Mystery Of The Family Of God, 6-16-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-16-63

Now there is a mystery about the family of God.----And probably there is nothing more important for us to know and to understand than our true relationship with God, and the declaration of these things which God has revealed concerning this status.

We have discussed this in several messages, such as our inheritance as sons of God, and the aspect of this becomes more and more important for us to understand this and to know----that a lot of the things being discussed today---thru out many denominations---is just theology.

So we turn in this declaration of the Apostle Paul---who tells us concerning our relationship to God’s plan and God’s purpose----that we as a people have a direct relationship with the Most High. And this relationship is the significant one we are discussing this afternoon.

The scripture tells us in the book of Romans that we are the children of God. That the Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of God. ----- Now; this is not a process by which we have envisioned a fatherhood thru the theological understanding---thru the acceptance of a principal, or an idea that has been unveiled to us by a clergyman, or an evangelist. This isn’t something that happens at an altar rail. This is not something that happens in an Evangelistic meeting. This is something that happens by the principals and processes by which all things are begotten and engendered in earth.

When we tell you that we are the children of God----The word in the Greek which was used by the Apostle after careful selection was teknon, ----which means---children by having been begotten, and coming thru the process of birth.----So then I refer to you who are Christians, and to whom the Apostle Paul was sent, after divine revelations-----to deliver his message;----And he said:----”His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the begotten issue of God. That he is our Father and he has begotten us, that we are his offspring in the earth.

Now; I realize that for years there has been adjustment to truth of this matter, and a great number of Clergymen have been taught that by accepting ideas in principal, which are accepted doctrines of the church, that a man is begotten a second time----and that this happens at an altar rail or where ever that man says----that he believes that Jesus is the Christ.]

Well I’m going to tell you this afternoon that you were begotten the first time, in the heavens, by the father, before the world was framed. This celestial begatting of Yahweh was the bringing forth of the living issue, and this Celestial Issue was of His Spirit and His life.

The Apostle Paul tells that we have been begotten of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.----And to be begotten or born is something you had nothing to do with except being a party by the process of birth by the fact that you were born. That you are the individual that the events relates to, but you---by no stretch of the imagination had any responsibility connected with the arriving.----The father and the mother would be the only one’s responsible in the birth of anyone in the earth thru the natural functions.

Now, of course there are some subtle patterns behind this for I have heard some in anger say:---I never ask to be born. Well don’t believe that----because you or anyone of your race never came to earth who hadn’t volunteered to come in the ages of yesterday.----But directly speaking concerning birth----the first responsible source is the father. And the father is responsible and accountable for the birth of ever last one of his children.

And the Father begat his household with purpose and plan because he loved them and he wanted his children in his purpose and plan and has predestinated their course, their destiny and their eventual glorification even in the earth.

Since you are the children of the Father, you were begotten by incorruptible seed. The only one who could begat incorruptible seed was the living Yahweh---himself. And therefore you were the essence in Celestial planes, by the phenomenon of Celestial birth.----YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH YAHWEH.

It is only fitting that while we are talking about Fathers and families that we recognize that we are the children of the Father----that we moved out of the planes of Spirit. That the family of Yahweh is a very realistic, very sound, and existing group of people.

The structure of society has it’s closest knit organization---first in the family, in all areas of society. But as far as Yahweh is concerned he had Celestial Children in the ages of yesterday, before the world was framed and you, with the Father, watched the areas of his creation----out the immensity of yesterdays. The morning stars sang together and all the sons of Yahweh shouted, as the solar system---and solar systems were produced by the Father. And when he laid the stones for the cornerstones of the earth, you were there. You were a party to the observation of all of this.

When I talk about the patterns of origin and of Celestial birth, it is with the realization that the content of the scripture has not only unveiled this from one end of it to the other, but also it was never even suggested or thought about, that this was not understood by your race. It wasn’t until the attempts to darken the patterns of truth and insert areas of paganism into our theology---effected the ecclesiastical structure of the denominations---that the concept of sonship was obscured. The attempt then was made to make sonship a process which was the results of having accepted or having gone thru a mental transition of idea at the persuasion of an evangelist.

Now; I have no opposition to the persuasion of truth by either an evangelist or a Clergy.----It a-ppriz God. (To inform God that you are saving men by preaching---that is something else)

So don’t make the mistake of classifying, both birth and salvation as the same thing. ---- Birth is the beginning, an origin of the entity---and salvation is the getting you out of trouble after you fell into it. This idea that they are one and the same is a fallacy of error, they are not the same.

