Out Of The Netherworld, 9-27-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-27-64

As we turn to discuss this subject of ‘Out of the Netherworld,’ it comes sometimes as a shock to some people in this sophisticated age, that there are forces and powers with which they are not acquainted. And what it is that is making war upon the kingdom of God may not be understood by them at all. There never has been a period of history like this one. But we have arrived now at the very climactic hour of human events. The struggle for the earth is about to take place. And there are a lot of people who do not want to be realists. They do not want to face up to the fact of the time of the hour. They would like to just think about things that are pleasant. The things which they feel are elevating to their minds. They do not want to be bothered by the continual things that are before us. Thus it is, they say, ‘I am tired, I don't want to hear anything more about communism. I do not want to hear any more about Johnson. I do not want to hear any more about any of these things.’ But you might as well be a realist. For this is the time that it is. So we point out these facets and we think it is always important to remember who you are and what you are here for . . . the difference between you and the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. The struggle for the earth is just as simple as this. For we can reduce it to simplicity. It is the struggle for control of this planet by Lucifer, a fallen Angel, and all of his hosts, and the Eternal God who put it all together, and who is going to have the last word, and whose children you are. It is just this simple. You dwelt in the dimensions, and then you volunteered to come. And we knew from the beginning whose names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life and whose destiny was known to HIM.

You are a race raised from Adam. And this comes down to our time, a society and culture which are important to God. And this hour that you and I are in, is a climactic hour, a prophetic hour. The struggle for the earth is now coming to its final phases. This is the powers of darkness against the families of God. From one man’s family today, to the western world of Christian civilization. From one man's family came this great creative, technological superiority of the earth. Oh, you are not the greatest by numbers. For the powers of darkness have captured the hoards of Africa and Asia. The people on their side are greater in number. If you marshaled these forces with all their design, they could overwhelm you by sheer numbers, if it were not for superiority, knowledge, and given applied power. And if this were mutated, and an apathy were to seize these people, then only those who are alert with the power of deliverance could decide the issue.

But I point out that you have reached this crucial hour and you might as well be aware of these things. There are numbers of people who say they would like to say only things which are comforting. But they do not know just what comforting things really are. You are in a fool’s paradise if you think you are seeking to eliminate from your thinking, certain problems and operations, which today are taking place in the earth. You cannot go off in a corner and isolate yourself from the rest of the world, because you were sent in here to do a task. And the world order has not forgotten you. And I want you to realize tonight, that if all those who consider themselves Christian would follow some of the neutralizing philosophies that are done in the name of God, or would go off in a corner and just try to separate themselves from everybody in the world, and say, ‘we are not going to pay any attention to what goes on politically or economically,’ and say, ‘we are just going to fold our hands and think about good things and we are going to think about nice things that happened in the past, and about the miracles the God hath wrought; but we are not going to do anything about anything else; we are just going to hide away someplace.’ Well, let me tell you something. You will be of no value to the kingdom of God if this is how you feel. And then when the enemy overthrows, he will liquidate you. Oh, you say, “is this what is going to take place?” No---because the kingdom is going to be victorious over the powers of darkness. But there are a great number of people who think they can separate themselves from reality. But the spirit of God calls upon you to meet this as a reality and meet this situation with guidance and with power. And because of this, we face the solution of our times. I think what you are watching today is a great separation of the sheep and the goats, and a great separation on down the line . . . putting people in their proper category. And there will not be anyone neutral in this process. And you will be on one side or the other. In fact, you might find yourself on the other side faster. For Jesus said, “Being neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth.”

The other day someone said,-- ‘all Jesus wants is for someone to love HIM and then just hide away.’ But HE put you down here to bear witness, and to bind the darkness . . . not to hide . . . And to carry out a certain responsibility and to put on the whole armor of God. And above everything, STAND.

Now listen. This struggle has now arrived at where this balance of power in the earth is divided by the hoards of Communism and the powers of darkness developing in Africa and Asia. And the nations in the western nations of the world happen to be the basic leaders of today with your nation at the head. Unfortunately, you are in the hands of very poor leadership.

I want you to realize that these crucial influences that we now face are of vital importance because the darkness is working fast. Altho they are not confident. I can prove to you that the forces of darkness are not confident. Did you see this headline tonight that the U.S. is destroying security files? There are forces, my friends, who are afraid that they will not be in the saddle too long, and these files would be of great value. If they thought they were going to win, they would not destroy these files. You say, ‘why?’ Because one of these days we will round up everyone using these files. But they plan this for total conquest. Mr. Williams was down to see Kenyatta before he died. And he was the one who set up this revolution inside of Africa. He had the assurance that if the Negroes would wait until October, that if they were then having trouble, the Red Chinese would come in and help them. They would come in on submarines and across the Bering Strait when it freezes over and they will fight by their side. Mao and Chou-in-lie have promised the Negroes, 30 million Chinamen, if needed, to help them in their victory over the United States. Get the ‘Red’ copy of Esquire and read it, to find out the program. For the State Department knows about this, and other forces know about it also. So what is the design? Not, my friends, equality under the law, but a crushing, overthrowing of the White man. Why do they hate the White man? Because they know, the White man is the son of God. Because these White men are the sons and daughters of God and they recognize Jesus the Christ. And we are a part of the kingdom. And they (powers of darkness) plan to rule the world from one end to the other. And we (the White man) stand in their way. Let’s face it. Anything that would further their cause, they are for. And anything that would limit their plans, they are against. And even tho they would destroy those who helped them, they still know which areas would be best for this cause.

