Mystery Of Melchizedek, 8-21-66



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-21-66

Turn to the Book of Hebrews as this is where Paul talks about Melchizedek. It is surprising that Christians know little about this one.. MELCHIZEDEK. This just shows you that very few people read the Bible, and those that do never seem to get into the Book of Hebrews. In fact you would be surprised how many Christians read John 3:16., and a few other of the events that transpired in the ministry of Christ and then set the book down and never open it again. We talked to a minister sometime ago and when we talked about the Melchizedek ministry he said:.."What's that?".

Turn to the seventh chapter of Hebrews and we read:.."For this Melchizedek, King of Salem, Priest of THE MOST HIGH GOD, met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him. To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part...first being by interpretation..King of Righteousness and after that also King of Salem which is..King of Peace.

What do we know about this man and the Majesty of the Priesthood that he carried? "Without father, without mother, without descent or pedigree, nor end of life".

We turn back into the endless hours of yesterday and in the vastness of God's creative purpose and his creation of the sidereal systems forces as he stood out in those vast areas of the expansion of space and each one of the majesties of his creations that he placed in forms and motion and in all the things of the Universe. Then in the days when..the morning stars sang together and the Sons of God shouted for joy, as each embraced the creative purposes, in the hours of his creation, God became embodied in earth, in his creation, and the embodiment of God was a Holy embodiment, for the intelligence of THE MOST HIGH shown forth from his presence, and all was Peace and Harmony for He was the creator of Peace and Harmony, and of all perfection. He was the king of kings, and thus in the hours of his Majesty he set forth the boundaries of human habitation and the boundaries of his angels throughout the Universe. He set them in their orders and their courses, and all things were done.

In the Priesthood Omnipotence of the sovereignty of THE MOST HIGH GOD there stood forth a declaration that he was Melchizedek..King of Kings and Lords of Lord's.

We discover in the ancient works, such as the Book's of Enoch and of Seth, that God embodied as a High Priest, emerging with all the trappings of the great encasing of his presence into..The Melchizedek Priesthood..thus we read these words:.."Without Father, without mother, or descent, having neither beginning nor end of life"...then only ONE fulfilled this, only One could measure up to this and this was the Eternal..THE MOST HIGH GOD. For the Most High God alone is without father, mother...he is the Eternal Existing God. This stretches the magnitude of human comprehension. It reaches beyond the perimeter of the things that we are capable of thinking about in their purity. The endlessness in existence, the majesty of His power, the exulting glory in His countenance...all this for the Priesthood of Melchizedek.

In each and every one of the spheres which he created, as he appeared upon that sphere he then appeared incarnate in human form, or in a body of flesh, although that body was enveloped in Light, for thus it is that the Apostle Paul talks about this Majestic figure.

We go back long before Abraham for the first appearance of Melchizedek and we discover that long after the Adamic race had been the Eternal God..and remember that the Majestic begatting of our race is different than that of other races, that had already been created, for here God had brought forth an issue out of His own body..El Orion the Sovereign ruler..The Eternal One..El Orion..He brought forth the Adamic Household, His own issue because he had begotten us and he declared unto us..of spiritual background that we who are the children are the Elohim. And we the Elohim then made the body of Adam in our own image. Thus it was that He was the Majestic One and the Eternal Existing One.

Now; we cannot go too far back into the area of his creation of the Universe and it's operation because we have the silent confidence of the scriptures stating simply that..He created the heavens and the earth, He set everything in motion and he set everyone in their place on the face of the earth for their coming and going.

Now; we also know that Enoch and Job were two of the dwellers in Ancient Jerusalem before it was ever called Jerusalem. They had moved out of the dynasties that had descended from the House of Seth, of the House of Adam. They had been down by the Persian Gulf and then they crossed over into the ancient lands now known as Palestine and Jerusalem which was then called the city of Kings, the city of Peace,..Salem..the City of God. Enoch and Job had been raised here in this city of God. The pattern of the advice given to them told them that they would achieve great exploits and do great things.

