People Who Found Grace In The Wilderness, 6-18-67


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-18-67

After bestowing his law upon the House of Israel, by giving the Law to Moses, then God said:...My Grace and My Mercy shall follow you still. He can understand the proceedure of temptation, and the patterns of repentance which he established by the Holy Spirit concerning the patterns of Law, but there was one law of course where His Grace and His Mercy could fall upon the offender, but He said:..the judgments would pass to the third and fourth or fifth generation, and so forth...What was this? We discover it is established very, very clearly as the scattering of your seed in another race, or the co-mingling with another race. For in this area of mongrelization the child being born, lacking the spirit capacity, because the passing of Light by the children of Spirit would not be there. Now:..we want to point to you that God says:..My Grace shall follow you still. He talks about how His Grace was following Israel, how Israel found Grace in the wilderness. And how Moses called upon God to let him see HIS face.

And God makes this declaration unto Moses:..'I will do this thing'.. 'I will make My goodness to pass upon you'...'I will proclaim the name of YAHWEH before thee',...'And I will be gracious unto them to whom I will be gracious, and I shall show My Mercy unto them...who I choose to show Mercy.' And then God speaks unto to Moses concerning Israel and says:..'My Mercy shall follow thee still.' the same token the process of mongrelization and inte-gration brought a judgment upon society which could not be straightened out, and therefore one of the things God brought out thru the Priesthood was that they should send away the offenders, they should send away the outlandish woman and the child, or if a woman married outside of Israel she was to send the Outlanders away, or judgment of God would fall upon them. And then we were to note that God speaks out all thru the Scriptures:...'Ye shall not walk in the manner of the nations which I have cast out before you, for they have committed all these things which I have abhorred.' And then God said:..I am YAHWEH thy God, and I have separated and segregated you from all these other people...Ye are mine. Then we find that again God clarifies the issue, he said in the 7th., chapter of Deuteronomy:...'Many nations will I drive out before thee, the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites...7 nations greater and mighter than thou.

And when YAHWEH thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them; nor shew mercy unto them.' 'Neither shall thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.' For they would have you turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods; so will the anger of YAHWEH be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.' But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire.' This doesn't sound much like a program of uniting with the Buddhist, and the Hindu, and uniting with the pagans in a world religion. And if the policies of our government are going to support the joining of all religions into one then we are going to tell you that the policies of our government are going to ary from the directions of the MOST HIGH GOD. And because the MOST HIGH GOD is against the policies of this church, then as far as fulfilling the Laodicean church age is concerned, the program of the Worl Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches is concerned, this actually goes beyond the program of the church of Laodicea, because this moves into open idolatry.

This accents the recognition of idolatry in the religion of mankind. friends; instead of trying to find some Buddhists to join with us we better chop down every idol and take down every Buddhist temple. And before we start going to the aide of these foreign countries we better be sure they line up with us, and our God. As far as these situations are concerned, we found out when we were in the beginning of the Viet Nam conflict that it was the Buddhist Priests who were betraying us to the communist, and wagon loads of equipment and machine guns were being brought into the area where these Buddhist Priests were actually directing these wagons, and this activity from under cover. And one guard caught them and learned that the Buddhist Priests were thoroughly in league with the communists. Actually world communism made its league with Buddhism because they realized they wouldn't conquor Buddhism too readily, and by this procedure Buddhism has been against the white man, and Christianity ever since.

And thus we are having a rather hard time trying to win a war in league with Buddhism, whose priests are directing the war on the other side. But God said unto Israel:..'Thou are an Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God, and YAHWEH thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people that are upon the face of the earth'. ...'Thou art a Holy People unto YAHWEH thy God'. Therefore YAHWEH will go before thee, and deliver thee, and destroy these nations before thee with a mighty destruction.' Now:...In this case, one of the things the prophet was speaking out on was that he was seeing a people moving in on Israel with a confusion of face.

Again:..the holy people are those who come out of the MOST HIGH GOD.. for only that which comes out of the MOST HIGH GOD is Holy. His offspring, his posterity, those people who he has selected, and begotten are Holy, and he makes that statement:..'Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God.' (Deuteronomy 7:6) And even Webster says only that which proceeds from God is Holy, or this is an attitude concerning the nature of God Himself. So we turn to this again as God says: My Mercy shall follow you still. In fact this is quite evident in the Atonement of the Christ. Remember that the Christ was talking to the desciples on the road to Emmaus and he said:...'Shouldn't Christ have done this? Shouldn't he have been crucified? Could he do any less than this, that to atone for the transgression of His people? And these men were mystified as they listened to Christ, even tho they knew not who he was at this time.

