No Place To Hide. 3-8-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-8-65

There is no doubt that we must find ourselves as to what transpired in the prophetic picture in this book. And the one thing today that must be professed as to the enemies of God's kingdom and of our race, is "Thus saith the LORD.” The one most important thing that we must awaken our race to, and those who constitute the bulk of the house of the Great Christian nations. That is what is proclaimed in the scriptures concerning this day. What lies before us and what we must accomplish. I think it is quite clear when we say that we are the nation of the outstretched wings of the Eagle in the 18th chapter of Isaiah. A great and powerful nation from its beginning until today when we represent thru the White race, one sixth of the world's population, and the balance of power in our nation among the White nations of the world.

I notice that there is a great design to suppress the idea that we are a White Christian nation. I have in my hands a clipping from this week from Mr. Lomax concerning this. He said that America should get over this obsession of Whiteness. Well, I can tell Mr. Lomax this. We are never going to get over this obsession of Whiteness. He said that America is suffering from this obsession. In fact, they have produced a whole generation of citizens, he said, who threaten our survival because they stand for whiteness. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant male is supposed to be the norm of our society. And I like that idea. The fact remains that tonight there remains in these United States, 149 million White Christians. They are not all Protestants. But there are 149 White Christians, and we have 50 million citizens who are not White. So let’s get this thing very clear. If representative government is to work and we who are the citizens of this society are to select our leadership, then we should stay with that racial balance until we have the representation of that 149 million. If it is wrong for us to advocate that we be represented by our own kind according to Divine law, then, my friends, the whole structure of the scriptures would be in error. And then I want to say that if the majority of the people in this great White country don't like this idea, then the faster they go to some other place, the better it will be for us and for them.

Under this pattern, we are a part of God's kingdom. We are one of the great nations of the house of Joseph. If you will turn to the scriptures in the 37rd chapter of Ezekiel, you will discover that the House of Joseph is one of the great and mighty sticks in God's hand. These are the Anglo-Saxon people, America and the British Empire. The other great stick of leadership in God's hands is the stick of Judah. And that is Germany, the Germanic people and people in the heart of Europe. These are the White Christian nations. And together with the Scandinavian people, who make up the White nations of the world today, are the household of God, and very clearly marked as HIS Kingdom in the earth today. We are the people that the United Nations call the 'have nations' of the earth. And if we do not wake up with the leadership of maintaining this balance, then the citizens in these countries lose this 'have not' status in a hurry. For the design of the World Order is to confiscate all that you have and redistribute it to the 'have not' portion of the earth who have made no contribution to its production. I point out to you that there is something much more important than the material advantage and this is spiritual capacity and intellectual leadership. And this is the preservation of our kind thru out the generations to come. This is the passing down of our culture from our background out of the Adamic race, and to make sure that thru out all of the generations ahead, we shall continue to have 'Kind begetting like kind, seed having life in itself’ until it looks like you. Someone said that we are in the period of time when the mongrelization, the mixing of races is going to come. But it will not come. Because there will be 149 million White men who will not permit this to happen.

Now the prophetic announcement found in the scriptures, concerning the fact that God calls to the areas of the White race leadership . . . this leadership that is over the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque and Germanic people, these two great houses of the race . . . God said that in these days in which you live, that the powers of darkness and of evil would gather the hordes of Africa and Asia and hurl them against you. The scripture makes this very clear. And to accomplish this mess, they must perform a task of ‘fifth column’ in your nation. They must gain an entrance into your nation. Any ruse shall accomplish this, especially when you, as a great society, by your own light and not by some wild imagination that wants to absorb you and destroy those who have upheld the hand of liberty and freedom thru out the course of history, and unassimilable anti-Christian refugees, have poured into these United States with a world strategy for taking over the United States and reducing it to just one part of a world government that they design to control.

Now the fact remains that the facts have piled up thru the years, the evidence that we have are so great that no White man hearing this,---hear this now---no White man hears this unless he is in the employ of the enemy and things don't begin to fit. And unless he begins to find the fulfillment of prophecy and development, he begins to think in relationship to other White men. Then pretty soon he is beginning to think about the preservation of his nation and his way of life, and of his culture. And then this will go beyond allegiance to party and it will start to move inside of him in a way that he will never be able to trust in the way of the enemy ever again.

