Newspaper Betrayal, 6-3-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-3-63

We are turning to discuss one of the most vital subjects--of something which faces our Christian society. It is essential that people understand the type of warfare which is taking place today in America. A great many people are in apathy and are sound asleep. They do not realize that there is any great threat against our Christian society and our Christian culture. They are not aware as to how the enemy functions. And therefore, they become a party to the propaganda which is placed on their doorstep every morning. There is no doubt that to capture a nations such as this one, it becomes imperative that you take over the areas of their thinking. Especially when these people have been successful in carrying out the areas of inspiration, by which they have been made great. This is a rather difficult task, unless you can gain control of all of the areas of communication.

I want you to recognize that this great nation became great when communication was not as controlled. As people came across the ocean, it was quite a voyage. And the only way messages were carried from one town to the other in our colonial life, was by horseback rider or by stage, or by a ‘Packet’ moving up and down the East Coast from one village to the next. Thus, we cannot say that great speed as we know it today affected the news, now, was it particularly under pressure. Go back to the days when our nation was founded and it had certain unifying factors as to its culture. The people who made up this great nation came from Western Europe. They were of the Nordic-Basque identity, but also every colony founded was a Christian colony. They were founded with the recognition that Almighty God was in the hearts of the colonists; that they recognized HIS embodiment as Messiah. And they identified themselves as Christians. This is not to say that a few of those in these United States were not Christians, but this is to say that the majority were Christians, and they formed the Christian way of life. Our Articles of Confederation were drawn up, as was the Declaration of Independence, and it was with Spiritual guidance that these facts were recognized. And after a recess for meditation and prayer, this document was recognized and consummated. It is recognized as one of the greatest documents put together by the hand of man. It is also recognized that the motivation for this document was from heavenly forces. And there was no question by the early fathers of this nation, that this nation was moving out under the guidance of God. Every area of our national life was involved with the structure of this heritage. We today, can show you how there has been an attempt to isolate this from historical truth. History has always had one advantage. It gives you a historical background of what has already happened. You can see what transpired, and what foundations it had and what related to developments that would relate to future history. And history is just something which you do not sit down and rewrite. History is something reported by historians and maybe from their view point as they see it. But the pattern of these text books are preserved and passed down from generation to generation. And most of you, when you went to school, were taught American History. And there is no doubt that today there is a different history than that taught when you went to school. And you say, ‘But what changed this?’ Well at one time, patriotism and this feeling which surrounded our independence and our liberty and freedom, and also a spiritual experience from those areas from which we had come and the great heritage carried on in White Christian civilization were the patterns in our schools. And the records within it were a record of our patriotism and the fact that men would lay down their lives to preserve it in order to establish a nation which they felt compelled to stand up for and to fight for. In fact, Patriotism was quite the thing. Many of you will remember that when you went to school that the 4th of July was a holiday. And it was celebrated patriotically as people talked about the past, the development of the country and the story of the development of the flag and its meaning. And this used to fire up that emotion of pride in our nation and gave you something to celebrate as yours, the heroism, and the courage of men of your nation. We were raised with the concept of something which was considered vital and worthy of the respect of our Christian Faith irrespective of the denominational background you grew up in. This was one of the great Christian heritages which you cherished and grew up with, and which you accepted whole heartedly. We had a Christian society and a Christian nation. And we might struggle over some ideas, and we might be in opposition one against the other thru party machines that were battling for power, but we never felt that a great struggle was going on to destroy our nation and our faith, our way of life, our culture and even our race. In this instance then, we are a part of the background of what America was for 150 years of Christendom.

But something has been transpiring and continues to transpire in your society that has had such influence, and by the abuse of communications, that has actually made Patriotism seem antisocial and an old-fashioned era that is not to be transferred to our days. In fact, if you talk about patriotism, anti-patriotism, and nationalism, then it is one-worldism. And we are to be absorbed by the World Order. It is not, my friends, about initiative and patriotism, but about one-Worldism; to join and support the world state and continue to support the world state controlled by the brave. And all you are to asked for is a controlled Social Security check somewhere that you are to share with some Hottentot out of the World Government. The instances of looking into this concept of history, you find it is deep in the areas of education. Today if you look into the textbooks that are being used in education today, they are not like the history and geography books you used to read. In fact, you would even find it hard to recognize what you had been taught from some of this which is being taught today. In fact, in some of the text books used today in our schools, you would find that the rulers of our nations have been downgraded. Their motives are held in suspect. And actually, you discover that they talk about the founding fathers of our nation as bigots. And in some instances, they speak of some of them as political tyrants. In some of the text books for our children, you find them down grading our society, our origin and our beginnings. In fact, I read in one magazine that there was no spiritual heritage in America; that we had no religious foundation, and that Christianity was the least thing thought of; that few people attended church and this was a rough and rugged frontier. They say it had every evil and every viciousness. That it was a false society and had no spiritual attachment in any way. This was in a modern magazine with about a million and one-half circulation. This story was followed up in newspapers and other magazines. And you say, ‘What is the idea?’ Well, my friends, this is a false idea. It is a lie. The fact remains that the old history and the documents and old newspapers to be found, support the idea that the way people thought and the way they acted was that this was a Christian society. This did not mean that everyone attended church. It did not mean that everyone had reached the point where their halo was showing. But it did mean that they gave acceptance to spiritual law and foundation. You pick up a newspaper of that time and it made no attempt to cast areas of aspersion at religion, nor was there any suggestion that this was not a Christian society. And no one ever figured that the day would come when Christianity and its relationship to our nation would be downgraded and the concept introduced that we had separated the aspiration of religion from our national life.

