Peace On Earth, 1-5-70


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-5-70

(Two messages tape given at time of Vietnam War for Christmas sermons.)


There is no question about the advent. There is no question about the Most High and the proclaiming of his coming. And out there on the hills there suddenly appeared before them a tremendous craft out of the sky, the heavens. And all at once an angel of the LORD stood before them. And then they heard a great and heavenly host high above them, and singing out of the clouds, and out of a great craft. And they sang and had their lights shinning down upon these shepherds. And they sang "Peace on earth, to men of good will."

We think of this and the tremendous amount of amazement that must have filled those shepherds. And we listen also to this song:---"Peace on Earth, to men of good will.” And we remember the words in the writings of Isaiah in the 9th chapter, where it says: " For every battle of the Warriors is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood, but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.”-----"But unto us a child is born”---even amidst the conflict---"Unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder. His name shall be called wonderful and counselor, the mighty God, the ever lasting father, and the Prince of Peace"

This is the promise of Peace, and when HE is referred to as the Prince of Peace. This is his attribute, that HE refers to as to the fact that HE is master and sovereign thru out his universe. And HIS ultimate plan is to bring Peace to the earth. We are then having a strange and peculiar process taking place this Christmas. We notice that the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches is teaching that Christ preached Peace on earth. Then to have peace on earth we must stop fighting, we must stop resisting the Communist. To have Peace on Earth we must find some way to stop the battle against the Viet Cong. And we must seek to remember the processes of our arrangements with the Soviet Union. In fact the local Globe which is supposed to be the spokesman for one of the largest churches also swoons to this strange and peculiar policy. So they are sad that we are battling the forces of evil, that we are battling world communism. Or that we have a battle with the Soviet Union, because the spirit of Christmas is 'Peace on earth'.

Thus we should not have war in any land, but we should be having Peace everywhere, for all mankind. And we should not wish to push our will over these other people. It may not be that they desire Peace enough, but we are going to sacrifice enough where in they will grant us Peace. Also war will probably accompany it but it will also be Peace on Earth. And he talks about this area of Peace, and this area of responsibility, which we of the Christian society have toward the wicked world.

But I do not discover anything in the scripture about Peace on earth the kind of Peace that God gives. I want to point out something to you over in the book of Isaiah were in we find so much of God's leading. Thus, God hath redeemed his servant Jacob. And therefore altho he walks him thru the desert and causes the water to flow out of the rocks, when he struck the rock and the water rushed out. Thus God redeemed and saved His people Israel. He saved and redeemed Jacob. But there is absolutely no Peace, saith YAHWEH, for the wicked.

Also I want to point out to you that the kingdom of darkness and the powers of evil, which existed in the world when God placed the Adamic race here. For he placed them here, having brought them down from heaven to earth, and placed them in physical bodies. Told them to increase and be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, and thus his kingdom would triumph over the powers of darkness.

Thus the Bible teaches Peace and it teaches Peace on earth. But it teaches that it is victory over the powers of the wicked which is the eternal Peace of God. For the sovereignty of God will enforce His Peace. This is one of the reasons that it says unto us over here in the book of Isaiah that "unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given. And this is literally an announcement of the sign of the kingdom.” This child was the Everlasting Father, and thus the Prince of Peace.

As we find the children of the kingdom placed in the earth we, then find the powers of darkness that move in to work upon this kingdom. We find that the seduction of Eve by Lucifer was one of the first transgressions of your race. But I want to point out to you that as God looked upon this situation he said; "I will put enmity between you and this woman. Between thy seed and her seed He shall bruise thy head and you shall bruise his heel I will thus establish everlasting warfare between the children of Adam and Eve and the children of the serpent.”

Now; the children of the serpent are plentiful, they are the unassimilable children of fallen angels and Lucifer. They are everywhere, and they seek to guide and control the people who were upon the earth before the Adamic race came in. Many of these races turn to idolatry. They sing no Christmas songs. They have no happiness, and joy or merrymaking in their hearts at this time of year for they serve the gods of darkness and of evil, these powers of Lucifer. And we are not, my friends, in any way in a program of Peace with the gods that are against our God or forces of evil which are against his kingdom. There is nothing scriptures that says the believing offspring, the children of God are to establish this kind of Peace.