For instance, one of the reasons why the ministry of this church and this tape process by which you reach people by the millions across this entire nation must be suppressed by your enemy, because when people become aware of it and start to think, suddenly they realize that they have to have more and more . . . and then no one gets them back. Because they have now become aware of truth. And they have become an awakened, burning flame for God, for their race, and for their nation. I am going to make this clear tonight. The scriptures have left no uncertain pattern. World Communism is the political policy of the Antichrist. It is against God, it is against the church, and it is against your race. And I tell you that this procedure may be dressed up in a dozen different names, but it is the same procedure. The forces that helped to spawn it, that helped to create it, were also hoping to grab for the ultimate mastery of the world. They had been waging war on your technology, your ability and your genius which has produced more for you than any other people on the face of the earth. They have been unable to compete with your intellectual and spiritual capacity. They have sought to gain control of your economy so as to reduce you to the position where they can control you. The strange thing which made this hard to do in these United States, is because your productivity has always expanded, even beyond the ability of the parasites to absorb. Even at this moment, you the great nations of God's kingdom, are approaching the prophetic hour in time and measure that the scripture has always proclaimed. Because of this factor, tonight you are watching the forces of world communism gather the hordes of Africa and Asia to direct them against you. You are watching them build up manpower while seeking to compete with your own technology. They are seeking to have you to surrender your defense upon the altar of inability and defenselessness. By this same guise, they approach you saying ‘brotherhood.’ They tried this on Jesus. But HE didn't buy it. HE said, “I know who your father is, you are the children of the devil, and I will have no part in this. You are of your father, and I am of my Father.” So this is what HE told those Jews at that time-- ‘I know who you are so you are not going to put this over on me.’

I make this clear tonight, that in this strategy to destroy Christ and the kingdom, the Resurrection of Christ and the power of God has been made manifest in history, and the destruction of the body of God was not possible. And . . . the destruction of HIS kingdom is impossible. But speaking of the devil, he will never learn.

Now---there are some things that I want to make clear unto you tonight. The most important thing for you to do is to fulfill the mission of your faith and your race. This means the achieving of the mastery of the earth in the name of Christ. For their liberation, not their enslavement. You may like to withdraw from the propaganda of our times, from inactivity and active participation in this. But your enemy who is gathering the world against you, would reduce you to slavery and to death. You have no choice tonight but to face up to the fact that your race and your faith is in a battle for survival. And as we face these facts, we are also aware of the scriptures of which they come. More than that, the scripture has made it quite clear as to the danger on the outside and the danger on the inside. Oh, you say, America does not face danger on the inside? Well, maybe you don't see it, but right now the Communist hordes are stirring up the lower mental areas of your society for war against your race. There is no place in the world where the Negro has made as much progress, and international communist society and international Jewry are making him the shook troops against your civilization and against your race. All racial holocausts in American society have been stirred up, and are Communist inspired and Jewish bankrolled. And I can give you the names of those who have done it. Someone said, “Dr. Swift, this will only provoke international relationships.” I am only interested in one thing tonight. Make this clear. I am only interested in White Christian civilizations survival with all other things falling into their proper place.

So I tell you this with the realization that this struggle for the earth is very real and very vital. The scripture warns us that Mystery Babylon the Great is the great political, economic, and social program against your race. With a full realization of this Old Testament and how this operated and run operation, and who runs it . . . these people that say that they are Israel and are not. The people whom you and I know as Jews made war against your race in the Old Testament and they are still doing it now. According to the strategy that was involved, they were going to try to build a society in your time that would bring them their objective.

Now understand this tonight. The fifth column that has moved into America and has helped to Communize, and Socialize, and brutalize your entire race, was a planned aggression. Your nation, your young people, and your concept, they have reduced into their own master strategy. And this is the same fifth column that the Bible has always warned you about. Almost always, they are basically Antichrist, and also basically, they talk about brotherhood and religion while they seek to destroy yours. They come into your nations and they say, ‘you can't read the Bible because with such basic foundations, you have the continuity of a culture.’ So I point out to you, that the great major strategy is still communism and is still the contest of the world, still in the hands of the enemy. They plan to control all of the world having crushed all resistance and disarmed all of society. There can be no doubt today, among any American statesman or citizen, that we are in a struggle for survival. If we are not in a struggle with the communist for survival, then what are we doing over in Vietnam? Why were we in Korea, and why are we in Asia at all? Why are we, my friends, involved in a cold war if Communism is not our enemy?

