Mystery Of The Corridor Of Life, 9-10-62



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 9-10-62

Tonight we are speaking on a subject which is of great significance to many of us because it deals with the panorama of existence and the great and eternal corridors of life. When we talk to you about the corridor of an endless life, and the mystery of this corridor of live, we want you to understand that while there are multiple philosophers in the earth and a great number of teachings that find their source in their origin in the background of inherited cultures, that there is only one set of established truths. And when we talk about the truths that God has unveiled to HIS people, and to your race, it is important to know that HE brings things to your remembrance. And this has caused a lot of people not to know the difference between the remembrance HE brought to them and the doctrine of the pagans who are round about.

Now there is no mistake about the existence of God’s Kingdom and the facts he has brought to them. For as we go back into the antiquities and the endless ages of yesterday, and look over the vastness of God’s creation with its many, many trillions of sidereal systems and suns and moons and stars, when we take the testimony of great Patriarchs who God brought wisdom and understanding to, such as we find in the book of Enoch or in the Revelations of John,--in which they saw the vastness of this Universe inhabited and populated by the many thousands and, yes, millions of God’s children. And when they recognize that there are dimensions and plains beyond this physical one which we behold, a great number of people who understand these things will recognize that this is absolute and far reaching. And they understand what it is talking about in the book of Hebrews when it talks about the power of an endless life.

Now, I know that the doctrine which has been taught in earth ever since the day Lucifer took over the earth, was the doctrine which was strictly of the Luciferian household. All over among the races and nations who thru from the One God in ancient times, to the worship of multiple gods, and of many pagan philosophies, a doctrine was supplemented from that which was basically the doctrine of truth.

Now, this doctrine became the doctrine spread all over Asia. And of course, had more relationship to Asiatics than it did to your race. As far as your race is concerned, there are things far more important for you to understand. You have inherited from Adam, to your time, a racial memory. This racial memory has been passed from father to son since the days of Adam on down to your time. This racial memory is the sum total of all that happened to your race from the day when it appeared in the earth. Thus it is that we have this record inside the scriptures of this Adamic race. This is the 7th day creation. We discover that the eras of the various periods of time referred to in the scripture talks about the things God did in various areas, and we recognize that translators tried to make these 24 hour days. We discover that these run into thousands and thousands of years of time. For there is no doubt that the existence of time of man in the earth goes back over thousands, in fact, a million years in time, according to the things discovered in the last few years, and even in the last few months, in South Africa. Here they find strata that goes back a million years and here we find the fossil remains of the Asiatic man. As far as time is concerned, we can give God all of the time that is required, for all of the events which have taken place. It does not happen to be in the limit of a certain prescribed--so many days, in order to satisfy some translator. We are very much interested in the course of life and the testimony of it. And we want all of the truth that is involved in this matter. The oldest races to exist upon the earth were Asiatics. Every anthropologist knows that and every archaeologist who has been searching along with those seeking in anthropologist to find various patterns of civilizations knows that we can find the Asiatic chronology which will demonstrate quite clearly that the oldest skulls and fossils observed have been of the Asiatic group. This is one thing which has been rather puzzling to the evolutionists. For he had never been able to find what he thought was the Negroid type skull which he tried to relate more closely to the Apes. He was trying to put it back farther than the Asiatics go and he did not know how to explain this matter. This is because that many people believe that everyone on the face of the earth came out of one race. That all evolved or came forth from it and they all came at the same time. And this of course, is not true. In the earliest days of God’s creation, there were many things HE made according to HIS time. The first people God put upon this planet, were the Turanians or the Asiatics. And these people lived and scattered out upon the earth and multiplied and increased as we are told in Genesis that they would, as it says, that HE made them male and female. And they went forth and populated the earth and that was what they were supposed to do. But remember, that this was the ancient Turanian people and the remnants of it are still to be found in the people of China and a great number of other Asiatic races.

Now, you say, ‘How can there be many Asiatic races?’ This is because there has been mongrelization and mutations. The Negroid race came to earth in a distinct and unusual way. The Bible gives you the record and it refers to it in several ways. And the 12th chapter of Revelation is probably more lucid. It tells us that there was a great war fought in the heavens by Lucifer an Archangel and the Eternal God of the Heavens. And in this day, when this record was fought, out of the records of Enoch and many others, we find that Lucifer, in that rebellion, gathered people from within the Milky Way to be his ax men and swordsmen. He gathered vessels and ships to add to his fleet. And he actually tried to wage war against the Kingdom of the Eternal God who had created the whole Universe and put it together, and whose power was beyond all others. Of course, also beyond Lucifer’s power to successfully carry out any engagement. Thus, it was that 1/3 of the Universe was involved in it. And Lucifer lost the battle as you would anticipate.

Now, who were these ax men and swordsmen who made up a large part of the forces of Lucifer? Now just Angels, altho we are told that 1/3 of the heavens where he controlled, rebelled with him, and were under his command. But according to the records of the ancient Sumerian and out of the Sheripak Dynasties, and these dynasties history, tells us are over 240,000 years old. This is out of the Princeton University Press.---out of Finigan’s book of ‘The Ancient Past.’ And this has records that they found which show 240,000 years of Sumerian dynasties and the Sheripak dynasties.

Now, they talk about the fact of their existence and their history, and as to what happened in the earth. And they tell about how this ancient deity fought his battle in the heavens and lost his war and then made earth his hiding place. More than that, they talk about his hordes and how his ships came into earth. And the Sumerians, in these records, found in the British Museum today, and which have been translated tediously, telling of the antediluvian history how this rebellious Archangel came to earth. In fact, in the records of ancient India, they tell you that they are the children of Indus and mother Ganges. In fact, they tell of how another part of their race soon gained power over them and these were the children of Lilith, the Serpent woman. And as such, they make here the mother of the Ganges and call her Kali. Also in other breakdowns of religion, she became known as Isis who was not good. This is note other than the Serpent woman involved in a patter of history, in antediluvian history. Then they refer to the day when the Serpent--Malox-Kalox the anointed Peacock, and all the different names for the rebellious Lucifer, when he came to earth, and he brought with him the dark and curly headed ones; and they talk of what took place in their temples---and the eventual mongrelization of their race. In India when they remember their descendants, remember that they are descendants of Lilith the Serpent woman, this consort of Lucifer. And they talk about how this mixing with their race---this mongrelizing of their races darkened their skin coloring. Thus, they refer to this mongrelizing as this mixing with the dark and curly headed ones who came with Lucifer. Thus, if you want to know where the Negroes came from, then they came to earth in the Luciferian rebellion. And there were no Negroes on the earth before that. And we know that as far as anthropology is able to go, and we know about the records of radio carbon can go in such places as Kilimanjaro, that you cannot carry the Negroes back over 73,000 years.

