Mysterious Incidents That Mark The End Of The Age, 2-26-62


Mysterious Incidents that Mark the End of the Age

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-26-62

Tonight, as we survey the crisis elements that we live in and as we survey the strange development of earth, we are then talking to you about some of the mysterious elements that mark the end of the age. We are going to evaluate before going into our subject, the great achievements that were accomplished this week by your nation and by the Kingdom which your nation created. We have had several requests concerning our opinion. And I want you to know, that we feel that one of the great milestones in the history of our race was reached last Tuesday. And for any who can compare America and our enemy in the Soviet Union, and we do not apologize for saying this is the enemy, altho we will never apologize for talking about the victory over that enemy and its Communism. For we feel that this is one concept that must remain in the heart of all true Americans for the defeat of our enemy and the liberation of earth from the great scourge of Communism.

There may be censors in the Pentagon who may not let us talk about victory over the enemy because that would embarrass them. For they tell us that would cause the enemy to think that we really intend to conquer them. Therefore, we don’t dare talk about victory because it would embarrass them. Thus they just purge it out of the text. Thus, those who would refrain in handling our military affairs, and who take an oath of office to defend America from all of her enemies, domestic and foreign, and who with their knowledge wish to pass on to their men their knowledge and understanding so that it will build their moral and let them know that they are expending their energies until something comes along that is constructive. Having been told that you cannot say anything about you intending to have a victory, or that we intend to fight or that we call the Communist world our enemy---what then? If we do not call the Communist world our enemy, then there is no reason why we should participate in a Cold War. The only difference between a Cold War and a ‘Hot War’ is that a Cold War is Economic, and apparently a limited war where they can take you a few at a time. A ‘hot war’ is one which has a retaliation and soon spreads and either wins a complete victory or suffers a defeat. But in this position, we discover that the sensors are only reflecting the attitude of the leaders in the Administration, who do not want to take a firm stand---whether they actually want to overthrow, or whether they intend to try to pacify it and try to live with it, or whether they aim to make us a Socialist State so that there is nothing to fight about. These are some of the problems of our times. But we are well aware that the majority of the people in our nation consider that Communism is our enemy. The majority in your military despise what Communism stands for. And the majority of your Congressmen and Senators know in their hearts, that this dangerous crisis hour we live in, will only end in conflict, and they hope, in victory.

Instead of censoring our Majors and our Generals, and our Colonels, or Admirals, and those of their technical advisory staff, we should release their voice and weld America into a solid advancement of power with only one major view and that is ‘the defeat of Evil.’

As we have said, we were, last Friday night, high up in the Sierra’s sitting around a camp fire when suddenly the news of the first Russian Sputnik was launched. This was quite a sensational piece of news. And quickly, we turned the short wave on the channels of the world to see what they had to say. And the Russian English speaking channels were speaking to all the world and also, in other languages, boasting about their accomplishments. They said at that time, that it would be only a matter of two years before they would line the sky line of the world with Russian Sputniks. That we now have the power to send bombs anywhere we want to and we will destroy all who resist. This is our Russian program for the Sovietism of the world.

When we listened to that broadcast, it was a little startling to learn that Russian Sputniks were in the sky. Then in the next few days, we watched this Sputnik traveling over, high up in the Sierras. But we were not surprised at how it happened. For in this great Christian nation of ours, as unassimilatable ‘5th Column,’ who never created anything, but only looked over the shoulder of White intelligence, whether it be in Scandinavia, or Germany, Anglo-Saxondom, or America, or anywhere,---then always ran with the secret, back to the lair, when they were loosing their type of peace on the world. We were not surprised that Russia put a Satellite into the air. We know that the finest German brains were taken captive. We know that German scientists were forced to deliver the knowledge. Their wives were being held prisoners for a fate worse than death, if they did not comply. Now do we blame them when in this position. They were trying to save their own families. We also knew that here in the United States, there was a ‘5th Column’ in our laboratories and in our government, including positions of high ranking policy making as it related to the military affairs of our nation.

We are aware that in the United Nations, that every department inside of the United Nations had behind it, a Soviet master agent in directive influence. We also know that the United Nations and their defense plans were being correlated with the designs on our designing boards, in the programs of the prosecution of the development of science and weapons phases of our own society. And we knew that this main spy in Washington, was putting pressure on the very branches of our own defense agencies and the branches of our government, to suppress the development of powerful rockets for military use, and for Satellites which would have their military value.

The story is well known that those in the space agency and those in the Congress, know that we were sabotaged in Washington, D.C. by people still holding jobs in government who held us back so that the Soviet Union could shoot the first Satellite into the sky. This propaganda trick was to help the powers of darkness. However, I remember that boast that ‘we will darken the sky with Russian Sputniks.’ And now it is 1962, and six and one-half years have rolled by and Russian Sputniks do not darken the sky. In fact, my friends, there are three and one-half times as many American Satellites going around the earth tonight, than there are Russian Satellites. The world had a lot of debris in space going around. Tired satellite engines have dropped off. In fact, as you look up there now, don’t be too sure that it is an unidentified flying object, because probably some can identify some of them from the junk we have been putting into the sky. Of course, that is only a small number of the things which are happening now.

