Our Prince Of Peace, 12-23-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-23-62

This afternoon we think upon the tremendous event and we lay background for the celebration which we find throughout all Christendom at this time of year--the Birth of Christ. It is impossible for us to understand in full the impact of this event except it become personalized to us and the whole panorama of these events become a part of our thinking and our living. One of the most significant things is to hear people everywhere singing 'Peace on earth, good will unto men.' I hear clergymen everywhere trying to extend this peace on earth to include all the enemies of God and His Kingdom. They try to extend 'peace on earth' as a process to all who would destroy and they actually expect you to make 'peace' in your nation and outside your nation with every force that would destroy. They do this because they do not understand the great significance of this 'peace', or how it must be maintained. Before we go into our thoughts concerning this hour, I would tell you that there is no 'peace' ever advocated in the program of God's Kingdom which is not related to Victory. It is not by acquiescence or by appeasement. It is not today by withdrawing from positions of leadership and joining hands with the pagans of the world, or the Communist in their stronghold that we will introduce--'Peace'. There is no amount of modern approach that will accomplish this. And all of the pacifism being preached today will not accomplish--'Peace.' But the 'peace' of YAHWEH shall be known and 'HIS peace' shall go out from one end of the earth unto the other. But it will be a peace accomplished by victory. The powers of darkness are not going to emerge triumphant because people have relinquished their position of leadership or surrendered to the enemy. We are in one of the late critical periods of time and in one of the greatest years of the measure of history. We will have more to say about this come evening. but there is one thing we should call to your attention. This year, 1962, has been an unusual year marked by the vision God unveiled to Enoch, one of the greatest and probably the greatest patriarchs of our race. This year 1962--is the one year that the planets lined up in the sign of Aquarius. Back almost 5000 years before Christ, when the planets all moved into alignment in Aquarius, word was given unto Enoch that this would be the great year when you would see this sign of the Son of man in the heavens. The word was--when you see this sign --as the planets line up--either on one side in Aquarius or in opposition--directly across from the others, then recognize this sign. So all the planets of our solar system lined up and Enoch was the only man who knew how many planets there were in this solar system. After he returned from the heavens, he wrote in that ancient book about how many planets he saw. Then it was not until 1932 that we were able by our great instruments to actually see and establish how many planets were in our solar system. It was after that when they were sure that Pluto was there. And the spectacle of Uranus was not seen until lately. Before that, they knew by speculation that Uranus was there but they never saw it.

We point out that way back 5000 years before The Christ, the things Enoch experienced, and wrote about were true. But one of the great things that challenges us in to realize that along with all the events which we will discuss as we talk about the area of the star and the mystery of it, was all this panorama of expectancy. And God who put the tableau of all these events into motion, had declared unto Enoch, how and by what processes His people of earth would know that these times had arrived. And just as the arrival of the measures which related to the birth of Christ. And how they would understand the signs. So was the knowledge given for the measures of this year. We know that the Wisemen of Israel saw and understood these signs and they arrived on time. They knew what they were looking for and they proved that by their arrival. Also, the word was given to us of the sign of the son of man in the heavens. Then you remember the words given to us by Jesus in Matthew 24:30. We are told here that as this sign appeared in the sky, that in this period of time, the heathen of earth would mourn. And truly we watched this as for the first time in history all the planets in the sky aligned in the sign of Aquarius. Not since the days of Enoch had there been in the sign of Aquarius those positions in the sky until this year. As you know, we have saved clippings out of newspapers and the records of happenings out of India, as to how they thought the world was coming to an end last February. Even up in Tibet, they were worrying about the end of the world. And even in Africa, they mourned the sign which appeared in the heavens.

Now you say--but this was mere superstition on the part of the heathen of the earth and it doesn’t make any difference what it was. But when Jesus said when you see the sign of the son of man in the heavens, the pagans and the heathen of the earth are going to mourn, then to the Seed of Promise, we are to know that we are coming to the climax of the end of an age. The end of a most important period and the beginning of a new period. And the sign of the son of man in the heavens is something we look forward to with great expectancy, while the enemies of God’s Kingdom would like to push that date off permanently and hope it never comes to pass.