Yahshua, came to save you from sin----He begat you of incorruptible seed in the Celestial planes ages before you even transgressed. And you never transgressed in the Spirit. And the Spirits of the sons and daughters of Yahweh is the one area that remains incorruptible, and the one area that possesses life and never loses it.

We tell you that it is important for you to know that you are of His family. Turn to the words in Ephesians ---- chapter 3 as the Apostle Paul bows before the Eternal Spirit---Father. He being the embodiment of his own entrance into the world.

` The Apostle Paul refers to Yahshua----Jesus as the embodiment of Yahweh. (Verse 15) And the Apostle Paul acknowledging the Eternal Father, he bows before ---- of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.

So you see there is a family in heaven before there was one in earth.

We have received numerous questions from listeners and from tape listening audiences who want to know more and more about THE MYSTERY of this family of Yahweh.

I want you to know that you were Celestially begotten in Celestial planes before you ever volunteered to come into earth, or ever became a physical entity. This is why the Apostle Paul could say-----in Ephesians---”You have already been blessed by all the spiritual blessings in the bosom of the Father-----before the world was framed. So don’t worry about how long you will exist-----Some people think that by 60 or 70 years they are getting old, but I tell you that, the Spirit in you was with the Father before this earth was ever rolled out here in this solar system, and before any of what you call earth history was ever started. There isn’t any ageing as far as the Spirit is concerned. There is a timelessness that from the moment of cognition that reaches into the endless tomorrows. It’s like trying to find a beginning of Yahweh.

Now; I was a picture in the entrance way of a church and this picture was trying to tell that God was before anything was made. And they had God standing on a cloud.----Well, at least they had a cloud---but I tell you that Yahweh has always been creating and he has always existed. If you were to go out to the edge of the sidereal systems with it’s multiple of 10 times 126 trillion suns, and if you could some how transport our great glass eye from Palmar out there, then you would discover that you were just on the edge of another beginning, for My Father has been at this for a long, long time.

When I recognize the patterns of the infinite power and majesty of a mind that holds the electronic universe together and orders the planes of light and dimensions and sets the orders of the heavens, then I see the magnitude of an Eternal Yahweh. And I recognize also that this Eternal Yahweh, in the desire of his own purposes, started begatting a Celestial offspring.

Before this the creations of Yahweh which he had made, had been archangels, and beings and creatures, in planes and dimensions that make up his universe----and above all those things he is still Yahweh.----And then he said:---there is one thing which I had desired and which I have loved more than any other pattern that I have established.----I wanted a household, a family----of Spirit. This is the process of the MOST HIGH and this is his family.

Whenever we talk about the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth we are talking about a purpose of the Most High, in establishing over a rebellious planet which has fallen under the seduction and errors of Lucifer, and whose races had fallen and were in trouble before you arrived. We are talking about a plan of Yahweh to establish his order and his will in the earth. And to do this he was establishing His Kingdom----and His Kingdom was made up of his own sons and daughters, and therefore they become his inheritance in the earth and they are heirs of His Kingdom, to carry out the administration which descends upon his posterity.

Now we aren’t talking about forms that are a part from the areas of inspiration or ideas, that are just concocted today to create a concept of a race supremacy. We are bringing out to you that the Most High Yahweh had declared this from the beginning.

So let us for a moment look at what Yahweh says about his people. In the book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 32, and verse 8;----”When the Most High divided the nations---then verse 9----Yahweh’s portion is his people, and Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.”-----These people are his heirs. They are marked as the offspring of Yahweh in the earth.----They are not an inheritance otherwise, there is no other process for them. The Adamic race brings forth the issue of Yahweh.

The antiquity of races which we have talked about and----anthropozic evaluations, ethnic patterns, geological evidences, to mark the time elements that saw the creation.----When one rolls off two million or 3 million years of geological time and measure in the earth----then immediately some one says:---nobody is that old.

Well, there isn’t a Spirit in here today that didn’t see this thing put together. So don’t Be thinking of how much time and history has passed----just remember that you are the household of the Most High, and that you are names as the offspring of the Father, and that He has a family.

