From Outer Space. 1-11-65


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-11-65

We have been told that pilots on our airliners have to turn in reports as to what they have seen. They have to report very carefully to government officers. After the reports are all taken down very carefully, in a few days they are told to forget it, because it was just the stress of their night flying or something else that bothered them, but actually it was nothing which can't be explained away. But Government officers have viewed each and every one of the sightings of these strange flying craft, and interviewed those who sighted them. Over Michigan less than a month ago four great saucers came down over a Michigan city then went out over the country side. And Police officers on patrol saw the objects, one of them had come down on a hill, the officers came as close as they could by car, and they say the ship take off, flew over them making very little noise, but it was a huge metallic ship. In fact about five months ago an office fired at one of them as it took off over him verily missing his head so he thought, he fired at it with his pistol and he heard the bullet hit the bottom of the ship, and the ship paid no attention to it. Of course he did take quite a chance shooting at something smart enough to get here because anything smart enough to get here would be smart enough to out guess him as well. But the intense sightings have occurred over the last four or five months. The last two months we have had very intensive sightings. In fact one of the most amazing things is that when John Glenn returned to earth he talked about how in his satellite trip he saw hundreds of unidentified flying objects flying to one side of his ship. He talked about this quite extensively, but when the government got thru brain-washing him then he said:-----I was only mistaken I didn't see them. But he did at first say that he saw these tremendous unidentified flying objects.

One of the tragedies we have had lately was the death of Joe Walker, for he was one of our finest test pilots and dedicated to his work. And by some strange operation there was a crash of one of the experimental ships flying over the desert, something happened to his craft. There is some mystery to this but one of the things that we want to talk to you about is that Joe Walker had been high up in space on the very edge of the stratosphere, flying a man powered aircraft. The amazing thing is that one of these flights he had these saucers come in along side of him. They flew on both sides of his ship, and they were huge with cupolas on them, and inside of the cupolas he could see the movement of Living beings. He couldn't see to well, it was as tho the glass or what ever was somewhat frosted, but he could see the movements of the Living Beings. These vast crafts flew on both sides of his plane, and as he lowered the nose of his plane he noticed they were also below him as well. He was somewhat concerned but they just speeded up and flew circles around him, and they followed him as he prepared to bring his ship in for a landing. Just as he took his ship down out of the stratosphere they zoomed off and disappeared. Of course he was quite excited about this and he told the government officers about this experience. About a dozen times they brought out men to interview him about his sightings. Finally they told him that he had been 'test' flying while his nerves were very distraught, that he really didn't see this at all, it was just one of these phenomena that he imagined. He was quite concerned about this, and up until the day he died he was concerned, because the government officials told him that he was not to tell anyone about what he thought he saw. He was not to tell newspapers, or reporters or anyone who might come to talk to him because this would reflect on his ability to fly and on his intelligence. However, Joe Walker did tell us about this, and one of the most amazing situations is that on two different occasions he saw saucers flanking his ship---flying side by side. He said that as familiar as he was with air craft that these were of no known type on the face of the earth, and the velocity and speed were out distancing diving planes making over two or three thousands miles per hour. These could suddenly step ahead and outdistance him, at least going 7,000 miles per hour without any question.

Of course----again our government doesn't want to admit anything it can't explain, and any thing it doesn't have an answer to, it denies. I think that probably these are the results of to many Jewish advisors in each of these various departments, and they don't like for you to talk about it. But the fact remains that we now have flying around the world, Satellites, which move close to the equator which have been moving around the world there for several years. They are now much lower than they were at first, and it is estimated that they are moving at about the 125 mile level. These are circular satellites some are 800 feet in diameter, and have been known to leave their orbit and come down over Melbourne and Sydney Australia. They have come over New York and circled around at great heights, were seen on radar scopes and reported to the defense department and they put up great Jets from one of the near-by airfields, the Jets circled but were never able to reach the heights where these objects were but the pilots reported that they could see the objects very small and high above them. Then they left going toward the Atlantic and resumed their flight around the world at the equator.

