Netherworld - Hell - The Inner Earth, 1-22-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-22-65

QUESTION:-- Where is the Netherworld?

I don’t have too much knowledge of the Netherworld. I probably wasn’t ever there. I can tell you this, two ways. We have limited sources of knowledge and extensive sources of knowledge. To me, the thoughts from the extensive knowledge, requires intuitive as well as spiritual intensity, as one spends lots of time on it. I haven’t spent too much time studying devils. But the Netherworld is interesting only because it is real, and it is just as much a habitation as the outer surface of the earth.

The Netherworld is the Inner Earth. It consists of caverns and inter-hall areas. There are more physicists today that believe that the earth is not solid, and believe that if it is not a large cavern center--that it is a large center and probably several thousand miles across--whose land surface would be as great as the outer earth land surface because it is unbroken by seas.

Now I tell you this because the Netherworld is in the Inner Earth--of this Earth as we live on.

Now you have to understand Lucifer’s rebellion. He rebelled against the Throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. He gathered out of the Solar System, fast space fleets. And in his perversion, he saw things that he could turn around and use as weapons of war. So we are told, that Lucifer designed many weapons of war, and he gathered dwellers from various planets, and they became his ax-men and swordsmen. And it says this dark and curly headed ones became his ax-men and swordsmen. So he filled his crafts with Negroes, that were out of the Milky Way, and they degenerated and feel out of a higher order under the debasement in which Lucifer mutated their society.

Then they were defeated by Michael the great Archangel and his hosts. Remember, this was a pretty big piece of politicking. One-third of the hosts that dwelled in the Milky Way and in the Universe, rebelled under Lucifer. And Lucifer, who was their master, because he was an Archangel under God,--he controlled one-third of the Universe. Now those in Lucifer’s territory were kind of the victims in this thing. But the fact remains that Michael defeated him in this solar system, which Lucifer was master over.

The only thing was when they were defeated here in this solar system, they survived the crash. Their space ships were smashed. And one thing we note, the ancient people of India had the story of the gods in space and how the great god, the mother of the Ganges and her serpent consort who was Lucifer, came to earth, Lillith, the mother of the Ganges River which is Kali of the temple of Kali.

So Lucifer and Lillith and the hosts they brought with them, were defeated by the Great God of the skies, who of course, is the Great YAH---again--and so the Zodiac God, which is the White God, who is still the God of the Heavens, and who thru Michael HIS Archangel defeated Lucifer and his followers and confined them to earth.

Now, the Great God of the sky would not permit Michael to kill Lucifer and his followers power to embodied on the earth. But it is said, that he gathered up all the space ships of Lucifer and they burned them and a great smoke rose into the sky.

So according to Indian antiquity, this Michael destroyed all these crafts that these Luciferians and their hoards came in. But we know that they were not allowed to destroy the power they had to be embodied in the earth. Now, the 12th chapter of Revelation tells us also, about the great battle in space and that Lucifer was defeated. Also Enoch told about this also.

Now, Lucifer being defeated, immediately, here on earth started mongrelizing the people of this earth. And many of the people here on earth, after mixing with the Luciferians, degenerated into brutishness and retreated into the inner earth. And when they retreated into the inner earth, those who occupied that area joined themselves to these newcomers.

Now, Lucifer could come and go. But some of these dwellers, beast people, dropped to such a low state that they could no longer come and go, and were kept in the Netherworld. And that is why it says in the book of Jude, and why this passage has such deep significance because it talks about things like that which is in these days. Of course, there is only one chapter in the book of Jude, but it is dynamite.

It says in the book of Jude that angels that kept not their first estate--meaning left their habitation--or came out of their spiritual dimensions, HE has reserved in chains of darkness until the judgement of the great day--or HE has bottled them up in the Netherworld. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah which were cities of these fallen angels, also the cities about them which were on the Plains of Shinar, gave themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh. In otherwords, here were Angelic races mixing with earth races of different species. And in their mongrelizing, they mutated (changed) the races. And so great the judgement that God followed this one up, and in this instance,---these then ruled the Netherworld--and in their areas, became--because of their pollution, fallen races, no longer free on the outer earth. So these races all knew death, because of this Luciferian catastrophe. And their spirits entered into the Netherworld. And they entered this Netherworld in their soul consciousness--but their bodies died.