We know today that Enoch was called out of his house and from his family and taken on a Heavenly Ship far out into space. He passed out of our solar systems and he saw all the planet's of this solar system. By the way he did not describe Venus as he didn't see it because Venus did not come into our solar system until 1486 B.C. But Enoch was taken out thru the far flung sidereal systems and he was taken to the throne of God. Enoch had brought back to his remembrance, by the Holy Spirit and the presence of YAHWEH himself, all things that he needed to know so that he could teach the sons and daughters of Adam and write them in a Book for their later use. So all of these things were made known to him. For the sons of Adam are the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD and there were things that He wanted revealed to His children.

Now; Enoch said that he was brought into the presence of THE MOST HIGH GOD and he saw him all enveloped in Light and round HIM were the Seraphims who were saying:..Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. And as Enoch beheld all this then YAHWEH came forth as Melchizedek, Enoch talked with this Melchizedek who was embodied as was Enoch. So again it was not the spirit that was taken into the heavens, and Angels accompanied him, but Enoch went in the flesh and in the heavens then Enoch beheld all the Majesty of God's Glory. Then he beheld God..spirit, soul, and body..Melchizedek the Eternal Existing One. And Enoch was told all the things he must tell the children of men, and he returned to earth to engage in his Patriarchal ministry.

We are told in the Old Testament of the work of these great Patriarchs, those who god called forth of the race. At this time there was no existing center of the church or the spiritual center of the called out worshipers as such, for each and every Patriarch was a High Priest for his house, according to the call of God. This was one of the most important areas for men, for not only must they be Holy and Righteous, but also they must know the teachings of the Truth's of God, both by tradition and by effect. For in each household the head of the household was the Priest of that house, and the grandfather's or great grandfather's continued in their work and these were the High Priest's of the Patriarchal patterns of the centuries.

Now; Enoch had a very special ministry. In fact he was to be translated into a higher ministry than most people would understand, because Enoch also did not die, but passed into the dimensions of spirit while physically embodied and was carried into the heavens in one of the Chariot's of THE MOST HIGH.

But in the course of time Enoch and Job were given a great commission and they left the city of Peace and they took with them from that place 144,000 of the wisemen.'

Now; do not be mislead into thinking that these were not wise men for the Adamites had come to earth with a written language and knowledge of why there were here and they knew their purpose and their undertaking. They knew they were going to become a Kingdom, and they knew they were to conquer Lucifer, and overthrow him, and they were going to do this for their Father's good purpose, for he was altogether righteous and true. So in this area of time when they prepared and worked toward these ends, the revelation to Enoch and Job was to go into Egypt and there to build a city. So the 144,000 went.. 12,000 for each month of the year, and they went into Egypt to lay out a city, and to build a Temple unto their God and an altar and a Brier unto their God, and thus comes the foundation of the Pyramid. Because, these men were to build a great and mighty Temple unto THE MOST HIGH whose pattern and whose symbol was to be measured for all times. They were to fix it with the tint of iron and with lead in the rocks FOREVER..fix the Mysteries of THE MOST HIGH GOD...forever.

Now; Job knew that his Redeemer liveth, and that God would stand upon the earth in the Latter days, and Job said:..'With these eyes and in my body I will behold the power and the Majesty of the embodiment of My GOD.

So it was that Enoch and Job left many thousands behind in the Ancient city of Kings as they moved out to go into Egypt in the service of our God, and they prepared there the Great Pyramid, and the great and mighty Temple in the center of the city which was built in a circle. And other monuments in the great and mighty circles, and in one of them was the ALL SEEING EYE OF YAHWEH.

