One Sat On The Throne, 1-23-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-23-65

As we turn to our subject we find it in the book of Revelations. For here on the Isle of Patmos we find John-----for the name of Jesus the Christ. John had declared his name YAHSHUA, and the Jews because they were afraid of him, and afraid of the numbers in the church had exiled him to the isle of Patmos for the name of THE LORD. And as John was in meditation on the Lords Day suddenly as tho he heard the sound of a trumpet, because of the volume of the sound he heard the great cry:-----I am Alpha and Omega, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. And John turns at the sound to behold from whence it comes, and he sees standing before him a magnificent spectacle. He sees one alike unto the form of a man with the radiant effulgent Glory of the Shekinah emanating from his head, until he was brighter than the sun. He saw from the garments around HIM a radiance, and around about his head this shown as tho it was a crown, with all the scintillating diamonds of an aura of all the colors which was in the spectrum in the days of rain. And when John saw this he fell on his face, for he was in the presence of the Most High God. And he heard the words:----"I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, I am the Lord GOD ALMIGHTY" And John fell forward upon his face. THE LORD said:----come on John, when you were my disciple, and we walked the shores of the sea of Galilee, you were not afraid. You have nothing to be afraid of, for I hold the keys to death, to hell, and the grave. There is absolutely nothing for you to fear, for nothing can hold you, for I am YAHWEH---YAHSHUA, I resurrected from the dead. I established that I alone am God, and now this --- ONE --- God is now speaking to you. So arise, and John arose to views the Majesty of His God. And she was given the vision of things to come to pass in the areas of the Church ---- here he was instructed by God.

Then again John was meditating on the LORD's day, in the spirit, and a great door opens in the dimension of spirit, and he heard the voice of God say:----"Come in hither". And John says that instantly he was in the plane of spirit, and he passed into the heavens. And the most important thing in the mind of John is:------Let me see God, here in the heavens, just let me see God, let me see whether he is --- ONE --- God. Will he be a number of persons or just One? -----Then John says:-----"ONE sat on the throne", and the radiation of Glory was coming off of his head and off of his figure. And John said that the throne was made like a sapphire, carved out of the shimmering beauty of a great gem. And upon that throne sat this LORD OF LORDS, KING OF KINGS, THIS ALMIGHTY GOD. And as John saw this one on the throne he said the light like that of a rainbow was around the throne. Where as These great and various bands of light and the processes of light measures, and food measure, and photosynthesis was present as a green emanation thru out, as in the earth in all patterns. And then he saw the central areas of the breaking up like that of the spectrum being broken with all colors of the rainbow. But around the Christ was an effulgent, brilliant yellow light which came forth, and as he beheld all this he saw---ONE Christ---ONE man seated on the throne. Then John full of praise would have fallen again before HIM, but HE said:----Stand up John because I am going to show you all the things which are going to come to pass, and you are to write them in a book and relay them to the church, and to the Kingdom. But John had entered into the heavenly places, had moved into the dimension of spirit. He had beheld YAHWEH--YAHSHUA and HE was ONE.