We remember however, the Russian boast and the satellites which made that accomplishment was the result, of course, of the captive scientists and the spies in America and the picking of the brains in the Western World. And the recording influence of the ‘5th Column.’ I think one thing that America needs to do as a great Christian nation of God’s Kingdom, is to round up every ‘left wing’ Socialist agent and remove him from every position of government. And any alien agent--lock him up. And do not trade anymore Russian spies off for any failures in our own society. I am going to tell you again, that we did not make a good swap when we swapped Abel for Powers. You may not know that, but I know the record of Mr. Abel. And I happen to know that he is one of the most brilliant coordinators of the espionage agency of the whole Soviet Union. I know that he is a brilliant and cunning scientist in the areas of analyzation. And with a photo graphic memory, remembers what he sees. And his major job was to gather knowledge of major electronic and rocket devices which could be used in the war field. I know that he had directed the greatest field of espionage in the United States. And he was the only man the Soviets sent over here that they ever tried to get back. And ever since they caught Powers, they have been trying to trade him for this Jew, we had locked up, who knew so much. Someone said, ‘Well that was a way to get an American boy back.’ If he had been in a good plane, they would have never had Powers. They knew that plane was coming down even before it left here. In fact, they already had the plan moving and the records made up. Someone said, ‘It was shot down.’ But I don’t believe that either. Because they had pictures of the plane in good shape. Besides the command given to the pilot of the plane was to destroy the information and then he had poison in a capsule to stop information pumped out of him. Someone said, ‘That is a terrible price to pay.’ But that is the price men pay when they love their country and serve their God before their own self-interest. As far as that matters, we should just point out that when we lock up an agent, we should not let him go. In fact, I think it is time we had an investigation to find out who had the authority to turn loose the peoples prisoner. I don’t know what Rabbi engineered the deal.

When we point out the background of this picture, then let us remember that we are working to capture the next development of a man in space. The Soviet Union has made 23 attempts to put a man in space and killed every one of them. And we don’t know whether they ever put a man in space. I have some very interesting information which comes from various parts of the world, concerning this. And one of them being, that they have a space station over there that they put the whole capsule in and they simulate all the conditions of space flight. And they test out the individual in it. And another thing they wanted to test was the tremendous number of high G’s of high curves. They have a long boom and they put a man in it and they swing him on this long cable at high velocities to see how he can stand the motion and the curves and to see how much they can give it at unprecedented speed, captive on a table. In fact, it is the opinion of a great number of German scientists and Scandinavian scientists as well, as some of our own, that Mr. Borgarian never went up at all. One of the things is that as the Russians talked about their experiences, the Russians said that they all got sick and dizzy.

Now, we put two men up in space and one of them we sent round the world three times. And we brought them back and none of them got dizzy. The Russian capsule that went first, was a steel ball and it had no windows. And around the world this space man went, so we are told. And yes, their rockets went around the world. We knew that, for we have been picking them up. And it was possible to say that something passed over. But was this a manned space flight? But when it was over, they reported about this. And the whole world heard what the space man saw. He described the earth, and he described the horizons and he described the sun. And he described the stars, and he described how beautiful Russia was when he went over. And then everyone knew that something was wrong, for he said that he could tell when he went over Russia, for it looked so much better than the rest of the earth. Thus, it was very obvious that he had not been anywhere. But after he had told all of his story, they brought him down and they paraded him in Moscow. And they had a picture of his capsule. And it was left for a brilliant Anglo-Saxon in England, to pin him with one question. And then East Germany asked him some questions that were hushed up. The questions they asked this Soviet Space man was how he saw all of these things he had observed as he traveled around the earth. The Anglo-Saxon then said, ‘We have looked at your capsule, and there are no windows. It is all steel. How did you see out?’ He thought for a moment, and then he said that he had a T.V. screen which was a product of the Soviet Union. And he saw all of this on the screen as he went around. Well, then they asked him where the T.V. station was that was showing him all this. Did he have it with him? He said no. It was coming from earth and was being beamed up to him by Soviet technicians. But they had him tripped up. And finally he admitted that he never saw anything at all. But Russian scientists were telling him what he would see if he did have a window. So he told the world what he would have seen if he had a window. But he had to tell the Russian version because they wrote it. By this time, more and more scientists around the world felt like this man had never left the ground. But he might not know that he had not left the ground, for they could put him in this capsule and send him round and round until he got dizzy and sick, then they could bring him out and dump him in the desert and he would not know the difference. Do you know that a lot of the technological world believes that this is what happened? Because they had a great big steel ring in the top of Sputnik I, and they said that it was for pulling it up out of the ocean or from somewhere. And I think that is what swung him around. They had tried 23 men and lost them. So far, no one has talked to any of the technicians that were there when the shot was fired which sent this man into space. They had before this, contact with the failures. More than that, the conformation of the bringing of the man out of the capsule, no photographs were of the craft except those which were staged, for the picking up of the man out of the capsule.

We point out the fact that for the last two years, we have been told of the success of the Soviet Union. The cry was ‘when was the Western world going to put a man in space?’ Do you know that for the last two years you have been building the instrument panels and the equipment and the stations round the world to make this scientifically precise? Let me add this again to your thinking and to the tape audience who will also be thinking about this and evaluating it. The thing which marks the greatness of your society, is the Value of a man. Your society is built upon individuals and upon the preservation of their individuality. It is built upon the Christian principle that Christ expresses when HE said, ‘If I had one lost sheep out there, I would search for that one until I found him.’ The foundation of our Christian society is the value of a man. And in this position, God leads everyone of HIS Household, HIS offspring in HIS technique of this evaluation.

In the Soviet world, men are expendable and in Asia the masses are forever being expended for the objective of their political masters. How many men die in space attempts, is not too important to the Soviet Union. But it is very important to the civilization of the Western world. There is no shortage on courage, and we can we thankful tonight, that the breed has not died out. The courage of American youth and American manhood, has been existent from Colonial days to our time. And back in 1927-29, it was still here when Charles A. Linbergh brought the ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ across the Atlantic to open up a new horizon in air craft. It was a great feat at that time. And when they said how did he do it, he said, ‘I was never alone, I am a Christian and the presence of God was with me at all times. And I went forth with the faith and the confidence of success.’

One of the outstanding things about Col. John Glenn, was his professing of his faith in Jesus Christ, and of the calmness of his spirit which faith and trust could provide. Whether the pagans in our land like it or not, whether the enemies of Christianity like it or not, this man and his family and those who were his associates, testified to their faith in Christ and to the ability of God to hold him in the hollow of HIS hand, and the value which such a flight would be for his society. If there was an element of danger or something unforeseen in the process, he said, ‘Don’t stop if something happens to me. Keep on until this thing is accomplished.’ And as you look on your T.V. screen and in newspapers and magazines, at the tremendous amount of instruments and paneling and equipment, and the ability from far out in space to keep a record of his heart beat,---his whole respiratory system was making a record all the time. And the medical and scientific achievements and the tremendous amount of technology involved, one could not help a feeling of pride, that it had been done so well. And one understood the vision and the exactness which your race had used to put this thing in operation. Significantly, therefore, there had been a forestalling of the flight. Time after time it had been postponed because of weather conditions and the lack of assurance that everything had been developed. And the pickup would also require good weather. He was not just shot into space like another Soviet. He went into the air like an American, with everything of your society timing it for the best and with every spiritual force at his disposal to help make the accomplishment real. With courage and without fear, he carried out his objectives.