Enoch had been told of the ALL SEEING EYE OF YAHWEH, which was upon them and Job also had been brought into the areas off understanding of the Heavenly mysteries of the MOST HIGH GOD. And as this force of the 144,000 entered Egypt the hoards spurred on by the pagan Priesthood of that country came forth to meet these men in the services of the MOST HIGH GOD, and these men of God never broke tanks, their horses moved straight ahead on their course, for in the direction they were to go was where they were to build that city of ON. They came to crevices in the plains, I presume like a gorge, and here is where this great hoard of the enemy came forth to meet them. This great mass of men of God then shown their Great Disk's to reflect the sun into the eyes of the men and horses moving against them. Imagine if you can that even the garments they wore burst into flame. These great Disk's were so polished and perfect, and were a symbol of the ALL SEEING EYE OF THE ALMIGHTY ONE. And these people, the enemy as stated in their ancient books retreated in confusion saying:..'this is surely the household of God because the EYE OF YAHWEH was upon them, and many of the enemy fell over the cliff's. So these great disc's were their defense as under the command of YAHWEH they moved out and on to complete their mission.

The city of On which they were to build would be a great city and would house these men of knowledge and their workers and technicians, and engineers and so forth. These were those chosen by Enoch and Job to build this city and since they were never to return to Orusalem, then we presume they brought their families with them. They set up an altar in the center of that city and they built two pillars, one on each side of the altar, and these two pillars represented the two schools of Divine Mystery and Wisdom, and at this altar to THE MOST HIGH GOD they offered their tithe to the Almighty. They sacrificed unto HIM as was required, and then they built the Great Temple of Zendera and it had all the stars from the seventh magnitude as there are to the visual eye set in the heavens. There they showed the procession of the Equinox as well as the 612 stars of the heavens. And during this time in the history of Egypt then the Egyptians wrote of these people and said:..'they area the children of YAHWEH Putah the God of Light. And they said that God embodied himself as Osiris, the Lord of Life and the Resurrection. Thus the Egyptians tell the stories in the Book of Horus, about the time when Enoch and Job were getting ready to dedicate this great Temple. They say that One came who rode upon the wings of LIGHT..He was OSIRIS LORD of LIGHT and the Resurrection, and He came before Enoch and Job and He spread out before them a cloth and He brought to them the communion, for He served unto them the bread and the wine. In the records of the series of Enoch we find..Enoch referred to as the builder of the Pyramid, but in his own records he is also referred to as the builder of the City of ON.

Enoch, the leader of this 144,000, who went down into Egypt says that the embodiment of God..Melchizedek came forth out of the heavens and visited them and placed his blessing upon them and upon their project.

It is quite obvious that the Egyptians were frightened and fell back as they beheld HIM and the Majesty of His power. And thus they said that He spread forth a cloth before Enoch and Job and those who came with Him stood back and that Seraphims were with HIM and their wings expanded, but of course they did not refer to them as Seraphim, they said that Angels came with HIM and they stood before and also behind HIM.

Thus to them He was OSIRIS the LORD of Light and Resurrection. Then they brought forth to HIM a container and he took from it the bread and the wine and He broke it up and gave it to Enoch and Job. The word was Joaba meaning father Job. And then they gave unto the whole 144,000 the communion, the wafers and the wine which had before this been bestowed upon Enoch and Job by Melchizedek.

When the Egyptians referred to this ONE they say:..the Ka of Ra, or O Siris, the Son of Light, the great and mighty Potentate, and the embodiment of the Son of Light in human always OSIRIS..and this comes out of the background of Horus.

Thus it was that Enoch and Job were blessed by Melchizedek, for He came riding in on wings of Light from outer space, and he said, that by their partaking of the bread and wine they would possess the power of His Spirit and thus they would make a perfect work here in Egypt. We have many more records of this besides the writings of Horus, but they all talk about these strange and wondrous people of God who were visited by the Ka of Ra, but actually it was Melchizedek who visited them.

Now; go over into the records of the Old Testament and we see that Abraham moved out over the plains and he learned that Lot had been captured by the Kings. And as he heard this we discover that it came to pass in the day (Genesis 14) of Amraaphel the King of Shinar, Arioch King of Ellasar, Cheddorlaomer King of Elam and Tidal King of the nations; these made war with Bera King of Sodom and Birsha King of Gomorrah, Shinab King of Adma and Shemeber King of Zeboiim and the King of Bela, which is Zoar..all of these forces were joined together in the vale of Siddim, which is actually the Salt Sea. They had served Chedarlaomer for 12 years.