So we point out to you that the Negro organizations came out in the last two weeks and said that the Negroes are for Johnson. Movements like the NAACP and Corps, and the NAM which is that vast revolution to overthrow the White man, to coordinate this . . . all are all out for Mr. Johnson.

All right, we have anti-Christian forces today attacking the principals which represent the Christian people that surround the Republican Party. This is not a matter of Democrat or Republican, except that the powers of darkness have captured the Democrat Party. And the Conservative have captured the Republican Party. The difference is that the Conservative are active and awakening people. And the great spearhead behind this is that great challenge against evil and the spirit of darkness. And it moves on men. I am going to tell you that the great dynamic that has to win, is not the political machine, but it is the power of the Holy Spirit and the True Church which moves to occupy its own land.

Now we have the anti-Christ clergy, who are standing for Communism and their psychological warfare. And they are for the Johnson administrations grand design, because it furthers their operation, and it furthers the destruction of America as well, and the eventual defeat of the kingdom. The Negroes that want to turn this into a blood bath, say that, ‘yes, this furthers our interests too, so we are for this.’ In the last two weeks the Moscow papers have been saying that the hope of delaying war and the development of Peace and a great integrated world with sociological control, and economic administration under a socialist pattern, wants nothing to rock the boat at the present time. And they say that the Soviet Union wants President Johnson reelected. So we now have Moscow for Johnson.

Now if you want a copy of this, be sure you get the Herald Examiner, today, and turn to page 7. And at the bottom of the first column you read that the Jewish congressional synagogue told their people yesterday that they must vote for President Johnson. They say that a vote for Goldwater would be one for Jewish suicide. So see? If they can talk about this in their congregations, then we can talk about it here tonight. They said it is not the candidate himself, for he is a decent and honorable man. It is not the candidate, it is the people who surround him. This does not say so much for Johnson, but it is still the people who surround him also.

Now listen. They say that Goldwater is surrounded by every Jewish hate group in America, every anti-Jew person in America, the people who believe in the simple solution. This is from their rabbi. And I would like for him to explain the simple solution. He identifies these supporters as the Birch Society, and the KKK, the American Nazi movement, and Gerald K. Smith. He says these are people who hate the Jews and are not afraid to act on this hatred. Therefore, it is time for all of our leaders to call for an entire Jewish vote for Johnson.

Now let’s get this clear. For this is a struggle right here in America---Moscow for Johnson, Negroes for Johnson, anti-Christ Clergy for Johnson, Jews for Johnson. So you better get on the other side. Someone said, “Dr. Swift, I am not sure of men.” Well, I am not sure of men either, but I am sure of the actions of God. I am sure that it is people who make the decisions. And this just goes to show how the powers that are diametrically opposed to the kingdom are in a struggle for the earth tonight. And this is where all of their facets and their ‘fifth columns’ in America stand. I think it is significant that they would like to put the strategy of invasion into everything. But this is quite obvious that this is where they stand.

I want you to know that when Joe Pine has his program which it is almost impossible to listen to because you get disgusted . . . but he had a good man on last night, and I waited to hear him. And that was Strom Thurman. And when Senator Strom Thurman came on they had to give him a certain amount of courtesy even tho they had put up sort of a scenario to downgrade him. But he was smarter than they were. When they asked him why he did not fight, rather than switch, he said, “I switched and I am going to fight too.” When they asked him why he was leaving the Democrats who elected him, he said that he was leaving the Democrats and joining the Republicans because they thought more like he did. He said, “I want to make this clear. The people who have captured the Republican Party, think like I do. And I can better represent my people by being on that side of this division.” And it is strange that after he went across the isle, it left 66 on that side. The other side is 34. And some of that is seven . . . and that is not too bad. The fact remains that in the things which he had to say, was that he brought out on that program that the Communist had invaded areas of our government. They have tried to take prayer out of schools, and they are in parts of government. And they are in this administration, and they have captured the Democrat Party. And if you understand this, then you are astute. And then he said, “I believe in racial equality, but I do not think that you can legislate this, or upset the status quo, or force a man to serve someone in his own business, and still stand up for racial self-respect.” And then he said something very important. He said, “Tonight in America, there is a great battle being waged for America.” And they asked him if he would not have to go back to the Democrat Party as the Conservatives take over the Republican Party. And he said, “They are not going to lose control of this party. It will get bigger and bigger, for this is something that is here to stay.” There are a lot of sad Christians who cannot measure up to a testimony like that. And they should go crawl in a corner. This man is talking about Victory, and they are worrying about how they will make it until they are snatched out of here. So go ahead and go.