So it is a significant thing that we are children of covenants and promises. And we think in the great relationships and patterns of these events. As we talk about this subject this afternoon, I want this to be real and clear to you as to what the covenants and promises consist of. Remember that the purposes and realizations of what god was going to do dawned upon Isaiah the prophet, who was one of the greatest of the major prophets. Isaiah declare in chapter 7:14:---”A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son. Thou shall call His name Immanuel.”

There is no mistake about the significance of that declaration. I want this to be paramount in your mind that one of the great covenant promises was--that God would be born--in a body--of a virgin--into earth. And more than that, He would be the fullness of God, dwelling bodily--IMMANUEL. There can be no understanding of Christmas in any church or congregation or among any people anywhere in the world today, that do not accept that when this was fulfilled--THIS WAS GOD COME IN THE FLESH. Nor, my friends, is there any spiritual power to be imparted to any people unless they proceed this way.

In the last few days, we have listened to some voices over our nation and we repudiate them. But one we especially repudiate came from a Justice of the Supreme Court,--Justice Douglas. We repudiate because of the lack of vision as he spoke, as he downgraded the church as a failure saying that the reason was because they had not looked up to the good teachings of Christ. Then he went on to say--’the one area of error of Christianity is that it taught there is only--ONE--way. It will not accept the perimeters of other religions and it will fail until it is willing to share other ideas that there are other routes--besides Christ.’

I want you to know I repudiate that statement as well as every other statement that I have heard him make for a long time. I want you to know that you do not have to be ashamed of the truth. There is only ONE WAY--and only--ONE WAY--to obtain both the Peace of God, and the successful administration of peace and righteousness in the earth, or any part of HIS universe. That was is thru recognition and thru polarization of the consciousness of man in every area of his conduct, with the purposes and thoughts of HE who is the MOST HIGH GOD. There are not many gods. There is not an assembly of gods. There is not a sharing of gods. There is not a group of ‘grand masters’ of all philosophies sitting on the top of some high mountain in the Himalayas or in some far off planet out in space that say--’we share all this--we are gods.’ No! There is only ONE GOD, ONE ETERNAL YAHWEH to your race, and HE said:--”I alone, am God and beside Me there is no god.”

When you understand that, then you will understand the vitality of your mission because you are the children of the Eternal and you have been sent from heaven to earth to build a Kingdom. You have been sent to bring back a wayward planet in a position of a solar system. You will then understand that your destiny is tremendous and it reaches back into the ages of yesterday. And for some, into the unknown tomorrows. But the sure purposes of God are clearly outlined as to some of your responsibilities. Everything that relates to the greatness of God is thrilling and challenging. When we recognize the fact that out of the multitude of your kinsmen, that run into the multiple million, until they are as the sands of the sea shore and the stars of the heavens. And yet, these are the children of the ETERNAL GOD--YOUR FATHER. And HE hath begotten you in the Spirit. Then you realize that this is so challenging, by number and purpose, that it is staggering to you. But the colossal pattern which amazed men, is that even tho the multitude of HIS household--still there has been no loss of personal between your Eternal Father and you the individual. Now you are not just a glob of people in a mass somewhere because HE has written your name down in His divine records before the foundation of the earth. He not only knows each one of you in your physical bodies, but He knew you in the Spirit and blessed you in the spirit before even this cosmos was created. When you recognize this, you become aware of the infinite magnitude of the intelligence and the consciousness and the Grace of our Father. So great of course, that the sidereal systems alone that He controls, is beyond your comprehension. In the spirit, you may remember many of these things. And He can bring these things to your remembrance. But the staggering thing is that when we recognize that this Eternal Creator who has no beginning, has been creating throughout all ages. And then became embodied in a physical body with the same perimeters as that which you reside in, for you to dwell here in a physical body. And He did that because you were here. And He intends to accomplish His purposes because this was His covenant with you.