Now, I want to say this again. When that count down was coming to the final launching of that rocket last Tuesday, there were more people praying in the Christian world than ever prayed at one time anywhere. From one end of the world to the other, when the news was being carried by radio, and as the cables were carrying the T.V. pictures, the world was praying to the Father to keep this rocket steady and let this thing carry the man into orbit and let it all work out. There were millions praying. And probably no period in history were so many people praying for one man and one project. And that was more energy catalyzed and turned loose than at any time before.

I think there is something else of great interest for you to recognize. The papers of the European nations as well as of our own nation were keeping their people aware of what was coming as well as their television stations. But more than that, they referred to this man as our champion. Do you know what that sounded like to me? It sounded like that challenge of David when he faced Goliath and represented your race. Here again, in the face of those who boasted that they were going to bury us, was an American specimen of a Christian man rising into the heavens for all of your race. They said, ‘Our Champion.’ And they were praying in the churches of Australia as well as in the churches of the people of England. In the churches of Scandinavia, the people were praying as they were in Germany, along with the people of America.

When that rocket went up straight and smooth and the first stage dropped off, and the news reached the world that he was in orbit, they breathed a sigh of relief. And in all of this period, they were hearing his voice, for he was in constant contact with the ground, and everyone who had a T.V. could see it. And everyone who had a radio could hear it. If this failed then, the world would know it had failed for there was not anything secret about it. If the world looked at it, they would see the mastery of the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, and Germanic technology and the signs of superiority. And as the word reached you, almost before it happened, he was over Africa. And they were spotting him from our ships which had been sent out all over the world to keep track of him. And as they tracked him, the word was coming back.

I think you should know this. The Australians wanted to salute this man as he flew over. This was also their champion, for he was representing the race. So they said, ‘when you go to bed, leave your radio on. Don’t turn it off, for our stations are all going off the air at 10:30, but when we hear that the Astronaut is successfully launched, the radio will wake you up and say, ‘Wake up and turn on the light.’ So the radio and the T.V. stations woke all of Australia up and they turned on the lights. Remember how that astronaut said, ‘I am approaching Australia’---and suddenly all of the lights came on? From the Coleman lanterns to the great illumination of the cities and from the shepherds out on the hills, all Australia was lit up. The illumination of a continent was waving to a fellow Christian.

I tell you that never before had all of Christendom been united as they were in that technological achievement. It was worth every penny that was invested in it. There is no other nation outside of the Soviet Union to carry on a project as big as this one. But we had the brains of Scandinavian metallurgists and German rocket scientists, and Anglo-Saxon technicians in the field of electronics. And this was the pooling of the brains of the Western world backed by the people of America who had the ability to put it together. And I think with the first successful landing, the testimony that was made was, ‘God brought me thru. I had the assurance that all was well.’ And all of America watched the reaction of this historic event. And the world knew something else. For we went around three times, and it was done with precision, with no loss of life and with the patience until you could achieve success. The Soviet world knew very little. For there was only a few papers which carried any news of it. Then on the second day, the news broke out and they tried to play it up with cartoons. And then Mr. Khrushchev asked Mr. Kennedy if he was about to put a man on the moon. And Mr. Kennedy said, ‘No, I can’t even get a Negro on a bus in South Carolina.’ But I don’t doubt that before we pack the buses of South Carolina, we will have a man on the moon. Even maybe a new President.

Never in the history of our race was there a greater morality risk. A great pattern of spiritual charge went thru the Western world. This was a moral booster, being lifted with success. And the fact is, that we could have done this before, and we could have taken a chance with the life of a man. We did not think that the Russian boasts were worth killing. And we took our time and we did it well. This is just another part of our history when the sons of God pushed back into space, an embodied man from whence he had come in the spirit.

The uniqueness of this, may be surpassed in some ways by something else that you do not hear much about. When we announced this subject last week, we were not thinking much about this announcement that we were able to make, and now can make concerning one thing this flight was to produce.------------

Hurtling along at 1700 miles per hour does not give you much time to stop and look or think of any object that you might pass on the way. Oh, you say, ‘there is no atmosphere up there and no friction, so there is not anything to pass anyway.’ But the San Francisco newspapers said that John Glenn passed a UFO. The first statement he made that he had seen it was on the air and the papers were out. Then they said, ‘Let’s not say anything about it until we can evaluate it.’ But they did publish some of the pictures. And maybe you saw some of the pictures in the newspapers. Some of the newspapers in this city had the pictures and I thought they cannot suppress them now. Then John Glenn said that the object looked like about the size of the head of a pin, but who can tell how big they are if they are going by at 17,500 miles per hour. He did not know if they were close or far away. But there were a lot of them in the direction that he was going. He thought that they were meteors ahead and he thought, ‘well this is it.’ But suddenly, they veered away. Then some of them turned and paralleled his ship chasing him, then they turned and flew away.

Now, in the first place, meteors are never intelligently guided like that, except when God uses them for a bomb attack on an enemy like HE did in the days when Joshua led your army at the battle of the city of Ai. God told Joshua, ‘you march, but do not go beyond this line.’ But when the Cainanites came against Israel, then the meteorites dropped down and destroyed them. And that is the only time I ever heard of meteorites being directed. But Astronaut Glenn said some of them turned and followed him for a time at that high speed and then they veered away. When he tried to tip his ship back so as to get a better look at them, then they went away. When asked what they looked like, he said there were thousands of them and he could not properly describe them. This happened a week after the high command in charge of the flying saucer investigation said, but if you see any, tell us about them. I hope John Glenn called and told them that these saucers were up there even when flying over the United States of America. And that John Glenn said there are other things I would like to talk about.---there are strange illuminated rings around the sun---there is no atmosphere up there, but there are illuminated centers that move, and he saw them each time that he went around. And then there were other things which he described. This was your representative up there looking where other men have also been.

