Oracles Of God - The Urim And Thumim, 11-6-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-6-68

This subject ‘the Oracles of God’ is a tremendous subject of great spiritual power. The Oracles of God of course, contain the vital truths that the MOST HIGH has for HIS Household, HIS Race, HIS People. The Oracles of God are the things HE tells HIS people or instructs HIS people in, including areas vital to the laws of God for the Kingdom in the hands of administration of HIS people. The areas of the Oracles is a definite spiritual revelation. All of the things which God says are not necessarily Oracles, but the deep and vital spiritual truths, the areas of spiritual law, and the areas of instruction for conquest over the enemy are Oracles of God. Therefore, we turn over to the book of Romans, chapter 3, and here the translation is not necessarily accurate, but we read:-- ‘What advantage then hath an Israelite?’ The word translated here is Jew, but it is very erroneous because in the days when Oracles were first bestowed, they were never bestowed on anyone but Israelites, never on the Jews. Because in those days there were none called Jew, altho they did refer to the hill country people as Yehudin, who came in to confuse the House of Israel. ‘Thus, what advantage then hat an Israelite? Much in every way (chiefly because) unto them are committed the Oracles of God.’

Now, the Oracles of God are the mysteries, the areas of great spiritual wisdom that are bestowed upon the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. What advantage then hath an Israelite? Mainly, he is an offspring, a child of the spirit, and to him is committed the Oracles of God. The Jews could never understand them, neither could any of the pagans. The household of Lucifer would be unable to understand these Oracles. When the Oracles of God come forth out of the lips of the embodiment of God as a mighty prophet, they could not understand what HE had to say, and Jesus said unto them, ‘You cannot understand what I say because you cannot even hear My words.’ The Oracles of God are therefore tremendous areas of great mystery.

I would like to point out to you that over in the book of Acts, we find again mentioned, the Oracles of god. This is when Stephen is standing to speak to the House of Israel, to the chief priests and to all those around, before they stoned him. And he therefore said in Acts 7:37:-- ‘This is that Moses which said unto the children of Israel, a prophet shall the LORD your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me, his shall ye hear.’ ‘This is he that was in the wilderness with the Angel which spake to him in the mountain, and with our fathers who received the lively Oracles to give unto us.’

Now, these Oracles are sometimes referred to as the vibrating Oracles, are sometimes referred to as the vibrating Oracles of God. In other words, they vibrated with the spirit of the Living God. They are vibrating also in a very unique way. What did he mean when he said ‘a lively or vibrating Oracle?’ ‘For this is that which our fathers received.’ The vital Living Oracles. I would point out to you that the God of the Heavens is the God of Light. In the book of John, we are told that HE is the Light of the World. HE is the Light which lighteth every man which comes into the world. HE is the Light in the world and the darkness comprehends it not. Therefore, HE talks about the ‘lively Oracles.’ This, my friends, is an area of great mystery. So great a mystery that in the talking about it, you will find that commentators are not able to comment on it. Matthew Henry has a little comment on this subject, and Shaffer and other commentaries barely speak about it. When they come up to the actual facts of ‘mystery’ of the lively and vibrating Oracles, they have no explanation.

So we turn inside the book of Exodus and we find it speaks:-- ‘Therefore, God told Moses to create a breastplate for the High Priest. And ‘Thou shalt set in the setting stones---12 stones. They shall be in 4 rows, and there shall be one stone for each tribe of Israel. The first row shall be a Sarus (Ruby), a Topaz, and a Carbuncle. The second row shall be an Emerald, a Sapphire, and an Diamond. And in the third row, a Ligure, an Agate, and an Amethyst. And in the fourth row, a Beryl, an Onyx, and a Jasper. They shall be set in gold in their enclosing. (Exodus 28:17-21). This shall be the breast plate of the High Priest. And under the 12 stones, shall be the names of the 12 tribes of Israel, twelve according to their names, like the engravings of a signet. Every one with his name shall be according to the 12 tribes. Therefore, thou shalt place these on the breastplate of the High Priest and Aaron shall bear the names of the children of Israel. And the breastplate of Judgment upon his heart; when he goes into the Holy Place, for a memorial before the LORD continually. And thou shalt put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thumim. And they shall be upon Aaron’s heart when he goeth in before the LORD continually.’ Thou shalt put into the breastplate over the heart of Aaron, the Urim and the Thumim.