There never was a birth such as this one. And there never was an event so important to you who are already resident in the earth or away. To you who are posterity, who came by Divine timing, and are now here proving that you arrived, nothing was so important than the realization that God had taken upon Himself also, a body of flesh. That He be just like His kinsmen. That He might conquer all the problems and forces of the adversary. That He might deliver HIS Kingdom in finality. And there has been no event in history so important to you, than the donning of a physical body by God, according to His covenant. If this were not the fullness of the Great Revelation, then Isaiah caught the majesty of this as he said:--’A virgin shall conceive and shall bear a son. And thou shalt call Him IMMANUEL.’

Let no man take ‘IMMANUEL’ off of Christ and then say--this is just a good man. A good man--a teacher--a philosopher. It is most important that you realize that this is---YAHWEH INCARNATE---GOD WITH US---”IMMANUEL.”

I assure you this afternoon, that this affirmation upon the part of the children of the MOST HIGH is a part of the secret of their power. There is nothing that lacks vitality as much as a church which does not know that Jesus is --THE CHRIST. We point out to you that in the 9th chapter of the book of Isaiah, that He was to expand out thinking one of the most important area in the understanding of God. But he said something that relates to you. For this verse is a White mans verse. It belongs to the children of God’s Kingdom. It belongs to everyone of the White Christian nations. It belongs to the Scandinavians, the Anglo-Saxons, the Nordic, Germanic, Basque, and Lombard people. It is something which relates to a personal relationship with God and His offspring in the earth. And the vision and declaration of Isaiah was to fulfill this:--” UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN.”

Not unto Africa or unto Asia. Altho the greatness of this hour was to eventually make itself known and will make itself known unto the ends of the earth. Because not only thy race, and thru this enveloping miracle will goo and Grace go to the ends of the earth. And the entirety of the earth is going to be blessed thru you and especially thru this event. But it is --”Unto us a child is born”. Because He wasn’t born in an African hut and under the office and assistance of some ‘witch doctor’. He wasn’t born before the monks and their high chanting in the high mountains of Tibet. He was not born to a household of pagan idol worshiping people. But He was born to our race--who alone of all people have been worshipers of ONE GOD--from our origin. Therefore unto us ‘a Child is born.’ More than that, a member of the family. For unto us a son was given. Can you imagine the Eternal Creator with all the shimmering radiant effulgent majesty of Deity with the light which holds all things together, with which the energies which hold the Universe together--becoming embodied in probably the most helpless unit of life in the earth--this being a human body. Stop when you think of this and you are faced with the fact that there is nothing which is quite as helpless and needs more care as well as being in the perimeter of being indefensible. There is nothing quite as complete in this as a human child. And the fact that the Eternal God--our Father--looked down upon you who by this process had advent into the world, when He sent you forth from His presence, and had rejoiced as you looked back on His presence--then He said--I will join you. I will emerge--the fullness of God--dwelling bodily. Emerging as a baby--growing up into a youth. Then as the Eternal God walking in earth among His people. There is no shortening of this vision. There is no way to take away the fullness of what Paul said:--In this, YAHSHUA--this Jesus the Christ--the fullness of YAHWEH--God was dwelling bodily.

Not just a part of God while some of Him sat up there running the Universe. No, my friends, several gods are not in this picture and dividing it up, one as a spirit, another upon a throne, and another making some other approach. Instead, the fullness of God dwelt in Christ Jesus. Yes. I mean--’dwelling in this Christ Jesus. This Child was running the Universe. The spirit consciousness of this Child ran the Universe while the soul consciousness of this Child was enveloped in a body which grew up just like any other body grows up. This was the Miracle of what God did for you. This is what Christmas means and nothing else. This miracle is not something to make a system of merchandising out of and get you trapped in that cycle. It isn’t a day that is just a holiday because we like holidays. This is the day that we celebrate as the ‘Birth of God.’ And this is the most important thing which ever happened in earth. And definitely the most important thing which ever happened to the children of God that dwell in earth.

“Unto us a child is born and the government shall be upon His shoulders.” The right-wing should take heart at that. Because the right-wing is upon HIS side. In this great conflict the battle is between that which is good and that which is evil. It is between Christ and Anti-Christ. And you are assured that the government which He established, did not leave you out. According to His purpose, His government is divided with His children who He said:--’I have given this promise that My children are to sit with Me in the seat of authority.’ You are to share with Him the administration in the great government of His Kingdom. He alone being God and above all and that government shall be upon His shoulders and as HE wished it. He directs it and it shall be blessed in fulfillment with you as participants in it.

“HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED WONDERFUL.” This, my friends, is impossible for the human mind to fully comprehend. There is no word or language which exists in earth to describe the majesty, the beauty, the effulgent radiation which comes from the Eternal God. It is impossible to consummate this in just one word--Wonderful. But it is as close as the human language can approach in its description of the Father. His name shall be called Wonderful--Councilor. Of all the patterns of knowledge and wisdom which moves thru the earth, only that which moves by inspiration thru the consciousness of God--thru the receiving consciousness of His people, acting and inspiring and producing the greatest of civilizations. Possessing the greatest knowledge and vision of ideas that the probing mind of men can find. Later He was to say:--’Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” There is nothing which shall be established as clearly by the works which you do and by the vision which you perceive than His counseling.

There is no communion of consciousness more important to you than that counsel which proceed forth from that inevitable coverage of His people with His Holy Spirit, which guides you into the knowledge of truths, and can become the most vital of all counseling agency in all your experiences in life. There are too many people who live lives without counsel, while professing Faith in the greatest of all Counselors. He the Eternal God has by the infinity of His Spirit, a part of which is in you because you are His offspring.

A wave length of His consciousness is so a part of you, that you only have to turn to it to pick up its intuitive guidance. This is a counseling which belongs to you because each and everyone of you, because as you meditate upon the problem which is so many times in the minds of Christians,---’how to pray.’ How can millions pray and be in contact with the Father? How can He take these calls and hear these prayers? How can He know what we are saying? How many centrals would it take if this operated as a telephonic system? How can heaven take the prayers of so many? My friends, this can be done because the Eternal consciousness of God--operating in Omniscience--operating in an immediate and direct contact, in this process that you are a part of Him as His offspring. He is spirit and of your spirit. And therefore the portion of His spirit in you is making the adjusted answer to your prayer for knowledge, for wisdom, and guidance. Your prayer doesn’t have to go way out in space and then come back. His Omnipresent--Omniscient wisdom has become so a part of you that He had placed inside of your thinking capacity, a portion of this intellect. And therefore let an awareness of this come as Paul says:--’Let this mind be to you that is in Christ Jesus.’ I point out to you that this is what Isaiah in his prophecy was talking about as he said:--’Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. His name shall be called Wonderful--Counselor--the Mighty God.’

You don’t have to add much to that as the MIGHTY GOD reaches out so far. And takes in so much that we stand staggered at the vastness of this majesty. God in a body--walking with us--talking with us--and even talking to us who had not been born into a physical world. And knew us as His posterity, here in the records of His family coming in, according to His fore knowledge---THE MIGHTY GOD. When you say--the Mighty God--it is not a god which takes second place. No. GOD who dwelt bodily with us--the EVERLASTING FATHER.

When I say--the Everlasting Father of the White Race, some people want to repudiate this and extend the Fatherhood into areas which do not exist. He always is the Eternal God. Always there is Grace to anyone who reaches out,--to anyone who approaches HIM. But think of the experience which belongs to us of the Christian civilization, who when the prophecy of Isaiah says--’The Everlasting Father--, it really means that He is our Father and we are His children. There is no doubt that He begat us.

In this declaration even in the book of James, we see that HE the Eternal Father, the Father of all life, of all vibration, the Father of all Faith--created by His own determination--begat He us, out of His own living way. We are His children. His Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. The Apostle Paul makes this to ring out of the book of Romans. And so fills it with the mystery of revelation as he received it from God Himself. He answers with continued repetition, the declaration that was understood by the great masters of our forefathers who in the background of the Old Testament experience had revelation upon revelation from the days of the speaking of Seth to the great wisdom imparted by Enoch. Then this was carried forward by the great master carriers of our society. For they knew that they were His children. And He was their Father. And as such, they looked forward to a greater revelation and how this would apply to them here in earth.

