Mystery Of Christ And His KIngdom - His Church, 8-27-61



by  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT-  8-27-61

(Conference of the church, names of the speakers)--Canadians were there who believed the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We spoke to you on the subject of the mysteries of Revelation. And in this mystery of Revelation we also have the mysteries of God's Kingdom. The mysteries of God 'Likeness and Godliness' is also there. And in it we discover the background of spiritual truth that we brought together with the knowledge of scientists and great surgeons, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrist and the facts could also be added to this of the modern physicists. And you find it all fits in to the Mysteries of God's Universe made up out of light, out of knowledge, out of the groups of energy which we call the atoms after they have been put together.

Now; the mystery of God likeness is that we are in the Image of God. That we have a Celestial body of Light, a physical body made up out of the electronic field and that we have a soul conscious body made up of thought itself. We are turning today to what we refer to as the Mystery of the Kingdom, this mystery identifies the seed of God planted as the children of the kingdom as His own household and own offspring in the earth.

Today we are talking about the Mystery of Christ and His Church, the reason why this is a mystery is because it has a lot of hidden truth in it and a great number of the people who make up the Church itself don't understand it. It is a Mystery because of the hidden things which have to be revealed and because God Himself inspired the Apostle Paul to call it a Mystery.

We turn over here to the 5th., chapter of Ephesians and we read these words:..."this is a great mystery and I speak concerning Christ and his church." This is the name we have for it in Anglo-Saxondom and in the other branches of the people of God's Kingdom. When they say 'church' they mean the same things you mean when you say church. When they say church they are looking at this great assembly gathered all over everywhere in the nations of God's Kingdom, and they come out and worship THE MOST HIGH GOD. They recognize that this was God when they say Jesus Christ. They have accepted Him and His atonement as their Saviour. They may not know what they were saved from, but they know He did it.

You say:...what do you mean by that? Well, people think they are saved from Hell when actually they were saved from sin. It may take them out of a bit of hell which they got into if they don't know what to do and how to behave, and what the process is and why. But if you want a good description of is depressions, wars, and catastrophies that sweep the world. Then they'll say.....Oh, I believe there is another kind of one. Well, I hope you never have to have one like that because that would make your Father as advanced as you have become in your own mercy.

I want you to get the concept of God this afternoon that what makes you think and behave, what fills you with Grace and Glory and compassion is the Christ in you. When ever you think the Christ in you is greater than the Father that begat you, or that you possess greater mercy or would treat your children with great kindness then He would treat His, then you can be sure that something you have been taught somewhere down the line has obscured His nature. Because if you knew your Father He is so much better than the best of you, for that which is in you is that which He has begotten. So when we talk about 'the church' it is one of the most vital institutions in the world today. We realize that the word Ecclesia is in the New Testament, and in Greek it was 'Kehilah" in the Old Testament. Today when you mention the Kehilah most people think about the sinister visible organization of world Jewry called the Cahilla. But they just steal a lot from you and when they captured the Ancient Hebrew which they have no part in then they used the word Cahilla. Actually Kehilah was the congregation of God, the assembly of God's people, and when God's people come together to worship or receive instructions from Him when it was a direct relationship of a mass of people it was a Kehila which is a congregation and today it is called a church.

But there was a certain catagory to mark a distinciton in a congregation of Israel, a new thing was to come upon them. This was a process which related to their relationship to Him, to their concept of Him, and their belief and their background and to their knowledge. When I say 'church' today then people say it is an invisible institution not made up of Methodist's, Baptist's, and so forth, but really it is made up of all the people who are Israel in these many church denominations on the face of the earth. The only visible thing is that the church is a spiritual institution and it doesn't have to have someones name hung on the outside. It just needs to be called The Church of Jesus the Christ. It is His my friends, the spiritual illumination...or center of His Kingdom. It is the spiritual life center...the congregation was the spiritual life center of Israel. You are Israel today not because you are in the church, but the church is in this nation because it is Israel.

