New Age For God's Kingdom, Israel, In The Earth, 4-9-61



By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 4-9-61

We turn to the discussion of the Destiny of the nations. Especially as it relates to us in one of the great turbulent periods of our History.

We have been hearing of the meeting of the President and his cabinet with the leaders of Great Britain. And in this meeting, they are trying to find solutions for the problems of the world. They say they are discussing great problems. And out of these discussions will come decisions that will decide the destiny of the world today.

We as the children of the most HIGH YAHWEH understand what is to happen in the earth and we know that we will see a lot of these decisions overruled. However never fear--the nations of God's Kingdom will survive. When we understand the background behind our race and the nations that emerged, from that background then we understand that YAHWEH has a great and tremendous purpose for his nations in the earth, and that they shall never be over thrown, or never be destroyed by the power of darkness in the world today.

We will consider the events around the crucifixion of the Christ and we will see that one of those events that stood out was the remarkable loyalty of the disciples of the Christ in the carrying forward of the principals of truth of the resurrection after they had been thru this and realized the significance of the resurrection.

Among one who had been loyal before the Crucifixion was the man --Joseph of Arimathea, this man played a very unusual part as it relates to the background and to your culture. For Joseph of Arimathea was the uncle of Mary, and thus a great uncle to the Christ by direct relationship. He was a man of great means and great influence, and we know that he was also one of the Essenes, and that he also sat in the Sanhedrin. He was known as a man of honesty and also had a great determination to see that the program of the Kingdom was advanced. Joseph of Arimathea used his great wealth to try to develop the acceptance of The Christ as the Messiah, and he used that wealth to bring in the necessary equipment and secure the man power for the bringing about of the Coronation of The Christ, as King of Israel.

Now; there was a great impact of Grief that descended upon Joseph of Arimathea when he witnessed the Crucifixion and saw all these plans break in to, but Joseph of Arimathea went to Pontius Pilate and offered him 'A Pearl of Great Price'--and He said I want the body of The Christ, for I want to lay him in my own tomb which was prepared for me. --So The Christ was buried in the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. And when the Jews heard about this they decided to do something about this man who dwelt among them. Up to now he had escaped much of the persecution because of his great wealth which the Jews respected. But now they are to move against Joseph and they seized him and threw him in prison. And they planned to try him on the first day of the week after they had gotten past the hours of the Passover.

One of the most significant things that lies in Rome today is the report of Pontius Pilate as to the happenings of these hours and the great resurrection of the Christ. The magnitude of that moment and also the story of how some of the dead in a second miracle of that hour were brought from their graves and walked in the city of Jerusalem. How Joseph of Arimathea was brought forth from his prison cell and how he was joined with the Christ and was afterwards seen with Christ in Galilee. All this was in the report which later Pontius Pilate reported to Rome. All this was reported to Rome and that report is still there--and that report shows how Joseph of Arimathea was a man of Great influence and was known thru out the Roman Empire, and it tells of how Joseph buried The Christ in his own tomb and how Jewry had seized Joseph and planned to try him for his act of burying the Christ, how they had planned to try him in the Sanhedrin court even tho Joseph of Arimathea was a member of this court.

Strangely enough in the hours following the Resurrection and the miracles that transpired, they no longer tried to capture Joseph of Arimathea, instead they waited until the 'called out ones' started to move in the days that followed Pentecost. In those days they gathered their militant forces to move against the new church, but they sought to have that army always led by an Israelites from some portion of the province. or one who could be used to this extent. This is why --the --Apostle Paul who was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, who unfortunately had been trapped in the religion of the Jews altho he did not consider himself a Jew by race was selected for this job. Paul came from a large city --the city of Tarsus, and he had never had the experience of meeting Christ until on the road to Damascus with a commission of leading that Jewish army to persecute Christians.

At this time also the persecution of Joseph of Arimathea started anew and also the persecution of Mary the mother of Christ, and Mary and Martha the sisters of Lazarus as well as Lazarus himself whom Christ had called forth from the tomb. This man Lazarus who the Jews seriously and constantly tried to put to death again was now considered a menace to the Jews, so they moved to destroy these people. Then there was also Romulus and Marcellus who were among the Disciples of Christ, and they were Romans who were followers of The Christ, and they were also strong friends of Joseph of Arimathea.

