One Stick In My Hand, 1-3-70


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-3-70

In the 37th chapter of Ezekiel, --the word of the LORD came again unto me (Ezekiel) saying:--Thou son of man take thee one stick and write upon it for Judah, and for the children of Israel for his companions. Take thee one stick, one maize. In other words this was the one stick, the mighty shillelagh, this was a great maize, signifying a mighty kingdom. Thus, take this stick for the house of Judah and his companions. And then take another stick and write upon it for the house of Joseph and all of his companions. This will include Ephraim, and all of the house of Israel his companions. For this mace, this shillelagh, this is also a great and mighty stick IN MY HANDS.

We have of course the patterns of prophecy being fulfilled with exactness by the Israel people. And it seems so hard for us to understand some who will not see the mystery of God's house of Israel, where they are located, and as to what this means. The last three weeks have been stepping up the picture, and forcing the definite conclusion of evidence the bible will support concerning these policies.

The house of Judah, a small amount of them had gone out with the house of Israel after they were released from their captivity in the days of Medo-Persia. Some of them had gone into Greece and other thru over passes, and into Europe where they settled. And that small group of Judah which went with the house of Judah at that time were known as Goth.

Now; remember that this small branch, altho quite a number were still a small branch when compared to the rest of Judah. But they entered into Europe with these migrating people. The Anglo-Saxons, the Anglos, the Scandinavians and all of those people who entered into Europe at this time. Those Israelites before them some settled and became known as Greeks, and the white Italians were of the tribe of Gad. But the basic movement was thru the Central part of Europe, and into the isles of the sea, and then on up into Scandinavia.

The Goth took up their residence in the central part of Europe, They were a civilized tribe, but they were known as a warlike tribe for they were constantly battling the war like tribes that came out of the eastern slopes of the mountains of eastern Europe and across the Volga and they were in constant battles. But they built cities of stone, and well-designed masonry. The Roman Empire then constantly referred to these people as barbarians. But this was not unusual for they actually called the British people barbarians as well. In fact in those days there were legions of the Romans marching up the coast of France, and as they actually invaded the isle of Britain they talked about the Barbarians they were fighting. In fact they actually said that these barbarians that they fought had an equivalent of Christianity like that of Rome. And they talked about the beautiful churches and cities these barbarians had. And about their land and they thought that these people were not savages, but they were just savages because they disagreed with Rome. This because they quarreled sometimes with Rome then they became called Barbarians. And they were compared and classed with Attila the Hun, who had been successful in their sweeps against Rome, so they said the Barbarians were coming against them. Even tho their equipment, and their homes and their land was so great and they had great cities. Even so, Rome called them barbarians.

Now at the time of Christ, the people of Judah and Benjamin were largely living in the area called Galilee, and the city of Jerusalem had been taken over largely by the Jews, the Edomites and actually they had taken control of the head of the Temple Priesthood. So these Jews at the head of the Priesthood were Canaanites. Jesus established this fact for he said that their father was a murderer to begin with. He was speaking of Cain. And he qualified this so that the Jews of Jerusalem were in no sense of the word descendants of Abraham. In no sense of the word were they then the people of His Israel.

But Judah and Benjamin were of the Tribes of Israel and these people were now down in Galilee. And as HE identified Judas of Iscariot as one of his disciples he also identified him as a Devil. And one of those of His disciples was a Devil but HE wanted the other disciples to understand this. Then Jesus thereafter had to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill HIM. Therefore he could no longer walk in Judea, or among Jewry because they now sought to kill HIM. There were men of Judah who lived in Judea at that time, but the fact remains that the power in control was of the ancient Canaanites, and Hittites. Many of them had come from the isle of Pergamos where Herod and his family came from. And Jesus said in the book of Revelations that this was where Satan's seat is.

Now; It should be pointed out that after the crucifixion and resurrection of the Christ, that tho these Hittites had said:--'let his blood be upon us and upon our children.’ Where as the great multitude of the people of Benjamin and Judah who had thronged the roads, and had listened unto Jesus, on the hillsides, on the roads, and on the boats as he spoke, and many were accepting that HE was the Messiah. And of course after the resurrection and people started to preach the Gospel then the people of Benjamin and Judah became Christian in great groups. Almost all of Galilee became Christian. And most of those Judeans who were left in the land who were of Israel became Christians. In fact in the first few years of the church the numbers who became members were in the thousands, and then it became thousands. There was three thousand one day and another day 5000 and they increased in number quickly in their acceptance of the Christ, as the true embodiment of God, their true Messiah, and their proper king.