But they had cycles of return. In otherwords, ever since the fall of Lucifer and the fall of the Asiatic races brought about with their mixing with the Luciferians, it was impossible for them to produce new people.

Now when I say that, I mean there has not been one spirit formed among the Asiatics since the fall of the Asiatic race. Now therefore, they would soon cease in the earth. But there is a process of birth. There is 612 year cycles, and fractional factors, called cycles of return. (612 is a heavenly number divided by 4 equaling 153.)

The fact is that people come out of the Netherworld and are born in this cycle to people on the earth---Asiatics. And in fact, these Jews are of this cycle and they come out and go back to their father the devil.

(Maybe this will explain this better about the Jews.)----This published by the Federation of American Zionist in 1917)--- ‘Jewish Nationalism depends upon Anti-Semitism for its existence. Thus the Jewish leaders stimulate anti-Semitism as an influence required to maintain the integrity of the race.’ This is also in accord with the provisions to be found in Protocol IX.

Protocol IX says, ‘At the present time if any government raises a protest against us, it is only for the sake of form. It is under our control and is done by our direction. For their anti-Semitism is necessary for keeping in order our lesser brothers.

Also, the world forgets, in its ignorance and narrowness of heart, that prosperity weakens our Judaism and extinguishes our peculiarities. It is only pressure which forces us back to the parent stem. It is only hatred pressing around about us, which makes us strangers once more. Distress binds us together and thus united we discover our strength.

Now, do you see that with the devil removed, and in the pit, that even the Jews will be better off? For no more will their leaders thru hatred of YAHWEH, be able to stir up those people to hate.

Now, Judas Iscariot was the son of perdition. His mother was a sorcerer and his father was Satan. He was satanically conceived. Now this is called incubi (?). I can show you volumes on this subject. It is on areas of Satanic factors. The early church knew this and understood this. Then they became so sophisticated that they classified all these things of witchcraft and Satanism as just not being true. So people just go around not knowing that this evil is true and it is still happening.

Take Judas Iscariot, for instance. It says he went out and hung himself so he could go back to his own place. What does this mean? He, or rather his spirit, came out of the Netherworld and it went back to it.

You remember the demons that moved into people? They are mentioned in the Bible. Especially remember the man in the cave. And when Jesus came by, he was like a wild madman. And Jesus cast the demons out. And those demons cried out, ‘What have we to do with thee?’ Then they asked Jesus to cast them into the swine.

Why did they want to go into the swine? Because if they didn’t get into the swine, they would be disembodied. They can’t get into a physical body of their own, so they have no impact of spirit, unless they get into flesh. So Jesus let them get into the swine and they ran down the hill and drowned themselves so they could get back to their own place. Go back and read that passage of scripture. The understand, that those demons came out of the Netherworld, and they were working hard to get back to it. And death is the way back.

Now, the king of the Netherworld is Beelzebub. Now Beelzebub was one of the Angels who rebelled with Lucifer. But here on earth, he got into a fight with Lucifer over power. Well, devils fall out. Because these Jews fall out. So Luki and Beelzebub tried to make a deal to take over the world and kick Lucifer out. What’s so strange about that? They tried to kick God out, so why not kick Lucifer out?

When Lucifer found out what was going on, and since Voodoo wasn’t as involved as Luki and Beelzebub, then Lucifer consigned Beelzebub and Luki to the Netherworld, and made Beelzebub the prince of the Netherworld, which is inside of the earth. And there Beelzebub was to serve Lucifer. And Voodooism comes from Voodoo, a Negro sorcerer or conjurer.---Voodooism is the superstitious ceremonies, rites, and casting of spells, practiced by Negroes in the West Indies, some places in the Southern States of this country, and in Africa and South America.

So the Negroes brought here by Lucifer, were given into the control of Voodoo. And Lucifer assumed for himself the Asiatic field to make up his court. Now this was a form of punishment for Voodoo. So all of this ties into the Netherworld. Now there is a gulf in the Netherworld, but we don’t want to get into the structure of the Netherworld at this time.

