Occupying The Kingdom, 4-18-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-18-64

We are speaking this afternoon on Occupying the Kingdom. It is always important that we know where we are and what time it is, and that we understand our relationship with the plans of God. There should be no question in the mind of the children of God as to who they are, because HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. That we are the progeny of God that we are HIS household, HIS offspring. It is also important for us to understand clearly that when we talk about the kingdom of God, that we are talking about a political social and spiritual order. A lot of people today, and their theology that we have discussed at various times, have been somewhat neutralized in their responsibilities to earth, because their relationship with God has been one of spiritual perception. It is totally tied up in the ritual and worship they find themselves engaged in week after week as they enter into the areas of church activities and the maintenance of their souls so that they will be in the proper relationship to reenter the spiritual realms. And the responsibility that they have, this constitutes the kingdom of God. This is the interpretation of what Jesus said as HE said, "My kingdom is not of this era.” And it is translated as tho HIS kingdom did not belong in this world at all. There are then many theologians who say, that since the Kingdom is not of this world, then it is up in the heavens; it is only a spiritual realm. Therefore there is to be no interest and no relationship to the social errors or the responsibilities that exist in earth for the true Christian. Therefore there is only one responsibility and that is in proper service and in the making of his spiritual obligations, and the adjustments of his soul so that he gets ready to die. Thus the church has been told that from one end of the nation to the other, and from one end of the earth to the other, get ready to die. But you were sent into the world to challenge it . . . to live. The Gospel of the Kingdom is one of life and not of death; one of victory and not defeat. It is one of the overthrow of evil and not one of defeat. And it is one of occupying the earth and not asking for a quick uplifting of one's self into the heavens.

I have listened to Clergy after Clergy saying, “Oh, God take us out of the world.” Where every Christian today should be praying, “Empower me to occupy and win.” Someone said, “Is this a selfish prayer?” No, because we were sent down here to win. We were sent down here to become empowered sons of God, not, my friends, to be weaklings. Today, therefore, challenges us. And this is the reason that in the psalmists vision, we read these words in the 82nd Psalm: “Ye are Elohim, ye are the sons of God. Why do you die like men? Why don't you occupy and win?”

When the MOST HIGH GOD put together this Universe, and synthesized out of the magnitude of HIS intelligence and HIS will, the sidereal systems out in the plains of energy, where in is HIS existence is, in which spiritual beings, and a whole realm of a Universe exists, put together an electronic universe, and solidifies it in matter, and has been doing this millions upon millions of years. In fact, your mind and mine cannot contain a pattern and an appreciable number, a similitude of numbers, in this concept that relates to the antiquity of time and the patterns of Eternity.

If you were to go up into Yellowstone Park, you would notice one hill up where there are 27 areas of time where volcanic eruptions have sheered off forests which took thousands and thousands of years to develop. Then having covered them up and then run off a special flow, then upon the sedimentation year after year, seed time and harvest for thousands of years. Someone said, “How far back do you think this goes?” Well, my friends, the radio carbon test has run out on each one of these carbon period, and they run back 75 to 78,000 years. But each one of these carbon periods has run out of time before it was all covered. Pattern factors would then indicate that we have 53 million years of stacked up history in that one hill. Modern technology would support and technology would establish that that is a long long time. And that, my friends, is just relating to the impossible picture, relating to time from the standpoint of the finite mind. But when they laid the first foundation you all shouted for joy with the rest of the Sons of God. So don't worry about time, for there is a lot of it. If there has been any one thing that there has been a lot of, then it is time. But things are speeding up and time is being shortened. And we are in one of the most important hours in history. And your history in earth has been limited to 7400 years. This is the history of your race. This is the history of the household of God in the earth. And the MOST HIGH GOD who put this Universe together, and holds the whole thing in HIS hands, synthesizes it and directs it. And HE has a purpose and a plan for you. And HE understands that we must realize that HE did not do this in a minute, and HE did not intend to leave anything in HIS Universe out of balance. And HE understood what was to happen before it took place. HE could see this class struggle which existed in this Universe of God, in antiquity.

Thus when we point out that you are the children of Eternity then this is true. When we point out that as the household of God and as HIS offspring that HE placed you in the earth some 7400 years ago as a race, that is also true. And you are the inheritors of that original portion in the Adamic man, and this physical body is a part of that inheritance. But as Adam was ordained for a celestial spirit to dwell in, his body was therefore the entity of the Holy Spirit. For Adam was spirit of HIS spirit before he came into earth. Thus your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit of God which dwells in it. And the Spirit of God could not dwell in it unless you were the offspring of HIS Spirit. Therefore you could not be a Holy Seed unless you are the offspring of God. For that which is out of God is Holy. This is what the scripture tells us. Thus I tell you that there is nothing more important than our relationship in God's plan and for the occupancy of the earth; our responsibilities, and the timing which God has ordained. The fact is that HE intended to set things up when HE put your race in the world, and HE did set those things up, therefore, HE is not surprised. And nothing has taken place that has defeated the purposes of God since you have arrived. And this should be an encouragement to the children of God's kingdom.