Some one said:-----how do you explain these unidentified objects? Well:--there is no question of the fact that they are intelligently directed, there is no question of the fact that those Joe Walker say had cupolas on the top and the bottom. That in the shadowy illumination that he received from the cupolas on these ships that it looked like Living Beings directing the power and speed of these ships. As late as W.W.II flying over the Pacific, we have had several reports from our pilots that these ships came right up close to them. The paralleled their speed, and they could look over and see men like creatures on the inside of their ships. And there is no question of the fact that they are now circling the earth.

We can go out on almost any clear night and take our quastar, and before the evening is over we can locate one or more of these objects. Some are going over that we know are satellites, but the others are very different. The majority of these crafts are circular with wheels. They have several decks, and wheels circle around. As you look at them you see three to five circling discs as tho they were synchronized, and one is circling in one direction while another is going in the other direction. With the scope we have we can bring them up close to view them, some nights you see few or not any. But the fact still remains that these crafts are circling the earth.

More than this as we look at the surface of the earth we discover that the Soviet Union is very interested in this. They have left no end uncovered to determine if we have produced and put into space the flying saucers. There is a question about all this for we know that in the areas of some of this mystery there is one thing that is strange and peculiar about the air craft and it's weaponry. Col. Charles Lindberg was summoned to take charge of this experimental station and factory where we were experimenting and synthesizing the knowledge and known evidence we had of these types of craft. Col. Lindberg thought over the offer made to him and he put forward strict specifications that if he was to take charge of this project he wanted absolutely no Jews hired by the government in this project. He said that it would bother him a lot if there were any Jews working there, for he knew that any secret they obtained wold be transferred to the Soviet Embassy, and to the Soviet government. He said:---I don't care if you think each one of them is loyal, if you have one Jew then all these secrets will wind up in the hands of the Soviet Union. The government went along with Col. Lindberg in this project of manufacturing these secret types of air craft. We then understand that Col. Lindberg was establishing this program when certain Jews discovered what was being done and they demanded that Jews be allowed to work of this project, So after 1 ½ years Jews were being placed in the project so Col. Lindberg resigned and went to Switzerland.

This is just some of that pattern, but remember that any secret you ever had has been delivered to the communists by organized Jewry. Remember they gave away your atom bomb secrets, these secrets so well worked out by German and American scientists were given to the Soviet Union. Outside of Elizabeth Bentley who was married to a Jew, everyone of these people who transferred those atom bomb secrets to the communists were Jews. This may be just a unique situation but when you deal with 29 spies and 28 were Jews this was more than coincidence.

Now; within this same structure we have every reason to point out to you that there are lots of flying objects in space, flying in formation. An Astronomer claims he charged about 6000 of them, however, they were thought to be even in greater numbers as our pilots saw these small dots of light moving in precision and formation as they at that time were moving towards Northern Europe. Thus there is no question of the fact that there are such armadas, and if they come from the 1,226 trillion suns and their solar system they are not to many because remember that we have these 1,226 suns in the Universe and each has it's solar system, and if just one planet out of each solar system was inhabited then that would be a lot of people, and crafts, and ships moving around.

The MOST HIGH who created the heavens and the earth and all there is therein over the periods and patterns of time did not create them to be uninhabited. We know he created them to be inhabited as the scripture leads us to believe this by it's interpretation. And also YAHWEH when speaking to Enoch tells him the same thing. Enoch remember was taken into HIS presence. The book of Enoch tells us that a great craft came for him and after closing up his house and saying good-by to his children as he was instructed to do, he went out and got into this great chariot of heaven with the men who came in the chariot. Enoch was told that THE MOST HIGH had sent for him and these men were to take him into HIS Presence. So Enoch in the book of Enoch tells us how he went out over the pole, told us how many wanderers there was even tho Pluto had not been discovered, nor Uranus which wasn't seen until about 1932 altho they suspected it was there. He told us much about these planets, about the moons which move around Jupiter, for he saw these things as he traveled out thru the solar system. Then he talks about his landing on the great area of the seven sisters of the Pleaides, the exact known gravitational center of the Universe. The exact center of all the created objects, because the Milky Way and all there is therein actually moves around the Pleaides. The vastness of all the farther celestial objects are actually in motion around this known center of the Universe. One of the things Enoch talks about is the landing on this huge cold satellite where this huge crystal Palace sat. This building was so high, so huge that this great craft he was in came into the corridor on the bottom floor. Enoch talks about this great Crystal Palace----so radiant with all the colors of the rainbow. And here he sees people coming and going by the thousands as their chariots, or ships brought them to and from the Presence of THE MOST HIGH. Enoch tells how he was taken in an elevator up into the presence of the upper echelon of this great building, and here he saw the ministering Cherubs, and he was then brought before the throne of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and YAHWEH spoke to Enoch saying:-----many of these are like unto you----my sons and my daughters. Many have never dwelt in earth as yet as you have, and as more will also dwell in earth. These are thy brothers and thy sisters, the children of THE MOST HIGH. Who are coming and going from the four corners of the Universe. Then he talks about others who were coming and going who dwell upon the planets of HIS Universe. Enoch----when he returned wrote these things in a book, and you have as much right to believe these things Enoch wrote with vast powers of inspiration, as you do the other scriptures. The books of Enoch are even quoted in these books canonized in your scripture. These things Enoch talked about are in the books of your scripture even to the strangeness of this hour in which you live, in this time of Jacobs trouble where in the forces of darkness are seeking to capture the Christian world and destroy, or wipe it out completely. In this hour---as Enoch beheld and understood this---he was told that YAHSHUA our Savior would return with ten thousand times ten thousand times ten thousand of His believing offspring, and He comes for judgment upon this unbelieving world.

