New Order Of The Ages - Time, 9-12-61


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift 9-12-61

We will not understand the New Order of the Ages, or the knowledge of the New Age until we stand on vistas of human understanding which dwarfs the concept of our Universe, as we knew it yesterday. For we knew almost an insignificant or small beginning as to what we are doing here, and why we came. At this hour we can study every phase of our natural sciences, and we find the astronomer has added in the last decade un-times the measurements of the Universe than he had before. In its perimeter of horizon the Universe is now ten times greater, and he is speaking in terms of limitless space, with limitless planets, with suns and moons and stars. In the realm of the Physicist, he had discovered greater power than he has ever wielded before in his conscious earth history. We have joined our experimentation, in all realms of chemistry and Physics. The taking of the use of things apart we have discovered the secrets of the Universe, that the last fifty years have brought to fruition. And today you can say that the men of your race have a system of thinking which gives them a pattern of the smallest units of the solar systems and the atom, the molecular masses, and the construction of substances. You have watched in the last twenty years the taking apart of the atom. The tremendous energies of released power, the greatest fusion of power in their hands. Y

ou have watched the development of fuels and the products of combustion. We have moved into an age when men with knowledge of Jet propulsion can move themselves out into space, and bring themselves back again. You have watched here in your time objects circling the earth.... Satellites we made with the ability to bring them back into our own orbit. All of these things have happened in a span of the last two decades. You have watched the increasing of knowledge in almost every field of scientific life. You have also watched the modifications in the fields of Theology which no longer reckon as they did in the past to the many things as they relate to earth. They now see that the earth is standing out of great antiquity of great age. And look at the Anthropologists they now see that man as we know man...lived on the earth one million seven thousand five hundred years ago. And their knowledge is increasing every year. So no longer does the perimeter of ideas remain where they were 20 years ago. The last twenty years has projected human knowledge further than man ever anticipated it would go in that period of time. It moved you so fast, from one age to another that you now stand with one foot in an old age and one in the new age, because prophecy has brought you to the edge of expectations of great things.

With all we have witnessed in the knowledge acquired you say the world must be a better place to live in, than it was 20 years ago. Or that all this knowledge has brought about greater understandings and safety and people get along better together, but this does not seem to be the truth. For where as we understand more about the earth, and more about sciences, and we know how to take it apart, bit by bit, and we make more explosions taking it apart than we ever did before, still all these factors have not given us security or given us peace. Largely because there are things men must know and there is knowledge that must become a part of their thinking before the real new order can come in. We talk about knowledge for a new age, and its not just nuclear knowledge. We talk about knowledge for a new age and its not just procedures of transportation, because transportation is stepping up speed, and even in your time you are going to cross the continent in one hour. And its not going to be surprising, to make a trip to Europe in two hours. That's speed with a Super Sonic transport...but that is not what brings in a New Age.

We have discovered that there are many of the prophecies of science, all in relationship to the discoveries of your race, and of the age you are living in, but I can assure you that at this very moment because of not understanding the necessary knowledge of God's Kingdom, and all that has happened in the earth, with the new wisdom, and the new understanding, has brought greater danger, and greater fear, than ever before. Fifty years ago we were not worried about a nation on the other side of the earth being able to devastate our cities in just a few hours. Men did not worry as much about a war from one continent to another without many months of preparation. And they would surely hear and know something about it in that time. There was still not as much worrying when the telegraph came in, and then we had a cable under the ocean that could bring us news of the rest of the world. This was to our advantage cause we knew what was going on in distant places. But here in your time you have watched the shortening of the areas of distances by which we move projectiles, and nuclear discoveries.

And these discoveries have brought with them great fear. Then gathered together tonight are a great number of what was called uncommitted nations. And you ask..what is an uncommitted nation? I think an uncommitted nation is about as useful as a lukewarm glass of water, and God has made known his opinion of something that is neither hot or cold. He says he will spew it out of his mouth. But today there are any number of uncommitted nations and they run from Asia to India and many tribes of the Congo in Africa. And altho really not to be listed as nations, still they were taken into the United Nations, many of them simply little cannibal tribes and not prepared for recognition among nations. If fact in tomorrow's newspaper you will find that some of the Bolo tribesmen took a couple of English soldiers and ate them and threw their teeth into the lake. There will be some of these Statesmen admitted into the U.N.

