Mystery Of The Kingdom, 6-2-61



By  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 6-2-61

We were discussing with you last week, the subject from Mystery to Revelation, and we mentioned that there are several mysteries of God. This week we are talking about the mysteries of the Kingdom.

The mysteries of God are for your understanding. They are not for the entire world. Nor was it intended that the world would understand them at this time. That is one of the reasons why we have these mysterious passages which exist in the book of Matthew and in the book of Luke and so forth. When Jesus is speaking in the book of Matthew, chapter 13, verse 11, He says:--'It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them is it not given.' Then in Luke 8, we find that the mysteries are to be spoken in parables so that for some:--'In seeing, they may not see, and in hearing, they may not hear.'

In fact it is very strongly spoken in Matthew that you would understand ---but --they would not unless they suddenly professed conversion and joined you, and apparently this was not the design of the MOST HIGH. You see God recognized with the Omniscience of His intelligent wisdom, all that relates to earth, and all the strategy of the enemy. He knows the heart and soul and condition of every individual and knows that one of the Master strategies of Lucifer as he seeks to hold the earth and overthrow God's kingdom is to profess that --they---are with you, and then they join you, and having joined you they seek to destroy from within, having infiltrated and penetrated. Then as one studies the history of God's kingdom as it rises against the powers of evil which seeks to destroy it, you notice that the most successful attacks against God's kingdom have come from infiltration.

This great and majestic nation which is your heritage and mine--what has sought to injure it and what has sought to accomplish this greatest injury has not been our enemy with whom we have fought on the outside--rather it has been those who have come in professing that they were coming to find a haven, and that they wanted to become a part of our way of life. Then after they came in, on the inside, they started the destructive work for which they have long been accustomed, and they started to tear down our nation, to destroy its foundation, and change it from a nation of God's kingdom with our possession, and developments which God has encourage us to create and make--change it from free enterprise to socialism and collectivism, from a free people to a slave people, from a Christian people to a group of atheists--that is their strategy. But to come in they must first accomplish this --they first must infiltrate, and so this is one of the strategies that the Christ understood--for he understands everything they seek to do, and he knew what they were going to do in his lifetime before it came to pass, therefore at no time did The Christ ever try to convert them.

Today we have a strange theology which exists in the church which seems to be the prevalent one, and it is one of the Mysteries of the Kingdom. They go out and try to convert everyone and get them to accept what they believe and get them to join the church. And because of that strange strategy which we thought was divinely ordained--in the past--we have filled the church with a lot of rascals along with a lot of fine people. But it keeps the church so busy trying to protect themselves from the rascals --on the inside of the church that it never accomplishes its great and mighty work thru the fullness of its accomplishment which is----the proclamation of God's kingdom, its standards, its patterns, its laws, and the righteousness of the MOST HIGH. The church is supposed to be the Oracle of God, the ministers are supposed to be the keepers of the Mysteries of the Oracles of God, but strangely today the very church itself has been infiltrated by people who have no spiritual capacity, who are not of your race, or background, and have only moved in to destroy.

We have texts books in our time which has introduced this, and one of the books was written by Cecil Roth, and its title is "Marranos" and was published by the Jewish Publication Society of America. And within this book they boast that their greatest heroes were those who joined the church to destroy it---and after they had become baptized heretics on the inside, they were no different here on the inside than they were on the outside, but they accomplished their objective of fooling Christians, by making them think that they had become Christians--even getting subsidized in their business and finding it easier to play upon you because they had accomplished this. But after getting inside the church they sought to destroy its doctrine, to contaminate it, confuse it with their evil and their agnosticism. Many of them had their sons become ministers, and you can go to the Union theological Seminary and quite a few others that I can think of, and about 25% of these Clergy who are in there teaching are young Jews who do not believe a single thing about the deity of Christ, or Christianity. They are moving today into the Christian church to spread their Communism, socialism, but they do not believe the things of God.

This is one reason why--at no time--did the Christ try to make converts out of them, and He said the could not hear His words because they could not understand his words. He always instructed His disciples as to those who were to be included in the membership of the church---"And the Holy Spirit added to the church daily, such as should be saved." (Acts 2:47) What do you mean by that?--After you are separated from the superstition which was sowed into the Christian Faith from the early hours after the church became an organization and started to spread --you find that the superstitions were sown in and darkness began to bind mens souls, and they came out of the experiences of ancient Babylon to the pagan religions, but are run by the same international people. And Christ identifies them as you will see as we study the Mysteries of the Kingdom.