I talked to a test pilot who has looked into the sky on numerous occasions, and has witnessed objects flying by at great speed. And he said he had looked at ships that did not come from any designing board of earth, that he knew anything about. I have talked to American airline pilots who told me of things that they have witnessed in flights back and forth across this nations sky at night. Of course, we do not have to go outside of that evidence. We know what we have seen with our own eyes. And if you say, well, you never say anything, then why don’t you look up and see sometime. For there are signs in the air above you, and they are unusual situations which are taking place.

But we are living in an unusual hour for as we said to you last week, the storms are worthy of consideration. The highest seas swept the earth since that configuration in February of 1962. And the weather began to snatch away men’s possessions. Then the newspapers said, ‘had we been less materialistic and put more value on opposing darkness and throwing our lives into the gap, to destroy the evils which threaten the earth, we might not have lost these things. But our desire to protect wealth and to get richer, to enhance our wealth and our possessions, we valued this maybe too much.’

Well, there is not anything that is tangible that you cannot get again. But there are certain spiritual values that you have been sent into earth to fulfill. And that is the opposition to the forces of anti-Christ and for the overflow of the forces of darkness. Your first responsibility should be to smash Communism and guarantee the liberation of earth for the generations that are coming.

Generally speaking, you cannot say too much good about a Kennedy. But we can say that if there is anything which has helped moral in Germany, it is what Robert Kennedy has said to West Germany and that is that we will defend those communities like we would defend our own. I hope we do a better job than that. So far, we have not protected ourselves from the invasion we have already received or what is coming.

Mysterious events have happened all around you. And sometimes you are separated by news agencies which refuse to carry the story. Sometimes it has been carefully seen that events are not reported all over. You are living in the time when part of the islands of the ocean are sinking. You are living in a period of time when new land masses are coming up when such events have not happened since the sinking of Atlantas and as in the days of Peleg which took place, but they are happening now.

Off the coast of Yugoslavia, smoking islands are coming up and two islands have gone down. Out in the Pacific not far from the Hawaiian chain, several islands have recently disappeared. And other islands are being formed out around the former islands of Japan.

They are coming off the coast of these United States and between this coast and Africa and at the Azores great land masses are rising. And they are having to put new buoys out all of the time, because of the rising of that part of the ocean floor. That land went down in the days which were pre-Egyptian. And Plato wrote about this when he learned what was written in the great records when he went down into Egypt to study, such things as the writings of Horus and the teaching at On from your race, taught by our forefathers as to what had happened in the pre-Adamic world. So here you are, 7400 plus years form when your forefathers first stood upon the earth. And now you are back in the conditions when the earth is beginning to shake and vibrate once again. Great changes are beginning to occurs in the earths surface while you are here. Someone said, ‘Will we live thru that?’ Yes, you can live thru the ‘shaking of the earth.’ But the fact is that we have gone thru several periods of catastrophe and even more of the ancient races such as the Aborigines are still here, and so is the Negro race. And you are well aware of that. So you see, beings have survived things before and surely the household of the MOST HIGH GOD will survive even tho the enemy who fights against you is going to suffer great losses.

I want you to know that around you the forces of heaven are getting ready to intervene in your behalf. And altho you have little protection from this ‘5th column’ that has swept your country, the spiritual powers that God has directed is beginning to stimulate and awaken the people. HE stimulates many men to devote their lives to exposing the forces which would destroy this Christian nation. These men today, have been called by the enemy, the ‘extreme right wing.’ But God Almighty always worked with very active ‘Right’ people. There is nothing extreme about being over on God’s side. The great phenomena is how could men betray a society which does so much for all within it? Those today, who attack the Right, are attacking because their attacks are becoming understood. And the catalyzing of many voices is being heard and understood across the land. The conspirators who work against you would harness all of the people of the pagan world. They would make the African and the Negro in your own nation the shock troops against the only nation that HE has ever really witnessed in the earth. They would gather all of the hungry hoards of Asia and take them into the Communist claw. But they have not as yet alleviated their hunger and they can only alleviate that hunger when they come over here and take the spoils from you ‘have nations’ of what you have produced, which they claim that you have taken from them.

Anyone who has studied Colonialism, knows that when the White nations went out and invested in Colonialism, they invested more than they ever have gotten back. Anyone who knew anything about your program of helping the world, knows that you have never gotten anything back. You have been pouring your money for some time down into the clutches of the witch doctor and into the paws of the revolution. Never has there been a period like the one that you are living in. But in your lifetime, you have watched storms greater than any you ever saw in the last 100 years. In your lifetime, you have seen the ‘sign in the heavens.’ And you saw them fulfill what the Gospel of Luke said they would be--- ‘with the seas roaring and men’s hearts failing them for fear of what was coming upon the face of the earth.’

Now I want to point this out to you. There are a number of things that are happening around the world that are rather strange. I have reports of over 27 missing people. People who were busy about their work and suddenly they were missing. This happened in London, as two were walking down the street and they suddenly went up in the air and disappeared. They reported this and they have never found them. A man in a hay field in Nebraska called to his friends and they saw him going up in the air. And he was saying, ‘grab me.’ But he was too high. And he went way up in a little cloud that was hovering above. And they never saw him again.

Now, they did not like him too well, so they didn’t miss him too much. But the facts are---and I have the report and the newspaper records, the name of the person and he is just gone.

Now that may not seem like something strange to some people, but it seems like a mysterious event to me. There has been quite a few of these things which have happened. And maybe this is just a little forerunner of some more things which will happen. Let me tell you this. Jesus gave HIS disciples a parable. HE said that in the foundation of the world, that HE went out and sowed good seed in the world. And these were the seed of the ‘Son of Man.’ And that the field was the world and the good seed were the children of HIS Kingdom. But the tares sown into this world were the children, the offspring, the progeny of the Evil one, of Lucifer the Wicked one.

