Peace And Safety, 10-12-68


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-12-68

I felt driven to speak on this subject when last Friday I heard Hubert Humphrey make a speech. And he said, ‘I am the only man that the people can choose for President for I am the only man of Peace.’ And he said if you elect me I will give you Peace and Safety. And the moment that he said that, then there came to my mind what the Apostle Paul said, in the writings of book of Thessalonians. When you say Peace and Safety, then comes sudden destruction." And Mr. Humphrey said that there is only one way to have Peace and that is not to fight. He said that the people are looking for leadership with the Vietnam conflict. And the only way to have peace is to stop bombing them. We just need to bring our men home and there will not be any fighting, and the people will call me the man of Peace. I would go over every month to the Soviet Union to work out a program of Peace, for the fighting must stop to have Peace. And whether it take appeasement or any process the human mind can work out still it is worth it to have Peace.

Now this man wants Peace at any price. But I am going to tell you, my friends, that as a child of God, we want Peace thru victory. This is the truth from the Word of God. For this Word talks about Peace thru victory. It never talks about Peace at any price. Never talks about Peace by acquiescence. It never talks about Peace by giving in to the powers of darkness, or the forces of evil.

This is a strange situation. They think they can take a great Christian nation like this and lead it by the nose by talking Peace, Peace, Peace. Of course the Jewish congress has come out this last week, and all across the country you are told that no soldier should have to go to fight if they do not want to fight. Therefore the Jewish soldiers will not have to fight because they can say that they do not believe in it. Or it is against our religion, for in this particular war we do not want to fight. So now the Jewish congress is taking a test case to the Supreme Court where they are hoping it will say that they do not have to fight. But let me tell you this. The Jews never fought unless they were in the Quartermaster corps or in the medical department, for they never served in the front lines.

But now they are talking about a way for all of the Beatnik and themselves to get out of this war. But at the same time, they are making all kinds of excuses for all types of hostilities. Thus this is the statement from this man who would be president,--'I am a man of Peace.' Then he goes on and on about being tired of hearing about law and order. But I do not think that he or this administration is thinking about law and order. He said, ‘there will be no battling between the police department and the Negroes if I am elected. Thus it is Peace, Peace, if I am elected.’ But I have not heard anything about the white man who has been burglarized or his house burned down, if Mr. Humphrey is elected.---See?

Thus, this vast Peace Propaganda policy is a strange and eerie policy. And yet it is appealing to a vast number of people, who have become so demented from the cries of the radio and the T.V. that they are now also saying, 'We must have Peace at any price.' But I can tell you that the remarks from any of the candidate for President have not been too good in our way of thinking. Mr. Humphrey went before the B’nai B’rith and told them that we would send them so many planes and that we would fight for Israeli. And then Mr. Nixon went before them and he said the same thing. Only he said we would send planes but did not promise sending men over there. So we say what is the matter with these men? They are wanting peace at any price, and not considering the consequences.

But as they talk about Peace, the book of Jeremiah has some unique passages in it. Jeremiah 6:14, says that they have sought to heal the hurt of the daughter of my people by saying Peace Peace when there is no Peace. Our politicians here have sought to woo the people and to get them to accept the policies of Baalism and the policies of the idolatrous nations round about, if you will just seek Peace by accepting them, for that is all I want you to do just now. So the political leaders and the religious leaders, a mentally destroyed people anyhow, having bowed to Baal power, have come to the children of Israel and said; Peace, Peace let’s have complete Peace.

Then turn from this sixth chapter of Jeremiah to the 8th chapter of Jeremiah, and the eleventh verse, and it says the same thing. "Peace, Peace, when there is no Peace.” So if you will just recognize that these other people have principals and religions and ideals. So you just give in to them and they will not destroy you. But of course you have to give up the God of Israel. You have to give up the worship of HIM. And you

will have to give up this concept that there is no other God but YAHWEH. But if you do this then these people will let you alone. This makes me think about even here in our time that the President of this nation and the vice-president seem to be calling for the same situation. And now one of the things which we are worried about is that in this war in Vietnam, that we understand that great oil companies have been going into to the harbor in North Vietnam and delivering gas and oil into their vast storage tanks. And these supplies have been distributed and are being used against you and your young men. Many of our young men are being wounded by supplies which went by ships right out of Texas. And the President's explanation is that he did not want to expand the war. He said he did not think it would be a good idea to cut off their supply of fuel for their stoves and cars. He just wanted to show them that they cannot win, or enforce their will over South Vietnam. He said, ‘I did not want to see our ships or our piers blown up, so I did not stop this.’ We think this man should have stayed in Texas instead of becoming President of these United States.