When we talk about the people who are Israel we are talking about a people called Israel before the calling of Abraham. The Books of Enoch revealed this, Israel is the white race, the Adamic race, the Household of God. They are rulers with God and God placed them in earth to rule. He establishes a kingdom in them and thru them because the kingdom is essential for administration. Just one Solar Systerm out of adjustment with God has to be put back and you are part of it. If put back in order then God rules, the family rules, this is a family matter.

Some day when the white race realizes this is a family matter they will stop all of this propaganda which moves out of UNESCO and out of the world order and out of the anti-Christ and start thinking of the proper relationship to their responsibilities, this is then a family matter. This is a kingdom and it has a king, and His children inherit the throne forever and forever.

Now; when we talk about the Mystery of Christ and His church...why is it a Mystery? Because of the expressions of thought, and the things which are said, and its relationship to the purposes of God. The Great Mystery is here and you are going to see this mystery.

Today we have made the church a separate institution because of the ignorance of a lot of people but we are going to show you why it is inseparable from the Kingdom, and what its process is. In the first place it involves a lot about who you are. I would turn over here to the book of Ephesians and here as God speaks he says it is important that you realize that symbolically God is married to his church. For HE looks uppon his church as the process in which life continues to proceed and in which the information and the wisdom and spiritual power is passed on upon the people who constitute that household, upon his many sons and daughters. He refers to the church which is all the awakened people who are conscious of it and this involves more because before you are thru the church is going to embrase everylast one of your race. He looks upon them and declares that you are my body in the world today. Now when you say body, what do I mean? When I say body I mean that when God visited us and put on flesh he put on a body just like you have. He had one just like you, He was born, emerged out of the womb of Mary in to a pysical body. He lived in this body. He walked in this body and talked and performed his ministry in this body. And when he ascended into the plains of spirit traveled back into what every portion of the Universe he wanted to travel into by the Omnipresence of His spirit still he remined in perfect contact with you. He said: you are my body in the world today. He never talked about his body before his ministry. He never said anything about a body before He visited and redeemed his people and gave them what they were to possess. We will talk about that in a moment, for they had to ahve this to do the task they were supposed to do. But after the embodiment of God and then after his ascention he refers to His people as His body in earth. He has no physical body in the world today except these embodied people I see before me. These are his hands, eyes, mouth, and it takes the sum total of all the household of God living in the world today to fulfill this, those who have the sum total and all of them make up --- His body in the world toady. This body is termed the church, the Kingdom. We have often refered to the fact that you are a most important people unto God because you are His children. I call your attention again to the 82nd., Psalm, In this we catch again this pattern. Yahweh standeth in the congregation of the Mighty and he judgeth among the Gods. The proper word here is that He judgeth among the Elohim. When Yahweh hath children what would they be ---- A sheep would naturally produce more sheep and so forth, and if God had children then they would be Gods. You say --- I don't like that Doctor Swift --- Well you should. ---- How long will ye judge unjustly, How long accent wicked persons in positions of power? Your job is not only to defend and assist and deliver but know this, ye are Elohim, the offspring of the Most High. And all of you are Elohim --- offspring --- And children of YAHWEH so why do you die like men of earth. Why fall like the Princes in the world kingdom. Arise Oh, Elohim and judge the earth for thou shalt inherit all nations. Now we have an identity which is very important. This Adamic race were Celestial children before the world was framed. Thus your celestial being is born of incorruptable seed, which lives and abides forever. Nothing has ever happened to the spirit of one single one of Gods children. You have been lput down here in a physical world and you were put in a body made up of the elements of earth like all the other creations but you are still the offspring of God. For he begat the first Adam out of the spiritual mysteries of his power, and Christ is thus called the second Adam. Therefore we know this is the issue of the Most High now embodied.