Now; the pressure was put on this group and the Jews prepared to try Joseph of Arimathea for his part in the burial of The Christ. Now none of the Pharisees would sit with Joseph in the Sanhedrin which was now meeting in secret. Gamaliel alone demanded the right to interfere in the case with anything effecting the Pharisees. --But all this time the Jews were also planning secretly how they would have Joseph of Arimathea and Mary the mother of The Christ, and Mary and Martha the sisters of Lazarus, and others of this close knit group put in a small boat and set adrift on the high seas. They had planned to deliver this group to some Nomads hired to do this work for them. Joseph of Arimathea heard of this plan and he also in secret gave orders, and one of his great ships was fitted out with some of his things of value from the land of Judea and his whole household was put on this ship as well as Mary the mother of Christ, and all these of this close knit group, then Joseph of Arimathea joined them on the ship. Also some of the Essenes of the Blue Tunic Army were in this group helping to bring it about. Thus they set sail on their way to the great holdings of Joseph of Arimathea in the British Isles.

One of the things most significant for us to remember about this time in history--is that this party was heading for Glastonbury in Britain. For here in Britain was the area where Joseph of Arimathea owned great hides of land. In fact the whole site of Glastonbury in Britain belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. This had been the site which Christ before he started his ministry, and between the age of 19 and 20 years, had visited as he sailed on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, and at that time Christ had been taken to this place, and he had visited the Universities in Britain. Actually at that time there were 40 Universities in Britain, all of which are still in existence today, and whose names are traced back to their names at that ancient time when young Jesus of Nazareth visited them. There are only 7 universities today in Britain which cannot trace back to their ancient existence.

It was Julius Caesar who said of Britain--it is a land of Universities, and of philosophy and of culture and law and poetry. Remember Julius Caesar as emperor of Rome sent soldiers to conquer this so called Barbaric land of Britain and his armies would come with much heavy equipment and they would have to build roads upon which to move. Well the Britons would move back and back and the Romans would build roads, the Britons would come forth and pay the tax that Rome had demanded and the Roman soldiers would go home. Within in a few years this same thing would happen again. The Britons finally figured they were just paying for the roads their country needed anyway. So finally Caesar realized he was being tricked, so he came to Britain with his soldiers and he was surprised at what he found. When Caesar came to Britain he was met by the king--Rufus was his name, and as Caesar was shown around he was amazed to see the buildings of Britain in this so called land of the Barbarians. Also here was a king dressed in fine clothing and this king spoke to Caesar in classical Greek and here Caesar was at a disadvantage for he was not as good at languages as this king Rufus. Well in these great Universities in Britain the students had been taught Greek as well as the tongues of their ancient languages. So Caesar talked with king Rufus and when Caesar was about to go then king Rufus spoke to him in Latin and then Caesar realized that this king could have spoken in his native tongue to begin with. So these people and their king were not Barbarians, and Caesar said that what mystified him was that their religion seemed to have been founded several thousands of years ago here in this land.

So lets take a look again to the lands where Joseph of Arimathea was going---and why was he going there?--He already owned land here but also another cousin of Mary the mother of Jesus lived here. Now you remember the cousin by the name of Elizabeth the wife of Zacharias and the mother of John the Baptist---well here was another cousin and her name was Anna, and this Anna was the wife of King Rufus. So the unique things about this is that Jesus the Christ --as the son of Mary was related to the line from which most of the Welch stock came from in the land of Britain. These people here in Britain were very interested in the teachings of Jesus when he had visited there and had taught the masters of the Universities. And there are records of this---and at that time people said;---this must be the Messiah---even tho he stands here as a youth.

The Druids had a long and ancient doctrine and that doctrine was the background of most of the theology of all the people of western Europe. Now it was referred to as Pagan by some who did not know better--but this doctrine taught that a God of spirit had put together the whole universe, as he created it out of his own mind and the energy of his own thoughts. they not only believed that he existed in spirit but that the great triad of his being was soul, spirit and body. The body of deity was called YESHU---this 1000 years before the coming of The Christ to the British Isles, so it was not hard for them to accept the name of Jesus which was a later name in Druidry, and was also the name which they took from the Apostle Paul's writings to the people of Greece. And Paul used the word in Greek language for the HIGH GOD --embodied as savior, and that word was Yah-Zeus.

