Mystery Of Assurance, 11-12-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-12-62

As we turn to this subject this afternoon, we must remember that there has been a number of spiritual forces which have operated out of the nature of God. And have been directed toward those who are of HIS Household and operata as functions of reality because they are, and HE is. And many of them are not thought about and a few of them are not as understood as they should be. Probably there is nothing more vital and probably nothing more necessary in your society in this hour, and for those who would carry out the objectives of God, than to possess one of the greatest heritages which they can possess and that is ASSURANCE.

When we talk about Assurance, this is a quality of perception and understanding and cognition that leave the individual in complete emotional stability, intellectual perception, and spiritually strong. It is one of the most vital patterns of cognition that you may possess. An individual who lacks assurance concerning Divine destinies and prerogatives, who lacks assurance concerning the nature of God and HIS purpose toward him will lack the assurance of God to carry out these objectives and finds himself in a kind of mental torture. This type of mental torture creates a type of conditional emotional insecurity. One of the great stresses of our time is the insensitive patterns of vital forces who move in for conflict. The intensitiveness of these vital forces set up vital areas of thought and reaction, and causes the whole world to pick up these vibratory waves of great tension. I want you to know that you are living in one of those plains when the catalyzing forces of tensions have created one of the greatest waves of emotional response than in all time and history. You can go from one end of the nation to the other and there is a certain tenseness of expectation that something is about to transpire, that of impending events. There is an emotional wave that corresponds to this, and this is a wave of insecurity. There are people from every walk of life and every professional background that today feel this insecurity. There is this insecurity and it may be based on what is going on in government and what is going on in the world. It is a thing based on facts or what they have heard in their environment concerning the motives of their enemies, or the status quo at large. But the general trend from one end of the earth to the other, that there are things that are about to happen......that there are tremendous forces in play. And that they are locked in a struggle to control the world.

Now because of this, the concept of the individual and his future as it relates to his physical security and the things which might develop in the earth, and his ultimate destiny, depend entirely upon what he knows, and how he feels concerning the situation he is in, and whether his aspect is entirely intellectual from the pattern of the senses and emotional from its human reactions, or whether there is a spiritual quality that gives him an inside track in the area of his feelings concerning what God intends to do. And with that acquaintanceship with God that comes only thru an association first with things which God had produced with the word which HE has prepared with the sons and daughters of God who become your proper associates if you are in the proper environment, all of these catalyze and create a spiritual force and a great mystery to give you a serenity in living....and that is Assurance.

Now I want you to realize today that one of the problems we have in the world today is this complete mental upset we have in the world which occurs sometimes in an emotional unbalance, and sometimes in an awareness which occurs in people all over the world when they have no assurance, who have nothing to fall back upon in hours of such turmoil. Their destinies are insecure. Their knowledge as to what is ahead is only predicated upon a chain of events, however, that sequence might come. However as students of the scriptures, there exists a certain quality, if with that studying of the scriptures there is an earnest desire to know, an earnest realization to know that he is a son of daughter of God. An earnest realization that he is of a Divine Household, and that the spirit of God was working in him. This can make in him an awareness in the seat of his consciousness that can adjust him to the thoughts of God and the very purposes of God. Such guidance and spirit leads men to the knowledge of all truth. Such a process creates the great spiritual forces which exist in the center of God’s Kingdom and church. It is also the spiritual force and knowledge and wisdom which moves out of the presence of God, that men find operating in the seat of their consciousness by association, by catalyzing forces which come out of worship, and by the constant attending spirit of God in them.

Now there is a quality that you may have never diagnosed and you may have never analyzed it. But you possess it. And it works in you at all times. This quality is a very important quality, for it is the capacity for delineation between the things which are right and which are wrong. Or the processes which you should be for or against. We sometimes find this is referred to as discernment. And is referred to as one of the gifts of the Spirit. Thus, what does this gift of discernment do? It automatically adjusts you on every position that transpires in your environment. It is also tied to this process of assurance when your experience and realization as a child of God has developed to the point of realizing that this is just one of the waves Divine presence and applied spirit where it resides and works in you.

Now you say, ‘how do I know that it works in me?’ Let me point out to you again, that as you listen to the transmission of radio broadcasts or listen to the commentator on TV, and he is telling you what is supposed to be supporting conditions and facts and events and social status, and automatically there is something which is moving around inside of your consciousness that you do not have to think about. It rejects this and accepts that. This is out of the background and this is truth. And this is brainwashing. You say what is that?...and then you reply...that is my reasoning ability. This is out of the background of my knowledge and my experience. And it is more deeply indued in the children of god than that. This spiritual quality that moves in you and makes this fine delineation, is the Rightness of that which is right as compared to the process of error which can be deeply semantic by the fresh change of events. The fact is that this quality of discernment is one of the most important things which you possess. A President may make a speech, or an instructor in a school may come out with more knowledge, or express a process of design. They may talk about Utopian designs for an economically and peaceful world, and then start expressing the processes by which it may develop. And then automatically something moves inside of you and says this is not the right way. This is another pattern of Socialism or another pattern of Collectiveness. But this is not the right way. Well, the question of whether it is the right way will be debated for you by great sections of theology. Sections of theology will say that we are not interested in the selection of names or the end results when it comes. Therefore, we should not be prejudiced against the name of the processes if we get the sociological results that we desire. But that still is not satisfactory to you because the spirit bears witness to you that there is a right way and a wrong way. And there is one way in the seat of your consciousness which has approbation when you come to these factors.