Now; we know the purpose of the kingdom it is sown thru all the scripture when properly understood. The Grace of God is beyond anything which man can comprehend. Here was a portion of the Universe under the control of a fallen archangel but he was Gods Archangel. Fallen and in revolt he had created a great catastropohe which destroyed a civilization, mongrelized and corrupted it and the Grace of God said: --- I am going to send my children to do it, --- to correct this. For after all the rebellion came because because Lucifer didn't like the fact that God had children greater than he an Archangel. But God said: --- I am going to send my children down to do this work, that we need to do. So they all volunteered to come in great numbers --- yes you volunteered every one of you volunteered to come in great numbers --- yes you volunteered every one of you volunteered to come. You said:--- everything you give us to do father, we will do it.

You say: --- How do you know? We have the record, it was brought back to Enoch's mind when he was in the heavens, and they told Paul this very same thing when he went up, and he recorded it in his Apocallypse. And we find it brought back to us --- as a remembrance of things.

So the father said: --- I want you to know that I am writing your names down in my book of life. ---- I like that --- my name in that Book of Life, and according to the Apostle Paul it was done before the foundation of the world, before this cosmos was formed. I not only write your names in the book of life but you are going down there and your minds will be captured with Lucifer. I know what you are faced with, you will violate the great law, you will secumb to that but I as thy saviour, thy redeemer. I am the sacrifice which I shall establish for you. And I am going to restore unto you everything you lose by your actions, and the I am going to conquor all the sons of darkness for you, and then you are going to be mighty sons in the earth instead of failures, and I told you this before the foundations of the earth.

You came to earth thru the Adamic race, and there were other races round about. But you knew what the apple was, you were not to intermingle with these other races. You were to keep your race line pure, your capacities clear because all your experiences are sealed up in your capacities of intellect, because you have inherited all knowledge, because the spirit of life in you is the Eternal Father, you are spirit of his spirit and life of his life.

Everything which has happened to the Adamic race from that time to this has been recorded in teh past from the electrons of the mind to the chromitin, and the genes, you have inherited the whole history of events and you don't want to mutate that. This was one of the first principals of God, the first catastrophe which transpired.

I am going to show you a mystery here also. In the day you transgressed this law you die. If you intermingle with this seed of a fallen LAngel who has already sowed catastrophe all over the earth, the day you do this you die. There came a day when Eve was seduced and Cain was the results and she then approached Adam and she said: --- we can meet with these people, associate with them, look at their power and glory in the earth, see I am not dead. She didn't know how dead she really was for a strange light had gone off of her. The Glory of God was no more visible upon her. Adam also partook of the same error and lost his enveloping Glory. There was no more wave length of light on the outside of the man Adam to protect him from every disease germ t ocome along. He was no longer immortal. A law had captured his mind and a guilt complex had shut down over his thinking and he went and hid. He had broken the law and he knew he was under a death condemnation. And when God came into an area of his planting there was Adam trying to cover up. Why was he naked --- now when he wasn't before? Because he didn't have the enveloping Glory which bathed him and clothed him. He didn't have to tell God anything his light had gone out.

There is no question of the fact that he had come under a fall, that had effected his consciousness. It effected the thinking of our race from that day down to the days of Jesus. They knew a death penalty was going to come, they had a guilt complex for they had violated the law.