So the people of Druid background in Britain and France and Scandinavia and the Goth's and so forth, all knew these names. For remember that two princes of Britain by the names of Woodin, and Odin had gone to Scandinavia and became leaders there and they carried the ancient names with them. Later a tradition was built around these leaders and it had almost made them deity, until the coming of Christianity.

The rather unique thing about this is that the ship of Joseph of Arimathea carrying this group from Palestine was shipwrecked on the coast of France and part of the party stayed in that area, then another ship was procured and they sailed past the white cliffs of Dover and went direct to the 12 hides of land that Joseph of Arimathea owned. Mary the mother of the Christ was brought here and also Lazarus was with them. At this place Joseph of Arimathea built a great Christian Mission and they entered into HIS service and because of this the King of England removed this land from the tax rolls and he said no Church of England would ever have to pay taxes. And that started the tradition of exemption of the church from taxation. So with this tradition is the connection of this man--Joseph of Arimathea--the uncle of the Virgin Mary who had to flee from Jerusalem because of his stand for Jesus the Christ. And Because he let Him use his own tomb.------Here also in Glastonbury, was the place of rest for the Mother of The Christ. And today you can see the tomb of Mary.

Lazarus came with Joseph of Arimathea and he served 40 years in Britain as he went up and down the countryside teaching and preaching in the early Christian Churches. Also Romulus and Marcellus were with this group and they also were in HIS service, here in Britain.

Then another cousin of Mary whose name was Claudias went to Rome and there she married Rufus of the Roman Senate. This man was a very influential man in the Senate at Rome. He was a friend of the people of Britain. And this family was so well liked that they moved at will thru the Roman Empire and into Britain. And when there was trouble in Britain, Caesar always used this family to help settle those difficulties. There were others of that family that also helped.

Remember that Paul who was in Rome for his trial, was allowed to go to other places. And he went to Britain and he went to Spain. And he always sent special greetings to the Royal Family by this family with whom he stayed in Rome and whom he referred to in his Epistles.

I think it is most significant to realize the antiquity of this event. It was the Apostle Paul who appointed the first Bishop of Rome. And by the way, that was not Peter.--Now Peter had been in Britain and he had traveled all over Gaul. And then eventually he came to be of the Apostles who had a Bishopric in Rome. And there when he was teaching and preaching in the Catacombs of Rome, he was captured and Crucified--head downward. But Peter was not the first Bishop of Rome and he did not build the first church in Rome.

Now the first on the continent of Europe was built by the hands of The Christ. And the second was built by Joseph of Arimathea. And we are now told by the Bishop of Canterbury, that some of its own masters and its own students joined with Christ to erect that first house--to YAHWEH,--in the Isles of Britain. And their knowledge of their antiquities is one of the great prides of the Universities of that land.

When YAHWEH was calling Abraham out of the land of the Ur of the Chaldea's, there were descendants of the House of Enoch and the House of Seth, and of Adam who were then settling in Britain.--One man especially, who is mentioned with that group was Hu-Gadarn. And these carried the True Faith with them. In Britain, they built the first stonehenge. That is the reason why the artifact of that time, when processed under radio carbon, go back so far.

In fact, we could tell you that today, we have in the process--confirmation of the entire pattern of the King line as well as the households that deal with all white western Europe. There is not a branch of Western Europe today, which are not tied into the house of Israel or the Sethite migrations that even preceded the calling of Abraham.

Thus fused in Britain were these people who dated back to Enoch and on back to Seth, who had migrated westward. And in those days, they had a whole theology which may be referred to by some as having gone down hill to a given point, and then came back up when Christianity reached Britain. But the Druid teaching was the foundation of that Faith which reached way back to the knowledge of the teachings of Enoch, to Seth and to Adam.