I want you to know that if we are to win this war then we have no program for dealing thus with our enemies. The President said. ‘I had thought that we would find Peace thru the negotiations now going on but they have not quite accepted the terms that we have offered.’ And even Mr. Nixon said that he did not want to comment on the war and in any way jeopardize the Peace talks going on over in Paris. I want to give that free reign. But after I am president, then I will have to step in and do something. We must let them have a chance for Peace.

But, my friends, they have had the chance ever since the war started. This is very strange. For you do not have to carry water on both shoulders to be elected by the American people. And in the meantime the American people are getting angry.

Then we hear that the American people, Christian people, cry about Peace. But ever since they discovered the Prince of Peace they have been at war. This is right. But you must understand your faith and you must also understand the power of darkness that is in the world today.

As we turn to the book of Isaiah, we read that "unto us a son is given, unto us a child is born and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and his names shall be called Councilor, Almighty God, and the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace." And then when Christ came his enemies tried to kill him all thru his physical life. Then when he was crucified and then resurrected. Then they still try to kill the Christians. And this continued, as Christianity fought back and finally received and maintained a foothold in the world. And the nations arrayed against you with the stimulation of organized Jewry has tried to stir up trouble between Christian nation, after Christian nation, and the whole world has been at war. Then the nations in trying to establish peace put out their armies, and thus we find that they say that it looks as tho Christianity has been a backdrop for war. Well I hope so.

In the book of John in the 14 chapter, Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you. MY peace I give unto you, but not as the world gives unto you. But do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be ashamed, and for you to be ashamed.” (Peace--this type of peace means understanding). This is talking about the time when Jesus would be leaving them. Thus his disciples whom had spread thru the entire house of Israel would be left to carry on. Thus this was Jesus talking about the pattern of his leaving them and they would have to carry on without HIM. Thus the disciples would have to spread out and carry Christianity forward against all of the opposition and HE would not be with them, in the flesh, but HE said HE would be with them in the spirit, and he would send the great comforter, the compassion of His spirit to come down over their minds and over their intelligence, and he would bring to them spiritual truth. He said, “I leave to you the knowledge of all truth, and I will bring all things to your remembrance.” ----"I will come unto you."

Thus, the spiritual consciousness of the Most High referred to here as the Paraclete. And translated in the King James version as the Comforter was promised to those who were Christians, that they would have the light and the illuminations of the Most High God to guide them on with the program which Jesus had been talking about thru out his ministry. HE said that the Kingdoms of this world would become his kingdom. He said that when the day had come when he returned, it would be when they would see this great day of victory and of power. He thus told his disciples how and why they would expand the Gospel and why the Gospel of the kingdom would be attacked, and how they would be persecuted for this fact. But that Christianity would grow and grow. And then he said that, "My Peace I leave with you. But I leave a Peace far different than that which people talk about, which is hostility.”

Over in the book of Philippians, in the fourth chapter, it says: The Peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds thru Jesus Christ, this embodiment of YAHWEH, God.

Now therefore what is this peace that passeth all understanding? It is simply that you are the offspring of the Most High, and you have your minds completely coordinated with His mind. The spiritual truths of his mind will fill your consciousness and will take over and rule in your life. This is Peace with righteousness not with evil. The scripture says, 'I have come to overthrow all of the works of the devil.' And then he brings out the fact that you fight against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. As such HE does not talk about Peace except thru victory. There is only one way to Peace, and that is thru victory, thru the conquest of darkness and the overthrow of all of the forces of evil. Thus the scripture makes this statement, that you will have peace in your heart, but not in this world for the enemy controls as of now. But the story here is that this is your Father's world, and that HE established his kingdom in earth and that they shall rule the world. Thus we see the begetting of the Adamic household, and then down thru this race the building of this household, and the coming of the Messiah and the quickening and awakening of the children of the Most High God. Spiritually then, they were free to move forward and to spread out and to build HIS kingdom. And the Children of Israel have been told that they are going to take possession of that kingdom and rule over it forever and forever.

This is a part of the Gospel. It is the Gospel of the Kingdom. It talks about the overthrow of darkness and the spiritual victory which shall be maintained. It talks about administration and rule. It talks about force of arms where necessary. It talks about taking their weapons and making them into plowshares and such for the powers of darkness will rule no more. The kingdom promises blessings, and it promises surprise. But all is promised according to the laws of the Most High God. Therefore HE says, “I give my Peace unto you.” But His Peace is in your hearts and minds and they are bound in the program of victory.

Some people say, ‘but how can he be a man of Peace and still a man of war?’ For the scripture says that the LORD is a man of war. And over in the book of Revelation, then it talks about how we are going to sing again the song of Moses. And we will sing the song of how the horse and his rider passed into the sea. And we are going to recognize the fact that out of the heavens above comes the forces of Christ and the hosts of the great Archangel Michael and all of those with him, of his white throne army, who move in to participate with you in the events just ahead . . . before you and your nation, here in this world. These things are destined and they are true. And you can depend on every word that comes out of the mouth of God, for the LORD is a man of war. And His Peace is a Peace of victory . . . and of the triumph of righteousness over darkness.