The other day, someone said, “My, everything is going wrong, so God is probably going to abandon the world.” No, HE is not going to abandon the world. HE would not have sent you in here, if HIS plan was to abandon it. God finds it impossible to abandon any part of HIS universe that HE created. HE has one idea in mind and that is the triumphant and victorious achievement of putting it all back in order, even as it relates to all flesh upon the earth; and this includes HIS own household, which HE declares is HIS own flesh in the field. God says HE will save all flesh.

A God who can redeem HIS own sons and daughters from any circumstance is the God we follow. This is not predicated upon any circumstance as to whether you understand or not. We are thankful that theology does not shake the course of God. Because it is so far apart sometimes in presentation there is only one thing in authority that is important to understand, and that is every word that comes out of the mouth of God. “Thus saith the LORD." And with it comes the great pattern of HIS spirit which provides for HIS ministry and HIS household, the vision and the where with all to understand, and the adjustment of their errors that they might see clearly. The most important thing that we can perceive today in the occupation of God's kingdom is the absoluteness of Divine power. The majesty of HIS sovereignty and the vastness of HIS divine character which we classify as Grace. It is in the magnitude of these thing which we possess, that is our faith and our hope. And the realization of HIS Divine power that HE has ordained and revealed thru out HIS people, is a symbol of HIS Grace. To them in the earth, HE designed HIS own purpose. When HE decided to put together a physical universe, this was HIS decision and the antiquity of endless ages. And from celestial spheres from a universe so vast, the time element is beyond your ability and even mine to even estimate. When HE decides to put together a physical universe, this was HIS decision back in the antiquities of the ages. And from Celestial spheres to the creation of the substance of a universe so vast, the time element is beyond your ability and mine to even estimate. I want you to know that as far as these systems were concerned, and also in the vastness of God's creation . . . you were there. The graciousness which God has pulled down the remembrance of some of these things while you were there, HE testifies to it in HIS Holy Scriptures. The result was that you were to adapt yourself to the earth while you were in it and you were to adapt yourself to your responsibility here, instead of leaving it as quick as possible. It is a normal thing to want to get out of an environment that is not up to the standard that you would like if you had a way to get out of it. If people don't like a community, they move. And if people didn't like the earth and could get out of it, they would pick someplace else and go. A lot of people are being taught that you were put down here to go. But you were put here to occupy and go for the Kingdom in earth. When we cite to you that the kingdom is for an administration of the earth, then you are to occupy and go for the kingdom in earth.

Now I understand that the Devil wants to keep control over the earth. But I am not going to bow to him just because I understand why he wants to keep it. We ask today why people are so persuaded and we say everybody has a right to be a devil, or do anything they want to do to extend freedom, or do anything at anytime for anybody. But I tell you that no one possesses freedom in the mind of God, except those HE has set free . . . and those HE has set free are in Christ, not outside of HIM. And the only Administration that has freedom is the Christian civilization and the only freedom in the earth should be Christian.

Now if you do not believe that, then you can go be a Buddhist or something else. Someone said, “But that just speaks of religious superiority.” Well, if I did not believe in religious superiority this afternoon, then I would not be a Christian. If I did not believe that there was just ONE God, alone, and beside HIM there was no God, I would not be a Christian. We have every affidavit that "I alone am God, and beside ME there is no God." “I alone am God, and except for my offspring I will not share my Glory with anyone else. But I will put it down upon my sons and my daughters.” This is why the great prophecy of Divine light and Glory belongs to your race. Because God says, “This is what I have ordained.” And the fulfillment and the transition of destiny will see the development of the Glory of God which will shine upon you, as a race of people. That is why this verse, that we never get tired of, in the book of Isaiah, "Arise and shine, for thy light has come and the Glory of God has risen upon thee.” ( Isaiah 16)