There is no responsibility quite as great as this responsibility which God assumed, to redeem his people from all trangression, and all violations of law. And of course we well understand that violation of law, or violation of the will of God is transgression or sin. And at the same time God with Grace and Mercy follows the path of His people and fulfills the promise to redeem them to the uttermost. And so, all these things He forgives, but there are certain areas which are set up which leaves an area of judgment upon a nation and upon a people. And thus one of the things which God calls for is separation and segregation, saying:...although My Grace and Mercy follows you, still there is one thing which descends upon your children to the third and fourth or fifth and on down thru the generations.

Actually when we turn to the program of our nation we seem somewhat disturbed by the things we see along that line. This week the park commission of the city of Los Angeles was pondering over I picked up the paper I could hardly believe what I read. The Park Commission was pondering over whether to turn part of Griffith Park over for Hippie Love ins. When one hears this one thinks surely the city officials were not coming out for degeneration, immorality, and depravity, but here they are discussing this very thing. Then we read that England is setting aside all the laws against homosexuality, immorality and perversion, and one of the strongest supporters of this is the Episcopal church, saying these conditions are not moral or immoral they are just unmoral. And we should not place laws of restriction upon human beings for their conduct. It is not a matter of spiritual decision, it is strictly a matter of personal decisionl. After all they say...these conditions are neither moral or immoral. Therefore we find the Episcopal church standing for immorality, degeneration, and depravity.

Do you know why we have such laws against those things? It is because a nation moves by the laws of God. It runs paralell to the laws of God, and they want to put laws in effect to keep their society as moral and of as high a standard as can be expected of them. And the day when they passed those type of laws, the parliment was far more spiritual than the ones who recinded the laws. Today here in the U.S. there are 17 states where they have laws to take away all laws against violent transgression and sin, against sodomy, homosexuality, depravity, immorality, and they say that the church is no longer concerned about these things. The church is only concerned about people loving one another. So 17 states now have battles in legislatures to recind all these laws.

One would say that America was going down hill fast. Though actually God has promised to awaken America until you would rise up with wrath in your countenance as you see these things, until there would not be a Canaanite left in the House of God. Frankly I think if we drove all the Canaanites out we would be 100% better off. We can well find that the heads of the dope traffic, and the head of the immoral, degenerate traffic going on here in Hollywood has been traced to well known and prominent and important Jews, and this is found to be true all across the country.

Now: as we point this out...the situation is now before Americans... the ministers who were in the past expecting the anti-christ, and saying how hard it would be to preach the Gospel, must now feel that they were right in their expectation of trouble, because now the world council of churches and the national council of churches want to define, and states that the church will not be permitted to preach the word of God, and to use the Holy Scriptures if it disagrees with the trend of the government today. So therefore the trend of the government is well established, as it is in the process of degeneration and depravity, and therefore the church is not to be allowed to speak out. But the true church is responsible to its parishners for speaking out in the areas of Divine direction in accordance with 'Thus saith the Lord'.