Now, in pointing this out, there is also something else we are pointing out to you. That each one of these people were a biological type and kind. And their place can be well marked by any student of anatomy. The Adamic race was the last race placed on the earth and this race has a far different background than the Asiatics or even the Negroes who came in to earth during Lucifer’s rebellion. The White race was the race of the 7th day, or era. And this is why the scriptures tell us that on that 7th day, there was no Adamite on the earth to till the soil---altho, on the 6th day, HE had already created the people who made up the Turanian race which had populated the earth. For 6 days, we had men and women. And then on the 7th day, God said, ‘There is no Adamite on the earth to till the soil.’ More than that, the older texts are more clear than those which came by the way of Rome, and then eventually, by way of Protestantism of our time. The reason being that the older texts did not have to meet some of the Ecclesiastical requirements, or some theological concept, altho they literally laid down the facts as they existed. And they referred to as the Old Hebrew did---that Adam was the Life of God transferred from heaven to earth, begotten as a son of the MOST HIGH. That Eve was also a portion separated out of Adam and she now became the helpmate or wife of Adam. Thus, God had begotten an issue and formed a woman of the Adamic race out of the very life substance of Adam. And thus, started the Adamic race in earth. These two were offspring of HIS Household, life of HIS Life, and seed of HIS Seed.

Now, we point this out to you. That in the background of these races each one of them had a different concept. The Asiatics had a confused concept and it changed their ancient theology. They have in their traditions, a story which they tell that life now has a constant source and it comes from the Lord of Life. And to them, now this Lord of Life was Lucifer who they referred to as the Serpent of light. And in their ancient doctrines found in their temples, now established by this fallen Archangel Lucifer, who had now taken over the worship of earth, he taught that even the god of light had a symbol and that symbol was of the Serpent. And thus, usurping the symbol of the Eternal God who is the True Light of the world and the Life of men.

Now, in this doctrine in which he usurps the position of light and life, he cites that those under his command and those that worship him, that they have a certain channel thru which they follow. They are obedient unto his priests and obedient unto the Luciferian household. And there is a special blessing that he sends upon them. That is, that when they die, they go thru a cycle of waiting and thus their consciousness goes into a waiting period and this is held to be within the earth.

Now, under the Luciferian doctrine, they had a certain period of time in which, again, they would appear and be reborn in the earth. And this life would not necessarily take up where it had left off. It would depend upon the individuals service to Lucifer, as to what would transpire. If he had been in the service of Lucifer, and had followed every command, he was assured that he would at least advance at the same level that he was. But if he had disobeyed Lucifer, he would fall to a lesser form of life and might come back as a donkey or a monkey or something of that nature. This was what was known as the doctrine of the ancient temples of India, as well as in the high Steppes of Tibet. Then there was another doctrine known as the Gazine doctrine, which also came out of the Luciferian temples and was taught in India, and this of course, was of their cycles of return within a certain number of years and their refilling their cycles of life and birth only in the human race. However, the word ‘human’ not being used at that time,--and thus they referred to the time when they would return into the cycle of race, they recognized something which your sociologists do not want to recognize. And this being that there are different classes of people. And thus they thought that they could come back a high caste, or a low caste, each in turn as to how obedient they had been to their temples of religion, in the Luciferian cult that they served.

Now, the fact remains, that there was also a type of doctrine which was taught for many years, developed from the fact that these spirits went done into this inner-earth layer of Lucifer’s, until they would be reborn in to earth, because the light which had been provided for their race had been cut off because the ‘former light giver’ had been cut off because he had been challenged by a ‘new light giver’ and would not supply the life-like seed. So this they were saying, was known to Enoch and to the ancients, that in the days when Lucifer rebelled, that there was no longer any seed provided in heaven for the increase of their race. This meant that there would never be any more Asiatics on the face of the earth than there were at Lucifer’s rebellion at which time, a lot of the seed at that time occupied lands now beneath the waters which now cover the Pacific Ocean and some areas of the Atlantic. Even tho these were the conditions, they followed cycles of return. And in their re-occupancy, they called reincarnation. And that this was something related to the Asiatics and something which operated under permission of the Luciferian design thru this route.

Now, I want you to know that the doctrine of Reincarnation was never a White man’s doctrine, at any time or any day. There are a lot of people in America who have been touched with a lot of Asiatic philosophies that have been brought in by fellows with a scarf tied around their heads and who say that they are Yogis, and who say that they know more about the laws of science and wisdom than you do, or of your religions or your background. The thing is, that none of their philosophies or their religions have ever been able to do anything for their people. Never been able to bring them knowledge, wisdom and guidance. Never produced any technology, and has never been able to get them out of any condition that they are in today. Their morality, depravity, over population, which results out of the background of their temple origin---all of these patterns are a part of their curse.

Now, my friends, the Negro--and the Negro comes into earth in a revolt against God-----the Negro came in with Lucifer’s fleet---one of the earliest records of the violation of Divine Law recorded even in the ancient book of Horus,---telling how the Egyptians came form the land which went down beneath the waters---tells of how the ancient Egyptians had migrated across the Northern tip of Africa, coming until they came to the Nile River where they made their home. And their ancient king was Khufu. And this is not an Egyptian or Greek word. This is an ancient word which as used for their leader. And Horus was their oldest Priest in the days of their migration. The books of Horus continued down in Egypt up until the time when Enoch and Job went down in to Egypt to build the City of On. This was the great pyramid city which was the city of culture and wisdom. This was the White race city, and the Greeks sent their sons and daughters there to be educated. This is where Plato, and Aristotle and others, went to learn their mathematics. And where they also were to learn the antiquity of the ancient lands beneath the waters of the ocean.

Strangely, there is a very interesting side-light to the history of ancient Egypt, because at the time, Egypt was a part of the ancient Toroque civilization. And the Luciferian rebellion had caused great catastrophe in their island continent. And as they talked about what had happened, they talked about the coming of these dark and curly headed ones, who had been joined to their society. The migrating Egyptians had refused to accept this mongrelization because of what it had done to their people.

Now, in their ancient history, and in their writings, they also cite that these Negroes were not like those people of earth because they only had a fear of spirits and beings that they could not see and they had no concept of life beyond the grave. So in this instance, as a result of this Luciferian fall, the Negroes were taught that they only had to protect themselves from these evil spirits as they lived. But they knew nothing beyond the grave. Even the Asiatics as well as the early Egyptians, had the concept of the cycles of reincarnation, or they had the intervention of God in a future period of time to grant unto them life.