Now, if everybody in the world and every being and all races made up the family of Yahweh there wouldn’t be any necessity of talking about a family all thru the Scriptures.----But when Yahweh talks about His family, he designates it as being different than any other people, this is why he divides nations and divides people----because Jacob is the generations----and generations of his inheritance. Otherwise he would say:-----Everyone is My heir----but notice----He does not say that.

I point this out to you because this is a divine continuity and you must be able to point this out at anytime. This 3rd. Chapter of Luke deals with the background of the household of Yahweh.----Then it comes to the 38th. Verse and it says that Adam was the son of Yahweh.----so the Adamic race was a divine line. They are the process by which Yahweh transplanted his Celestial household from heaven to earth.

There is no doubt that being a twice born people is a special experience

which belongs to your race and belongs to you.----Now I listened to a minister speaking and he was telling the people, that the Church is the Israel of God today, and they of the church are gods family because when they accept Christ they are born in the world. He said that is when they are twice born.

Well he is part right because in Israel nations and among Israel people you find the church. And when he said they were Spiritual Israel then he is right because the church is the Spiritual force in the nations of God’s Kingdom.----But when he said, that they were born again---when they accept Christ----this is an error.

They were born the first time in the Celestial plane and when they entered into the physical world by the process of being a descendent of Adam----they were born the second time. This is how you got here.-----There isn’t a single one of your race who hasn’t been born twice---once in the Celestial realm and once in the flesh.

When Nicodemus wanted to know how he could enter into the Kingdom of Yahweh-----the Jesus said:----You have to be born twice. (John 3:3) the margin says born from above----And Nicodemus wanted to know if he could enter his mother’s womb and be born a second time.----Jesus answered:----and the Greek and the Aramaic both show that he said:----You have to be born from above and you have to be born on earth. Born of the Spirit and born by natural birth by the breaking of the water, (sack)

What happens when you accept Christ????

There is a reactivating of your consciousness when you become aware by the processes of God’s Holy Spirit and wave length of call---to the knowledge of Christ----in His Kingdom.----So sleepy, inactivated children become aware of their Fathers call, this is not birth this is just an awareness that you are Yahweh’s children. This is a renewing of the mind----this is the process that you have in story----the renewing, the regenerating the restoration.

So we turn to these words which came out to carry out these very significant words, since we are the household of the Most High and since we say:----”Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

Now, when we say those words we aren’t just going thru an area of prayer----we are talking about the fact that He is our Father, that he is in the plane of Spirit and we are his children.----We are acknowledging him and his power. And we are asking for that which----HE, the father can provide.

In the instance then in the writings of the Apostle Paul who says: “His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the born----begotten issue---offspring of the Most High Yahweh.”

We turn then again to the declaration in Galatians Chapter 4, Vs. 6.

“Because ye are the sons of Yahweh---He hath sent the Spirit of his son into your hearts---saying---OUR FATHER”----Now, translation in the King James version suffered violence here but older texts understood it with theological persuasion and with commentaries----and they went into whole areas of discussion of this text.----”Because ye are the offspring of Yahweh----He---has sent the cognition and the perception and the Spirit into your being, embodying it in you as he was embodied.”

I tell you that---you are the sons of Yahweh---embodied in physical bodies, even as he was embodied, and he took the same route of birth to arrive here.

Now, if there is anything that continues to be important to us---it is for the importance of Paul’s revelations which he received and then recorded and gave to us in the book which is addressed to your race-----The Book Of Hebrews. In which he says----that since the children of Yahweh are now here in the bodies of flesh then Yahweh took a body just like you have so that he could be like his relatives, his Kinsmen. You have to be a member of the family to be a kinsmen of Yahweh and he said:----”I am a Father unto you.”

Let’s pause for a moment therefore when we find that we are the sons and daughters of Yahweh and because of this we have the Spirit of Yahweh embodied in us.

Let’s pause for a moment therefore when we find that we are the sons and daughters of Yahweh and because of this we have the Spirit of Yahweh embodied in us.

Lets go back to the writings of Jeremiah to the 31st. Chapter, Vs. 1 and it says:----“Thus sayeth Yahweh:----I will be a Father to all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people. I am their Yahweh.” Why is this???

Verse 9-----”For I am a Father to Israel”.

Now, the word used for Father is the word identified as one who has begotten an issue and is identified with this issue.---Therefore if you are identified as the children of Yahweh----it is because you are the offspring of Yahweh, and He is your father----thus all the semantics lives, and dies around this factor.

