Nations That Will Survive, 1954



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-10-54

Now, there are certain things which God Almighty has promised us. There certain things which have been promised to our civilization, that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.

Now, among the people who constitute the Israel in this Book, remember that it was the House of Joseph which would father Anglo-Saxondom, with the ultimate promise that they would be a great nation and a company of nations. The covenant God made with Anglo-Saxondom, this House of Joseph, which is America and the British Empire, which today would represent the strength of Anglo-Saxondom, the scriptures would clearly profess that they would carry the true name of real Israel. And they would be the symbol of His Kingdom at the climax of the hour. And against these nations would come the attack of the forces of evil in the climax of this age.

Now, under such a declaration, I want you to turn with me to the 33rd chapter of Deuteronomy,--and the LORD speaking of Anglo-Saxondom, this house of Joseph, said:--’Blessed to the LORD is he---not only with his lands will the God of Heaven bless him with, but also his strength upon the ocean for he shall be a great sea power. The precious fruit brought forth by the sun, and the precious fruit brought forth by the moon, and for the chief things of the ancient mountains (nations) and for the precious things of the lasting hill.’ I do not think there is any question of the fact that none of the rest of the world has more resources, more intelligence than moves out of Christian civilization to develop metallurgy, to develop Agriculture to produce the food, far beyond the ability of the pagans to the earth. That we have been blessed as prophecy has said that we would be, is a proven fact. Therefore, the symbols of the House of Joseph, the blessings of God coming upon the head of it---His Glory shall be like the symbol of the Bull, and the horn like the horn of the Unicorn. The symbols of the bull, the lion and the Unicorn marks well the part that Great Britain plays in the House of Joseph. And the symbols of the House of Manasseh is identified in two places in the book of Isaiah as the ‘outstretched wings of the Eagle.’ And in those places you can look for the leadership of the Kingdom of God in the earth and at the end of the age. In fact, so much so, that in the hour when the hoards of enemy come against Christian civilization, again that chapter in Revelation talks about the hoards of socialism and communism, about the Dragon and the Devil’s own brew. Talks about the coming against the Christian civilization which has the testimony of Jesus Christ and shows you that the nation that leads in that hour has the outstretched wings of the Eagle. There is no doubt that there is a vital destiny in this.

Therefore, note this. God’s Covenant for the survival of His people, this is what the LORD hath declared. He not only declared that you would be a ‘Holy People’ unto HIM, but the LORD hath chosen you to be a special people unto HIMSELF about all the people on the face of the earth. Someone said, ‘You mean, there is ‘choice’ upon the part of God? You mean God would select a people?’ Yes. He selected a people that will be called by His name. He has selected a people who will respond to His Messiahship. And He has said that the House of Israel throughout the course of time and at the end of the age, would be His witnesses. More than this, they would be His witnesses in the land that they lived in and to the uttermost parts of the earth. In the book of Isaiah, He says that you --Israel, shall be My witnesses. As you come from the east and the west, from the north and the south, you have My name upon you. No matter where you come from, you have My name upon you. You can ask all the nations to come together and declare the things of their God. But He says as to you, that when you come together, there is no strange god among you.

Therefore again, the acceptance of Christ as Messiah, is strictly an acceptance made by the White man. The White man---the nations that are Christian in the world today are White nations, primarily. They have without question, accepted Jesus as the Christ. More than that, wherever you have found the British or American flag flying, or the flags of Scandinavia, where you find these flags of the White man flying anywhere in the earth, you find the acceptance of Christendom and Christ as the Savior. There is no question but that these nations have stood forth as witnesses, throughout the periods of time, in the purposes of the MOST HIGH.

Now, listen to what God said. He made a Covenant with Abraham that we would be a nation and a company of nations before HIM. That HE would be a God unto us and to the seed of this household, forever. There is not an anthropologists today who would not take you back in history and background unto the first where the White man made his start, and there is not anyone who can trace the Anglo-Saxon, and kindred people into any background other than the Israelite, Adamic origin. Note this. The LORD has set this sign upon you and He has chosen you, not because you were many in number, but when you were the fewest of any on the face of the earth. Because the LORD loved you and HE would keep HIS oath, for HE had sworn to your fathers. And HE had protected you with HIS mighty hand.