Remember when Jesus went down to the Netherworld when HE was crucified, to speak to Adam and all the spirits of the Adamic race, who were held there in prison; for from the fall of Adam to the Crucifixion of Christ, no spirit could get into heaven at death. Their spirits and soul consciousness went into the Netherworld into the part that Lucifer was not master of, but where he was only prison master. In otherwords. They could dwell there in that portion of the Netherworld and they couldn’t get out of it, but they couldn’t be persecuted other than thru the areas of their thinking. Their thoughts were under attack all the time. Remember also, the area of the Inner Earth which had entrances, passages, and was originally the mountain of God. This area of Eden was the original Eden. And when they violated the Divine Law of God, they were driven out upon the outside surface of the Earth. This area had the Tree of Life and the Mountain of God. Paradise was in it. You will notice that after the seduction of Eve, and then Adam violated the law, Eve being deceived and Adam--violating the Divine Law--because he knew there was no help-mate for him----then they were driven out upon the surface of the earth and angels with flaming swords were placed at the entrance of these tunnels. There was an entrance at the North Pole and an entrance at the South Pole. There were other inner cavern entrances. And watchers were put over these entrances. I can show you in Scriptures where it tells you of the watchers. And they were to keep some of these special forbidden ones inside. And there comes a day at the end of the age, when the forces are withdrawn and the Luciferian forces come out of the inner-earth like a cloud. They make war on the earth as they join the anti-Christ. I think a lot of them are loose now. ( I thought that was the Watergate situation---Rev. chapter 9).

Now, when I say there are actually cities in the earth, one of the great mysteries of course, was where the Incas went. You know the Incas just disappeared into the Andes Mountains. They had a tunnel system that they knew the entrance of. And that, the Priesthood knew. And that is one of the great mysteries of South America. They just disappeared. I have a record that thousands of them just followed the ‘Great Inca’ (priest) into the mountain and they never came out. I know of ancient literature that states, that openings into the inner earth were known. And as late as Cortes’s journey, the priests who traveled with Cortes made great records of these people. And one of the great mysteries was--‘where had the Incas gone?’

Now tradition says that the Incas had an inner kingdom in the mountain connected to the kingdom on the outside. Of course, the little people of the inner earth were supposed to be only four feet high. Of course, you could just walk into a hole and then fall into a cavern. But I don’t think they did that. I think they knew more than that.

(Now, this brings to my mind that here, Swift says that Paradise was in Inner earth---and Blessing says that Eden with Paradise in it was 1500 miles long, wide and high. So why not combine the two thoughts and inside that Eden, which was the capstone of this earth, all these things could be possible. The Garden Eastward of Eden still in this controlled place.)

Now, remember. When Christ went into the Netherworld to preach to those there and led the Adamites to Paradise, which contained the mountain of God, remember, that Jesus told the thief on the cross, ‘This day shall ye be with me in Paradise.’ Well, Jesus did not go first to Paradise. But HE went into the part of the Netherworld where all the souls of the Adamic race were held in prison and there HE took captives captive, and took them into the part called Paradise where the thief on the cross was waiting. Then when HE was resurrected, HE took them all out of the Netherworld. And all the priests, and Popes, and preachers, and evangelists, can not get a White man in hell, even if they break their necks trying.

Now, of course, there will be some people who will vibrate over this tape when they get it because their chief religion is to save somebody from Hell. Well, the most important thing is to save them from Sin (the breaking of the Divine Law.) For that is the mistake that causes them all the trouble. If we could stop them from the error of those ways, we wouldn’t have all the problems we now have. We wouldn’t have integration and all its problems. We wouldn’t have the whole field of imbalance and evil brought on by that. In fact, the taxes would go down. It is real practical. If you can save people from sin, you will get rid of the heartaches and catastrophes of this world then the kingdoms of the world will be the Kingdoms of our Christ.

