From Nativity To Triumph, 10-09-64


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-09-64

Today as we meditate and worship, there is one very unique situation that envelops all of Christendom twice a year. That it that on the Sunday before Christmas and around Christmas, all the churches from one end of the earth to the other, in all its denominations and all its institutions, are united in al their thinking. For they are thinking of the event they celebrate at Christmas time-- ‘The Nativity of Jesus Christ.’ The other great day of course, is ‘Resurrection Sunday,’ or Easter, as it is called today. Here again, all Christendom thinks about the same thing form one end of the earth to the other which is ‘THE MIGHTY POWER OF CHRIST’S RESURRECTION.’ The unique thing is that even clergymen have in many instances, been brainwashed and negated by the patterns of bad teaching and yet have within their churches, the voice of their choir singing a message and a testimony which cannot be denied. And there are very few clergy today who will not recognize that Christ was born. And in the declaration of that message, identify HIS of course, with all that is said about HIM in the scriptures. So under this instance, there are two triumphant days in the church which we celebrate. One is the Birth of Christ and the other is the mighty power of HIS Resurrection.

There is no doubt about the impact of these two days on Christendom. And we discover that more people attend church on these two days than on any other day in the entire year. The unfortunate thing is always stormy weather close to either Christmas of Resurrection Day. As we think on this subject, we note that this week has been a challenging week unto a great many people all over the world. We find that especially in the past few years that the enemies of Christ have been trying to suppress the name of Christ out of all areas of Civic awareness. They have sought to deny the reading of our scriptures of anything pertaining to Christ or Christmas, in our nation or in our civic life. And now they have gone so far as to seek to remove all areas of the connection of the Christ from this holiday.

There is no doubt that in the minds of many, that they question the exactness of Christ’s time of birth. And we would not for a moment, suggest that HE was born on the 25th of December, or even on the 21st. In the winter solstice. But we understand why it is that this is the day set apart to recognize Christ’s birth. All the power of pagan religions had recognized the winter solstice and there they worshiped their pagan gods with all kinds of festivities and revelry. And thus, it was the church came out with an answer many centuries ago, and said, ‘on that day when the world order is worshiping pagan gods in revelry, we shall bring attention the true fact that the ‘ONE’ true YAHWEH of heaven and earth was born in earth. And thus did live and dwell in earth itself. And we shall have high church services and masses as recognition of the Birth of YAHSHUA--Jesus the Christ. And from that hour this spread all over Europe. And deep in the heart of Germany, and into Scandinavia and into the Isles of Britain, they were then all recognizing at one time the fact of the Birth of Christ. Thus, it was proclaimed that this 25th day of December, would be set apart and that gradually this brought unison to the worship of the Christ.

The important thing is that men recognize that the birthday of Christ out shadows all the pagan gods on the face of the earth. There are some who say that it is such a sober day that should not be filled with the pleasures and the happiness and the joy that they surround this with, as tho it were a great holiday. My friends, you are the children of Isaac, the sons of laughter. And the highest holiday in all your year is on this day. Therefore Christians should rejoice, be happy, be merry at this time. HE will fill your mouth with every good thing, so we are told in the scripture. And HE who is the Father of all, the Household, the Father of all Light and creative forces, the Giver of every good and perfect gift, hath bestowed the manifestation of Himself upon you as the embodied YAHWEH who was not ashamed to call you HIS kinsmen.

There is no doubt that the revelation given the Apostle Paul in the heavens which he incorporated in the 2nd chapter of Hebrews, thus takes on great significance. For as HE visited earth, HE did not take upon Himself the form of Angels, but took upon Himself the form of flesh and blood, because the children of YAHWEH were themselves in bodies of flesh and blood. And having taken upon Himself a body of flesh and blood, HE identified Himself with HIS family in earth. And was not afraid to call you HIS kinsmen and HIS relative.

There can be no doubt that the design to suppress everything Christ and Christian is a master strategy of the anti-Christ coming to its full in our time. There is no doubt that the forces of darkness hated HIM, hated everything connected with the purposes of God. But they cannot stop that which God hath ordained. And when we think of the massive meticulous detail in which God laid out the plan of the ages, we will recognize in our minds that the plans of darkness will come to naught and that no power against YAHWEH (GOD) can stand. There is not question that more churches have been alerted this year in 27 different States, than ever before to the fact that the enemies of Christ are trying to blot Christ out of Christmas. We have watched the result of this as over 24,000 vast billboards have been bought by Ministerial Associations, and merchants and churches across the nation saying put Christ back in Christmas---Keep Christ in Christmas. The biggest display of billboards in the history of the nation---for JESUS THE CHRIST. And all the result of the enemy trying to stamp out HIM NAME.