We need to point out here that none of the people under these kings such as Tidal or Ammraphel are found in the genealogy of the people who came out of the Adamic race. So here we have in this hour the King of the Nations.. Tidal King of the nations. And Tidal was king of those lands that had gone beneath the waters or the land of Atlantis which had gone beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. And we know that Amraphel had been king of the lands that plunged beneath the waters of the lands that were to the west..or Lemura. Amraphel was a fallen angel who did not keep his first estate, and came in with the hosts of Lucifer, and he reigned in a Pre-Adamic world. Then here we have descendants of these people ruled by the darkness, and they are now in a civil war because they were fighting for the gold of Ocea..the vast spaces of Africa. And also the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were a unique area because these people were like the whole pattern of Darkness for they had descended from these fallen Angels who had not kept their first estate, but had mongrelized with the children of earth, and Sodom and Gomorrah were now the most wicked and evil cities of their time. And this civil war had raged all thru the areas of Africa, and then into this plane where Abraham was to cross, and now they took Lot the brother of Abraham captive and all of his household and his possessions.

Word of this capture was brought to Abraham about the taking of his brother Lot, and Abraham took his own servants and those born in his household...318 of them, and he pursued those who held Lot captive until he came to the edge of Dan, then he divided his forces and struck those who held Lot, and pursued them unto Hobah. Of course the blessing and strength of the MOST HIGH was with Abraham, thus Abraham was victorious and he brought back Lot and all his goods, and his women and the servants captured with Lot. Also Abraham brought back the goods and spoils that were taken even from the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah for these kings had been defeated by the hosts of the Pre-Adamic world, and he had taken spoils of both Sodom and Gomorrah. Thus with 318 men..YAHWEH defeated these fallen people led by the kings of the fallen angels.

Now; the King of Sodom went out to meet Abraham after this great battle where Abraham had slaughtered Chedorlaomer and the kings with him at the Valley of Shaveh, which is the King's Dale. And as the king of Sodom approached there suddenly came a tremendous outpouring of Spirit, for suddenly out of the plain of battle came THE KING OF GLORY..described as.. ONE with the radiance of the rising sun, and he came riding on a camel and many were with him coming in Mystery of Spirit and exulting Glory. So Melchizedek..King of Salem brought forth the bread and the wine for this was the Abiding Priest of the MOST HIGH GOD..this was..EL as Melchizedek..THE MOST HIGH GOD. He was embodied in human form and he came down off his camel and laid out the cloth before Abraham, and served him bread and wine, and then He said:..'Blessed are the Abram..The Abram of EL ORION, the MOST HIGH GOD, THE POSSESSOR OF ALL THE EARTH.' There was no question of the Majesty of this ONE.

We read over here in the Book of Jude that Jesus the Christ was KING OF KING'S AND LORD OF LORD'S, and we discover that is the Almighty Potentate, King of King's and Lord of Lord's...He is El Orion Himself. In this instance we note that this Priest Melchizedek is referring to Abram as belonging to the MOST HIGH GOD..."Abram is of the MOST HIGH GOD". Thus it was that Melchizedek as THE MOST HIGH GOD was blessing Abram and He said:..'Blessed be the MOST HIGH GOD WHO HATH DELIVERED THINE ENEMIES INTO THINE HAND, and then Abram gave tithe of all the spoil he had taken, he gave 1/10 of all to Melchizedek. (Now; what would Abram give to YAHWEH since He has everything? He gave the promise of total obedience and belief did he not? which would be counted to him as Righteousness..or right thinking.)

Now; this is a significant thing..The King of Sodom said to Abram.. you give me the people, and I'll give you all the goods. But Abram said to the King of Sodom, I have not lifted up my hand to take any of the goods for I will not have you say that you made me rich, for the Lord God above is the one that hath made me rich, and I have tithed 1/10., of all I gained to Him. Then Abram gave the King of Sodom all that had been taken from him for he would not even take a thread from the King of Sodom.