Now; we notice that the Jews bad become operators in the Roman Empire which operated in a strange way. And the Jews paid thousands and thousands of dollars to the Emperors so that they would abuse the Christians. They would have them crucified down in the coliseums and had them thrown to the lions. You would always find some individual high up next to Caesar, who could be bought to crucify Christians. Sometimes they would have a good Caesar and sometimes a bad Caesar.

Then came the day when Titus the Roman marched against the city of Jerusalem. But long before this the city of Jerusalem had gone into revolt. And they actually threatened the Roman Empire, that if they did not go along with the pattern of organized Jewry, that these areas in the Aegean Sea and Palestine, that they would create a catastrophe, and they would pull all of the money out that was behind the Emperor, and bring down the Empire. Well the father of Titus the Roman was a good Emperor at that time in Rome. And he said we do not have to take this for we will move against their headquarters which is now at Jerusalem. We will make them pay their taxes. And this gold and silver they are holding back here against the Empire we will try to gather up. and this was going on for several years before the invasion of Titus the Roman.

In the meantime the Israelites of the Judahites, and Benjaminites had petitioned the Roman Empire that they be allowed to migrate out of the land of Palestine. And this was permitted as they said that they wanted no part in this rebellion. They sent their petition to Rome saying that they wanted no part in it, and that they did not have the gold or the money, they did not want to be involved, and that they wanted to migrate.

Thus, Titus the Roman permitted this. And those of Judah and Benjamin left in the old holy land then came out of Palestine and came over into the heart of Europe and they joined with the Goths. Thus now they were the Visgoths as they joined with the Goth. And some of Benjaminites continued into areas known as Prussia, and they went into Scandinavia and joined with other Scandinavian houses. And they established their symbol over Iceland. And today this is where we see the inheritance of the Benjaminite. For this is one of the northern point unto which they had moved.

However what we want to point out to you is that the House of Judah, and the House of Israel was definitely a reality. Jesus, himself talked about the reality of the 10 tribes that were not of this fold which was found in Judea at that time. And one of the things that Jesus told his disciples was that one of these days the Jews would be looking for him but they would not find him. And the Jews said, where can he go but over to the cities of Ephraim, for that is one place we are not allowed to go. One place they were not allowed to go was over into the area of ancient Britain and they thought this was the area that Jesus was talking about. For Jesus did travel on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, before his ministry. And once during his ministry went over there and back again in those ships.

Now; then the Goth and the Visgoth were in central Europe, and this unified the Germanic people in the heart of Europe. And at this time we see again that Anglo-Saxondom was well established inside of the British Isles. And in Scandinavia and various other areas were branches of this House of Israel. And God said concerning this --I am going to take a stick "I am going to take a scepter club, and I will put on this --for THE STICK OF JUDAH AMD HIS COMPANIONS. And then I shall take another stick and write on it for the stick of Joseph, IN THE HAND OF EPHRAIM, AND FOR ALL OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL HIS COMPANIONS.”

Now; the people of Germany were Christian people. I want you to know that their Christianity existed as long, as an established status inside of Germany as long as any of the Christian communities inside of Europe. In the days of the disciples, in Britain there was an active Christian Church. In fact we want to point out that Joseph of Arimathea owned ten hides of land. And these lands were made into the first Abbetries inside of Britain. And we say that the disciples went to Britain as did Mary, and the Abbetry and these teachings became a great and mighty force in that first century. In fact right after the ascension of Christ the transferring of most of the family of Christ took place. And Joseph of Arimathea used his ships to take them over to Britain. Not only did they carry an Evangelistic message but most of Britain became Christian. And then they sent out missionaries to the other countries of western Europe and over into Scandinavia and all of the surrounding territories. And while this was going on there came messengers into Germany, and Germany recognized as did the messengers that this was the house of Judah and they started to accept the message of the coming of The Christ. In fact, my friends, this did not come from Rome, but from the messengers who carried this message into Germany. And the seven Princes of Germany then decided that Jesus was the embodiment of God. And HE was the great and mighty leader of the Valkyrie and they would rise and fight for Christianity and for the message of The Christ. And now they say that of course this was just a myth. There was no such a thing as the Valkyrie, it was just a pagan concept. This being the belief that when they died they went into heaven and then rode in the mighty armies of God. Until HE comes back and joins the people of earth and destroys the powers of darkness. In fact this was not so far off from that belief as of right now, for we believe that we who are here at that time will join that army for a great victory. Thus, Christianity took hold in Germany.