When we talk about the Glory of God in the earth, that does not just mean that God is good, but we accept the operation of HIS atonement which sets us free from the transgression of our original parents. And it includes more than this, my friends. It is not more than this, it is not just giving a philosophical acceptance to our religion. Nor to the practice or the rituals of our worship. It is thus not looking at the passing of the world as it goes by and saying,-- “I am not a part of this, and have no interest in the world, I only must wait God's time to take me out of the world.” This, my friends, is what neutralizes the sons and daughters of God, and is referred to as having put them to sleep. One of the great challenges of this hour is that HE is going to awaken HIS sons and daughters out of their sleep so that they might live like sons and daughters and finish the task. We have had various areas of Divine administration which descended upon the race in God's timing. One of them followed HIS own ascension when HE sent waves of divine energy out of the intellect and consciousness of HIS own person, that, “I will come unto you.” And so charged HIS church, HIS apostles and those who worshiped and were waiting for spiritual power, so charged them with energy, and so charged them with power that it was a tremendous transition in the seat of their consciousness. It was referred to like the outpouring of rain, as this holy spirit came, like rain descending upon a people. And the result was that HE gave a great input for their missionary activities that would reach out to all of the great White nations of the western world. And HE sent out HIS apostles, and such men as the Apostle Paul. And they came streaming even into Asia for this purpose. And we see what transpired in the fulfillment of that covenant HE makes, that -- “My word shall not depart out of thy mouth, or out of the mouth of my seed for one thousand generations.” And we have watched the administration of these things. And we stand almost 2000 years from the time of the Ascension of Christ back into the Celestial dominions of the Universe that HE created. And in the essence of these historical facts we look back over the impact of this message, upon your race and we see that all of the nations of the western world, all of them White nations, and all of them Christian, and they identify their philosophy with the teachings of Christ and their Christian Faith and their history, which is their background.

Now almost all of these people had one thing in common. They had almost all of them no other written religion. And only after having gotten the scripture, it became the text of their theology. It is rather interesting that in the periods proceeding this, among various branches of this household of Abraham, you will note that they accepted no theology that was Asiatic or African. They were only waiting for the truth which was finally brought to them. You know . . . we can see this trail of history, for it makes a long panorama. God descended to multiply this household, HIS household. And from the days when there was a proper son for Adam, which was Seth, down thru the house of Noah, thru Shem, thru Isaac and Jacob, and down to our time, the subject is the building of a throne line, a people to rule, a society to administer the earth, to overthrow the powers of darkness, and for the establishment of a house. It’s spiritual responsibilities were great. And God's activities in the maintenance of their responsibilities was the most important area of vision and enterprise. For without that vision, no spiritual outcome could have been successful. No attainment of your western culture would have been the results. The inherited vision and initiative has traveled with you from those days up unto this hour. And this has been one of increasing monotheism and the divine purpose of the Father.

As we go over into the book of Hebrews, where it talks about the special spiritual administration . . . that of God for HIS children, and we read:-- “The heavenly brethren were partakers of a holy calling.” And every last one of you are heavenly brethren and partakers of this Holy calling, for you have come out of the heavens into earth; for you are in bodies of flesh, and God, Himself, partook of the same so that HE would have a body just like you had. (Hebrews 2) To fulfill a responsibility and to leave the fear of the consequences of a fall which had temporary victory over you because of a Luciferian force and we read these words:--“Consider for one moment the High Priest of this calling”---- which is the very embodiment of God. Yes---Christ Jesus, who was faithful to the spirit over HIM which had appointed this responsibility, for HE was worthy of a lot more light than was Moses who was a servant of the same house.

Now what house? --The House of God in the earth, of course. What is the House of God here for?---The building of a Kingdom. To do what? --To rule. You mean to win them by persuasion? --No, to rule whether they want to be persuaded or not. Did you ever hear of the devil deciding that he wanted to be converted? You won't find this with the Jews either, until they want to get into your churches, and maybe this acceptance will help them along the road to the Presidency. I heard one of them say, “The reason why I am a Christian is because there was no Synagogue in my community.” I do not want that man for president. That is a sad reason for being a Christian---just because there is no Synagogue in your community. I look for the day when we won't have any around anyhow.

I turn in this 3rd chapter of the book of Hebrews: --- “Every house is builded by some man every kingdom. HE who built all things however is the Eternal GOD. And Moses was a faithful servant unto this household of God. But Christ was the embodiment of God over HIS own house whose household we are.

Do you want anything better than that? We go back to those words of the Apostle Paul, and we find that this embodied God made all things, that all things existed because of HIM, and that HE made all things that they were made by HIM and for HIM. And if only we could catch the pattern of this in our minds, we could see the Glorified Christ upon the Mount of Transfiguration, and the radiancy of the Christ as HE moved out of that broken into Tomb. We would catch eight little patterns of the light that was with HIM before the world was framed, and we would realize that it is time that we walked like sons and daughters of God and that we occupied the earth. When the Church resumes its full responsibility, and make no mistake, it is just about to do this . . . when the church resumes its full responsibilities to the sons and daughters of the household of God in this great land which God has ordained will play its part in the events of today which are taking place, not only here but across the world, what will happen is that the sons of God will decide that they are going to stand up tall and that they are going to take possession.