It becomes quite obvious therefore that their task and design has been to confuse people concerning what the work of the church was supposed to be, and what God's program for his kingdom is, so that his people won't carry this out. Thus when we tell you that the scripture says that the Holy spirit added to the church daily such as should be saved then HE said:--'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out" (John 10:3)

Now, it is not such a catastrophe as some people think that a lot of people weren't selected --that was really a good thing. You see Salvation is saving people from the error where they think, and from the conduct which is the result of that error. God made it very clear --He came into the world to save people from their sins. The sin question then is the important thing. He didn't come to save them from torture or perdition or some imaginary hell, or save them from Himself. He didn't want to save them from Himself, He came to save them from the error of their ways--so that they might approach HIM.

Now, He well understood that there were sons of Lucifer, and sons of the evil one, and you couldn't save them from their sins, for they weren't going to change anyhow. You couldn't save them from their errors or sins, because they are doing what they know is wrong. They know what they are doing is against what God stands for, but they want to do it that way, because they are children of their father. therefore you don't save them from their sins because they don't want to be saved.

Now, there comes a time when the authority of God, and his power is not only going to rule over the earth from one end of it to the other and the Christian nations are going to force the powers of darkness to lose control. But these powers of darkness are not only going to be defeated and conquered but the day is going to come when the whole world is going to be covered--governed with a Christian administration, with its administrators, its Priests, and its kings, according to revelation, and they being out of the household of God, out of the Kingdom of God --being the believing offspring of God, they will rule the earth. Actually as we look out over the ends of the earth we see--the Asiatics, and they are a lost people, they are a race which is lost because they have been bound up in superstition, and ignorance, and idol worship. And because they are a lost race their transgression and their evil becomes even a part of the background of their race. There is no way for them to come out of this--until --the powers of darkness which hold them in bondage has been broken, and they are set free. But one of the things that is a part of destiny, is the ends of God's purpose --this being--that the ends of the earth shall be saved, all flesh shall be saved---but saved from what?---from their error, their transgressions, from their sins, and they are going to be happy to recognize the One God, and recognize that He sent his sons and daughters into the world to rule with righteousness.

You look out over Africa and you see this continent which had its most important blessings when the white man went down and started to bring civilization and the truth of the right God, and with administration sought to educate them. But the moment you started to relax in that program --the program degenerates and deteriorates---why? Because these people are not the same as your race, they are Asiatics, a different specie, a different race, a different package. You can usually tell the difference in the content of a package by the labels. For labels say different things, and are different colors, and they contain different commodities. You today--if you are an intelligent student of the world, and of its people, then all you have to do to identify the package is to see what color it is, and when you see this color then you identify the package, and you look over its past history, and you see what it has produced, and you know what it is capable of doing. And then when you look over at this package of the white man then you see a person who from their earliest days of this Adamic race--has been worshipping the One God and you see a race that has created a great civilization and culture, and has grown into a great nation, and a company of nations in the world today. You see a people with vision and progress, and a people who say---"Our Father which art in heaven." You don't dance before witch doctors, and are not moved by the superstitions of darkness. When you see an Asiatic here, come before you a long line of his error of thinking in the past millennium. And you see some one worshiping in the shrines of Buddha, or in the temples of Kali or Siva, and we classify where he came from by his religion, or philosophy or maybe identify him by his nation. But you know what to expect, and your aren't waiting for him to be a great technological leader in his field. You are not expecting when you see that package that he will become a very profound Christian. You are not expecting when you see that package, or look at the label that this is an individual who comes from a land where they have so much food they don't know what to do with it. You just sort of expect that he has never had a square meal all of this life unless he is in one of the higher money brackets of one of those who has exploited those of his own country---Why? Because you just know that there are certain things which just follow people of that origin, and are a part of their background. And you know that where you see the blessings of plenty are where you see people with vision, with spiritual capacity, where light surrounds them. There the soil gives out its very best, and you know that these are the people who are not only the children of God but they are in conjunction with his purpose and his plan. And they are of his household, there is a difference.