However there is a Peace that will surpass all understanding. There is a Peace that remains for the children of God. There is a Peace in their redemption, for he has promised that He will establish this Peace in their hearts. This is with the cognition of the Holy Spirit of God. The majestic pattern of the mind of God, sweeping down upon the children of God, awakening their consciousness, and their souls; moving their consciousness into the patterns and purposes of God. It is to follow the tremendous work of redemption. It is to follow the coming of God as a savior as well as a king. This announcement that he was the son of David and would be born in the city of David was the truth of the story. It was the fullness of the pattern altho it would not be fully maintained in this hour in which he came. But He did say as he spoke to your forefathers, that HE would put enmity between you and between the kingdom of darkness.

These strange and peculiar prophecies coming today out of a false ministry are saying we should make peace with the enemy. We should do everything in our power to establish a way of Peace even with great sacrifice, for we should make peace. But these fellows are following Communist cards behind the facts, and taking their program out of the background of your enemy. I cannot speak much for the Pope of Rome for I question whether he is taking so much out of the Communist manifesto as he is in his desire to bring all people under his mantle. But he is turning to profundity into the ways of darkness, because he does not know the truth to begin with.

We point out to you therefore this declaration as it relates to the most high God. He declares in the hours when the Psalmist sings:--Give the kings thy judgment, Oh! YAHWEH THY RIGHTEOUSNESS. For HE shall judge his people in righteousness. The poor with judgment. The mountains shall bring peace to the people. And the little hills by HIS righteousness. HE shall judge the poor, and HE shall save the children of the needy and HE shall break in pieces the oppressor. Showing here that there shall be no Peace for the wicked. Then shall also fear thee as long as the sun and the moon endures, because like in all generations you shall come down like rain upon mowed grass, and like showers that water the earth. And in HIS day shall righteousness flourish, and the abundance of Peace and as long as the moon endures shall HE establish the Peace of HIS kingdom. He shall have dominion over the sea, and in this dominion it shall be from sea to sea, and from river to river to the ends of the earth. And those who dwell in the wilderness shall bow before HIM. And His enemies shall come and lick the dust. He shall deliver the needy, and the poor, also that hath no helper. He shall redeem their souls and free them from the violence. There shall be a handful of corn upon the top of the mountain upon his people, and his name shall endure forever. His name shall be blessed and all nations shall call HIM blessed. Thus Blessed be God, the God of Israel. And who shall be these wondrous things. Blessed be his name forever and let all of the earth be filled With HIS glory.

So again the scripture talks about God’s Peace, of His sending His peace upon His People. It talks about the reconnecting back of their spirit with their soul consciousness. Talks of the Pouring out of food and substance, while in all of these things he holds down the iniquity. And they cry out in fear because of the sovereignty of the Most High God. These are the areas of His Peace. But of the hosts of His Peace we hear again from the word of God. For I will hear what the LORD thy God will speak, for he will speak Peace unto His people and to His Saints will HE speak Peace.

Now this means to his believing offspring, unto his household, unto his people, who are his believing offspring. This is to who YAHWEH GOD speaks peace. Thus it is in the observance of Christmas, in the celebration, in the happiness. And all of the things which go along with God's eternal covenants. He did not only fulfill the sovereignty and the redemption of Israel. But he also announced the coming King with all of the trappings of time the Stars putting on a tremendous show in the sky. All of these things transpired at the birth of a King.

The Shepherds with this strange announcement that was given unto them were filled with fear but also with awe. And they went to behold the child who was to be the King of Israel. "For he shall save his people from their sins.” His name YAHSHUA means God with us.

We turn again to the book of Isaiah to the 43nd chapter of Isaiah and it says: I am God, YAHWEH, the holy one of Israel and beside me I know not any. For there is no one.