This, my friends, is based on a lack of knowledge, and men can be destroyed from a lack of knowledge. This is certainly true when we deal in the field of nuclear knowledge, and we underestimate the enemy when dealing with armed forces, and we are not prepared. And the lack of knowledge of our enemies and his capabilities can be a very devastating thing. This lack of knowledge is one of the most dangerous things a nation can face, and it is especially true when dealing with an internal condition. And this is the problem which America has faced in the last 35 to 40 years. The great degeneration in the status, in liberties and independence and blessing which our nation has entered into, and fell...thru this process has been definitely a result of a great lack of knowledge. A knowledge which does not fit an old order and a knowledge to bring in a new age, according to God's blue-print. Thus it becomes your responsibility to understand the great values of truth for:..'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free'. Those who understand the real message of God's Kingdom and the real message of race and origin, are in possession of some of the facts of the New Age, and of the era ahead.

And I want you to know that some of these things that men are putting their minds to are waves of inspiration according to the future. Some of these things are constructive and are good. There are purposes which God's words unveil, and these things will be brought to pass, because God will add enough energy of spirit and enough energy of purpose as well as the forces supporting these programs of events, to bring on the results. And you and I are the instruments in God's hand, we are His children, His ambassadors, we are His race, His family and His kingdom. And it is most important that you understand this fact. The scientists have come up with their facts and then men repudiate the findings on false premises that bring disaster on this age. They are saying that all men are equal, and all should be employed according to their numbers on a percentage basis, but people are being moved into positions of responsibility and they do not have the intelligence for those jobs.

This integration of the fire department, or police department, or your way of life in your city will not work. I am not against any people, but I am against people, but I am against people who have been moved into areas where they do not have the capacity to fill their jobs and thus are hindering and injuring God's kingdom. One thing we need tonight is a reawakening to God, to His plan and His purpose for this is the knowledge of a new age. We were thrilled to see our men walking in space, and then coming home again, and we know these accomplishments are in some way related to our destiny.

We are interested in some medical experiments that the medical scientists are engaged in and they are on the right track. We have talked to them and they have caught the concept and form of spirit, of soul, and of bodies as we see it, and they in turn have found their experiments supporting the prophecies of established truth. Their processes have incorporated the use of experts in photography, and its whole field of kindred sciences, and they are beginning to study every process of anything relating to life, and occupation of the body and how we stay in it, and all the things resulting to it. I think some for the accomplishments are far more important than putting a man on the moon, because a man on the moon might not be nearly as important to you as a conquest over things that destroy the body, and ways of putting life back in it with the formulas of their discoveries.

I am also convinced that no man, not in harmony with his creator, and who does not recognize Him and the guidance of His spirit and the vision of His power, will ever make a great contribution, either in the medical field, or any other field which will prove of lasting value to your race. Nothing based on false theory can be of any lasting value. Now; I am anticipating many things as I watch the work of some of these men. They can tell you something about the new age, and it has been declared in the Scriptures...many things relating to this new age. What do we mean by New will be an era in which we will be governed differently, operate differently, and all processes of transgression ...mistakes...and tyranny are going to be swept off the face of the earth. And it is going to take knowledge to accomplish those things. As we say that you have one foot in this age and one in the next, we mean that certain amounts of these laws are basically dependent upon the application of spiritual law and spiritual energy.

The first thing you must understand if you are going to know anything about the new order of the face of the earth, is that the Adamic race, the white race, the children of God, the household of the MOST HIGH, came from the heavens and as Jesus said, they can go back there. Since you are the children of His household then you belong to HIS kingdom...HE is our Father, and you belong to Him, as the Messiah said while in earth:..'Thine they were in the Heavens, Mine they are in the Earth'. This race then is a Master race..Divinely conceived, which possesses the spiritual seed of God's embodiment, and is the only race with the Divinely expected capacity to rule the earth under Divine Law, and administer to it under Divine standards. If you do not understand that, then you do not understand the New Order and anything you might contribute doesn't build it up, but rather pushes the new age backward.