In this also is the statement that is made by the book of Enoch. In the book of Jude(14) he reminds you that Enoch said:---The LORD would come with ten thousands of HIS Saints in judgment. The King James uses the word LORD but this is only in interpretation as Jude used the name YAHSHUA in our English language. We find of course that Enoch tells us a lot of things which we do not have time to discuss tonight, of what he saw as he sailed out into space. But there were a lot of things told to Enoch which are also in part inside the book of Revelation. For in this book of Revelation you were told of the tremendous battle fought in the antediluvian periods of time, you are told who fought this battle, and that in this battle was one known as Lucifer. And that in this battle in this war in the heavens, Michael and his Angels fought against Lucifer, or the Dragon which was one of his symbols. And the Dragon fought with his Angels but prevailed not. There was then no place found in the outer heavens for Lucifer any more.

Now; there was a terrific space battle, thousands and thousands of space ships were involved in this battle, 2/3 of the stars of the heavens were involved. 2/3 of the Hosts of the MOST HIGH were place under the command of Michael the Archangel to fight against this fallen archangel Lucifer who became known as the Dragon, or Satan, or the Serpent or devil as referred to in the book of Revelation. Devil means devious, and he changed his ways, refused to reflect the Revelation. Devil means devious, and he changed his ways, refused to reflect the light, the truth, refused to acknowledge that God has sons and daughters and that these sons and daughters were greater than he because YAHWEH had begotten then, thus they were his own household.

Thus you have the story in the book of Revelation about this great battle and all these crafts where 1/3 of the Angelic hosts of heaven followed Lucifer. Tells us how Lucifer had deceived them, his tale drawing 1/3 of the stars of heaven. This was the facts of this situation, and in fact the rebellion of Lucifer was against the program of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and has continued from this solar system in earth even tho Lucifer can no longer ascend with the power he once had, into the heavens. The perimeter of his power has been broken and he has been confined to this solar system. Michael the Great Archangel wanted to come on in and disintegrate Lucifer, and all his hosts but THE MOST HIGH said:-----now stay Michael, this is my Archangel, and even tho he is now cast down I can restore him. I can make him worship at your feet at any time, I am going to send my sons and my daughters into earth and I shall begat the physical bodies they shall inhabit. I will establish My household here in earth, and they are going to defeat Lucifer. They are going to bring down his kingdom, set free the captive nations of the world who have moved into idolatry with all their pagan policies. They shall destroy the high priesthood of Lucifer, these things I have commanded.

So Enoch not only tells the story, but the Apostle Paul also tells the same story as to how YAHWEH had told Michael he couldn't come on in and finish off Lucifer. He was to leaven him here to be conquered in all his Satanic Kingdom by the children of THE MOST HIGH.

Now;----also as we find these things in the Kingdom of God is in the time of Jacobs trouble that then certain things are to happen. There is no question but that we have had the seducing spirits, and the lying doctrine of devils which have moved in on us with their apostasy. There is no question but that an apostasy has moved in upon God's Kingdom. We can well establish what nations are in God's Kingdom, that they are within the Western world. These great nations are know as Christian nations today thru out the world. But we find that the National council of churches, and the world council of churches have been very seriously guided into the areas of apostasy as they have listened to seducing spirits and lying devils. We are in the grave period with great problems where in the communist are intent on destroying us.