Now a lot of people don't like this. Lucifer had a rather cunning design. He said “I see what I am going to do since I see the great genius and the rising power, and the abilities of these White Christian nations. I see their great military strength. And probably the best way for me to take over would be to send some of my own people in there giving lip service to the standards and the policies and the service to the national and spiritual life of this nation, my opponents, until I get my servants in. And with all cunning, we will infiltrate their society and try to change their ideas, until they will no longer perform like the sons and daughters of God, which they are, and they will act like they belong to me.

And as I look around some days, I am convinced that a whole lot of people belong to the enemy, instead of God. That is why you get earthquakes shaking down part of your country. You act like devils and God will treat you like it for a while. That chastisement is good for you. That is why it can happen right in the midst of great population centers and not hurt you at all. Cause God knows how to handle that.

But I want you to know that the plan is not changed, the occupation is not changed. The great nations of God's kingdom are here and they are going to awaken to their responsibility as to why they are here, and they are still going to finish the task God ordained them to do. But you are in the absolute crucial point in which all of the powers of darkness, and all of the forces of evil are trying to defeat the occupation of God's kingdom. Therefore it is the responsibility of the church to charge men in high office, and men in statesmanship status, and all of the communicants and participants of the church to accept their responsibility, to arise and occupy. Jesus looked upon this chalice and having bestowed upon you this chalice of occupation, giving you the patterns of genius to develop it. HE said, “Now, I want you to know this. YOU ARE NOT TO WORRY, YOU ARE NOT TO MOVE WITH FEAR. YOU ARE TO OCCUPY UNTIL I RETURN. A lot of people didn't read that very closely. For HE did not say--hurry up and get out of here. HE said, “You stay as long as you can, but you occupy until I return.” The Kingdom is going to be occupying when HE returns. You say, “How long is that going to be?” Well, how long before you step up your occupation? WE DON'T LIVE WITH FEAR. A lot of Christianity is built on fear. I think the President's is built on fear, if he has any Christianity. Someone said, “What do you mean by that?” He belongs to a Christian church. That may be true. But he said the other day that we have to work fast, for the total integration of all men and all nations, or else we are going to die. This is just about four days ago as he said this while on the White House Lawn. He said, “We must integrate with all patterns of society, and all of the religious systems of the earth. For if we do not do this, we are going to die.” He is afraid this is all going up in a great big nuclear holocaust. “But if we move for togetherness today, then the enemy will permit us to live.”

I am going to tell you that the sons of God do not have to integrate with anyone. For they will one day be on their knees and decide whether they are going to stay before this is over. Someone said, “This is not Christian.” But, my friends, do you know what Jesus said about the rascals, when HE told you what to do with your talent, as HE told you to occupy? HE said, “Bring hither these who say that I should not reign over them and slay them before me.” (Luke 19:27) We are late about some of this, aren't we? You say, “Oh, you can't do that, for it is against the law in these United States.” Well, I don't know. What kind of law do we have left in these United States? What is law? It is something that Society must give its respect to, and it is established on the basis of divine values. And our law have come out of our scriptures and out of our foundation. So is Angle-Saxon law, British law and American law, Mosaic law, all of it is Divine law. What we are getting today is the United Nations law, the world's law. And I do not recognize any part of it.

Talk about law . . . yesterday, as you opened up the Herald, you saw an ad right on page two, and you wondered as to what was going on. But all of the Negro leaders had put an ad in there. It said, “get ready . . . we are going to have fall in's.” As I was going home yesterday, from here in the city, and I had the radio on, and it said in New York, that the law could not now stop these Negroes from their plan of violence. They said that they were going to stop all traffic as it moves towards the world's fair. This in the city of New York. They were going to stop all cars, and let the air out of all tires, and block off all traffic. And they would not let the White people leave their automobiles until they get their demands and the assurance from the State of New York and their officials. And they want to put on this pressure nationwide so they will get a meek concession on the part of the Senate, to pass the Civil Rights legislation. Law? This is not law. These are outlaws. This is a sub-society, a depraved group of animals turned loose. It tells me in the book of Revelation that they belong to the Beast system. And they are taking their instructions from the Beast order. Do you know what the governor of New York said he was going to do? This might not be a help to his campaign, but he said that he was going to “call out the Militia. I have had enough.” You might even educate a Rockefeller, you know. He might have decided like some others that there are more White people in America. So he said he would call out the militia.

