for this same purpose today.

But YAHWEH said:...'I am going to join these two sticks together, but we have to apologize for our leadership today, for it is the most sad in the world, but inevitably God is still steering a course in which the Germanic people, and the people of these United States, and the British Empire are being drawn together as a common front against the hoards of Anti-Christ, and the powers of Darkness. And when this battle strikes you are going to see the planes in the air from Germany along with your nation. You will see the troops of Germany stand with those of your nation. You are never going to get the household of God to fight one another again. But they will fight with one another until they triumph, and will push unto the ends of the earth until every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is God. As we look out over these measures then we turn back to Zechariah and he said:...'Zerubbabel'...This is a great emblem, and this prophetically leads us to the last days. 'There shall be a land like a great plain, and there shall be a headstone set upon it, and the seven fold spirit of the Eye of the Living God shall be in the headstone there of it...Behold! The servant ...a land'. (Chapter 4) I tell you that God has raised up this great nation whose civilization and whose people are made out of all the peoples of your race. Preeminently starting out with your Anglo background, and moving now into this Great nation as you become 'One out of many tribes' whose beginnings have been prospered by YAHWEH (God), whose New Beginnings is the symbol of the New Order of the ages, the re-cemented brotherhood of the children of your race who caught the pattern of their self respect. Who have understood that they are sealed together by the Destiny of 'The All Seeing Eye' upon its Seal, on the stone set in a these United States of America? If you think there is no significance in this, then please explain why George Washington, John Adams, and Ben Franklin and others talked about this. You will have to then explain the great discussions these men had in their final selection of these emblems of your heritage in the final selection of these emblems, and how many more of these emblems they had which they wanted to incorporate because they were a part of your destiny.

These my Friends are just some of the Mysteries of the Kingdom. No identification is greater than your identity as the Household, the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD...thus literally sealed together. I know of no Mystery greater for you to understand tonight than that you are a Holy Seed, a Holy generation, and that God has commanded your Race not to mix your seed, not to intermarry with other races, not to let your country become flooded with unassimilatable people from Africa and Asia. It is your responsibility as a Christian to pray that this attempt to break down our immigration laws will be bound, that it shall not be accomplished. It is your responsibility to say that you will not permit your society to be outnumbered in our own land. We will not permit the society of the Anti-Christ to replace the structure of the Kingdom of God. You shall not only pray for this but you shall stand...angry before this power of Darkness declaring that we shall not permit ourselves to be flooded by the Dragon seed. It is important for you to know that the Kingdom of God extends eventually over the whole earth, that it reigns over all the people of the world, and brings them the greatest area of Peace, prosperity and security they have ever known, as it teaches and instructs. As it caused them to live by the laws of God, you will find that these are not laws my friends that cause them to say:....You are to be supported without doing anything, that people are just to sit back and the Kingdom of God is going to support them on a dole system. No...the Kingdom of God is going to reign from one end of the earth to the other. It is going to teach righteousness, it is going to teach law, and these people are going to provide for themselves, and they are going to go by the laws of God which will permit such production. Their Witchdoctors will no longer control their thinking. The powers of Darkness no longer will have their way for every house of darkness, every temple of evil will have been brought down.

Someone said:...this will take a lot of doing, yes...but it will be a great area of doing...more than the world has ever known. I want you to understand this again, that the Great Mysteries, those that the world cannot understand, those are what will bring in the New Order, The Kingdom of God will be brought in by the hand of God Himself as this great Household of His stands with the other nations of your race, stands against the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil. You will break the forces of evil, for the world will know the visitation of God, this may be a Mystery which some will not understand, but there is nothing more clearly outlined in Scripture than this statement.

We can see today a decadent church seeking to make Peace with the world, whose ministers know nothing of the 'Oracles' of God. And so they place their hope in a World Order, which would destroy their society, enslave their children and plunge their society into darkness. But you are the children of Light and not of the darkness, and you are to understand the time and the seasons.

No wonder that the Ancient Egyptians first heralded the Patriarchs of your race as they said:...these are the children of Osiris, the soul of the God of Light. Then the Apostle Paul said:...'Ye are the children of Light, not the children of darkness, and therefore you should know these things and not be taken unawares.' It is important that these emblems and the significant measures be stirred in your society. It should be taught to every child in school, should be a part of every Ancient inheritance and background. You should walk with pride upon the earth knowing that you are the household of God. You should lift up his laws, and give praise unto His righteousness. It is His standard which has made this nation grow, to become great, and which shall lift you to areas of great power.

As we bring these symbols to your attention, we tell you that you are in the greatest days of all human history. Your race is not going will stand. I want you to know that this is a conflict, a conflict of Race, a conflict of Satanic design to crush the Kingdom of God. And because of the impossible conditions of this undertaking the world shall be engulfed in fury, but your race shall survive, and the world shall know Peace thru the Kingdom, thru your race. Not by integration, but thru mutual respect, not by Satanic power, but by the proclamation that YAHWEH is thy YAHSHUA ....and HE alone is GOD. End of Message. .