Someone said, “But, Dr. Swift, you are going to be crying to be taken out of here one of these days.” No . . . but I will be crying for reinforcements. One of these 'cloud nine' person’s said that we should stay out of this. We should separate the church from all political and economic things. We should just meditate on the good things and ask God to take us out of here. And if you stay here and fight this thing, then terrible things will happen, and you will be off the course. I said, “So what could happen and when?” And he said, “When God comes to take us out of the way.” And I said that will be good, for you are in the way. So I said, “What could happen to me if I stay here to fight the devil?” And he said, “You might get killed.” And I said, “Then I will beat you there if all that is holding HIM back is a lot of these neutralized Christians . . . these fine people who are afraid they are going to get killed. Then I will tell you that no one ever got out of this world yet alive. With of course, a few men carried away in special chariots, men of our race like Enoch and Moses and a few others . . . and Elijah. And you think that Moses is dead? But he is not dead.

Let me tell you something. America will be saved by those who are willing to dedicating their lives. This Kingdom of God has been projected down thru the years by people whom God stimulated to stand against the darkness. But above all things to STAND. I am going to tell you this. That in this crucial hour in which you and I are living, it will become increasingly plain that there are tremendous factors involved. There is a passage that will fit into the next message and it is important. For the MOST HIGH said, “I want you to put on the whole armor of God so that you can stand against the wiles of the devil, for we wrestle not alone against flesh and blood, but against principalities and against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Get this clear. We are battling against principalities. And these are vast hordes of the hosts of Luciferians who are under the administration of fallen Angels, such as Lukii, and Voodoo the Witch doctor of Voodooism, and Beelzebub, and Apollyon. These forces are under Satanic management and they want to hold the world order and defeat the Kingdom. We have told you that the world order is the sum total of all of these people who do not belong to the Kingdom of God. They are diametrically opposed to it. Whereas, the Kingdom of God is made up of HIS children out of the heavens into the earth. And their spirits now occupy the bodies of the Adamic race. Jesus said, “They are not of this world as I am not of this world, but don't take them out of it; keep them in it.” And I point out that those who rule the world order do not like it, but you are as high above the world order as the sun is above the earth.

Now listen. Again I want this clear in your mind and in the mind of every individual. For you cannot stay aloof of what is happening. You cannot separate yourself from what is taking place, since you were sent down here. And thus, God says, then you put on the armor so that you can stand, for you are going to fight and you are not wrestling against flesh and blood devils alone, but against their principalities and powers; and against these rulers of darkness in this world. And if you are going to fight the rulers of darkness in this world, then you will have to fight them where they are. And they are here.

Now if the powers and principalities and rulers of darkness in this world are in positions with spiritual wickedness in high places, then this explains what happened ever since the days of Roosevelt, to our time, in Washington. It explains what is happening in other parts of the world as the powers of darkness are selling the Luciferian order to the world and they are trying to sell it to God's kingdom. For with their struggle is catastrophe to the thinking of men. And then this stops their resistance and neutralizes them. And eventually binds them. They have a desire of more than just to kill you off. They would like to kill your leaders. They would like to kill every Clergyman who believes in the Deity of Christ. And they would like to wipe out all of your leadership in the nation. And then they want to keep everyone else as work slaves for them.

Listen. I want you to know that what has happened in the past few years is the rising tension of intense violence along with this political evil . . . with this ‘fifth column’ in your society and with this moving into area of the branches of government with the design to overthrow that government. There has also moved into the world, an unprecedented evil. They watched and tried to capture areas of communication. You watched them move into the Motion Picture field, and you have watched them move into education where they are psychologically at war with the children. You have watched them destroy everything spiritual and right out of your Life, and they have replaced it with the greatest area of demon power that you have ever witnessed. If you look out over the world today, you will see the great waves of juvenile delinquency; the great wave of violence against order and against law, against parental authority, and even against respect for private property. As you have watched this has swept the country, they have had some big riots in big cities. And of course the FBI came out and requested the President to tell America that this did not have anything to do with the race question. But it has a lot to do with the race question. This is just an unprecedented revolt of evil. They say then, all right, this is something to fear. There has never been in America, such a battle against your race, against morality, with their rape and viciousness.

Last week when I was in Oakland, the Negroes had knocked down the escort of a girl and then they raped that girl right there on the streets of Oakland. The number of attacks in just two days on the streets of San Francisco are unheard of. And the police don't tell you, or the leaders of the city, the unprecedented corruption that the unions have with the Negro. And the communist conspiracy is all against the White race. Where does it come from? What is leading this force? What is the force which leads it? Then they try to persuade you to surrender your destiny into the hands of a people who outnumber you in a world government, and into the hands of a people who would activate these things.

All right, the scripture has lots to say about where they come from. We have been told who they are and we have been told that they are principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high place. And all because of the darkness over the earth. All because of this power of this fallen Archangel Lucifer.