Now, what about your race? From the beginning of time, of course, there was Adam. And out of that Adamic line, then eventually came Seth. And from Seth, then comes this whole generation of the White race. The descendants of Seth coming on down to the days of Noah, then thru Noah’s sons Shem, and thru Shem to Heber. And then on down thru Abraham and his line. But every White man on the face of the earth today is a Hebrew. You are descended from Heber and this line of Seth. There is not a Jew on the face of the earth that is a Hebrew. There are mongrels among them, but they are not true Israel. I only mention this because this is a most important factor concerning the channels of life. When the Adamic race was placed in the earth, it was a unique experience for them, since this had never happened to them before. They had never dwelt in physical bodies. They had never known anything like this environment of those who dwelt in physical bodies in the earth. For the children of the Eternal had been begotten by HIS Spirit. They were Celestial children. Their spirit being was synthesized in light. They had Celestial consciousness. They had resident awareness. They had the soul resident of the dwellers of spirit. They had existed with the Father, and had watched HIS creation. And they had beheld all these factors because the spirit which dwells in you was with HIM, the Eternal, before the world was framed.

Now, understand this. You have not been reincarnated. You have been INCARNATED in earth in this body. And you were never born in any other body in this earth before. Some try to tell you that you have been born again and again. But I don’t know what advantage it would be for you to believe a lie like that, for this is an Asiatic philosophy and has nothing to do with you. For you have not been born again and again in physical bodies into this earth. This is the only body you have ever had.

Now, that does not mean that if God wanted to send a man back and send him thru the process of birth, that HE could not do it. But this only happened once. And we can bear record of this for God said that there was never another man born of woman who was like John the Baptist.

Now, the fact remains, that we are children born of God’s Spirit. And were with the Eternal when the world was framed. They were with the Eternal when Lucifer rebelled because he was not going to share even his administration as one of the Archangels with these people of God, for the children of God were higher than the Archangels, and destined to share the administration of the Universe with HIM. This is why the Apostle Paul tells us that at no time, did God ever say to the Angels, ‘thou art my son.’ Let me assure you of this. In the background of time and tradition, it tells us of the experiences that happened and it tells us as to how the scriptures interweave with the endless pattern of the story. From the days of the coming of the Adamic race, God told them exactly what would transpire in their life in earth. HE told them that in the bodies of flesh, they would fall. HE told them that altho they were children, they were transplanted into flesh that HE would have to redeem them. That HE would have to nullify their transgressions by assuming upon HIMSELF, all of their sin, and giving HIMSELF the responsibility and accountability for it. That HE would have to be a consummate atonement, pay the price which is death, for such violation of law and transgression. That HE would have to restore upon them, the great waves of light and glory, deserving of the sons of God, so they could finish their work in the earth. This is called the Gospel of Atonement. This is the Redemption of Atonement and the renewing of the mind. This is all that the Father took upon Himself for HIS people who would come into the world to overthrow Satan’s kingdom. HE said that HE sent your race in to the world to build the Kingdom, and that Kingdom you are going to build.

Now, that does not mean that there has not been errors, mistakes and transgressions, and violations of principles and Divine Law. But it does mean that you are the race which came into the world subject to the senses. And being subject to the senses, were tempted in the patterns of the senses. But there is something I want you to understand about your spirit tonight. The Celestial being which is you, begotten by the Father before the world was framed, was born of incorruptible seed. And it lives and abides forever. You cannot as this seed, violate Divine Law as far as your spirit is concerned.

Now, the soul can disobey, because this seed of your consciousness can be subject to the influence of the senses, or it can draw inspiration out of the Celestial consciousness. The physical body can violate Divine Law, and transgress. And the laws of disintegration and death may come upon it. But as far as the Celestial being, being a Celestial being first, begotten of the Father, this cannot happen. I want you also to understand that the purposes of God is not only to restore the Light and Shekinah Glory which belongs to them in the earth, but it is a part of the destiny which God has decreed. HE has predestined that you are going to conform to the image of the Son. That you are going to be enveloped in HIS Glory and from Glory unto Glory until you fulfill that image. I want you to know that the glorification of HIS House and the glorification of your race, thru out the world, is one of the major projects of God and the world has yet to behold that Glory.

Now, when we talk about the facts of life, remember that you proceeded forth from the Father, that you were with the Father before the world was framed. You saw all kinds of things. I want you to know that you as individuals, born into this particular generation and age, you may not remember all of these things. But I can show you something which medical science can establish. That there is a recorded memory in the seat of your consciousness, that there is this recorded memory that surrounds nasion electrons, the filament of your brain tissue that you were born with. And to that, you have added all of the experiences of your lifetime. You say, ‘How do we know that?’ Because in the Chromosomes and in the genes and down in the chromosomes there is added with each generation, a sum total of electronic pattern, very small. And all of them would take a very small part of the centers of perception inside of your consciousness. But they are inherited. Thus, it is that you have inherited an ideal form that when it is brought to your attention, it erects the same picture or the same pattern in most every individual. That brain formed pattern is the history of your race. This is something which not only the spirit beheld, but the consciousness is able to receive and to understand. Because of this, there is an infinity in your race as to everything that ever happened from Adam on down to your time. There is an infinity in your children, as to the things which has happened in your lifetime. You can remember how they used to make internal combustion engines and these were things of mystery even to the scientists and mechanics who built them. But in my lifetime, I have watched little boys tear down a Model T and then put it back together again. They know all about internal combustion, and they know all about these processes. And they say they just learned this in our time. But they learned something which other men had already struggled to find out why they had inherited a whole conscious pattern of knowhow. And you can add to that instructions. But let me tell you something. They inherited also a concept of everything which existed before them. And all is takes to erect this image in the seat of their consciousness--as scientists have recognized and in some types of brain surgery,---when they activate by a milliamp of energy, or electricity, a certain nerve that instantly that individual remembers a whole chain of events. And this chain of events that he remembers will be incidents in his lifetime. And I could stand here tonight, and tell you of numerous things which happened in the lifetime of their parents, their grandparents and their great-grandparents which has been enumerated in patients after they came out of brain surgery.

Now, they were of their parents, or grandparents or great-grandparents for the incidents proclaimed were soon born out to be true because of family records, or things which had happened to the family.

Now I tell you that all remembrance is merely stored electrons around the tendrils inside your physical body, for the consciousness of the brain and for your soul consciousness. This is the way God made you. When those Nasion electrons evolve you have an image and a picture, and this is why all the scenes of your childhood came back to you. And this is also why, my friends, that under any ministry, under anything which God directs, or under anything which refers to your race, anything can erect an image in your mind. One of the mysteries which we discovered, is that you could put twenty people in the same room out of the same racial background, and start talking about things which happened in there and if they have any artistic ability, and you ask them to draw it, and most of them will come up with the same recognizable picture.

There are many things which we could talk about in this subject of remembrance which exists among your race, of the inherited things which you have had in your generations. And some people, once in awhile, have these patterned images break thru in the seat of their consciousness, and they find themselves remembering something which did not happen their life time. They become very susceptible under the doctrines introduced by Asiatic philosophies trying to conquer your race. And when they start to think this way, then they say, ‘I am starting to remember things.’ And they think they have been reincarnated, then they say, ‘I am beginning to think of some things which did not happen to me, so maybe, I have been reincarnated.’

