Mystery Of The Tree Of Life, 7-2-64


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-2-64

As we turn to the subject of "The Mystery of the Tree of Life" you will recall that we spoke to you two weeks ago on the mystery of God, and we have spoken of the Mystery of the Kingdom, but the subject "The Mystery of the Tree of Life" is also very vital to each and every one of you. And also very vital to the structure of God's Purposes as they develop inside of His Kingdom. As we talk to you about these factors it is significant that we understand what time it is in our relationship to the pattern of events. A great many people are disturbed and they listen to every whim of doctrine, they are sometimes disturbed by what they see talking place, and they don't know what time it is, and what it is that God is really doing.

What God intends to do with his kingdom my friends, is not going to be decided in the two or three days. I want you to know that what happens in the election is not going to change what God has planned or purposed for you. In fact there are many things which will develop in the next 3 months that we will talk about tonight. But I tell you that God has a great and mighty purpose, and we are moving up to one of the most important periods in all human history.

It is hard sometimes for people to think about the great periods of time. And they talk about how long it has been from our time back to the time our race first came into earth. And thus they think of 7400 years as a long period of time, and it is hard for them to recognize that in a matter of weeks, or months, or a few years, that great events are to be consummated. As they think of how long we have been here, let me point out to you that it hasn't been very long at all, for there isn't any of you here today who was not with the father before the world was framed, we can take you over to "Grand Canyon" and there we have had 1 ½ million years of seed time and harvest in measures, which is right there in the rocks for you to read. So there is really no one here that is young if you are going to start measuring spirits, and you can't do that by three score and ten years. When you talk about the antiquity of the earth there are other places which can show greater age than the "Grand Canyon." You can go up to "Yellowstone Canyon" and we can show you the existence of ages which in geological periods of time will go further back than 1 ½ million years. The only reason we point this out to you is that you were with the father before the world was framed.

When the morning stars sang together, all the sons of God shouted for joy, when the measuring lines of creation started out for this sidereal system. Significant then were the events that transpired in the earth, events of our own race, After we were placed upon this planet. When we know these time elements and know also the prophecies which were ordained by the Most HIGH, of the things declared to the earliest patriarchs of its race, the fulfillment of the measures of prophecy, and the things that have transpired, then it is very important that we be able to read the times, and the seasons and understand some of the things which are so vital.

The Mystery of the Tree of Life, is the Mystery of a Celestial household, of a spiritual people. It is a mystery of light, and power, and of vision, and it is one of the most important things men can understand. Never have we had a period when we have had so many strange and peculiar doctrines, when there are people not catching the real truth of spiritual vision, and get off on some strange complex which obscures what God intends to do. And therefore neutralizes the application of vision, wisdom and power, for the occupation of the earth, and the establishment of the Kingdom.

And so we think it is very vital that we understand that we have arrived at an historic period of time. If one goes back into the earlier writings of men such as Enoch, we discover the things that God unveiled to Him. And we discover the conversations of the Patriarchs, and the tradition of our race. Things that were known then should be known now, and taught in every Church in the land. Things that should be understood by our people make up the story of the "Mystery of the Tree of Life."

The 'Tree of Life' is a family tree of a spiritual people. A synthesis of vitality which moves out of the very existence of The Father who says:-----"I am the vine, and you are the branches." "I am the root and trunk of the tree and you are the branches."---------"Except ye abide in me you do not have life." The Great Mysteries of "The Tree of Life" lay in the transference of a spiritual order of the Celestial household from heaven to earth. And the difference between these people and people round about are many. For these are people from the Household of the Most High, and therefore their existence in the earth was one of the most unique experiences that had ever happened to the peoples of earth. For the Household of God was now entering the earth by the residence of dwelling in a physical body. By a process of being the very progeny of Gods, and you came in with regulations, and authority, and laws that related to the beginning of a pattern for Divine Government. As this race was placed here in the earth, they were placed here for a very specific purpose.

There is much that could be stated about the anthropology and history of men and peoples in earth. Much could be said about the antiquities and the civilizations, and the archaeology which confirms it today. About the developing of radio Carbon testing of time, but we are not going into that subject at this time. The subject we are interested in this afternoon is the mystery of the 'tree of life' and it's relationship to these patterns of events. and yet we have so many problems and wars, and holocausts, and Oh ! If we could only postpone these events--push them away--for a time. My Friends:---who wants to push away the elements of Divine Destiny, and the developing factors of prophecy which are so vital to each and every one of you ?---who wants to postpone that which God has ordained by 'Timed' schedule ? The 'Timed' schedules and what God intends to do are quite clear. We who have lived thru one of the great marking patterns of history as it was----Feb. 1962----the sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens, and now move into Feb. of 1965 which is just ahead of us. Here we move into almost the heart of the great week of measure that was given unto us by Enoch. Significantly he was told that after the Sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens---that there would be---only into the midst of the week before judgment would fall upon those who make their camp with the enemies of God's Kingdom. And also he was told that the light of YAHWEH would again descend, and the hosts of God would again rise up, and they would be empowered as they were in the days of Adam and Eve.