We find in the U.S. News and World report today that the program calls for all out war, for the total crushing of anything that is anti-communist. They are building their air force, rocketry, satellites carrying around the world atomic weapons, and the only thing they have yet to perfect is they’re leasing' so as to pinpoint targets with these atomic weapons, and this is coming fast. They point out to us that the communist world is an anti-Christian force determined on crushing and destroying the nations of God's kingdom.

You can turn also to the book of Ezekiel and find this story, he says they will rise up and come against you out of the north, coming against your un-walled cities. You do not have fortified cities such as they have in Palestine, here that is not necessary, but they are to move against you in this day.

Now;----what about the forces we have on our side? We are told that Michael the great Prince (Daniel 12:1) will stand up and fight for the children of God as he did aforetime. So---when did he do this?----He fought against Lucifer and his hosts aforetime and cast Lucifer out of the heavens long before any of our race ever dwelt in earth.

Oh, yes the world is millions of years old, and in the sixth era of creation God placed the Tungus man on the face of the earth. And out from the Steppes of Asia down thru the continents of earth, even continents now sunk beneath the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific these people roamed, for the population of earth was the creation of THE MOST HIGH. And in Lucifers day he came to earth and captured (the minds) of these people, and brought them under the seduction of his evil religions, and the areas of his apostasy. But I want to point out to you that on the seventh day (in the seventh era) God said:----Behold, there is no Adamite, or white man to till the soil. And thus HE begat (Bara) in HIS own image and from this created the bodies of the Adamic race into which he sent the spirits of Celestial beings and soul consciousness of his Eternal sons.

So we discover that God said:----I will build a Kingdom with my sons and my daughters that will capture and overthrow the works of Lucifer, and in that day the world will know Peace, and know again the Grace of the MOST HIGH GOD, and will return to the worship of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now;---we turn to the book of Daniel (12:1) and it tells us that in this time of trouble such as there never was before, that now the children of god's Kingdom are going to cry for assistance, for help. It tells us that in this time when there is trouble such as the world has never seen that Michael the great Prince who stands for the people of God shall come in, and as he comes in the people of God's Kingdom who are battling against these forces of darkness----shall be delivered---every one of them whose name is found written in the book. Remember that this book was written before the foundation of the world. It was the predestinated chart of THE MOST HIGH, of HIS Eternal family from the hours of Adam to the completion of their deliverance. So no one is blotted out, you don't find any changing of that record for which you can be thankful. And you have the assurance that Michael who commands the Hosts of Heaven is going to stand by and watch over this situation. and this information he will get of the great pattern of World war descending upon you will cause him to swoop in and back you up, and you are going to crush and destroy these communist nations and the powers of this world communist trend.

(After all) Communism is the politics of Lucifer, not only are you told this is this volume (the Bible), but Enoch also told you how Michael is circling the earth, and will be circling the earth at the hour when the great struggle begins, at the hour of your greatest need, when your warriors are battling, and then Michael shall come in at the time of the greatest need---you---in the world have ever witnessed.

More than this in the book of Revelation you discover more outer space contacts. You discover here that the Beasts of the earth who are involved with the Communist society, and the Kings who have ruled over them for their hour with the beast (System) are planning on winning a battle against your Christian nation. And they will (all of a sudden) look up into the sky and behold YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ) and the great fleet as he comes in on that great Flag Ship on which is written KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. And following is the armies of heaven with the mightest fleets the world has ever beheld. And it tells you here in the book of Revelation that the silly (Beast System) and the False prophets, and these kings who ruled their hour with them are going to make war with HE who comes in the heavens. They launch their rockets---they turn loose their mightest missiles and try to destroy that fleet. Of course we know that the destruction will be complete for the sword which moves out of this Great fleet brings destruction upon those who would make war on HE who is:----KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.----They try to make war against HE who we are told in the book of Timothy is the all powerful Eternal YAHWEH against who no resistance stands.