So Yahweh is our Father and has declared that he is----has identified with his offspring in earth. And now one of the most important words---in background language----is translated----”Saints”----Well Saints means believing offspring of Yahweh.----So you could never be a Saint unless you are a believing offspring of Yahweh.

The most important people of the old testament knew what Saint means and the new group of Christians are called out ones---church in the New Testament also knew what the word Saint meant and they all knew who were the Saints.

So I point out today that if any people should be happy and greatful for their background, then it should be the offspring of the Most High God.

Again we note in Deuteronomy Chapter 33, Verse 2, when in this instance we see that the Eternal Yahweh came to Sinai, having sailed over mount Paran and over Seir and he came with 10,000 of his Saints, and he came to deliver the law for the Kingdom into the hands of Moses.-----He came to deliver the law for the administration of his people----the House of Israel.

So when he came sailing in here in his fleets of heaven he came with 10,000 of his believing offsprings, and this my friends is when Yahweh came to earth and brought forth the law, and the pattern of government for the Kingdom, and for the race.

He loved the people and he said to Moses:---- “All My Saints are in your hand, and they sat down at the feet of Moses so that they could receive the word.” And it says that he loved his breathing offspring.

The 82nd. Psalm is essential when completing any thought concerning the family of Yahweh, and the 82nd. Psalm says:----- “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; and he judgeth among the Elohim.”-----Elohim is plural---offspring of God.

In the book of Isaiah---Yahweh says; Is their any other God besides me?? And then answers his question by saying no---not one---I know not any.----But when Yahweh has offspring, children---then they are the Elohim and they fall into the category of being like the Father.

Now, verse 6:---- “I---Yahweh--- have said:----Ye are gods and all of you are children of the Most High God.”

So Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of the Most High Yahweh.---This was written to the children of Israel---this was given to the ruler of Israel, for the children of Israel.

This was not given to Africa or Asia and all these people rioting and looting today are not your brothers---because these are not Your Fathers children---irrespective of all the ecclesiastical affidavits thru out the years. They are creation and some of them even do not belong on earth and Jesus revealed this when he walked the earth and he said: “Ye who have seen me have seen the Father----I and the Father are one.” ----John 14.

In this instance then-----Jesus says that he is going to gather his holy angels and his elect and then gather some things out of this earth and put them where they belong. This is one thing you can count on, for he is the mighty one in his Universe and he will have his way.

So under this instance Jesus said:-----Every plant my Father did not plant in this earth will be plucked up by the roots. (Matt. 16:13)

You say what is going to happen? Well the angels and administering Spirits are going to come in here with the mighty transports of Space and they are going to carry out all those unassimalatable people and take them where the Father wants them to go.

I become amazed more all of the time at the number of Clergy who tell me, “I never knew that was in the Bible and I read it all the time.”------They say that they read the Bible all the time but they never knew many of the things that are in the Bible.---- Do you know how people read the Bible?---- They read the Bible and they only see---as an image----the environment. They just by-pass the other things and only illuminate in the seat of their consciousness seeking to know---and have eradicated all other patterns of influences as far as possible---for a devouring of the truths.

Now, I point out to you that all of these truth are in these Scriptures, in a great multiple of inspiration for all scripture is inspired. The whole 163 books, even tho you don’t have some of them for some reason. You have 66 of them but there are a lot more of them and they are not dead for they appear from time to time. And the revelation of God isn’t all sealed up in these 66 books you have here either. For every pattern of inspiration that is recorded here---Yahweh activated the consciousness of the mind of one of his sons or daughters so that they would understand, and having unveiled this then they recorded by instructions, this patterns of this Book. You have had thru the Media of revelations and thru human record-----The Scriptures that you have received.

Now, I want to tell you that Yahweh has not stopped the pattern of revelations and will continue to speak thru his ministers, and continue to unveil his truths and when those truths come they will fit into the picture of the other things the Yahweh has said.

I tell you that there is not anything as dead as a ministry the has no inspiration, that cannot hear the voice of Yahweh, and that cannot learn anything unless they can find it in paper and ink.-----Its a living word and not a dead one.