Every once in awhile, there is another essence to your being which does not exist with any other people on the face of the earth. There exists with you and in the background of your race, and which has been forgotten, is that the spirit which exists in you is spirit of HIS Spirit. And because this is spirit of HIS Spirit, and it is Omniscience, then HIS Spirit knows some things which come to pass such as the patterns of tomorrow, every step of your walk. Because of this, once in awhile a persons subconscious mind has relaxed or they dreamed, and they catch a pattern or a plate of experience that has not happened to them. Then some months or weeks later, they find this development taking place. They have arrived at the place they saw in their dream. They have arrived at the very spot---the same people are in the room, the same things are happening to them, and they say, ‘this has happened to me before.’ No, it has not happened to you before, but the Omniscience mind of your Father, and also co-resident in that mind in you, ---by this process--you have just caught a little pattern of tomorrow.

Remember that God could stimulate John the Apostle when HE took him into the heavenly plain and show him whole courses of events. And these were pictures of events that John would describe. Remember also that the spirit could bring all things to John’s remembrance.

Remember this word Paraclete which is a stimulant of God’s own intelligence, HIS own abiding intelligent presence, essence of HIS essence and being of HIS being. We are told that ‘I will send this great Paraclete, meaning the abiding ever present living consciousness, the conscious perception, the knowledge pattern of the MOST HIGH.

What is this Holy Spirit going to do? The 14th chapter of John, ‘this intelligent wave of ‘my own’ consciousness comes to you. It is going to bring all things to your remembrance. It is going to lead you to the knowledge of all truth. Remember that one day, Jesus said to HIS Disciples, ‘You are they, who have been with ME from the beginning.’ Remember also, concerning the patterns of life, that Jesus said, ‘I give unto you Eternal Life, and you never perish.’ And here, the Shepherd was speaking unto HIS own Sheep.

Now, this historical inheritance is a cultural inheritance. This is one of the reasons why this incorruptible seed is not to be mixed or mongrelized. Divine Law carries so thoroughly to you this instruction that you are not to marry into other races. Why? Because being children of spirit, you are different than the created beings. And you are certainly different than the soulish Negro who does not have a spirit such as you have.

Now, some people do not like this because they have been brought up to think as some preachers have told them that people are all alike. But this is not true. When they told them that everyone had a common origin, that also is not true. When they told them that everyone is the same under the skin, that is also not true. And any chronologists knows that. I can lay out the skulls of an Asiatic, a Negro, and a White man and any student of anatomy can separate them by the structure of the Cranium, and by the whole structure of the head and the forehead, and everything which goes with it. They know the difference. ‘Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.’

Now, I think it is very significant for you to understand that Ecclesiastes tells us that when some people die, they are just dead and they know nothing at all. And the word for dead is Zombie. Do you realize that there are people in the world who came in during the Luciferian rebellion, and when they die, they are just dead? They are just as dead as anything that you know of. There is no consciousness, no nothing, that is holding on or waiting. They have no consciousness as it relates to their soul. For that pattern of energy remains completely unorganized, until God, Himself, performs a miracle. The Asiatics, in their cycle, enter back into the Netherworld. Whereas, their race went under the Luciferian influence and their cycles operate and carry on.

But what about your race? Does your race find itself without any conscious remembrance? Does your race find itself awaiting to be reincarnated into a physical body? Or is it just hanging around to tap on tables or write on slates? Do you think that is what you were sent into the world for? Let me tell you this. The Eternal who begat you, begat a children of spirit, children of an endless life. Remember, therefore, that when you were sent into this world, that one of the purposes of the Father was to use you in the building of HIS Kingdom and to bear witness to some of the most important parts of the earth. Remember, that you were called Israel even before Abraham. And when God spoke of Israel, it means rulers with God, the people of God. And the word Santest, one of the oldest words in all semantics, means the believing offspring of God.

Now, in this instance, you will note over here in the book of Isaiah, that the Eternal says, ‘I am YAHWEH, that is MY name, and outside of Israel, My glory, My Lighted Spirit, I will not give unto another.’ And now it is quite obvious why there were laws against mongrelization is what a mixed up mutation you would have if you started to cross, because of a biological capacity thru Chromosome of the White race with the Negroid or the Asiatic. In the first place, there is no spirit given to such a union. So they would have to fall back into the Asiatic race or the soulish capacities of a Negro, because the spirit of God will not cohabit with the darkness of a pagan. I want you to know that this portion of the violation of law produced Cain. ‘Cain was the progeny of the wicked one.’ And John bears record of this. And all original versions bore record of this until the church tried to change the full foundations of this mystery. This is the reason why Cain would have had no spiritual perception and why the offspring of Cain would not have this spiritual perception. These make up the large portion of the whiter Jews in the world today and they do not have this spiritual perception, as it relates to the spiritual laws of the Eternal. Jesus said, ‘You cannot hear My voice, so how can you understand my words? Ye are of your father --or of the devil--and he was a liar from the beginning, and he lacked these capacities, thus you do not have them.’ Then at another time, HE proved that they were Cainanites, for HE said, ‘Your father was a murderer from the beginning.’ And HE said, ‘I expect this.’ Then when HE comes over into the book of Matthew, and HE refers to the fact that all of the descendants of Lucifer are guilty of all of the BLOOD STAINS from Abel to Zachariah killed between the horns of the Altar, thus, if they were guilty of the blood of Abel, they had to come thru the Cain line, down from Lucifer from whom Cain descended. This is one reason why in the history of your race, in the redemption of your race, it involves the miracles for your race, the re-balancing of the descending consciousness of your society. And God did this because as HE said, ‘I want you to know that I have loved you,’----and He would not accept any of the posterity of Adam until Seth was born who was the seventh one, and this gestation was approved. And in the scripture, in the background of it, then Adam said, ‘Now I have begotten a man in my own image.’ Thus, thru Seth has proceeded the White race. And out of it has come these great nations and cultures and civilizations.

There is not doubt that in the panorama of these events, there is something of great significance. What happens to the individual when he dies? Well, in your period of time, ever since the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ, there is a very important decimal and balance. From this time forward there is a difference in experience than for the people from the time of Christ’s Resurrection back to Adam. In this time, you fulfill what the scriptures clearly tell us and the Apostle Paul teaches, when he says, ‘Absent from the body is to be present with the LORD.’ Why? Because the spirit goes back to God who gave it. More than that, I would call this to your attention. Jesus says, ‘I give you Eternal Life and you shall never perish.’ Jesus talks about you as HIS Household and HIS children. HE says that they belong to the Eternal Spirit who is in the heavens, that the Eternal Spirit is the Father. And now, when HE was embodied in earth, they belonged to HIM.

Thus, over in the book of John, Jesus made this statement and it is a part of identity. Jesus said, ‘This is Eternal life that they might know thee--(speaking to the spirit). Then HE said, ‘I want you to know that I have manifested thyself to them, and thine they were belonging to you in the heavens, and now that I am embodied in the earth, Mine they are.’