Now; --- no one quite understood in the earlier periods---possibly---what all was involved in these prophecies. There has been a continual use of the application of the 'week' and 'the midst of the week', and we see it showing up in Daniels prophecies as well. Some tried to apply it to the 490 years which was given to Judah and Benjamin as they returned to Palestine, to reform that Kingdom after their bondage. And you will note that it was in the last of the 70th. week of that prophecy---with a day for a year---in prophetic measure---that they use. It was 490 years, and they did not consummate the 490 years before the last 3 ½ years of that time was consumed with the cutting off of ------ MESSIAH-----THE PRINCE, or the crucifixion of Jesus The Christ, which was of course consummated as the end, as far as measure goes---of the actual dynasty measures of these people as such. What transpired you remember was that they said that it was in the midst of the week. Before that week was over it consummated the pattern of greater and greater internal trouble as far as it related to Palestine, and Rome and so forth. But going back to the Prophecy which existed in the time of Enoch which had no particular direct relationship to that particular measure, but did call attention of the great developments which would happen in the great and final week of measure. The day was measured as a year----in the prophetic time measure of the MOST HIGH.

What did it talk about when it referred to those who would pitch their encampment with the enemies of God ? All over the nations of the world today, we have the powerful, and vital design on the part of the Anti-Christ, and the forces of evil. It is this design to try to conquer the nations of God's Kingdom, to 5th, column them and sell them on the programs of Anti-Christ. They seek to involve in the areas of business as well as the areas of economics, then absorb God's people. We are living in this period in which God has promised to cleanse this nation, and there will come the day when there shall not be a Cainainite dwelling in the House of God.

Great judgments will fall in the periods ahead upon those who are the enemies of God's Kingdom. We have been told that those who align themselves with Babylon will receive the type of chastening that falls upon Babylon. When Babylon finds judgment falling upon her who dwells carelessly in His Isles, and in the great nations of His Kingdom, then if you dwell carelessly along side of Babylon, and you lose your property then you can expect that.

If you are involved and tied up with the powers of darkness, and you find yourself wiped out with the judgment and catastrophe, then this is of your own doing. There are those who have made their alignment with the powers of darkness. There are those in the present Administration who I consider as those who have help to staff, not only this administration but the leaders of our nation, with enemies of God's Kingdom. These are the people diametrically opposed to Jesus The Christ, and they naturally serve the forces of darkness. And if they do not extricate themselves from this area in the remaining short time, then they will have to take the judgment which falls----accordingly.

Thus we have passed the sign of 'The Son of Man' in the heavens and we are coming into the Great Hour of the Day of the LORD, and judgment falls. Thus---keep thy link with Babylon and receive of her chastisements. We are not talking about the eventual pattern of "Eternal Life", or that which God has promised that he will do as it relates to his race, and to his household-----All Israel---because he does say:---"All Israel shall be saved, as it is written." Then the Grace of God reaches out in the passages of Timothy and others and says:---"All flesh is to be saved",---eventually. But I'm not talking about eventually, I am talking about now. We have not only passed a great milestone in prophetic measure, and it doesn't make any difference that you have been here 7400 years as a race. But 2 ½ years ago you passed a milestone with the sign in the sky of 'the Son of Man'. The stepping up of events that have transpired from that time unto this, and which will continue to step up will prove that we are closing a period of time, and that The Great Day of THE LORD is upon the nations of God's Kingdom.

As we approach such an hour then there are things of great significance, and they are mighty, and they are important unto us. They are important because they tie into things that transpire, and which the average Church does not discuss because their symbolism, and their mystery---they do not know much of what they talk about

When the household of the MOST HIGH GOD was placed in earth remember that a special preparation for the development and eventual administration of the Kingdom was hidden in the symbolism. And God planted a Garden eastward in Eden, and we have the instruction, and we are told---altho the mystery of it was in inner Eden.

But we will not discuss those points so much as the fact that the most High had given instructions as to the very beginning of the foundation of government, and of law, as it related to your race. As it relates to the spiritual background, and it's identification of The Father, there was no question,, no shadow hanging upon it. This was the very progeny of God. This was his offspring, spirit of his spirit, breath of his breath, life of his life. He had given Adam and Eve instructions, and of all these trees planted for fruit they could eat. This was also implanted in the writings of Moses because there was nothing wrong with eating fruit, there was nothing wrong with fruit trees, or apples or peaches. But when people try to equate the violation of Divine concept because they don't understand it, So therefore of all the trees for fruit there is no violation of Divine law.-----"Of all the trees for fruit, that I have given you for food, you may eat---But there is one thing I have given you as a Universal law---you shall not partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge--of good and evil." Early Patriarchs of our race understood this thoroughly. The procedures and the factors which were involved became on e of discussions in the household of our race, and this is one of the reasons why when you turn to the writings of Moses in the Book of Deuteronomy, the 32 chapter he says:---You can ask your Fathers and they will tell you about this. Ask them about people and they will tell you about this, how the mark of their countenance is different. Their God is not our God, so ask your Fathers and they will tell you of things involved in the richness of traditions and out of the patterns of history. As far as your race is concerned you have been spirit of his spirit, begotten out of the antiquities of the ages. A Celestial people out of the Great Tree of Life and Vitality.

Now; therefore we know that it is in the dimension and plane of light that spirit has it's existence. That spirit and light are synonymous in dimension and planes from whence they emerge. That the Eternal Yahweh----God is spirit, and they that worship him must worship HIM in spirit, and in Truth. The God of light whose existing effulgent spirit is the illumination of the Universe, the light of men, the light of every man who comes into the world. When I say this, we are talking about Adam man. We are not talking of those who are not of the Household and do not have the capacity of spiritual perception upon this level. He said: "If I be lifted up I draw all men---Adamites---to me." And we can establish today that it was the white men of the earth who became Christians. They are those who recognize Jesus as THE CHRIST.

