Name Above Every Name, 03-07-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 03-07-66

We become increasingly aware that we have not only ‘a sure Word of Prophecy’, but out of this sure word of prophecy we have been warned aforetime of things that would come to pass in our day to build up resistance against the Powers of Darkness and instruct the Children of God’s Kingdom and cause the Family of God to know how to carry forward their responsibilities in the earth. To this end, God inspired men to know and to write and record in the scrolls which went to make up the Old and New Testament which was the record of their experiences with Him and His instructions to them, and basically the great prophecies that relate to the days to come. Many of them have been fulfilled and many are being fulfilled in our time. Thus it is that there is nothing which takes place on the face of the earth that the Children of God who are in close contact with His Word and have not left off their assembling of themselves together, or seeking to know for themselves the Truth’s, would not understand.

We have had the evidence in the past few weeks to show how far the prophecies in Ezekiel have come. We mention these factors because it is important for us to understand the trend of this hour. There are many who believe that by getting together with our enemies we can find peace in the world. By ignoring our responsibilities and our origin and our destiny, they believe we can live in peace with the Power of Darkness and the forces that are opposed to God. But neither the Kingdom of God, nor the nations who make up the Kingdom or the Spiritual center of that Kingdom were placed in the world to get along with evil, but they are to bring in all the fullness of their activity and their institutions of God’s Kingdom to the front. God’s Kingdom stands against all evil. It stands as God’s way for establishing His Will of Righteousness for earth. It is a part of His Supreme Program to make the conditions of earth as they are in dimensions of Spirit, and throughout the vast Sidereal Systems under His command. His way is the pride of His Kingdom. It stems from His Household which He planted in the earth and upon which He placed His Name. Thus it is to understand the situations through which we pass that we must recognize that there is to be no substitutions and there is to be no changes made in His purpose or plan by any individual, either you or I or anyone who seeks to advise us.

In our days we listen to many who talk about appeasement and we listen to many who debate in the halls of our Legislatures as to whether to engage in battle with the forces of darkness. We are well aware that we are in trouble. We are in the time of “Jacob’s Trouble” and the reason why is because we have in some areas violated some of the Law’s of God. There is a normal reaction to these violations, especially as it relates to the structure of those who deny your God and repudiate His Name, and having nothing in common with you. That is not only a source of your problem but also a plan for the weakening of God’s Kingdom. The Law’s of God have called so clearly for segregation and separation, and for a stand by the people of God identified only with Him, only with His Word, for with the promised blessings we have received in the past with such identity. We have been assured that anything out of line with this will bring chastisement and it’s judgments.

I mention this as a matter of reference to the significance of this week, for in the L.A. Times on page 4., the Red Chinese laid down the blue-prints saying that the U.S. and an Asian war is inevitable. Then they tell why. Their plan is to claim the world for Communism and suppress all opposition to their goal which they say is to release all the workers from the captivity of the Capitalistic society of which America is the heart center. So in this declaration they then plan to wear you down in Asia and on our main land. They plan on the use of the 5th., column and they plan on the support of the missiles from the Soviet Union and they plan on bringing troubles below your border. They plan on your defeat. So it is futile to even talk of reaching areas of peace or disarmament with such an enemy.

Our Destiny is to wipe this power off the face of the earth. Our Scripture tells us that when such an enemy appears we, as His people, are to move forward with the Power and Faith of our God and wipe that enemy off the face of the earth.

God says this is the time of “Jacob’s Trouble” and that Jacob shall be saved out of it. Last week in Washington some of the Congressional and Leaders of the Republicans went along with the proposal that states that in the interest of forming an alliance or Federal union with the NATO countries, that the sovereignty of the U.S. would be immediately surrendered. Now the idea was endorsed by Nixon, Goldwater, Finley, Ellsworth (Kansas), Roger Morton (Maryland), and Alvert Ghee (Minnesota), and we had many officials calling for us to surrender our independence and dissolve the sovereignty of this nation and move into a Federal union with the other NATO powers. Now; we are not against the other NATO powers except Israeli, but laying in bed with Israeli would be like laying in bed with a rattle snake. To think of a Federal union with NATO powers like France, after President DeGaul’s activities would be futile. Now there may be a certain element of destiny involved here because ultimately all the great nations of God’s Kingdom are going to stand side by side and NATO was somewhat designed to stand as opposition by these western nations to the Communist threat, but, that does not involve the surrendering of our sovereignty. There are few if any nations that can guarantee to their citizens what our Constitution guarantees to us. The joining of a Federal union with these nations would be to abridge that Constitution and write away your independence. Any man who advocates the giving away of the sovereignty of the U.S. is guilty of treason. So within one week the enemy wants to destroy us and our officials want to surrender our sovereignty.