They are here. And if you haven’t found that out, then you have not been around very far. Some of them are shop keepers. It tells me in Revelation. Some of them are in the jewelry business, some of them have pawn shops. You know them because they are of their father the Devil. And Jesus identified them in a conversation one day. HE said to them, ‘I am from above and you are from beneath. I am from above and you are out of the Devil and you know that.’

The other day, I was telling some clergymen, reading out of the Talmud, that they say that we Christians worship the Devil, and our Devil is their god. Well, that makes Jesus right when HE said, ‘I am from above and you are from below and you are from the Devil.’ So they say that their god is the Devil and we say the Jesus Christ is our God. And incidentally, they call every Christian who is aware---a devil, also. In fact, they have an organization built up, and I do not know any other individual on the face of the earth that has such an organization built up, to call other people names so as to protect themselves form criticism.

Now, one way our society survives, is to have an open voice so as to criticize anything they do not like. And the public forum and the open expression soon brings out the fact. But don’t ever make the mistake of discussing a Jew, because the ADL says that you are Anti-Semitic if you do. But again, that is a lie, because the Semite race, the descendants of Heber, the grandson of Shem, and every White man and every Christian, of this race is a Shemite and a Hebrew. I can prove this to you by going back to the 10th chapter of Genesis and to Shem and his grandson Heber. And you can read this for yourselves. But the significant thing is that the scripture here tells us about something.

Now, you know that there is a big problem all over the earth, for everywhere we find these unassimilatable people of Lucifer. They are tied to the world revolution. And they create trouble wherever they go. They take the minorities in a country and they set them up for trouble. And then they say that they are protecting them while they do it. If you listen to the B’nai B’rith, and the majority of these organizations, they say they are just here to protect the Negro, because he is being abuse. And they stir him up until he acts so anti-social that he is in trouble. No one was abusing him for he was making more progress here than any place on the face of the eearth, until someone meddled, supposedly to help him. We do not expect the average Negro to understand this, but we do recognize that they are being used. Between the Mohammed X group and the ADL and the NAACP and the Communist party with its open front, they create the crisis that makes the Negroes trouble.

Now, Jesus said that the ‘tares’ were of the evil one and that they were here. And the enemy which sowed them was the devil. And Jesus did not make any other statement about this. HE was just telling you that these are a species. They were fallen Angels who did not keep their first estate and now they were devils. The devils are just like anything else, like a horse or a hog, he is a specie. You can’t make a man out of a devil. And you can’t make a Christian out of one either. Don’t try or waste your time. Someone says, ‘But that is not Christian.’ But that IS Christian. For God never wasted HIS time calling Devils. HE said, ‘You can’t understand what I say. You can’t understand my speech, for I know who you are. You are on another wavelength and that is a devil band.’ How can you lock on to the spirit when you do not have it? Remember the words of Jesus, ‘Unto you I pour out the Paraclete.’---the intelligence of MY intellect to guild you and lead you into the knowledge of all Truth. EVEN THE SPIRIT THAT THE WORLD CANNOT RECEIVE. God calls that the ‘Beast system’ and you the ‘HU-man system’--or spirit man.

What is the ‘beast system?’ It is a political order made up of men without spirit that follow the anti-Christ. That is the beast system. And the Mark of the Beast is this following of the program of the Beast system. And it is done first in the intellect, by accepting this program of the Beast system, politically, socially, and religiously. And then putting the hands to work to carry out the project. Someone said, ‘Well, I never saw anyone with the Mark of the Beast on their forehead or stamped on their hands.’ Well, you are never gong to see it either, for that is not the meaning. Because the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is the acceptance of this in his consciousness of the Socialist, Communist, Zionists conspiracy. The ‘mark’ on his hand, is the going to work to implement this, to carry out these objectives. A lot of them have ‘beast’ written all over their face, but there is no ‘mark’ or number there.

Now, God makes this clear in the book of Matthew. HE says one thing which is going to happen is that the ‘tares’ are going to be gathered up and just like you clean your own harvest field, God says we are going to take the ‘tares’ out.

Now, HE did not say that HE was going to put them in a fire and burn them. HE left that up for some superstitious clergyman to talk about. So what did HE say HE would do? HE said, ‘I am going to send My ministering spirits and they will come in with great space fleets.’ oh, you say, ‘but is does not say that in my Bible.’ Yes, it does. HE said, ‘I am going to send for My heavenly hosts and they are going to come down and they will gather out everything that offends and everything that does iniquity.’ They are going to gather it out. That is in the book of Matthew. And my---there is going to be a lot of wailing on the part of the opposition to the Kingdom who have lost some of their most important figures.

We turn for one moment to the book of Luke, where it talks, as it does in the book of Matthew, about this sign in the heavens. In the 25th chapter it talks about how the heathen mourn and about the things which are to happen and it says, ‘As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the ‘coming of the Son of Man.’

I wonder if you ever stopped to think that this was the 13th verse and remember we had 13 Colonies, and 13 is the Heraldry number of the United States. We are the 13th tribe out of Joseph and carried in the prophecy of Manasseh. I wonder if you ever stopped to realize that on the Seal of America, in the paleways, the number of the leaves of the Olive Branch, and in all of the things which relate to our history, the number 13 is your Heraldry number. And do you know what the sun was that was rising on the 4th of July in 1776, coming in with Venus of the Heavens?---It was Mercury. Thus, Mercury is America’s rising sun. We have told you before, that configuration in the heavens, that Mercury, between you and the eclipse, was a very significant thing.

Now, listen. When we sent out astronaut up, he went up on the 13th of Mercury, and his name carries the significant number of 7. And in this again, we have watched a very significant thing by number and by name and by measure. Alright-- ‘as it was in the days of Noah.’ And then on top of this, the boat that picked him up was the Noah.