Now, in John 17, we are told, that they are not of this world as I am not of this world, but do not take them out of the world, keep them in it. So why was not Christ of this world? HE was the LORD of Heaven, incarnate by the process of birth in a physical body. HE came here to perform a mission, but HE says that your whole race was also children of the Spirit in a physical world carrying out this occupation, that HE had ordained from the beginning. Therefore, HE said that you were not of this world as HE was not of this world. And because you are not of this world, then the world does not like you.

Now, don’t think HE is talking about worldliness. For lots of preachers have come up with the explanation that HE meant that HE was not of worldly things. Let me tell you something. If HE just meant worldliness, HE would not have said, ‘Don’ take them out of it, keep them in it.’ And HE was talking about the earth, this place wherein you dwell. This is why over here in the book of Hebrews, that we come upon this declaration. Here in the book of Hebrews, we are told of our forefathers and the Patriarchs, and one thing written here concerning us and concerning our faith. It says that these people are strangers and pilgrims in the earth for they had lost a remembrance of the spiritual lore as to how they came. But if they had remembered, they would not have stayed here long. They would have gone back. That is why God pulled that screen down until you have finished the task.

The day will come when you will step out of the dimension of earth and into the spirit at will. Do you realize that Jesus had that power at all times? And in the book of Hebrews, it tells us concerning the Christ, that HE the Eternal One had taken upon Himself a body of flesh. Read that 1st and 2nd chapter of Hebrews. Find out about the mystery as to how God took a body of flesh. HE took this body of flesh so as to be like you, HIS kinsmen, since now the children of God were in bodies of flesh. Thus, HE took upon Himself, a body like they had. HE did it to abolish death. HE did it to save you. SINCE THE CHILDREN OF GOD were now down here in bodies of flesh, HE took on a body just like you had, so HE could say, you are My kinsmen. You are My brethren, and I am not ashamed to call you My kinsmen.

Now, under this very instance, then we want you to know that in the days of Adam, under his fall, because of the seduction by Lucifer, and the capture of the mind, came this violation of Divine Law. Thus, Lucifer held captive the soul consciousness of the children of the Eternal until the Atonement. He could not torture them captive in the great inner earth. Oh, you say, ‘There is no inner earth.’ Then why do you think Jesus went down there? It tells me in the scripture that there is not only an inner earth, but it tells me in the book of Revelation that all of the people in the heavens above and all of the people in the inner earth, and all of the people in earth are going to sing praises and songs to HIS Majesty. We have this pattern then as translated out of the ancient Greek as the Netherworld. The reason why the word is so applicable is that when they wanted to write the word in Greek, and translate it in Greek, is because they also had a historical background concerning the Netherworld which they thought was ruled over by the forces of darkness.

We point out to you that the earth in its inner dimensions, or howsoever it is, does not have to have any huge size. But according to records as outlined by Enoch and others, there was more land surface inside than outside, because there were no seas. But I will tell you this. You would not have to have too big a chamber to fill it with the souls of men because you would have a hard time determining how big a space this consciousness would have to have when resting. Thus, we will point out to you that inside of the scripture, we have many records. And we also have records in the book of Nicodemus, which is also a part of the record of the Gospels, and was some of the literature of the New Testament Church. And we have the record of the scriptures as to what happened. Remember what happened to Lazarus when he died? His spirit went down in to this Netherworld and this inner earth was divided between Paradise and the administrating area which Lucifer was permitted to hold. Remember that they had held prisoner the soul consciousness of those Celestial beings of your race until the Messiah came to set them free. Remember that when Jesus was walking the earth as embodied God, that Lazarus had already gone down after his death into the Netherworld. Remember that the Gospel of Nicodemus carries the whole conversation of what went on until Christ entered that area and set his captives free. Thus, you go into this pattern of record and you find that Lazarus had told them as others had, who had entered into this area, including one of the sons of the High Priest, and they had been told of the miracles of Christ and they were waiting for this.

Now, let me point this out to you. In that day when Christ went over to the home of Mary and Martha and they said, ‘Our brother is now dead, and Jesus could feel their emotion and HE loved Lazarus. And recorded is the shortest verse in the Bible:-- ‘Jesus wept.’ Then HE went out to the grave side and the people followed HIM out there out of curiosity. They knew that HE had stilled the wind and waves, and opened the eyes of the blind. So what was HE going to do now? HE came to the grave side and the Jews followed along also, for they wanted to know what HE would do now. The OGPU agents came by. Jesus stood in front of the tomb and HE said roll that stone out of the way. But they said, ‘Oh, no, LORD, he has been in there too many days. Decomposition has set in, and we can’t do anything about it. It is too late.’ But Jesus said, ‘roll away the stone.’ And Jesus looked into the long corridor of the tomb and HE called, ‘Lazarus, come forth.’ Thus, HE called the spirit of Lazarus out of the Netherworld back in to his body, re-enlivened it, recharged it, synthesized it. And Lazarus starts to come out along with a light right out of the tomb.

The book of Nicodemus said that all of the power of perdition, all of the occult forces said, ‘What is the matter, we have never had a man get away from us before. We have never lost a spirit. Not one spiritual consciousness ever went out of this prison chamber of the soul before this. But now, we have lost Lazarus. He is going right out from our presence.’ In fact, my friends, when Lazarus then walked in the streets of his city, the enemy gathered together and said, ‘What are we going to do now? If this gets out to the rest of the world then everyone will come and believe on this man. We have to do something. We must kill this man.’ And it tells you in the book of John, that these Jews plotted to put Lazarus to death again. You know I cannot understand anyone like that. Can you imagine people so evil that after God Himself had raised a man from the dead, that they would plot how to put him to death again? They would actually kill him again.

Well, in the nature of this victory, I want you to recognize that the story of Divine Destiny was in part here being played. From the ancient times, from the council of the heavens, from the earliest Patriarchs, one of the mysteries known to your race was that God Almighty was going to re-synthesize the spirit in the body. And the day would come when HE was going to raise every last one of HIS sons and daughters to finish the task in successful glory to finish the task which HE sent them into earth to do. This is the reason that there is a doctrine, not reincarnation, but Resurrection which is the doctrine of your race. This is the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith---the Apostle Paul tells us.

Now, it is always important to see what Jesus said. We turn over here and we discover that Jesus is talking about the very day when the graves give up their dead. So you see that Jesus talked about Resurrection.

Now, we go into the panorama of events, and you will remember that when Christ was crucified, that the earth shook and rocked under the impact of this enormous event which had just happened. And over here in the book of Matthew, it tells us something rather interesting and significant. It says that as this happened, the veil in the temple was rent from the bottom to the top, the earth did quake and the rocks bent and the graves were opened. And the bodies of the ‘Saints’ arose. And they came out of the graves after this, and they went into the Holy City and they went around appearing unto many. The bodies of the dead enlivened by the consciousness of the Saints, arose and walked around Jerusalem. No wonder those Jews hid out down in the lower part of the Temple. No wonder they were afraid. The dead were now walking the streets, only they were not dead. Now they were living people.