The President is very frightened and he urged the Negroes, saying, “Don't you do it. Because if you do it, there might be violence and it might hinder this silly set of things that they call law.” We have a good law in the Constitution of the United States, and it guarantees all of the laws that intelligent people need. It does not give a measure of favor or discriminate against the majority of the people. So in this instance, we see that we are ripe for trouble. I understand that the other night Chief Parker told the police the other day that the same design set for here may go off any time, any time. It may be this week, or it may happen on Sunday. Negroes are going to slow down and chain their cars together across the freeway and make it impossible for them to go forward or backwards. And then Negroes are going to swarm up from the underpasses and keep people from leaving their cars, and then make demands on the city. So what he is worried about is that the White people might not take this, and there could be violence.

What I want you to see here, is that the moment that we relax the responsibility as sons and daughters of the kingdom, and then in our own nation when we relax the authority of the many sons, then the moment that you relax then you are in trouble. This is why I tell you that the kingdom of God functions on Divine law. And at this hour this is why we tell you that this pertains to the children of God from all ends of the earth.

Now God ordained that we should go out to the ends of the earth and colonize all the ends of the earth and rule over it. So the colonization of the British Empire and of Belgium and of Holland, and here in the U.S., we were a colonial country to start with. And we have also administrated over colonies and territories. And this was in accordance of Divine purpose. This is the only area of illumination which has come into the earth, and that is since you have been here as a race. My, how we have watched the battle of semantics attacking the principal, saying that Colonialism is an invasion of liberty and of tyranny. This means that it is a suppression of Satanic liberty. This is to suppress the control of the witch doctor, his control of the people who are in Africa and the pagans of the world do not want this challenged with the message of the God who visited the earth, this Supreme God of the Universe. They do not want Christians, or Christianity. So the thing to do was to get into Christian nations and then attack the principal which they have been using to occupy the earth. We are told that we have to reeducate a new society today, to assure that every man has a right to be anything he wants to be. And that we should support a one world government which suppresses only the Christian part of it. Because, as they say, the one people who will not accept this interrelated, inter-mongrelization is the White man and his Christianity. Therefore, it is Christianity that disturbs, and it is Christianity that we must suppress.

I have listened to attacks upon Christianity even by theologians; and they say we have to modify it and make it as loving as other religions. Well, these other religions want to get close together. For in Africa they want to devour you.

Let’s take a look at what is happening right now. Here I take out of yesterday's newspaper. In Rhodesia yesterday, the Negroes started setting upon the White women shoppers in the down town stores, punching them and stomping them, and beating them. There has been stoning and riots against White people everywhere. And they are being stirred up by Kenyatta over in Kenya Colony, and several others of the black revolution. They are calling on the United Nations to remove all White people so that they can do as they please in leadership of their country. So here it is, here it goes on. And it is Mr. Uthant who thinks that the White man should be suppressed because he might resist this violence. This just goes to show how far down the road these things go when you do not occupy. In fact, instead of retreating, the British should have mustered enough military strength to assure Rhodesia that the law would be maintained. Instead, of retreating they should have inspired that colony to maintain its position, and not to retreat from law and order and administration. I do not believe that any of these Africans in the Beast system are adapted to administration in any way.

Last week we turned on the radio and we are listening to a man speaking from Harlem, Malcolm X. And what he is saying is that, “we need lots more of the Mau Mau, for they are the greatest people in Africa, the greatest freedom fighters of the world. The American Mau Mau must become the secret terror of America, just as it has been in Kenya Colony.” Well, we can tell you that we do not need a Mau Mau in this country. As fast as it forms, we will move. He said, “There is nothing which can stop the Mau Mau in America. And more than this, I am now calling upon the formation of black Mau Mau, for we are about to act.”

Now this is a White Christian nation. And we should take Malcolm X and lock him up. He does not have the right to organize Mau Mau to kill White people. We used to have a law called the law of conspiracy. And here then is a design to not only conspire against the government of the U.S., but also against the people here who make up this majority. But we are being told -- “Oh, no--they are just emotionally disturbed because they have not been treated right.” If you know any part of the world where they have been better treated than here, then tell me where it is. Even the Communist party cannot come up with an answer to that. Because they said ‘listen’ then should not complain because they have been treated better there than anywhere else. Instead, demand political rights.’