Now, I mentioned this before. But in the upper Tarim Basin, where Noah lived, this great patriarch of your race, and where the enemy was seizing by violence, the women of your race, and this eating and drinking and giving in marriage is mongrelization. And the scripture tells you that after this, there were monsters in the land and monstrosities in that land. And the outlanders such as the Hindu and the Chinese, still talk about this, as the attempt to absorb your race, and the catastrophe that followed, produced this strangeness of face. In fact, Ezra, writing about it, talks about this transgression of marrying the outlander and confusing the face and mongrelizing the Holy Seed. This Seed would be you.

Sometimes when I walk down the street in Los Angeles, I get in my car pretty quick. I realize that this downtown area is not the place to be as I see this change in the face. A great number of them don’t look like Americans. And they don’t look like Africans, altho there is a lot of Africa there. They don’t look like Asia. So what does it look like? It is the mongrel seed that the scripture talks about. And you are seeing it here in America at this end of the age.

Now, that is not the majority down there, because the majority is like you, for you get down there sometimes and then the rest of the time you stay out. But you see this blight in your land. You know, the majority of 190 million Americans----in fact, 145 million of them----are White and Christian. And one of these days, that is all that is going to count here in these United States.

Thus in the days of Noah, the enemy was trying to put this thing over. And all kinds of evil was being perpetrated against you. And this is happening today in Africa and it is not as far away as you might think here in your nation. The enemy is stirring them up and the Beast system is gathering them up and the minority is planning a revolution to take control of your society, and then they and the world order, will move in against you as you try to defend yourselves.

God, however, has another blueprint here in Matthew. For HE says He is going to send for HIS Angels. And HE said that HIS ministering spirits would come in with their crafts and they would gather out the ‘tares.’ You say, ‘what does it mean?’ Therefore, it says in the book of Matthew, ‘As it was in the days of Noah, so would it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.’ Then it says that there will be people out here in the field (the world) and one of them will be taken and the others left.’ It says that there will be two people in the mill and suddenly one is taken and the other left. And HE says that you are to watch, for you do not know when this hour will come.

Now, I want to tell you something that you may not have thought about. The people taken are not the good ones. You know a lot of the churches have been flying the Christians away. The devil would really go for that story. If you would take all of the Christians out of the way, he would really take over. But who said anything about taking the Christians out of the world? Didn’t Jesus say, don’t take them out of the world, keep them in it? It tells me that it is the ‘tares’ that they are going to gather up. They are going to take them out to the constellation of ‘Ara,’ and keep them there until in God’s own time, --only HE know when---they are going to learn their lesson. But all of their leaders are going to go first, and suddenly some of them will be missing. I even heard a rumor that Castro is gone. But I doubt that. Not that Castro is good, but they are even more evil. But it would not surprise me if more of them disappear. But I can tell you that one of these days that reinforcements will come in and the worst of these will disappear. And you will never see them again for ages and ages to come. And when you do see them again, they will look at Uncle Sam and say ‘uncle.’ You know,--they are going to get right down on their knees and look into the face of Christ, and say, ‘God.’ And they will look at you and say ‘the Kingdom of God.’ And they are going to worship at your feet. I can show you this in the book of Revelation. Satan, his own family, his own Jewish sons, are going to worship at your feet.

Yes, we are already seeing symbols and promises of events which are coming. Great significance is seen in the rising of the land masses for portions of the ocean floor is rising. And more will come according to the book of Revelation. Inside the structure of the scriptures, there are other things that we are being told about.

There happens to be a city in Connecticut, where there are strange noises under ground. People have reported strange vibrations reaching their cellar floors. This report was in their newspapers, but they didn’t want it to go any further, because the rest of the world might think they were crazy. Then there are some more things attached to this. One of our fliers flying out of Tasmania, in one of our craft, had seen coming out of cloud, the beginning of a strange long craft which tapered off somewhat like a triangle with one fin and a great large compartment in the front end. As this thing turned to him, the whole front end was as tho the face of a grinning cat. And in the large cupola in the front end was a man looking out and his face was so monstrous, that our air man cringed in fear as he flew past him. And this strange ship followed our aircraft, then suddenly dived down into the ocean and disappeared. You say, ‘Can you prove this?’ I have the authenticated records from one of our own aviators supported by an Air Force Captain, that this happened.

You say, ‘what has this got to do with a village in Connecticut?’ It is also a fact that far off in the Gobi Desert, was once a city which is now beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert. And Captain Andrews knew about this ages ago. And we have now already unearthed portions of this sunken city. And there are legends htat exist also concerning this city. That here divine watchers were holding the entrances to cavern systems that went deep into the earth. Cavern systems where the forces of evil gathered for the final assault against our race. And they were being held in by a certain spiritual law, by watchers put in the eearth. You go back and read the ancient lore out of the book of Enoch, out of the ancient Zohar, and even out of the records of your race, and you will see that God set watchers over fallen Angels and demonic powers, and that they were existent in cavern systems in the Netherworld.

No, do not think for a moment, that this is Biblical license. Remember that Christ went down into the Netherworld and brought back out of it, the Celestial beings of every son of Adam who had been held prisoner there in this same struggle with the powers of the air. Do you know that the book of Revelation tells you that as you see this great struggle in the eearth, that there will come out of openings in the earth, flying objects to make war against the Kingdom of God? And it tells you that they come like a cloud and that they are the princes of Baddon or the anti-Christ---Lucifer. It is in your book of Revelation, in every King James Version. So you say, ‘how will you take care of this, because these reinforcements are going to move in with the enemy by the millions?’ But God says that you are not to worry about anything which comes out from the evil side or the nethermost world. You just whip the forces in the earth that I put you here to conquer, and the hosts of Michael will take care of these other forces. That is why they are coming and standing by. That is why space craft of all kinds are visible and that is why in over seventeen accounts, that we can verify, is that strange and unusual people who did not come from outer space regions, and they are unusual as almost monsters which was beheld over the ocean.