Now; we tell you that God has not only laid a time table which has already been set in the areas of His Universal administration, but you happen to be moving by world event indications, very close to operation of phases of that time table to bring you into the new age. In that new age one of the most important developments is mortal putting on Immortality, or the white race putting aside death. You that really going to come to pass? Of course it will come to pass for God has already ordained it, and we told you than one of the elements in His own time table is going to come by His own measure, and He is going to see that His Chief Archangel sounds a blast on his trumpet, and that's going to be the best music you have ever heard as it moves around the world. Then when that transpires HE Himself, in Majesty and Power makes His Presence revealed in the earth. That is only one thing to happen, for this also means the end of death, that mortal puts on Immortality. That means in one moment, in the speed of light, in the speed of electricity, in the speed of God's determined principal...that every atom of your being will be changed, and the glowing aura of light that emanates from the speeded up electrons will make you glowing and radiant, with the glory that belongs to HIS own nature. Oh! you say...that is the end of don't die, what about the enemy? Well! It won't matter if the enemy likes it or not...YOU WON'T DIE!

One of the first things that will happen that day is that there will be more people trying to get tickets, or trying to get out someway, or trying to hide than you've ever seen before. Talk about bomb shelters...when this country lights up it's the Glory of God, resting on the children of the Most High because He ordained it, they aren't going to stay in this country where you are, because they can't stand the light. We tell you that the knowledge of the new order does not however release you from carrying out all the instructions of God and resisting the darkness until it ends. You work at the nighttime darkness, just as if it is night time, until the morning comes. Its your responsibility in every phase of life to accomplish and develop God's Kingdom, and do it the best of your ability. This means that when you know that you are the children of God, that you were born of His Spirit, that you came in as a race under the Adamic Race into this world, that you are growing and developing and now that your sin is off your shoulders and you are free by the Atonement of Christ, and now that ignorance that is covered by Ecclesiastically short disappearing, and you are coming into an age of knowledge and truth, then you are bound by the negative things.

Then you should start to live by the law for a new age..even now. And that means you should start to tell and illuminate every consciousness you can concerning these facts. You get out, get together and plan for it. In your own communities the enemy has taken over and we will tell you how they did it:...In the PTA for never really thought about these radical conditions and racial conditions like they now tell you that you must think. You never operated in the field of that era until the enemy got up and talked in your organizations..and talked and talked and told you how to think. They gained their field of influence and they bought the communication systems and this their area, their design and they succeeded. Actually great numbers of your race never concentrated on trying to capture the means of communication because they did not know that this was warfare. But this is a war between the enemy and the children of God's Kingdom... and the enemy wants to retain the old order, and they want the old order to be completely enveloped as they seek control and destroy you...the children of the New Order.

Yes you have been here as a race for approximately 7500 years, but that is not so long as you study a history that runs back for 1,750,000 years now is it? And yes..we can take you back into that period of time but now lets look at the last 25 years here when we have become wide awake in many fields of knowledge of science. But 150 years ago we will say that we were more awake concerning our separation from the areas we were sent to administer. We then tell you this that you are going to have to discover, the laws of the kingdom, and bring it in and work it in and use it, for the accomplishment of your objective. If you don't have objectives, if the people or your race don't have this field fitting into their consciousness as their objectives they will never carry them out. They will never go forward, to accomplish something that they have never set as an objective. That is one of the reasons why that we feel that mass communications as a system is valuable..and since our race has let the enemy take over the public communication systems then we feel that this mass tape program is so valuable. We are reaching people across this nation and we feel this is valuable. For as you awaken their minds to similar objectives of God's purpose and get them to press forward with these objectives they will find how easy it is.

I can remember and so can you, how the liberals took over the PTA and the town meetings and political gatherings. They didn't have too many individuals...they just had one on each side of the room and one in back and one in the middle of the room and it made it look like the whole group was all for their ideas. One made a motion here and one seconded it and another one put it to a vote, and they hollered louder than anyone else, and before you knew what was going on they passed the motion. This was what they called the 'diamond plan' and that's how it worked.

You are the natural majority.. but you let them move as though the enemy was the majority, and it is time for you to plan, to think, and to take over and occupy. It doesn't matter that maybe five or six here and there don't like it. We can dispense with them for there is more of us, and they are there because they moved in while you slept. You never knew what was coming 20 or 30 years or even 15 years ago until it descended on you with great deception. Everyone was busy with war and their problems and little did they realize how far and how far reaching went this voice that started to speak for America, and still speaks for America in their messages over communication systems they own. Today they speak in every avenue of American life and they speak with error.