Now:---in the Old Testament I want to show you a few places where it tells of the approach of THE MOST HIGH. In the book of exodus as the children of Israel were being taken out (of Egypt) in their exodus it tells us that:---"The LORD went before them by Day", as an illumination, or a pillar of light in a cloud, and as "flaming fire by night." And HE did not take away this cloud by day or by night, and inside that cloud was a great craft in which YAHWEH (God) was resident. There is no question about this for if you will move into the book of Exodus then you read of this, and God was in the object which the cloud was covering, because God wasn't just sitting on a cloud. As we know clouds, for we are told that for 40 years HE was in the cloud. In fact when they built the Tabernacle and as the work of Moses was finished then the cloud of God came down and covered the children of Israel, and then suddenly the Glory of the LORD came down and entered the Tabernacle and filled the entire Tabernacle. Moses, even wasn't able to enter into this tent of the congregation until the cloud arose and the Glory of THE LORD again went up into the cloud.----But again, this cloud above was hiding the great transportation of the MOST HIGH.

In the book of Deuteronomy it talks to you about this great mystery, about when the MOST HIGH came to the area of Mount Sinai and gave the 'law' to Moses. It tells us in the 33 chapter of Deuteronomy:---"the MOST HIGH came from Sinai and rose up Seir unto them; HE shined great search lights down from mount Paran, and he came with 10,000 of his Saints", and delivered the law unto Moses. There was then a lot of these great crafts because 10,000 times 10 thousands of His believing offspring (Saints) came in with YAHWEH when He delivered the law to Moses on mount Sinai. And Searchlights out of these flying crafts shown down on the mountain, and it is described for you here in this book of Deuteronomy.

Again---we have in the book of Kings a repetition somewhat of the experiences of Enoch who of course was taken out into the orbits of the heavens, to the Pleaides, and he was brought back also on one of these great and mighty chariots of THE MOST HIGH. While there is much in the book of Enoch about this still I want to point this out to you:---In II Kings 2 we find Elijah and Elisha traveling together, and Elijah told Elisha he was about to be sent for by THE MOST HIGH GOD and that a chariot of God's Israel would come for him, so he (Elisha) better stay back because there wasn't any sense in his going on and being left alone out in the wilderness. Of course Elisha told Elijah that he would go with Elijah from one situation to the other because he wanted the mantle of Elijah's power. Elijah said:---I pray thee tarry behind because you may not be ready for what you will see. But Elisha stayed with Elijah s he went to the theological seminary, and as he goes to the hills, and even across the Jordan, and Elijah came finally to the place where he knew he had an appointment with YAHWEH. So the two men talked, then moved on and then came 'the chariot of fire', and it parted them both asunder and Elijah went up by a whirlwind of fire.

But I want to point out something---this word whirlwind comes from 'Rosh Sedrah' and this is a Hebrew-Aramaic word. It tells you that the chariot from heaven appeared and Elijah went up with a whirling blast of power. So the word translated here means a blast of power in a revolving form or something which is a blast of power.

We know this was a chariot from heaven because they said it was a chariot from heaven shimmering as from fire. Elijah stepped into the chariot and was swept away with a great revolving blast of power. So there is no question about the fact that there was sent some kind of an interstellar space craft for Elijah to return into the heavens. People think that just his spirit went up, but they saw a chariot, they saw Elijah leave in that chariot as he dropped his mantle on Elisha. And then Elisha became a mighty man of God also, and in the coursed of God's using him there is other examples of hosts of heaven. Remember how as the Assyrians, those ancient Asiatics carried on their battle against the children of Israel, when they wanted to entrap and destroy them---God spiritually inspired Elisha and informed him as to what was to transpire. One of the spies of the king of Assyria was sent over to Israel to find out how Israel discovered all of their secrets. And when he came to the Israel encampment he discovered that this prophet was telling the king of Israel what ever the Assyrians were going to do. The spy went back to the king of Assyria and said:---this prophet knows and tells the king of Israel what you are going to do. He knows what you are even thinking about in your bed chamber. The king of Assyria said:----what we will do is to swoop down on Israel early in the morning before the people are up, we will seize this community and capture this prophet, then it will be a different story.

Now;--don't for a moment think that when I talk about Israel that I am talking about these Jews who never had any part nor lot with Israel at any time. The Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Germanic, Lombardic, Basque people today are the people of Israel, are from the people in those generations in that period of time. There is no Jew on the face of the earth who is an Israelite, you may be sure of that . Jesus told you they were of their father the devil and establishing this, he pointed out that they were not of God, and had no covenant with HIM.