Now:----we turn back to the book of Ezekiel and here again is a unique situation as God calls this young prophet, to be a special, specific prophet of revelation unto those who are his household, his people. And as he called to Ezekiel then Ezekiel went forth unto the plane where he had been called, and Ezekiel saw the tremendous numbers of crafts flying thru the sky. He saw the heavenly fleets from outer space, as they moved in, and he saw the throne of God as it was brought out of one of these great ships. But when this fleet circled overhead they screamed and roared as they moved thru the atmosphere. And the tremendous size of this fleet of the Most High startled Ezekiel as he watched it, but also his curiosity drew him forward as they moved in for an landing, and he could even hear their heavenly cries. He could hear the peoples voices as these crafts settled down on the planes of shinar. And then Ezekiel came closer to look, and out of the great flag ship, as they opened up the door, was brought forth a throne, and there was ONE upon that throne, and many were the shouts of praise. And Ezekiel came closer to look at the ONE upon the throne, and we read in the book of Ezekiel about the noise of the wings, and then of the voice of THE ALMIGHTY and of his hosts who stood by. And above the firmament and over the firmament was the appearance of a throne, the appearance as tho of a great sapphire stone. And the appearance of a throne, the appearance as tho of a great sapphire stone. And the appearance of the throne was as tho it had been carved out of a great jewel. And the appearance as tho of a man upon that great throne, and Ezekiel saw the colors, the radiance, the amber, the appearance of fire, the effulgent Shekinah Glory around about. And Ezekiel tells us that he beheld the Majesty of the light and Glory of God from the loins upward, and from his loins downward, for there came forth tremendous Glory. And Ezekiel says as he saw this---as he beheld all the Shekinah brightness emanating and pulsing around about, the appearance was as of a rainbow in the clouds----round about the throne. Thus Ezekiel saw the same thing as John saw when he went into the spirit. For out of this great space craft, came this throne, and the MOST HIGH sat on the throne. Thus God from outer space came to speak to Ezekiel, and Ezekiel said:----"I saw this, and I fell upon my face, but i heard this voice as HE spoke to me."----And this voice said:----"Son of Adam stand upon your feet, for I have come to talk to you." You do not have to bow to me, you do not have to show fear, because I am thy God, and you are My son. I have come to give you a message, and you are to deliver this message to My people Israel. This was a Majestic spectacle, but the LORD GOD was ONE.

Now;----we turn in the book of Isaiah, and Isaiah talks about how in the days of Isaiah after the king had died, that he had gone down to the Temple to worship, when suddenly he saw the LORD GOD high and lifted up. And he saw how the train filled up the temple, and the seraphim were flying around the throne, with their wings moving the air. And effulgent Glory of God wit a great radiance, and almost like smoke as it moved came forth. It was as tho you could almost touch this great effulgence, as it went out thru the doors. And then it expanded outside the temple into a great radiance. And Isaiah said:----"I saw the LORD GOD, and I saw Him high and lifted up----I saw his face, his countenance. And I heard the words the Angels were singing----HOLY----HOLY---HOLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY---The whole earth is going to be filled with His Glory. And as Isaiah watched even the posts and the doors of the temple were being cut off from Isaiah's sight by the effulgence, and the brilliance of this Shekinah Glory.

Isaiah said:----I am a man of unclean lips, and he fell before the throne. But the voice said:---Come on, stand up Isaiah, for you are to go out to speak to my people Israel. And then HE took a coal from the altar----which was Shekinah emanation, and he touched the lips of Isaiah, and then Shekinah Glory emanated with radiation from Isaiah, for he had ----BEEN ORDAINED BY THE MOST HIGH GOD HIMSELF.

We have this pattern of God in his temple, of God coming in from outer space, and we have God seated on the throne in the plane of spirit as he calls John in, but we always see----ONE----SEATED ON THE THRONE.

Of course we always have the developing pattern of truth because in the 14th., chapter of John----Jesus had told his disciples that he would go away, and he said to them:----Now don't let this trouble your hearts because you believe in YAHWEH, God, and now you believe in me. He also recognized that these who were a part of the household of Israel, had a great area of forgetfulness, pass over their small bodies as they entered the world. And they did not remember the things which had been in the heavens except when the spirit brought them to their attention. And Jesus said to his disciples:----I am going away, but the way I am going----ye know, and the place I am going---ye know. But then Philip said:----Master, how can we know the Way? And Jesus said to him:---Philip the reason you can know is because you have been there, and since you have been there you know the way. Then Jesus said:---I go unto the Father (spirit), but again the question came:---"How can we know the way?" And Jesus replied:----"I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man can come to God except he come by me."----then he said:---"If ye have known me ye have known the father (spirit)----if ye have known me ye have known him. But still not understanding, Philip said:-----"LORD show us the Father and we will be satisfied." But Jesus said:----"Have I been so long with you Philip, and you have not known me?" "He who hath seen ME, hath seen the father, so how do you say, Show us the father."

This was the fullness of God dwelling bodily in the earth, and by this process he had made it clear unto His people Israel, the words he had so long cried out, and which had come by acclimation in the nation and in the Temple:----"Hear O Israel, the LORD thy GOD is ONE LORD."