We are not talking about the conduct of every individual white men, as there may be discrepancies in conduct, but as nations and people they give recognition to Jesus as THE CHRIST. And they identify with this household whose monotheistic worship and it's history ethnically goes back to Adam.

Thus it is that when God placed the issue in the earth, of the Adamic race, he transferred a Celestial seed from heaven to earth. When he gave authority to Adam and Eve to multiply and populate the Earth, in the instructions that he gave he warned of an association or connection with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If you follow the ancient patterns of the records and traditions of our race, and the discussions of the patriarchs, you discover that surrounding the very persons of Adam and Eve was radiant effulgent Glory, or an aura. A light emanating with power was radiant upon them. So radiant were they that we are told that peoples of under areas of society could hardly stand to look upon them because of their Glory. We are told out of the writing of the Ancient Zohar that Lucifer who had violated Divine law had lost much of his power, and was now known as Satan, or the Devil. And when looking upon Adam and Eve he said: Behold ! they are the children of YAHWEH.

Behold ! Their light is too bright too look upon, and I must dampen this light so that they destroy not my kingdom of darkness. This is what he was to destroy---it was that the very effulgent radiation of the light of God that rested upon Adam and Eve. In the design to destroy this light this meant that Lucifer must mutate that society which they represented. His seduction of eve and the similar seduction of Adam was a part of the mutation by a created fallen angel, who had not kept his first estate. He falls into the same bracket as the fallen angles mentioned by Jude, as those who had not kept their first Estate. Who violated Divine law and caused the crimes of Sodom and Gomorrah in those ancient creations. He sought by mutations to cut off and to destroy the very Household of God.

We note that in this instance that Adam and Eve were enveloped and covered with a radiant Glory, an Emanation of light and power that is becoming to the Children of the Most High God. We also know that the approach of Lucifer was not just a normal approach, but one that said:-----Would ye be brilliant, would ye know all things, would you like to have your intellect expanded ?

In the early day when like Matthew Henry in their commentaries these were able to perceive this much. They knew that they were dealing with allegories, mysteries, and symbols. They did not have at their fingertips all the areas of research and records that today are in the hands of Christianity. Now; this is increasing, and the patterns of Revelations are expanding, but he also was able to see the approach was---to the quality of intellectual ability to be like God. Adam and Eve possessed inside of the consciousness of the spirit, the capacity to know and to be led into all things. Thur they were appealed to:----that they might be like God. So by this process, and by the glamour of his appearance Lucifer seduced Eve, and the violation of Divine law upon Adams part also took place.

But instantly there is a transition because they were spirit of his spirit, and light of his life, but Now:---because they were the offspring of the most High their radiant emanation of Divine Glory enveloped them, and this was their covering.----But in the days they violated Divine Law---Adam and Eve were---"The Tree of Divine Life". They were spirit of his spirit and this "Tree of Life" also maintained the immortality of the son's and daughters of God in the earth. As long as they remained in relationship to the covenant of his Law of Life---"In the day ye eat, ye shall surely die."

Now; in this instance Lucifer says:---Did God say that ? You can participate in joining with our race, and intermingling with us---ye shall not die ! But the direction was: ---- "In the day ye eat, ye shall surely die." (Gen.2,17)

Now; as far as spirit is concerned it is Eternal, and as far as destroying something that is born of incorruptible seed you can't destroy that which is incorruptible. But in a physical body---with the soul consciousness resident in that physical body, the violation of Divine Law came first to the seat of the intellect, giving the sense of Satanic design, and this caused a loss of immortality to descend upon the household of God. Thus it was that Adam and Eve co-habitant with the darkness suddenly lost their light, for there was no communion between the Celestial energies of the spirit Household of God and the fallen household of the Luciferian force.

We are told that now Adam and Eve are no longer enveloped and covered with light and Glory. The ancient books of Adam and Eve tell us about how that now the light was gone. The ancient records of the Zohar said:---now the world can look upon Adam and Eve because there was no longer any brilliance there----They had lost "THE LIGHT'. Oh ! they had not lost their identity and they were not lost to the purposes of the Most High God, who had not only known them from the beginning, but who had ordained that they were going to conform to his image. And thru these people of this Adamic race, and by this process His Kingdom would be established in the earth. But as far as immortality was concerned---death was moving upon them. The great mystery of the secret of the 'light of Life' and the 'Tree of life' was one of the great mysteries of the Kingdom. It was because of the loss of this light, the light of life, which came with the violations of Divine law, that they would no longer be immortal.

Someone always says:---But Adam sure lived a long time: Yes---but a day is as a thousand years unto the LORD, and "In the day that ye shall eat, ye shall surely die." No one of Adams descendants including Adam, himself, lived 1000 years. Now you say: no one lives a thousand years---but no wait a minute, don't say that, because Enoch lived longer than that. He never died. And Elijah lived longer than that also even tho he returned in the spirit of John the Baptist, to fulfill prophecy.

Then as far as John is concerned, there is no evidence that this beloved disciple who wrote the book of Revelation under Divine inspiration, is not walking the earth waiting for final revelation in these climatic hours. His coming and going in the courts of heaven, and in the patterns of earth are parts of Divine measure. We are vitally concerned about this subject of the 'Tree of Life' because it has a very vital part in our life. All kinds of false philosophies and strange doctrines are emerging here and there and they never touch upon what actually transpired, and what is actually consistent in this great and mighty story of Divine purpose.

But when one studies again the background of the prophets and measures given to men like Enoch, and see how they were told that in this climatic hour, after we have passed the sign of the 'son of man', that God stops the protection, or provides no protection for those who pitch their tent with the enemy of his Kingdom, then we also see that simultaneously he starts empowering his son's and daughters for survival thru that period of time.