Now it is a rather significant thing that these attitudes in the days when we were a great nation, even up to the Civil War and after the civil war, when we had been a nation divided in struggle, and then reunited after wards. The facts remain that the facts of spiritual recognition and our obedience to God lose its accent on our lives as far as facts were concerned.

Now by the time of the Civil War, we had moved into an era that in the big cities, the telegraph was functioning and things could be relayed from city to city. In New York City at that time, there were four major newspapers. Practically every major city in the South had two newspapers and the country was reading news moving by telegraph and newspapers. There were times when there was other activity and the lines of the telegraph were cut, and news was then carried by carries such as the Pony Express Riders. Then we watched the advancement of faster transportation and the country was on the move. The Iron Horse was eventually carrying mail at greater speeds. Then would come the packets around the horn, and we would discover that they also carried packets of mail from distant lands, from various parts of the Western Hemisphere. And in all of this time the concept of history remained unchanged. I looked at a group of history text books that at one time had been in the library, and these books actually cover about 45 years before the 20th century, about twenty years after the beginning of the 20th century, and I found no change in the reporting of history. Everything was written about the Revolutionary War. In fact, they also reported about the Civil War, altho they did not give a full picture of the Civil War, only the military aspect of it. But they still carried the different sides of it. But you go now and look at the Social Science Studies now in all areas of history, and the new text books that replaced both history and geography, and you notice that all has been changed, and you actually get most of your information from a modern newspaper.

Now it is a rather significant thing that in order to change a people you have to change the way they think, and you start in the schools. But strangely, they who should know better and should remember a different foundation for education, that it had a different pattern in the beginning as it relates to the environment . . . but they also seem to be weighted down with the pressure being put upon them until they are forgetting what they at one time knew. For instance, the Heritage which had been theirs from the beginning. But we point out to you that one thing which was to be preserved in these United States was certain inalienable rights and certain foundations that could never be obstructed by certain ambitions and tyranny. But the right, or guarantee of worship remained as long as you retained it and enforced it with strength. And one thing that you could be sure of was that the one area, free speech and religion, there was no way they could make a law that would hinder the process of proclaiming the truth or distort the true picture. Of course, they always talked about the Freedom of the Press, and you can understand that we should continue the demand for Freedom of Religion. But with the area of the Freedom of the Press goes a responsibility. And that Freedom of the Press is to report the news. And in reporting the news, any newspaper that wanted to carry out its responsibility would report all of the news that was newsworthy from one end of the country to the other. And in this instance, they would not want to disturb the President, so they would start withholding some things. And I might disturb the people.

Now we are not disturbed by being told what is going on in America. We would not be disturbed by the fact that the great majority of Aryans, the Scandinavian people and the Western nations, provided us with citizens who had a common origin in destiny. And we do not have to worry about how they will react when given the news. But I tell you tonight, that the upheaval in America, the problem facing so many people today who do not know where they stand, are those who have never heard the news and never discovered the pattern of truth up to now. Oh, you say, ‘They get the newspapers.’ But what do you get out of the newspapers? Today, my friends, you have to go thru the newspapers with a fine-tooth comb to find the news or the truth of it. If it wasn't for the many church publications and many, many papers, you would never be able to find out what happened. You say, ‘Are they news worthy?’ Yes, but we have something in our land today which has reached out with Satanic-like hands to wrap themselves around the pressroom and the editorial desk. And they found out that Jesus said, ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.’--And they wish to take away that freedom so as to separate you from the truth. This strategy has been successful since the beginning of the 20th century. They have carried on a heavy campaign which they have been stepping up all of the time so as to gain control of not only the Pressrooms, but the Editorial desks of America.

Now I do not stand here tonight to tell you that every newspaper is slanted and controlled. I do not think that every newspaper is thus controlled. For there are a lot of newspapers which come out with some truth and some good editorials. But do you know that the most important newspapers to give you information are not the great daily papers in the largest sections of our society? It is not to be found in the great newspapers of Los Angeles. Altho you can find some truth in them. But you have to go down into Juniors’ section to find it or Wes Brook Peglers’ to find it, before they removed him from the scene. And he had to select it out of other writings which may be 50% right. So you then have to pick it out of these spots, for you do not find it on the front page. And you do not find it in the presentation of the news stories. But if you want to find the truth about these things, then you find a smaller newspaper that is not supported by the central theme of advertising. Right here in Los Angeles, the ‘Montrose Ledger’ will have more truth in it than you can get out of the ‘Los Angeles Times.’

Now I can name a dozen newspapers like this. I can take the newspapers out of the South and find dedicated newspapers. Do you know that by buying up of the metropolitan newspapers that there arises today one of the strangest enigmas not only in this city, but in every great city of America, the moving ahead of industry and technology? And science still finds that at less that 65 of those cities have two newspapers. Think that over. Here we are a progressive literate people and less than 65 of those cities have two newspapers. They are thus politically able to slant the news. But more dangerous than that, is that the news which is so vital to the preservation of our society which needs to be spread from one district to the other cannot move from one city to the next.