So, we are in trouble, and we realize that when we let our enemies come into the U.S. then we violated Divine Law and God warned you how the strangers would abuse you. In the Book of Jeremiah God says that Jacob will be saved out of his trouble and that the Lord God of Hosts is going to break the yoke off of your back and from your neck, and that He is going to remove these parasites from off you and that you will no longer be used by them. Now; God promised that, and to know this is a source of strength to you and to your nation. For these are important secrets for you and for your race and for your nation. And the most important thing that you may know is the knowledge and the Wisdom of God and the Law’s of God, and the Destiny that the Law decree’s.

Nothing is going to stay that Destiny or stay the forces that are the necessary ingredients that God will pour into your environment to get your reaction and make you perform as He has ordained you to do. If He has to send the Hornet, He will make you willing to go. If He has to chastise He will do that. If He has to make your being fused with the Darkness so disagreeable that you explode in the face of it, then God will still cleanse this nation and you will still have fulfilled a course that He has decreed.

A name above every name.....we find indications of this in the Book of Philippians, in the second chapter, and it tells us the fullness of God’s purpose when He became embodied in human form. That upon this embodiment in human form would be bestowed a name that is above every name. “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in Heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.”

I would take exception with the language of the Name not what the name conveys or would identify. It is significant to know that God is within us, within this Temple which is your house. He is closer to you than any conceivable presence apart from your own being, your own soul consciousness within your house. He knows every intent of your heart. He understands every purpose. He knows the very feeling that moves through you and your reactions to conditions, and senses as well the perspective. He sends unto you the undulating waves of His Spirit as a stimulating force, not only are you known unto the Father but He knows all of thy ways...thy coming out and thy going in. In this instance the meditation we call Prayer is not to inform God, but to bring a cognition of concept between you and God so that God can adjust you to His purposes and bring to pass the conditions and needs.

All true prayer is stimulated by the Spirit of God to begin with. In this instance then if you are of the Household of God, the race of the Adamites, and come on down and out of the House of Abraham, then let me assure you that since you are of the Household and of the Holy Seed, you have certain patterns in your makeup and in your being different than any other people on the face of the earth. Being Spirit of His Spirit then He can speak to you at any time. He can stimulate that Spirit any time. He can call you out as a Shepherd calls His sheep... by name. He can bestow upon you cognition and He can make transition and change, and He can bestow upon you His Glory and transform you like unto Himself. God being your Eternal Father and you His Household then you can know that He is the Eternal God. Thus it is that we know something about this for our Scriptures tell us that at the Name of Yahshua or Jesus that every knee is going to bow, in Heaven, in earth, and under the earth. Every tongue is going to confess that Yahshua, the Embodied One, is the Eternal Father-Yahweh. He remains the Glory and Majesty of Yahweh....forever.

If there is anything in which we are short of it is in the capacity to totally express the majesty and the greatness of our Father. Thus it is that sometimes languages have been inadequate, but there have been revelations that God had bestowed upon His people. There are declarations concerning His Name.

We turn over to the 72nd., Psalm and here the Psalmist says:...”His name shall endure forever. His name shall be continued as long as the sun and men shall be blessed in him: and all nations shall call him blessed.”

By this declaration in the 18th., verse in the 72nd., Psalm...”Blessed by Yahweh, GOD OF ISRAEL, who only doeth these wondrous things. Blessed be He and His Holy Name forever. For let the whole world be filled with His Glory and His Glory shall fill the earth.”

In the 42nd., Psalm I read:...”I am Yahweh, that is My name. My Glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to any graven images. Behold, all the former things that have come to pass and all the new things I declare unto thee. I therefore am Yahweh, thy God, and before they spring forth I tell you of them. Now you may sing unto the Lord, a new song and His praises unto the ends of the earth. All ye that go down in the sea, and all that is therein and the isles and the inhabitants thereof. Let all the wilderness and the cities lift up their voices and give glory unto Yahweh, and declare His praise even in the isles in the sea. That I am Yahweh, thy God, that is My name. My Glory I will not give to another.”