Now we have a mystery concerning these things about Assurance. When we say that without assurance men live in mental torment. This is true. For then they have a great unknown out ahead of them. They do not know what their destiny is or what their spiritual status is. I have had a great number of people with what they thought was a great number of religions experiences. And they say, ‘Dr. Swift, if I just had the security of knowing that I was not going to end up in some eventual area of torment thru out Eternity, because I had disobeyed or made some mistakes; if I just had some kind of assurance that I will be among the save, instead of the lost.’ Then I would generally ask them to delineate as to what they meant between the saved and the lost. And they would talk about the saves as living in some kind of Eternal bliss, while the lost were going into some flaming perdition of some medieval torture chamber which was not even compatible with the God that they served. But none the less, it was involved in the background of theology. Well, I said, ‘Can you give me some scriptural foundation for this thing which you fear?’ Then could not give it to me. And finally they would come back and say, ‘What are you driving at?’ Well....assurance comes with knowledge and truth. And it comes out of every word that came out of the mouth of God. And if you do not have to fear something that God never said or did, then what did HE intend to do? But with assurance comes this which God intends to do and when you know what God intends to do, then there comes with that an assurance which is relative to HIS nature, and relative to you as HIS sons and daughters.

I tell you today, that the people who live on this seesaw of human experiences, with human failures and human problems before them, that live without assurance because their unknown tomorrows are predicated upon conditions in environment or emotional whims, have lost one of the most vital factors which true Christianity has to give. We point out to you that this is also true as we go thru some of these depressions that we have referred to before. These cycles in which people do not see everything come out as they want it to. And as they see their plans and their hopes as it relates to the Temple field, or the political field or the economic areas of their existence, do not always meet the designs that they wish. And they in great fear would say, ‘It looks as tho we are losing.’ It looks as tho the forces of darkness were gaining and we are about to be defeated. ASSURANCE is what they need. Assurance is certain factors that they have to feel, because they are entities of spiritual power and knowledge built up in their nature which caused them to know their Father, to know HIS plan, and to know that any temporary reversal is not the climax of the issue, and it will not be the end of the story. For me, this pattern becomes much more simple than to some. And the more you know of God your spiritual and mental reaction becomes more simple than complex because of your assurance that God will bring these things to pass.

We recognize that in this whole pattern of destiny, that there is nothing which will get beyond the whole purpose of God to bring this to completion. And these factors in your environment are instances which you may record and someday you may revaluate. We point out to you that the Apostle Paul makes this declaration as he writes and he said, ‘I want your hearts to be knit together into all of the riches of full assurance and understanding.’ FULL ASSURANCE AND UNDERSTANDING come together and understand that which is of God and understanding of HIS Fatherhood. And understanding of HIS Incarnate embodiment as the CHRIST. And understanding of who you are in the world. The Apostle Paul says when you have that, then you have full assurance. This is why no theology incomplete or empty theology that does not relate to these factors can give men these assurances.

I turn back again to the book of Isaiah and here again, is one of those little passages which gives a little light on this subject:... ‘The effect of righteousness is quietness in spirit and assurance forever.’

Now someone says ‘what does that mean?’ Well what is righteousness? Let’s take the theological aspect of the word and reduce it down to reality. Rightness is the synchronization of the consciousness the intellect and the spiritual cognition of the individual. It is an affinity and it is a coordination. It is an acceptance. It is a movement within this field. When we say righteousness, lots of times people think of an individual standard with everything being just perfect and everything being just accurate according to a standard of law or ordinance. And within the same structure, they use the word ‘Holiness.’

Now we know certain things about the nature of God. We know that HE created the Universe. That HE put the Universe together and that everything is made by HIS Law. We know that everything that HE put together is Right because that is the way HE is made. If HE had made it some other way, then that would have been Right. But this is the way that HE made it. It is God’s Universe and HE has been making it thru out the endless ages of yesterday.

Now because the things which HE has made and the way they are put together, fall into the category of law, it is thus as tho HE created them. It could be chemical law, it could be atomic nuclear and molecular law. All of this is subject to the patterns and substance to the laws of energy. The Universe is synthesized out of particles of energy. Electronic energy, light energy, wavelengths of energy, and every thing is synthesized out of it. The directive force of such a Divine mind which has created such a directive force of Divine Law has so solidified the patterns of energy altho they are in motion, that the molecular masses have become the solid of our creation.

They become the materials which we shape and move with our hands, as HE put it together. The patterns of law can be violated. There are combinations of energy and forces, when misapplied or changed, cause tremendous explosions. Disrupting the cycles of the electrons and try to put more electrons in orbit than can be stabilized by the nuclear masses at the center, and what transpires is an explosion. And that explosion is an unbalance of the way it was made. It is a violation of the principle of the law of formation of that group of atoms in their molecular mass. That is the secret of the atomic explosions. It is the secret also of synthesis and transmutation, and many mysteries which our forefathers understood in spiritual law which we haven’t as yet not re-attained. The fact remains that the law is the law. And there are mathematical laws and laws of precision. If you violate a mathematical law the law is still there, and any regrouping of letters and change does not alter the mathematical law, for it is always there. It does not therefore mean that someone has to step in and change the numbers. It just means that if you make the error, then you have to correct it.