I think you will agree that we have had the sorriest stamp for Christmas ever, this year at our Post Offices. In fact, you can hardly tell that they are a first class Christmas seal when you look at them. This was because they wanted removed ‘the Nativity scene, or the Wisemen, or other stamps we have had thru the years which were so fine. The enemies of Christ didn’t want any national recognition of Jesus the Christ even on the stamps. Our Congressmen have been appearing before radio and T.V. audiences in the past few days, and they are angry about these things. They are saying, ‘What has happened in a great Christian nation like ours when the powers of darkness and the forces of evil want to stifle out the name of Jesus the Christ. When we are at this time celebrating the Birth of Christ, here in this Christian nation of America, the powers of darkness are trying to suppress the very name of Christ from this day, when we are so happy, and when we make ‘HIS NAME’ the most important part of our celebration.

Again, I tell you that there comes a time when the powers of darkness in their war against the Kingdom go too far. And thus, this year has brought more Christians conditioned by this experience than ever before, in this vital keeping of the knowledge of Christ ALIVE, not only in Christmas, but in every facet of our national life. I think a new dedication will sweep America after the experiences of this season, to make sure that no power shall ever blot Christ out of our thinking in these United States, or out of our national life either. Whether is be in the Chaplain in his prayers before the Congress, or whether it be in the Supreme Court, or whether we find ourselves as in the past, turning to prayer. I think you are going to discover that this fight will take on significance and the best thing the enemy can do is to withdraw.

I point out that one of the unique things I heard the other day was in the extra facet of the news as it came on. It was that from over areas of our nation, men were standing and saying, ‘Let’s put Christ back in Christmas.’ And then I knew that the enemy was crying for fear.

Now, listen. We think of this situation and we see these facts challenging the people of our nation. We find them at last forced to recognize that the design to place a substitute for Christ in this one of the MOST important of holidays for our race and church, is not only not going to work, in fact, it will boomerang. So far, has this in the signs of the times and the measures, had impact, that from across the nation this Christmas, there has been shown to be 50% less buying and trading with the merchants of Babylon than at any time in history. As we think upon the importance of this day, we may say this because this is ‘Our Day.’ This day doesn’t belong unto China. It does not belong to Africa. It belongs to the great nations of the Western White Christian world. You might say, ‘How can we say this?’ We have the authority of God to say this. And thus, we turn unto the book of Isaiah 9:6, and we read these words:-- ‘Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon HIS shoulders. HIS name shall be called Wonderful, counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’ Of the increase of HIS government and Peace, there shall be no end. Upon the throne of David to establish it and order it. And establish it with Justice henceforth and forever. And the zeal of YAHWEH shall perform this.

If you could reach back into the endless yesterdays, and roll back millions of years, you would be startled to remember that you had witnessed one of the greatest spectacles in time and history. When you watched the sudden burst of Glory like a new Nova, or a sun exploding. And its particles hurled out to form in the shaping pattern of your Father’s plan of a new Solar system. And each of you shouted for joy. And the Morning Stars, as the Archangels were known, sang together because our Father, in the ancient pattern of creation, had just rolled forth the spectacle of a new solar system. And then you can turn to the book of Job and it tells you that, we, the children of God, shouted for joy. Its color, its spectacle is another one of the patterns of its majesty that one could observe as YAHWEH creates and molds in the endless patterns of eternity. But if we were then to step up from that day in the millions of years of yesterday, to the courses of events which were to follow, we would have also have remembered another scene which we might have beheld. It might not have appeared so important to us in the midst of all those things we had beheld in the Universe, but we would have noticed a new promise reaching across the sky. It was coming up from far below the Southern Cross. It was headed out into the east. And if we had noticed our sign, then it was some 248,000 years ago that we beheld it. But we would not have paid too much attention as to what our Father was doing at that time. We may not have thought too much about it at that moment, except to admire it. But in the great timetable of YAHWEH, HE was starting a sign in the heavens for a future date. And this comet which was referred to by Enoch as ‘the Sword of the LORD,’ for this is how comets are referred to as they sweep across the sky with their great tails, and blazing heads, but this ‘sword of the LORD,’ was established in the program of our Father. It came out of the areas of the Southern Cross and headed out to the east to the tail of Hydra and on. It circled for 124,000 years, then started its trek backwards. And if we had been watching 124,000 years ago, we would have noticed that it was weaving its way toward the head of Aquila, the great constellation of the Eagle, with un-erring spread as it moved across the sky again, a great shimmering comet of Glory. And the if we were to drop back in our remembrance now to some 7000 years ago, we would have discovered that there was a prophet of God who was to be informed concerning what our Father was to do 248,000 years ago. In the significance of these events, we would therefore remember other things which had been told to us. As to how we had stood in HIS presence, children of HIS Spirit, before even this cosmic order was framed. How HE had told us about the rebellion of an Archangel which would sweep the Universe and how HE had even prepared this earth and this solar system which is now being forced in order that this spectacle would be consummated here. And triumph over the darkness for all times would take place here. HE told us how we, HIS Children, would dwell in earth, how our names were written in HIS Eternal Lambs Book of Life. And that HE, Himself, would have to come to make atonement for areas of mistakes that we would make. But out of these situations, we would emerge powerful and triumphant children dwelling even in a physical world embodied in flesh to build a Kingdom which would never be destroyed. Time was to go on until we were also to behold the spectacle of such a rebellion as the great and mighty struggles in the sky took place between an Archangel now fallen, and our Eternal Father, until that hour when we ourselves, as individuals, in this generation now find ourselves emerging into earth, coming by route of birth. Everyone you know in all the Universe has come to earth by route of birth, or been born here from past creations. Everyone of you have known that this is how you entered here. And this is also the process as to how the children of God from heavenly orders were born into a physical world of the Adamic race. Thus, it is that we arrived upon the scene of spectacle as we go backward in our history to the patterns of record as to what had taken place.

