From Mystery To Revelation, 8-13-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-13-61

Col. GREER: Greetings from the tape ministry of Dr. W.A. Swift. Everyday like a great whirlpool the events of life go ever faster as we approach the inevitable end of the course our country is taking. As your dollar shrinks in value day by day and your enemies grow ever stronger, then weak leadership flounders like a lost ship in a storm. If it were not for the eternal promises of our heavenly Father we would be without hope. The Bible says that God will be inquired of by us to come to our aide. How far down the tube we go depends on how far we must be chastised before calling upon God for delivery. God is not mocked, nor is He defeated. He is on a victory course to defeat the evil enemy, who plans to side track the on coming Kingdom of God.

Todays talk from the library of the late Dr. Wesley A. Swift should be heard by every white person on earth. It is a thrilling disclosure of the challenge to our race. Now, sit back and enjoy the talk entitled: "From Mystery to Revelation"----Dr. Swift:----

‘We are turning this afternoon to a subject very vital and intense. We are going to talk to you on the subject---'From Mystery to Revelation'. We are living in a period of time when most people think that if they cannot understand something it must be very, very deep.

They often operate on the idea that people are attracted to something which they cannot understand, and they are always grouping for a mystery that never comes to revelation. There are a lot of hidden things in the WORD---and mystery means hidden secrets, hidden things. And the scripture contains much that relates to mystery and hidden facts.

There seems to be an appeal to people everywhere to go to something unknown, we hear about the mystery of Orientalism, and the mystery of ancient religions and their mystery schools, and ancient Babylon, Mystery Babylon the Great, but to the true Christian he discovers that he has been taken in to a set of mysteries which if he seeks to know and understand them, then they surpass all the pseudo-mysteries of Asia and all the appeal and offer to draw close to the mysteries which are never revealed. For strangely the Pseudo mysteries are never explained or never revealed, for strangely they are but the concoction of the imagination of a fraudulent Priesthood, and are never brought into the reach, where it can be used, by those who approach it. Upon the other hand there is an explanation of the reason why many things which are important to you are cloaked in Mystery. If I were to turn to the book of Deuteronomy I would read to you what Moses says about the secret things. Here in the 29th chapter we read in the 29th., verse:--"The secret things belong unto YAHWEH our God, but those things which are revealed , belong unto us, and our children forever."

When Jesus was conducting His ministry He said: (Matt. 13:35) "I am going to open my mouth in parables. I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundations of the world." These were secret things, and they belonged to the Most High, and He had the power to utter them and thus He said: "I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."

We can turn to the scriptures and in I Corinthians 3:23, we read in our New Testament as it relates to us, and as He said concerning the ministry: "Ye are Christ's, and Christ is God's." The chapter 4:1, As of the ministers of Christ, we are the stewards of the mysteries of God. Now, if we are the stewards of God, then we as ministers, it seems strange to me that some of these mysteries are never explained. That so many of these mysteries are never discussed. I think one of the lessons why is that a great number of these ministers are not the ministers of God, and therefore they do not have the vision of the spirit, and therefore never can be oracles of God, thus never can explain the mysteries of God, and the easiest thing to do is just by-pass them. The losers in all this are the people who are never introduced to these things which are great mysteries.

These mysteries might be cataloged into many phases. We have the mysteries of God, of God likeness, of God's existence, and great is this mystery of God. Then there is the mystery of the Kingdom, there is the mystery of Christ and His church. Perhaps one of the most important mysteries of all as it relates to the Kingdom is "God likeness" for great is the mystery of 'God likeness'. But it is most important that you understand this mystery, for behind it is the secrets of the Most High concerning your race. Behind it is the reason for segregation and the calling of a specific people. Behind it is the mystery of the synthesis of the Universe, as well as the mystery of you.