Now; we want to point out that the war lords of Rome were expanding their program. And in those days when they expanded their program to conquer the heart of Europe, they were called Barbarians when the fighting commenced. And they talked about how many people had been swallowed up by the Barbarians.

Now; the people in book lore said that the people of Judah and Benjamin had been swallowed up in their lands by the Barbarians, who had swallowed them up had enslaved them. But this, my friends, is not true, for Israel had just been joined as one great and mighty people. More than this as the expansion of their households and families grew they became a part of the Germanic country and they were Christians, and the seven Princes who ruled thru out 30 years established the faith of Christianity thru out Germany.

I want to point out that in the days of Genghis Khan that organized Jewry had established Genghis Khan. They sent a Chinese Jew over to the Mongols and they established the money for an attack on Christianity. And thus they set in motion the attack on Western Europe, on Christianity, by Genghis Khan. And they then opened up Samarkand and Baghdad and established a passage way for the Mongrel hoards. And again it was the Knighthood of Germany and of Britain and other various portions of the Empire that came out to fight against the hoards of Genghis Khan.

But I also want to point out that as this took place it was said by the Knights of Germany that they should hold back the forces of Antichrist. And it was in the days of Martin Luther, he clearly discerned that this was the armies of the Antichrist that was coming against Christianity coming against the household of the Most High God. And he called for the German Princes to hold out against them. In fact in the days of Soviet Russia, in fact long before the Soviet Union was formed, the Mongrel Asiatics were coming thru the Himalayan passes, and they also attack Russia, and they tried to attack Finland. So Germany held a council and they selected a Prince and a vast company of people and they sent them over into the Russias, to hold the line. As they came into Russia they established themselves in a line, and in Moscow where an ancestor of Genghis Khan had established himself, they won a great victory. And they established a white king line there called a Czar Khan. And this word Czar Khan then actually came out of the background of Genghis Khan's court. And they established a white Christian Czar, who was a king out of Germany, and he became the first Empire of the Soviet Union, or old Russia. Thus, all of the white nobility of the Russias came out of Germany.'

And thus white Russia was thus formed. And those people down in the Ukraine were Slavic people and they unified with them. But it was the brilliance of German maneuvering that established what became known as the Czar inside of Russia. Thus we point out to you that this was a Christian society, of white people.

Now; going back to that time of this division, and looking on the map for signs of Israel, then one of the great marking signs of Israel was that it was Germany that was on the east side, or Germany to the eastward. And this did also take in those forces of Issachar and the other forces of Israel that moved up in the Russias at that time.

I want to point out to you that the Princes and Princesses of Germany or the intermarrying with the Princes and Princesses of Britain then brought about the fact that Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and King George of Britain and the Czar of Russia were first cousins. Then if all these kings are cousins than this was one family ruling over all of the house of Israel. By no stretch of the imagination then could the king of Germany be an Assyrian, while the king of England is from the house of David. This would not even logical for they were all first cousins. They were a great and mighty people. A Christian Empire--both Catholic and Protestant.

And thus they were always ready for this onslaught that came out of the east. Thus we discover that God said that he would make Judah a war like people and we find that they were. But they were also a great civilization, a great culture and a mighty people, here in the heart of Europe. And thus God said that I am going to take one stick and write upon it the name of Judah and the Israelites his companions, in the latter days.

Then HE talks about the house of Joseph. There is no question but the Anglo-Saxon people had become a great house. There is no question about the greatness of the British Empire. Some years back the British Empire covered the world. The British flag flew over far flung places. As Britain formed colonies and outposts of trade. Reaching from Britain to America eventually for freedom of the Seas belonged to Britain. For Britain was another country that started in far off times, and from the days of the Apostles has come down to our time, but totally Christian.

And I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the House of Judah after those days. I will put my Spirit in their hearts, and a heart of flesh, when I make this new Covenant with the House of Judah and the house of Israel. There must then be a great force, a mighty power that represents Judah, and a great power and mighty force that represents the House of Israel ---this civilization, and Anglo-Saxondom. And of course America is one of those great civilizations of Anglo-Saxondon. Of course the great conflict that took place between America and Britain was in the hands of international Jewry. For these people were not to be taxed without representation, and we then became the greatest nation on the face of the earth today. The British Empire has been dwindling the past few years because of the machinations of the United Nations in the hands of the children of darkness. But America has remained as so has Britain a force of great strength. But the people of Canada and Britain, and Australia and wherever these people settled and the people of America still prove that this great heart of Anglo-Saxondom is still the stick of Ephraim in God's hand. And the throne line in Britain is still that throne line which runs back to David. For under the covenants of God who said:---as long as their are stars in the sky, never shall their lack a man to sit upon this throne.