Now let me tell you this. That of all of the forces which we have fought in time and history in our racial background and in our national life, we have never fought an enemy so widely scattered out . . . that has as much cunning and interest in gaining places high in your society, as we have right here today with communism.

Now when I say this, people have almost been encircled by the use of the word. But I am going to say that this is specifically right out of the Bible, and it has captured men and reduced them to parasites. And others they have captured and have made them the front for their great conspiratorial design. But one thing I can tell you tonight is that Christians shall be stirred and this thing shall not be put over in these United States. In this struggle for world government, we listen to this Asiatic Uthant trying to tell us that we must withdraw out of South Eastern Asia, and we must capitulate to this situation to restore Peace. Even the Administration could hardly take the idea of this Asiatic telling us that we had to withdraw, that we had to surrender, and that we had to lose face before our enemy. Actually, what they want is for us to pull back and co-exist with the enemy. But I am going to tell you something. I am tired of mealy mouth politicians trying to tell us that we are not actually trying to destroy Communism, we are just trying to neutralize it. I tell you that the program of God's kingdom is that we must destroy this enemy who designs our destruction and eliminate him from the earth. They are speaking out of the background of something besides Biblical positions, for Armageddon is as inevitable as tomorrow’s sunrise. And our responsibility is to win it.

Now within this same situation, let me point this out clearly to you. That the processes, that are being used in your administration in Washington, are being used around the world to get you to surrender your armament, to get you to surrender your nuclear weapons. And they tell us that Geneva is making great progress right now because people are afraid of nuclear war. Nuclear scientists have told us that a nuclear war means the devastation of half of the people around the world and that its impact and its mutations will affect all society. They are trying to get us so frightened with the weapons of our defense, that we will surrender the weapons which give us the technology and the mastery to meet the manpower of the hordes of the world, in an almost unequal and unwinnable battle.

Now it is true, that the scripture tells us that it is the end of the age when Peter tells us that the elements will dissolve in fervent heat. He says, “What kind of people ought you to be when the elements are dissolving in fervent heat?”...when the whole facet of the world order is passing away. One thing you should be is a happy people when the world order is passing away. Some people don't seem to know what that passage means. It is not the kingdom going down. But the world order and their satanic forces are going to lose their control and their order in the earth. Make no mistake about this. We point out to you that in the instances when we find the great strategists gathering the manpower of Africa and Asia, the significant thing is that they have already ‘fifth columned’ into the Western hemisphere. We discover that every attempt is being made to make people feel that the only way they can survive is to capitulate or make themselves no longer identifiable with any great cause. The great thing is to tell people that if you want to survive, then just go along with this trend in society. Just become unidentifiable, just find some little spot out in the hills and slip away and you will come thru. Just find some place to hide. But there is no place to hide, tonight. Why? Because if you take a stand then the enemy is after you and he will never quit until he can destroy that which is in opposition. And he is not going to make it because we, the children of the kingdom, are going to cleanse America before this is true.

In the first place, there is no place to hide because you always have the weak ones in the hands of the enemy and they will be keeping tabs on you. If you are on the 'right' today, they know that you are 'right' because you are doing something about it. Thus, if you are not speaking out or attempting to awaken White men, then you are wrong. If the church of Jesus Christ carries out its responsibility, it awakens people to 'Thus saith the LORD,' and calls upon them to defend their society and to lift up divine standards. Then it is the people who respond to the instructions. And they are spiritually moved and they start to work with the citizens of the nation. And if that right is denied, they still rise to stir up the flame. And they bring in a new birth and a new day of life. Someone said, ‘we can just hide and let the police take care of it.’ Don't be too sure of it. For there are now rascals among the police.