Thus we are told that these are mysteries hidden since before the foundation of the earth. The Apostle Paul said: "When I speak, I do not speak only wisdom of the things of earth, but I speak wisdom among those which are perfect." Oh! You say: I never met a man that was perfect, but I want you to know that the spirit with you was born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. So the spirit within you is perfect. You can't corrupt the incorruptible, you cannot destroy that which is immutable. Therefore the spirit within you was born of incorruptible seed, and this is what Apostle Paul is speaking of when he says: "I speak among them who are perfect, children of the spirit, resident in physical bodies. I do not speak just the wisdom of the world order because the wisdom of the world is no wisdom at all. If I were to listen to the wisdom of the world order it would be diametrically opposed to the wisdom of God concerning His plan. The mystery of the world order would have us envelope all our lives, all our living into the program which the world has, integration of all people together, all religions together, and eventually pull down this flag and replace it with the spider web flag of the United Nations, putting everything under the head of the world super bureaucrats. Our Faith enveloped in paganism and we would be made the economic slaves of the earth.

That is the way the world thinks and the Apostle Paul says:'Be not conformed to the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.' Then he said: I speak in the wisdom of God, in a mystery, even the hidden mystery God foreordained before the cosmos, or the foundation of this world order, unto your glory. And he reveals it unto us by his spirit. For the spirit therefore searches the deep things of God, but the original said: "The spirit is the essence of the knowledge of all the things of God." Probably there is nothing more important than for us to know the mystery of Godliness. We turn over to the book of Timothy, and here we have the words of Timothy the Preacher in which he said: 'Without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness'---God was manifest in the flesh--justified in the spirit--seen of Angels--preached unto the nations, believed on in the earth--received unto Glory. (I Timothy 3:16) These are the stories of some of the messages of some of the attributes revealed. But when we talk about the mystery of 'God likeness' it is the likeness which passes over unto you.

In the book of Ephesians we hear much about the mystery of God, and the mystery of God being the foundation of knowledge. And the mystery which reaches back before the foundation of this creation. We have told you before (Psalm 90) that YAHWEH-God has been our dwelling place in all generations. Before He raised up the mountains or built or raised up the world. "Yeh! That was our dwelling place." And He who is the Everlasting to Everlasting is the Almighty YAHWEH-God. Significantly therefore it is important for us to understand the mystery of 'God likeness', and how and what it is which God calls a mystery. The origin of things, and the mystery of Facts as the Apostle Paul says:--All things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made. Mysteries that were unveiled to the Apostle Paul in the 3rd., and 4th., heaven when he beheld that everything was not made from what they do appear. But they are made from invisible things, not visible unto the eye, but visible after their construction, and they are composed of invisible elements. These are a part of the mysteries that the Apostle Paul declares were secret but they are not secret today because we are at the end of the age and knowledge has increased and will increase until every secret thing shall be known.

If I turn over to the book of Revelation concerning this climatic hour, I am told that the mystery of God is about to be finished. That when the Angel sounds forth his directive it will be finished---the mysteries of God will be finished. The time in which the children of God--in earth--will not understand all things is going to be over. In fact there is one tremendous hour not to far removed when God Himself in all the Majesty of HIS Glory will walk in earth as He has walked before. And every existing individual of His household shall think like HE thinks and know like HE knows, and shall have the wisdom of God crystallized in the seat of their intellect, and in their consciousness. We are approaching that, but before that transpires the Apostle Paul tells us of the mystery of the manifestation of the Sons of God--incarnate--in earth who are going to do a great and mighty short work of righteousness in this hour. And this starts with the understanding of the knowledge of the MOST HIGH. We have all heard with repetition these words of Jesus:--God is Spirit, and all those who worship HIM must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We are well aware of the great creative purposes of the MOST HIGH. I am more than amazed as I see the thinking of the Physicists, Biologists, and Anthropologists becoming more philosophers everyday. Becoming more adjusted to Eternal truths without realizing that the road they trod is helping developing it. We now find that the physicist has now declared that the whole universe consists of the 3 elementary substances. They are now aware that everything visible, and this we have declared unto you for 15 years or more that everything that you can see and touch within this frequency of video, and frequency of vision, everything within the so called solid world of creation is comprised out of particles of electricity. The Physicists now knows this, and he knows that within the field of electrons, protons, and neutrons, all of the elements exists from the simplest hydrogen atom--one proton, one electron--to the most advanced uranium 138 that we are trying to upset, and we have learned to do so, even including the masses of 235 and other atoms. The whole universe therefore, everything physical and everything visible has and is made out of electricity and its particles, including this body in which you dwell. Though in this body there is another quality, and in all living things there is an animated quality along with its existence of electronics which is a part of God's creation. A synthesis of elements existing in the universe. For when they say that there are 3 basic substances out of which the Universe is made, the philosophers has come to this knowledge in our time. This was not done by a Negro or a Chinaman of course, but this knowledge came out of your race, and whether the philosopher knew it or not it was one of those pictures or ideas in the seat of his consciousness which he brought forth. It had to come from somewhere, and the knowledge of your race comes from the brain of your Father.