Now listen. Note therefore, that the LORD thy God, He is a faithful God. Will keep His Covenant and have mercy on you and keep His Commandments for 1000 generations.

Now, here is a Covenant. That you in history were made a Covenant with that shall survive and exist for a thousand generations.

Now, you say, ‘when was this covenant made?’---Well, it was in the time somewhere around 1500 B.C. or there about---1486 B.C. Something like that. The chronology here in some books puts you to about 1551 B.C. And some put the date to something else. But actually, they are trying to make it take place after the Exodus. To that period of time, you would take the actual period of time at which a generation is calculated to be, and they have computed the length of a generation to be at a minimum of seventy years. But suppose we limit a generation to twenty years and we would suppose that there were five generations to in one hundred years, thus you have twenty thousand years of history from 1486 B.C. to go. In otherwords, from where you stand right now, you would have sixteen thousand years of the Covenants of God before they could pull down the America or British flag.

You say, ‘how do you know that is true?’ Well, God made that Covenant and He does not lie. He said:--’My Covenant is with thee and it is guaranteed to last for one thousand generations.’

Now, note this. There is not doubt that there is a conspiracy to liquidate this society. But remember, they have been trying to liquidate this society throughout all history. There has never been a time when you did not have enemies. There has never been a time when they did not seek to destroy you. And sometimes they have outnumbered your race completely. You were at one time under bondage in ancient Egypt. And you were under bondage in ancient Assyria. You have been under bondage to the Babylonians. And I don’t care where you go in history to find the traces of your race, you find that you had pagan influence which sought to destroy you. There were times when you were not under bondage when the -----------Hindu of ancient India talked about the Manu who walked thru their land. At that time, the Manu were strong, were philosophers and creators. And they said, ‘these Manu were Light givers who walked thru our land.’ And they did not talk about the environment. The Egyptians did the same things. Even when you were in bondage there, they recorded that you were the Sons of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, the LORD of Life and the Resurrection. And that your race was great and not one to reject, altho under a Pharaoh that ‘new not Joseph.’ In that period of time, they did reject you until God led you out of this strange land. At that time you were small in number according to the rest of the world. But when God brought you out of that land, with miracles which were performed which cannot be questioned today by an Agnostic,--for we have today, the Egyptian record of your stay in Egypt. And copies of the Egyptian records were given to the British Museum by the Egyptians in the reign of Queen Victoria. And what do these records tell you? They say that as you came out of Egypt, thru the Red Sea, that Pharaoh, who tried to follow, was drowned in the waters of the Red Sea when he tried to pursue you.

Now, some will say--but I don’t believe this happened; I don’t believe that Moses had the power to divide the Red Sea. Well, then tell me why the Egyptians who were your traditional enemies, would report that the body of the Pharaoh who died, was taken from the waters of the Red Sea as the waters came together and that they then took his body back into Egypt. Why would they give this report to the British Museum if it did not happen? The Bible tells the story and we have the conformation from the history of the enemy that this biblical record is true. This is the reason why--some years ago-- that an article by Dr. Budge in the Archaeological Magazine, made this statement:--The historical content of the Bible has been accurately established by Egyptology, and there is no question but that we have confirmed every Biblical incident. For we have the historical account from the hand of the enemy of a historical battle. Also in the days when the sun did not hasten to go down. Thus he knew, that something happened, for the enemy recorded it.

Now, there are many stories that are recorded in the Bible, that this nation stood out in history, whereas the nations governors were to be of themselves, that this would be a nation of Thanksgiving from its beginning, a nation that represented a household of Christendom, who said that the place where they dwelt was too narrow for them. Thus they left on a Westward march and left an advance of civilization until they came even into this very Westward North American Continent. And now, we stand in this hour, a great strong hold of Christian civilization. And no one questions today that the balance of power in Christian civilization is now in the hands of the United States of America. Nor is there anyone who can say that the design of this nation was to destroy their independence. Probably one of the addresses delivered by the Communist dictator of China in the meeting in Geneva, accusing the Free World, and especially the United States, of conspiring against the rest of the world, he was accusing and attacking the Christian West, while he was advocating the overthrowing of the nations of the world by the Communist hoards.