The language which we find involving all the ancient people known as Sacci--Sythians--Dannite--is so filled with Hebrew, that none of the significance of that language was lost. The words and language and meanings are still carried forward into your language today, in the Anglo-Saxon language that we call English until the basic factor in our language of today is the ancient Hebrew meaning. Then again, the word Hebrew is so significant in the background of the knowledge concerning the nations of Western Europe. For the word Heber is in itself, of great significance. The word Heber is a descendant from Shem and from whom almost all of the great strength of the white race of today has emerged. And today virtually not one individual known in the world today as a Jew is descended from Shem. And by no stretch of the imagination should be called a Hebrew. So since they are not Hebrew, there is no reason why people should shy away from the word Hebrew. But they should understand this. The Jews are not Shemites.--So the word Anti-Semitism is one of the most foolish words in all the tongues of man. Because the word Anti-Semite would mean that you were Anti-Semite--the descendants of Shem, and be against all the peoples of the white race,---the Scandinavians, Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Lombardic, Franks, Germanic, Basque. When actually, Anti-Semitism doesn't mean that in the thinking of men.---Really, to them, it means Anti-Jewish. Which in turn, is Cainanite--Hittite--Amalakite and Kazzar. Under these factors, we have something entirely different in the thoughts of today--than the intended meaning.

When we go back to the patterns of this history and its antiquity,--the Franks and the Normans and the Interchange of thrones which took place for some 1400 years, carry us back to an origin and a people whose history is so important to us all. -- Why?-- Because most all of the white race descended out of the stock of Israel. Of course, most of you know that the 10 tribes of Israel and their companions of Judah and Benjamin, who were carried away into captivity by Sannacherib were later released under the climactic reign of Shalmaneser. And they came thru the Caucasus Mountains to settle. There were some of these people who emerged in the Caucauses in the 3rd Century, for some of the tribe of Benjamin had never gone back to Palestine to move under these evil forces that were pushing for power in Palestine at the end of the 70 years of Captivity of Benjamin and Judah in Babylon. Some of the tribe of Benjamin never went back even for the rebuilding which was to take place in Palestine. Some of the tribe of Benjamin never went back with Judah. And these of Benjamin made their way north and were the early movement of Benjamin from Babylon. Then the tribe of Dan from a very early age were on the move as they did not like the disturbance within the Empire and they started to move and fulfill their destiny as 'way makers'. So as they moved, they named the cities or rivers after the name of their father--Dan. And you trace their footprints by the names of Danube--Dan's land and Denmark and etc. So Dan was early in the Isles of Britain and they moved in ships and into the avenues of traffic and trade with their kinsmen. They were in the Isles before the coming of Joseph of Arimathea and even before the house of Joseph--the Anglo-Saxons arrived. The house of Issachar moved into central Europe and pushed north to settle Finland. And there they were to fulfill their destiny as they are in place for the Eastern boundary of the Christian Kingdom. The tribe of Issachar was one of the sturdiest and permanent stocks in this land of Finland.

The people we call Iberians largely moved into the area known as Spain. And this was the house of Simeon. And the house of Simeon largely resided in Spain as they came into Europe. The Apostles knew these people were Israel. Paul talked about the people he would meet in Rome and then he said he was going over to talk to the people in Spain and he refers to them as Israelites--the children of God. So the Apostle Paul knew what he was saying as he addressed these Romans and those in Spain--as 'The Elect.' And then he said:--'The Spirit especially forbade me to go to Asia."--So I could only go to the peoples of the house of Israel.---After all, that is very understandable.--For the Most High God had given these instructions in Matthew chapter 15 and verse 24,--when Christ Himself said:--'I am not sent but unto the lost Sheep of Israel.'

Then speaking unto HIS disciples, He said:--'Don't go to the cities of the pagans.'--Now the word here translated Gentile--is not the same word for Ethnos. -- But the word means--don't go to the pagans, but go rather to the Lost Sheep of Israel. And He sent forth His disciples to built HIS Kingdom.The Apostle Paul said; --'The spirit expressly forbid me to go to Asia, so Paul went to Rome and then to Spain, and he went to Britain and thru out portions of Europe, and today the records of the travels of the apostle Paul and others of the Apostles an disciples thru out the nations of the western world are available. Thus today we know where the nations of Israel went in their journeys and we know their locations, by their heraldry and their identity.