Yes, everything visible, everything tangible made out of energy in the wave length of electronics comes from the electro-vibrators field. The electrons revolving around the nuclei of the protons has something holding it all together. Science says there is another set of factors, for all electronics and units of energy are particles. So also is light, for the mother and father of all things of the particles whose synthesis is most important to the universe is light, and light is particle. Infinitely small but still they are particles moving, reflecting, traveling, and there are portions of the universe whose synthesis is out of light. I want you to know that God who is Spirit is the light of the world. He is the Light that is the Life of men, and without light there is no life. This is the Mystery of God, and of God likeness. For God who is spirit is a God of Light, and you will discover that the Celestial body of God is the all Eternal existing being, and your spiritual body, for the Apostle Paul tells us that we have a Celestial body, and that Celestial body is made of light. That Celestial body differs from the physical body in the wave length of its energies, as one star differs from another in brilliancy. So your celestial being is made of light. The frequency of it may not video-plane to your eye at this moment but it is none the less there. And your celestial body is not only made of light but it is a part of the program of God in synthesizing the light and life of His Kingdom, into the world.

You see, is light is a might factor, a creative force, an existing primeval substance in earth, and we have wave lengths of light, we then have form s in light. Light can be transmitted at speeds that are staggering to the mind, and the speed of light and speed of the electronic particles at the earths surface under the density of atmosphere are found to be the same, 186,000 miles per second.

But there is another quality, so what has the physicist found now? What is the 3rd., quality of substance? It is the particles of conscious thought. You say: you don't mean that scientists have accepted that thoughts are things, or that thought is substance? Let me tell you, thought is the energy that is combined with the electronic impulse of the atom to hold it together and to determine the exact number of protons and electrons that make it orbit. I want you to know that where as God in the essence of His being is a God of light and a Celestial being who has fathered all light, and all sons of light. So also He is the Master creator whose seat of consciousness has ordered the groupings of all the atomic substances of the universe. And He was the Father of your Adamic race. You will discover also that inside the synthesis of man is a Celestial body, a soul conscious ego, and a physical body. And the physical body is made of electronics and the soul is made of the energy units of conscious awareness and thought.

You say, but I can't have a body of thought ? But what are you anyhow? Residing in this physical body apart from your Celestial body, what are you? You are the sum total of all you ever thought, ever experienced, and ever remembered. Your soul centered consciousness is the individual that resides, and conscious awareness possesses its particles, and the conscious particles which are the stability inside the atom, are a substance.

Strange as it may seem, the whole universe is synthesized then out of light in its wave length and electronics, in its wave length, and the great particles of thought which move out of the Divine consciousness of the Most High, and every thought which emerged as the Eternal fiat of Creative vitality from it. And the physical universe is held together by it. The consciousness, the aware universe of living creatures, and the higher we may place the strata or cast of their existence is their greater cognition and the more they know. And when you start to evaluate the creatures of the universe you have to set them in the bracket by their knowledge, or their ability or their consciousness. This is the Mystery of Godliness because you and I in the earth are in HIS image. Because we are spirit, consciousness and we are also a body. More than that the great mystery of Godliness has been the transference of His household from heaven to earth. Never has it been more important that we understand God's Kingdom, that now. Some people yawn and say; what difference does it make? If you want to know you have to travel the route, and our great problem today is that people don't want to put out the effort to want to know. They don't even want to think hard enough to want to know. They can be intrigued for hours by the reflections across the boob tube, but when it comes to meditation upon things of value they just don't want to be disturbed. Let me tell you something, even as we look at the T.V. tube which came out of the technological ability of the brains of your race, we have proved the ability to synthesize even at that point; light, electronics, and thought. Not only have we synthesized into form the particles which are light particles by reflection, which are by electronic energies combined, resynthesized in the image on the tube, but we have also conveyed with it the vibratory field which picked up in audio frequency to reconstruct the thoughts from the speaking image.