5000 years before the Christ, a man named Enoch was carried by Divine direction into the very heavens in the great transportation systems of YAHWEH’S heavens, and there Angels ushered him into the presence of the Father. And to his remembrance, was brought back those things his Father had said. And he was told of certain things which would transpire. How men would know that the hour had come when the promise which God had made to our Adamic forefathers---that the very seed of the woman our of this race, would bruise the serpents head, and evil and the Dragon would be broken. Thus, this man, Enoch, was told how the measures would be understood. How men would know the time had come. How they could understand that the visitation of YAHWEH was close at hand. And with the measures of this wisdom, we became studiers of the sky and the panorama of the heavens. Savants emerged from our race. And like this mighty Enoch, who had built the city of On, and who was joined with Job and others in the setting up of the great Temple of Zendera, in ancient Egypt, where all the procession of the Equinox and the measures of the sky were shown. Thus, it is that Savants from our race who had gone out were aware of these ancient truths. Even in the days of Seth, there was a knowledge concerning these mysteries and the wisdom which was carried out. And later the wisdom of Enoch was carried to wherever the sons of Seth had gone. Our prophetic forbearers who had come as Aryans into ancient India had brought the message of Khrishna. That the day would come when Messiah (YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) would come to dwell in the earth. They also established observatories high up in the Himalayas and over in the areas of Persia as well, as they learned the measure. And they looked into the sky for this measure. They studied the procession of the Equinox, the movement of the constellations, the signs that would bear testimony that the God of earth was going to be born. And they set what was known as ‘Do-rings’ there in Persia---a great circular measuring ring of stones. And these great ‘do-rings’ of measure were set so properly and by such measures that thru these sighting stones, they could measure across the sky. And they could observe anything that could be measured by these alignment patterns in this great ring of stone. Others of our ancient forbearers had migrated into Europe and had early--long before the establishment of our nation as Anglo-Saxons, had in the ancient days of the coming of the Picts, set out at Avabury in Britain another great circle of stones which today we call Stonehenge. And these sighting grooves were set to measure the progression of the stars thru the sky, the movement of the planets, and the ability to chart the course by accurate measure, of any comet which might move across the sky. And thus, here again from these ancient sights and from other areas of observation, from Egypt, from Persia, from the Himalayas, from Britain, these wisemen of our race all thru those early years, were studying the sky. How long did they study the sky? They studied it for 5000 years. In their mystery schools, and thru the history of this race, they had Savants whose eyes were on the heavens. They were waiting, watching for the sign, for the hour of the embodiment of YAHWEH among men.