So we turn again to this process of the establishment of Peace. And we note that in the book of revelations that the dragon which is lucifer, Satan, or the devil as he is referred to. He is angry against the woman who is Israel and who brought forth the man child. And he comes to make war with all of her seed that remains upon the face of the earth. Those who have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Therefore how can you have Peace upon earth when the powers of darkness, are making war against you to destroy you? What Christ then advocated then in securing this Peace is that we get along with this enemy, find some way to get along with his policies, and his desires. Of Course not. What God advocated was not peace with the wicked. He was advocating Peace with the hearts and souls of HIS believing offspring, and of his saints. And as they come into this pattern of His people being rejoined with their God. This is a capacity severed from his children thru the fall of the Adamic race. Tho God has poured out His presence upon His prophets, and has dealt with his people with Grace, yet there was to descend to them under this second covenant He was to make with them, this area of perception, that they had lost from the time of Adam on down to this time.

Thus it is that HE said in the book of Jeremiah: ---"I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Not like the covenant that I made with their fathers. But He would put the law in there, and HE would make their hearts so that HE would be unto them, as a people in cognition of the spirit of the Living God.

Thus in the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John, He says that this is the spirit of truth that the world cannot receive, but you can receive it. The world cannot see HIM, neither can it know HIM, but you can, for HE dwells within you and HE shall be in you. "I will not leave you comfortless, for I will come unto you." These were the words, that came out of the lips of the Majestic Christ. He gathered His disciples and his sheep and they came, as HE called. And none resisted His will, nor His ability. His will was unveiled unto them and it opened up the patterns of spiritual wisdom. And then promised that greater wisdom would come upon their consciousness. The fullness of His spirit. And out of this spirit would come guidance, leadership and knowledge. And therefore in this hour he will come to them and this spirit, this comforter, this spirit of His mind which He will send upon them, shall teach you all things and bring all things to your memory, of what so ever He has said unto you.

Now Peace (understanding) I leave with you. He left this peace upon his people and upon his believing offspring, and upon His Saints.--"MY PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU." Not as the world gives you as you are knuckling under to the process of a satanic operation, not because they have conquered you and you have submitted to them. This is not the way he give Peace which is the cognition of His Holy Spirit, with all of the wisdom of the world. Gives this into the minds of His children. As he reconnects in the consciousness of the attending children the capacity of a spiritual mind. And He says:--"lo I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice, I will come in and I will dine with him.” Therefore it is well recognized that the body of Christ could not enter into your body, but the presence of His mind, and of His Holy Spirit, could come in as those it were dining or supping with you. And it would be a full expression of God extending wisdom and knowledge, and guidance and full concentration to His sons and his daughters. This is what provides the Peace which is greater than any Peace, for it is between God and his household and his family.

This Peace tells you to stand against the evils of the world, the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil. Thus we have this pattern again---"Peace I leave with you. My Peace I give unto you but not as the world gives Peace. Let you heart not be troubles, neither be afraid." We turn in this to the hour when Christ was calling His disciples. And He said unto them:---"Fear not for there is not anything covered that will not be revealed. There is nothing hid that shall not be made known. When I send you out, they may persecute you in this village, and you may have to flee to another city. But I say unto you that you are my witnesses, and you that I send out as My disciples, you that I send out to gather my people. You are spiritually going to go over all of the cities of Israel, before I return.” And that with the understanding that the House of Israel like the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens was to be spread out. And you know that they had been spread out into Scandinavia, and into Germany and in Spain, and Holland and so forth. This was the scattering out of Israel in Western Europe and we find they went into South Africa, and into Canada. And as Anglo-Saxondom into these United States. And here we see this great and mighty kingdom of one people, who have one common denominator, and they have only one God. And they are not banned from entering into all of this.

We want to point out to you, that these are the messages unto His people, and the message that cries out is that until they get over all of the house of Israel, then it will be the time of the end of the age. You are participating in this thru the tape ministry which reaches a lot of them. You are reaching out to a vast number of the people in the United States and then reaching out beyond. You are scattering the message in South Africa, and in Australia, and New Zealand. And you are going to the ends of the earth. But there are many that God is calling out, and they are statesmen, and we will get over all of the cities of Israel, before the end of the age, and YAHWEH comes.

But I want you to know also that He says: "I send you out like lambs among wolves." I understand that they will persecute you, they will seek to crucify you, and put you to death. Therefore I tell you that you need to be prepared. This time if you do not have a Sword then you better sell your coat and buy a sword. Think not that I come to bring Peace on earth. This time I come to bring a sword. This is the words of the Prince of Peace.