In the 43rd., chapter of Isaiah, the declaration comes forth, and this is what it says. “For I am Yahweh, thy God, the Holy one of Israel, I am Yahshua thy savior.” The Eternal name is Yahweh. H is the Almighty completer, the wholly encircling absolute God. Thus the word for God in total form is ...Yahweh. And Yahshua, the God as your Savior, the redeeming saving powerful one with unlimited force to destroy the darkness and redeem His people.

I the Savior in the earth, Yahshua, the Holy One of Israel. Ye are my witnesses saith Yahweh. Ye are My servants whom I have chosen, and you may know and understand that I am He.” Now...think of this! That before me there was no God and will not be after me for I am Yahweh,...and beside me there is no other Yahshua.

These are the declarations in the Holy Scripture. These came from the lips of the great Prophet Isaiah. This is the name that even your enemies are afraid to mention. Now they make little forms and try to cover up...THE NAME...and then they worship Lucifer and have the audacity to try to give him....THE NAME. In the instance of this when the Angel Gabriel came to the Virgin Mary he said:...”Thou shall be called to be with child and thou shall call his name....YAHSHUA, for he shall deliver his people from their sins.” There is no possible way for any other name to have been used. In the Aramaic text in which John was written, the name is Yahshua. And when Matthew wrote, then he the same language, for he didn’t write in Greek. The Greek text was written by Luke and he also wrote Acts...but in Greek the word for the Embodiment of God is....YAHSHUA...and this is the name carried by the Messiah.

You understand that you are acquainted because we are English in our tongue, tho we are Anglo-Saxon, Lombard, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Basque, we use the word Jesus which is an English word derived from the word ‘Zause’ which was written by the Apostle Paul when Paul was writing to the people of Greece and the Aegean Sea, and to the various Churches to which he sent his Epistles, and to these people who were speaking Greek. The Savior God...the Almighty Azuse was a club...the highest concept of Divine intervention in human Greek language. So the Apostle Paul was identifying the Messiah-ship of the Supreme God in the earth and he said ‘Azuse.’ Now; this is not His name and the Apostle Paul knew that His name was...the Eternal Yahweh, but Paul was only breaking into the minds of those to which he was directing his ministry, and telling them that YAHSHUA was the fullness of God embodied in the the intervening Savior.

So today we have these words...YAHWEH...YAHSHUA...JESUS, and the use of the word ‘Jesus’ fills the vocabulary. How many songs have been written to the Majesty of the being of the Eternal God in this day? In fact you have for so long worshiped God in this name that this name Jesus has a very special value to you. If you used another name then most wouldn’t know who you were talking about...except the informed and enlightened ones.

In this instance then we point out to you that an individual in your race whom God known every thought in your mind, then when you use the word Jesus and identify with God as the Messiah...Yahshua of the Scriptures is established. God understands that and there will come a day when there will be a utilization of the name of God. For he said:...The day will come when I will take away all these names out of your mouth and put my name there.

The Bible is filled with names for God. Actually, the name ‘God’ is a sad word. Actually the word ‘God’ is a sad word to have to use, but God understands what we mean. The word God is ‘Baal.’ Now; we don’t cry to Baal and we don’t recognize the word ‘Baal’ but when we use the word ‘God’ it is the word for ‘Baal.’ But God understands our hearts and understands the semantics of this. But the world for the Eternal One is Yahweh...Yahshua was the name of His earthly embodiment.

We turn inside the Book of Matthew and we see the great hosts of people who stand along the road to greet Jesus on Palm Sunday and they were shouting...Hosannah!, blessed is He that cometh in the name of Yahweh. There is some texts where the words are...blessed is Yahshua, who cometh in the name of Yahweh, who cometh in the earth as Savior Yahshua. These words are used in all the original texts and it wasn’t until the translation into Greek that the word was changed and then in our Anglo-Saxon language the word ‘Jesus’ is used. This has become significant and is important as we identify names in our minds, as we always identify the impact of the personality that is involved.