People may laugh at this, but we have the evidence that this is true because the Wisemen, the Magi or our race, said, ‘We have seen HIS star in the East and have come to worship HIM.’ How did they know this was HIS star? What caused them to recognize that ‘this Star,’ this great spectacle which had drawn them for two solid years as they now watched the movement of this Star from the head of Aquila, to the head of Virgo? And where as from the perspective of earth, from earth alone, it would thus be visible, would have this significance. Thus, they watched for these two years as it moves across the intervening space, because of the relationship of this sign to earth, and to these constellations. As they saw this star now moving toward the head of Virgo, they were on their trek, moving to the areas of ancient Egypt. And here they would meet other wisemen of your race. Then they would carry out their destiny which had been handed to them thru the years, which was to locate the spot of HIS birth. The spot for the birth of the KING OF KINGS, AND THE LORD OF LORDS. I want you to think of the precision by which the Father started the pattern of a comet for this very purpose. I want you to remember that 5000 years before HIS birth in earth, HE told Enoch that the sign of HIS visitation to HIS sons and daughters---to this race---would be this great moving ‘Sword of the LORD’ which will move across the sky. And this brilliant moving symbol shall move from the head of the Eagle to the head of Virgo. And it was understood in the pattern of the Star Bible, from the days of Enoch until the time of Noah, that the sign of Virgo in the heavens was the promise that ‘a virgin shall conceive and bear a son.’ It was left for Isaiah to record in the 7th chapter:-- ‘Unto us’-- Behold! I give you a sign which the House of Israel can understand. ‘A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and thou shall call HIS name Emmanuel.’ This was not the name of the son, for the Angel Gabriel was to tell Mary, ‘Hail Mary, blessed art thou among women, for YAHWEH hath looked upon you with favor, and you shall bear a son, and shall call HIS name YAHSHUA.’ And in this declaration, Mary was told that the fruit of her womb would be the Holy Spirit, and this child she would produce would be the very body of God. In the majesty of these prophecies, in the prophecy of Isaiah, comes this instruction:-- ‘Thou shall call this YAHSHUA---YAHWEH with us.’ This is what Emmanuel means. It is not a name, it is a statement-- ‘YAHWEH (God) with us.’

And thus, what Isaiah had been told to proclaim. Then Enoch had been told as he stood in the presence of the Father, and thus your race watched for this sign. And they watched for this measure. And it came on time. And they beheld it for they had followed the measure according to its course. There can be no doubt about the significance of such measures and the realization that it took 248,000 years.---It was about 124,000 years of measure going out and then coming in. But the extent of this great circle was known to the Father. Our wisemen and forbearers only watched the last of this lap. And then it crossed from the head of Aquila to Virgo. But they knew what they were looking for throughout those 5000 years.

Thus, you realize that YAHWEH operates in such vast details that HE starts things in motion before those that are HIS household can meditate upon them. HE knows what HE is going to do because HE is sovereign God, Master of the Universe, and always moves with precision and such accuracy. Some may say, ‘But of course this could not be tied in accurately with this time.’ But, my friends, let me tell you that out of the Savants of this house of Enoch, and those associated with Job, in those days, they built a mighty altar and pillar to the LORD of HOSTS in the land of Egypt. And they set in stone, as they were moved by HIS guidance, the very accuracy of the time of HIS Birth. And thus, it is that it can be measured to this day in that Great Pyramid of Giza. And there is to this hour, this measure of the time of HIS birth. And astronomically in the signs of the Temple of Zendera, it had been also inscribed. So our forbearers measured the stars and the time with accuracy which became quite clear. Wise men standing in the court of Herod, king of the Jews, said they had come to the palace searching for HE who is born KING today in this land. They were looking for the KING of Israel, none else. But Herod, king of the Jews, said, ‘I do not know anything about this matter.’ But he called for the scribes, those students of scriptures to come and tell him if there was anything to this story which these powerful visitors, these important people had declared. These men hid the visas of the Roman Empire and as Savants, altho strangers would have protection even in Herod’s court.

At this point, I would remind you that there was not an Israelite in the land of Judah and Benjamin who did know of the prophecies of Messiah. There was not one single family that did not have the expectation and hope that in Bethlehem of Judea would be born ‘the Embodiment of YAHWEH,’ as Messiah. There was not a girl in all the House of Judah, dwelling in the land of Palestine who had not hoped that she would be the chosen vessel who would bear the body of God.

Of course, in this instance, it just proved that Herod and the Jews knew nothing about the Messiahship, or nothing about the scriptures. For they had no part nor lot in this matter. But the Scribes said, ‘Yes, it is written in the scriptures that there will be ONE embodiment of God which these people anticipate, and He will be born in the city of David, in Bethlehem.’ So Herod turned to these Wise men and said, ‘Yes, He is to be born in the city of David, go ye and worship HIM, and when ye find HIM, come and tell me so that I might also go and worship HIM.’