Now, there is one thing for us to understand--one of the first mysteries of the kingdom, is that a kingdom is made for an administration, the kingdom is a ruling program, an administration, for when God transfers His Kingdom from heaven to earth it is to rule the earth, that is its specific purpose for being here. Do you know that a lot of people think that the Kingdom of heaven was moved here to earth to see how many people we could get into heaven? And that the kingdom of God's purpose is essentially to get men into heaven--but Jesus said: ---No one could get into heaven unless they came down out of there--the program of God's kingdom is to take this planet and put it back into a proper relationship with God, and when that happens then you will have heaven on earth. Therefore the kingdom came from heaven to earth to do the Will of the Father. You will never have this done by the enemies of the kingdom. This will only be done by the children of God's kingdom, and then everyone will be blessed by it.

You say--but what is to happen to the enemies of God's kingdom? Well there are nations today involved in this situation because they are held captive by Lucifer and his children. God calls them captives and he said is the job of the sons to set them free. That is what Israel is talking about --the Mighty development of the revelation of Glory--the Sonship, an the power of the children of Israel--in the house of god's kingdom which is to set the captives free. And eventually those who are the offspring of Lucifer as well--but now we come to the mystery, and this explains a lot of things which the church does not talk about. Because most preachers don't know much about it, and most Christians never heard about it, event ho they said they read the bible thru from beginning to end, and they did --but they never stopped at any of the great truths, and never stopped to see what was contained there. They went thru the bible like a great express train, and it goes right on thru every little town and doesn't know anything that is in the little town because they do not stop.

We turn here, and we hear Jesus say: --'Therefore it is given unto you to know the Mystery of the kingdom, but to them it is not given'. Then we turn to Matthew 13;35 and Jesus says:---"That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets saying ---I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world"--But who are the secrets for?---except for you---'for unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven'.

Now, Jesus then sent the multitude away, this is a mixed multitude of people, and he did not want just anyone to know what he was now about to say--especially his enemies. But he is telling his disciples at this time these mysteries. Do you know that the most troubled person in the world is the individual who know something, and the enemy knows he knows it, and they give him trouble all the time. But here Jesus was getting ready to make his disciples understand all the trouble they would have to go thru as they went out thru the crucible, and He did not want the enemy to hear as he explained this so he sent the multitude away. And it said that after Jesus sent the multitude away then the disciples said: --"Declare unto us this parable of the tares of the field." Jesus said:--"He that sowed the good seed was the 'Son of man'---" And this word here in the King James Version ---'Son of man' is translated out of a word which in other translations is 'Incarnate deity.' In other words: --I am God manifested in the flesh --this is what Jesus had told them. for he also said--'He who hath seen me hath seen the Father"---I am now the son of spirit, but Incarnate deity, in this body. The original text used in the early church would have said: ---"He who sowed the good seed in the world was Incarnate deity, whom you now see before you--God manifest in the flesh.

When you see this use of the words:--'Son of man' it is only an admission that God is now manifest in the flesh. This is one of the Mysteries that the Apostle Paul tells you about in the book of Hebrews. ---Since the children of God are now manifest in the flesh then God came in the same way and took on flesh like his kinsmen, so he could be born just like you were born----out of the human body --we mention this because it is significant. Thus ---"I the Eternal God sowed in the field the good seed, the children of the kingdom." Now there are other things that have been sown into the world, and even previous to this for it says:---"But the tares are the children of the 'Wicked one'.-- So therefore there are people who have been sown into the world , and they are the children of the Wicked one, or Lucifer's children. And they are like their father for --'Kind begats like kind'. Even fallen Angels do the same thing, and we have more fallen Angels in the world than people realize. But then--you do not call them fallen Angels any more. But here your are told that into the world was sown the children of the 'wicked or evil one', and the enemy who sowed them is the Devil or Satan, and there is then no question about this. ---"The harvest is the end of the age' and we are moving into the climax of it, And the reapers are--Administering spirits. --The bible says Angels but look it up in your concordance and it can be Angels or men, as long as they are on God's side. Of course the administering spirits are the children of God with thee--so the enemy who sowed the tares was the Devil and the harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are Angels. And Now these tares are to be gathered out, or eliminated from the kingdom. If it were not so then the world would always be contaminated, and you could never have a harvest that was a proper harvest. If you did not eliminate all the Tare seeds you would have all the Tare seeds mixed up with the wheat at harvest. I just want you to know that the Tares are to be gathered out, and everything that offends will be gathered out of the kingdom, and every thing which doeth iniquity.