Admiral Byrd said that he knew that some crafts were flying in and out of an opening in the earth at the South Pole and that many of themn were descending and diving into the sea. The scripture talks about the Raphiam, the hosts against God, the dwellers of the deep who helped to bring about the catastrophe that overwhelmed ancient civilizations. And what I am talking about, unless you have the records in your possession,--then you might say ‘well these things--where are they coming from?’ Thus I can pull them out of my library to authenticate the things which have been happening in the earth in the last six years.

Do you know that the scripture talks about the fact that when we have won this last battle, and the last hammer and sickle has been brought down, that every knee is going to bow in the heavens above, and down on earth and in the Netherworld as well. And they are going to sing praises and acknowledge your God and sing praises and acknowledge that you are the Sons of the Eternal, above and on earth, and down under the earth. Thus, we may have touched upon a subject that you never read about or understood before, or had these ideas about the earth itself. In fact, we do not have the time tonight, to discuss this subject. But this afternoon, there is a man in this auditorium, and he said he had stood in the Pentagon and talked to a man from outer space. We had a short interview with him after this meeting. And we had known about him for some time. The man was a former investigator, and he talked about talking to this man from outer space. I asked him what this fellow had to say, because most of these fellows, where these ‘saucer clubs’ get together, come in and tell you not to fight the Russians and not to break nuclear bombs, for you will destroy the earth and upset the Angels, and everybody is weeping. But that is not this story. For this man from outer space warned us about the enemy. Warned about the strength of your nation. And warned us to get on our toes in these factors. This man was a part of the hosts of the great fleets of Michael.

If you do not know who Michael was, then go back and read the book of Daniel. For Michael is an Archangel as strong as Gabriel. And he is the Commander of all of the fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD. These are some things which you should bring back to your memory for they are a part of your heritage. Strangely, there are a lot of things which are known by officials that they suppress, and there are a lot of things that they don’t think that you are old enough or big enough to understand. But I don’t know who gave them their understanding, for they have not shown it in their proficiency in government.

Now, I am going to tell you something real good. But if you have a guilt complex, you won’t like this. Let me just give you a little piece of advice if there is something that hits your consciousness that you don’t like. Then you better hurry up and tell it to the Father, so that HE can take HIS electronic eraser and get it out of the way. Because every secret thing is about to be made known. And there is not anything that the rascals in the United Nations, or the government are planning that the world is not going to know about. And White Christians are going to throw the whole thing out. You have heard in the last year, things that you never thought you would hear about Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower, and the Kennedy’s. For you never thought anyone would say them. And we know what has happened because we put these things on the air. And we hear people say, ‘we didn’t know that.’ And I thought I would never get a chance to say it.

Now, these are only a little part of the facts. For the best laid plans of the enemy are being foiled by the Truth. But God has given you a special built-in radar system, and HE calls this the gift of discernment. And you apply now every political ploy and everything you hear to this test to see if the spirit of God witnesses to your spirit that this is true. And it does not matter whether this person belongs to your party or not. Don’t you vote for him unless you can get God’s approval on him. Because the devil belongs to both parties and to all churches. Oh, you say, ‘does he belong in this church?’ Well, he does not belong here at all, but they still come. The devil is a sadist. He sends someone here all of the time to run back and tell them what we talk about. And they would like to make it against the law to preach the Gospel. Do you know that when then get home and write it up, then send it back to New York, they have multiplied it five times stronger than I said it. And by the time they tell their children at night that these things will happen, if they don’t go to bed, it’s multiplied again. Do you know that as God turns the light on your race, that every man of your race will be talking about the problems of the Kingdom and its coming. And even today, you can’t hardly get 10 business men together for an hour before, they are talking about some of these things even if they know nothing about the Kingdom. They are talking about the taxes and they are talking about Communism and about a ‘5th Column’ in the government and the silly decisions of the President. They are talking about these things. And before that hour is over, they will be talking about the Jews and the Negroes---that is for sure. The other day, I stood listening to a medical group and I thought, ‘I will wait until I get a commercial here,’ and I never said a word. And pretty soon, they were talking about it. And I did to have to say anything, for what I heard was far more terrific than what I was about to say.

The Light is coming on. Strange events are happening all about you. Strange phenomena here in your lifetime, than you ever heard before. As we have said before, you never thought that the people you sent to Washington would ever vote away your independence. But it has happened in your lifetime. And that is why you have a United Nations. And they don’t know it, but the people are waking up and saying we are going to leave it soon. You never thought that you would live in a time when the preachers behind the altar, would admit that they did not believe in the Deity of Christ and wanted to mix you into one great religious family of error. But it has happened in your lifetime. And just as those who wanted to sell us out in our liberty, America is going to say, ‘Go.’ And the people of the churches are also going to say to those ministers who don’t believe in Christ, ‘You are all thru.’ Do you know that I had a leader of the laymen of one of the major denominations who came to me and said, ‘Dr. Swift, we have some 20 odd numbers of clergy who do not believe in the Deity of Christ. They believe in Socialism and think that Russia is making the most gain of any nation in the world. What are we going to do about it?’ I said, ‘What have you done already about it?’ And he said, ‘Well, we told everybody about it.’ So I said, ‘Well what has happened?’ And he said, ‘The Conferences won’t move them. So what do we do?’ So I said, ‘You canvas those laymen and tell them to go around thru the congregation and don’t put any money in the plate. Not this week, or next week, or the week after. Not until the man goes. And he will go quicker than you think and the Conference will get him out in a hurry because they won’t keep him there if you do not support him.’

You know one of these days, America is going to say, ‘We aren’t going to give you any more of this illegal tax. You will have to go somewhere else to get the money.’ And you will be surprised at how quickly they will change. You say, ‘Dr. Swift, I won’t take the Mark of the Beast and I won’t go out and help him.’ No, I don’t think that you would. But I will let you in on a little secret. You are supporting him. He couldn’t live without you. The Beast system is living like the leacher that he is---a parasite on you. The scripture tells us that God says, ‘I am going to deliver, I am going to set you free, I am going to stir up your mind, I am going to stir up your sons and daughters. I am going to give you the vision, I am going to give you the technology. I am going to raise a mighty army.’ That is the word of God.