Now you say, ‘Why is this?’ I am going to tell you something which might be startling tonight. The newspapers of the United States are organized and controlled by organized Jewry. And the objective of organized Jewry is being carried out. Oh, you say, ‘But there are a lot of Left Wing newspapers which have a Communist slant. Well, who organized Communism? Oh, you say, ‘You cannot prove that.’ Yes, I am going to prove it by organized Jewry. I hold in my hands ‘Look Magazine’ for this week. And I turn here in this magazine and I discover a long article in here on the ADL. And to show you how they slant a story, see this article by Dory Sherry who is now the head of the ADL. Why does it not say that this man was one of the ‘Hollywood 10' with a Communist background? No, it does not say that. But instead it says he is working for World Brotherhood and equality. The kind of equality he stands for is to crush Christians and crucify Christ.

Listen. It tells in this magazine how they got together to get the money from the wealthiest industrialists and wealthy Jewish business men and they put together an organization called the ADL. It tells how the New York Times and its Jew owner at that time, was used, and how they put out memorandums from the ADL to the newspapers all over the city. They told them what they could print and what they could not print. And if they were to disobey, then they would put on the pressure an have all of the Jewish department stores to pull their ads, then all of their ability would be used to bring economic pressure on to them. All you had to do was to print one story that the Jews did not like and they would bring pressure until you were broken.

Now it says that more than this, they tell of how these memorandums were sent out to every newspaper in these United States. And it says that they not only sent them out to every newspaper, but on every Editors bulletin board in every newspaper in the United States, was this order from the B’nai B’rith. Thus, none of them could say anything critical of the Jews. They could not say anything about the conditions being created. They were to excuse the Jew from anything he did unless it was something they could find that was laudable. In this instance, they covered up for every Jew that was wrong, and they were to protect every Jew from criticism all because they had a design that they must play.

Now here in the United States it looks to me, as tho we have a conspirator force which seeks to suppress either religion or freedom of the press. For whenever they talk about their power to enforce on every newspaper across the nation what they can print and what they can write, then that seems to me to speak of a conspiracy here in our nation. You say, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, you should not bring them into this issue.’ But this is the foundation of the issue. They are not only still at it, they speak of how many millions of dollars they are collecting to continue this. And they speak as tho we have done it, and this is the way it is. One day one of the big city desks in this city said, ‘Dr. Swift, the story is right and it should be published. But we have received two warnings from two big department stores that if we publish one word of this story, then they will pull our advertising out for the next few months. They tried this in the ‘Oregonian,’ you know.’ The Oregonian had printed some of the story, and they went to that newspaper and they said, ‘you print one further bit of this story and we will cancel our advertising.’ And they notified every Jew merchant around Portland, Oregon, not to advertise further with that newspaper if it continues any further reporting on this matter. You see this newspaper had also reported on the condition in Israeli where the Christians and Arabs were being brutally handled by the Jews. At that time the Oregon ‘Oregonian’ was smart enough and American enough to say . . . ‘we will not stand for this.’ So when they came in from the big department stores and they said we will not bring our advertising to you unless you stop this for we want this story suppressed, don't you ever again put a Jew down if one is brought up for a swindle or a fraud . . . the Editor said, ‘Or you will do what?’ They said, ‘We will ruin you financially.’ The Editor said, ‘How?’ And they said, ‘We will pull all of our advertising out of your newspaper.’ The Editor thought about this for a little while, and then he said, ‘Do you know why the big department stores advertise in my newspaper? They do not advertize for the good of the nation. They advertise for to sell their goods. They advertise for their own good. But they threaten and gouge and threaten to with hold all of their advertising. But if they did this, it wouldn't hurt most cities like it would New York.

Now this is true. It would cost them an awful lot to do this. So the Portland, Oregon Editor said, ‘I am going to report the news. If a Jew gets in trouble, I will report it. If the Jews are setting up a world conspiracy, then I am going to report it.’ So the Jews canceled out everything; their shops, their restaurants and their bars . . . the advertising was canceled out. Oh, you should have seen the results. The Portland, Oregonian came out and it printed all of the news. And then it told of this pressure. Then said, that they were a free newspaper and they would print all of the news, and they would not be coerced by a bunch of minorities who were trying to set priorities. And as you opened up the paper, there were blank columns. And in each column it said ‘this ad was pulled because the Editor would not bow to the Jewish conspiracy. And the on the next page a big item saying that Mr. Epstein had drawn his ads out and was no longer selling his suits thru this newspaper because he could not control the news. By the third edition, every Jew was back, and he was saying, ‘you can't do that!’ The Editor said, ‘This is my newspaper and you did not pay for that page, so I print what I want to print. More than that, this is selling lots of newspapers. You would be surprised at all of the little ads which are coming in to fill those pages.’ So the Jews said, ‘You just take that out of the paper and we will put our ads back in the next edition.’ But the rates just went up.

Now that newspaper printed the news. It was an American newspaper and it won the battle. But it had not broken all of the cunning of the enemy. They took the money they had siphoned out of your pocket and they brought in money-men from New York. They bought the Oregonian and they turned it over to the Jews. They offered a price that could not be turned down. Then the front was dropped, and the Jews took over the paper.