Now . . . we turn over in the book of Revelation. And one of the things it tells us is, that there is a climactic turn of events which is developing now, and it is energized by several things. "I saw three unclean groups of spirits like frogs which came out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.” These are areas of satanic and conspiratorial evils and Demon power which comes from the mouth of the Dragon. This is the great seed of the Luciferian hosts. And in the 12th chapter of Revelation, then Lucifer, the fallen angel, is identified as the Dragon and his offspring as Dragon seed. And they are an unassimilatible group of devils in the world today. And then there is another unassimilatible force which comes out of the beast system, which is under their power and control from the races which were on the earth that Lucifer took over. And that political system is known as the Beast system today. They are diametrically opposed to the Household of God and the White race. And now we read out of the mouth of the false prophet, all of the pagan religions, the false religions, the anti-God religions, and these demons, that descended out of the Dragon, we have been told, are not only in the earth, but they are the rulers of darkness as they move around in the earth.

Someone said, “How are you going to find them?” Well, it is easy to find the dragon. Go back over to the declaration of Jesus in the writings of John in the 8th chapter. And the dragons are devils. They are offspring of the Dragon and these evil forces. These unclean spirits move out of these devils. And they go to make war with you. And Jesus identifies them as Jewry. And Jesus said, “Ye are of your father the devil,” and murder starts with him and trouble is always with him. He cannot tell the truth because he has no capacity for it. “And you can’t either,” said Jesus, “for you are his offspring, you are dragon seed. The murder's, the killers, they move with you.”

I turn back to the book of Revelation and I see these unclean spirits out of these three forces. And now Satan gains control over the world order. And what do they do? It says that these spirits, these strange devils, go forth working their strange hypnosis and they gather of earth, the rulers and kings. And they seek to gather the whole world together to battle against the kingdom of God.

You want to know what is wrong in America? It is because devils came in here and have captured areas of your politics, areas of your economy, and areas of your social order. And there are today, even devils in the pulpits. Someone said, “But, Dr. Swift, you are not superstitious?” No . . . I am not superstitious. I just believe in devils. I am not superstitious. But I can see them and they are not just an apparition that has just occurred.

Now listen. They are gathering together, rulers and the things of earth to battle the kingdom. “Behold!” Jesus said, “I shall come quickly. I come like a thief in the night.” (Or when they do not expect me.) And HE said, “now I am going to gather them together for Armageddon.” And that is a battle; it is not a picnic. It is not a big evangelistic service. It is not a Peace treaty. It is not going to be a conversion. It is going to be a big transition. But HE says, “I am gathering them together for Armageddon.”

So I point out to you that demons and devils who are spiritual evils and principalities and powers and rulers of darkness, are tonight surrounding rulers and kings. So listen. How did they get there? Well, that does not matter. They are there. So turn over to the book of Revelation and the 18th chapter, and it says vs:2-- “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and every hateful and unclean bird and every evil spirit.” Babylon is the symbol word of all of the powers of darkness and the forces of evil of this world political design. We have other names for it. We call it the United Nations and even the world bank, or the Union program and the Labor movement. They are all tied up in this symbol. Oh, you say, “We should not talk that way?” But I am just telling you what the scripture says. Every trade has come under their control. For Babylon wants to rule the world. But those who rule here, and whose habitation is here, are devils.

Now some of these little demons are running around, and some of them run hock shops. But when we talk about demons and devils, they run Mystery Babylon.

We point out something to you now. Turn to the last verse of the 18th Chapter of Revelation, or rather the 23rd verse--- “Thy merchants were the great men of earth, whereby thy sorceries were all of the nations deceived.” So these followers of the darkness are workers of sorceries. But they deceived all of the nations that under the same strategy they have gone to make war against the kingdom of God. And in them is found the blood of the prophets, and of the Saints that have been slain upon the earth.

All you have to do now, is go back to the 23rd chapter of Matthew, and you will discover who these people are that have killed the prophets. Jesus identified them in HIS day. He said they are ‘your children (the unassimilatible ones) and your offspring, and they are to blame for it.’ So you have the identity of the World Order politics and the economy and the forces of darkness who want to put you (God’s family) into a one world, a socialist world, which wants to take away your security and your life.

Now recognizing this, then you say, “how did they get here?” A lot of these forces arrived with Lucifer when he came here. Great numbers of them had been bottled up in the Netherworld. They live in the Netherworld in these cavern systems of inner earth. They have been bound there, held there. You say, “but how do you know?” Then turn over to the book of Jude and you find that some of these forces which kept not their first estate, but took on themselves a human form, and mongrelized and produced this unassimilatible seed, have been held in the everlasting days of darkness until the Judgment Day. And this is in the Netherworld.

Now listen. We are told that these unassimilated forces sought the mongrelization of races. And we are told about this evil in the 7th verse of this book of Jude. Then we turn over to the writings of Peter. And he also talks about them. And he says they were Angels who rebelled, and they became natural brute beasts.