Now we are in the climax of an hour in which the strategies of an enemy are being fast predicated upon his blueprint. And he anticipates an economic upheaval and crash. And we will talk to you soon about this battle for gold. Because do you know one of the things this last week that was decided was that we did not need 25% of the gold which is behind our resources, or behind your currency? There is no a battle on about this. We point out to you that there is a battle for your total acquiescence. In the last two weeks, there has been a meeting of 2000 called World Statesmen, literal appeasers, who would surrender you. And they met together to form a ‘super world government’ to replace your flag, your nation, and your kind, with a great integrated mongrelized world society. And we call for the judgments of God to strike down every one of them.

Now let me point out to you that in this condition, we have reached the kind of strategy that we find here in Matthew. He said, ‘remember that if you proclaim my words,’ (and this is animosity against the enemy) my word unveils the truth. And when the enemy is exposed, then he has to flee.’ Either that, or he has to move to win. So what will they do? Jesus says they will do as they did to the early church. They will persecute you from city to city. They will seek to make you plead, and you will not have gone over the cities of your race until the 'son of man' hath returned.

Now do not be too disturbed by this animosity. For this is just telling the disciples that they are better than their master. We have gone thru quite and experience in the last two weeks. We have had shotguns at our backs, and have been stopped on the highway. We have seen law officials involved in this, as they followed the directions of this insidious enemy, the ADL, and all that became their stooges who supplied them with false information so that they could carry out their blueprints. Let me tell you something. It says here that the disciple will not fare better than his master. If they called your master as being out of Beelzebub (a devil), then how much more will they call those out of his household? 'Fear them not, for there is not anything covered that shall not be revealed, and nothing hinted that shall not be made known.’

Now hear this tonight. That what the enemy does not know is that tonight as they have been bugging our homes and tapping our phones, and keeping us under surveillance, we have also had some of them under surveillance. We have ears on the inside. We have something else that they do not understand. And that is what the spirit of God makes known, and it never fails. There is no secret thing which is hid from our Father. In those early days, the king of Assyria was setting in ambush for the king of your race. He thought he had it all worked out. Then suddenly, something went wrong with his plans and they did not work. And he said, ‘how can this be?’ And one of his advisors said, ‘YAHWEH hath raised up a prophet among His people. There is not one thing that you do, even in your bed chamber, that they do not know.’

Let me tell you something. So complete is prophecy and so complete is the area of inspiration, there is no strategy that our enemy can resort to that the scripture has not warned us about, as to how they think. We will go a little further than that. We now know a little more than we did last Saturday, when we were surrounded with armed men and with shotguns at our backs. We were thrust into the dirt while the lieutenant of the Los Angeles Police Department was supposed to be protecting Martin Luther ‘Coon,’ alias King, in the Jew Synagogue. And in the meantime, they had our faces in the dirt because we were Christians. And the Negroes wanted this kind of protection from the Jews who operate this city and do it for show. It was this lieutenant that gave the false information to the Kern County Sheriffs Department. And he took his orders from the top OGPU Captain Gates. Oh, that is a deadly word in this city. For he has more power than any city police should have. He is the man who met with the ADL, and bowed to their pressure. What position should such a man have, who says we serve anything that is in power? We tell you that there is no secrecy. They watch every move. And even tho you be 'right,' this is still their policy. So there is just one thing that I want you to know. There are a lot of people who are afraid of a communist uprising. They are afraid of the influence that shall be used against them. They are afraid of tax reprisals.

Let me tell you something. The record is so clean that you would have to stack it and it would be understood. The fact today is that the forces which would combat can find nothing illegal and nothing false and no guilt complex on those who stand for the Gospel of the Kingdom. And because of this, they cannot issue warrants for something which does not exist, so they have to try to kill. Oh, you say, ‘you should not talk this way.’ Well, we talk from some direct experience. The County Sheriff's Department are not to be held responsible, for they had false information from Captain Gates and his lieutenant. In fact, after they had followed thru on that illegal retention and that illegal search, and the man they claimed they wanted was not there, they were waiting, but they didn't get him. No man could issues warrants out of here. So all of this pushing around, all of this harassment had failed. And the Highway Patrol was also there. So it was pretty hard to shoot a man in front of the Highway Patrol. Oh, you say, ‘they would not have done this.’ Let me tell you something. There were men there who not one out of the police department could identify. They do not know who they were. The facets of what we are talking about, go so far that total surveillance means that there is no secret remaining to any patriot. Now why, why? It is, my friends, that they are afraid of the continuity of truth will awaken a people until the White people cannot be contained.