There is no question today that the nations of Western Europe are not made up of a great conglomerate mongrelized group, but they today are the design among the nations of White Christian Nations, and then we find that the other design among the nations is to destroy the influence and the leadership of these great Christian nations of God's kingdom. In fact if you go back to the things related to our past history, which some of you are well aware of, because of its relationship to prophecy and to identity, and to the message which we have recognized for so long --as basic in knowledge concerning nations and men. But back in the days of Jeremiah you remember one of the things that he said; he was called to do ---he said; 'I have been called this day to be set over nations and over kings, to destroy, to tear down, to build and to plant. So Jeremiah as a prophet of the MOST HIGH GOD had a lot to do which God had ordained from the beginning. --

There is one thing that Jesus said concerning nations:--'Every plant that the God of spirit did not plant shall be plucked up by its roots.'

Now; we again find something rather interesting--for in this ancient land of the children of Seth, and the land where they had migrated to --years earlier--the land also which was a natural course of travel thru the Caucaus pass. Thus thru this pass the liberated Israelites set their course. Then some of the Sythians stopped in Greece, and some found themselves engaged in a war in Troy, and then some became known as the Goths. Then people in the war with Troy discovered that the people then of Troy were the Germanic people of today, and the Judah people of that time, so they joined forces and with their kinsmen traveled on into Central Europe, where others had gone before them.

If we go back to the days when these tribes came thru the pass and then on into Central Europe we will note that there were certain groups who traveled and stayed together. France of course was mixed with several groups but one group predominated and stood out. The Norman influence was in France for many years. Inside of the Lowlands of holland and in Belgium we found the symbols of the house of Reuben. So in the settlers of Central Europe we found the names of the people of Israel before their migration.

Lets go back to Ireland and there we find a King already there when the Princess came from Jerusalem by the great ships of Dan and Ephraim. We have that record, both from Britain and the 17th., chapter of Ezekiel---as we see how Jeremiah fulfilled that Prophecy--which said:---'that a Great Eagle with full feathers and divers colors would come and take the highest branch of the Cedar and carry it to the city of Merchants. 'By that we knew that Zedekiah of the house of Judah was taken --blind and captive to Babylon. Then there was a 'tender twig' of that Cedar and it was taken by Jeremiah and planted in a high mountain the height of Israel. And then we remember how the ancient bards of England sang of the coming of the Princess who was the daughter of Zedekiah and they told of the great Viking ship that she came on.

The fleets of Dan and Ephraim moved over the seas together from Scandinavian ports into the Mediterranean sea, and the very ships that Jeremiah used to bring the Princess from the land of Palestine was the ships of these two houses of Israel. The great sails of these ships and the Viking hulls made them look like a great Eagle. And the Majesty of what was involved in this fulfillment of prophecy was in the songs of the Bards of England as they said:--'The eagle ships came and carried high the standards of our king, and on one of them came a Princess for our king.' This was the transplanting of the seed line of the house of David into the Judah-Israel line then in Ireland, and later the throne moved to Scotland, Wales and then on to its present place in England, and from that king line and house moved out the people who were tied to virtually every king in western Europe and even to the Czar of Russia.

Now; often I hear the ignorance of division of one branch of the white race being played off against another branch. They say----but those people were Assyrian or they were the Ostra Goth--all Israel is now here in England. Let me tell you something --there may be a representation in that court, and there may be families there with their blood lines that came from all parts of Israel, but all this great house of Anglo-Saxons--the sons of Sacce or the sons of Isaac are included. One of the oldest words and used before it was used in Britain was the word used in the heart of Germany and all the way north into Saxony, --and they referred to these white people as the Anglee, and the reason they called themselves Anglee was because they referred to them selves as Elohim--the children of God, the Angle or Angland--England means the offspring of God's land.

The significance of this situation shows that they knew themselves, and they tied themselves back to ancient Israel, and the fact remains that tho these sometimes struggled among themselves --yet the people who make up the western Christian nations of today --emerged out of these people who struggled out of the mid east into Western Europe and Britain then on to the United States as colonies of Britain. These nations stand today in the midst of these events as the great pillars on the horizon. And then the United States moving out on its own is basically from the root stock of these western European nations. Scandinavian--Lombard---Basque--Germanic people--Anglo-Saxon people all welded into a great and solid nation. One least common denominator is the fact that we have emerged from a common seed line from the Adamic race. The one mighty denominator is that our Faith recognizes that Christ--incarnate deity--is our LORD and Master and as such is recognized in worship today--by every white Christian nation on the face of the earth.