Yes, there is no question that this is a day of phenomena. I know of a house in a State, and of a family that does not want any publicity. But the word got out and they have had to move twice. A great glowing object came down in their back yard. And it burned a hole in the grass. And a strange monster-like force came out with a strange and peculiar odor about it. The people were frightened almost to death and they called for local law enforcement officers. And as they came, the object went away, but the burned spot was in the grass. The whole family saw this thing. That is an unusual event and it marks the climax of the age when the Raphiam out of the deep when the Nephilin, when the powers of darkness are entering into this situation.

You have heard of Ivar Sanderson. He is one of the world’s great naturalists. And he recently wrote a volume on the Abominable Snowman and five sub-human races. And in that volume, he not only tells you that these monstrosities are present and existent in the world, but what looks like millenniums of non-existence of these strange and evil powers. They are showing up again. Did you know that right down here in the Los Angeles River bed one and one-half years ago, you had that appearance of a monster? It was on the highway and on the river bed and then it was gone. You say, ‘But that was just someone putting on a hoax.’ But, no, it wasn’t. People on the freeway saw it. Others reported it and police departments found tracks. And they tried to cover it up because they did not want to scare the citizens. And then they never saw it again. One of my friends lives up in the area around Trinidad. He is an official. And a monster came down out of the forest and frightened men who were operating tractors for a big lumber company. And these monsters stood like giants above them. And this strange situation happened in the last two years.

The uniqueness of this, is that Mr. Sanderson has been all over the world, checking up on these things. And he says that there is no doubt about it. We just happen to be in a peculiar period when ancient throw backs and peculiar forces are suddenly making their appearance. We do not have the theology explanation, but the scripture says that these powers of evil would all gather together for this onslaught of this last hour, and they would seek to attack men by fear. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, you should not have added these things.’ But they have happened in your time. The scripture said that these are the kind of things that would happen at the end of an age. But on the other hand, I turn to look into the heavens from whence comes deliverance. And I discover that the supernatural power is being manifest to balance the earth. And that the great hosts of heaven have come at HIS call and at HIS direction and are obedient to your needs. So I can’t do anything about that, but call for help when I need it. But God said that there is a job for you to do in the earth and there is nothing more mysterious than a great Christian nation like ours letting the enemies of our Faith and our civilization come in and abuse the privileges with which they entered our society. They wage war against you and plan to deliver you into the hands of the World Communist revolution. And the mystery is that your investigators and your internal security committee, and the Un-American Activities Committee and the FBI have been finding this out. And the Senate knows about it and they are going to do something about it, someday. That is the mystery.

The great mystery which challenges every American Christian that is awake, and everybody who is in the ‘Right Wing’ tonight, and the mystery is ‘why does not our government rise up and incarcerate the conspirators? Why don’t they deport the agents. And why don’t they cleanse America now?’ I asked one of the chief investigators when are were they going to do something about it. And he said, ‘We are gathering all of the material and when we have enough, then maybe America will be angry enough to do something about it.’ I said, ‘America is already angry enough to do something. When are the men in power going to do something? I am going to tell you that this is a part of the pattern of this important hour.

Now, again, in this hour, you lift up your head and note what this passage says in Revelation. It tells us that this is what is going to happen. ‘Suddenly, out of the heavens, will come the fleets with the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD. And the Eternal God who walked the earth will come back in full command. The great blazing emblems will be upon HIS own craft. And as HE moves back into the orbit of earth, it tells us that all the armies of heaven will follow after HIM. And whether the earth likes it or not, they will make a landing and turn loose the greatest mounted units the world has ever witnesses. It says HE is going to smite the nations that are in opposition and HE is going to pass over the Administration and the Righteousness and firmness of the Law, inflexible as a rod of iron. And all these in their anger, now do this foolish thing. And it says, ‘and I saw this beast system, this Communistic program of evil, that came out of the pagan people of the earth and the enemies of Christ, and their kings out of their orders, and their armies which they have gathered together. And they came to make war against Jesus the Christ and the great fleet HE has just brought in out of space.

You say, ‘do you believe that, Dr. Swift?’ I know it is true. If there is any book I am not going to tamper with and take anything away from, it is the book of Revelation. But I am going to check and see if that is what it said before anyone else tampered with it and that is what it said. It tells me that these armies of your enemies are actually going to try to make war against the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD, your Father, your Kinsman. And it also tells me that in that hour, when they go to make war against the MOST HIGH GOD, this revelation of the Deity of the Christ, then all of these armies and all of these pagans that carry the Mark of the Beast, in their priesthoods of evil, will join in this attempt.

In fact, they only give you one verse to wind it all up. God just reaches out and brings it down like the hammer of Thor. It says that when God reaches out, HE is going to take and beat all of their military power and all of these nations will surrender before the power of the MOST HIGH. But in the meantime, this group of evil is going to be placed in a place where they will do not harm ever again. That is Divine Destiny. The reason why we bring this to your attention, is because last week we brought to you the message of the flying saucers which are a part of it. There must come into your consciousness, the fact that you are not alone in the Universe. That this is just one planet out of 146 trillion suns in the Universe iwth thier planets visible with your own instruments. You are going to have to realize that your technology came by vision and your enemy had to steal it. But there is lots of it out there. You are going to have to realize that you are not alone. Nor is the ability of your God to reach you, not to be limited by the agnostic or the athiest. Let the enemy fight on the idea that HE is not coming and you fight with the knowledge that HE is coming and see who wins. As we said before that when Moses received the Law on Mount Sinai, then God sailed in and shone on several mountain peaks an dthen finally rested on Mount Sinai. And HE brought 10,000 of HIS believing offspring, your kinsmen, with HIM from outer space. The Bible contains so many instances like this. And some of the incidents we are now watching being fulfilled in our time. Once I watched a flight pass across the face of the moon for one hour, one night. They were far out in space, but they were great crafts. And members of my congregation looked thru our equipmenbt and saw the same thing. There is something going on out there. And there is something going on here. And when we complete our job, that is when we are going to need help.

End of sermon