Now, there is always something about wise men. For them to have arrived here and to have observed this wisdom for so long, and possessed so much wisdom, for them to come back to this peculiar looking Jew and tell him where the Christ child lay,---this you would not expect. For the Spirit of God moved upon them to make them know that this man could mean no good for this child. In fact, his total ignorance in this whole situation showed that he had no part nor lot in this matter. So these wise men made their journey to the city of Bethlehem and they did worship at the feet of Jesus. Each bore gifts from his area of the earth, of gold frankincense and myrrh. There was no doubt about the gold of ancient Ophir, for the gold which had been a part of the house of David. It had been preserved thru the years along with the various emblems and symbols of service of God in the Temples, and had been transplanted by Jeremiah to Ireland, to Scotland and to Wales. And some of these items are still in the possession of a nation which retains the ancient throne seat of the House of David. There is also no doubt as to the areas of the Himalayas where observatories were maintained, by our White prophetic forefathers, who left their impact upon the philosophies of Mongrel India. And it was from India that these wise men had brought the frankincense. For it came alone from India. Our forbearers had left their mark in ancient Egypt, for we had taught them of the Resurrection. And these forbearers were known as they dwelt in that land as the children of Osiris, the Ka or soul of Light, the children of the Resurrection. Therefore, we taught them to embalm their bodies and to put them away until Resurrection day. And one of the patterns of ancient tradition was that one of the sons of Shem was to bear the body of Adam which was in the ‘Cave of the treasuries’ and was also take on the Ark---to take it down to Egypt and place it in the Sarcophagus (today it is empty) until Resurrection day, and to seal up the burial site. (The Pyramid) This tradition also refers to our race which is a part of its knowledge. Yes, there were these three wisemen, but a fourth wise man as well. And he arrived late. This knowledge has been immortalized in tradition and record, altho was known in the days of the early church and talked about many times. But the fourth wise man hastened also to carry out his responsibility in this matter. He brought with him the great Robe, woven with great beauty, with its color of royal purple and scarlet lining. It was set with jewels and beautiful pearls, and it was for this KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, when HIS coronation day might come. The fourth wise man might have been very much disturbed because all along his route was the misfortune of life. He came upon a man who had fallen upon thieves and he had to stop and assist this person. He came upon another person who was hungry and starving. And he paused to prepare food to give him strength. He came upon other people who with their needs, delayed him. And all these delays must have worked on the patience of this Wise man who had spent so many years in study and survey. And he wanted so to present his gift at the birthplace of the KING to be used in HIS day of Destiny at HIS coronation. But when he arrived, at the Temple of Zendera, he was told that the other wisemen had already proceeded him. That they had all gone to Palestine where they had all agreed would be the place for the birth of the KING OF KINGS.

Thus this fourth Wise man arrived at the court of Herod. But now he saw in this courtyard, armed men standing--1000 of them at ready. And Herod was almost insulting to this royal scientific visitor. And when he heard again this question, ‘where is HE to be born in Judea, this KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS,---THE VERY GOD,’--Herod exploded, ‘Three companions of thee have already been in this court asking where to find HIM, and they were to return and tell us where to find HIM. But now we go ourselves to find them also.’ Seeing the anger and the strangeness of this hour, with these mounted Jews here under the command of the king of the Jews, the fourth Wise man picked up the words, ‘to Bethlehem, it was that Herod was going to ride. Thus, mounting his racing camel, the fourth Wise man and his companions went at high speed to the city of Bethlehem. It was too late for this fourth Wise man to offer his gift before the manger, wherein this body of God had lain, for as he approached, there was no manger, no light in the sky above the manger, nothing of any significance was seen. He hastened to the Temple, for surely here at the Temple someone would know when the little KING had been born and where HE was. Here at the Temple was Zachariah and his wife Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary, who just six months before, had given birth to a baby boy, and his name was John. An Angel had told Zachariah what the name of this child should be, told him that this one was to come in the very spirit of Elijah, was the Messenger to prepare the way for the LORD and this was John the Baptist.

If you will remember, both Mary and Elizabeth had confided together about these mysteries of Divine revelation. For one was bearing the Messenger for the preparing of the way of the KING, the other was to give birth to the KING OF KINGS. It is to be understood then that when Jesus talked about John the Baptist, HE said, ‘Never has there a man born of woman greater than this one.’ For when this one was born the spirit of Elijah filled him and the consciousness of Elijah from heavenly dimensions had come to earth to bear witness of this KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. There was not much time now, for events were to follow as the soldiers of Herod hit the city of Bethlehem. And tho this man child born in this community a few days before was the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, was know as the Prince of Peace, still there was no peace this night for the city of Bethlehem. Because of their hatred against God today, in our nation as they try to wipe HIS name out of our nation, their hatred against this visitation of YAHWEH as the MESSIAH, called for the death of all the babes of Bethlehem, this city of David. Thus, the prophecy was fulfilled:-- ‘Rachel crying for her children.’ In the hour which should have brought the greatest joy in the history of our race, there came grief to that city because of the power of Jewry seeking to destroy the power of Messiah at the hour of HIS birth.