Now I am sorry that I cannot tell you a story like that from every great city, for we have not found many newspaper Editors like that. But I am aware and mostly they brag about their power to do it. And in Israeli they do not vote against a man being an atheist, an agnostic, a Buddhist or a Hindu, but they hate, with a constant hate, the Christians. And they do not want a Christian settling there. Well, that is in keeping with their nature. It is rather amazing, for something like that to make the newspaper, but it did make it. It is also amazing, for not much truth is being left in the newspaper, or anything to slant the news.

Now I want to show you a little further how this goes. I am holding up for you another piece for the ‘New York Times.’ This Jew who is out here in the middle is Henry Meyers. Who is this man? Well, he is 68 years old and he is the most powerful man in the advertising business in these United States. This article says that he is retiring from his advertising business, but not from 'pulling strings'. He now will carry out his one main objective which is the establishment of his 'Freedom

Academy' as a training center for political propaganda warfare. So Mr. Meyers wants to be left in control of all by partisan, non-Protestant groups who want to study bipartisan, non Protestant problems, and ways the government can improve its activities. The Meyers program says that the State Department does nothing and cares less about propaganda purposes. But we are going to train and put together a group of trained propaganda experts to carry out a propaganda program in these United States. They cannot sell the 'New Frontier.’ They cannot sell the Democratic way of life, and they cannot sell this program of 'Equality,' unless they have more trained propaganda experts. So the Jews have taken this man who is their most experienced advertising man and they have determined that he will build this group of propaganda experts to help in this time of remaking America. I think it is time Christians got into this program and started spreading Truth across this nation by every avenue they find that is open.

Now we have watched the speed of the degeneration of the American press. During the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s rise to power, you will note that the newspapers grabbed him up as big copy. The beginning of this Jewish pressure was being seen like it had never been seen before. We were told that way back in 1913, they had started their pressure. And they said now that they did not remember a time when they could identify a Jew with his crime. They also say that they brought the pressure, and that their most trying time was during Senator McCarthy's investigations. Because, unfortunately, Senator McCarthy caught the picture of all of those spies, 48 of them. Thirty-eight of them were Jews. But with much pressure, they were able to get them reinstated.

Now the Jews have joined with the Jewish Communists in New York in carrying out their objective in making America a Socialist State. Therefore during the Roosevelt administration, they continued putting out support for certain projects being carried out by the government, and the democratic papers were expected to carry the Democrat line, while the Republican Newspapers would cite political facts that were obvious to a decree. But they generally carried the Socialist objective after being pressured by advertising forces. But did you ever stop to think and notice how the newspapers suddenly devised ways to involve you in that war? Did you ever stop to realize that by the time you emerged out of World War II that you have had no free newspapers? At times, you would get something out of the Republican newspapers about Mr. Truman and they would oppose him. But then they would mold it into the political objectives of his party to make this stand. And great important issues would not be handled in the newspapers unless they followed the party line which was supporting Socialism, Federalism, and increasingly reducing our liberty and rights under the Constitution.

It is a rather interesting thing that the Zionists then stepped up the formation of the United Nations. And you will have noticed that the United Nations is always referred to in a constructive manner. Always it is placed before the nation as the great hope of man, as the developing area of handling social problems; as the handler of Education for the ends of the earth. And within it, they are always criticizing the amount of money that you are spending on it, except when there arises on the Congressional floor, a Congressman wanting to trim down the appropriations of the government because of the amount that we are giving away. And then, always, a newspaper will pick up this story and try to obstruct it. You cannot find a newspaper who is reporting the United Nations in a bad light unless you pick up a publication like the 'Cross and the Flag.’ And then you can read these articles in it. But not in any major newspaper will you find criticism of the United Nations. You can pick up ‘Connley McGinness, 'Common Sense,' and find more truth in it than in anything. But that is the difference in newspaper reporting. Unless you pick up some of these smaller publications, you will not get the shock treatment that is necessary to awaken people. They have been asleep so long that when they see a headline as such, they are terrified and they do not want to believe it. But let me tell you something. There is still a lot of truth in those little papers. They are put out across the nation and they carry items that you cannot find in the regular newspapers. However from the ‘Roper Papers,’ we find that the clippings come in. Fortunately, by the communications that your church has thru this media of tape, and by how God has prospered and spread this program into almost every state and into every community, and when people see something in their papers that they think we should know about, they send us clippings. So what happens is that news that should be carried in your newspapers, of what happened in New York, or down in New Jersey, or in Florida, and they decide not to print, then we get it. And by this, we have learned that newspapers do not report news unless it is satisfactory to the anti-Christian printing house.

Of course, the newspapers will say we do not do that, then they will have to explain why they have continually written up what goes on in the South as tho the Negroes are fighting a great battle for a great principal. And there is this subtle approbation out of your newspaper for what is going on.