It is true that the majority of things on that screen are the image of the world order today, but then you were told that one of the marks of the days at the climax of this hour, and the coming of the new world order, was that power would be given for the image of the beast to speak. And in the world order, devoid of the great spiritual guidance and leadership of God's Kingdom is found the beast order. And the image of the beast does speak today. It speaks in the front rooms and in the homes of great masses of people in nation after nation through out the world. We are living in a period of time when mysteries are being revealed to you. When we talk to you about the fact that you are a child of spirit, it is most important for you to know why it is significant that you must be guided by the spirit. That we draw out of the spirit our deep and rich inheritance because the Celestial beings of God's children were begotten by HIS Spirit, long before this Cosmos, or creation had been formed. That is why it was a mystery to the average Bible reader when Nicodemus, a teacher, a Pharisee, relatively a good man who wanted to work with God in earth, wondered how he could enter into the Kingdom of heaven, and how he could participate in it, for he did realize that it had to be something formed in earth to carry out the will of God. Jesus answered Nicodemus simply "Ye must be born from above, and born in earth"--but churches have twisted, and distorted it, and moved in ignorance about it. Jesus said:--You have to be twice born--Ye have to be born from above and ye have to be born in earth. You have to be born of the spirit, and you have to come forth in natural birth in earth, by the breaking of the water. If you haven't come through the natural birth into the world you cannot participate in the Kingdom of God in the earth. If you hadn't been first in the spirit you wouldn't know how to participate in earth, because you wouldn't have a natural Celestial origin that could reach you. My, what we have thought to suppress out of it. Then there are some who will say:--Dr. Swift this is unorthodox----But it is true, it is true.

My Father as creator is the Father of Grace who reaches out to the ends of the earth, and He has declared through the lips of the prophet Isaiah:--Look unto ME all the ends of the earth and be saved. But has specifically promised that all Israel shall be saved as written.

Yes, there is a difference between the household and the creation. There is a difference between these two creations which we have mentioned. Of the Enosh beings created in the image of the Elohim and of God in their physical structure, and the Adamites begotten of God in the spirit and in Light. A difference, for there is two creation in the book of Genesis, one in the sixth day and the one after the 7th., in which there was no Adamite to till the ground. For the word Adam means man, and it means white man, and the word Enosh means man, but those who are not the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.

When I talk to you about the significance and the importance of understanding Spiritual Law I mean that your Celestial being has a Celestial consciousness, has a spiritual mind, and was with the Father through out the ages of yesterday and saw everything that happened. For instance Jeremiah said: I saw everything, and the world was without form and void. But this is also the second verse of the book of Genesis. Then you remember the words of Jesus, He said that it was necessary that He send the Paraclete, translated, the comforter, or Holy Spirit, that it might bring all things to your remembrance. That it might lead you into the knowledge of all truth. Then turned around and said: "Even the Spirit that the world cannot receive." How long have we thought to tell the world that they can receive this which they have no capacity for? Because they had no spiritual nature with that wavelength of understanding.

When God created the Universe it was good, including our own solar system, which is just a small fraction of the Milky Way. Everything He put upon it was good, and things which happened in the course of Lucifer's rebellion and struggles in space, and on the earth--all shall be brought to victory by the MOST HIGH, who is going to see that everything will be good once again. Someone said:--I don't believe that Dr.Swift, but that really isn't important. I can tell you this, The Apostle Paul believed this, and Peter believed this when he delivered his first address after the Spirit illuminated his consciousness. Then he talked about the great restitution of all things which had been spoken of by all the prophets since this world began.