Now, symbolically it says here:--That the one who sowed the Tares is the devil, and the harvest is the end of the age. The Reapers are the administering spiritus or the Angelic hosts, and the Tares are taken out and burned in a fire and this is the end of the age. ---This is in symbolism, and it is also a parable. The struggles, the battles, the wars are not a part of the burning of the Tares, because I am going to prove to you that they are not thrown into that kind of a flame.--It says:--they are gathered out of the kingdom--all these things, and we discover that they are going to be processed in God's own purpose out in space, where HE HAS PLANNED IT, and it is going to be the SHEKINAH GLORY OF GOD which is going to purge out all of their errors in the ages to come, but you won't be troubled with this.

Then----"the righteous shall shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. He who hath ears to hear, let him hear." The Light, the Glory of the Adamic race is going to be restored to them, and they shall shine forth as the sun. This is a Mystery of the kingdom, and Christ wanted his disciples to understand it. At no time did Christ ever take the children of Lucifer and try to make children of God out of them.

Now, we have had Evangelistic teaching which says that a man can be a child of the devil today, and a child of God tomorrow, and then back slide and be a child of the Devil the next day, but that is not true. Man might follow the whims of Lucifer and then come out of it by spiritual adjustment, and serve God, then go out and serve the Devil again, and then get a great shaking up and come out of it and serve god again, but that does not change their genealogy, or change who they are, or where they came from. Nor does that change the fact that we have a lot of people and even this goes up to the governmental levels---for I see more individuals today doing the work of Lucifer --in high levels of government, than I see doing the work of God. But people are waking up to this, and they are starting to move for the words of God, for they are unhappy about that situation.

Now again--as long as people believe that God is gathering up people to torture them somewhere, and that salvation is to save them from that torture, they become very much disturbed when they find that there were some that The Christ did not add to the church, for He only added --"Those that should be saved". When they realized what God was going to do, that first He redeemed his own children whom He had sown into earth, and that having come from heaven to earth they had been taken in by Lucifer, and whom he had promised to redeem before the foundation of the world, --when they understand then that he came to save them from their errors, so they would not live in those errors, then you always find this question----Is that practical?--Well it is more practical than you have any idea, for God intends to save your from your errors, from your depressions, your social catastrophe, and all these things which make trouble in the world. Those things men want to be saved from, as they long to be taken out of all their troubles. They want to be saved out of all the holocaust that is made by living wrong. But men will live wrong as long as they think wrong. And when they are spiritually energized, and their conscious mind is renewed, and when the power of God starts to move upon them, then they start to think right, and when a nation lives right, and it is blessed of God, prosperity descends upon it and a people are happy. It is God's plan for the entire world to be happy. And for them to rejoice in his light and his glory. The program of God's Kingdom is one of rejoicing, it is one of happiness, it is one of ---The Majesty of God revealed.

Therefore when we talk about this then it is a smart and intelligent operation , and it would have to be because it came forth from Christ himself, and He only revealed the secret of His plan and His purpose, and unveiled all the patterns of the Mysteries --to his own people. And He did not try to take into His program, his enemy. Did you know that the Apostle Paul finally came out to say:--'The Jews are against God and contrary to all men'? And then he stopped trying to get them into the church. He finally realized that they would never come in to do any good, but only to destroy, and thus he made that statement. We will have more to say about this subject when we talk about 'Casting the mountain of evil into the sea"--and "to deceive the Kingdom" but there is something significant in this in the purpose of god.

We told you before that there was some significant developments taking place in the expanding of knowledge which is take place as the scripture said it would. We are told that this knowledge would increase and with this knowledge we would get a better understanding of everything. Of every phase of relationship between the creation and the creator. Knowledge has increased and we are to discover that it only throws more light upon the intense spiritual and scientific content of God's word.

We have long know that God is spirit, and in Celestial plains and dimensions --spirit has form and God who is spirit begat us, in the spirit, thus we are children of Spirit, and we lived with HIM in Celestial plains before the world was framed. We know that we were with HIM before the mountains were formed. We are told in the 90th., psalm that we were with HIM before the world was created. We know therefore that we are spiritual beings. We are born of spiritual seed which is incorruptible seed, which lives and abides forever. This should be for any of you a great consolation to know, for any mistake you may have made both in the human soul an thru the mind in relationship in the physical body---still the spirit residing in you has remained in perfect adjustment with God, for spirit is perfect.

This is why we then turn to I John 3:9---- "He who is born of YAHWEH DOTH NOT COMMIT SIN; FOR HIS SEED REMAINETH IN HIM, AND HE CANNOT SIN".