This stately visitor heard the clash of arms and the screams of the women as they watched their children being massacred by the enemy of the Kingdom. Quickly, the fourth Wise man put on this great Robe he had brought for the coronation of Messiah, the KING, and he reached down into the cradle and picked up John the Baptist and folded this babe into his arms under this great Robe. Soon the soldiers of Herod were at the door, and they went thru the quarters of the Priests, and could see that there had been a child in these quarters and they demanded as to where they could find this child. As this royal stranger who they dare not touch stood there, his companions stood outside the Temple and neither would have anything to do with these men. But a Captain, searching for the child, moved close to the Wise man and asked, ‘where is this child?’ Thus taking a beautiful pearl from the pocket of the Robe, the Wise man said, ‘Take this gift and leave, for there is no child to be seen here.’

The providence of time and of measure also wrought its purpose. Impatient the he might have been, for he had thought to see the face of the new born KING, a great gratification must now have descended over the heart of this fourth Wise man, who had been delayed by purpose,---yet arrived ON TIME that he might spare this messenger of the KING, whose task as John the Baptist, was to move out of the wilderness with his testimony as he grew up, saying, ‘Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make the way straight.’ Thus, his declaration was to fulfill his mighty destiny.

The significance of this event was again that the measurements of the sky were accurate---the events came to pass. For among those things told unto Enoch was that two great wanderers (planets) would be in the sky, one recognized as the sign of the Eternal Father, the other as the sign of the enemy. They were to come together in this sign. Three times during the pregnancy of the woman who shall bring forth this child, shall this sign take place, thus, you shall know of the proximity of birth.

Now, the wanderers were the names given to the planets. The great planet symbolizing Lucifer was this planet, Saturn in the sky. And Jupiter was known as the symbol of the Eternal YAHWEH, whose administering spirits were symbolized as the tiny little moons which surround the great planet Jupiter. Thus, the ancients knew that the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter was a sign of the powers of YAHWEH and the powers of darkness in conflict. Yes, and as these wisemen looked at the sky that year those two planets had made their conjunctions, they knew that ‘the time’ had come.

In the years which were to follow, the ministry of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA moved among us with all of its mysteries to unfold. The power of HIS miracle force were to open the eyes of the blind, unstop deaf ears, still the wind and the waves, until those who had the capacity as sheep of HIS pasture could understand that they had been visited by the Great Shepherd. To understand that YAHWEH, Himself, had fulfilled HIS covenant and promise to our father Adam who was also HIS son, we can thus, understand that this was the miracle of YAHWEH. And as Peter was to say, ‘Truly this was the MESSIAH, this was the Christ.’ ( The embodiment of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA). And the Christ was to say, ‘Flesh and blood did not reveal this unto you, Peter.’ It had to be spiritually discerned and understood.

Thus, in the course of the measure of this mystery, HE turned unto those, our kinsmen of yesterday, and said unto them, ‘There is another thing ye must remember, and ye must behold.’ And we read in the book of Matthew, as to what HE declared, ‘As the lightening cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west, so also shall the coming of the son of man be.’ They were to know as HE spoke that this son of man was HE---Messiah. But there was a great day also far out in the distant tomorrows in which HE also would emerge out of the heavens coming in with HIS Elect from the four corners of the heavens. The Archangels and the hosts of the mighty fleets of YAHWEH would enter into earth affairs, and HE told them that there would be signs and measures in the sky. And before such a day, there would be signs in the sun, moon, and there would be a darkening of the sun. And the moon would turn even as unto blood. Then you would see the sign of Man coming in the heavens. And in that day, the heathen shall mourn. But you have now moved into that climatic age. Remember now that this measure was also given unto Enoch. He was told even as he had been told concerning the day that Christ was to be born, that the mighty Triumph of the Day when YAHSHUA WOULD RETURN with the Hosts of Heaven to earth, would be preceded by the day when certain measures would take place in the heavens. There would be elements dissolving in fervent heat darkening the sun and making the moon red. And then would come the sign in the heavens as the embodiment of God--YAHSHUA would line up the wanderers in the sky in the sign of the Water Man of the heavens---pouring out. We call this sign Aquarius. And thus the wanderers would line out across the heavens in a straight line across the divider of the Zodiacal cycle. This was taught in the yesterdays of our race, and the Savants had looked for the sign of the birth of Christ all thru their generation. And THEN THE SIGN CAME. They also knew that there was a testimony of a great triumphant power of a returning KING OD KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS which would follow long after HIS birth as a babe in earth.