There is nothing any greater for you to know today than that your father has all things in hand and is going to bring things to conformation, the greatness of which has not even been considered in fullness by his many children. When we tell you there is a difference in people, this difference is in how they consist. God has synthesized in you his children, the spirit of light and life, the soul consciousness, the physical creation until you are the composite substance of all the basic substances of which the universe is framed. The moment the physicist has to admit that there are living knowledge quality elements, elements that are knowing, elements that have conscious organization both of light and electricity, then he is admitting the Great Mind of God, the Great Soul of the universe. And there is no room for atheism or agnosticism when you reach that perimeter of knowledge.

There isn't any question but that the mysteries surrounding Godliness were introduced again by Jesus. And this is the Mystery which is the Mystery of God which is to be climaxed in this hour at the end of an age. As we mentioned before when Jesus said; "I am from above and you are from below," he was talking to Jews in Jerusalem, and then He said: "No man can ascend into heaven but he who came down out of it." We have conceived the idea that the most important thing for us to do is to get people into heaven, but I tell you that the most important thing for you to do is to get the universe into perfect balance with God. The most important thing is to consummate the victory of Gods Kingdom over all evil and error through out the Universe. The most important thing is not leaving here on earth, but staying here to finish the job you came to do. You say:----Came to do? Yes, you came into the world and some go out of it. You have been told that you didn't bring anything into the world and you don't take anything out of it, but where did you come from? You came out of the Celestial realm and you came from the presence of the Father, and you came into earth by the process of birth. In fact when God visited the earth, this being one of the great mysteries, then the Apostle Paul tells us that God was seen of Angels. "God who is light and spirit actually dwelt in the world, even as I am not of the world." But we don't want to take you out of the world until we finish this task.

We mentioned a week ago, how the Jews didn't understand what he said; how they didn't understand when he spoke of The Father. And they didn't understand spiritual things. Jesus said:--"Ye cannot understand what I say because you cannot hear my speech." Suppose I tell you that the great mysteries of God, the mysteries of Divine law are all contained in these facts,---how God does not want to see a mongrelization---and why God does condemn the mixtures of races, it all lies right here.

We were talking to a group of Doctors the other day, and there are many strange things that transpire of course in our activities of proclaiming 'The Gospel of the Kingdom' and the mighty work of God, such as opposing the politics of evil and the conspiracy to destroy our society. At one time we will be speaking to a group of associates of manufacturers, and the next time a group of research doctors and surgeons who are working on a specific subject because they have come to the realization that there is a spiritual cognition that must be discovered if their experiments are going to be successful. Never has it been as important as it is now for you to understand some of these things. When Jesus spoke to these Jews he was speaking to a multitude and they always chimed in and he said:--"You cannot hear my words because you cannot understand my speech."---When he said that they couldn't receive his words but the children of the Kingdom could receive them, he also said that he would bring all things to your remembrance, to the knowledge of all truth. What is remembrance?----again we tell you that it is one of the Mysteries of the creation, of energies, and the storing of it by experiences. The scientists now know, and so does the medical profession who are interested in real science, and are interested in an understanding of the relationship of all this, and all that the study of nerves and the vital patterns of remembrance can bring. Everything that you see or experience, the very mechanical process of thinking generates mili-amps of electricity, and these mili-amps of electricity are electrons, and they move down tiny filaments into your brain. In fact the very process of thinking and seeing helps develop them. They twirl at high speeds around the ganglia of nerves and a picture whether it be video through the eyes or audio through the ears, but vibrations translated by this pattern of energy picks up an image, and the image has form. It is the thing you are thinking about, hearing or experiencing. Then these electrons slow down and stand still----naked electrons around the tiny nerve fibers, and your chief scientists understand this. But the mystery is this quality inside of you that can reach out and reactivate at will just like selecting a record. That layer of electrons, a micron, is a tremendous thick layer of measurements compared to these particles, even though it be a millionth. In fact, the fact remains that around one tendril of your mind tissue can be a lifetime of experiences--stored---record on record of electrons, and when stimulated and picked up, the picture is restored to your mind.