So Yahweh says to his people----”I am a Father to you”.----In Jeremiah he says:---”I am a Father to Israel----Ephraim is my first born.” (Jer.31:9)

The Anglo-Saxon people----Ephraim is MY first Born---Then someone will say this is racism. That is just a matter of how you--in the semantics of that term ---identify it. If you are talking about the origin of a race, if you are talking about the responsibility of a race to carry out its racial integrity and to satisfy Yahweh. If you are talking about the inheritance of a race, which is to rule and to reign and bring Yahweh’s Kingdom, and if this is racism----then so let it be.

I had one college student say:---Dr. Swift, do you believe in White Supremacy?-----Sure I believe in white Supremacy. I believe in the motivating force of Yahweh’s Spirit upon his household, and that he has identified the label of this household, so that you will know who you are. This label is that you are white people, and this label helps to identify the content. My Bible talks about a great White Throne----that is going to rule for ever and ever. It doesn’t talk about a throne that is a mixed up ruling class of Mulattos-----Buddhist---Asiatics---Negroid---students of Confucius---descendants of the Priests of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and white people and witch doctors.----And in My Bible the words:----”Mystery Babylon The Great----The Mother of Harlots and abominations of earth” has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Yahweh.

Alright---then someone says---where is the brotherhood? ----- Well, there isn’t any brotherhood in that story. The only brotherhood I am interested in is the brotherhood of the family of Yahweh, and My brother must be My Fathers son. If he is not my Fathers son then he is not my brother. He may be capable of being a good neighbor but that still does not mean he is My Brother if he is not My Fathers son.-----We have gone into a pattern of modern sentimentality that has been registered as Spirituality and may be the seed of one of the greatest catastrophes in social science. And that pattern is that we are to emote emotions. We are supposed to suddenly set out a beaming envelopment of the same type of emotion that Yahweh sowed into your heart a member of your family and for associates which have a close spiritual affinity to you, an organic connection to you in your family. The Almighty put mother love and father love and children’s love of parent into your heart, this is a divine quality, this is something you inherit----this is a divine thing that Yahweh placed in your race. And you don’t have to turn this on or off for every creature who puts on clothes and walks by.


Now, we have been told that we are short of something, if we do not love everybody. We have been told that we are emotionally underdeveloped if we do not love everything and everybody.----I don’t love everything and everybody.-----Oh But God is Love.----That right, but Yahweh does not love everything so he says there are something I abhor and some things I hate and I am God.

Then some one says:---Do you hate people because of the color of their skin?-----No I don’t hate people because of their color---but I do hate a lot of things that they do. Right now I am totally out of accord with the Negro revolution in these United States and I despise and hate what the N.A.A.C.P. and all these negro jungle bunnies are talking and thinking about.

Let us point this out to you. Yahweh has called on you to envision his purpose, to live his program and to help activate his program and to help carry it out. He has never called on you to embrace error or to accept defeat, in order to buy for yourself, temporary security or peace, so you will not be involved with the turbulence.

You send in great forces and driving energies and there is turbulence. If the Kingdom of Satan does not want that Kingdom of God to stand then there is turbulence.

Once in a while I find someone so disturbed by the turbulence in the world that they desire to get away from it all, get into the heavens on cloud nine. And they say----I just want out of here, I want to go to heaven, and they hope that God will come take them out of here for they want to leave.

Well if they really believe this---then its hard for me to believe it as I see----as soon as they don’t feel well they call for the doctor and the preacher.

You see God put a quality in you and you want to finish the job. He put a tremendous curiosity in you and have a desire to occupy this earth and bring in this Kingdom.

Some people say----my but this earth is so disturbing, but they never miss a radio broadcast or a T.V. program and they want to know what is going on everywhere and then they say that they are disturbed.

Let me tell you something, you have a relationship to a purpose, that God is carrying thru by an awareness, that is adjusting and moving upon his people.

The program of God is not changed, the purpose and plan of God has not changed. The timing of that plan has not changed. Yahweh not only loves his sons and daughters, but he sent them into the world----he promised he is going to carry them thru. He predestinated your embodiment before the foundation of the world, and promised that those he did foreknow would conform to the image of his son, in the earth. And even in the areas of human error and frailty that might develop under the fall of Adam are going to be rectified by the very essence of God’s mighty power and his holy Spirit. He not only calls you but he says he has justified you and he has already ordained that every last one of your race is going to shine forth with His Glory.