Now in my lifetime, I have never have been anti-police. But for the first time in my life there are policemen whom I do not think should remain in power, because they serve that which is evil. From the areas of strength and the outcry which is rising across the nation, I want to tell you that we stand ten times stronger tonight than when they pulled their silly plot. So you say, ‘how far are we going?’ We are going right on to the top. This Captain Gates says, ‘where are you going above me, for there is one in every city across the land?’ Well, we are fortunate, for there is only ‘one’ of him.

Let me tell you this. We are in no mood to make peace. Never has there been a strategy than the strategy that we now face. Christian Civilization is now fighting the Antichrist, and there are those who want to neutralize us, set us on a world status. And because there are a lot of liberals that go for these policies, then we are not to speak out. We are faced with violence on every turn, violence from communists and from communists patriots who say they will blow us off the face of the earth. We are ‘fifth columned’ on the inside, our money is scattered all over the world, and our faith under constant attack. And if we speak out, we are hate-mongers. Well, let me tell you this. We hate evil everywhere it is. So let them take it where it is.

We happen to know that there are false and phoney set ups. And there are some who say they represent Christians in the 'right wing,' and actually they are stooges in this department. For they have gone out and tried to trap people. And we know who they are. And one of these days, we are going to put it all on tape so everyone in America will know the names of the stooges. And don't think that if something happens to us now on the highway that it will all be taken care of. For it is all ready for distribution. For those who were jabbing shotguns in our backs and their hands on the triggers with the hammers cocked, having no warrant, no crime, and no violation, we will not stop until their heads roll.

Now we tell you that there are a lot of people, and they are in hot water. And a lot of them are a bit afraid, and a lot of them are making overtures. And they would be mighty surprised if they knew what we know tonight, about this operation. They would like to make it appear that it was Christian Americans that were resisting arrest. But no, we were being set up for an ambush. Because we have the evidence tonight that Captain Gates knew when he ordered this thing, to go ahead and to be handled by another county which had been fed false information. And when they found out who we were and who had ordered it, then these officers were quite penitent that they had been participants in it.

Now they knew that there was not a single person to apprehend from this Christian congregation that day in the house that they had planned on hitting. Information that went out from that police department was for them to hit that house and literally obliterate it if necessary even if there were children in it. Do you know what would happen if they hit any home of mine with tear gas? We would think the Communists were hitting us right then and there. They understand this. They said they were shocked that Christians were armed to resist this. Any Christian who is not armed in these United States---shame on him. He better get armed for he is going to need it. Someone said, ‘well, of course, we can never win against them.’ We don't want to battle in the streets, but they almost entrapped a whole police department to get us involved. And when Captain Gates sent out an order for a man to be captured, he knew that he was not there. So this was a set up. And there is only one thing. He knew that we had not violated any law. And he did not know what he was talking about, when he said that we were set up to do injury and harm. We are used to this thing, as we have been fighting communism all of the time. But we did not expect to get these kinds of tactics out of the police department. But when the police department listened to Jews, and meets with Jews, and runs with Jews, you are going to get nothing but Jew evil. Someone said, ‘we should not create any hostility here.’ They created it at Tahachapi Pass.

Now I want to tell you what the reaction is. It has not only gone out by tape as to what has transpired, and it has gone across the nation and it has reached almost three million people now, and even gone on the outside. And if anything happens to us, then the boom falls. I'm going to tell you something. There is not any place to hide. For if they think they know every secret, every location, and every patriot, the patriots also know who and what is behind this thing, and who is responsible. And we are finding out more every day. And if anything happens to Christian leadership in America, the judgment is going to fall. And if the law enforcement fails to protect us like it protects the Negroes, then, my friends, they will have to take the consequence of their own war.