I want to turn over to the book of Romans and I want you to catch the pattern of what the Aostle Paul said: --- "For as by one man sin entered into the world and death passed upon all men, and they all sinned." ---- Now death reigned from Adam to Moses, so you see the law of sin and death reigned long before Moses went up the mountain. I want you to turn to Romans 8 and we read:---- for the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. We have a lot of people talking about the law of sin and death, that it freed them they say from the law, they recognize that the Grace of God freed them from a law, and they think this is a set of regulations God gave Moses. When God went onto Mr. Sinai he gave us all the wisdom and knowledge of an administration, of social relationship and economic life, a proper worship and the things we need for the strength of blessing. That wasn't where the law of sin and death started, for it started in the garden. Ths brought death on Adam so all Adamites inherited death. From Adam down to Moses and in the days of Jesus they still had it. This law of sin and death, men expected to die and they do. You say:--- it says in my bible that it is appointed unto man but once to die, and after that the judgment --- yes that is true. That appointment is the price of sin, man accepted it and marked it. So the whole congregation of Israel served and worshiped in the tabernacle and temple. They came to a greater realization of Gods covenant with them. They realized they had a great and mighty work t odo when under all this conquest they were very pressed. They knew that their consciousness could be held in prison by Lucifer. They knew that the Netherworld could receive and hhold them until the promise given before the foundation of the world was fulfilled. That is one reason why the ecclesia of the new testament called the church was different from the kehilla of the old testament, and this was called a congregation instead of a church. Because that congregation had an appointment with death, that congregation had a furture with Messiah, but they knew they were under condemnaiton of death, and bondage. But Israel is a race, the inheriting rulers with God. They are the white race, your whole family who are a part and parcel a part of the MOST HIGH. This whole family, his household are His issue. His race and they have somehting inside of them whether they know it or not. They have the Celestial Light and Glory inside their own nature for the living God hath begotten their spirit.

Now; everybody didn't always show up when the congregation assembled but the race is still the race, so when we come over to that miracle of God embodied in the flesh, walking among his people, this is the fulfilling of Isaiah's prophecy that says:----"I am Yahweh I am thy YAHSHUA. And how far does my salvation reach? It is going to save all Israel, all my race. Save them from error, their darkness and their superstition, and all those things embodied in requiring salvation. Isaiah knew this wouldn't happen at once but it would happen. A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and thou shalt call his name Immanuel. God resident with us.---- They knew he was the Everlasting father, they anticipated it. They knew it was prophecied----I YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA. And Christ came on time as the stars of the heavens were proclaiming. All the heavenly choirs, all the heavenly crafts with their lights going before the wise men, and appearing to the shepherds. That was not a star that led the wisemen from Egypt to Jerusalem and on to Bethlehem, the star was still in its orbit this was the light from one of the great crafts of heaven. This was a divinely prepared moment, a great hour and now God was present among men. He performed his ministry. He told them what he was going t odo and he did it. Great and mighty things were done as He healed the sick, he oopened the blind eyes, he unstopped the ears of the deaf, he was the solution to every problem. He had all knowledge and wisdom in his consciousness. He passed thru the walls when necessary. He was still the embodied YAHSHUA Christ before His crucifixion, before his resurrection. Then came the hour when He was crucified, and great dispair fell upon the disciples, fell upon them heavily because they had hoped that all the powers of darkness were going to be rolled back by this one. He was laid away in a tomb, He was dead, just as dead as anyone when they die. His body was punctured in the side by a spear and blood and water came out --- it was a dead body which they laid in the tomb. Three days then went by and two disciples are walking along the road to Emmas. They are unhappy, depressed, their hope now completely dashed to the ground by his death. They had looded for the manifestation of tremendous light and glory to rest on this One which some had witnessed on the mount of transfiguration. Just as Peter, James and John saw this transformation as the Glory of YAHWEH enveloped this man Christ Jesus. They thought he was suddenly going to, with a sword of Light (truth) conquor the world for the Kingdom. So they were sore depressed, and as they walked along they they met a stranger and didn't know him. The stranger said what is troubling you? They said: --- you surely are a stranger if you don't know what has happened around here. They have taken away Jesus of Nazareth and they crucified him who we were hoping was Messiah, now everything is gone. The stranger said:--- well if he was your Messiah that means He was YAHWEH the MOST HIGH GOD. As or since he was this MOST HIGH GOD then he controlled the Universe, so he is the only one who could settle this sin question, to take that burden off of you. If he didn't take that upon himself and die in your stead then shouldn't God embodied in earth have done this??? Isn't this what He should have done? It is thur recorded----- "Should not God have died, could he do anyless than that and still be God?