Now, let me point this out to you. The book of Ephesians tells you this story in the 4th chapter as the Apostle Paul, to whom the mysteries had been unveiled, and he said that he had been carried into the heavens and he said whether in the spirit or the body, he could not tell, the LORD knows. The Apostle Paul learned many things and he understood the mysteries of Israel. And he said, ‘Unto you it is given to understand the mysteries, unto them it is not given.’ And he said some of these mysteries which were hidden from the foundations of the world, are not being made known unto your glory.

Now, he said concerning Christ that HE ascended on high. And that HE led everyone of those who had been in captivity--captive--and set them free on high. And these were the sons and daughters of HIS Kingdom. And HE became the Captain of their Salvation. HE took them out of the Netherworld and brought them up in HIS resurrection and carried them into the heavens.

Now, listen. HE that descended is the same that ascended above all of the heavens so that HE might do all things. And HE brought forth the captivity captive. And I want you to understand this. Since the days of HIS Resurrection, the Eternal God who visited your earth, upset its taboos, broke the power of demonic forces, cracked the power of Lucifer, then not one White man, not one child of the Spirit, not one Celestial being, not one soul consciousness of the sons and daughters of God are ever capture by Lucifer and held in perdition. Nor can be held in perdition since Christ’s Resurrection. I want to tell you something else. They are not slumbering and they are not dead. For absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. Someone said,’ But they are not all saves.’ Didn’t HE say, ‘ALL ISRAEL IS TO BE SAVED, AS IT IS WRITTEN.’ HE said, ‘I made an Atonement once and for all, and you cannot add anything to this or take anything away from it.’ HE has absolutely broken the power of Lucifer over HIS sons and daughters. You can go in to all of the superstitious realms of religion you like, but I would advise you to get a Strongs Concordance, and check out the words. Then go back and see if they are exactly the words which your church has taught you. You are going to find out one thing, that God Almighty is the victor and HE is going to triumph. And there will be no loss in anything HE has invested in the earth for the building of HIS Kingdom.

Now, we want you to know that your race, when it dies, the spirit returns to God who gave it. So how long until the Resurrection? Remember that we told you last week that Jesus said, ‘If I go away, then I come again.’ And the Apostle Paul said that when HE comes all of the spirits of the believing offspring (Santests)---the Saints will be with HIM. And this goes way back to the Old Testament---of all of them who died in the earth, their spirits HE will bring with HIM. And their bodies are going to be raised, and transformed in a twinkling of an eye. And their spirits and their bodies will be put together. It makes no difference if they have disintegrated, or gone to dust, or changed to gases. For HE who put together the great nebulous masses of the Universe, out of the mentoid of HIS mind, HE who is the balancing heart of every atom, will assemble and reconstruct a body for every last one of HIS sons and daughters. And that body re-synthesized shall be as immortal as the one HE walked the earth in after the Resurrection. It will be a body that can eat, a body that you can touch and a body that you can handle.

Thus, I want you to know that the Christian Church teaches Resurrection. Someone said, ‘I do not believe that is going to happen.’ Well, you just be in ignorance and believe anything that you want to. But it is still going to happen. There is also several Resurrections. We have had already, one which was when Jesus brought some of them up out of their graves and brought the rest of them ‘captivity captive.’ HE took them into the heavens. And that was a Resurrection. I don’t know what else you would call it. But when HE returns, there is going to be a great mammoth Resurrection. But I know of a couple that have happened since them. Remember, when they were preaching and the man fell out of the window and they called him back? You will be surprised, my friends, to know that this is a law of the spirit. One of these days there is going to something happen as Christ reenters into human affairs, and this is an important thing to know. The Apostle Paul tells us that the ‘dead in Christ shall rise first.’ We are not going to hinder that. But in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we also shall be changed in the elements of our beings. You are going to put on immortality, and death no more will envelope you. Someone said, ‘but won’t that envelope all of the Negroes and the Chinamen?’ No, it will not envelop all of the Negroes or the Chinamen. They are not in this synthesized area. So you say what happens to a Negro when he is dead? Well, he is just dead. Just as dead as a dog is dead. Oh, you say, ‘You can’t preach that way, Dr. Swift.’ Alright, but ‘the dead when they die, they do not know anything at all.’ But the living when they die, their spirit goes back to God who gave it. The Zombie knows nothing, mongrelized, degenerated. Oh, you say, you can make a Christian out to them? Oh, you can get them to accept Truth. For it is the responsibility of every creature to turn and worship the Right God. And it is the responsibility of the children of the Kingdom to preach the Right God to every creature. But don’t give the same promise to every creature that God gave to HIS own Household. For that is not correct preaching.

Oh, you say, ‘But is there not a resurrection which involves the?’ Yes, there is going to be a resurrection on this earth some day that will involve every Negro and it will involve everyone else too. And they will be raised. And then what God does for them will be according to HIS own creative work and plans which relate to the future. But that is not the same Resurrection which you participate in, because it is not charged with the same Light and time.

Now some people do not like this. But that is not important. What is important is what it True. Just remember this now. There are several resurrections. And the reason for this is that there are several categories of beings. The day is going to come when there will be no reincarnating Asiatics. The day is going to come when all of the patterns of life in them will be back in proper relationship with the MOST HIGH GOD. I want you to know therefore that you do not go thru cycles of rebirth. There is one group of Christians today that hang this on themselves. And they believe that they might have been a Negro the last time. And if they were a good one, then they could come back as a White man. But if they are not a good White man, under the measures of their church, they might be a Negro the next time. And sometime they may make God. But that is all a fallacy also, because you do not come thru that path. The corridor of life for you is out of the presence of the Father into this physical world. And if you leave it, then back to the Father until Resurrection day. This is the doctrine which covers the entire True Church. Altho, there are branches of the church which have torture chambers for those who disagreed with them or disobeyed them. And they did not leave them any way to get out of those torture chambers. And they said they were tortured to satisfy God. But this is not true either.

We point out to you then, that being children of the spirit, that God can bring anything to your remembrance. There are a lot of things that you could remember if the spirit activated that remembrance. Do you remember how Job stood in the presence of God, and God asked Job if he remembered how HE created this solar system. Job said, ‘I don’t remember for I was not born then.’ But God said, ‘Oh, yes you can remember, for you existed then and were full of years.’ And HE told Job to stand up and tighten up his belt and just listen to what HE said. I tell you that God explained a lot of things to Job---way back there, one of the oldest Patriarchs of our race over 4000 BC, when he and Enoch built the great temple of On, in the land of Egypt. Listen to what he said in the 19th chapter of Job, verse 23:--- ‘If all of my words were written and put in a book, oh, that they were graven with an iron pen and in the rock forever----(which is how they put it in the Pyramid later)--for I know that my Redeemer liveth and that in the latter days HE shall stand upon the earth. And tho after my skin be consumed by worms, and this body be dissolved, yet in this flesh shall I see God whom I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold HIM and not another.’ He was not saying that he was going to come back as anyone else and see HIM, for he says, ‘my eyes, and with this flesh, and with this body, I am going to see my Redeemer in that day.’ And he says, ‘Yet shall I see HIM.’ And he bore testimony for your race.