Now there are times when the report will come out of the general news senses like last week, when Negroes came out of the schools in Jackson, Mississippi, cursing and screaming. They hurled bricks and things at the officers. And it did come out in their newspapers that these people attacked the police. But before they got thru with it, this was all because these Negroes could not stand the pressure of this poor equality and lack of integration. Then on the ‘Roper’ scene this becomes the story more or less, as it happened. Altho I notice that they still give a space to all of the claims by the enemy as to why they had to do this attack, in the main newspapers you never hear of anything which happens to the police department here in Los Angeles. But in the New York paper you will find the story of how the police gunned down Negroes.

What is going on? I will tell you what is going on. They are trying to tell people in the East how cruel Los Angeles is to Negroes and to justify the Negro revolution that is coming. They will do anything they can to stir up the people on the side of their own best interest. And I continue to note that certain Church men who continue to be brainwashed in certain areas such as Socialism and Communism will then take a stand saying how un-Christian it is to teach segregation. Then they give the position of their church, and they say how Jesus wants this and that this is what Jesus taught. But it is NOT what Jesus taught at all. It is only the way to help the Communist front and to tear down your society. You let a minister lay down the rules as to why you should hold your racial self-respect, and if you lay down before an editor facts showing how Jesus talked about the Kingdom, and some of the rules of the Kingdom, if you say that you are not to mongrelize with the Negro, never are you to surrender to him . . . then you cannot get it in the newspaper. Every day I read of what Mr. Wilson says, or what Mr. Malcum X says. I hear also about the positions of Mr. Schlesenger and Mr. Salanger, and the whole lot of the communist Jews who surround the President. But I never read anything in this newspaper about what Gerald K. Smith said. But if Wilson, on the Left, representing the Blacks, is newsworthy, then Gerald K. Smith, on the Right, representing the Whites, is also newsworthy.

I can point out for you that seldom did the clear cut need for immigration control, or the conspiracy of the communist, or the minority associations, or the passing of Congressman Russell who passed away last week because of the struggle, get mentioned in the newspapers at any prominent place. But you can hear about all of the complaints about the un-American activities and the complaints about our immigration laws, and every pinko from Santa Barbara in USCLA. I have clipping on file of the full coverage of how student committees for the Left, who say that Communist should be allowed to preach or teach the students so that people could make a choice out of their free will; choice between what a slanted text book with no story left and the Communist who are there to sell us out.

I listened to Mr. Winters who by the way, was speaking to the American Jewish Congress, and he is so far to the left that sometimes he has the Communist propaganda before you can get it on short wave. One day I caught attention to one of America’s investigators, something rather interesting. This commentator came out on the air and told of something interesting going on in Asia. He downgraded us on our position in supporting Chang Kai Sheck. And when they broadcasted from Peking, China, they had the same story. In fact this was designed for investigation as to areas of communication. It did not come thru the local press. It informed the commentator what it was going to be before it went into broadcast. This is an interesting thing, this process of Left Wing Liberals who come out and discuss on the air that we should have more Communist writers in our newspapers. I listened last week as Mr. Williams said that we should have opened columns in our newspapers for Communist writers. He said we have many Right Wing writers, so we should have more Left Wing writers. He said then we would have a sensible approach to the Castro problem and let America get a real taste of what Communism really is, and they might have a different opinion. Do you know what that means? It means that as fast as this thing is moving, they still are not satisfied. Let me tell you this. The subtly with this process is very dangerous because in home after home they pick up their newspapers and they think this is what happened. The other day I talked to a man from the South. He had not only been raised in the South, but he was a man who would never dream of living in anything but a segregated community and who takes his religion really seriously. And he said, ‘Dr. Swift, this makes me kind of sick when I see this brutality against Negroes in Birmingham. Even the churches down there are having to denounce it.’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Well, it is right there, you can read it in the papers every day.’ I said, ‘Shame on you and your Southern Georgia origin. You mean you would believe the propaganda out of a Los Angeles newspaper before you would consider that this is a propaganda story?’ I think that the police in Birmingham have been most considerate. I think they have been restrained. I think that cursing, screaming, knife welding Negroes being repulsed by a few police dogs on a leash, has been most understanding and restrained in their strength. I have no sympathy for mobs stirred on by demagogues who are seeking to upset the whole structure of our economy and our social life. But do you know, that there are numerous people who call themselves Right Wingers who are affected by this repetition of slanted news?

Now thanks to the Right Wing periodicals and others, we know what is going on in Washington. And because that story is out, we know how degenerate that city has become under integration and under the influence of these Left Wing organizations, and on this flood of no restraint upon Negro activities. Even ‘Look Magazine’ tells you what a terrorist city Washington is. Even ‘Time’ and ‘News Week’ has had to deal with the conditions in Washington, D.C.; the battles, the struggles, the rapes and the muggings.

Now they will argue, that when the Negro is released from the White man's restraint, then they go wild. And then they say that is because they had sub-housing, their environment wasn't good. So now we must rebuild the city for them to operate in. Let me tell you something. You can turn over a beautiful city to them and they will make a slum out of it in the next five years. You take a ride up Orange Avenue and on into Pasadena where they have moved into. It did not show up the first year but go up Lincoln and on into Washington, and it has turned into a Nigger district.