It would be very inconsistent then for us not to search out one of the most vital, one of the most important areas of revelation of Mystery inside of the Kingdom of God. For there will be an abandonment of those who think that for money, or power, or for any area of affluence, if they think they can continue to join the enemies of God's Kingdom in the midst of the earth and not receive the judgments that shall fall upon the enemies, then this would not be consistent. Nor my friends: to think that God is not by this process, and in great and magnificent demonstration is not to do something for the children of His Kingdom. Such as the great and latter rain outpouring of energy, which is also accompanied by transition.

We turn into the book of Isaiah as he says:---"Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee."

A Glory that was lost, a Glory that disappeared in the days of Adam and Eve, is about to be restored upon every one of the son's and daughter's of God, according to their order, according to their responsibility, to his law, and to His purpose in this vital hour. In the fullness of time he has predestinated every last one of His Son's and Daughters to conform to his own image. In the fullness of time, the majesty of the Divine pattern shall be revealed upon all of those who constitute the household. Back into this pattern of the 'tree of life' we see this effulgent mystery. We discover that as death had descended upon this Divine race, even tho they did not die the very moment that violated the Divine Law, yet it was in this cyclic day, Within this 1000 years that death came upon Adam and Eve, and upon some of their posterity. And death has passed down upon all men thru out all generations from that day to this, except where special dispensations of wisdom and Grace on the part of God intervened. And there has been recorded true instances of this inside biblical record.

When I tell you that it is important that we understand this, against some of these peculiar claims of some religious leaders of this hour, it is because there is a spiritual value involved, and we are vitally concerned about this principal, about the restoration of immortality, about the knowledge of life as it properly exists in relationship to what God has said. You will note that the last book---Revelation---is involved with a last chapter, and it talks about the great stream of Divine power and destiny. About the crystal stream of the will of God, which comes forth from the presence of God. And it waters the 'Tree of Life' with it's 12 manners of fruit which are for the healing of the nations. This symbolic 12 is always the measure for the posterity of His Kingdom.

You will note that the issue of the Adamic race, and the bringing forth of it's covenants thru the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and then out thru the avenue of his 12 son's. You will note the 12 months of the year, the 12 cycles of the decans in the houses thru which the measures of the sky do pass. Thus it is that we have the significance of the symbol 12, and of those things. Therefore when the 'tree of life' has 12 manners of fruit, and each one of these fruits is for the healing of the nations, then by this same measure also we who constitute the great Israel of God, are 'issue' ruling with him in the earth. We are of the household of the Most High, and we are significantly measured, so that it is all 12 tribes--the celestial light of God that is to be restored.

They are not only the household of God, but because they are they household,, the reconstruction of the earth, the raising forth of divine law, the administration of knowledge, and power---then emerges thru the Household of God, whose vitality of the light of life, is to be Restored. So we discover that the very last chapter of our book of Revelations, talks to us about 'The Tree of Life'. And 'the tree of life' we see severed from the knowledge of man as to it's application, when it says:---there were Serephims placed at the gates so that Adam---man could not by his participation in 'The Tree of Life'---and Live forever in his transgression.

Now; the Grace of God, and the purpose of God intends the restoration of his household. He says that your name was written in the lambs book of life before the foundation of the world. More than this he tells you that more important than your triumph over the individual periods of darkness is your knowledge that your names were written in the Lambs book of life, or in the records of heaven---before the foundation of the world---and that you are the household of the Most High God.

Under this instance we discover that the process of death, and the patterns of the 'Tree of Life' is in the inner cognition between the consciousness of man and the celestial mind with it's relationship to the physical residence inside the earth. In otherwords the procedure which sustains life and balances an individual was this very light energy from the Most High God. It was this very light of Life that immunized the body from all areas of transgression, from all areas of disease, from all areas of sickness. It was this very light of life that could re-synthesize every atom in the being, and could determine the acceleration rate of the moving of the electrons around the nucleus of every substance of matter.

It was out of the Light which emanated over the physical bodies of those who are the household of God, and this was their secret of mortality. It is to be noted that as you go back into the record, that after the violation of Divine law, then Adam and Eve knew they were different----their light was gone, their radiance was gone. This was a well marked pattern, and they were hiding when God walked in the evening of the day. And God said: "Adam where art thou."

Now;-----God knew where Adam was, and he knew what Adam was going to do, a thousand years, a hundred thousand, and yes a million years before Adam fell. Thus it was even as it relates to even the setting in motion of the sidereal system-----planning the conjunctions and the patterns which would mark his birth in the days of atonement. All this had to be set up in the ages of yesterday. So he has to know all about the things which were to transpire. He had also laid plans for a might atonement, and for greater Majestic purposes. The Majesty of Divine plans are so staggering to the human consciousness, when we realize how far back God laid the counter-active plans for the salvation of your race, when he established it with Majesty, and for the Grace of the Father in dealing with his earth-bound son's.

Thus we point out that in the day they violated Divine law they were instantly in cognition of this, and the judgment of death was upon them. And in that inner center where spiritual capacity reaches the area of consciousness, it is relayed by the nervous system in milliamps of energy to every part, and position of the body -----But---suddenly--this had ceased. Modern medical science and students of today in the areas of nutrition know that one of the most vital things for us to understand is nutrition, and that we are in constant chemical processes of metabolism, with all the areas of knowledge concerning the balance of the human body, and in the areas of it's digestion and re-synthesis we are continually constructing tissue and material.