We are in the midst of a situation where it is important for us to know that in occupying, HE intended for us to occupy with the establishment of nations, for the administration of government, and this is a part of that responsibility. If the design is only to get ready to reenter the Celestial realm, there would have been no statement to--"occupy until I come,” because you would soon have been arriving in the Celestial realm. He said, “You hold the earth until I get back.” This is what your responsibility really is in this hour. Never have we witnessed a situation which is so wrought with pressure but here in these United States, where God has not only guided our forefathers to guarantee all of the rights of occupancy, but we have described the value of property rights, the right of a man to be secure in his home. The right of a man to possess property and pass it down to his heirs. The right of protection is a part of the freedom of our society, from state papers of our nation, we were denying the right of any government to confiscate the property of that people, and to give it away or to disperse. But today we are watching the confiscation of about 30% of your income and about 20% of it is being given away to your enemies. I hold in my hands a rather interesting statement because the President of the United States who is making war on poverty, and also just for the principal of repeating the synthesis of this, for the President said here in Washington, about two weeks ago, “In battling poverty, we have finally found the answer. We are going to confiscate the money which is unnecessarily spent by the “haves” and let it be spent by the “have-nots” where they will spend it in a better fashion. This is one way we will move,” said the President.

I look now at the piece that they are not reporting and I learn that this is a plan that the Russians sent them. So at the top level, the Presidential advisors are studying the document praised by the Communist Party and they are now praising Mr. Johnson’s plan as a bold plan and the solution to poverty that has ever been presented to the nations of the western world. An adhock committee studying this plan are among the groups solution studying this recommendation, and the government under this program would guarantee unto everyone an annual income, whether or not he works. This income is to be adequate to take him out of the poverty class whether or not he works. And this income will be given to everyone. Then the President says that $1,500.00 is the difference between poverty and not, so everyone will get $1,500.00 whether he works or not. And the Russians say that is the most wonderful thing which we have ever heard. But if this is such a wonderful thing, then why did not the Russians embrace this a long time ago? Why, they haven’t been giving people enough hardly to eat.

Now there are 32 members of this group who support this idea and they are Socialists. And many of them veterans of the Communist Party. They are all of the "New Frontier." And some are Communist leaders in the ‘pacifist movement,’ working on disarmament. And Hugh Heftner one of the leaders of this, is a retired Army General, who is one of the official organizers of the Communist Party U.S.A. These men are a part of the President’s cabinet for this measure . . . the special 'anti-poverty cabinet.' And most of these fellows listed here are communist to start with and they are pushing this 'Anti-poverty thing.' You say, “But it is not time to occupy.” They think this is going to gather more votes for the President than any plan that has been offered. They think that there are more people in these United States, that would rather have $1,500.00 and not work than to be men and dwell in a free society. (This the start of welfare.) I am going to tell you that your most powerful weapon in fighting this thing is a great powerful spiritual stirring of responsibility. The great intelligence from our society comes from this battle of semantics and the lack of proper instruction by the church itself, until there is given no great challenge being given to the students of this great nation to resist this thing has hindered our understandings. But only God can consummate this kind of spiritual stirring and then these organizations which say they are out to defeat communism talk about how the church and those things of Communism do collide. Let me tell you something. The power of resistance only comes from the consciousness of God telling us what it is all about. Then when men know what it is all about and their relationship to it then, how this is a strategy to destroy us, they are not going to stop at $1,500.00 given to us, for they are going to occupy the earth and take what they want. You know, they want to keep people at a sub-poverty level. And by the time they gave them this amount of money, the inflation that would be the basic result along with this whole strategy, then $1,500.00 would not buy very much. This is just one of the fantastic things which appeared this week in your nation, as a top level plan in operation.

Now do you see why I tell you that we have to retake America? The other day there was a breakfast in Washington, D.C. They hold them all of the time. This is called the 'Prayer breakfast' held in Washington and the Congressmen and Senators come to this 'prayer breakfast.' And lots of them are good Christian businessmen and lots of them, who we have in the House and Senate are White men and Christians. And they have been raised with this tradition and it challenges them to take the time and come and to think a little. But in this 'prayer breakfast' one of the Congressmen got up and he said that there is a movement on to not only discredit the legislative branch of this government, but to totally eliminate the legislative branch and concentrate all of the power in government, and to classify as to what is good for our district and our people. If we go this path, then private enterprise will be taken away in a matter of weeks and it will be easier for an alien power to take us over and a few Godless men will control with force our entire nation, until their Godlessness and their control will have jeopardized our freedom forever. And this Senator said, “This is one of the major plans that is going on right now.” Well, there is one other factor involved in this. For this nation can see the signs on the wall. Just as many people today can see the signs that they cannot now pray in school. When enforcing this order, on school district said--it is against the law now for the students in Grade School or even in High School to bring their Bibles with them to school. Previously in New Jersey, they had had in one instance, Bible study during their lunch hour on their own time on the campus of one college.

Now they could bring anything else they wished on to this campus but there had been enough of a political stir, a spiritual stir upon the youth of that area until they were bringing their Bibles with them to school. And during their lunch hour, they were discussing things in the Bible. But now the law says that you cannot bring the Bible on to the campus. Let me tell you. When they tell your children, when they make a move toward God, that they cannot bring their Bibles on campus, then we Christians better occupy and do a little removing ourselves.