Now; lets go back into the writing's of Paul where he speaks of the Majesty of this ONE:.."Without father, without mother, without descent and having neither beginning of days or end of life. But made like unto the Son of God an abiding Priest continually, made in the similitude as the incarnation or the embodiment of God". He is a Majestical Priest, He was a Priest of Righteousness and He was not a Priest of transgression. The Apostle Paul then is something Majestic..and we discover that Abram, this man selected by God, because there was none better on the face of the earth.. and this Abram paid his Tithe to Melchizedek...well, then were did Melchizedek come from? Where was this City of Peace?

The City of Peace, the city of King's, a figure of speech meaning the descendants of THE MOST HIGH GOD as they form a city in their conformation, or the City of Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem comes down out of the heavens prepared 'as a bride for her husband' and she descends thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and on down thru these descendent's of this race..however they are a Living Race..a Living City...thus the city of King's, or the city of Peace, sometimes called Salem a living city of YAHWEH'S sons and daughters, so the Apostle Paul says, as he lift's his voice in praise:.."Unto the Eternal Father the Majestic God who is incarnate...on whom the whole family in earth and in heaven is named.'

So now we behold that Abram paid his tithe unto this ONE, and now therefore since Abram paid his tithe and that out of Abraham was to come Isaac and then Jacob, then eventually Levi, who would be the established Priesthood of the Old Testament, then Levi could take tithe from men. Thus the household of Levi continues unto this day as God's Ministry in God's household in the earth. And men are paying tithe to Levi and Levi was paying tithe while he was still in the loins of Abraham, and thus in that manner paid tithe to this ONE who was greater than all men.

The Apostle Paul said:..'blessed be all this for there was he that receiveth and we bear witness that HE lives.' Now the sons of Levi get old and they die, but he that received the tithe of Abram..HE LIVETH, HE NEVER DIES. Thus we again have that declaration altho it was not well translated in the Book of Hebrews:..That HE who therefore received this tithe was without father, without mother, without descent..without beginning or end of days, and abideth a Priesthood forever, and it is written that HE LIVETH.

It is said in the passages of scripture which are written for him that Christ was the embodiment of God, or he was again:..God in a body. Even though HE has appeared in times past in a body, and the body He appeared in, in the times past was the same, today, yesterday, and forever...the body of God of course does not change. So we are then told in the Book of Hebrews that when He, Jesus the Christ, took upon himself a body, that He took a body a little lower than the Angels so that He might take death, for every man, then if he had permitted His body to be completely covered with the enveloping Glory which He possess as the Eternal YAHWEH..El Orion, throughout the ages...then He could never have been crucified.

So therefore the Love of God would predestinate the death of God... therefore the Melchizedek Priesthood would be laid aside until His death be accomplished. For in the fulfillment of His Majesty..the Christ born of woman, and this woman's race which came out of Himself, for this was His household..thus HE COMPLETED HIS CYCLE and emerged out of a woman..but here He did not emerge with His Glory..the one thing which He separated Himself from was His Glory...the only new thing in creation had been His Glory.

Now; as THE CHRIST..YAHSHUA..Jesus he brought forth miracles, he called the dead out of their graves. He had the power of life and death, he was the Master off all things, but his physical body was subject to death and for this cause as he went out among the Jew's who sought to kill him he then had to hide from them many times or use the Mystery of Power and move thru walls and outside again for he knew that if they attacked his body they would kill it. So He kept out of their way in those hours then as the hour came when the time for his crucifixion, they seized Him in the Garden and brought him before the High Priest and then on to Pilate, and eventually they cried:... "Let his blood be upon us and upon our children". But this was the body of God and the fullness of God was dwelling bodily in him, but the Light of God was not upon him until the moment of his resurrection.