Now I want to ask you, what is the Urim and the Thumim? Go into your commentaries and they have no answers except as you find it widely explained as the ‘vibrating Oracles.’ Then turn over in to the book of Leviticus 8:8, and here it tells you that he put the breastplate upon him, Aaron, and put in the breastplate the Urim and the Thumim. Thus the Urim and the Thumim are very vital factors in the identification of the Household of God---of the High Priest of HIS Children. Because after the fall of the Adamic race, the Light of God and the glory of God went off of them. And the basic pattern of aura did not rest on the family of YAHWEH (God). Therefore, YAHWEH had to pour out HIS wisdom upon a prophet or upon a leader, or upon a High Priest. And thus, thru this High Priest, HE had to speak to these people HE chose to raise up. HE did raise up Patriarchs. HE did raise up Prophets. HE poured out upon them various areas of guidance. And then guiding the House of Israel, HE raised up a High Priest. And in the breastplate, which was placed on the High Priest, was this Urim and the Thumim.

But you will discover, that altho you go into the commentaries of find the Urim and the Thumim, they say they do not understand anything about these mysteries. This is only because they have cut off so many of the deep volumes of scripture. They don’t go in to them today like most of the ministers don’t even go into the Bible and don’t know what it has to say. I will wager that 75% of the ministers of today, don’t know what the Urim or the Thumim are, don’t even know where to find out about these mysteries, don’t even know where to find them in the Bible. And yet, the Urim and the Thumim were two very powerful, very mysterious objects.

Well, the word Urim means ‘lights’---burning lights or burning lights and color, or the fire lights of color. It means then the lights of color and fire. The word ‘Thumim’ means perfection, and perfection in understanding. So in the Urim and the Thumim, came forth two things out of the area of Divine Light---came forth as mystical answers. And the area of full cognition of what was on the mind of God which would descend to the Priests and would also be discovered in the Thumim.

Now these two objects were placed in the breastplate over the heart of the High Priest. And there are some strange situations in this which we can discover. Even Enoch talks about how YAHWEH would give a lively Oracle to HIS people. A vibrating Oracle, until such times when HE poured out HIS consciousness upon men, and they had the Oracle--in their hearts.

Now, not only is this in the books of Enoch, but also in ‘The Book of the Bee,’ we discover the great mysteries of the Living Oracles of the MOST HIGH. That whatsoever that YAHWEH declared as a positive and effective work was referred to as an Oracle. But under the loss of spiritual awareness which Adam-man lost, under his fall, YAHWEH was providing a mechanical way for them to receive the guidance of the MOST HIGH, or this was a way for Israel to receive the Living Oracles of the MOST HIGH.

Therefore, let’s go further into the pattern of this. And in the writings of Moses, he talks about being told as to how to construct the Urim and the Thumim. And they were to take the stone of fire and color, which is the Opal, and this stone was to be set on a band of gold. And the gold would be set inside a sounding box, and it was to vibrate. Therefore, the High Priest, when he entered in to the Holy of Holies, where the Light of YAHWEH was to dwell, then the Spirit--this Light of YAHWEH, would descend upon the Holy of Holies, and the Light of YAHWEH’S presence shining on the jewel of fire would stat it vibrating if the answer was yes. The Priest placed his hand over the vibrating stone effected by the vibrating Light which shown from the presence of YAHWEH, and the Light shining off the stones in the breastplate of the House of Israel would shine on this Opal, and the strange fire which came out of the Opal, sent the Light of the Opal into the Thumim.

Now, the Thumim was lines with precious stones so the High Priest would place his hand over the Thumim, and instantly, into his physical body, would flow a wave of spiritual consciousness, and he would know the exact thing which the MOST HIGH wanted to tell the House of Israel. He would hear it as tho you would listen to a telephone. And as one would send a telephone message into your consciousness, into the spiritual consciousness of the High Priest, came the wisdom and knowledge out of the Light of YAHWEH from the presence of the MOST HIGH into the Urim and into the Thumim. And as the one was referred to as the reception of the radiant light, the other was the perfection in understanding.