There are a lot of people today that do not think these things are important, but let me tell you that all of the revolution and all of the problems that face the nations in the world today comes from the antagonism against the God that you serve, and the race who are his children and against the civilization under divine law which they represent. Its a desire to rule the world with ruthlessness, to exploit it, to its limit, to hold the people in slavery--that is the supreme Satanic design.

There is no question that there will never be peace in the earth, until the white Christian nations rule the earth, from one end to the other, under the administration of our Eternal God, there is no other solution. The Day will come when at the name of YAHSHUA every knee will bow, and they will recognize from one end of the earth, to the other, that YAHSHUA was the embodiment of YAHWEH--thus the fullness of deity walking in the earth. That IS DESTINY AND THAT IS THE DESTINY OF THE NATIONS.

Some one said to me:--Dr. swift I think we are about to be plowed under. Well we have one of the strangest situations we have ever had in all our history. We have been bringing in the hoards of the Anti-Christ into our land, and they upset the balance of our voting. And the same is happening in the United Nations and we should get out of the United Nations, and correct many other mistakes but when you say we are all done--let me tell you something.---It is an easy thing for God to awaken and produce new leadership and I am confident that will take place. The destiny of God's nations are not going to disappear from the face of the earth. We are about to see the greatest days of our history when we are going to rise and shake off the power that seeks to bind us and we are going to drive that which is evil out of our land and then we are going to lead nations to a great new destiny UNDER GOD. That is God's purpose and that is God's plan, and there isn't enough of the forces of darkness to change that order of events. Your heritage traces back into antiquity, it reaches back to Adam--remember that.

Some people who have been told that all people came from Adam and then from Noah are overlooking the fact that the tracing of the genealogy to Adam is of great significance, for when tracing the genealogy of The Christ they go all the way back to Adam--it does not stop with Noah. There is nothing more clear pertaining to what God is going to do than that which is told to us in the book of Matthew. Here he said:---I am going to come into the earth theater and I am going to make this an advent, and I am going to suddenly bring all of the nations before me, and I'm going to divide the nations like a shepherd does the sheep, and I am going to divide the sheep from the goats, and I am going to say of the sheep nations these people are of Israel ---now receive this kingdom which I have prepared for you before the foundations of the world. So--under the very authority of God ---here he proclaims that these sheep nations of the western world are going to rule the world under the leadership of Incarnate--embodied --deity, and he is going to make his majesty seen from one end of the world to the other. That my friends is HIS word, and I'd rather take that assurance than the word of any politician on the face of the earth. And if you do not think that this is a significant hour let me assure you that it is. Even still inside of the captive circle of races, many of your own race stock, such as little Issachar or Finland is captive and in the mall of the Soviet Union still they remember their inheritance. Remember that in the days when they went down that Count Mannerheim said:--"Men of Issachar stand and fight, and let the world know that NOTHING BUT SCORCHED EARTH CURSED BY YAHWEH SHALL FALL INTO RUSSIAN HANDS. "

Then something rather significant happened;---little Finland as she made the first retaliatory air strike --dropped Bibles instead of Bombs. And those bibles were in the Slavic tongue and she dropped them on the people along the border of the Soviet Union. When they asked Mannerheim why they dropped bibles, he said that they did this to see if there was any SEED left in this land that might respond to them. He said:--if there is no seed left there, than it does not matter what we do. So you see they knew who they were and they were reaching for any redemptive seed and before little Finland defended her self with hard steel she dropped --THE WORD--on the people. You will never be able to take this important impact of their background from them.

It is significant that Simeon Spain has been fulfilling its prophecy, and Anglo Saxon people have been fulfilling their prophecy right up to this climactic hour. Germanic people have been fulfilling the great destiny of the house of Judah. They have been fulfilling that great destiny thru the years. One of the prophecies in their destiny was that in their last years they would have a very powerful governor. But in the climax of this age when the enemy moves against us and the nations of Israel find themselves trying to 'save the tents of Judah first' --you are going to discover that the scriptures say that the Germanic people, the Goths, and the Austra Goths are going to be standing with the Anglo-Saxons and the ranks of the Normans in one Great solid wall against the on coming Communists.