Now we point out to this. Economic laws are God-given. Violate the economic law, upsetting it to mathematical precision, for a quantity, you can find in lost of places....and immediately, you get economic chaos. If you violate the procedure of economic processes, and take usury amounts out of the substance of the circulation, something comes up short and that factor is there. So God warns you not to violate this law. The catastrophe does not come like a juggernaut out of heaven. It comes out of the disobedience of the status of the way things are.

Now when we recognize these situations, the more we know of God and the more we understand as to the way HE put things together, the faster becomes our perspective of the creation and the environment in which we live. But when we talk righteousness, the rightness is satisfying with the realization that God made it right when HE said it was good. Rightness therefore in its own purpose of recognition of its cognition of existence says I am on God’s side. And I mean it. In otherwords when we say that we are on God’s side, the intelligent scientists, the intelligent organization of the Universe, knows that when you try to disorganize it, you have catastrophe. Thus the only intelligent approach is that we are on the side of the ‘Right.’

Now the more we align ourselves with this, the more we are watching the forces of Righteousness work thru us. We accept the principles of Divine Law because God has unveiled to us the emotional stresses and the explosive forces which turn loose in society when moral law is violated. It does not require revenge or an administering Angel but the explosive pattern which is geared to people, the emotions, and the factors as they are. We must recognize that in these forces of energy there are great and powerful forces which are in operation. When God transferred HIS Celestial children from heaven to earth thru the Adamic race, and thru the entrance of spirit into procreation of a Household, it was HIS way of bringing heaven to earth, by the transfer of HIS sons and daughters for the building of a Kingdom. You happen to be of this Adamic race, the Household of God. You are spirit of HIS Spirit and life of HIS Life. There exists thru out all of God’s creation, certain great and vital forces, certain great forces which relate to the status of creation. And they relate directly to you as one of the highest existing orders of consciousness in God’s creation. Remember then that God’s Celestial family, placed here in earth as a race, HIS Household, to carry out HIS purposes, make up the magnitude and the apex of HIS creative work. God, from the simplest patterns of the smallest examples of life, on up to the highest orders, has given them one great and vital urge of consciousness which is to procreate and continue the produce of their kind. This is a vital factor. And there is a second vital force and intellectual awareness of existence and secondly, there is added to this, the products which exist in your race.....a creative force to change and adjust and to make and to express the concept that the intellect has obtained in the areas of expression to see that these things also remain. This is why God sent you here and this is why you say, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.’ Because the only way you could have brought in such areas of thought and expression, was the ability to transfer the consciousness that was in spirit with HIM, and had the capacity to relay HIS thoughts because of this wavelength of expression that was out of HIM. Life of HIS Life, breath of HIS Breath, and spirit of HIS Spirit.....there is a oneness with you and God. This is why the violation of law which occurred early in your race was when the ‘Tree of life’ mixed with the ‘tree of good and evil.’ The pattern was that you were not to co-mingle with races lacking this spiritual capacity and that you understood these factors. We were not to forget to preserve these life giving factors of ‘Like begatting like kind.’ That ‘fall’ brought upon your race the loss of great spiritual capacity, that God had to restore to your posterity.

This is the reason why we have this word Atonement. For Atonement is from God. It is God putting HIS people back at one with HIM, reopening the spiritual capacity in the seat of their consciousness and restoring to them that thing which only spiritual intellectualness and spiritual understanding can do. This is why HE said that when the spirit comes...this Paraclete...My own spiritual will lead you to the knowledge of all Truth. It will bring all things to your remembrance.... ‘Even that spirit of Truth that the world cannot receive,’ because it does not have the same wavelength, does not have the same origin, and it takes your creative work and your cognition of it to bring this creative work to cognition in the midst of the earth.

I turn back to these words in Colossians wherein the Apostle Paul says, ‘The riches of full assurance which comes with full understanding.’ This is the understanding of the commission of God, the understanding of HIS Fatherhood, understanding as it relates to you and to Christ. And the Apostle Paul says, ‘This is the mystery which has been hid thru the ages, thru all generations and is now made manifest in all of God’s believing offspring.’ And that is you. What is this mystery now made know to all God’s believing offspring? That it is Christ or this divine quality in you that is the hope of Glory and the Light of God which is to be made manifest in the midst of the earth. I want to point out to you that the most important thing which you may know, is to know who you are, and who the Father is. When we talk about God, we are talking about YAHWEH, who never had a beginning. HE existed in the vastness of the Universe where there are trillions of solar systems. We see a little measure of it within the capacities of our modern instruments to implement our vision. This again, demonstrates that creative technological ability, to create the instruments to mold the vast horizon, and to probe the Universe. And when you look at that, you remember that it was not Africa that ground these lenses to probe the distance. Asia never came out with the secrets to probe the sky. There is not one scientific achievement of wisdom that adds to its expression that has been brought out of other people, than the White race...this Adamic Household. That is why you are one of the earth’s greatest blessings that has ever come, because you have opened up their horizon and expanded their vision...if they would but stand and hear. We point out that the vastness of creation gives us a little of the magnitude of our Father. And does not shorten HIS personal relationship with each one of us. We see HIS absoluteness and we are assured that HE is all powerful. And as we see just a little of HIS power, we catch a bit of the omniscience of HIM mind...that HE could tell HIS Disciples or you and I, certain things while in the spirit before the world was framed, certain things which would come to pass.