Well they hadn't thought about that, this stranger had more wisdom than they had thought. So they said:--- let's go in here and eat and talk things over around our supper tonite. They entered into the inn and set down and as he broke bread with them suddenly that radiant Glory filled the room and they saw the prints of the nails in his hand and they knew He was there, He was alive and in Glory. So they rushed back to tell the disciples what had happened. But the important thing for you and I this afternoon was that this again was the promise made to you and I by the Father before the world was framed. I shall take away your sin, your guilt ---- so lets take a look back at this spiritual center called the church which is to bring forth and explain the oracles, the mysteries of God. Here we discover that the Apostle Paul tells us that ---- For as by one man Came death, now by another man --- Jesus Christ comes life. And as in Adam all Adamites die, where as in Christ all Adamites shall be made alive.

Now; you did certain things as you participated in teh congregation in the old testament, you do certain things in the ecclesia or the church. You say but I don't find a church I can join, well you join the church just the same, everytime somene talks about an invisible church with no members they forget that the members they forgot are embodied right where you can see them. You say how do you know --- what is the way men join this church? --- Wel one way is as the Apostle Paul tells us concerning this ministry. They have been baptised into this organization known as the church. They accepted that this was the embodiment of YAHWEH God in the world today, and the institution he has left to declare thruth and light as he departed was the ecclesia, this spiritual center of the kingdom, and therefore men to join this had to accept this vital thruth. They could be His family, his sons and dughters, but to become members of the spiritual center of the kingdom, called the church today, there was one thing they had to know. That is --- that when He died was buried and raised that He paid the price for their sin. When he was buried the price was paid, when He arose he arose with life and was free. Then when they joined the church they were buried in like image and raised with like Faith. So the church is an institution, a people hwo say we believe that our sins were buried with Christ because of His atonement and that our life is real because of His resurrection. That is why that is still a significant thing. And today the most important thing we have to do is to liberate the bondage of mens minds to give them the blessings of their sonship. We have to liberate the minds of men because the whole secret of immortality lies locked up right here in fear complexes, fuilt complexes, and an inability to see what they have already inherited. That is why all the preaching. So far the church has been saying get ready to die, prepare to go to the Lord. So everyone has been buying cemetary lots and tombstones and insurance policies and dying regularly. They are making a covenant with death and keeping it. We have a world full of doctors of all kinds and everyone goes to them to stay here as long as they can. That is a certain divine impulse to get you to stay here. He didn't send you here to try to get you back, he isn't worried about that. He sent you here to build his kingdom, and you are going to do it if he has to resurrect every last one of you to do it. But there is a lot of us who are going to just keep right on walking into the kingdom. Thsi generation will not pass away until all these things are fulfilled. The significance of this then, lets go back to what the Apostle Paul had to say:--- The church is the awakened spiritual center, reconstituted, reaccepted by Faith, by works having had htis identity by desire even tho this was the desire of God that they do it. The church is therefore synthesized into a great iving body to carry forward the strength, the testimony of the Father to everyone of the race. That's why he was sent out to preach to all kinsmen, not to every creature, but to the kinsmen. That is the work of the true church, to preach to the kinsmen until all kinsmen have come to their destiny which is theirs in scripture, therefore the father said this is a family matter, I look upon this race as my family. I am married to this church.

Some say that is wrong --- God the father is married to Israel the race, and Jesus the Christ is married to the church. You have heard this haven't you? They break it up into types and shadow and get themselves tangeld in a maize.

Now very, very obviously it says:--- ye are members of His body his flesh and his bones, so if you are his race, his offspring, and have come out of Him, and are members of his flesh, and his bones then you are a part of the body of Christ. When he says he is married unto you, it is the synthesis of spirit and substance he is talking about. He says:----therefore speaking of his church ---- husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church. He gave himself for the church so that he might set it apart and cleanse it, with the washing of the water, bu the word. You see water is a symbol of the flow of the spirit of life. Remember that Jesus said:--- I am the water of life if any man drinks of this he lives, the water of life what does it cleans? ----anything which needs cleansing. Any time you cleanse a man with spiritual truth you have to cleans him where he thinks. So the consciousness of a man is cleansed from his error where he thinks, from his superstition and his darkness. The outside 'water' is the ACCEPTANCE of this.