We have sited to you time and time again that your soul is totally made up of things you know and have experienced and that you think when on the right track. But you have to feed that soul just like you have to feed the body, and the most important thing is to give it something it can digest. There is not any doubt that great strides are being made in this physical field. One of the things that this group of medical scientists and doctors have now discovered, and actually have known for a long time, is that the body is made of life, and they are vitally concerned about the proper diet and proper food for that body. We are not a health freak, but we are interested in eating and so are you, and it is important if you want to stay here, and it is important that you eat the right food, if you want to have strength and health. But suppose I tell you that medical scientists know that somewhere food has been devitalized, and there is somewhere food still with life, and they are hunting for it and preparing for it and they have discovered the strength in embryonic fluid, and know that this is in the eggs, and some other foods. And they discovered that when they take out these life forces and apply them to individuals, and to food that can be synthesized, and in proper relationship the results is vitality and life and rejuvenation. They have discovered more about Enzymes than they have ever known before, and also how to separate those that are vital to the body and those that are not. This is not just a matter of simple biochemistry, but this is a matter of deep study of anatomy and patterns of it, in areas of it that break down. And along with hypertension, and fears needs which changes man. It doesn't make any difference whether you ever ate that kind of food before, it doesn't make any difference in your life time if some of the things they are finding now have been eaten before, its just evidence that its something you don't have and if its put into you then that is food.

A lot of things you eat may have no nourishment and vitality at all. So the New Age discovers new things. And one of the things I know is the great contribution of medical science for our times, regardless of the field in which they are employed, for they are trying to increase life. And that is in keeping with the New Age is it now? It is in keeping with what the Scriptures say. And these Scientists in a physical dimension are trying to bring this to pass, by seeing that the body gets the foods to make it live, and thus trying to give immortality to the body, in as far as they are capable of doing. In fact I happen to know that several of these doctors are thoroughly convinced, that with the things already at their finger tips, that they can keep the body just as strong and filled with life, just as long as they carry on, and they think that the only thing that can break this idea now is the act over which they would have no control. Or anything beyond what they have discovered would be an act over which they have no control...such as an act of God.

Now; let me tell you this, that the knowledge of this science and achievements will be coming more and more prevalent among man kind, until it will become available to the great majority of people of your race as they return to life and vitality by the process of eating good and proper food, plus the added and developed sources of right power and of Life Light. Oh! some will say I don't think we should engage in all that...but then why east at all...someone said..I don't think we should take anything someone prescribed or eat anything for any kind of an ailment, or for life or strength, we should just do what God wants us to do. Well, you don't have to eat if you don't want to and you can just sit down and starve, but food unless it is just for the taste factor, is to nourish your life, and when men discover the secrets of it and the rebuilding of it and the factors of it, and you turn back on it then you will die for lack of knowledge. Some- one then says:..but suppose it doesn't work? Well, look at all the things you already eat that don't work. I'll admit that we have been eating everything thru out the years, from turnip greens to steak, and we are still dying as a race. So we don't say that you shouldn't eat those things, but if there is something that will prolong life then you better discover it.

I tell you that one of the types of knowledge for the New Age is food. This is so that you will have greater vitality then has ever been available before for these children of God..for the kingdom of God. I do not think it will be made available to the Hottentots because they will probably not acquire the money to buy it and they will never enter into the process of producing it. Our responsibility is not today seeing that the Hottentots have all they want, our responsibility today is seeing that they don't eat the white man. We only mention this factor as it relates to the laws of life. We just want you to know that you are coming into a New Age, when the knowledge of this new age is going to roll back advancing age, physically, organically, and by natural synthetic and biological processes.

They are going to roll back the advancing age and they are going to conquer and prolong life indefinitely in the years some of you are living in. But I'm going to tell you that when men work at this with their vision in conjunction with the great and mighty purposes of spirit...when that time arrives then in the Universe around about in which you live then there will be more tears, for their will be no more sorrow, and then no more death. Someone said:.. except by accident. But there will not be anymore accidents to take away your life, for no one in the household of THE MOST HIGH will know death in this New Age into which we are moving. Because just as we may say we have discovered the secret that will place life in every gland and in all tissue and activate all the processes actually already rebuilding the body every seven years, so why not rebuild it with vitality, for it can be done. The Spirit of God which is the source of life will quicken every atom of your body and the law and spirit of life in JESUS THE coming unto you. Someone said:...but what had that got to do with the world we live in? You are going to learn to go vote for the right candidate and we are going to elect Christians to office and occupy the earth. Take over our land and squeeze the enemy out.