Now, they have discovered something else about this, and this is rather significant also, but we pass on from generation to generation the sum total of these experiences, and this knowledge. And that we have inherited a great pattern of it. When as we were talking to these doctors it was on the philosophy of mitosis. Strange as it may seem we are face to face with a great knowing quality of conscious existence and knowledge factors. In the process of every birth, in the selection like a vast computer working with knowledge of everything which relates to new embryos, the fact that you well know comes to view. That the chromosomes, the genes, the chromogenes and the sperm, the ovum and cell contain all the pattern, all the characteristics of the mother and the father. Contains all the characteristics in a book keeping quality of genetics, of the grandfather, and grandmother, the great grandfather, and great grandmother and so on. Oh! You say: How far back do you go? Back to Adam. You say how do you know? I talked to experts in this field, and I asked this Doctor, How much chromogene is contained in one gene? He said: It is impossible to give an exact count. That at times it seems almost impossible under even electronic microscopic determination to get focus, and they seem to fade in and out sometimes even for such types of counts as though they were invisible. But he said:---the fact remains that there is an unlimited factor. I said:---What do you think is the determining factor? What do you know about chromogene, what is it? He said:---it is a tiny part of visible electrons. It is a electronic memory, and it is quite obvious that just as there are genes that have a memory and operate mathematically to determine what color the eyes are going to be, or what the mean height is going to be determined by their forefathers, that there is an intellectual gene that passes on the sum total of acknowledged experiences, and remembrances. Even the new born babe has several fibers of his brain tissue surrounded by electrons which came in layers that was deposited there by the quality of the electrons in the intellectual genes. That is why we may say that intelligence and brilliance is immediately transferred from generation to generation. Some have more aptitude to some things than others, but they have inherited everything in their background.

Some will say is this important? Yes, for you see that remembrance can be brought back. Just as everything you have ever experienced can be understood so the energy of Gods spirit, the mighty electrons can bring into your consciousness anything that ever happened in your race, and anything that your Celestial consciousness by its spiritual synthesis ever saw or experienced in the heavens, since the creation of any nation.

So as I outlined this philosophy of life and light and energy to these men who had been experimenting in a very interesting field of which we haven't the time to discuss, but I want you to remember that the answer, and the evidence and even some of our highly technological institutes are now able to measure it---the type of brain wave, the difference between memory and creative thought. The fact is that each and every one of you children of the Adamic race have inherited these experiences, the knowledge, and the technology, and it can be carried back to your memory. That is why anything that relates to God, anything that relates to the old or the new testament, or the things of your race, or the background of your history, and when you start talking about it an image comes about it, an image comes right up in these ganglia nerves and you get a picture of it. I could talk to you about the background of Chinese tradition and you might never get a clear picture of it at all. You can talk to a Chinese about your background day and night and he may never see it, but will go back to erecting pagodas. Because you are going to erect in the seat of your consciousness the things that are a part of you. And that is why one of the most important things for you to know this afternoon is the Mystery of spiritual seed. Because you have been begotten of spiritual seed, incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. But you mix the races, and the by product does not have the background of clear affinity. Nothing that can be brought back will clearly come because he has mutated this cultural wave. This is the destruction of races, and nations and has the condemnation of God.

Significantly therefore your celestial being is a being of light which has its seat of consciousness and its eye of vision. You have your physical body with its physical brain of senses, which has recorded everything which you can think of, that you have experienced in earth, and you have this seat of conscious knowing that you are a being. This knowing which is your great internal soul consciousness that operates with vision of the senses, but draws from its higher vision out of the superior knowledge out of the spirit.

I was interested in a report being made concerning the need for education in Africa and Asia, and how they wanted America to spend billions of dollars to advance and develop the educational systems of Africa and Asia, and so they tell us about the educational system in Nigeria and in Ghana supposedly the most advanced in all Africa. They have Universities there you know, and then they tell us that when you graduate from a university in either country, with a doctors degree, then you have almost as much knowledge as a 7th., or 8th., grader out of an American school. It isn't so much that they didn't try to teach them more, but they found that the peak of the level of their ability was different and they downgraded their schools accordingly, as they found their limitations. No wonder Chicago University with their scientists were repudiating all the foundation of the social revolutionists, and the Pseudo Scientists whose foundations found that every one on the face of the earth were supposed to be equal and that this might be alright as a political idea but, was all wrong as it related to anatomy, to ability, to its spiritual values. And said it was important that we realize that if the world was going to built on this false a foundation then it is bound to come to catastrophe. This is the reason we are having trouble at every level of integration and all of the world design because it is based on error.