Now;--I want to point this out---as that Assyrian king sent over his army to capture this prophet of Israel it says that a servant of this man of God rose up early and he beheld encompassing the city, this great Assyrian army. The servant said:----Oh, my master what shall we do? Elisha said:---we will just go on with breakfast. But the servant said:---but these are the chariots of heaven shimmering in fire that were there to protect Elisha. (II Kings 6:17) He saw the gleaming, shimmering chariots of heaven of the MOST HIGH altho he had never beheld them before. Elijah saw them, and Elisha saw them and then he pointed them out to this young man. So---again chariots do move in from outer space.

Ezekiel (chapter) in that book of prophecy said:---"It came to pass in the 30th., year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of Chebar and suddenly the heavens were opened and I saw the visions of YAHWEH". And then on the fifth day of the month which was the fifth year of king Jehoiakim’s captivity the word of YAHWEH came expressly unto Ezekiel, and as the hand of YAHWEH came upon Ezekiel he beheld" a whirlwind out of the north as tho like a great cloud, and a fire enfolding itself, and brightness was round about." There was shimmering wings and great Glory that emerged from this cloud. And Ezekiel said he saw Living creatures operating these ships and they had the appearance as of the likelihood of a man. And everyone of these great crafts were moving straight and it tells you that the hands of the man must have been under the wings. There is a great problem with translation here but Ezekiel tells of how he was able to behold the great marching symbols of Israel which were painted on these ships. These symbols were,---The lion, the ox, the man, and the eagle. These are the 4 symbols of the house of Israel, the four symbols which marked the marching order of the tribes of Israel, and they still mark them today. But Ezekiel talks about how these ships moved, how they went straight forward, and how they turned, how when they wanted to they zoomed. Ezekiel tells how these wheels were managed, how they landed on earth, and then how they flew away. He saw wheels within wheels turning, and this is the same saucer which you can see today, which is the most prevalent of all saucers we are seeing, wheels within wheels moving in these great Dreadnoughts of outer space. And Ezekiel writes that when the wheels went, then the Living creatures went with them, and when they landed on the ground the wheels stood still. And when the ships with the wheels within wheels lifted up from the earth, the living creatures in them went with them. He said that the ships were radiant, shimmering, and as they left he heard the noise that came from their wings, and it was like the noise of great waters, and the voice like the voice of THE ALMIGHTY, as the noise of a host, which came from their wings as they went. I think you have heard supersonic aircraft move by, and in some instances they make the same noise as did these crafts which Ezekiel saw, and heard with their mighty roar sounding like the roar of great waters.

Now: Ezekiel tells us these great ships also landed and suddenly there was an opening in one side of the ship---and they wheeled out of it ---a throne. And there was a man on that throne with the appearance as of 'the son of man' --- the embodiment of God. Around his head was a rainbow of colors, and the rainbow shimmered out with patterns of light in the fullness of the spectrum as tho being radiated from a prism. Ezekiel describes what he saw as he came close saying---this rainbow like the one seen in a storm was around the head of this ONE who sat upon the throne, who had the appearance and likeness of the Glory of God. Ezekiel saw this, and he fell upon his face. But YAHWEH said:---come on Ezekiel stand up, I bring you a message, so come with me, and then I want you to carry this message to Israel. I will give you prophecies that will be fulfilled in the days of thy life, and in the days to come thereafter. So YAHWEH took Ezekiel with him and he flew in that great ship, and he talks about the amazing speak of the ships, and then he was brought back and set down where he was before, and he then gave the amazing prophecies--even up to our time. He told of how the people of Africa turning all those people of the world against the white race. Ezekiel describes this as he says they will come against the land of un-walled villages. He tells us of the mighty victory which will come from THE MOST HIGH.