Now listen. The Bible talks about this, and says that watchers were placed over them. These watchers are hosts of Angels who patrolled the inner-world habitation for your protection to keep the people bottled up so they could not take over the earth. And the only processes by which some of these demons get into the world is by birth. And when they get caught, they try to flee by the route of death to from whence they came. Remember that man that was possessed of demons and Christ cast the devils out of him, and then the devils cried out that they wanted to get into the hogs? And then they got in the hogs and drowned themselves so as to get back into their own place . . . the Nethermost, or the Netherworld. So they went backward unto where they came from. In fact, there are more people inside the earth than you realize. In fact, there is more land surface than these is on the outside of the earth. We know that Jesus went down there and delivered HIS sons by taking them out of there, every last one of them, and released them into the plains of spirit. Today the Satanic power holds none of the sons or daughters of God. Remember there were people who were resident under Luciferian power. Some of them have been called heroes, and they have had a dozen names over the years. Remember that those of the Satanic force that rebelled with Lucifer, was 1/3 of all of those hosts of that part of the Milky Way which Lucifer controlled. So you see, there are millions and millions of these demons and Satanic spirits. You say, “How can we escape from all of them?” We can, because we are of the Spirit of the MOST HIGH, BORN OF INCORRUPTIBLE SEED. And every area of temptation and every area of law of the kingdom is preserved unto this day.

Oh, we get taken in every once in a while, and we lose the sight of the major goal of substance and things neutralize us at times from the task we were sent here to do, which is to liberate the earth and bring down the darkness; and do this for our Father, God. I turn then again, in the book of Revelation, to this passage. And it has its significance because of its relationship to the hour.

“And the fifth angel sounded, and there came forth like a great smoke out of the bottomless pit.” Someone said, “what is this bottomless pit?” It is the inner circle of the pit. In other words, therefore, there came forth a great smoke which rose up out of the ‘inner earth.’ And the symbol of it is because of its darkness and of its evil. Then there came great hordes of beings. Some of them were flying, some of them emerged like great armies. Some are described like aircraft and some with stingers in their tails, or maybe like machine guns. But as vast hordes of crafts. They are also described as mighty armies and different types of vehicles because their breastplates were plates were of iron. And the sound of their wings will be like the sound of many horses moving and like the roar of great aircraft at high speeds. And it says that they were all running in battle and they had death in their tails, bombs and such as those stinger in their tails. And it says that they have a king over them who is out of the bottomless pit. And his name is Abaddon. In the Greek, this is Apollyon, one of the commanders of Lucifer from that ancient rebellion. And he is here to make war on the earth. And we are told here that in this period of time some of these forces were permitted to exit this pit. And there has been unlimited evil emerging upon the earth, activating and catalyzing their demon forces in all areas of Mystery Babylon. If you want to know why such a wave of violence sweeps the earth, then look at the viciousness that comes out of witchcraft and Negro forces. And if you want to know why this evil is so vicious, then see . . . that they came out, of the Netherworld. And God has permitted this because there is going to be a big victory. Let me tell you, that the household of the MOST HIGH GOD is Eternal. And they are going to bind the darkness and overthrow the evil. And . . . they are going to win a great victory.

I want you to know that today there are Satanic forces that surround the President and lots of other rulers, thru out the world. Phenomena? Let me tell you, there is phenomena. There are a lot of things flying thru the air and thru out space. And people cannot identify them. All of the research of nations have not been able to interpret.

Now vast fleets of these forces have become visible in outer space, moving thru the skies, and they are becoming visible, wheels within wheels, great circular crafts. And there are different kinds now moving thru space. Someone said, “aren't these disturbing?” No, not at all. We are not worried about those moving thru space, even those moving around the earth. Why are we not worried? Because Michael the Archangel commands thousands, times thousands, times ten thousands. In fact, no one knows how to compute just how many of them that there are. For it starts with thousands times thousands and then times millions. And that is a lot of ships. Someone said, “I do not believe this.” Well, it does not matter whether you believe this or not. They are still there.

I was speaking in San Francisco last week and there was a great fire raging in Sonona Country around Santa Rosa, up over that area. They do not know about all of it, but some of it was Negro set. And as this fire was burning at a great heat, there suddenly hovered over it a great space craft. How do they know this? The Air Force came and photographed it. Because firefighters saw it and Law enforcement officers saw it. And I have a picture of what they saw. Someone said, "Where did this craft come from?” Well, it was out of the heavens, because we can tell. And I will tell you something else rather strange. I took Quasar equipment up with me, after our meeting at Oakland on Tuesday night, and I took some of these doctors and their families with me. Some of them had spent the night before trying to fight the fire from their homes in Santa Rosa. And we set up equipment, and we were not only observing Jupiter, but we swung out wide motion over the heavens until we picked up movement. And that night, we picked up three of these crafts. And one of them was just like the photograph of the one they had taken of the one which hovered over the fire and helped put it out. They were moving high over the areas of the bay to the south, and then moving north. I want you to know that your are not alone and that God is keeping HIS covenants. And it is a lot later than you think. The hosts of heaven are standing by. And the heavens are filled with reinforcement.