Now it is not a matter of environment, for there were nice houses there to start with when they moved in. It is what happened afterwards that trashed the district. And in this instance, the newspapers isolate what happened in Oakland and in San Francisco. When I was in Jacksonville, Florida, a short time back, I saw that it was not safe for a White man to walk on the streets of Oakland where they had never had segregation. Roaming bands of Negroes had made a slum out of it. And they have made the streets of Oakland just as they have in Florida . . . a terrorist city. It is no longer safe to go into the Golden Gate Park or walk around in it any longer, after dark because you will be assaulted by these forces being stirred up in our nation. Do you want to know why this thing continues? Well, in the first place, all over America, the communications are cut off and most of the people do not know what happens in their cities. It is communication that has broken down. Why should not the news stories of what is happening in San Francisco be as news worthy as the propaganda stories they are running all over the United States against the people of your nation, and their state governments and your rights?

We point out also, that during the whole fiasco of the Cuban Crisis, the press was told that they were not to relay certain areas of information. Mr. Salanger told the press what to print and what they could not print. And the newspapers took orders from the President and his advisors, and they only printed what they wanted you to know. In fact, the area of what surrounded the 'Bay of Pigs' disaster, they kept the Right Wing and the Cubans, themselves, from printing the story. They took the U.S. News and other magazines, and told them what to print. This worked all over the nation. And you still do not have a major expose` of this in your newspapers, unless you go back to the Editorial column. And sometimes, you will get the writings of some Right Winger, or some editorial by someone who understands the situation. I tell you, that if the whole story of the promises made to Castro were made public, the story of the acquiescence of appeasement, the creating of an emergency which had long existed but not recognized, it is only then that you would see what is behind all of this. Khrushchev won every round with the President. He still has the missiles in Cuba, even tho we removed the missiles out of Turkey and out of Italy. And we have weakened our defenses. And now we are running to Russia to get them to say that they will outlaw nuclear weapons. And we find that the general public does not know, for the general press did not tell the story.

Now they come out saying that we have had censorship in the news. But that is a violation of a free press. They say we look upon these things as agents of war, so we have to suppress them so they do not lead us astray. But we are suppressing facts that the enemy knows all of the time. So this does not hurt the enemy, it is only the American people who are deprived of the facts. The only ones it hurts by this lack of communications, is the people. For they cannot see this Left Wing revolution that is building. All of the excuses then come out. And now there is a newspaper strike in New York. And, oh, how they started to cry that this was a violation of the freedom of the press. But now the newspapers could be held up and not printed because of the activities of labor.

Now we are not too much in accord with labor. But I am not sure too much news was held up. I tell you, that if they are going to cry about a free press, they better work so we can have one. I want you to know that America, by its newspapers and by its radio and television, is whitewashing evil and brainwashing America. How many T.V. programs have you ever seen against the United Nations? When have you ever, in the last six months or year, ever seen a picture of how great the United States really is? Telling America to stand for its own independence and its own sovereignty . . . guaranteeing all the freedom that you are to enjoy. Where have you read in the newspapers a campaign to stir up the people to move for freedom, a lot of it, to repudiate a tax system that is used and is confiscatory to help nations outside of our territory? Not a one. A Patriot will speak and maybe back on page 9 or 10, there will be a little comment about his speech . . . toned down comment. How much did you see on the front page of your newspaper about the Liberty Bell Amendment as a way to get out of some of this taxation by eliminating some of this taxation?

As we talk about this, there is no doubt that newspapers are betraying America by not printing the news or taking out of the news what Jewry wants left out. The President of the United States being led by the news which is published, giving to the enemy the location of material which is injurious in time of war, has no authority to assign a depression to these United States. He has no authority. It is not a prerogative and it does not belong to him. Fortunately, God is moving in some very unique ways. Do you know what is the most powerful influence for communication across the United States? It is the John Birch Society. That is good, for you get the truth across the nation . . . and fast. And there are a lot of other patriotic organizations and that is good. But they do not have a patriot intelligence organization. And this is the lacking of communications. This program of logistic communications is most important.

Now we point out to you, that this cannot be just a communication that comes by press so Dan Smoots can publish and John Birch can report and others can put out literature once a week or once a month. Then there is sometimes, in the areas of these reports, there is a certain hesitation to always state the whole thing and identify what is behind it, because they are still unaware. But they want to get on to another topic. I believe as far as information is concerned, that 'The Cross and the Flag' and the 'Dan Smoots Report' are among the best of the circulated reports. There are some other reports that contain some very correct and vital material, but communications has become a very sick situation. This is one place which we have watched that by this process, more information is gotten out by this circuit process, as this reaches probably more people and is spread than in any of the patriotic area. But these tapes are reaching more people than perhaps all of the other patriotic publications put together. But this is what happens. As it is published, it is reproduced and recopied, distributed and moves all over.

Now the moment we started to get into the discussions of the world situation, or in the area of 'Thus saith the LORD,’ It started to catalyze and move. And even in other denominations, they started to ask for the truth. And they say, ‘We are glad to hear this, for we never saw it in our newspaper.’ They never heard a word about this before. So you see it is an important part of communications. And now that we have communications expanding, the areas of communications are advancing. And now that people are talking and thinking about the same thing, they are reacting and they are taking it into their patriotic movements.

Now the New York Times says that 49% of the U.S. is now in the 'Right Wing' camp. If that be true, then that is good and it means that 40% of America is awakened out of their sleep and in a few more months, we will have a majority awake.