A rather significant thing, that in these United States, where they have placed this great strategy in which they hoped to intimidate, there is something that the devil does not know. There is something the forces of darkness do not understand, and none of these heavy authorities understand either. And that is that we do not intimidate. And I have not found a Christian patriot yet, who intimidates. We get angry and we seethe. But we do not intimidate. These are the kind of men that made the Declaration of Independence important. These are the individuals that at Lexington and Concord, stepped up and said ‘ball for ball.’ Do not think that just because we have reached 1965, that we have accepted the organizations and the patterns of society. Do not think that just because we have reached the bulwark of the laws that were to protect us, that we have reached the end? For they are not as effective as they think they are. Do not think, my friends, that because we have become so used to uniformity that acceptance, authority and command, that in these days when all things are failing and there is warfare in the streets, that they think that they can stop us or protect us from the hordes of Africa or from the Communist revolution. They are going to need the help of every White Christian in these United States. And those officers who were lined up on the wrong side are not going to be the saviors of our country. They will wind up in the Bastille.

You better remember that the majority in America is going to be the destiny of the country. They just caught them asleep. But they are not asleep now. If you could see the reaction that is setting in all over, the reaction that will follow this case, the reaction that follows every area that they sought to suppress---I am going to tell you, that this is far bigger than they thought was involved. They helped to set up the false procedure which they said they were carrying out. They were not carrying out a search for this man, Gilbert. They were after us this night. For what? They do not want this truth, this Gospel of the Kingdom, to go out. We have gone to Congress, and in two weeks time, have 138 Congressmen on our side. We met with them in great numbers and some in small numbers. And if you can get truth to them before they are already negated by those things surrounding them, then we know what the power of truth will do. We know what gaining the peoples attention will do. This, they are afraid of. But it is now too late. For you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. A thousand shall fall at thy right side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but no harm shall come nigh thee.

Now listen. Someone said that we are making powerful political enemies. But they made enemies when they identified themselves with these forces who want to suppress the truth. Today, America is going to have to chose between Christian leadership and a Martin Luther King.

Hear this now. Every law enforcement officer and every person is going to have to determine, ‘shall it be the people who created America and whose posterity still give it vitality and life, or is it going to be those Communist training schools who give it a capacity to raise and demonstrate those who are never our equal?’

That is only a little bit of it. If you want to know how California thinks, I will tell you how they think. Look at what they did with Proposition 14. That is how they think. This propaganda is not so effective that they want to change their faith or that of their grandchildren, or lose the property rights, or lose the respect they have for one another in establishing a society and a culture that they want to live in.

All right. They knew all along they even had us under surveillance, for they knew when one of the wives of one of the men who was with us who last Saturday, a week ago, said, ‘l am going to stay home. I am not going.’ And they knew she was in her own home. As we talked to you about 'Terror by night,' we set that subject up long before we knew that they were going to try to apply it to us. Remember what I told you about the Senate systems to take away total privacy?

Now I am going to tell you what is going to transpire. America is going to revolt against this thing and we will get privacy back in our homes. And I will tell you about these devices. They work for us, also. And there is something which they do not understand tonight. It is that no secret thing that they plan can be hidden from the Almighty. And what they may never appreciate, and may repudiate as long as they live, it is that we will practice and use as long as we live, and are here and that is, this ‘God-given discernment.’ And we will make every secret thing known when we get it. It is embarrassing sometimes, when you watch this kind of discernment work, when someone is trying to put on a double front, and is standing up there and speaking, and you know what is going on in their mind all of the time. God gives us this gift of discernment. Much more intense is it when you are sparing with the enemy. Someone said, ‘but you are not going to say that police officers in this department are our enemies?’ When they wage war against Christian ministers and harass them, then they become our enemies.

Now to the agents, that are here tonight, carry it back to the department. For that is just the way it happened. And if there is one here, tonight, that held a shotgun on our backs, remember that we have not forgotten your face. I am going to tell you this. When we tell you as Christian Americans, that the enemy has infiltrated you, we tell you he is everywhere. Someone says that this just frightens people . . . this is not true. But I tell you that the enemy is everywhere. He goes to your church, he goes to all of the patriotic organization meetings. He moves in a fifth column and he boasts that they penetrate everything. But they cannot understand everything. No matter how smart they think they are. You see, there is no plot to overthrow the United States. There is only this great determination to preserve it. And preserved it will be. To preserve our nation is our cause, and stop this revolution that wants to destroy. The only reason why the devil gets around so much, is because he has a lot of evil spirits that move round. And they kind of think that no one is watching. But let me assure you, for there are guarding Angels and administering spirits on your side. But you also forget sometimes, that the enemy has spirits watching.