I want you to also know that all of the flying objects are not good, either. There are some of them, that carry monsters into earth. There are some that carry evil. Some of these objects have come out of the inside. Some of them make their first appearance at the south pole. Some seem to come when they follow the fault lines of earth. One of the things noted by observers is that a great number of these flying objects seem to follow the earthquake faults all over. I hope watchers are standing by to keep on the inside, things we do not want out. I am going to tell you this. There is already emerging out of the Netherworld, the first line forces of darkness. And we are seeing some strange things. I can tell you tonight some strange things that are not just in the political world. They are in the area of the evil which comes out of the violations of Divine law. Remember back in the days of Noah, as to the monstrosities of Divine law, the mutations? There were giants in the earth in those days. Read about it in the 6th chapter of the book of Genesis.

Remember that Jesus said that in the last days it would be as in the days of Noah? Well, I am going to tell you something. For there are giants in the earth today. How do you know? Because they walk the earth. They are in the forests of Pyrenees and the Alps. They have been seen in Great Bear Ridge. So where have they been all of these years? Where did they come out of? What are they a part of? All that you need to know is that Jesus said that there were giants in the land in the days of Noah, and so will they be today. Do you know that a great hairy like monster like ape has been seen in the woods of Oregon? The naturalists know this. They not only know this but they have seen their footprints and sent out brigades to try to capture them. But they have not been to find them when they want them. And when they don’t, they see them. I do not know whether they are all material or partly so. But they belong again in this Netherworld monstrosity of evil of this hour. You are in the hour when unprecedented forces are catalyzing this great evil in the earth today. They are here to do battle against the kingdom. The scripture tells you that monsters will come out of the Netherworld, emerging in various parts of the earth. They are catalyzing their evil and their rage against the kingdom to make war with the kingdom. What manner of people should you be in days like this? You better be supercharge, with absolute faith to bind the darkness. And don’t be surprised at anything that you see. Thus, all of the crafts that move are not good. All of the forces around are not good. But let me tell you something. There are enough forces around that are good, so you do not have to fear defeat. Someone said, “I am awful worried about these strange and supernatural apparitions, and this great hour of strange developments.” I could talk to you for hours on some of the strange things which have happened in just the last few months. People grabbed right up off of a field and carried into a cloud. One working in the hay, then disappeared shouting and screaming in terror. Yes. This happened. So what took them up? And what power was used? Who knows?

But I point this out. For I am not worried tonight, about this evil in this fantastic stage. It’s godlike image from which it was spawned. The great power which challenges you and I right now, has captured political, economic and social control. And they are guided by the cunning of the pit. They want to mongrelize and subordinate your race. And they want to bring up another pit of evil. So the scripture tells you that just ahead of you is one of the greatest periods of evil, and consecrated patterns of evil which the world has ever seen. Ahead of you also, is the greatest demonstration of spiritual power and victory which you have ever seen. If you knew that the evil in America was going to be catalyzed by Satanic power, what would you want to do? You would want to get them all out of power before that time. This is one of your responsibilities today. Out of the Netherworld, the forces of Lucifer the monsters of the pit, the powers of darkness move, and they move to make war on you as a race and a people. It is significant at times when you talk about facets and dimensions that Lucifer controls and a lot of people will say, “I do not believe that.” And they go right on their merry way. And they are oblivious to the source of their trouble. But I also want you to know that it is with cunning that the thoughts of men are moved. Thus, they seek to capture and control their minds. Thus, it is that Mystery Babylon today in its earthly, physical, bodily form is your challenge.

Let’s go back again to these words in the book of Ephesians. “Whereas we not only wrestle against these principalities and rulers of darkness of this world and spirituals wickedness in high places, and you are told to put on the whole armor of God so that you will be able to withstand. And thus, having done everything you can do, then STAND. So God expects you to stand and HE expects you to fight and to cleanse America and the nations of the world. Having your loins gird with Truth, and having put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, then Jesus said, “Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” Read the rest of that chapter, the 8th chapter of John, which exposes the Jews. Know the Truth. This is Satan’s double form, his dragon seed. The secret power of the World crisis.

Now, to put on the breast plate of Righteous, this is to believe God and keep your feet shod with the Gospel of Peace. The preparation is to achieve Victory. And the Peace lies deep in your hearts. And is there because of the Grace of God to preserve the structure of HIS Kingdom. Then with all of these things, I want you to know that you take the shield of Faith and you quench all of the fiery darts of the wicked. So God anticipates that here in earth, there is a political and economic and social conspiracy of Mystery Babylon. And it has captured the Kingdom and this is where you have to put on the Armor of God to fight.