“THE EVERLASTING FATHER, THE PRINCE OF PEACE.” It seems like a strange thing to say---’Prince of Peace’ when we refer to the birth of Christ or to His Kingdom, since there wasn’t any peace in the world before He arrived, or even after He arrived. In fact, He didn’t even arrive in a time of Peace. In the very hour when He arrived, there was animosity directed against the Kingdom. In the hour of His birth the Jewish king and his army plotted against Him in how to murder Him. How to put Him to death. Even in the prophesies--God, knowing the nature of men, talks about the pain of Bethlehem, as the women cried for their children who were murdered by the Jews. This proved that they were not of the seed of Israel. Were not of the sed of the house of David, as they killed and murdered, with their soldiers, in order to kill every babe in Bethlehem hoping to kill Jesus--The Christ. Yes. They attempted to destroy HIM from the beginning as far in the sky the dragon thought to swallow up the woman with her man child as soon as He was born. The 12th chapter of Revelation gives you some of the significant symbolism of that story and is has not changed. The same powers that hated Christ, fought His church all thru its existence as they sought to destroy Him all thru His ministry. They have been waging a relentless warfare against Christ and His Kingdom right up to this hour. There has never been a period in which there was peace between the powers of darkness and the Kingdom of God. There will only be peace when the powers of darkness are overthrown. When the powers of evil are cast down and the world is ruled by righteousness.

The program of God’s Kingdom is not--co-existence. And it is not appeasement. If the program of God’s Kingdom had been co-existence, then Christ would have not come to earth and there would be no Christians. If the program had been appeasement, then the Almighty would have just left this solar system all to itself and left Lucifer in control forever--of its people.

The other day, a minister said to me:--’Isn’t there any Gospel that reaches out to the ends of the earth? Think of the African and Asian people. Are they all on the outside?’---There is no doubt that there is no Gospel with--more Grace--than that in which God would visit earth to not only rectify and re-establish the power of His people, lifting up their own consciousness to the realization of their own Sonship, taking away their own guilt complex and empowering them to build HIS Kingdom. He sent you here from His own household to put the world back in order. If there is any greater Grace to be found than this--that God would be embodied in His own children, when He knew that it would require His own embodiment to re-adjust and save them from the environment He had placed them in to accomplish this purpose--then I know of no greater Grace. There is no shortening of power that can adjust every individual until there is not a man or woman of your race who before God is finished with them, will not stand forth with the Glory of the Father, even as majestic as He has revealed in Himself. In the earth this shall be brought to pass. Even if He has to resurrect every man or woman of your race to accomplish this purpose. Then thru this purpose, the world brought back from disaster, --so shall it be done.

This is a little bit or the magnitude which is enveloped in the birth of Christ. And of the increase of His government there shall be no end. Nor of the throne of David where it shall be established. More than this, I want you to realize that with all this, that the Covenant was:--’Unto Us a Child is Born, Unto Us a Son is Given.”

Significantly--this is our relationship to the Father.

Now let us go back a bit. ---Mighty God--Everlasting Father--Prince of Peace. There is no ‘peace’ on any other threshold. There is no peace in the world even now. As your race moved out to help the world such as the situation in the Congo tells us how that resulted under the entrapment of this great nation in the United Nations, a Luciferian design. Today there is almost a colossal area of war in the Congo instead of peace. I want you to know that an understanding of this situation is a little bit on the essential side. I happen to have a letter from a Master Sergeant in the Air Force who is in the capitol of the Republic of Congo. And we sent him down there to take care of our air craft. He is telling in this letter of Dec. 15, 1962, of what is happening there. He said (quote):--’We have had such rioting and killing here, and not all of the news is of peace this time of year.’--He tells of a football game between a Congolese tribe and another tribe and the trouble there. And it made me think of a game played in Washington, D.C. last week. There a Negro school was playing a Catholic school. And when being beaten in the game, the Negroes surged out on the field and outnumbering the Whites 4 to 1, as they do all over Washington, D.C., they attacked the Whites and the police officers as well. There wasn’t any ‘Peace’ there. And there will be no peace even in these United States if you do not follow the Laws of God. But down there in the Congo, there wasn’t any peace in that program we are following either. There was a sudden flare up between the teams and several people were killed. So the Congolese players were ported back to their district. And when they got home, being still disturbed, they went out and killed other tribesmen around their area. More than this, they kept on killing the non-Congolese except the Europeans who were under strict curfew to protect them. But the local air plane hanger had 400 refugees in it and they had to be flown out of the country to protect them. The Air Force man said that the Negroes were swinging clubs and screaming as tho crazy. And yet there was almost a Mardi Gras atmosphere about it because they were also laughing as tho with joy. Well,--this was probably a hangover from the tribal days when they raided villages, and made off with men and women.