We look back in the panorama of the history of 7400 years for our race. And everything God has told us before the foundation of the world is described in the mysteries of HIS Revelation, and recorded in the scriptures as to what HE was going to bring to pass. And it has come to pass or is in the process of coming to pass now. The patterns of HIS omniscience and the declarations of HIS operations have now been brought to life thru the lenses of the microscope and thru the measures of space...balances of powers talked about in the center of the Universe, the mysteries in our solar system of Orion and the Pleiades, and as it relates to their energies as they relate to other planets. These factors, we scientifically understand. Man, at the time of recording, could not have understood, had it not been for the cognition of how to apply himself to make the instruments as he arrives once again at the considerable evidence of what God said was true. All of these things of God add up to assurance, as God says, ‘I am going to do something if it takes 1000 years or a day.......HE will carry it out.

Now when we talk about God as the Father, this is the one thing which you are to understand. This is the part of the assurance which belongs to HIS believing offspring.....that word Saint or Santest is such a perfectionist that they just have to sit and do nothing, because if they do anything, they might loose their Sainthood. Let me tell you something. A Saint is a believing offspring of God. That does not mean that their conduct is always perfect, but I want you to know something which is important for you this afternoon. When it comes to assurance, it does not man that in the process of living that you do not become some kind of a casualty in part or by experience, to not fulfilling all of the processes of the law, or status or a pattern of righteousness. But it does mean that if you are reconnaissance of what God has done. If you recognize that in HIS Atonement, HE already had atoned for all areas of mistakes, and made you as one with HIM, by therefore substitution, HIS own Righteousness, by the power of HIS own Resurrection for any dying force of disintegration into the forces of conflict which would destroy you. Therefore the Atonement is so great, that you accept what God said clearly to you.....and understand this....HE said, ‘I impute My righteousness, My thinking consciousness, My intellectual force, My Divine drive, My creative ability...I impute all of this to you. I clothe you and bestow upon you this and when I look at you, I do not see you as YOU HAVE BEEN, BUT I SEE YOU AS YOU SHALL BE.’

Now I point out to you again, as we have mentioned a week ago. HE said HE had predestinated each one of you of HIS sons and daughters as to HIS foreknowledge before the foundation of the world to conform to the image of HIS son (HIS embodiment). This gives you assurance also for HE said, ‘I am not a Father to everyone, but I am a Father to My Household, to the Adamic Household, to the Saints. I am a Father to MY people.’ And everyone HE had in the beginning, HE is a Father to. HE said, ‘I became a creative Father, and all of My creations which I have made must look to ME as their origin, but they are not My kin.’ But you are of the Kinship of God. You do I know? In the book of Hebrews, it tells us that HE took upon HIMSELF a body just like you had, since now the children of God were coming into earth in bodies of flesh....and HE took upon Himself a body of flesh like HIS kinsmen and is not ashamed to call you HIS relatives, HIS kinsmen.

Go back and read, for God says that you are ‘My kinsmen and My relatives.’ Go back and read the first two chapters of Hebrews. These issues declare it. The whole pattern of the scriptures unveil it. ‘Flesh of My flesh, bone of my bone, and spirit of my spirit.’ Nothing is more important that you must understand for assurance this afternoon than to be able to say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.’

This is not a gymnastic which some evangelist has gotten you to say to produce these results. This is a factor of origin and reality. And when you become aware of it, there comes a secure peace in your mind.

Now righteousness therefore brings serenity of spirit, and then assurance forever. Righteousness which I could not generate myself, righteousness the Father has to impute to me. And in that imputing to me, the waves of its energy it unveils to me a synchronization in every portion of my thinking that is in coordination with HIS.

Now here is what transpired. HE then said....concerning the Christ which is in you....when you are aware that the incorruptible seed that lives in you and abides forever and is begotten of the Father. Then you do not worry about whether it is going to have Eternal Life or whether it is going into some imaginary torture chamber. I can say some things and someone will say, ‘But just whether it is right.’ God never designed torture chambers at any time. God never designed any torture chambers in which the devil is going to be conned in to doing the punishment for God. There is not a tug of war going on with God trying to put you in one spot and the devil trying to put you somewhere else. If God did any pulling you know where you would end up. All of these ideas are medieval and would justify the witch doctor in Africa and the devil worshipers of Asia. No wonder you have not been able to persuade these people. You do not have too much to offer. Don’t go out and talk about the greatness and the love of God, and then say if you do not believe HIM, then HE will torture you for ever and ever.....and watch you. There is no capacity in the spirit of the sons of God to develop greater than beyond the scope of the Father to set the vision. So I point out to you that it is significant that you understand. We could simplify very easily what the Bible says. In fact, until men understand what the purpose and the plan actually is, as it relates to earth, if they are out of adjustment with the plan and try to accomplish it by some other objective, they can be always in turmoil. There are some people today who are trying to accomplish objective today that are somewhat in parallel with God. But they are not in parallel if they have a different objective and end result.

In this last week, we had a little opportunity to see a little this. One of the units of Christianity.....and I use these words not necessarily rightly...but realizing that the general theologists among the religions hierarchy are not so quick to embrace this thinking. And one of these is the Quaker movement, the Friends movement. Do you know what they said last week? It said, ‘We think now and support full commissions for the immediate taking over of all of the armaments of the world, that this must be immediate surrendered into the United Nations, to give the world security.’ So the Quaker movement said, ‘to leave the authority in the hands of the President to maintain a blockade around Cuba, or to bring the world to a nuclear crisis must lay in the hands of one man who could shut the whole world into a nuclear war should not be. Therefore, they said, ‘the only Christian thing which we can do is to persuade all Christians that we must surrender all such power and authority in to a super capacity that shares all of these decisions. Thus to bring about Peace on earth, which is a Christian objective, we must surrender our war-making powers to the United Nations, at once.’