In the book of Ezekiel, it says here, concerning the king of Tyre, that this was the embodiment of Lucifer that archangel that rebelled in the heavens one time. And said that he would be god. He said, ‘I will sit in the seat of God. Behold thou art a man and not God. Thou art wiser than Daniel. For no secret can be hid from thee.’ --Hear this now--this is a Luciferian embodied.

Now if you thought that your enemy knew where you live and how you think, what your family was like, how you love America and hate Communism, how you are opposed to the enemy, and how you are tired of being pushed around by the Jews, and how you would like to deport every one of them for dual allegiance . . . and one day will, if you thought that your enemy understood you and all of these things, and there was not any place to hide, then what would you do? You would turn around and put all of your energy to winning.

Now I am going to make this clear to you and to the people across America and thru out all of the nations where the White man lives. ‘WAKE UP.’ You have not only followed his paths and observed that they are trying now to build up their machine for harassment, persecution, and even assassination, but---oh, you say it cannot happen here? Don't tell me that a communist assassinated the President of the United States? Our Congress should have met within 24 hours and put every communist into concentration camps. When these who do not want to give the protection, say you don't need it . . . well, listen. They killed the President, didn't they?

The F.B.I. wasn't enough. The CIA wasn't enough. And all of the law wasn't enough to keep them from killing the President. I can tell you something. If they try to kill us, then some of them are going to die.

Understand this now. The design persists. The Christian design to defend themselves, and theirs to disarm them, is all a part of the plot to get us to disarm ourselves so they can take over. They are after all kinds of firearms which the American citizen has to protect himself. This has always been our best policy to stop an invasion and a sudden surprise. Oh, you say we have plenty of supplies to protect ourselves? Then you have not been reading the papers the past few days. We do not have enough supplies to defend our own military. Oh, you say then, we can produce them? Well, we better get with it and get them to our military and stop playing around with all of this cheap junk. There has never been a time when we thought about preaching a message like this, than we fell tonight. And I am going to tell you that the plans have already been motivated, that will make any Christian leadership strong enough that will make any Antichrist pay a price that has never been paid before, in history. The ADL, one time set up an ambush like this for the Mickey Cohen crowd, to assassinate us and Gerald K. Smith, in this city. A missionary named Cramer had just come back from Africa. He went over to a restaurant here in Hollywood called 'Pig and Whistle,' and he sat down in a booth. He heard them planning our assassination. And they laid down the plan and the price they would pay to the Mickey Cohen crowd to rub us out. Don't talk about the fact that God doesn't hear everything. HE even brought back a man from Africa, and he hadn't heard our name in five years. But HE sat him down in the next booth. When investigators were called in, they sat down in the booth and said, ‘we can't do anything about it until they do it.’ They gave Gerald K. Smith some protection and we had ours. But I will tell you what we did that night. We contacted patriots all over the city, and we took down the names of the leaders of the institutions that were going to pray for our liquidation, because they do not like militant Christianity. But Christians had to be saved. And if they would have accomplished their mission, there would not have been a Christian leader to lead against the other side and their actions. So we got up and told about it from the platform and we said this is what will happen if they carry out their activities. ‘The only way for you to have any security is to keep us alive.’ And they called another meeting and called off their plans.

The devil is sort of a coward, and so are his children. And they like to fight to the last drop of everybody else blood. I am getting tired of these people who want to fight to the last drop of everybody else blood. So people need to stand together until they are irresistible. We have watched the Soviet Union fight everybody on the face of the earth. They fight everybody else's enemy. They will fight to the last drop of the Cuban's blood or the Red Chinese blood . . . if they can just keep out of the direct involvement so they can come in and claim the prize.

I am going to tell you this. God Almighty talks about Armageddon. Jesus Christ said, “I am going to enter into it myself until the blood flows to the horse's bit, I WILL FIGHT INVINCIBLY BY YOUR SIDE.” When the world is free again, it will be free forever. And the world of Christ will be supreme. But I tell you to watch as you drive the roads, watch for the speeding assassin, watch for the speeding design that will move out in an unmarked car.