When the anthropologists, the anatomists and the bio-chemists and the doctors and the scientists of Chicago University get together and repudiate the social revolution on the other side of the university that is news. But you know it never came out only in a couple of little places because even the newspapers didn't have the courage to print it. Jesus said:--You cannot understand because you cannot hear me. That picture in my mind is not erected in yours because you do not have the wave length of that perception. It has to be synthesized with light, light that is the life of man. For this cause and Gods Grace he put his kingdom into the world. He placed it here so that it might carry and convey to those that could not receive it themselves----the mighty Priestcraft of God. Have you ever wondered why he calls you the Kingdom of Priests and Kings, a Holy nation? And then it tells you in the book of Revelation that we shall rule and reign in the earth as Priests and Kings unto our God. Because what they cannot receive must be measured out to them, but it must remain firmly in the hands of those who have the capacity to receive it, and to carry it forth.

The Mystery of Godliness---of God likeness is this mystery of Christ---of God in the earth. Of many sons manifested in earth, and because God of Spirit became manifested in the flesh. That is a mystery, and you his children of spirit manifested in earth is the Adamic mystery. And it is the Mystery of the Kingdom. And you the people who can tune in and can receive His Holy spirit can bring the wave length of your Celestial consciousness and into the ego consciousness of your soul, a full unveiling revelation of everything which ever happened before you ever came to earth, and thus bring every thing to your remembrance and lead you to the knowledge of all truth.----Children of the Spirit.

We have mentioned before that the Asiatic is probably the oldest man. Talking to an anatomists I wanted to confirm that statement above, for we have discussed this many times. No chronologists knew that for a long time, and I asked this eminent doctor if we were to present before you the skeleton of an Asiatic, the skeleton of a Negro, and the skeleton of a western man from Germany, or an American, and we were to give you also the fossils of a fossil man who came out of the pre Cambrian uplift to Africa as was brought out a few weeks ago, whose radio carbon shows that it is one million seven hundred fifty thousand years old, if we were to bring you one of 30,000 years, or one of 60,000 years as the layers of the Peking man have proven---and they are all true men--for they worshiped, they built fires, they had instruments which they made, they painted pictures on the walls of caves, better pictures than our modern artists, and I said:--What can you tell me about those bones by looking at them? He said:--I could separate the Negro from the Asiatic, and the white man just like that, just like you would sort cards. I said how? He said:--by the shape of their skulls. I know because I have measured them, I have studied them, this is my field. I know how thick the Negroes skull is of everyone found. I know the difference of the actual positioning even of the four magnum. The little hole the spinal column goes up through in the skull. There is a little difference here and it is not exactly the same place in different races.

I said:--That is what I wanted you to say Dr. There is a difference and it is not just the color of the skin that used to drape over it. Other scientists have confirmed that there is a difference in the content as well.

Now:--I talk unto you, the sons and daughters of God, and I speak unto you as those who are perfect, because the spirit in you has been begotten by the Father of incorruptible seed, and lives and abides forever, so lets be sure then that the houses we dwell in and the race we are a part of is preserved so it can do its work----not integrating--not mongrelizing---not surrendering. Strangely this significance begins to dawn. The electronic pattern of remembrance has been your inheritance and God can activate it, and he will. Your storing things of your heritage is then transferred from generation to generation to those of your race.