Now, the moment that you hear that, something rose up in you. This is this delineation I am talking about, that discernment. I am going to tell you that there are a lot of ecclesiastical leaders who do not have any discernment. They have intellectual awareness and they have already been sold processes with the economic and political side of life that are not in coordination with the sovereignty of God and HIS plan, and all comes to naught. Yes, the Quakers are good people. But when it comes to these principles, they do not have it. The United Nations joining Christian nations with pagan nations, is a direct violation of the status of God’s purpose for the preservation of HIS society. Kind begatting like kind, segregation from these forces which are diametrically opposed to you....these you are not to be unequally yoked together with. These are the thoughts which move out of your own vein to set up the background of your own thinking. The fact remains that you are outnumbered 6 to 1 by the pagans. And with the Communist world controlling almost 2/3 of the land masses and everybody surrenders their armaments into the hands of the United Nations, and with the Communist controlling almost every level of it, would have all of the arms to superimpose their will on you. No, they would not put a blockade around Cuba, they would just take over these United States.

Oh, you say, ‘why would the church lead us into this?’ If the church is not guided by spirit, and there is no assurance built on the righteousness of God, with the coordination of things the way that they are, and the purposes that shall be....then, my friends, ‘the blind lead the blind and they all fall into the ditch.’ The whole world today has its eyes on an Ecumenical conference going on in Rome. And to evaluate properly a set of certain events which have transpired, there are some things that one should know about this. This is the first time in hundreds of years that an Eccumenical conference like this has been called. The Pope....Pope John... holds the highest office in the Roman Church of today, and is probably without doubt the most powerful church man in the world.

Now we are not going to impute to this man any motives other than those which he expresses. And there may be within the background of his present origin and his desire....and there is no doubt in my mind that he has this desire....the desire to bring all Christians together under one fold. In fact, this is what you find all over. The Methodist want to make everyone Methodists, and Adventists want everyone to be an Adventist. And the Baptist want everyone to be a Baptist. So don’t blame the Pope if he wants everyone to be Catholic.

Now, someone said, ‘is this all good?’ Well, they said something the other day at this Ecumenical Conference that is based on an old truth. A purpose has already come to pass, but the processes are important. Routes are important. And what is involved is important. But they talked about the day when there will be ONE FAITH, ONE LORD AND ONE BAPTISM. Yes, that is the Divine purpose. But it is the route. I have been very much interested in what has been involved in this. As we said the other night, this is a most auspicious time for Rome to have called for this Conference. The Roman world was aware that they stood with the Western World as it relates to their culture, as this Church would have to be because of its identity with Christ and HIS Messiahship and HIS Atonement. The Red world of today and its Communism and its hordes, are against everything which is Christian. They are against everything which is even titled as Christian. They are against everything which stands as a symbol or a buttress in the Christian world.

We point out to you then, the significance of some of these events. The Communist world has been planning on taking Western Europe and sacking its treasure chambers and taking over the world. It so happens that the Communist world with trained saboteurs and military men, who have been under the influence and under the background, and have moved in from Albania to Italy, and have been sowed all of the way. Italy even has a Communist Party that has high influence in its parliamentary procedures. And they secretly get their signals from Moscow. And Albania which does not look like a very large nation, has over 500,000 crack troops. And the Communist world is ready all of the time. They have the finest of equipment and they have a submarine organization. From 1961 on it was planned that the Communist would move out from Albania and hit the shores of Italy and move right on across and sack the Vatican. Do you know why they wanted that? It is estimated that there is 300 billion dollars in gold bullion that reposes in the Vatican treasury. This is more than the wealth of any individual nation in the Western world...more than any of them have in their treasury. It is also recognized that as far as to precious jewels and stones, that it has the greatest aggregate of any temporal power in the treasure trove than India.

Now virtually this is a treasure that has accumulated over a period of time, from as many communities it has had all over the world. With its constant process of tithe and its concentration on wealth, thus it is the wealthiest temporal institution on the face of the globe. This is the loot and the prize which the Red world wanted. Albania, for their sacking of the Vatican was to keep half of the loot, and the rest was to be sent to Moscow. In fact, they were geared up for this drive when under the cunning strive of Mr. Khrushchev, he felt that the spoils and the taking over of the Western world and the taking over of all Europe, was the strategy. And it seems to be working. And he did not want to upset anything. So he slowed the whole thing down in 1961 and forbade Albania to make the move.

Now I am not alone in being aware of this, for other students of the strategy of the Red Revolution and with the finest Secret Service System in the world, I am sure no one was more aware of this than was Pope John. I can assure you that no one whispers, or anything happen in Europe that Rome does not know about it. So the fact remains that Rome was also aware of this. Thus there could be two factors involved in calling an Eccumenical Conference. For if there ever existed animosities or impositions which influential nations took, the churches of the world would have much to do with this. And if their churches were ostracized, and their communities were not working together, all of these things would not be working a good will. And they never have accomplished the objectives that this man said he wanted to obtain. Just because Moscow said....don’t do it now....does not mean the Moscow does not ever intend to do it.

The Red Chinese were also angry and they joined with Albania last fall. Even sent some of their own military down last fall to help train and to push Albania to go ahead and do it anyhow.