Now I do not know that some newspapers will print what happens in Los Angeles. But maybe print it more realistically than they do their articles here. But did you ever stop to think that in a city like Los Angeles where the Communist run free, where agitation for riots is stirred up among Negroes all of the time, where they are being promised that the day is coming when they can raid the homes of the areas they are not allowed into . . . in the East, they are stirring up the Negroes to get ready for the great J Hour. In the cities, they plan to tie up the communications by phones and put the effectiveness of the fire and police departments into shambles.

Now they accuse us of spreading a doctrine of hate. But you have not heard from this pulpit or any other, who are conveying this news, any instruction as to stirring up racial crisis against Watts or East Los Angeles, or even to attack Communist centers where they get together. You never hear any instructions. Nor are there any plans behind closed doors, made of an assault to move out and threaten America’s security tonight. But you are branded in their papers. And they are heroic resisters. The Attorney General of the United States calls the Negro movement a heroic movement demanding equality.

I am almost ready to concede that Mr. Wilson, Kenyatta, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy are brothers. One morning, Mr. Kennedy proved that Kumyada the cannibal, who ate his mother-in-law, is equal, for he had him to breakfast. Someday maybe, Kumyada will have JFK for breakfast and we will have a new President. But this is just a little something which is very vital.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, how could the thinking of Americans been so changed?’ It is because the avenue of their thinking has been taken over by an enemy. And the only force to counteract this is the church. And if the church has enough people in it and the church thinks right, the church can save America.

Now if the church is anti-Christian, it has no basis of survival. Communications then reaching Christians by the thousands, as well as patriotic groups, by the thousands form an organic unit that is ready for resistance. It is only when they are reached with 'Thus saith the LORD.' I talked to Southern leaders and they say, how can we lift this strange position that holds men back from saving their racial existence? I said get this theory of false theology out of their minds set them free with this knowledge and they will never get them back. They will never say again that the enemy is the Chosen people, and that they have to accept Kenyatta as their equal or brother.

In Los Angeles today, a minister who holds a church there, said this morning, that as he was speaking to a group of ladies and older men, that suddenly a big burley Negro marched in and he came right up and marched right up on to the stage and sat down in the speaker’s chair behind the pulpit. They stopped and asked him why he was there, and that was the speakers chair and he should move. But he said, ‘No, I am here and this church is integrated and I am a brother.’ The janitor moved the chair out, buy then he went up and put his arm around the minister and he said, ‘We are brothers and you cannot put me out of this church.’ Then that preacher who had not become as astute as he should have become, said, ‘take him away.’ But before they were through, it took a lot of them to remove him. Obviously, it broke up the meeting. So they said they would bring in troops so as to integrate. But if they bring in enough troops, they will crowd out the preacher. Someone said, ‘But they have to integrate this church.’ No, they are not going to integrate this church. I am going to tell you, that if they think that we are going to surrender our Faith to please parts of Los Angeles, that is a great mistake. I have heard so many people say---if they start to push this any further, this is where we start. No matter where you go, the people are talking about this one thing . . . this tremendous racial crisis which has been stirred up.

Now I think it is interesting that you know this. Mr. Shafer praises the Rabbis who organized the mobs. And the B’nai B’rith Messenger cites that all of this Negro activity was developed and organized by them. We will accept this. For they know what they are talking about. I want to point out something else. The Negroes need the Jews because they are not smart enough to carry this thing out. And they are told that they must walk hand-in-hand with the Jews and let them figure this out so that they can be successful. So we have Negro trouble in America. And if the government wants to know who is starting it---the Jews are starting it. They have said that they did.

Now I hope that when they try to invade my home, that the Jews do come in hand-in-hand with the Negroes. There is nothing like getting two birds with one stone.

We received a letter from a large church, and they said that it is the policy of this church to embrace integration and this is the route that we are going to take, for this is a new day. I just decided that it is time to just appeal to the people and forget the Clergy when they go off on that route. We will start bringing Christians together for other purposes. Yes, we have been betrayed by a free press and we are being betrayed by areas of religion. But your Father is not disturbed, for HE said, ‘Be not disturbed little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ You are faring a lot better than Gideon did. And the press says that you have 49% of the country.

I point out tonight, that in the areas where these things are continuing, that we have watched the press and the magazines downgrade the patriot at every turn. But they have not disillusioned a Patriot anywhere. When pro-communist influences in the school has prompted a teacher to make a One World Socialistic foundation out of her areas of instructions in Paradise, California, it disturbs the society. Then when the people tell the school board to remove her, then 'Life Magazine’ and others jump into the picture. They downgrade the American Legion and they down grade the Patriots. They push this as a great pattern of academic freedom. And they come out putting a halo around a Left Wing teacher who should not be in our school system. And all over, we hear that ‘Life Magazine’ told the whole story. But they only told a ‘left wing’ slanted story. I could talk to you for hours about copies of slanted stories . . . of things that are happening, of things which we know about.

I tell you that you do not have any communications until that communication comes from the Right Wing. The enemy is worried about this. They say, ‘we bought the newspapers, and we control the T.V., and we control the radio. But we are worried about these terrible ‘right wing’ leaders. How are we going to stop this type of communications?’ Let me tell you this. They are not going to stop it. And they are in a rather bad position, for they do not control the mail. Oh, you say, they can? But Mr. Kennedy not only opened up the mail to the Soviet propaganda fields, but he also had brought in all of the Communist propaganda and put it in the schools and declared that all of the Soviet Union propaganda be delivered postage free. So you know what type of explosion there would be if they tried now to deny the movement of patriotic literature thru the mail?