There is a statement that has been made in the Book of John which may be one of the most vital statements in this is in the 14th chapter and the 13th verse, and it says:... “What so ever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do. That the fullness of God might be Glorified in this embodiment.”

That is the declaration in the original text. Then the 14th verse says: “If ye shall ask anything in My name, I will do it.”

Now; someone says, of course, this is something we can accept as final. Well, I don’t think you have any better authority for it than YAHSHUA. The one that you know as Jesus says:...”Anything you ask in My name, I will do.” And you can rest assured that it can be done. So I point out that there is power in the Name.

All through the Old Testament Israel was a people called after the name of God. They are told over and over...”My Glory I will not give to another, and I put My name on you. I have identified you with me. You are a Holy Seed, and My name is upon you, and they that call upon Yahweh, their God, then He will hear them and deliver them.” The Name of Yahweh, therefore, is a strong tower. The Name of Yahweh, Thy God, is a fortress in a time of trouble.” I could continue to repeat the hundreds of passages concerning the Power which is yours when you call in the Name of your Father.

Under this circumstance He says:...”I have empowered you as My sons. I have given you the keys to the Kingdom. I have given you Power over the Darkness. I have given you Power to release the Light, and I have given you Power to defend the Name of your Household.”

Now; you may say that God doesn’t need any defense. Well, the Household needs people who are willing to identify with it and to stand up for it. I have actually seen many people embarrassed to be identified as Christians because there were so many Jew’s around who hated Jesus The Christ. It is time to raise up the Standards of Yahshua, or Jesus, whether the world likes it or not and make them know that this is a Christian Nation and we are a Christian people and we shall move by this Name.

The great Philosophy of the promises of God concerning the Power of His Name makes it clear that anything under Heaven...are the purposes of God. The Will of God and the Blessings belong to the Children of God under the plan of Heaven. It is God’s Will that the Kingdom be triumphant. It is His Will that His sons live according to the Standards of Law. That they be healthy and strong and they be wise and be God-like, and every conscious request or desire that reaches to these Name’s of God under Heaven shall be fulfilled. There isn’t any prayer that doesn’t match the Power’s of Heaven that you would want fulfilled.

Someone will say:..”Do you think that God will honor this declaration?” There isn’t any question about this. For the healing of your body for the many problems which perplex you, for the unveiling of the knowledge and the wisdom that Yahweh would have you know. It says ....”Knock, and it shall be opened unto you, for whatsoever ye ask in My Name.”

A person was talking to me the other day and he said:...”Dr. Swift, I pray and pray and just as I expected, nothing happened.” So I said:..Well you got everything you looked for didn’t you? So don’t tell me that God let you down. Now don’t start talking about the Almighty God who holds together the Heavens and the earth and expect that He won’t fulfill His Word. If you don’t expect are not going to get it.

By this very declaration, that Name which is above every name unlocks all of the avenues of guidance and of wisdom and of power for the Children of the Most High. When it comes to that name there is a responsibility that they carry. Under this declaration we are told...that this Name has the Power to heal the sick, to open up the eyes of those in whom the involvement in the conditions of their environment has blinded them to their protection. But at the Name of Jesus...Yahshua...the embodiment, you are going to see that every knee shall bow.

When the Eternal Yahweh said:...”I shall bestow upon this embodiment a name in the earth among all those who have dwelt there and throughout the Nations to come, a Name above every name.” Then He called upon a people who would be soldiers of this Kingdom. Tall and mighty sons, warrior sons, and He told you to put on the whole Amour of God so that you might be able to withstand.....for you are the defending hosts of His Kingdom. You are a warrior host to attack every citadel of the Kingdom of Darkness and to bring Luciferian power tumbling down. To pull down the strongholds of pagan gods and destroy this power over their followers. To make these of earth to bend the knee and to know...I ALONE AM YAHWEH. By this declaration the Father called unto a people He raised to this status and He said of them.. Ye are my battle axe and my weapons of war, and I have my name upon you, and I want the world to know that I have loved you.

A Name above every name. There is no question that in all the panorama of time that upon this name, the embodiment invested the Glory that belonged to it by the areas of the power of his conduct. His disciples stood back and were amazed as they witnessed the things that He did. The Apostle Peter said...”we did not come to you with cunningly devised fables. But we were the witnesses of His Majesty. We watched Him command the wind and the waves. We watched Him command men and bring transition in their thinking. We heard Him call us and straightforward we dropped what we were doing and followed Him. We watched the crippled walk. We watched the waves move with Joy when He spoke. We watched deaf ears and He released people from the oppression of evil spirits and their influence. All the Universe moved at His command, and here was One who did all these wondrous things, who synthesized and put it all together.” Then later the Apostle Paul was to say:... “All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that is made.”