Then later the strange patterns move in on the church, and some times out of the twisted pattern of theology which have been expressed, people have become confused. They have been told that God is many, or that God is 3, that they have a trinity of separate God's who set upon separate thrones. And out of each and every one of those gods----each co-exist with each other as God. They have sought to establish this by the way they translate the scriptures, but God said:---Hear O Israel the LORD thy God is one LORD." He said:---i have begotten man (Audaum) in my own likeness, this is my issue, this is my life.

Now;-----therefore, man is in the image of God, and there is only one person on the throne, and as I behold you, then you are in the likeness of spirit, soul, and body, but you are still one person, and the people of Israel, have emerged forth from God. In fact so completely have they emerged forth from HIM, because he begat their bodies so that their spiritual entities might move into them. And here in a physical world where things are made manifest in the elemental form of substance----His household and his race.

Back in the days of creation, when God had created, and re-created, he created many things in the 6 days, including men and women, and he told them to go forth and repopulate the world. Then as he mused in the 7th., cycle he said that he had not created a man to till the soil. And that he did not have his sons and daughters in this picture. But because of the folly of Lucifer, and the people who follow him, he determined that he would place his sons and daughters in the world, and that they should rise and rule, and bring His Kingdom back into force and effect.

To produce the Kingdom of the Most High God in the earth, it was necessary to transfer it from Heaven from whence it came. And so it is that the Eternal God upon the throne, who had in the yesterdays been creating the immensities of the sidereal systems around this earth, has now projected into this physical world---a race. And then separated from Adam (Audaum) a portion for Eve, the woman, for there was no helpmate for Adam, in all the people of races upon the earth. For Adam had walked the earth and given names to the people and animals upon the earth, and there was none like unto him. And so we have come to a completion of the hours of the development of God's Kingdom, and we see now how the hoards of earth, and the powers of darkness are seeking to destroy the kingdom of God. And as they seek to destroy, they are gathering the hoards of Africa, and Asia, and they are preparing to hurl them upon the structure of God's Kingdom. They do not know about the laws of God, and even tho they attend church, and give lip service to the principals of the Most High, the most important thing for them to know is----who they are----where they are, and why they are here, and their relationship to the Most High God. For fellowship with God is the most important thing on earth.-----Fellowship with the Most High God, and to know that they are the children of the Most High God are the most important things on earth for you to know.

It is quite obvious that to fulfill the areas of Messianic deliverance which God has promised to you and I when we were with him before the world was framed, when we were with him in the bosom of Love---then there must be a strategy of purpose, and a plan. We told him that volunteering we would come into earth, that we would come, each in our time, and in our cycle until the completion of His Kingdom. And the triumph of the Kingdom over the powers of darkness was assured. But He said in the process of this:----I shall emerge as the Messiah, I shall come out of the race I have begotten. Essentially this is the begetting of a household, essential because you had to be flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone, and then you had to be spirit of his spirit, for him to emerge out of that race by procreation. I want you to realize that the fallen angels who had not kept their first estate, had mutated their relationship thru the earth and the heavens above, and had mutated their relationship until they had produced unassimalatable people, demons and devils, and this was the way of the Luciferian Kingdom. But this was not the way of the ONE God who had to emerge out of a people, like unto himself. For it was not the error of Lucifer, but the Salvation of the One God that was advocated by the structure of the Kingdom. And therefore as he had produced the body of the Adamic race---was the father of Adam, so also this race came out of HIM, flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone. But now also he said:---spirit of My spirit. Thus it was that the spirit of the Living God resides with in his children. And when HE by His Holy Spirit, which is the essence of the life force of the Eternal God, and commander of the Universe, came down to cohabit the policy he had established as a Virgin born One, he therefore by his spirit brought the procreation of the body of God, thru the Virgin Mary. It had to be flesh of his flesh, bone of his bone, and spirit of his spirit, or the whole thing would have had no value what so ever.

Thus it is we can say as the Psalmist said:---"Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of YAHWEH-----Ye are Elohim."----Ye are my offspring in the spirit. And as he turned to the Elohim he said:----we will make the body of Adaum in the image of the spirit. And it is still a part of the entity of each and everyone of us in the spirit. Thus it was that Adam was the son of the living God, and we by that same process are the children of that Living God. And God is not many----HE is ONE "Hear O Israel the LORD thy God is ONE LORD."