The fact remains that in this process that every 7 years we are supposed to replace practically every bit of tissue in our body. Why then is it that we find the question asked:----Why is it that we do not find ourselves rejuvenated every 7 years, with a possible extension in some areas of as much as 8 or 9 years ? Why is it then that people do not have---by the process of synthesis and digestion---Eternal Youth? Why then, if the tissue is replaced every 7 years---why is not a pattern of longevity preserved by a continual youthfulness because of this renewing of tissue? Why does it take on a certain memory pattern and begin to age ? And when the tissue is replaced why is it aging tissue that is replaced. It is deteriorating tissue that is replaced. Even tho it is replaced the tissue replaced is in the image of it's aging antiquity. Where does this pattern then find it's existence?------In the mysteries that were once unveiled to the Apostle Paul he was told, that in the seat of consciousness, in the vitality of the secrets of life---was the forms of all things. Even in the structure of the atom, itself, there is an electronic memory that sets up composite order of the electrons revolving around the Nucleus. In the patterns of the mind it is above all things the mind of the Eternal out of whence comes the structure of law and the knowledge of Divine wisdom. Here the mystery of the secrets of Divine Law have their existence.

Thus it is that in these patterns of remembrance, just as the magnetic patten of the electronic memory of the chromatin can determine even in forming of the embryo, the pattern of posterity. It takes the least common denominator out of the Fathers, and out of the Grandfathers, and even the great-grandfathers of time. It takes the pattern of the color of the eyes, or the hair, and the chromotin are the measuring factors of this inheritant remembrance, and thus as the embryo forms it is a part of it's ancestors mathematical designating of the pattern of it's being, as it relates to it's pattern of life, also there is an inherited life expectancy.

In fact you will discover that practically all people as they live start to measure that life expectancy by---how long did their mother and father live? Or how long did grandfather and grandmother live? And does longevity reach their family? And some say they expect to live three score and ten and some four score, and some say they will make it maybe until they are 90, or even 100 years of age. But let me point out that the life expectancy existed in the subconscious area, and it also has accepted the pattern like that of the Chromatin. Any cause of an inherited quilt complex we have picked up that pattern and passed it down from generation to generation. Only effecting it by conditions of environment which may effect the subconscious patterns of history and the aging is according to expectancy, and the control is in the seat of the electronic memory, even down in the particles of that physical body. There is only one thing that can start this going in the other direction, and that is when Divine light and life----which is restored----starts to function in the set of the consciousness, starts to activate out of the soul---now energized by this re-connection, and is allowed again to qualify in the portals an understand the mystery of "The Tree of Life". And as it starts to function, and move thru him then you will understand what the LORD meant when he said:----"In that hour when I join myself to my people, I am going to turn a people back unto myself without a wrinkle and without a spot and without a blemish. And thus you will note that there is a mystery here concerning vitality.

Some people say:---Oh! My! this is an awful time to live, it looks like Armageddon is about to begin, it looks like the Anti-Christ is about to move. It looks like catastrophe is about to break loose----Well! bring it on, you can't move in to the ultimate achievement of historical events of prophecy if you hold back the course of time. Of course you can be assured that you are not going to hold it back, and things are moving on time, and probably the most important thing that could transpire is for you, not only to regain that which you lost, but in the seat of you, the individual, is put together the elements of the earth.

I tell you that people worry about the loss of material things, such as the loss of property, and of assets, but any of these things you had you can make again. The most vital thing which you have that you can lose, is the life which ebbs and moves away, because as long as you live you can acquire material things which you lose, and you can get them again.

If you could move my friends:----into the hours of finality that are here referred to, there isn't anything that could stop you from attaining what you desire.

I point out to you that when Milton wrote:----"Paradise Lost" and "The secret of Paradise regained" he saw the loss of vitality, and he saw the loss of life, and he saw death move on men, but he also saw a vision that inspired his writings, and he saw all of this restored. He saw the hand of God moving in these climactic hours in his own time table to restore back upon His people, and upon the people of earth, to restore Glory, and Majesty when the light of Life would come again. When the shadow that came over the consciousness and the features of Adam will disappear, and the light of God will shine once again upon Adams children.

No wonder it is then that when we time these events, the climactic events, the Mighty struggle, the achievements of the Kingdom, that we find so much emphasis put on 'The light of God' The restoration of that light, and that power.

Today all types of false cultures talk about colored lights, and lights glowing off here, and off there, but they can never do anything with it. They don't know what it is all about, and they come up with no doctrine or synthesis that will fit it to scripture, because today, all the Satanic substitutes for the great mysteries of God are being turned loose. When we talk to you about this purpose we are pointing out that this is all a part of the great recharging of the "House of God", by the Design and Intent of the MOST HIGH GOD. When this has reached it's restoration there will be a great lifting of the guilt complex, for the fullness of the atonement will have rested upon them, and by the decisions of the divine timing, and the Grace of God these things will take place. And as they take place we will discover that the Kingdom takes on a new proportion. There is nothing as frustrating to the enemies of God, as when they can't kill your soul. Yesterday we had a catastrophe----(In Viet Nam) as the communist hoards with mortars of about a 15 mile range wiped out about half of our Asiatic Jet Bomber air force, and some men were killed as the planes were destroyed, and in this hour of infamy, we make no retaliation when we should have wiped out the enemies of God's Kingdom----Instantly.