Now some sins you have to conquer. Some you have to defeat and some you have to personally eliminate. But Christ says, ‘I didn’t come to condemn the world. I came to save it from Sin.’ HE didn’t say, HE came to save it from HIMSELF> in fact, HE said HE led captives captive and took HIS many sons on High. And then we are told that after that, the inner earth was enlarged and Lucifer could take over a larger area where previously, he was barred out of. If you want an interesting dialogue, read the Gospel of Nicodemus (found in the Lost Books of the Bible.) How Beelzebub didn’t want Lucifer to let the Christ into the Netherworld and how he didn’t want Lucifer to let the ancient people, the Jews, to Crucify Jesus because then Jesus would come in. And Beelzebub said, ‘If you kill Jesus, we can’t keep HIM out. And if HE gets in here, we can’t hold HIM. And HE will let all these captives out and HE has already let Lazarus out, and others. And if HE gets in here, we will lose everything.’ And they did.

Now, the reason why they took all this knowledge out of the church after 300 years, was because they couldn’t preach this purgatory story if the people knew that there wasn’t any truth to it.

QUESTION:--Devil worship??

Now, I don’t know about this except it is another modernistic devil inspired evil thing. And it is being introduced into our educational system. The dirtiest book of the year along this line is by John Lennon, one of the Beatles. Of course, Lennon is a dirty little Jew. And because the priests in Spain ask Franco not to let the Beatles into Spain, because they were evil, then Lennon is mad at Franco and Spain. And in his book, he says that Jesus is a garlic eating, greasy, dirty little Spanish Catholic bastard. Of course, Johnson let the Beatles into this country.

I personally think, John Lennon should be hung by his neck and not allowed into this country. You say, ‘this is rough.’ Yes, it is rough. But we are in the roughest period of our time in history. But let me tell you something. We are being Sovietized as fast as Johnson and his Jew advisors can do the job. The government is going to Socialism and dictatorial as fast as it can. They have just created a new department of art and culture and the theater. Now the government will subsidize this thing and all of us will have to support this whether we enjoy it or not. They have stolen the value of our money. They are going down the road to Socialism as fast as they can.

Now, the funny thing is, we are winning. We are gaining numbers. But they are usurping the power. But remember, the power may be rested from them by the numbers. So the intervention of God into this situation and the directives to HIS Children, are going to be very potent.

Now, everything that tries to get along with this system, is in trouble. They are buying men with promises of money and good times without work. They are destroying thrift and initiative and making men more or less dependent upon the State, and trying to develop a system of machinery for supporting man--where man has to only give a minimum of his time--but be controlled totally by the State machine. They want to control property, machinery, housing and so forth, until everything is controlled. The enemy wants to capture the cities, then remake them and rule the world from city centers. They want to put their world government into these massive world cities. This is like in olden Babylonian anti-Christ times.

(The plans are already drawn. I have a map of the plans for this country, but I don’t think they are going to accomplish their plans.)


(Here are some interesting facts from the Gospel of Nicodemus of what occurred in Palestine at the time of the Crucifixion of the Christ.)

At the 6th hour, darkness came upon the face of the earth and lasted until the 9th hour. The Temple was rent from top to bottom, and the graves were opened and many bodies of Saints arose and came into the city. At the 9th hour, the Christ said, ‘Father, into thy hands, I command my spirit.’ And HE gave up the Ghost.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus put the body of Jesus in the new tomb of Joseph’s.


The Jews took Joseph of Arimathes and threw him in a chamber where there were no windows. They fastened the door and put a seal upon the lock. Then they planned to meet after the Sabbath and see what kind of death they could plan for Joseph, the uncle of the Christ.


When they went later to get Joseph, they were astonished to find the guard there, the lock and seal not disturbed, but no Joseph. Then came the word that the guards at the Sepulcher--after the earthquake--saw an Angel of God roll the stone away from the entrance and sit upon it. And they had heard the Angel tell the women that Jesus was risen.

Then the soldiers replied, ‘we hear that you had Joseph, but he is now in his own city of Arimathea and Jesus is also in Galilee.’

Then the Jews were afraid, and said, ‘If these things become public knowledge, then everyone will believe in Jesus.’ So they gathered a large amount of money and gave it to the soldiers and told them to tell the story that the Disciples of Jesus came and took the body away. And the soldiers spread this story.


Joseph of Arimathea is invited to Jerusalem and he comes and tells them that Jesus came and removed him from that locked and guarded room, then took him to see the empty tomb, then took him to his own home in Arimathea.