You talk about all the failures that relates to your race today, but God has a plan in which your race is going to participate and finish the task, that you volunteered to do and he sent you into the world to accomplish.

Some say---oh but think of all the people who died before this was accomplished. Yes---but all of them are going to be resurrected to finish destiny because you might have been a casualty to the operations of the enemy. You are resurrected in power to finish the task.

Now some one will say----but that’s not fair. Well I think its fair for God to run his world as he sees fit. I think its fair for him to see that righteousness triumphs. For all your concept of fairness emerges out of the patterns of the Most High.----This also relates to the pagans round about.

I listened to the news last nite and the first 9 items were negro items, bloodshed and violence in cities all over the U.S.---- Everywhere you turn you see this spewing forth against the regulations and control of God’s Kingdom. We have some minds in leadership today who are not thinking the thought of God, or thus saith the Lord----instead they are thinking the thoughts of the world order and that is what God told us not to think.

Now, nobody has more grace and more design for the people of the earth than the children of God’s Kingdom who understand this, just look at all the trillions of dollars spent for a better condition for them.----Then you have some one say, but you don’t have any right to tell the heathen what to do.

Oh---now don’t throw away your heritage---Your Father said:----I have given the heathen of the earth for thy possession.

Now someone says---but our religion disagrees with that. Well I’m not interested in any religion----I’m just interested in thus saith the Lord.

Do you know who the enemy is worried about today?----- They are worried about the great new dynamic movement that is sweeping across your nation, that is challenging men and women to recognize their divine destiny. Once the white race captures the full image of this divine destiny there is no power, no fear that can stop them from accomplishing this destiny. The salvation of America and of the white race, and even the ends of the earth lies in their understanding of their divinely ordained destiny.-----There is no one who can come along and change the course of that destiny.

So you know that as soon as someone understands The Gospel of the Kingdom, they never leave it----no one ever persuades them that they are following a wrong path, no one ever comes along and converts them to some inefficient theology that does not satisfy them. After you discover that religion is a relationship operation between you and your operation of worship, and understanding and meditation, once you understand that this is life and living, and that this is a vital thing that goes on all day long, then you never give it up. For then the Bible becomes a vital living book to you, it becomes a part of your thinking, it becomes a part of the process of your living all day long. No more is it a book on a shelf gathering dust. It now becomes a part of you, a part of your inheritance, a part of your divine destiny, a part of your heart and your heart and your soul. ------ Your enemies have been trying to put this book on the shelf for a long time.-----But this Book is coming off the shelf thru a reactivating wave which shall sweep thru your race.

There isn’t any doubt about the fact that you possess the quality of being able to receive the vibrations of God’s mind and the perception of God’s intelligence---which the world cannot receive. (John 14:17) Jesus said you could receive this intelligence, but the world cannot.----- So its important for you to know that the great and mighty driving force of His Kingdom and His church was the outpouring of these energies. He referred to this as the----former rain----that descended as a wave of energy, as the Holy Spirit upon the early church and activated and empowered and brought back to remembrance---- things forgotten ----in the minds of Peter and then later Paul----the great truths of Yahweh.

He said:---- This Holy Spirit will bring back to your remembrance----things which I told you----things that happened before times. --- So he had to know you before times to have predestinated you before the foundations of the world.

Now, some people try to tell me that God foreknew these people of the Old Testament ---- and it just means that period of time. Well that wasn’t before the foundations of the world. He foreknew you before this creation----as His own. He foreknew you as his household. He wrote your names down in the family records.

Once in a while I see a family Bible and there is all those names written down in that Bible---let me tell you that in the Heavenly Book of records----the children of his household had their names written in the Lamb’s book blueprint, we are vitally concerned with our heraldry, we are a part of the Kingdom, we have a symbol and a sign and we have a destiny. Under this instance against Yahweh’s Kingdom that can hold it permanently in operation as opposition to that Kingdom and be successful.

Here we are dealing with absoluteness.----We are dealing with the most High Yahweh. He is our Father, we are his children, we are the heirs of His Kingdom, because we are his sons and daughters-----his people.

This is what HE taught us to pray, when we call upon Him.-----So we tell you that the hope of the world is---The Kingdom of Yahweh. The hope of his Restoration is the Kingdom of Yahweh. The salvation of the world is the putting back of the world into the order and relationship of Yahweh’s plan.