By this process then, out of this one race he could have been begotten. He begat his own body, and then projected himself and in the man Christ Jesus was the fullness of God, dwelling bodily. The mystery may sometimes seem hard to express, sometimes a people become clouded in their minds as to the policies and the processes, but they can see that HE the Eternal God had therefore had enveloped, and produced the mysteries of the ages----the embodiment of God, born out of the race which he himself had begotten.

But he said:-----"I am the same---yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am YAHWEH thy God." We turn again to this book of Isaiah, to this 9th., chapter which we find ourselves going back to time and again . Because it inter-relates to all our theology for it says:----

"Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders."

We who are the Israel people of the Most High God, we are the ones to whom the child came, we are the race in whom the very God was embodied, we are the race he selected and placed above every race upon the face of the earth.

Now;----we make statements which are most important for you to understand, for here in the book of Isaiah we read these words:----"For I will pour water upon him who is thirsty, like water upon thy seed, and my blessing upon my offspring. And of course one shall say I belong to Yahweh, and another will call himself by the name of Jacob, and another shall sir-name himself and say he belongs to EL---The Lord, and shall sir-name himself by the name of Israel, and some shall say:---we are Israelites, or God's people because it hasn't yet been enveloped in their mind and consciousness, the depth of the prophecies, and the words of God.

"Thus saith YAHWEH----the King of Israel, and His redeemer, the LORD of Hosts:----I am the first and I am the last, beside me there is no God." (Isaiah 44:6)

This is the same call John heard on the isle of Patmos-----"I am the first, and I am the last, beside me there is no God." (Revelations 1:17) "Who am I?----I am YAHWEH---I am thy redeemer---the redeemer of Israel, and who of thine shall declare, and call and appoint, and reveal the things which have yet not happened, proclaiming prophecy unto My people. And therefore you need not be afraid because I have told you of these things even before they have happened. Thus saith YAHWEH---thy redeemer. He who formed thee from the womb. I am Yahweh, and I make all things. I stretch out the heavens, and spread abroad the earth. I have begotten my people."---In the areas of fulfilled prophesy the Most High speaks out:----Thus saith YAHWEH---the Holy one of Israel, his maker,----"Ask me of things concerning my sons, concerning the work of my hands-----command ye me.----"I made the earth, I created man upon it, and with my hands I stretched forth the heavens, and all the hosts thereof I command. But as to my sons, then you ask me concerning my sons." (Isaiah 45:11) And then HE said:---For verily shall thee perform the task of setting free the captives until you shall say----verily thou art a God that hideth thyself---O God of Israel----the Saviour. And those who are makers of idols shall be ashamed, and also confounded, all of them; and they shall know, but Israel---shall be saved in YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation.-----"Ye (Israel) shall not be ashamed, nor confounded world without end, for thus saith YAHWEH:----I created the heavens and formed the earth and established it to be inhabited-----I am YAHWEH, and there is none else. "(Isaiah 45:15-18)

By this declaration then he is saying:---ye can proclaim these things---bring my people near, and take counsel together, because you are going to bring before the nations of the world the testimony, that I am YAHWEH----and He makes this very clear that "I Alone am God."

And thus saith the LORD OF HOSTS:----"I am the king of Israel"----"I am thy redeemer:----"I am the first and I am the last".----Beside me their is no God."

You are to tell the pagans of the earth who God is, and you can proclaim that he is YAHWEH. The earth has their idols----Buddha---Bramah---Siva, Vishnu, and Kali, and the gods of Africa, but they are not GOD. They make these gods after the working of their hands, and they have superstitions that are foolish, they have doctrines of demons, but I want you to know that----You are MY ISRAEL----and you are going to proclaim this unto the ends of the earth. Alright now you have been told that these gods of earth, may be devils, and they may be superstitions, but there is no God in the Universe but YAHWEH, and he says:----Ye are My Elohim, and ye are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, and ye shall proclaim this to the ends of the earth. Who is he speaking of but you the Adamic---white race?----You are to take cancel together, and you are to tell the people of earth, that there is no God beside YAHWEH, for "I YAHWEH make this declaration that I alone am thy Saviour, so look unto me therefore and be ye saved---all the ends of the earth."----

Now;---not only Israel is being spoken of---but the Africans and the Asiatics, the people in their courses, as they have been established, and in their fallen conditions can still be saved in YAHWEH, for he alone is God.