Now one of the things which I want to point out to you is significant. When the Pope has been meeting with his audiences he has been meeting with the church men of all of the world. The Methodist Church sent down its representative to Rome. The Episcopal Church sent down its representative to Rome. The Presbyterian Church sent down its representative to Rome. The Christian Church and their Disciples of Christ, sent down their representatives to Rome. There is not any area of the denominations outside of the Full Gospel area, and even some to them sent down their representatives to Rome. They went down as observers. Then went down to see what this was all about. Probably one of the best reports made on this council was by Bishop Coursie of the Methodist Church. This man is considered to be a spiritually guided man, one of their finest thinkers and one of the finest Bishops of the Methodist Church. I have been very much interested in the attitude of these men and I have been reading their reports and have made a report back concerning this conference.

Now I want to point out that these are all heads of the Christian world, in its organized front. And these men do not have ASSURANCE. You say, ‘What do you mean?’ Well, they are trying to figure out some scheme as to where God will win.

Now I am not sorry for God. Not at all. And I am willing to be guided into carrying out any objective to deliver a blow against the enemy. I am not a bit worried about God. For I am willing to take HIS blueprint and go ahead with that. That does not call for co-existence. That calls blowing Communism off the face of the earth. I know that we are not going to get victory thru a great revival. We are going to get it thru the greatest military victory in history. And God, Himself, will finally lead us against the armies of Communism. I do not believe that you can join them. And I do not believe that you can convert them. I do not believe that this thing will be settled in a great long program of co-existence. And I do not believe that you have to put over the program of the anti-Christ to get it. I just want to make this report so as you will know how the world is thinking.

The Bishop of the Methodist Church said, ‘I went to Rome and I knew that I would be treated courteously because the Roman Prelates were Christian gentlemen and I was their guest. But what I was unprepared for was the complete cordiality. I was unprepared for the complete desire both from the citizens of Rome and the clergy from all over to understand one another and to get along with all of us and to break down any area that was separating any of us from getting along with any Christian and to make it thus one great and mighty church.’ This is a Bishop talking and he said, ‘No, I realize that we may be a decade or more from being just one church.’ And at this, I was amazed. I do not take this as a position one way or another. I do not take it as a position of Rome, or anything else. I just want to say this. That a large amount of literature like this has been distributed all over Methodism for years. And Bishop Oxman was probably one of the foremost spreaders of anti-Catholic literature. Up unto just a few years ago, they had lots of Blandhard literature. And of course, Blanchard was a Communist, and all of that literature was in error destined by Jewry to turn Christians against Christians. But this was just a bit of what was going on.

Remember that in the King James Version of the Bible, their translators were quite angry because of their Ecclesiastical disagreements with Rome. And even declared that when they had translated the scriptures so that all men could receive them, so everyone could have them, and did not have to go to someone for an explanation, they said this struck the highest strike at Rome which had ever been struck in history. And they referred to the leader of the Church or the Bishop of Rome or the Pope as the ‘man of sin,’ ‘ the son of perdition.’ It is in the fly leaf of every King James Version. Not I do not believe that personally. I believe that in the hierarchy of that church, there have been good and bad leaders, good and bad Bishops, and good and bad Popes. And there has been in the Methodist church, and I could name a few right not. And there has been in the Presbyterians and among others. But I want to point out that as far as the status is concerned, that the amazing thing that you now see is that every organization that went to Rome is talking about how it will take five or ten years before the union is consummated. So what do you think? You see, today that even Bishop Pike with his left-wing liberalism and his anti-Romanism which he is carrying out such as the Communist always had has softened up as he talks about the recognition of authority and how it will have to be worked out with all of the Bishops of Protestantism.

Now I believe in One Faith, One LORD, and One Baptism. But the headquarters will not be in Rome. And it will not have its headquarters in Jerusalem either. And its headquarters will not be in the Methodist Church of the Baptist Church. God, who has declared that HE is going to do it, is going to create a great spiritual driving force by pouring out HIS Spirit upon HIS sons and HIS daughters. And the great and vital Church of Jesus the Christ spiritually charged, is going to do a tremendous task. It does not require the organization of a hierarchy to accomplish it. No. It requires the developing of the souls of HIS Children.

Now, I want to show you that even among things which men have respected which is a most assured area. After all there is some difference in doctrines. But some churches say we can give you save conduct into heaven or we can hold it back. While you are smiling at that, the Methodist do almost as bad. They have a similar but endless destiny for you.

Now, listen. Within these same processes the whole project of world problems is now being assumed at this conference as something of vital consideration. Do you know what Rome said the other day?... ‘We must work every day for a greater understanding for the whole human family.’ Well from a sociological aspect that is a wonderful statement. And it came without doubt, out of a heart that would like to see everybody get along, and we would like to see everybody get along. But listen. He said, ‘it remains for the Christian Church to separate the selfish ambitions of men and the ambitions of nations, and embracing the essentialness of one great vehicle for the administration of law and economic problems. And under such a framework of government, and such a framework of ‘United design’ of world administration, the church will be able to carry out its world responsibility without the hindrance of the problems which exist in the world today. The Methodist said ‘Amen.’ The Presbyterians said ‘Amen.’ The Friends organization said ‘Amen.’ And they all wrote home about this wonderful thought that had emerged from Rome, and what they said was that they had all surrendered to Rome. We should pull down our flag and all work together to build the United Nations, and let it take over the money. This would let everyone see how much they would get, and in this context, it would guarantee economic and political ethics and the church could then move into the moral and ethical administration. Therefore, I want to make this statement. Not just one man, Pope, Bishop, Preacher, minister, or Ecclesiastical representative or hierarchy inside of Christendom....whenever they....because they do not have assurance..... and they are working on hope, on a very much contaminated operation or their enemies of press, radio and TV, have been selling...they try to work out outside of the theme of God, something that cannot happen. They do not have assurance and they thus have instability. And they do the work of the enemy.