Let's read what it says here ---- "So that He might present to himself a glorious church". Do you know that it is not going to have a spot or a wrinkle or any such thing, it will be holy and without blemish. Do you know that the youth of the people of the MOST HIGH is about to be renewed. Do you know that as we move into this new age that the whole church is going to present itself in verility at the height of their maturity without one single spot, wrinle or blemish.

I mention to you that it is possible that science can photograph the aura of spirit. They have photographed it at the hour of death. They have phhotographed an aura around a child that is new born, It was just the soul consciousness, the thought life and your physical body that separated fromt eh wisdom of that spirit so that you would stay here. You were told over in the book of Hebrews that our forefathers were strangers and pilgrims in the earth and if we could have remembered where we came from we would have gone right back there. We wouldn't have stayed in this mess at all. But since we grew up here we have gotten sort of adjusted to it and it wouldn't be such a bad place if we could do what we were told to do which is make heaven come to earth. That is why we pray for it:---- "Thy Kingdom cone in earth as it is in heaven." Don't put heaven away, it is a mighty good spot, we need all of the Glory and power of it and we were transfered from heaven to earth to do it. The Mysteries of Christ then and His church is that you are the body of Christ today in the world.--------

You say:----how can we be his body when he is a separate personality, and he is, but the spirit in you has been begotten of the Eternal Father, therefore I say unto you, if God has children they are Gods. If they are embodied in flesh they are just what the Greek word Christ means ---- You say:---- Jesus Christ --- that is YAHWEH embodied in the flesh as YAHSHUA the Eternal in the flesh, and YAHSHUA or Jesus as you say ---- is his name. The word Christ just tells you where he is --- embodied in the flesh. And when I tell you that you are Christs, it is just that Celestial spirits in you are embodied in the flesh. And all of you put together are the many membered Christ of God. That is why He said:--- Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. Then He said:--- Arise and rule O Elohim (children). I want you to possess the earth and the heaven. So go to the second Psalm and he said:---- Ask me and I will give you the heaven for thy inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

Let's turn then for one moment concerning this Mystery, to the book of Colossians. This mystery has been hid ages and generations. But now has been made known unto all His believing offspring. The word 'Saints' means believing offspring. So what is the 'mystery' then of this thing among the nations? It is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory.

I want to pause in this declaration that this is a family matter. For if you have heard of this dispensation of Grace which YAHWEH has given unto you by the revelation made known unto Paul of these mysteries:---'Which was not made known thru all generations--is now made known by all of His holy Apostles and prophets by His spirit.' And I want you to know that what He wants to be made known is the fellowship of this mystery which is hidden in YAHWEH. Now all things being created by Jesus who is the Christ now embodied to the entent that all principalities and powers and heavenly places might be known by the church, the manifested wisdom of God, to be made known according to this Eternal purpose.

Now, I bow my knees to and before this Eternal Spirit of my Father of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. That He should grant you according to the riches of His Glory to be strengthened with might by the Spirit. His spirit which is the 'Inner' man. That is how you were made. You were begotten by that spirit. Therefore you are one spirit with Him. Therefore there is only one body and you are all of one spirit and ye are all called with one hope of your calling. One LORD, one Faith, and one Baptism, one Eternal YAHWEH above all thru all and all of you. Why? Because you are His offspring. His seed. Concerning His embodiment when He came to earth so that He might take all captive which was all your race who had been captured by Lucifers ideas, and by the imprisonment of holding their spirits in the Netherworld, and by taking captivity captive, He descended and brought forth out of the Netherworld, (or lower parts of the earth) no place where there is an Adamite today.

So the church of today is a new Gospel, a new covenant which has been consumated which steps in to say this, you are a guiltless people, all this has been taken care of. All the teaching of the Apostles and Prophets and Evangelists and Preachers is for the protection of these offspring for the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the body of Christ until we all come into the knowledge of the unity of Faith. This is what you are heading for, you are to arrive at the consciousness of a perfect man under the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, every last one of you.