Why?---because God said:--'I am going to take the stick of Judah and his Israel companions and I'm going to take the stick of the House of Joseph and all his companions and make them one stick--one battle ax-- one warring power in MY hands. That my friends is what is going on today and that is why you have the Eichman trial going on today. For that trial is a great propaganda warfare to stir up trouble between the people of America and the people of Germany. They are trying to take a new generation of Americans and sew into them the hate that has been so successfully organized by Jewry in the past. Some people still say:--yes but terrible things happened in Germany.

Yes.---But the 6 million dead cannot be true for most of them were walking the streets of North and South America after the war was over .So very obviously they did not die over there. Also there was no Israeli in those days and therefore they have no jurisdiction in this matter. And the Court off the Nations and under the United Nations is turning their heads away and not recognizing that International law was violated ant that this whole thing is just a Cainanite show to split the western world.

There is not any question about the fact that our government gives lip service at least to stopping Communism but the way to stop it is not only to increase our power, but to break the bonds of all God's nations and set them free from the world government program of Babylon and the United Nations. Then if we are to march to war let us drop our bombs on Peking and Moscow and not fool with the jungles of south east Asia.

You are standing here in 1961 on the edge of one of the last great climactic struggles of our time. And in this period the enemy is more worried about anything surfacing that will awaken and warn the American people. I've been watching this attack on the John Birch Society and I find this attack comes from the same source and areas as those who attacked Joe McCarthy, and Pat McCarron and congressman Ranking. These same forces who years before had turned their smeary forces against Gerald K. Smith or toward any of the early writers who exposed these situations. Today they are turning their attack against the Ultra Right--specifically at this moment--the John Birch Society. This is the same forces who in their work welcomed Khreuchev to their city and rolled out the red carpet to the bloody butcher from the Anti-Christ hoards of Russia, who still had the blood of Hungary on his hands. Now we have an active Communist cell in that city of Santa Barbara and we have them now in the schools and they spread their doctrine from there across America. Then the Newspapers come out and say we have exposed the Hate campaign of the John Birch Society, but nothing is said of the Communist forces infiltrating our schools or about the subversive factors setting up their plans to start a revolution. to sabotage our police departments or our food supplies. You don't see anything of that side of the picture in the press. You don't hear the newspapers crying out about the opening of the door to the great dangers for our people, or the functions of our treasury department.

What was that?---One thing they did just two weeks ago and now the medical association is beginning to explode because of this --they opened up the nation to an outlet for Russian with a way that disease and poisons could wipe out your great cities. We have had for some ten years an act that forbids the trading with slave states, and the receiving of their goods. So any trading with Russia is trading with slave labor in states, and that's the way the act of Congress reads.

Now; our fishermen in this country have been having a time making a living for our government subsidizes other countries fishing fleets and even that method puts canneries on board their fleets. If an American fleet wants to put a Cannery on board they must buy it with their own money, and of course they cannot meet this foreign competition now that has government subsidies from out the treasury. Japan has been using cheap labor and catching and canning crab and sea food off our coast and selling the finished product to this country for 20% less than our local fishermen can produce it. But now comes the news that the government is going to let Russia ship in sea food at a price 50% less than our local fishermen can produce it. And that just proves that if you can sell it 30% less than Japan with cheap labor, then the Russians have slave labor. Then even more danger is the fact that the state and treasury department can set aside an act of Congress but also there is the fact that just the greatest laboratories for germ warfare on the face of the earth, are located in the Soviet Union. Certain germs put in one or two cans could bring in something that could wipe out a city before we could find out what was causing it.

Now; we have certain laboratories where we are working on counteractents for certain viruses and germs and preparing for germ warfare if necessary, but the fact is that Russia has already been using germ warfare.

When Russia went into Tibet she moved people out into the valleys and villages and thousands were quickly swept away from the viruses and germs used on them as experiments. And then as the epidemics were in progress they used their own doctors under air masks to try to control the epidemic. The Doctors breathed air from oxygen tanks and used all the known knowledge of medical science as they worked to try to save the people who they had inoculated, or who had been exposed to deadly viruses , but the people died --thousands of them. The Dali Lama reported this as he came into India. And now even the illegitimate throne is in danger of being toppled and destroyed and it has been reported to India that the people of Tibet are being exterminated by the experiment in germ warfare by the Russians.