Thus, it was, as the great problems which were to effect Israel, any mystery they would be confronted with, then the High Priest would go once a year into the Holy of Holies for sacrifice and for atonement for Israel. But he could enter into the Holy of Holies for an answer from the MOST HIGH, on any question which effected Israel or the Tabernacle, at any time. Thus, it was that the Light of YAHWEH shining down on the stones of the breastplate and then in to the center of the Urim, somehow, the flame and the fire that ignited the light of the Opal, then reflected to the Thumim and then came out as the High Priest placed his hand upon it just like a tube in a radio set, or you would watch or hear the transmission of sound. The intelligence of the High Priest would place his body in gear, and with this tremendous phenomena, the ‘vibrating Oracles of God,’ he could speak with accuracy and with truth.

Today, we are entering some strange situations. We are entering the day of the laser beam. And we are finding that the laser beam is the concentration of light coming down thru various fields and stones. We find that the Emerald and these various stones are used in the laser beam. We find several other things also used in the laser beam. And we are doing all kinds of things with this beam. You can do surgery with the beam without a knife. And disintegrate or destroy, like with weapons. You can bore thru the hardest of stone, and the strongest of iron and steel. You could do miracles with the concentration of light as it comes thru the various jewels and prisms. And also one of the secrets they are telling you is that out of the solidified areas of fire, and out of the areas of the Opal, they are getting the strength for this type of laser reactions. They are not telling you about these things---but out of the Opal, light coming out of the Universe, out of space focused on an Opal, comes forth with a tremendous light and vibration. They do not understand what makes it vibrate, or what the vibrations mean. But this, my friends,---this Opal was the stone of fire and color placed in the Urim which was in the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel over which he placed his hand, and it was called a ‘lively vibrating Oracle.’

Now, the presence of the MOST HIGH is found thru out HIS Universe. HE is before all things. And by HIM all things consist. HE is the Master power of creation and vitality. And out of HIS spirit comes knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It was said therefore, that unto them was given the Oracles of God, unto Israel--was given the Oracles of YAHWEH. And not only could they understand the mysteries of great doctrine as HE unveiled these things to them, but HE spoke to Moses, and out of the Light and Fire, on Mount Sinai, HE gave a verbal declaration to Moses of the Oracles, and the laws, and these things which Israel was to know. Then thru the High Priests of Israel, HE gave them directions as to how to live and all the things which pertained to their work on earth.

You will note that in Joshua’s time, that as Joshua went out on his conquests, that first he went to the High Priest. And the High Priest would consult the Urim for Joshua and he would receive the right answers as to what he was to do. As the day came for the invasion of the land of the Canaanites, the High Priest went in to the Holy of Holies, and the Light shown down and vibrated the Urim, and he received a ‘yes’ answer as to the time to march. He placed his hand over the Thumim and was told how to do it, where to go, how to march around the city, how many times, and what to expect as they do as ordered. Thus, Joshua went out and did these things, and great victories resulted. But first he consulted the Urim and the Thumim.

I want to point out that there came serious and troublesome times to the House of Israel when the Baal priests came in. They destroyed the Temple and a lot of the items which belonged to the House of God. In fact, for a long time, the High Priest did not have the breastplate. They didn’t even have the Urim and the Thumim. It tells you in the book of Nehemiah, and also in Ezra, that they had great problems. For some of Israel had brought in strange women and mongrelization was taking place, complete integration was to take place if this was not stopped. And areas of cursing and trouble had come in because of the violation of Divine Law. So Israel in trouble went to the High Priest, but he did not have the Urim and the Thumim. These of Israel were very disturbed. And they waited for a High Priest to come who would have the Urim and the Thumim, for they did not have the breastplate of Israel either. Again, this was an area of mystery. But of course, if they had consulted the works of Enoch, and the other passages, and volumes, they would not have become involved in this violation of law.

The commentaries as they came out surely have consulted those same passages. But they said, ‘we don’t understand what the Urim and the Thumim are. We don’t understand how the High Priests found out anything by this method. We don’t understand anything about it. This must have just been a great supernatural miracle which happened in the breastplate.