When that astonished the, Joseph also told them that the old law said, that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established---and that the two sons of Simeon are missing form their tomb. And they are in the City of Arimathea. So they all go to Charinus and Lenthius and they question them on what is going on. These two men made the sign of the Cross with their fingers on their tongues, and their eyes looking into heaven---and then they spoke and said, ‘Give us pen and paper which then we will write down all these things we have seen and heard.’


After praying for leave to declare the mysteries of God, that they saw after death, and pertaining to the Cross, and the secret things which happened by Divine power in Hell (Netherworld), they then wrote of all that they had seen.



When we were placed with our fathers in the depth of the Netherworld, suddenly there appeared the color of the sun like gold and a purple colored light enlightened the place. At this light, Adam and the Patriarchs and Prophets rejoiced and said, ‘That light is the Everlasting Light who has promised to--translate--us to Everlasting Light.

Then Simeon came among them and said, ‘Glorify the Lord Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, whom I held in my arms as an infant---and moved by the Holy Spirit, I said to HIM, ‘Now mine eyes have seen salvation--which thou hast prepared before the face of all people---a light to the Gentiles, and to the Glory of thy people, Israel.’


‘The quarrel between Satan and Beelzebub the prince of the Netherworld.’

Lucifer says to Beelzebub, ‘Prepare to receive Jesus of Nazareth. HE did many injuries to me and to many others; for those whom I made blind and lame and those also whom I tormented with devils--HE cured them with HIS word; and those I brought dead to you, HE by force took away.’

Then Beelzebub says, ‘If HE is so powerful in HIS human nature, then HE is mighty in HIS Divine Nature. And no man can resist HIM power.’

But Satan says, ‘Why are you afraid to receive this Jesus of Nazareth? As for me, I tempted HIM and I stirred up my ole people the Jews, with zeal and anger, and I prepared the Cross for HIM, and the nails for HIS hands and feet, and now that death is near---I’ll bring HIM here, subject to both you and me.’

Beelzebub replied, ‘Well, now HE has taken away the dead from me by force, those who have been kept here until they should live again upon the earth. God took them from me. Perhaps this Jesus of Nazareth is the same that also took Lazarus from me. Bring not this person here. For HE will set at liberty all those whom I hold in prison under unbelief, and bound with the fetters of their sins or HE will conduct them to Everlasting Life.’


While Satan and Beelzebub are talking, Christ arrives at the gate and they hear a voice as of thunder and the rushing of wind and the voice says, ‘LIFT UP YOUR GATES, SO THE KING OF GLORY CAN COME IN.’

Beelzebub says to Satan, ‘If you are so powerful, go fight with this Prince of Glory and keep HIM out of here, for if HE comes in, HE will spoil everything.’


The prince of the Netherworld and his followers were seized with a great fear as the Light came in and THE CHRIST appears. And they say, ‘Art thou Jesus?’

Then the King of Glory trampled upon death--deprived the prince of Hell of all his power and took the Adamites with HIM.


Beelzebub berates Satan for bringing the Christ to the Netherworld and then Christ tells Beelzebub that Satan shall have the room from then on where Adam and his sons had been kept.


THE CHRIST took Adam by the hand and the rest of the Saints joined hands and they went to Paradise.


At Paradise, the Christ delivered the Adamites to Michael and they met Enoch and Elijah, and also the thief who died on the cross on the right side of the Christ.

Now Enoch and Elijah say they have been waiting to return at the coming of the anti-Christ, and will be slain at Jerusalem and then to be taken in to the clouds after 3 1/2 days.?????(any thoughts from anyone on this?)


Now this was a little of the story that Charinus and Lenthius told of what had happened between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. And they also said they only had three days to celebrate the Passover with their parents and bear witness for THE CHRIST. Then they would be seen no more.


Now Pilate read all these two had written, then he went to the Temple and demanded the old records, and they were studies. And in them it was found that Jesus of Nazareth who was Crucified, is JESUS--THE CHRIST--THE SON OF YAHWEH--and the TRUE AND YAHWEH ELOHIM--THE ALMIGHTY.

(End of sermon)