You are going to live just as realistically with the spiritual power without any defeat as you have lived with defeat in this same world. We have a lot of people who when we talk about spiritual things think that we are ready to go to another planet and that's where they will do their work. But it is not going to be on another planet, it is this plane here on this earth where you will finish the work that God sent you here to do. This to go somewhere and rest, well, maybe you better just get some good vital food once again, get some spiritual food, for after all it isn't to go some where and rest that you are here for, its to build a kingdom. If you had a greater spiritual power, and thus greater physical power you wouldn't want to wouldn't even get tired. I'll tell you a secret...those who work the hardest for the kingdom need the least rest and have the most vitality, you will find that...'They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings, they shall not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.' Now; I want to realize that your thinking processes are vitally important to God's Kingdom, for they catalyze great spiritual power. They move as an aura of Light, to unite the minds of people in a congregation, or in a state, or in a city, or a nation. You not only have a correct vision of this, but of the time as you hear the news, whether it relates to the United Nations or some other strategy of world government to which you do not belong.

There must be a constant resistance in your nation, this constant scene of that Institution dissolving your society, is not good for you. They talked the other day of moving the U.N. to another spot..and I don't wish it on any other people, but I wish they would take it down and move it somewhere else...anywhere but in this nation. Don't even leave a glass there for it is just a monument to a tragic error and we don't want to be reminded of it. I tell you that we must see America free...I hear people moaning about being taken over so all we can do is pray that God take us out of this world. But I have a different story...before I would pray that God take us out of this mess we have gotten ourselves in I would ask God to send Michael in...and help us clean up our mess. Now; I also have some other news for you, did you know that every American, British, German soldier killed in World War II., is going to stand on his feet, and that is going to scare more Jews in Europe than ever dreamed they have such a scare coming. Did you ever stop to think what that is going to mean to the people who thought they had bombed and destroyed and ruined a great part of the heart of our Christian civilization? Yes... they are going to stand on their feet.

Oh, the enemy talks about not liking the Swastika, but you know if every soldier of Christendom would stand on his feet and put on the Cross of Christ...on his shoulder, and on his arm band they would cry out with just as much fear and they would want that removed also. Do you realize that they are working hard to get the Cross of Jesus Christ out of the vision of your race, working harder than ever before. They took them off the graves of every service man in our cemeteries in Hawaii, because there weren't many Jew crosses. They are trying to take them out of our national cemeteries here in America, for they do not want any identification of our Faith. Let me tell you the era just ahead, if there is any one sign of our Faith related to The Christ that they don't like then lets lift it up and let them see it wherever they go, and if they get tired of it then they can leave our nation. No matter what comes we must learn the ideas of a new order.

We are on the right track..for some are now beginning to realize that these factors of Anti-Christ are alive, and within the enemies of The Christ is the desire to destroy you. When the cry of Anti-Semitism comes the white Christian society should respond with vital spiritual truth. When we talk about the knowledge of the new order it must also bring to your realization that God also has promised you that as far as your Faith is concerned you may lay claim tonight on Immortal Life. I want you to know that you are free, and that you can roll back with refusal this process of destruction, just as you roll back superstition, roll it back with the TRUTH which God has made known to you. We have many problems here in California, we have highly organized units of minorities, but I happen to know that if all the Jews in California voted together and all the Negroes voted with them, and all the minorities that are non-Christian would vote with them, they still could not elect a governor, if the rest of you voted for a Christian that we wanted. This is also a national problem, and the enemy is wooing those non Christians to vote against you..all those who do not think in coordination with God's Kingdom and the thinking of the new age. But we make this very clear and bow to the thinking only of the children of the Kingdom. If you think other wise you have already licked yourself. But remember that we the Christian nations are to put the world in order. When the hoards of communism come we are going to smash them with missiles and anything else at our disposal. Then when they gather the infamous forces out of the pit, we are going to call in the Angelic hosts and our Kingdom is going to defeat them,.. and defeat them we will, tho the skies be filled with flying crafts..still we are going to do it. And when God's Kingdom comes to this earth we are going to win all the elections. For God is going to crystalize around the Faith and courage of individuals that challenges, that moves out to stand for your race, because the line has to be cut clear. If you are a white Christian and want a white Christian government then wake up, this is the way you are going to have to go.