Now there are creative processes that Yahweh can undertake, for he can do all things that he wants to.----He is going to reconstruct and make new being out of many people----that you don’t at this moment know what to do with. He didn’t say however that he would do it at the moment that you wanted it done. He said:----In the fullness of time, he would reconcile all things unto himself. He also said---He was going to make new creatures out of some of these people that you don’t know what to do with today.

Now, I can understand why this is necessary----if you have been watching T.V. tonight you will know why. They were interviewing some negroes and their heads were bandages and they said they got hit by policeman’s clubs as they resisted the law officers. Then a negro Minister came on and he said:--The white men are beast, and we are going to kill them all.----They have been inflamed, and I wonder who did that????

Well why don’t you tune in and see what your Father has to say, for he sits in the highest heaven. He looks down and he says---why does the heathen rage, and why imagine a vain thing.-----They don’t want to be ruled over by the Kingdom. They don’t want any restraint.----Well HE says----they will have to kneel and kiss the son.

Someone then says but this won’t relax racial tensions----well we don’t create these racial tensions, the enemy creates the racial tensions, when they resist the Kingdom.

Because you are who you are, and because God has a great purpose for you, then you are not to stand by and let the jungle take over the Kingdom. And if you receive leadership which does not respond to the direction of the Most High and does not protect the heritage of the sons and daughters of the Most High----then remove them and get new leaders.---- In fact I think we should send President Kennedy to Africa, because this seems to be the area that he wants to serve. He called a meeting at the white house the other day, and labor leaders came and industrial leaders came and the president showed that he did not feel at home, for he said:---- “There are to many white faces here today.”

So I think the President should go where there are not so many white faces.

Let me point out to you what The Lords Plan is:----HE said:---- I pour out My Spirit on you, it is the former rain and I sent it moderately.------ Now you say---what happens next?----- The understanding of the embodiment of Yahweh, the ministry of Christ, the promises, the covenants and the pattern----then moved out as these men and women spoke of the household of Yahweh. ------ And it says:---- The Spirit of Yahweh added to the church daily ----- SUCH AS SHOULD BE SAVED.------- Now when a man learns the truth he is saved from error and he is on the right road.

Now you will say-----but isn’t everyone supposed to be saved? Alright but they aren’t supposed to be added to the church. ----- I know that we have an idea the we are supposed to run out and save everybody and say come join ---- everybody come ----but HE didn’t say ---- everybody join.

The Holy Spirit goes out and joins the spirit that is in you and except you be a son or a daughter the Spirit has no affinity with you.

Have you not noticed----that those who love the truths of Yahweh, who understand and can appreciate the great truths that Yahweh unveils, have become closer to you and more dependable to you than natural relatives, who are without this understanding. That this brotherhood which grows out of the recognition of the Father and of the envelopment of his truths, is the most powerful, most completely cementing force, the most impregnable rock made out of living stones, that the world has ever witnessed.

And the Most High said:----I am going to send righteousness on the earth like rain. I am going to pour out my Spirit upon all my sons and daughters---even on my old men. And do you know what this latter rain is going to do? This latter rain is the wave length of the energy patterns of Yahweh’s own mind, the cognition and understanding descending upon your race, and its going to empower them with the greatest climactic demonstration of the rising and the awakening of The Sons of Yahweh that the world has ever witnessed. If the former rain was moderate and it had the great results at the beginning, then this latter rain here in the midst of this world upheaval and tribulation and turbulence will manifest a greater force in a people----than has ever been demonstrated at any time.-----This will be---- a call directed by Yahweh, and emotional call, to a spiritually directed people in tune with their Father.

It is not the desire of the inheritors of the earth to destroy their inheritance. Neither is it the desire of your race to have to go out and destroy the rebellious forces against you. But when they cry for your blood and your life then they must be put back where they came from.

Judas Iscariot went out and hung himself so he could go back to his own place, but if a lot of his brothers don’t stop what they are doing they will be sent ----- where he went.

The power today that seeks to sweep the earth and to control it in slavery does not want your Kingdom, they don’t want your spiritual concept they don’t want your God. They do not want the spiritual forces that you embrace or your ideals or principals and your way of life. But they do want what you can create and what you can produce and they want to enslave you and have you produce all them things for them----while you are in slavery.