Last week the ministers from Australia and Canada stood up at the meeting in Geneva and told the Chinese Dictator--and yes---the United Nations as well,---that they thought the defense of the Western world with the United Stated in the lead with the assistance of her troops---meant that the United States was ready to pour everything she had into the defense of a Free and Christian world. Then the minister of Canada stood up before the United Nations and said:--’If there is any evidence of there is a Communistic policy for the destruction of the world, then let it be recorded that Canada lies side by side with the United States on that great Continent of North America. Let it be said that our resources are some of the most valuable in the world. That in the resources of Canada there is evidence that these resources are equal to the United States or perhaps greater. If America did not have Christian vision, if America’s desire was to grab land, it would long ago have declared war on and seized control of everything in North America. And there would not have been enough of us to withstand the first barrage of power that would have come out of a nation as powerful as the United States.’ He said:--’It has never been thought of, nor is it the military design of that nation. Nor is it ever thought of by that nation. For we nations have been living side by side as brothers. And we have respected the sovereignty of our brother nations. America does not interfere in the elections of Canada. They do not seek to suggest as to what we should do. If this is a nation that was charged with aggression, to hold back in a Communist world, is there any nation on the boundaries of Soviet Russia? Is there any nation in the world which Communist Russia does not attempt to influence in their elections? Doesn’t attempt to control with power and threat, by moving troops up to its border if it is close by at election time?’ And, he said, ‘This again, is an unsolicited testimony for the United States from her neighbor on the north. Thus the United States has no design to take away the freedom of any people.’

Thus the minister of Canada bore this testimony against the speech of Chou-en-lai of China, that the United States was trying to plant colonies in Indo-China and in Korea. What a fantastic thing. What would we want with a colony in Korea? We have troubles enough with the mongrels we have inside of some of our territory that we have tried to help. We even have trouble with Hawaii, in which how much blood of the mongrels will be incorporated into the U.S. Thus, we do not want any territory with this blood so that we have to give them equal rights in the midst of our government that might involve intermingling and the loss of our culture and our vision. Therefore, we do not want the problems of extra territory.

It’s a strange world. While they are trying to charge us with setting up a colony in Korea, they already have North Korea. While they are charging us with Imperialistic design, they are taking Indo-China. While charging America with Imperialism, they are advancing all over the world with one clear cut design which is the subordination and destruction of the nations of the world.

As we have cited to you in times past, the 18th chapter of Isaiah, marks you as an important nation in God’s plan. It is the land that is Westward of Africa, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. And to Isaiah, Ethiopia meant Africa. Where Isaiah was standing on the porch in Jerusalem, the land beyond Ethiopia was the land to the Westward and it pointed out this great land of the outstretched wings of the Eagle. The nation which would send its Ambassadors by sea, in water drinking vessels. This is relatively important, for if we send Ambassadors almost anywhere, it has to be across the sea. But this was a symbol for that day---’a water drinking vessel.’ Therefore, we cite that you are the nation of swift messengers, the nation of men, tall and clean shaven. A people strong from their beginning. A people whose land is measured out. And a land divided by the rivers. And of course, you know that mete and bond contract saw your nation measured out underfoot. If you sell your land, in every office it is by section, township and state. It is surveyed east, west, north, and south. You do not survey it as they do in some lands as from this wall to that wall. You measure it out here by survey. Your land has been marked by boundaries as by rivers in many places and they have become the state lines. This is true if you will look at your nation, with the Columbia River dividing Washington and Oregon. The Mississippi River divides state after state. And the Missouri River also divides many states. You have more of your states divided by rivers, probably than any other nation on the face of the earth.

To a nation which the inhabitants of the world may look at, when it lifts up the ensign upon the nation, the standard which shall be lifted up, the ensign lifted up, will be the standard of Christian civilization.

Now, remember this. Just this week, with all the agnostics, with all the minds that have unveiled their thoughts yet----listen---the fact that your acknowledgment of God has been put in your Constitution by an act of Congress. And the President of the United States had to sign it yesterday. When they pledge allegiance to the flag, they pledge allegiance to a nation UNDER GOD. So the agnostic has had to take a step backward. The materialist has had to take a step backward whether they like it or not. And there is going to be another clause one of these days, for the battle of Faith is on in Washington right now.