But in this instance we point out to you that there is a breakdown when we do not make sure that only men of the spirit, lift up the standards of God, and hold the areas of authority and power in ----"The Great Nation" of God's Kingdom. But I am going to tell you that the hour is not far off when bombs like that will not effect these of the household of the Most High God. When the swords will not run them thru, when they will not break rank----when the army of God is an army revitalized with power, and in the area of total restoration.

If you go into the content of the book of Romans you will note that God points out the great purpose, That being:---that the whole creation today is vibrating---waiting for the manifestation of the son's of God. These son's of God are the Adamic race, they are the people of the "Israel of God." They make up the great white nations of the western world. But the whole world, whether it knows it or not vibrates together with you---waiting for this great Israel demonstration. This mighty manifested people---the son's of God. What is this manifestation ? --- we are told that the creature itself (this physical body) has been delivered up to the bondage of corruption, and is waiting for the glorious liberty of the Children of God. We know that the whole creation vibrates either---together--or separately--but in pain until now. And not only they---but we also who are the firstfruits of the spirit. (Romans 8: 23) I want you to understand this area of ministry:---Those who were begotten of the father before the world was framed---people of today who constitute the residence--in the physical body---the white race---were the first fruits of God's Spirit, as a issue out of himself. They were begotten of the Father, and not only the creation of the earth, and not only the peoples of the Universe but we---who are the firstfruits---we also vibrate with them, waiting for what ?---Waiting for the redemption of our body.

We have a lot of people running around and they are expecting a great world-wide revival. They don't know why, but they look for it, and think it is about to happen. They are looking for some kind of redemption for the spirit. I want you to know that you don't need to worry about the spirit, because the spirit is already perfect. The one great area in which we see the marked evidence of defeat is in the curse of death that arises upon the people of the Kingdom. But we are waiting for the redemption to wit:---Of our body. Scientifically, Dynamically, Spiritually, a re-empowered people that measures all of the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Thus the Apostle Paul says: Now, I comprehend this, but I haven't figured it out. I know about it, I know about it, I understand it, but I haven't learned how to put it all together so it will work. But I know I shall because I don't want to die, I just want to put on this Celestial covering--this light body--I want to put on immortality.

Now; we note here that he understood it's principals, that righteousness would be fulfilled, and that brought him to say:--The Law of Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of sin and death. Then he says: I know this is true but I haven't learned how to apply it. But this principal emerges and in the 11 verse of the 8th. chapter of Romans it says: "But if the spirit of him that raised up the body of Jesus from the dead---dwell in you, then He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by the spirit that dwells in you." Shall extend the acceleration, shall it's nucleus, and it shall stimulate again their radiant consciousness, and emanating glow of the Aura of God's spirit. In other words, this is a prophetic pattern, a Divine Law.

I point out to you that as we move int these climactic events, that one of the things the enemies of the Kingdom cannot stand is the restored Glory of The Kingdom of God. Why ?--They will run and hide in the rocks and in the mountains before that restored Glory of the Kingdom of God. In fact we are told that when the Kingdom of God comes to it's fulfillment then you won't need a sun or a moon, because the Bible doesn't say anything about that. But it does say that the light of the household of God---these son's of God will have sufficient light and they won't need the sun and moon for light. The light we are talking about is the light of the Embodiment of God, and you are also Christed people. And the Christ in you is the hope of Glory. Thus we read:--Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee.

I am going to tell you that there are a lot of people who would take the first boat out of here for Israeli, or Africa or somewhere else if the light, or Aura, of the sons of God was restored, as it was with Adam and Eve in the days when they first walked the earth.

That was what Lucifer feared---this light and Glory would block out for all times this Kingdom of darkness. The light shines in darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not. The restored Glory which God has ordained for his sons and daughters is declared when says:---I have predestinated that each and everyone of you shall conform to the image of The Son. (his embodiment) My light for thee, is this light which lights every Adamite that comes into the world.

The Mystery of "The Tree of Life", therefore is:----that God starts the processes in the seat of consciousness by opening the gate between the Soul consciousness, and the Celestial consciousness. And the great milliamps of spiritual energy that starts to move thru the entire nervous system of an individual then starts to energize you and charge you, and take away the image of deteriation---take away the image of destruction, and give unto us the image of virility, life, vitality, and the synthesis of each replaced atom starts to grow into youth and firmness, and vitality instead of disintegration and death. And the secret of it's mysteries as it existed in the embryo, just as it exists in the pattern of the chromatin is the pattern of the image of the memory of things restored as God who is light and life, puts that image back in his children. No wonder then that the scripture says:---"As a man thinketh in his heart--so is he." For in this Eternal pattern is one of the great mysteries, the soul consciousness of man cannot separate out the subconscious pattern of record.---or the remembrances that are his. This great revelation of Divine force. And thus it is that only God can activate this seat of consciousness.

Some braggart or boaster cannot say---I am going to do this by myself, or I am going to do that, but God can activate the consciousness of man. He can recharge him with vitality, he can re-quicken by that spirit dwelling in his mortal body, and he can pass from mortal to immortality, and it shall be done, and it shall be accomplished in this age. That doesn't mean that people get all wrought up and jump up and down, or lay down and roll over and over, or scream and act as tho they have lost their mind, with spiritual power, that God starts to move on men. He moves by releasing the Great spiritual secrets which belong to his kingdom and to his household.