This was proved when the supreme court followed the lead of Mr. Mardahl and quoted this mans words in their Little Rock decision on Black Monday. This man was a Jewish, communist from Sweden and he said:----The have Nations had better divide with the have not Nations and supple them or the have not Nations will rise and take it from them.

I think they are trying to con us into a strange semantics. If they don’t have anything how are they going to rise to take anything? We didn’t take from them, we created under inspiration and guidance, ---- and you can’t take that inspiration and guidance from some one who inherited it.

There is no giving over to these forces of the world today, all these things that we inherited from the Father. There is no giving over of the blessings of the things that come with the dew of the earth, of the plants and the vegetables, the fruit and all the treasures of the earth. I bring all this to your recognition and I bless you with them.

The rest of the world sits down with it all around them and never have it for they lack one quality which descends from Your Father.

The other day, the World Federalists, and one world people were talking of a new day, and they pointed out --- look what a selfish country America is ---- Look at all that food America has --- they better learn to spread it all over the world in a hurry. Then they brought out that the people of India were starving, that they never have enough to eat, and we better give them food. They are forgetting that we gave them food and their leaders turned around and sold it to Russia for a price.

Then I discovered that --- those people who don’t worship MY FATHER ----don’t have enough to eat. They don’t even have enough intelligence to know how to grow food.

In olden days, one country that gained a high intelligence, was Egypt. These people who were former Atlantians however were plowing with a stick when Enoch and Job and that great company of Adamites weren’t into Egypt and built the great city of On and the Great Pyramid. --- Then I also have the patterns and copies of forms and pictures of the ancient Sumerians and they were plowing with sticks at the time the sons of Seth came on the scene. ---- So when Yahweh made these people in the 6th., period of time, that are referred to in the first chapter of Genesis as male and female --- they went out over the earth and they multiplied and they may have had much more in their instinct to start with than they had after their fall ----- but then Yahweh looked down on earth and now we are in the 7th., era and he said:---- Behold there is no Adamite to till the soil.

Now the Adventist tell you that this was Saturday ---the 7th., day. Well Yahweh had already made 6 eras, and in this 7th., era he was resting from this creating, and then he said:---- There is no Adamite down there to till the soil. This meant there is no son down there to till the earth with their knowledge and perception that comes from the mind of The Father to theirs. So therefore HE brought forth Adam who the scripture says was the Son of God, and then he took Wo-man from Adam so that they might be of the same flesh, started on earth. You say how do you know? ---- Read History --- everywhere that the white man went he made plows and put blades on them. Do you realize that in any period of Israel’s history that you will find that they made plows and then put shears and have gone back to plowing with sticks.

In fact Gandhi tried to make a revolution against you and he said---sit--- and meditate----don’t use the white mans plows, then he said he was interested in the welfare of his people.

Alright I want to point out something to you. ----- We didn’t rob the earth, we have given to it, we have been blessed because we are our Fathers children. And-------Those of the Creation never will be able to adjust in the Creation until they serve the right Father. The father of Creation requires that they acknowledge him as God. But the father of His Household requires that we recognize that He is our Father, and we are his inheritance in earth, so that Spiritually we can become activated to do his work.

If you were to take all the people of India and put them over here and take the white people of America and put them in India, then in 20 years----India would be a garden spot as we would harness all the rivers coming out of the high Himalayas. And here in L.S. the scared cows would walk thru the streets and the people would be sitting and starving and holding out their hands for alms. -----Not only is this true but put them any where in the world and the story would be the same.

I point out to you ----- that on Fathers day you can be very happy and filled with praise for ----Your Father. And you can recognize that the salvation of the earth depends upon the sons and daughters here in earth fulfilling their destiny, and the Father says that you are going to do that.

The Father of his Household requires that we recognize that He is our Father and we are his inheritance so that spiritually we can become activated so lets get on with the work. If enemies of the Kingdom were successful in destroying the Kingdom, they would have destroyed their last best hope. If the white race would be liquidated from the earth then the earth would go into the lasting silence of a dark jungle.

Let me tell you this-----The Father hath ordained---tomorrow---and in this great purpose he has said:----I want the world to know that I have loved you. I want them to know that you are My Sons and My Daughters, and they are going to bow the knew and acknowledge this----and even Lucifer the archangel---that you are his children and that with and thru you his purposes and His Kingdom is going to be consummated. And HE is going to join you in this performance to see that HIS will is carried out.

(End of message)