My friends, this is what happened in the breastplate of Israel:-- The Light of YAHWEH shown on the breastplate and it vibrated the Urim when the answer was ‘yes.’ The clear pattern of spiritual vision, and the understanding of the mind of YAHWEH, came as tho it were received by a transmitter, and a receiver was picking it up as the High Priest placed his hand over the Thumim. As his hand touched the vibrations it translated into thoughts and ideas in his mind.

Now, I want to point out to you that the Apostle Paul tells you certain things like for instance, he tells you that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. He also cited in the book of Jeremiah, that HE would make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. That HE would give you a heart of flesh instead of stone, that HE would be able to unveil HIS mind unto you. One of the things Jesus told you, was about the outpouring of HIS Spirit, and divine presence that HE would usher in when HE came upon HIS people. Thus, HE said HE would bring you to the knowledge of ‘all truth.’ Bring back to you the thoughts of the spirit which you possess as the spiritual children of the MOST HIGH. And then HE would bring all things to your remembrance. And HE would lead you to the knowledge of all truth. And as this takes place, then you no longer need a High Priest as an intercessor for you. But HE will come and speak unto you, and then you can go into the HOLY of HOLIES that is deep within the heart center of your spiritual consciousness. And you can consult with the Urim and the Thumim and get the answers of God which will activate the processes of the conscious, and also the areas of information. This discernment is to be given to the Household of God. As they approach and ask of God, then they can receive the answer. And as they seek HIS face, they can catch HIS advice.

Now, a lot of people say, ‘I can’t get anything from God.’ Well, then maybe you haven’t been practicing very much. You haven’t been approaching HIM. A lot of people never think of God very much, never seek to understand HIS Law, and HIS will. And then when they seek an answer, they can’t even hear it, because they don’t know how to listen. Again, HE gave these vibrating Oracles to Israel. HE gave them to no one but You.

Now, the Apostle Paul was taken into the heavens for a vision of the Oracles. And he came back and told us how we had been before in the bosom of the Father. How we had dwelt in the heavens, had been spiritually begotten, and one of the basic patterns of the Oracles was to declare unto the children, that we were with HIM thru the Eternities of yesterday. And that altho now embodied in the flesh, still the presence of God’s Spirit never forsakes HIS children. And HE develops and brings upon them with each outpouring of the spirit a new wave of their restoration. More than this, HE promises them Eternal Life. And two of the most important Oracles are:-- the vital truths of God that the Children existed with HIM before the foundation of the world. They existed in HIS abiding presence, and reached out to enter its tomorrows with a pattern of Eternal Life. These are two of the tremendous Oracles of the MOST HIGH. And they are to be constantly temporized with the vibrating Oracles of the Old Testament. And the Living Witness of God’s Spirit will give HIS people the knowledge and understanding as they approach unto HIM in the New.

Thus, it is that we understand the mystery of the Urim and the Thmmim. How the Divine Light of the presence of the MOST HIGH caused the Urim to vibrate and the Thumim to unveil the mysteries of the MOST HIGH.

Then HE says, ‘I stand at the door and knock. I come in.’ You are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. You are a CHRISTED people. And it is the Christ in you which if your hope---in radiant light and glory. The Light of God shall descend on your race, and spiritual witness will come out of the Household of the MOST HIGH.

Now, let’s turn to those scriptures where the Apostle Paul talks about the areas of the Oracles of the MOST HIGH. HE speaks to the children of this mystery and tells them, ‘Here at the time when ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach ye again, that ye understand the first principles of the Oracles of God. Ye have become as tho ye need milk, not strong meat.’ So instead of having sought after a contact with the MOST HIGH, instead of accepting HIS Truth and meditating upon it, moving in to become the receivers of the Oracles of God, now they still needed someone to teach unto them once again, these Oracles of God.

Then Peter was to say, ‘If any man speak, therefore, that is now a minister of God, let him speak with authority, with accuracy. Let him speak as the High Priest spoke when he touched the vibrating oracles. Let him therefore reach into the Holy of Holies and speak the very Living words of God as HIS ministers.’ Thus, these are the words of Peter----Living Oracles.