He had permitted the Majesty of this on the Mount of Transfiguration and at other times, but at this moment I want you to know that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh. He was the Majestic One of the Old Testament and he was before that EL ORION and He appeared in the Old Testament over and over again. He appeared in His Majesty as Melchizedek the Priest King forever, He appears also as the tremendous conqueror and also as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. In the course of the concepts of scripture...each time he appears it's the same body and the same presence but when he appears as Melchizedek as he did to Enoch and Job, and then to Abraham then He appears covered with Glory and covered with Light and Glory, and Majesty. Once also he came to Joshua as a Light brighter than the sun and Joshua fell before Him and then Joshua saw him clothed in the armor of his righteousness and Joshua realized that He was the MOST HIGH GOD and Joshua said:.."My LORD and my GOD". Under these patterns this was a visitation of the MOST HIGH GOD..and then when he wrestled with Jacob he was not at that time enveloped with Light.

We then discover that in this hour when the Crucifixion had taken place, and the Christ had taken upon himself the transgressions of the entire world so that he might buy and pay the price for his household, then in this hour he did not sacrifice the blood of goat's or sheep but he sacrificed the blood of the body of God. Thus showing that his blood had been without transgression, without sin, even tho he had taken upon himself the transgressions of the whole earth so that he might redeem his own household, his own race, and thus establish their course in the hours of victory.

So we beheld in this fulfillment that the first covenant which was referred to as a great covenant was the Covenant of Law..but the law also existed in the days of Adam and in the days of Seth. The law was however the way things were put together. Then God established his law and gave it to Israel. When He appeared upon Mount Sinai as the King of Israel..thru Moses then the children of Israel said:.."All that he hath given us to do we will do". In the Majesty of having received the law, this law was found to be a harsh route. Thus it brought forth situations where men violated the law.

Now; the law when violated is not an act of vengeance, but the act of how things are made, and when it is violated it doesn't bring vengeance, but it is violation of the law of creation, the law of God, and that violation brings a reaction. Now men did not keep this law to perfection and the Apostle Paul talks about this as he talks about the Melchizedek Priesthood. We then find that the Apostle Paul said:..'the law was not perfect because men did not keep the law'. They even had to make sacrifices for themselves. The High Priest had to make sacrifices for sin before they entered into the Holy of Holies. But here in the ministry of the Christ then no sacrifice for himself was made, for He entered into the Holy of Holies and He became the LIVING SACRIFICE and by the power of His Resurrection was enveloped in Light.

IN THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION..the clue which the Apostle Paul gives forth as a Mystery is that.."THOU ART A PRIEST FOREVER, after the order of MELCHIZEDEK.

Now; as the spirit was endless, and the spirit of Endless Life raised up the body of God which lay in the tomb and enveloped it with Light, it took upon itself in it's incarnation as Messiah..the Priesthood of Melchizedek once again. So there was a time when the Priesthood of Melchizedek was not in operation. During the ministry of the Christ as he became the High Priest on earth, and not only measured the transgressions of the world unto himself there was in this physical body a Spirit that could save from death, the fullness of God thus dwelt in this body of The Christ, but in the hour of his resurrection He received again the Majesty of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

This Melchizedek Priesthood is a Spiritual Priesthood and has the spirit of the Living God enveloping the body. As God speaks to his many sons and daughters he say that...they also will be filled with the Glory of God and the Light of God, and the Light of the Spirit will come upon them, and they will set the captives free and build His Kingdom.

Now; the Melchizedek Priesthood is reserved to HIM alone, but he does say that this Priesthood will descend upon His Holy sons and daughters and they will be enveloped with his Light and Glory. But some will say...Yes, but they are with fathers and mothers.

He is the ONLY MELCHIZEDEK and He is THE MOST HIGH and the Eternal YAHWEH..and He remains the only MELCHIZEDEK..until..the hour of the restoration of His household, and in that hour there will be a Priest according to the order of Melchizedek that will go out to the ends of the earth and to the ends of the Universe.