He said... “I put My name upon you, I write it in your forehead, deep within...the family name is upon you. That name identifies you with your Father. It identifies your kinsmen. It identifies you for all times for deep inside of you in your consciousness is the name of... Yahweh.” The work of your hands is the building of His culture and His civilizations in His Kingdom. It is in your hands and in your forehead. In the Book of Revelations in its climactic war it talks about the great Stream of Light...this family of God and the Father’s Name is in their forehead.

There are many problems that beset man. There are many forces of darkness that seek constantly to use their processes of controlling your minds. You are in a tremendous mental warfare that is attacking you through the news papers and across the Television screen and over the radio. They are all trying to tell you how you should think. Even men you called statesmen and whom you thought had more sense try to tell you that you have to form a Federal Union with other nations for you are not going to be strong enough and it will be too difficult for you to stand alone.

Then God said.... “Look Jacob. You don’t have to walk alone for He who walks with Yahweh never walks alone.” O Jacob, you are not alone, give me your hand, for he who walks with God never walks alone. I want you to understand that this nation was raised up by God for a great leadership and not to succumb to subordination. When we point out to you that this great wave of buffeting force which seeks to suppress the consciousness of the mind of the people of God that they seek to bring upon them complexes that they have adjusted to get the people of God to feel and think like the world order wants you to feel and to think, and not to give attention to your consciousness and to the program of God inside of you. They want you to listen to the program of the world.

Crown Christ Lord in your heart, and on this throne and inside this Temple then you are the High Priest before the Most High God. It must be only....He and His Will, He and His way, He and His Law that rules supreme. By this declaration then I tell you that surrounding you unseen are unprecedented forces of fallen Angelic Hosts and Demon Powers. They run their attack and they seek to place their repressions upon your great cities or in the assemblies of your people. The strength which is a shield unto you is the catalysts of Spiritual Power, of guarding Angel’s and of the abiding presence of God, and of the inter-communication between His Spirit and your Spirit.

When the pressure comes on you and you feel cast down in your Spirit and this happens as you live day to day and you will admit this if you are being honest with yourself, then you realize that when you are cast down as you read the papers or watch T.V., that something else comes to you....and there moves through you that reaching into your own identity and destiny and the wondrous power of the Son of God and in the Name of Yahshua the Christ Jesus, you bind these powers of Darkness and drive them away, and then you bring in the right thoughts and you take up the Sword for Victory. You bring every thought under subjection, you as sons under the Throne of God your Father.

So today the design is to defeat a people and get them to think in terms of defeat and tremble before the Powers of Darkness or to look in some fear upon the people in power. Remember, they are only men. There are no greater forces than people who know they are the Children of God, and who will use the power and the magic of His Name. There is no greater power on the face of the earth than the Sons of God speaking with the Spirit of their father, commanding in the Name of the their Father the things of God under the Heavens. So men do not have to pray....’God heal my body if it be thy will.’ Do pray....’ if it be thy will cause me to fulfill thy Law.’

So do you not suppose that it is the Will of God that you be righteous, and that you be clean and be powerful? You don’t have to ask God if it is His Will, you are supposed to know that by now. There is a little hugging doubt in the field of semantics that do not belong to the Spirit of you who are the Sons of God, but are interjected always by the whispering Spirit.

Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you. The Father says.. ‘This is My way and what I would have you to do.’ Then you reply...O yes Father, but I am going to put it on the shelf for now and do it in a more convenient season. O I want to know the secrets of the success of what you want me to do and the Father fills your consciousness with instructions. But maybe that will change your plans for a while so you say...I’ll do it later. Then you say later....Now Father, I want more physical strength and I want more ability, and the shelf is what you left behind. The procedure is do first thing first. Fulfill the instructions you received first, and follow the guidance you were given. For this is the path to victory and I am very zealous of seeing the manifestations of the Sons and Daughters of God standing forth tall and powerful, cleansing this nation until you can walk down the streets of L.A. and see only those of your race...the sons and daughters of God. Oh yes, this shall come.