Another area of the mystery of the scriptures is where Jesus is referred to as the light of the world. In the book of John HE says, “I am the light of the world, and I lighteth every man who comes into the world.” And here you are talking about the Adamic race. The Adamic race has come out of the heavens into earth. And their spiritual light is the consciousness of their Father, which is the light of light which comes out of the flesh. Therefore you are the children of light, not of darkness.

Then over in the book of Thessalonians, from where we took the text of this subject we note again these words:-- ‘Therefore ye know perfectly that the day of the LORD shall come as a thief in the night here in earth. But at the same time, ye brother, are not in darkness that day will overtake you as a thief.’ Chapter 5, we are then told that you are the children of Light, and the children of the day. For we are not of the night or of the darkness. The scripture says that there is no Peace for the wicked. No peace for Lucifer and his angels, no Peace for his children. Therefore, no Peace for Jewry. And of those who said, 'Let his blood be upon us and upon our children,' they have been in trouble ever since.

Now there is no way to make a program of Peace with the devil. There is no way to acquiesces with the devil. There is no way to live in Peace with the devil. There is no way to have Peace with Mr. Humphrey's plan where you just knuckle down and pay any price for Peace. But when you put up one standard of unity, of liberty, and one standard of Righteousness that is too much to pay for Peace. Even one principal is too high a price.

Turn to the thinking in the book of John, where it says that HE is the light of every man that cometh into the world. And the scripture talks about the light of the wicked being darkness. Actually the word for light would be the same thing that we use for aura today. Thus, the aura of the wickedness is darkness. There is an emanation that comes from people. There is an aura of light which comes out of the inner nature of men and women. It moves off of their bodies and develops from them. But there is a vast difference in some people in the length of their aura. Sometimes you can see this aura standing out around people. Maybe you have never experienced that. But it is a radiation of light which stands out around people. The children of God, the children of this white race, reflect the aura of this spiritual presence which glows within them. More than this they radiate this aura and it is sort of like a protection around about. And we are told that the light of the wicked is darkness. The children of Lucifer, the powers of evil, the conspiracy of world Jewry, is all there, and it emanates as tho an area of dark light.

Again you are told that one of the most valuable gifts which you possess is the gift of discernment. And only the spirit of God gives you this gift of discernment. And this gift is the delineation of the battle of light. That aura that comes out of you continues on out beyond that visible factor. It is an area of radiation that can be hardly seen. And as you approach a person and if that person does not have the same kind of light, then there is no affinity there. And if this strange aura is that which comes out of the darkness then as that aura comes up against your aura then the auras whip and clash. And you will feel this and you will not be easy about that. So you better not associate with that person, better leave him alone, rather then to move in an try to overcome that repulsion, for this is the feeling of discernment.

If people did this they would be better off, they would not be forced into these situations with the government going array and a religion that has gone averse. For they would integrate and throw together these things which had nothing in communion within any capacity.

Thus it is again, for HE says, ‘therefore I am the light that lighteth every Adamite that comes into the world.’ For you are the children of Light. Not the children of darkness. And you can feel the darkness. I think it is time we elected Presidents and men to office in these united states wherein there is no revulsion, nothing that you have to back up from. Where you take your stand for God and for the nation, and let the chips fall where they will.

Now we turn and we listen to all of the smut and the evil that is coming out today from the enemy and from the darkness. The L.A. Times had a long piece in it the other day of how freedom had finally come to the Motion Picture industry. Finally they will make pictures that are real candid and will come out and talk about the facts of life. And then they say that these films will not be recognized for children under sixteen. So they are now going to show intercourse, sex, in all kinds of positions, and they will not cover up anything. There will be all kinds of bedroom scenes as this great new freedom comes in the Motion Picture industry. But they are moving into corruption and into vice and obscenity. And the reflection of these creators of these motion pictures are now going to come out thru their films and show how rotten they really are, and they will take the responsibility for them. I want you to know that it is like that in Paris where they put on that big play. And as they ended up, there were thirty of them standing on the stage stark nude. And people clapped their hands for they have been totally immobilized with their minds down in the gutter. This is the way the civilization is going as it turns to run into the cesspool of corruption and darkness. Because it has not had enough courage to wage war on the powers of darkness. I think it is time in this country when we say that the Jews are not going to ruin the minds of our people. The screens of our country is not going to be filled with this kind of filth. It is time we ran them out of business, and out of the country.

There is no question of the design they are going to take. They have boasted of how they are going to ruin the country, and how they will destroy with this pattern.