Some will say: How can he be called the Prince of Peace? ---How can he come as the prince of Peace when he says that He came to bring a sword? But he came to bring a sword on the enemies of his kingdom. He came to bring a sword on those who fight his kingdom. And to gather the masses out of all of the infamies to the ends of the earth. Thus to his disciples he says that you are likely to be disarmed, so sell your coat and buy a sword, because I am sending you forth as lambs among wolves.

Thus the kingdom of God has been at war with Lucifer and his household, and there has been a war with him ever since he started out to destroy Christians. When they saw this man Saul, who was Paul this Benjamite, from one of the tribes of Israel. And the manifestation of Christ came to him on the road to Damascus, as he was going to kill Christians. It was this voice that stopped him, and when he heard this voice say “Paul, Paul, why persecutest thou me?” then he heard the voice, but others with him were Jewish soldiers thought it just thundered. For they could hear not the voice of God. Thus as Saul became Paul, he became one of the greatest apostles to the church. And as he became an apostle to the church, the Jews found others to persecute the church. Thus they persecuted them, they burned them and in every way they could they destroyed them.

Thus some will say that there has been less Peace in the world since Christ came then there was before. Well this would be hard to say but we will say that the Antichrist has been fighting the name of Christ. He has been fighting a personal Christ. He has been fighting the babe that was born, as we will discuss tonight.

So always they fought Christianity and they fight Christianity today. We are not alarmed, and we are not disturbed, altho we are only 1/6 of the worlds population. For we are the intelligent 1/6, we are those with technology and wisdom. And we shall not only survive but we shall triumph and we shall bring every knee to bow upon the face of the earth.

So we see in this hour of travail that altho the enemy has sought to persecute us, as Christians. They cite that the Christians and the disciples of Christ must go. And so it was that the ships of Joseph of Arimathea were used so that Mary was taken to Glastonbury for safe keeping. And the disciples also went over to Britain, for Britain was one of the places where the early churches made that a land of a powerful Christianity. And they spread out into Scandinavia, and into the heart of Europe, calling together the children of Israel. And they brought to their attention that the Messiah had been born. The king of Israel had come, for he had promised to come, and the people had gathered at the call of His name.

Yes, this is a fact. Persecution of the church hindered the church. But it did not destroy it. For people who had caught the vision of the king, and recognized that Jesus was the Christ, thus understood that he had returned, to establish his kingdom, and others would not deny it. And when they became strong enough, they became armies fighting these hoards of darkness.

We well remember that when the hoards of Genghis Khan were gathered by Jews from among the Mongols. When they penetrated Europe that Christian Knighthood fought against those hoards. They would be driven back but would arise again. They came out of Germany, and out of Britain, and they came out of Italy as well as Spain. And they gathered in the streets of Austria, and they hurled back the enemy. They were protecting Christians. And they moved with the sign of the cross, and the cry that Christ was king. They fought and they fought the enemy, until God stopped this hoard with the death of Genghis Khan and they carried his body back to the city of Lasha where they would chose a new leader. Thus they had received a blow and altho their invading armies came again year after year. Never did they have the power they had used under the leadership of Genghis Khan. But thru the centuries Christians have battled the enemy.

And we thus watched as out of the seventh came the eighth. And we see again that World Jewry has gathered the hoards of Africa and of Asia, especially the hoards of China. And once again they are planning. We see again that we shall have to fight again these armies of Lucifer as they try to swallow up the Woman (Israel) that brought forth the man child, and have the commandments of God. But those warriors who have fought thru out the centuries know that we are the household of God. We are the children of his kingdom. And there will be Peace on earth all right when we have broken the weapons, the swords of every last one of the forces of darkness.