But disregard His Law and overlook it for now and you will be chastened and chastened and chastened again and again.

There is no question about the unfailing Love of God and the permanence of the record in the Lamb’s Book of Life wherein He put your name before the foundation of the world. The magnitude of this Eternal Father holding these Sidereal Systems in control, the very energies from His fingertips, the purposes of His mind synthesizing every thing that moves, and so in every one of His own family and with that pride of a father He said:... “These are My Sons.” He has not forgotten any single one of His Sheep. He has not overlooked any facet or purpose He had in mind for you, and in all the events He identifies Himself with you and then makes tremendous promises to you as He says:... “My ability to save and to extract from any circumstance, My ability to save is to the the uttermost. There is now word that points up the Omnipotence of my Father more than His ability to the uttermost.

The processes by which He saves men through the great functioning work of His Spirit, having made the atonement for their error and having presented them guiltless before Him by His Grace, He then developed in the seat of their consciousness a synchronization with His purpose, until they are filled with His purposes and the error no longer becomes attractive and transgression moves aside. And the ugly word “Sin” which is violation of His Divine Law becomes something more important to them as the way of Truth and Light floods the seat of their consciousness.

There is no question that the way of the Kingdom is the way of Holiness and some tremble at that thinking, that it will crimp their conduct a little. But when we talk about Holiness we are talking about the Light of God, the Nature of God, and the Power of God. I tell you that there isn’t anything that limits your conduct or your ability quite like a violation of Divine Law that doesn’t measure up to the Standards of God, that you have become aware of. The moment a man becomes aware of the Standards of God and then thinks that is going to crimp their standards then this means that they want to perform at a lower level then their ability. If you live in a lower level than your ability, then you are not master of your environment.

We do not speak to castigate you who constitute the congregations of God’s Kingdom as the Christians throughout the world. But we realize that you are facing one of the most vital struggles for survival in all the history of mankind. We know the Christian nations are under assault. We know that the enemy plans their destruction. We know that victory over these tremendous forces warring in our society means the suppression of the beast peoples, and the lower forces. The victory in the war over our minds, and over areas of communications, and that this requires total dedication and total courage and total vision.

Victory comes with total acceptance and completed surrender for He who has called you to be a soldier wants you in your dedication toward Christ and His Kingdom in this vital hour to be so dedicated to the preservation of God’s Will and His Law...and of the purity of His race, and of the segregation of His people and of the dedication to His Name, of the irrefutable standard of His immortality, from His Divine origin to His Eternal Resurrection. Once you are so dedicated to surrender to His guidance and become the most powerful son that He can manifest in the earth. Then comes the statement...He has called you to be a soldier.

If you are so entangled with clubs and finance and friends that you have to curtail some of these things to lift up the Standards of God, will you have to curb back your zeal for God lest it injure your status in the world?

Lift up that Standard until the world begs before it, and the Kingdom becomes important and there is no other Standard, no other association, no other victory. Then they fear you most because you cannot be cracked.

There is this kind of power in the Name and you carry it, every one of you. So carry that Name and be proud of it. That Name means you are a follower of the embodiment of God, a Christian. It means also that you are the embodied children of your Father, and also it means that you are a Christed people. A many membered body in which the Living Spirit of God has become a part of your entity of this abode. You were begotten in Spirit before the world was framed. You were begotten in the earth as sons of Adam. You have been redeemed by the Eternal Yahweh...our Father. He says....I am thy Yahweh...thy Yahshua, thy Redeemer. And now our Father says...I want you empowered for this great climactic hour in this glorious day.

You must resist all these plans for the destruction of your race, and this nation, and all these plans for the corruption and destruction of this society. All the Standards of God must be lifted up and you must be dedicated in pouring upon that altar...your selves, your lives, and your fortunes. Then God will grant you an eternal continuity and they can never take it from you. He will restore to you what the strangers have taken from you. They will no longer feed themselves upon you as He blesses your homes, your industry, and your farms. He will make you, from family to nation, strong and mighty and powerful.

Because you have been synchronized. You were first to bow the knee to our Father, and thus every knee shall bow and then He said.....He would make the world to know that you are My sons and My daughters and to know that I have loved you.

(End of message)