I tell you that we have arrived at a most important and triumphant period in human history. As we move into the cycles of the next year, and see the judgments start to fall as never before, on the enemies of God's Kingdom---you are going to see a greater empowering of the son's and daughter's of God. ---What is this for ?---To bind the darkness, to cleanse our life, to do something social, economical, political in the Kingdom. A lot of people think that spiritual power and revelation, and life is only some measure of adjustment, or from some area of individual consciousness. It goes much further than that. The son's and daughter's of God should be victoriously conscious of their destiny, of their relationship to the Father, of why they were placed in the earth, of the Glory they had when they were with him before the world was framed.

The Man Christ Jesus took on himself a body just like you had---was in all things tempted just as you have been tempted. And made the statement---with his aura off---Oh ! If I only had the aura which I had before the world was framed. The aura I was enveloped in before the world was framed. But---not the will of flesh, but the will of spirit had to be done so that the atonement might be consummated. After the resurrection he was in light and Glory, and they cited even in the Roman records as they reached Caesar, and in Pilate’s court records as they reach Rome:---He came out of the grave being as bright as the sun, and that truly this which came out of the grave was very---Jupiter. And centurions made their records,---and now, no sense in putting out that light because---he had accomplished the atonement, and now the Glory of God was visible upon this Embodiment of Divine Revelation. It was this mystery that he could cover in His Will---as he talked to these two men on the road to Emmaus, who were still brooding because their Lord and Master had been crucified and they thought this one who walked with them on the road was a stranger, thus they said:--Don't you know what has happened ?---- The supposed stranger expounded to them all the history of This Israel of God, and as it became close to noon, then they went into a cafe to eat----and suddenly as they ate together the illumination came upon HIM, and they said:---OUR LORD AND MASTER, THEY SAW THE TRANSITION OF GLORY, the kind seen on the mount of transfiguration, by Peter, James, and John, when Christ allowed a form from the Spirit to transform, to envelope HIM. And they beheld Him in all His Glory. Then he told them to go down from that mountain and go to work.

I am not interested in the patterns of Light except it has a purpose, but this is the Light of Life embodied in human form, with resident consciousness now balanced---spirit, soul and body---with the eye now being single to the Glory of God. When I tell you this then I tell you that we are on the edge of the Glorious revelation of the Son's of God. That the Kingdom of God is to emerge triumphant. The Kingdom of God is to rise among men, sending forth instructors to the ends of the earth. It's armies ruling with a rod of iron, the putting down of the powers of darkness is also a part of your destiny. It is your destiny to rise up and cleanse America, and drive every unassimilatable force out of America. To hale the lifting of the tares out of your land, by your Father. But of all these things there is nothing to compare to the Divine Glory that is going to be seen in you.

And the nations of the world are going to say;---that they have seen the manifestations of the Son's of God. And there will be no saying that this testimony is not vital, and that the Kingdom is not triumphant, because you have arrived at the borderland of the very edge of the greatest transition----in all human history. And the whole timetable of this book is built around the Restoration of the Household of God,---to it's status before it's fall.

And I tell you that if there is anything we need to eliminated the crime, corruption, vice and trouble from these United States it is to return---back---to the status of the beings of these that constitute our society. Back to the condition we arrived at before the transition and the fall contaminated the lives of men. If there is any great triumphant hour ahead of us, it is this achievement, as far as reality is concerned it doesn't take you out of the world, but it makes us triumphant within the world.

So I point out to you that this is a part of the great mystery of the Tree of Life. And we move from a Tree of Life which was in the seat of consciousness to the connection of areas of spirit, with full spiritual revelation. With the balance of revelation that we were the Eternal ones, that we were the possessors of life. You will remember that the declaration concerning this pattern is that God says in the book of Ezekiel as he speaks there and thru out he old testament from time to time----He says:---I have no delight in the death of My people. More than this he points out that the great judgments which are about to move upon the powers of darkness, also promises the Great restoration of God's People.

We have been told that we are not to pitch our tents with Babylon, we are not to join forces with the darkness, we are not to associate ourselves with their world order. We are not to make Peace with the areas of darkness, because the Peace of God is triumphant----the Peace of God is the triumphant Kingdom, that rises and rules supreme, over all the forces of the enemy. Thus we have arrived at an historic hour, we have arrived n the time measures, within the cycles, and we stand within the very edge of a New Day. And in this transition we stand upon the cup of Divine measure, both in the heavens and in the earth. When Mortal shall put on immortality, and the son's of God shall establish that the spirit of incorruptible seed with lives and abides forever, has again reopened the gate, to the consciousness of the individual until that body---crumbling---becomes the body restored, and vital, and this is demonstrated among the peoples of God's Kingdom. This is the great and final sign when death is swallowed up in Victory in the great achievement of this coming Age.

You know some doctrines carry such tremendous import that some people want to postpone their development rather than to embrace their developments, because their time is come.

Just as we cite to you that the day came, and the Christ was born within the hour, with the whole magnificence of the heavens set up for the measuring of that date. There came the day, there came the hour which Divine background had set up a quarter of a million years before, in sidereal measurements, and Christ was born into a physical body from the Virgin Mary. Even the measurements of the sky were set up for it, and the day had arrived, and back in the days of Enoch and Job when the pyramid was to be erected, they in inspiration were to set in stone the measures and the seal, and they also had the day, and the day came when the seal of that measure, and the seal of the sky came to pass--------------and THE CHRIST EMERGED----------the EMBODIED YAHWEH----------YAHSHUA.

The hour of his crucifixion and the very knowledge of it had been sealed, the power of his resurrection had been made known. The events of your time and the conditions of this hour are also known to the Father, and are now coming to the full. And I tell you that no one can take from it, no one can add to it, but it is on time. So then, since this is true do not postpone that power of your own thinking, which is the most vital power that can move inside the nations of God's Kingdom----not to remove them from reality, but to empower them for victory.