YES, WE SHALL SIT WITH HIM IN THE SEAT OF AUTHORITY IN THE ADMINISTRATION AS PRIEST. For the New Jerusalem which is the bride of God will be exemplified as the City of Salem..the City of King's..the city for the King of Salem.

We now point this out to you..the Apostle Paul said:.."This man, because he continues forever, has an unchangeable Priesthood. Melchizedek has an unchangeable Priesthood, for He continues forever". Therefore he then points out that the law was not perfect but there was a new covenant that comes forth out of this Melchizedek Priesthood. Now; remember that this is the Eternal Creator, the Master of the Universe who gives forth an issue, and he says that a New Covenant will emerge...this is not a law of conditions but it is a law of destiny, and this New Covenant comes because this first covenant was not faultless and it did not contain as much as the second covenant will contain.

The Second Covenant says:..'Behold the day will come when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers when I took them out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in my covenant. This is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel and the House of Judah in those days. I will put my laws in their minds, and I will write them in their hearts and I will truly be unto them a God, and they shall be unto me a people, and they shall not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother; saying, know the law, for they shall all know me from the least to the greatest. For the law shall arise out of the hearts of my people, and in my Melchizedek Priesthood I will call the working of the law forth out of the hearts of my people, and they shall all be righteous, and every man shall see...and know as I know, and every man shall understand as I have proclaimed.

The Apostle Paul talks of this and he said: 'The LORD-YAHWEH swears and shall not repent concerning the embodiment of his own embodiment in this hour of His resurrection, for he took the mantle of the Heavens'. "Thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek, thou art the King of Salem, Priest of THE MOST HIGH GOD..existing without father, without mother, without descent without end of days or beginning of time, abides a Priest continually after the incarnation of God.'

The sons and daughters of God can come in similitude to the Priesthood of Melchizedek. They can take a Priesthood like unto His, He being along and above all, and to all, the abiding Kingdom. This being the Kingdom of Peace and the Kingdom of Righteousness. Before the rebellion of Lucifer all that had ever come forth from God was righteousness, the righteousness being so bright that it battled the forces of darkness and the forces of evil. And in the course of time, in the work of THE MOST HIGH GOD we see the salvation of ALL ISRAEL, for we see them clothed with glory, and moving forward manifesting the right type of Priesthood, as they extend the Grace of God to the entirety of the earth. We see the things that were talked about by Peter when he said:..'heaven must receive HIM unto the day of the Restitution of all things, spoken of by all the Holy Prophets since the world began.

We listen to the Mysteries as the Apostle Paul talks about the work of God and the Ultimate pattern of great and mighty reconciliation in which he is going to have all things at ONE in Christ, in his embodiment and in the fulfillment of his Priesthood. All things in heaven and in earth and in things under the earth for every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim.

All of Israel have also obtained this inheritance, have been predestinated by the word of God throughout eternity, and before the world began that we should be like unto HIM..holy and without blame. For God perceived the Majesty of His holy Household, and we see that God is now bringing the honor upon his sons and daughters, for he hath determined that they shall be like HIM, and with Him they shall rule the Universe. When El-Orion rules the Universe He divides up the habitation of men according to the sons of Adam and according to the number of the Children of Israel, and he bestows upon them his blessing because he is the master of the earth. For El Orion owns the Universe, and he sets the course of time, he has fulfilled his judgments.

Thus Abraham was blessed by Melchizedek and he paid his tithe into the hands of God as the voice of God saved Abraham so that he also shall be possessor of all the earth. There is then no Priesthood as High as the Priesthood of Melchizedek because his Priest's do not have to sacrifice for transgression, and make sacrifice for life, for under this Priesthood is Endless Life, and it is passed on to the household of God as they come forth at this point.

There might have been a time when one man entered this Priesthood, for Enoch did not see death, but was carried to heaven from earth by a Chariot of God.

Thus we see that the Priesthood of Melchizedek is a Mystery, and also a symbol. It is moving into it's pattern of atonement, in it's fullness, because it is the message of endless life. It is a Priesthood..not of judgment, but of without end.

(End of message)