You must measure up to the fullness of the stature of Christ, His Glory, and His power, for your hope is the Christ in you, and you are going to reach that level. This was destined to you before the foundation of the world. You are the people He did foreknow and He predestined you to conform to the image of the son (His embodiment).

Now; I want to move back a moment and show you the importance of this. In Hebrews it tells us that since the children were now embodied in the flesh, He took upon Himself a body like His kinsmen, His brethren. He wasn't ashamed to call them His kinsmen. And He came to put down one enemy, one conflict. The enemy being death and the devil is the means by which death came.

Now; we go a little farther for the Apostle Paul told us that the last enemy was death. There is a little process here I want you to understand that he discusses:...'The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.' So the law that had been killing everyone from Adam on down to Christ continues to kill people who don't know this. It is that the spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free.

What is the law? He that is dead is then free from sin. The wages of sin is death, thus he that is dead is free from sin. where Christ died once and for all for sin, so we who be dead in Christ are baptised with Him in life. We say that we believe it but we just haven't been able to comprehend it. If we be dead unto sin then this world can never hold any bondage over you. You don't have to have any guilt complex. If we be dead in Christ then we arose from the dead when He did. So death has no more a dominion over him and shouldn't have over you unless you keep it in your head.

I was talking with an eminant Doctor and I said:...why do you think men die? This body you have...every seven years is replacing all the time...not all at once but replacing every part every seven years and yet men get older and they keep on dying? There is something in here that keeps sapping out of it the energy and keeps preparing it to die.

Now; since we have discovered that all memory is electronic and thru chronmitin passed from generation to generation we now know why Life is not only in the blood, but we also know why we have inherited all their guilt complexes. In your being is an automatic expectancy that after so long a time you are going to die. You don't realize how much this is a subconscious pattern, this electronic memory, you are averaging out your great grandfather and grandmother just as the chromitin selects out the color of your hair and eyes. All that is in the chromitin that you got from Adam and Eve. So there is an expectancy subconsciously in you that you expect to die. It is a guilt complex that is on you, that tells you thta you are under the penalty of death. Every once in a while someone goes back into the Old Testament to tell me that it is given man 'once to die'. It was once before Calvary and then Christ died once and that is all He is going to die to....just once.

Now; we come back to this factor, and they say two measures which cause death. One is heart trouble, and in that all the doctors said it is the hypertension of the age in which we live and all the pressures men must pass thru which effect the heart. Scripture says:...mens hearts are failing them for what comes on the earth. They may not realize it but it may be a subconscious reaction because of the pressures and responsibilities the enemy causes. So let me show you something....we have a second great wave of hypertention that many men of sound mind may not have happen to them but others do, this is that they get mentally upset. Our mental hospitals are filled and everywhere we find this across the nation....why? Because it is the weight of a guilt complex, and it gets all out of balance, their failing confuses this. We don't need as many Psychiatrists as we need clergymen who know the truth of God and the Kingdom message.

I can tell you this afternoon that the sin question has been taken care have been set free. The guilt is gone and you don't have to worry, He has promised you that if you have the Faith to believe it that He has set you free. One thousand can fall at your side and no harm can come to you.

The work of the kingdom is to resist the enemy but we aren't afraid of him because he looks big. We have come thru lots of situations like that and we are still here. We are now 1/6 of the worlds population and not about to leave because a Russian leader shakes a fist first.