Oh, someone says, ‘that will be all right, for all of the rest of the cars are also unmarked.’ Well, remember this. Men can get shot from an unmarked car. For we have Zionists and we have communists . . . Negro communists threatening our lives and using the phones. They keep us up all night by sending their crews around. We have had sightings on the highway. They tried to apprehend us last Friday night. They have also shot out our windshields just as fast as we can put them back in.

Let me tell you something. This is a battle. Let me tell you something. In this kind of a situation there is only one thing to do. You do not have the time to learn whether he is a Communist or a Zionists, or whether he belongs to the King crowd. You just defend yourself. This is apparent what they thought we would do. But you do not fight officers in uniform. Let me tell you this tonight. There has been a change in behavior of officers who want to be thought of with respect. You say, ‘I don't understand this; there is no place to hide. What do you mean?’----It is time to tell your congressman and your Senators what you want done. Tell them that you want all of this communism outlawed. You are tired of all of this coexistence and appeasement. That you are tired of this whole socialist revolution. You say, ‘there are 26 million people who voted for the administration.’ Let me tell you something. There is another 26 million people who are tired of this socialism and communism, and they voted for promises and they got nothing, without realizing that you never get something for nothing, unless it is a Communist plot.

So it is time to wake up. And don’t think that you can put it over with a communist revolution and a black agitator. And don't, my friends, try to take over America from the Synagogues, because you are tired of it. Since you have no place to hide, then tell it, tell it, tell it and awaken every Christian that you can. The most important thing that you can do today, is to help us awaken Christians and awaken them fast.

You know what is the churches responsibility? It is to preach the kind of prophetic message that I am preaching tonight. Tell them what the Bible says and what your enemy looks like, and what it is all about.

I do not have the time to go thru all of the ramifications of this tonight. But God has already called you to “come out of her, oh, my people.” And now HE says, this mysterious system, this system, with violence shall that order be cast down. It shall be thrown down and found no more at all.

How is Mystery Babylon going down? How is the power of Jewry going to be broken in America? How shall this conspiracy fold up? With violence shall it be thrown down and found no more at all. That, my friends, is in the book of Revelation, in the 18th chapter and the 22nd verse. And there is no power in this country that can stop us from proclaiming what the Bible says.

Oh, you say, we should not fight with the Jews? Oh, yes, we should. For it says that 'these are thy merchants who are the sorcerers, who have deceived all of the nations and are guilty of all of the blood of the righteous, the prophets and the saints who have been slain upon the earth.’ And even the blood of Jesus, my friends, as the records will proclaim.

And what I have quoted to you is right after the passage that says that Mystery Babylon is going to be thrown down with violence. They have brought violence upon themselves as they have brought bloodshed upon the world.

Oh, you say, ‘I was hoping it could be done peacefully.’ If it could have been done peacefully, then Christ would not have talked about Armageddon. And it cannot be done with a Billy Graham revival. For he doesn’t even know who HE is or what HE looks like. He thinks HE is a mulatto.

Since there is then no place to hide, the scripture says:-- “fear them not, for HE who is with you is greater than he that is in them.”

Now let me tell you something. Every time a judgment has been called, then something happens to that person. Any time they raise their hand and move against the children of God, something happens. God has HIS hand on the power, and the economy. And where HE controls, there will be retribution upon the enemy of the kingdom. Let this be a warning. Those who fight against the Christ, those who fight against Christendom, we are no longer dealing with the days of martyrdom. We are now dealing with the days of victory. And in the midst of all of the hurricane of battle, of the struggle for survival, it will be your United States Marines, it will be your U.S. Army and Navy, and Air Force, which will be fighting communism. And when the last bomber has been brought down, and the last hordes have been destroyed, that flag will still be flying and your nation will be there. And when the last city that has come against you is now powder and dust, this nation and its flag will still be here. And this is the way this situation will climax.

And then let me tell you this. In the midst of all of this, there is a peace that can pass all understanding. Because we are hid away with God. For there is a hiding place, a place which may leave you angry, but not with fear, which God will stir up until there will be no Cainanite left in the House of God.

Never has it been more important for us to know our heritage, and to know what God has in store for us than now.

End of message.