Do you know that churches have argued about that, and Conferences have had great struggles about what John wrote here? Conferences and Denominations have had great struggles over what is written here, and they have debated for days and days on that subject. Down in Tennessee once they were debating that subject, then in New York city, and even way back in the days of the colonies, there was a split in denominations, and there were arguments over whether this was an inspired portion of the Gospel of John:---"He who is born of God cannot sin, for HIS seed remaineth in him." What they did not understand is that the part begotten of the Father in the Celestial Plane is your spirit, and as the spirit is the issue of God's life, and is a part of his spirit, it is the spirit of His spirit that is an incorruptible seed, so how are you going to corrupt something which is incorruptible, or indestructible? This is an immortal, spiritual, life seed, so you do not, and cannot destroy the spiritual immortality of the Spirit.

Now, the fact remains that the Celestial nature of God's children were begotten in spirit before the world was framed. This (Spirit) is absolutely unchangeable, is immortal, is incorruptible, and because of that factor then the Celestial Plains are plains of Spirit, and the plains of spirit are life. This is why the Apostle Paul said, there is a celestial body that you have, and a terrestrial body that you have, which you can see, and one body differs form the other in the wave length of its light, as one star differs from another in its brilliance. Your Celestial body is made of spirit. The thing that science is now declaring which is rather interesting, altho it took the Nuclear physicist which evolved out of the conditions before and after World War II to discover it --that there is a synthesis of material out of which the whole world is made. And they are all made out of three vibratory substances--light, thought, and electricity. That these are all particles --and that they move. Down here at the earths surface the electrical and light particles move at the rate of 186,000 miles per second, so they are fast moving little particles, and they have a high velocity. And Thought--my friends is as fast, because thought can erect in the seat of your consciousness the image of something which happens around the world--back 40 years ago to some of you, and ahead 40 years which is by inspiration. How quickly does it take you to move with the mind as a guide?--pretty fast. You say:--but that is just patterns of recollection. Let me tell you something; your physical body is n electron body made out of units of electricity, made out of atoms which are chemicals, and it is made out of protons, and electrons, little particles of electricity, and millions and millions of them can fit on the point of a pin, but they are invisible. And Yet those protons are the positive units of electricity, and everything which has light seems to be emanating them also. And there are also little negative units of electricity, and they seem to be moving around the nucleus. The physicist says that they found what holds the atom together---it is held together by brain power that is down in the heart of that neutron, for there is a knowledge particle and it is not basically an electrical particle, but it is a knowledge particle with similar synthesis, but it does the book keeping and it holds the atom together.

This same pattern is:--that it is a form of energy, and is part electronic in its memory, but is a mental brain particle, and the whole universe is filled with them, and they are going by all the time. You say--where do they come from?--Out of the MIND above all minds--just as energy of the Universe come out of the Eternal.

Turn over here to the book of Colossians, chapter 1:---"All things were made by Him --all electricity, all power, all things were made by HIM and for HIM"--the fact remains that they say that it is possible for electricity in its form held together by this mind form to hold together all things in the universe, an now the physicist is forced to acknowledge the difference between inanimate matter and living matter --is one more photosynthesis ---light. Here we remember the words in the Gospel of John as he says: --"HE is the life which is the light of men". Do you know that the way that you determine the status of light, the height of civilization and culture, or its creative level, is by its consciousness of existence, and how much it is aware of all this. That is the reason why we can say that the creatures around us are conscious of their lives. Some do more thinking than others, and you learn that some domestic animals such as cats, and dogs do a lot of thinking. But the fact is that you raise the level of the status of creatures according to their perception. Then come on up to the specie which we call man, and they fall into a lot of different categories. The most aware man is the one who knows the most about every dimension and about his relation to the whole universe. When you find those men you find a group of white men, and when you find the differences between a mass of rock, then the conscious awareness makes the difference. And with that comes motion, and we are told in the scripture that it is the spirit of God which imparts motion to his creation, and to the earth, and to the things which God has made.

When you come to the animated synthesized electronic particles with thought consciousness, and with light envelopment then you have something which is alive, and when you get to the apex of that, you have one of the children of God.

Now, we are well aware that God has a body of light, this is a spirit body, and you have a spirit body as well. God has a soul consciousness which is the Great intelligent mind of God, and you have a soul consciousness, so God took on a physical body, because you had one also. Thus we have the synthesis of the Universe in this matter. As we look out on every living thing, and while we divide them into chemical brackets and into atomic construction, we are also well aware at this time that now these three forces synthesize the whole Universe. And as we understand it better we may understand greater patterns of measure.