Therefore God says that he wants you to take this great war club, mark on it for the house of Judah. Then take this great war club for the house of Joseph, and mark on it for the House of Joseph, and all of the children of Israel his companions. Then unify them in my hands and they become one great and mighty club in my hands. And then God says that he is going to take up that club and use it for his advantage.

Now; many people say after World War I and II that this would never happen. Never would these be joined together, they would be always enemies and would only fight against one another. Well if you would drop all propaganda, you would recognize that it was organized Jewry that threw one Christian nation against another Christian nation with the avowed purpose of destroying Christianity. You do this and you find that we have been the suckers and the Jews have been reaping the profits. Remember the day that Rudolph Hess flew to Britain on an arrangement by the way, to see Winston Churchill? But we find that Mr. Churchill was forced to hold him prisoner to satisfy Mr. Morganthal at the request of President F.D.R. Thus that is why Mr. Hess never saw Winston Churchill, for the Jews were planning something else. The Soviet Union had already invaded Finland and other nations. They did not want war with Britain or the U.S. they wanted to turn the east loose to attack the west and destroy in the end Christianity, wipe it off the face of the earth. Of course they have conspired to cover this all off but we can establish this from the records in various libraries, as to the events that transpired at that time.

But God said: 'I am going to take the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Ephraim and make them ONE stick in MY hand.’ Thus since World War II, then America has established and maintained a rather large army inside of Germany. Why? --To hold the Peace? But we did not have to maintain a standing army in Europe to hold the Germans in place, we did this to stop Russia from gobbling up the rest of Europe. Lets face it, we have been fighting cold wars, and hot wars ever since World War II. In fact General Patton saw this truth and he said that we had been fighting the wrong people. We should have never stopped until we reached Moscow. These are the words of General Patton one of the greatest generals we ever had.

Well, then came some strange circumstances. We told Hungary that as they battled or their freedom we would come in and help them. We were going to give them the weapons. But as the ships came supposedly loaded with those promised weapons we had tipped off the Russians and it was Russians that were beneath the covering of the boats and they killed all of the Hungarians who came to unload the barges. Then they fanned out to get the Generals and those who were rising up. So the Hungarians were betrayed by members even in our State Department. America should hang her head in shame because she allowed this communist influence here in America. If we are to hold our head up high, we will have to put every communist in jail or ship them out of the country. No communist should be permitted to live inside these United States of America.

Now; this attack continues for now Russia has divided Germany. Many have been taken over and the country is divided between the east and the west, and many fled to west Germany but the others are now behind the Iron curtain. And now the whole heart of Western Europe is a strong center of Russian invasion. More than that the debarkation line across Europe marks the influence of the Soviet Union. We have know for some time that the Soviet Union is building up power, tremendous air power. If you will turn to the Los Angeles Examiner this morning, you find that the Soviet Union is building 5 times as many war planes as we have. And if we started right now to build we could not build enough to get ahead of Russia for many years. And more than that it is reported that all over western Europe in the Soviet zone, they have brought in these battle planes and they are ready to move. There are 17 divisions of troops on the German border.

So the Soviet Union threatens Germany every day with this promise to invade Germany. The Soviet Union claims they are worried about Germany's ability to build a neutron bomb, so they put pressure on our congress to sign this nonproliferation treaty which was being pushed in the Johnson era. So our president says we will not stand by for a Russian move into Germany such as occurred in the Slavic states. So the Soviets say--do you think you have the strength to stand up to us? You do not have the strength for you are already tied down in Asia.

Thus the Soviet Union threatens, and they are saying that Germany is talking to America. Ant then Spain comes out and gets in the debate, and appeals to the United States. And that ruler says that we have three million men who will die helping to keep Russia from rolling over Europe.