There shall be no Peace by submission, there shall be no Peace on their terms. Only slavery could emerge forth from this. But there shall be Peace on earth when the hosts of heaven are joined with HIM. And they will be guarding the family in earth, for the family in heaven and in earth has been named in HIM. And when we behold these great and mighty ships out of the heavens, when they come as a great and mighty hoard, they shall join the kingdom of God in the Heavens, and the Kingdom of God here in earth. And altho we are only 1/6 of the worlds population. We shall be the devastating 1/6th that shall destroy the power of the wicked. We shall free those who are in slavery, as we chop down every idol tree, bring down every idol temple

Thus, we have this understanding before us of this declaration. Think not that I have come to bring Peace upon the earth, I have come to bring a sword. I have placed this, my family down here to have victory over the powers of darkness, over the powers of evil. And HE realizes that the enemy will never submit to persuasion, He will never submit to evangelism. He does not have the concept. But we are going to sweep the world with Evangelism. But we are going to sweep the world with God's kingdom first and Evangelize them after that. This is the way the world will accept the Gospel, make no mistake about this. As far as the children of the Kingdom are concerned, HE says:-- “I call MY sheep by name I lead them out. I give them Eternal life and they shall never Perish.”

And sooner or later as God calls, HE reaches the heart of white men, and they respond. They produce Christian nations, they produce the nations of God's kingdom. And HE looks down upon these sons and daughters, and HE says--the hosts of the Kingdom are getting bigger. They are now 1/6 of the worlds population, and this is the hour of their trial. But at the same time he looks upon them, and he holds them in the hollow of His hand. And HE will lead his sons and daughters to this area of His victory.

So as we see these things we remember that the Apostle Paul said: -- the Jews are against God. They are contrary to all men. And Jesus, well-identified them as the children of Lucifer.

The hoards of darkness and the areas of darkness that they have dominated in the early ages of Apostasy are carrying the warfare against you today. But also in the prophecy of these last times, in these last days we are told that in the church age of Laodicea, where they were neither hot nor cold, there would emerge a ministry that did not have the spirit of God. And this ministry will preach embrace Peace, this is Christmas time, Peace on earth to men of good will. Not, my friends, "Good Will toward men" as it has been translated. For there is not good will in the heart of the communists. No good will in the heart of the Viet Cong. We may be very disturbed at seeing our young men battling the Viet Cong at such terrific odds. We are dissatisfied with some of the plans out of the Pentagon, or the power of control that has exercised its will over them.

But we are not, my friends, told to make Peace with the powers of the Antichrist for God has not ordained this. But HE has ordained that his kingdom shall stand, and it shall emerge out of the violence with great victory. And shall destroy the powers of darkness. The two witnesses may have seemed to be dead in the streets for Church and State have bowed before the powers of darkness, but they shall arise, and are rising at this time.

We turn now to the book of Philippians, and here we have a passage which was bestowed upon the church. And it says that "THE PEACE OF GOD WHICH PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING. SHALL KEEP YOUR HEARTS AND MINDS THRU JESUS THE CHRIST. (Philippians 4:7)

There is no doubt that today, who are not Christians, and who do not have the knowledge that the king was begotten. Did not recognize that Christ the King was coming, then that they would be without hope. They would be very dismal, and without hope, as they would see at times the apparent victory of the Apostate forces of darkness as they moved in our midst. But WE HAVE A HOPE AND THIS IS THAT THE PEACE WHICH GOD CAN BESTOW UPON US.

Soldier sons can have this peace in the midst of the battle field. Because they know that their hearts and minds have been fixed upon Christ, in this battle for THE LORD. It makes no difference, what part of the world says that 'we are going to destroy you', we will send the missiles and the atom bombs, and we will annihilate you. But we have the Peace which surpasses all understanding. For we have been convinced that the covenants of God are real. And every word that came out of His mouth is true. We are not only convinced of this but we are watching as the heavens declare the glory of God. And we are witnessing to HIS great Truths to this day.

Thus we turn to the false Clergy and we say---away with you. We turn to those who would lead us into the sovereignty of nations that establish His Kingdom. And we want you to realize today that as the right wing awakens and it moves across the nation, it can well be singing Peace on earth to men of good will, for we know that God's Peace will follow the tremendous triumph over the hosts of evil, and the powers of iniquity. And again we can say with the Apostle Paul as he writes Philippians ----The Peace of God which passeth all understanding will keep your heart and mind on Christ Jesus.

End of message.