In the meantime in this country you have been hearing all these terrible things done by Germany as they replay the hate message thru this Eichman trial and it is to get you angry---well remember that you are fraternizing with the government which is mass exterminating a people with their germ warfare. Also remember that they are planning for you the same thing in the future. What the medical world is worried about is that in Moist crab meat just a few germs of some unknown virus could start an epidemic in one city and the cause would not be traceable. ---When did you have an enemy who wants to rule the world, and which is without God, and who has already demonstrated its will to massacre a whole society for its experiment in germ warfare ----when you know this and then still take in his food and subsidize him in the process then you are more foolish than you should be. The State department says we are just trying to implement President Kennedy's policies. ---Well--this is the place where you better know something about God's policies or you might lose hope.

Dan Smoot has been bringing out these facts in his column and so has the John Birch Society ---but when you hear all these things about the John Birch Society then you know where they are coming from. The thing is they are trying to make the warning from the John Birch Society look ridiculous so you will not look around and see what is going on.

As we move across the country we are finding that the people are waking up to this communist danger and they are looking for ways to join themselves together. They are coming from the Methodist church and the Baptist church and other denominations and they are thrilled that there is a relationship between the white race, and its culture and Christianity, and to the whole substance of their survival. When you say---'Thus saith the LORD,' it makes a great change in the thinking of a people. I want you to pause for one moment and think--and don't be disturbed about what is going to happen. I wish they would have an investigation of the right wing groups. When the facts got out the people would rise and run a great number out of our country, and the people in power today---a great number of them would never have that power in our country ever again.

I sat and listened in Washington to the evidence of things that came out. Then I was in Santa Barbara and listened to an Editor who was lamenting about the John Birch society so I started talking to this man and pointing out a few things to him, with the facts from those committee meetings to back me up, and when I finished he said:--'You know Dr. Swift everything is crooked today, the gangsters, and the politicians, both, because the money system is crooked --they have all the money. And I said: ----Who has all the money? He said:--The Jews and the gangsters. --Well I said:--remember you said that, and if that be the case there is only one thing to do and that is to eliminate both by the process that is legal. Probably the best way would to lock up the gangsters and export the Jews for dual allegiance. At least find a way to get these enemies of Christ out of our country. --And then I asked this Newspaper editor:---'Now what are you doing to correct this situation, for as I see it --by attacking the John Birch Society you are playing on the side of our enemies.

There is not anything which you and I cannot look back on thru our background and thru the line of our destiny and not be thrilled by the way God has brought about your survival and brought your ancient culture thru ignorance and darkness to its place in this world. There were universities through out Europe teaching the knowledge which God had taught Enoch and Job---the knowledge known in that great city of ON a long time ago, and in all those great schools the students knew how to read and write and I wouldn't be surprised that a graduate out of the English schools of 2000 years ago had a better education than one out of our modern Universities of today.

I want you to turn for one passing thought to the book of Ephesians. And here I read:---that the Apostle Paul had been into the heavens and back again, whether in the body or out he did not know. But into the heavens and back again and Paul said:--'Blessed be this Eternal YAHWEH, of our embodied Messiah--who has blessed us with this when he chose us before the foundation of the world, and destined us that were to be in the earth, wholly without blame and before HIM in His love. Therefore and accordingly as he has chosen us before the foundation of the world and sent us this destiny ---He has predetermined that we would be positioned by Himself according to the good pleasure of his own will --in the hearth to praise of his Glory and He makes us utterly acceptable in spirit to Himself. In whom we have not only all redemption thru his blood but forgiveness for our transgressions, according to his riches and the riches of His Grace. Where in we have not only all redemption thru his blood but forgiveness of our transgressions, according to his riches and the riches of His Grace. Where in He hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and in all prudence and having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his own good pleasure which he has purposed within himself. And this includes that in the dispensation of the fullness of time he is going to gather in --ONE --under one throne, under one power, under the great and mighty law of heaven and, and of his household ---all the things which are in heaven and in earth, even in HIM. And we have all our inheritance already obtained and predestinated by Him , thru this purpose with Him, to work out all things according to the council of His own Will.

Even in the new version it is beautiful --in its rendering of the Masterful sovereignty of Divine power. That every knee shall bow and that every tongue shall proclaim that the Eternal YAHSHUA --is the Eternal ONE and they shall know that you are Elohim, and whether called El, or Anglee or just sons and daughters of God, they will know that you are one and the same.

end of message.