The ancient Zohar also bore witness. They cited the difference in the line which was uncontaminated with error, with only truth to back them up. For they had the knowledge that they were children out of the spirit into a physical world. But back into the plain of spirit, they would go. This was their mark. This was the difference between them and those whose minds had been captive, and those whose souls were still free.

Now I understand that there has been a lot of hoaxes and a lot of play upon idealistic patterns of the race. And people have introduced these as evidence of reincarnation. But if you are a reincarnationist they you have some Asiatic in you. If you are a part of the spirit, a child of the Adamic race, then, my friends, you came from The Father and to The Father you will return. There is thus no pattern of fear and there is no pattern in God’s Kingdom to hold fear in. For you can never be held captive again. Just give thanks to God that HE consummated an Atonement, to set you free. And HE came on time. Yes, there will be a great Resurrection. But I want you to know that as far as your being is concerned, that if you were to leave this body, your consciousness and your perception would be just as real as it is today. The Apostle Paul could not tell whether in the body or out of it. He was carried into the heavens and he walked thru the dimensions of time and space. He walked in the presence of God and he traveled over great areas. He saw people and he recorded. But he had all of the experiences as tho living in earth, except he was in the presence of God in the heavens. And yet, he said, ‘Whether in the spirit of the body, I cannot tell, only God knows.’ This body is the image of the spirit. And you in this body are in the image of the invisible God. One of these days, this body will be synthesized with greater power and greater light.

Now, let’s take a look at one man who was different than anyone else. And this was a special program. The book of Isaiah says, ‘Behold, I am going to send My messenger and he is going to prepare the way of the LORD.’ Who was this messenger? No one but Elijah. And Elijah had to deal with these strange people who came in to destroy God’s Kingdom with their evil. And in their warfare against God’s Kingdom, with their idolatry, then Elijah the prophet was God’s only voice against them. And when he won the battle on Mt. Carmel, and proved who the True Spirit of God was, he picked up his sword and went down to the brook and finished off the task he had promised to do. And after he had beheaded everyone of these rascals who had come into the nation of God and had no lot nor part in it, then God said, ‘This man is one who serves ME and has been active in the spirit. And I will not let any harm befall him.’ And HE sent one of the crafts of space right down to earth and picked up Elijah and took him into HIS presence and Elijah never knew death. So that made him different than a lot of people, for he never died.

In the book of Malachi, it says, ‘Before the day of the LORD, I am going to send Elijah the prophet.’ This is why you will remember that as John the Baptist was born, he started to praise God as a baby. His father Zacharias, was in the Temple when he was told he and his wife were going to have a child. They considered their age and recognizing this, they could hardly believe God’s promise. When the babe was born, God sent the messenger to tell this High Priest of Israel that he was to call this child John. And when the child was born, the father who had been stricken dumb from the time until the birth of the child, spoke and insisted that they call him John. And as this child grew up, he retained all kinds of remembrance of the heavenly realms. In fact, he knew so much and he talked so much, that they had to send him outside the city to the Essene Company. He had to grow up among those wise men and those Biblical students because he could not have grown up inside of Jerusalem, for the Jews would not have let him. Then when John the Baptist grew up, he started a great ministry. He started to proclaim the Kingdom of God and the coming of Messiah, and the incarnate revelation of the Christ. And when Christ was born, HE grew up in this time when John was baptizing. Then John seeing HIM, said, ‘Behold, the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world.’ And then John proclaims that this ONE who approaches me, the latches of HIS shoes, I am unworthy to unloose.’ Thus, John the Baptist pointed out that Christ was the Messiah, the very God.

Later when Jesus and HIS Disciples were traveling in Galilee, then Jesus said to HIS Disciples, ‘What did you go out to see as you went out to see John the Baptist? Did you go out to see a man dressed in goat skins, a man out there in the area of the wilderness proclaiming the Kingdom?’ And then HE said, ‘I want you to know that never was there a man born of woman like this one.’ And if you understood this, then this was Elijah who was to come. For the spirit of Elijah had been embodied in this body and it was the only time the spirit of Elijah had been embodied in this body and it was the only time the spirit had taken on a substance or another body.

Do you remember what they did to John the Baptist? One day Herod the King, beheaded John the Baptist because this Jewish king could not stand any son of Israel embodied with so much light and power. Thus, apparently, death came and enveloped this man also. And John the Baptist died. And he experienced death. But at the same time, there was something else promised. The spirit of Elijah would come upon the ministry of God in the latter days. But there has never been any individual of the sons and daughters of God as being reincarnated.

Now we talk about the children of the Kingdom, and they are children of the Living Spirit. Their endless corridor of life is reaffirmed by Jesus as HE said, ‘I give them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish.’ We point out to you also as to these corridors of events which involved individuals such as Elijah, that there is no other record or testimony as to anything like this ever taking place again. And we would point out again that God said, ‘Never was a man born of woman, like this one---never before.

Now let us call your attention to what has been stated concerning the people of HIS Kingdom. (Tim. 6) ‘We brought nothing into the world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out.’ We came into this world by this process of birth, we leave it for the dimensions of the spirit, or we stay until the great Transition comes with The Christ appearing. But I want you to know that you are the children of the Eternal. I think that is important for you today to know this when the powers of darkness are trying to mongrelize the White race. They are trying to destroy you. They have caught some of the perception, they know why you are a ‘have nation.’ They know why you have technology. They know why you are great, that you have spiritual capacities and they know that mongrelization will bring you down. They know that the fusing of the blood, and the mixing of the races will end your sovereignty, and they have been working on it. They are working on it right here in L.A. For they know that if you thrust little children together in grade school, that you will get marriages at higher levels. They are not only applying themselves to that, but they were down last Thursday before the Board of Education in your city. And they--the Negroes and Jews--were wanting the city to take bus loads of Negroes and other, and transplant them in what they termed ‘lily white’ districts to force this social contact. And thus, everyone would have integration. And they were going to force your schools by pressure to do this thing. I was so angry when I read about this. And then on the 3rd of October, they were going to have a second meeting. I think there ought to be a hundred thousand people from Lockinyatta and from Montrose and Glendale. And from out in the valley, where White people built their homes and where they raised their children. Thus, those schools are all White. So they said, ‘We want the Negroes and Mexicans carried into these areas. For we, the Negroes and the Jews demand it.’ Read it in your own newspapers. I tell you that a hundred thousand White people better tell the Board of Education ‘do not bring them into our schools or this is where trouble starts.’ Thus, whether is it better, that ye believe man or god. I thus point out to you that this conspiracy all over the world is trying to mongrelize your race. Rabbi Paris said after the war, that this is the last generation of White babies to be born on earth. We shall now carry out our program with not anyone believing in White supremacy, or believing that the white man is greater or higher than anyone else, for when we get thru, there will not be any White men.’ He thought that the defeat of Germany would be the last resistance to mongrelization, and from there on out, they would mongrelize the whole race.