You talks about here....that in the course of time, that the Beast System would be given power. I tell you that all churches which join with anti-Christian processes to gain their objectives are the work of the false prophet whether they know it of not. And any spiritual leadership that tells you that you have to form a ‘One World Government’ before the church can accomplish its great objective and then calls on all Christians to do this, is doing the work of the false prophet.

Do you know what is going to happen? Everything they do is going to end up as a catastrophe. And with every ending in catastrophe then more mental pressure comes down on them, and more instability and more problems. You say, ‘But they do not have Assurance.?’... But you cannot have Assurance unless you are on the right track. The only way you can have assurance is by knowing what God said HE is going to do, and what God said would come to pass. And how you play your part in helping it come to pass, then you can have Assurance. And in that way the whole world can have it. David had it and Samson had it. And Assurance was the thing that Joshua had when he went into Jericho. This was also assurance that George Washington got out there in the snow on his knees. And the end result is here.

Let me assure you of this. The greatest problem which faces the economic and political situation of our times is the intense pressure of their trying to absorb us all under their authority. Thus the greatest pressure the Christian world faces today if surrender and appeasement; to find peace or security, or temporary rest from pressure and war. I want to point out that one of the biggest problems that you have is people who throw themselves with abandon into patriotic objectives, and they may be Christian objectives and within your destiny. Then they slow down and they say, ‘Well, I am getting old.’ But do you know why they are aging? I will tell you why you are aging. This whole process of life is a driving force. This vital force has expressed itself in procreation and in the intellectual shaping of the environment he is in. And the major process of destiny and purpose is the carrying out of this objective which wells up inside of men with spiritual dynamics in your society. You give ascent for that which is right and you start working for it, working, telling, spreading. And the most important thing which you can spread is right out of here....the Bible. Because right ideas with impelling desire, and the catalytic spiritual power which accompanies it starts the making and the production of the idea in its areas of forms. Everything which you find in the world had to exist somewhere in the areas of forms....first in the creative realm and then in the architectural, scientific and technical realm.

Now these forces as long as they are activated and move thru you activated, are vital. And this gets the vital spiritual activism going which keeps the body vital and the person vital. These are life forces. But if the individual locks into the propaganda wave or shall we say....the type of anesthetic that seems to be applied today in the contemporary patterns of thought, saying...let the experts take care of it, or back out of it, or just let the world go by, or take it easy and rest. But you cannot rest in some of these situations. But if you do...if the person who relaxes says, ‘I am going to let John do it now for I will be gone pretty soon,’...I want you to know that the moment that you relax from the reason why you were sent here, that you seek no longer to stay here.....that there is nothing more important to you that to keep your thoughts attuned, your mind, your drive, the catalyzing of your own life by what we might call prayer. Or the synchronizing thoughts of your people to carry out these objectives, and applying yourself by every process to carrying it out....there is nothing more vital than that. There is nothing which will give you more life and keep you here longer than that.

I point out to you that you have to live the Kingdom, think the Kingdom. I am not interested in the semantics. I am only interested in the process. There has to be a driving force more important to you as to bring this world back into a challenge of rightness into synchronization with God, the Author of Light and Power...and then you have Peace. Until thus attained, there is no rest. There is this continual drive. But down in the spirit and consciousness, there is a serenity.

Throw out the Peace. Many people are afraid to live in what they think is a dangerous area of living. They are afraid of challenging the darkness because of their lack of assurance. But you do not have any lack of assurance if you know God. You have no insecurity if you understand HIS purpose with assurance. I want you to know that this is a quality in you. Thank God for that quality in you which separates out of the lecture, the newspaper, or out of the TV, or out of the field, or out of some force in your society to separate the good from the evil, that keeps you on God’s side, and carries that wavelength. This is that Christ in you which is your hope of Glory. And this is the hope of the world.

This is an important thing. I do not see any defeat, even in the face of an election. I only see that some people pass out of the scene who deserve to go. There are others who might have been temporary casualties. I look at great men such as Senator Eastland and Russell and others who are off the scene. But this is only one inning, my friends. The game is not over. But the right things they did while there, was worth all of the energies that they put forth while there. I hope all of the political leaders who were not in the left wing camp learn a lesson from Mr. Nixon’s defeat. That you cannot turn against the right to win favor in what you think is a popular cause and win for God has already awakened 1/3 of the nations and is pushing them in to the right camp, and you will soon have the whole camp. You cannot win in America and repudiate the ‘right’ if you belong on the right side at all. Oh, you say, ‘what about the liberals on the left?’ They never solicit support form you. But I point out to that what God is catalyzing in America, is just a part of prophecy and of timing. In your time, and in these developing hours, you will see America make the greatest shift to the right you ever saw. And the greatest betrayal in history is going to come out of the Communist world. America is going to become quickened and awakened in a day. This means that there can be no slowing down of the resistance of the evil in the meantime.

With all respect to the purposes of many of these ecclesiastical leaders, who are trying to build with a fragmented and divided society....into a unified society, still, they are operating on the wrong track. For they are not doing it on a Divine standard. You cannot co-exist with evil. And you cannot surrender the 1/6 of the world which is Christian, to the voting power of 5/6 of the world which is not. Some people seem to think they have to have security to live in and work in. But you have done your best work in America not under security but of danger.