But as you look, we are reaping the results of we reap exactly what we have sown. When the communist party wanted to change the picture and wanted to turn the heat off the world attention to the Mid-east crisis they started the negro problem up in Tampa Florida, and in Los Angeles and in Ohio. What is this whole situation about if the communist party is not directly related to the negro riots and revolution? Of course this is a whole strange policy, but world communism without any doubt is one of the great scourges of the earth. But it operates with complete acceptance because the President says: we aren't angry with communism, we are only mad at the Viet Cong because they use tyranny to suppress the people round about them. Yet you know that one of the strangest things is that Israel and the Soviet Union were in league. They had an understanding and the Soviet Union was to get the oil of the Mid-east, and Israeli was to get the Suez Canal, and Old Jerusalem, and Damascus in Syria and so forth. This was the agreement and leaders of Israeli were sent to Moscow and the arrangements were made. This has transpired in your own time and we have the complete published transcripts of this agreement. And when this crisis came, and since we have the wrong men in power in our government, then this nation was actually responsible for the victory of Israel.  When Mr. Nasser announced that he was placing his aircraft on the border of Israel, and would advance if Israel did not stop her aggression, then other Arab nations started to join with Egypt. And the King of Jordan and Iraq came to sign with the Arab forces saying they would drive Israeli into the sea unless she stopped her aggression. Then president Johnston sent a telegram to Mr. Nassar saying:...unless you go thru the proper proceedure of the United Nations, and you lay your charges, and talk them out in the United Nations, if yu make any move toward Israeli we will order our fleets off our aircraft carriers, and our troops, and we will side with Israeli. The Arab leaders got together and they fumed a bit but they came to the United Nations and laid their charges, and sited that 512 times Israeli had invaded some of them by attacks into their territory of their Arab states. In fact just a month ago our State Department had Mr. Goldberg the Ambassador to the U.N. castigate Israel, and his face was red as he did it, but he had to admit that Israel had invaded Jordan where 28 men were killed and houses burned when Israel came in helicopters to bring paratroopers and then took them out after the raid. The amazing thing is that we held the Arab forces by threatening to throw our full forces against them and thus the Arabs waited for the U.N. action. The general assembly of the U.N. was to come in on Monday morning at ten o'clock with directions, and at four o'clock Israel also supposed to be going the route of the United Nations, jumped the gun and totally destroyed the Arab airforce sitting on the ground, not only in Jordan, but in Egypt as well. Then once the air supremecy passed into the hands ofIsrael they were climbing into their tanks and machine gunning down the fleeing tank commanders and crews and they totally destroyed the Jordanian resistance. And when the 22,000 troops of Jordan marched toward Jerusalem, there was no air cover for them, and Israeli liquidated them from the air. King Hussen with tears in his eyes said:...I lost 37,000 Jordanian warriors because we had no air cover...none at all...we were betrayed. 15,600 civilians in Old Jerusalem were gunned down by Israeli tanks as the abomination of the desolator moved into they holy place. And the areas of abomination are now complete. And yesterday as the synagogues shouted their praise, they said: ...Pharoah is downed. Now;...they say we will start tearing down the Mosque of Omar in 3 months, and a great cry went up from the people, and for the last week they have been going to the wailing wall in Old Jerusalem. They say that is the wall of Solomons old temple but it is not, it is Herod's temple which was covered with gold back in the time when Herod was king of the Jews. Now; satans children are back there to that ancient wall. But let me tell you this:...if they start tearing down the Mosque of Omar then a Jehu (Holy War) will be declared by 1/5 of the worlds religious forces, the Mohamedians, and they will be just as happy as a bee with two stingers, for there will be an all out battle against organized Jewery. But we want to point out that all these things were organized and directed by a conspiracy with communism. And while all this talk was going on, and while Mr. Kosegin is getting ready for a big demonstration tomorrow, you can't believe a word of what any of them say. And the outcome of this is that the Arabs have been driven out of eastern Jerusalem, and the abomination of the desolator moved in. The advocator of every evil on the face of the earth is in that place. As we see all these things then we well recognize that we are in the period which Christ spoke about as he said that you better flee from that land, and be glad it was not in the winter time. Do you know that we have not been able to get all of our people out of the Arab states where our embassies are as the Arabs are so enraged. They said even some of the planes used against Syria were American planes. And that there were 35 or 36 American planes flying with the Jewish planes over Syria even tho they were flown by Jewish pilots. We had given 100 F-104's to Israel and they had painted the Israel Insignia on all but the 35 or 36 of our planes, and they flew that many with the American Insignias on them. No wonder the Arabs were disturbed. Then when the Israeli's went after our 'Liberty' ship , this was a communications transmitter ship, and was involved in experiments between rocketry and the moon. but it was also filled with the best of radio transmission equipment and fine electronic equipment. We had this ship sail in close to the coast of Israeli in the Mediterranian sea, but it was monitoring and relaying messages from all the outposts for the United Nations all over the war Zone. It was relaying the message that Israeli was the agressor, that the 'cease fire' had not been observed by Israeli at all. And that the Arab states had to fight on because when they tried to obey the cease fire they were fired on by Israeli. And Israeli was angry so word went out to search and destroy that ship relaying messages. The planes came out and reported:...this is an American ship and is flying the American flag. One of the mistakes they made is that one of these commands was monitored, and a tape recording was taken which could be played before the U.N. and anyone else who was interested. The order came from Israeli.. ...sink it anyway...sink it quickly. So the planes came in and fired on the Liberty, and they even torpedoed the ship, but it was able to stay afloat. And of course this was the proceedure and this we know as to what happened. Even Newsweek and Time magazines came out this week saying; yes..this was an act of agression, they had fired on our ship and that there is evidence that Israeli knew it was an American ship all the time. The Daily newspapers even quote the Captain and some of the survivors of our ship as saying:...yes, Israeli knew it was our ship but the planes came over with orders to destroy the bridge, and to sink the ship. They tried to sink us with a torpedo but that failed also. In the meantime the talk-a-thon goes on tomorrow, and again the proceedure is to bring prestige to the Soviet Union. And the President of the U.S. will meet with their leader to help this along. But you are on the edge of the greatest spectacular events in all time of prophecy and history, and as we see these perilous times moving upon the nation and degeneracy still moving in to the accepted policy, with even the newspapers giving accent to it, and the Hippies marching out in their degeneracy, still they have changed the program to mass negro rioting. They rioted in Tampa, Florida, and calls came in from pastors there saying there are 20 or 30 fires burning there. Another minister said there are now 80 fires in Tampa, and they are no longer burning negro areas, but are burning in white areas and they have automatic weapons and firing at white men with their guns, and at their cars. The story is the same in Cincinnati, and the Governor had ordered in the National Guard after 10 city blocks were burned this week. And looting by the negroes was still going on. After the National Guard came in the governor read the riot act, and said: ...we will shoot looters and shoot to kill. This slowed them down, but then Rep Brown went to Daton Ohio, and said lets put the hat on over here. But in Tampa, Florida that soft governor and mayor said to the stop the riots and we will give you everything you have been rioting for. So they gave them four swimming pools and a great recreation center and put them all on emergency dough until they can find satisfactory jobs for each one of them. That is what I call making riots pay off. Then of course the riots broke out in Philadelphia last night, and they were throwing Molotov-cocktails there, so what is all this....what is it all about? Again it is the recompense which will be received by any society which starts to satisfy the program which is in violation of our constitution, and our way of life, and especially the Word of God. Then of course we set in motion all these processes which they think they can get away with because they have the voices in government which supply it. I think the President of the U.S. went the last straw this week as he said:...the time is right, there is no time like now...I am going to step in. And....he appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. This is a demonstration of total degeneracy. Thurgood Marshall had 17 citations before the Un-American activities committee for Communist activity. He had one then in the civil rights cause, and in fifty-three times before the Supreme Court ...citations in all but eight of them. And of course this could never be done if you did not have a Supreme Court way off to the left.