And we don't care if all the hoards of the enemy stand and mock a system like that. The most dangerous thing we face today is this negative fear complex. This fear that this nation has by the medium of public opinion put on our brains. That is why we are told that he who saves the soul is wise and covers the whole multitude of transgression and error. But..this isn't talking about the Eternal Spirit...nobody ever lost that anyhow. Lots of people think that a lost soul is someone who has just gone down into some imaginary pit. But nobody was ever lost when they die, it is that they are lost when the mind is mixed up. When the body dies the soul goes back to HE who gave it, unless you are talking about non-Israel, and then they follow their path to deliverance. But I am talking about you and your race, so when we talk about a soul that is mixed up, we are talking about being lost in your mind as you let the world order influence you.

For instance anyone who would call the United Nations...'Man's last great hope', we consider that soul is a lost soul because of the thinking of their mind. We tell you that mans ..Adam-man's last great hope is the Kingdom of God...IN POWER! Someone said:..but that means that there is a great war ahead..well yes, that is prophecy and all the power of the world order can't stop it, but the reason there is this war is that the people of God's Kingdom fall into step with the enemy. When you turn on your T.V. and you see how life is obscured by they tell you to surrender your independence, and don't be so positive about your Faith in God, let all these people who know how to rule the world. As you hear that then a great war is essential... until you repudiate it as propaganda and start to correct it with the TRUTH. The Scriptures tell us that in the last days that knowledge will be increased and people will be running to and fro on the face of the earth, and we see that today. More things happen now in one week that used to take place in a year, and because of that the children of the Kingdom of God better get in high gear.

Then I listened to a bunch of people in a camp meeting and they were singing...'give me that old time religion...for it is good enough for me'...these people didn't want to know, but we tell you that what we need is a great streamlined power of God, which will ship the enemy and move with the same speed everything else is moving with. Thus we want to streamline this old time religion...taking out the fear and superstition and bringing back into it the great recognition of Sonship, of might and power and great surges of Light that is down inside of you... that is the challenge. What we need in America is men like McArthur, Walker and Patton, these are the kind of men we need to raise up in America with Patriotism, with vision, and with power and the knowledge of who this race is, and its destiny. I wish we had some men who believed in the destiny of this race..under God..and in the skills of our young men..who believe that we are a race chosen of God with a Master destiny. And that every German, Anglo-Saxon on the face of the earth, that everyone of the Scandinavian people are essential to the survival or our race.

If we were to start teaching in colleges and in our schools, start spreading the great truths of our destiny, and get out the bands and start marching to the music of such a great day, then I tell you that our youth would straighten up their design to accomplish this destiny and it would be a glowing aspect to them and juvenile delinquency would disappear within a matter of days. Some say they do not believe in the principals of a marching nation but let me tell you that you better believe in these principals until you have conquered the enemy and his evil, because the enemy believes in the principals of a marching nations and intends to liquidate and reduce you to slavery. To long the church has gone around saying we have to get ready to die, the Anti-Christ is going to take over the world. But we are not going to win the world with that kind of program. Our Father has stated that 'I am going to give the heathen for thy inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession'. Then turn and read:..'That God gives the talents to the sons of the MOST HIGH, and they are going to possess the kingdom forever and ever.'

The moment we capture the vision of the triumphant Kingdom of God we go out and make it happen. Yes, I know in the decade that just closed we have watched the dwindling power of the Anglo-Saxon greatness. And I remember a day when the armies of Britain were deep in the heart of Africa where they rolled back the cannibal and introduced the avenues of civilization. There were days in India when they were on their way to rolling back paganism and law and order was established under the emblem of a great empire. There was a day when to the ends of the earth your race was pushing, and the word they carried was of accomplishments and great civilization, and achievement, and if they had this great vision, there would have greater happenings. The other day I was reading the memoirs of a British Captain in India. He said: ..they would go out with 300 men and roll back 30,000 out of their way. They had a determination that could not stop them for they represented a mighty Kingdom of the White Race, and when they went out without fear it produced fear in the enemy.