Now;---again remember---in the days of the wise Magi of your race, when they were studying the stars, and the measures, when they were so intent on watching for certain signs under the teaching left by Enoch, thus as they saw the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter and knew that the Messiah would be born they started out from their portions of the earth where they lived to come together for the birth of The Messiah. They saw before them from Egypt---a space craft with a bright light which guided them to Jerusalem, and from Jerusalem to Bethlehem where the Christ child lay. It talks about a great light, and some people talk about it as a star, but there isn't any star that can come down to earth and run around like that, this would be completely out of balance in size---the stars being like your sun. It was a great searchlight which came out of ship, and we know it was because that same night there were shepherds out on the hills that were guiding their flocks. Suddenly a Chariot came over them and the great search light shown down on them. then someone on a megaphone called down and said:---"Be not afraid, be of good cheer for there is born unto you tonight a Savior, in the city of David, who is Christ the Lord." The shepherds were amazed and a bit afraid, but then a heavenly choir of believing offspring in that ship begin to sing carols--hymns. And then the Shepherds with haste went into the city of Bethlehem where they also worshiped YAHWEH--YAHSHUA or Christ the LORD.

Again, I want you to note the advent of the incarnation of THE MOST HIGH into this body of Christ for it wasn't without fanfare, it wasn't without protection, it wasn't without the Hosts of THE MOST HIGH GOD standing by. Even as you are told in the twelfth chapter of Revelation as to how the Dragon stood by to devour the child as soon as it was born---so did king Herod---king of the Jews with the Jewish army. They came into Bethlehem to try to kill the Christ child. The Jewish army killed over 3,000 children in this rage to kill the Christ child. But being warned by the spirit, the wisemen came, giving the proper information and Joseph and Mary took 'the child' and went down to Egypt where they remained until the death of Herod had taken place.

As we see these symbols remember that The Christ in the days after the Resurrection when he was about to depart after setting free his many children----after he had stormed the Netherworld and resurrected from the dead remember HE had established by HIS Resurrection the keystone of the Christian faith. Then he went out with his disciples upon a hill, and he told them to wait in the city of Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. Then as he talked to them there was a cloud approaching and Jesus stepped into the cloud. As the Disciples starred into the cloud two men stepped out of the cloud which was covering a great chariot. These two men (Elijah and Moses) said:---why are you starring into that cloud? This same YAHSHUA (Jesus) as you saw HIM go shall return in the clouds (ships) of Glory.

Remember as Jesus speaks in the book of Matthew:----(24:30) "As lightening cometh out of the east and shineth over to the west so shall the coming of the 'son of man' be". It tells you that there shall appear the sign in the heavens of 'the son of man', and then the tribes of earth (heathens) shall mourn. This has already taken place (2-4-62), and we are now in the measures of the latter days. The pagans all mourned as they saw all the constellations line up in the sign of Aquarius, or the sign of the outpouring of the MOST HIGH.

Now:---it tells you this----after you see this sign that Enoch told about ---- this line-up of the wanderers in the sign of Aquarius which had not happened for thousands of years before ---- long before Adam. After this sign---then HE sends his ministering spirits, and they shalt sound the alarm, or sound a trumpet, and gather together HIS elect from one end of the heavens to the other. This again is when God gathers up HIS believing offspring, HIS Elect, the children of HIS household from the fore corners of the heavens. He sounds HIS voice to the fore corners of the heavens and gathers His elect, and they come from the four corners for that great day when in that hour Christ appears with a might army, an armada, a tremendous fleet out of the heavens. He tells us that this will be how HE will divide the nations, divide the sheep nations from the goat nations and rule over them with a rod of iron. People do not realize, or know what some of these things may be but I can tell you that already the ships of Michael are moving around the world. They are flying in outer space these hosts of heaven, and they have the world under observation.

One of these days you will see the greatest armada in all times and history joining with you as you battle the forces of anti-Christ as you challenge the powers of darkness. You are not to wait for God to come and do it for you.

You are to hurl yourself into the battle against communism, socialism and the programs of anti-Christ. As you do this then God has promised to see you thru. He said:----I shall sound my voice before my army. I shall send in Michael and then I will come with the hosts from the fore corners of heaven. There will be ships by the trillions which will come in. There is not enough room on earth to land all of them. You have been thus assured of so great and so mighty a deliverance.

Some people say you don't believe that? Yes, I surely do---I believe every word which comes out of the mouth of God. I believe not only this but that the evidence is also appearing. I believe that the signs we have been told to watch are coming forth. I believe that with these signs come the intense desire---"LORD JESUS come quickly, even so come", YAHWEH--YAHSHUA (LORD---Jesus).