They have been photographing in parapsychology, and have been doing a lot of experimenting in ESP, and they are aware that there are things around which they can't see with their eyes, but they have been photographing them with infra-red photographs and other procedures, and it has been established to the satisfaction of a great number of our scientists that have been engaging in it, and have looked into this matter. I have looked at these photographs, and they are not involved in spiritualism, but these men are cold blooded scientists looking at a world they live in and wanting to know more about it. And then finding that the more they know the more they must know about God and his relationship to his creatures and who they are. But this I discovered. You can photograph his light body as it separates from the physical body, and you can photograph the separation itself. I have in my library at the present time photographs of the Celestial spirit separating from the human body, and this happens shortly after the body cools.

Now, I can tell you something else. The moment when scientists come to this point where they can photograph this body, and its a different wave length of light which the eye can't see --still they know that it is a light body. And now they are adding that to astro-photography and they are sure that there is and does exist a body made out of light which is the exact image of the one you have which is made out of electricity.

Now, there is another factor to think about, because each and everyone of you is generating light and life and energy. And that is --that the very process of life and living requires that you refuel the body, and you are converting the fuel into energy all the time ---well what do you eat?--You eat life--but you say--how do you do that? Well there are two ways, but in the first place there is a constant chemical process going on all around you all the time which is a part of the mystery of the Kingdom. That chemical process is the transition of growing things, of storing up the energy of the light of the sun, and your own solar system, and of the universe of which it is in. An then transfers it into substances, which you can digest in this chemical electronic body. So we have a process called photosynthesis which is going on all the time. It is the making of the chlorophyll, the transference of light into the green coloring matter of the plants. But for sheer energy, that growing plant stores up especially what that in the photosynthesis is taking place, an intense energy which is a living product. Thus when you digest your food, you digest life synthesized into carbon energy and you absorb it. And if you don't eat you die.---Well you say;---but I am not a vegetarian---but that animal that you ate, also eats grass, and he synthesizes it and got it all digested before you started to eat it, so there isn't any one living today who isn't eating synthesized life.

Now, scientists are beginning to think about that. I sat and talked with a group of brilliant medical scientists and doctors, and these things are what they are thinking about, because they are about to move into a greater area of discovery which leads to knowledge and health and vitality than ever before. So now we are beginning to understand what we are talking about as we say that 'Light is the life of men', in more ways than one. The spirit has a celestial body like you have, synthesized out of light, it lives on light, and truth, and every vibration out of God's own being, but this Light body you have doesn't have to be sustained or transformed by something changed into chemical substances---but this electronic body you have has to be recharged with some synthesized material to keep on operating, and so this food is a fuel that it runs on. Let me tell you that this continuity which you have is a part of the mystery of God's kingdom. It is the mystery of God likeness, and it is also something which goes further than that with you. While you see and think and look, this master tissue is forming in this ganglia of nerves --micro miliamps of energy. And the miliamps of energy are being generated, and every thought and every reflect is being operated by electronic impulses of miliamps of energy that you generate. You can go further than that because you can go into the millionth part, and the fact remains that this energy is units and some of them are electronic and basically all the members are. And the more active brain material used, the more energy and the more strength in the circuit of that energy for intellectual and mental perception there is. As we have mentioned before, everything that you see, and feel leaves a picture in the seat of your consciousness, or you never saw it or don't remember it. Everything you ever saw however if your are alive and aware of it you should be able to see everything in image --in pictures, just like you looked out to see this room, and then tonight you will remember it as it is--that is the same picture retained in the seat of your consciousness.

To do that your mind places millions of electrons around those nerves, and when you go on to other subjects those electrons are now standing still, and others are being laid--layer on layer, as long as vital life is flowing thru people--they are transferring the same electronic pattern into chromogen and storing all their recollections into the genes, and the chromosomes of the life seed of the human being. And because of that there exists in every new born babe whether he knows it or not, a story redistributed again, around the brain tissue, this includes all the pattern of events of his forefathers, and if you had all of the events that happened from the days of Adam to our time you could get them into one gene and you may rest easy for the one gene would hold them all.