Let me tell you that there used to be a day when the white man could travel almost anywhere in the world and the enemy was afraid to kill him, because a president or a king would send out for the one who killed and bring him in to an accounting, and to avenge the death of the white man. But today they are not afraid and you know why, because the laws of God's Kingdom and the concepts and the destiny of that kingdom have been replaced in the minds of men. This is why I tell you that the knowledge of the New Age is greater than your achievement of proving and probing the areas of space. Far greater than your nuclear discoveries and far greater than your application of the general field of scientists...for lying buried is the spiritual awakening in the seat of the human consciousness, concerning the destiny, which God has for your race, and concerning the power for this society. But the New Age is not going to be developed with the Christian nations supporting all the pagans and idolaters, on the face of the earth with heavy taxes being paid by the inheritors of the kingdom. The Kingdom of God means administration, and if you turn to the Scriptures instead of you plowing all the fields for the strangers...the strangers are going to be plowing all the fields and supporting themselves and you...who ever heard of a kingdom that taxes itself to support the people it conquered???

I tell you that it is un-biblical and unchristian for you to lay the burden on the backs of Christians to support paganism. Today the press tries to sell you the idea that certain men are great. Men like Ben Gourin and Einsteing and so forth. And it is a fact that Ben Gourin was a great cog in the Jews program, and that Einstein was a great faker in that same program. He was an ant with a greater understanding than anyone could prove that he used. He could go out and talk to people about things they could not understand and they thought it was profound, but that's the way the Jews operate. Someone said:...just because you don't understand what Einstein wrote don't knock it. I've read what Einstein wrote, and it is just a fact that the things he said aren't established that way. As long as every factor in your equation is unknown and you don't have even one given.. known can never claim the results. I read a text book with 17 chapters of unknown factors, and not one of them was known, and someone said that's great, but my friends, that's like a little kid who can't put his blocks together and then calling it mathematics, and then can't prove it cause there wasn't any numbers on them. Yes, there are great men and they come out of your race and the Biblical history of that background. They rise up in the magnitude of the Apostles after the Incarnation of The Christ. They came up out of your race..great men with vision settled this land, and they saw the great things that God inspired them to see. Great men like George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and John like that, but any man who does not have Christ in the center of his thinking is not a great man in my way of thinking.

Again the important thing to understand is that the ruler of the New Age is THE CHRIST AND HIS PEOPLE. THAT CHRIST IS KING OF KINGS, AND IS RULER OF THE NEW AGE. You must get the sense of that in your mind and then try to unseat every power that isn't in step with that plan. I want you to know that you must in your thinking, in your work, in your daily life, in your vision try to unseat, to undercut every Anti-Christian force that is in your way as an obstacle of world Administration thru the Kingdom plan. This is a New Age you are moving into and you must preach...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done'. We must preach and teach and then we must rise to do His Will and we must work at it night and day. Its not superstition for 10 men, then 20, and then 40 can grow, and when committed to a vision, and speaking in testimony and working with God's Spirit can bring victory to a nation. An awakening in America is like selling victory all over.

I was listening to a well known figure speak at an Anti-communist meeting and he said:..'I don't want to live under communism, I hope that Mr. K. of the Soviet Union is listening to me now, and when communism comes in I hope he shoots me first and then my 4 little girls, because they have faith in god and I don't want them to live under communism.' Now; that is not the way to fight the devil, is it? You don't stand up and say I hope he is listening but when he comes I hope he shoots me so I can go on to heaven. Don't say if...when or where..make this clear, that communism is not coming in, and Mr. K. is not coming and we are going to put down communism and burn it all up. I had another Clergy say...Dr. Swift do you mean that if it took a great extermination of great areas of Asia, Africa, and Russia that we should push the switch to exterminate communism. What about their immortal souls? I said:...If you think their souls are immortal, what are you worrying about? I would do anything to protect the Kingdom of God in earth...wake up there is something in the earth you have to eradicate.