Now, this nation has respectfully recognized Jesus Christ as its LORD and Savior. But last week in Washington, and no body paid much attention to what the Constitution said on this matter---just a few---for in the Constitution is a clause declaring that this country is founded on the principle that we are a nation under the Almighty God. When this clause was put in the Constitution, Senator Flanders introduced it. And then in Washington, they discovered this wording and the American Jewish Committee, the B’nai B’rith and the pro Communist organizations stormed the Judiciary and they stormed and demanded that America not have this wording in their Constitution.

Now, listen. There is not one single British Nation that does not open their different government functions without recognizing Jesus Christ as LORD and Master. In face, the kings and queens of England have always been crowned under the recognition of the LORD Jesus Christ. There is one thing for sure. The pagans and the Jews never let that happen if they can prevent it outside the Coronation ceremony. It is also true, that no nation of the British Commonwealth ever starts ceremonies without recognizing the LORD Jesus Christ. Your Supreme Court has ruled that this is a Christian nation, thus recognizing our LORD and Master Jesus the Christ. And there are only two states of these United States that do not recognize the LORD in their official doctrine.

Now, the heat was put on Senator Flanders for introducing a bill last week. And the only way he could make that attack was by calling Senator McCarthy a Hitler. And he did this on the Senate floor. And it was another Senator who arose and said that the reason why this had occurred was because of the Jews, whom Senator Flanders had angered when he produced this bill that would put in the Constitution that this nation recognized their LORD and Savior. Thus to pacify the Jews, then Senator Flanders attacked Senator McCarthy for his anti-Communist stand

and called Senator McCarthy an American Hitler. It is time we decided who was going to run our nation. The Christian majority, or the Jews who have sought to take it over in the last thirty years.

Listen. The Almighty God has by prophecy stated that there is a great host of the enemy here in the climax of the age who will try this very things. But God has stated that it is a great mission for you to present this nation at the end of the age as a great servant for our God. At the end of the age, a time will come for this nation wherein He has declared that this is His dwelling place. This will be a time of hardship. This will be a time when the pruning hook will go to work and branches will be cut away upon nations and men. That is happening right now. Look at the world today and see how it is being separated as the pagans pull away. Look today at the design of the Jews to weaken the influence of Christian nations. Remember that in this hour how the great colonial empires are being stripped and destroyed. And in that day comes the great testing time for Christian civilization.

There is much to be said to an administration in the hands of the right people. There is much to be said about Independence. And the worst mistake ever made was when the United Nations crammed the independence of India down England’s throat. India was not ready for independence. She has voted with the Soviet Union every time since in the United Nations. This week has been the first time that India has shown any inclination to favor Britain or America over Moscow. And that is only because the Chinese are now talking about how India will have to be included in their great Asiatic sphere. So India is now wondering if their leader will be deposed in favor of some pro-Communist leader that will be brought out, so at the last moment India is showing a little desire to remain in the Western Block of Nations under Britains protection. Remember, that as long as Britain remained in India, the Khyber Pass was closed to the pagans of Asia. But now it is an open door and trouble is brewing all across those mountains. Remember that Nehru’s youngest son was a member of the young Communist League. Nehru, himself, was openly siding with the ways of Soviet Russia. So don’t be fooled with Nehru’s turn to the West. He is trying to get the United States to subsidize most of India’s program for this year. And a decision will have to be made in Congress in a few days as to the amount of wheat we will let India have in this coming year. As long as India is waiting for wheat, don’t take her anti-Communism very seriously.

Now, listen. Someone said, ‘Is it possible that this nation might not be able to survive such an onslaught?’ Listen. The LORD again declares this---’The words of thy mouth will not be put out of thy mouth or out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed forever---and henceforth for ever and forever, saith the LORD.’

Why? So that you will be a civilization carrying forth the Word of God. For He said unto you---’your destiny is to arise and shine for His Light would arise upon you and upon the civilization that you represent. But gross darkness shall cover the earth. And gross darkness shall cover the people. But the Light of the LORD shall arise upon thee and His Glory shall be seen upon thee. Do not think for one hour that there is more gross darkness covering the earth which is not coming from Communism at this time. That is the gross darkness which is covering the earth at this time that is trying to put out all Light. But in that hour, He said:--’My Glory shall be seen upon thee.’