Just stop to think o the consternation which will fall upon the enemies of God's Kingdom when they can no longer destroy you, and there is no longer any victories while the powers of darkness are dying out with great speed. In fact when you look at the obituaries inside of your newspaper you will see that all the Cainanites, all the children of Lucifer are dying off, and you will see less and less of anything else, because the light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee.

I point out that this is a part of that mystery of the 'Tree of Life' and the vitality in the climax of revelation moves out of your race, and the knowledge, and they wisdom, and the understanding without fear, without defeat is for the healing of the nations. Never in history has there been anything like that which God intends to do.

Now; we point out to you that because of the areas of error, because of the design sweeping the world to neutralize the children of God---this tells you that Lucifer is afraid of truth----about to be revealed. So he negates it and he takes minds not mature by spiritual revelation, and the resulting condition is that instead of getting an image of truth these people are getting a superstitious pattern of darkness. I tell you that this knowledge which is power, is that knowledge which changes the world, that ordains the very quickened by the spirit of the very elements of your body, until it's sustaining life like the power of his resurrection is one with the abiding of His Spirit.

Do you know that the great mystery of the communion as we understand the process of digestion, as we know the necessity of taking food for ourselves, and we have the constant synthesis that this body is what you eat, and there is no question about that, this body is constantly replacing itself out of these elements. But in the mind of the Father there was something that was lacking in this food that was very essential to his son's and daughter's. A vitality factor that could not be found in these normal organic substances, unless it was empowered. Thus it was that he set a table before his people. And the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians and the 11th chapter tell you something about this. He said that some people when partaking of Communion do not discern the body, and blood of OUR LORD. They do not discern that God by the unction of his spirit has consecrated the wafer, and consecrated the cup with the vibrant energy of his own being, as he walked the earth. And as they receive this communion than they have something synthesized to them that is the life vitality of 'The Tree of Life." Eventually then the spirit will consummate this inside of the children of the Kingdom, when the Kingdom comes to it's fullness. But God has been synthesizing this thru the miracle of His table ever since he ordained with the breaking of the bread, and the giving of the cup to his disciples. When he met with Enoch and Job, or when he presided over the meeting with Abraham as Melchizedek, and broke into them the bread and the wine, it was a significant symbol of this fact, that if you understand this mystery, if you unlock this key to the Tree of Life, if this therefore as a revelation breaks thru to your consciousness, as you have access to it---then what transpires ?

I tell you that by the writings of the Apostle Paul that there are people who get sick, and they die when they don't have to, and if they could discern what was involved in the Lords Table, then sickness and death would be postponed, or halted in them. Thus spiritual vitality transferred back to substance flows back thru the body by digestion, charging the children of God, re-synthesizing spiritual processes. This was actually discussed by the Apostle Paul in the 11 chapter of Corinthians, and it is because of this that we are to leave off the assembling of ourselves together, and this table was not to leave from the presence of the children of the Most High. Thus we have a living sacrifice of transferred vitality for men and women of God's Kingdom, if they will perceive this. If they believe God, if they will set the value of their thinking to that mind which holds the whole Universe in it's place.

Under this instance again we point out to you that this is a part of the Divine process. In days of confusion and trouble as they seek to destroy our race by forced integration, and mongrelization, and even bloodshed. When they threaten the voters of our state if a yes vote on 14--for instance--is achieved, that our state will be turned by the Negroes into a bloody revolution, to chastise us for being right. When all this kind of Satanism can transpire, when the powers of darkness move, then you better be empowered by light, by vitality, any truth, and by knowledge, and you better understand that there is more nutrition from in the Church of Jesus Christ, from the very table that God has set. from the knowledge of spiritual truth than in all the powers of darkness with their threats and fears.

I can assure you that the victory is already sealed, and the achievement of the Most High God has already been ordained, and has been known by the Most High God from the beginning. And we are marching on a timetable of Destiny to the greatest revelation of all times.

I am going to tell you that millions now living will never die, and there is nothing as important for us to understand as to understand this by doctrine, in it's relationship to these events. So bring on the development of this---speed it up---and let's move into this New Age. Instead of saying----delay---we should be saying----Lord Jesus come quickly---even so----Come LORD JESUS.

For that moment shall come quickly, even in the twinkling of an eye---There shall come immediately to the consciousness of those who have even been too backward or to lazy to even understand.

In that moment, in a twinkling of an eye they shall even know as he knows and think as he thinks, but to those who are aware, to those who work, and think and seek for this----to those he says:----I am going to do a short work of righteousness. I am going to have a manifestation of the son's and daughter's of God, among the people who constitute My household. I am going to raise up leaders, for leadership, a conquering host. We are going to see the re-synthesis of the armies of Israel. We are going to see God do a great and Mighty work.

Thus we are on the edge of this, and we would be derelict in our duty if we did not bring to your remembrance, and bring to you this assurance. As we watch this measure, as we see ourselves moving int these final events, as we begin to see all this, then do you not think that we shall begin to anticipate, and to feel the great transition which will occur among the son's of God.----Vitality will be surging back, tiredness disappearing will be seen.

The anticipation of moving into God's tomorrow and not wondering---is it going to happen tomorrow ------am I going to die first ?-----will change to Is it going to happen before I die---and then start bringing it in by cleansing the Kingdom, lifting up the standards and having faith in God for the things that are taking place. It is by this process that you are going to be watching God, moving with great speed to consummate His plan.