I want you to know that we stand at the greatest area of revelation. I wish today, that the ministers in this nation of God’s Kingdom, and in the other nations of HIS Kingdom, would understand that as ‘living Oracles’ they can reach in for the ‘Yes’ or the ‘no’ for guidance, for instructions---all of them going along with the pattern that fills the spirit. That as offspring of God, the reflection of God’s mind, the desires of God’s heart, the patterns of law which works out to the best interest of the Kingdom are vital and important unto them. Then let them answer the race question. Let them answer the idea of integration. Let them answer the question of this trouble we have today with Mystery Babylon dominating our society, and controlling our areas of income. Let them answer the question as the High Priest long ago asked for Joshua and God will give you the instructions vital for Armageddon. And you will come out victorious. Then as victory comes, there will be no strangers left in the House of God; no areas of idolatry left, no Christ deniers left. There will be no man on the Supreme Court saying you must teach evolution in the schools, you must teach the lies of hell.

I want you to know, my friends, that here again, the instructions of the laws of God should be sought by the people of this nation, because the states no longer control education to determine as to whether they will teach lies or truth. The excuse of the man on the Supreme bench is that this defines religion when you say you have to go by what the Bible says. My friends, the Supreme Court has already ruled that this is a Christian nation. But until America’s people rise up and defy this pattern of evil, which now rests in our midst by impeaching the Supreme Court members who have revoked the areas of our Faith, not until then, will we return to the time when we had righteous judges.

Yes---YAHWEH says, ‘I will speak with My people. I will lead My people. And at the hour of My return, the Light of My glory will descend over the House of Israel. And as it descends over My people, they will know ME, from the least to the greatest. They are going to see and to understand. And every man is going to know as he is known. His mind is going to work like MY mind works.’ Because the very Living Oracles of God are going to come into the consciousness of Adam-man. Immortality will have descended upon him and death will have been swallowed up in victory.

Again, this is like the words which you have in the book of Romans where it tells you that if the spirit of the Light of Life which raised up Christ from the dead dwell in you, then it shall quicken your mortal body.

The electrons will go faster around the nucleus. It stiffens, strengthens, the molecular masses of the body, makes them immune to sickness and disease. It makes them indestructible, gives them immortality. This makes it impossible for the enemy to wound the body of a single one of God’s people.

In other words, God is talking about how the spirit of ‘Light and Life,’ when it moves upon the House of God, surrounds and emanates as an aura of God from them who now have placed upon them, Immortality. No longer, will they die. They will be filled with the wisdom of the MOST HIGH, and when they speak, they will speak with the voice of God.

This, my friends, is why the laws will go out of Zion. This is why the nation will be born in a day---born of Light and Glory. As we see these things transpire, we will know again, that we have become vital and ‘Living Oracles’ ourselves. The Temple of God’s Holy Spirit as YAHWEH hath promised will not stand forth.

So it was, as HE pointed out that when HE poured out HIS Spirit upon that early Church, there at that time, the Urim and the Thumim was in their hearts, and they started to vibrate. And Peter who had denied his LORD, came forth as an eloquent orator. And Stephen came forth and addressed the people with eloquence until thousands and thousands listened and they understood.

As we move in to this period of the ‘latter rain,’ this out pouring of God’s Spirit, and come into the climax of the hour, as HE will soon be appearing, then in a moment in the twinkling of an eye, we shall think as HE thinks, and we shall know as HE knows. We shall be united with our spiritual heritage as the Eternal Children of the Father. And one of the important things is that we will know that we have been with HIM in the endless yesterdays and we will be with HIM in the tomorrows. That the Law of God, the Mind of God, the Will of God has been revealed to HIS Household----all this shall come to pass.

We will have more to say on this subject at a later day, for there is much that we are discovering about these things learned as the High Priest used the Urim and the Thumim as he approached God for answers and guidance. The emanation of the Light thru the jewels and into the Urim and the Thumim was only until such time as the spirit and light of HIS own consciousness would descend upon the ‘Living Temples’ and emerge out of the hearts of HIS people with Light and Truth.

Thus with all these things then we say:-- Arise and shine for your light has come and the Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA HAS RISEN UPON US.

(End of Sermon)