The Air Force man went on to say that they had spent many evening prior to this teaching the people of the rooting section how to enjoy the coming game. But now they realized that you cannot teach these people anything. They are savages from the dark ages. We were informed by one man we considered a friend that he had just eaten his best friend because he wanted to take on his best friend’s better qualities. The Air Force man said that since he had been in that country, there had been all kinds of those situations. One incident a man had killed his wife, eaten part of her and sold the rest on the market. When anyone dies they ask the question first--did they eat them or not eat them? If you were to be here you would know that cannibalism goes on all over this country. These people are complete pagans. And not they are making trouble in the Southern Rhodesia near to this area. And people fear that another country like Algeria is in the making. This little country of Rhodesia is a country hacked out of the wilderness by hard working White pioneers. And is just now beginning to share its benefits. There was not even a native village in this area when the country was created. There is then no question of anybody having land taken away from them. In areas where there has been peace, it is now being taken away by the meddling of the United Nations.

I thought this a very intelligent letter. But I only add this because I want you to recognize that as soon as you set outside a Christian nation under the Laws of god, that there is no peace. There was no peace in the old days before you colonized different areas. And there isn’t any peace, when you relinquish leadership. The only time peace came to Africa, is when you ruled. The only time there is peace is when the rule is by God’s Law, by His people, and by HIS purposes as they are carried out. Thus there is no peace today because of meddling by the powers of darkness. Here two days before Christmas, the ‘Long Shore Men’ are going out on strike. And the Maritime Union men are going on strike down the East coast to the Gulf of Mexico. They are going to tie up all shipping, making this a dangerous situation to the security of our country for a while. The losses for New York Harbor alone, in wages, for one day will be nearly 1 million dollars. Think this over. Talk about peace. Someone is stirring up a condition of unrest in every area of production in our country. We have an enemy who designs to overthrow. There isn’t any peace when you have a program for the largest weapons plan in all history to be carried on in just this year. Fifty-three billion dollars is being allotted for just the development of many special weapons. At the same time, you are in the greatest muddle of all time. They are asking you to surrender your defenses while you feverishly plan new weapons and ways to defend yourself from the hoards of Anti-Christ. One hand says this is evil. This is the Anti-Christ. While the other hand says, this is great statesmanship and we are getting closer and closer together. We should surrender every defense into the hands of World Government in the name of peace.

Let me assure you that their every word about peace makes me think about the words in the book of Ezekiel 7:25. For they relate to this day and to this time. ‘Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace. And there shall be none.’ Why? Because as Ezekiel says they have been doing wickedly in the earth. Because of the great chain of their bloody crimes and their violence. And even the people of God become involved because they permit themselves to be advised by the forces of darkness. Your participation in any program of the United Nations, or any area which brings violations of God’s Law brings trouble on you. Then you read of the reactions in these areas and there will be no physical peace until you get into alignment with the Laws of God--as a Nation.

We point out to you that God knows these things. And Ezekiel points out these terrible problems which effect God’s Kingdom. Then he tells us that they seek peace but there is none. Jeremiah the prophet, also said:--’We ask O Lord, for Peace but we haven’t received Peace--where therefore is the Peace?’ Then God points out that the reason you don’t have peace is because of the things your leaders and some of those around your leaders, have trapped you in. You cannot have peace until you walk in synthesization with the King of Kings and the Prince of Peace. I think this is a significant factor because today so many are trying to created a false standard of Peace by asking us to surrender the areas of righteousness in order to gain that peace.