The vision of the New Age is building a New Order, not something from the old, but a New Order on something vital, and new. The communist would is planning your annihilation so eliminate it, don't wait for it to destroy you. I'm going to tell you that you don't have to worry about what happens, there isn't a single consciousness that God, if He wants to, can't resurrect. For He is able to see that all flesh is saved, and that every knee will bow and recognize that He is God. I know that....because He talked that over with us before we came here, some of us have just forgotten some of the things we learned elsewhere. Now; actually there is no switch that I or you can push so don't go out of here grieving because of some of these things, but I am going to tell you that God has a switch, and the light and vitality and power that is going to descend on your race is the most unbelievable miracle of your history. And the first thing you have to do is eliminate the evil, and that will not be done by a Sunday School Choir somewhere. To me it is Christ triumphantly riding at the front of the great and mighty hosts of heaven, and even tho the enemy is trying to destroy him, and we read that the blood runs to the horses bit, still I see Peace and Victory. A group Clergymen came to me a while back and said to me:...Dr. Swift there seems to be something different in the gospel your people believe in, instead of believing that God is going to take us out of the world to save us you seem to think we are going to stay here, and we are going to win, that we are not going to lose anything, we are going to save everything, for God is going to give us a great victory. Where do you find that? So I said:..'In the Bible!' They replied:..'but that is not what we have been preaching'. I asked:..'Where did you find that?' And they replied in the Bible.' So I asked:..'Well alright, lets find it'. And do you know that altho we searched for the next 20 minutes we could not find in the Bible one word of what they had been preaching. So I turned to the Book of Daniel to where it says:...'The Saints shall take the kingdom and possess the kingdom'..and I where do you want to start...for you don't take the kingdom with the help of the United Nations. They thought on this a bit and then I said:..'Do you want to preach an invincible CHRIST..or a defeated Christianity?'

This is go out of this meeting and don't worry whether the Soviet Union can blow up Los Angeles...for your weapon is your faith, and God says that no weapon formed against you shall prosper, if you have the faith to make God stand up behind that promise. Some of you say...'oh what about the radiation?' Well God can form an aura around you that will protect you. Then someone says that you have to be careful or the enemy will throw you in jail. The time is coming when the enemy makes a move against the children of God... in the hour of spiritual awakening...when as they do that they will drop dead when they reach for the sons of God. There are some miracles to be performed, great ones. And tonight I tell you that the greatest source of power in your possession is to release the thoughts of God in your consciousness, and feed on them, night and day. Build up the remembrance of them, pile up the electrons on one another with the vision of God's purpose ...See the great strength and splendor of this Bible. I have some German friends who used to read Mein Kamp and they were thrilled with what they read and they saw a purpose in building a strong Aryan State, for rolling back the hoards of communism. They saw within this idea the possibility of struggle and war but hope it would not take place. Well when I read THIS BOOK and know that it belongs to My Family, and this is my Father's Revelation, and it is HIS battle, then this Book thrills me more than any Blueprint I've ever seen for the world. I don't find here even one single opportunity for the enemy to obtain victory over us. If you want a positive Book, if you want to know where you are going then here is the greatest plan of battle for the People of God with which to achieve victory on the face of the earth. It has the prophets, and the Blueprint, it has the testament of Christ, Himself, and assurance which He gave John in Revelations, all are added up to your achievement in your society, ruled in Glory, majesty and Divine Splendor. In a world basking in Light, without hunger, without sickness, without disease, where we shall learn every good thing at HIS FEET.

Yes, it is a big task and it reaches into tomorrow. And yes, you would like to see it happen all tomorrow, But I am challenged by the great unfinished job on earth. I have been out there and so have you, but we have unfinished work here in earth. If you want the knowledge of a New Age..then work for it...challenge the darkness, challenge the enemy. Then claim all the Light and Power and Glory that is yours thru HIS Resurrection, claim all the power there is for a spiritual son or daughter of God on the earth, and then call for victory. I want to get this across to you, your spiritual empowerment and your soul thinking must be translated into earth victory for THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR! Every knowledge that God pours upon you, every spiritual revelation...that is yours, and the reason you are here is to use it here in earth. The most important thing to me in this hour is to translate this power into victory, recognize it for it is by this sign we conquer, and it shall be done. You are in the beginning of the great outpouring of the latter rain, which is a great outpouring of spiritual stimuli, to make you think the thoughts of God, and to do the work of God, and to actually put into practice the Will of God...these are things you can do, for you have a mighty weapon in your have a pen..use it! Stand firm in your belief and watch for God to deliver at His appointed time. ***Message given by Dr. Wesley Swift.