No wonder then that as Jesus turned to HIS disciples that HE told them what was unveiled to Enoch, for Enoch was told that the embodiment of God would sweep into earth again, in majesty and beauty even like the Glory of the comet that swept the sky at the time of HIS birth. But this time, the burst of Glory would come as KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. Come into earth with all the hosts of heaven with HIM.

Again, what do the scriptures say? They tell us that there will be signs in the heavens, the sun darkened and the moon to give her light, and stars form the heaven are to fall. The powers of heaven to be shaken. Thus, toward the end of the 19th Century, the greatest of all meteorite showers came. It isn’t actually stars which fall from heaven, altho the symbolism of this was that fallen Angels---fallen from heaven would be challenging the Kingdom of the earth. The symbol of the measure when now darkness would come to its fullness would start with the stars from the heavens. Advents and others understood this much of prophecy early back in the 19th Century, that the great meteorite shower would mark the reign of darkness, of these powers of evil for the latter day.

Yes, this we know. But when did the sun darken and the moon turn to blood? When did they do this as the elements were dissolving in fervent heat? Remember back in the early 60's when we exploded---out near the Hawaiian Islands---one of the most powerful nuclear explosive devices of all time. Those in the Hawaiian Islands at that time trembled at the spectacle of this strange phenomena, the play of electricity, and the color of particles in disturbance, of dust and material of ionized water and mud which filled the sky. In fact, that sun in the midst of daytime, turned almost like a black orb. It was dull and dark and brought strange and peculiar reactions. Wave like bands of the Aurora Borealis with green and yellow and purplish hues struck fear to the heart of the observers as the result of that explosion and measure. And then as time moved to the darkening of the evening, the moon came out red as blood. For three solid days over the areas of the Pacific, the moon was red as blood. Then in February of 1962, came this sign. The son of man in the heavens---the alignment of the wanderers in the sign of Aquarius, exactly as had been told to Enoch 5000 years before Christ. And also exactly as Jesus had declared---that after you behold the darkening of the sun and the moon turning to blood, then ‘Ye shall see the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens.’ It happened precisely, and in your time. And this was followed by the fact that the heathen would see the sign and they also would mourn. Why? This mystery of the sign of the great KING OF KINGS with the overthrow of Lucifers Kingdom, had been heralded from one end of the earth to the other by those of your race. When Savants of the Mystery Schools had made their prophetic announcements, they had told this was to happen. No wonder then that the newspapers in 1962 were filled with the events of that hour. They told how the people of India and other pagan countries said the end of the world has come, as they saw that sign in Aquarius. This was the sign for the end of a pagan world order and for a new order to be ushered in by the Glory of the presence of the FATHER.

Thus, I tell you that following this, you can look for what destiny hath ordained. You can look for new stars, new light, new signs in the sky. And always remember, that hurtling toward earth out of the constellation of Leo, is a dark mass. It reflects no light. It is moving with great speed. It eclipses once in a while certain planets in the sky, and observatories have noticed it. In the past few weeks, there has been much mention of the dark mass moving out of the sky, out of this constellation of Leo. Some have said, ‘What is it? Without a doubt, it is a great astronomical mass, in the plan of YAHWEH (God). And it approaches without the illumination which would normally be reflection--illumination, or the great inner light of a burning sun. I think before very long, that tho it comes now like a thief in the night carrying not its own light, still it will burst into the Nova of the greatest glory of all time. I think it is another majestic nova, that the world shall know. And when you see it burst, you will know that the hour has arrived, the announcement is being made.

Now, another Nova is also filling the sky. This brighter than any sun in all the known Universe. And it has come into spectacular glory, and has been beheld this very year by your observatories. From the far corners of the Universe, small particles which will sensitize a film, radio active--some might say--or intensive points of light emerge. They are not big enough to be Asteroids. Do not look like meteorites. Yet definitely are suns. And they are coming from the far corners of the Universe. A year ago, they saw them and the year before that. And the astronomers just speculate as to what they are. But still, they come from every direction seeming converging on this area of earth. I tell you, my friends, that the hosts are already being summoned. And the counsel of YAHWEH’S ancient declarations of the past may be on the edge of complete fulfillment. For you are in the day of the ‘Coming of the Son of Man.’ And with each approaching Christmas, we wonder, will there be another before this event shall be consummated?