HE said:----no other name under heaven but YAHSHUA the Saviour, no other name than YAHWEH----for I am God and I shall be heard.----Then he said:----You---Israel, can proclaim this for you are my witnesses to the ends of the earth,----Proclaim that I alone am YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God)---for only ONE sat upon the throne.

Again by this declaration he says:---that the ends of the earth shall hear. "I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall proclaim." "Surely, shall one say, in the Lord have I righteousness and strength; even to Him shall men come; all that are incensed against him shall be ashamed."-----why?------because "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue proclaim that I am God, "but you---My Israel---they shall acknowledge you, and bow down before thou, even Lucifer shall worship at your feet. Yes, this is the declaration of the Eternal, the Almighty, the Majestic YAHWEH-God.

So we see again as he brought this to the realization of his disciples that----"I am the Eternal God----I am thy Saviour---I walked with you---I have been embodied in the earth---and now I declare to you that I am that same God. I am the God of the heavens and the earth, and they looked upon him with awe, as he made this declaration. For He who in the ancient past as the WORD came out of the heavenlies in tremendous revelations, ---revealed himself to Ezekiel, and again was lifted up high in the Temple as Isaiah saw him. Then HE again revealed himself unto John in so many ways, as THE LORD upon the throne. Had said to the disciples:---He who has seen me has seen the father, for I and the Father are ONE,----no wonder Paul then said as he was filled with the facts of creation, and all which has been wrought by the Most High God:----"Wherefore I bow my knees to the Father of this embodiment, unto this spiritual Deity, who is my Father, and who has revealed himself, as the power of his spirit has formed for us again the body of God. And in the 3rd., chapter of Ephesians then Paul says:---in verse 14:---- "I bow my knees before Agra-Pneumas--the great creative spirit (Father) of YAHSHUA the Christ--of whom the whole family in both heaven and earth is named".

You say:---the whole family in heaven and earth are called Christians?---No---this goes even farther back than that---the name is ISRAEL----princely issue, ruling with ME. The word EL is the word for Deity or God, tho YAHWEH is His name. "For behold O Israel--- YAHWEH IS THE ONE EL". For he hath placed his name upon his people----Isra-EL. And today they may be called Christians because in HIM all the family in earth and in heaven is named. Quite a vast difference to, because the family in heaven and in earth are a constant policy of his expanding Kingdom. And there may be those who do understand that this family of God is still an expanding one. We can go out to the ends of the earth and invite people to recognize that YAHSHUA is The Christ. In fact we are going to do this, and we may do it in what will seem a strange way to you, because we are going to do it with armed forces, and with strength, and with power. And we are going to tear down their temples and their pagan altars, and their strange gods. And they are going to respect our orders. And we are going to seize and destroy the hoards of Luciferianism---communism, and the powers that are theirs. We are going to do this, and the heavenly hosts are going to come in from heaven and from earth, and they will be gathered, and this will be accomplished, because God has declared this. And the ends of the earth, and the peoples in their liberation are going to acknowledge this as everything else folds up and vanishes. As their pagan gods are smashed and broken then they have one choice left which is to turn to the Most High God. This will save them lots of trouble as they turn to the LORD GOD, but they are also still going to acknowledge that the LORD GOD IS ONE.

This does not however, make them your brothers or my brothers, but this means they are the children of creation, and they are to re-turn to the God who created them, so that they may partake of the fellowship and the blessings of HE who rules the world by the law of the MOST HIGH GOD. These are laws that were made and established for the coordination of all things. Thus it is these things are spoken of, for we can see the violations of Divine law which fall against even His own country, and against his own household. But he says:---I love you, and I let you do certain things but I also chasten you.