Now, if God was trying to call people off to some little spiritual huddle off somewhere, and you were not to resist and not participate and not to challenge, then there would not be any advantage in putting on any armor. You don’t just put on some armor to watch a T.V. screen, or to get off somewhere when nothing is being directed toward you so you don’t get involved. One sad sack for a preacher, the other day said, “I am going to stay inside until this is all over and then I am going to come out and pick up the pieces.” (People laughed..) And Dr. Swift said, “Maybe someone is here that knows that preacher? ‘I am not going to get involved, God does not want us involved. I am going to wait until everyone is killed off, then I will come out.’ Let me tell you something, my friends. That person is going to have a long wait. Because in this hour when the powers of darkness move out of the Netherworld and the sons of God resist, when they put on the whole armor of God, then God says that they are going to have victory. And they will quench the power of the darkness and achieve the victory.

There have been times when men were frightened and they tried to hide. Remember when Gideon was hiding behind the winepress, and God said, “come on out of there, Gideon, you mighty man of the hour. (laughter)

I sense a little bit of sarcasm there. But at least he knew he had been found and at least he knew that there was an enemy out there. And God said, ‘now do you believe me?’ And Gideon said, ‘Oh, yes, LORD, if I could just prove that you are just telling me the truth.’

Now God has a sense of humor, but HE also puts up with a lot. So God said, ‘all right, what is the little test?’ So Gideon said, ‘I want to put this fleece out and I want it wet when the country is dry, and dry when the country is wet.’

Now Gideon wanted to be sure that God had the power to save him and some of his children want to know this too. But if you don't think that God doesn't have this power, then you don't understand what this is all about. Here is the whole blueprint of how it is going to end up. How could I lose a hope of victory when I have here a clear blueprint of how victory is going to be achieved and maintained; how you will be empowered to achieve what you are going to do. Well, they you know the story of how Gideon gathered together those who were going to resist and he sent everybody else home that was afraid. Someone said, “See, they got saved by not doing anything.” Let me tell you something. That is true, but they are not going to rule over nations. Someone said, “What does that mean?” Well, I can show you that in different places, but here in the 2nd chapter of Revelations, it says:--He that overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end, will I give the power to rule over nations. (vs:26). There is no doubt then, that God is now separating like separating the sheep from the goats. HE is separating the light from the darkness, the good from the evil. And before this is over, there will be a line drawn right down thru America of the proselytes who are working for evil and the sons and daughters of God who are finally waking up. That is going to challenge these people. And the number of those on God's side are the people who are going to save this nation.

Yes, out of the darkness comes the pit. And the darkness then moves to control all production and all of the areas of labor and all of the status of the economy. So God says,-- “Come out of her, oh, my people, and place your faith on the laws of God, the kingdom of God, the source of your greatness. Because I am going to pour judgment out upon the enemy.”

Do you know what the forces out of the pit cannot stand? They cannot stand the light. They cannot stand the light of the sun, and they cannot stand the light of the spirit, and they cannot stand the Glory of God. Whether you know it or not, one of the most powerful factors for you is that you have a radiation out of your spirit that moves thru your being. It is an aura of light and glory. And as you acknowledge the truth and you battle the darkness, and as you move in to challenge, this aura will be more and more visible and its capacity will increase. This is a part of your destiny right now. In fact, in that day when these great super dreadnaughts of space come riding in, and the Great King of kings, and the armies of Michael start moving against the army of darkness, what does it say?----The light and the Glory is going to start rising upon you and HIS Glory will be brighter than the noon day sun. And then we won't even need the light of the sun and the moon because of this Glory of the household of God. And they will illuminate the earth.

And I am going to tell you something. If there is any of the enemy hanging around, they will be looking for someplace to hide, for they will not like the light. They are like the scorpions. They hurry for cover when the light comes on. They will be looking to get under the rocks and into the holes in the rocks, and into the mountain caves.

Yes, I look at the hosts they are putting together at this hour for this battle for America. And this battle is bigger than men, and it will gather all of the forces of darkness on one side. And all of the awakening forces which God are going to gather up will be on the other side. There are strange and Satanic processes going on and I want you to know that there is a catalyst with the witch doctor and that evil has move upon the Negroes of the world until they have become vassals to the program of the anti-Christ. This is why this violent and unprecedented move is to come in this tremendous day. And I want to point out to you that the great nations of God's kingdom have been given the word to STAND. And we have been told that as you put on this whole armor of God, that this is your salvation. For God has saved you from transgression, (violation of law) with the Cross. And you now have this great helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. And if you know the truth and move by every word that comes out of the mouth of God, then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Thus, saith the MOST HIGH.

I am going to tell you tonight that the powers of anti-Christ plan to battle in the streets. They plan to try to take over your country. And they plan to come in from the north, and they are moving Negroes out of Ghana. And they are being brought in to fight in the streets of America. They are being brought into here and into Mexico to be smuggled into here. And they are coming as exchange students. The whole strategy is thus exposed in their publications.