The multi miliamps of micron is a single piece of chromotin, and it is always thick enough to carry so many layers of electronic memory---one of the Doctors said:---'Dr. Swift, one of the things which brought this to light for us more than anything else is that we inherit memory. What brought this to light was brain surgery, and to make sure of how much damage had been done to the brain, and they used some light sulphur electrodes and cut several of the nerves and when they did this the individual lived every experience that nerve had memory of. The thought didn't just cross his mind, but he relived--not just remembered, but it was as tho he had relived it all over again. And they found out that not only did the individual relive it but no one knows how fast the flashback is, as all of these things re-occurred, and when afterwards as he told about it ten it was as tho he had relieved each of these things. The only thing was that he had relived further back than his actual birth, an done of the things was that this one man said that one of the most important things was the cutting of ice, and the storing of the ice in great buildings of straw. And at one incident he had fallen into freezing water, and they had pulled him out and took his freezing clothes off of him, and he told all about that. But he had never in his life lived near ice, or cut ice as they used to do years ago. But his father and his grandfather used to pack ice in an ice house, and his father fell thru the ice long before this man was born. So they now know there had been reconstruction of the experience he had inherited from his father.

Now, there has been many experiences from time to time that shows us this continuity of this inherited consciousness of living energy which passes from one generation to the next, and we won't go into that but I want to show you something---you understand now why children of spirit with spiritual remembrance ---and with the capacity for these things to be brought to their remembrance--then when Christ talks about the out pouring of his holy spirit, the energy of his own mind being poured out on his own children and he said:----"Even the spirit which the world cannot receive, but which you can receive"--this is going to bring all things to your remembrance and bring you to the knowledge of all truth. This is spiritual energy, charged --that will do this, but of course you couldn't pour that out on the world because they don't have any memory of the things of God. You can only pour out this spiritual energy upon the children of God because it would not work anywhere else, as they are the only ones on the right wave length.

Now, you understand why God said:---don't marry your sons to their daughters, or your daughters to their sons. That you are to keep your racial purity for if you mutate this consciousness, then you will turn to other gods and go into paganism, because you have upset that spiritual connection which is the most valuable asset that a child of God can have. This is the cultural wave of spiritual power--remembrance --in the seat of the intellect. You talk to a man of China and you try to tell him about some bible event out of your history, and every building is a pagoda and everybody has a feud. But you don't see Christ in a feud and your don't see the buildings of Jerusalem as pagodas either. You have the image of your line, and then you say:--I see pictures --but you have an image within your race just as clear, and just as sound as it is in every one of your race. When there is fire, or when they paint a picture of Jesus, it does not matter whether they paint it in Italy or Scandinavia, whether they give him blue eyes or brown, you just know that this is Jesus just as soon as you see it. There is a cultural wave of patterns and sounds that stay with your society that are one of your most valuable assets. And one of the most valuable assets of God for the building of that kingdom is to keep that wave length of spiritual vision, and that knowledge of remembrance intact without polluting it. He didn't want you to bring any Jews who are Lucifers descendants in to your race, and He didn't want any unassimilatable ones brought in. He said: --I call my sheep by name, I lead them out ---then He also said: --"Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth." I tell you that there is no greater heritage which you possess today than to be able to say;---"Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name"----and to know that you are a child of the Eternal, begotten by His spirit, and then earth begotten in the Adamic race, for Adam was in the flesh--a son of God. And as Paul tells us:---'The Christ was the second Adam."

Now, let me tell you the significance of this---come out from among them and be ye separate---why? So that you can pass on to not only to your generation, but so you will continue to pass on the ability to think and to see and to know. For God can activate everything that has ever transpired --when it is passed on from generation to generation thru your race. But the great pattern is that you will continue to think, and to know, in the great wave of spiritual revelations given to your race. That is why anything which is ever described to you, and everything that is in the background of your race---has a picture record which you can see clearly.

I can tell you this, you generate lots more energy strength of miliamps of brain energy than a Negro does. He has 26 centimeters less brain capacity than you have, and he cannot get the intense electric wave that you can get. This is the one reason they don't have the drive you have, and why they can never rise to be your equal regardless of the pseudo-intellectuality that a false religion advocates. They inherit their background which is voodooism, and witch doctors, and superstition and cannibalism. That background is there even tho you may educate it out of the surface of their electronic memory. That is why if you put them under the influence of the Witch Doctor with their evil vibrations, that they go retrograde just as fact as they move ahead under other teachings of your instructions. That is why God told us to cur down their evil instructors, to cut down their idols, and smash their idol temples, and to liberate the captives. And that is why you will never set Africa free until the Witch Doctor is gone. You will never liberate Asia until the idol temples go down, and communism is swept from the earth. Someone said:--but maybe they don't want that---well maybe not, but I came here to do my fathers will, and in that day when they are liberated they will discover that truth, and they will be happy that they have been set free.