Oh, you say, “But that is in New Jersey.” But let me tell you that when they try to stop little children from saying the prayer ‘God is great, God is good, we thank HIM for our food,’ when they want to take that away and the Jew operated Civil Liberties Union and that crowd can come in and try to force the courts along this line, then we are overdue for Christian action.

HE said,-- “I came into the land of my inheritance.” This is what HE is talking about in the book of John. HE, the Almighty God, HE who alone is God, the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us, HE came into the land of HIS inheritance. And you are told that the occupiers received HIM not. It is poorly translated and in error in the King James Version. It is that “HE came unto HIS own and His own received HIM not.” The proper translation is that “HE came into the land of HIS inheritance and the occupiers received HIM not.” But HE empowered those that did receive HIM again as the Sons of God. This is what HE came for, to empower these Sons of God. And they were the ones that received HIM. The scripture in this interpretation would try to make it look as tho the ones who did not receive Him belonged to HIM.

Now HE said, “I came only to the Lost Sheep of Israeli.” --And HE also said, “I call you by name---I lead you out.” And to the disciples, HE said, “You who have been with ME from the beginning.” HE said (John 17), “You are my household.” Speaking of HIS spirit, HE said, “Thine they were in the heavens, and mine they are in earth,” as HE was speaking in HIS own embodiment. Here they are. So don't say that HIS own did not receive HIM, for they followed HIM all around. They sat and listened to what HE said and they thronged the roads wherever HE went. Then in the 19th chapter of the book of Luke, it is good to read this, because when HE spake this parable, those who would not receive HIM, those occupiers, they perceived this man, now an embodied son. And they said, “If we don't kill this man, we will lose this nation.” Thus we are not the heirs, for HE is the heir. This is what Jesus is talking about as HE said, “Bring hither mine enemies who will not have ME to rule over them and slay them before ME.”

Someone said, “This is not the Christ with meekness and grace.” No, this is the Mighty God of Grace that knows that sometimes some belong back in their own place. And tho HE was to rule with righteousness and justice, and filled with mercy and Grace, still HE does not intend to permit tyranny and the loss of everything that is good, and to permit us to be ruled by Lucifer for lack of resistance. Do you know that there are some people who will take a cowardly course in the name of religion?

I want you to know that there is no premium on cowardliness in the name of pacifism either. There are 'times' for the fulfillment of events. Do not think that just because Christ permitted that army to be defeated and then the eventual miscarriages of justice that ended in HIS crucifixion, do not think that because HE permitted this that HE wants you to go around and permit your crucifixion. When HE told Peter to put up his sword for HE could call in a legion of Angels, then this was a part of destiny. But HE did not tell Peter to always put up his sword because it was this same embodied Christ who told Peter to buy one. HE said you are going forth as among wolves, and these rascals will assassinate you, or kill you. So if you do not have a sword, you better sell your coat and buy one.

Someone said, “When are we going to put up our sword?” When the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. And the swords we are going to put up are theirs. In those instances, the kingdom shall rule with the implacability with the graciousness and the mercy of God. But the law shall be maintained with a rod of iron.

Oh, you say, “But that will not be a society of freedom.” But, my friends, people shall be set free with wisdom and knowledge and understanding and will not be in bondage to superstition and error. They will be set free with the law of God, not to violate all principals of law. I want you to know that where your liberty begins and ends is where it starts to infringe upon other people, under the law of righteousness. This design is to free you as the cannibals would like to see it, or to wage their violations of economic destruction, or to wage their war of mongrelization, or to wage their war against the patterns of divine law, we are not going to do it. Someone said, “Well, this is a reverse as to what the newspaper said the other day. The Presbyterians, Methodists, the churches, are all going to integrate into one movement and all are supporting full integration of the race. I have this clipping here.” Someone said, “We have 149 Christians in these United States and we have four major parts of the denominations now joining. And the Catholic Church in Missouri came out calling for the end of all laws on interracial marriage, saying that God wants all people to intermarry, irrespective of race or color in order to bring all people together. This is FALLACY. So we are going backwards instead of going ahead.

Let me tell you what will happen. God is going to move with HIS spirit, and these institutions which become dead theological hierarchies are going to watch the people leave them, and they will move toward truth. And those institutions are going to stand out as they properly should. If all of these people form one confederacy, then when they start to crack down on them with anti-Christ tyranny and the proposition that they must acquiesce with this error, and you lift up the spirit of truth of your race, then the people of God move to come to Truth. And HE said,--- “If I be lifted up then I draw all men unto me.” They are not lifting up Christ as they talk about integration, and depravity, and mongrelization. Someone said, “What do you do if people start to accept the Gospel in these countries?” Well that is fine. Then you train some of their people to be their ministers. Someone said, “Do you believe in black churches?” Yes, I do. And I think they should have a black minister under White supervision. Someone said, “But they should be brought right into our congregation.” No, they should not. God Almighty said they should not come in.