Someone said, “This is a terrible time to live.” But remember, God has faith in you. HE knew the date of your birth and HE knew the timing and that you were to live at this period. So I point out tonight, so that you may again remember your Father. You may remember the power manifested in Christ as HE controlled the wind and the waves, as HE was here dwelling bodily. You may remember the light and the glory on the Mount of Transfiguration . . . the power HE was able to demonstrate thru out HIS physical life. You may remember HIS challenge--- “that I will return again, and I will lead these victorious armies, and I will separate these powers of darkness from the Kingdom. And all I ask of you is to believe and STAND. And I will deliver everyone whose name is written in the Book.”

I tell you tonight that it is strange powers that seem to captivate the mind, except there be spiritual discernment, for you to come out from the kingdom of Lucifer and his offspring. These offspring should be eliminated from all areas of education, from all areas of political life, and from all areas of monopoly and control of your society with the manipulation of your finance and your money. They are planning right now in making the world more uninhabitable. They are planning on bringing on depressions and controlled poverty. And they plan on warring against industry and against farms, and private production. And unless you take their mark, they plan on reducing you to slavery to a world government. Someone says, “Stop it. I don’t want to hear any more.” You say ‘stop?’ But let me tell you this thing . . . whether you want to hear it or not, you will be faced with a lot of things they would like to postpone until after the election. And then they would turn everything loose. Someone said, “Then we are lost.” No. Then it will be even a bigger victory. For I am going to tell you tonight, that God is gathering people tonight, for even a bigger victory.

So I tell you to have faith in God. We do not have the time to go into all of the facets of this mystery of how you can defeat the enemy and how spiritual power can be applied. But I want you to know that there are basically three areas of responsibility. One is the continually acknowledgment of the embodiment of God, your identity with Jesus the Christ. The other is the coming of the indestructible kingdom in which you pray:... ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as in heaven,’ with a just economy, with the laws of God in every function and operation. This becomes vital. And this becomes important. Then, my friends, the great final preservation of the kingdom is the preservation of that race, the preservation of your racial self-respect, and your refusal to be mongrelized and integrated, and your refusal to be swallowed up by the world. This becomes a part of it and this becomes one of the front lines of your resistance.

Let’s go back again, for one moment to this passage. Having put on the armor and praying with supplication with meditation and with the knowledge and the guidance of the Spirit, what is the main thing now? Watching for the preservation of all of the Saints, these children or offspring of God. Someone said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” You surely are. Every one of the last children of God by one Spirit and baptism into one body, the whole great living stone temple of God’s Kingdom. And it is your job and mine to fight for the survival of your race, the protection of our children, and the fulfillment of Divine direction. Someone said, “That is hate.” No, we just hate the evil. I want you to know tonight that the enemy has this thing pretty well figured out. And they say we know what the Right Wing is and it has our number. They call an the people to do something about it with simple solutions. One of the simplest solutions I can think of is to vote only for Christians. I think another thing to remember is to buy Christian. I was aware Friday that the B’nai B’rith was protesting to the Post Office because they bring out Christian stamps at Christmas, and they say this is a discriminatory practice in favor of the Christian religion. Well, you should have a discriminatory practice in favor of the Christian religion because you should have Christian men in that department. Because the Supreme Court has ruled that this is a Christian nation and you ought to act like it. If you cannot have a commemorative stamp to Jesus Christ once a year just because a screaming bunch of devils are crying ‘Oih, Oih unto the heavens,’ it is time we reexamine the nation. They come out then and say we do not want any recognition in America of HIS birth or Christmas? Then fine. You should not buy one single thing from them this Christmas. Not one single thing. If they do not like any part of it, then let them starve. They came out last week to say if they have to convert to Christ or chose death, they will choose death. I know a passage in Luke that would be the answer to that. But I will not mention it now. Isn't it strange how the powers of darkness spell out their own doom? They know it is Christ or the darkness, and they want the darkness.

I want you to know something else. This is my Father’s world and HE put it together. And we have inherited it because we are HIS children and HE is going to put it back into its proper prospective as every other part of this Milky Way. And every galaxy will radiate its devotion to the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORD'S. And the symphony of the sphere will balance the universe. I can tell you one thing. I can hardly wait for the day when I watch the rest of the fleet come in.

Yes, out of the Netherworld comes the reinforcements of evil. But where do ours come from? Lift up your head, for your redemption draweth nigh. They come out of the throne of the Father for an indestructible kingdom. We tell you tonight that you have the power to bind the darkness. If there is anything that you should know, it is how to bind evil. So we tell you not to be afraid to identify the enemy and become aware of how this evil power has been building itself so as to perpetuate itself in areas of high offices. And it is your job to get them out. It is time for Christians to stand together.

The hour is very late and it may not be very long before these developments turn loose. And maybe in four months you will see the hand of God step into human affairs. You will see some of the 'tares' taken away. You should take a look at the obituary list in the ‘Times’ today. You would be surprised. It is almost all 'tares,' . . . important ones. You would be surprised how many big communists have been dying in the last few weeks.

All right, lift up your eyes from whence comes your deliverance.


End of message.