But we can't have in our family, someone like the little 8 year old limbo who is so popular now, to teach Faith. We have a complete faith. And this is my Father's world and this is a part of our inheritance. And it has to be put back in order.

We are going to run this part of the Universe under and with our Father's Order. And if is part of your responsibility to share the instructions to the family. Everything has to be right. And there is one good thing about God.--- All things are to be brought back into proper reconciliation with Him. This is a part of the Mystery of the Kingdom. and that is the reason why people are like they are. That is the reason why some people act like they do. Some people are of the evil one, and you are children of YAHWEH-God. You may do wrong, but it is not your nature to be wrong all the time. And it is not your nature to act like devils. You can take an individual whom you don't think is conforming to the highest spiritual standards of society, buy when it comes to what you call 'the milk of human kindness', then this one will go out and --- go out of his way to help someone. And he is not wrong all the time. But generally, he is his own worst enemy. But then you go out among Satan's children and their cunning, and their evil is always at work. And always, they work for their own best interest irrespective of what they have to do to accomplish their objective. So there is a difference.

Let me turn for one moment to the book of Colossians, for this is a might book of the synthesis of God's purposes. Divine were all these things. Whether in the heavens or in the earth; whether visible or invisible. Whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities, or powers. All were created by HIM and for HIM.

He is before all things. And by HIM all things consist. He is head of the body and of the church. He is the first born from the very day, so that He might, in all things-- be pre-eminent. He is the fullness of Deity--the Father--that Is--that in this body all the fullness of His Deity could dwell.

Now, I will tell you a mystery.-- 'Wherefore I am made a minister of God'--so said the Apostle Paul---according to the dispensation of God which is given to me. For you--to fulfill the word of God. Even the mystery which has been hid from the ages and from the generations, and now is being made manifest in the believing offspring of God. The word is --Saints. But that is what is meant---'Believing Offspring.'

Believing offspring--to whom YAHWEH would make know what is the riches of His Glory--and of this mystery among the nation--this mystery that--'It is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory.'

The Apostle Paul says that is one of the mysteries hidden from the foundations of the world, that in everyone of these Adamic sons, that in these people who are His Celestial children, now embodied in a physical body,--is a Divine nature. And the Christ in you is that Celestial being that is begotten of the Father. And the great Glory yet to be revealed is -- 'The Glory of the Spirit enveloped and overthrowing the error that might come from not perceiving in the senses--accurately.

All this suggestion and propaganda and cunning which has been fed into the minds of men in and thru all these frequencies such as T.V., and radio lectures and so forth, are going to be straightened out by the greater synthesis of light and knowledge, and wisdom by a greater electronic action of God's Holy Spirit. And the Glory which belongs to you--a son or daughter--is going to be seen in you.

We won't have time to finish what we started a few minutes ago. But we just want to add this. We can photograph an aura of light energy which moves out from you. And the more spiritually alert you are, the stronger the light and the further the aura moves out. Sometimes it gets into the video range. And sometimes it can be seen if the background is just right. Other times, you don't see it with the video eye. But the day is going to come when it will be seen. And it will be synthesized so you will see it.

But I am going to tell you that there are people today who do not put out any light. And even tho all these things put out some kind of emanation, their light is in the dark ranges entirely and doesn't photograph in this same field. But we are able to distinguish definitely, this distinguishing quality of the difference in the races by just the type of aura they put out.

So you see the package is different. The wave length is different and the background is different.

Now, this aura is the reason why you feel an affinity with some people, but are pushed away from others. It is the wave length of the aura, and the action that is effecting it that is so absolutely a scientific barricade. For God has given you a very fine protection system known in the scriptures as the gift of discernment. Some people have less of it than others, and some people have it so strongly that it is a gift. And that discernment--that sensitivity is determined by the receptivity, or the retaining influences of this wave-length of vibration that moves out from that person. That is part of the mystery of the Kingdom. And that is why Jesus said:--'If I be lifted up, I draw all men unto Me.'--All devils run away and try to fight Me. But all Adamites come to Me.

I am going to tell you this also. That, what the world is waiting for is to see the manifestation of --'That Glory in you--which has been hidden there thru the ages, because you are----THE CHILD OF THE ETERNAL.

end of message.