For instance he has blessed our nation as no other nation has been blessed. He had blessed our nation and our crops, and he has blessed our food supply until we have had it piled up in our granaries, and even by the railroad track, and in our store houses, but we are told not to worry about all the grain you can't consume. Also you are told not to----give My grain---my food to the enemy. You say:---what are we to do?----Thou art not to bestow My blessings upon the enemy, we didn't even do as some of the other nations of the Kingdom did, for they at least sold their excess, but we just gave it away. And we even paid to unload it in India. We gave them millions and millions of bushels of wheat, and they turned around and sold it to Russia. But you get some strange weather patterns out of this situation, and you may have terrible droughts in part of the nations, and your food supply may be cut by this action.-----Chastisement---You see again---God says that the law shall go out of Zion, and therefore if these people want the guidance and blessings of the sun and the rain, they must turn to the right God.

Now:---there is no if's or but's about this----I YAHWEH have spoken this. I from the highest heaven---I from the combination of ruling the Universe and the earth have called you---as my witnesses. These others cannot hear, but ye have told them that I am God. Therefore if they rise up behind the armies of Anti-Christ, and they march, then they shall be destroyed. They are always starving in India, and in China, and they have the same water and land, but they lack the know how.

But God gave that agriculture knowledge to Adam man with the green thumb, and he---Adam man---these are MY witnesses, and he hath proclaimed MY WORD to the ends of the earth.

Now, we do have strange policies today from those we have elected out of our own midst. And they are trying to mix us up with the world philosophy. They are trying to mix us up with all the gods that are no gods, and to say that all gods are to be revered. That we can exchange the policies of reverence to their gods, and they with us, and this will be acceptable to the MOST HIGH GOD, but trouble is coming upon us for even considering this. They are letting the enemy come in, and he is demanding equality with us, and the Bible says clearly that he is not equal, and every time this is done, it brings race war, catastrophe, and all kinds of trouble.

Now---my friends we are in the hour when the Kingdom of god must proclaim the one true God. We must proclaim that all their gods are false. We must tear down their temples if necessary---for we must raise the standards of the ONE true GOD. This my friends is what the right wing is rising up across America to do. And if necessary we shall pull down from their height those who seek to rule over us, because they seek to mix, to mingle, the world order, and the kingdom of God. But the world order cannot be co-mingled because the Kingdom of God moves into the majesty of the Shekinah Glory. And there will be a fellowship with God which shall move out over his sons and daughters and they shall again be turned to the Most High, and that even quickly. Even in the days of Elijah there were only of that area 7,000 men who had not bowed the knee to Baal, because of all the confusion, and co-mingling of the world with the kingdom in that area. And at this hour once again as we see those who have been asleep, and have not paid much attention to God's Kingdom then they're beginning to stir, and God is beginning to speak out. And these strange Buffoons----these Beetles who attack Christ---they're awakening whole areas of people who were not awake, and now they're breaking their records, and are tearing down their banners and burning them, because they said---we will not have them talk this way about Christ and Christianity.

Alright so we are in the end of the age, and there is ONE who sat upon the throne. ONE who is clear and very dear to the peoples of the Most High God. One they can speak to and call to. How can God hear the prayers of millions of people? How can he record and answer the millions of prayers. How will it be possible for God to hear these millions of people all over this earth?---How?

Because he beget this race, because the essence of his spirit and their spirit is one,---AT THE POINT OF CONTACT. And as men pray then the prayer moves into the realm of their spirit, and instantly God knows because the spirit within you is the spirit of God, and the Apostle Paul said in Corinthians----we have not received the spirit which is in the world. We received the spirit which is of God, and it freely brings to our remembrance the things which are of God, and it searched out the things which are of God. So by this area of process, we know that the Lord God is ONE, His spirit however, he has extended to the areas of His children. And tho we are moving in the flesh we also have the patterns of the spirit, and the essence of our God. Thus we have an intelligence above all other races, and a responsibility even the greatest of all, that we shall proclaim----------That the


For the Eternal Praise of that effulgent Majesty, and Glory which surrounds Christ, will soon be made present----As HE RETURNS, with His victorious armies to join his family-----his children in earth.