We stand now on the edge of fulfilled events. The three and one-half years of measured pattern in the ancient antiquity to follow this sign before God’s judgement falls on the enemies of HIS Kingdom are almost at hand. And as you move toward September, of next year (1965), then from that time on the hour of tremendous judgement (15 years) which could even be shortened and this transpiring even earlier, but this judgement falls upon the enemies of God’s Kingdom. I tell you that you are in one of the most historical patterns of all time and history. And are challenged by the great spectacle of ‘time’ and ‘events’ which are about to take place.

We cannot tell you the day or the hour because this has been reserved for the FATHER to know. But HE said that you are not as the children of darkness, you are the children of LIGHT, and are to understand the ‘time’ and the ‘seasons.’ It is my firm belief that YAHWEH will make known unto HIS ministers and will call to their attention the essential pattern of the consummate measure---that within the last three months we will know that the LORD is about to appear. This will not be known unto HIS enemies. But will be made known unto HIS children, because the time and the seasons will bring this down very close. HE said, ‘Ye, the children of Light are to know the time and the seasons.’ Thus, to us this is not as a ‘thief in the night,’ but it is the coming of expectation and revelations. So we point out that we are close. It may not be this year, or next year. But the time is not far removed for the ‘time’ must be shortened and the measurers are now in completion and are coming to fulfillment.

Today, we stand at the edge of this spectacle. If that advent of the Christ born as a babe which was a single wonder, for it would have to be. Imagine. In this tiny babe was the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily. And from this intellect which was in this tiny babe in HIS Celestial mind, the whole Universe was being held together.

Oh, this was no infant mind. It was the mind of the Eternal YAHWEH---without beginning of days or end of life. The consciousness of this physical body growing up was the consciousness of a babe. The soul consciousness of this body could reach back to the spirit and forward unto the senses. For HE was ‘tempted in all things’ like as you are. Dwelling in a physical body, HE could know pain, could know suffering, could know the anguish, could know the coldness with which friends could turn on HIM, could know all these things. But at no time was lost the cognition that HE was Master of the Universe.

The Apostle Paul would later tell us that ‘all things were made by HIM, without HIM was not anything made.’ We stand to celebrate HIS birth among our race, to celebrate the fact that HE becomes---even in the flesh---our kinsman. We stand to behold and wonder at the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling in that babe. But we do not look upon that Babe as defenseless, for the hosts of heaven stood by and Destiny decreed that the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS would fulfill every facet of HIS purpose in the earth.

Thus it is, that event was great. But I am going to tell you that this return of the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS with all the hosts of heaven, will be a greater day than earth has ever known filled with HIS Majesty and novas of the sky bursting with Glory which outshines the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter. We stand on the edge of a great new day, a new era of light. For the FATHER will say, ‘I want the world to know that you are MY children, My sons, and MY daughters, and that I delight in thee.’

This is your time for joy and happiness, for merry making. So don’t let anyone take it away from you. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t enjoy the holiday. That you shouldn’t enjoy your friends, a kindred Faith, and kindred expectancy.

My friends, in the midst of a world in upheaval, of cannibals of war, of anti-Christ,---let Christendom rejoice, be happy. For the last word on these events will come from the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS when the trumpet blasts this next time. I can assure you that it is with such Faith that you possess your soul.

Yes, there is a day which is ahead like no day the world has ever witnesses. And so as we fulfill the prophecy of Jeremiah, we even duplicate things the heathen had done. But make no mistake about it, for this is also a mark of your identity. We cut down a fir tree and anchor it with hammer and nails and deck it with silver and tinsel. But not, my friends, as honor to the pagan gods, but to the Great God of earth who this green tree becomes a symbol of ‘Everlasting Life and Living.’ The heathen say we took their custom. But no, we subordinated their custom to the ‘ONE’ and ‘ONLY’ YAHWEH (God). ‘There is no God beside Me, I know not any’ was the declaration of our FATHER. Yes, who was to do this very thing? The Israel of God. The green Christmas tree did not find its way into the homes of the enemies of our Faith. They may deck their little Hanukkah bushes, and they can have those little bushes. But someday, there won’t be any of them in these United States. But we are going to see the Light Tree which reaches out across the nation. Each and every President must still light upon the White House lawn, a Christmas tree. This is a Christ-Mass tree, not a tree to pagan gods, not a symbol of the powers of darkness. It is a symbol, my friends, that the Light of America still looks back to this great Spiritual origin of our Destiny and our greatness. And we shall say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.’ Never forget. This is our day, our High Holy Day, for joy and for Thanksgiving. And can be only equaled by the joy in our hearts and soul at the mighty power of HIS RESURRECTION which is the Arch and Keystone of our Faith. And all the time we are looking forward to a great day than the world has ever seen.

(End of sermon)