Let me tell you this, if I can get it across to you, for this is the great vital Mystery of Christ and His Kingdom and His Church. You are the body of Christ and the spirit in you will never die. This spirit which lives in you has synthesized the whole consciousness of living and that soul will never die. I think the semantics are our problem once in a while in getting our point across. All conscious memory is soul living ego...the physical brain is sometimes called the soul, but it shouldn't be. It is but an instrument in the house you live in, it is a recording factor. You can get a lot of ideas and have them stored up in the physical brain that are not necessarily accurate or correct. The soul can take an improper measure because of it. The world order works on you all the time, it comes thru the T.V. You are living in the days when the beast speaks, it sits in your front room, speaks for the world order. If it influences you beyond your Faith, it is a bad influence on you. If you can look at all these things and say this is propaganda and that is not, it helps, but all these things influence your soul to some degree. But you rely on the spirit of life while death speaks to some people.

I tell you this afternoon you don't have to die, Christ paid for life. You are living at the end of the age and we are looking for a great surge of life to move over people, to see them liberated by this one fear, this one enemy which Christ conquered.

Let me site this:...He that is dead is free from sin, everyone of you are already dead in Christ and raised with Him in Resurrection. You are free from the sin complex, so you don't have to say I expect death. So you can rule out right now that you are under judgment and have to die. There is no God given judgment now that you have to die. The only thing is this fear you have inherited from your ancestors and out of your subconscious mind as you get closer and closer to the point of expectancy which has been the measure of your thinking and you start to compute 65...75, and everytime you get a twisted muscle or something hurts and you start concentrating on it, and yes that where it is coming from. The T.V. says you better feel around and see if you shouldn't take our cure, and then yes thats what they have. It is absolutely important that you quit looking for death. When men fear about anything around their body this fear causes the muscles to tighten up around it. This operates out of the mind, and the muscles tighten up. Most things start up here with expectancies, they operate just like little reastats....going, bing, bing. So the tightness causes a malfunction and glands stop functioning and pretty soon you are in trouble. The body starts to fail and the death expectancy gets stronger, and then they get what they are expecting.

What are you supposed to do? You are to bind every power of darkness in the world today, and I want you to think right, talk right, and I want you to know His life is in you, with you all of the time. Don't let that death expectancy fool you. You can be filled with compassion for those who don't know it but don't let it work in you.

Spirit over matter....the Light of Life will repudiate every death matter. Until the Glory of that inner man envelopes you again. Glory is a wonderful thing. That Light on the face of Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration...did you know that Glory is also in you? It is the Will of God that the Glory of that Light and Knowledge is in you. We have this treasure in our body, in these earthen vessels.

Do you know what that Light is? It is the Light of Life, one of these days the aura of this is going to so envelope you that it will cover you like it did Adam before he fell. Adam lost it and accepted the death penalty. Actually then Christ paid the price for that, and He has restored to you everything Adam had with sin out of the way. The Light is going to grow until it fills you, from one transition to another. That Light which will appear upon you is that Glory which was on Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. We are to be translated from Glory unto Glory until we come into the image of His Life. For you are also in the image of God. You are His sons and daughters, the Christ in you is the one begotten by His Spirit. When you were born in the heavens your name was put in the Lamb's Book of Life. Because of that the mind of Christ...or the Eternal Yahweh exists in your spirit, thus we have the mind of Yahweh to be His embodied sons, to renew Israel, to build His Kingdom, and there is no power on earth that can stop us. This is the Mystery of the body of Christ, this is the Mystery of His Kingdom, His Church.

Now;....the church is a different thing, you say....He is married to the church. I am going to prove that Israel and the church are the same people, but the one is spiritually illuminated to do its task. I am going to prove to you that the Father and the son are the same people even by the testimony of our enemies. When Jesus said:..."Ye who have seen me hath seen the Father..." Listen:...He showed me a new heaven and a new earth. The Angel said:...come hither and I will show you the bride, the Lamb's wife. Who was the Lamb none other than the Everlasting Father. So this is Jesus married to the church, and then this Holy Jerusalem, the race ascending out of heaven thru Adam unto your day, and these people who make up this New Jerusalem, this race is the twelve tribes of the children of the Lamb was married to the twelve tribes of Israel, they are His bride, Israel His people. In Adam all die, in the second Adam all are made alive. The circle is complete. One family in heaven and in earth.