In the book of Zachariah,---and we do not have the time to consummate this other than to tell you this-----Zachariah the prophet said:--’out of all the tree of Israel, out of all the nations and its branches, there are two branches of that tree which shall stand out as witnesses--as light to the world.’ Two branches which will stand out. These two branches of the Olive Tree that will stand out as witnesses before the nations and before men are the house of Joseph standing up. God says:--’Behold a great nation in which I have set up the standards. Behold a great nation, My branch---’. Behold My branch.---And some will say that is talking about Christ, when it talks about My branch. But no. HE said:--’I am the trunk and the root, and David is the offspring.’

Now, it says this--relative to this branch:--’Behold I will bring forth My servant.’--- The great Olive branch is what is being talked about here. ’Behold the stone I have laid before My people.’ And upon that stone shall be seven eyes---the seven fold eyes of the world. ‘Behold,’ said the LORD, ‘I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.’

Now, when He talks about the Branch which is His servant, and then says that He will remove the iniquity off that land, He is talking about a great nation which has a stone and the seven fold eyes of God in an engraving. What is that?--If you have a one dollar bill in your pocket, then get it out and look at it. And on the reverse side is the sign of the pyramid with the engraving of the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, right there. There is not a student of symbolism, of the symbolism of America that does not know that represents the seven fold eye of the MOST HIGH GOD. It sets as a capstone upon this nation, that this nation under God is to be the nation which will stand up in Messianic building of the Kingdom. This symbol was selected by your founding fathers because they said a pyramid is the ideal symbol because the pyramid has a capstone holding the whole building together.

A Chief Cornerstone of Zion---not in Jewry, but among the children of the Kingdom of God, in the midst of the earth. Thus Zachariah gives you a promise. Are you going down? No. He says, ‘I am going to cleanse the iniquity of that land in one day.’ Not only is He going to do that, but He has promised in the cleansing of iniquity in that land that He will drive the Cainanites out of the House of God.

Now, there is one thing that we cannot complete. But there is one thing that we have evidence of. First, your nation will survive because you are a part of a group of people and of nations whom God has promised that His Covenant with you in the earth will last for 1000 generations. Secondly, your responsibility in every issue for the cleansing of your nations is as great for the cleansing on the inside as it is for the outside of your nation. You are responsible for cleaning out the graft, the corruption, and evil on the inside.

Now, we call this to your attention. In the book of Daniel,--for Daniel the prophet describes the great hoards of paganism, of socialism, the power that finances it and brings it to power with a terrible force. He describes this attack as these forces come against the children of God. He says that the sons of the MOST HIGH GOD shall take the Kingdom and they shall possess the Kingdom forever, and forever. But first---’I beheld this power that rose up to make war with the Saints and prevailed against them until the ‘Ancient of Days’ who had the name and who had the power and judgement, was given to the saints of the MOST HIGH. And the time came when the Saints possessed the Kingdom.

Someone said, ‘Aren’t you disturbed when you see the pagan victories? Aren’t you disturbed when you see all these things?’ But it says here that when this power rose up and was making war with the Saints---and was prevailing---until the Power came from the Ancient of Days, along with HIS presence, and gave the Kingdom into the hands of the Saints forever and forever, of these who are of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, I do not say to you that there is not a great evil force inside of your nation. But I do say that the Divine Spirit inside of you will awaken you to the return of the ANCIENT OF DAYS. There is no doubt that the God who appeared to you of this race in times past, will appear again in this climactic hour when you fight for survival. And HE has assured you that HE will give the Kingdom to the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. And they will possess that Kingdom forever and forever. And you will not have to die to get it. For it says that we shall be kings and Priests unto HIM on earth.

Therefore, we say to you that our armies will last forever. And you will never see the day when this flag goes down. America and the British Empire are a part of that Kingdom. But you have been given one of the most responsible parts to play---in this nation where the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle’ represents a defense of GOD’S KINGDOM.

(End of message)