The government said that they are going to integrate everything. But there is one thing that they are not going to do, and that is to integrate this church. It is not going to make any break in the establishing of religion. They finally had to stop short on that, as it is one thing that they had to eliminate in the Civil Rights legislation, that none of these institutions or laws of legislation apply to an institution of religion. So now the churches which have been under the control of this legislation, and who have men in the pulpits are advocating that they go along and make this a church regulation. Well, a church regulation does not belong to the Children of God.

So we cite that instead of defeat, you are going to watch God crystallize this thing, not into defeat, but into victory. The Scripture says:-- “ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM.” And it is going to be The Faith, the only faith. And these institutions will have open door gathering cobwebs. We look out over the masses of people coming and going, just stop their coming and going and see what happens. You look out over the masses of people who are asleep and then see what happens when they become aware that this thing which they thought was security is challenged when they find out what is transpiring round about. We are watching this. We are watching this tape ministry as it expands and is reaching people by the thousands. We look at the letters and people are discovering things that they never thought about before. But once they start thinking about it, you can't take it away from them. And they start to see the Will of God and their responsibility and their background in a new light. If there is one thing that Satan wants to stop it is the Kingdom of God in reality and occupied. This is Satan's major goal, to crush this truth. But you can count on this, it is God's major purpose that you shall see the TRUTH reach the people. And this shall be proven.

Thus we point out that an occupied kingdom is a process that God has engineered from the beginning of the days of Abraham. In fact, from the days of Adam. And God is the one who wills it and God is the one who is able to bring it to pass. Let’s go over again into this book of Hebrews, in which we find that God is talking of the fact that HE is the Priest over HIS own household, over HIS own kingdom. And when God made promises to Abraham, and because HE could swear by no greater than by Himself, said, “I will bless thee, multiplying thee,” more abundantly willing to show unto the heirs of HIS promise the immutability of HIS counsel and HE bound it by an oath. That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, that we might have strong constellation ---- of the multiplicity of the kingdom and of its eternal nature.

Now therefore, we read that God, Himself who was the High Priest of HIS own household, HIS own race, ordained survival of its descendancy.

You go out of here this afternoon remembering this. That there is one thing God cannot do. HE cannot reverse Himself. HE thinks right to begin with. And it never takes a readjustment in HIS design. And HE has designed that your race, transferred from Heaven to earth, picks up and acknowledges its fall and then steps into the full radiance of its glory. Establishes this clearly, before the world that these are HIS sons and HIS daughters, the emanation of HIS Holy Spirit bears witness. And HE has not only ordained that you shall rule in the great nations where you have congregated in separation, but you are to rule over the ends of the world over all people, and all nations, with HIS Grace and HIS Glory and HIS law.

Someone said, “But you cannot have Grace and law at the same time.” But you cannot have Grace without law. I want you to know that you are not thru. The kingdom is not going to surrender. It has just begun to fight. We are challenged this afternoon that we must tell the ends of the earth just who God is, and we will burn down every pagan temple if we have the power. We want you to know that this will be a nation under God, an Empire under God. And you as children, will participate.

In closing, we turn again to this 45th chapter of Isaiah:--- “Ask me of things concerning MY sons. Demand ye ME. When they have set the captives free, and they have established this kingdom which I have ordained,” HE said that the ends of the earth are going to say unto you--“Behold, God is in thee. Behold, there is no God outside of ME.” Why? Because this was the very body of God except for HIS ultimate revelation in the earth. “From one end of the earth to the other, they are going to know that you are my sons. And you are going to know that I have loved thee.” So we bring this to pour attention once again: “Sons of God,” not weak, but with power Sons of God who can claim every promise and assurance and can call on every report that God said HE put in your hands. Thus, God will utilize all of the things that are adaptable in the earth to fulfill this responsibility.

Some of the things that we see make an ugly picture. But the great and divine things put all things in order. And this is the solution of the earth. This is a great salvation. God has not lost any sleep or any worries about the time when you have been here in earth. HE has not worried about getting you back. HE knows that HE is going to get you back. HE wrote it down in the beginning, and predestinated it in HIS patterns and sent down enough spiritual Grace to bring it to conclusion. HE has even adjusted in Celestial plains the casualties which had to reenter. And then HE is going to resurrect every last one of HIS sons and HIS daughters. And they shall complete the task. This is the blessed hope, the arch and the keystone of the Christian faith.


End of message.