The event we are celebrating today is a great earthshaking event which transpired almost 2000 years ago. And it has not stopped either in its expansion of the spiritual force, nor has it ceased in its pattern of declaration. Someone asked:--’Where is He born Prince of Peace and what did this mean?’ I want you to turn for one moment to the book of John in the 14th chapter and listen to these words. (Vs. 27) “Peace I leave unto you. My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

My peace. This means that the individual who is synchronized in his thinking in God’s plan and His purposes--this individual who can recognize the plan and its purpose, who can recognize and accept the covenants of God, who can bow before the greatness of His revelations, who can prove the realization of what happened as God was embodied among us, and who see the conquest of evil, and the patterns of righteousness stretching throughout the earth--this individual--has in his own mind, a pattern of perfect serenity. For God will keep him in perfect ‘Peace’---those whose mind is stayed on HIM. I want you to know that when Jesus said--”My peace I leave with you”--He wasn’t talking about the kind of Peace which has to do with making a deal with evil. He was not talking about the kind of Peace which has to depend upon some ones word, when that someone has no spiritual capacity to fulfill it. With this statement, Jesus went inside the pattern of your consciousness--because that is where you live. Maybe you think that living is just the movement of our physical being throughout the earth? That living is the contact we make with the world round about. But living is in conscious perception. It is in the pattern of realization. If you were to separate from you the intellectual capacity to evaluate, and the consciousness of experience, you wouldn’t even know you were here. So living is being. The awareness of it. And the most important thing about living is to be able to live without a burden on your conscious.

A lot of people today, seem to you as tho they were prosperous, but they are not at ease. Because they have a burden on their conscious and they are not at ease. And great hyper tensions are on them at all times. They are distraught. They are troubled. Or they are seeking a psychiatrist, or seeking relief from one source or the other. They are seeking relief from an intense gnawing from something which they cannot explain. What they want is peace. The world cries for it. The world looks for it and wants it. But He said:--’My peace I give unto you, not as the world gives to you, but My peace.’

With that Peace you can move thru the midst of conflict with a perfect serenity of spirit. You can move thru an environment that normally can be dangerous and know that a thousand can fall at thy side. And 10 thousand at thy right hand, and no harm can come to thee. That you can move into conflict for the purpose of the establishing of the Kingdom of God, and for liberating people in bondage and do it with perfect truth.

Someone says--but you cannot war against the enemy and have peace. But I tell you that if you are aware of the enemy, and his evil and you do not war against him, then you won’t have any peace either. But you will have a guilt complex forever.

There is no alterative to the realization that all the processes which are described in prophecy and in time, and in human experience are a part of the pattern of our living. I want you to know that there is nothing more important for us to understand than the sequence of His Spirit, as it works in the processes of human thinking. This is the peace which the world cannot take away from you and also which the world cannot give you. Let me point out to you also that among the miracles of those events it would be only understandable that in an event such as God’s birth into the physical world would be accomplished with a great phenomena. And so it was. We will have more to say about this tonight as we talk to you about --’The Star’. And this is a matter of divine assured accuracy in Divine purpose and in Divine Hands.

But I think about the shepherds out on the Judean hills which make up as much of a part of our story. Those shepherds talking and watching their flocks and speaking about the problem of their time, when suddenly the Angel of the Lord is in their presence. One moment they were on the hillside by themselves, then as the early church records tell us, a great light shown down on them. That was quite a phenomena in itself. And they were frightened. This is why the Angel said:--’Be not afraid”. For of course they were afraid as you would be if a great light suddenly shown down on you. An Angel of the Lord then stepped before them and he came from one of those chariots of the Most High from which the light also came. Then above them was a whole heavenly choir and the shepherds didn’t even know it. The Angel said:--’I bring you tidings of great joy, for unto you this day--a Savior--Christ the Lord.’ He made this declaration of which today we hear so much about. “Glory to God in the highest.” Then suddenly the shepherds heard the multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God. There in the sky was a heavenly host, a great heavenly choir, the servants, the people, the armies serving God. All the heavenly hosts--of the Most High God. Even tho the fullness of God was lying in that manger, He was not alone, for the great heavenly host was around that Child at that moment.

This is like the days when the prophet said to his servant--if God would only open your eyes, you would see the heavenly hosts standing by and know that we are protected. Then also, Jesus said to Peter:--’Put up your sword. You know that I could call in a multitude of heavenly hosts if I wanted to.’ Even here today, you are surrounded with them. You are surrounded with a whole company of witnesses, that you cannot see. You cannot hear them. Nevertheless you are not alone.