Now there are certain things that men must know. That your race placed here in this last great work of God, this 7th day creation, the framework of HIS Kingdom. It is the little flock unto whom HE wishes to give the administration of HIS Kingdom. And HE shall do this. It is by these sheep nations under the administration of HIS Kingdom, that the world will be governed in the millennium ahead. It is thru the victories which are ahead that God has already ordained even tho the enemy raises its opposition against HIM, and HE tells you that story and how it ends. For it is thru the purposes that God has already committed that tomorrow’s security and destiny is ordained, and you and your party as you understand it. Therefore, it is a foolish thing for us to elect Presidents who do not know anything about God’s plan. I think that should be the criteria for a man who wishes to be President.....’What do you know about the plan of God?’ This is one of God’s nations, a Christian nation. And if you do not know anything about God’s program, then mind your own business and let us find someone who does. We would not be in trouble anywhere in the world if we followed these blueprints. Oh, you say, that would be Utopia. Well, that is what we strive for. God’s pattern.

So we point this out to you. We have to use semantics. We have to use the word and the names. For we cannot carry out a subject like this without it. The problems of today are that the powers of evil are ruling thru the control of nations and pagans. And pagan people of the world are trying to rule us. They have ‘5th Columned’ every nation. They have made a lien blueprint for their own excuse of traveling around. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, if we can avoid it, we should never use the names of a people or a race if we can avoid it.’ But there is no way to talk about the Jews without using the word Jew. Jesus said that they were Satan’s children and I believe it with all my heart. Until someone comes along with a suggestion of something more evil than Lucifer, from which they came, I will not understand that they were anything but what Jesus said they were.

Now I know that HE said they would be the motivating factors behind the anti-Christ, behind his political system, behind the world Communism. And they are. When the day comes when the church does not proclaim the Gospel, the people should get out of that church and get into one that does. One of the unique things to show this now is.....I have in my hands right now, one of the statements made by one of the service clubs in our city last a pastor of the Santa Monica Presbyterian Church. And in his message, he said that two of the finest Jews who ever lived were Jesus Christ and Karl Marx. Here this. For it is out of the Los Angeles paper for Thursday of last week. So this pastor said that it is necessary for young people early to choose their vocations, and that they should also learn to understand what people write. And then he said that Jesus and Marx are not so far apart when you bring them together and you deviate among their systems. Too many of these people say, ‘We are not against anything, we just have to get things together.’ Well, my friends, anytime you can bring Jesus the Christ and Marx together, you can bring about the co-existence between Jesus Christ and the devil.

Now listen. This is the reason why we do not have a militant church everywhere standing against Communism. Some of these preachers do not know who they are serving. This is the problem. Thus we point this out to you, this afternoon, that when you understand who the enemy is....paganism, Communism, evil design, is directed by these people, and you know who they are...then you seek to break down every massination that they have. This has become a part of your life. You cannot fight the enemy and never mention it. You cannot keep people in ignorance as to who he is because they are apt to go into business with him if you don’t tell them. We have already watched what has happened in Washington. If the President of the United States knew what you know this afternoon, he would have no excuse for having seventy-nine of them in his cabinet. This is why we are in trouble. But there does not exist in me a fear that this is a permanent situation. Because I know what God said HE would do about it. HE said that not one of these Jews would be left in these United States. Oh, you say, it does not say that in my Bible. It surely does. It says there will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God. That is assurance also. Every plant which my Father did not plant will be plucked up. Fear?...NO.... And I point out to you then, these words......which again, we find in the writings of the declarations of the Apostle Paul. ‘Assurance which comes with the knowledge of the Father and perfect love, casts out all fear.’ So I tell you today, that instead of embracing the power of evil, you liberate the earth. And only as you set men free from the laws of the violations of things as they are, or the laws of their functions, can you get back to a balance between the Creator and HIS Creation, and get that assurance within yourself that these things will come out well with you.

You have nothing to worry about as far as your destiny and Eternity is concerned. A lot of people have been asking this question. ‘Where will you spend Eternity?’ My friends, more important than where you are going to spend Eternity, which God has already assured, for it is in HIS purpose and plans thru out the ages to come.......more important is when are you going to wake up and do the things that HE sent you to do? What are you here for? We brought a message on this subject of ‘Why are we here?’...Because they had a message on this in the colleges and the schools. For when it ended up, they were just a piece of protoplasm that had evolved and they did not know why they were here. But we know why we are here. Maybe they know why there are here, and where we came from. We know also where we are going, and we live without fear.

So we urge the vital synchronizing of your thoughts with the thought of God. Remember as you assemble to worship that you catalyze this vision of the creative purposes of God. You become more a living part of it, a breathing part of it. You are coordinated with the people of God’s purpose. And I look out over the time when God raised up great men in this nation, how HE raised them up at crucial times with their programs and their patriotic purposes......and how HE selected them for their activities....and I know what HE means when HE says, ‘I will raise up principle men, and principle shepherds.’ And I believe this.

So we tell you not worry about elections for this was just another inning. But recognize that there are other elections coming. And they will be very important. There was one election held before the foundation of this world that is more important than them all, in which you were elected.... ‘Elect and precious according to the foreknowledge of God, to the administrative power of God, sharing with HIM the seat of administration thru out the earth and the Universe and to conform to HIS own Image.

(End of sermon)