Let me tell you something. The Germany he thought was dead is reborn. And the White race which he thought was dead is going to waken up with spiritual realization of self-respect. Of course, I will tell you something you may not know. If you were to go down in Palestine, you would see a mongrelized bunch. There are red Jews, black Jews, yellow Jews, and off-white Jews. Jews of every color and every kind. But they are all Jews and don’t forget it. If you preach Christ down there, you go to prison. Just remember that. The time has come when in the United States of America you cannot repeat the last verse of the Star Spangles Banner because it says, ‘In God we trust.’ I think it is time we eliminated the authority and power of these men who say that we cannot pray to God or repeat the Star Spangles Banner, our National Anthem in our schools. It is time, my friends, that we replaced these men with intelligent Christian Americans to sit upon the bench of our Judicial and most important areas of our government.

What a corridor of Life. Out from the presence of the Father, stood with HIM when the world was framed. God said to Jeremiah in the 4th chapter of Jeremiah, to tell them what happened. And Jeremiah says, yes I remember, I beheld the earth, I saw when it did not have form because catastrophe had happened. I saw when cities disappeared and broke up. I saw when great areas of earth turned over. I saw all kinds of things happen. I saw all of the soldiers gone. I saw cities crumble and jungle grew up in its place.’ Jeremiah said, ‘I saw all of these things happen and yet HE did not make an end.’ And then recreation went on from there. And he goes on to tell you everything that he saw in between the 1st and 2nd verses of Genesis. You see, God said ‘now Jeremiah, you tell them,’ and Jeremiah said, ‘I beheld this.’

Isaiah said he saw the earth turned upside down. And yet people say this did not happen. But it did and every scientist knows this happened. They know this happened because a force turned things around. And drift on one side of the mountain now is on the other side. And this drift is out of a comet tail. We do not have the time to go into the geological record of this, tonight. But it is a matter of record. And we have mentioned it before. But I point out to you that in the background of your experience, before you came to earth, that the spirit can also bring to you every experience since Adam walked the earth. And can bring out to the consciousness of you and your children, by also the renewing of your minds everything which ever transpired. If there is anything you need to know, he said, you knock and it shall be opened unto you, because there is a sequence between your spirit and HIS. This is why I tell you that the doctrine of Reincarnation would make it alright to fuse you with all people and make your a background with theirs in a common origin, but I want you to realize today, that as children of HIS Spirit, this is a violation of Divine Law. If you believe this today, then you believe in a doctrine that is false---entirely false. For you, the children of an Endless life have a different heritage than those who have the doctrine of Reincarnation. In the hours of transition, or resurrection, which is not very far removed, in cycles very close to you, transition will come and Light will re-synthesize the very elements of your being with Immortality. And I want you to know that this is not very far ahead. And there will not be a Communist in these United States, or in any other country in the world when that day comes. There will not be anyone who can resist you and no forces can destroy you. No disease germs can attack you. And out of that enveloping Light and Glory, as with the spirit, so shall it be with the body. And there will be no limitation on dimension.

Even Christ as HE walked the earth, remembered the Law. HE just passed thru the wall and then came back. This even before HIS crucifixion and before HIS Resurrection, when HE had a body just like you have, AND HAD TAKEN UPON HIMSELF AT NO OTHER TIME. We point out to you then that out of this corridor of endless life, out of the plains of spirit, and into a physical world, or even out of it and back again in Resurrection, that it is the Spirit which is the entity of Life.

Now I want to close with these words. Jesus talked to Nicodemus, a master of Israel, as he came to talk with HIM. And as Nicodemus wanted to know how to fully participate in the Kingdom of God, how to enter into this pattern of administration and life, Jesus said, ‘You have to be twice born.’ If you have a Strongs Concordance then you check where it says ‘born again.’ And it will tell you that you have to be twice born. You have to be born from above and then born on earth. You have to be born of the spirit and born of the breaking of the water. Today, we are calling born of the spirit, regeneration and renewing of the mind. When God renews your mind, it is something you had before. When HE turns loose the spirit on men, and they recognize that HE is God, and they accept HIM, this, my friends, is regeneration. Meaning that they had been generated with spiritual life before. You go back to the book of John and go back into the concordance and you discover that men have twisted it and put it backwards in translation. Go back in the Alexandrian text and you will see how right I am, because that scripture says that you must be born from above and then be born on earth. Jesus said to Nicodemus, ‘Do you not understand this for all masters of Israel should understand that you have to be born of the spirit and then be born in earth by the breaking of the water---all masters have understood this before you.’

Now, I point this out to you. For you are twice born children, born in the heavens and born in the earth---also the children of Eternal life. And because of this, the MOST HIGH GOD has identified you as HIS Household and said that you were with HIM from the beginning. And HIS Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. We do not have the time to tell you all of the things that Ezekiel and Isaiah said as to you being HIS children and HIS offspring and of HIS Spirit. But I can assure you that HIS Atonement was sufficient to take all fears from you for all times. It was sufficient to cancel out all error and to justify you by HIS Grace. And because of this, you are the children of HIS Household and the children of an Endless Life. The corridors of tomorrow have no dimensions. There will be no suspension of your existence. And there is no waiting in between. Some people think that they go in to an area of darkness, or they sleep until an hour of waking. But there is no waking. Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. This is instantaneous, constant, spiritual perception. That, my friends, is your heritage.

Now do not worry about these other races. You teach them to worship the Right God and you set then free, and set the mon the right course for God’s for them is infinite. HE says HE will go to the ends of the earth and that eventually, all of these people, all of them, shall be saved and justified according to HIS purpose and HIS plan. There are a lot of people who are going to leave this earth and go back to where they came from.

But I tell you this. That you only as a people, can re-enter spirit because you came down out of it. For Jesus said that no man could ascend into heaven unless HE came down out of it. So apparently, not all came out of heaven. Did they? Especially the Jews, because they could not get there. As HE told them that where HE goes, they cannot come. ‘I am from above and you are from beneath. So you cannot go where I am going.’ These are important things for you to remember. You have an eastern way from whence you migrated to the west. But your way is different than the way of Asia. You way is different than the way of Africa. And your spiritual vision is higher and greater than anything the world has yet seen. We tell you this because this is your Father’s purpose.

(End of sermon)