I point out to you that here with the shepherds there were great crafts above them. And the heavenly hosts sang. I think of the words in Deuteronomy 33 when Moses said:--’YAHWEH came over Sinai, and rose up from Seir unto them. He shined forth from Mount Paran.’ And He came with 10,000 of His saints--(believing offspring) when He brought the fiery law to Moses. This same Eternal Father now born as a babe in a manger, had earlier came with 10,000 of His believing offspring when He came to give the Law to His people, thru Moses. This great company moved over Seir and great searchlights shined down, and God alighted and talked to Moses. The same kind of crafts came and took Enoch into the heavens. They come and go from earth to heaven. And with the shepherds here on the Judean hills that night, a great light shown down on them. So we are told in the scripture. And heavenly hosts were in that area, the night of His birth. The choir sang in joy, and then they went back into the heavens.

My friends, the hosts of heaven surrounded that area of the earth on that night because of the importance of this event.


What a spectacle to the Angels and to the Universe, who knew that God had stepped into the body of a child whose essence and being was the essence of His own spiritual miracle. He could say later as He stood before His disciples--’Before Abraham was I AM.’

Turn to the book of Hebrews and you find that in the life of Abraham, one day--there came an embodied individual with great Majesty. And He was known as the King of Salem, meaning the King of Peace. In this instance, the Apostle Paul tells you in the book of Hebrews, that there was a great mystery about this King of Peace.---This is what we are told:----”This was Melchizedek--King of Salem--Priest of the Most High God. When Abraham returned from his destruction of the kings--He blessed him and Abraham gave him 1/10th of all of his tithe because HE was the King of Salem, which is the King of Peace. For HE was without Father,--without mother--without descent, having neither beginning of days or end of life, but abides--Incarnate YAHWEH continually. (Hebrews 7). This, my friends, was the King of Peace. And I tell you that you must understand this Peace, because there is no peace for you in the world today until you have synchronized your consciousness with the plan of God. ---’How should they know, if they are not told. How can they carry out the blue print for God’s world except they know where it is, and what it is all about.’ So today we can say that there is nothing more important to your race than the knowledge that God has joined His people---to empower them to finish the task He set for them to do. Which is to bring out a complete and total redemption. To set them free--to lift all fears--all guilt complexes. You can today, look god in the face and say:--’I am justified by thy Grace. I take you at thy word. There is not a charge against me. You can look God in the face, and there are no other people on the earth today that can do that.---Only the children of the Kingdom can look the Father in the face. Oh--you say--but I could never do that. But I tell you that God is pleased with your Faith as you stand to look Him in the face saying:--’Our Father which are in heaven--hallowed be thy name.’ Remember also that this is our Kinsman, in the fullness of YAHWEH. God who in that hour of majesty was born in a physical body--emerging as a son of Mary, and at the same time was the fullness of Deity. “UNTO US A SON IS BORN.”

You can imagine the majesty of that hour. Then shepherds came to the manger. But the manger had been transformed. The radiance--the glory--the effulgence--the eminence that surrounded that place, made it light up so that even the people of the little city of Bethlehem knew about it.

The other day, the Hearst newspapers carried an article that came out of a very interesting background. They researched the records in Rome of the events that happened around that time of the birth of Christ, and in the community of the birthplace and found records and reports of those things that people had reported, such as lights over the manger, strange light over the city, and the strange light that came and moved over the community. These things have been reviewed and supported more and more by Archeology and modern record proving that these things happened and that they are true. Rome never doubted but what this was true. For they had the record as they had investigated and found the reports were true.

As we look back upon these important events, let us remember this. There is only one important Peace. And that is the Peace of --the Prince of Peace. This peace is found in the deep consciousness of men--where they live. For the realization that HIS Peace shall come upon all the earth, when evil shall have been defeated, and the Kingdom of God with their standard of righteousness have been brought to their fulfillment. With this realization then, we say---’Prince of Peace--and we know He was the Everlasting Father--Our Kinsman.

(End of message)