Now:....with the placing of Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court you will never win another right wing decision. You will never win another decision which upholds the constitution of the United States. It will be a constant revision, a constant program of Liberal activity, unless the people of America now will cry...'that is enough!' Thank God the southern congressmen and senators said:...we will vote for Wallace or anyone who shows his head, but we will not vote for Johnson after this. So again God speaks to his people, and he tells them they will see and be angry, and they will be like a pot boiling on the fire, and there will not be a Cainanite left in the house of God. (Zechariah 14:21)

Thus as we see these things all coming to pass which have been prophecied so long in the scriptures, still God says:...My Grace and My Mercy shall follow thee still. And yet there is this one area from which there is no area of retreat, and that is the area of intermingling, and mongrelization, and the sowing of other races into your society. And now with all these proceedures he is sending forth as national policy....this president of the U.S.... these things against the laws of God, until there is only one thing the church can do. The church has only one area of responsibility, it must come out and denounce all these areas of transgression, whether committed by the heads of state, or whether committed by the Supreme Court, but it must be denounced. Where as the church thinking they are the security in this time that is fallacy.

I had a minister tell me that the time is coming when we cannot say anyting about the errors of state or it could cost us our right to preach. I said: that may be for you but it is not for me. We are going to denounce the evil because God has a covenant with His people. He says: ..1,000 can fall at thy right hand and 10,000 at thy left and no harm can come to you. That is on the field of battle, and I am going to tell you that God will start doing miracles of Judgment at the command of his ministers if they try this program of Anti-Christ. And when it is thru this is going to be a fine nation to live in. It will be a white nation and a Christian nation...under YAHWEH-God. You are entering the time of the final of the battle of Armageddon, so we lift up our face unto whence cometh our strength, for we recognize we are in this Day of the LORD.

End of this message. .