Then here comes one of the speakers for the National Council of Churches and he is also talking about Peace. And he said the one way to have Peace is to get along with everybody. That religion has caused more wars than anything else. He said that if all men recognized all religions, taking the better things from all religions, then we would not have any more wars. For then they would not be fighting about their religions, and then they would not be fighting about their politics either. What we need then is just to get along with people and recognize that all gods are good. And this is like the Hindu they had speaking who was to outline the age of theology. And he was talking to a Christian congregation, and he was talking about how superior that Hinduism is to Christianity because it existed so many thousands of years before Christianity. Therefore, it should be recognized as a very old and vital religion. And then the Pastor of that church got up and said he was so glad to have that Hindu come to visit them and to express the beauty of his eastern religion, which was in place before our religion was born, or came into being. He said that now this man's religion speaks to us at this time.

But I want you to know that this is again a demonstration of the same type of appeasement because the devil and his angels was on the earth before you were. Thus the household of God and the kingdom people came to earth after Lucifer had destroyed the earth, and this is no made clear. So are we to sit back now and worship Lucifer, and join Hinduism that left that part of India so corrupt, that today it is one of the most debased societies on the face of the earth.

So today are we to have Christian churches listening to pagan idolaters? After all this is the kind of a man who should have been taken down to the brook and had his head cut off, according to the scriptures. For it says that you are to cut down their groves and their idols, and cut the heads off of their pagan Priests. You don't want to bring pagan Priests into your churches to teach your children and then talk about the beauty of ancient paganism. What is the nation thinking of as it talks about brotherly love with everybody?

Take for instance the Soviet Union where we have to teach them everything and then buy their products since they do not have the intelligence to do anything with the things they steal from you. But they will not have any intelligence as long as they worship Lucifer and the powers of darkness, and they would trap you in the same situation.

I am going to tell you that you will never become the Great Nation of God's kingdom until you become independent of these nations and their areas of evil, and do not let them work upon your minds. It is time we took a stand for YAHWEH, God, and the truth of his word, and again let the chips fall where they will.

So we listened to the World Council of Churches and they stress that we must accept all men's religions and take the best out of them all. And then the Pope comes along and ----I listened to George Jessel ----he had been over in Italy and he said, ‘did you know that the Pope was a Jew? He is a fine man for he is a jew.’ He said, ‘I had good fellowship with the Pope.’ And then the Pope comes out and he tells his people that he does not want them to fight Communism any more. He said, ‘I want the people to get out of their minds that they are fighting Communism. I want them to realize that they are getting along with Communism. We can give in here and there and they will give in here and there, and we can made Peace. After all Communism may not be so bad. It may just be the semantics of the word. There are things that we do not like because we have been against them so long. So let’s take a look at Communism, for maybe it is sharing things better than we as Christians are sharing.’

Now Bishop Sheen did not have too much to say about this, for he used to come on the air and blast Communism. And people high up in the different Catholic organizations are speaking out and saying what kind of a Pope do we have that comes out and tells us to join with the Communists. That we should make no distinction between good and evil. Is this the price of Peace?

Now, my friends, what you can look for is that the Children of the kingdom will throw ourselves into this situation and we are going to clean up and overthrow the powers of darkness. I not only think that we can overthrow the powers of darkness, but I also think that we can clean up our nation and lift up divine standards, and the powers of righteousness will again shine upon our nations. For HE has promised us that when we do this we will have lots of food and houses and blessings, and the pagans will not take them from us. They are not going to rule over us. And one man will not build a house and then another man live in it by cheating you out of it. Oh, you say, ‘how can we do this?’ My friends, by giving the land back to the people whom God gave it too in the first place.

So the word is Peace and safety and it is coming thru victory, and not by acquiescence and not by surrender. Many a man has found himself to be spiritually guided and he has come thru the war unscathed. That is a strange thing. But God says that a thousand can fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand and still no harm shall come nigh thee.

This is a rather strange thing for we have come thru the Korean War and World War II. And we have had thousands of boys from our congregation and churches who have gone into the wars and came back. And there were only two boys that we know of that were injured in all of that time, and God even brought those boys back. Think that over now. These boys knew as they went that they were the children of the Most High God and they were counting on that promise when they went, that a thousand could fall at their side and no harm would come to them.

I want you to know that you can count on God. For he said he was going to stir 'My people.' ‘I am going to quicken their consciousness. I am going to call upon them to stand in this hour. And so the Peace that passeth all understanding is not Peace with the enemy, but Peace thru victory over the enemy. And it is the assurance in our hearts and souls that we are right.

We hear constantly about the deadliness and evils of war. But this is forced upon the nations of the kingdom because they take a stand for Right. But the kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our LORD and his Christ, his anointed, and His law is going to prevail.

The law of God is the law of law and order. It is the law of enforcement. It is the law of standards. And the kingdoms of this world are to become the kingdom of our LORD and His Christ.

End of message.