One of the mysteries that seems so strange is that when there is in the seat of consciousness a pattern of error it is only knowledge and truth which straightens that out in the great reasoning center of your consciousness---your soul. And you heard the words of Gods Grace:---I will remove thy transgressions or sins from you---as far as the east is to the west. I will blot them out and they will not be remembered any more." (Hebrews 8:12) What do you think remembrance is? God can adjust your thinking until you do not carry forward the destiny of error. Strangely enough that is why the Adamic errors have been inherited by us all. And that is why the great Mystery of the Power of Resurrection, and the Great Mystery of Immortality which shall descend back upon the children of God shall be the envelopment of light and illumination. It shall be the repudiation of catastrophe which came upon men, which bound them with fear, and caused them to accept the failures organically anticipated which starts the process of death. I can tell you this right now, medical science right now has the know how to reverse the process of aging at greater speed than people know---could put 60 years back to 25---yes, they can do it. Dr. Elexis Carroll was one of the great medical minds, but his later work was under the auspices of the Rockefeller foundation but what he found was to great, and to far advanced for what they wanted to do with it. They didn't want regeneration, they didn't want restored light power, they wanted Patients. This man discovered the secrets of life which we have no time to discuss this afternoon. But it was real.

Let me tell you, that we are standing on the greatest day of human history, not only is the true heart of investigation in our race reaching out to put down the last enemy---death---but you have been assured by the Almighty God that He is going to see that the last enemy is put down by participating in this Himself. That is by light enveloping Glory, by Celestial light energy, which will balance every atom of your tissue and put it back in perfect norm, because the bookkeeping quality of knowledge element which holds it together knows how it should be and can adjust it with light and power.

I tell you that you are in a great and tremendous hour, and this is the Mystery of 'God Likeness'. The Asiatic was created in the earth, he had the spirit of that creation. but he was not the offspring of God. He was the created being by God and there was no error found in him until there came the revolution of Lucifer and the catastrophe that enveloped the earth in by gone eras of history. The time does not permit us to discuss this as it is to long a story and we would never run out of story in talking of what happened. The Negro never had a spirit to begin with. Oh you say:---you can't talk that way to me. I am not trying to talk that way, I am just telling you frankly that he never had one. He was alright where he was created, he had a consciousness of existence, he had a soul consciousness, but he had no soul light of spiritual nature, and he was not the offspring of God. Instead he was a creature of creation. He wasn't a high cast as the Asiatic or at least he fell to a status far beneath this, and he is referred to in the scripture as the dead

even though he is alive. The dead when they die don't know anything at all, when he is dead he is just dead just like a dog.

You say:--is that the end of him? No he can be resurrected, and he will be resurrected but when he is dead he doesn't know anything at all just as the scripture says. But the living---that's you---when they die the spirit returns to God from whence it came. The day is going to come when every one is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that our Father is the Almighty Yahweh, the Eternal God of the Universe. The day is going to come when his life giving power is going to restore light and power over all of the Universe. But if we understand that we will never stand by, never again, and condone the mixture of these different species.

I turned to this emanate Doctor and I said:--Why are these creatures different than we, and he said: they have a different seed, for they are a different specie, and that is also what the scripture says. Kind begatting like kind seed having life in itself. But you having something the world does not have; you have spiritual seed, a Mystery of God in an earthen vessel which produces a celestial child is developed and living in a physical body who can say: Our Father which art in Heaven. So the Father says: (Matt:13) Unto you it is given to know the Mystery of the Kingdom of God, but to them it is not given. Now, if you want to know if Matthew meant what was said: "I speak in parables so they won't understand", then turn over to Luke 8 and again we see these words: "Unto you it is given to know the Mystery", but he spoke to them in parables so they would not understand. The mysteries are for you.

There are multitudes who do not understand any thing of what I have said to you today. It would make no pattern or image in their minds. Some might have the capacity to form it but they have been out of touch with God for so long that they have no synthesis as yet for idea. Others have nothing with which to establish it. The ministries of God are to be the oracles of His Mysteries. And these mysteries are spiritually discerned and as Paul said: "we receive it by revelation, but then we can tie it down with facts and with evidence, and with science. For the works of God and the word of God must agree."

This afternoon I tell you that there is a spiritual law, there is an intellectual law, and there is a physical racial law why we must keep our racial self respect, keep our sons and daughters from marrying outside our race. We must assume our divine responsibility as Kings and Priests before him, and then build and work for "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven."

(end of message)