I am going to tell you, that lacking a major newspaper free press, we are going to get as much truth across America by tape. And then they can expand it and then spread it. And thus, America will be informed. We believe that Jesus had the Truth and that the Truth will make you free. And no matter how you think, you will remember how you reacted when you had the Truth. But I am afraid the time is coming when Christian Americans are going to have to declare war on the United Nations. Make it a major project to lift America out of the hands of the anti-Christ and make it a project to inform America of the conspiracy of every Jew in the overthrow of your government and the brainwashing of your leadership. I think it is time that we called for America to get some real and fair representation. In fact, I think it is time that the Christians integrated the cabinet and integrate the advisors around the President. Out of 145 million Christians, we should at least have half of them Christians.

I wonder what would happen if we took 500 hardcore patriots and they went down and demanded admission to the ADL and the B’nai B’rith, and then sat in on every strategy session and then cried out segregation and persecution until all of them could not get in? Of course, they are rather safe in this, for we do not like the vibrations. I am going to tell you this. They better not push this too far. Years ago when the magnificent was an Emperor, he had captured a lot of Christian cities and this Turko-Mongol had a lot of power. Some of these White communities lifted up the White flag and said they would serve these Mongol armies and then they marched down to a Muslim Mosque and they said, ‘we are sons of Israel and we would worship Allah.’ So here came thousands of Christians and they said, ‘we would worship Allah.’ And what they were trying to do was to survive. And thus, they had to accept these people as converts. And then when they would get close to a White community, they would take that sword of Islam and use it to set themselves free, and then run back to their own kind. So remember what has transpired. I wonder what would happen if some of the people went down to some of these Black Mosques and said ‘we are sons of Israel and we have come to worship Allah?’ I wonder how much integration they would go for then?

First, I want you to know tonight that if this is Armageddon, this is race war in America. It was started by the devil, but it will be finished by the sons of God. I think that the time is coming when the Sons of God will rise up and march without organization. I think the one area of error that has been made is that no minority can support the administration of America and get away with it. You might march into Katanga Province with the U.N. and put down a bunch of Negroes, but you cannot march into the United States and put down 145 million Americans. If you would bring U.N. troops into these United States, you will have to have one hundred million of them. And no, you could not get that many of them. The President of the United States might bring in 35,000 of them, and make a big noise as to the power they have, but you give me 5,000 Kentucky squirrel hunters and 35,000 United Nations troops . . . better get out of this land.

This may disturb some people tonight, and for this we are sorry. But I have pledged allegiance to these United States of America and to the Government for which it stands. And that is not a government that is afraid of the United Nations. And I point out that I have never recognized anybody who would subordinate this Flag and this Constitution to a pagan world government made up of pagans who are Mau Mau’s and witchdoctors children . . . even tho some of the nations within may be of our race and our relatives. I point out to you, that it is time for every loyal American to throw back into Mr. Stevenson’s face, this idea that the United Nations is a national project. The United Nations is an International project of the devil, altho the newspapers have white washed it. But this 'Thus saith the LORD' moving out of HIS people, is going to repudiate it.

I am going to tell you something else. If they turn against these voices that God raises up here in 1963, they will discover that the Elijah ministry which descends upon those who proclaim 'Thus saith the LORD,' can move judgments down as happened in the days of the prophets. And that will be more fearsome to the enemies of God’s Kingdom than any they can forge against the Household of God. We are going to continue to call for the death angel to fall. We are going to continue to call for Heaven to pull out the 'tares'. And we are going to continue to believe God when HE says, ‘I will be like a wall of fire about you. Ten thousands can fall at thy right hand, and a thousand at thy side and no harm can come nigh thee.’ And from the highest regions of the heavens, HE can call on a whole fleet to come against those who think they are going to break the Christian allegiance to a nation. Property and Liberty, they do not like. Witch doctor tyranny and witchcraft they embrace. Then I have to call on the Kingdom, for it is here to stay. And out of this experience will come metal tried in the fire. So with this in mind, let us learn the secrets of how to combat the enemy. It is time to organize and boycott every advertiser who advertises anti-Christ programs. Oh, you say, you cannot do that? Oh, yes, you can. And they are more afraid of that than anything else. In fact, I would not buy any product that was advertised in a Jew newspaper.

Sometimes the enemy will get someone who is a ‘Judas goat’ and they will back him, and then say, ‘Oh, you are an anti-communist too,’ and they will come out in the B’nai B’rith with a full page add. All right, you do not have to buy razor blades put out by the phoneys and advertised by the Jews. You do not have to buy products that betray you into the hands of the false approach. It is time you buy Christian, and vote Christian. And make sure you know what he looks like when his name is on the ballot, for it may even be Smith or Jones. I saw Mr. Smith the other day and he was black as the ace of spades. And I saw Mr. Jones the other day and he looked like he just came out of a hock shop. And I found out that it is important to find out what was the name of Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones before they changed them.


End of message.