So Spain wants to sign an agreement with America and Germany wants to sign an agreement with America. And Germany has called up 200,000 men and 100,000 auxiliary policemen. But this may be just a drop in the bucket of the number that she may be able to raise in a moment. All this is going on while in America the people want big buildings, and roads and all kinds of entertainment facilities. But you better build up an army big enough to protect yourself before anything else. If you have any money you better get strong, and get strong fast, for you are going to need every weapon that you possess.

Now; many people do don't know there is anything going on, but the heathen are getting ready to march. And altho we have had an alliance for some time, now it is ready, for at the first sign of troops on the eastern border, of movement we will be ready to defend Germany. So here is a strange situation. There is Germany (Judah) on one side, and Spain on the other and the United States, and Britain has to go along with us, as we come into this anti-Soviet alliance because we are worried about this war. It was only 20 years ago that you were fighting Germany and even Spain. But now you have all of these nations now in alliance against the Soviet Union. Thus this means that again Christian civilization is beginning to wake up, and they will not be driven from the face of the earth. And Christian Civilization is once more going to fulfill this important area of prophecy. Therefore the Lord, God says that He will take the stick of Joseph which is in the hands of Ephraim, and his companions and then I am going to take the stick of Judah and his companions and make them one stick in MY hands. And we are going to smash the heathens.

Thus, my friends, we are getting close to the fulfillment of this one area of prophecy. Thus Russia is getting ready to gobble up Europe but she does not want to move quite yet for she is still not sure that she will be successful. So this is coming and then America and her allies will move and even Scandinavia will come in on your side.

So what do we see here but this great one stick of mighty power in HIS hand, for this is what is said by the Most High God.

And I want to bring this out for you that 80 percent of all of the weapons that come into Vietnam are coming from the Soviet Union. And the man power is coming from Red China. This is the reason you are having trouble in many places in Asia, and in even Korea. This is the reason why I pray that God gives us men like General LeMay who said that he would rather turn all of that country into parking lots than sacrifice American boys.

Thus we stand at this moment at a prophetic hour and also at an historical hour. For this is the hour when we find that the Most High God has spoken out concerning these things. Over in the 37th chapter of the book of Ezekiel then God says to Ezekiel:---'Go out there and take a look at the house of Israel. And as Ezekiel looks he says all he sees is a boneyard. All I see is a valley of dry bones. But God says:--Can these bones live? And Ezekiel says but only you LORD know this. So God says:--I want you to go out there and talk to these bones, and tell them that I want them to come together. Bone to bone, and sinew upon sinew and then they shall bring on flesh, and they shall stand upon their feet---the great any mighty camp of all of the House of Israel. And then God says:--I am going to pour out my spirit upon my people, and take them out of this conspiracy that they have been swept into, and they will be a great and mighty army in the hands of the Most High. Then we are going to denounce this power of evil that has come in, and take over from you. But God says that he is going to drive them out.

Well, my friends, I think it is about time that we threw out all of the Assyrian Jews, and that we took control and cleansed our schools. It is about time that we sent these people packing out of America, and out of our civilization. In some areas this is not going to be so easy for we have many of them dwelling in our cities. Just as here in Los Angeles from Fairfax on, there are more Jews dwelling here than in any city in Palestine. And in New York there is also a great gathering of them and in other cities and behind them is this mass destruction as they try to destroy your society.

So God says whether you like it or not, this time I am bringing together these two houses of Israel and making them one stick in my hand and they shall finally know the true meaning of this prophecy and the cities of Asia will find heir one hour with the Antichrist ending in powder and dust, from the burning stars that move over their skies.

So now you say but how will we be able to handle this situation? Well you will handle it for God has said that you will. He has promised reinforcements from the heavens. And you are going to see the rising up of men in our land, for a lot of them that want to mix the races, and want to surrender are going to die right here they are not going into the next land of rest, (the millennium) they are going to die right here.

We do not care what the President wants or what anyone else wants. We only care that the Almighty has said; THIS SHALL BE. It is going to take someone bigger than we have seen raised up in the last few years, even bigger than the president. It is going to take men who believe in God, and believe in destiny, and Men committed to bringing that Destiny to conclusion. And I am telling you that you will not have Peace until you have brought into being, the kingdom of our LORD, Jesus the Christ. Thus we remind that God said HE would make them one stick in his hand. Therefore we are not going to listen to some of these professors now in our Colleges, who are trying to destroy all that we have created we are going to remember that now this prophecy is speaking of ALL OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL.

Now; we are going to see the kingdoms of this world become the property of our LORD and His Christ, and that will happen before long before the time has expired for many of you here at this time.

End of message.